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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Raw Re: Being The Booker

    Monday Night Raw | November 17 2008 | Cleveland OH

    Raw initially opens up BACKSTAGE, and we see none other than Raw General Manager RICKY STEAMBOAT with a contented look on his face, and a piece of paper in his hand, walking down the hallway, before stopping and pinning that piece of paper up onto a noticeboard.

    Steamboat looks around, and starts to walk away again, as a few superstars emerge, looking to read the notice, and the camera gets a close up of the handwritten scribbles from Steamboat;




    ALBRIGHT .V. LONDON – World Heavyweight Title

    And those workers/wrestlers begin to buzz as they read down the list…

    Opening Video


    Jim Ross: We’re just twenty four hours removed from a Survivor Series for the ages, and indeed, Coach, we are just twenty four hours removed from the REMOVAL of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfields cancerous ego from ALL WWE television!! His plot went up in smoke last night-

    The Coach: But NOT without controversy. And I see Ricky Steamboat hasn’t wasted any time in abusing his power once again! We all just saw that line up for tonight. Brent Albright, twenty four hours on from wrestling for 45 minutes is being thrown into a late notice World title defence!!

    Jim Ross: Against a man that ALSO went 45 minutes just twenty four hours ago!! Brent Albright hasn’t defended his title in twenty nine days, Coach – he’s OBLIGATED to defend it, and who better to challenge than the man that not only beat Albright last night at the Survivor Series but the man that survived a three on one disadvantage – and that’s Paul London.

    The Coach: Don’t get me started again, J.R. You can say he overcame the three on one odds, but if you ask me, it was two on two, and Steamboat & Ventura had a mole in JBL’s camp in the form of Shawn Michaels!!

    Jim Ross: I don’t believe that for a second, Coach. All I believe is that Shawn Michaels had t’do what was right in the end. He couldn’t sell out to JBL and take the low road in order to win the match.

    The Coach: Yeah? Well try tellin that to THIS guy!!

    And all of a sudden, sans entrance music, sans any kind of pomp or pageantry, the World Heavyweight Champion BRENT ALBRIGHT has entered the ring all alone, not even accompanied by his fellow Master Craftsmen tonight … and he looks PISSED off.

    Jim Ross: Well what in the hell is this about!? Brent Albright ain’t scheduled to be here right now – that World Title match is the main event!! An’ before y’start complainin about the champ not gettin his music or an entrance, Coach – he’s out here on his own accord!!

    The Coach: I wouldn’t be waiting for that stuff either if I’d been screwed over like he has by Steamboat!!

    Quickly, Albright apprehends a microphone, smashing the top of it with his palm to check it’s working.

    Brent Albright: I want EVERYONE to shut up and listen to me right now.

    The World Champion doesn’t do much to endear himself to the fans.

    Brent Albright: Every single one of you idiots thought life would be better like this?? With Ventura and Steamboat runnin the show?? How wrong you were!! How wrong … you ARE!!!

    Preach!!” ~The Coach chimes in.

    Brent Albright: Because I know for damn sure that J.B.L would be putting the best interests of his talent first instead of grinding axes. But here we are, one day removed from the most physically – MENTALLY draining day of my entire reign as World Heavyweight Champion and I’m scheduled to defend my title. I sure am glad we got rid of J.B.L…

    Dripping in sarcasm, Albright shakes his head. He starts to pace around the ring, gathering his thoughts, before stopping and eyeballing the hard camera.

    Brent Albright: But- as much as all that pisses me off … there’s something that pisses me off even more. And that’s Shawn Michaels-

    Big pop initially for HBK, sprinkled with one or two boos – but it appears all is forgiven from any dissenting fans toward Michaels after last night.

    Brent Albright: You turncoat son of a bitch!! Bradshaw gave you EVERYTHING you wanted and more … and you couldn’t do ONE thing in return?? You couldn’t go along with the plan for ONE night!?

    Mockingly, Albright slaps his own head.

    Brent Albright: Silly me- I forgot- YOU’RE SHAWN MICHAELS!! And some leopards never change their spots!! You HAD to be the one that put Paul London away. Shawn Michaels couldn’t sacrifice himself for the greater good- OH NO!! Heaven forbid Shawn Michaels would stand aside and let someone ELSE grab the spotlight for one night. Heaven forbid Shawn Michaels would follow instructions and do what he was told.

    Shawn Michaels made a judgment call last night, folks. He’s got a conscience” ~J.R

    Brent Albright: So Shawn Michaels decided to do Shawn Michaels things. And that’s turn everything around to being ALL about him.

    Albright mockingly claps.

    Brent Albright: Well … well done, Boy toy. Hope you’re happy. Because I … sure as hell … am NOT. Not one bit. So before I deal with Paul London and clip his wings again tonight, I want Shawn Michaels out here to face the music … and I want him … NOW.

    Brent begins to pace the ring, clearly not prepared to leave the ring until he gets what he asked for.

    Well … I dunno about this. I mean, Shawn Michaels is here, folks. But Brent Albright IS scheduled to defend the World Heavyweight Title later t’night against Paul London. Albright has all he can say grace over right now.”

    And I bet old man Steamboat is lovin this. He’s lovin seein Brent Albright getting worked up like this.”

    An’ as we wait to see if Shawn Michaels is gonna come out here, let’s just remind you all – we’re gonna see not only the World Title defended t’night. The World Tag Team Titles will be decided when Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin get a rematch owed to them-”

    **SEXY BOY**

    And Albright nods, as SHAWN MICHAELS steps through the curtain, answering the call … but the Showstopper isn’t going to walk all the way to the ring, and elects to remain on the ramp.

    Shawn Michaels: I think you’ve got your priorities in the wrong order, Brent. Last I heard, you’ve got a title match later tonight … yet you’re calling me out??

    Brent Albright: Damn right I am. I’ve got plenty of frustrations to take out on you before I get to London later.

    Michaels looks bemused, and scratches at his head.

    Shawn Michaels: Call me crazy, but uh, that doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

    Brent Albright: I will call you crazy. Because that’s the only explanation for your actions last night at the Survivor Series. You, Shawn Michaels, have completely scuppered all of mine and J.B.L’s future plans. And you might not realize it right now … but YOURS too.

    Shawn smirks, taking a glance at the crowd, before looking back at Albright in the ring.

    Shawn Michaels: Well … if you’re lookin for an apology, you ain’t gettin one from me. I’ve got no regrets about what I did last night.

    Pop from the fans.

    Shawn Michaels: I gave J.B.L everything I had. I stayed true to my word, and I think my actions last night proved that I was on board and I was doin everything in my power to lead Bradshaw to victory … but I would never settle to win that way. Not like that.

    Michaels shakes his head, whilst Albright seethes.

    Shawn Michaels: The way I see it, we had Paul London beat. It was all in hand … but J.B.L still didn’t wanna take a chance. He made the mistake – not me. And right now, kid … you’re makin a mistake.

    In the ring, Albright motions for Michaels to come down to the ring and face him.

    Shawn Michaels: Don’t go fightin another mans battles … he’s gone. And you’ve got a big enough one of your own t’fight.

    Albright defends the World Title against Paul London right here t’night!” ~J.R gets in a quick shill.

    Brent Albright: Well how about I tell Steamboat to push Paul London aside? He hasn’t done anything to truly earn this shot anyway. And the way I see it, London owes you one after you saved his ass last night. Why don’t you an’ I settle our differences tonight instead??

    Shawn rolls his eyes, but shrugs at the suggestion.

    Shawn Michaels: Listen, Albright … I don’t have any problem steppin into the ring with you again. An’ if you wanna put that World Heavyweight Title on the line?? Then we can can come to an arrangement, tonight.

    The fans pop, but Albright quickly waves that off.

    Brent Albright: Whoa- now, now … I never said anything about me putting this title on the line. I want a piece of you, but this is per-


    And quickly arriving to join the party is the hero of the hour last night at the Survivor Series; PAUL LONDON. The Golden Boy is greeted with a big reaction as he steps onto the stage, whilst Michaels smirks … but in the ring, Albright is getting further riled.

    London – like Michaels – stands on the stage, offering a thumbs up at the cheering fans first, before addressing Shawn.

    Paul London: Shawn … I don’t mean any disrespect … but that title shot tonight?? That belongs to me.

    London eyeballs Michaels for a few seconds extra, and Michaels listens intently.

    Paul London: I am {places index finger and thumb a millimetre apart} this close … to carrying out a promise I made four long months ago…

    London turns, and points down to the ring.

    Paul London: A promise that I would take away EVERYTHING HE HAS!!!


    Paul London: Last night, I saw off J.B.L. I took away all Brent Albrights protection. All his insurance; GONE. Tonight, I get to the finish the job. And no one is gonna get in my way now.

    Pointedly, London looks at Shawn as he says ‘no one’ … then looks to make it crystal clear to HBK, stepping up to him again.

    Paul London: So if you’re out here tryin to muscle in on MY title shot … you had better get out of the way.

    Stoic, there’s no reaction from Michaels – but he doesn’t move his eyes from London, until London himself turns, and turns his own focus to the ring.

    Paul London: And Brent?? I’ve MORE than earned that shot – and you know it.

    Brent Albright: Earned?? Are you kiddin?? If it wasn’t for Shawn Michaels last night, you wouldn’t be standing here right now with a title shot. Hell, I’d say you wouldn’t even be employed right now!!

    Albright then points toward Michaels, still standing next to London on the ramp.

    Brent Albright: You should be BOWING at that mans feet. Because HE is the reason Jesse Ventura is still Commissioner. HE is the reason Ricky Steamboat is still the Raw General Manager. And HE is the reason you’ve got that title shot.

    Slowly, London turns his head back to Michaels – with Shawn still rather emotionless to it all. Michaels eventually looks to London, taking a step forward.

    Shawn Michaels: You’re welcome by the way.

    Michaels then rather harshly slams his microphone into the chest of London.

    Shawn Michaels: Good luck t’night, kid.

    Turning on his heels, Michaels walks away, leaving London to think about it all, but Albright isn’t finished with Michaels and tries to call him back.


    But despite the calls from the champion, Michaels continues to walk away, disappearing through the curtain, and London snaps back into focus, getting the attention of the champ.

    Paul London: Brent!? HEY!! Listen up; you and Shawn?? You might not be done … but there’s one thing that IS done … and that’s your reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

    Pop from the fans.

    Paul London: You’re gonna have plenty of time to chase Shawn Michaels after tonight. But not before I beat you and take that title away.

    In the ring, Albright shakes his head, patting the belt as if to tell London it isn’t going anywhere.

    Paul London: I’ll see ya later.

    London tosses both mic’s (his own and the one Michaels gave him as he left) down, before heading to the back himself, leaving Albright to stew in the ring.

    Commercial Break

    Returning from the break, it appears that those of you who like the wrestling on these shows will have to wait a little longer, as we head backstage … with RICKY STEAMBOAT heading toward his office.

    The Raw GM opens the door, and looks a little taken aback-

    As CM PUNK is sat in the office, feet up on the table.

    Ricky Steamboat: I certainly didn’t expect to see you here.

    CM Punk: I could say the same thing to you … but I guess last night proved that miracles do happen.

    Punk chuckles.

    CM Punk: And hey, why would you expect me to be here?? It’s not like I’m the Intercontinental Champion, is it??

    Ricky Steamboat: What is it you want??

    CM Punk: Me?? No. Nothing. I just thought I’d kick back and watch the show. I just watched that bickering out there a moment ago. Says it all really … I mean, with Shawn Michaels out there trying to worm his way into the World title picture after he failed to take my title from me … it just confirms everything I’ve said these last six months;

    Punk takes his feet off the table, and reaches to his title on the desk.

    CM Punk: And that’s that the Intercontinental Championship has officially usurped the World Heavyweight Title as the most important title on the planet. And that’s all because of me.

    Punk then picks up a copy of the I.C title DVD he was forced into shilling last night. He points to the back of it.

    CM Punk: The Rock couldn’t do it. Austin couldn’t do it. Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Bret Hart or even you, boss. But I made it be.

    Tossing the DVD back down on the desk, Punk has a stern look on his face, letting out some pent up frustrations now.

    CM Punk: Yet last night, I was left shillin a DVD at one of the biggest Pay Per View events of the year … while you?? You were in the main event. A guy retired fifteen years … in the main event … while the biggest star on Raw had to sit and watch.

    Before Steamboat can even respond, Punk butts in again.

    CM Punk: I thought you were better than the others, Steamboat. I thought you’d be the one old timer that had a modicum of self respect for their legacy … and really did stay away.

    Steamboat shakes his head, and again, before being able to defend himself, Punk jumps in.

    CM Punk: But last night, you exposed yourself to be just like all the other old glory hogs from the past.

    Ricky Steamboat: That was a one off-

    CM Punk: One time too many if you ask me.

    Steamboat sighs, but Punk throws his hands up in despair.

    CM Punk: And tonight, I got nothin to do at all. So what’s goin on?? Have I cleaned out all the challenges?? And if so … what are you gonna do to find me a new one??

    Punk stands up.

    CM Punk: And better yet … when are you gonna start treating me for who I am, and what I represent?? Which is – if you needed reminding … which it appears you do … that I’m the biggest star on this show, holding the most prestigious title in the world.

    Ricky Steamboat: Well I’m glad you’re such a proud a champion. And it’s music to my ears that you’re not wanting to sit around and rest on your laurels, Punk. Really, it is. So you’ll be happy to hear that you’re gonna be defending that very gold you hold you dearly … next week on Raw.

    CM Punk: Against who??

    Ricky Steamboat: Against a man who was due a rightful one on one rematch a couple of months ago. Nick Nemeth.

    Punk puts up a finger to protest.

    CM Punk: No. Now hold on- I’ve beaten that kid.

    Ricky Steamboat: In a triple threat match. But that wasn’t how I wanted it. Nick Nemeth took you to the limit, Punk. The two of you went to a sixty minute draw and before J.B.L got involved in everything, I had signed a rematch that was supposed to happen … and next week, it will.

    Punk shakes his head, stepping around the desk to look Steamboat in the eye.

    Ricky Steamboat: And it’ll happen exactly as I envisioned it. With no time limits.

    CM Punk: No time limits??

    Taking a moment, Punk thinks about it.

    CM Punk: That’s fine.

    Punk picks up his title from the desk, and the DVD. He turns, and looks Steamboat up and down before smirking.

    CM Punk: Y’know … part of me was expecting you to award yourself the title shot and continue to live out old glories.

    Punk dumps the DVD down at the feet of Steamboat and marches on out, leaving the Raw GM to look down at the DVD, shaking his head.


    Returning backstage, TIFFANY is standing by with REY MYSTERIO and SHELTON BENJAMIN…

    Tiffany: Gentlemen, tonight you have the opportunity to win back the World Tag Team Titles that you lost two weeks ago at Raw’s 800th episode. And, after contributing toward the victory for Team Ventura last night at the Survivor Series, you both must be in high spirits tonight??

    Shelton Benjamin: Oh hell yeah, Tiff!! Y’know everyone was writing Team Ventura off. They were sayin we just didn’t have the kinda firepower that JBL’s team brought.

    Benjamin scoffs at that suggestion.

    Shelton Benjamin: Well, what we lacked in “firepower” we more than made up for with straight up fire. We played our part … and seein as he’ll be too humble to brag about it – let’s not forget Rey knocked off John Cena last night.

    Looking proudly at his partner, Shelton pats the shoulder of Rey.

    Shelton Benjamin: And now that JBL is gone?? Rey and I get to right the wrongs from two weeks ago. Everyone knows we got robbed at Raw 800. And while we both got our sights set on heading on up the singles ranks – right now, we got unfinished business with the tag team titles.

    Tiffany: Of course, on that night, there was quite a bit of outside interference that contributed to your downfall, but tonight, that shouldn’t be an issue, should it??

    Rey Mysterio: Well, we sure hope not. Shelton and I both know Ricky Steamboat wont be standing for any interference. All we want is a fair crack at winning back the titles we feel we should’ve never lost.

    Tiffany: And Rey, as Shelton touched on earlier – last night you eliminated John Cena from that Survivor Series match … and quite honestly, you paid the price for that, with Cena brutally assaulting you after that elimination. You’ve been cleared to compete tonight … but surely, you must still be in rough shape…

    Rey smiles and nods.

    Rey Mysterio: I’m good, Tiffany. I’m banged up, but that’s nothing new to me. Obviously, we’ll be lookin to make sure Shelton controls things for us tonight, and we don’t wanna end up with me getting cut adrift … but we also know that’s gotta be the plan for Sandow and Duprée. It’s up to us to stop that from happening.

    Confidently, Benjamin steps in again.

    Shelton Benjamin: And we will. Last night?? We put the world to rights with JBL. Tonight?? We put the world to rights with Sandow and Duprée. You’re lookin at the next World Tag Team Champions, Tiffany.

    The former champions bump knuckles, and walk off, heading to prepare for their title rematch.


    Back into the arena…


    Entering with her best friend Michelle McCool, LAYLA EL is dressed to compete as we finally get around to some in ring action tonight. J.R explains that last night, Layla assisted Michelle McCool to victory over Gail Kim prior to the Survivor Series, and Gail Kim has requested this match tonight.


    Receiving a fairly decent pop, GAIL KIM salutes the fans before heading down the ramp, looking for revenge after a defeat last night when she had it all in hand against McCool. The former Womens Champion reaches ringside, as we’re told we’ll get the match NEXT, right after a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Match 1:
    Layla El w/Michelle McCool vs. Gail Kim
    Joined in progress, we’re told Layla got the jump on Gail during the commercial thanks to some distractions from McCool. It’s all fairly basic offence from the Englishwoman, working over Gail, until the vastly superior Gail Kim is able to turn things around by relying on her athletic ability and quickness.

    Using that ability, Gail is able to excite the fans, dipping into some lucha spots and bamboozling her opponent … until McCool involves herself again to help Layla regain the upper hand. McCool merely climbs onto the apron, but it’s distraction enough for Gail, who makes a lunge – only to be held back by the official – allowing the attack from Layla.

    Layla cuts off another attempted comeback with a stun gun, scoring a near fall off that before applying a Body scissors to further wear Gail down. Once again though, the former Womens Champion battles back, surviving the body scissors before fighting back to her feet, sparking another comeback.

    Gail catches Layla with the FLYING DRAGON submission, and looks to be on the verge of victory when Michelle McCool AGAIN provides a distraction – JUST AS LAYLA IS TAPPING!!! The referee appears to be demanding Michelle heads to the back, having had enough of her interfering – but it’s too late; she’s already saved her partner on this occasion!!


    Giving up her submission hold, Gail NAILS Michelle with a forearm shot, sending her off the apron … then makes sure to keep McCool out of the picture … WITH A DIVING CROSS BODY TO THE FLOOR ONTO MCCOOL!!!!! The fans pop for the high risk move, but as Gail gets up, she’s met with a BASEBALL SLIDE from Layla!!!

    Layla follows outside, looking to send Gail into the steps … but Kim is able to JUMP and avoid hitting the step, instead landing onto the steps. Layla’s eyes bug out, with her plan faltering, then looks to get away from the former champion, with Gail giving chase … until Layla slides back into the ring … and when Gail tries to follow, she’s TRIPPED – by McCool!!! McCool holds onto the leg of Gail … stopping her from getting back into the ring … AND SHE’S COUNTED OUT!!!!!
    Winner: Via Count Out – Layla El @ 05:50

    And once again, LayCool – for the second night on the bounce – get one over on Gail Kim!! Gail quickly shrugs McCool off, but it’s a second too late, and as she climbs back into the ring, Layla El isn’t hanging around – she’s straight out of the ring for fear of reprisals.

    Layla meets with Michelle on the floor, and the pair stumble away with one another, as Gail is left in the ring, frustrated again for the second night in a row as J.R and Coach bicker about the outcome, with Coach defending the help of McCool, simply telling his partner; “two is better than one…”

    It’s clear by the look on her face though that Gail Kim isn’t just going to let this situation pass her by, and looks fired up to gain some revenge on her new foes.


    Meanwhile, cutting away backstage … BETH PHOENIX is shown, watching this all transpire. The Womens Champion, fresh off her successful title defence last night, has a smirk on her face, seeing arguably the next biggest threat to her title on the losing end again … and most probably ruling Gail out of the running to be next in line.

    Jim Ross: And there’s a very interested observer right there, folks! We’re set to hear from the Womens Champion in just a few moments … and she looks like the cat that got the cream t’night!!

    The Coach: And she has every right to, J.R!! She’s on top of the world. She proved to the world she’s the most dominant woman in all the WWE last night, and she’s just seen Gail Kims hopes of a title shot any time soon go up in smoke!!

    Jim Ross: Y’gotta wonder, Coach, just WHO will be the next to step up and attempt to dethrone that woman!? We may just find out later tonight… but comin up NEXT … we will take a special look at last nights ‘I Quit’ match between Triple H and Mister Kennedy – and we will look back at the shocking conclusion to that violent war at the Survivor Series…

    Commercial Break

    A video package airs – ALL still images – of the brutal ‘I Quit’ Match last night at the Survivor Series between TRIPLE H and MISTER KENNEDY with commentary from Jim Ross and The Coach over the top of it. Kennedy has to suffer through a severe assault on his leg, as well as taking a Spinebuster – right through the barrier.

    Kennedy then sends Trips into an exposed turnbuckle and follows with a Mic Check, which allows him to blast The Game with repeated microphone shots as he looks to force Triple H into quitting. Kennedy busts Triple H open, and wears a chair out on him too, but winds up eating a DDT onto the steel step that HE brought into the ring.

    It’s Triple H’s turn to look for the opponent to quit, but with Kennedy just as stubborn, The Game has to up the ante, and attempts a Pedigree on the steps – but gets back dropped instead. After the two tumble over the announce table, Kennedy is able to waffle Triple H with a monitor, then looks for the sledgehammer after The Game again refuses to quit.

    Kennedy gets the hammer, and it appears Triple H is cowering in fear as he crawls to the outside … but instead, The Game has a second hammer under the ring, and uses it as Kennedy leans through the ropes – and the shot busts Kennedy wide open. A Pedigree follows, but Kennedy STILL wont quit … leaving Triple H to announce he’ll put Kennedy out of his misery-

    But when he goes for a final kill shot with the hammer, Kennedy moves, and takes Triple H down, applying his KROSSFACE. He chokes Triple H out, but refuses to let the official call for the bell, instead promising that he’d make The Game quit. With that, Kennedy brings Triple H back around – TWICE – and after getting to Triple H by telling him to think of his wife and kids … Triple H finally does the seemingly unthinkable …

    Triple H quits.

    Barely able to stand, Kennedy leaves the arena the winner, whilst Triple H eventually gets back to his feet; ego bruised – perhaps beyond repair – and refuses medical help as he leaves … with questions now over his future, and questions over whether he’ll ever show his face again after doing something no one ever would’ve thought possible; he QUIT.


    Back at ringside, and The Coach puffs his cheeks, whilst J.R still looks shocked by those images…

    Jim Ross: Well, I’ll tell ya … I’ve had the distinction to be ringside and watch some brutal, hostile matches; some of the most personal and bloody wars you could imagine … and that one may have topped the lot last night. That was pure, unadulterated hatred last night at the Survivor Series, Coach.

    The Coach: And we knew goin in it could be that way. Neither of us could see either man ever quitting. I know I was sure the referee would eventually call for the bell … and only for Kennedy’s insistence, that’s what would’ve happened. The fact that Kennedy eventually got The Game to quit … I- I still don’t quite believe what I saw, J.R.

    Jim Ross: Nor do I. But lemme tell ya this, don’t for a second think Triple H threw the towel in last night. He may have said the words, but The Game ain’t a quitter. Not in the slightest!! An I know a lot people sat at home right now are gonna be scratchin their heads with what I’m about t’say, and they’ll probably say, “Ol J.R’s lost it” … but it took guts. It took GUTS for Triple H to say those words last night.

    The Coach: I’ve been saying you’ve lost it for years, J.R. But that just confirmed it.

    Jim Ross: The man sacrificed himself and his reputation in the ring to protect his status as a father, damn it!! He sacrificed himself in order to still be a husband!! That’s guts, Coach – but I wouldn’t expect y’to know anything about it!!

    The Coach: Well you can kiss up to Triple H and make excuses for him all you want, J.R – the record books will only ever show the fact that he QUIT. Mister Kennedy made Triple H say the words “I Quit”!! So let’s move past from Triple H – he IS the past, now. He’s not here tonight. Let’s talk Mister Kennedy…

    Jim Ross: Well, he ain’t here either t’night. As y’may have picked up from those highlights, Kennedy suffered an incredible amount of damage to his knee – a strategy of The Game’s early on, it seemed, was to target the legs … but of course, Kennedy survived that onslaught, somehow, someway … but in the end, once the adrenaline wore off late into Sunday night, Mister Kennedy found himself checkin into a local medical facility – but before he could get there, Kennedy had this run in, that was picked up by our diligent camera operators backstage-


    The scene opens with CHRISTIAN (now on Smackdown) doing a walk and talk interview, possibly for…

    Christian: Honestly? That was more fun than I was expecting it to be. After the year I’ve had, it’s not been easy. Tonight, I got to just to relax and enjoy it – and for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed myself out there – just like I used to. I think that was just what I needed.

    Unseen Interviewer: So, what’s next then??

    Christian: Well, I think I’ll be showin up for work this week on Smackdown, put it that way. I’ve been a bit of a jerk these last few months, but maybe with that-

    Suddenly, a limping MISTER KENNEDY barges in between Christian and the unseen cameraman/interviewer, with a blood soaked towel in his hand, wearing a t-shirt.

    Christian: You blind??

    Kennedy stops in his tracks, and turns – with a bloody forehead still – eyeing Christian up and down, before scoffing.

    Mister Kennedy: Nah, I just don’t got time for a guy that doesn’t exist any more.

    Christian chuckles, then looks to the cameraman.

    Christian: I think he got hit a little too hard tonight.

    Kennedy stops again, turning and shaking his head; deadly serious.

    Mister Kennedy: That’s not it. See … you’re here … in body. But that’s about it. Because the guy you were?? He’s either lost, or he’s gone for good.

    Christian doesn’t respond, as Kennedy takes another step toward him.

    Mister Kennedy: And if you don’t wanna be here?? If you don’t want that spot any more?? Then you oughta get outta the way.

    A face full of dried blood, Kennedy gets right in Christians face now…

    Mister Kennedy: Otherwise … y’might get hurt.

    Kennedy then turns and limps off, leaving Christian to think it over … before Captain Charisma motions for the camera to cut…

    And at ringside, J.R is shaking his head, whilst Coach seems impressed.

    The Coach: Makin friends and influencing people; Mister Kennedy style!!

    Jim Ross: That he is. Kennedy has made no bones about his intentions, and he made it clear to Christian – Smackdown’s Christian, now, remember – that he’s eyein up every top spot, it seems!!

    The Coach: Big difference here too, J.R – Kennedy WANTS it. Kennedy WANTS to be the top dog, and we all know Christian hasn’t been the same since SummerSlam. Whatever Hell in a Cell took out of Christian, he just isn’t the same guy as of late – and he’s been pretty open about not being as motivated as he once was.

    Jim Ross: Kennedy sure has big goals in his future, but they’ll have to be put onto the backburner for the time bein while he recovers from those injuries he sustained in victory twenty four hours ago. And the latest we’re hearin is that Kennedy could be out of action for four weeks – minimum.

    The Coach: And if I’m Mister Kennedy, I’m not rushin back, J.R. Take your time and rest up, get yourself at one hundred per cent for the new year … because let’s not forget about that bumper contract he signed; and he’s got the Number 30 spot in the Royal Rumble locked in already.

    Jim Ross: That he does, and given his victory last night, he’d be a favourite to win the Rumble in January regardless. But as the Number 30 entrant?? He’s a BIG favourite in my eyes right now, and in the eyes of many.

    The Coach: And it could be a long time before we see Triple H again too, J.R – if we ever see him again, at all!!

    Jim Ross: That remains to be seen. He’ll be hurtin today – physically and mentally – for sure. But I for one, hope we see The Game right back here on Raw before long.


    **BOOYAKA 619**

    As ever, REY MYSTERIO emerges up through the trap door, getting a big reaction from the fans – starved of action in the first hour of tonights show thus far – as we gear up for the first of two title matches on Raw, with J.R putting over Mysterio and his elimination of John Cena last night at the Survivor Series – the first time EVER Rey has pinned Cena in any match.


    SHELTON BENJAMIN meets his partner on the ramp, with J.R once again reminding us over the way in which Rey and Shelton lost the belts two weeks ago, with Steamboat looking to put things right tonight by granting the rematch. And, of course, Coach accuses Steamboat of playing favourites with his winning team from last night.


    Stepping out to the pompous music which matches their pompous attitudes, the World Tag Team Champions, DAMIEN SANDOW and RENÉ DUPRÉE make their way out in matching robes, and whilst Sandow has his dog, Duprée is still minus Fifi, who was dognapped by Goldust on the same night La Renaissance won the titles – something The Coach wants to point out is illegal.

    As the champions take their time to get to the ring, J.R tells us that the title match will be on the other side of this commercial break, and will be commercial FREE for the duration…

    Commercial Break

    La Renaissance vs. Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin
    Mysterio and Benjamin seem to want to end it quickly and set the record straight, coming out of the gates, giving Sandow and Duprée all kinds of problems in the early going with a series of quick roll ups for near falls, before a tease of a 619 to BOTH men sees the champs escape, and take a powder on the floor to regroup … but the challengers don’t want to wait, and they hit STEREO SPLASHES TO THE FLOOR!!!

    Back inside, Benjamin looks to put René away, setting up for the T-Bone Exploder, but some desperate elbows save the Frenchman, and when Shelton sizes up a Stinger Splash, Duprée is saved by his partner, with Sandow dragging René out of the corner, leaving Shelton to eat the turnbuckle pads!!! That turns out to be the game changer, and the new champions finally get a foothold on the contest.

    Benjamin doesn’t spend too long on the backfoot though, fighting back, and fighting off Sandow & Duprée as they attempt a double team … but the numbers are seemingly too much for him, with the champs overwhelming the Black Diamond. They send him off the ropes, but Benjamin rebounds back with a double clothesline!!! With daylight, Shelton makes a tag to Rey!!!

    Mysterio hits the ring like a house on fire, too much for either opponent to handle … until Duprée illegally nails him from behind!!! Benjamin instantly tries to intervene, but is cut off by the official, as the champions drag Rey across to their corner, and proceed to cut off the ring – the biggest nightmare scenario for the challengers, as stated earlier in the night!!!

    Sandow and Duprée have their man where they want him now, and put the boots to Rey, tagging in and out to stomp Rey down in the corner. Targeting the head – as it was weakened by the assault from John Cena after Rey eliminated him last night, and by J.B.L who flattened Rey on the outside of the ring last night too, the Frenchman traps Rey in a sleeper, and Mysterio starts to fade.

