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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Surprised to see you back up Backlash so quickly with another show. Surprised in a good way though, looking forward to this. Video recap of last night focusing on Cena/Flair makes sense, because as a whole it was a huge occasion. I find it funny how something that is seemingly filler for Cena can still seem so important. I know I’ve already said it, but that Cena/Flair angle was superb.

    Before I go further, JR having a hoarse voice is awesome, considering the amount of times he would have lost it at Backlash. Awesome little detail to include.

    Opening with Cena was done pretty well. Every Cena promo you’ve written basically since Summerslam has been perfect, and that was no different here. The gloating was all done well, running down Flair, and it’s great that he continues to link everything to Christian, as they will eventually have their final encounter. Love the audacity of Cena to basically just stand there and say who’s next, claiming that he is just doing this because the people didn’t choose him. Awesome to know that he still really feels hard done by, and that’s why his now an asshole. Such good character work from your end. Shelton making the save was definitely a surprise, and whilst I don’t think he is ready for a title shot, potentially giving him a shot on an episode of Raw could give him a rub. Glad you kept Benji’s promo short because there’s not much skill there, and I’m intrigued to see who Cena chooses. Maybe one of the new draft picks??? The Paydirt at the end was a nice touch to give Benji some heat with Cena as well. Cena in the beginning was awesome and things continued to be solid when Shelton got involved. Good start.

    I don’t like Garrison Cade getting the jobber commercial break entrance since he’s kind of a big deal in the mid card now, and he’s only a few weeks removed from a WWE Championship shot. Really glad Cade got the win here, showing big things are on the way for him. Not sure what you’ll do with Mysterio moving forward, but he’s always good for a solid match. You made the right decision here though.

    Epic selling of the Heart Punch after the commercial break as well, awesome.

    CM Punk continues to be brilliant, he is such a dick. Now taking back his confession and talking about earning title shots, such good stuff. Not sure what you’ll do moving forward with Hardy, the whole earning a title shot makes me feel like he’ll make Hardy chase for awhile... But with Christian, Phoenix and Hardy all chasing title shots, I’m intrigued to see how you will be able to differentiate them.

    You initially put over the match with the whole “two of the best women in the world”, but I was disappointed Nattie got beaten in five minutes. In terms of standing in the thread I get it, and it’s the right booking decision, but on a personal level, it makes me sad.

    KOTR needs to hurry up.

    The Master Craftsmen continue to dominate this thread and Backlash was such a good night for them. Promo was good with them all bragging about Backlash and their respective wins. After the Angle loss, which I don’t think hurts Albright, I’m interested to see how you deal with him. Normally, the KOTR goes to a young up and comer, but I feel like Albright actually has to win it again, to keep momentum since he’s the MITB holder. Also intrigued as to whether there will be any issues between the three of them throughout the tournament. Nemeth coming to Raw is a solid acquisition, and Albright dismissing him the way he did was brilliant. Arrogance personified. Nemeth excepting the challenge and mimicking Benji was okay, setting up the match.

    Awesome rub for Nemeth and a match that would have been a damn good watch. Plus Albright gets back on track after his loss to Angle last night. Good stuff, the match did everything it needed to. Booking 101 really.

    I was going to mention how tonight’s first hour has really just felt like a filler show after the PPV, and then you delivered this awesome segment. Whilst the DX stuff in the beginning was standard, them agreeing to split so soon makes me happy. I felt like it always only needed to be a one night reunion. KENNEDY!!! He is the man right now, so happy to see him back, fighting with security. Smart that he didn’t actually get to do anything here either, slow burn will make it mean more. The mention of his hair changing colour was a nice detail though, showing how obsessed he is with ONE thing only. And at the same time Brock Lesnar! Holy shit... Is he the second draft pick??? Or is he just here because he can be? Not really sure but Lesnar/HBK going at it again is all kinds of awesome. Great segment, entertaining as hell. If I wanted to be nitpicky, I could say maybe having both these guys rock up in the same segment makes one return overshadow the other, but I don’t care, loved it.

