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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Good thing you didn't mention the crowd during Albright's return, seeing as it was like an empty arena in there when he came out :P >_<

    The segment itself was paint by the numbers, and the rationale used to keep HBK/Albright made sense, as Steamboat would be the kind of guy to respect his Babyface Champion to have the match.

    Just Christ, any combo of HBK &/or London vs a Master Craftsman is your Kofi vs Dolph. Stop booking this shit

    Match itself did exactly what it should do at least, HBK winning and Albright attacking afterwards. When you say a Samon Drop Driver, do you mean it's the Samoan Drop into a Sit-Out Driver like a Michinoku Driver, or is it something else? I'm just curious to visualize it, especially since that's a move I've been toying around with as a move for an innovative guy like Kanyon.

    Vlad attacking Steamboat is the best way to try and make him seem credible. Obviously no one views him as such, but I love and appreciate the realistic booking of using him in the role that you're doing. It's so easy for people doing WWE to just push the people they like &/or the Indy Workrate Kings, and you don't just do that. It's underappreciated.

    Kennedy's phone in was certainly a creative idea on your part, but a little vague in sounding, if I'm too be honest. Kennedy wasn't really screwed at all, was he? Sure people TRIED to screw him, but he got eliminated on his own by HHH, if memory serves me correctly. So part of this is still falling flat for me.

    I'm pretty sure you're booking Nemeth out of spite to me >_< Nemeth over Miz is an absolute tragedy, with the only saving grace being Miz's post match attack. I did chuckle at Punk's quip of maybe he does like Miz after all.

    The HHH promo was all sorts of weird to me because it's obviously the screams of a heel turn for HHH, but your didn't fully commit to it in that promo, so it's in limbo right now. I think it's obviously a very, very good building block, but for a one segment moment it was awkward. That being said, I LOVE the idea of HHH saying my family makes me weak, both for the idea, and then all the extra stuff you can do with it short and long term.

    Short, simple, sweet for the women's stuff, all it needed to be in truth. Things advanced :P Also, please give me Regal going full on into Hart soon after that quickie segment!

    Loved everything about the Beth promo. It was obvious from the Rumble who you were picking for Beth's opponent, which again is the WRONG opponent because how can you NOT book her versus Chyna!? But it was still a great promo, and I loved the "I am the women's division" both for the delivery you had and the truth behind it haha.

    How could you have Teddy win without a Moonsault in post match celebration!? Wtf!? Match did its purpose though, and how can you not love you opening the match up with just "Sloppy"

    Very good teaser here between HBK and HHH. You didn't overdo it, which is the big thing here, ironic given my earlier comments. Loved this big time.

    I don't think it's hokey or corny at all, truthfully. I LOVE the idea of Rey doing the interview hidden because why the fuck should you waste the moment of him being seen by the new era of fans without a mask? I still think you're an idiot for unmasking him, but that's besides the point

    While we all know Rey's not retiring, this was a really really powerful segment, despite the idiocy of Striker (props to you for big time for putting all that in there). I both loved Rey saying he's done, and then pleading with Shelton to stop. So it works really, really well.

    I loved how the Street Fight started before the match ever began, and it was a fun brawl.

    But yeah, that ending. Hell yeah buddy. Incredibly creative, especially to make it end before the hour. It big time vindicates Kennedy with the Rumble, and reinforces just how serious he is in his mission. Amazing ending man. Where was this last week ya cock? :P

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Raw - 2/2/2009

    - Wow, shocker to have London on the shelf for so long after he's been featured so prominently (and was Champ), but it puts over Albright like a killer! Opening segment was solid and the Michaels stuff was all alright, but I really dug Albright's monologue. Always enjoy a heel that's speaking the truth, albeit with a heel spin on it, so I like acknowledging neither London or Shawn defending the belt, and Albright's bitterness over being forgotten. As a new reader to the diary, I very much appreciate the exposition bringing me up to speed on how these characters have interacted.

    - Again, loving the WM recaps reminding me how close 'Mania is! I'm sure you've got a helluva card planned.

    - Intriguing segment(s) with Vlad going wild on Steamboat, Kendrick making the save, Kendrick getting an opportunity to join the Raw roster. Not sure where it's heading, but I liked the decision to keep it going through three segments instead of spacing it out through the show.

    - Have to chuckle at WWE (a company currently trudging on despite umm... "prevailing circumstances") being so self-aware here. Really creative idea for a segment, though, one that I'm not sure I've ever read before and definitely not executed in such a fulfilling way. The dialogue for Linda was perfect, just the right amount of deer in the headlights and BS corporate jargon, and I love that you knew when in non-kayfabe the call would've been disconnected. Great, just top notch work, Wolf.

    - Still enjoyed the Kennedy conference call more, but this HHH promo came pretty damn close to topping it. Again, the exposition is great, telling me how HHH got to this place. The self-doubt, the deep look in the proverbial mirror, and capped off with Trips choosing being The Game over being the family man. This did a really good job resetting HHH's focus, while also leaving me curious about his alignment. On one hand, him saying screw his family screams of being a jackass. On the other, he's laser-focused on being The Game again and there are no more distractions, which sounds pretty good. This can go either way.

    - Big fan of the serious push and focus you're putting on the women, Phoenix in particular. Money promo, with perfect motivation and a logical reason as to why it's Beth as the reigning champ that's basically throwing the challenge out to Trish. Can't wait for Stratus's eventual response.

    - Don't mind the shadowy interview, it's actually a neat setup for an interview. This was depressing as hell, but in a good way. More exposition is good, and I love the idea of Rey having to fight to earn the honor (and forgiveness of the fans) of wearing the mask. You put a ton more effort into explaining than 2002 WWE ever did. Striker was brilliantly awful (par for the course) and now I'm anxiously awaiting the outcome. Surely Rey-Rey won't retire... Surely?

    - And an excellent close to the show with Kennedy taking center stage yet again and being the absolute best. Wrestling (and WWE in particular) sticks to such a dated formula that I loved this abrupt close, complete with noting that the show went off the air before the hour.

    I highly enjoyed SD, but this blew it out of the water. WOW! What a show; so good that I'm not even sure what my favorite part was. Honestly, the Kennedy stuff was excellent, HHH's deadbeat dad promo was spectacular, and Beth Phoenix of all people shone in her promo. That's without even mentioning the fascinating direction you're taking Mysterio in, and the Albright and Craftsmen/HBK feud up top. Not sure if this show was a response to some criticism of your Road to WM feeling filler and a little empty, but it came off that way. Phenomenal work.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    It appears I've not left you feedback on here yet Wolf Beast so let's change that right now with some general thoughts on the road to Mania.

    Obviously the card is going to be stacked but I have to say that Batista vs Jericho has got me excited right now. I guess you had a similar situation before with Edge where a big star irl had never won the big one on here but Batista has been booked very well and I look forward to him dethroning y2j.

    Mr Kennedy has been one of the best characters in this thread for some time and while he lost a bit of momentum the end to Raw was great and really re-establishes him as this chaotic figure.

    Triple H ditching his family was the right call and I can see him having a run at Shawn at Mania with his new found focus on the title.

    Brent Albright is obviously splits opinion but I think settling his feud with Paul London is his WrestleMania destiny esepcially with the great arm breaking angle from the Raw before last.

    The women getting more focus is good to especially considering how bad they were treated actually in 2009.

    Anyway keep plugging away till Mania cannot wait to see what you have in store for us.



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    Smackdown Re: Being The Booker

    Friday Night Smackdown | February 6 2009 | Hartford CT

    Opening in the PARKING LOT, Smackdown General Manager FINLAY is standing in front of a large line up of security…

    You all know what the guy looks like, right?”

    Lots of nodding heads…

    I’m not expecting him to show up, but we’re not takin the risk, either. He’s not a Smackdown talent. But he doesn’t really care for borders like that.”

    Finlay nods at the security detail, with them set to do their job … and he mutters as he walks toward the building…

    Ken Kennedy disrupts this show over my dead body…”

    Opening Video


    Michael Cole: The entire WWE is on red alert!! After Raw was taken off the air early on Monday, Smackdown GM Finlay isn’t taking ANY risks, and with good reason; tonight on Smackdown, we get our first face to face meeting between Champion and Challenger in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania Twenty Five!! WWE Champion Chris Jericho and the Royal Rumble winner Batista will meet in the ring tonight as the Road to WrestleMania continues, King!!

    Jerry Lawler: It’s official, Michael! And tonight, the mind games can begin!! You just KNOW Chris Jericho will be wanting to get any and every advantage he can over the next nine weeks on the road to WrestleMania!! Let’s just hope we don’t get any black outs, huh!?

    Michael Cole: I hope not!! We have a huge line up on Smackdown tonight; Edge takes on Elijah Burke – one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions – and don’t forget Carlito will speak for the first time since his shocking betrayal on Kofi Kingston at the Royal Rumble!!

    Jerry Lawler: Carlito’s Cabana!! I can’t wait!!

    Michael Cole: But King, before we get to all that … there’s no way we could move on with the show here tonight without addressing the one man who won’t be here tonight after the shocking incident last week when we went off the air…

    Jerry Lawler: I gotta be honest, Michael, I just wish Mister Kennedy had showed up here a week ago to cut the cord so we all could’ve avoided that…

    Michael Cole: Indeed. Kurt Angle was the victim of a horrific assault at the hands of Randy Orton, resulting in-


    And speaking of RANDY ORTON, the former 3x World Champion saunters through the curtain, followed by a proud as punch PAUL HEYMAN with JACK SWAGGER, as Cole voices his disgust at the actions of Orton a week ago – along with Heyman for his part in the incident – which may be the last we EVER see of Kurt Angle in the WWE.

    Lawler is just as angry, saying Orton has done some sick and twisted things over the years, but last week might just have been the worst. Cole quickly lists some of the names that have been victims of Ortons PUNT in the past, noting its taken upwards of SIX MONTHS for those victims to make a comeback; if at all.

    Cole uses Joey Matthews/Mercury as an example; the last man before Angle to suffer that fate, all the way back in October, and there’s STILL no word on a return date for the former tag champion. Kurt Angle hasn’t missed a single WrestleMania in his near 10 year WWE career, but because of Orton, he may never wrestle again…

    In the ring, Orton steps back, wanting Heyman to handle the talking, amidst a wall of boos from the fans…

    Paul Heyman: I’m sensing some anger. Disappointment too…

    Those words extract more vitriol from the fans.

    Paul Heyman: Now you all know how I felt.

    Heyman forcefully prods his own chest, and shows that anger in his face that he spoke of.

    Paul Heyman: Six months ago, I truly thought I could rescue the career of the once great Kurt Angle. And make no mistake about it, once upon a time, Kurt Angle was great. In his prime, Kurt Angle truly was a Wrestling Machine.

    Paul over enunciates those final two words.

    Paul Heyman: And I thought I could help him get back on that pedestal. If you’ll recall – and, frankly, this is what’s amusing about the entire ordeal – I had to essentially get down on my KNEES and beg Kurt Angle to bring me on board. He didn’t WANT my help…

    He sticks a hand in his pocket, thinking that over again with a wistful grin and a shake of the head.

    Paul Heyman: Truthfully, I should’ve realised right there and then that he was beyond saving. But, eventually, I talked Kurt around and got him back on board. I spared no expense on facilities, on conditioning experts; I delivered a whole new training regime for Kurt Angle, believing the “Wrestling Machine” was simply in need of a few tweaks and some fresh ideas. Some oil, to loosen up the rusty cogs, if you will.

    Heyman pauses, thinking it over, and clicks his tongue whilst giving a brief wag of the finger.

    Paul Heyman: But I quickly learned that the Machine I invested in was not the same Machine I represented six years ago. I quickly learned that the Machine I once knew may look the same, act the same, move the same, speak the same and think the same … but the Machine was irreparable. And no amount of money and no amount of upgrades could bring this Machine into the modern day. What I inherited was nothing more than a HUSK of the Machine I once knew.

    Heyman turns around, eyeing Jack Swagger…

    Paul Heyman: All wasn’t lost, however. This man-

    Paul walks over to, and stands next to Swagger as he talks him up.

    Paul Heyman: Would be the succession plan. I could help mould a fresh, NEW, upgraded model, by allowing Jack Swagger inherit the best qualities Kurt Angle still possessed, helping to polish this raw talent into a diamond. Any by doing that, I could kill two birds, with one stone.

    He uses a finger to illustrate point one.

    Paul Heyman: One, I had an amateur wrestling PHENOM that could back Kurt Angle up, and keep him prominent until the time was right to step aside. And Two-

    Acknowledging the growing boos, Heyman lowers his fingers.

    Paul Heyman: C’mon people, this is a business. If you’re not looking to the future, you’ll get left behind in the past. And when I look at all six feet and six inches, all two hundred and seventy five pounds of Jack Swagger, I see the FUTURE of this industry. With Jack Swagger mentored by Kurt Angle, I could mould a future WWE Champion.

    That doesn’t do anything to alleviate the negative reaction.

    Paul Heyman: It was MY job to cover for my clients weaknesses. It was MY job to navigate the path toward where Kurt Angle wanted to be. And like everyone else, Kurt Angle wanted to be WWE Champion. That is why I negotiated the Survivor Series Elimination Match with Armando Estrada. I knew Kurt Angle wasn’t capable of winning a Number One Contenders match on his own merit. So by giving Kurt four partners to carry the burden, I gave my client a fighting chance. And that … is where Mister Orton comes in…

    Now standing alongside Orton, Heyman stops again, as the boos grow louder … but Orton isn’t phased by it one bit.

    Paul Heyman: Knowing I needed someone to carry the load, I cut a deal with Randy Orton to join our Survivor Series team, and once we won and Kurt Angle – if by some miracle – defeated Chris Jericho for the WWE Title, Randy would get the first shot. I did ALL of this for Kurt Angles benefit … and INSTANTLY he was defensive about the arrangement. And why??

    Heyman shrugs.

    Paul Heyman: Because Kurt Angle KNEW that Randy Orton had long since surpassed him. Kurt Angle KNEW Randy Orton would outshine him at the Survivor Series. Kurt Angle KNEW Randy Orton would wipe the floor with him if he became WWE Champion.

    Orton nods along in agreement.

    Paul Heyman: And by the time the Survivor Series came and went?? I admitted all those things to myself too. How could I not?? It was right there in front of my eyes!! And that’s why immediately after the Survivor Series I signed Randy Orton as an official client.

    Paul throws his hands up, trailing off a little for the next two sentences, almost as if he’s talking to himself.

    Paul Heyman: Right there and then, I should’ve dumped Kurt Angle to the curb. But I allowed by big heart to cloud my judgment …

    He starts to address the audience again after putting himself over as a man with a big heart…

    Paul Heyman: I couldn’t bring myself to tell the once great Kurt Angle that he was finished … so instead, I did what I could for Kurt Angle to realise and admit to himself. That’s why I made the moves I did for Kurt Angle to challenge Mark Henry for the United States Championship, and it’s why I arranged for Kurt Angle to face The Undertaker the night after Christmas.

    Yeah, you’re all heart, Paul!” ~Michael Cole is furious on commentary.

    Paul Heyman: On both occasions, Kurt Angle was a far cry from the competitor he once was. It was plain to see. Here was a man that just TWO years ago came within a hairs breadth of ending The Undertakers Streak at WrestleMania … and was now nothing more than a warm body for The Deadman to cut through with relative ease.

    Heyman sighs.

    Paul Heyman: And STILL Kurt Angle refused to admit what everyone else already knew.

    Paul throws his hands up in exasperation.

    Paul Heyman: Honestly, I was ready to cut Kurt Angle loose right there and then. But once he talked me into handing him that entry into the Royal Rumble, I decided he could at least be useful in assisting Randy Orton toward victory … and look how that turned out…

    Cutting to Orton, Randy snarls ever so slightly at the reminder of the Rumble.

    Paul Heyman: So what happened last week?? That wasn’t planned … but it was inevitable. Kurt Angle had long since worn out his usefulness to me, to Randy Orton and to Jack Swagger. You all may look at it as some despicable act … but we see it as a mercy kill.


    Paul Heyman: I want to remember Kurt Angle as the Wrestling Machine he was, not the relic he became. I want to remember for the ironic “You Suck” chants when he marched down the aisle … not the unironic message it became in his final days. I want to remember Kurt Angle for three ‘I’s’ he represented; Intensity, Integrity and IntelligenceNot the three ‘I’s’ he became … Ineffective, Incompetent, and Insignificant.

    More boos for the cutting remarks toward Angle – not even here to offer a rebuttal – as Heyman turns to address Orton again.

    Paul Heyman: So I’d like to take this moment, Randy Orton, to be the first man to say thank you.

    You’re welcome” mouths Orton.

    Paul Heyman: Thank you for putting Kurt Angle out of his misery. Thank you from preventing Kurt Angle from bastardizing his legacy any further.

    Offering the microphone to Orton, Heyman hands it over, with Randy taking centre stage, to a chorus of boos.

    Randy Orton: Thank you, Paul.

    Dead behind the eyes, Orton stares straight ahead, unaffected by the heat from the fans as he gets on with his speech.

    Randy Orton: You know, one of the benefits of this partnership is that you can do most of the talking for me. Because I simply don’t have the patience sometimes to try and talk over these people…

    Cheap heat.

    Randy Orton: But especially … because I get to focus on doing what I do best.

    Orton takes enjoyment in gloating over his actions.

    Randy Orton: And while it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been referred to as the Legend Killer … last week was evidence that when the opportunity arises … when it’s called for … nobody is safe from the wrath of Randy Orton. Kurt Angle crossed me … and he paid the ultimate price.

    Short and sweet from Orton, and he hands back off to Heyman, who finishes up with a final few thoughts.

    Paul Heyman: And truthfully, that decision to punt Kurt Angle into retirement looks more justified in hindsight considering the announcement this past Wednesday that the SuperBrawl winner gets a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion now at WrestleMania.And might I add, that’s another reason why you have my services, Randy. Just because you wont be part of that Super Brawl match … doesn’t mean you wont get what you want at WrestleMania.

    Satisfied, with a knowing grin, Orton nods at Heymans cryptic words.

    Paul Heyman: Ladies and gentlemen, there’s more than one way to skin a cat … and despite it appearing like Randy Orton won’t be competing for a World Title at WrestleMania … he actually has many avenues to explore…

    And Heyman ends things with a devilish smirk…

    Paul Heyman: It’s true … it’s true.

    Quite a pointed final comment from Paul Heyman, and it draws a sick grin from Orton. Cole and Lawler wonder what the pair could have up their sleeve, before transitioning to what’s to come tonight, including; JERICHO and BATISTA face to face for the first time, but UP NEXT, it’s EDGE one on one with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, ELIJAH BURKE.



    During the entrances for our opening match between EDGE and ELIJAH BURKE, we get a recap of the incident last week between the Rated ‘R’ Superstar and the tag team champions, which saw Edge spear Burke, leading to this match tonight… whilst it’s also announced that the Fight Factory will DEFEND their titles NEXT WEEK against the SAN JUAN EXPRESS…

    Match 1:
    Edge vs. WWE Tag Team Champ. Elijah Burke w/Wade Barrett & Melina
    Burke holds his own with the former WWE Champion, and with the added influences on the outside, proves a match for Edge throughout the contest, taking total control after using Melina as a shield on the outside to slow Edge up, then distracting the official as Barrett flattens Edge with the BOSSMAN SLAM!!! Back in the ring, Burke goes for the win off that, but Edge gets the shoulder up at TWO!!

    Elijah wants the ELIJAH EXPRESS to finish Edge off … BUT MISSES!!! Edge scores with a EDGE-O-MATIC off that misfire; 1...2...NO!!! Not put off by the kick out, Edge keeps his cool, looking to line up the SPEAR … BUT BARRETT AND MELINA PULL BURKE FROM THE RING!!! Edge is fired up now, and rolls out of the ring, beating Barrett to the punch, and throws Burkes partner into the steps!!

    Again though, Burke is able to capitalise, attacking Edge from behind, then throwing him back into the ring, hitting his slingshot elbow drop for another near fall. He sends Edge off the ropes, but Edge ducks a shot, then Burke looks to leapfrog off the next return … but Edge stops short!! Eli lands back on the canvas, gets tripped down … AND EDGE APPLIES AN INVERTED SHARPSHOOTER {THE EDGECATOR}!!! Burke quickly taps out before Melina or Barrett can do anything!!!
    Winner: Edge @ 06:49

    Edge busts out a rarely seen submission hold to score the win, with Cole surmising that Edge realised he wouldn’t get a clean shot at the Spear with all the interference going on, and thought on his feet to get the job done!!

    Cole and Lawler talk about Edge getting back on track heading into the huge Super Brawl opportunity he’ll have in nine days time … But the celebration doesn’t last for long – WADE BARRETT NAILS EDGE AS HE HAS HIS HAND RAISED!!!

    Edge stumbles around as a result of the shot from behind, and Barrett quickly scoops him up to deliver WASTELAND!!!

    Meanwhile, Burke has recovered, but still sells the effects of the submission hold he tapped out to, before he and his partner continue the attack on Edge, with Melina directing traffic.

    They whip him into the corner, before Barrett sends Burke in after Edge at speed – ELIJAH EXPRESS!!!

    Edge staggers out of the corner … INTO A BULLHAMMER FROM BARRETT!!!

    Edge may have won the match, but it’s the Tag Team Champions that are standing tall, with Melina standing over the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, telling him he picked a fight with the wrong guys last week … and proceeds to raise the champions arms …



    We once again get a shot from the outside, and the added level of security tonight, which Michael Cole touches on and the reasoning for it…

    Back into the arena, and RICKY ORTIZ is already in the ring, rallying the fans with his towel…


    Unfortunately for Ortiz, he’s got a tough assignment tonight against MARK HENRY. The United States Champion looks permanently pissed off, and during his entrance, Michael Cole puts over Mark Henry’s performance at the Royal Rumble … though Lawler makes sure to point out that neither Henry or Long were happy with just making a “lasting impression” on the match.