    On the apron, Benjamin looks to keep his partner in it, stamping the mat, getting the fans to cheer Rey on and will him to the corner … and it appears to be working, with Rey finding a second wind, inching toward the corner, reaching his arms to make a tag … WHEN SANDOW RACES IN AND FOREARMS SHELTON OFF THE APRON!!!!! Smart move by the champions-

    But Rey then kicks off Sandow – and takes Duprée down whilst trapped in the sleeper – pinning his shoulders (ala Bret/Austin at Survivor Series 96 with Sandow replacing the turnbuckles here) … 1...2...NO!!!! Duprée just escapes the predicament, and gets up, swinging a clothesline – Rey ducks – and Duprée accidentally nails Sandow!!!

    Mysterio takes advantage of the mix up, taking René down with a headscissors, then executes a bulldog out of a wheelbarrow spot!!! Rey hits a springboard splash, and as he covers Duprée, Sandow is back in – looking to drop an elbow – but Rey moves!! Sandow drops an elbow on his own partner!!! Shelton Benjamin is back into position now too, giving Rey a chance to tag out … AND HE DOES!!!!!

    In comes Shelton Benjamin!!! And Shelton goes right after the groggy Frenchman … PAYDIRT!!!!! He has the cover … BUT THE REFEREE WON’T COUNT – HE DIDN’T SEE THE TAG!!!!! Replays show Sandow distracting the official as the tag was made, and Shelton – with the match won here – can’t capitalise, as the referee orders him back out.

    Rey is forced back in, and has the cover … but Sandow pulls him out of the ring, and rams him into the ring apron!!! Benjamin complains to the official – starting to lose his composure – as Sandow turns the tide back into the champions favour!!! He tosses Rey back in, and both legal men are struggling to make a tag … but Duprée gets to Sandow first, allowing him to drag Rey back to the middle of the ring and away from Shelton!!!

    Sandow toys with Rey, mocking him over his height, and PAYS THE PRICE – EATING AN ENZIGURI!!!!! Rey now looks for a tag, but Duprée tries to cut him off, looking for a side suplex … NO!!! Mysterio backflips out of it, and slides under a boot attempt from the Frenchman … THEN DIVES TO TAG SHELTON BENJAMIN AT LAST – AND THIS TIME THE REFEREE SEES IT!!!!!

    It’s all Shelton Benjamin – fired up from having to wait this long – and he doles out a pair of Stinger Splashes; one for Sandow, one for Duprée, before dropping Sandow with a neck breaker, and catches René with the Dragon Whip!!!! That sends the Frenchman into the ropes – which serves as an invite for a 619 … but when Rey runs off the ropes – HE GETS TRIPPED BY SANDOW FROM THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Benjamin slides out immediately, and he and Rey knock Sandow down, taking him out of the equation, before returning to the ring, bringing Sandow (as the legal man) with them, but Duprée cuts them off coming in!! The champions recover, tossing Rey from the ring to focus on Shelton alone, with Sandow delivering the Russian Leg Sweep … and rolls through to his feet … for the theatrical ELBOW OF DISDAIN…

    Whilst Duprée performs the FRENCH TICKLER DANCE!!! The heat rises for the pompous showboating … until Mysterio returns … SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK TO THE BACK OF SANDOW … KNOCKING HIM INTO DUPREE!!!! The Frenchman tumbles out of the ring, to the floor … whilst Sandow lands in the ropes again!!! Mysterio dials it up … 619 FROM MYSTERIO TO SANDOW!!!

    There’s a feeling in the air, as Rey motions to Shelton to head up top, as the challengers close in on victory. Shelton starts to climb to get into position for a Blockbuster – but Duprée is trying to stop him!!! Meanwhile, Mysterio quickly perches himself onto the apron, waiting for Sandow to get up before launching onto the ropes … but as he waits for Sandow to rise up … REY IS YANKED OFF THE APRON-

    BY JOHN CENA!!!!!!

    The man Mysterio eliminated at the Survivor Series last night!!! With the referee too busy with Duprée and Benjamin, trying to break them up, the Man In Black is able to have his way with Rey, SLAMMING HIM DOWN on the outside … then picks him right back up, dragging him to the ramp and away from the mats … PILEDRIVER ON THE FLOOR!!!!!!! John Cena has taken out Rey Mysterio – getting to do what he was prevented from doing last night after his elimination!!!

    Rey is slumped on the floor, with Cena beginning to saunter backward, a wry smirk on his face. In the meantime, Benjamin has finally seen what’s going on, and knocks Duprée aside, looking to come after Cena and protect his partner … but as he reaches out through the ropes … BENJAMIN GETS SCHOOL BOYED BY THE RECOVERING SANDOW … AND HE’S GOT A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions – La Renaissance @ 12:02

    All thanks to John Cena, La Renaissance steal the win – AGAIN – from Mysterio and Benjamin, this time to retain the titles!! The champions don’t hang around either, knowing they’ve struck lucky, and instantly roll out of the ring … but they needn’t worry, as Shelton Benjamin’s instant reaction is to check on Mysterio on the outside.

    Still, John Cena, with his hood back over his head, continues to back up the ramp, shouting down to ringside – though it’s impossible to decipher what’s being said. Benjamin is seething as he looks up toward Cena, then motions for help for Rey, who hasn’t moved since the Piledriver on the floor.

    There’s no sense of concern from Sandow or Duprée though – the champions are simply content to be leaving with their titles in tact – and they step over the former champs on their way to the ramp. On commentary, J.R is blowing a gasket at the actions of Cena – calling him a coward, and reminding us that it’s ALL because Rey eliminated Cena last night - “THAT’S ALL IT IS!!!”

    Help arrives at ringside, as Benjamin stands back up, hands on his head, shaking his head, clearly concerned for his partner … as we head to a commercial break…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, REY MYSTERIO is thankfully back to his feet, but is gingerly walking through the curtain – referees helping him on either side – as an EMT is heard saying; “You really should take the stretcher as a precaution…”

    Benjamin is livid as he follows through, rubbing the back of his partner, before letting the medics do their job, and hangs back, getting a hold of road agent DEAN MALENKO…

    Shelton Benjamin: Where did Cena go??

    Malenko shakes his head.

    Dean Malenko: He was straight outta here, Shelton. Just burst back through the curtain, didn’t stop for anyone.

    Shelton Benjamin: Yeah?? Maybe he’ll stop for me when I find him.

    Malenko grabs Shelton by the arm before he can leave.

    Dean Malenko: Shelton- don’t do anything stupid. You saw what happened to Rey- Ricky will deal with this. Don’t go taking things into your own hands.

    Shelton thinks about it … but pulls his arm away, and still appears to be heading off in pursuit of Cena…


    Back into the arena…


    Entering to a smattering of heat, a smiling BETH PHOENIX raises her Womens title above her head as she walks onto the stage. Both Jim Ross and The Coach give The Glamazon her dues after overcoming the very real threat of Natalya last night at the Survivor Series – not only defeating the challenger, but defeating her with the famed Sharpshooter.

    As Beth reaches the ring, both commentators ask just WHO is next in line for a crack at the gold, with Coach claiming Phoenix has cleaned out the entire division at this point … though J.R is quick to point out that that’s not necessarily true, but concedes that until last night, Gail Kim appeared to be in the drivers seat for that next shot.

    Beth Phoenix: I’ve only got one thing to say right now … and that’s … I told you so.

    There’s a few heckles from the fans, but that doesn’t change the smirk on the champions face.

    Beth Phoenix: Everyone was sooo quick to proclaim Natalya as the next Womens champion. After everything I’ve accomplished, you all were sooo quick to write me off.

    Phoenix shakes her head – still smirking.

    Beth Phoenix: Honey, you don’t write the Glamazon off against anyone. And last night I proved to the entire world that I AM the ultimate diva. I took on Natalya at her own game. I gave up my right for rope breaks against a challenger whose ONLY weapon was the Sharpshooter … and not only did I rise to the challenge … not only did I BEAT Natalya … But I beat Natalya with her own hold.

    She sure did; ain’t no denying that!!” ~J.R giving credit where it’s due.

    Beth Phoenix: Last night proved that not only am I the best female wrestler on the planet today … I proved that I’m the best female wrestler EVER.

    That’s a big statement … she’s got a long way t’go … but she may well be on course.” ~J.R again.

    Beth Phoenix: And there’s not a single girl in the back that can argue with that point. I shut up all my doubters last night at the Survivor Series … and now that I’ve dealt with Natalya, I’ve been thinking about who could be next. And as I looked around at all the diva’s here on Raw, I realized there isn’t a single one that I haven’t beaten already!!

    Beth shakes her head, looking around for some kind of reaction from a fairly quiet audience.

    Beth Phoenix: So where is the next challenge?? Who exactly can step up and pose a threat to the Glamazon?? Because honestly, I don’t think there’s anyone back there who-


    And it appears as if VICTORIA and KELLY KELLY are here to answer the challenge. Victoria takes the lead, and holds the mic, as she and the blonde youngster walk down the ramp, with J.R claiming BOTH women have been on a roll as of late together, with Victoria guiding Kelly thus far in her career.

    Victoria: You obviously didn’t look very hard, Beth … because your next challenger?? Is right here!!

    Phoenix looks puzzled, and points out to Kelly.

    Beth Phoenix: Kelly??

    There’s a cheer, and Victoria smirks at the suggestion – but shakes her head as she climbs up the steps and onto the apron, with Kelly following behind her.

    Victoria: That’s cute. But no. You know exactly who I’m talking about. I’m talking about ME.

    Beth smirks at the statement, and is unmoved as Victoria climbs into the ring with her protégé.

    Victoria: See, long before you came along and christened yourself the “Glamazon” … I was the most dominating woman in the WWE. But I didn’t need a fancy moniker … I just let my actions speak for themselves.

    Certainly not intimidated by the champion, the veteran steps into the space of Beth.

    Victoria: And the funniest thing of all, Beth … is that you already know all of this. If there’s anyone here on Raw that can pose a challenge to you?? It’s me.

    That’s a big statement, right there!!” ~Coach adds his two cents from commentary.

    Victoria: I’ll give you credit, Beth … you’ve been impressive since you won that Womens title. But we’ve locked up enough times in the past for me to know that you’re NOT unbeatable, and I’ve got the victories to prove it!!

    Victoria defeated Beth Phoenix all the way back in February on Superstars!!”

    That was a long time ago J.R!!”

    That it may be, but it was two outta three falls – y’don’t get lucky there, Coach.”

    Victoria: And while you’ve been clearly overlooking me, I’ve been racking up win after win around here lately … but don’t worry. Ricky Steamboat hasn’t been overlooking me. As a matter of fact, he just spoke to me about five minutes ago to give me some news.

    With a smirk forming, Victoria points at herself, with Kelly smiling.

    Victoria: And that’s that I’m next in line for a shot at that Womens title – next week on Raw.

    Beth Phoenix: You!?

    Victoria: {Nodding} Me. And let me tell you something else, Beth … I’ve had to wait a long time for this shot. It’s been almost SIX long years since I held that title, and I can’t even remember the last opportunity I’ve been given at the title. But I’m gonna make this one count.

    Beth Phoenix: We’ll see about that. But honestly … I wasn’t kidding earlier. When I asked if Kelly was my next challenger … I was serious. And given these people’s reactions … I think they wanted it to be Kelly too.

    As if to back the Glamazon up, there’s a rather rowdy pop from some sections of the audience, and Kelly is rather bashfully putting her head down amidst this attention. Victoria shakes her head though, not letting that affect her.

    Victoria: I see what you’re doing, Beth. But it’s not gonna wash with me, and it won’t wash with Kelly either. You and I both know that Kelly – for as popular as she is, and as good as she’s getting … isn’t ready yet.

    Some boos from those same rowdy fans, but again, Victoria is focused only on Beth, and steps up to the champion.

    Victoria: But I am.

    Victoria and Phoenix stare off, inches from one another, with the champion the first to break, taking a step back with a smirk on her face.

    Beth Phoenix: Well … all I’ve got to say … is congratulations.

    Victoria seems a little puzzled.

    Beth Phoenix: Congratulations on attaching yourself to the hot new thing around here in order to cling onto relevancy!!

    Phoenix points at Kelly, and there’s some boos elsewhere for that suggestion, whilst Victoria scoffs at the very notion.

    Beth Phoenix: Because without you leeching onto the hot new blonde on the scene, there’s nobody that’d be paying ANY attention to you, Victoria.

    Victoria turns to Kelly, shaking her head, telling her that’s NOT the case … but Beth looks to continue to drive a wedge.

    Beth Phoenix: And you can talk about all these wins you’ve been racking up, but it seems to me that everyone here would much, MUCH rather see Kelly get the next shot at the Womens Title … and not you.

    And again, that vocal support for Kelly make themselves heard. Kelly is still pretty embarrassed, hearing those cheers, knowing it’s undermining her mentor.

    Beth Phoenix: But you, Kelly?? I hope you’re not just the stereotypical blonde … and you can see what everyone else can around here. Your “mentor” is just using you for her own gains … and she just stepped over you to get a title shot.

    Brushing past Kelly, Beth departs from the ring, leaving Victoria to stew, furious at the suggestion from the champion that she’s using Kelly’s popularity for her own gain.

    Victoria seethes, but makes sure to tell Kelly that it’s all lies, whilst J.R also defends the #1 Contender, reminding everyone that Victoria is the reason Kelly has advanced as quickly as she has, and that the veteran HAS been the leader of their team.

    But Coach wants to cause dissent, siding with Beth’s claims that Victoria would be forgotten and irrelevant without saddling up to Kelly, leading J.R to argue that title shots aren’t handed out for popularity, but for wins and losses, and right now, Victoria has as many wins as anyone else.

    With Beth Phoenix leaving, J.R hypes that Womens title match next week … but still to come TONIGHT is the WORLD TITLE match, pitting the champion Brent Albright against the challenger Paul London … whilst up next, Nick Nemeth is in action against Nick Dinsmore…

    Commercial Break


    With Charlie Haas by his side, NICK DINSMORE enters the arena, with the other two thirds of the Master Craftsmen appearing for the first time tonight – but only one of them is set to compete here.

    As Dinsmore makes his way to the ring, J.R assures the audience that Rey Mysterio will be assessed backstage, and if necessary, will be taken to a local medical facility, but promises to update us with any further developments…

    Then, with Dinsmore in the ring, the official, Mickey Henson, elects to make the decision to BANISH Charlie Haas from ringside!!! Dinsmore and Haas are both furious at the decision, with J.R guessing that with the outside interference in the first two matches of the evening, the official isn’t taking chances here again.

    But Coach doesn’t see it that way. He surmises that this is another power play from Steamboat now that JBL is out of the picture, and he’s victimizing the Master Craftsmen specifically. Haas – under protest – eventually leaves ringside, but makes it clear he isn’t happy whilst being ushered down the side of the ramp by another referee…


    It’s a decent pop for NICK NEMETH initially … but when Lillian Garcia makes a big deal of announcing him as being from CLEVELAND, OHIO, the place erupts!! With an Intercontinental Title shot next week, J.R says it’s vital that Nemeth wins tonight, whilst also reminding the audience that Nemeth never got the one on one rematch he EARNED with Punk after the epic 60 minute draw in September…

    Match 3:
    Nick Dinsmore vs. Nick Nemeth
    The battle of the Nicks sees Dinsmore try to get the jump on Nemeth, but the hometown boy is able to react quickly enough to fend Dinsmore off. And after popping off a series of dropkicks, Nemeth forces Dinsmore to roll out for cover and to rethink his gameplan, whilst Nemeth fires up the hometown crowd.

    Returning to the ring, Dinsmore looks to slow the action down now after his initial plan backfired, but Nemeth uses this as an opportunity to showcase his own mat skills, giving J.R a chance to put over Nemeths amateur pedigree. Again, Dinsmore is forced to look for cover after being humiliated … but this time, Nemeth isn’t waiting for Dinsmore to come back – he’s going after him!!

    Nemeth follows out, but his over eagerness plays into Dinsmores hands, and the Master Craftsmen catches Nemeth with a drop toe hold on the floor!! That places the contest – finally – into the hands of Dinsmore, and he begins to work over Nemeth back inside the ring … but he’s unable to put him away, as we head into a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    And right back from the commercial, we’re in the midst of a fightback from Nemeth, with clips of Dinsmore attempting to apply the Cloverleaf during the commercial being the undoing of the heel, as Nemeth fought it off and fought back to his feet. Nemeth scores a near fall off a FAMOUSER, then sets up for the LEAPING DDT – BUT GETS SHOVED OFF!!!

    Dinsmore then looks for a German Suplex – BLOCKED by Nemeth!! Nemeth escapes the waistlock, ducks a shot, and DROPS Dinsmore with the JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG!!! It’s another near fall, but Nemeth is in control, and gets the fans to count along as he delivers the TEN consecutive elbows … softening Dinsmore up … FOR THE LEAPING DDT!!! The count is academic; no one kicks out of that DDT … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 06:14

    Nemeth finishes the job, looking impressive as he gears up for his I.C Title shot next week in Vegas, with J.R doing his level best to put that match over, stating that if Nemeth can hit that DDT on Punk next week, we’ll be looking at the NEW I.C Champion.

    After getting his hand raised, Nemeth calls for a mic, looking to address his home state, after his victory tonight.

    Nick Nemeth: I’m not gonna take up too much of your time Cleveland … I know you’re all waiting for the World Title match tonight, and I know you’re all gonna be pullin for Paul London to bring home the title, just like I am … but I just wanna take this moment … to say I’m proud to be HOME!!!

    The cheapest of cheap pops.

    Nick Nemeth: I was born and raised right HERE in Cleveland!! And to hear you people – MY people – cheer my name here tonight is like a dream come true!!

    And again.

    Nick Nemeth: I just wish … I just wish tonight was my shot at the Intercontinental Title. Because it’s been my dream ever since I was a little kid, like some of you tonight in the crowd … to come here to ‘The Q’ and win that Intercontinental title and bring YOU people a championship!!

    "Oh, this pandering is sickening, J.R!" ~Coach.

    Nick Nemeth: But even though I won’t be winning that title in my backyard … I promise you all … the next time we come back to Cleveland, I will stand before you all as YOUR Intercontinental Champion!!


    Here comes a buzzkill!! Being seen for the first time since his loss to the Undertaker at Raw 800, THE MIZ saunters through the curtain in his usual demeanour, cocky and smirking, but Nemeth isn’t impressed in the ring.

    The Miz: When the people of Cleveland heard that their hometown hero was gonna be in action tonight on Raw, I think they were left disappointed when they heard it was you. Because there’s only one TRUE hero these people have … and that’s Ohio’s favourite son … ME – The Miz!!!

    There’s a decidedly less enthusiastic reaction for Miz as he tries to get the hometown pop.

    Nick Nemeth: I thought you’d be too busy hamming it up in La-La Land with all your Z-List Celebrity friends to come back down to earth here in Ohio??

    Miz looks offended by that suggestion, and shakes his head as he walks down the ramp.

    The Miz: Me?? Oh, no. I’ll never forget my roots. My good friend, LeBron-

    Cheap pop for the mention of LeBron James – and Miz smiles, having gotten the easy pop he was looking for.

    The Miz: He wouldn’t let me forget this place. I was born and raised, right here in Ohio … and I know the little people of this state can find inspiration in seeing one of their own make it BIG!! And thanks to my success, they can live vicariously live through me, as I live out all the dreams they couldn’t.

    Boos from the fans as Miz rather passively puts them down, but Nemeth fires back from the ring.

    Nick Nemeth: You made it big?? That sure passed me by, Miz. All I’ve seen from you is you getting punked by every celebrity that shows up at one of our shows, and humiliated by any legend that crosses your path!!

    Pop. Miz expression changes, not impressed by that from Nemeth, as he continues to walk down the ramp.

    Nick Nemeth: I mean, Shaq knocked you on your ass at WrestleMania. Mickey Rourke kicked your ass at SummerSlam. And the last time we saw you on Raw, The Undertaker wiped the floor with ya!! Some list of accomplishments, right??

    Miz shakes his head as he walks up the steps.

    The Miz: You think that’s all pretty funny, huh?? I’ve accomplished a hell of a lot more than you have!! People rave about how you wrestled for an hour with CM Punk a few months ago-

    The reality star glares at a few fans who cheer that.

    The Miz: Big deal, huh?? You proud of him?? Well maybe you’ve all forgotten that I wrestled in the longest match in history!! Damn near SEVEN WEEKS STRAIGHT!!! WHERE’S MY PARADE!?

    Standing now on the apron, Miz turns his back to Nemeth in the ring, addressing the audience instead right now.

    The Miz: I went at it for forty seven days, twenty three hours, fifty four minutes and seventeen seconds … but y’don’t hear me harp on about it like a broken record!!

    Yeah, but he’s got the exact time memorized!!” ~J.R adds some narration on commentary, as Miz turns his attention back to Nemeth in the ring.

    The Miz: And as for those celebrities I’ve rubbed shoulders with?? Maybe it tells ya something that they’d choose to get involved in MY business … rather than be seen dead with you. The Miz equals ratings, Nicky. And The Miz has come a LONG way from Ohio, and I’ve come BACK here to drag this city out of the wilderness … unlike you, who’s just prepared to fester in it!!

    Bigger heel heat for Miz, now bashing his home state, as he climbs into the ring,, facing up to Nemeth.

    Nick Nemeth: The wilderness?? The wilderness?? You really DO have an inflated ego, huh?? Well, uh, maybe it’s time you got a bit of a reality check … because the only place YOU are heading is the wilderness. All you are, Miz … is a joke – a punchline. But I hope you enjoy these fifteen minutes of fame you’re getting right now. I hope in a few years time, you can look back on your thirty seconds on ‘E!’ when they show you getting your ass kicked by a movie star, LAUGHING at your expense.

    Miz is getting visibly angered now.

    Nick Nemeth: Because that’s all you’ll ever be. A Joke. Me though?? I AM going places. And maybe right now I’m not a “household” name like you are … but once I beat CM Punk next week and win the Intercontinental Title … I will be.

    Cheers from the fans, as Miz continues to huff.

    Nick Nemeth: I’ll have my name written into the history books, I’ll be remembered forever … and I’ll not forget where I came from either … and that’s right here in Cleveland, OHIO!!!

    Another pop, as Nemeth then smirks, looking right at Miz…

    Nick Nemeth: HOO-RAH!!


    Miz takes a swing at Nemeth after having his own catchphrase used on him-




    Nemeth bounces right back up to his feet, soaking in the ovation from his hometown, and J.R puts over the momentum Nemeth is riding right now, rolling toward his shot at the Intercontinental Title next week, shutting The Miz up tonight.

    Then … as Nemeth takes in all the cheers from the fans inside the Quicken Loans Arena, we cut away … and see CM PUNK standing at the top of the ramp, Intercontinental title raised … as champion and challenger eye one another down, title match next week on Raw…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, EVE TORRES is standing by…

    Eve Torres: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time … Paul London!!

    There’s a pop as PAUL LONDON appears on set, all dressed to compete, but with strapping on his shoulder, ahead of his title shot.

    Eve Torres: Paul, we’re now just moments away from your World Heavyweight Championship match against Brent Albright. Obviously, you and Albright know each other inside and out, going back to your days as Smackdown superstars, and just last night, you outlasted Albright to be the Sole Survivor at the Survivor Series. But given everything you went through just twenty four hours ago – wrestling for almost forty five minutes – what kind of condition are you in tonight??

    Paul London: Eve, I’m not about to stand here and start making excuses before a bell has even rung. I’ll leave that to Brent Albright. He seems to think he was the only one that went forty five minutes last night … but I was there too. Only difference being the same as it will be tonight … I won, and he lost.

    Eve nods, but follows up.

    Eve Torres: But still, Paul, yes, you were both in the match as long as each other … but really, you took a great deal more punishment throughout the match. That must put you at a disadvantage tonight, surely??

    Paul London: Yeah, I took a hell of a lot of punishment last night … but the truth is, it wouldn’t matter what condition I was in tonight – the moment I was offered this shot at the title, I was taking it.

    London shrugs.

    Paul London: And anyway, right now, I’m still on cloud nine. The adrenaline from last night still hasn’t worn off, and I’m rarin to go. Like I said earlier … I made a promise four months ago that I was gonna take away everything Brent Albright had. Tonight, I get to make good on that promise once and for all.

    Eve Torres: And it’d be remiss of me not to ask … it appeared as if earlier tonight, Brent Albright was more troubled by the actions of Shawn Michaels at the Survivor Series, rather than focusing on the task at hand tonight; namely, defending his title against you.

    London takes a moment to think about his reply.

    Paul London: That’s up to Albright. For all I know, he was tryin to throw me off earlier. But it didn’t work. I’m laser focused. I’m ready – more ready than I’ve ever been. And while Brent Albright has said in the past that I’ll never be ready to be World Champion … tonight, I prove him wrong. Right here tonight, I’m gonna show Albright that I’m overdue … and I’m taking everything he’s got left.

    Full of fire and passion, London delivers that final line, before walking off set for his date with destiny.


    Elsewhere, SHAWN MICHAELS is shown beginning to leave the building, dragging his luggage behind him when RICKY STEAMBOAT jogs up behind him, calling out “SHAWN!” to make Michaels stop in his tracks. Steamboat catches up to Michaels, and there’s still tension between the pair it seems.

    Ricky Steamboat: I wanted to have a quick talk before you left. Look, I know we’ve not seen eye to eye these last few months … but I couldn’t let what happened last night pass without saying thanks.

    Rather emotionless, Michaels shakes his head.

    Shawn Michaels: You don’t need to thank me. I didn’t do what I did for you … I did it because it was the right thing t’do.

    Steamboat nods.

    Ricky Steamboat: I understand. And I still want to say thank you … for doing the right thing. And I know Jesse wants to thank you too for the sacrif-

    Well isn’t this cosy.”

    Steamboat is cut off … as BRENT ALBRIGHT appears, crashing the meeting.

    Brent Albright: What’s goin on?? The two of you havin a laugh and a joke at my expense?? At JBL’s?? It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if the two of you had this whole thing planned from the start. To get a double agent on JBL’s Survivor Series team. That what’s goin on here??

    Shawn Michaels: You’re way off.

    Ricky Steamboat: Way, way off. Shawn made a choice last night … and I’ll not lie … I’m glad and relieved he did.

    Michaels is still stony faced, as Albright focuses on Steamboat for now.

    Brent Albright: I bet you are. Because now you don’t even have to be subtle when you screw me over!!

    Ricky Steamboat: Not this again-

    Brent Albright: You had your ref out there banish Charlie Haas from ringside for Nick’s match earlier?? BEFORE the match could even start??

    Ricky Steamboat: I didn’t have anything to do with that. That call was at the officials discretion.

    Albright rolls his eyes, whilst Shawn stays in the picture, but offers nothing to the conversation.

    Brent Albright: I’ll bet. And while we’re at it, there’s no General Manager worth a damn that would even DREAM of putting his World Champion straight into a title defence, one night removed from having to go forty five minutes. Unscheduled, unprepared – you’re doin everything in your power to take this from me.

    Ricky Steamboat: Unscheduled?? How’s that?? It’s been twenty nine days since you defended that World Title, Brent. It’s your obligation to defend it every thirty.

    Albright scoffs.

    Brent Albright: That’s bull and you know it. You don’t have to enforce it-

    Ricky Steamboat: And besides, Paul London had to go just as long as you did last night, so don’t make like you’re at a disadvantage here.

    The champion doesn’t have a comeback. Steamboat looks to his wrist, then points toward the Gorilla position.

    Ricky Steamboat: And by my watch, I think you’re up. So how about you get your mind on Paul London and retaining your title, rather than spending time creating conspiracy theories.

    Brent Albright: I’ll do that. But don’t think this is over.

    Albright fixes the title belt on his shoulder, but makes sure to get a final word with Michaels, stepping right into his face.

    Brent Albright: And that goes for you too, Benedict Arnold.

    Albright then brushes past Michaels aggressively, stomping off, as Shawn and Steamboat share a look, but don’t say a word…


    Back into the arena…

    J.R and Coach get set for the main event, but quickly recap events from earlier in the night and the conclusion to the tag team title match, which saw JOHN CENA screw REY MYSTERIO and SHELTON BENJAMIN – specifically Rey – as a result of Mysterio eliminating Cena last night at the Survivor Series.

    We’re shown the clip of Cena executing the Piledriver on the floor – away from the mats – and we’re told that Rey Mysterio HAS been taken to a local medical facility for further evaluations on his neck. We’re also told that Shelton Benjamin DID go in pursuit of Cena, but the Man In Black made a swift exit from the building…

    The commentary team wonder what kind of reception Cena could expect next Monday in Vegas, before hyping the TWO title matches set for next week too; Beth Phoenix versus Victoria for the Womens title and CM Punk defending the I.C Title against Nick Nemeth with NO time limits in a rematch of their 60 minute draw from September.


    And entering the stage for the chance to cap off an incredible two nights, PAUL LONDON takes a big deep breath on the stage for his first shot at the World title since coming up short at Madison Square Garden at SummerSlam against the man he attempts to dethrone tonight.


    Visibly still pissed off and rattled, BRENT ALBRIGHT marches through the curtain, with J.R reminding us all of the last twenty four hours in the life of the World Champion … and it might be about to get worse. Coach is furious at everything that’s transpired, as J.R tells us the main event is up next…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, both men are in the ring, and the introductions take place for the big time main event … and once the bell rings, Albright isn’t wishing to take his time!!

    Brent Albright vs. Paul London
    Albright’s aggressiveness almost severely backfires, with London quick to respond, avoiding the champion, and trapping him – first with an Okalhoma Roll, then a school boy and crucifix pin … all in the space of the first thirty seconds, all for near falls!! The champions head being all over the place nearly costs him the title, and a dropsault from the challenger sends Albright hurtling out of the ring!!! Feeling the momentum, London looks for a PLANCHA – BUT MISSES!!!

    London went for too much too soon, and it backfired!!! He struggles back up, but he’s easy prey for Albright, who picks him up and DRIVES the challenger – BACK FIRST – into the ring post!!! He does it a second time … THEN DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY – WITH LONDON LANDING ON THE STEPS!!!!! London’s back contorts off the steps, and Albright is told off by the referee … but the champion protests his innocence, saying he didn’t see the steps were even there.

    Albright looks to finish the match early when he brings London back into the ring, but the challenger refuses to stay down off a number of quick cover attempts, forcing Albright to change his gameplan and instead focus his attention on the back instead and look to wear London down. It’s a standard assault on the back, with Albright basing his entire focus on that area, as J.R reminds us of the beating London took last night – specifically to his back.

    But it’s not an ordinary night – it’s a chance for London to live out his dream – and the challenger powers through the pain, mounting a comeback … but he’s clearly suffering, and the injuries to his back has slowed him down, allowing Albright to recover and catch London up top – BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP TO LONDON!!!!! Albright has to sell the impact on himself too … but eventually gets the cover … 1...2...NO!!!!! London hangs on, but it’s all Albright, heading into the final commercial of the night.