    Makes sense for Hardy to attack Punk before the bell, and it was smart to keep it going with Hardy costing himself throughout the match by attacking Punk. Those two have unfinished business with Punk fleeing, however strange decision to have the new number one contenders lose. Assuming the angels will now maybe get added to the title match next week.

    Christian taking some time off to sell Backlash makes sense. A good way to remind us about him though, and Cena’s attack.

    The Miz and Coach was pretty funny. Miz continues to be a highlight every week, and this was no different with Coach and Miz doing their thing. Interesting way to bring Cabana in, I really wonder if this will be a full time thing or not. Good to see Miz finally get his ass kicked only for Big Zeke to make the save. Assuming there will be a rematch, fun stuff.

    Women’s title match next week as well? Awesome. KOTR line up looks better with the solid mid carders being included.

    LMAO at you having Shelton say these fans don’t want to LISTEN to me. He knows his promo work sucks. Besides that, solid enough hype for the main event.

    Typical Cena in the last month, booking the handicap match for Shelton. Epic Christian appearance as you really made it seem like he wouldn’t be here tonight. Shelton beating AMW is a huge win, and kind of makes AMW not look the best as well. Still, sets up the title match for next week to continue the time filler defences for Cena. The stare downs from Christian and Benjamin was a nice ending as well.

    As usual, a pretty damn good show. Writing was sensational and even carried the fair bit of filler this show had. A few angles still progressed and there is still plenty happening on Raw after Backlash. Still the man, Wolfy.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Sorry for the inactivity over the two weeks. I've quite a bit to be catching up to be doing. Stojy, Hug Life, expect some comments over the weekend!! For now, I'll post up Superstars. Should have Smackdown up in the next week.

    WWE Superstars | April 30 2008


    In another change to the Superstars commentary panel, MATT STRIKER now joins Todd Grisham on the call, moving from his role as backstage interviewer from Raw, replacing the recently released Al Snow.

    The main event is hyped following the introduction of Striker on commentary, which sees a Cruiserweight 6-Pack challenge match - a match that both Striker and Grisham believe will determine the next challenger for Bryan Danielsons Cruiserweight Championship, following Danielsons successful title defence last week on Smackdown against Jamie Noble.

    In the first match of the night, Layla El teams with Maryse to defeat Candice Michelle & Maria in a truly horrible mess of a womens tag match. Despite the talent at the top of the womens chain on Raw, there’s quite a lot of dross still in the lower reaches, mixed with green talent. Maryse finishes Candice with the French Kiss DDT @ 04:12.

    Backstage, Deuce and Domino petition to Smackdown GM Finlay for spots in the Smackdown exclusive Money in the Bank ladder match at Judgment Day as they continue to try and separate themselves from one another. Finlay decides to give both men an opportunity to earn their spots, telling both men they’ll have qualifying matches on Smack down - but doesn’t reveal WHO they’ll face…

    Sticking with Smackdown, The Fight Factory follow up their impressive win from last week on Smackdown, defeating a pair of local jobbers @ 01:12 when Barrett levels the first of the jobbers with the Bullhammer, continuing the teams impressive start to life on Smackdown.

    Back to Raw, Kid Kash picks up a win after a few weeks of high-profile matches on Raw with Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin, defeating Tyson Kidd @ 06:22 (joined at ringside by Harry Smith) in a rare singles outing for Kidd - but an impressive one, despite the loss. Kash wins the match with the Dead Level, getting his first mark in the win column since moving to Raw.

    In a high quality main event, the cruiserweights bring the house down, as Xavier Woods, Evan Bourne, X-Pac, Elix Skipper, Sonjay Dutt and Daivari battle it out in an unofficial #1 Contenders 6 pack challenge match. The only face in the match - Evan Bourne - is the one that eventually prevails @ 13:01, when he goes AIR BOURNE on Skipper for the 1,2,3!!!

    Bourne celebrates his win after the match, with Grisham and Striker both believing Bourne will be the next man in line for a shot at Bryan Danielsons Cruiserweight Championship…



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