    Entering the ring, Henry stares down Ortiz – himself not a small man – but Ricky starts to realise how deep he’s in tonight … and weakly offers Henry his rally towel in a goodwill gesture. Guess what happens with that?? Henry snatches the towel, throwing it down, and BARRELS through Ortiz to start the match…

    Match 2 | NON-TITLE MATCH:
    Ricky Ortiz vs. United States Champ. Mark Henry w/Theodore Long
    Quick and painFUL for Ortiz. He doesn’t land a blow worth talking about, merely delivering some defensive blows on the back foot which Henry doesn’t even sell. The Worlds Strongest Man throws Ortiz around like a small child, then squashes him in the corner, and doesn’t even bother busting out the Worlds Strongest Slam, instead just SPLASHING Ortiz on the mat for the 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Mark Henry @ 00:55

    The only reason Mark Henry broke a sweat was because he’s a sweaty man. Absolutely nothing about his opponent caused Henry trouble. And as the United States Champion gets his hand raised, Theodore Long snatches the microphone out of Tony Chimmels hand, and heads into the ring…

    Theodore Long: Let me holla at cha playas!!

    Long climbs into the ring, happy at the sight of Ortiz being flattened, and takes his spot next to Henry.

    Theodore Long: Now that’s what I’m talkin about!! Mark Henry, Smackdown’s runaway freight train, tramplin’ all the competition and squashin ‘em like bugs!! An it’s been that way for the past year, ya feel me!?

    Teddy shakes his head, throwing a hand up.

    Theodore Long: So what’s up with this Super Brawl!? Why ain’t he part of it!? Because where I come from, WrestleMania is supposed to be the Showcase of the Immortals!! The Grand Daddy of ‘em all!! So it stands t’reason that the biggest and the best superstars in all the WWE should be in the biggest and the best matches.

    Long chuckles and shakes his head.

    Theodore Long: And y’gotta be in a coma for the past year not to see that this man, has been the biggest and the best in ALL the WWE this past year!! He’s not been beat since he came to Smackdown and he’s got a vice like grip over this here U.S title belt.

    Teddy gets animated.

    Theodore Long: But he ain’t in the Super Brawl!! Now I dare any man out there to explain to me why any of those white boys deserve the chance more than him. Damn it, he tossed Matt Hardy outta the Rumble in a blink of an eye!!

    Henry nods along, brimming with intensity as always.

    Theodore Long: So why is it!? I checked the calendar, it ain’t April Fools, playa. I checked the rules, and there ain’t a weight limit. So I gotta come to tha only reasonable conclusion I can, dawg … and it’s straight haterizin.

    Frustrated, Long looks to Henry, then to the camera, coming to the only conclusion he can.

    Theodore Long: Whoever’s callin the shots don’t want no black man in the main event of WrestleMania!! Cause can’t no fool tell me this man ain’t earned it. Ain’t no man gonna tell me he ain’t good enough. And ain’t no man gonna tell me he couldn’t beat all six of those white boys one by one if he wanted, and y’betta belie dat!! So here it is. I ain’t gonna do it in private, I’m gonna make it public. Finlay!! My man; the Worrrls Strongest, is willin to put that to the test. He ain’t full of hot air. So he’s willin to put his U.S gold on the line against BOTH those Hardy fools!!


    Theodore Long: Call it a handicap match if y’want. That’s what it’s gonna be anyway … an’ I’m talkin about the Hardy’s bein the ones handicapped by taking this man on all by they selves, playa. And if by some miracle they beat him, they get his title … but when he beats ‘em, he takes one of their places at the Super Brawl.

    Big stakes there!!

    Theodore Long: And better yet, he’s offerin to do it TONIGHT PLAYA!! So I’m gonna wait here-

    Henry gets the attention of Long, motioning to the ramp, as MATT HARDY has emerged.

    Theodore Long: Well look what we got here, playa!! Y’gonna make an excuse, Matthew?? Got a temperature, playa?? Knees shakin??

    Matt Hardy: I was already on my way out here when you mentioned mine and Jeffs name … but let me get this straight, Teddy … he’s prepared to give Jeff and I a shot at the U.S Title, tonight?? Two on one??

    Theodore Long: Nothin wrong with y’hearing, playa.

    Matt Hardy: Well forget about Finlay, I’m tellin ya, we accept.

    Pop from the fans. Long is happy too, and starts to beckon Matt to the ring.

    Theodore Long: Then come on down, playa. Go find Jeff, and we’ll see ya back out here.

    Matt shakes his head and smirks.

    Matt Hardy: Oh … I don’t think so. See, I see what the game is. Getting Jeff and I to rush out here unprepared, while he’s just had a warm up?? No, we ain’t fallin for that. We’re not doing it right now. We’ll do this later.

    Teddy shrugs; he doesn’t care.

    Theodore Long: Fine. Just delayin the inevitable, playa. We’ll see y’asses out here later – just don’t go hightailin it!!

    Matt doesn’t like the final insult, but the agreement is made. Cole and Lawler get their thoughts in, not sure what Finlay will think about that with Matt making matches for himself … while Cole is more interested in what Jeff will think about Matt making decisions on his behalf … will that match happen later tonight!?



    Returning to Smackdown, we see Matt walking back through the curtain as the caption “During the Commercial” is shown in the bottom corner … with Matt confronted by an angry Jeff with a light shove.

    Jeff Hardy: Have you lost your mind, man!? We don’t need to do this!! Hell, you didn’t even ASK me what I thought about it!!

    Matt Hardy: Hey, hey- relax. We got this.

    Jeff scoffs.

    Jeff Hardy: We got this?? How’d you work that out!? You’ve just taken the dumbest risk I’ve ever seen, bro. Didn’t you see what this guy did at the Rumble?? Damn, don’t you remember what he’s done to US!?

    Matt angrily responds, not impressed with Jeffs reaction so far.

    Matt Hardy: Yeah. That’s why I accepted.

    Jeff Hardy: {Confused} I don’t get it-

    Matt Hardy: I know he’s Mark Henry. I know what he’s capable of … but c’mon Jeff. He’s just one guy. You and I?? We’re one of the greatest TEAMS ever. The two of us, against him?? You don’t like our chances??

    Jeff sighs.

    Jeff Hardy: It’s not about that, Matt … it’s a dumb risk we didn’t NEED to take.

    Matt slaps his brothers chest – not too hard – just to give him a push.

    Matt Hardy: Are you for real?? I thought you lived for taking risks!? Remember?? Don’t you see I did this for you, man?? Here’s the chance for you to get back the U.S Title he took from you last year. And you’ve got a huge advantage.

    Jeff Hardy: Huh??

    Matt Hardy: I did this for you. I’m gonna help you win back the United States Title, bro.

    Matt starts walking on, with Jeff all confused by it … before Matt throws in a final line.

    Matt Hardy: Then you can repay the favour and help me win the SuperBrawl.

    Now we see where Matt’s motivation really lies tonight…

    Shifting elsewhere, JOSH MATHEWS is standing by with EDGE, who has a towel around his neck, still looking beat up from his match (and post-match beatdown) earlier tonight…

    Josh Mathews: Edge, thank you for giving us a few moments of your time. Obviously, you got the win earlier tonight, but given the assault after the match, you didn’t leave the ring looking like a winner.

    Edge: First off; gotta say, it feels damn good to get back in the win column after what happened at the Rumble … and yeah, I’m pretty banged up right now, but it’s nothin I can’t handle … and honestly?? I don’t care. I’m not even that pissed off about it, I got bigger things to concentrate on. Melina’s little lapdogs?? I’ll get back to them, don’t worry about that.

    Josh Mathews: And I assume the bigger things you mentioned there is the Super Brawl match next Sunday??

    Edge: Damn right. A week ago, I said I had no idea what my Road to WrestleMania looked like. I’d pretty much accepted that I blew my shot this year. Now?? I got thrown a lifeline … and at SuperBrawl, I intend on getting the job done, just like I did tonight.

    Edge takes a second to pull the towel from his neck, and exhales.

    Edge: And then?? Then, I get to go BACK to WrestleMania, and I get to make history by becoming the first guy ever to win the WWE Title one year, and the World Heavyweight Title the next.

    Heading into the building, BATISTA signs a couple of autographs, as Michael Cole hypes the Royal Rumble winners face to face showdown with CHRIS JERICHO later tonight, while also teasing a look, later tonight, into the “man behind the Animal” claiming we’ll see a side of the quiet Batista that no one has ever seen before…

    Back into the arena…

    !! EXPLOSION !!

    And here comes KANE!! The Big Red Machine walks ominously down the ramp, with Evan Bourne following a few paces behind – notably wearing his ‘Evan ‘N Hell’ t-shirt – backing Kane up at ringside … but as Kane climbs over the ropes, he spots Bourne, and obviously wasn’t aware the pest was following him to the ring.

    Kane shakes his head at the presence of Bourne before setting off his pyro, which Bourne mouths to the camera “that’s really cool” afterwards. As set up last week, Cole tells us it’s Kane in action against MANU next on Smackdown…



    Match 3:
    Kane w/Evan Bourne vs. Manu w/Sim Snuka
    Manu may not have wanted to be in this match last week – having been volunteered by his partner, Sim Snuka – but he gives a good account of himself against the monster. Playing off the Samoan stereotype, Manu’s hard head turns the match in his favour, rocking Kane with headbutts. Then, as a true student of WWE development in the late 2000’s, he slows the pace down to a crawl with some rest holds.

    Kane mounts a comeback though, and it’s Kane that picks up the pace (which is something), knocking Manu down consecutively with clotheslines, then uppercuts, before landing a near fall off a Sidewalk Slam. He heads up top, wanting the big flying clothesline, but SIM SNUKA grabs his leg, causing a brief distraction, until Evan uses the steps to leap off and tackle Snuka to the ground!! It’s long enough for Manu to toss Kane off the top though!! And then, Manu lands with a BIG Samoan Drop!! 1...2...NO!!!

    Manu busts out the headbutts again, beating Kane into the ropes, then clotheslines him over the top … BUT KANE LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! He trips Manu by the legs, dragging him out of the ring, taking the fight to the floor!! Kane has the better of the exchange, but Sim (having gotten the better of Bourne) has grabbed a chair, aiming a shot to the back of Kane … BUT EVAN BOURNE DIVES IN FRONT, TAKING THE BULLET FOR KANE!!!!!

    The chair shot gets the attention of Kane, turning around, seeing Bourne down, and reacting quickly; BOOTING THE CHAIR INTO SNUKAS FACE!!! Kane takes out Sim, but Manu is able to capitalise, flapjacking Kane on the floor!!! He throws Kane back inside, sending him into the corner … but MISSES a splash!!! He staggers into the path of the monster … CHOKESLAM!!! Hook of the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Kane @ 05:30

    Kane gets the win in the end, but has Evan Bourne to thank, having taken the bullet for Kane toward the end, as Snuka looked to take Kane out with the chair (showing the motives of Snuka and Manu wasn’t necessarily to win the match) … and Kane shows his appreciation for that selfless act by scooping Bourne up off the floor, carrying Evan over his shoulder all the way up the ramp!!

    Cole and Lawler call that about as nice an act as you can expect from the Big Red Machine, and wonder if Evan Bourne has potentially cracked the hard outer shell of the monster…

    But from a blossoming relationship to one that’s dead. CARLITO is shown – all alone – for the first time since betraying Kofi Kingston at the Royal Rumble!! With a self satisfied smirk on his face, bouncing an apple between his hands, we’re informed Carlito is on his way out here; CARLITO’S CABANA is NEXT~!!



    Back into the arena, and the ring is all set up for CARLITOS CABANA, Michael Cole confirms the challenge that was set earlier – and accepted – has been given the green light by Finlay. Mark Henry will defend the U.S Title TONIGHT against BOTH Matt and Jeff Hardy in a handicap match!!…


    Getting an indifferent reaction almost, CARLITO is plenty smug, all smiles as he enters, and shrugs as he walks down the ramp, playing dumb as to why he isn’t getting cheered. Cole and Lawler recap what happened at the Rumble, with Carlito turning on Kofi completely out of the blue … but we HOPE we’re about to get some answers…

    Looking impressed at the set, Carlito mugs for the camera, checking out the (fake) palm trees, and looks into the barrel of apples, before getting on the mic and pointing to his set at he addresses the fans…

    Carlito: This is cool, huh?? This is what Carlito is talkin about!!

    All smiles, Carlito soon furrows his brow, listening to the boos from the fans.

    Carlito: Wha’s th’matter??

    The Cool One shrugs, then taps his head, all with a grin.

    Carlito: Ohhh … das right. You all want answers, right?? Well…

    Carlito motions around the set.

    Carlito: Ain’t it obvious?? I mean, some stars just aren’t meant to share de spotlight …

    Still grinning, Carlito shrugs again, blowing it off.

    Carlito: Nothin against Kofi. He’s a great guy, and we made a great team … {shrugs}obviously, Carlito was in it…


    Carlito: And I had a lot of fun teamin wit’ Kofi. So much … that Carlito forgot something … Carlito forgot he loves the attention. Until dat night Carlito went toe to toe wit’ Chris Jericho. Pushing de WWE Champion to the limit?? Das cool.

    Carlito raises an eyebrow, again, not removing his irritating smirk.

    Carlito: From that point on?? Carlito realized he didn’t like sharing de spotlight. And I liked it even less when Kofi overshadowed Carlito the night we won de tag team titles. Dat night was supposed to be Carlito leading the team to de titles. Kofi?? He had a bad knee, remember?? Dat was Carlito’s time to shine, Carlito’s time to soak up de spotlight and the glory … but all everyone could talk about after Armageddon was the guts Kofi showed.

    How could we not!?” ~Cole defends the praise of Kingston.

    Carlito: Carlito isn’t unreasonable … but dere’s no way Carlito is gonna be the B-side of ANY tag team, and dere’s no amount of tag team titles that’s gonna change dat.

    No longer smiling, Carlito is sporting more of a grimace, just imagining not being the star of the team.

    Carlito: So when Kofi had t’take a few weeks off to rest up?? Carlito finally got to shine on his own again. Dat was cool. But de Royal Rumble?? Enough … was enough.


    Carlito: I got no ill will toward Kofi Kingston. He’s a cool dude. Had my back when I had to fight my own family, an’ Carlito won’t forget that.

    Funny way of showing it…” ~Cole with another jibe on commentary.

    Carlito: But from now on?? It’s all about Carlito, and Carlito alone. Das why my guest tonight on Carlito’s Cabana… {shrugs again} … is me.

    Back to smiling, the shit eating grin gets more boos from the fans for Carlito.

    Carlito: And now dat Carlito has de spotlight back to himself?? Carlito’s got some big plans for de fu-


    Not the music Carlito was wanting to hear … but the arrival of KOFI KINGSTON is something everyone was expecting. Shaking his head and looking angry, Kofi walks and talks as the music quickly dies down.

    Kofi Kingston: My God, man. That’s it??

    From the ring, Carlito mouths “I don’t want no trouble…” … but Kofi keeps marching down the ramp.

    Kofi Kingston: I mean, I always knew you had an ego, Carlito, and I even found it funny when you’d refer to yourself in the third person … but this isn’t the guy I called my best friend for a year and a half. You can brush over it like it was no big deal, but I spilled blood for you!! Put my body on the line to help you!! I took beatings from your own family, remember?? I did that because WE were like brothers!!

    Carlito, seeing that Kofi isn’t stopping, starts to back up in the ring, putting his hands up and repeating off the microphone that he doesn’t want any trouble.

    Kofi Kingston: We suffered together, Carlito. All those times we nearly won the tag titles. We supported each other. Willed each other on. Fought to get another shot. We did it all together, man. Armageddon wasn’t about me stealing the spotlight, I pushed through the pain to help YOU – US!! And I thought … I thought that moment when we held those tag team titles together … it meant something to both of us.

    Kingston, stopping at the ringside area, shakes his head.

    Kofi Kingston: But I was wrong, I guess.

    Kofi, rethinking everything, gets himself angry…

    Kofi Kingston: And damn, if you were so unhappy, why not just TELL me!? If you wanted to do it all on your own, you could’ve just told me, man. I’d have been disappointed … but I wouldn’t have stood in your way. But hey, that wouldn’t get you the headlines, would it?? That wouldn’t get you the attention you obviously crave, huh, Carlito??

    Beginning to climb the steps, Kofi has Carlito looking around, getting worried about an attack.

    Kofi Kingston: No. Instead, you picked the moment we were on top to throw it all away.

    Carlito: Hey, Kofi, I don’t want no trouble.

    Kofi laughs at the thought whilst standing on the apron.

    Carlito: You heard Carlito earlier. You’ve been a great friend, and you were a great tag team partner for Carlito too…

    Oh yeah!?” ~Kofi isn’t buying it.

    Carlito: It’s just … Carlito doesn’t need or want one.

    Heat. Kofi shakes his head at that from Carlito.

    Kofi Kingston: You don’t want no trouble?? Just want me to walk away??

    Carlito nods, mouthing “please”.

    Carlito: This doesn’t need to get ugly.

    Kingston scoffs.

    Kofi Kingston: But that wouldn’t get you any attention, would it?? And seeing as you just NEED the spotlight, let’s give everyone something to talk about-


    Kingston hammers Carlito on the mat, with Carlito scrambling to get away, struggling back to his feet, and dumps over the barrel of apples to slow Kofi down, giving himself an extra second to escape the ring and flee!!

    Back in the ring, Kofi lets off some steam … BY DESTROYING THE SET!!!

    Kofi busts up the deck chairs, and topples over the palm trees, tossing one of them out of the ring toward the ramp, with Carlito angrily backing up, seeing his set getting ripped apart by his former tag team partner. It’s obvious this break up wont be as clean a getaway as Carlito thought it might be!!!



    Once again, we see the extra security outside the arena … as CHRIS JERICHO and ARMANDO ESTRADA arrive to the building. The WWE Champion is immaculately suited as ever, shaking his head at the security … whilst Michael Cole again hypes the face to face meeting between champion and challenger later tonight…

    Back in the arena, JOHN MORRISON and M.V.P make their entrances for a match with each other … and during the entrances, we get a video from “Earlier Today” which set the match up tonight, where Morrison was being given praise from some of the lower rung guys for his performance in the Royal Rumble a few weeks ago…

    Then, M.V.P, still being shunned by his co-workers, is rather passive aggressive, telling Morrison there’s nothing to celebrate about “doing good”, noting he was in the Rumble for a pretty long stretch himself, but he’s not patting himself on the back for it, whilst also noting that no one else is patting his back either, “but no one’s gonna give me my dues around here anyway.”

    Speaking up for himself, Morrison tells M.V.P he’s not “celebrating” his performance at the Rumble, but he plans on building upon it by climbing the ranks on Smackdown. Montel chuckles at the thought, telling Morrison he’s got a long way to go, and a lot of guys to climb over … including himself. From there, the challenge is laid down, with M.V.P accepting … then quipping “I’ll even give you a pat on the back in commiseration once I win.”

    Match 4:
    John Morrison vs. M.V.P
    Despite the attitude on display from M.V.P earlier, both men wrestle the match in good nature, no cheap tricks etc in a rather plain face vs. face match … but Montels frustrations grow as Morrison gets the upper hand with his flashy style, forcing M.V.P to roll out and take a powder after one exchange. M.V.P soon slows the pace, upping his aggression a little more, as Cole talks about the troubles Porter has been having, ostracised by his peers after his (forced) union with the DiBiases at the end of last year, where he burned a lot of bridges.

    Morrison battles out of a chin lock, once again wowing the fans with his unique offence and movement, clearly having the support of the audience … but the high risk style comes back to haunt him, as he attempts to dive out to the floor after sending Porter over the top … only for M.V.P to move out of danger, with Morrison crashing and burning!! Then, in a rather nasty manner, M.V.P shoves Morrison into the ring post!! A heelish action from M.V.P … with the action set to continue after the break…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, Morrison is in the midst of a comeback, and once again getting the fans going, with M.V.P struggling to deal with the quickness and creativity of Morrison, and looks to be on the verge of defeat as Morrison sets up for the STARSHIP PAIN … BUT M.V.P ROLLS OUT OF DANGER!!! He traps Morrison in a small package after … 1...2...NO!!! Getting back up, M.V.P aims for the DRIVE BY KICK … BUT MORRISON DUCKS!!! He rolls M.V.P up this time … 1...2...NO!!!

    Racing to their feet, M.V.P misses a clothesline, then eats a dropkick, sending him tumbling to the floor through the ropes, with Morrison following up with a basement dropkick!! He throws M.V.P back in the ring, heading up top again … but spots Montel rolling out of the way again in anticipation of Starship Pain!! Morrison changes tact, and sends M.V.P to the corner, coming in for a splash – MISSES!! M.V.P then grips Morrison from behind, ramming him front first into the corner again and rolls him up … GRABBING THE TIGHTS DURING THE COUNT … 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: M.V.P @ 08:23

    M.V.P cheated!! He wound up grabbing the tights for leverage … but as soon as the bell rings, M.V.P is waving his hands in innocence toward a furious John Morrison!! The cameraman gets up close to the pair to catch their interaction, with Morrison naturally motioning with a yank on his tights … and Montel explains that he DIDN’T mean to grab the tights.