    Commercial Break

    Albright has a BACKBREAKER submission applied as we return, and J.R explains that it’s been ALL Albright throughout the commercial, with London hanging on for dear life as he clings to the hope of walking out of Raw as World Champion. Quitting won’t cross Londons mind either, and Albrights frustrations boil over, eventually giving up on the submission in order to weaken the challenger further, and THROWS London out of the ring.

    The champion pushes Mike Chioda aside, ignoring the orders to keep it in the ring, and beats on London on the outside, and attempts to send him into the steel steps … REVERSED BY LONDON … AND ALBRIGHT HURTLES INTO THE STEPS INSTEAD!!!!! The challenger has bought himself time, and rolls into the ring … but has to roll back out to stop the champion from being counted out!!!

    It takes London EVERYTHING to roll Albright back inside, and follows in … BEFORE WALKING RIGHT INTO THE CROWBAR!!!!! Even though it’s Londons back that’s been targeted tonight, the Crowbar remains a devastating weapon in Albrights arsenal … and it’s one London has tapped to MULTIPLE times in the past … BUT NOT TONIGHT!!!! London fights through the pain … AND GRABS THE ROPES!!!!

    London survives, and has to use the ropes to get back to his feet, with Albright recovered, coming after the challenger – SUPERKICK FROM LONDON OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! London falls into the cover; 1...2...NO!!!!! Both men are down, with London still struggling due to his weakened back, but with this opening, he grits through the pain, mounting a comeback, relying on his quickness, eventually scoring with a GERMAN … 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Agony is etched on London’s face – a split second from victory – and he has to pick himself up again, taking the fight to the champion, roughing him up with forearm shots, and looks to get a run off the ropes to rush at the champ – but Albright side steps, tossing London over the ropes to give himself a rest … ONLY FOR LONDON TO HANG ON!!! The challenger looks to skin the cat – BUT GETS A 61-KNEE FROM ALBRIGHT!!!!!

    London lands hard on the floor, and the champion quickly rushes back out, tossing London inside, wanting to finish things off, getting the challenger up onto his shoulders for the ACE IN THE HOLE – BUT LONDON COUNTERS … INTO A DDT!!!!! It’s a struggle for both men to find their feet … getting up … and LONDON SCORES WITH A PELE KICK!!!!! Albright goes down, giving London a chance to head up top … and after a struggle he gets there-

    450 SPLASH-

    GETS KNEES!!!!!!

    Albright had time to get his knees up!!! And he traps the shoulders of London to the mat … 1...2...LONDON STILL KICKS OUT!!!!!

    The champion shakes his head in disbelief!!! He argues the count with the official, then finally gets his head back on straight, taking it to London again, seemingly abandoning his focus on the back completely as the match continues, sending London off the ropes … BUT LONDON COMES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM-



    The referee is down!!! London doesn’t have time to think about it, as Albright comes after him, looking for a HALF-NELSON SUPLEX … BUT LONDON ELBOWS OUT!!! AND CATCHES THE CHAMPION WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!!! There’s no cover – there’s no referee anyway – as London gets back up, looking to climb the turnbuckles again … but there’s trouble brewing for the challenger as he climbs to the top-


    Boos shower Haas as he runs to ringside, looking to interfere, grabbing the foot of London, but London shrugs him off, kicking Haas away … but NICK DINSMORE IS IN THE RING – AND LOOKS TO PULL LONDON FROM THE TOP – BUT HE GETS KICKED AWAY TOO!!! London stands up … MISSILE DROPKICK TO DINSMORE!!!! London is fending off Haas and Dinsmore … THEN PUTS ALBRIGHT BACK DOWN WITH A HEADSCISSORS!!!!!

    But he can’t fight three men for too long – Haas gets in the ring, and BLASTS London from behind!!!!! Dinsmore recovers, and the former tag team champions put the boots to London, giving Albright time to recover … as J.R notes that Mysterio and Benjamin have both left already – as has Nick Nemeth – leaving no allies for Paul London left in the building…


    The Heart Break Kid appears to have stayed … and he’s here to fight off the Master Craftsmen to even the odds for London!!! The fans pop for the arrival of Michaels, catching Haas with an inverted atomic drop, then knocks Dinsmore down … BEFORE NAILING HAAS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Haas rolls to the floor, but Dinsmore pounces on Michaels, swarming him with blows at the ropes, then sends him off-


    Dinsmore rolls to the outside upon impact, as Michaels now sizes up Brent Albright … LOOKING FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC-



    Michaels jaw drops in horror as he nails London instead of Albright … but the champion doesn’t freeze … and he throws Michaels out of the ring, before picking London up … with no resistance from the lifeless challenger … ACE IN THE HOLE!!!! Cover is made … Mike Chioda is coming around … and Dinsmore is holding Michaels down on the outside as the count is made … 1 … … … 2 … … … 3!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion – Brent Albright @ 16:12

    The air escapes out of the building … as Brent Albright ESCAPES with the title in tact … off an errant Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels – intended for Albright … but landed on London!!!

    Albright hurriedly rolls out of the ring, just as Shawn Michaels scrambles back inside, and Dinsmore collects the title for the champion, handing it to him on the floor, with the Master Craftsmen meeting at the ramp – Haas essentially out on his feet, held up by Dinsmore.

    In the ring, Shawns hands are on his head, sitting on his knees, as Paul London is still down, yet to come around and realise he’s lost. Michaels is seething in the ring, knowing his mistake just cost Paul London … twenty four hours on from his huge assist that helped London to victory at the Survivor Series.

    Raw comes to a close with the Master Craftsmen backing up the ramp, Albright holding up the title, relieved to come out of this night unscathed … but in the ring, Michaels is still seething … and London is still down … as his wait for a maiden World Title victory continues…


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    Re: Being The Booker

    LOVE the start. Sets the tone for what Steamboat's gonna be like on his own, but in an in-character, low key way that is also something a bit different. Great to see that your flair for the small touches hasn't diminished with your short break.

    Interesting opening segment. I've said my piece on Albright, but if you're going to keep going with him I think you need more segments like this, where he feels "featured". Not sure how I feel about London kinda being dismissed like this, but in a "I'm interested where this is going" rather than "this is bad booking" kind of way. All interesting stuff here, and particularly thought London standing up for himself was well handled.

    CM Punk is so great. Lovely little interaction with Steamboat. If this was Wrestlemania 23 we were building towards I could totally see Punk v Steamboat 20 years on from the greatest IC match of all time.

    So, uh... we gonna get some wrestling or what? Decent promo from Rey and Shelton, although probably nothing that couldn't have waited til later in the show given it's just standard hype.

    THIS is the wrestling I've been waiting for?! Nah, I kid. Decent enough match, solid story with Gail and LayCool. Nothing to get overly excited about, but at least it's putting a bit of a spotlight on them.

    Great idea to recap the HHH/Kennedy stuff. It was HUGE, so putting more emphasis on it will never be a bad thing. Kinda like Bigmc123 constantly going back to the Hogan turn.

    Hmm... I'm not sure what I make of this Christian/Kennedy stuff. I have no problem with interactions on cross-brand PPVs to set stuff up for the future (which I have to think this is from the fact that you bothered to do it), but only seeing it now in a bit makes it seem like an afterthought. Kinda like you came up with the idea after you'd posted the show. After all, if it was that important a segment, we'd have already seen it at the pPV. I dunno. For two guys who are supposed to be your biggest stars (the guy who beat HHH in I Quit and the guy who beat Cena in HiaC) this was oddly throwaway. If it was just a throwaway segment to get over their characters, then cool. But if it's the start of something, I don't think this landed all that well I'm afraid.

    No issue with La Ren retaining thanks to Cena. Sets up Cena's next program before Mania season kicks in (presumably against both Shelton and Rey at different times), and it's good for Sandow and Dupree to get that second win over them, even if it is a bullshit finish. No complaints here.

    I think that Beth segment may have been the most I enjoyed a women's segment in this thread so far. What worked here is that I felt like there were genuine characterisations and dynamics at play, and it made for an intriguing read. Beth knowing exactly how to get under the skin of Victoria was great, and that whole dynamic can now go half a dozen ways and be a really interesting story to tell. Great stuff.

    Nemeth picking up the win ahead of the IC match is good. I'm not sure on the post match stuff. I'm guessing the logic was either to make Nemeth feel more important with the hometown stuff, or to set something up with Miz going forward, so it's a means to an end and I'm good with that. I guess it felt like a slightly clunky way to get there. Especially with that random Punk appearance at the end as well, which felt a little tacked on and unnecessary imo. Still, any reference to Miz wrestling for seven weeks straight is always gold.

    Fairly standard London promo, but you have to do that sometimes, so it's all good.

    Interesting that you had another segment of the Steamboat/Albright/Michaels stuff. I'm not sure it said anything we didn't already know, but I did enjoy the interplay at work here.

    Good main event. I did wonder for a while if you were going to take London's momentum coming out of Survivor Series and strap a rocket to him with the belt tonight, so you had me believing. Michaels costing London is a safe but solid direction though, given everything going on between them and Albright. Guessing we're going with a Triple Threat from here, or just Michaels and London, but you can't really go wrong with either.

    My only bit of constructive feedback around this match, and I'm sorry for being boring again, is that Albright again feels like the third most important person in a two-person title match for his World Title. What made the opening segment land so hard was that Albright felt like a top tier, important guy, but by the time we get to the end of the match it's more about Michaels and London than it is Albright. That's usually not a problem to set up feuds in that way, but in Albright's case he feels a little like an NPC at times. The Summerslam feud was about whether London could get it done, not anything about Albright. Nemesis was about Christian's headspace. Survivor Series was about JBL. I still struggle a little to decipher exactly what his character is beyond "heel champion", and it means anything he's a part of feel like he's a supporting character in someone else's story, and Brent Albright doesn't have the name value or personal connection to most people to carry that off imo. I so badly want to buy in to this thing you're doing with him, but I still can't get there I'm afraid.

    Anyway, putting that one little bit to the side, this was a decent effort. Not one of your big blowaway shows or anything, but one where you had to put a few pieces in place to tell the rest of your stories. You've blown off so many stories in the last 3 months that you have to set up new ones somewhere, and this was a good first step. We all need to run a show like this from time to time, and this was a perfectly cromulent way of doing it. Glad to have you back and excited to see where all these foundations your laying here are going.

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    Superstar Re: Being The Booker

    WWE Superstars | November 19 2008

    EPISODE 80

    Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcome everyone to tonight’s edition of Superstars, telling us we’ll see all kinds of action tonight – Cruiserweights, tag teams, women … and the main event will pit Jeff Hardy against M.V.P.

    But, it is the women’s division kicking the show off, with KATIE LEA in action, looking to pick up a win as she takes on MARIA two weeks on from their last meeting when Maria scored a surprise win. Maria is joined at ringside by her friend, Candice Michelle, but she’s still outmatched by the vastly superior in ring worker from England. Katie appears to have things in hand, despite Candice throwing her support behind Maria … but Katie ends up making just one mistake, taking her eye off the ball, allowing Maria to get an inside cradle … 1...2...3!!! Maria stuns Katie Lea @ 03:19!!!







    Next up, the Cruiserweights of Smackdown get the chance to shine, as young JUSTIN GABRIEL is in action against DAIVARI. Much like the opening match of the night, the heel, Daivari controls a long portion of the match then nearly falls foul to a cradle … but unlike the earlier match, Daivari survives that scare. However, he DOES miss a splash off the top, opening the door for the South African to get some offence in, looking to be closing in on victory himself.

    Gabriel heads up top, but Daivari SHOVES the official at the ropes!!! Gabriel buckles on the top as a result … but the referee elects to call for the bell @ 06:50!! He isn’t buying that it was a mistake from Daivari – he believes Daivari done it on purpose and he’s DISQUALIFYING HIM!! Naturally, Daivari protests his innocence, then takes his frustrations out on Gabriel – who is still propped on the top rope – dropkicking the South African to the floor!!!

    In the Raw tag team division, COLT CABANA and COLIN DELANEY take on THE NEW STANDARD of Cody Rhodes and Ken Doane, with our commentators mentioning that the door is now wide open for the chasing pack to come forward for a shot at the tag team champions now that Rey Mysterio & Shelton Benjamin have lost their rematch for the titles. And with that, both teams pick their game up, but Colin Delaney is clearly the weak link of his team with Cabana, and Cody & Doane rightfully target him. Colt gets a hot tag, and gives his team a shot at victory, but ultimately, Rhodes and Doane are too much for them to handle, and CROSS RHODES on Cabana is enough for the heel pair to get the win @ 06:02.







    Then, in the main event, JEFF HARDY takes on M.V.P – who has The Million Dollar Man out by his side – off the heels of the Hardys defeating Filthy Rich as part of the Survivor Series Elimination Match this past Sunday at the Survivor Series. Throughout the match, DiBiase barks orders at Porter, voicing his anger and frustrations every time M.V.P makes a misstep. In the end, Porter – be it due to the badgering of the Million Dollar Man, or simply facing a better man – is unable to get the better of Jeff Hardy, who drops M.V.P with a variation of the Twist of Fate, and finishes the job @ 10:28 with the SWANTON BOMB!!

    Jeff soaks up the victory in the main event of Superstars, hot off the heels of Surviving this past Sunday on PPV, as DiBiase continues to give M.V.P grief as he stumbles up the ramp, bringing the show to an end.


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    Re: Being The Booker

    I like the opening with the matches written down so simply. It's favoritism, but it's totally justified! However, I didn't like the opening segment too much. Everyone just eventually ended up feeling not as important by the kind of abrupt ending, it just felt very anticlimactic. HBK is definitely an interesting character right now because of Survivor Series, and the issues with him and Albright make total sense. This really should be London's night, after Survivor Series' win, the failed Albright title run, etc.

    Punk was his slimy best here, but you think you couldn't have done this segment after a match?? :P

    Geeze, what is this, a 3 hour Nitro where wrestling doesn't start until 830!? This promo had no real content other than to sell that the faces aren't at 100% because of Rey's big elimination moment. But again, why? 3 segments, no wrestling, and the first one was at least a 10-15 minute moment. Add commercials, we actually are at the half hour mark now! This is extremely unusual and poor pacing on your end.

    Oof, you're not booking this well. Finally start wrestling, and it's a women's match with essentially a non wrestler in it. Broooooo.

    I have to agree with Keef on this segment. It should've been on Survivor Series if it's intended to build something between Christian and Kennedy, while now it comes up after the fact like it's just filler.

    Damn, this felt like I was reading a PPV match! It was very good, too long for my old ass of course, but I loved how much you teased the hot tag to Benjamin. It felt very much like it was all building up to the babyface victory before Cena comes out to pull the rug out. I appreciate the effort of the length, but felt like you could've saved us some of that energy when the booking trumps the in ring stuff here. I'm surprised to see Rey get the elevated singles stuff here because you said he might be taking off, although I guess this is his time off while Shelton feuds with him before Rey returns?? Duh Szum.

    This was the first clear home run of the night. I loved that you really set up multiple arcs here with Beth, Victoria, and Kelly Kelly. This was really good, and it can set up some fun challenges for Beth after such a strong showing at Survivor Series. She really crushed Natalya by winning with her own submission, which kills all Nattie's heat, so she needs something new in terms of challenges.

    I like the referee throwing Haas out to leave it to question if it's the referee, or Steamboat pulling a power play. Simple showcase win for Nemeth, but the post match just felt clunky with Miz a bit. I thought that it should've been one or the other, with the match, not both. Miz is such a great heel in this by the way. He really shows his ass so well, it makes me want to see a bigger push for him! He's Da Miz, and he's Da Man!

    I just don't agree with the booking of so much tonight. Maybe because I'm only looking at the one show, tunnel vision, and you have a bigger picture in mind. I hate that you're giving us London v Albright on TV, given all their history, the night after London's huge moment, the moment that feels like he finally made it, and he's such an after thought going into the title match that really should be his moment. Albright has been such a flop as Champion, here's his chance to finally drop it, and the focus is elsewhere.

    Now, while the booking of the result sets up a great triple threat, I just can't help but feel like this was the moment. Forget something like a Rumble build or all that, here was his moment to finally win the big one. Maybe you keep his booking and momentum high, or even higher, with a big build into Mania, if London is the guy you're setting to coronate as your next big Babyface Champion, but if so, tonight was the crowning moment. Mankind, January 4, 1999 RAW. Sometimes the moment can just be anywhere.

    The show just felt off to me. I'm sure that the HBK-Albright-London triple threat will be handled very well, and there's so much you can do with it, given HBK's really fun characterization in this over the last month, but man, Brent Albright is such a flop, and the title needs to leave him :P The Cena stuff was low key good, the Phoenix stuff very good. I guess after such a huge PPV, I was expecting the momentum to stay high, not the wave to crash so quickly. It was a miss tonight for me.

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    Smackdown Re: Being The Booker

    Friday Night Smackdown | November 21 2008 | Columbus, OH

    Opening up in the parking lot – WWE Champion CHRIS JERICHO has arrived … and he’s ALL SMILES as he strides toward the building, sharply dressed in a suit, with the title belt over his shoulder … as UMAGA lags behind with the beaming ARMANDO ESTRADA.

    Michael Cole: As you can see, Chris Jericho has arrived, and he looks like the cat that got the cream!! His Survivor Series team was victorious this past Sunday, and as a result there is NO outright Number One Contender for the WWE Championship heading into Armageddon.

    Jerry Lawler: And it’s all thanks to THAT man, Umaga!!

    Michael Cole: From a three to one deficit, including TWO former World Champions, The Samoan Bulldozer rose to the occasion at the Survivor Series. He reeled off three eliminations on the bounce to prevent Chris Jericho from having to defend the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle at Armageddon. We’ll hear from the WWE Champion later tonight on Smackdown!!

    Opening Video


    And after the pyro display, Michael Cole doesn’t even get a chance to open up the show as-


    There’s a pretty big pop for the return of the Smackdown General Manager FINLAY as he walks through the curtain following his run-in at the Survivor Series to chase off The Brian Kendrick.

    Michael Cole: He’s been out of action for over a month following the savage assault he suffered at the hands of Brian Kendrick, but Sunday at the Survivor Series the Irishman that LOVES t’fight was BACK and King, he only had one thing on his mind!!

    Jerry Lawler: Revenge, Michael!! Finlay is a guy that isn’t used to spending time in hospital beds!! He’s as proud as they come, and it’ll have eaten him up that anybody was able to put him in the hospital!!

    Michael Cole: Well he’s out now, and THANKFULLY – he’s back at the wheel here on Friday Nights, because we sure missed his leadership around here over the last month.

    Jerry Lawler: Oh, without a doubt!!

    Finlay climbs into the ring, picking up a microphone left on the canvas for him, and motions for the music to cut as he gets set to speak upon his return.

    Finlay: I’m not one for grandstandin out here like this … but I thought it might be important to let everyone know … I’m back in charge around here.


    Finlay: And there’s a lot of issues needing ironed out around here. I’ll get to all of that … but first thing’s first … Brian Kendrick??

    The Irishman shakes his head, putting his hand into his pocket, before speaking up again.

    Finlay: I’ve had enough of ya. I’ve been in charge on Smackdown for almost a year now, and you’ve been nothin but a pest from day one. Now … for a while, I found it funny. Y’irritated me, but nothin I couldn’t handle. But when you chose to attack me last month and put me in a hospital bed?? … You went from a pest … to a problem that needs severely dealt with.

    Ohh boy. That doesn’t sound good for Kendrick!” ~Cole shares his thoughts on commentary.

    Finlay: So that’s why at Armageddon, I’ll be steppin back into the ring-

    Finlay points to the hard camera, sending a direct message to TBK.

    Finlay: With you.


    Finlay: You crossed the line, Brian. Now you’ve got to face the consequences … so it’ll be you and me … in a Belfast Brawl.

    Oh My!! A Belfast Brawl!? That’s right in Finlay’s wheelhouse!!” ~Cole again.

    Finlay: And once I’m finished with ye at Armageddon … you can consider yourself done on Smackdown too.

    Now what does that mean??” ~Lawler.

    Finlay: But now that’s outta the way … I guess I need to address this mess surrounding the next Number One Contender for the WWE Title.

    The Irishman nods, and takes a few steps as he thinks it over, before stopping at the ropes.

    Finlay: Chris Jericho, I’ll hand it t’ye, you played John Laurinaitis like a fiddle to get the match y’wanted at the Survivor Series. Talkin your way out of a title defence?? Some pretty smart negotiating on your part. But I’m not gonna be so easy to smooth talk. So … at Armageddon, you WILL defend the W-


    And without any smoke or pyrotechnics, EDGE enters the fray, t-shirt and jeans, interrupting Finlay’s announcements, as Cole and Lawler both agree that Edge wants back in the title hunt – but with a restraining order against him from Jericho, it may be impossible to get it!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar hits the ring, and is handed a mic from ringside, as he waits for the music to die down.

    Edge: Welcome back.

    Finlay nods, not really one for fishing for nice comments … but Edge isn’t really one for giving them either, and swiftly moves on.

    Edge: But uhh, now the niceties are outta the way?? Maybe- maybe now that you’re back in the game, you can cut this, uhhh, this bogus “restraining order” crap that Jericho pulled against me … and give me my rightful rematch for the WWE Title.

    Pop. Finlay nods, and looks to reason with Edge.

    Finlay: Well, I appreciate you cutting to the chase, at least. Look, truth is, I haven’t even had the time yet to look into that situation. I don’t know how binding that restraining order is, or how we can get around it … but I’ll look into it. I know you got screwed last month, and I’ll do my best to put it right.

    Edge: I think you can do better than that.


    But before anything can come of that veiled threat from Edge, the music of BRYAN DANIELSON interrupts proceedings, and the former Cruiserweight Champion makes an unexpected appearance.

    Casually dressed too, Danielson swiftly makes his way down the ramp, as Cole explains that Danielson was screwed again this past Sunday, and remarks that there were TWO hooded men that assisted the Fallen Angel at the Survivor Series.

    As Edge looks rather put-out by the interruption, he and Finlay watch as Danielson climbs into the ring, looking almost lost as to what to do here for a moment, before asking to borrow Finlay’s microphone…

    Bryan Danielson: This isn’t my style … but seeing as you’re putting the world to rights tonight, Finlay … maybe you can find out who it is that Christopher Daniels is managing to sneak into the building. Because that’s TWICE it’s cost me the Cruiserweight title.

    Finlay nods, taking the request seriously. Danielson then looks to Edge, and back at Finlay.

    Bryan Danielson: And while you’re at it, if we’re calling for title shots … then maybe you can give me another shot at winning back the Cruiserweight title.

    Pop from the fans. Finlay puts a hand up, nodding, as he responds to the request.

    Finlay: Trust me, Bryan, that’s on my agenda. Like I said a minute ago – I’ve a lot of issues to clear up right now, and I’ll get around to all of them.

    Edge: Yeah … and no disrespect, Bryan, but Finlay?? I’d suggest you make my issue a priority.

    Danielson raises an eyebrow at that remark, but before he and Edge can share any words, Finlay speaks up.

    Finlay: As far as I’m concerned everything is a priority. You’ve both been cheated in my eyes, so I’ll be look-

    **I WALK ALONE**

    BATISTA storms out onto the stage now, and immediately, Edge’s senses are heightened, knowing The Animal will be gunning for him. The Animal is wearing sunglasses with a white tank top and jeans, and isn’t wasting time on the ramp.

    Batista: KILL THE MUSIC!!!

    Wisely, the request is quickly fulfilled.

    Batista: Finlay!! I’m gonna make your job a whole lot easier … because I’m not done with Edge yet!!

    Edge shrugs, happy to settle his differences with Batista, and the fans pop for that too.

    Batista: You know just as well as I do that that Survivor Series match was a sham!! I had four damn anchors strapped to my ass – so I’m not walkin away from this until we settle the score!!

    They’ve been at each other’s throats for weeks, King!!” ~Cole.

    Batista: And once we do?? Once I’m through with you, Edge?? Then Finlay, it’ll be ME getting MY hands on that WWE Title – NO ONE ELSE!!!

    There’s a decidedly mixed reaction to that statement, and Edge is quick to respond to it too.

    Edge: If you want some more of me, big man, we can do it!!

    C’MON!!” ~Batista doesn’t even use his mic this time, beckoning Edge to fight him … but Finlay steps in front of Edge, looking to settle things down before they can escalate.

    Finlay: That’s all fine. We’ll see how it all plays out … but I’ll need time to figure everything out. So how about in the mean time, you all can help me out here. Because I don’t have a main event yet for tonight.

    He’s had a lot to deal with – but we DO need a main event tonight!!” ~Cole again.

    Finlay: And seeing as you’re all chomping at the bit to get at it tonight, I’m going to give you all something you want. It’ll be Edge … and Bryan Danielson … facing off against Batista … and the Cruiserweight Champion Christopher Daniels in a tag team match.

    With that announcement, Finlay departs the ring, ending with the announcement, but Batista – still on the ramp – rips off his sunglasses in fury, and confronts the GM as he passes by, shouting at Finlay that he DOESN’T want a partner and DOESN’T want to be in a tag team match.

    Meanwhile, in the ring, Danielson and Edge stand together, not quite buddy-buddy … but there’s a nod, and clearly the pair are at least on the same page.


    And cutting backstage, RANDY ORTON is shown, dressed to compete, as Michael Cole tells us that the former three time World Champion will be in action – NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    Smackdown returns with JTG already in the ring, joined by Shad Gaspard, as JTG heads into singles action tonight … but Cole says Cryme Tyme have made it clear they’ve still got the tag team titles in their sights, aiming for a rematch with the Fight Factory – especially after the Caribbean Connection failed to earn their shot at the Survivor Series.


    And as RANDY ORTON makes his way to the ring, Cole and Lawler discuss where the former WWE Champion finds himself right now, having failed to help Kurt Angle secure a WWE Title shot – which in turn would’ve seen him given the first crack at the gold if Angle won – especially with Finlay back in charge, having made it clear that Orton was out of consideration “for the foreseeable future”.

    Match 1:
    Randy Orton vs. JTG w/Shad Gaspard
    An opportunity for JTG to make an impression … but Randy Orton isn’t willing to give him much chance. He controls from the outset, aggressively working on JTG, with little room for the underdog to mount a comeback, despite plenty of encouragement from his tag team partner on the outside. Orton sends JTG to the corner, following in – but gets a face full of boot!!

    An opening for JTG, and he looks to make the most of it with a few follow up arm drags and hip tosses, with a dropkick then sending Orton out of the ring!! JTG follows out, tossing Orton back inside, but as he climbs back in – Orton catches him … HANGMANS DDT!!!! Orton lured JTG and drilled him with the same move that put John Morrison on the shelf!!! 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! But it wasn’t JTG that put it there; it was Shad!! Gaspard makes a vital move for his partner!!!

    Orton is irritated – he glares out at Shad, knowing he must’ve put the foot on the rope … but he keeps his cool, and Garvin Stomps JTG, making a point to taunt Shad on the outside while he does … before laying in wait … and finally finishing JTG off with the dreaded RKO!!! He hooks the leg, keeping an eye on Shad to make sure he doesn’t try and save JTG again … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Randy Orton @ 03:58

    A by the numbers win for Orton, bouncing back from the disappointment of the Survivor Series. He gets his hand raised … then starts to peer over at JTG, seemingly with a look in his eyes that doesn’t mean good things in the future for his fallen opponent.

    Quickly though, Shad Gaspard comes to the aide of his partner, dragging JTG from the ring, preventing Orton from punting JTG tonight. In the ring, Orton has a glint in his eye … seemingly content to have threatened the act of violence tonight…

    Commercial Break

    Returning backstage, MATT HARDY is shown outside the General Managers office, seemingly pumping himself up and muttering to himself, rehearsing what he’s about to say to Finlay … then knocks at the door, walking straight in.

    FINLAY looks up from his desk, and upon seeing Matt, stops what he’s doing, leaning back into his chair.

    Finlay: Uh-huh. How can I help ye Matt??

    Matt Hardy: Listen, I saw everything that went on out there earlier. Batista say’s he’s not done with Edge, but he’s had his chance. I sick and tired of Edge walkin around this place like he owns it, and I want a piece of him.

    Finlay: Oh yeah??

    Finlay looks over to the laptop on another desk away from where he’s sitting, and motions Matt toward it.

    Finlay: Go ahead. You’ve used it before, right??

    In an obvious dig at Hardy’s actions when he found Finlay laid out last month, the GM looks to embarrass Hardy, and Matt knows exactly what Finlay is driving at.

    Matt Hardy: Hey man, look, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I got desperate and need-

    Finlay puts a hand up to motion for Matt to stop.

    Finlay: Look, leave it with me. I’ll see what I can do. Just don’t go doin anything stupid, huh??

    Matt sighs, unable to retort, and gives a half nod, before turning to leave.

    Finlay: Oh, and Matt-

    Hardy turns back around.

    Finlay: Can you tell Jeff I wanna see him?

    Matt Hardy: Uhh, yeah. Sure.

    Matt shrugs, and leaves the office. As he proceeds down the hallway, JOSH MATHEWS approaches, with the interviewer motioning for his camera team to hurry and follow him.

    Josh Mathews: Matt??

    Matt turns – as anyone would when their name is called out.

    Josh Mathews: I was hoping to get a few quick comments, if that’s okay, about what transpired at the Survivor Series this past Sunday??

    Hardy shrugs at the suggestion.

    Matt Hardy: What do you want me to say, Josh?? That if it wasn’t for Edge being a selfish douchebag, we could’ve had a shut out?? Our entire team could’ve survived??

    Josh Mathews: Well … don’t you think you’re as much to blame for your elimination as anyone else??

    Matt Hardy: Is that what you think??

    Josh squirms at the retort question from Matt.

    Josh Mathews: Well, Team Edge (Matt scoffs and rolls his eyes) had a distinct 5 on 1 advantage at that point … and you sort of went into business for yourself instead of-

    Matt Hardy: That’s ridiculous. If you can’t see it was Edge’s fault, Josh, then I guess you’re as blind as everyone else around here. I’m fed up. I’m sick and tired of everything on Smackdown revolving around Edge.

    Matt turns to leave, then stops, and decides to offer up another quote.

    Matt Hardy: And I’m sick and tired of people giving him a pass for being an asshole. If you can’t see that he was to blame for my elimination at the Survivor Series … then this interview is over.

    Hardy walks off, shaking his head, frustration building within him…


    Back in the arena, LOS LATINOS – Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy – are already on their way to the ring with their manager VICKIE GUERRERO, with Cole and Lawler discussing Vickie’s recent ‘scouting’ of the San Juan Express, wondering what she’s up to – but she’ll have to focus on her own team tonight.


    Carlito and Kofi Kingston; THE CARIBBEAN CONNECTION hit the stage, getting their usual strong reaction from the fans. Michael Cole mentions that despite their team losing at the Survivor Series – and subsequently they don’t get a title shot at the tag champs – Kofi DID eliminate one half of the champions; Wade Barrett on Sunday, and a win here could strengthen their claims to finally get a shot at the Fight Factory.

