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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Liking the look of this (and of course all the comments when you first brought it here vouching for it haha). Just read the first two parts of your recap and hopefully I'll catch up all the way soon and be able to give some actual reviews. I'll probably skim through some of it once I finish the recaps to try to catch up... but from what I've read so far, great work!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I enjoyed reading your work elsewhere and I am sure I will enjoy it here as well.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Another show so of course I’m back. Whilst I don’t necessarily mind the recaps, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy Smackdown will see the return of full shows.

    Opening the show with an awesome triple threat match, where the winner will get a shot at Cena? Sounds damn good to me. I enjoyed the standard WWE triple threat affair, with one man being taken out of the equation for most of the contest. A really fun match to read, even if it was obvious that Mysterio was never going to win. The attack from Cade, following on from last week makes sense, although I’m left expecting some sort of multi man match for the championship at Vengeance. Either way, a really entertaining match to start the show, which did its job of furthering the fact that nobody really knows who the next challenger for Cena is… But there are plenty of options.

    Keeping with the routine of mentioning my excitement for KOTR just because at this point I think it’s funny… Entry list looks awesome though.

    Pumped for that Punk/Hardy write up on Superstars.

    I like the aggressiveness of Cade here as he clearly thinks he deserves a shot, and considering he beat Mysterio two weeks ago, you can’t really blame him for being irritated. I’m intrigued to see exactly what happens with the title scene, but Cade is becoming a fun character to watch.

    Really enjoyed this Nemeth promo, this was definitely needed. Having somebody completely change attitudes because they changed brands without an explanation just doesn’t work. This, however does. Well written and the smashing of the mirror was a perfect touch. Nemeth and London teaming up is a little strange after what’s happened on SD, but considering they want to ruin TMC it makes sense. Good stuff here.

    Second awesome match in a row with the Women’s Title rematch. Another brilliant one with the continued story of Gail being the fighting champion, and Phoenix being so close. The Double DQ keeps another match on the horizon, and the intensity of Kim was especially good, kicking Elias in the nuts. Really looking forward to another one between these two, a really simple rivalry, but it is awesome to follow.

    The whole Rhodes Brothers feud is a pretty standard avenue to take, but using it to further Goldust’s relationship with Regal is very clever. A nice segment here with Goldust being run down, and Regal watching on. I’ll be watching this space.

    The Master Craftsmen not being happy and Ranjin Singh not being able to do much about it was fun. A nice segment, hyping TMC’s current issues and the tag turmoil later on in the night.

    Miz/Cabana series has been pretty ludicrous so far, but it has still been enjoyable. Your booking of The Miz continues to be great. That continues here as the match continues thanks to Brock Lesnar. :lmao at Coach saying Brock is a Miz fan. Miz trying to sneak the cover was a nice touch as well.

    Now that I realise they are in Canada and the attack is a remake of Lesnar’s debut, it made me like it so much more. Smart booking to reference his debut and how everything is still the same. The fear element of this from Heyman was done quite well, as was Brock’s intensity when he spoke. A nice segment furthering this one, I wonder when HBK will finally cave and give Lesnar a rematch. Sensational segment here though, regardless of the recap.

    Lol Kelly Kelly. Not a fan of her in the ring but I guess she’s nice to look at.

    Awesome segment here from Punk. Since his turn, his promo’s have been amazing. This was another really good one here, linking his hate for London to Hardy. The crack at Jeff with the junkie line made me mark out as well. Interview does the job of hyping Punk’s new program with London and the finish with Hardy, really good stuff.

    Damn Wolfy, you really put over The New Standard in this one, as they made a huge impression in the turmoil match. Honestly, getting through three teams, even if the third one was a DQ is a great effort. Speaking of which, I’m happy to see Goldust and Regal back together and them getting revenge was a nice spot. Angels of Anarchy taking over from there and winning the whole match was brilliant. They got a cheap win thanks to CM Punk (good interference to build his feud with London), but getting a clean win over AMW to end the match was the right thing. It makes them look really strong heading into their title shot. Well booked, match order was perfect and everything that needed to happen did happen.

    Much like the Heyman/Lesnar promo earlier, another golden segment to close out the night. Everything Christian and Cena said to each other was spot on. Christian being afraid and needing to vent his anger now is brilliant, but as was Cena’s response. He’s such a dick and he was the star of the show here, especially with not wanting Christian to walk away, because that would be to easy. Perfect stuff. The attack from Christian was great… Only to be stopped by Cade? Unexpected but the big man has made a big impact tonight. Surely he’ll be involved in the title scene from now on.

    A really, really great show here tonight, Wolfy. The in ring action was all sensational, and you had two epic promos with Cena/Christian and Heyman/Lesnar. Everything did its job perfectly, great work.

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    Re: Being The Booker



    WWE Superstars | May 14 2008

    The show opens directly in the ring, with RANJIN SINGH and FINLAY - the respective General Managers - both present, as Matt Striker welcomes everyone to Superstars - possibly the most high profile edition of the show yet - kicking off with the official draw for the 2008 King of the Ring, reminding the fans of the rules of entry, in that anyone on the roster who has had three previous failed attempts at becoming King are automatically ineligible, citing the likes of the Hardy Boys & Goldust being unable to enter this years tournament…

    Nick Nemeth vs. Nick Dinsmore
    The Miz vs. Kid Kash

    Charlie Haas vs. Christopher Daniels
    CM Punk vs. Colt Cabana

    William Regal vs. Ken Doane
    Doug Williams vs. Harry Smith

    Cody Rhodes vs. Tyson Kidd
    ‘2007 King of the Ring’ Brent Albright vs. Paul London

    Bryan Danielson vs. Burchill
    Evan Bourne vs. Tyson Tomko

    Carlito vs. Kofi Kingston
    Joey Mercury vs. Jamie Noble*
    {Substitute to be named in event that Noble loses at Judgment Day}

    Johnny Nitro vs. The Brian Kendrick
    Damien Sandow vs. M.V.P

    Ted DiBiase Jr. vs. Mark Henry
    R-Truth vs. Xavier Woods

    Following the draw, footage cuts backstage to the split screens of the Raw and Smackdown locker rooms reacting to the brackets. Elsewhere, Josh Mathews and Tiffany recap the big news from the draw, instantly highlighting the opening round match for last years King - a rematch of last years Semi-Final - Brent Albright vs. Paul London. They talk about the two men’s careers seemingly being intertwined over the last year, and also - it’ll be Paul Londons third and final attempt to become King of the Ring.

    Elsewhere, Carlito vs. Kofi Kingston - tag team partners - will collide in the opening round, and much like London, it’s Carlitos third and final opportunity to win the crown. It’ll also be William Regals last chance - and with the finals taking place in England, Tiffany suggests it could be written in the stars for Regal to become King of the ring at long last. They also touch on the Jamie Noble conundrum, stating that Finlay will announce a superstar to be on stand-by, should Noble lose at Judgment Day and consequently, end his career.

    In another interesting note, Josh Mathews points out the two debutants on Smackdown; the highly touted Ted DiBiase Jr and R-Truth finding themselves in the same end of the Smackdown bracket, whilst on Raw, the Haas vs. Daniels match will serve as a preview of sorts following the Angels of Anarchy earning a shot at the Master Craftsmen for the World Tag Team Titles down the road. Also, Josh lets the fans know that may not be aware - CM Punk and Colt Cabana; who meet in the opening round, are long time friends dating back to the beginning of both their careers.


    Back at ringside, Striker and Grisham also hype the King of the Ring - kicking off in earnest next week - and that all three matches on Superstars tonight will feature participants in the tournament…

    In the first match of the night, Kid Kash defeats Hardcore Holly @ 05:02, in a rematch from last weeks edition of Raw, with Holly reportedly convinced last week was a fluke. It’s another win for Kash though, who continues to impress since his move to Raw in the draft, after close losses against Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin initially. Here, he beats Hardcore with the BANKROLL again, picking up consecutive wins with the impressive high risk move.

    Mark Henry then squashes a local jobber with the Worlds Strongest Slam @ 01:13, with The Worlds Strongest Man rolling into Judgment Day with a tonne of momentum, as Grisham and Striker wonder who is going to be able to stop Mark Henry.

    A video package airs - hyping the upcoming Falls Count Anywhere main event between CM Punk & Matt Hardy. The package focuses on Punk ditching Greg Helms - a long time friend of Matts - before seemingly being behind the attack that has put Helms on the shelf for up to one year, and the ensuing revenge mission Matt Hardy went on. It includes Matt agreeing to defend the Intercontinental title at Backlash … and losing … before being drafted to Smackdown, leading to tonight’s match being made to end the rivalry on neutral ground…

    CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy
    During the entrances, CM Punk jump starts the match, attacking Matt as he enters the stage. Punk slams Matts head into the steel stage walls repeatedly, and looks to end the match quickly, pinning Hardy on the stage, but Matt kicks out. Punk kicks Matt down the ramp, but at ringside, falls into a drop toe hold from Matt into the steel steps. That allows Matt to get on top, and Hardy pummels Punk with ferocious right hands, getting all his pent up anger out, before throwing Punk into the ring.

    There, we get a little over a minute of ‘regular’ action, with Hardy sending Punk into the corners, rushing in with clotheslines, but Punk elbows out of a Side Effect, and catches Matt with a kick to the head … but doesn’t cover. Backing up his words on Raw, Punk is here to fight, and he proceeds to take off the turnbuckle padding, but before he can make use of the exposed steel, Punk is tackled down by Hardy!!! They scrap to the outside, with Hardy charging Punk into the apron multiple times, before taking Punk over the barrier with a clothesline.

    Hardy and Punk fight through the crowd, using props to beat each other with as they battle back and forth, eventually winding up in the backstage area and the concession stand, where Hardy attempts to dump the popcorn machine onto Punk - but the I.C Champion JUST avoids disaster. The two continue to battle back and forth, crashing together through a door, and into the locker room, where Hardy stuffs Punks head into a locker and proceeds to bash the door off his skull!! Matt then sizes up a TWIST OF FATE - but Punk RUNS HIM INTO THE WALL!!!!!

    Punk drags Matt back out into the halls, and looks to POWERBOMB Matt through a table … BUT HARDY COUNTERS WITH A BACK DROP - AND PUNK CRASHES THROUGH THE TABLE INSTEAD!!!!! Hardy makes a potential mistake by neglecting to go for the cover - he wants to punish Punk instead, and isn’t ready for the beating to be over!!! Matt elects to drag Punk up, and leads him back through the halls, keeping him under control by ramming Punk into objects along the way, before reaching the Gorilla position and into the view of the fans.

    As Hardy leads Punk down the ramp though, the I.C Champion takes Matt by surprise - and scores with a side suplex on the steel ramp!!! He drapes an arm over Hardy - 1...2...NO!!!!! Now though, Punk is back in control, and at ringside, he wears out a steel chair across the back of Matt multiple times - all whilst trash talking his rival - before attempting another cover - but Matt kicks out again. Punk takes Matt into the ring, hitting his corner clothesline and bulldog out of the corner for ANOTHER near fall - but Matt wont quit!!!

    Punk brings another chair into the ring, and sets up the GTS, looking to drop Hardy on the set up chair … but Hardy elbows out of it, and instead catches Punk - SIDE EFFECT THROUGH THE CHAIR!!!!! This time, Matt DOES hook the leg … 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!! There’s a lot of surprise for the kick out, with Matt frustrated too, but Hardy gets over it, and after beating Punk with right hands in the corner, rolls out of the ring, grabbing the legs of Punk, yanking him into the post - NUTS FIRST!!!

    Punk sells the nuts with agony, as Hardy proceeds to rip off the protective mats on the floor, before dragging Punk out of the ring. Hardy picks Punk up, into a Crucifix position … but Punk slips off Matts back, and kicks him in the gut … AND DRILLS MATT WITH A DDT ON THE COLD, HARD FLOOR!!!!! Punk makes the cover again … 1...2...HARDY KICKS OUT!!!!! Punk argues with the referee, but is also still selling the effects of being yanked - balls first - into the post moments earlier.

    The I.C Champion picks up his title belt, sizing up Hardy for a belt shot, but Matt ducks it, and then charges Punk, tackling him into the steel steps!!! Hardy fires up, bashing Punks skull off the steps repeatedly, and drags Punk back up, wanting the Twist of Fate … ON THE FLOOR … BUT PUNK ESCAPES AT THE LAST SECOND AND RAKES HARDYS EYES!!!! But instead of following up … Punk grabs his belt, and starts to stagger up the ramp!!!!! HE’S WALKING OUT!!!! Punk may be trying to leave - but Hardy isn’t willing to let him!!!!