    M.V.P tells Morrison it was a “natural reaction”, as he says he was about to lose his balance, apologising to Morrison, and even turning to the referee to ask for the match to be restarted, but Chad Patton shakes his head, the decision is final (shitty refereeing). Montel tries apologising again, offering a handshake to Morrison …

    But John isn’t buying the explanation, and shakes his head, leaving the ring without accepting the peace offering. In the ring, M.V.P is left to cut a frustrated figure – despite getting the win tonight – as his stock amongst his peers continues to tumble. Lawler (who helped M.V.P out a few weeks ago) states Montel shouldn’t worry about it; it’s only cheating if you get caught!!

    Cutting backstage, FINLAY is shown walking to his office, speaking on the phone about being confident that Kennedy won’t be showing up at this point. He opens his door … and quickly tells the person on the other end of the line that he’ll call them back.

    The camera then pans … and MISTER KENNEDY is sat on Finlays chair, feet on the table…

    Mister Kennedy: Been waitin here a while.

    Finlay: I’ve been busy.

    Mister Kennedy: Yeah … saw the security out there earlier, so it looks like I won’t get to shut this show down, huh??

    Finlay shakes his head.

    Finlay: Not unless you want a couple dozen security guards to smack the piss outta ye.

    Kennedy chuckles at the suggestion, before taking his feet off the desk and standing up.

    Mister Kennedy: Well … I’m crazy, but I’m not stupid. Gotta say, I’ll give ya credit. Y’didn’t take any risks, and y’know I don’t really respect any boundaries.

    Despite the non-threatening manner of Kennedy, Finlay is still uptight and on edge.

    Finlay: So what’s the game here??

    Mister Kennedy: What?? Tonight?? Here??

    Kennedy shrugs.

    Mister Kennedy: Can’t get near that production truck, can I?? And besides, I already done that on Monday. Honestly?? I was just gonna ... cause some mayhem, y'know? Piss people off.

    Finlay: You know none of this is gonna work, right??

    Kennedy chuckles, and wags his finger.

    Mister Kennedy: Don’t go defendin’ ‘em. I know you’re management now, but you’re not one of them. And that’s who my problem is with, Dave. Not you. Them.

    Finlay is listening, but not reacting, just allowing Kennedy to speak.

    Mister Kennedy: The real power brokers around here, not the monkeys that do their bidding. Your power?? Steamboats?? Only reaches so far. They want the faces that fit, and mine never has. You know how that feels.

    Still, Finlay says nothing, allowing Kennedy to continue.

    Mister Kennedy: But the difference … is that I’m not takin it. I never have. I deserved to get a fair shake at the Rumble, and I didn’t. So I’m gonna force my ugly mug shot into the frame. I’m gonna make my face fit. And I’m gonna do it my way.

    Kennedy steps past the Smackdown GM, then stops.

    Mister Kennedy: That?? Or, like I promised … I’m burning this whole thing down to the ground.

    With a smirk, Kennedy swings the door open, then turns back to Finlay again.

    Mister Kennedy: Enjoy the rest of the show.

    Finlay allows Kennedy to leave, trusting that the loudmouth really isn’t going to disrupt his show at this point…




    The package opens with shots of fans at last years WrestleMania, mixed with frantic shots of big hits in a game of football.

    The big games…”

    Various shots of WWE superstars, going about their warm up routines, dressing, psyching themselves up between more shots of collisions in a football game.

    That’s what players live for.”

    And then clips of the big entrances at last years WrestleMania; John Cena having his new theme played, Umaga getting dancers, and The Undertaker as ever getting a grand entrance.

    Pressure can create diamonds.”

    Brent Albright retrieving the Money in the Bank briefcase, Shawn Michaels shocking Brock Lesnar, Edge winning the WWE Championship.

    But others? They buckle under that pressure.”

    Shots of disappointment as Randy Orton returns backstage at last years WrestleMania, whilst Matt Hardy backs away from the ring having come up shot in the Money in the Bank ladder match, and Mr. Kennedy pushes aside officials, not wanting their help.

    And when you crack at a crucial stage?”

    Shots of pyro going off at WrestleMania…

    You watch the biggest games at home.”

    Before panning out to show whoever the viewer is to be watching on a television, rather than being there in person.

    So it’s simple. You wanna go to WrestleMania??…”

    Various shots of WWE superstars, intertwined with more big hits in football games.

    Rise to the occasion.”

    Celebrations with shots of fans, mixed with title wins for Beth Phoenix, Paul London and CM Punk over the last year, along with a receiver catching a pass from their QB to score a touchdown.

    For the SuperBowl may be called the Greatest Show on Turf…”

    Clips of various superstars entering an arena…

    But here? The SuperBrawl is the final playoff before the Greatest Show on Earth.”

    And end with a shot of the WrestleMania logo in the distance…


    Returning back to ringside, Cole and Lawler are shown on screen, discussing the fact that Mister Kennedy DID get into the building … but oddly didn’t do anything tonight, and appeared to leave without incident. Lawler isn’t convinced we’ve seen the last of the troublemaker yet, saying that Finlay shouldn’t lower his guard … while it may be that Kennedy was simply letting the GM know he can circumvent any attempts to keep him at bay.

    From there, the commentary team switch gears and discuss the notable absence of CHRISTIAN since the Royal Rumble. Cole notes the “rumours online” about the former 3x World Champions injury status, and confirms that Christian IS currently on the injured reserve list.

    Cole reports that Christian is said to be in the process of working around getting a number of evaluations and opinions from medical professionals regarding a neck injury he sustained during the Royal Rumble, and wish him luck with his recovery, having no timescale for his return at this time.

    Lawler chimes in, echoing the sentiment from Cole, before stating that EDGE really could’ve done with Christians help earlier tonight when he was beaten down by the Fight Factory … or ANYONES help for that matter … but Edge doesn’t exactly have a healthy number of allies on Smackdown.

    And he won’t want any when he partakes in the SUPER BRAWL match next Sunday!! Cole and Lawler briefly talk up the Super Brawl, and the HUGE stakes now attached to that match … but BEFORE the PPV next Sunday, there’s a big match going down on Smackdown next Friday; Filthy Rich will take on Cryme Tyme … in a PARKING LOT BRAWL!!

    Okay, maybe it’s not a big match then. But Cole and Lawler talk it up like one, discussing the issues between the teams over the past month, starting with DiBiase stealing money from Cryme Tyme, and it comes to a head next week in a match where young Ted will be totally out of his depth…

    Then, again reminding the audience of the first face to face meeting between Batista and Jericho tonight, Michael Cole throws to the promised video, giving us an in depth look at (here comes the corny line again) “the man behind the animal” … and his modest upbringing in D.C…

    {1:44-2:30, 3:27-4:13, 5:12-8:15, 8:45-8:49, 9:12-9:18, 9.44-10:25, 11:00-11:25, 11:50-12:42}

    TL;DR (or, didn’t watch, I guess) Batista grew up in DC, and had very little. Lives in Florida now, but will retire in DC. Mom and Dad split up, Mom had 2 kids, didn’t have enough to eat, stayed with relatives while Mom worked. Shared one big bed in the basement with Mom and Sister. Made to feel like the man of the house from a young age as his Mom worked at night. Lived in a rough area too. Got sent to live with his Father, but they didn’t really get on and he eventually was forced to move out on his own, standing on his own two feet as a young adult.

    Back into the arena, Cole is obviously impressed by what he’s seen, and promises Part 2 next week, where we’ll see how Batista got his big break into the WWE…


    And for the second time tonight, MARK HENRY is headed to the ring with Theodore Long. Lawler puts some doubt in the minds, speaking on commentary about the time between his “match” earlier and now, and how he’ll have cooled down and potentially stiffened up a little…

    With that in mind, Michael Cole sends us to a commercial prior to the title match…



    Mark Henry w/Theodore Long defends against The Hardy Boys
    *If Henry wins, he replaces Matt or Jeff in the Super Brawl match
    The balls on Mark Henry, huh? With Matt and Jeff not exactly on the best of footing with one another, they aren’t at their best, which allows the champion to get the upper hand early on … and things get worse for the challengers as they soon realise it’s not 2 on 1 throughout the match – they have to tag in and out!! That plays into Henrys hands too, with the champion able to control the match up against either Hardy.

    But Matt and Jeff keep just about making tags to one another, keeping the Worlds Strongest Man on his toes, and with their high speed offence, the Hardys start to tire out the four hundred pounder!! But as Jeff runs at Henry and launches himself for a cross body attack – HE GETS CAUGHT!!! Henry shapes up to deliver the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM … BUT MATT DELIVERS A DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF JEFF!!! Henry tumbles over… 1...2- BUT HENRY POWERS JEFF OFF!!!!!

    Crazy power on display!! And Henry is fired up after that!! He goes on a tear, blowing through Matt and Jeff, until Jeff connects with a JAWBREAKER to slow the champion down!! Matt comes in immediately; TWIST OF FATE!!! Jeff heads up top … SWANTON BOMB … MISSES!!! Mark Henry rolled out of the way!!! Lawler calls Matt an idiot for not trying to hold Henry down (like he could), and Matt checks on his brother … before getting thrown out by Henry!!

    It leaves the Worlds Strongest Man with Jeff, and Jeff does his best to fight off Henry, even rocking the U.S Champion, making his wobble … but MISSES the WHISPER IN THE WIND … and gets scooped up quickly … WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!!!!! Henry covers … with Matt climbing back into the ring with a chance to break the count … then seemingly cowers back out as the count comes down … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL United States Champion – Mark Henry @ 06:29

    Mark Henry beats BOTH Hardy Boys!! Is there any stopping the Worlds Strongest Man!? Theodore Long is jubilant on the outside, repeatedly hollering; “JUSTICE!! THAT’S JUSTICE PLAYA!!” as the U.S Champion books his spot in the Super Brawl!!!

    But the post match analysis is ALL on the actions of Matt Hardy. There’s debate over whether Matt lost his footing … or whether he just sold his brother out … and The King is convinced Matt just sold Jeff out; “he knew if he saved Jeff, he was gonna be next in the firing line, and there’d be no one to save him!!”

    Without any fuss, the imposing Worlds Strongest Man leaves the ring, expressionless; job done. There’s no wiping the smile off Theodore Longs face either, with Teddy convinced he’s got a future World Champion on his hands.

    In the ring, Matt checks on Jeff, with Jeff barely able to come around after the impact of that slam … with Cole noting that once he realises what just happened, Jeff is going to be devastated; he was volunteered for this match by his brother, and now his hopes of headlining WrestleMania have just gone up in smoke…

    But up NEXT, one man whose WrestleMania dream isn’t getting derailed; the first meeting between BATISTA and CHRIS JERICHO!! We’re shown a split screen of champion and challenger … they go face to face in just a few moments…



    !! 58 DAYS AWAY !!

    Into the arena, and MICHAEL COLE is standing, ready to moderate this meeting…

    **I WALK ALONE**

    Sharply dressed in a tailored suit, BATISTA looks every inch the superstar tonight; no tight vests or jeans, it’s a serious look … but he still wears sunglasses indoors. It’s a chance for Lawler to remind the audience about Batista winning the Rumble twelve days ago, earning him the chance of winning his first World Title at the Showcase of the Immortals…


    Against this man. Champion since September 21 of last year, CHRIS JERICHO is as sharply dressed as his challenger, and is still the picture of confidence, with Jerry Lawler reminding us; he ALWAYS has a plan, and he’s got nine weeks to come up with one for WrestleMania. Joined by Armando Estrada, the WWE Champion enters the ring … being stared down by Batista.

    Michael Cole handles things, standing in the middle of the ring…

    Michael Cole: Well this, ladies and gentlemen, will be the WWE Championship Match at the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of WrestleMania. The 2009 Royal Rumble winner, Batista will go one on one with the reigning WWE Champion, Chris Jericho.

    Boos for the WWE Champion, but he remains stoic, whilst Estrada gestures with his finger to his lips for the fans to be quiet.

    Michael Cole: And, Chris, as the defending champion, perhaps you’d like to make some comments first…

    Rolling his eyes, Jericho looks somewhat bored, addressing Cole directly.

    Chris Jericho: What do you want me to say?? Is this where I tear Batista down, hmm?? Where I point out all his flaws, his weaknesses and tell him he can’t possibly win at WrestleMania??

    Batista scoffs, shaking his head at the suggestion.

    Chris Jericho: Or do you want me to build him up?? Should I highlight the tear he’s been on?? Coming out on top in those wars with The Undertaker, Kane, Edge?? How big an achievement it was for him to single handedly eliminate Mark Henry, overcome his former mentor Triple H on his way to winning the Royal Rumble??

    Finally, Jericho turns to look at Batista.

    Chris Jericho: Because it’s all true. All of it.

    A rare admission of praise for someone else from Jericho.

    Chris Jericho: I’m not going to stand here and try to deny Batista’s achievements over the last six months. That would be asinine. It’s clear as day to anyone with even a basic level of intelligence … even these moronic fans have been able to accept that.

    Cheap heat. Jericho ignores it, and faces Batista again.

    Chris Jericho: Congratulations, Batista. You’re in the WrestleMania main event on merit. After what you’ve put yourself through?? You truly deserve this opportunity.

    Batista: What’s this about, huh, Chris?? You wanna get me to lower my guard?? Is that it??

    With a wry smile, Jericho shakes his head.

    Chris Jericho: On the contrary. Like I said … it’s all true … and if you’ll recall, I also stated that you can’t possibly win at WrestleMania.

    Delivered dryly and without any bluster, it’s a matter of fact response from the champion.

    Chris Jericho: And it’s all for the same reasons I gave you praise, Dave. Because you have been through the wars to get here. You have sacrificed your body to reach this point. You have pushed yourself to the limit for a shot at the WWE Championship.

    Jericho pauses, making sure Batista is listening.

    Chris Jericho: And it’s taken it’s toll. You like tired, Dave. You look exhausted. I mean, who wouldn’t be?? You don’t come through all of those physical battles unscathed … and while you may have two months to prepare for WrestleMania … by the time you get to the Reliant Stadium on April fifth … you’ll be a breaking point … and I’ll be there to take advantage.

    Jericho sports an all knowing smirk, trying to wind up The Animal … but Batista flashes a smirk back, shaking his head.

    Batista: It’s funny … you’re lips are moving, Chris … but it sounds like you’re talkin outta your ass.

    The smile fades from Jericho’s face.

    Batista: You’ve got it all mapped out, huh??

    Batista isn’t buying it, and shakes his head.

    Batista: If it was so simple, how come you’ve avoided me like the plague from the minute you won that title??

    Chris Jericho: Have I?? Or have I simply kept you waiting until the time was right?? Did you think about that, Dave??

    Jericho scoffs.

    Chris Jericho: Of course not. Because while you’ve been abusing your body in all those battles to earn this title shot … all throughout my reign as Champion, I’ve used my brain.

    There’s that line again.

    Chris Jericho: And this last year of draining fight after fight you’ve put yourself through is gonna leave you vulnerable. But me?? I’ve preserved my body in order to peak at WrestleMania.

    Jericho has the smirk on his face again, turning to address Cole.

    Chris Jericho: And that, Michael, in a nutshell, is what we have here. It’s Brain

    From pointing to himself, Jericho points to Batista.

    Chris Jericho: Versus Brawn

    And again, points at himself, then Batista.

    Chris Jericho: … Mind versus Muscle.

    Batista keeps his cool, not reacting to Jericho, still listening intently, as Jericho continues to speak to Cole.

    Chris Jericho: And while his body is ravaged by the journey he’s taken to get here … my brain is as sharp as a tack.

    Estrada pats Jericho on the back, offering his support, having had nothing else to do here.

    Chris Jericho: That’s why I’m not concerned about WrestleMania. When I got the message last week whilst relaxing in the Bahamas that you had chosen to face me at WrestleMania … I didn’t blink. I didn’t sit up all night losing sleep about it. I smiled.

    Turning to face Batista once more, Jericho looks to get into The Animals head.

    Chris Jericho: I won’t sell you short, Batista. You are a worthy challenger. More deserving that anyone else that’s attempted to take this championship from my grasp … but I … am a much more worthy champion.

    Michael Cole: Batista?? Do you have a response??

    Jericho still stands smugly, as Batista thinks over what he’s going to say…

    Batista: I may not be as smart as you … but it doesn’t take a genius to work out you’re full of crap!!

    The smug look starts to dwindle from Jericho’s face, seeing the intensity of Batista.

    Batista: I don’t know who it is you’re trying to convince, but if it’s me?? It’s not working … and it’s not gonna work.

    Jericho tries to keep a stern look, but Batista is staring him down, and stepping closer to him.

    Batista: And if your big plan is to rely on me breaking down?? Then I think I overestimated that big brain of yours … because that’s the DUMBEST thing I’ve ever heard.

    And this is coming from a man that was pitched the Deacon gimmick.

    Batista: I HAVE bust my ass to get here. I HAVE beaten everybody else there is to beat … and unfortunately for you?? I’ve got PLENTY left in the tank for WrestleMania.

    There’s cheers growing inside the arena, and Batista steps into Jericho’s personal space.

    Batista: And at WrestleMania, I’m comin for you.

    Despite his steely demeanour, Jericho can’t help but momentarily gulp … before Batista briefly switches his focus to Estrada in the background.

    Batista: And if you wanna poke your nose in?? I can come for you too.

    Cowardly, Estrada backs up even further away from Jericho.

    Batista: But most importantly, I’m comin for what I’m owed…

    Batista steps right into Jericho, standing over him, and points at the belt over Jericho’s shoulder…

    Batista: I’m comin for THAT.

    Jericho’s lip quivers whilst trying to stand his ground … and it looks like that’s going to be the closing image of the night-





    Paul Heyman is there too, along with Jack Swagger, and Chris Jericho’s eyes light up; relief and excitement at the same time!! Michael Cole scurries out of the ring, not wanting to get caught up in things…

    With Jericho frantically imploring Orton to PUNT The Animal!! Orton looks at Jericho … then fixes his glare to the title belt … he didn’t need the invitation; Punting Batista was ALWAYS his intention!!!

    Cracking his neck, Orton then sets himself into the corner, waiting for Batista to recover enough to be in position for the dreaded PUNT…



    The RAW superstar is STILL here!!! Grabbing a chair as he climbs over the timekeepers position, Kennedy BLASTS Jack Swagger with a chair over the head!!!

    Paul Heyman turns to run/waddle away … AND GETS CRACKED ACROSS THE BACK!!!

    Orton tries to reach out through the ropes to try and grab Kennedy; BAM~!! KENNEDY WAFFLES ORTON WITH THE CHAIR!!!

    Armando Estrada and Chris Jericho are left standing in the ring … and Estrada tries to make a run for it … but Kennedy drops the chair, giving chase – and CATCHES Armando on the ramp!!

    Estrada begs, whilst Jericho continues watching from the ring, seeing the carnage unfold, but Kennedy doesn’t mess around, taking no prisoners as he goes on the rampage, and clocks Armando with a BIG RIGHT HAND!!!


    Kennedy starts swinging wildly, knocking the rent-a-cop bunch down one by one, then shoves one of the guards into the others, buying himself time to jump off the ramp, and head over the barrier … into the fans!!!

    Smackdown is ending amidst carnage … with Kennedy coming to the aid of Batista – whether purposely or not – but for the second show this week, it’s Mister Kennedy having a MAJOR impact to end the show!!!

    Chris Jericho has taken his eyes completely off Batista … AND THE ANIMAL IS GETTING BACK TO HIS FEET!!! Batista throws down his jacket, spins Jericho around – SPINEBUSTER TO THE WWE CHAMPION!!!!

    The Animal is all fired up, recovering from the RKO, and wants to put an exclamation mark on this night with a BATISTA BOMB … but before he can load up Jericho, he spots Orton getting to his feet, wanting a piece of the man that dropped him out of nowhere…

    But Orton retreats under the bottom rope to the floor!!! And taking the opportunity, Jericho rolls out of the ring too, wanting NONE of Batista!!! The final image of the night is back on the ring … Batista, fired up and full of rage … with Orton and Jericho meeting on the floor … and the WWE Title belt is left in the ring.

    Batista stands over the title, almost challenging either man to come and get it … tearing off his own shirt and tie, and there could be hell to pay for Randy Ortons failed ambush … whilst Jericho grimaces, too scared to retrieve his title belt from the Rumble winner, having felt the effects of the Animal tonight…



    Official Card for WWE SuperBrawl:
    February 15 2009 | Fresno, CA
    Theme Music; Saliva, ‘Hunt You Down’

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels vs. Brent Albright

    Grudge Match:
    The Brian Kendrick vs. Vladimir w/Ranjin Singh

    Third Annual SuperBrawl Match:
    Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Intercontinental Champion CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy vs. Edge vs. United States Champion Mark Henry

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Oh boi, oh boi.

    Where to start and where to end.

    It all has this nice vibe of reality, to a point where I sometimes wonder - did you write it yourself, or did I miss some quality action on Smackdown somewhere and you just recapped it for me. I like how I can get into it at seemingly random moment and yet get the feel for everytone's gimmick rather fast. You make it easy to understand everyone and know what their roles are.

    Opening promo was just what Heyman would do. Explained nicely, slowly and with typical vocabulary and wits of THE Mouthpiece that he is. Maybe it kinda stings me, since I like Randy and I enjoy his promos to see him being shut down a bit in that regard - but if its Heyman shutting him up, you surely can't call it a downgrade. It's only natural for Heyman to collect more "Heyman's guys" to get him to the top, he has this weird quality to him that anyone paired up with him suddenly becomes much better.

    Mark Henry is monster that he always should've been. In a physical "sport" having someone called "World's strongest man" and not being POWERFUL is kinda a crime for me. It just doesn't make sense, if we are here, slamming people down, kicking and punching them down - how come that WORLD'S STRONGEST MAN can't just...slam people down and win? So seeing him here, just going through people left, right and center and being feared is awesome to see.