    Match 2:
    Los Latinos w/Vickie Guerrero vs. The Caribbean Connection
    It’s a frenetic start, with Guerrero and Super Crazy trying to match the athleticism of the younger team … but that youth is the distinct advantage Carlito and Kofi have, and being a step quicker, the Caribbean Connection get the better of Los Latinos, forcing Vickie to pull her men out of the ring and regroup … which comes just in time for a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, the action has slowed, and that plays into the hands of the heel team, with Chavo taking control of Kofi, keeping the sensation grounded. Vickie patrols on the outside, barking orders to Chavo, and even complains to the official for no reason – just so Super Crazy can sneak into the ring for an illegal double team. Naturally, that doesn’t go down well with Carlito, but he’s cut off from getting in the ring.

    Still, the rule breakers can only get away with it for so long before the tables turn, and Kofi mounts a comeback, only for Los Latinos to drag him back just before he can make a hot tag. Chavo then looks for a side suplex, but Kofi back flips out, then leaps OVER Guerrero – right to the corner, and TAGS Carlito!!! And Carlito cleans house!!!

    Carlito runs through his fan friendly offence, taking out BOTH Chavo and Super Crazy, taking no chances, but when he hits the APPLE CORE on Chavo, Vickie Guerrero is back on the apron to distract the referee and stop the count!!! Carlito gets back up, confronting Vickie … then side steps as Super Crazy comes rushing in, and Crazy NEARLY crashes into Vickie!!

    The both take a deep breath at the near miss, before the official demands Vickie get down from the apron … and as this goes on, Kofi returns to take care of Super Crazy, eliminating that threat … as Carlito lies in wait for Chavo to get back up … BACK CRACKER … FROM PARADISE!!!! The Caribbean Connection show they can be as slippery as the heels, and Kofi slips back out of the ring, getting the attention of Vickie, as Carlito makes the cover … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 06:57

    Another good showing for Carlito and Kofi, off the back of Carlito taking the WWE Champion to the limit last week, and Kofi scoring the elimination of Wade Barrett at the Survivor Series. On commentary, Cole doubles down that despite their team not winning this past Sunday, the Caribbean Connection remain the most likely team to challenge the Fight Factory for the tag titles.

    But Lawler looks to dampen that suggestion, saying a deal was a deal, and they didn’t get the job done at the Survivor Series to earn a shot at the titles. Kofi and Carlito celebrate their win though, and certainly have designs on those titles, but at ringside, Vickie Guerrero is noticeably frustrated at the failure of her team.

    Commercial Break

    Backstage, we catch up with KURT ANGLE (sporting stubble on his head) and PAUL HEYMAN in the middle of a conversation.

    Paul Heyman: We ran into something we could’ve never expected on Sunday. That- that was a … one in a MILLION situation. One in a-

    Kurt Angle: Just cut to the chase, Paul. I don’t have all night – my match is up next. You’ve had since Sunday to think of a plan – that’s why I hired you, right?? So … what’s next?? Where do we go – where do I go from here??

    Heyman sighs while nodding.

    Paul Heyman: Yeah … okay. So we’re on the floor here right now. And I’ll be honest with you – as I always am … this ain’t a quick fix. But the quickest way to get you back on top – in my opinion – is to surround ourselves with top talent. Jack Swagger is gonna be the future – no doubt about it … but that doesn’t help you right now, does it??

    Angle shakes his head; no.

    Paul Heyman: So I’ve decided to make an investment. An investment for you.

    Heyman offers a nod PAST Angle … and the camera pans, just as Kurt turns … with RANDY ORTON shown. Orton steps forward, offering a nod back at Heyman … but Angle isn’t as happy.

    Kurt Angle: What’s this about?? Paul?? What’s he doing here??

    Randy Orton: Relax, Kurt. We’re on the same side here.

    Smirking, there’s nothing about Ortons body language that puts Angle at ease with the situation, and he firmly speaks with Heyman.

    Kurt Angle: Paul … I think we need to talk. Alone.

    In a bit of a panic, Heyman motions to Orton.

    Paul Heyman: Uhhh, Randy … give us a few seconds, yeah??

    Orton smirks, then nods, and offers Angle a look, before walking on.

    Kurt Angle: What the hell is this, Paul?? How you are supposed to focus on me and getting ME back into contention when you’re representing Orton now too?? I know he won’t settle for being second fiddle.

    Paul Heyman: You’re right. He wont. You’re both WWE Championship calibre athletes, and my job stays the same. To deliver the WWE Championship.

    Kurt Angle: Yeah … to me.

    Heyman smirks.

    Paul Heyman: Kurt … lets get real here for a moment. We’re back at square one. You’re not just at the back of the line right now. You’re not even IN the line after Sunday. And it’s my job to get you BACK in the game. Best way for that to happen?? The quickest way to make that happen??

    Heyman points behind him, in the direction Orton just walked.

    Paul Heyman: To have another client on board that can deliver the WWE Championship. He’s closer right now – that’s a fact. And if I can help Randy Orton get his hands on the WWE Title … then it’s an easy negotiation to give you the first crack, isn’t it??

    Angle thinks about it.

    Paul Heyman: C’mon Kurt. This is the only way we can get you back in the mix.

    Kurt Angle: Can we trust him??

    Heyman scoffs and blows off the question without a thought.

    Paul Heyman: Of course!! You saw it yourself, Kurt. Randy done everything in his power at the Survivor Series to help you-

    Kurt Angle: He was helping himself, Paul.

    That stops Heyman for a second to think, but he quickly blows it off.

    Paul Heyman: Either way, you were working for the same goal. Now … we’re gonna move forward with the same arrangement as before. Only now… it’s up to you to help Randy get his hands on the WWE Title-

    Kurt Angle: Whoa. Wait a second. I didn’t agree to this. I’m nobodies lackey, Paul.

    Heyman tries to laugh it off and settle Angle down.

    Paul Heyman: Nobody said you were. This is your route back to the top. Randy Orton done the same for you. You scratch his back now… and he’ll scratch yours later.

    Kurt Angle: He did the same for me?? Paul … he failed.

    Angle picks up his elbow pads.

    Kurt Angle: And I’d suggest you come up with another plan. Because this arrangement?? It doesn’t work for me. And if you cant think of something better?? … Then maybe you wont work for me for much longer either.

    Angle storms off, heading for his match, leaving Heyman frustrated.


    Elsewhere, the Cruiserweight Champion CHRISTOPHER DANIELS is looking around the locker room, before spying the man he’s looking for – his partner tonight – BATISTA.

    Christopher Daniels: Hey Dave!!

    Batista – sat down on a bench – glares as Daniels approaches.

    Christopher Daniels: Whoa – easy big guy. I just wanted to touch base.

    The Animal breathes heavily, still not impressed.

    Christopher Daniels: Look … I know you don’t want a partner out there. You made that perfectly clear. I didn’t offer to team with you either. In fact, I’m still a little beat up after the Survivor Series and I’d prefer to have the night off in all honesty.

    Without saying anything, Batista continues to stare a hole through the Cruiserweight Champion.

    Christopher Daniels: So … if you want, I’m pretty happy to take a back seat out there and let you take the lead.

    Standing up, Batista thinks it over for a second.

    Batista: You just leave Edge to me, and we’ll be good.

    Batista walks off, leaving Daniels to nod in agreement, in no mood to offer any rebuttal.


    Back into the arena…


    Initially alone, KURT ANGLE emerges onto the stage, full of piss and vinegar after not just his loss at the Survivor Series, but the revelation that Paul Heyman has now brought Randy Orton on board as another full time client. Heyman soon shuffles out behind Angle, trying to catch up with the Gold Medallist, as Cole tells us Kurt Angle will be in action; NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    And back from the break, TED DIBIASE JR is arriving at ringside, accompanied by Jamie Noble, a disgruntled M.V.P and his father, the Million Dollar Man, who all had a pretty rotten night at the Survivor Series themselves. Tonight though, is a massive opportunity for young DiBiase, with a chance to knock off Angle, who may still be reeling from missing out on a title shot.

    Match 3:
    Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman vs. Ted DiBiase Jr. w/The Million Dollar Man, Jamie Noble & M.V.P
    Angle puts his loss at the Survivor Series behind him, and easily outwrestles the still green DiBiase, proving the youngster to be out of his depth with this level of competition. After rattling off a trio of German Suplexes, Angle starts to shape up for the ANGLE SLAM … but Jamie Noble quickly climbs onto the apron, sacrificing himself in eating a BIG right hand from Angle!!

    But it buys his tag team partner a few vital seconds, and DiBiase quickly rolls Angle up as a result; 1...2...NO!!! Young Ted is able to mount a little bit of offence though after the near fall, catching Kurt with a clothesline, allowing him to get to work. Unfortunately, he ends up eventually charging right into a BELLY TO BELLY from Angle, turning the tables right back in Kurts favour!!!

    On the outside, the Million Dollar Man starts to plot, dishing out orders to M.V.P, subtly passing an object to Montel and pointing to him to get up on the apron, before causing a distraction to Heyman, getting into an argument with Angles representative on the floor. But, M.V.P DEFIES the orders of DiBiase … and instead WALKS OUT!!!!!

    Recovering from his own earlier knockdown, Jamie Noble starts to race after M.V.P, telling him to get back at ringside – AND M.V.P CLOCKS HIM WITH THE OBJECT DIBIASE PASSED HIM!!!!! Porter then drops the object – which appears to be some kind of Brass Knucks – and keeps leaving, with the Million Dollar Man furious at being disobeyed by his employee!!!

    Meanwhile, as all of this goes on, Ted Senior has taken his eye off the ring … and there’s NO more help for his boy … which leaves him helpless and hopeless against the legendary Kurt Angle … and easy pickings for an Angle Slam … leading to the Ankle Lock. And DiBiase Junior doesn’t waste any time in tapping out to give Kurt a victory.
    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 05:04

    It’s scant consolation for Angle, with this win not something that’ll get him closer to a WWE Championship shot any time soon. In fact, Lawler makes it pretty clear that Heyman has presented Angle with his ONLY route back to the title any time soon, and he may have to suck it up and take a back seat for the time being if he wants a title shot in the near future.

    On the outside, The Million Dollar Man is shown marching up the ramp, surely in pursuit of M.V.P who completely disobeyed his orders tonight, costing DiBiase’s son a huge potential scalp against Angle, whilst Heyman tries to give Angle some encouragement, but Kurt – still irate over developments tonight – completely ignores the applause from Heyman before leaving the ring.

    Commercial Break


    {The Killers ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’}

    The scene opens a midst desolation and a destitute environment, filled with fires, burning buildings and no signs of life – like a nuclear explosion had hit the planet – interspersed with flashing shots of EDGE in agony in the ring, KURT ANGLE in pain, RANDY ORTON falling down at No Mercy.


    Shots of crying mothers, lost looking children, casualties being carried in others arms … as explosions go off in the distance. Interspersed this time, JEFF HARDY falling from a ladder at the Great American Bash, BATISTA wincing in pain and MATT HARDY crashing through a table.


    Panning upward, the shot shows the dark skies above…


    And the picture continues to lift higher into the sky … high into the atmosphere…


    Then shows a finger pressing down on a red button.



    Panning to show the figure pressing the button-





    Jericho has a sick smirk on his face … as the camera pans to show his view … of a world below in chaos, ravaged by flames and explosions…



    Catching up with M.V.P backstage – who is collecting his bags and preparing to leave on his own accord – THE MILLION DOLLAR MAN is livid with his employee.

    The Million Dollar Man: You’re gonna pay for that one, boy!! Nobody makes a fool of the Million Dollar Man like that – especially not when I’m paying you a pretty penny for you to do as I say!!

    M.V.P doesn’t appear to be listening as he continues packing up his bag.

    The Million Dollar Man: HEY!! Are you listening to me!!?? I don’t pay you for insubordination, son!!

    Porter slams down his bag, and eyeballs his “boss”.

    M.V.P: And I don’t work for free!!

    The Million Dollar Man: {Taken aback} Excuse me??

    M.V.P: You want me to be your errand boy?? That’s fine. I got m’self into this mess. But you better believe I ain’t gonna do it for free.

    DiBiase Senior looks confused by what M.V.P is saying.

    The Million Dollar Man: What are you talking about!?

    M.V.P: Oh, y’dint know?? Might wanna have a word with your secretary, Ted. Cause I didn’t get a dime this week.

    The Million Dollar Man: No … that … that can’t be.

    DiBiase pulls his phone out of his pocket and starts to furiously look through information on it.

    The Million Dollar Man: This must be a mix up, son. You sure it’s not a problem on your end??

    M.V.P: Ain’t no problem on my end, except I didn’t get paid!

    DiBiase prods furiously at his phone, whilst responding to Porter.

    The Million Dollar Man: Yeah … yeah. Okay. Look, I’ll straighten this issue out.

    M.V.P: Y’better. Or you’re in breach of contract, money bags.

    Rather shaken, DiBiase puts his Cell phone back into his jacket pocket, and tries to gather himself.

    The Million Dollar Man: Listen, tonight?? I don’t care so much about that. I’ve got other plans for my boy anyway. I want him wearing championship gold, and I’ve poured a LOT of resources into that plan. That’s my dream for him. I’ve managed to forge a bond between Teddy and Jamie, and I think they’ve got a wonderful chance to win the WWE Tag Team Championships. That’s where my focus is.

    M.V.P looks disinterested, but Ted continues.

    The Million Dollar Man: So I’ll cut you a deal, Montel. I know you don’t like this arrangement. And I know you’d be willin to do just about anything to get out of it. And quite frankly … you’re making life difficult for me. But if you can help deliver the tag team titles to my Teddy and Jamie … I’ll free you from this contract. How about that??

    M.V.P: If you don’t pay me, you’ll be in breach anyway.

    DiBiase nods.

    The Million Dollar Man: Don’t worry about that. I’ll get that ironed out. Just think about what I said.

    Turning away, Ted reaches into his pocket, taking out his phone again – clearly troubled by something…


    Moving on elsewhere, CHRISTIAN is shown for the first time tonight, dressed casually – not set for action tonight – making his way toward the office of FINLAY. He knocks the door, and hears the response of “COME IN” before entering.

    Finlay: Ah, Christian! Glad y’could make it!

    Christian: Yeah, well, I thought it’d be a good idea to touch base with you seein as you’re my boss now.

    Finlay smirks, then stands to shake hands with the former 3x World Champion.

    Finlay: Sounds like a good idea. But yeah, seein as you ARE here … let me just tell ye; I know the circumstances weren’t ideal, but I’m delighted to have ye on Smackdown …

    Christian nods … but the welcoming smile fades from Finlays face.

    Finlay: … But not if you’re just here to phone it in. I’ve got a roster of guys that are all hungry. All chompin at the bit to be in the kind of spot you’re in at the top of the food chain. And if you wanna keep that spot, you’re gonna have to work for it.

    Christian: I can get on board with that. I’ll admit, I’ve not really been myself since SummerSlam. But I think now, I need to start focusing on what’s important again.

    Finlay nods – he likes what he’s hearing.

    Christian: So … if you’re looking for someone to step up to challenge Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship at Armageddon?? I’m your guy.

    Finlay chuckles.

    Finlay: Yeah, I don’t think so. Like I said, you’re gonna have to work for it, and I need to see you really prove how much you still want it if you want in consideration for a title shot in the future. So that’s why you’re gonna have your official in-ring debut here on Smackdown next week.

    Christian nods, listening intently.

    Finlay: Against Randy Orton.

    Ooh. No easing in for Christian on Smackdown. Christian nods, letting the news sink in.

    Christian: I can live with that.

    Clearly, Finlay won’t be sending Christian any softballs, as he looks for the former World Champion to prove himself before putting him in the title mix.

    Commercial Break

    Smackdown returns with SIM SNUKA already in the ring, pacing back and forth as he waits for his opponent, whilst Cole reminds the audience of Snuka’s lightning quick elimination this past Sunday at the Survivor Series…

    **BORN TO WIN**

    And here comes one of the four Survivors of that very same match; EVAN BOURNE. The flashy young Cruiserweight prospect is full of smiles and fist pumping as he hits the stage, slapping hands on his way to the ring, whilst Cole opines that the kid is on the biggest roll of his WWE career right now.

    Match 4:
    Evan Bourne vs. Sim Snuka
    Snuka jumps Bourne before the bell to give himself an advantage from the get go. Because of that, it’s all Snuka in the opening moments, but as he tries to quickly finish the job and get himself into the win column, he makes a mistake, and gives Bourne a route back in, with the high flyer beginning to make a comeback.

    Snuka rolls out of the ring … but that wont put Bourne off, and the Cruiserweight splashes from the top rope to Snuka on the floor!!! Bourne rolls his opponent back into the ring, knocking him down again with an Enziguri, and begins to climb to the top rope, setting up for AIR BOURNE… WHEN HE GETS SHOVED OFF THE TOP BY A MYSTERIOUS – AND LARGE – INDIVIDUAL!!! Instant DQ!!!
    Winner: Via DQ – Evan Bourne @ 02:32

    Immediately, Cole and Lawler are both wondering who the hell that is that just pushed Bourne off the top rope, with the large, Samoan looking man now climbing into the ring, and patting the back of the recovering Sim Snuka – clearly suggesting there’s a friendship of some sort there – before cleaning the clock of Evan Bourne with a thunderous clothesline!!

    The Samoan man now helps Sim Snuka to his feet, with Lawler putting the dots together and surmising that Sim Snuka has brought himself back up as he tries to climb the ranks on Smackdown, with Sim pointing to Bourne, getting his ally to bring Evan to his feet … and FLATTENS him with a leaping Side Kick to the head!!

    Looking a lot more confident, Snuka – with his added muscle – stands tall over Evan Bourne, looking out at the fans and pointing down at his fallen opponent (who he still lost to) whilst his new ally stands by his side, throwing his wild hair back. Lawler closes off, saying that people may just have to start taking Sim Snuka seriously…


    Heading backstage, a happy looking JEFF HARDY makes his way through the halls, and pats the back of MATT HARDY, who is stood just aside from a watercooler, talking to a production worker.

    Seeing the excitement on Jeffs face, Matt tells the worker he’ll speak to him later, and Jeff also offers him a nod, before he and Matt begin to speak.

    Jeff Hardy: I just got some big news from Finlay, man.

    Matt can tell.

    Matt Hardy: Looks like it – I’m guessing it’s good news too.

    Jeff Hardy: Damn right it is. He told me it’s a fresh start for everyone here on Smackdown – including me. There’s gonna be a Number Contenders Match at Armageddon … and I’m gonna be part of it.

    Matt seems a little confused.

    Matt Hardy: Number on contenders match?? For the U.S Title??

    Jeff shakes his head excitedly.

    Jeff Hardy: The big one. The WWE Title.

    Taken aback, Matt raises his eyebrows.

    Matt Hardy: Wow. Really??

    Jeff nods, and Matt has to take a moment to think about this news.

    Matt Hardy: Uh … congratulations man. I’m delighted for ya, Jeff. It’s been a long time comin.

    The brothers hug, with Jeff still excited about his big opportunity coming up.

    Matt Hardy: But uh … he’s probably done that just to get back at me, y’know … because of what I done that night he got attacked by Kendrick.

    Jeff Hardy: Huh??

    Matt Hardy: I mean, that’s not a knock on you man. I’m over the moon for ya, Jeff. And I hope you go on and win the title. But … come on?? It doesn’t seem a little outta the blue that you’d get a Number One Contender match?? You’ve hardly been lightin the place up, have ya??

    Jeff thinks about it.

    Matt Hardy: But hey, you’ve got that chance now. Go knock ‘em dead at Armageddon.

    Matt pats the shoulder of Jeff, walking off, leaving his brother to think, and he mutters to himself…

    Jeff Hardy: Yeah … yeah, I will.

    Jeff thinks it over, Matts words having an effect on him.

    Commercial Break

    Returning backstage, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by with the CARIBBEAN CONNECTION…

    Kristal Marshall: Kofi, Carlito, Sunday at the Survivor Series was a night of somewhat mixed emotions. Kofi, you eliminated one half of the tag team champions, but ultimately, your team failed to secure victory, meaning th-


    Crashing the interview; MELINA. The manager of the tag team champions shoo’s Kristal out of the picture.

    Melina: No title shots, boys.

    Neither Carlito or Kofi says anything, allowing Melina to finish gloating.

    Melina: Which is a crying shame, I must admit. Because the two of you would be worthy challengers for my boys.

    Carlito: We’d be more than worthy challengers-

    Melina ignores that comment from Carlito.

    Melina: In fact, you’d be perfect challengers. Because as good as the two of you may be … you always find a way to screw things up.

    Kofi Kingston: It didn’t look like we screwed up on Sunday when I gave Wade Barrett a little taste of trouble in paradise.

    She rolls her eyes, and blows off the strong point from Kofi.

    Melina: Well, that didn’t really count, considering all the dead weight that was dragging my men down. And anyway … your little victory meant nothing in the end, did it??

    Carlito and Kofi both do a bit of a double take to each other, before a smirking Carlito looks to put Melina in her place.

    Carlito: Meant nothing?? How about this … Kofi?? He beat Barrett. Why not … next week … I take on Elijah and we’ll see if that means anything.

    Melina stews at the challenge; not wanting to accept, nor wanting to show weakness.

    Melina: Fine. I’ll go and talk it over with Finlay. But listen up and listen good. Once Elijah beats you next week?? I don’t want to hear any excuses. As a matter of fact, I don’t want to hear anything from either of you again.

    Melina takes off, huffing, as Kofi does a bit of a double take.

    Kofi Kingston: Didn’t she interrupt us??

    Carlito: I think she did.

    Carlito shakes his head, and bounces his apple in his hand … with Kofi then catching it, and taking a big bite out of it … with Carlito cocking an eyebrow, as we fade out.


    Back into the arena…

    **PALE RIDER**

    Heading out first for the tag team main event, the Cruiserweight Champion CHRISTOPHER DANIELS makes his elaborate entrance under the lights, whilst Cole and Lawler debate the controversial finish to the Cruiserweight title match at the Survivor Series, with Lawler defending Daniels, stating that there’s no evidence he has had anything to do with these hooded men that have been assisting him. Naturally, Cole calls bullshit.

    **I WALK ALONE**

    And even though he has no interest in teaming with anyone, BATISTA is still complying, if only to get a chance to get his hands on Edge. As The Animal makes it to the ring, he blows off the approach of Daniels … and the Fallen Angel wisely backs off, not wanting to piss off his partner.


    Understated, yet visibly frustrated, BRYAN DANIELSON marches down the ramp, eyes stuck on Christopher Daniels. Wisely though, the former Cruiserweight Champ waits at the bottom of the ramp…


    And rounding out the troops, is EDGE!! The former WWE Champion is already removing his jacket as his pyro goes off, and he’s wasting no time heading for the ring either!!

    Danielson joins him, but it’s different stories for both men; Batista is ready and willing to brawl with Edge … but the Fallen Angel is on the run from Danielson!!!

    Edge and Batista trade blows, and with Chad Patton unable to settle things down, he seems to give up and simply calls for the bell to start the match!!!


    Commercial Break

    Main Event:
    Cruiserweight Champ. Christopher Daniels & Batista vs. Bryan Danielson & Edge
    And we’re told the action has been non-stop during the commercial, though Danielson is still waiting to get a piece of the Fallen Angel. Batista still hasn’t tagged out, and Cole informs the returning audience it’s been all Edge and Batista throughout the break … but as fate would have it, Danielson slaps the back of Edge as he is sent off the ropes, making himself the legal man.

    Danielson takes it to Batista, but both Batista and Danielsons own partner – would prefer it was Edge in there. The Fallen Angel returns, taking his place on the apron, and his arrival causes a momentary distraction for Danielson, allowing Batista to nail him with a clothesline. The Animal reluctantly tags in Daniels, telling him to take care of Bryan.

    The Fallen Angel takes over, but after a brief period of working over the former Cruiserweight champ, Daniels makes a mistake, giving Danielson an opening to fight back … and Daniels hightails it again, tagging Batista, with The Animal able to cut off Danielson. Instead of beating him down though, Batista tosses him across the ring, and ALLOWS a tag – wanting Edge.

    And again, it’s Edge and Batista hammering the shit out of each other. They briefly spill to the floor, with Edge ducking a boot attempt, and dropping his foe with the Edge-O-Matic!! He tosses Batista back inside the ring, looking to follow … when Christopher Daniels yanks Edge off the apron and rams him into the barrier!!! And here comes Bryan Danielson after the Fallen Angel!!!

    Bryan gets a hold of Daniels this time, and sends him HARD into the steps!!! Chad Patton looks to put a stop to the illegal brawl, with Daniels escaping to the ring … but Bryan is in hot pursuit!!! Batista meanwhile, recovering from his own issues, rolls out to get after Edge, and they re-engage their fight on the floor. In the ring, Daniels is begging off from Bryan Danielson…


    Danielson sees the pair, arriving at ringside, and without a moments hesitation … RUSHES ACROSS THE RING – TAKING THEM BOTH OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE TO THE FLOOR!!!!! The Fallen Angel escapes from the ring thanks to the distraction, hopping the barrier … but Danielson is in hot pursuit!!! Bryan gives up on revealing who is helping Daniels in order to get after the Cruiserweight Champ …

    And with Chad Patton busy dealing with that situation, Edge is able to get away with BLASTING Batista with a chair to the back on the other side of the ring, right in front of the commentary position. He tosses Batista back inside, with the tag match now essentially a singles affair, with the hooded figures following the path of Daniels and Danielson.

    In the ring, Edge has Batista right where he wants him … in position for a Spear … WHEN MATT HARDY oddly walks down the ramp!! Cole and Lawler both question why Hardy is out here, and Edge is just as puzzled, taking his eye off the ball as Matt reaches ringside, telling Hardy to “beat it”, as Cole explains the issues between Matt and Edge boiled over at the Survivor Series when on the same side.

    Hardy holds his hands up on the floor, protesting his innocence, with Edge shaking his head, ready to turn his attention back to Batista … but Matt then makes a motion as if to jerk forward outside, causing Edge to spin around again. Matt distracts Edge … long enough for Batista to snatch Edge – SPINEBUSTER!!! No waiting around, Batista picks Edge up … AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE BATISTA BOMB!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!!
    Winners: Batista & Christopher Daniels @ 09:12

    And with a smirk on his face, Matt Hardy looks pretty damn pleased to have caused Edge a seemingly near certain victory. Michael Cole is indignant on commentary, furious with Matt Hardys role in Batista winning, and all for a petty disagreement with Edge stemming from Survivor Series.

    Hardy backs up the ramp – his goal accomplished tonight, it seems – as Batista has his arm raised … but The Animal isn’t happy either. He knows the role Matt played in the end of the match, and makes a gesture toward Matt, telling him to stick his nose elsewhere.

    Lawler notes that Batista got the win he wanted tonight … just not in a satisfactory manner, and reasons that despite beating Edge here, Batista still wants to settle his score definitively with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar. And as Hardy backs up the ramp, his smile fades, realizing he might’ve just pissed off Batista…

    Michael Cole: Well, in the end, Batista has had his arm raised tonight … and could that see him in line for the NEXT shot at the WWE Championship!? We’re just moments away from hearing from the WWE Champion – Chris Jericho is here; NEXT!!

    Commercial Break


    Grinning from ear to ear, the sharply dressed WWE Champion CHRIS JERICHO emerges onto the stage, with UMAGA following out with his handler ARMANDO ESTRADA.

    Michael Cole: And the reason Chris Jericho looks so happy King, is because as of right now, he’s a champion without a challenger. He’s only had to defend the WWE Championship ONCE in the two months he’s held it since cashing in at No Mercy, and as a result of Umaga’s heroics at the Survivor Series, the only man on the horizon – Kurt Angle – is out of the picture.

    Jerry Lawler: Chris Jericho has every right to be pleased, Michael. All looked lost on Sunday when Umaga was left fighting three men alone!! But at long last, he came through in the clutch for both Chris Jericho and Armando Estrada!!

    Michael Cole: They had written him off, King!! Estrada linked up with Jericho in the first place BECAUSE he lost faith in the Samoan Bulldozer – he was relegated to nothing more than a henchman in recent months!! And as you say, he delivered BIG for Jericho at the Survivor Series.

    Jerry Lawler: And with Umaga proving his worth in the manner he did, the question now has to be – with such a mighty beast by his side … who can take the WWE Title from Chris Jericho??

    Michael Cole: A question we hope to answer soon … but before we hear from the WWE Champion, NEXT WEEK on Smackdown; straight from the office of the General Manager, Carlito will go one on one with one half of the tag team champions, Elijah Burke!!

    Jerry Lawler: But that’s not all, Michael – Christian will make his in ring debut on Smackdown when he takes on Randy Orton!! A huge main event!!

    Michael Cole: It certainly will be King. You don’t wanna miss it next Friday!!

    In the ring, Jericho – flanked by Estrada and Umaga – is ready to speak.

    Chris Jericho: Once again, all of you people were foolish enough to overlook my superior intellect.

    Chris Jericho won’t be winning any friends in Columbus!!” ~Cole.

    Chris Jericho: When the chips were down at the Survivor Series this past Sunday … when MY team were looking down the barrel, and all hope was lost … I didn’t worry. I didn’t panic … and instead, I used my brain.

    He always uses his brain, Michael!!” ~Lawler.

    Chris Jericho: And I still had a bullet in the chamber.

    Cocking his head, Jericho looks at the wild eyed Samoan Bulldozer standing next to him, and pats Umaga on the arm.

    Chris Jericho: While everyone else may have written this Bulldozer off … I didn’t. Mister Estrada didn’t. And our faith was richly rewarded at the Survivor Series.

    Well that’s not true!! They had NO faith in Umaga!!” ~Cole.

    Chris Jericho: Thanks to my guidance behind the scenes in recent months, I have moulded this brute that stands before you … from a mindless, unsophisticated mould of muscle … into an instrument of destruction that delivers in a time of need.

    Estrada, with an unlit cigar in his mouth, claps wildly – full of smiles.

    Chris Jericho: I will also accept the silence of my fellow teammates since the Survivor Series as their way of saying thank you to me. Thanks to me and my vision – my leadership skills, they no longer need to concern themselves with an immediate championship defence. They no longer have a hungry challenger beating at their door … just like me.

    Heat from the fans.

    Chris Jericho: And to those teammates, I say … you’re welcome.

    More boos for this self serving monologue.

    Chris Jericho: I now stand before you all as a man on an island. A champion without equals. A champion without any immediate threat. Sunday, at the Survivor Series, I saw off the threat of Kurt Angle … and given how Randy Orton was also part of that losing team, we can officially score him off too, correct??

    I mean, he’s not wrong, Michael.” ~Lawler agrees with Jericho.