    Matt gives chase, and blasts Punk from behind on the ramp, then SUPLEXES the I.C Champion on the stage!!! Again, Punk tries to crawl away, but Hardy is in total control now, and he stalks Punk, stamping his hands, with Punk begging off. Hardy grabs the title belt, standing over Punk, but as he comes to nail him with it, Punk KICKS MATT BETWEEN THE LEGS!!!!! Punk takes a moment to recover, before slamming Matt into the stage, and then has a sick smirk develop on his face … as he looks off to the side of the stage!!!

    Punk, spaghetti legged, peers over the side of the stage, smiling as a plan formulates. He drags Matt up, and brings him over … hoisting him onto his shoulders … LOOKING FOR THE GTS OFF THE STAGE!!!! Punk sets himself … BUT HARDY ESCAPES … AND PUNCHES PUNK - WHO FLIES OFF THE STAGE - TO THE FLOOR!!!!! It’s pandemonium in the arena, as Matt himself has a sick idea formulate … and he signals to the fans … BEFORE TAKING OFF WITH A LEG DROP OFF THE STAGE!!!!!

    … BUT THERE’S NO ONE HOME!!!!!!!


    “HOLY SHIT!!!!” chants reverberate around the arena, with both men down, and Punk taking well over thirty seconds before he gets to his feet, giving the fans time to settle down and sell the moment. Punk staggers around, and once he realises what’s just happened, affords himself another big grin … before putting the exclamation point on the match … and delivers the GTS to the lifeless Matt Hardy on the floor by the side of the stage!!!! Punk covers … 1...2...3!!!!!!!
    Winner: CM Punk @ 17:31

    CM Punk wins a barnburner of a match, ending the feud with Hardy, with Grisham and Striker going overboard in their praise of the contest - as medics quickly tend to Matt Hardy following the announcement. Punk stumbles back toward the ramp, calling for his title, and raising it aloft … worse for wear … but fortunately victorious … as a newsworthy edition of Superstars comes to a close…


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    Re: Being The Booker

    Quick thoughts on Superstars and the King of the Ring bracket. I'm glad Punk ended the feud with the victory. His heel turn has helped out his career, and he needed a W from a feud to really solidify himself as a big player and a credible champion. When the participants were originally announced, Paul London was my initial pick to win. I just can't see him beating Albright as much as I want to see a full forced push that you have been building so well to. If not London, Danielson is definitely my next pick. A loss to Noble then winning King of the Ring isn't too bad of a trade off. I'm excited for the tournament to finally happen as it's what I've been looking forward to most.

    "If you're gonna do it..."

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I know how good this BTB, just been a while since I've really followed it. Any suggested starting points to know what's going on with the current story-lines?

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    Smackdown Re: Being The Booker

    Friday Night Smackdown | May 16 2008 | Halifax NS

    Opening Video


    Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler open the show, TWO NIGHTS out from the Smackdown exclusive, Judgment Day PPV, with tonight’s main event seeing two Money in the Bank competitors face off in Chris Jericho & Jeff Hardy, plus Edge and Kurt Angle meet face to face before their WWE Title match on Sunday…

    Match 1:
    Jamie Noble vs. Matt Jackson
    Barring a few hope spots, Matt Jackson (with his brother heading to the back during the entrance to allow him to go it alone) is on the end of a beating from the driven Jamie Noble, who is two nights away from the biggest - and last if he loses - match of his career; Title vs. Career when he challenges Bryan Danielson for the Cruiserweight title. The match basically serves as a backdrop for Styles and Lawler to hype the PPV match this Sunday. Noble ends the match with his patented TIGER BOMB … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Jamie Noble @ 03:50

    A glorified squash match, with Noble having his arm raised. Again, Styles and Lawler point out that unless Noble wins on Sunday, this is the last time we’ll see him on Smack down - but Noble doesn’t look worried. Instead, he motions around his waist that he’ll be wearing gold on Sunday … but stops … when he sees BRYAN DANIELSON emerge on the stage!!!! The Cruiserweight champion has a mic in hand, and places his belt over his shoulder before speaking…

    Bryan Danielson: Jamie … it’s not too late to stop this. You don’t need to put your career on the line this Sunday.

    Noble, in a fit, rushes to be handed a mic, and walks to the ropes, pointing up the ramp at Danielson.

    Jamie Noble: Don’t be coming out here offering your stinkin crocodile tears, Danielson!!! Don’t be pretending you care about my damn career, boy!!!

    Danielson shakes his head. Tired of Nobles aggression toward him.

    Bryan Danielson: It’s not a matter of whether I care about your career, Jamie. I just don’t want to be responsible for ending your career. But you’re leaving me with no choice here. There’s still time to stop all of this. As much as I love being Cruiserweight champion - there’s nothing in this sport that’s bigger than someone’s entire career. You don’t need to do this - you can get another shot at the title down the road.

    Jamie Noble: Stop tryin to sell me your bullcrap. I aint buyin it. You know as well as I do that you got lucky against me twice - and now you’re doin all you can to avoid facing me once more. All you are, boy, is afraid.

    Danielson throws his arms up, fed up of being accused of fear by Noble. Noble doesn’t acknowledge the reaction and continues to point up the ramp and tear into the Cruiserweight champion.

    Jamie Noble: Afraid of what’s to come this Sunday at Judgment Day. Afraid that that bogus undefeated streak you got goin on is all comin to an end. Everybody knows it - I whipped your sorry hind TWICE!!! And twice you escaped by the skin of your rotten teeth!!! I’m the best damn Cruiserweight in the whole world - and the whole world is gonna see it on Sunday!!!

    Bryan shakes his head. Despite his attempts over the last few weeks to talk Noble out of this stipulation, he finally appears to concede.

    Bryan Danielson: Fine. Your choice, Jamie. I’ve tried. I’ve tried to be reasonable. I’ve tried to be nice about all this. But the longer this goes on, the more bitter and jealous you’ve become. I don’t know what you want, but I-

    Jamie Noble: I want that damn piece of gold you’ve been hogging, boy!! That’s what I want.

    Danielson looks at the gold on his shoulder, then looks to the ring again.

    Bryan Danielson: Well … barring me just handing this over … I don’t see that happening. I’ve beaten you twice Jamie - I’ve taken the best you have to offer … and I’ve beaten you twice. I don’t know what else I need to prove to you … but there just doesn’t seem to be any getting through to that skull of yours Jamie. Truth is, you resent me - you cant handle the fact that you’ve had two chances to beat me, and you failed both times, and now, you think that’ll change because your career is at stake??

    Noble nods from the ring; “I‘m counting on it!!”

    Bryan Danielson: I don’t want to have to be responsible for retiring you while you’re still in your prime. I don’t want to be responsible for stopping you from doing what you love … but if you’re intent on coming for me - coming for THIS - you leave me no choice. This is the last chance you have to stop this. I don’t want the end of your career on my conscience.

    Jamie Noble: You don’t gotta worry about your little conscience there, Danielson. This was MY decision - and I aint gonna lose on Sunday … you are.

    Noble tosses the mic, and exit’s the ring, walking with a purpose up the ramp, toward Danielson, with the two meeting at the stop of the stage. Noble eyes the gold, and looks to brush past the champion - but Danielson grabs Noble by the arm, stopping him from passing by.

    The fans pop, with Noble telling Danielson (off mic) to, “get your filthy paws off me, boy.” Danielson keeps looking Noble in the eyes, bringing the mic to his mouth, before telling him;

    Bryan Danielson: This is on you, Jamie. Just don’t blame me when it all blows up in your face at Judgment Day.

    Danielson and Noble continue to look each other in the eye, but Noble momentarily snaps and SHOVES Danielson down, surprising the champion, before Noble storms off, passing through the curtain. Danielson shakes his head, picking himself up off the floor … as Smackdown heads into a commercial…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, Smackdown returns with a pre-taped promo from TRIPLE H, standing in front of a camera;

    Triple H: This Sunday - Judgment Day. Eight men - one goal. Money in the Bank. Like I said two weeks ago when I came back to Smackdown … I’m here for one thing, and one thing only. And that’s the WWE Championship. This Sunday is the quickest path possible toward that goal. So you can bet your asses that after I run through seven other men, and after I climb that ladder and grab that briefcase - my one way ticket gets punched - and it’ll be just a matter of time before the King of Kings … goes back on his throne.

    The Game whips his hair back, breathing intensely as he glares down the camera, with the picture fading out…

    Back in the arena … TED DIBIASE Sr. is standing in the ring, smiling broadly, waiting to speak…

    Ted DiBiase: Ladies and Gentlemen, the clock is ticking down on the arrival of the NEXT King of the Ring!!!

    DiBiase laughs his trademark laugh into the mic.

    Ted DiBiase: And it’s fitting that the next King of this Ring will come from wrestling royalty. A young man, born into wealth, given every available advantage in life, with a god-given talent to follow in the footsteps his father and his grandfather tread before him!!

    The fans are already restless.

    Ted DiBiase: The landscape of the WWE is about to shift - dramatically. Smackdown is about to witness the future. A new breed of athlete. Who exemplifies everything that a superstar is. My son - the next King-

    **WHAT‘S UP!?**

    DiBiase AND the fans are somewhat confused by the music, as it hasn’t been heard before on Smackdown … but it soon is cleared up … as R-TRUTH - who’s own debut on Smackdown has been hyped for weeks with vignettes - finally arrives on Smack down - and it doesn’t look like the interruption is appreciated by the Million Dollar Man!!!

    R-Truth hit’s the stage, rapping his own theme to the ring, instantly getting the majority of fans on his side - but DiBiase cant hide his frustrations.


    Cheers - with fans not knowing to respond with a ‘What’s up’ back at Truth. Truth smiles at the fans, then at DiBiase…

    Million Dollar Man … What’s Up??

    Ted sneers at Truth, looking him up and down, before speaking.

    Ted DiBiase:
    Aren’t you the convict??

    ‘Ooooh’ is the shocked reaction from the fans. The smile momentarily fades from R-Truth’s face, but he owns the question, nodding in agreement.

    Ted DiBiase: I have a whole batch of ex-convicts that work for me on community service. And any of them that address me - any of them that I allow to address me … call me … Sir.

    R-Truth places a hand on chest in horror, pretending that he’s sorry he offended DiBiase.

    R-Truth: Oh… I’m sorry sir, so sorry sir, I apologise for any misunderstanding sir. I hope you can forgive me, sir. But I just wanted to introduce myself to YOU, and all these fans in Halifax!!!

    Truth smiles broadly at DiBiase, mockingly so. Extending his hand, Truth offers a handshake. DiBiase completely ignores it.

    Ted DiBiase: I fail to understand what you want. I’m here to talk about my son and his upcoming debut in the King of the Ring tournament.

    R-Truth: Snap. Because, SIR, THAT’S why I’M out here too!!!

    Ted DiBiase: I beg your pardon??

    Truth smiles.

    R-Truth: I’m in the King of the Ring tournament too.

    DiBiase shakes his head, and smiles, not understanding how R-Truth could be in the tournament. On commentary, Joey Styles remarks; “didn’t the Million Dollar Man pay attention to the brackets being revealed on Superstars??”

    Ted DiBiase: That’s … interesting. This was to be my sons introduction to the WWE. And now, you, another debutant, are a participant??

    R-Truth nods - smiling broadly. Ted looks Truth up and down, pondering for a moment, before being overly nice, changing his tone to Truth.

    Ted DiBiase:
    Perhaps … we could come to some sort of arrangement here. As it happens, I’m currently looking for someone to … serve my son, upon his arrival on Smackdown.

    Ted brandishes a roll of notes from his jacket pocket, letting Truth see it.

    Ted DiBiase: I imagine that’s more money than you’ve seen before, correct??

    DiBiase then stuffs the roll of notes into Truths hand, and pats his shoulder.

    Ted DiBiase:
    If you do as you’re told … if you follow instructions … there’s a whole lot more where that came from.

    Truth looks down at the money in his hand.

    Ted DiBiase:
    Is that something you’d be interested in??

    Truth ponders for a moment, before looking up at DiBiase and smiles … then RIPS the notes up in DiBiases face - to the horror of the Million Dollar Man and the delight of the fans!!!