    Now...Hardy's. I know I can't just throw 100% positivity in here, but it still pains me to criticize something. I feel like Brother Vs Brother feuds are this stamp, where you have to have a brother feud at some point. If you have a tag team of brothers, you know they will split...and re-unite...and split...and re-unite. It's easy concept to do, which was done countless times. I'm not a fan of that - for similiar reason why I don't like involing IRL families into feuds (Hi, Randy, Edge, AJ and Taker! o/ ). It feels forced, trying so hard to make it edgy and real...I do enjoy some of the "brotherly love" that we have seen over the years. Jeff and Matt is just something I would rather avoid - even though I really prefer them as single competitors instead of tag team. Looking at your track record, I do hope that you will turn into something enjoyable - so Im hoping for a really nice surprise with this one, instead of being like "I knew it will end that way..."

    And unfortunately, my sour note is being transitioned into Carlito's Cabana. Character feels cringy when he speaks, Kofi brings a lot of his energy into it and I hope it will spark some life into it, but if Carlito really doesn't look for "trouble", I can only advice him to avoid Paradise. I've heard Troubles there are constant It sure is nice side story to it all and it could produce some really good matches, with his flexible and athletic they both are, plenty of opportunity for good spots and moves. I just wish Carlito's personality wasn't so cringy all the time...

    I love the usage of Batista's videos and his backstory. I know it's nothing "original" since those videos were produced by WWE for this kind of use, to introduce stars and make people feel for them more, but it's nice "break" from just writing and describing everything. Extra points, because I subbed to WWE Network mostly for all the documentaries and that kind of content that they provide there

    Batista and Y2J is exactly what it should be. And funny thing, I don't know if it's a good or bad thing. On one hand its quality promo time, with both of them expressing themselves, on the's just quality promo time, with both of them expressing themselves? Maybe Im just too picky, maybe it's just first meething for them and there is still A LOT of time to go, so I will hold my judgement. Start of it is good, that's for sure. Let's watch it go up from there.

    And something I wanted (and still want) to talk about.

    I'm getting HYPED. If last Raw made me think "Oh, Kennedy is cool" then this Smackdown made me think "Damn, I wonder what will happen on the next show". And if the next show will make me go "Holy shit, what can POSSIBLY happen next", the I will hurt you if you don't make it huge :D

    In a sense, Kennedy felt to me like Punk - if you give him a chance and put ball in his hands, he could run with it and deliver big time. Risk/Reward ratio might not be greatest and maybe that's what was holding him back, but you sure are letting him loose, showing that he can be used in a big way. His persona is pretty simple and straight-forward, he's lack of respect for management is easy to relate to and you just want to cheer for the guy who stand up against the boss. And no, I didn't describe Stone Cold here Though principal behind both of them is rather similar. And sometimes, you don't need glowing robes, demonic make up or complicated gimmick - once again, to take it from Stone Cold's mouth, sometimes all you have is pair of black trunks and black boots and personality to make it work. And someone like Kennedy fills that role so well, that you just can't help it but be interested in his future.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I know you’ve already posted SD, but you know I’m ‘bout that Superstars life. LOVED how the show started with the focus on Kennedy’s interruption to Raw, and the company issuing an apology. Just does a brilliant job of making everything feel more ‘real’, good stuff.

    I’m intrigued to what the major announcement is for sure… See? I knew there was a reason to tune in to Superstars every week.

    Woods gets the win but that isn’t the story here. LOL at a ref bump on Superstars. This is a fine continuation of Daivari’s issues with Barretta. It’s only a matter of time before Trent actually wrestles as per his quick recovery from the punch as well. For now, this is chugging along solidly and is a perfectly fine Superstars angle.

    LayCool and Truth wins are what they are. Not much else to say really.

    Triple H pulling them strings to try and get a title shot? Probably. Either way, the SuperBrawl announcement is fine, giving the yearly match a bigger stipulation than normal. At this point Triple H and CM Punk have to be the front runners for the match for me. This announcement and Striker’s follow up really leaves me looking forward to seeing how Triple H pans out from here to Mania. Anyway, this alone made Superstars worth reading.

    I’ll be back for SD…

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I seem to be on the schedule where I end up missing the boat on RAW, and make it in time for SD. Guess you could say I’m “Team Blue” at the moment

    You’ve set the hook nice and early for this episode, as it is clear that no matter what, Kennedy will be here. Wanted to note now before I forget- the ending for RAW was incredible. Something totally out of the box, it was brilliant. I am sure writing weekly tv shows for an eternity, eventually you have to start thinking of crazy ideas and show closings, so I am glad you dug deep and pulled that finish out. Really captivating stuff.

    Wonder where Orton ends up at WM? Paul seems to have a plan, but I am still holding out that Swagger turns on Orton and joins up with Angle. Its’ Wrestlemania season, and Orton is your go-to guy during this time, and for good reason. I think he somehow weasels his way into a World title match, just don’t know if it will be RAW or SD. But that’s the fun of speculating your plans, because you’re far from a transparent booker (I’m the complete opposite…as you’ve been able to figure out my plans before I even post )

    You had to start pushing Edge a bit harder since we didn’t get the heel turn following Royal Rumble. I don’t see him winning the SuperBrawl match, unless Christian comes back to help him. And now I’m down the rabbit hole of the scenario that Christian really isn’t hurt, and is just waiting to attack Edge….

    Hah! Loved the nod to Ortiz. It is quite fun foreshadowing jobbers’ futures. Onto the main part of this, Mark Henry continues to be a quietly booked monster on SD. I can definitely see him challenging for the World title at some point in 2009. Teddy Long is great in this. I really like his role as mouthpiece for Mark Henry, as it adds another element to the whole character. Fun stuff.

    Matt and Jeff still at odds, what else is new? I commend you for slow building the tension week after week after week between the two brothers. Their powder-keg relationship is fun to watch unfold, because I think every time they talk backstage one of them is just gonna tee off on the other.

    Batista showing up mid-show…he’s gotta be a star in the making!

    Not much to comment on the whole Kane/Bourne story going on. Just happy there is something for everybody on SD at the moment.

    Kofi showed a lot of fire, but Carlito came off like a star with his dialogue. This is a very interesting story, one that I am very interested in. Both guys could potentially be the future of SD, along with MVP and Mark Henry.

    Speaking of MVP, another fun showing. Morrison has fallen down a bit since his feud with Orton, but this was a fun write up regardless. MVP has become a staple of SD, and I look forward to reading about what he’s up to weekly.

    Kennedy doing his best to expose the WWF brass! I like how you played into Kennedy telling Finlay he’s not like the rest of the brass, it plants a small seed that Finlay might just let Kennedy do whatever the hell he wants.

    The plot thickens…So Matt gets his brother into this mess, and then doesn’t try to break up the pinfall attempt. Or did he slip? I think we’ll find out soon enough. Like I said earlier, this story has layers upon layers beneath it, and all I can speculate is Jeff will be the one turning on his brother, but given the shitty situations Matt has put him in, I still think Jeff will be the babyface in all of this. By far one of your best slow-played storylines.

    Jericho and Batista going back and forth was fine for a closing segment, but then all hell broke loose and you turned the ending from a good one to a fucking awesome one. The RKO out of nowhere was a fun surprise. Now I’m thinking a possible Triple Threat at WM? Chaos everywhere! Holy shit man, what a hot ending. Kennedy beating up everybody, Orton looking to stake his claim at the title, Batista with the spinebuster to Jericho, all of this was incredible to read. I know you’ve stated your Road to WM hasn’t been what you want it to be, but the ending of RAW and SD this week make me think you’ve broken through. Awesome episode man, really fun to read. Here’s to hoping I don’t miss RAW and the Brent Albright Redemption Tour!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Starting off with the hook for Kennedy makes sense, obviously he's going to be in the building at some point tonight but it makes it a big deal by bringing it up so early.

    Orton and Heyman is very good, you'd never really think Orton ever needed a mouth piece, but it worked well here. I thought Heyman's message was very well written, clearly this isn't the end of Angle and no doubt he'll back for a WrestleMania match between the two, but the intrigue is in how Heyman and Orton will try and scheme their way into getting what they want. Thought this was really good, well written and had a solid message to it.

    Edge would always beat Elijah Burke, the submission is a strange choice, but the outcome certainly wasn't. The beatdown afterwards and Melina's little interaction suggests there's more to this feud... and is this perhaps where Christian comes back into things? While this is a filler feud for Edge until we get to something good for him at WrestleMania, him taking a beating from the tag champs tonight elevates them in a sense, so I thought this was all booked pretty well.

    Ha! The rally towel gets involved, nice touch. Henry always killing poor Ricky here. Teddy was spot on here, thought he spoke a lot of sense and of course he's still peddling the racial prejudice stuff. An interesting proposition, and with Matt accepting it's another twist in the deterioration of the Hardy's relationship. Again, thought this was all pretty logically played out. My only slight gripe is that Jeff is starting to look a real fool throughout all of this, wait too long for him to smarten up and I would think a lot of sympathy for him would disappear.

    Wow, that was perhaps the blandest Edge has ever sounded in this thread!

    Kane and Bourne ticks along, not the most of exciting partnerships but they're a fun little story for now.

    Certainly think this is far better version of Carlito, he's perhaps one who you would say has been pretty underused in this thread. I guess that line about not sharing the limelight with anyone rules out the other Colons joining forces with him? Anyway, Carlito's part was fine, I liked the logic behind his turn with reference to his match with Jericho, that made sense. Kofi is kinda... meh. Carlito feels miles ahead of Kofi right now, and while it was Kofi that brought the fire to the segment by trashing the set, I'd rather just see 'Lito smash Kofi soon so he can move on to something bigger and better. But this was fine for what it was.

    Morrison has actually fallen quite a long way since that little mini feud with Orton hasn't he? MVP hasn't done a whole lot since the stuff with DiBiase either (unless I'm forgetting something) so this wasn't exactly the most interesting of matches. But I guess sometimes you need to start somewhere with characters, so if MVP turning heel lights a fire in him I'm fine with that.

    I wasn't a massive fan of the Kennedy and Finlay bit here. Didn't really fit with what Kennedy's been up to for me. Like on Raw he interrupted the conference call or brought the show to a conclusion to send a message. For him to turn up here on SmackDown and tell Finlay he was just here to cause some trouble for the sake of it doesn't really go with what you've had him do lately. Him not having an issue with Finlay and making clear his issue is with the McMahons is fair enough, but I'm not really sure this was particularly needed. Or if there was to be an exchange between the two, it needed a bit more oomph to it.

    Main event was good, Henry gets the win he needs and there's the storyline progression with the Hardys with that little touch that Matt could have made the save but didn't. Very Evolution break up circa 2005 of you. No complaints at all about this, this was spot on and of course the drama is to come between Matt and Jeff with Jeff looking for an explanation next week. All good here.

    Jericho, as always, brilliant stuff. Brain over brawn, Batista being in battles while Jericho has saved himself, surprised you didn't even point out that 'Tista has put himself through hell while Jericho won the title with ease, but it was all really good. Orton getting involved for the potential punt was fair enough, but with Kennedy getting involved here, again I'll ask if we really needed him sat in Finlay's office earlier? Could have just saved the Kennedy appearance as a surprise for now. Or even, if you were determined for a mid-show reminder of Kennedy, have him try to get in only to be ejected by Finlay and security and the show-end bit is the surprise of him still being here. That segment earlier with Finlay trusting Kennedy has made him look a bit of a fool in hindsight.

    Overall, I thought this was a fine show. Opening and ending were both very good, the storyline progression with the Hardys was top notch. The middle of the show lagged a bit, a lot of guys kinda kick starting things like Morrison, MVP, Carlito, but like I said, they've all got to start somewhere if they're going to become bigger parts of the show. But Batista and Jericho was great stuff and will only continue to get better as we head towards Mania I'm sure.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    First time in a v long time but I'm finally able to do some reviewing.

    Little segments like the one to open Smackdown are easy and effective. I imagine the show will have little things like this scattered throughout to remind us of Kennedy even if he don't see him. (I doubt that though.)

    Randy Orton with a mouthpiece, especially in Paul Heyman, is an interesting choice overall. But I think Heyman in general elevates and the sky is the limit for anyone, any ceiling is glass so I'm excited how this pairing ends up working out. I love a good evil mastermind laying out their plot for all to see. Really well done overall in explaining story and this is going to be fun to follow through Mania season.

    Interesting that you have Edge heading into a tag team title feud it seems. Definitely right choice by the victor but Fight Factory quickly picked up their momentum again with the attack. Nothing wrong with it IMO.

    Easy win for Henry and liked the promo overall from Teddy Long. I think the potential loss is set up here with the amount of confidence from Long but it was a nice way to set it up.

    I like the Kane and Bourne pairing here, really like the consist building of your tag team division as you filter through duos. Wondering if my idea of Edge going for the tag titles is wrong and Fight Factory will lose the belts next week. I could see a team like Kane and Bourne building up quickly for a nice Mania win for the belts?

    Speaking of filtering teams - Carlito and Kofi will be a fun feud and an easy way to make two top guys. I don't have much to say otherwise besides well written and enjoyable segment in the show.

    I like building the MVP and Morrison match with a nice backstage call back. A personal favorite thing of mine and like I said was simple rather than giving us a random match with no overall story. Was expecting a Morrison win but I guess this will just be stretched out some.

    No issues with me from the Kennedy and Finlay segment and like I said about Heyman, it's nice to get those reasons for what someone did rather than just wondering. I definitely don't think that's the last we'll see of Kennedy.

    Well, I was wrong about there potentially being too much confidence from Long. I am interested in what's going to go down with Matt and Jeff now. Of course, IRL they fought at Mania 25 but yours is so distinctly different from anything that I won't be basing off real life. I think it's a longer story that will be important to watch. I might be thinking Mark Henry could win Superbrawl right now, but he is a big factor for Smackdown overall.

    Oh man that closing segment was a ton of fun. Orton making his mark, Kennedy coming back to essentially even the odds, and Batisita laying out Jericho. Loved the final moments of Orton and Jericho both going for the belt and Batista being fully raged up. All great stuff. Besides that, I thought the promos from both champion and challenger were good. Really hyped up for Mania and the WWE Championship because of this.

    Awesome stuff overall and it was a fun show. Going to try and hop in with feedback more often.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    I love the RAW/SD continuity with this quick opener.

    How can you not just love everything about this opening promo? It's perfect heeling. Heyman talks in tongues about the story to build up to everything, keeps twisting it, it was just excellent. Honestly, the only thing I don't like is the sudden change to the SuperBrawl match being that the winner now faces the RAW Champion. Doing this on Superstars without any fanfare, especially after the whole build has been you get any match but a World Title match, and now, haha just kidding guys! That is weak, but the promo was perfect.

    Edge/Burke was exactly what you needed to build to. Edge wins a singles match handily, then the numbers of a tag team clearly out number him..I wonder who will come to help Edge...

    Haterizing indeed, playa! Finlay is one of them hooligans who throws bananas as the football games I bet, belie dat! Very good promo overall, and I love the scenario that you created for the show as well. Does Matt screw his brother, does Henry's confidence bite him in the ass, do the Hardys implode further? This created several good questions.

    Matt Hardy is such a fun character, and you just continued it here with his motivation shining through, trying to manipulate his brother, and just thinking of only the benefits, no consequences. Love it.

    Short and simple with Edge. No real substance here, but a simple enough filler and keep him in the SuperBrawl picture.

    Kane/Manu wasn't anything to write home about, shocking I know, but you kept it pretty short and continued the story, especially with Evan Bourne: Jumping (Bean) Into Chairs

    Twice, at least, now you've done well with just a simple 1-2 lines to hype something coming up now, Batista showing up and then this with Carlito. Shocker, you do the simple so perfectly.

    A Cabana segment really needs a hammock between the two palm trees, FFR.

    I like the refreshing take of Carlito essentially speaking admirably about Kofi, and making the turn all about his own motives instead of Kofi dragging him down. It was all very reasonable and well executed, and Kofi's response was a by the numbers response to the situation you painted.

    Appreciate the quick "earlier today" moment for the set up to the match, and my only complaint can be that the ending felt clunky with "changing tact" supposed to mean Morrison went from top rope to canvas. MVP's slow heel turn obviously isn't anywhere near as good as Matt's, and it dawning on me that you're what it appears to me doing two slow burn heel turns isn't really ideal as it runs the risk of feeling carbon copy.

    While Kennedy sitting in Finlay's chair is a nice visual, can't help but feel like this was weak sauce having him show up with no explanation of how he got through security since he's not someone allowed at a SD show willie nillie.

    Yawn at the Batista thing

    US Title match went as well as it needed too, short and effective. The flaw is that you never actually stated that the guy who took the fall was out of the match, so I didn't like that you just write that Jeff's out of the match. Would've LOVED for you to have played this up into next week for either Finlay or Long/Henry to say who is out of the match, ESPECIALLY if you had Finlay throw Matt out for 1) accepting the match without Jeff and 2) leaving him out to dry. Missed opportunity there mate.

    I was really liking the angle you were playing with Jericho in he's fresh and used his brain to save Batista for now, because he's tired and worn, but then you went Modern WWE on me and you took away the subtlety of it and had to have him say Brain vs Brawn, Mind vs Muscle. I don't like it when writers do that - make it way too obvious what the theme of the feud is - especially at the first chance of doing it. I think if you at least waited several more weeks for the all-in tag line it's not as bad, but right from the gate is just something I wouldn't expect from someone of your quality. Getting tired like Batista, old man? :P

    So I love that you had so much freaking chaos here for the ending, that was really fun. And I loved that you did show subtlety with Orton's attack by not having it said he was trying to take Batista out to replace him, but instead I got to think back to how Heyman ended that promo to start the show and connect the dots. I'm not sure how much I like Kennedy being the guy to make the save. That just felt like you were trying to force him into the ending, if I'm honest. Kennedy just saved the McMahon Empire by making sure their prized RR Winner can now compete at Mania now, if anything, you know? So while the chaos factor itself was great, the ending itself didn't fully hit. Batista looked good still though, IMO, because of the comeback, and the promo content itself he played the role of silent bad ass type pretty well.

    Overall I think the Orton/Heyman dynamic stole the show, and was a lot of fun from open to close. Jericho's angle was really great except for the forced theme tag, and the Carlito/Kofi segment I thought was refreshing and well executed. Some other surprising misses with me on your end, but it's not major stuff because when is it ever with you? :P

    WCW 99: The Fingerpoke of Doom
    Now Playing in BTB Section!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Oh my god, yes. The idea of Finlay getting security on high alert because of Kennedy is BRILLIANT. Perfect way to play off on what happened on Raw, and obviously makes it feel ‘real’ due to the brand split being somewhat forgotten. Awesome. Although I will be disappointed if he doesn’t show up now.

    Opening promo from Heyman was really well written, and pretty much summarised the Angle situation perfectly. His point of view made complete sense, which made this very effective. A few lines I really liked like Heyman’s take on the 3 I’s and the unironic you suck chants. This did exactly what it needed to after last week so I’m happy. I am definitely interested in how this dastardly duo try and get involved in the title match at Mania though. And the “it’s true” was a perfect way to end. Really good start tonight.

    Edge win over Burke is fine considering he’s the bigger singles star. The aftermath with Barrett and Burke beating the hell out of Edge wasn’t expected. I have an idea of where this might go but kind of keeping it to myself for now. Either way, this was fine for what it was, but feels like a massive step down for Edge, considering where he was previously. At the same time, people can’t be at the top of the card forever so I kind of get it.

    LOL at Ortiz offering Henry his towel. Another fine squash for Henry here. Teddy Long’s rant afterwards was more of the same, but I LOVED the idea of trying to get Henry a match with The Hardyz. It might seem like Henry is outnumbered but deep down Teddy knows they are struggling right now. I think this is an inspired pick. Of course Matt accepting without consulting Jeff causes the plot to thicken as well. Really good stuff.

    Matt/Jeff conversation followed in the same vein as the above, really good. Matt’s motivation comes out, he’s never just trying to help Jeff. I wonder when these two will eventually explode?

    Solid enough from Edge. He’s not winning though, literally has no momentum right now, which is crazy considering where he was at the Rumble.

    This is going to seem REALLY picky because I know he’s a good guy now, but Batista never really changed his behaviour. He’s still a bad ass, the fans just decided to like him… But because of that, seeing him just signing autographs kind of irritates me. Feel like it’s not ‘him’.

    More solid stuff with Kane/Bourne. For something not currently as important as the rest of the card, I’m enjoying these two’s shenanigans.

    Carlito using the spotlight as his reasoning for hating Kofi is kind of generic, but it suits ‘Lito’s character perfectly so it’s acceptable. What I liked here was the slightly different take, with Carly explaining it’s what he needs, but he doesn’t hold any ill will towards Kofi. Something a little different and I like it. Clearly Kofi thinks differently and this was a nice tease of Kofi getting revenge, without actually getting any. A fine segment, looking forward to seeing Kofi chase ‘Lito for a bit.

    The way MVP/Morrison came about was fine and I liked the finish here. Porter about to go heel after all the shit he’s had to deal with is a perfect arc for his character. Starting off with claiming the tight hold was an accident is okay. This direction gets a tick from me.

    The visual of Kennedy hamming it up in Finlay’s office is a fun one. A decent enough segment here, I liked the dynamic of KK not having any issues with Finlay as well. Decent segment to keep this moving along.

    Yeah, Christian/Edge teaming up is where I was thinking this thing with the tag champs was heading.