    Chris Jericho: Earlier this evening, I listened as Edge – eyes bugged with desperation – pleaded with Finlay to make my court order against him null and void … but unfortunately for you, Edge … that order is watertight, and I will NOT share a ring with you at any point in the near future under ANY circumstance.


    Chris Jericho: As the WWE champion, I have a duty to represent this company, but I cannot do that if I have a maniac chasing me at every turn, attacking me with the intent to cause harm and injury.

    He’s a responsible champion!! Someone we can all be proud of, Michael. I love it!!” ~Lawler.

    Chris Jericho: And while it may not be my decision, I’d dare say that Batista’s frankly shambolic failure to lead his Survivor Series team to victory this past Sunday should see him tumble down the pecking order around here. Meanwhile, The Undertaker is M.I.A … and Christian?? He may as well be M.I.A too.

    Estrada nods along, agreeing with everything Jericho is saying, whilst Umaga continues to stare ahead, wild eyed.

    Chris Jericho: Which means that there’s not a single, solitary wrestler back there that can make any kind of case to challenge me. There isn’t a worthy challenger for the WWE Championship on this roster, no one that can make an argument that they are deserving of sharing a ring with me … and because of that … I do believe I will enjoy a well earned night off … at Armageddon.

    Heat from the fans, as Jericho smirks in a self satisfied manner.

    Chris Jericho: And maybe, in that time, someone back there can step up their game, and make a case that they may merit a shot at this in the future.


    But here comes a spanner in the works – FINLAY!! The Smackdown General Manager heads out, already shaking his head, as the smirk is fading from the face of Jericho, replaced with a sneer.

    Finlay: You make a big song and dance about using your brain, Chris … but every once in a while, y’might wanna open your ears.

    The fans take the opportunity to cheer – having had to listen to Jericho harp on for the last five minutes.

    Finlay: Didn’t y’hear me say earlier that you WILL be defending the WWE Championship at Armageddon?? Or did you just choose to ignore that??

    Estrada is fuming in the ring, chirping at Jericho, with Jericho angrily standing firm, but keeping his cool.

    Chris Jericho: You can’t be serious, Finlay. And if you are, I’d suggest you’ve returned a little early from your injuries, because you’re clearly still suffering the effects of that attack from The Brian Kendrick.

    Finlay can’t help but smirk at that cheap dig from Jericho.

    Chris Jericho: I mean, who is there?? There’s no one worthy. No one that jumps off the page.

    Estrada heartily agrees, nodding profusely to what Jericho says.

    Finlay: I’m very serious, Chris. And there IS someone.

    WHO!? WHO!?” ~Estrada yells from the ring without a microphone.

    Finlay: You’ve ran down all the potential challengers, and you’ve written them off. And yeah, right now … those men you all listed? They’re not on my radar either. But believe me, son, there IS an obvious Number One Contender around here and he DOES jump off the page.

    Jericho looks to Estrada, and the pair both look befuddled, unable to think who Finlay is referring to… as Finlay points … TO THE RING.

    Finlay: In fact … he’s standing right next to ya.

    Big pop. The camera zooms in on Jericho … as the penny drops, and the WWE Champion freezes, and gulps … with Estrada’s jaw dropping too.

    Finlay: Yeah … that’s right. Chris Jericho … you’re lookin at the man that’ll challenge ye at Armageddon … it’ll be you … one on one … with UMAGA … for the WWE Championship.

    Another pop from the fans as the match is made official!! In the ring, Jericho ever so slowly turning his head … and looking at the Samoan Bulldozer standing next to him…

    Jerry Lawler: No!! No way!!

    Michael Cole: What. A. BOMBSHELL from the General Manager!! What must be going through the mind of Chris Jericho right now!! He must defend the title against the man standing right next to him!!!

    Jerry Lawler: I think Chris Jericho right now will be wishing his team LOST at the Survivor Series!! He’s being punished for leading his team to victory!!

    The man he’ll have to defend the WWE Championship against at Armageddon.

    Michael Cole: Is he?? Is Chris Jericho being punished … or is the REAL hero of the hour at the Survivor Series being REWARDED for HIS efforts!? Umaga saved Chris Jericho from having to defend the WWE Title against Kurt Angle at Armageddon … but inadvertently … he’s just earned HIMSELF a shot at that very same gold!!!

    It’s hard to tell what Jericho is feeling, as he looks to the Bulldozer – who continues to look straight ahead, seemingly unaware himself of what’s just been announced. Concern? Fear? Dread? Maybe Jericho is feeling all three emotions … as Smackdown goes off the air…


    Official Card for WWE Armageddon:
    December 14 2008 | TD Banknorth Garden, Boston MA
    Theme Music; ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’ by The Killers

    WWE Championship Match:
    Chris Jericho vs. Umaga

    The Brian Kendrick vs. Finlay

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    Re: Being The Booker

    A bit of a flat start to SD, but it was a very good way to welcome Finley back and set up a main event for the show. Any time to book your CWs to mix it up with the big guys I'm very happy. I'm definitely curious if this leads to a retro Finley run, or just a one off to end this feud.

    Very simple squash win for Orton that I love so much because it was JTG. Fire him please.

    I love the way you're booking Matt Hardy right now because it's the greatest heel booking. He believes he is right in what he's doing, he honestly is right in a way because Edge is an absolute prick, but he goes about it in a way that he keeps himself looking like an even bigger heel than Edge. I REALLY think that's just amazing booking on your part, and low key the stuff that not enough people notice.

    I've accepted that Caribbean Connection are still in the tag scene and the next challengers. The tag scene has definitely been very bland since the Fight Factory/MNM feud ended unfortunately.

    I'm definitely very intrigued by the addition of Orton to the Heyman team. It's definitely weird how much Heyman devalues Angle, but I'm loving the possibilities that this sets up for you here. Potential double crossings, fun arcs, etc.

    I love how Daniels is such a cowardly heel when he can be, trying to get Batista to do all the work hahahaha.

    While I like the angle you're potentially setting up with MVP and Million Dollar Man - is he running out of money? I would love to see the angle, eventually, but not now - I don't like that it started in a Kurt Angle match, especially when the theme was discussed earlier that Angle is essentially main event non factor, as the actually reinforces that he really is just a filler act. That's something you can tease, but I don't think he should be the least important act in a segment with MVP and Bland DiBiase Jr.

    Just over here waiting for Christian to have a relevant moment :P

    YEAHHH! All for Sim Snuka getting some muscle. Curious who the heavy is, and it this helps make Snuka more than a laughing stock.

    This was just another example of why Matt Hardy is becoming the best booked character, low key. He honestly believes that Jeff is getting the shot to spite him. He's not trying to stir the pot and manipulate like a Chris Jericho or Paul Heyman might; he actually believes it, but he stirs the pot too. I just love complex character work like this.

    Matt Hardy was the MVP of the main event too, yes! I loved how you had the fake nice, slight flinch, then boom, Edge loses. Very well done by having no physicality here. I wish there was more of a mash up with the Cruiserweights and the big dogs, but alas, I'll sacrifice that for Matt Hardy. I will say, regarding the Daniels hooded men angle, it should be solved really simple now that Finley is back. He orders Daniels to have them reveal themselves, or he strips the title off him, as he can't risk having non contracted men getting involved in his matches. And when Daniels plays dumb, Finley still says, tough luck. They reveal themselves on their own then, or the end result is the same.

    I love how Jericho still tried to sell him getting the PPV off even though Finley already said that wasn't happening. It's even better heel work because obviously he knows the 30 day rule too. I love it, especially for the "used my brain" shtick. Heel hypocrisy is great booking. Umaga being the new contender was always obvious, but that doesn't make it less awesome. It's very good story telling, and I can't wait to see if this leads to Umaga unleashed or not.

    All in all it was a very tame post big PPV show, but it was perfectly acceptable. It read much quicker than RAW honestly, and flowed really well. There were no real matches of importance on here, but it didn't need it, as the story development and progression was superb across the board. Very fun show for me.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I'm not a huge fan of promo - interruption - promo - interruption - hold up a minnit playa, tag match, but that's more from being tired of WWE overusing that trope for the last... fifteen years. You don't do it often so it's no big deal, and I know on a personal level going from major PPV (Rumble) to minor PPV (No Way Out) shortly afterwards it's hard as fuck to organically get the wheels in motion, so it served a purpose. I do like that Batista seems to be remaining a more featured guy here, but I'm hoping the whole Kendrick/Finlay thing will get a chance to spread it's wings a little more, so it doesn't feel like a throwaway midcard thing (because it can be so much more than that imo).

    Not much to say about the Orton squash, beyond it being a smart idea to reheat him immediately.

    I've got to give you credit, this whole Hardy split thing originally started off as something I didn't have much interest in, but the way you've booked Matt has totally drawn me in. He's not wrong in anything he's saying, really, but he's just going about it the wrong way. That's the mark of a really interesting heel to me.

    As with Orton, not much to say about the Caribbean Connection beyond it makes sense to reheat them straight away. One thing you do which is totally underrated in my books is the great feel you have for heating people up straight out of a big loss. It's almost formulaic in it's approach - someone loses on PPV, so they win on TV straight after - but it's a great idea to not cool people off too much.

    I like the idea behind Heyman turning to Orton and why it in theory makes sense for Angle, and it could be really interesting watching these two work together (or not). This is totally one of those angles where it could turn out to be my favourite angle you've ever done, but at this still early stage (despite being 3 months in to the Angle/Heyman relationship) it still feels a little too clever in a way. I love the theory behind it all, but there's not a huge amount to really sink my teeth in to from a purely enjoyment level to it all. Still, I'm very intrigued to see where it goes.

    Ha, Daniels and Batista was a lot of fun.

    As with Orton and CC... good to see Angle getting reheated.

    Good to see Finlay call Christian out for his bullshit. Christian is the guy I'm perhaps most interested in in this entire thread, because he was red hot coming out of Summerslam and then has (intentionally, by how it seems) been cooled back down. Knowing you there must be a plan for this whole "Hell in a Cell changed Christian" storyline, and I'm really interested in to where it actually goes, because he's going from a John Cena level guy to, well, a Christian level guy.

    A large Samoan looking guy? IT'S ROMAN REIGNS! BOOOOOOOOO! There are only three "larger" Samoans I can think of who were active around this time, and one seems far less likely than the others, and the other was surely in the company before 2008, so I'm guessing this isn't going to be any kind of exciting reveal if it is who I think it is. But maybe this is someone I haven't even thought of...

    I'm interested in this Armageddon number one contender's match (which is odd it's been mentioned before the actual title match, although I'm guessing we'll get Jericho's opponent later on this show anyway), because Jeff is slightly out of nowhere as a challenger. I know he was part of that almost-clean-sweep match, but he was also struggling to beat Jamie Noble and Ted DiBiase Jr not that long ago. Still, given the shortage of hot main event talent on Smackdown (with Christian and Kurt being intentionally de-emphasised and 'Taker mia), Jeff is the kinda guy you could shoot to the moon if you wanted to. But I'm guessing you won't, due to this Hardyz angle. But still, interesting development.

    Not much to say about the CC/Melina segment. There's not really any other possibility for the titles so makes sense to keep pushing this through. I hope there's a plan to properly reheat this division though as Fight Factory/MNM was one of my favourite things in this entire thread.

    Man, Matt Hardy's all over this show! He's probably oddly the most "important" guy from a story perspective, so I don't hate it at all, and I liked the way he "tricked" Edge in to a loss. And, of course, I'm all in on Batista getting the big win over a main eventer (and getting reheated after Survivor Series...) I couldn't have Matt front and centre of the show like this every week, but for a one-off to put the wheels in motion elsewhere it works.

    Still love "I used my brain" as a general catchphrase, but it's great to show that he's actually not that smart to not see this coming. Umaga is really hot coming out of Survivor Series, so this totally makes sense. I wondered if this would be dragged out to Mania or something like that (almost in a repeat of the humanisation of Kane angle), but I think you've made the right call striking while Umaga is at his hottest. I'm not sure how to deal with "Umaga as the monster savage heel aligned with the slimy heel but mistreated and therefore a babyface World Title challenger in a PPV main event" dynamic, and I don't know much I could get behind Umaga when he seems unaware of what's even going on, but it's the right direction to go right now I think.

    Overall, not the hottest show in the world, but an important one to put all the pieces in place to start the build to the next PPV. I was somewhat surprised that the likes of Mark Henry, Kane, John Morrison, Undertaker, Brian Kendrick, Jack Swagger, Fight Factory all missing from the show, but it did mean the show felt quite short (in a good way). All in all, a necessary step towards what is in a lot of ways the most important part of the year.

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    Raw Re: Being The Booker

    Remember when I said I might cut things down into recap form, like some promos? Yeah, that.

    Monday Night Raw | November 24 2008 | Las Vegas, NV

    Opening Video


    The camera pans around the Thomas and Mack Centre, catching shots of rowdy fans in the crowd…

    Jim Ross: We are live in Sin City for a red hot edition of Monday Night Raw, and we’ve got a red hot main event t’night, as the Intercontinental Title will be decided!! CM Punk and Nick Nemeth went to a time limit draw in an instant classic two months ago, but tonight, there MUST be a winner!!

    The Coach: And seeing as we’re in Vegas, J.R, maybe we can call it a No TIME limit Hold ‘Em!!

    Jim Ross: Well folks, I don’t think The Coach is gonna get a residency in Vegas for his stand up routine any time soon, so we’re stuck with him for another week at least here on Raw!! In addition to our main event ton-


    The music of PAUL LONDON cuts J.R off mid sentence, and the man that went from glory to heartache in the space of 24 hours last week heads out through the curtain, getting the usual reaction from the fans.

    Jim Ross: If there was any justice in the world, we’d be referring to Paul London t’night as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion. An errant Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels is the only reason – in my opinion – that Paul London is heading out here without that elusive gold around his waist.

    The Coach: More hard luck stories, J.R!! You wouldn’t be crying if Shawn Michaels hit his intended target last week!! You wouldn’t be mentioning that at all if Paul London was out here with the World Title!!

    Jim Ross: The only reason Shawn Michaels was out there, Coach, is because Albrights lackeys; Charlie Haas and Nick Dinsmore got involved!!

    The Coach: I don’t think Haas or Dinsmore would appreciate being called lackeys, J.R.

    Jim Ross: I call it as I see it!!

    London climbs into the ring, rather downbeat, picking up a microphone to speak…

    Paul London: There’s a man I want to speak to. I don’t want to conduct this in private. I don’t want to send him a message … I want Shawn Michaels to come out here and look me in the eye.

    London offers no more than that, and instead, turns straight to the ramp, and has to wait for a few moments…

    **SEXY BOY**

    And out comes SHAWN MICHAELS!!! There’s a pop – but some boos too – for a glum looking Shawn Michaels, who clearly is feeling the strain of costing London the World Title last week on Raw.

    Jim Ross: Well- ask and y’shall receive!! Paul London called out the Icon, Shawn Michaels, and here he comes!!

    The Coach: He’s got a lot to answer for, J.R!! And I’m still not convinced he wasn’t a double agent for Ricky Steamboat at the Survivor Series!! Shawn Michaels has played a huge part in two huge happenings over the last eight days!! Typical of the man if you ask me!!

    Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels said it himself last week; his actions at the Survivor Series weren’t premeditated. He simply did the right thing on the night. And I’m sure, in his heart of hearts, The Heart Break Kid is feelin remorse for costing Paul London the World Title a week ago!!

    The Coach: I just hope he sees the error of his ways, and keeps his nose out of business that doesn’t concern him!!

    Michaels tentatively enters the ring, with a stern Paul London not taking his glare off the legendary figure. Shawn is handed a mic from ringside, as the music dies down … and after a few seconds of an awkward silence-

    Shawn Michaels: Paul, I-

    London slaps the mic down!!

    Paul London: Save it.

    There’s rumbling inside the arena, expecting London to blow over here already.

    Paul London: I don’t want your apologies. You saying sorry isn’t gonna bring me the World Heavyweight Title.

    Santa couldn’t even bring this guy the World Title!” ~Coach with a line.

    Paul London: Now… I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to do what you did…

    London pauses, then steps forward with spite.

    Paul London: But whether you meant to or not … fact is … you did it, Shawn. And it’s taking every fibre of my being to stop me knocking your lights out right now.

    The two men look each other in the eyes, neither man backing down, as Shawn mutters to London for a few moments, before speaking up.

    Shawn Michaels: Kid, you’re not the first guy that’s wasted to sock me. And you’re not the first guy that’s had good reason to do it, either.

    Michaels shrugs.

    Shawn Michaels: I wouldn’t even blame ya if y’wanted to land one on me. But uh … you said you’re just pretty sure that I didn’t mean to land that Sweet Chin Music on ya. Lemme look ya in the eye and tell ya right now … man to man … I didn’t mean to.

    Paul London: Yeah?? Well given your track record … and that track record recently … and I’m gonna take what you’re tellin me with a pinch of salt. I’ve always looked up to you, Shawn. But I sure as hell don’t trust you.

    London prods his finger into the chest of Michaels, with Shawn not initially having a problem with it.

    Paul London: And let me tell you; man to man … from this point forward, I don’t want anything to do with you. Clear??

    Michaels looks down now, and wipes his shirt where London was prodding, taking a moment before speaking up.

    Shawn Michaels: Listen, kid … you’ve got every right to be angry with me. If the roles were reversed? Yeah … I’d be pretty hot too. But y’might wanna take a deep breath here before saying somethin y’might regret.

    London’s expression doesn’t change; he’s still pissed off with Michaels.

    Shawn Michaels: All I was tryin to do – was help even the odds and do the right thing … just like I did the night before at the Survivor Series. Remember??

    I remember! He screwed J.B.L!!” ~Coach fills in the blanks.

    Shawn Michaels: Because if it wasn’t for me doin what I did at the Survivor Series, you wouldn’t have been the hero that night. You wouldn’t have even got a SNIFF of a shot at the World Title…

    London continues to glare a hole through Michaels, but HBK doesn’t stop there.

    Shawn Michaels: And if JBL was runnin things here, with your good friend Brent Albright in his ear?? You mightn’t even have a job right now.

    Michaels pauses, letting that point sink in with London.

    Shawn Michaels: So don’t come out here, all high and mighty, when all I was tryin t’do was help ya out, and see to it y’took that World title off Albright, because lord knows, you don’t have it in ya to do it yourself.

    London does a double take, and narrows his eyebrows at Shawn.

    Paul London: What was that supposed to mean??

    Michaels doesn’t respond.

    Paul London: Didn’t have it in myself … to do what??

    Shawn isn’t answering, and London takes a step forward.

    Paul London: Win the World Title?? Is that what you meant?? You don’t think I’ve got it in me to win the World Title, Shawn??

    After a tense silence, Michaels grits his teeth, before replying.

    Shawn Michaels: Yeah … that’s what I’m sayin, kid. Albright’s right … you’re not ready …

    He steps forward, standing over London a little.

    Shawn Michaels: And y’never will be.

    Ohhhh” is the reaction from the fans, as Michaels gives London a little bit of a home truth. London shakes his head.

    Paul London: Never will be, huh??

    Michaels says nothing, nor does he blink, instead standing firm.

    Paul London: Y’know, I expected that kinda thing from Brent Albright. I expected to hear that from just about everybody else around here. It’s the kind of thing I’ve been hearing ever since I got into this business. But I never thought I’d hear you, of all people, say that.

    Still, Michaels stands stoic, allowing London to continue.

    Paul London: After everything you had to go through, all the doors you had to kick down … to tell me that I’ll never be ready to be World Champion?? You’ve become just like all those people that told YOU you’d never make it to the very top. You’ve become like those guys that said YOU would never be a World Champion.

    Once again, London steps into Michaels space, looking him right in the eye.

    Paul London: And just like they were wrong about you. You’re wrong about me.

    There’s a tense staredown between the two men now, until Shawn slowly brings the mic back up to his mouth.

    Shawn Michaels: You need to understand … not everyone gets t’be World Champion, kiddo. You’re good. Heck, you’re great!! But there’s a long LONG list of guys that were great that never got t’the top.

    It sure as hell ain’t easy!!” ~J.R backs up the theory that not everybody gets to be champion.

    Shawn Michaels: You can look at me as an example, Paul … you can look at me as inspiration even. And I appreciate that. Means a heck of a lot to me.

    Pausing for a second, Michaels thinks it over before delivering his last line…

    Shawn Michaels: But as good as you are … you’re no Shawn Michaels.


    London has heard enough, and lays into a man he’s looked up to for years!!! Michaels covers up, but London takes him down with a double leg, and PUMMELS Michaels on the mat-


    Haas and Dinsmore lead the way, with the World Heavyweight Champion Brent Albright taking his time to follow, letting his buddies do the dirty work initially, beating down London and Michaels, and just as London is mounting a comeback on Haas, Albright leaps into action, and the numbers game is too much for London to deal with!!

    The Master Craftsmen put a beating on both men – and 3 on 2 are insurmountable odds for Michaels and London to overcome. J.R is (of course) furious at the attack, saying Albright and his cronies have no business being out here – which is true – but Coach argues that London and Michaels tried to “conspire” against the champion last week, whilst Albright already told Michaels he was owed after what happened at the Survivor Series.

    And the World Champion puts the exclamation point on the attack – nailing London, then Michaels – right between the eyes with the big gold belt!!! With London and Michaels both down, Albright – along with Haas and Dinsmore – stands tall, raising his title belt amidst boos from the fans…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, clips air of the opening segment, which initially saw Paul London and Shawn Michaels come to blows … before the Master Craftsmen got involved, taking the opportunity to lay out BOTH men.

    Now, backstage, RICKY STEAMBOAT catches up with LONDON and MICHAELS, as both get checked over by doctors following the attack. The Raw GM makes sure both men are okay, with London responding that he’ll feel much better when he gets his hands on those lowlives.

    Chipping in, Michaels adds a “yeah, me too…” whilst glaring over at London, clearly agitated at London attacking him earlier. Steamboat addresses the obvious tension between the pair, but floats the idea of them taking on the Master Craftsmen – all three of them if they want in a handicap match – if they’re willing to team up later tonight.

    Taking a moment to think about it, Michaels eventually speaks first, saying he can put any issues with London to the side “for now” in order to deal with a common enemy. London meanwhile, says he can do the same, before getting a dig in at Michaels, asking “if I’m good enough to be your partner, that is…”

    Michaels takes the high road, not rising to the bait, and gets off the treatment table, merely announcing he’s got a match to go get ready for … but as he leaves, London has another departing line, telling Shawn; “but we’re not finished either…”


    Back into the arena and the entrances take place for VICTORIA (accompanied by Kelly Kelly) and Womens Champion BETH PHOENIX for the title match between the pair. During Beth’s ring walk, we’re shown clips from last week, with Beth questioning whether Victoria should even be getting this title shot over the “hot new thing” Kelly Kelly, trying to drive a wedge between student and teacher…

    Beth Phoenix vs. Victoria w/Kelly Kelly
    It’s even steven in the early going, with the challenger more than holding her own with the Glamazon, as Kelly closely watches, offering plenty of encouragement (making up for a lack of ring knowledge to help) to Victoria, but the veteran succumbs to a Military Press Slam, which turns the tide in favour of the champion heading into the commercial.

    Commercial Break

    And back from the break, the action continues, with Victoria continuing to give as good as she gets, recovering from the earlier setback, giving her all in a quest to win a first Womens title in over five years. However, despite some agonizingly close near falls, the veteran can’t put Beth away, and she can’t wear the champion down sufficiently enough to deliver the Widows Peak either.

    And ultimately, the champion steps it up a gear in the closing stages. With Victoria slowing down, Phoenix gets stronger, and proves to be a level above the challenger – on this night at least – then looks to finish things off with the PHOENIX RISING … BUT VICTORIA FIGHTS IT!!! The challenger wont go down without a fight!!! A late flurry from Victoria shakes Beth up … but Phoenix BLASTS Victoria with a Polish Hammer and quickly follows up with her signature move to score the 1...2...3 and retain the title!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL Womens Champion – Beth Phoenix @ 09:03

    While a tough work out for Beth Phoenix, the champion sees off Victoria in the end. Beth raises her title with a satisfied smile, before peering down as Kelly tends to Victoria, and the champion makes eye contact with Kelly, telling the young blonde; “you want next, Barbie??”

    Laughing as she leaves, Beth departs the ring, leaving the focus to remain on Kelly consoling Victoria, with the veteran looking crestfallen at her failure to recapture the title she so desperately craves – especially having come so close tonight.

    Commercial Break

    Following the commercial, EVE TORRES conducts an interview with NICK NEMETH, ahead of his I.C Title opportunity later tonight. She casts his mind back to the sixty minute draw back in September, which leads Nemeth to discuss how frustrating it’s been having to wait two long months to get his rightful one on one rematch with Punk.

    Nemeth tells Eve he’s faced Punk twice over the last five months, and twice he should’ve had his arm raised. Punk got his foot on the rope to save himself at the King of the Ring in June, and also notes that had the match in September been five seconds longer, he’d be champion right now … but as they say, third times the charm!”.

    Eve notes the passion Nemeth speaks with, and asks him to try and tell her in words just what it’ll mean to him if he can walk out of Vegas tonight with the Intercontinental title. Like most guys, Nemeth talks about the history of the title, and starts to list the greats that held the gold, wanting nothing more than to add his own name to that illustrious list.

    Nemeth trails off though … as CM PUNK arrives to crash the interview. Cocky and self assured as ever, Punk confidently tells Nemeth he left a name off that list of great champions; CM Punk. Like he stated last week, Punk doubles down on his assertion that the I.C Title has surpassed the World Title on Raw as the most prestigious championship – and it’s all because of him.

    Punk then makes comment on Nemeth’s earlier claims of having him beat in the King of the Ring and on Raw two months ago, blaming Nemeth for not getting the job done on either occasion – HE failed to spot Punk had his foot on the rope, and HE failed to realise he only had 60 minutes to win the title in September – before saying neither man can have any excuses tonight … then closes with;

    The greats never need excuses. And when it comes to Intercontinental Champions?? I am the greatest.” Punk leaves Nemeth to think those words over, ahead of their showdown later tonight…


    Match 2:
    The Knuckledusters vs. Jason Styles & Jay Hatton
    Styles and Hatton are nobodies. Simply warm bodies for Regal and Goldust to dispose of, as J.R and Coach discuss Ricky Steamboat naming the Knuckledusters the #1 Contenders for the World Tag Team Championships earlier today – noting the history between them and the current champions; Sandow and Duprée. The finish in this one comes when Regal drives through Hatton with the KNEE TREMBLER to deliver the 1...2...3!!!
    Winners: The Knuckledusters @ 01:14

    The #1 Contenders for the tag titles secure a routine win, with J.R calling their future title shot “long overdue”, noting they were robbed of a title shot last month having thought they’d won a battle royal until the late addition of the now current champions.

    But crashing the celebration is the renaissance music – which means the arrival of the pompous Damien Sandow, and his partner René Duprée. Sandow has his dog {Edison, the American Eskimo} in tow, whilst the Frenchman is still missing FiFi; dognapped by Goldust three weeks ago.

    Quickly, Duprée demands Goldust return the dog, with Sandow making a more calm statement, speaking of the legal ramifications of stealing someone elses property – and making a dig at Vegas too for some cheap heat. In return, Regal gets on the microphone, offering a deal to the champions.

    Regal reaffirms that he and Goldust have been declared the #1 Contenders for the tag titles, but with no date set as yet. The Brit eloquently proposes a deal, where he and Goldust will return FiFi (much to the chagrin of the Bizarre One) in return for La Renaissance bringing forward the tag title match to NEXT WEEK.

    While Sandow wants to think it over, Duprée quickly accepts the trade, wanting his poodle returned immediately. Regal confirms the deal … and pointedly makes a dig at Sandow that the dog is being kept in a safe place backstage, and not being dragged around like a trophy.

    Following up – with a smirk – Regal tells the champions that he’d have gladly gave the mutt back anyway, saying it’s nothing but a nuisance, but is pleased they were able to come to an arrangement. He apologises to Goldust, noting that his partner had grown attached to the pup … but tells him he’ll have something even better next week to get attached to; championship gold…

    Commercial Break


    WWE Production theme; “Triumphant Return” plays as the word flashes on screen-


    Clips of RIC FLAIR getting an elaborate entrance, wearing the big gold belt … DUSTY RHODES raising his arms … GREG VALENTINE and RODDY PIPER staring one another down in the Dog Collar Match.

    ~ HISTORY ~

    The smoking entrance for VADER … RIC FLAIR and STING ready to lock up … the ROAD WARRIORS walking to the ring … MAGNUM T.A battling TULLY BLANCHARD.

    ~ GLORY ~

    HOLLYWOOD ’HULK HOGAN playing the WCW title on his way to the ring … RICKY STEAMBOAT & JAY YOUNGBLOOD winning the tag team titles … RIC FLAIR being hoisted onto the shoulders of his peers.


    Jubilant scenes of STING winning the title in 1997 … DUSTY RHODES holding the NWA title in 1985 … RODDY PIPER defeating Hogan in 1996.

    ~ IS BACK!!



    Clips of cheering fans, and fireworks going off at previous STARRCADE events.


    And the STARRCADE logo flashes across the screen-

    ~ RETURNS ~

    {Poster Credit; Hug Life}


    Match 3:
    Michelle McCool w/Layla El vs. Natalya
    Nattie looks to bounce back following her heart wrenching loss at the Survivor Series in a valiant effort against Beth Phoenix that ultimately saw her tap out to her own hold, but she’s up against it, with Layla on the outside to tip the balance in favour of McCool. Despite the odds though, Natalya is still more than a match for Michelle, and looks to lock on the SHARPSHOOTER … but as she turns over, Layla climbs up onto the apron!!!

    Instinctively, the official looks to cut her off, and as a result, Nattie releases the hold, swinging – but missing – at Layla. McCool then rolls Nattie up – but ONLY for a two count!! Natalya gets the upper hand again, and runs off the ropes – TRIPPED BY LAYLA … AND WALKS INTO A BIG BOOT FROM MCCOOL!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Natalya kicked out!!!!!

    McCool has it all in hand though, and starts setting up for the FAITH BREAKER … WHEN GAIL KIM – wronged two nights straight last week by LayCool – runs out to the ring, coming for a measure of revenge, attacking Layla!! The commotion distracts McCool, and she’s unable to deliver her finish, instead shouting out at Gail … which plays into Natalya’s hands, and the Canadian trips McCool … SHARPSHOOTER!!! McCool quickly taps!!!!!
    Winner: Natalya @ 04:37

    A taste of their own medicine for LayCool!!! Gail Kim looks pleased with herself, foiling the plans of McCool and Layla, assisting Natalya to a win tonight. McCool crawls to the outside, regrouping with her partner, as Gail backs up the ramp, with Nattie offering her a nod of thanks, knowing Gail played a big part in the win tonight…


    But cutting backstage, JOHN CENA has arrived!!! Hood up as ever, The Man In Black marches through the backstage area, with J.R noting that it looks like Cena is heading out THIS WAY!!