    R-Truth: Seems not everybody got a price for the Million Dollar Man, huh?? Now THAT’S what’s up!!! I got a little something called morals and they cant be bought!!! And yeah, I may be an ex-convict - but I still got my pride. And I SURE AS HELL aint gonna SERVE your silver spooned kid, SIR!!!

    The fans pop.

    R-Truth: I don’t come from money, I don’t come from private school - I come from the streets!!! But I’m here on Smackdown, and Imma tell you, straight up - I aint gonna be takin a backseat for ANYBODY!!!

    Getting wild eyed, Truth gets in DiBiases face, as the fans continue to get behind him.

    R-Truth: I may not be royalty - but I’m comin for that crown. And it’s gonna take more than money to put me down!! Best tell that boy of yours that it aint gonna be sunshine and rainbows - because he aint gonna have you do it all for him. He’s about to take a step into the real world. MY WORLD!!! AND THAT … IS THE TRUTH!!!!

    Truth tosses the mic away, point made to the unimpressed DiBiase. R-Truth exit’s the ring, with Ted shaking his head in disappointment, as Styles and Lawler talk about an explosive Smackdown debut appearance for R-Truth tonight - with Lawler calling Truth an idiot for turning down the Million Dollar Man…

    Commercial Break


    Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


    Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

    Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


    Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

    Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


    Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

    Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


    Narrator: Stars have been born.

    Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


    Narrator: Legends have been made.

    Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


    Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

    Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown in 2006, Edge with his trophy in 2001 and Brent Albright a year ago, over a sound bite of Brent during his victory speech…


    Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2008 … a new King will be crowned, in the home of royalty…

    Clips of London, Buckingham Palace, Beefeaters etc…

    Narrator: Once again, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final. One rising star will eclipse all others…

    Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

    Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


    Match 2 | NON-TITLE MATCH:
    MNM w/Melina vs. Deuce & Domino
    It’s two for two in terms of uncompetitive matches on Smackdown tonight. Once again, Deuce and Domino are paired up despite no longer wanting to be a team, but even if they did, it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s a showcase for the WWE Tag Team Champions as they prepare for their title defence on Sunday against Los Latinos, and Melina watches on, impressed, as Nitro and Mercury make quick work of Deuce and Domino, finishing Deuce with the Snapshot for the 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: MNM @ 03:27

    Melina joins her troops in the ring, delighted with the victory tonight, but as the trio celebrate - THEY GET JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY LOS LATINOS!!!! The rejuvenated Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy sneak attack the champions, softening MNM up ahead of the title match this Sunday at Judgment Day.

    Even Melina is targeted, as Vickie Guerrero trips her from the outside, and blasts Melina with a vicious slap to the face - with Melinas face smacking off the ring post from the blow!!!!
    Melina slumps to the floor on the outside, as Vickie Guerrero - the major difference maker for Chavo & Super Crazy in recent weeks - joins her charges in the ring, as Los Latinos get a look at the tag team title belts, nodding across to one another, before dropping the titles on the torsos of the beaten down champions.

    Footage then cuts backstage, where a number of superstars are looking over the brackets for the King of the Ring tournament, potentially plotting their routes to the final in London next month, as Styles and Lawler commentate over the pictures, talking about the anticipation heading into the tournament - which kicks off NEXT WEEK with three matches - including two tag team partners going head to head - Carlito vs. Kofi…

    With the superstars crowded around the poster of the King of the Ring draw - THE BRIAN KENDRICK appears, and takes it upon himself to stand on top of a chair, calling for everyone’s attention. TBK goes on a diatribe, talking about Finlays dictatorship over Smackdown, and telling his fellow wrestlers that “this Sunday, the months of oppression END!!!”

    Kendrick then calls for the support of his peers, telling them once he is GM - even if it is only for 30 days “initially” - Smackdown will be the land of opportunity for EVERYONE. However, Kendrick doesn’t get the rousing response he envisaged … in fact, most of the superstars in the area have since dispersed, finding Kendrick unbearable as always …

    Back at ringside, Styles and Lawler momentarily discuss what the landscape could look like with Kendrick running the show a week from tonight before they track back to TONIGHT and what’s still to come, with Edge and Kurt Angle set to meet face to face, and hyping that the Gods of War will be in the ring later too…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, Smackdown returns with a pre-taped promo from ROB VAN DAM, standing in front of a camera;

    Rob Van Dam: I’m supposed to stand here and tell everyone what it’ll mean to me to win the Money in the Bank briefcase this Sunday. But the truth is - I don’t give a damn about winning this Sunday. In fact, I think the whole Money in the Bank gimmick is a bunch of *expletive*. I lost the WWE Championship because of Money in the Bank. All it is, is a shortcut. A chance to catch the champion cold. That’s no way to win a title.

    It’s quite the departure for RVD, showing a deadly serious, pissed off side.

    Rob Van Dam: But I will show up on Sunday. Because I do have an objective. But it’s not to climb the ladder and grab the briefcase. No. I’m headed to Judgment Day solely to STOP that lying piece of *expletive* Chris Jericho from winning the thing, and beat his sorry ass - and crush his body with a Van Terminator!!! And if anyone else gets in my way - big or small - I’m gonna give them one too.

    RVD looks off camera to someone.

    Rob Van Dam: That good enough??

    Van Dam then pulls at his shirt, taking off the mic, and walks off the set.

    Back into the arena…

    Match 3:
    Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. Tyson Tomko
    Three matches. Three glorified squashes. Tomko gets this match after his complaints about being overlooked last week on his Smackdown debut by Finlay … but the Problem Solver doesn’t have the answer for dealing with the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga puts the finishing touches on Tomko, drilling him with the Samoan Spike, and the elementary 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Umaga @ 03:14

    Perfunctory victory for Umaga, and after the Samoan Bulldozer has his arm raised, Armando Estrada enters the ring - with a mic in hand…


    Heat. Estrada grins.

    Armando Estrada:
    SUNDAY - it is JUDGMENT DAY for de seven VICTIMS that cross dis man -- dis MONSTER!!!

    Estrada peers up at Umaga, smiling again.

    Armando Estrada:
    HA HA … ju’re gonna give my Samoan Bulldozer a LADDER to use with will?? Are ju NUTS?? Are ju -- como se dice -- BONKERS??? Umaga?? He don’t need no ladders. He don’t need ANY weapons. But if ju are gonna bring de ladders … then de Samoan Bulldozer is gonna break dem over every single body dat stands in his way!!!

    Heat for the cocky Estrada, who shakes his head, answering his own question.

    Armando Estrada:
    De Bulldozer and I have waited long enough to get de gold. Dis Sunday, dere is only ONE MONSTER dat will leave Judgment Day as Mr. Money in the Bank. De ONLY monster, and his name is, OOOOOOOMAG-

    Theodore Long: HOLD UP, PLAYA!!!

    Out of nowhere, the unmistakable voice of Theodore Long is heard, and cuts off AAE. Estrada looks furious, as we see Long on the titan tron - with the hulking presence of Mark Henry standing behind him…

    Theodore Long: I think you’re getting WAAYY ahead of yo’self Mister Estrada. Yeah, your Samoan Bulldozer is a bad, bad man. But in case you forgot, or just didn’t realise … MY man, the Worlds STRONGEST Man is in the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday too.

    Henry nods his head in the background, then punches his fist into his palm.

    Theodore Long: And THIS monster, this beast of a human being standin right behind me is the one that’s gonna have his way with every single man that stands in HIS way at Judgment Day - HE is gonna be the dominant force in the ladder match. So, playa, you and that Bulldozer can either getsta steppin - or get ready for getting tossed on yo ass!!! Because Mark Henry?? HE is the next Mr. Money in the Bank. And playa - you can bank on THAT!!! Holla!!!

    In the ring, Estrada screws his face up, not impressed with the words of Theodore Long, shaking his head and pointing to Umaga, motioning that Umaga is the dominant force, as Styles and Lawler wonder what will happen if the two behemoths end up facing off this Sunday…

    Commercial Break

    It’s M.V.P’s turn to cut a promo to the camera now, as one of the eight men in the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday.

    There’s a whole lotta talk about the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday at Judgment Day. And why wouldn’t there be - ya got former world champions in there; Jericho, RVD, Triple H. Ya got the world famous kings of the ladder match; The Hardys. And ya got two big monsters too - Mark Henry … and Umaga. That’s what they’re all talkin about. Oh - hold up. We forgettin somebody?? Who?? Me??

    MVP pretends like he just had a ‘eureka’ moment.

    That’s right!! Seems to me like I’m the forgotten piece of the puzzle. Everyone else is getting the spotlight. And that’s something that I’m not used to - but truth be told?? I kinda like it. Makes me feel like an underdog. Makes me feel like I’m bein underappreciated. Underestimated. And that get’s me fired up. So go ahead - keep me under the damn radar. Because on Sunday, at Judgment Day - I’m all everyone will be talkin about. Now that’s MONEY!!!

    MVP throws up his 305 sign, and nods at the camera, looking confident.

    Back on Smackdown, a video package airs, hyping the CLASH OF THE TITANS tag team match this Sunday between The Gods of War and the returning Brothers of Destruction.

    The video highlights Batista and Lashley running roughshod over Smackdown since the turn of the year, and looking to make a major impact at WrestleMania by helping end The Streak - until KANE returned to the WWE after over a year in exile, saving his brother and overcoming Batista and Lashley.

    Following WrestleMania, Steven Richards would constantly challenge Undertaker and Kane to meet his Gods of War, and for weeks, there would be no response - until a video message from Taker and Kane would accept the challenge - setting the stage for Judgment Day.

    Then, in a shocking conclusion to Smackdown two weeks ago, The Brothers of Destruction would appear in the ring, delivering stereo choke slams to Batista and Lashley, sending a message to the Gods of War, standing tall to end the show, before a defiant promo from Richards last week, setting the stage for Judgment Day.

    Match 4:
    Evan Bourne vs. Xavier Woods
    Short, sprint of a match - but it’s finally something competitive. The match only serves as a chance to hype the kick off of the King of the Ring tournament - which both men will be part of - next week, as Styles comments that Woods is only in the tournament as a result of the ridiculous stipulations he built into his contract when he signed to Smackdown late last year, insinuating that Finlay wouldn‘t have approved his entry otherwise. Bourne - still reeling after missing out on a Cruiserweight title shot when he felt he had earned it a few weeks ago - sees off Woods after a back and forth battle, finishing him off, scoring the 1...2...3 with AIR BOURNE!!!!!
    Winner: Evan Bourne @ 04:58

    Bourne continues his recent winning streak, looking strong, going into the King of the Ring tournament when he meets Tyson Tomko in the opening round. Meanwhile, Woods doesn’t look too bad in defeat, staying competitive, but it’s unlikely he’ll make an impression when he takes on the debuting R-Truth in the opening round.

    Backstage, we see WWE Champion EDGE, walking through the halls, as Joey Styles hypes the Edge/Angle face to face showdown in the ring - NEXT!!!!!

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, in the ring, JOEY STYLES is standing, waiting to speak…

    Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, this Sunday at Judgment Day, the WWE Championship is going to be on the line, when Edge defends the title against the former SEVEN time World Champion, Kurt Angle!!

    Pop from the fans.

    Joey Styles: And right now, we’re going to bring both men out here. First, the challenger - Kurt Angle!!


    The fans rise for KURT ANGLE, with the Number One Contender stepping out onto stage - dressed sharply tonight, in an open collared shirt and jacket. Angle makes his way to the ring, pirouetting in the ring, before shaking hands with the respected lead announcer on Smackdown.

    Joey Styles: Kurt, ever since you became Number One Contender last month, it could be said you’ve been dealing Edge with some tough love. I think it’s clear that you have a lot of respect for the WWE Champion, but you would admit yourself, your actions in recent weeks have been with a view to winning the mental warfare ahead of Judgment Day.

    Kurt Angle: That’s fair. But irrespective of whether I like Edge or not - there’s no room for nice guys at the top of this business. Edge knows that anyway. He’ll tell you himself - he’s not a nice guy. Neither am I. We’re both consumed with the same desire - to be the best. On Sunday, we’re gonna clash, we’re not gonna hold back, and the best man is gonna win. And I believe that’ll be me.

    Joey Styles: You know, it’s been a long time since you’ve held the WWE Championship, Kurt. Or any gold for that matter. Nearly three years, in fact. Does the longer that run continues affect you??

    Angle nods.

    Kurt Angle: Damn right it does. It pisses me off, if I’m honest with you, Joey. It’s far too long for an athlete of my calibre to compete that long without being champion. And that’s not me being big headed.