    Honestly don’t know if we need a 12 minute Batista video when he’s going to be in a big in ring segment later…

    Henry/Hardys was booked really well. Matt just deciding not to break up the fall is awesome. Poor Jeff. I guess I should mention Henry just continues to look like an absolute beast as well.

    I liked the Jericho/Batista promo as well. Brain vs. Brawn. As usual, Jericho had a pretty smart angle, using his brain stuff to sell how out of it Batista will be by the time they get to Mania. Batista’s being intense in response makes sense, and this was a perfectly fine opening confrontation between the two.

    The stuff afterwards with Kennedy and Orton getting involved, both for very valid reasons was awesome. Made the ending feel really exciting, great stuff.

    A pretty good show here, Wolf. I think I might have enjoyed Raw a little better this week, but that show was amazing. This one probably didn’t hit that level, but was still very good. The road to Mania certainly feels much more on track than it did a week ago. Good stuff.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    really good segment to kick the show off and have Heyman carrying it made it even better. the pointing out of Kurt being "past it" and not being able to accept it was really well gotten across and will motivate and drive Angle back to his best come Mania I reckon. Kurt is a machine and he just needs some new oil, and this betrayal and run down will lubricate him etc haha. very good start to the show

    Edge over Burke was fairly obvious, loved him busting out the Edgeactor, not many use that in writing BTB anymore. post match attack keeps the feud going and I assume we might see Christian save him at some stage for a tag match, although it doesnt seem like Christian will be back any time soon so it'll be interesting to see where you take this

    I LOVE you writing Teddy Long, you nail it every time. Matt has basically just cost his brother a spot in the SuperBrawl match surely, no way it's going any other way after this and the split you've been teasing between the two

    Kane/Bourne is much like the Kane/Bryan/X-Pac/Hurricane dynamics he's had in previous years but it works well and Kane is a hard guy to write in the main event scene so this midcard spot is a better position for him. Kane was always beating Manu coz lets face it, Manu sucks. Tag title's in the future I'd say for Kane/Bourne and it'd be a decent partnership and they'd produce decent matches with most opponents I'd say

    Carlito's Cabana is a cool segment that never got a good enough run for me, Lito's promo was strange in the way he tried to play down the betrayal and split, but Kofi wasn't having any of it and that's fine, their feud will run towards Mania I'd say, both in the MITB ladder match I reckon. Never rated Kofi as an all round talent, more of a spot monkey, but we'll see what you can do. Carlito RULES

    I always liked MVP and would certainly prefer him to get pushed over Morrison, however the sorrow he displayed for cheating to win was certainly strange and makes me wonder how much longer it'll continue before someone snaps at him or he just embraces thats how he is

    Kennedy is obviously going to make his presence felt either in the Hardyz/Henry match or the Batista/Jericho segment as there's no way he'd just show up to prove he could sneak into the show. felt a little bland in comparison to what Ken has done lately and maybe a little unnecessary? still, nothing really wrong with the promo on a whole, just not quite feeling it I guess

    no shock Jeff lost and Henry gets his SB spot. definitely plants a confrontation next week between the Hardyz after how obvious you made out Matt didn't bother try and save his brother. I've said before I'm bored of Hardy feuds between BTB and IRL, but perhaps you'll do something different. I've never enjoyed Mark Henry in any form, but having Teddy as his manager makes him slightly more bearable

    enjoyable and chaotic end to the show, you've always written Jericho well and there was nothing wrong with Batista either. Orton's appearance and punt attempt was big and I'm sure he will try and insert himself into the Mania title picture before Angle returns and costs him. Kennedy also getting involved furthers his recklessness but I feel like Finlay has been made to look a little daft after the earlier confrontation, and you could've made this more of a big deal/surprise if Kennedy managed to sneak past security unannounced and then injected himself here

    good stuff as always old man

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Monday Night Raw | February 9 2009 | Denver, CO

    There’s an immediate commotion backstage … as AMERICAS MOST WANTED are bloodied up, with James Storm sitting up, looking worse for wear … whilst Chris Harris is still laid out. Medics tend to them both, with officials looking around with other workers… on the scene, as senior referee MIKE CHIODA kneels down to talk to James Storm, asking him what happened…


    Storm pants, struggling to get his words out as a medic presses against his head wound…

    “…Was Kennedy.”

    Chiodas eyes widen, and he quickly stands up, telling no one in particular;

    Someone get Steamboat quickly. He’s here…”

    Opening Video


    Fast Fuse’ by Kasabian plays in the arena, and the camera pans the arena, before hearing the voice of JIM ROSS with the voice of Raw welcoming everyone … and there’s immediate concern in the Oklahomans voice given the graphic detail at the top of the show.

    J.R notes that Mister Kennedy is on the warpath, and surmises he targeted Americas Most Wanted after they played a part in screwing him out of the Royal Rumble two weeks ago … and follows on from him cutting the show short last week by hijacking the production truck … then disrupting the closing segment on Smackdown too!!

    The Coach hopes Kennedy doesn’t get near the truck tonight, as there’s a huge main event of the Master Craftsmen versus Triple H & the World Champion Shawn Michaels; a reunited D-Generation X for one night only. We’re six days away from SuperBrawl-

    **HATE ME NOW**

    And speaking of Super Brawl, one of the SIX men that’ll be part of the match to determine who goes on to WrestleMania to challenge for the World Heavyweight Title. JOHN CENA; the man in black, strides down the ramp with his head down, hood over his head, with J.R and Coach reminding everyone it was HIS match last week with Shelton Benjamin that was disrupted by Mister Kennedy.

    Cena hits the ring, calling for the microphone, and Lillian Garcia quickly hands it over before heading out as soon as she can, with Cena clearly in no mood for fucking around tonight…

    John Cena: Shut it off…

    Cena isn’t hanging on, and the music quickly dies off at his request.

    John Cena: When that peroxide headed clown pulled the plug last week, he cut off my chance to put this Shelton Benjamin crap to bed. So Kennedy?? I don’t give a damn what point y’punk ass was tryin to make. Y’picked the wrong guy to mess around with an’ I don’t appreciate anybody messin with my business. So get it straight, if someone don’t get t’ya before I do, just know … your time’s gonna come, cos I don’t forget a damn thing.

    With a steely glare at the camera, Cena lets that sink in for a second.

    John Cena: But he can wait. I got another issue on my mind, and another guy that tried messin with my business.

    No prizes for guessin who that is folks!” ~J.R chimes in on commentary.

    John Cena: So two weeks ago, I threw down the gauntlet, and I called out The Undertaker. Open invite to come find me.

    Cena shakes his head.

    John Cena: Two weeks on, I ain’t heard a thing. No words, no messages, no nothin. Now I know last week, Kennedy’s little stunt to cut the lights and kill the show got people excited… people – hell, even I – thought he was gonna man up and face me like a man. That’s what people expected … cos that’s usually how things go when someone dares call out The Deadman.

    The ‘Man In Black’ takes a moment to pause before continuing on.

    John Cena: If that ain’t enough to get a response, let’s all remember that I went to his turf the night after Christmas and put the Deadman down where he stood … and he ain’t done JACK since!! Sure, he snuck up behind my ass and tossed me outta the Rumble … but if that weak ass crap makes us even in his eyes?? …

    Turning to speak directly to the camera up close, Cena gets the message out;

    John Cena: Then I guess The Undertaker is a bigger pussy these days than I thought.

    Heat. Cena shrugs, and continues on once things die down a little.

    John Cena: Now I ain’t an unreasonable man. I ain’t gonna force The Deadman into anything. The way I see it, the guy had two weeks to make a decision, and he tucked tail. He wants nothin to do with John Cena, and I don’t blame his ass. So I guess The Deadman lives for another day, huh??

    Cena looks nonchalant about the whole thing.

    John Cena: And now I’m movin on. And I’m movin on to gettin back my World Title. SuperBrawl this Sunday, I’m mowing through ‘em all. Over the top, through a table, makin ‘em tap and beatin their asses all over the damn arena, I don’t give a damn who’s in my way!! John Cena and the World Title at WrestleMania goes hand in hand.

    He’s not wrong, J.R!!” ~The Coach backs up Cenas claim.

    John Cena: For the last four years, I’ve been in the World Title match at WrestleMania. It’s tradition now. And I don’t see anyone that’s gonna put a stop to that tradi-


    Not an interruption John Cena was looking for. CM PUNK, one of Cena’s five opponents at SuperBrawl this Sunday, saunters onto the stage, microphone in hand, and the Intercontinental title over his shoulder. Cena isn’t impressed … but Punk is smirking, as he waits to speak…

    CM Punk: Ohhh, I see someone, John. I see someone that’s gonna put a stop to your little annual tradition … Because it’s about time I started a little tradition of my own.

    CM Punk is part of that Super Brawl match on Sunday too, and he’s got designs on winnin it!!” ~J.R fills in the blanks.

    CM Punk: Unlike at the Royal Rumble, I’m not gettin dealt a bum draw. We’re all startin on an even playin field … and the way I see it, John, if we all start on the same mark … then I’ve already got an advantage.

    Cena blows Punk off.

    John Cena: Sit y’ass down!! You gonna try and claim you’ve got any advantage over me?? Don’t waste my time. You don’t measure up to me in ANY way. Y’know, I ain’t ever seen someone with as much misplaced confidence than you, Punk.

    CM Punk: It’s not misplaced. It’s not misplaced at all. While you’ve been spending the last year busy finding ways of pissing off the people that rejected you because they saw through your phony, bootleg Hulkamania act … I’ve been busy doin things that actually matter. Things … that I say make me the favourite this Sunday.

    Punk taps his title belt on his shoulder, and raises it slightly off his shoulder…

    CM Punk: See this right here?? I’ve been Intercontinental Champion for almost ten months now. I’ve beaten everybody there is to beat to keep this title.

    John Cena: That’s some definition of everybody

    Punk smirks at the jibe, but is ready with a rebuttal.

    CM Punk: Anytime you want, John. Because this IS the biggest prize in the WWE. My outlook hasn’t changed one bit – and I intend on heading into WrestleMania to prove my point.

    Cena scoffs at the suggestion, but Punk carries on.

    CM Punk: And I’ve proven time after time, I can go all night long. Three matches in one night to win the King of the Ring … sixty minutes on Raw. Forty five minutes in a two outta three falls match. And hey, how about this one; I started the Royal Rumble, outlasted your overhyped ass, and I spent more time in there than anybody else. On Sunday, I’m gonna go one better.

    John Cena: One better?? I don’t know what the hell that means seein as you didn’t do SQUAT at the Rumble, but you ain’t winnin nothin at SuperBrawl and y’ain’t gonna be holdin two titles at WrestleMania.

    Shrugging, Cena casually has something else to add.

    John Cena: Tell t’truth, if you ain’t lucky, I might just snatch that title o’yours on the way to WrestleMania if I feel like it just t’piss you off.

    That draws a smirk from Punk.

    CM Punk: I guess you’re a little slow, John. I just said any time you want.

    Punk doesn’t bat an eye at the threat from Cena, and steadfastly continues on.

    CM Punk: You might think you’ve got people scared with that tough guy act, and maybe some people fall for it … but you don’t scare me.

    John Cena: That’s only cos y’sorry ass is at a safe distance.

    CM Punk: Oh yeah?? I can change that.

    Punk drops the microphone … and he’s heading down the ramp!! Cena isn’t backing up either, and starts taking his hoodie off, preparing for a fight …


    Cena and Benjamin are trading blows again, picking up where they left off a week ago!!! Punk still continues to the ring, seeing an opportunity to perhaps soften up Cena ahead of SuperBrawl …


    The #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Title (bizarrely) helps out John Cena by preventing a 2 on 1 attack against a truly shitty human, coming for a piece of Punk – as J.R notes Nemeth will challenge for the I.C Title next week on Raw – before Punk retreats into the ring.

    Shelton and Cena are still going back and forth, but as Punk backs off from Nemeth, he bumps into the back of Cena, sending Cena stuttering forward, allowing Benjamin to nail Cena with a big knock down shot!!!

    Nemeth continues to get his shots in on Punk, whilst Benjamin throws a kick at Cena – CAUGHT – DRAGON WHIP … SENDS CENA INTO PUNK!!!


    The errant kick hits the wrong target after Cena bundled into Punk, and after a second of looking frustrated at his error, he turns around … GETTING HOISTED UP AND DRILLED WITH THE GTS!!!

    Punk is smiling at that one … but he’s not smiling for long, as Cena spins him around, scoops him up-

    FU TO CM PUNK!!!!!

    And just as Cena turns his focus back to the recovering Shelton Benjamin, referees hit the ring, looking to break the situation up … as J.R tells us we’re having to go to a commercial here amidst this carnage!!!



    Returning to some clips of the action packed start to the show … J.R excitedly informs the viewers of a freshly announced tag team match later tonight in which you may be able to guess the competitors … but the teams will raise an eyebrow; CM Punk teams with Shelton Benjamin to take on John Cena and Nick Nemeth!! A mix of faces and heels on both sides!!

    But LEAVING the building in a hurry is ‘SUPERSTAR’ BOB HOLLY!! The cranky old veteran – as we’re told by J.R – is supposed to be facing THE MIZ later tonight … but he’s LEAVING!! Conveniently, RICKY STEAMBOAT sees the permanently pissed off Holly on his way out, and wants to know what he’s doing.

    Not beating it around the bush, Bob tells Steamboat he’s not hanging around if Mister Kennedy is on the loose, having seen what Kennedy did to AMW, and seeing as he himself tried to scupper Kennedy at the Rumble. “I don’t get paid anywhere near enough to wait around for some jackass to jump me from behind!!”

    Holly leaves Steamboat pretty speechless, and we get a good insight into the so-called tough guy Bob Holly … running at the first sign of trouble. Typical bully. But for Steamboat, it’s another reminder he’s got a potential powder keg on his hands with Mister Kennedy on the warpath in the building…

    Back into the arena…

    With LAYCOOL on their way to the ring…

    And the ring is filling up with women!! Already, VICTORIA, JILLIAN HALL, MARIA, CANDICE MICHELLE and KATIE LEA are in there, as we’re reminded we’re about to get a Battle Royal to determine the next contender for the Womens Title … but Coach points out that BETH PHOENIX has already beaten almost all these women; multiple times!!!

    MARYSE is out next – minus La Renaissance – and BRIE BELLA gets her own entrance too, before NATALYA heads to the ring, with the entrants barely getting to hear ten seconds of their own music.

    The popular blonde KELLY KELLY rounds out the field, as we’re treated to the guest commentary of Gail Kim – ineligible for his title shot having had her final crack at the Glamazon at the Royal Rumble – with J.R and even Coach praising Gail on her incredible effort in the Last Woman Standing match.

    Gail accepts the praise, but sportingly puts over Beth Phoenix’s win, accepting the better woman on the night won, but states she’ll soon be back in the hunt, and expects to come back better than ever … but it’s someone else’s turn tonight…

    Brie Bella, Candice Michelle, Jillian Hall, Katie Lea, Kelly Kelly, Layla El, Maria, Maryse, Michelle McCool, Natalya, Victoria
    There’s an odd number of eleven, and there’s a few competitors that you can only describe as ‘dead weight’ … such as CANDICE MICHELLE who is quickly tossed out by Victoria, whilst JILLIAN HALL – fresh off an appearance on Raw two weeks ago – gets manoeuvred out by Maria!! Notably, Kelly Kelly is keeping her distance from Victoria, whilst McCool and Layla watch one anothers backs, and after failing to get their hands on Brie, end up having too much for KATIE LEA.

    Eliminated: Candice Michelle by Victoria @ 00:17
    Eliminated: Jillian Hall by Maria @ 00:30
    Eliminated: Katie Lea by Layla El & Michelle McCool @ 00:48

    All gone in the first minute. Kelly Kelly soon helps out the new girl, not letting Brie get teamed up on by LayCool, whilst Victoria and Natalya end up pairing off after Maryse slips out of the ring to avoid fighting Nattie. Maria helps out Kelly and Brie against LayCool, standing up against the pair, and Kelly then steps away from that particular battle … and sees a chance to dump out Victoria if she wants to from behind … but passes up the chance!!

    Too scared to try and take out her mentor, Kelly gets blindsided by Maryse (having snuck back into the ring), but before the blonde can throw Kelly out, Nattie spots her, and gives up against Victoria in order to get her hands on Maryse instead!! Maryse stops Nattie with a kick, but when she charges toward Natalya to try and knock her out, Nattie low bridges the ropes; MARYSE TUMBLES TO THE FLOOR!!!

    Eliminated: Maryse by Natalya @ 01:22

    The ongoing issues between the Harts and La Renaissance continues through the Battle Royal!! Maryse is gone … and Maria isn’t too far behind her as Victoria dispatches her with ease, leaving poor Brie Bella in a 2 on 1 situation with LayCool!! But there’s about to be some controversy … as sore loser Maryse is joined at ringside by Sandow and Duprée … and feeling brave with her back up, trips Nattie and DRAGS HER OUT OF THE RING!!!

    Eliminated: Maria by Victoria @ 01:31

    And Maryse begins to attack Natalya – who has not been eliminated – at ringside … so naturally the HART LEGACY rush to her aide!!! Tyson Kidd and Harry Smith take it to Duprée and Sandow, which occupies all the officials … whilst in the ring, Victoria is bearing down on Kelly Kelly, with Kelly scared for her life, not wanting to fight her mentor … but before anything can come of it, Layla and McCool attack Victoria from behind!!

    Meanwhile, referees separate the men on the floor, getting things under control by demanding La Renaissance and Maryse head up the ramp, and Natalya is told to get back into the ring to continue the match … just as LAYCOOL – having beaten down Victoria and Kelly – DUMP OUT BRIE BELLA!! The two were simply too much for Brie, and get a measure of revenge for her recent wins over them both.

    Eliminated: Brie Bella by LayCool @ 02:12

    Full of themselves, LayCool wave goodbye to Brie … but the referees are still busy sorting out the situation with the Harts and La Renaissance … so they’ve MISSED the elimination … and as Brie Bella dives under the ring apron … Brie Bella{?} teleports{?} into the ring, surprising LayCool from behind and DUMPS THEM BOTH OUT!!! What just happened there!?

    Eliminated: Michelle McCool by “Brie Bella” @ 02:23
    Eliminated: Layla El by “Brie Bella” @ 02:23

    McCool and Layla can’t believe it either … they eliminated Brie, saw her crawl under the apron … and in the same breath she appeared in the ring to dump them out!? Unfortunately for LayCool, the referees DO see their elimination, and send the pair to the back!!! It’s “Brie” now waving to LayCool, as both women protest their elimination, telling the referees to search under the ring … but those protests fall onto deaf ears, as Natalya returns to the ring, taking on a recovered Victoria, whilst Kelly and “Brie” pair off, heading into a commercial break…

    Commercial Break

    It must’ve been thrilling action during the commercial, as all four women are still there, and it’s noted that three of the four have already tried – and failed – to unseat Beth Phoenix as Womens Champion, showing that the champ has cleaned this division out completely at the top end of the scale. Natalya goes on the tear, getting offence in on all three opponents, standing tall, and eventually ends the brave effort from “Brie”, with the referees spotting her elimination this time around …

    Eliminated: “Brie Bella” by Natalya @ 06:16

    But Victoria sneaks up behind Nattie, and sends her to the floor right behind Brie!!!

    Eliminated: Natalya by Victoria @ 06:20

    It means Victoria and Kelly are the final two; teacher and student (until recently) with Kelly sad at the prospect of having to fight her mentor … but there’s no love lost from Victoria, BOOTING Kelly to the canvas!!! Victoria rag dolls Kelly a little, talking some trash, dishing out tough love, whilst telling Kelly she doesn’t belong in here with her … before throwing her over the top …

    BUT KELLY HANGS ON!!!!! Victoria is incensed!!! She looks to nail Kelly to knock her off, but Kelly ducks down, avoiding the shot, and ducks her head between the legs of Victoria … AND HOISTS HER UP … WITH VICTORIA SPILLING OVER … CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!! Kelly Kelly has pulled this thing off!!!
    Winner: Kelly Kelly @ 07:03

    Yeah, the Kelly Kelly experiment continues; what else would you expect!? Kelly Kelly looks stunned in herself … and almost guilty at having eliminated her teacher and mentor (even though Victoria broke off the friendship a month ago) … but she’s just earned herself another crack at Beth Phoenix in two weeks!!!

    On commentary, Gail wishes Kelly all the best, hoping she can go one better, but admits Kelly has an uphill battle on her hands in two weeks to win the title … as Victoria gets back into the ring … which Kelly offering a handshake. After a moment of contemplating … VICTORIA HITS KELLY INSTEAD!!!

    Furious at being outdone by her former protégé, Victoria starts to beat the pretty blonde down, unable to accept she was beaten by the relative rookie … WHICH FORCES GAIL KIM INTO ACTION!!!

    Having seen enough, Gail leaves commentary, and enters the ring … but Victoria spots Gail coming, and doesn’t want to deal with her … electing to leave Kelly for now … and back out of the ring, but not before sending a warning to Gail that she shouldn’t have gotten involved.