    Commercial Break

    **HATE ME NOW**

    Straight out of the break, JOHN CENA is walking through the curtain to a raft of boos from the fans. No problem for Cena though; he keeps his head down, and his hood up, marching down the ramp with J.R and Coach throwing to clips of Cena attacking Rey Mysterio last week as a result of Rey eliminating him from the Survivor Series Elimination Match the night prior.

    J.R shows utter disdain for the actions of Cena last week, stating it was “uncalled for” and that Cena had no right to cost Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin the tag team titles. Coach tries to be smart, stating it was Benjamin that lost the match, making a case that Cena didn’t directly cost them that match. Before they can get too heated about that though, J.R and Coach have to take a backseat to John Cena in the ring…

    John Cena: I got a few things to say. And when John Cena speaks, everybody better listen.

    Cena glares out at the fans, waiting for them to settle down.

    John Cena: Cos you people all know by now, it ain’t B.S I’m spewin. I say what I mean, an’ I mean what I say … an’ right now I got a problem with just about everyone!!

    There’s plenty of anger in Cena’s voice tonight, and he paces around the ring, head down, collecting his thoughts.

    John Cena: The Survivor Series was my window to get a fast track back to the World Title – a title I shoulda never lost … an’ a title that Ricky Steamboat has kept me away from ever since I lost it.

    An’ that was justified if ya ask me!! Cena’s actions were reprehensible!!” ~J.R backs up the decision from Steamboat.

    John Cena: But Steamboat?? He ain’t even close to the top of my list. Like I said … I had a chance to wipe that order out at the Survivor Series.

    Cena clenches his jaw, reliving that defeat for Team JBL at the Survivor Series.

    John Cena: Shawn Michaels though?? We got a problem. A big one. When you cost J.B.L the win at the Survivor Series, y’cost me my short cut back to the title. An’ for-

    He cuts himself off, frustrated with an ironic cheer from the fans.

    John Cena: An’ for that, I oughta make you pay … so for now?? Y’can count yourself lucky Shawn. Right now, I’m gonna let ya slide.

    The Man In Black stands in the middle of the ring, staring directly into the hard camera.

    John Cena: Nah, there’s a bigger problem around here. Because it shouldn’t have even come down to me relying on a flake like Michaels to come through in the clutch. I ain’t ever been a team player, and I sure as hell ain’t ever counted on anyone else to do the work for me.

    He shakes his head, still looking straight ahead.

    John Cena: And it wouldn’t have come down to that … if that little twerp in the mask hadn’t just hit the jackpot with the luckiest three seconds of his life when he eliminated my ass.

    He’s talkin about Rey Mysterio, folks” ~J.R

    Yeah, I figured that when he said little twerp. The mask sealed it.” ~Coach with the lightning fast follow up.

    John Cena: Because everybody knows if John Cena was left standin at the end of the Survivor Series, Team J.B.L woulda wiped the freakin floor with Ventura’s puppets!!

    But ya weren’t John!! Ya lost, fair and square!!” ~J.R

    John Cena: But all for Rey Mysterio, by the grace of God, havin the damn straight up BALLS to think he could beat me…

    Cena does a half chuckle, and wags his finger a little.

    John Cena: Just for THINKIN he might beat me, I oughta break his neck.

    Boos for that suggestion.

    John Cena: So what am I supposed to do when the jumping bean happens upon the luckiest three seconds of his sorry ass life??Blame myself?? Nah. That ain’t workin for me.

    He holds up one finger.

    John Cena: I blame one guy … I blame the guy that doesn’t even deserve to share a ring with me, let alone compete in it against me.

    More heat, but Cena gets himself more worked up.

    John Cena: Everyone here, and everyone watchin at home knows that Rey Mysterio has never, CAN never and WILL never beat my ass one on one!!!

    Y’can’t say that like a fact!!” ~J.R tries to dispute the claim.

    John Cena: And it comes down to one thing. And that’s pure genetics.Look at me … then look at Mysterio. That ain’t a fight, man. That ain’t a contest. And y’can go back over every single time he’s tried to take me on. Just look at THIS YEAR ALONE!! Twice he’s tried, and TWICE he got his ass kicked, twice he got humiliated.

    Cena calms down for a moment, breathing heavily as he gets himself worked up.

    John Cena: But once again … you people build these guys up. Y’give ‘em false hope. Y’make ‘em feel like they CAN compete against a man like me. And why?? Why Rey?? What makes ‘em special??

    Again, Cena holds up one finger.

    John Cena: Because he wears a mask. That’s ALL that separates Rey from every other shrimp that hops, skips and jumps around in here.

    There’s more to Rey Mysterio than that!!” ~J.R again.

    John Cena: You people think that it means somethin. You people think this is a comic book in here…

    Cena smirks and shakes his head.

    John Cena: This ain’t no comic book. Not when I’m around.

    He prods his own chest with that last sentence.

    John Cena: Rey Mysterio can wear a mask … but Rey, that don’t make ya a superhero, and it sure as hell don’t give ya superpowers.All that mask does?? ALL that mask does, is separate your ass from all the other vanilla midgets around here.

    Heat for Cena again from the fans in Vegas.

    John Cena: Without it?? Ain’t nobody gives a damn about Rey Mysterio. Ain’t nobody walkin past your tiny ass in the street and doin a double take.Nahhh … instead, you take that mask off, and y’gonna have twelve year olds knockin ya aside with a brush of the shoulder when ya pass ‘em in the street.

    Cena pauses, then shrugs.

    John Cena: Hell, without that mask, no one would know the difference between Rey Mysterio and Colin Delaney.You’re just a five foot nothin, hundred pounds soakin wet ragdoll … and y’gone pissed off the ABSOLUTE LAST GUY y’ever wanna mess with!!

    Getting red in the face, Cena is visibly getting angrier and more intense.

    John Cena: Last week?? Last week was just the START, son!! … I’m gonna ruin ya LIFE!!!

    Cena stares down the camera, with a pointed message being directed at Rey … and after a long close up, Cena snaps out of his anger, taking a step back, and talking in a more measured tone.

    John Cena: And all for one thing. It ain’t even that big a deal. Come January, I’m winnin the Royal Rumble anyway and I’m headed back to WrestleMania and a World Title match like I always do. But right now … I got time to kill … and that’s bad, BAD news for a guy like you, Rey. It’s bad news for your present and it’s bad news-

    There’s a commotion from the fans, and Cena looks around – as SHELTON BENJAMIN comes racing to the ring – the tag partner of Rey Mysterio!!

    Cena though, casually exits the ring before Shelton gets there, much to the anger of the fans, and Shelton Benjamin, who kicks at the ropes in frustration. On the outside, Cena shakes his head as he starts to walk away … but Shelton gets on the mic …

    Shelton Benjamin: HEY CENA!!!

    Cena ignores the call from The Black Diamond and continues to walk away.

    Shelton Benjamin: What’s the matter!? I thought you were looking for a fight!?

    Y’don’t want any o’this, son.” ~Cena off mic, backing away, shaking his head, not even giving Benjamin the time of day.

    Shelton Benjamin: Rey Mysterio ain’t here tonight, man … but I am!! And I’m MORE than ready to fight your ass!!

    Cena don’t want none of Shelton Benjamin – that’s for damn sure, it seems!! Cena has a case of the limber tail here!!” ~J.R is getting fired up on commentary.

    Shelton Benjamin: I know you’ve been spending your time around here lately beating up on rookies and underdogs … so how about you STEP UP and fight an EQUAL!!!

    We see a shot of Cena – still walking up the ramp – laughing at the suggestion of Shelton being an “equal” seemingly.

    Shelton Benjamin: I’ve wanted a piece of your ass for a long, long time, Cena … so listen up; I’m calling YOU OUT!!!

    Now, Cena turns around at the top of the ramp, with the camera picking up what he says…

    Nobody calls me out … And I don’t fight for free.”

    It’s hard to tell if Benjamin was able to catch what Cena said, but as Cena turns around to walk away, Shelton chimes in again.

    Shelton Benjamin: Hey Cena … you’re startin to make a habit of this, walking away from a challenge. Me tonight … The Undertaker on Raw 800-

    OHHHH” ~The Fans.

    On the ramp, Cena stops in his tracks, and Shelton has more to say.

    Shelton Benjamin: I know you said you don’t fight for free … but man … I gotta ask … do you fight at all anymore??

    The fans react in kind again, as Cena slowly turns around, mouthing one more message to Shelton in the ring…

    When I do … you’ll know all about it, big mouth.”

    And with that, Cena points down the ramp, making a CUT THROAT gesture of his own with his index finger, before leaving … but in the ring, Shelton doesn’t look worried OR scared … he NODS … he WANTS a piece of Cena…

    Commercial Break

    Returning backstage, JOHN CENA is storming through the area, barging people out of the way, clearly irate at being called out by Shelton Benjamin moments ago. But for all his bluster, The Man In Black comes to a stop, as he is met by none other than the Raw General Manager, RICKY STEAMBOAT, waiting to confront Cena.

    Steamboat initially blows off a few empty threats from Cena, who let’s it be known he doesn’t want to talk to the Raw GM at all. Steamboat cuts to the chase, telling Cena that “you may not fight for free … but you WILL fight when I tell you too.” With that, Ricky informs Cena he’ll be in action next week, going one on one with Shelton Benjamin.

    Cena takes it in, and certainly doesn’t show any fear or trepidation at the announcement, before telling the Raw General Manager he’ll comply and face Shelton next week … but warns Steamboat; “that’s on your head.” Cena tells Ricky he doesn’t appreciate being told what to do, then walks on, but shouts back to Steamboat that he better make sure Benjamin has plenty of insurance…


    Back into the arena, and it’s time for the first of a double main event tonight on Raw. THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN make their way to the ring, led by the World Champion, as J.R sets the table of London and Michaels not only having to overcome the 3 on 2 odds, but also, having to overcome their recent personal issues – which blew up earlier tonight.


    PAUL LONDON, seemingly recovered from his earlier attack at the hands of The Master Craftsmen, heads onto the stage, looking to get himself right back into contention for the World Title. Wisely though, he stops short of getting into the ring … electing to wait for his partner tonight…

    **SEXY BOY**

    And making his way out, SHAWN MICHAELS looks to essentially be back in the good graces of the fans, after some questionable decisions over the last few months. The Showstopper seems back to his usual self though, with a more up tempo entrance, showing more vibrancy than in recent times, before sharing a look to London, as they gear up to take on common enemies.

    Match 4 | 3 ON 2 HANDICAP MATCH:
    The Master Craftsmen vs. Paul London & Shawn Michaels
    Very quickly, the numbers game becomes and issue for London and Michaels, with the Craftsmen using that advantage to distract the official and create a chance to double up on the legal man on the opposite side. Michaels and London are forced to put any issues aside in order to combat the three man threat of the Master Craftsmen. But after a brief period of the faces turning the momentum, AGAIN, the numbers help Albright and company take control heading into a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, Paul London is in need of a tag, with Albright, Haas and Dinsmore all making frequent tags amongst themselves, keeping the three man unit fresh, as Michaels is forced to watch on. As ever though, London refuses to go down, fighting back with all he’s got, but every time he gets an opening for a tag, the chance is SNATCHED away at the last moment by the Craftsmen.

    However, when Albright blatantly cheats – coming in as an illegal man to drag London away from the corner – Michaels sees red!! The Showstopper hits the ring, taking it to Albright, fending off Haas and Dinsmore too, giving London a fighting chance, before being ordered back out of the ring by the referee. But it helps London, who back body drops Haas out of the ring, then catches Dinsmore with an enziguri … before ducking under Albright … AND DIVES FOR THE TAG!!!!!

    Michaels is legal, and Albright WANTS a piece of the Showstopper!!! They meet in the middle of the ring, Trading blows, but it’s the fresher man – Michaels – that wins the exchange, sending Brent off the ropes, and delivering a pair of inverted atomic drops before putting him down with a clothesline. Haas tries to trip Shawn from the outside, but is kicked away, before HBK leaps with a cross body to the outside onto Charlie!!!

    Dinsmore then nails Shawn on the floor, tossing him back inside, allowing Albright to look to apply the CROWBAR … BUT LONDON CUTS IT OFF!!! Everything starts to break down, and in the melee, London makes a blind tag on Michaels, as they look to overcome the odds, and in stereo they dive off adjacent top turnbuckles to the floor, taking out ALL THREE Master Craftsmen!!! Michaels is up first, tossing Brent back in, and wanting London to make a tag as he climbs back in-

    But London shakes his head!! Paul London is desperate to prove a point to Michaels, and to Albright, as he climbs back up top again … BUT ALBRIGHT RATTLES THE ROPES – LONDON CROTCHES HIMSELF!!!!! Albright takes a cheap shot at Shawn, leaving himself and London alone, getting his long time adversary up onto his shoulders, wanting the ACE IN THE HOLE-


    Michaels returns, striking Albright down, saving London!!! But before Michaels can go for a cover (he’s not the legal man anyway) Haas and Dinsmore POUNCE on HBK, with a two on one beat down ensuing, hammering him out through the ropes, and following to the outside, saving Albright from having to suffer a pin … but emerging into the picture is PAUL LONDON!!!

    London, recovering from his earlier spill – thanks to Albright – climbs to the top and he’s faced with a decision; dive to the outside to help his partner, or go for the 450 on Albright and get the win… AND LONDON CHOOSES GLORY – 450 SPLASH TO ALBRIGHT!!!! Haas and Dinsmore finally see the cover – but not in time to get in the ring to stop the count … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: Paul London & Shawn Michaels @ 11:57

    Paul London pins the World Heavyweight Champion!! For the second time in eight days, London pins Brent Albright … but the one time he DIDN’T is when it counted the most!! London doesn’t hang around either, avoiding Haas and Dinsmore as they hit the ring, and he rolls out, getting his hand raised.

    On the outside, Shawn Michaels is pulling himself up, watching as London departs, knowing he played a HUGE part in securing the win tonight, whilst J.R is of the belief that London and Michaels will have put themselves firmly in place for a shot at the World Title having defeated the odds tonight.

    Commercial Break

    A brief video package airs, highlighting the epic 60 minute time limit draw back in September when CM Punk and Nick Nemeth clashed in Detroit over the Intercontinental Championship, with the match later being dubbed the ‘Motor City Marathon’ … leading to the rematch tonight, which will have NO time limit attached.


    Just prior to the entrances for the main event, we get a BLOCKBUSTER announcement from Jim Ross – NEXT WEEK; Paul London takes on Shawn Michaels in a NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH!! The Coach (obviously) isn’t happy, saying Albright has beaten both guys and has nothing to prove, stating Steamboat should be looking for FRESH challenges for the champion, not making him fight the same people again and again, hoping for a different outcome…


    Taking a big deep breath as he heads out, NICK NEMETH is in the biggest spotlight he’s ever had for a one on one match. J.R reminds the audience that there’s NO time limit on this one tonight, and should we run out of TV time, the conclusion of the match will air on

    But, as Nemeth makes his way down the ramp-


    Miz assaults Nemeth on the ramp – surely a retaliation after being embarrassed by Nemeth last week on Raw – and J.R is furious on commentary, saying that Nemeth is supposed to be challenging for the Intercontinental title here!!

    The Miz rams Nemeth into the guardrail, and SLAMS him onto the metal ramp, pushing away officials, as we see a much meaner, nastier side to The Miz tonight, dragging Nemeth up … AND DELIVERS A NECKBREAKER ON THE RAMP!!!!!

    Nemeth writhes, as Miz pulls him back to his feet again, tossing Nemeth into the ring, and mockingly tells the referees surrounding him; “I got him to the ring, didn’t I??” … before he starts to depart back up the ramp – his job done tonight.


    And just passing as Miz departs, CM PUNK saunters into view, looking surprisingly impressed with the reality TV star. Punk takes his time, savouring the moment, knowing he has a distinct advantage here right away, whilst referees rush past him, heading to the ring to check on the condition of Nemeth. J.R sends us off to a commercial, as we wait to see if Nick Nemeth can even compete here!!

    Commercial Break

    Returning from the break, RICKY STEAMBOAT is in the ring now, asking officials and medical personnel about the situation, and whether Nemeth can compete. Punk is in the ring, leaning back on the ropes, relaxed about everything … before calling for a microphone.

    And the Intercontinental Champion tries to curry favour disingenuously with the fans, saying they came out to Raw tonight EXPECTING an Intercontinental Title match, and Ricky Steamboat HAS to deliver an Intercontinental Title match … before floating the idea of Steamboat himself filling in for Nemeth!!

    Clearly, that gets a positive response, but Steamboat – not in the mood for games – quickly motions for Punk to shut up, then calls for the microphone to be cut. It’s all fun and games for Punk, laughing at the serious Raw GM. Nemeth though, waves off the attempts of the officials to call the match off and DEMANDS the match happens!!

    Punk, seeing the condition Nemeth is in, is all too happy to accept, and the ring is cleared, albeit with a lot of trepidation from Steamboat, knowing Nemeth is far from 100% after the assault from The Miz.

    CM Punk vs. Nick Nemeth
    The bell rings, and Punk RACES to the corner, looking for an immediate running high knee – BUT NEMETH DUCKS IT!!!! Punk cracks his knee off the top turnbuckle, AND NEMETH STRIKES WITH THE JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!!! Punk JUST gets a shoulder up!! And it’s a complete 180 from their previous Raw showdown, which started at a snails pace!!!

    Punk staggers up, with Nemeth still worse for wear too, but Nemeth is able to duck a clothesline, and rolls Punk up … 1...2...NO!!!! Both men get up, but this time, Punk doesn’t miss the mark, and NAILS Nemeth with his clothesline. Wisely though, Nemeth rolls to the floor upon impact. Punk considers following out, but elects to let Nemeth drag himself in and beat the count, reaching six … before Punk hits a baseball slide to keep Nemeth out.

    Because of that, the official tells Punk he’s not going to continue the count, forcing the champions hand, following out, and putting the beating on Nemeth on the floor. He then looks to shoot Nemeth into the steps … REVERSED BY NEMETH – AND PUNK COLLIDES WITH THE STEEL!!!! Nemeth guts through the pain, with J.R opining that he HAS to get the job done quickly here, given his pre-match attack at the hands of Miz.

    Back in the ring, it appears as if Nemeth is trying to do just that, throwing everything at Punk in the early going, and certainly not pacing himself for an hour long showdown. He’s still on spaghetti legs throughout though, still clearly affected by the assault from Miz, and despite a series of near fall attempts for Nemeth, it’s Punk that re-establishes control heading into the commercial break – the final one tonight on Raw.

    Commercial Break

    And back live, Punk is still working over Nemeth, but the challenger won’t stay down. Despite his best efforts to take the fight out of Nemeth, Punk just can extinguish the spirit of the challenger, who KEEPS coming back at Punk!! Nemeth finds the energy from somewhere to mount a comeback, and Punk backs off to the corner, with Nemeth charging in for a splash – PUNK MOVES!!! Nemeth hits the corner, and walks into a big roundhouse kick from the champion!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Punk then attempts to lock on the ANACONDA VISE … but Nemeth bravely battles to avoid it, knowing if Punk locks it in, it’s game over … and he wriggles out of danger, scrambling to his feet, and CONNECTS with a superkick to the incoming Intercontinental Champion!!! He takes a few extra seconds to get the cover though, and Punk is able to kick out!!!

    From there, it’s a race to see who can get up first, and they trade blows, back and forth on their feet, with Punk getting the upper hand, delivering Mongolian Chops … until Nemeth EXPLODES with an INVERTED POWERSLAM!!! 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!!! Again, they’re slow to rise, for differing reasons, but Nemeth ducks a kick from Punk, and puts him down with a DROPKICK … and follows up, catching Punk as he tries to stand – FAMOUSER!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!!!

    Anguish is on the face of Nick Nemeth, as he realises once again, just how difficult it is to beat CM Punk. Now though, he’s going for it all – he wants the LEAPING DDT … BUT PUNK AVOIDS IT!!!! Punk shoves Nemeth aside, and then sends him into the corner, following in – RUNNING HIGH KNEE!!! BULLDOG OUT OF THE CORNER!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!

    Punk can’t help but smile at the heart of the challenger … but the smile is a a knowing one. Because Punk has the end game in sight. He stalks Nemeth, looking to size him up, scooping Nemeth onto his shoulders for the GTS … BUT NEMETH FIGHTS FOR HIS LIFE!!! HE EVEN RAKES THE EYES OF PUNK TO AVOID THE GTS!!!!

    Nemeth uses desperation tactics to keep himself alive … and gets off the back of Punk, landing on the apron. Punk comes for him, but Nemeth ducks, then drops Punk on the ropes throat first!!! Nemeth scales the turnbuckles, coming off with a CROSS BODY!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT BY PUNK!!!! As both men struggle on the mat, J.R talks about us being close to being taken off the air, reminding the fans that this will continue on

    The challenger has Punk in the corner, raining down blows, hammering the champion, sending him across the ring, following in with a BIG splash, then a swinging neckbreaker!!! Cover again; 1...2...NO!!! Nemeth is tearing at his hair, dragging Punk up … BUT PUNK EXPLODES – HOISTING NEMETH UP – GTS – NO!!! NEMETH BLOCKS IT!!! HE SPINS PUNK AROUND – JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG – NO!!! PUNK GRABS THE ROPES TO STOP HIMSELF GOING DOWN!!!

    NEMETH HITS THE MAT – PUNK DIVES DOWN … AND APPLIES THE ANACONDA VISE!!!!!! Nemeth bravely tries to fight it … bravely tries to fight off the champion but Punk’s got the submission locked on tight … and as the energy fades from Nemeth … he flails his arms, hoping to find ropes to no avail … and after a few more attempts to fight … he’s forced to TAP OUT!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion – CM Punk @ 16:27

    And once more, CM Punk rises to hold off another game challenger. J.R is quick to praise Nemeth, noting that he didn’t have to compete after that sickening assault from The Miz prior to the match, and stresses that that incident no doubt forced Nemeth to rethink his gameplan for this match by having to go for it all right from the get go.

    Still, Coach praises Punk, and backs up the claims of the champion that he is the GREATEST Intercontinental Champion of all time. With time running out on the show, Punk clutches his title closely to the chest as he leaves, happy to have seen off the lingering challenge of Nemeth … whilst Nemeth is left disconsolate in the ring … unable to get his hands on the title he covets … as Raw goes off the air.


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    Re: Being The Booker

    I figured I would return the favour after your feedback and give some of my own as a long long long long time reader.

    Good oppopent segment. I thought you did really well having HBK coming accross as an asshole without going too far. On Albright seeing him being built over the years has been a lot of fun though I also feel like last week might have been the time to make London champion.

    Decent Women's title match with the right result. During this time period I can't see who dethrones Beth who is miles above the majority of the divison in my eyes.

    Recapping a CM punk promo

    Fun stuff invovling the tag team titles. So glad you did not go the predictable route and team up regal with sandow.

    Your heel cena promos are great. Cena vs Rey Mysterio was always a feud that should have been done even if it was face vs face. Also I think I know what Cena's Mania match is.

    Good handicap match. I like London leave HBK to the wolves and picking up the pin. Should be a fun triple threat when it happens.

    Cheap attack by The Miz and gives Nemeth an out plus explains last week's segment. As fun as comedy Miz is, hopefully this leads to Miz slowly becoming credible in your threat and a part of the mid-card. Good main event as Punk carries on mocking Steamboat.

    Overall pretty good Raw and was a lot of fun to read.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    The opening segment was really interesting here. I liked the dynamic with London and HBK after everything that has happened. Looking forward to how you go from here. Also great heel move by the Craftsmen by having them take advantage of London snapping to come out and take out the two men.

    Nice match for TV here. Beth Phoenix wins as expected though. Guess Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix is soon.

    Enjoyed the Nemeth/Punk segment here. Looking forward to how this one closes. I'm thinking Punk retains.

    The Knuckledusters win to pad themselves up before their match next week. Good move, but maybe could of done with a more meaningful victory to make them look stronger.

    Nice to see Nattie getting back up from her loss at Survivor Series. Hopefully we'll see her in contention again soon. Also guessing you'll have a tag team amtch between these four soon.

    The John Cena promo was very good. I am looking forward to seeing Benjamin vs. Cena next week.

    Big victory for HBK and London here tonight. Wonder if we'll see these two face off for a #1 Contendership in the coming weeks.

    Very fun match here between the two. I wasn't at any point expecting Nemeth to win here just because CM Punk is more important to the belt at the moment. He is making that championship mean everything and it is indeed higher than the World Heavyweight Championship at the moment. Glad you put the touch of this one airing on if needed as that clarification was definitely needed due it being the main event. Also The Miz attacking Nemeth kept Nemeth safe in his loss. I also liked the hints at Steamboat vs. Punk, I'd really like to see that one down the line, and knowing you, it is a likely WrestleMania match.

    Overall a good, though predictable, episode of Raw here. Looking forward to what you have ahead for Raw moving forward as we are on the road to the Royal Rumble for them with a stop at the return of Starrcade.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    I don't think I've mentioned this in a while, but I want to shout out to your writing of the announce team. It's one of those things you take for granted when you've posted so much high quality content for so long, but I really noticed during this show how authentic the little bits of pitter patter are, particularly the bits between pauses in promos and whatnot. I've called you the King of the Small Stuff before (that's what she said), but it's worth mentioning again.

    Great London and Michaels segment. London felt like a big star here, which is easier said than done, and Michaels still rocking that tweener attitude is great. Clearly we're building towards a Triple Threat here, but you've massively got me to buy in to this story between the two. The dynamic is just great. If I'm being picky I'd say it feels like Albright is the third most important person in the feud again (get that man a story of his own, stat!), but there's enough good work with the other two to make it a thumbs up for me.

    Good, long match for Beth and Victoria. Good follow up from last week. You're really drawing me in to this angle and where Beth is going, which is testament to the step up she's made since Summerslam.

    FWIW, I have no problem with recapped promos like the Punk and Nemeth one. I'd keep the important promos in full (like you've done), but the small ones don't lose much by being recapped compared to what you gain by not burning yourself out.

    Nice to see the Knuckle Dusters get a squash win, although maybe they could have done with a win over a slightly more interesting team, just to get them that bit more over. The dog angle has kind of faded out, so if that is the end of all of that business, I'm okay with it.

    Nattie and Gail potentially forming something of an alliance could be fun.

    Good Cena promo, and Shelton running down makes sense. It still feels like Cena has been kind of treading water since Summerslam, and given the waves to the Undertaker confrontation, I'm guessing that'll have to continue in to the Rumble. It's a good use of Rey and Shelton, though, I have to say.

    Ah, man, why'd you have to job Albright?! You've got Charlie Haas RIGHT THERE! I know I get boring with this stuff, but Albright has to be super protected to feel important. If it was, say, Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho or someone eating the fall, their name value means the angle works. But Albright jobbing on TV when he has a number advantage in a handicap match just makes him feel like such a midcarder.

    That said, I did enjoy the story of London getting the win and ignoring Michaels. He'd have been a moron not to tbh, but it was a really good way to underline the changing attitude.

    Ooh, great idea to have Nemeth taken out before the IC match, perfect way to get around explaining how they went an hour before and aren't this time. Also gives Nemeth an out to not feel like a total nobody after a few months of elevation. Got to say it, though - between the Michaels feud and main eventing Raw here, the IC Title is the big belt on Raw for me. You've made it feel so important, I love it.

    Overall, another good show. Definitely a step up from last week and, while lacking one of those trademark Wolf Beast crazy angles to push it in to that next level, this was a really good, sound build to a pay-per-view. Will try to give feedback quicker next time...

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    Superstar Re: Being The Booker

    WWE Superstars | November 26 2008


    Once again, Grisham and Striker look to sell the C Show as having something for everyone, with high flying cruiserweights in action, tag teams going at it, and the “beautiful” divas competing too, whilst The Miz will be in the main event tonight, taking on Doug Williams.

    And the show kicks off with Cruiserweight action, as DAIVARI takes on JERRY LYNN. It’s not the high flying spectacle the commentators sold us at the top of the show, but it’s still a solid effort from both men. Much is made of the controversial DQ loss Daivari suffered a week ago on Superstars to Justin Gabriel … and he is the victim of ANOTHER controversial DQ tonight, as he catches Lynn @ 06:01 with a LOW BLOW – which looked to be accidental!!!

    The referee is hearing nothing of it though, and calls for the bell, much to the chagrin of Daivari, suffering another DQ loss!! He shoves the official in frustration, then puts Lynn down to his knees again with a BLATANT low blow!! Storming up the ramp, Daivari complains to the camera that he’s being unfairly treated around here.





    The Divas are up next, as KELLY KELLY picks up a win over KATIE LEA @ 03:14 with the K2. During the match, Grisham and Striker discuss Kelly’s mentor, Victoria, coming up short in her effort at the Womens title this past Monday … and with Kelly scoring an impressive win tonight, they push the idea that perhaps Kelly Kelly could step up and be the next woman to challenge Beth Phoenix.

    In the Smackdown tag division, the SAN JUAN EXPRESS are in action, picking up a win over two local talents. As has been the case as of late, VICKIE GUERRERO (the manager of Los Latinos) takes a particular interest in Epico and Primo, watching closely on a monitor backstage, as they pick up an impressive victory @ 02:01.







    Then, in the main event, THE MIZ, who had a huge part to play in the main event of Raw this past Monday, takes on DOUG WILLIAMS. Williams dominates Miz in the early going with his vastly superior in-ring knowledge, but the reality star digs in, showing some toughness and smarts to turn the tide. Miz impresses Striker on commentary with his resourcefulness, and it eventually pays off, with Miz avoiding the BOMBS AWAY … and executing a roll up for the 1...2...3!!! The Miz beats the technician with a pinning combination @ 09:19!!!

    Miz quickly leaves the ring, almost surprising himself at his victory, whilst Doug Williams looks pretty disgusted with himself at losing to a jerk like The Miz!!!


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    Re: Being The Booker

    The back and forth between HBK and London was good, but dude, the history! HBK trained Paul London, it was right there to bring up! Either man could use it to their advantage, London saying he was trained by the best, HBK saying how he knows London ain't good enough because he's never been good enough. You could've definitely made a good segment better, but still good nonetheless. Liked the Master Craftsman coming in to make then forced to team up. Fun heel work.

    Please don't make us have a Beth Phoenix/Kelly Kelly feud. Please no, Vince :P

    I like that Punk touts how prestigious he has made the IC Title lately, but I really want to see him do something with it. Maybe that is even what you're building to, but so far I'm not sure. I want to see him actually come out and interrupt the WHC and put it to the test, which is something that I could totally see Punk doing, even as a heel who will take the easy way out.

    I love that you've made a dog the angle in this tag feud now. Kennel From Hell 2.0 please! Okay, but seriously, my one y regret is that you haven't done any vignettes with Goldust and Fifi to really make this ridiculous.

    Nattie gets the win back she definitely needed, nothing to see here really otherwise in terms of content, but I like maybe tying her and Gail together for a bit against LayCool.