    Angle points out to the fans all around the arena.

    Kurt Angle: I come out here, week after week, I travel coast to coast and all around the world, and I hear the same thing everywhere I go; from the fans, from my peers and from all the experts - that I’m the best in the business. Joey … what was the tag line they gave my match with Ric Flair at WrestleMania??

    Joey Styles: Uh, it was “The Best Today, versus, The Best Ever…”

    Kurt Angle: Yeah. It’s not just me that says it. And at WrestleMania, I BEAT the best to ever do it. So where does that leave me??

    Joey Styles: As … the best ever?

    Kurt shakes his head - No.

    Kurt Angle: No. Not yet at least. Because the so-called “best ever” wouldn’t go damn near three years without being World Champion. But that’s what I want to be. That’s who I should be. But for me to truly be the best to ever lace up a pair of boots - I need to win back the WWE Title. And this Sunday, I’ll go one step closer to being the best ever when I win my eighth World Title.

    Small pop from the fans, but some boos too - with the fans favouring the Canadian champion.

    Joey Styles: Well, with that being said, now is probably an ideal time to bring out the man who’ll look to prevent that from happening - the reigning WWE Champion - the Rated ‘R’ Superstar - Edge!!!


    To a rapturous reception, the WWE Champion emerges through the smoke with the title belt sitting over his shoulder. Soaking up the cheers from his fellow Canadians, Edge nods, before proceeding down the ramp, with Angle waiting keenly in the ring. Like Angle, Edge is dressed casually tonight - t-shirt, jeans and leather jacket.

    There’s a noticeable tension in the ring once Edge enters, with Champion and Challenger staring a hole through one another, as Joey positions himself between the two, putting himself in an uncomfortable spot. Styles has to wait for the music and the fans to die down, before he addresses the WWE Champion…

    Joey Styles: Edge, you heard what Kurt Angle had to say. And this Sunday, it’s your FIRST Pay-Per-View title defence ever as WWE Champion. You’ve defended the championship on Smackdown a month ago, but I think it’s fair to say this challenge on Sunday from Kurt Angle, given his credentials and pedigree, will be a much steeper challenge. Correct??

    Edge takes a moment, still staring at Angle, before addressing the question.

    Edge: I don’t doubt it, Joey. I know what Kurt is about. I know what he brings to the table. Kurt and I go way back - right back to when Kurt first came to the WWE. And like he said, there’s definitely respect between us. But at the end of the day, we’re both wanting the same thing - and there’s only room for one WWE Champion.

    Angle nods in agreement, before Edge turns his attention back to Styles.

    Edge: You’re talking about Kurts uh, credentials?? You don’t need to sell me on Kurt Angle. He’s a born winner, no doubt. And he’s used to being number one in everything he’s ever done. But unfortunately for him, Kurt’s come back to Smackdown at the wrong time. Because as long as I’m around, as long as I’m WWE Champion?? Kurt Angle is gonna have to get used to being second best.

    Kurt scoffs at the idea, mouthing to Edge; “that‘ll never happen.” Styles looks to move on the line questioning.

    Joey Styles: Well, before you came out here, Kurt and I touched on the period of time that has elapsed since he last held the WWE Championship. Given how long you had to wait yourself to be in the position you’re in now, you - more than anyone - must know what that feels like for someone.

    Edge nods.

    Edge: You bet I know how it feels to have to wait to hold this. It sucks. It really sucks. How long has it been?? Three years you’ve had to wait, Kurt?? Try ten. That’s how long I had to wait. So forgive me, Joey, if my heart doesn’t break for Kurt Angles title drought. And I doubt Kurt would want my pity even if I had any for him.

    Kurt Angle:That’s right.

    Edge and Angle bicker somewhat off mic after that, with Joey doing his best to keep order.

    Joey Styles: Again, despite your experience here in the WWE, Edge, this is still a new feeling right now for you coming up on Sunday, with all eyes on you as WWE Champion, defending your title. With all the pressure that must surely be on your shoulders - again, your first ever title defence on Pay Per View - and the mind games that Kurt Angle has employed in recent weeks - is that having any effect on your mindset??

    The Rated ‘R’ Superstar smirks at the suggestion.

    Edge: You’ll have to ask Kurt if his “mind-games” have had any effect on me. It seems to me they backfired on him last week when I speared him halfway to hell!! And as far as I’m concerned, my mindset is pretty simple - and that’s to spear Kurt Angle AGAIN this Sunday, and get the 1,2,3.

    Joey Styles: Kurt??

    Kurt Angle: I’m gonna give you some advice for free, Edge. You’re too hot-headed. You don’t even realise it, but you’re playing right into my hands. Sure, you Speared me a week ago, but that was a blow worth taking in the long run for me. You think that act of aggression was some kind of equalizer for me leaving you behind two weeks ago when we teamed up?? It wasn’t.

    Edge looks surprised by that.

    Edge: Sure felt like it to me.

    Angle smirks, shaking his head.

    Kurt Angle: I’ve got you right where I want you, buddy. You’re predictable. Always have been. You’re still upset that I double-crossed you now. And when someone like you gets emotional … you get irrational. And you make mistakes. That’s why it took you ten years to finally climb to the top of the mountain.

    ‘Ohhh’ from the fans. Edge looks to be getting irritated, but he’s keeping a lid on his emotions.

    Kurt Angle: I don’t expect you to feel sorry for me because I’ve gone nearly three years without winning the title. Because honestly?? I don’t feel sorry for you having had to wait a decade. Why?? You’ve only got yourself to blame. You could’ve been WWE Champion three or four years ago - at least!! You want to know why it took you so long to climb to the top of the ladder??

    Edge: I’m all ears…

    Kurt Angle: Wasn’t because you weren’t good enough. Or that you didn’t work hard enough for it, or even a lack of belief. You’ve always known you were good enough to be a World Champion, and you‘ve always had the ability to do it.

    Angle steps forward, past Styles, and right into Edges personal space.

    Kurt Angle: But your decisions have always let you down. You let your heart rule your head far too often. You held the Money in the Bank briefcase for a YEAR - and you couldn’t get the job done. Because you made mistakes. And you’re gonna make the same mistakes on Sunday.

    Edge shakes his head.

    Edge: No mistakes Kurt. I’m walking into Judgment Day, and just like I did last week - I’m Spearing you and I’m walking OUT with this bad-boy still around my waist. And if you really think you’re in my head, and I’m gonna make mistakes this Sunday?? If that’s what you’re basing your confidence on?? Then you better get a new game plan and figure it out quick.

    Slight pop.

    Edge: As for all this talk I heard before I came out here, of-of you cementing your legacy as the “best-ever”?? You can shove that to the back of your mind or you can go back to Raw - because Smackdown is MY show, and *grabbing at the belt* THIS is MY title. And THIS title says that I’M the man - I’M the best - not you.

    Edge prods his finger into the chest of Angle with his last sentence, and Angle slaps the finger away - tensions rising. Edge keeps his cool, as they settle down, with Styles trying to regain his place between them and keep them at arms length of one another.

    Edge: It doesn’t matter what you do on Sunday. I doesn’t matter if you make a mistake or if you wrestle a flawless match - either way, the result stays the same. ME walking out of Minneapolis … WWE Champion. Because there is nothing - NOTHING - you can do to stop me beating your ass at Judgment Day!!


    Edge: I waited too damn long to hold this, so you can bet your ass I’m not letting it slip through my fingers any time soon. Understand??

    Angle pauses for a moment, with a smirk developing on his face.

    Kurt Angle: That’s interesting.

    Kurt turns to address Joey Styles.

    Kurt Angle: See, Joey, I’ve followed Edge’s progression throughout his career, very closely. He’s won a lot of titles, haven’t you??

    Knowingly smirking, Kurt questions Edge, with the WWE Champion looking curiously at the #1 Contender, wondering where this is going.

    Kurt Angle: I mean, what is it … ten?? Eleven times tag champion?? Five time Intercontinental Champion?? U.S Champion too, right??

    Edge nods.

    Kurt Angle: Winning gold was never the problem, was it, Edge?? I mean, at least, not until you set your sights on the World Title. That one took a while to get over the line.

    Another ‘ohhh’ from the fans. Both men smile at one another - but not in a friendly sense. More through gritted teeth.

    Edge: Cute.

    Kurt Angle: Yeah … winning titles came pretty easy for ya. Keeping titles though … keeping titles was the problem, wasn’t it??

    Edge tries to keep his anger in tact, and just stares at Angle, not wanting to crack, whilst Angle senses the fury building in the WWE Champion.

    Kurt Angle: Tell me this … you remember the first time you won the Intercontinental title??

    Edge nods, mouthing to Kurt; “damn right I do.”

    Kurt Angle: It was here, in Canada, right??

    Edge nods again, whilst there’s a slight cheap pop from the fans.

    Kurt Angle: And … how long did that reign last??

    Edge smirks, and holds up one finger. Angle nods.

    Kurt Angle: Yeah, ONE day. The first title you won here in the WWE … and you lost it a day later.

    Getting restless, Edge fixes the title belt on his shoulder, whilst Angle is enjoying making the champion uncomfortable.

    Kurt Angle: And that’s not the only title you let slip through your fingers, is it?? You and Christian won the tag titles over half a dozen times in the space of a year … and you lost those same titles over half a dozen times in one single year. I’m hearing alarm bells. What’s the matter, Edge?? Cant stand the pressure??

    Some slight boos for Angle from the fans, but he presses Edge, stepping forward again.

    Kurt Angle: All your title wins - they all follow a similar pattern … win the title … lose it *snaps fingers* just as quick. If that were me, I’d be concerned. I guess I don’t need to tell you, Edge … but it’s a lot easier to WIN a title … than it is to KEEP it.

    Edge clenches his fist by his side, cranking his neck - doing everything he can to stop from boiling over. Kurt steps forward once more, and points at the title belt on Edges shoulder.

    Kurt Angle: And seeing how hard you found it to win the WWE Championship … I’m thinking you’re gonna find it impossible to hold onto it for much longer. In fact … I’m counting on it.

    Angle tosses the mic, with a cocky smirk on his face, believing he’s in the Champions head now, having planted the seed of doubt in Edge that he’s incapable of holding onto a title.

    Full of confidence, Kurt departs the ring, whilst Edge remains - ready to boil over, seething at Angle - but does his best to keep a lid on his emotions and not give Angle the satisfaction of seeing him explode.
    Kurt backs up the ramp, pointing to his brain, smiling at the WWE Champion in the ring, mouthing “see you Sunday.” In the ring, Edge nods, and pats the belt as if to tell Angle that the belt is going nowhere.

    Commercial Break



    The video opens in an abandoned playground, where the creepy little girls are playing, dressed in white.


    The creepy little girls sing their rhyme over flashing images of THE UNDERTAKER and KANE standing tall - together - through the years, delivering an array of Chokeslams and Tombstones, along with various cut throat gestures, both men sitting up, and both Brothers of Destruction soaring through the air at times.

    “As I lay me down to sleep”

    “I pray my soul is mine to keep”

    “My soul can never step outside this bed”

    “Never into all evil”



    Darkness. Then, the voice of The Undertaker;

    “Judgement Day … is upon us.”


    Back from the commercial, Smackdown returns with a pre-taped promo from CHRIS JERICHO, standing in front of a camera;

    Chris Jericho:
    Two months ago, I made a decision for my betterment. I traded in all the goodwill I had built up over the years - from my peers and the fans - because I wasn’t content with being second best. This Sunday at Judgment Day, I have the opportunity to make it all worth it. The Money in the Bank briefcase opens the doors for me to reach back to the top of the mountain. A title opportunity; when I want it, where I want it, how I want it. It’s less of an title opportunity, and more of a title guarantee.

    Jericho pauses momentarily.

    Chris Jericho: You look at the field - daredevils like the Hardys and *eye rolls* Rob Van Dam. Monsters like Umaga and Mark Henry. A rising star in MVP. And a ten time world champion in Triple H. Eight men. All different. To win, it’s not about risking life and limb. It’s not about being the strongest. Hunger isn’t important. Determination and greed aren’t factors either. No. To win a match like this?? You have to be … smart. And there wont be a smarter man in that ring this Sunday at Judgment Day … than Chris Jericho.

    Devilishly, Jericho smirks into the camera, confident of victory this Sunday.