    Gail Kim helps Kelly to her feet, checking to make sure she’s okay … before raising her hand, giving the young blonde her chance to soak in the victory, and despite her lack of real talent, the fans still cheer Kelly’s success (wonder why) … much to the chagrin of the departing Victoria…



    (Ignore the WrestleMania 30 stuff at the end)

    Standing backstage, LAY COOL are both still in a rage, having been screwed/outwitted by Brie Bella during the Battle Royal. They’re shown watching a replay of the match on a monitor, bickering amongst themselves … and when their suspicions are found to be correct, and it becomes obvious there’s something afoot, they start going on the lookout for Brie to confront her…

    Elsewhere, TRIPLE H and SHAWN MICHAELS are shown sitting together in the locker room. J.R and Coach commentate over the footage, as we don’t hear what’s being said … but after their “discussion” last week on Raw, there’s little being said between the two tonight, with J.R speculating it may well be frosty tonight … but they TEAM together later tonight, six night away from two huge matches for the pair of them at SuperBrawl … which may ultimately lead them onto a Collision Course at WrestleMania…

    But back in the arena…


    Despite the change to traditional ring gear, THE MIZ is still a pompous ass as he makes his entrance. J.R notes on commentary that Miz IS supposed to have a match with cantankerous Bob Holly … but Holly has ditched already … leaving Miz in a state of no mans land right now tonight … begging the question; what’s he doing out here?? We’re about to find out, because he’s requesting a mic…

    The Miz: Bob Holly was supposed to face me tonight, in this very ring … but ‘ol Bob got scared. I stepped out of my locker room earlier, and stepped right into a huge puff of smoke that Bob Holly left behind when he bolted out of here when he found out he’d be dealing with The Miz.

    I’m no fan of Bob Holly, but this is absurd.” ~J.R comments on Miz’s ‘claim’.

    The Miz: So I guess Bob Holly saw the number I did on that embarrassment Nick Nemeth last week and decided he wanted no part of me!! And honestly?? I don’t blame him. He may look like some dumb, uneducated hillbilly … Oh. Hold on. He IS a dumb, uneducated hillbilly … but even Bombastic Bob is smart enough to realise he doesn’t belong in the ring with the fastest rising star in ALL of sports AND entertainment.

    The heat rises for the self-aggrandizing reality star.

    The Miz: It’s no coincidence that old Sparky Plugg dropped the “Hardcore” from his name when he got brought over to Raw and saw me, The Miz, walking around with that Hardcore Title. Did I ever tell you people about the time I competed in the longest ever Hardcore title match??

    He points down at himself…

    The Miz: Forty seven days, twenty three hours, fifty four minutes and seventeen seconds.


    The Miz: Not that anyone’s keeping count.

    Except for himself, obviously.

    The Miz: But Bobby, you might want to drop that ironic “Superstar” label you tried giving yourself … because there’s only one SUPER star on Monday Night Raw … and that’s … Tha Miz.

    Sporting that shit-eating grin, Miz ignores the boos.

    The Miz: And I guess Bob Holly is a lot like your Bronco’s, huh?? Because just like Bob Holly, the Denver Bronco’s disappeared for the last three games of their season didn’t they!?

    The cheapest of cheap heat, as Miz reminds the Denver crowd of the Bronco’s turning a division winning 8-5 record into an 8-8 season that saw them miss the play-offs last month.

    The Miz: Hit a nerve, did I?? Hey, don’t boo me!! Boo the morons that fell outta the play offs when they had a three game lead with three games left to play!! Talk about choke artists!!

    Miz sure ain’t ingratiating himself to these fans…” ~J.R points out the obvious.

    The Miz: So just because crusty old Bob decided to run for the Rocky Mountains, doesn’t mean I’m not gonna still come out here and accept my victory!! I’m here, I showed up, and I deserve to have my hand raised!!

    Miz looks to Lillian Garcia in the corner…

    The Miz: So right now, I’d like Lillian Garcia to declare me the winner of this match …

    Lillian seems confused, and somewhat uneasy, as Miz beckons her forward … telling her to “say it”…

    Lillian Garcia: Uhm … ladies and gentlemen … as a result of a … {shrugs} forfeit?

    Miz makes the ‘go on’ motion with his hand…

    Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner … THE MIZ!!!

    Like a true dick, he then lightly pushes Garcia aside, shooing her in order to take centre stage. Not so much as a thank you…

    The Miz: And once again, The Miz is victorious. So right about now, I think I’m gonna pull a Bob Holly and split from this joint, and catch a flight back out to L.A, because just like the weather up here, the hospitality is COLD as hell!!


    But cuttiing The Miz off … NICK NEMETH!! Nemeth defeated Miz last week, but the reality star got a cheap shot in after the match, leaving Nemeth laying … and the #1 Contender for the I.C Title is coming for revenge!!! The Miz knows what’s coming too … so like a chicken shit heel, he quickly scarpers out of the ring before Nemeth can get there!!!

    Miz hightails it, as Nemeth leans over the ropes, telling Miz to come back for some of him … but Nemeth has other things to be dealing with right now himself; we’re getting the tag team match announced earlier in the evening!!

    **HATE ME NOW**

    JOHN CENA will be the strange bedfellows partner for Nemeth tonight, making up a heel/face team given the bizarre circumstances at the top of the show, with J.R and Coach wondering how these two will co-exist, coming from two completely different viewpoints … as do their opponents…


    And SHELTON BENJAMIN isn’t wasting time!! He’s not waiting for CM Punk either; he wants John Cena right now!! Nemeth tries to step in – having been a team mate with Shelton back at the Survivor Series – trying to calm his opponent … but Benjamin even lashes out at Nemeth!! That still allows Cena to attack Benjamin-


    He’s in no particular rush, but CM PUNK eventually makes his way out, not running to make a save for Shelton, with J.R urging Punk from commentary to get to the ring and help out his partner … as we head to a commercial break, with the match coming up next…



    Match 2:
    Nick Nemeth & John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin & Intercontinental Champ. CM Punk
    Order has been restored during the commercial, and the match is joined in progress with Punk wearing down his rival Nick Nemeth, then looks to tag in Shelton to continue the work … but it’s obvious Benjamin just wants Cena, and appears to be allowing and even advocating for Nemeth to tag out. Punk isn’t going to let that happen though, and immediately tags himself back in, asking Benjamin what the hell he’s doing. Despite the brief frostiness between partners, Nemeth doesn’t use it to make a tag out … he sees it as a chance to get back at Punk!!

    With Nemeth having to wait until next week for his Intercontinental title shot, he’s looking to make the most of the opportunity to show Punk what he’s made of, and John Cena – himself looking to weaken Punk, as one of his adversaries this Sunday – drives a knee into the back of the I.C Champ when he comes off the ropes. Nemeth isn’t too enamoured with the cheating from Cena, and lets Cena know that when he tags him in … but Cena doesn’t care about any of that, and looks to work over Punk, who somehow becomes the face in peril … despite being a heel.

    And during the beatdown, Cena can’t help himself but to take a CHEAP SHOT at Shelton Benjamin on the apron, knocking Shelton off, before having to cut off a short lived CM Punk comeback. Getting Punk up for a DELAYED VERTICAL SUPLEX, Cena shows off his incredible strength, much to the chagrin of the fans … but before he can execute the move, SHELTON BENJAMIN IS BACK IN THE RING, AND ATTACKS CENA!!! With little regard for his own partner, Shelton can’t hold himself back from coming for Cena, with Mike Chioda having a tough time trying to force him back out!!

    Nick Nemeth returns inside to play peacekeeper, but AGAIN Shelton pushes him away like he did earlier!! And this time, Nemeth SHOVES Shelton back!! The two start to get into it themselves, and Chioda has to warn both illegal men to get out of the ring … but when both ignore his warnings, coupled with Cena then attacking Shelton himself, the referee has had enough – he’s throwing this one out!!! Just as Punk plants a LOW BLOW to Cena out of the officials eyeline; it won’t matter – Mike Chioda has already made his decision!!
    Winners: No Contest @ 06:58

    And as the bell rings … THE MIZ has returned to ringside, looking to get his licks in on Nick Nemeth after absconding earlier!! Meanwhile, CM Punk looks to his “partner” during the match, and offers up Cena on a plate for Shelton. Punk knows what he’s doing, getting Shelton to do the dirty work for him, and Benjamin is all too willing to beat on Cena, stomping him from the ring and following out.

    Punk smirks at the situation, wanting to see a rival at SuperBrawl softened up, with the added bonus of it being retaliation for the FU earlier in the night. Punk then calls for his title belt to be passed to him from ringside … just as Nemeth deals with Miz by tossing him from the ring. Nemeth and Punk are left in the ring … and the two lock eyes, set to collide over the Intercontinental Title next Monday … with Nemeth gesturing that he’s taking the title from Punk next week, before departing the ring.

    But meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin and John Cena are brawling out of the arena as referees try to separate the pair … which handily allows us to catch a glimpse of MISTER KENNEDY making his way down the steps, pulling away from excitable fans. “HE’S HERE!! AND HE’S HEADING THIS WAY!!” proclaims J.R, providing a hook for what’s to come after the commercial break…



    Coming from the break, we’re shown a brief stand off between CM PUNK and MISTER KENNEDY during the commercial, with Punk shaking his head at the behaviour of Kennedy and declining an invite to fight Kennedy too, mouthing at him; “I got more important stuff on my mind … like winning titles. You keep chasin your tail…”

    Back live, Punk has departed, and MISTER KENNEDY is in the ring, with a microphone in hand, amidst a rowdy reaction from the fans. Pacing around the ring, Kennedy looks all kinds of fired up…

    Mister Kennedy: Whether you like me or hate me, unless you’re blind, you ALL know that I got screwed at the Royal Rumble!!

    There’s a decidedly mixed reaction to Kennedy’s proclamation – but he isn’t wrong; having to deal with AMW and throw them out of the ring during the match left him wide open.

    Mister Kennedy: That’s why I’m out for blood. That’s why I’m out for some justice … and I gotta be honest, at this point?? I don’t really give a crap which I get first … but I’m gonna promise everybody this-

    He GRABS at the camera being held on the apron to shout right into the frame.

    Mister Kennedy: If I DON’T get what I want?? What I deserve!? I swear to God I’m gonna goes to the ends of the earth to cancel WrestleMania!!

    That’s one way to piss off fans.

    Mister Kennedy: Over my DEAD body that show goes on if I’m left off it … hell, not just on the show … I’m not gonna let WrestleMania go ahead unless I’m in that World Title match.

    With a manic smirk, Kennedy gets into the camera again.

    Mister Kennedy: See what you’ve done, Vince?? See what you’ve set off here??

    Stepping back, Kennedy puts up a hand.

    Mister Kennedy: Now I know you’re not here. You ain’t been around since I tossed your old billionaire ass off the stage a couple months back … but you’re STILL the puppet master. You’re STILL pullin the strings, cajoling the boys to do your dirty work. And boy OH BOY they dance to your tune, huh!?

    Taking a second, Kennedy taps the head of the microphone off his forehead before continuing on.

    Mister Kennedy: I don’t know what you thought was gonna happen when you set me up at the Rumble … but you’ve gotta be senile if you didn’t think there was gonna be this kinda backlash!!!

    And this might only be the beginning, folks!” ~J.R.

    Mister Kennedy: So you’ve got a problem on your hands. You got a BIG problem. You got a guy that you can’t fire, that won’t shut his big mouth and won’t step back either. Last week was just the start. I shut this show down to send a warning. I showed up on Smackdown and smacked around your own little golden child poster boy Randy Orton, because I’m SURE you’d have loved him to kick Dave Batista outta the WrestleMania main event so he could slide right in, right??

    Smiling again, with bad intentions on his mind, Kennedy shakes his head.

    Mister Kennedy:
    But I’m just getting started, old man. And if you know what’s good for ya, you’re gonna have to show up here sooner or later and look me in the eye to work this thing out. Otherwise?? Well … I ain’t got a problem payin you a little home visit. And after the crap I’ve pulled in the past, you KNOW I ain’t bluffin, you gutless son of a bitch.

    That’s the chairman of this company he’s talkin about!!” ~J.R again chimes in whilst Kennedy pauses.

    Mister Kennedy: So I suggest, Vince, you either find a way to make this right-


    A timely – or untimely if you’re Kennedy – interruption from the Raw General Manager!! RICKY STEAMBOAT makes a rather understated walk down the ramp, throwing out a wave to the fans, but Kennedy is shaking his head … and starts talking as Steamboat heads up the steps.

    Mister Kennedy: You ain’t gonna do anything to me, Steamboat. You got no real power to deal with me. You’re just another puppet.

    Steamboat listens … then enters the ring with a disapproving shake of the head, before finally saying his piece.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’ve had just about enough of listening to this … ransom demand.

    Mister Kennedy: Hey, didn’t I tell you myself that this would happen?? Huh?? Remember that??

    Ricky Steamboat: And now I’m putting a stop to it.

    Kennedy scoffs at the thought, but Steamboat isn’t laughing.

    Ricky Steamboat: Do you realise what you cost this company last week?? The embarrassment?? Television ratings?? These fans deserved a conclusion to that main event, and you TOOK IT away from them. You should be thanking your lucky stars you’ve not had to face any repercussions for those actions!! And instead … instead, you’re out here making demands!?

    Steamboat incredulously shakes his head.

    Ricky Steamboat: You’re demanding Vince McMahon shows up?? Demanding he bows to YOUR wishes!? What makes you so special?? Son … you don’t make the demands. You’re fortunate to be standing in the ring Vince McMahon BUILT!!

    With a firm finger pointing down to the mat, Steamboat glares Kennedy dead in the eye, before taking a step back.

    Ricky Steamboat: That’s right. You’re not owed anything!! You should be on your KNEES kissing that mat, and grateful that you’re part of the biggest wrestling organization on the planet!!

    Kennedy is shaking his head.

    Ricky Steamboat: You should be standing here and THANKING Vince McMahon for giving you a job!! Not … this.

    Ricky points to Kennedy, shaking his head, not knowing how to describe Kennedy’s actions.

    Ricky Steamboat: And if you’ve got a problem with how you’ve been treated … why don’t you start thinking about WHY you’ve been treated that way!!??

    Kennedy’s eyes widen at the suggestion; to him, it’s pretty clear.

    Ricky Steamboat: It’s not random!! It’s not unwarranted!! You’ve brought this ALL on yourself!! Did you really believe you could target the bosses daughter like you did and NOT face the consequences?? Throw the boss off the stage and just move on?? Leave him requiring the use of walking aids and just assume there wouldn’t be ramifications??

    The GM prods his finger into Kennedy’s chest.

    Ricky Steamboat: So take some ownership of your actions!! Accept responsibility that YOU are the reason you got screwed at the Royal Rumble, no one else!! Show some humility!! Some grace for the love of God, and not carry yourself like a hooligan!!

    Kennedy chuckles.

    Mister Kennedy: Towin’ the company line, huh, Rick??

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m just speaking my mind. I’m trying to save your ass, here, kid!!

    Mister Kennedy: You’re not tryin to save anything, Steamboat. You just want me to fall in line, so I don’t turn your show upside down. What do you think is gonna happen if I follow your advice?? You think I’m gonna get a fair shake??

    Steamboat doesn’t have an answer, and looks to find a solution.

    Ricky Steamboat: Look, the Money in the Bank ladder match is coming up, and I’m sure-

    Mister Kennedy: Money in the Bank my ASS!!

    Bellowing right in Steamboats face, Kennedy gets a rowdy pop from the fans to his blunt rebuttal.

    Mister Kennedy: Don’t try and palm me off with some consolation prize. Don’t insult me, Steamboat.

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m trying to fix this situation before it goes too far!!

    Mister Kennedy: If I lie down like a good company man now, all I’m doin is inviting the McMahons and all their puppets to STICK IT to me over and over again!! If I just stand down, and TAKE the crap I got served at the Rumble, then I’m just gonna be expected to take it time and time again!! You put me in that Money in the Bank at WrestleMania, and I can tell ya right now what’s gonna happen. I’m gonna climb a ladder … I’m gonna reach up to grab that briefcase … and some monkey at the switch is gonna be told to raise the thing UP outta my reach!!

    He points toward the back.

    Mister Kennedy: They’ll pay off the other six or seven guys to make sure my ass doesn’t leave with that golden ticket. They’ll get scrubs to run down and screw me over. They’ll do ANYTHING to make sure I don’t succeed.

    Steamboat stays silent, not having a response, and allows Kennedy to continue.

    Mister Kennedy: So as great an honour it’d be for anyone to be offered a spot in that match … I’m gonna tell ya in the nicest possible way that you can STICK IT!!!

    Another rowdy reaction, whilst Steamboat disappointedly shakes his head.

    Mister Kennedy: So spare me the pep talk, Rick. I’m not lucky to be here … they’re lucky to have me here.

    An independent contractor that knows his worth!!

    Mister Kennedy: And I have to nip this crap in the bud NOW. I’m layin down a marker to make sure they quit screwin with me, and I’m gonna turn everything upside down until I get what I deserve.

    Kennedy chuckles, and shakes his head.

    Mister Kennedy: But as long as they are screwin with me?? As long as they’re just hopin I’m gonna give up and step back or go away?? I’m not gonna stop. And you?? You don’t have any answers to my problems. And if you don’t have the answers, then-


    Jim Ross is ready to have a stroke; Kennedy just laid out the Raw General Manager completely unprovoked!!! The fans don’t quite know how to react either; Steamboat is a beloved figure, but there’s excitement in Kennedy lashing out. The boos outweigh the cheers though … and Kennedy doesn’t care.

    Looking up, he immediately sees security making their way down the ramp, and he rather tamely leaves the ring, holding his hands out, accepting the consequences and ALLOWS security to escort him from the building!!

    Coach calls back to Kennedy’s words on Smackdown; “he may be crazy, but he isn’t stupid”, and he knows he can’t fight his way through an entire security team. J.R is adamant that Kennedy should be going directly to jail for his actions though …

    Before wondering what Kennedy is going to pull next!! He’s threatened to railroad the PPV this Sunday … and given his recent actions, J.R is worried that he might just do it, as he continues to threaten to bring the whole company down at the MOST important time of the year!!

    The voice of Raw asks just how this situation is going to be handled; Kennedy can’t be fired under the terms of his contract he signed in the summer, a fine isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference, and J.R doesn’t even think a suspension would put him off!!



    There’s brief clips of the previous segment as Raw returns, with J.R noting that Kennedy has been escorted from the building, and that he should be spending the night behind bars for an unprovoked attack on the Raw GM, who is recovering backstage…

    In the ring, CODY RHODES and KEN DOANE are getting the ‘already in the ring’ treatment, which doesn’t bode well, as THE HART LEGACY make their entrance, making their return to action after returning to Raw two weeks ago…

    Match 3:
    The Hart Legacy w/Teddy Hart vs. Cody Rhodes & Ken Doane
    Nothing more than a showcase for the Hart Legacy – their first actual match since returning two weeks ago on Raw. Natalya doesn’t join Smith and Kidd for this one after her own exploits earlier in the night, but Teddy Hart is on hand – having beaten Doane and Rhodes in consecutive weeks in singles matches – to watch on from ringside. It’s another showcase for Rhodes to express his dissatisfaction with Doane too, as he continues to grow frustration with his lack of upward trajectory over the last year, and pins the blame solely on his partner.

    But Doane hardly embarrasses himself, either. Despite Cody bellowing at him and pushing negativity toward him, Doane eventually mounts enough offence to get a break to tag Rhodes, but once Rhodes is in, he has to deal with Harry Smith and Tyson Kidd, who tag in and out, having too much for Cody … but Ken Doane – himself exhausted – makes a late attempt to help his partner, only to eat a dropkick from Kidd that sends him to the floor … before the Hart Legacy deliver the HART ATTACK on Rhodes for the 1...2...3!!!
    Winners: The Hart Legacy @ 03:31

    And on the replay, it shows that Ken Doane attempted to climb back into the ring to break the count, but TEDDY HART held his leg to stop him, assisting the Harts to the win. J.R calls it out as a questionable action from the Notorious Hart family member, but Tyson and Harry appear to be unaware he done anything as they get their hands raised …

    while out on the floor, Doane helps Rhodes up, but Cody is clearly angry with his partner, pushing him away again and walking ahead of him as they leave. Back in the ring, Teddy Hart gees up Kidd and Hart, poking at them both, giving them encouragement to build them up … as THE KNUCKLEDUSTERS start walking to the ring, without any music playing.

    Teddy spots them, and starts nodding, motioning to Harry and Tyson to get ready, as he expects either some kind of attack – not trusting the FACES – or at least the champions to make good on their promise of the title shot they made to Natalya for her services at the Royal Rumble. Regal – looking dapper in a suit – collects a microphone before entering the ring with his partner…

    And immediately, Teddy Hart is mouthing “it’s about time!”, clapping loudly, with Smith and Kidd looking to settle him down.

    William Regal: Congratulations on a fine win, gentlemen. Very impressive indeed.

    Kidd and Smith both nod, thanking the champs for the praise.

    William Regal: Now, Goldust and I thought we should make this little announcement public, considering some accusations being thrown in our direction of being … underhanded as of late…

    Regal briefly shoots a look at a nodding Teddy Hart.

    William Regal: I, for one, certainly don’t appreciate my reputation being publicly slandered, so … per our agreement, and after discussions with Ricky Steamboat earlier this evening before his incident, we’d like to propose a World Tag Team Championship match next week with yourselves.

    Smith and Kidd are nodding in agreement; they like the proposal, and even Teddy Hart has to concede the champions being men of their word, but mouths “about time”. Some people are never fully satisfied. Making it official, Smith and Kidd shake hands with Goldust and Regal-


    But what’s this!? Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, formerly the #1 Contenders that DIDN’T get their title shot a month ago when they got taken out by La Renaissance … the EAST COAST PARTY BOYS are back, and it appears they’re here to disrupt this particular party…

    Zack Ryder: Sorry to spoil the party, bros … but we never got OUR tag team title shot.

    Curt Hawkins: Yeah. And no disrespect, guys, but we actually EARNED our shot before Sandow and Duprée jealously took us out of action!!

    This may not turn out too well for the Harts…

    Zack Ryder: And now that we’re cleared for action?? Everyone else may have forgotten, but we’re STILL the number one contenders for those tag titles.