    I love that the crux of this promo is that Cena knows he lost fair and square, but he'll never blame himself for any of his shortcomings. The promo was very good, but it felt a little too 1999 for me; I can't see the vanilla midget and jumping bean lines going through really. But the mask and superhero stuff was all good, and Shelton did well to bait Cena and remind everyone about Taker.

    I do like the dynamic of London getting the win because he opted to take care of himself versus helping HBK, well played there Wolf. The contenders match next week reeks of non finish.

    Hell yeah Miz! Fuck that overrated hack up! You've always been better than him!

    I thought you did well with the main event and did a perfect job of keeping Punk looking great, while protecting Nemeth in defeat. The only better finish you could've done was have Punk with by TKO with the submission instead of a tap out, as it's easily a submission that could choke Nemeth out, but that's just nitpicking.

    Fun enough show, albeit with nothing too exciting happening. It's definitely place holder mode right now. But I'm all okay with that until you hit Rumble time.

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    Smackdown Re: Being The Booker

    Friday Night Smackdown | November 28 2008 | Reno, NV

    Highlights air of last weeks show closing angle, which saw UMAGA named by Finlay as the #1 Contender for CHRIS JERICHO’s WWE Championship.

    Opening Video

    NO Pyro

    Instead, Smackdown opens with CARLITO already on his way to the ring, with his tag team partner Kofi Kingston by his side, as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler welcome us to Smackdown, where we’ll see an epic main event tonight between Randy Orton and Christian, as Christian makes his Smackdown in-ring debut, and also the #1 Contender, Umaga is in action against Kane!!


    And with that, Cole and King get to the business of the here and now, setting the scene for tonight’s singles match between Carlito and one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, ELIJAH BURKE. It’s discussed that the Caribbean Connection have been chasing a tag title shot for the last few months, but despite Kofi pinning Wade Barrett at the Survivor Series, their team failed to win the elimination match, and thus cost them a shot at the gold.

    Melina and Wade Barrett accompany Burke to the ring, with Kofi and Carlito both pointing out the presence of Burkes cohorts to the official, wanting to make sure he keeps an eye out for any potential interference. It’s suggested on commentary that if Carlito CAN beat Burke tonight, it’ll mean the Caribbean Connection have 2 wins over the tag team champions – just not in a straight up tag team environment.

    Match 1:
    Carlito w/Kofi Kingston vs. WWE Tag Team Champ. Elijah Burke w/Wade Barrett & Melina
    It’s a cagey opening, with neither man willing to take any big risks, recognizing the importance of a victory tonight. There’s a brief face off on the outside between Kofi and Wade, with Kingston bravely not backing up an inch, whilst Melina has plenty to say too. As that happens, Burke slides out to back up his back up … but it’s all a ruse to distract the referee, and allow Barrett to hit the ring and lay out Carlito!!

    Burke is able to take over from there, but despite beginning to dominate proceedings, he can’t finish off Carlito – with Cole noting that Carlito pushed the WWE Champion to the limit just a few weeks ago – and he soon finds out just how good Carlito is, with the Cool One mounting a comeback after avoiding the Elijah Express!! Burke is hanging on, surviving a few near falls, and when Carlito sizes up for the BACK CRACKER-

    MELINA JUMPS ONTO THE APRON!!! The referee is distracted, naturally, as Barrett looks to interject himself in the match again … BUT KOFI CUTS BARRETT OFF WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! Still though, Burke is able to avoid the Back Cracker, thanks to the distractions, and looks to deliver the Elijah Experience – NO!!! Carlito escapes, shoving Burke aside; and Burke ALMOST collides with Melina … and that hesitation allows Carlito to roll Eli up … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Carlito @ 07:13

    Huge win for Carlito!!! And on commentary, Cole confidently states that THAT win should propel the Caribbean Connection into title contention!! Both men now hold wins over the tag team champions!!! Melina slaps the canvas in frustration, as Carlito rolls out of the ring, meeting with Kofi on the floor, both elated with the result, and their ability to get one over on the champs!!

    In the ring, The Fight Factory regroup, but Melina keeps her eyes on the ramp, shaking her head as she watches Carlito and Kofi depart, as Lawler notes that Melina may have to resort to plan B if she wants to move these particular challengers aside…

    Commercial Break

    Returning backstage, we see CHRIS JERICHO for the first time tonight, on his own, with no sign of Armando Estrada or his muscle/next contender Umaga. The WWE Champion finds FINLAY, interrupting a conversation between the Smackdown GM and a random worker, telling the nameless extra to take a walk.

    Smugly, Jericho applauds and congratulates Finlay on his matchmaking last week, asking the GM if he’s happy with himself. Finlay doesn’t really give much of a response, telling Jericho he’s only doing his job … and Jericho snaps back that he’s doing a horrible job of it.

    Jericho – still smug – takes delight in telling Finlay that he might’ve thought he got one over on him last week … but he’ll be left embarrassed with a lame duck main event at Armageddon, as he confidently suggests that Umaga will simply do as he’s told … and lay down in the middle of the ring.

    Finlay takes a moment to think it over, taking a sip of coffee … before staring back at Jericho, and tells him; “Will he?” A smirk crosses the face of Finlay now, planting a seed of doubt in the head of Jericho, and walks off before the WWE Champion can even respond…


    Elsewhere, Josh Matthews is standing by with the CARIBBEAN CONNECTION, moments after Carlito’s win over Elijah Burke. The interviewer asks the obvious question; if this win tonight should be enough to earn them the title shot they’ve wanted for months – and the answer is a firm yes from both Kofi and Carlito.

    Kofi speaks up, saying that they’ve been made to wait long enough, and tonight only just confirmed what they already suspected; that the Fight Factory want nothing to do with them. He recalls how the champions cost them a title shot last month, saying that was no mistake; Melina is smart, and the only way she can guarantee her boys keep the gold is by keeping Kofi and Carlito as far away from them as possible.

    Carlito chips in at this point, saying that that plan for Melina is out the window now. They’ve done what they were expected to, now it’s over to the champions to give them their shot. But … that might not be as straightforward as the Caribbean Connection had thought … as Melina interrupts the pair.

    Waggling her finger, Melina says Carlito and Kofi have earned NOTHING yet. Emphasising the word TAG TEAM over and over, Melina talks about Eli and Wade being champions who thrive when it’s 2 on 2. She even suggests that the reason Carlito and Kofi have never been TAG TEAM champions is because a guy with an ego as big as Carlitos isn’t capable of working in a TEAM.

    Kofi laughs that off, reminding her that they’ve been together for almost 18 months now … but that merely gets a jibe back from Melina, mocking the fact they’ve been a team so long without tasting the gold, going on to thank Kofi for illustrating her point, while also reminding Kofi that Carlito ABANDONED him for months in the summer when times got tough.

    Moving on, Melina says she never agreed to the terms that Carlito and Kofi “dreamed up” and in fact, when arranging the singles match last week, she stated to Finlay that if Carlito won tonight, it would get them a match with the champions … a NON-title match … next week on Smackdown. “And IF you somehow beat my men again?? Then, and only then, will we start discussing title shots.”

    With a devilish smirk, Melina walks off, happy to have riled up the Caribbean Connection. Carlito and Kofi aren’t happy about being messed around with … but ultimately, they have an opportunity next week, knowing that the champs won’t be able to deny them any longer if they get the win there.

    Commercial Break

    Match 2:
    Filthy Rich w/The Million Dollar Man & M.V.P vs. Cryme Tyme
    Much is made on commentary of M.V.P’s actions last week, costing Ted DiBiase Jr. against Kurt Angle, and the carrot that has now been dangled in front of him by the Million Dollar Man; deliver him tag team gold for his boy & Jamie Noble, and he’ll be free of his obligation to DiBiase. Cryme Tyme use their own smarts and cunning to match up the third generation star and the man from the trailer park.

    M.V.P doesn’t involve himself for the majority of the match, seemingly staying neutral, but when the action breaks down, and JTG lands with DA SHOUT OUT on DiBiase … BUT M.V.P PUTS TEDS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Shad then confronts M.V.P over it, with Porter telling Shad it’s nothing personal … but in the ring, Noble blindsides JTG, then knocks Shad over with a baseball slide!!! Noble launches himself at Gaspard on the floor, allowing DiBiase to hit DREAM STREET on JTG!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: Filthy Rich @ 05:59

    The Million Dollar Man is all smiles at the win for his son, but M.V.P still looks annoyed, having to help people he hates – in order to be freed from working for them. As Shad recovers, he gets in the face of Porter, calling him a sell out, and M.V.P has nothing to offer in return, except to tell Shad “I’m jus’ doin my job, man.”

    Ted Senior pats the back of M.V.P, but Montel isn’t interested in celebrating this ‘win’. He leaves before Filthy Rich, walking up the ramp on his own, as Michael Cole wonders if M.V.P can really go through with this arrangement … whilst Lawler argues that M.V.P doesn’t have a choice; he’ll be the DiBiase’s property until he helps deliver them the tag team titles.

    Commercial Break

    Following a clip from last week of the mystery Samoan looking man that helped out SIM SNUKA against Evan Bourne, Michael Cole throws us to Kristal Marshall backstage with none other than Sim Snuka…

    Kristal gets straight down to business, questioning the relationship between Snuka and the man who showed up last week on Smackdown. Snuka is all rather self-satisfied with himself, crowing that “all of a sudden” people like Kristal want to speak to him, when for months, no one would give him the time of day.

    Sim explains that everything changed last week. He was fed up of being treated like a joke, and made a call to a long time friend – and fellow “wrestling royalty” – in the form of MANU. Snuka drops the mans name, as Manu now walks into the shot, allowing Sim to start informing Kristal of Manu’s bloodline in the business.

    Manu broods, but doesn’t speak, instead opting to glare at Kristal throughout the interview, as Sim Snuka reiterates that they are wrestling royalty, and a passage to the top is their birthright. “So beginning now, Manu and I?? We’re gonna start collecting on our inheritance. Smackdown?? Get ready … for a Tour of the Islands!”


    We get our first sighting of PAUL HEYMAN this evening, as he approaches the General Managers office, knocking, but not even waiting for permission to enter before walking in… and Finlay is in the middle of a heated telephone call. Despite Finlay motioning for Heyman to get out, the nuisance instead takes a seat, much to the annoyance of the GM.

    Finlay seems to be struggling to get a word in, trying to cut off the person on the other end repeatedly by saying “Teddy, wait-” leading us to assume it’s Theodore Long on the opposite end. Getting a few words in here and there, the Irishman tells Long that Mark Henry should’ve been here tonight – and if there is a problem, they need to discuss it face to face.

    We can only glean that Mark Henry and Theodore Long are angry about something, as Finlay wraps up the call, reminding Long that his client is a champion, and he has obligations that have to be met. And more importantly, he WON’T accept Mark Henry no-showing Smackdown for a third week in a row.

    That ends the call, and it’s safe to say Finlay isn’t exactly in the best of moods to be dealing with Heyman. At his troublemaking best, Heyman points to the phone, and inquisitively asks; “Teddy?? As in … Teddy Long??” Finlay avoids the question, telling Heyman he told him to wait outside.

    Heyman plays dumb, saying he didn’t realise that’s what Finlay met … and that is enough for Finlay to tell Paul he’s not in the mood for “whatever it is you’re gonna try and sell me here” and orders Heyman out. Surprisingly, Heyman takes the order in good spirits, telling Finlay he got more than he bargained for here anyway, and trots off … surely up to something?


    Back into the arena…

    Unfortunately for JUSTIN GABRIEL, he gets the jobber entrance tonight; no music, just a chyron, as we await his opponent…


    And the former Cruiserweight Champion, BRYAN DANIELSON enters the fray, ready for action, with Cole and Lawler discussing his ongoing issues with Christopher Daniels over the Cruiserweight Title, which has seen TWO masked individuals constantly interfere in matches between the two. Tonight though, is a chance for Danielson to focus solely on the match at hand.

    Match 3:
    Justin Gabriel vs. Bryan Danielson
    Short sprint, but a fun exhibition between two exciting cruiserweights, as Gabriel goes for it all early in an attempt to catch Danielson off guard and also rocket himself into title contention in the process. That’s easier said than done though, as Bryan Danielson steps up his own game, and there hasn’t been anyone in the division that’s been able to keep up with Bryan over the last year. He dives out through the ropes with the SUICIDE DIVE to Gabriel, just as Smackdown heads to the commercial.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, Danielson has slowed things a little, and is working over Gabriel with a surfboard, as Cole and Lawler discuss the ongoing issues between Bryan and the Fallen Angel, with Lawler fighting Christopher Daniels corner by saying the CW Champ doesn’t have anything to do with the hooded figures – but Cole isn’t buying it, and strongly suggests Finlay get to the bottom of that issue, and quick.

    Gabriel eventually escapes the painful submission, and mounts a brief comeback of his own, but the momentum shifts right back to Danielson, who backflips off the turnbuckles when sent in by the South African, taking Gabriel out with a running clothesline, and soon traps him in the CATTLE MUTILATION … drawing the submission from the up and comer, handing Bryan a well earned win.
    Winner: Bryan Danielson @ 08:23

    Afterwards, sportingly, Danielson helps the youngster up, offering him some encouraging words for his performance, with Gabriel nodding along, accepting the advice from the more seasoned performer.

    But suddenly – A HOODED MAN tries to sneak into the ring … BUT DANIELSON SPOTS HIM COMING!!! Bryan cuts the hooded figure off at the ropes, and drags him into the ring, frantically trying to reveal their face-


    Gabriel saves the hooded figure being revealed, and lays into Danielson!!! The man in the hood collects himself, making sure his face isn’t revealed … whilst CHRISTOPHER DANIELS saunters down the ramp – with a WIDE grin on his face!!!

    Cole is full of disdain on commentary, calling the whole thing a ruse, putting the pieces together, and suggesting that Justin Gabriel must’ve been the other hooded figure from the Survivor Series and last week on Smackdown … “BUT WHY!?”

    The Fallen Angel eventually climbs into the ring, just as Danielson is being allowed to stand up – AND BLASTS HIM WITH THE CRUISERWEIGHT TITLE – RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! And with Danielson knocked out, The Fallen Angel takes the opportunity to pat the back of Justin Gabriel – they clearly ARE in this together, after months of Daniels picking on the rookie; it turns out they’ve been in cahoots!!!

    Daniels barks out orders to the South African, telling him to get Bryan up, as the hooded figure stands back for the timebeing. He grabs Danielson by the face, telling him this is a fight he can’t win … because he and his friends won’t allow it any more…

    Then sends it to the hooded figure, who reveals his face – and whilst the reaction is muted in the arena, Michael Cole sells it on commentary;


    Cole recognises the individual – as does the weary face of Bryan Danielson … with Ki BLASTING Danielson with a boot to the face!!! But he’s not done there, Low Ki drags Danielson back up … AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE KI KRUSHER!!!

    Standing tall in the centre of the ring, Christopher Daniels stands over Danielson, holding the Cruiserweight title belt aloft, with Low Ki and Justin Gabriel either side of him, looking down at Danielson. The Fallen Angel mouths at his foe; “this isn’t YOUR division any more. It’s MINE!!”

    Cole, stammering as he tries to sell the surprise (and connect the dots for the majority of people who have no idea who Low Ki is), states Low Ki has been a standout performer outside of the WWE for the best part of the last decade, and recently signed a deal with the company, mentioning his history with BOTH Daniels and Danielson.

    But if this man, this stone cold KILLER … is aligned with Christopher Daniels … with the added back up from that turncoat Justin Gabriel … they may just become the most dominant force this Cruiserweight division has ever seen!!!”


    OOC: Chris Jericho and his stupid idiot AEW faction can do one fwiw.

    Commercial Break

    There’s a brief recap of the prior segment, and the shocking debut of Low Ki, who Michael Cole continues to put over, for the benefit of those who don’t know who he is…

    Back into the arena…

    **I WALK ALONE**

    But the announcers are forced to transition as BATISTA hits the stage, dressed in jeans with a suit jacket but no shirt, because it’s Batista and he dresses very oddly at times. Cole and Lawler discuss what went down last week in the main event of Smackdown, as Batista got the win over Edge in tag team action, but it was thanks to a distraction from Matt Hardy – which didn’t sit well with the Animal.

    And in the ring, Batista confirms those comments from Cole and Lawler. Getting straight to the point, The Animal says he may have beaten Edge last week, but he’s not happy with how it happened. Expressing his frustrations, Batista explains that he’s fed up of having to deal with all the other crap … all he wants right now is a piece of Edge – one on one – to draw a line under their issue, and for him to move on to the WWE Title.

    Just as Batista is continuing with his promo, MATT HARDY (sans music) walks through the curtain, with a microphone in hand, repeating the word “whoa” over and over, naturally cutting The Animal off. Hardy tells Batista he should be content with beating Edge last week, and should start setting his sights on the WWE Title, and leave Edge to him, instead.

    Obviously, that doesn’t sit well with Batista. The Animal snaps back at Matt that nobody is going to dictate anything to him, “and if I want a piece of Edge, that’s what I’ll get. And there’s nothin you can do about it!!” As if that wasn’t clear enough, Batista follows up by telling Hardy that if he dares try and get in his way, Matt won’t be around for long enough to get his chance against Edge.

    Hardy tells Batista he isn’t backing down, reaffirming he wants Edge, which leads Batista to tell Matt that the only way he’s getting ahead of him is by sending an e-mail from Finlays computer again; “But you better not even DREAM of tryin that one again!! You’re already on thin ice with me, Matt. Piss me off again, and I WONT hesitate to see to it that you’re eatin hospital food for Christmas.”

    Matt isn’t stupid – he knows he doesn’t want a fight with Batista – and starts to backtrack, trying to reason with Batista, still saying he wants a piece of Edge first, but only because he’s worried there won’t be much left of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar if Batista gets his hands on him first. And with Matt backing up the ramp-


    Matt hears the pop, and turns around, seeing Edge on the ramp – with that usual sadistic Edge grin – eyeing a piece of Hardy. Edge announces; “I got plenty to go around for BOTH of you sons of bitches!!” … and comes after Matt!!! Hardy readies himself, and the pair start swinging like it’s a hockey fight on the ramp, and not one to want to miss out, Batista is soon up there with them!!

    The Animal removes his jacket and goes right after Edge, shoving Matt aside, wanting Edge to himself, and as Batista and Edge duke it out, Matt gets involved again, dragging Batista back – only to get SHOVED down again. That momentary distraction helps Edge of all people though, and Edge tackles Batista down onto the ramp with a double leg!!

    Edge hammers down on Batista, but Matt is back again, and blasts Edge from behind!!! Hardy gets his shots in on Edge now, but Batista drags him up by the scruff of the back of his shirt … just as a group of referees, midcarders and jobbers rush out at the behest of Smackdown GM to break the fight up. As Edge, Batista and Matt are all restrained, it’s clear who Edge and Batista want a piece of most; each other – NOT Matt!!

    Meanwhile, Matt – himself being restrained from going after both men – has to settle for being the third wheel in the scenario … again. Neither Edge or Batista are terribly concerned with Hardy; he’s more of a pest here, it seems, while the real issues are between Batista and Edge, with both men being kept as far away from each other on the ramp as possible … whilst Matt is dragged out … a complete afterthought.

    Commercial Break


    {The Killers ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’}

    The scene opens a midst desolation and a destitute environment, filled with fires, burning buildings and no signs of life – like a nuclear explosion had hit the planet – interspersed with flashing shots of EDGE in agony in the ring, KURT ANGLE in pain, RANDY ORTON falling down at No Mercy.


    Shots of crying mothers, lost looking children, casualties being carried in others arms … as explosions go off in the distance. Interspersed this time, JEFF HARDY falling from a ladder at the Great American Bash, BATISTA wincing in pain and MATT HARDY crashing through a table.


    Panning upward, the shot shows the dark skies above…


    And the picture continues to lift higher into the sky … high into the atmosphere…


    Then shows a finger pressing down on a red button.



    Panning to show the figure pressing the button-





    Jericho has a sick smirk on his face … as the camera pans to show his view … of a world below in chaos, ravaged by flames and explosions…



    Returning backstage, KURT ANGLE and the rookie JACK SWAGGER are seemingly just finishing up a coaching session, with both sweating rather profusely, and Angle complimenting the youngster on his improvements. They approach the private locker room that Paul Heyman has sequestered for his clients, when Angle pulls up, putting a finger to his mouth, not wanting Swagger to make a sound, as Kurt listens to what’s being said on the other side of the ajar door by Heyman as he talks, seemingly, with Orton…

    “… he’s not anything to concern ourselves about… he’s just a shell of himself”

    Hearing that, Angle immediately thinks Heyman is talking about HIM, and Kurt bursts into the room, surprising BOTH Heyman and Orton!!

    Kurt Angle: You wanna tell me what that was all about!!? Huh!? Seeing as we’re all a happy family, right??

    Swagger positions himself between Angle and Orton, tactically keeping the two apart in case this boils over.

    Paul Heyman: Kurt- Kurt-

    Kurt Angle: SHUT IT!!

    Angle thumbs over his shoulder toward the door.

    Kurt Angle: I heard it all, Paul.

    Heyman looks aghast at being confronted like this, swallowing hard, before calmly asking;

    Paul Heyman: Kurt … what was it exactly that you thought you heard??

    Kurt Angle: I’m not deaf, Paul. And I’m not stupid either. I know what I heard. “A Shell??” is that what you think of me now?? Is that why you’ve got Orton on board, huh??

    A smile slowly forms on the face of Heyman, and he nips the bridge of his nose with his finger and thumb … before CHUCKLING. Clearly, Angle isn’t impressed.

    Kurt Angle: It’s not funny.

    Paul Heyman: Oh, but it is, Kurt. You heard right … that’s what I said…

    Heyman finally stops laughing, but he still has a smirk on his face.

    Paul Heyman: But I was talking about Christian.

    The anger drains from Angles face … and instead, he starts to look pretty embarrassed by his outburst.

    Paul Heyman: Remember?? That’s Randy’s opponent tonight. He’s the guy that stands between Randy and a Number One Contenders match at Armageddon.

    Angle puts his head down, realizing how much of a scene he’s caused by jumping to conclusions.

    Paul Heyman: And after Mister Orton breezes by the remaining shell of Christian, well, Jeff Hardy at Armageddon?? That’s a lay up.

    Randy Orton: And then?? All that’s left is Jericho or Umaga, and I’ll be WWE Champion again.

    Paul Heyman: Which is good news for you, Kurt.

    Heyman looks at Kurt for a few extra seconds, then clicks his tongue, and cocks his head, motioning for Angle to come with him. Holding the door open for Kurt, Heyman looks back to Orton.

    Paul Heyman: I’ll be back for the ring walk, Jack can help you finish up your warm up.

    Now, Heyman and Angle walk down the corridor.

    Kurt Angle: Uhh, look, I’m sorry Paul. I thought I heard-

    Paul Heyman: Ah- ah- ah. You don’t need to apologise, Mister Angle. Things get heated. No harm, no foul, right??

    Angle shrugs.

    Paul Heyman: But uh, I wanted to talk to you. Got an idea.

    They stop walking, with Heyman looking around, before leaning back against the wall.

    Paul Heyman: Full disclosure, Kurt … this isn’t an easy option. It’s a huge risk, and there’s no guarantee it’ll work … but this is the predicament we’re left in right now if you don’t want to assist Mister Orton.

    Kurt Angle: It’s not that I don’t want to, Paul. I’m just not a lackey for anyo-

    Heyman defensively puts his hands up to settle Kurt down, waving him off.

    Paul Heyman: It’s fine. I respect you for it, Kurt. You don’t want a free passage. So here’s the deal, and it’s the best and quickest path for you to get back where you want to be.

    Angle listens intently, as Heyman takes a look to the left, then the right, before softly speaking.

    Paul Heyman: I’ve got it on good authority that our esteemed General Manager is having quite the time of it dealing with one of his champions. And with that famous Irish temper, I don’t think it’d take much convincing for Mister Finlay to be swayed into pushing said champion into a major title defence at Armageddon.

    Kurt Angle: Mark Henry??

    Heyman smirks.

    Kurt Angle: Paul- no disrespect … but it’s the WWE Championship I want. Not the United States Title.

    Paul Heyman: Hear me out. There’s a method to my madness.

    Heyman pauses for a brief second, thinking his pitch over, before getting it out.

    Paul Heyman: Look at it this way. Mark Henry is on the roll of his career right now. Agreed??

    Angle nods.

    Paul Heyman: Hasn’t lost since he came to Smackdown. Not in a one on one match anyway.

    Heyman smirks again, then prods the chest of his client.

    Paul Heyman: But YOU put him DOWN at the Survivor Series. You got him up and SLAMMED him on the floor, and he couldn’t beat the count. So as good as he is, as big and as bad as he is … he is NOT … Kurt … Angle.

    Angle thinks about it.

    Paul Heyman: Imagine the headlines if YOU be the one to bring Mark Henry down, if you pop his bubble … imagine if you make him TAP!? Hmmm?? Factor in that as United States Champion we can make an argument that you’d be the defacto Number One Contender for the WWE Title.

    Heyman then lightly back hand slaps the chest of Kurt.

    Paul Heyman: And Kurt, c’mon, you’re a patriot. There’s a new president incoming. Right now is the perfect time to tap into raw patriotism. Imagine the headlines we can make if Kurt Angle; Americas Oympic Hero captures the championship of this nation.

    Angle doesn’t say anything, but he’s not shooting the idea down either.

    Paul Heyman: It’d be an amazing moment, Kurt. You can’t deny it. And imagine the kind of momentum you’d get from it. I’d dare say it’d be enough to carry you right back into a title shot … for the title you really want.

    Angle puffs his cheeks, debating it internally, whilst Heyman continues to try and sell the idea.

    Paul Heyman: And as I said … my sources tell me that relations between Finlay and the U.S Champion are at an all time low right now. If I float you as a potential challenger … with your pedigree?? … I think we can even forego any kind of number one contenders match.

    Smirking once more, Heyman holds up a finger.

    Paul Heyman: But best of all … you might even win that title without having to break a sweat. Mark Henry?? He’s AWOL.

    Kurt looks surprised.

    Kurt Angle: He isn’t just on vacation??

    Heyman shakes his head.

    Paul Heyman: Nope.

    Still debating it, Angle rubs his chin.

    Kurt Angle: You think this can work??

    Paul Heyman: Like I said … it’s not a guarantee. If he shows up, you’ll need to be at your best. But can this work??

    Once more, Heyman shows off that devious grin.

    Paul Heyman: It’s true … it’s … damn true.

    Angle nods.

    Kurt Angle: Let’s do it.

    In response, Heyman nods too – deal made. They shake hands, as we fade out…


    Back into the arena…


    The flames emerge on the stage, as the masked monster, KANE, marches down the ramp, ready to put the #1 Contender to the test tonight. As ever, Cole and Lawler put the Big Red Machine over, listing his long list of credentials over the years, while Cole suggests there’s a rumour that Chris Jericho SUGGESTED this match take place tonight … as a way to soften up Umaga, perhaps?


    And being led to the ring by his handler Armando Estrada AND the WWE Champion (his opponent at Armageddon to boot) Chris Jericho, UMAGA paces down the ramp, with reminders from our commentary team about the performance of the Samoan Bulldozer at the Survivor Series, which at that time, done Jericho a huge favour … but now, in hindsight, may have been the worst thing that could happen for Jericho … unless Umaga complies with the ‘plan’ at Armageddon.

    Match 4:
    Kane vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada & WWE Champion Chris Jericho
    Not the prettiest of matches. It’s typical big man fare in the early going, with lock ups resulting in stalemates. Kane and Umaga push at each other, before Kane strikes with an upper cut, wobbling the Bulldozer momentarily, taking off, hitting the ropes – COMING RIGHT BACK INTO THE PATH OF A ROLLING WHEEL KICK FROM THE AMAZINGLY ATHLETIC UMAGA!!! It’s Kane taking a roll to the floor as a result, as we head into a commercial break…

    Commercial Break

    And when we return, Umaga is wearing Kane down with a nerve hold on the traps, allowing Cole and Lawler to narrate over clips from during the commercial, which saw Umaga follow Kane out of the ring, but appeared to get distracted by instructions from Jericho and AAE, which gave Kane an opening, sending Umaga into the ring post!! However, back in the ring, Umaga got on top once more, catching Kane incoming with a Samoan Drop, leading us to where we are now.

    Trapped in the nerve hold, Kane starts to stir, punching his way out with uppercuts, wobbling Umaga again … but a simple HEADBUTT from the Bulldozer puts the brakes on Kanes comeback. Umaga sends Kane to the corner, hitting a pair of WRECKING BALLS to the Big Red Machine, then FLATTENS Kane with his SPINNING POWERSLAM!!! 1...2...NO!!!! Kane survives that, but Umaga stays on top, slamming Kane down, setting up for a DIVING HEADBUTT-


    Umaga crashes and burns with the big headbutt!!! A replay shows Jericho calling out an instruction to Umaga as he climbed the turnbuckles, wasting valuable time, which gave Kane the chance to sit up!! The Big Red Machine takes the opportunity with both hands though, and runs through Umaga with clotheslines, then goes through Umaga with a BIG BOOT!!! BUT UMAGA IS STILL MOVING!!! Kane elects to quickly climb up to the top before Umaga is on his feet-



    The Samoan Bulldozer ROARS after the impact, and starts to line up the Samoan Spike – not even looking to Estrada for approval – but as he goes for it, KANE DUCKS!! It’s an errant swing from Umaga, and he turns back around … right into a Sidewalk Slam!!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Umaga kicked out … but as he gets back up, Kane isn’t waiting … and isn’t taking any chances; GOOZLE … NO WAITING; CHOKESLAM TO UMAGA!!!!! 1...2...UMAGA KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!

    There’s a half grimace on Jericho’s face on the outside, but in the ring, as far as Kane is concerned, if one Chokeslam won’t work – TWO will!! He motions for another, waiting for Umaga to rise up again … GOOZLE – BUT THIS TIME UMAGA BREAKS THE GRIP!!! Headbutt by Umaga!! Uppercut from Umaga, but Kane comes back at him … only for Umaga to grip the Big Red Machine; BELLY TO BELLY SLAM!!! Kane struggles up … right into the path of the waiting Umaga … SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!! Cover; 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Umaga @ 07:21

    The Samoan Bulldozer comes through a tough test in the form of perennial threat, Kane, with Cole noting that Jericho and Estrada almost proved to be deterrents for Umaga, as opposed to helping him at ringside. Umaga has his arm raised, with Estrada still finding fault in the performance, pointing to the corner and the earlier missed headbutt.

    Jericho climbs into the ring too – title belt over his shoulder, saying nothing, but does applaud (half heartedly) the efforts of the Samoan Bulldozer, approaching his OPPONENT at Armageddon, and … raises Umagas arm in victory!! On commentary, Cole talks about how bizarre it is to say it, but these two men – arm in arm – are supposed to be fighting over the WWE title in three weeks!!