    Back into the arena…

    Match 5:
    Carlito w/Kofi Kingston vs. Elijah Burke w/Wade Barrett
    During the entrances, Styles and Lawler confirm that the two teams will collide this Sunday in tag team action - with the winners getting the next shot at the WWE tag team titles. There’s also discussion of the impending Carlito vs. Kofi King of the Ring first round match up, with the two partners set to go at it a week from tonight.

    During the match, Styles and Lawler put over the Fight Factory team and how impressive they’ve been since hitting Smackdown after WrestleMania, with Elijah Burke recruiting a great partner after he had been floundering on his own on Smackdown for the previous six months.

    The match itself is solid, with both men getting their spots in, and there’s a number of near falls, with Kofi and Barrett encouraging their partners respectively. Burke misses his double knee spot to the corner, with Carlito looking to deliver the Back Cracker - but Burke holds the ropes to prevent the impact, with Carlito crashing on the mat!!!

    Burke then looks for the Elijah Experience - but Carlito elbows free, then scores with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall of his own. Carlito picks Burke back up, but eats a flurry of punches from Burke, who takes off, hitting the ropes - but runs right into a dropkick from Carlito!!!

    Carlito springs off the ropes, coming at Burke - but Burke ducks under, Carlito rolls through toward the ropes … with Elijah pulling the referee away … ALLOWING BARRETT TO BULLHAMMER CARLITO THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! Carlito goes down, with Kofi giving chase to Barrett, as Burke drops an elbow before covering, 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Elijah Burke @ 07:40

    Thanks to an assist from his partner, Burke picks up a win over Carlito, getting one over on the opponents ahead of Judgment Day on Sunday!! Burke rolls out of the ring, with Kofi getting inside, kicking the ropes in anger at the cheap shot from Wade Barrett, before checking on his partner.

    The Fight Factory meet on the ramp, all smiles, having shown tonight that they are willing to do whatever it takes to have their arms raised in victory, as we begin to learn more about the pair, their motives and honour - or lack thereof. In the ring, Carlito is helped up by Kofi, with the pair both hungry for revenge after tonight’s outcome.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, Smackdown returns with a pre-taped promo from MATT and JEFF HARDY, standing in front of a camera;

    Jeff Hardy: The Hardys and ladders, ladders and The Hardys. Our entire careers, we’ve been involved with ladders. No one knows how to deal with ladder matches like Matt and I. No one is willing to risk it all like Matt and I are.

    Matt Hardy: You only have to watch my match a few days ago on Superstars. There’s no risk the Hardys aren’t willing to take. I’m banged up, I’m barely able to walk right now … but if I can leave Judgment Day with that briefcase in my hands?? Then all the pain, suffering, and broken bones are worth it.

    Jeff Hardy: We know what to expect - we know the pain that comes with these matches. But with the agony - comes the ecstasy. And this Sunday, there wont be a better feeling than capturing that Money in the Bank briefcase.

    Matt Hardy: And while it’s every Hardy for himself, Jeff and I have one clear advantage over everyone else - each other. Jeff will have my back, just like I’ll have his. And we’re gonna eliminate everyone else from the equation, one by one … until it’s just the two of us - and a briefcase full of ALL our hopes and dreams. Brother - may the best man win.

    Jeff nods, with the Hardys clearly on the same page heading into Judgment Day…

    Backstage, DEUCE and DOMINO are arguing with the General Manager, Finlay, in his office…

    Domino: How many more times do I have to say it?? We don’t want to be a team anymore!! I’ve had enough of this guy!!

    Deuce: You and me both, buddy. You’ve been holding me back since day ONE!! Because of you, I’m not in the King of the Ring tournament!!

    Domino looks shocked by the accusation from Deuce.

    Domino: Me?? YOU’RE the reason I’M not in the damn tournament!!!

    Deuce: Damn it - we should BOTH be in the King of the Ring!! You know it as well as we do, Finlay - this isn’t fair. How does the Million Dollar Mans kid get in the tournament, when he hasn’t even had a match yet!?

    Deuce and Domino appear to be on the same page now, back to complaining to Finlay.

    Domino: And that rapping fool - R-Truth?? He’s in the tournament!! But not us?? Why are you passing us over??

    Finlay shakes his head.

    Finlay: Can you let me speak?? Settle down. There’s a reason the two of you didn’t get a spot in the tournament. Do I need to spell it out for you’s?? But look - let’s move on. Yeah, I know you’re both fed up of tagging with each other. And after tonight, I’ll not pair the two of you up again. Promise.

    Deuce and Domino nod.

    Finlay: Now, despite your Win/Loss records, I’m willing to give you both an opportunity. As you both know, Jamie Noble’s future is up in the air. At the moment, he’s in the King of the Ring tournament, but should he lose at Judgment Day … obviously, we’ll be looking for a replacement for him.

    Domino: Thank you. I mean, I’d rather have the position in the tournament, outright, but this will do.

    Deuce slaps the arm of Domino.

    Deuce: What are you talking about?? He means me, doofus.

    Finlay: How about you let me finish??

    Deuce and Domino both restrain themselves.

    Finlay: Thank you. Now-

    Suddenly, THE BRIAN KENDRICK enters the room - bringing with him an interior designer - sizing up the office, muttering about changes he wants to make to the décor, with Finlay flabbergasted at the blatant interruption and disregard for whose office it is.

    Finlay: Eh, excuse me??

    The Brian Kendrick: Oh, don’t mind us.

    Kendrick waves off Finlay, not even looking at him, with Finlay sighing.

    Finlay: No, no, no, no. OUT!!! What are you even doing?? The office changes every week you idiot. None of this comes with me from town to town.

    Finlay quickly ushers Kendrick and his designer out of the room, shoving Kendrick through the door, slamming it shut.

    Finlay: Fool.

    Finlay shakes his head, looking at the door, almost waiting for Kendrick to come back in. Eventually, he turns his attention back to Deuce and Domino.

    Finlay: Anyway … Sunday. Judgment Day. There’ll be a match on the pre-show to see who’s on stand-by for the King of the Ring tournament. May the best man win.

    Deuce and Domino both look slightly perplexed.

    Deuce: What?? You don’t mean-

    Domino: You want us to fight each other??

    Finlay: That’s the idea. How else would I pick between the two of you’s??

    Deuce and Domino look at one another, then back to Finlay, neither too pleased to have to fight one another.

    Deuce: Fine.

    Domino: Fine.

    Finlay forces a smile, then points to the door.

    Finlay: Good. Now get out.

    Deuce and Domino shuffle out of the room, bickering back and forth with each other, as Finlay shakes his head, rolling his eyes. He picks up a folder, flicking through some papers in it, and turns his back to the door, placing the folder into his bag…



    Kendrick blasts Finlay from behind with a steel chair, sending the Smackdown GM sprawling over his desk and onto the floor. Kendrick puts the boots to his boss, before picking up Finlays desk chair, dumping it onto the Irishman!!!

    TBK then OVERTURNS the desk - and crushes Finlay with it!!!!! Kendrick then grabs the steel chair he brought into the room, and stands over Finlay, placing the chair over the Irishmans neck, choking him before talking to him.

    The Brian Kendrick: You’ve always treated me like a joke. Like some schoolkid. Ever since you took the reigns on Smackdown, you’ve made my life hell. My career hasn’t just stalled these last six months - it’s NOSEDIVED!!! And it’s all YOUR fault. YOU kept me off WrestleMania. YOU made me a laughing stock in the locker room. YOU have denied me opportunities, left, right and centre. Even now, you’re treating me like a joke. You want to shut me up?? You want to silence me?? Huh?? That would be funny to you, wouldn’t it?? Denying me my freedom of speech. Real funny!!! I bet you and all your favourites had a good laugh at my expense, didn’t you??

    Kendrick SLAPS the face of Finlay.


    And he SLAPS the face of the General Manager a second time, with Finlay defenceless.

    The Brian Kendrick: You’ve underestimated me for far too long. This Sunday, you’ll see a completely different side to THE BRIAN KENDRICK!!! I’m gonna take your job, and do more in thirty days than you’ve done in six months!! And when my time is up … the WWE wont want you back in charge.

    Kendrick then relents, releasing the chair, and quickly exit’s the room, with Finlay coughing, selling the choke effect, worse for wear after a sneak attack from the man he faces on Sunday.

    Commercial Break


    EDGE - 2001

    After dispatching the ‘Man Beast’ Rhyno, Edge meets the defending King, Kurt Angle in the finals, and after a hard fought match up (with a Shane McMahon run-in being edited out to help the narrative), an Edgecution scores the Canadian the 1,2,3 on Angle, giving Edge the most important win of his singles career to that point.


    Back into the arena, and Styles & Lawler give the Judgment Day PPV the final hard sell, running down the line up - which will now also see the in-ring debut of R-Truth, following his first Smackdown appearance tonight…



    It’s main event time on Smackdown, with Chris Jericho walking down the ramp slowly, cold eyes, glaring at the fans who dare heckle him. As he makes his way to the ring, Styles and Lawler give the MITB ladder match some more hype, before talking about Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy - NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, JEFF HARDY is on his way to the ring, with Jericho waiting, watching his opponent from the ring, unimpressed.

    Main Event:
    Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Hardy

    As you’d expect, it’s a quality match up. Jericho controls early during the feeling out process, controlling Hardy on the mat, but soon, Jeff picks up the pace, eventually hitting his Hardyac Arrest in the corner. He looks to go to the well again though, and this time, Jericho moves out of dodge, with Jeff hurting himself on the buckles. Again, Jericho tries to slow the pace, clamping on a rear chinlock, but Jeff refuses to stay trapped, fighting out - only to eat a reverse elbow.

    Jericho sends Jeff across the ring, chasing in behind - but Jeff pushes up on the ropes, head scissoring out of the corner and taking Jericho down!!! A clothesline over the top rope follows, but Hardy makes a huge error with a splash attempt to the outside - when he crashes and burns!!!!! It gives Jericho the upper hand, and Jericho doesn’t pass up the invitation, sending Jeff into the ring post with a catapult!!! Back in the ring, Jericho gets a two count, before Smackdown heads to a commercial break again.

    Commercial Break

    Following the break, Chris Jericho is standing tall in the ring, goading the fans, with Jeff down on the mat, struggling. Styles and Lawler explain that it’s been all Jericho throughout the commercial - targeting Jeff’s back specifically - with Hardy lucky to still be in the match at all. Jericho lights up Hardy with chops in the corner, but an attempted whip to the opposite corner is reversed, with Hardy looking to hit a splash - but Jericho avoids it, and Jeff hit’s the corner. Jericho follows up with a backbreaker, and covers … 1...2...NO!!!

    After complaining to the referee, Jericho refocuses on the match, choking Jeff in the corner, before attempting the WALLS OF JERICHO!!!! Jeff fights the hold though, and blocks Jericho as he tries to turn him over, eventually kicking him away!!! Jeff fires up, rushing through Jericho with clotheslines, then sends Jericho off the ropes, delivering an inverted atomic drop - but then Jeff is plagued by his back again!!! And Jericho instantly trips him - WALLS OF JERICHO APPLIED!!!

    Jeff struggles desperately in the submission hold, but he manages to eventually reaching the ropes, showing his fighting spirit. Jericho isn’t as impressed, and he hammers Jeff down, softening him up for another attempt at the hold … but gets caught with an inside cradle … 1...2...NO!!!!! Both men bounce up, but Jericho misses with a wild clothesline - and eats a jaw breaker … then TWIST OF FATE FROM JEFF!!!! The move connects, but Jericho rolls out of the ring upon impact, much to the chagrin of Hardy.

    Hardy takes a while to get back up, still selling the back, whilst Jericho too is out of it from the Twist of Fate … but as Jericho recovers, he shapes up to stagger away, telling the fans to forget the match. Jeff has other ideas though, and rolls out of the ring - cutting Jericho off as he runs the barrier - and crashes into Jericho with a flying clothesline!!!! Back in the ring, Jeff delivers his double leg drop to the midsection but only scores a two.

    Jeff beats Jericho down in the corner, hitting another Hardyac Arrest, before dropping Jericho with a front suplex for another near fall. Jeff executes a simple slam, setting Jericho up for the SWANTON BOMB … NO ONE HOME!!!!! Jericho avoids the high impact move, and quickly rolls Jeff up … GRABBING THE ROPES … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Jeff still manages to kick out despite the blatant cheating from Jericho!!!!!