    And Teddy Hart sees the writing on the wall now too.

    Curt Hawkins: So the way we see it, Tyson … Harry … you guys can get whatever shot it is you got agreed … but NOT before we get ours.

    Zack Ryder: Regal?? Goldust?? If you’re dishing out title shots next week on Raw … we’re more than happy to accept.

    Leaving their mark, the East Coast Party Boys throw a spanner in the works, claiming their title shot – which they earned – jumping in ahead of the Hart Legacy … and Teddy Hart immediately smells a rat, calling out Regal and Goldust (off the microphone) but is picked up claiming this whole thing was “set up” by the Knuckledusters to mess the Harts around.

    Teddy isn’t accepting the argument from the departed ECPB either, and with a finger in the face of Regal, he tells the Englishman specifically that he “doesn’t care” what “those guys say”, before proclaiming Harry and Tyson WILL get their shot next week as agreed. Regal keeps his poise, as Teddy aggressively beckons for Smith and Kidd to follow him as he leaves.

    Harry and Tyson seem more forgiving about the situation, more accepting of the argument put forward by Ryder and Hawkins, seeing it as an unfortunate set back more than a “set up” between the champs and the rightful #1 Contenders.

    And, as they leave the pair try to settle Teddy down … but Teddy is pacing angrily toward the back… whilst Regal and Goldust are left confused … who exactly are they defending the titles against next week??




    The package opens with shots of fans at last years WrestleMania, mixed with frantic shots of big hits in a game of football.

    The big games…”

    Various shots of WWE superstars, going about their warm up routines, dressing, psyching themselves up between more shots of collisions in a football game.

    That’s what players live for.”

    And then clips of the big entrances at last years WrestleMania; John Cena having his new theme played, Umaga getting dancers, and The Undertaker as ever getting a grand entrance.

    Pressure can create diamonds.”

    Brent Albright retrieving the Money in the Bank briefcase, Shawn Michaels shocking Brock Lesnar, Edge winning the WWE Championship.

    But others? They buckle under that pressure.”

    Shots of disappointment as Randy Orton returns backstage at last years WrestleMania, whilst Matt Hardy backs away from the ring having come up shot in the Money in the Bank ladder match, and Mr. Kennedy pushes aside officials, not wanting their help.

    And when you crack at a crucial stage?”

    Shots of pyro going off at WrestleMania…

    You watch the biggest games at home.”

    Before panning out to show whoever the viewer is to be watching on a television, rather than being there in person.

    So it’s simple. You wanna go to WrestleMania??…”

    Various shots of WWE superstars, intertwined with more big hits in football games.

    Rise to the occasion.”

    Celebrations with shots of fans, mixed with title wins for Beth Phoenix, Paul London and CM Punk over the last year, along with a receiver catching a pass from their QB to score a touchdown.

    For the SuperBowl may be called the Greatest Show on Turf…”

    Clips of various superstars entering an arena…

    But here? The SuperBrawl is the final playoff before the Greatest Show on Earth.”

    And end with a shot of the WrestleMania logo in the distance…


    Returning from the break, TEDDY HART is power walking toward the General Managers office … ignoring calls from Smith, Kidd and Natalya to “STOP” … and proceeds directly into the office. RICKY STEAMBOAT is there, but he’s still feeling the effects of the Mic Check he received not too long ago, as a medical staff member is in the middle of telling the GM he should get checked out …

    And his night is just about to get worse, as Teddy enters showing no regard for the Dragons condition, and immediately complains about what just transpired in the ring, demanding he honours the handshake for next weeks title match. Steamboat – clearly in discomfort as he speaks – asks Teddy to settle down (and the Harts also ask him to) before explaining that he spoke with Regal and Goldust earlier and did sign off on the match for next week…

    But that was before the East Coast Party Boys showed up. Steamboat promises Harry and Tyson that they WILL get their shot at the titles … but it’ll be in TWO weeks, as he feels Ryder and Hawkins – as official #1 Contenders that never got their shot – should be at the head of the line. Again, Teddy has to be told to settle down, with Smith and Kidd trying to get through to him, telling Teddy they WILL still get their shot … just a week later.

    In addition, Steamboat tells them he’s got another match in mind for them, and it’ll be this Sunday at SuperBrawl. He briefly notes about their issues with Maryse and La Renaissance over the last few weeks – and dating back longer between Nattie and Maryse – and as such, he wants that put to bed, so Teddy and Harry can focus on their title shot in two weeks, booking an inter gender tag match for the PPV; The Hart Legacy vs. La Renaissance & Maryse.

    Natalya, Tyson and Harry are all nodding along, happy to accept the decisions from Steamboat, and Nattie comments on being able to finally shut Maryse up for good, all seeing the benefits to the match at SuperBrawl and apologising for troubling Ricky after what happened to him earlier … but Teddy still isn’t satisfied and suggests Regal and Goldust set this whole situation up before storming off.

    Elsewhere, LAYCOOL are still on the lookout for BRIE BELLA, wanting to confront her over the incident earlier during the Battle Royal. They accidentally walk in on COLT CABANA and COLIN DELANEY in a compromising position, listening in as Colt is explaining to Colin that “stretching it won’t make it bigger” … before the camera pans, and we see Delaney is hanging upside down, trying to stretch his legs to make them longer and himself taller … not … y’know, with his … y’know. COMEDY~!!

    Back into the arena…

    Match 4:
    Vladimir w/Ranjin Singh vs. Jeff McAllister
    The local jobber doesn’t stand a chance. Vladimir – set to meet The Brian Kendrick at SuperBrawl this Sunday with Kendrick’s future hanging in the balance – is dominant throughout the squash, with J.R and Coach talking up the added aggression out of the Russian Hitman tonight. Coach suggests it’s a preview of what Kendrick can expect on Sunday, with Kendrick giving up a huge size and power advantage to the Russian … and almost two months of frustrating Vladimir too has the Russian baying for Brians blood. The Battering Ram is enough for Vladimir to simply place a boot on the chest for the 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Vladimir @ 01:28

    And Ranjin Singh quickly grabs a microphone to cut a promo that no one wants to read. The mouthpiece of Vladimir sends out a warning to Kendrick, telling him that Vladimir has had to wait for a long time to get his hands on him … before reminding their rival – watching from home, no doubt – that;

    YOUR future rests in Vladimirs hands … And your future will last for as long as Vladimir allows it to.”

    Singh then leads his Russian Hitman from the ring, with J.R building up the size of the challenge that awaits Kendrick on Sunday; he MUST win if he wants a Raw contract … and he has to beat a man that’s yet to be pinned or made to submit. And because of that, Coach writes off the chances of Kendrick, stating he has NO CHANCE…



    !! 55 DAYS AWAY !!

    Returning backstage, the World Heavyweight Champion SHAWN MICHAELS is standing by with TIFFANY…

    Tiffany: Shawn, obviously in just a few moments, you’ll team up with Triple H to take on all three of Master Craftsmen – including your opponent on Sunday at SuperBrawl; Brent Albright. You’re at a decided disadvantage tonight, and on top of that, it appears as if you and The Game aren’t exactly on the best of terms, this evening?

    Shawn Michaels: Well, you’re pretty observant, little lady … yeah, me and Hun’er ain’t seein eye t’eye after last week … but that ain’t gonna be an issue t’night, believe me. He and I?? We’re on the same page when it comes to what we want. And t’get what we both want, we gotta leave any ego or difference of opinion at the door.

    Tiffany: And you both want to be part of the World Heavyweight Title match at WrestleMania, right??

    Shawn Michaels: Y’got it in one. But t’get there … we gotta get through t’night … then we gotta do our jobs on Sunday at SuperBrawl. Now, I’ve made it pretty clear – no secrets with the Heart Break Kid – this could be the last tango under those bright lights at the Showcase of the Immortals for Mister WrestleMania. Sure gonna be the one an’ only shot I get at it in ma home state a’ Texas. So yeah, it means a LOT to get there as the World Champion.

    Shawn affords himself a smirk.

    Shawn Michaels: And truth be told, despite not bein on great terms at this very second … there’s only one guy I wanna dance with at WrestleMania. Triple H and I have had our ups, and we’ve had our downs … we’ve went at it tooth and nail over the last number of years … but we ain’t ever locked horns at a WrestleMania … and time to make it happen … is runnin out for yours truly.

    Michaels looks somewhat more positive now as he looks up.

    Shawn Michaels: But the stars, Tiffany?? They have aligned!! IF I can get by Albright, and IF Triple H can win the SuperBrawl match … it’s on. We BOTH get what we want. I get t’walk into WrestleMania in ma home state as the World Heavyweight Champion. I get to go one on one with my best friend and ma greatest rival. Y’could call that a storybook ending, right??

    Oh, you could call it a storybook ending alright…”

    It’s CM PUNK. With a grin on his face, the Intercontinental Champion steps into view, much to the chagrin of Shawn Michaels.

    CM Punk: But I’d call it a fantasy.

    Michaels immediately tenses up in the presence of Punk.

    CM Punk: Because I don’t know if you’re gonna beat Brent Albright on Sunday … but I sure DO know Triple H ain’t winning the SuperBrawl … I am.

    Punk takes another step forward, with Shawn trying not to react.

    CM Punk: So if you wanna play out your little Kliq reunion at WrestleMania, you might wanna just lie down … because if you’re World Champion?? It’s me you’re dealin with. And we all know how that story ends, right??

    Michaels scoffs, but before he can respond to Punk-

    There a problem here??”

    It’s TRIPLE H. He stands by Michaels side, both staring down Punk, with the I.C Champ smirking.

    CM Punk: Depends what you mean by problem, I guess. Me?? I got no problems. You two on the other hand?? You got plenty. But hey, I guess we’ll be seeing each other on Sunday.

    Triple H: I guess we will.

    There’s an awkward tension, with Punk taking a look at both Michaels and Hunter, before nodding – always smiling.

    CM Punk: I’ll leave you two to play happy families.

    Punk scoffs and corrects himself with a jab aimed at Triple H.

    CM Punk: Whoops. Happy families?? Not really your strong suit these days, is it?

    Punk walks off, with Trips brimming after the jibe.

    Triple H: He really is a jerk, huh??

    Tiffany: Uh, Triple H? Could we get some clarification on your comments last week?? Many people were left, frankly, stunned by your decision-

    Triple H: I think I made it pretty clear a week ago. There’s nothing to clear up.

    Michaels ever so slightly shakes his head, biting his tongue.

    Triple H: Now, if you’ll excuse us, we got business to attend to.

    Trips turns to Shawn…

    Triple H: Here.

    He tosses Michaels a t-shirt … with Michaels opening it up, and it’s a BRAND NEW D-Generation X shirt; gotta sell that merch!! Shawn looks at it, with Triple H walking on, before the World Champion eventually follows…

    Back at ringside, JIM ROSS and THE COACH run down the STELLAR line up for SUPERBRAWL this Sunday, with The Brian Kendrick taking on Vladimir for a chance to earn a roster spot on Raw, whilst just added earlier tonight, The Hart Legacy face La Renaissance & Maryse in a six person inter-gender tag team match, along with Carlito and Kofi Kingston just being added over the weekend – going one on one after Carlito’s betrayal at the Rumble!!

    On top of that, the World Heavyweight Title is at stake with Brent Albright challenging Shawn Michaels and the SuperBrawl match itself; three men from Raw, three from Smackdown, with a title shot at either Michaels or Albright hanging in the balance for WrestleMania. CM Punk, Mark Henry, John Cena, Edge, Triple H & Matt Hardy battle it out in the unique elimination match with HUGE ramifications.

    They then advise the viewers to tune into Smackdown this Friday for any further developments for SuperBrawl this Sunday, before also revealing that NEXT WEEK on Raw, we’ll find out who the next name to join ‘headliner’ Steve Austin in this years Hall of Fame class will be, AND, the FIRST Qualifier for the MONEY IN THE BANK ladder match takes place (but no mention over who will be in it)…


    Stepping out to the Nine Inch Nails track, BRENT ALBRIGHT is back in action for the first time since his injury in December, and is joined by NICK DINSMORE and CHARLIE HAAS for the three on two tag match main event tonight on Raw.

    J.R voices his disgust at Albrights actions when he returned two weeks ago, breaking Londons arm, and notes that Albright plans to do the same to HBK on Sunday … as the trio wait for their opponents in the ring…


    They may not have been on the best of terms earlier tonight, but for one night only, it’s a D-X reunion; the first time they’ve teamed since Backlash when they failed to beat Haas and Dinsmore for the tag titles.

    Neither TRIPLE H or SHAWN MICHAELS are particularly ‘into’ the entrance though, with no playing to the crowd, no over the top gesturing … it’s pretty much all business from both men, except they’re wearing a “DX” shirt (because merch needs shifted).

    J.R picks up on it too, and, after speaking of his disgust at Triple H’s words last week on Raw, wonders if The Game and HBK will be able to get on the same page for this handicap tag team main event … NEXT!!



    Main Event | 3 ON 2 HANDICAP MATCH:
    The Master Craftsmen vs. Triple H & World Heavyweight Champ. Shawn Michaels
    With another break still scheduled, along with the overrun, this is a long main event. It’s all standard fare early on; Triple H big leaguing the opponents he deems cannon fodder, looking like the ultimate ass kicker, before Shawn Michaels gets to impress … and with the three man unit of the Master Craftsmen doing all the selling, they retreat to the floor in order to reset themselves. J.R suggests that perhaps, Albright IS rusty after a couple of months out of the ring … but the heel team soon have the upper hand, using the numbers to their advantage.

    Michaels manages to fend off Haas and Dinsmore, then sets up for SWEET CHIN MUSIC on the incoming Albright … but Brent puts the breaks on to avoid walking into it. There’s a moment of tension between Trips and Shawn as HBK offers the tag, and the pair manage to work together to double team Haas before The Game takes over. He dominates again, but ALMOST gets caught in the Crowbar by Albright … and luckily is right by the ropes to force the break. Shawn then calls for the tag, wanting a piece of his opponent this Sunday … and Trips gives him his wish.

    It’s a preview for SuperBrawl, with Michaels and Albright going at it, with Brent getting the better of the exchange … until he sends Shawn off the ropes, and gets flattened with a FLYING FOREARM on the return!!!Michaels nips up … but Haas grabs the referees attention … which allows Dinsmore to nail Shawn from behind to help out Albright!!! Triple H tries to get in to cut it off … but naturally, he’s held back by the returning referee, as the Craftsmen take total control heading into the final commercial of the night.

    Commercial Break

    And as we return, the plan of attack from the Craftsmen is obvious; they’re targeting the arm of Shawn Michaels. Every attack from the trio is focused on the arm, wanting to soften it up for Albrights Crowbar at SuperBrawl … whilst Triple H cuts a frustrated figure on the apron, unable to get a much needed tag from Michaels. Michaels hangs in there though, fighting off Haas, and catches Albright coming in with an Inverted Atomic Drop!! He sees an opening for a tag to Trips … but Dinsmore slides in to try and cut him off – SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!

    Dinsmore goes down … and Michaels MAKES THE TAG to The Game!!!

    Triple H gets the hot tag, hitting the ring like a house of fire, clotheslines ahoy on Albright and Haas (with Dinsmore totally out of it), before busting out a running high knee on Albright!! Haas gets a shot in on The Game, and sends him off the ropes, ducking for the return … GETTING A FACE BUSTER FOR HIS TROUBLES!!! The Game follows up with a SPINEBUSTER on Charlie … and wants PEDIGREE on Albright – NO!! Albright back drops out of trouble!!! The Game gets to his feet … AND WALKS INTO THE CROWBAR!!!



    The World Champion breaks up the submission attempt with a big elbow, and sends the recovering Nick Dinsmore to the floor … but Charlie Haas is looking to nail a GERMAN SUPLEX on the Game … NO!! Trips elbows Haas away … and Haas turns; RIGHT INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC!! Instead of going down like everyone else, Haas luckily TURNS … RIGHT INTO A PEDIGREE FROM TRIPLE H!!! The combo has it won, with Shawn taking himself AND Albright out of the ring with a Cactus Jack style clothesline as the cover is made in the ring, 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: Triple H & Shawn Michaels @ 13:50

    The two beats the three!! Trips gets the win in his return to action on Raw … but Shawn Michaels escapades may well have backfired on him, as he sells his arm on the floor after clotheslining Albright out of the ring … and Albright has spotted it … SO HE RAMS SHAWN – ARM FIRST – INTO THE RING POST!!!!!

    Triple H sees it, and immediately heads out of the ring to confront Albright … but Brent backs off, telling Trips “I’ll deal with you at Mania” - perish the thought – as he meets back up with the groggy Charlie Haas and Nick Dinsmore at the bottom of the aisle. Triple H checks in on Shawn, making sure he’s okay, as J.R wonders what condition that arm will be in in six days time as we prepare to go off the air-



    HE’S BACK!!!


    How the hell did Kennedy get back in here!? Triple H turns back around, a little wobbly legged from the collision with Michaels … RIGHT INTO A SHOT; RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE BATON!!!!!

    Mister Kennedy renews hostilities with his LONG time rival, knocking him out with the shot … but he’s not done!! Kennedy DRAGS Michaels up by the hair … AND WAFFLES HIS BAD ARM WITH THE BATON!!!

    Albright watches all of this go down with a smile on his face, but the smile doesn’t last for long when he sees Kennedy make a beeline for the timekeepers position and grab the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!!

    Kennedy takes it into the ring, and makes the point of getting a close up on camera, pressing the title up against it, bellowing; “THIS IS WHAT I WANT. THIS!! AND I’LL SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS!!! YOU HEAR ME!?”

    And cutting backstage, SCOTT STANFORD quickly rushes toward RICKY STEAMBOATS office … and bursts in, just as Steamboat puts his cell phone down…

    Scott Stanford: Mister Steamboat!! Are you watching this!? He’s back again!!

    Ricky Steamboat: Yeah … I’m watching.

    Steamboat points, and the camera pans to show the television in the office, with Kennedy stomping around the ring with the World Title, grandstanding to end the show.

    Scott Stanford: I mean … what are you going to do??

    Ricky Steamboat: Nothing…

    Steamboat then holds up his Cell phone.

    Ricky Steamboat: I just got off a call with Commissioner Ventura. He’s gonna deal with him himself at SuperBrawl.

    The camera focuses on the television in Steamboats office … showing Kennedy dominating the ring, holding the World Heavyweight Title … as Shawn Michaels and Triple H lay strewn at ringside, and Brent Albright and his cohorts stand on the stage as the show goes off the air…


    Official Card for WWE SuperBrawl:
    February 15 2009 | Fresno, CA
    Theme Music; Saliva, ‘Hunt You Down’

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Shawn Michaels vs. Brent Albright

    Six Person Inter Gender Tag Team Match:
    The Hart Legacy & Natalya vs. La Renaissance & Maryse

    Caribbean Dis-Connection:
    Carlito vs. Kofi Kingston

    Grudge Match:
    The Brian Kendrick vs. Vladimir w/Ranjin Singh

    Third Annual SuperBrawl Match:
    Triple H vs. John Cena vs. Intercontinental Champion CM Punk vs. Matt Hardy vs. Edge vs. United States Champion Mark Henry

    WWE Commissioner JESSE VENTURA will confront MISTER KENNEDY over his recent actions!!

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    Re: Being The Booker

    When I saw a somewhat important opening with AMW involved, I was a little confused until I actually read what it was. Kennedy striking again is awesome, loving the way you’re playing this at the moment. I also assume being used as fodder like this truly means AMW will never get another push in this thread lol.

    Opening with Cena was written pretty well, basically just sending messages to Kennedy and Taker but that’s all it needed to be. Moving back onto the World Title only to be interrupted by Punk. I’m a fan of these heel vs. heel interactions when they happen, and I thought Punk’s bootleg Hulkamania line here was pretty awesome. The war of words built from there quite well, and the chaos with Benji and Nemeth getting involved certainly made for an exciting start to the show. Some good hype for Superbrawl and I’ve no issues with the weird tag match we’ll get tonight. Good start.

    LOL at Holly leaving the arena because he’s afraid of Kennedy. Considering the “bully” gimmick and the fact that KK is awesome, this is a brilliant little move.

    Women’s Battle Royal was what it was. Firstly, LOL at Bella teleporting, clearly a sign that the twin gig will be up soon. I guess this continued that issue with LayCool well enough. I hate you for the ending because Kelly Kelly, but it makes sense with the angle that’s been happening recently. Glad to see Victoria finally hit Kelly, only for Gail to make the save. Vickie destroying Kelly and then moving onto a non-title feud with Kim could be fun. We all know what happens here when Beth faces Kelly. Basically just stalling until Trish comes back at this point.

    The Miz’s promo was pretty good here. Really enjoyed the way he took credit for Holly being scared. I marked for the Bombastic Bob line, as well as the really clever bit where Miz mentioned Holly removing the “hardcore” from his name when Miz was Hardcore champ. That was ace. Nemeth scaring Miz away is whatever, makes sense but I really want that feud to end now.

    The tag was always going to be a mess and that’s exactly what it was. Just furthers both feuds/matches that are being hyped here, and I don’t mind these scenarios in general so no dramas from me.

    KK comes out and sticks to the same stuff has been saying recently which works. He wants revenge for being screwed. Steamboat coming out was interesting, and obviously he tries to get KK back on side. I enjoyed when KK went back at Steamboat mentioning MITB, and asking if he’d get a fair go, how Steamboat had no answers. Thought that was awesome. Considering how unhinged Kennedy is at the moment, whilst I enjoyed everything that was said, this maybe went a little long before KK attacked Steamboat. Obviously this isn’t as big as what he’s done to The McMahon’s in the past, but it’s his second attack of the night which keeps things interesting. I’ve still no idea where this Kennedy angle is going, but I’m enjoying it.

