Name*: Neville Ryan
Nickname: The Blueblood
Date of Birth*: Feb 6th 1986
Place of Birth: Lancaster. England
Currently Residing*: New York. NY
Height*: (In foot and inches) 6'5
Weight*: (In lbs) 256
Gimmick*: Egomaniac
Disposition*: Heel

Wrestling Style*: Brawler
Wrestling Abilities*: (Rank from 1-5, 1 being your best) Speed 2 Technical 3 Power 4 Brawling 4 Charisma 5

Signature Taunts/Poses: raising an arm in victory over slight wins
Catchphrase: None
Entrance theme: Hail to he king avenged sevenfold

Basic Moves*: DDT, German suplex, headlock, Fall away slam
Signature Strike Moves*: Big boot, Elbow strike
Signature Submission Move*: Ankle lock
Regular Finishing Move*: (One only) Karmageddon (Ricola Bomb)

Previous Experience (If any): 3XW. ECCW. NGW. Others.

Injury History (If any): scarred above eye from kendo stick with barbed wire.

Name of character representative*: Check this list to see what reps are taken:

Promo*: (It doesn't have to be long, but you do need to write something.)

Manager*: Yes/No
Manager Name:
Manager Date of Birth:
Manager Gimmick:
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