    Jericho is beside himself, furiously arguing the count with the referee, before taking his anger out on Hardy. Talking trash, Jericho slaps Hardy, and again - before Jeff fires back at Jericho!!! Again, Hardy fires up, pounding Jericho, before delivering a Russian Leg Sweep - 1...2...NO!!!! Jeff slaps the mat in frustration, before dragging Jericho back up, softening him up with more right hands, then jumps to the top rope - WHISPER IN THE WIND - NO - CODEBREAKER!!!!!!!!! Jericho catches Jeff in mid air with the CODEBREAKER!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Chris Jericho @ 16:05

    Jericho scores the win - hitting his Codebreaker out of NOWHERE, with the fans left stunned by what they’ve just witnessed. However, no sooner does Jericho have his arm raised that ROB VAN DAM is in the ring … and as Jericho turns around, Van Dam tosses him a chair … Jericho instinctively catches it … VAN DAMINATOR!!!!!!

    RVD, out of blood, doesn’t stop there, beating Jericho down in the middle of the ring, relentlessly pounding Jericho, who tries to cover up, but cant block the piston like right hands of his rival. Van Dam looks to set Jericho up, beside the corner - setting the chair against his chest - with Joey Styles deciphering that it’s a set up for the Van Terminator that RVD is hell bent on delivering!!!

    But, as Van Dam climbs out onto the apron, MARK HENRY has arrived at ringside with Theodore Long. RVD spots Henry, and launches himself out at him - CAUGHT - WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Henry flattens RVD, and now finds a new target, knocking the recovering Jeff Hardy down with a big boot. Henry now drags a ladder from under the ring apron, and looks to use it on Jeff - BUT MATT HARDY COMES TO HIS BROTHERS RESCUE!!!

    Matt - noticeably limping and taped up to show the effects of his match with Punk on Superstars - pounds the back of Mark Henry, but the blows just get the attention of the Worlds Strongest Man, and he smashes the ladder into Matt, sending Hardy flying into the barrier. Henry knocks Jeff down with it too, and slams the ladder down on him with authority.

    Bringing the ladder into the ring, Henry targets Jericho too - no one is safe!!! Henry squashes Jericho in the corner with the ladder, then drops the weapon, and tosses Jericho to the floor. Now, M.V.P joins the scene, leaping onto the back of Henry, trying to lock on a sleeper - but he is shrugged off by Henry … and ends up the victim of a WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!!!!! Henry stands back up, yelling out; “THAT‘S WHAT I‘M TALKIN BOUT!!!”

    However, as Henry turns around - Jeff Hardy leaps off the ropes at him - BUT GETS SQUATTED AWAY LIKE A BUG!!! Matt Hardy then tries too - coming for an Axe Handle - but he gets caught - and TOSSED across the ring!!! The Worlds Strongest Man tosses Matt & Jeff out of the ring, roaring to the crowd … and the crowd pops huge … AS TRIPLE H IS OUT AT RINGSIDE NOW TOO!!!!!

    Henry calls The Game into the ring, and after Triple H milks the fans for a moment, he finally gets into the ring - and proceeds to go at it with Henry!!! The two men brawl in the middle of the ring, but the bigger, stronger man - Mark Henry - wins the battle, overpowering The Game!!! Henry shoots Trips into the corner, rushing in for an AVALANCHE … BUT THE GAME DODGES OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!!

    Henry staggers out of the corner … kick to the gut by Triple H … AND HE HOOKS HENRY UP FOR THE PEDIGREE … BUT HENRY BACK DROPS OUT OF IT - WITH TRIPLE H LANDING ON THE LADDER!!!!! On the outside, Theodore Long nods along, with Henry picking the ladder back up, and picks off Jericho, MVP, the Hardys, RVD and Triple H again, before tossing the ladder out of the ring, standing tall …


    Umaga comes STORMING down the ramp, with Estrada having to jog to keep up with him, as the Samoan Bulldozer climbs into the ring, coming nose to nose!!! The two behemoths in this Sundays Money in the Bank ladder match stare one another down - neither backing up an inch … until Umaga reaches down, picking up RVD - SAMOAN SPIKE!!!

    Umaga then drags MVP up - and whilst looking at Henry … delivers a Samoan Spike!!! Now, Henry looks to show off what he can do - picking Jeff Hardy up like a small child - pressing him over his head - and dropping him with ease!!!! Henry pounds his chest at Umaga, as MATT HARDY and TRIPLE H look to stop the onslaught, trying to take on Umaga and Henry respectively …

    But despite their best efforts, The Game and Hardy are overpowered, with The Game being taken out with the swinging slam from Umaga, whilst Matt gets crushed with an Avalanche. Meanwhile, Chris Jericho wants no more of the attack, and he sneakily crawls from the ring, and crawls toward the ramp.

    In the ring, Henry and Umaga both come face to face again, eyeing up the other dominant force, as Styles and Lawler wondering which of these two monsters will stand tall at Judgment Day on Sunday, whilst also questioning if the other six men have any chance of eliminating either Umaga or Henry from the equation. The two behemoths snarl and growl at one another, neither backing up an inch, but there‘s no physicality… as we fade to black…



    Official Card for WWE Judgment Day:
    May 18 2008 | Target Centre, Minneapolis MI
    Theme Music; ‘Devour’ by Shinedown

    WWE Championship Match:
    Edge defends against Kurt Angle

    WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
    MNM w/Melina defend against Los Latinos w/Vickie Guerrero

    Cruiserweight Championship Match | Title versus Career:
    Bryan Danielson defend against Jamie Noble
    *If Noble loses, he will leave the WWE and RETIRE.*

    Smackdown Exclusive Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    M.V.P vs. Chris Jericho vs. Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy vs. Triple H

    The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Gods of War w/Steven Richards

    Put Up or Shut Up:
    Finlay vs. The Brian Kendrick
    *If Kendrick loses, he CANNOT speak on television for 30 days*
    *If Kendrick wins, he becomes General Manager of Smackdown for 30 days*

    Tag Team #1 Contenders Match:
    The Caribbean Connection vs. The Fight Factory
    *Winners meet WWE Tag Team Champions at a future date*


    King of the Ring Preliminary Match:
    Deuce vs. Domino
    *Winner will be on Standby for the tournament, should Jamie Noble be forced to withdraw*

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    Re: Being The Booker


    What a main event!

    Starting with the opener, good to see Benjamin pick up the strong win. Will he and Henry continue their rivalry?

    Gail Kim looking adversity in the face, against worthy opponents and still overcoming--kudos to her. I look forward to who she faces next, in a 1-on-1 scenario.

    Angle picked up a much needed win and Mr. MITB didn't come off weaker for losing. I look forward to Angle's next challenge.

    Christian losing was unexpected, but makes sense. Curious to see where this win takes Umaga. Also wondering who attacked Christian... Cena appears to be too obvious, but I don't rule him out.

    It's nice to see Punk win the IC belt here, makes the most sense. Things between he and Matt probably aren't over.

    Surprised by The Master Craftsmen getting the win. It solidifies them however. Curious to know what's next for DX?

    And then that last one... goodness...

    I felt like I was there for that battle! I wanted Flair to win 17 so bad! Cena is so damn ruthless... love how you portray his new heel side. I look forward to more Cena and Flair's official send-off?

    I'll be reading Raw and SD and will be leaving reviews


    - Nice opening with JR and Coach setting the mood, with theirs and the fans' thoughts of the aftermath of the ppv.

    - Cena coming out and throwing salt in the wound and being a big prick was great. Benjamin coming out and challenging The Man In Black was even better. Hopefully Benjamin can beat an opponent of Cena's choice and get closer to the big gold belt!

    - Big, impressive win for The Lone Star tonight. Curious to see what kind of push he received on Raw. Also curious to know what's next for Rey.

    - Uh oh, Rey experiences chest pains... possible heart problem? Hope he's OK!

    - Really good Punk interview...poor Scott Stanford, lol. Punk is such a prick, haha.

    - Gail Kim putting in work! Woman On a Mission! Impressively, defending and retaining the women's belt in two straight nights. Kudos to her.

    - Nicely placed KOTR promo there.

    - Good promo by The Master Craftsmen. Though I'm not fans of them, you cannot deny them as the real deal. Also enjoyed seeing Nemeth coming over to RAW and being impressive against Albright, in his first Raw contest. I'm sure TMC will be encountering more Nemeth soon.

    - Good promo from D-X. I can't see cutting a promo together, without thinking one will betray the other. It was nice to see them clear up their ambitions and rest assure the fans that they've buried the hatchet. Mr. Kennedy arriving was a exciting and Lesnar making a surprise appearance and really laying into HBK was incredible. It looks like the direction for D-X is set and I look forward to seeing their programs.

    - Good six-man match between Matt/AofA versus Punk/The New Standard. (I really like the Rhodes/Doane team btw). I'm OK with seeing Matt and AofA recover wins, after losing at Backlash. I buy the veteran faces winning, after both teams lost partners. I'm excited for New Standards tag team belt opportunity next Raw and don't feel their loss tonight really hurts their momentum too much.

    - Nice painting of the Christian/Umaga battle at Backlash. (I'm enjoying the back-and-forth between JR and Coach.) Seems like Christian will be getting some much needed time-off. I'm sure he'll be hot for answers of his attack, when he comes back. I wonder how things will start for Umaga on Smackdown?

    - Nice segment between Miz/Coach. I can just hear the boos. Colt Cabana putting a whooping on Miz was nice, only for the champ to run away with his tail tucked. Classic Miz and that's why I like him--he's smart, lol. I wonder if Miz will be losing his belt sooner, rather than later?

    - Nice Bret clip.

    - I like all the KOTR entrants thus far and am really digging the three strikes rule.

    - Nice promo from Benjamin. (Was thinking if it was realistic for him to say even that much.) Loving his confidence.

    - Super main event. Benjamin surviving the odds, albeit a little assist from Captain Charisma. Nice to see Christian get some retribution on Cena. Shelton showed he's worthy, in the handicap against AMW, but I'm sure Cena will see it different next week. Kudos to Shelton for being the man of the hour.

    - For Raw so far, I'm liking how some of my favorites (Benjamin, Punk, Rhodes, Gail Kim, heel Cena and Lesnar) are looking. I look forward to reading and reviewing SD.


    - Decent show, that furthers some story-lines. Interesting to see some names in the WWE, much earlier than when they appeared in real life. Yay, the entertaining Matt Striker!


    WOW, talk about a start to Smackdown. That Danielson/Noble exchange was intense! Ole Jamie is damn desperate--to say the least. Hope it works out for em...but I doubt it.

    TBK with a petition to get Finlay booted? News to me... what's this all about, lol.

    OK, so your SD MITB holder only has 10 months to cash instead of the next year's WrestleMania. OK.

    On to the first match of the night. It's a contest I'd of like to see no one lose, but someone had to. It makes more sense for Jeff to go over here, since he's never been in a MITB ladder match and someone like him NEEDS to be in one. Wonder what's next for London? Ah, it looks like he may be Raw bound? Also enjoyed the show of sportsmanship between he and Jeff.

    TBK still with this damn petition! What's his issue wit the man that loves to fight?! Haha.

    KOTR highlight promo, well placed.

    Man, that Ted Sr promo... it's like wrestling version on LaVar Ball, haha. And Ted, he's Lonzo Ball and will have a tough time on the roster.. unless he pays for some help?

    The Henry squash was expected. It's good to see TWSM getting right back on the good foot, with booking a ticket for the MITB ladder match.

    The Gods of War team is epic. I really look forward to their match against BOD at Judgement Day. Also looking forward to their main event match tonight against Edge and Angle.

    A new version of Los Latinos... Caribbean Connection... I dig these teams. I enjoyed the dual finisher name (Back Cracker From Paradise), good stuff. Without any background on what's going on with these teams, from the surface, it appears the teams have chemistry and are about to feud? Oh and there's Vickie. Lol.

    That Sandow promo was stellar. Savior of the Masses Sandow is such a heat magnet, lol. It's nice to see he'll be involved in major matches (KOTR and MITB qualifier). Trips showing up was a shocker. Trips giving Sandow a pedigree--not so much. And certainly Trips/Kennedy isn't done...

    Matt Hardy is SD's latest draft pick. Alright. So he follows in Henry's foot-steps and bounces back by qualifying with their SD 'debuts.' I'm excited to see The Hardy's in the MITB ladder match! I wonder what's next for Deuce N' Domino.... releases? Getting a manager? Stable?

    Oh look at that, R-Truth is coming! Sweet!

    Was tough getting into the MVP interview, as I've never cared for him. It was nice seeing him giving TBK (whom I enjoy btw) a stiff arm though, lol.