    Geez have Rhodes and Doane fallen. More issues with them here which is alright I guess. The Hart Legacy getting the win makes sense, considering they are in line for a title shot. A nice twist with the East Coast Party Boys getting involved, giving Teddy more reasons to be a dick. Teddy’s interference in the match is noted as well. Furthered a few angles here, all solid stuff.

    Teddy Hart trying to fight for the Hart’s made sense. I know Steamboat is always measured but after what happened earlier, maybe he could have been a little fierier? Anyway, six person tag for Superbrawl is solid enough to keep the real number one contender’s busy, whilst ECPB get their shot.

    Terrible comedy segment lol…

    Vladimir squash? Cool.

    Michaels talking about it potentially being his last Mania and wanting to battle his best friend/biggest rival was all well and good. Obviously the interest picked up once Punk got involved, and Punk’s bit was fun. Triple H getting involved, only for Punk to use the family line against him was brilliant. Punk’s on fire tonight… Triple H remaining steadfast on his decision from last week is interesting as well, really looking forward to where that leads. Going to interesting seeing the two friends trying to be DX with their difference of opinions at the moment. A fun segment here though.

    Main event went pretty well, and obviously considering Haas and Dinsmore are a level below these guys, they’re there to take the fall. I do think Albright probably should have won this considering he’s still relatively fresh, as surely losing a Handicap match kills any momentum he may have had? I know he’s losing on Sunday anyway, but still… A nice win for Trips and Shawn though…

    But no happy ending due to the epic Kennedy causing chaos yet again. After being carried out by security earlier, I LOVE that he has a baton. Who knows what he did to security? KK ruining the ending to another Raw is something I’m all for.

    Ventura dealing with Kennedy should be interesting because I swear we’ve been here before. Intrigued to see what the outcome is, needs to be something big considering how fun the last few weeks have been.

    A pretty good Raw, Wolfy. The main stuff like World Title picture, Superbrawl 6 man, Kennedy stuff is all really fun stuff right now. I just realised though that outside of the main event level stuff, there’s a real drop off when it comes to Raw mid card/tag divisions, and felt it when reading this show. Some really good stuff and then stuff that whilst booked “correctly”, just kind of feels there.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Kennedy on a warpath of revenge against the guys that tried to take him out at the royal rumble? A great continuation of Kennedy's takeover.

    Cena calling out Taker again is great. Really building to the eventual answer. What followed with Punk, Benjamin and Nemeth just seemed like a way to get them on the show tonight. Cena and Benjamin have to have a blow off at some point. I loved Miz's involvement and requesting the forfeit win.

    The LayCool-Brie Bella elimination was a fun way to go about the twin magic. Really intrigued by Victoria and Gail Kim. Of course Kelly Kelly gets the win because Beth compared Trish to her. That's going to be brutal for Kelly.

    Steamboat is all out of options, just pleading with Kennedy. Mic check to the GM is a big time message sender, just add it to the list.

    I don't know how I feel about Teddy Hart yet. I feel like he's played way too big of a role, but I also kind of like the dynamic he brings and how the other Harts were asking him to stop but he wouldn't listen. I can see Teddy in MITB for sure. I guess I like him. Curious to see what happens with the tag titles, two title matches in back to back weeks?

    Superbrawl hype video was great. Loved the sports theme

    Colt and Colin segment was so bad I loved it. Seems perfect for them.

    The promo with Shawn and Triple H was great when Punk was involved. I loved the line about happy families.


    I hope there's another Smackdown match in the cards for Superbrawl. But the lineup looks great. That superbrawl match is so damn great. I applaud the creativity

    Good for DX to get the win heading in to the big ppv. Kennedy coming in and laying waste to both is awesome. I love how he had a baton as if he overpowered or outsmarted the security (as a security guard, not that hard to do!)

    And I love the cliffhanger of Ventura coming back to deal with him on Sunday. That should be great. Great show Wolf, I cant believe were already this close to Superbrawl.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Oh for fu... two shows? Okay, let's do this.

    Loved the opening to Smackdown. Low key, but really puts over what a big deal Kennedy is. Plus you have the segment later with Finlay, and you just write for him so well. You've really turned him around well after feeling like a dud coming out of the Rumble.

    The actual start to the show was really strong too. The big angle from the previous week was the Heyman stuff, so kick off the next show with it. That's just solid booking. The content was well delivered too. And from Heyman's perspective he's actually not wrong either, which is how it should be for all heels really.

    While this whole Edge thing feels a little rushed (like it's finding something for him to do), coming out of the Jericho feud he's a bit of a dead issue, so I have no issue with using him in this way as he gradually gets rebuilt. I'd say that it's Christian who feels like he's dropped off the most though (presuming that's where this is going, especially when you outright mentioned it in that injury segment later). Edge has gone from solid-but-not-wildly-interesting main eventer to cold main eventer. But Christian feels like he's gone from the biggest star in the company to near midcarder. I've love to see you find a way to really heat him up again.

    Loving the booking for Mark Henry, comes across as such a beast. And you just keep finding ways of getting Matt to fuck up, huh? It's seriously impressive how you can essentially be telling the same angle for nigh on 6 months now it seems and yet keep finding fresh and inventive ways to tell that story. I sorta wish Jeff hadn't made the Rumble because then this would really feel like Matt's ruining Jeff's career.

    While i'm not totally sure what Evan has done to win over Kane (X-Pac and Bryan gradually earned his trust, rather than just having it), Kane plus little buddy is a dynamic which always works.

    The Carlito/Kofi stuff was, again solid. Only so much you can do with two guys like that but I feel like you did a good job with it. Now let's get Kofi traded to Raw so he can start a Best of 5,000 series with Nick Nemeth. Give the people want they want!

    That Batista video was interesting. I'm on the fence at the moment, as playing up the sympathy card undermines what makes him so awesome in a way (he's like Goldberg in that his appeal is his invulnerability), but with so long til Mania I think I'll better know how i feel about it as we progress. Plus, I think Vince's constant attempts at making his babyfaces a certain way regardless of whether it suits them (aka Diesel, Roman Reigns, etc) is clouding my judgment a little!

    MVP is secretly becoming one of the more compelling characters in this thread for my money. If this was happening with someone more highly regarded than MVP I think people would be talking more highly about this angle, and people's general apathy to MVP means it's perhaps not getting the attention it deserves, including from me. Can't help but feel like John Morrison has really cooled off though. I feel like at this point it may have been better to keep MNM together if you didn't have anything for them alone. By 2009 I'm sure there's something more Morrison could be doing than farting around with MVP, even if the story itself is really strong.

    The final segment was executed well, but it had one slight issue for me. The chaotic ending was done well, but there was so much going on I didn't really know what my focus should be on, so it ended up being on nothing. I sort of wish it had ended on Batista saying "I'm coming for that", because then my focus is "Batista's awesome". Or have Kennedy wipe everyone out, then my focus is on Kennedy. But as it was, I didn't really feel much of anything coming out.

    But overall, a really solid Smackdown that moved quite a lot of stuff forward. While the ending ended up finishing a little flat, there was nothing bad and a couple of great bits with Matt and Kennedy, and a really strong opening promo, so a strong show here.

    Ok, let's try to race through Raw...

    Wow, the taser for Raw was even better than Smackdown! Love that!

    Michaels and the Craftsmen in a match AGAIN? You you freaking kidding me? YOU HAVE MORE THAN THREE PEOPLE ON THE ROSTER, WOLF. Jeez.

    That Cena/Punk confrontation was great. I love how you now have to pit heels against heels on Raw given they're all your most compelling characters! The cadence of them both was really, really fantastic, both felt honest but unlikeable, as all heels should. I like the tag match dynamic too. You can't do it too often, but every now and again works for keeping things fresh and avoiding the formula getting stale.

    I can't believe you of all people ran an 11 person Battle Royal. With your OCD I'd have thought that would make you break out in hives or something. I've said it a million times, but I really wish this Kelly story was being told with someone other than Kelly. But the roster is so light around that time ("that time" being the first ever women's match in WWE to about 5 years ago) that it's not like you have many options. Glad you pulled the trigger on Victoria too, no point in dragging it out when she's a total heel now anyway.

    Loved the Miz promo. The line on Holly taking hardcore out of his name was great. If this was to continue after Mania he's someone who could definitely start to get some more love I think, which is impressive given where he's come from.

    The break down of the tag match is perfectly fine by me, as it's all about furthering the story anyway. Still think you're doing a great job with this B story for Cena with Shelton right now. And man, that hype for the Kennedy appearance? Note perfect, having it right before the commercial. That's the kind of tiny detail that NO-ONE does like you.

    Outstanding Kennedy promo here, as per usual. It's now official that you've turned around that bump in the road for his arc at the Rumble. Maybe it's just because I've been watching key Raws through 1997-98 (Austin/Bret street fight, MSG Raw in 97 with the first Vince Stunner, night after Mania 14), but Steamboat totally turned himself heel for me with that whole "you should be grateful, this is the house Vince built" etc. If I'd have been in the crowd I'd have cheered Kennedy laying him out, if only because this is just classic Austin vs Authority stuff and actually has real similarities with the Austin arc in late 97. So for me, Kennedy is absolutely the babyface here now and that's who I'm supporting. Like I wasn't already

    Moving on to the tag match, one minor complaint I have is I feel like maybe you go to the "tag team breaking up" well a little too often. I feel like you have more teams on the verge of splitting at any given time than you do standard, regular, competent tag teams. In the last year alone I believe we've had the Hardys, Carlito and Kofi, the New Standard, Daniels & Williams, Straight Edge Society, Goldust and Regal (which ended up a swerve, but you know what I mean), Victoria and Kelly, even technically Orton & Angle. Plus I'm sure there's some I've forgotten about. At least eight "partners falling out" stories in a year is maybe overkill!

    Liked the more basic build with the promo after the squash for big Vlad. Nice change of pace.

    Great job on giving some attention to Punk v Michaels. Always love it to see people build for matches they don't plan on delivering, if only to keep the realism there and leave a little doubt in the mind. Punk was awesome here though, and the happy families line was great. And as I said last week, I'm already WAY more in to this HHH than the one two weeks earlier.

    Oh wow, Austin isn't in the Hall of Fame yet? That's interesting. At some point, any chance you could remind us who your classes have been please?

    Love all the merch stuff for DX. Such an awesome little touch.

    I really hope you find something new to do with Haas and Dinsmore soon, because they are dead and buried now. Losing to London and Michaels every week and now losing a 3-on-2 match? That tank's empty. Although please don't have them break up and feud! The focus on Michaels' arm is a great way to go in to the PPV though, and Kennedy being back again (there's that Austin feel again!) is an awesome ending. And while the ending of Kennedy ruining another show would have been the more dramatic ending, I don't blame you for selling Superbrawl with the Ventura stuff.

    Overall, a brilliant Raw. Best one you've had for a while, and it's massively heating up. My own experience of writing for two brands is it's impossible to have them both hot at the same time, and Raw is definitely the A brand right now for me. Smackdown's solid, but Raw is epic. This is the Wolfy we all know and love.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Can’t believe this thing is still rolling on, Wolfy. It’s nearly as old as the internet itself.

    Well done mate.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Now see, this more like it from Kennedy. Forget this I'll show up and have a laugh nonsense. Have him kicking lumps out of jobbers early doors. Much better.

    Cena and Punk, a good promo, two heels who don't like anybody so certainly shouldn't hold back when confronting each other. One thing I'd probably never thought of before, but that line from Punk about the Intercontinental Title being the biggest prize in the company... why does he want to win the SuperBrawl Match? Shouldn't he be calling for main eventers to step up and challenge him for his belt? That's my random thought of the day. I laughed at the dynamic of Nemeth and Benjamin getting involved, it was always as if the big boys were finished for now so the junior squad can feed of the scraps now. But yeah, this was good, sets up a cool dynamic for the tag match.

    The Battle Royal was fine I guess. We're very much in the holding pattern with the girls until we get Beth and Trish, so fair to give Kelly a shot I suppose. although given she's another who's tried and failed, not the most exciting move. Post match stuff has been coming for a while so that adds a wrinkle to things I guess. But yeah, not a whole lot to write home about here.

    The no contest in the tag match is fine, very much just a way of advancing the stories. Although what Miz was doing thinking he belonged with any of these guys is beyond me. And Punk gets his heat back from earlier with the low blow. Yeah, all perfectly fine here.

    Very good stuff from Kennedy. I think he's been used so much better tonight than on SmackDown. Although, kayfabe wise, why is he allowed a live mic given all that's been going on? But anyway, very good, he made so much sense. Steamboat was kinda off at points, the bit about standing in the ring McMahon built seemed very out of character, almost a weird heel turn from him. But again, Kennedy was very good, the beatdown made sense given what was said, and no doubt the crowd would be on Kennedy's side. That was great.

    Ah Teddy, you sneaky little shit. You're somehow making him relevant without doing very much, which is kinda surprising. But yeah, nobody cares about Rhodes and Doane right now. And I'm as confused as Regal and Goldust as to where this is all leading to.

    Vlady squash. Solid.

    Cool little confrontation between Michaels, Punk and Trips. Punk is just kinda meddling all over the card at the minute, he's got his thing with Nemeth, a thing with Cena, a thing with Michaels, he's just being a heel to everyone he comes into contact with. It's very cool. And the dynamics between Trips and Shawn are fun right now too. There wasn't much actually said here for me, but the interactions were the interesting bits in terms of wondering how this can all shake out.

    God, The Master Craftsmen. Just stop it, they're already dead. Seems there is little to no chance Albright is winning at SuperBrawl. But the real drama again was Kennedy. Again, I feel this was so much better for him than on SmackDown, much more like what he needs to be right now, just a maniac who strikes when he feels like it. And there's your hook in the post match, awesome stuff.

    For me, Raw was a big step up from SmackDown, not just in terms of Kennedy but overall. A lot of intrigue into where you're heading with things on the red brand, and SuperBrawl is starting to shape up nicely now.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I'm glad you were able to give AMW some use in this thread again

    Just a random aside: I really hope this is building to HBK v HHH v Kennedy, 3 separate stories all perfectly interwoven together at Mania for the WHC.

    However, I will say that doing a one night DX reunion with what feels like no hype amounts to a pretty big miss IMO. That's something you can do in 99, a big thing like that the night of when everyone is channel swapping, but I'm 09, give that some hype.

    I honestly couldn't tell you that Cena was in the SuperBrawl match. Honestly, I can only say with any certainty that HHH, Edge, and Mark Henry are in it. I truly feel like you've dropped the ball Billy Buckner style with this one, mate. Between the abrupt, cold change of the importance of the match to the lack of focus on who is in it. I can see how it's happened with it coming 3 weeks after The Rumble and a Mania to be the main focus, but it's a rare bad build on your part. For shame, spankings incoming! :P

    I love that you can do what feels like 2019 feuds with Taker in 2009 and it doesn't feel out of place. Dude's a fucking relic I love Cena just flat out calling Taker a pussy, it fits his bravado more than anyone on your roster - KK included - to have the brass balls.

    I loved the back & forth with Punk and Cena, you always write really good barbs between the two. Really, really good, in fact. It also makes me REALLY want to see Cena just say to Punk that since he keeps saying he's beaten everyone, he should actually beat someone worth a damn like him and they have an IC Title match.

    I did enjoy the fun chaos of the brawl that followed, but it would've been better without those midcard scrubs in it

    I like that tough guy Holly is leaving both because you can twist it that even he's scared of KK, but also a new character take for him.

    Battle Royal served its purpose well. Get more Hart/Frenchies build, Brie's twin main, Victoria solidifying her heel turn, setting up feuds with both her AND Gail Kim, and getting Kelly another shinebox moment. Shinebox? Remember how that word was big on WF for a while? Pretty sure it was Reney who had the tagline stick that in your shinebox and suck it! Obviously 09 Women's Division still isn't riveting stuff, but I think this right here was a VERY underrated segment because you took your below average women's division and did a BUNCH of stuff with it. Really, really high on your work here.

    Dude, your Miz promo was straight MONEY! The excellent run down on Bob was great, with the added cheap heat on the city for some fun sprinkles. Entertaining AF.

    The Tag Match gets marks for the fun pairings, but overall didn't hit too much with me for some reason I can't explain. Probably was too distracted with FM :P I do love the No Contest booking to keep everyone protected, even though Nemeth should've jobbed. Kennedy showing up means you've flowed 3 segments into each other, very well, and that's excellent on your part.

    The Kennedy/Steamboat segment was really intriguing to me. It was very well written, obviously, but it intrigues me so much because Steamboat is right in EVERYTHING Kennedy is saying. Kennedy is a POS human being, and the WWE doesn't lose (much) money to just get rid of him and let him go wrestle in some wannabe WWE where he's a big fish in a miniscule pond, where the whole world forgets about him. And I'm intrigued because you've been, it seems, portraying Kennedy as poised to break out as an anti hero Stone Cold face, it's felt like... But this segment just reinforces why I CAN'T cheer for Kennedy. He is the villain of the story.

    Getting the Party Boys back in on the scene was a great time to drive a wedge between the tag teams and let Teddy Hart have another temper tantrum :P

    Oh look, which happened right after this this is a very fun midcard angle because it just feels like something different, you know? It just feels unique and it makes the whole situation feel more dynamic and interesting.. top marks old chap.

    A lot of these little filler moments tonight, and yeah, I chuckled at the Colt and Colin stuff. I think you're doing it all just to have more snazzy line breaks :P

    Forget Vladimir CRUSH. it's Vladimir YAWN~! :P

    The backstage bit here was fun, and the timing of Punk and HHH's introductions here was perfectly punctuated. Again, excellent interweaving of multiple arcs.

    Main event served its purpose to make Our Lord and Savior Triple H look strong, but of course it's all about that post match. Seriously, WWE security is really bad I do wonder if this is going to have a pay off with the way you're alluding to him miraculously getting back in multiple times now. While Kennedy looks more tweener-face here, he's still very much a heel IMO. I'll fight n00bs on Twitter about it too!!!

    Two things though: 1) What IS The Crowbar? 2) If Kennedy wants the WHC so bad, and he's trying to create so much anarchy, why didn't he TAKE the Belt and run???

    Good teaser ending as well.

    While I still think you've bundled the SuperBrawl match itself, this show definitely did A LOT to build the hype for seeing HHH or Punk win, which is really what matters most in a way, and build up Kennedy a lot more. You're definitely making me want to see what happens next, which is aces.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    In what seems like forever, I’ve finally made it in time to drop by for a RAW!

    Another hot start with Kennedy laying out AMW (remember them?). The partial reason why I am this late in dropping by is because after that AMW name drop, I went back to your title histories to re-live their year-plus title reign.

    Transitioning from the show-opening attack we’ve grown accustomed to from Kennedy right to a fire Cena promo. That promo really felt like what would have been the un-cut version of the PG promo Cena gave us in 2018, and I loved every minute of it. Anytime somebody calls ‘Taker a pussy, people take notice. I’m glad you added in CM Punk, who I feel (maybe it’s just me) has been just hanging out under the radar the past few weeks. Setting the hook with a fun segment, Shelton still out for Cena, Punk and Nemeth, hell of a start to the show. Awesome booking to lay the groundwork for the rest of RAW.

    What better way to make things more hot than these same four guys in your classic tag team match? My bet is they don’t make it far before a double DQ…

    Kelly Kelly back in the title picture. If I remember correctly, didn’t Beth beat her ass a few months back? Everything tends to blend together after a while.

    Holy hell man, everything so far really reads like one of those 98-99 RAW’s that was just action-packed throughout the show with little breaks. We go right from the No Contest (I was close ) right into Kennedy coming out. Once Steamboat entered the picture, I didn’t think it would be long before he ate a Mic Check. Man, I hope Kennedy jacks the PPV now. This entire storyline is so unique, almost like it’s happening completely organically, without you forcing it.

    Kennedy was already a made man in this thread for quite some time, but I really think this unpredictable Kennedy is the best thing in the thread at the moment. You never know when he’s gonna strike, everyone is on edge all the time…The nWo and Stone Cold had a kid and out came 2009 Ken Kennedy…

    Tag team picture advancement to cool off the crowd was the right placement here. Looking forward to how quickly Teddy and Smith climb the rankings.

    Vlad squash. Fun times. He lost a bit of heat after that program with Kendrick, but monsters are fun in the sense that you can easily build them back up whenever you want.

    Any time HBK and Punk interact is pure gold, so I was pumped to read this one unfold. Loved Triple H throwing the DX shirt to HBK…always gotta sell the merch, even if the t-shirt isn’t as stylish as a ‘93 Undertaker winter jacket

    I am definitely putting down HBK and friends vs. Master Craftsmen as a feud of the year…the gift that keeps on giving All jokes aside, this match did what it was supposed to do…and there is that damn Kennedy once again! Carrying a baton nonetheless! He must have beat the shit out of security. Kennedy becomes more bad ass with each segment. How can you not root for this guy at this point?

    Ending the show with the hook that Ventura is going to handle things which makes me think…he’s definitely not going to handle things I really don’t know where Kennedy ends up at WM25, but it is sure fun as hell speculating right now.

    Overall, this was an awesome show, man, top to bottom. Everything flowed nicely, and you’ve set the stage very nicely for SuperBrawl. With one SD left, I am sure Kennedy will be showing up in some capacity. The main takeaways are the Punk/HBK interaction, which plants a seed of hope that they square off “Title vs. Title” at WM. Triple H is kind of in the background right now, so he could possibly end up turning on HBK at SuperBrawl in come capacity. Shit, the possibilities are endless! Fun show, well worth the read, can’t wait for SD!

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