    Nice exchange by The Hardy's. Really cool. I also liked Matt wanting to finish things from Punk, even though he could just move on. Hopefully Punk doesn't put him out of action and force him to miss the MITB ladder match...

    Nice promo for BOD.

    Umaga follows in Matt Hardy's and Henry's foot-steps. It all makes sense for these Raw guys, coming off Backlash loses, to get off to good start on SD and qualify for MITB.

    That Edge interview reeked of awesomeness. Dude talks like he's at the top of the mountain top and the face of Smackdown. Is he or is he doing the transitional thing?

    LOL at the TBK/Finlay segment. C'mon TBK, focus on the in-ring stuff man!

    Not sure how I feel about GOW having Shamans Harvest as intro music. But it's your baby and do what you want!

    Enjoyed the main event and Edge playing the face in peril roll. No qualms with Angle walking out and leaving him in a handicap match--I can buy that being tweener behavior--given the respect he's earned. BOD showing up and causing the match to be a DQ, saves Edge from an inevitable loss and heats things up between them and GOW.

    I look forward to reading and reviewing Superstars and Raw.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    I missed Superstars, not intentionally but I did. Considering I really wanted that Punk/Hardy write up, and the KOTR brackets were announced, I went back and read. Brackets and main event were great. Anyway, onto Smackdown…

    Easy win for Noble to start off… I don’t usually like for squashes to open the show, unless they are followed by some epic promo work. I will say thought that keeping Noble looking strong heading into this HUGE match at JD is the right move.

    This entire feud between Noble and Danielson has honestly been tremendous. It has been SO good. The mic work again here with Noble just being as aggressive as ever, only for Danielson to talk him out of it was great. Not sure about Danielson’s line about fighting for the title another day though, it’s not worth your career… Considering a title is the biggest prize in the game, it probably should be worth risking your career. Outside of that, great stuff, and I fully expected Danielson to blow up but he didn’t, Noble did. I liked this promo, this match and feud is tremendously set to steal the show at Judgment Day. Fantastic work.

    Standard MITB hype. Nice little promo from Triple H, not much else to say. Fingers crossed for that Kennedy interference though.

    When I read over the KOTR brackets, whilst I was unsure regarding what DiBiase and Truth would do on debut, it makes perfect sense to play them against each other. They really are polar opposites, very smart stuff. A nice segment here between Ted Sr and Truth to add some fuel to the fire as well. Ted overlooking him only to then try and buy him off was tremendous. Truth as this generation’s Virgil would be awesome. Anyway, probably not going to happen, a really good promo here, and even though this probably won’t last too long, a very smart thing to pair these two together.

    In case you didn’t know, I’m still really pumped for KOTR lol.

    MNM squashing Deuce and Domino is no problem considering they are in a title match at Judgment Day. No marks for two squash matches in a row though. The attack from Los Latinos afterwards was fine, adding some extra heat to their match. Perfect go home show antics.

    LMAO at Kendrick trying to make a massive uplifting announcement but getting no support. Funny stuff as usual, really curious which way you’ll play the Finlay/Kendrick match at JD.

    Damn son. I enjoyed the intensity of Van Dam here, not making this a cookie cutter MITB promo like Triple H’s earlier. Initially, I was thinking how can RVD hate MITB, it is how he won the WWE title, but then I remembered this thread has been going FOREVER and that’s not the case. Really great stuff, putting over just how set RVD is on revenge against Jericho.

    Ugh, another squash. A good win for Umaga but I’m at the point where three squash matches in a row is too much, regardless of whether it’s a go home show or promo heavy or what. We need some legit wrestling on the wrestling show.

    AAE’s typical hype job was on track afterwards but I loved the interruption from Teddy Long. It makes perfect sense but the battle of words to set up the two dominant behemoths to go at in the match is smart. Really good stuff.

    MVP really has been floating under the radar, which really makes me believe he’s got a very good chance of winning this thing on Sunday. Either way, decent enough promo from him to hype the PPV.

    CLASH OF THE TITANS HYPE… Cool. I like the fact that you’re hyping the call out that will occur later in the night… Smart to keep the viewers hooked.

    A nice win here for Evan Bourne as he needs to continue to look strong whilst he waits for the Noble/Danielson feud to end. A good win although I probably would like to hear Bourne’s displeasure at being thrown to the side a little. Either way, a good win, and glad we finally got a competitive match, although no marks for it being less than five minutes long.

    An awesome promo here between Edge and Angle. I love the way Kurt is still wanting to be the best ever so he’s virtually had the same goal for six months now, and you can use it in every feud. Very well done. You put over Kurt’s frustration at not being the champion quite well. Edge’s bit in the beginning was good, but I loved Kurt’s rebuttal at the end. Bringing up Edge’s ability to lose titles… A different avenue to take but one that makes sense so soon into Edge’s title reign. Really simple stuff but this did exactly what it needed to, great work.

    I’m assuming Judgment Day will be recapped?

    Nice Jericho segment, putting over his character and MITB.

    Carlito/Burke were two of my favourite mid carders back in the day so I’m happy to see them go at it. The match would have been MOTN so far haha, and a really good win for Burke. I enjoyed the interference from Barrett as well, as I thought it was only a matter of time before these guys became heels… This way they will be the perfect foil to MNM… Good stuff.

    The Hardyz hyping MITB was all done well. The talk of teamwork being the one big advantage makes me wonder if they will implode…

    I’ll get the stuff I don’t really care of out of the way… Deuce and Domino fighting each other for KOTR spot is fine… Even if it is a waste of a spot. For KOTR sake, hopefully this means Noble is winning.

    Anyway, Kendrick initially bringing in an interior designer only to then beat the shit out of Finlay was excellent. Kendrick has been a joke for so long so it was good to see him show some intensity. Really good stuff, and I can imagine how pissed Finlay will be at JD.

    Coincidence that Edge defeating Angle is the last KOTR highlight before their match at JD? I don’t think so.

    A really good main event, and these last two matches mean I don’t judge you so badly for the three squash matches. I’m happy the show has had some good wrestling. A nice win for Jericho here in the main event as he beats Jeff Hardy. The aftermath was so good though, with RVD getting it on Jericho only for Henry, and to a lesser extent Umaga… But more Henry to look like a BEAST. A really good ending to the show.

    A great show here that did everything a go home show needs to. I’m actually more excited for the mid card stuff like Finlay/Kendrick and Noble/Danielson than I am the two big main events, WHC/Clash of the titans. Only thing off on this show was maybe the three squashes in a row, but promo work was so good that I’m happy to let it slide. Only other thing is you said there would be a clash of the titans callout and that just straight never happened. Still, a really good show, can’t wait for JD.

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    Re: Being The Booker


    - Great opening to the show with Noble picking up the victory he needs for momentum ahead of a literally career defining match. The post match back and for between a reluctant Danielson and an adamant Noble was done very well and Noble shoving Danielson down could very well be the last thing he ever does on Smackdown. I’m not sure where this on goes…. There’s plenty of argument for either guy.

    - Simple but effective promo from Triple H. Seems to be a bit too smooth that Trips win on Sunday… certainly expecting the loudmouth to show his face and screw him over.

    - Surprised with how much I enjoyed R-Truth interrupting Ted Dibiase Sr. Two men coming from opposite sides of the world set to debut in the KOTR tournament. I hope they meet in the second round. But surely if Ted Sr was meticulously planning his son’s future he would know that R-Truth was a possible second round opponent for him. Thank god R-Truth ain’t no Virgil!!!

    - Los Latinos taking no prisoners. Should be a very interesting tag title match Sunday now. I wonder whether Vickie will again be the difference for Chavo and Crazy.

    - Kendrick is a douche… still!!! I think he will win on Sunday though… but for some reason don’t think he will do it alone.

    - Van Dam still heading off in a darker direction. I wonder whether this little promo is a smokescreen though and that RVD picks up the win.

    - Good win for Umaga and the little intertwining between The Samoan Bulldozer and The World’s Strongest Man looks to write both men out of the running for Sunday. I can’t wait to see either going nuts with a ladder though so there inclusion in the match is very welcome.

    - MVP is definitely the one nobody is talking about apart from me!!! I’ve nailed my flag to him for this one as I think he will be the MVP of MITB and walk away with the case.

    - Very intense session between Angle and Edge. Angle gains the upper hand ahead of the title match without putting a hand on Edge, which is excellent booking. No chance that Edge loses the title though. He’s too fresh with it to drop it already. Will be one hell of a match though.

    - Fight Factory get the singles win ahead of a tag match at PPV, usually means they are losing but I actually think they will beat Carib Connection as both Carlito and Kofi are in KOTR… and at least one will be in the second round.

    - Kendrick snaps!!! Finlay took one hell of a beating and I’m really looking forward to their match at Judgment Day. I’m still backing Kendrick as it seems to be a better way forward rather than having Kendrick be silent.

    - Main event would be a great match any day of the week. But the aftermath was absolutely chaotic and an awesome preview of what we should expect at Judgment Day. Umaga and Henry swatted everybody away but I’m glad that we are still being made to wait for a battle of the behemoths until Sunday.

    Overall a very good show Wolf Beast and the only downside was the absence of the hyped and plugged Gods Of War calling out The Brothers Of Destruction. Mere oversight I’m sure but your poster match not being featured on the go-home show is odd. Anywho I’m looking forward to Judgment Day with MITB, Edge/Angle, Noble/Danielson and Kendrick/Finlay the most anticipated. Keep up the good work!!!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Proofreading would be my friend.

    When I was first planning the show, I had a confrontation jotted down between the two teams, but when it came around to writing it, I felt just a video package would do the job, rather than another Steven Richards promo followed by the lights going off and a melee of sorts. Thought I had removed all mentions of that potential showdown on the show, but evidently not. I've made the necessary edit now.

    As for Judgment Day, it's written already. Same format as Backlash was posted, but I'll leave it a few days before writing up a preview etc.

    Thanks for the feedback, folks.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    RAW - Cinco de Mayo

    Looking forward to Cena defending the WHC tonight!

    OK, nice opening promo. Albright getting in there was a nice touch. And I like Cena's attitude, how he dissed and made Albright look small, just shows the bar Cena is at. And of course, he wants to face Rey tonight...

    I like Rey having to sign an insurance waiver for his match--nice touch. Also enjoyed the exchange with Benjamin. Shelton not being happy Rey has a shot over him, but still supporting him seems realistic.

    I didn't expect New Standard to get the win, but they put up a good showing, which is good. I like the heel/heel dynamic for the match. I don't feel Doane and Rhodes come out looking weaker and I expect them to get another shot soon.

    I like how hardcore matches must end via pinfall or submission and that Miz's match with Cabana is still running (talk about a long match time when it's all said and done...) The Christian promo was on point.

    Hardcore is the most interesting party in his match with Kash. I like how to talked about his history. Dude seems like he may explode soon. Wonder if you have plans for him?

    KOTR ad, yeap.

    Nice win for Nemeth, good to see him impressing in his Raw beginning. I like him being one of the 32 KOTR participants as well. Oh and he has a new finisher and it's a devastating DDT. (Someone in the WWE needs to make the DDT mean something again!) TMS offer Nick a spot in their posse... understandably, it was turned down. TMS beating down Nemeth at the rejection and AofA coming out for the save sets up future matches. Good stuff.

    Heyman as a guest on Coach's show... should be entertaining.

    I enjoyed the Playas Club segment. Heyman issuing out a challenge to HBK from Lesnar, only for Shawn to turn it down. Is Michaels going the Taker route in responding to a challenge? Certainly this rematch will happen?

    Nice seeing Cabana get some interview time.

    WOW! What a Women's Championship match! (Gail Kim is my MVP of Raw, since catching up with this btb.) I like the double DQ, it makes things interesting for another 1-on-1. Beth's attack on the ref was a shocker. What will the consequences be for that?

    Nice Vengeance ad.

    Good Punk/London promo. (I love the push you've given London, btw!) Looks like we'll see Punk vs London, after Punk retains against Matt? I look forward to the first encounter in the ring.

    Cool Owen video.

    OK, how about the continuation of the Hardcore Championship match?! Pretty entertaining stuff. I'm looking forward to what foolishness the match conceives next.

    Gail Kim and Phoenix have a championship rematch next week, should be good! And tag team turmoil to determine the next #1 contender's.. I'm hoping New Standard get the win.

    Great main event! Man, that Rey is such a trooper. Battling through chest problems and a vicious Cena and still had hope, late in the match. Albright coming out gave slight pause, but I knew it couldn't happen tonight... Benjamin coming out solidified that. I can see Benjamin/Abright feuding next. Cade's arrival was the most annoying. I wanted to punch him in the face. Great job of making me dislike him a lot.

    All-in-all, another good Raw and I look forward to Smackdown/Superstars.


    OK, so the show was a tag team affair, alright. Good to see TCC get back in the win column. TECPB getting a warm up win against some jobbers, OK.

    Bourne is making a case for a CW championship opportunity. (As someone who liked him in the E, I'd be down for a Danielson/Bourne bout for the strap.)

    Another team trying looking good, heading into the tag team turmoil match is THL.

    The results seemed pretty standard and there was story-line progression.

    Looking forward to Smackdown.


    I liked seeing Edge come out with some perspective. He knows he's in everyone's cross-hairs and no one is going to cut him slack. I liked Angle coming out and just confirming the tough love. The battle between these two at Judgement Day should be a good one!

    More Owen KOTR highlights, good feels.

    Triple H and Sandow in a MITB qualifying match delivered expected results. I'd like to see these two with an actual feud going. If not for more than the mic work.

    Ted Jr. is being presented like a bonafide blue-chipper... a #1 overall draft pick. I wonder if you'll continue the course, when he actually debuts or if a swerve will come early...

    Good grief... now TBK thinks he should be the SD GM...face palms.

    Good promo from Richards. I wonder how Angle/Batista goes down. Will Edge make his presence known?

    Smart idea for D'n'D to get back together, despite still continuing their losing ways. TFF is a fun team. (I liked both guys in the E.) Their boxing background along with both guys being alphas, adds an interesting wrinkle to the division. MNM coming out and offering TFF a shot at the belts and the two teams agreeing over a handshake was nice touch. Only for Vickie to come out and cancel the plans. Effective heel heat on her and Los Latinos. I wonder how much of an impact she will have on the tag team championship match?

    Terrific interview between Noble and Styles. Last week, I thought Noble was being too rash with his decision to put his career on the line against Bryan. But I guess if a man thinks it's better to die standing ,than to live on his knees.. I can't blame him. I expect "lightning to strike a third time", but for Noble to put up one hell of a fight!

    Good battle between Angle and Batista. The finish protects both guys. I liked GOW not caring about the victory and only wanting to hurt people. Edge coming out for the save--doing the face thing--only to take Angle out--showing he's no doormat, was a good call. What's Angle's response?

    Looks like TCC and TFF will be facing each other to determine the next #1 contender's for the tag belts. I like the Burke/Carlito interaction, two personalities I like to see go at it.

    And here we go again... TBK is asking for it, lol. OK, now we're talking.. TBK/Finlay at Judgement Day. I see TBK winning somehow... probably with the debut of Big Zeke or some other brute? 30 days of TBK as SD GM should be highly amusing!

    R-Truth 'debuting' next week!

    Tomko putting his foot in his mouth--sorta--and now he's got to face Umaga next week. I think he'll impress, but ultimately fall to Umaga. There's nothing wrong with that, many have fallen and will fall to Umaga. I'd like to see Tomko be more relevant than a lackey going forward.

    Both Jericho and RVD had good promos, particularly RVD. I like this side of him being fleshed out.

    Hey Jericho...."RVD just kicked yo ass!" Man, talk about a completely different person. RVD wanted to Jericho bad! These two had great chemistry in real life and I look forward to seeing you continue to capture that magic here. I expect some type of stipulation match soon?

    I must say Raw was better this week, but SD pushed story-lines properly and had character development. I look forward to the next week of shows.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    WWE Judgment Day Preview:
    May 18 2008 | Target Centre, Minneapolis MI
    Theme Music; ‘Devour’ by Shinedown

    WWE Championship Match:
    Edge defends against Kurt Angle
    At WrestleMania, both Edge and Kurt Angle emerged with a monkey off their backs. Finally, Edge was crowned WWE Champion, ending a ten year journey to the richest prize in the game. And Angle, after successive defeats in Iconic WrestleMania matches, had a signature win; forcing Ric Flair to tap at the Grandest Stage of Them All. Now, both men have more demons to defeat.

    Edge, as pointed out by Angle on Smackdown this past Friday, has a history of being unable to hold any championship he’s ever won for an extended period of time. Hinting that Edge cant handle the pressure that those titles bring, Angle believes the pressure of holding the WWE Championship will be Edge’s downfall. At Judgment Day, the champion needs to quiet those doubters.

    Whilst Angle is on a title drought. It’s two and a half years since the Wrestling Machine held the WWE gold, and clearly, that statistic is eating at the soul of the man who has made it his career ambition to finish up as being regarded ‘The Best Ever.’ For that to be a possibility, Angle needs to once again be recognized as the best in the business NOW, and there’s no better way to do that than by holding the WWE Championship.

    Only one man though can emerge unscathed. At Judgment Day, either Edge or Angle will walk out WWE Champion - whilst the loser will have to listen to more questions over their championship pedigree (for Edge) or their claims at being the greatest (for Angle).

    The Brothers of Destruction vs. The Gods of War
    w/Steven Richards
    At WrestleMania, Batista and Lashley thought they’d be the difference makers in bringing an end to the vaunted Streak of The Undertaker. What they failed to prepare for though was the unexpected return of The Deadmans brother; KANE. The Big Red Machine saved The Undertaker from defeat, and The Brothers of Destruction would fend off the Gods of War, showing Batista and Lashley who still ran the yard - for that night at least.

    At Judgment Day though, there will be no surprises. Both pairs of monsters will know what to expect from the other when they meet, and both sides have promised a war. The Undertaker and Kane will look to prove that they are still the dominant force; the conscience of the WWE … but The Gods of War now see it as THEIR time to take over ownership of the yard.

    Despite the reputations of The Brothers of Destruction, Steven Richards men have shown no fear, spending weeks issuing their challenge for Taker and Kane to face them like men - and as far as they’re concerned, the Deadman and the Big Red Machine still haven’t - with the only face to face confrontation coming when The Brothers of Destruction choke slammed The Gods after some vintage parlour tricks from the Phenom. At Judgment Day, that all changes.

    Smackdown Exclusive Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    M.V.P vs. Chris Jericho vs. Umaga vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy vs. Triple H

    With Brent Albright winning the MITB contract at WrestleMania, the opportunity has arisen for the superstars of Smackdown to get their own hands on a Briefcase with a first class ticket to the World Title at stake. Of the eight men involved in this match, MVP, Umaga, RVD & Matt Hardy have experience in the match, though Jeff Hardy is no stranger to ladders himself.

    Along with Van Dam, Triple H and Chris Jericho have both been World Champions before and will look to secure their opportunity at another, whereas Mark Henry will look to dominate his way to a first crack at the WWE Title, under the guidance of Theodore Long.

    However, challenging Henry for the role of dominant force will be Umaga - a winner of a (non ladder) Money in the Bank match last year, where he failed in his cash in attempt at Summerslam - with the Samoan Bulldozer unlikely to shirk the challenge of another monster.

    Chris Jericho will have to deal with RVD, who has made it his sole mission in the match to simply prevent Jericho from winning, and while they aren’t the biggest men in the match, The Hardy Boys will have the added advantage of having each other to work with against the rest.

    It’s a chance for MVP to crash through the glass ceiling, two month on from a near miss at the Briefcase at WrestleMania, whilst Triple H aims to get back in the title hunt after a long period on the sidelines. But only one man can emerge from Judgment Day with the all important briefcase…

    Cruiserweight Championship Match | Title versus Career:
    Bryan Danielson defend against Jamie Noble
    *If Noble loses, he will leave the WWE and RETIRE.*
    At Saturday Nights Main Event, Bryan Danielson overcame Jamie Noble by winning two straight falls to both retain his Cruiserweight title and his spot in the WrestleMania MITB ladder match - but not without taking a tremendous beating at the hands of a dominant Noble. Many on that night believed Danielson was lucky to emerge unscathed - still undefeated - no one more so than Noble.

    Determined to get another shot at the gold, Noble went on a tear, clearly positioning himself as the top contender for the Cruiserweight title, and got his second crack in April. But, despite another dominating display, Noble still couldn’t find a way to defeat the dogged champion, with Bryan Danielson now going seven months undefeated since his WWE debut last Fall.

    That was thought to be it. Danielson was ready to move on. So was Smackdown GM Finlay - set to announce the next contender for Danielsons crown - until Noble made one final desperate plea; offering up his entire career for one last opportunity at Danielson. Finlay accepted the proposal, and whilst Danielson wasn’t comfortable with the thought of bringing an end to another mans career, the match is on.

    Unable to accept he had been beaten by the better man, Noble still believes Danielson had gotten lucky in both their previous battles, and needs only one more shot to prove it. Now, if he fails to dethrone the Cruiserweight kingpin, Noble will pay a much bigger price; that of his career. To save his career, Noble must find a way to defeat the undefeated Bryan Danielson - and in Nobles own words; “If I cant beat him … there’s no point continuing my career anyway.”

    Put Up or Shut Up:
    Finlay vs. The Brian Kendrick
    *If Kendrick loses, he CANNOT speak on television for 30 days*
    *If Kendrick wins, he becomes General Manager of Smackdown for 30 days*
    The animosity has been building almost since the very day Finlay took the reigns as the GM of Smackdown. Not willing to play along with Kendrick and his attitude, Finlay has treated the former Cruiserweight champion with disdain for his petulant behaviour and his harebrained ideas. Throughout the Road to WrestleMania, Kendrick pestered Finlay for an opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match to no avail.

    Kendrick took drastic measures in trying to force Finlays hand to give him a chance, but the General Manager stood firm. Then, at WrestleMania, Kendrick attempted to hi-jack the ladder match and retrieve the briefcase, despite not being part of the match. Thankfully, his plot was foiled, and in the weeks that followed, Finlay would punish Kendrick for his childish actions.

    Now though, Kendrick has had enough of what he perceives to be unfair treatment from the Irishman, and believes HE can do Finlays job better than Finlay can. Taking a calculated risk, Finlay has put together this unique match with high stakes, in order to shut Kendrick up - even if only for thirty days. But should he lose?? The thought of an egomaniac like Kendrick running Smackdown … doesn’t bear thinking about.

    Tag Team #1 Contenders Match:
    The Caribbean Connection vs. The Fight Factory
    *Winners meet WWE Tag Team Champions at a future date*
    Both teams feel aggrieved that Los Latinos have emerged ahead of them in the pecking order for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles. However, one of these duos will elevate themselves right into the title mix with a victory at Judgment Day. Carlito and Kofi Kingston are still in search of the elusive tag titles after a number of near misses over the last nine months - most recently in defeat to MNM on the WrestleMania pre-show.

    Meanwhile, the returning Elijah Burke and newcomer Wade Barrett have hit the scene together on Smackdown with an immediate impact in the wake of WrestleMania, having appeared to be on the brink of beating the current champions in a non-title match, before interference from Los Latinos put a stop to that. Will the undefeated Fight Factory see off their most illustrious challenge to date?? Or will the experience of the Caribbean Connection be enough to earn them another shot at the tag team gold?

    WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
    w/Melina defend against Los Latinos w/Vickie Guerrero
    Since ending the 13-month reign of AMW at the Royal Rumble in January, MNM have been peerless on Smackdown in the tag team division. Now though, the threats are coming thicker and faster for Nitro and Mercury, and if they weren’t taking Los Latinos seriously before Smackdown last Friday - they will be now. Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy had not lit the world alight as a team, not seen as a legitimate threat by many of the teams on Smackdown - until the introduction of the late Eddie Guerrero’s widow; Vickie Guerrero.

    In recent weeks, Los Latinos had shown a lot more fire, a lot more passion, and a lot more vindictiveness, before the reveal of Vickie as their new manager. With Vickie now leading the pair, giving them focus and drive, Los Latinos find themselves in a prime position to claim tag team gold. Can Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy - with Vickie Guerrero leading the charge - complete their turnaround and upstage the A-List team to snatch the WWE Tag Team Titles at Judgment Day??



    King of the Ring Preliminary Match:
    Deuce vs. Domino
    *Winner will be on Standby for the tournament, should Jamie Noble be forced to withdraw*


    1. Predict the winners.
    2. Predict the match order.
    3. What will be the longest match on the PPV?
    4. What will be the shortest match on the PPV?
    5. Will there be any surprise appearances/returns? If so, name them.

    Please feel free to leave predictions...

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