    And just as Cole makes that point, the eyes of Umaga turn to that very gold sat on the shoulder of Jericho!! Looking right past the man stood next to him, Umaga is EYEING the WWE Championship on Jericho’s shoulder instead!!! And ever so slowly … Jericho feels that gaze too, slowly turning his own head, releasing the arm of the Bulldozer … and that same look of concern from last week is back.

    Estrada steps in, snapping at Umaga in a foreign tongue, wagging his finger, with Cole selling the possibility of Umaga potentially NOT following the orders at Armageddon … “and if he doesn’t follow those orders … who the hell is gonna try and stop him!!!???” …

    Commercial Break

    A brief video airs, hyping a LIVE edition of SMACKDOWN; the night AFTER Christmas, December 26, featuring a WWE Championship Match, THE UNDERTAKER in action, and an appearance from ‘STONE COLD’ STEVE AUSTIN!!


    Smackdown returns with a sharp cut from that teaser, and to a dark and dreary undisclosed location, where the shadowy figure of THE BRIAN KENDRICK emerges. Kendrick addresses the camera, noting this is the only way he’s able to heard now on Smackdown, because Finlay turned him into a pariah. Kendrick goes on to say he’s not surprised, and that Finlay has taken everything else he held important away from him; the Cruiserweight title, any opportunity to qualify for the Money in the Bank ladder match, his hair, his confidence … and now the basic right to show his face at his place of work.

    And yet … I’m the bad guy. Kendrick chuckles at the thought, and reiterates that he now embraces his role as the ‘monster’, reminding Finlay that HE created the monster … and Finlay must accept the repercussions. “I accept that this will be my last act as a Smackdown superstar … but Finlay … it’s time you accepted that this may be YOUR last act as it’s General Manager too.”

    Kendrick goes on, talking about a year of torment he’s suffered under Finlay, humiliation after humiliation … “but there won’t be a final humiliation. I won’t allow it. On December 14th … I trade my humiliation for your annihilation. I trade my humiliation for you obliteration. I trade my humiliation for your devastation. Armageddon … indeed.”


    And back to a regular backstage setting, JOSH MATHEWS is standing by with JEFF HARDY; already one half of a #1 Contenders Match at Armageddon. With the other side of that PPV match to be determined in the main event, the focus of the interview for Josh is to question Jeff – remarking that much has been made of the fact Jeff has been put into such a lofty position – and his suitability for a potential WWE Title shot.

    Jeff is clearly fired up, but initially DOES concede the point that he probably isn’t one of the first names on the Smackdown roster that people think of when it comes to WWE Title contenders, but he knows himself how much he’s worked his ass off for the last ten years, sacrificing his body and his MIND in chasing an opportunity like this; “so I’m not gonna apologise for being handed ONE thing in a decade!!”

    Still fired up, Hardy continues on, saying he intends on grabbing this opportunity with both hands, and he’s going to prove to anyone that doubts how suitable he is for a title shot when he beats either Christian or Randy Orton at Armageddon … before beating the WWE Champion on December 26!! And with his emotions maybe getting the better of him, Jeff goes to to issue an open challenge for next week on Smackdown to ANYONE on the Smackdown roster that think he isn’t worthy of this title opportunity, so he can prove to them – first hand – that he IS.


    Back into the arena…


    And that interview with Jeff Hardy leads us nicely into the main event of the evening … and the official in ring debut of CHRISTIAN on Smackdown!! While question marks remain over his own mental state and how much he even wants to be here now, Captain Charisma still gets a healthy reception from his ‘Peeps’, and LOOKS to be in good spirits … but as noted commentary, appearances can be deceptive, and he HAS to be at his best to beat Orton tonight.


    For the first time as an official client of Paul Heyman, RANDY ORTON makes his way to the ring, with Cole and Lawler both talking about what a scary combination this could be – though Cole does wonder where exactly this leaves Kurt Angle in the pecking order – as Randy Orton sets his sights on reclaiming the title he lost at WrestleMania in March. Cole shills how big a match this is; both former 3x World Champions, and it happens – NEXT!!

    Commercial Break

    Main Event:

    Christian vs. Randy Orton w/Paul Heyman
    ~Winner Faces Jeff Hardy in #1 Contenders Match at Armageddon~
    There is a fairly big match feel inside the arena, with Christian & Orton not a pairing that’s been ran into the ground – last competing one on one the night after WrestleMania in 2007; over 18 months. They size each other up, before the usual collar and elbow, tussling for supremacy, with the two men winding up struggling into the corner where a break is called. After a reset, the same thing happens again, though it’s Orton backing Christian into the corner this time, and adds in a shove to the chest on the break.

    Christian smirks at the little shove from Orton, then SLAPS the taste out of Randys mouth, sparking Heyman to start yapping from the floor … but Orton, holding his mouth and checking for blood, laughs it off. They lock up again, much more aggressive this time, as Orton clamps on a side headlock, resulting in Christian pushing him off, and the two men leaping and sliding over/under one another, until Christian catches Orton with a hip toss!!!

    Nodding, Christian takes off on the ropes, but Orton bounces back up, surprising Christian by leapfrogging out of Captain Charismas way off the ropes, knocking Christian down on the return with a shoulder block!!! Quickly, Orton tries to position Christian on the ropes, wanting the hangmans DDT early – too early. Christian slips off, and uppercuts Orton through the ropes!!! Going up top, Christian looks for a missile dropkick – NO ONE HOME!!!

    Orton takes control from there, slowing the match down for the timebeing, locking on a chinlock (of doom), as Heyman barks that that’s perfect. Briefly, Christian tries to fight out, but that sparks an aggressive response from Orton, who cuts off a comeback with some rough looking forearm uppercut shots, bringing Christian to his knees, then drives his boot through the face of his opponent. But when Orton looks for a knee drop – Christian rolls out of the way!!!

    The two men trade blows, but Orton wins the battle, sending Christian off the ropes … only for Captain Charisma to return with a running forearm shot!!! Christian follows up with basic slams, softening Orton up, allowing Christian to perch himself on the middle turnbuckle, coming off with a reverse elbow to Orton!!! 1...2...NO!!! And from there, Christian appears to see an opening, looking for the UNPRETTIER-

    NO – ORTON ESCAPES, AND LAUNCHES CHRISTIAN OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TO THE FLOOR WITH A THUD!!!!! Orton takes a breather, and a sigh of relief, whilst Christian writhes on the floor … as Smackdown heads into the final commercial break of the night…

    Commercial Break

    And back to the action, it’s ALL Orton!! Holding control of Christians arm, Orton kicks at the chest and the rib area, but Christian eventually catches the boot, tripping the standing foot … into a JACKKNIFE COVER; 1...2...NO!!! Orton bounces up in shock, and swings a wild clothesline – ducked by Christian – REVERSE DDT BY CAPTAIN CHARISMA!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!! Cole notes that there’s no question over Christians commitment tonight; he’s clearly here to win.

    But meanwhile, Lawler doesn’t question Christian’s will to win, but he questions how much he wants it – and we’re yet to see how much he’s willing to give to beat Orton. Knocking Orton down again, Christian elects to go back up top, waiting for Orton to get up, setting up a cross body … AND SCORES … BUT ORTON ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men bounce up, and Christian drop toe holds Randy right away!!!

    Orton lands on the ropes, and Christian dips into his own dirty tricks, pressing his knee into the back of Orton, choking him at the ropes, then elects NOT to leap to the floor as he usually does, spotting Heyman lurking, and instead, pulls Orton up, looking for a side suplex … but Orton flips out of danger, and scores with the SNAP POWERSLAM!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!! Orton shakes his head at the kick out, and momentarily thinks about the punt … but instead – at the behest of Heyman – keeps his focus.

    Randy drags Christian up, softening him with right hands before shooting him to the corner, charging in behind … but Christian swings out onto the ropes … SEESAW KICK TO ORTON!!! Orton is on spaghetti legs, with Christian about to climb back in and take advantage … when Heyman GRABS CHRISTIAN BY THE LEGS ON THE APRON!!!!!

    Heyman prevents Christian from getting in the ring, and by the time Scott Armstrong admonishes Heyman, the damage is done, as Orton pulls Christian through the ropes … HANGMANS DDT!!!!!! Cover is made, and the count comes (after a momentary delay due to the referee shouting at Heyman) 1...2...CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT!!!!!

    There’s a momentary tantrum from Orton, whilst Heyman shouts at the official for delaying the count, before getting his focus back on Orton, telling his client to finish the job. Still, Orton has words for Scott Armstrong, before proceeding to deliver the Garvin Stomp on Christian, softening him up further. He drags Christian up, sending him to the corner, and levels Christian with straight right hands … until Christian yanks Orton by the trunks; and Orton collides with the top turnbuckle!!!

    Orton staggers out of the corner, with Christian propping himself up, sitting on the top turnbuckle … but before he can fly, Orton is back on him!!! Orton strikes with blows to the mid section, then follows up, looking for a SUPERPLEX … BUT CHRISTIAN FIGHTS HIM OFF!!! Christian blocks it, then SHOVES Orton to the mat!!! And, as Orton struggles back up … MISSILE DROPKICK FROM CHRISTIAN!!!!! Nodding his head, feeling the momentum shift, Christian pushes to his feet, wanting the UNPRETTIER-

    NO!!! ORTON ESCAPES OUT OF IT; INVERTED BACKBREAKER FROM RANDY TO CHRISTIAN!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Christian survives the near fall, but with Orton now shaping up for an RKO, it may be simply delaying the inevitable. Orton prowls, waiting for Christian to rise … RKO – NO!!! CHRISTIAN TURNS, HOOKING THE ARMS … BACKSLIDE!!!! 1...2...NO!!! Orton wriggles free out of danger, then scores with a dropkick to Captain Charisma!!!

    Heyman claps on the outside, full of praise for Orton, as Randy drags Christian back up, sending him to the corner – but Christian jumps to the middle rope, bouncing back off, looking for a splash – ORTON DUCKS … AND CHRISTIAN COLLIDES WITH THE OFFICIAL!!!! SCOTT ARMSTRONG IS DOWN!!!!! Christian’s mouth is agape … UNTIL HE GETS SPUN AROUND … RKO!!!!!!

    Orton has Christian beat, but he needs a referee!!! Randy tries to give Armstrong a shake, whilst Heyman is frantically calling for a second referee, gesturing up the ramp … and with Heyman looking that way … he doesn’t see what’s happening behind him. In the ring, Orton has the cover on Christian, giving up on reviving the official, looking up the ramp too …


    He climbs up top… STARSHIP PAIN ONTO ORTON!!!!!!!!!!

    Cole almost loses his mind – John Morrison, taken out of commission by Orton over a month ago – has returned at the best possible moment for revenge!!!! Morrison rolls right back out of the ring, hunching down by the announce table … just as CHARLES ROBINSON comes racing down the ramp!!! Heyman is smiling … but wont be for long when he turns around …

    TO SEE ORTON IS DOWN NOW TOO!!!!! Heymans mouth drops seeing this development, wondering what happened … as both Orton and Christian struggle to their feet, beating the count at EIGHT … with Christian ducking a tame shot from the groggy Orton … AND HOOKING HIM UP … UNPRETTIER!!!!!! Christian has the cover, whilst Heyman freezes in shock … 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Christian @ 19:20

    On the outside, Heyman still has no idea what just happened, but doesn’t have long to get an idea, as as soon as the announcement comes down that Christian has won, JOHN MORRISON is right back in the ring, mounting Orton and HAMMERING AWAY AT HIM!!!!

    Cole reminds everyone that Orton took out Morrisons former tag team partner Joey Matthews{Mercury} for no reason, then took out Morrison last month too with a sickening DDT from the apron to the floor … but Morrison is back tonight, and BACK FOR PAYBACK!!!!

    Christian has a smirk on his face, seeing Morrison getting revenge on Orton, and with no dog in the fight, he’s not getting involved, and elects to leave the ring, but gets a few words in on Heyman, making sure he knows his plan backfired tonight in the end.

    But Morrison doesn’t get long to beat on Orton, as JACK SWAGGER comes to the aid of his stablemate(?) / mutual client(?), but Morrison sees him coming, and elects to get out of the way, smartly not wanting to have to fight two men at once.

    Morrison leaves up the ramp, pointing back down to the ring, making sure to let Heyman and Company know that he’s not finished with Orton. At the top of the ramp, Morrison is met by Christian, who gives the returning star some gratitude, patting him on the back, telling Morrison “good timing”, and leaving Morrison to have the spotlight…

    As Smackdown comes to a close, with Heyman frazzled, and Orton – with a bloodied lip – trying to regain his footing, staring through the ropes at the returning pest he thought he’d seen off last month … and he’s far from happy at the sight of Morrison on the ramp…


    Current Card for WWE Armageddon:
    December 14 2008 | TD Banknorth Garden, Boston MA
    Theme Music; ‘Goodnight, Travel Well’ by The Killers

    WWE Championship Match:
    Chris Jericho vs. Umaga

    Jeff Hardy vs. Christian
    ~ Winner Challenges WWE Champion on Dec. 26 LIVE edition of Smackdown ~

    The Brian Kendrick vs. Finlay

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Good opening to the show and happy to see Carlito win. Kofi is one of my real life favs so always good to see him used. Melina trying to get her boys out of it was good and I expect CC to win next week.

    Curious to see where this story with MVP goes as I don't see filthy rich becoming champions any time soon

    Sim Snuka getting a bodyguard makes sense as he is not a credible threat on his own. Manu? I don't remember him at all lol but he has the size at least.

    Justin Gabriel being the boodie figure is intresting after he was treated badly by Daniels. Look forward to explaination from him though it is a good addition. And Low Ki!!!! Never got the hype until I saw him in MLW. Great call bringing him in. Also Inner circle for life

    Fun segment between Edge, Batista and Matt Hardy. Probs one of the most fun parts of Smackdown

    Heyman being a mad genius is really fun and you write him better then anyone else imo.

    I am curious where you go with this Umaga stuff. I kind of want Umaga to win but I don't see it.

    Christian beating Orton is quite fun. I am really curious if you have Christian win and how he interacts with Jericho. John Morrison return was a cool moment and sets up another match for Armageddon.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Solid start to the show. The old "tag team splits in to singles matches" isn't the most creative booking, but sometimes you have to go with the simple approach (and you may or may not see me doing similar in the coming weeks in my thread...) Sensible to have Carlito get the win, too.

    Will Umaga be a team player is the right direction for the match, even though the answer is pretty obvious. Excited to see Jericho finally gets his.

    Niceeeee. Melina brushing off the loss as it's about tag wrestling, and playing in to Carlito's history of running away, is perfect. That's what a manager is there for, to think of things that the clients probably wouldn't be able to do. Excellent.

    Yup, Filthy Rich were always winning this, and MVP was always going to be forced to get involved against his will.

    Yeah, Manu makes sense as Sim's bodyguard. Not anyone who you can really do anything with, but helps Sim's character work a bit better, so it's a good call.

    Hmm... interesting development with Heyman, no doubt to do with Mark Henry. If this is going where I think it is, this could be really interesting. You have my attention.

    Awesome to have Justin Gabriel as the first attacker. Great casting. And then the second is Low Ki?! Okay, didn't see that coming for some reason. Again, though, great pick. I don't know how authentic it would be for Cole to big up this guy from outside the WWE (more likely they'd pretend he was some unknown rookie tbh), but understand why you went that route. Triple X WWE style, here we go!

    HA! Love Batista's outfit choice. That's outstanding.

    Ah man... Matt wanting a piece of Edge but being overlooked in favour of the "real" feud of Edge/Batista... that is outstanding. Honestly, the whole "Matt is turning on Jeff" angle was for the longest time something that was just there for me, but from Survivor Series onwards it's become the highlight of Smackdown. What a clever direction for this story.

    Yup, Heyman pushing Angle towards the US Title is what I expected, and it's a great call. I wasn't sure where you'd go with Angle after Survivor Series, but this is a great direction. Enjoyed Angle thinking Heyman and Orton were talking about him, and Heyman was great here with his reasoning. All good. Well, apart from you running with Angle as US Title contender as well lol

    Just as a quick aside - while everything was very much fine, sensible and logical throughout the show so far, the hooded reveal in to Edge/Batista/Matt in to Angle/Heyman is a run of segments that has really pulled this show up. It wasn't bad by any means, but it feels kinda saved by these three outstanding angles in a row.

    Kane is such a jobber Umaga kicking out of his finisher in a middle of the card 7 minute Smackdown match certainly helps Umaga, but man does Kane feel like a total nobody. But yeah, this Jericho story is moving along nicely.

    Good Kendrick promo. Tbh I haven't been at all bothered by the use of recaps here, but this was one area where I miss your awesome promo-writing ability. But not enough for you to change up if you don't wanna, of course.

    Nah, still not buying Jeff as a number one contender. I get why you referenced it here and tried to work around it, but it still feels like too big a step for someone who was jobbing to Ted DiBiase Jr not that long ago.

    I appreciate the effort to try and put Orton/Christian over, but I can't say I'm hugely buying it. As I've said before, this Christian story just makes all of his matches feel a bit unimportant. A 19 minute match between two men who have no interest in one another also feels little like filling time, but Morrison coming back to screw Orton is a good call and will make for a fine Armageddon match.

    Overall, a perfectly serviceable episode. I don't think you made a single bad decision on the entire show, minus maybe overdoing the main event. Everything you did was exactly what it needed to be to keep things ticking over, and that run of angles in the middle really made the show.

    The only thing I'd say, and I get it when you have to build a single brand PPV in a short period, is that it feels like on Smackdown we've had things being built for months without anything being paid off. It's all set up, set up, set up, and no payoff, and not much in the way of anything that really stands out in the way some of the angles/matches on Raw have done. It's all good stuff, all makes sense, decisions are all correct... but compared to Raw it just feels like it's there. Like I say, I understand it, and I love the building blocks being put in place, but I'd really like to see something either get paid off or have a bit of a "wow" factor to make it must-see TV again. And yes, "I love what you're doing but want to be blown away by some segments" is incredibly dickish feedback, I know.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Smackdown Review

    A good win for Carlito over Elijah Burke. Sets up a tag title rematch nicely. You just got to wonder if Melina ends up being the decisive factor for her boys again.

    Lovely little moment between Jericho/Finlay, and the seeds of doubt are most definitely planted.

    I'm second guessing my own thoughts on the tag title situation now. Melina's words make me think that they lose next week and head into singles action. It probably is about the right time for them to break out on their own. Kudos for planting seeds in my own head haha

    And again the tag titles situation freaks me out as I can't see you going heel on heel with Filthy Rich looking for the titles. Then again has Dibiase sorted his 'funding' issues out yet?

    So finally we get the reveal of the hooded figures!! Justin Gabriel is an odd choice, especially with you jobbing him out entrance wise but Low Ki is huge and I'm already salivating at the thought of Danielson/Ki. Also like to state how annoying it is that you have Daniels and Danielson feuding with similar names - ugghhhh!!

    Paul Heyman is a slippery serpent if ever there was one. Loved that Angle snapped over the comments only to realise it was Christian they were talking about. Heyman wrapped him around his finger though and it will be interesting to see what happens with Angle going up against Henry.

    Umaga just had to win with his impending title shot. And the shot of Umaga staring at the title is gold. Easy booking but definitely a smart choice. Jericho is surely getting worried now as a superpowered Umaga is readying himself to go into business for himself.

    Kendrick with the promo of the night for me. Short, sweet and satisfyingly accurate. Got to think he beats Finlay, otherwise his change of persona is a waste.

    Great main event match and John Morrison returning to cost Orton was poetic and I'm really looking forward to how Armageddon seems to be shaping up. Jericho/Umaga, Angle/Henry, Kendrick/Finlay, Morrison/Orton, Christian/Jeff and a potential 3 way between Edge/Batista/Matt make the PPV a very good card on paper. Not to mention the Tag and CW feuds.

    Overall a great stepping stone towards Armageddon Wolfy, hopeful that I can stay in touch with this and maybe get something out myself. Keep up the great work mate, always a pleasure.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I don't think I've given you a review since Summerslam with Christian vs Umaga as the main event. And as I got caught up I had so many things I wanted to comment on, but that would take me hours now lol. So I'll just do this raw and SmackDown, and try to get as many in from here on out as a sort of thanks for all the entertainment over the years

    Raw and SmackDown review

    I felt like starting the show off with Paul London calling out Michaels was the only way to start tonight's show. This felt like a big moment for London's growth. You always do a solid job of building people up and London's comparing himself to Michaels ascendance is great. To me it shows how confident London is that he can be one of the greats.

    Craftsmen coming out to dispatch the competition while they're distracted seems very on brand for them. And I love that you let London and Michaels decide if they wanted to team up, rather than just forcing them into the match.

    Beth Phoenix continues the reign. I don't know who can stop her. I thought Nattie might get it done, but she's looked so dominant lately it seems odd for her to possibly move into something with Kelly Kelly, no matter how well you've been building her up. Maybe Kelly turns on Victoria and tries to learn from Beth.

    Nemeth vs Punk has been one of my favorite mini-rivalries in this thread lately. I've thought for a while that Nemeth would be the one to take away the title from Punk. His best of 7 series made him seem like a star. Whatever happened to Cade by the way?? I hope he comes back, maybe he finds a partner or manager to help him get over the hump. I was always a fan of his.

    I am a little shocked the IC Title match didn't go up first. With how much was played into them going 60 minutes, and now there being no time limit I thought the move was to put it up first, as if to say "with no time limit we don't know how long these guys will go tonight so we are anticipating having to reschedule again"

    Knuckledusters vs Sandow and Dupree has done a good job of showcasing the oddities of Regal and Sandows partners. Regal apologizing to Goldust knowing he's grown attached was great. I think they get cheated out of the titles and Dupree gets Fifi back.

    The king of video graphics

    Nice for Nattie to get a bounce back win and put her on the right track. Nattie teaming with Gail to take on LayCool is a nice way to keep her occupied

    Cena's interview was alright, I feel he's at his best when he's going back and forth with someone, but you do a great job of having commentary play off single promos. Was super excited to see Benjamin come out with that fire, standing up for his partner. Looking forward to their match next week.

    London and Michaels getting the win after getting destroyed earlier in the night was a big showing for them. Proving what they can do when on the same page. London not saving Michaels to get another pin over the world champion seemed like the right move to me, I wouldn't question it except for the fact that him and HBK had it out earlier in the night. Another big victory over Albright continues London's climb. Something has to pop soon. Expecting a triple threat at Starrcade

    Damn you Miz!!! I really thought there would be interference in this match, but I was expecting it to cost Punk the title. (Still waiting on that to happen) Miz taking out Nemeth before the main event was a big rub for him, as was Nemeth demanding the match go on. I wish he didn't tap, but I understand going the tko route should only be kept to the tip top guys. However Nic has seemed like one of the most resilient guys on the roster. Really curious to Punks direction next going into Starrcade, as I'm expecting Nemeth/Miz to be one of the matches on the card.

    SmackDown Review!

    Carlito getting the win over Burke helps keep them on the path to the tag titles, and I feel like it's the right move. Not many face teams to go at the Fight Factory right now.

    Jericho talking with Finlay and just seeming confident Umaga will lay down in a lame duck main event is great. Finlay just calmly putting seeds of doubt in his mind is also great. Short segment that goes a long way to me.

    I don't see Caribbean Connection getting the win next week, but I still think they'll face off at Armageddon. Or maybe CC wins and loses at the PPV, I just feel like they keep getting one over on the champs. Burke and Barrett need something to look strong again.

    I like the idea of MVP helping Filthy Rich to the tag titles to earn his freedom, but I don't see the route to the titles for them right now, which means it could be a long chase for Porter.

    Snuka and Manu can start to legitimize Sim, is he a bodyguard or tag partner? With all the heel teams on SmackDown you might change my mind on Kofi and Carlito winning the titles lol

    Paul Heyman is ALWAYS up to something. And you do a fantastic job of portraying that. I am a HUGE fan of the little stable he's created.

    And now we have another heel group. Daniels, Gabriel and Low-ki is a super fun dynamic. I'm a huge fan of Daniels and Low-Ki. Really really intrigued to see how this plays out. Also thought it was the right move to have Cole play up Low-Ki multiple times to the fans that may be unaware of who he is

    Batista and Edge is a fun feud to keep them out of the title picture for now, and I love that Matt Hardy is doing everything in his power to be a part of something worthwhile. A 3 way has potential to be fun, and I'm intrigued by the dynamic of Hardy being the obvious third wheel

    When I heard the "shell of himself" line I knew where this was headed, getting a little insight into the current state of Kurt Angle's mind. But Heyman did a great job of flipping it around on Kurt, while offering him a wonderful opportunity to make some headlines.

    Umaga was obviously going to get the win here, and it's nice to see him do it against the big red machine. Nice shot of Umaga eyeing the gold of his future opponent at the end.

    Straight up HYPED for Stone Cold to return.

    I've absolutely loved the Frankensteining of The Brian Kendrick. You've created a monster, as has Finlay. That Belfast Brawl is going to be a bloody, violent affair.

    Jeff Hardy being thrust into a number one contenders match did raise my eyebrows a little, and I feel like you did a pretty good job of having Jeff explain that he's being gifted something for the first time in his career. He's not going to say no.

    Christian finally back in action, making his debut on SmackDown against one of the top guys. This was a big match for Captain Charisma after being mostly absent the past few months. (Which is a shame, he's one of the best characters of all time BTB)

    Morrison screwing Orton got a big pop from me. I love Morrison, and I really hope this can be a big matchup for him coming out on his own.

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    Raw Re: Being The Booker

    Monday Night Raw | December 1 2008 | Newark NJ

    NO Opening Video

    NO Pyro

    The action cuts STRAIGHT into the arena-

    **SEXY BOY**

    And the show is KICKING OFF with the main event!! Dressed for action, SHAWN MICHAELS jives through the curtain, full of energy as he gets back in the hunt for the World Title tonight!!

    Jim Ross: The Prudential Centre is on it’s feet for a living legend!! The Showstopper Shawn Michaels is kicking off the show t’night!!! And Coach, neither Michaels or London wanted to wait for this one!! The winner will go on to Starrcade in four weeks t’challenge for the richest prize in the game!!

    The Coach: And standing in their way will be none other than one of the greatest World Champions there’s ever been, old timer!! Denigrate him all you want, but Brent Albright has beaten ALL comers. He’s beat them all to the point where we’re having to RECYCLE old challengers!!

    Jim Ross: Indeed, Albright holds singles victories in championship matches against both these potential contenders, but London has earned his way back into contention and this man, Shawn Michaels, ain’t ever too far outta the picture!!


    Not hanging around either is PAUL LONDON!!! Shawn Michaels hasn’t even been afforded the luxury of his in ring posing routine, with London already marching down the ramp ahead of a mouthwatering match…

    Jim Ross: This young man is the epitome of the phrase “never give up”. He’s been on the verge of holdin the World Title in a number of occasions this past year, but despite some heartbreaking losses, this kid just keeps draggin himself off the canvas, an’ he keeps comin back!!

    The Coach: Like a cockroach!! How many times does this idiot need to come up short to realise; like Brent Albright said … like Shawn Michaels even said last week – He’s not ready … and he NEVER will be!!

    Jim Ross: I don’t think Paul London will ever give in. It’s his dream, his lifetime ambition, to be Champion of the World, and bah gawd, he ain’t EVER gonna give up!!

    London takes his time walking down the ramp – there’s no sprinting to the ring here – with Michaels having now removed his chaps, ready for the challenge of London … but Shawn’s eyes widen, and he points behind London…



    It’s a mugging!! Brent Albrights stablemates are about to ruin this #1 Contenders match before it can even start!! Dinsmore and Haas put the boots to London and Michaels, with Haas tossing London into the ring so they can continue the attack together.

    With J.R irate on commentary, we see BRENT ALBRIGHT (noticeably hobbling) make his way out, shouting instructions, wanting both men taken care of…

    But in the ring, the situation gets turned on its head, as MICHAELS AND LONDON MOUNT A COMEBACK!!!!! Both men are sent off the ropes by Haas and Dinsmore … both coming back with FLYING FOREARMS!!!!!

    From there, London and Michaels take care of business, hammering Haas and Dinsmore, before London sends Haas out with a dropkick, whilst a back body drop sees Michaels get rid of Dinsmore!!!


    Both men are fired up now, and both want THEIR MATCH to happen, whilst Albright looks ready to throw a fit on the ramp-


    But here comes the Raw General Manager RICKY STEAMBOAT!!! It’s a frantic start to Raw, but the Dragon looks to be here to restore order!! Steamboat has a stern look on his face, pointing down at Albright further down the ramp, whilst London and Michaels are still raring to get at it…

    Ricky Steamboat: I’m sorry everyone. Tonights main event between Paul London and Shawn Michaels…

    Dramatic pause.

    Ricky Steamboat: Is cancelled.

    Both London and Michaels are equally furious – and so too are the fans. In the ring, both men are protesting that they’re ready to go at it, but Ricky shakes his head on the ramp.

    Ricky Steamboat: Brent, I see what your game was here. Take both guys out, right??

    Albright, looking pleased with himself, shrugs with a nonchalant attitude.

    Ricky Steamboat: Well … congratulations. Because now, due to your plan, and the actions of your friends here, we’re not crowning a number one contender tonight.

    More heat showers the General Manager from the fans.

    Ricky Steamboat: No, no … instead … I’m deciding both men are getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Title!!

    Well that’s more like it!!” ~J.R praises the GM punishing Albright.

    Ricky Steamboat: But it’s not happening at Starrcade…

    The fans begin to rumble in anticipation…

    Ricky Steamboat: That triple threat match happens … tonight.

    HUGE pop. On the ramp, Albright tosses down his title belt in frustration and anger, as Michaels and London both look happy with the news.


    The Coach: How is this fair to the champion!?

    Jim Ross: How is it not!? He tried t’take both men out. He failed – an’ this is the punishment, Coach!!

    The Coach: It’s too much, Steamboat has gone too far here!!!

    After picking up his title belt, Albright starts to hobble off to chase after Steamboat and confront him over his match making tonight, with a dishevelled pair of Haas and Dinsmore following behind him.

    And in the ring, Michaels and London are left behind, face to face in the ring. Shawn extends a hand, and after a moment, London nods. He accepts the handshake, then mouths at Michaels “I’ll see you back here later … and then we’ll see who’s ready.” Michaels smirks…


    Shawn stands over London – as a mix of cheers and boos fill the arena; but the overriding emotion is shock – then looks down at his fallen rival, mouthing down at him … “It wont be you.”

    Jim Ross: A HUGE shot has been fired here by Shawn Michaels!! Brent Albright can complain all he damn well wants, but one thing is for sure – there ain’t gonna be ANY allies later t’night!! It sure as HELL will be every man for himself!! Triple Threat Rules for the World Heavyweight Title – what a main event!!

    Commercial Break

    Raw returns with DREW MCINTYRE in the ring already, making his first Raw appearance since being mauled by John Cena at Raw 800. He’s tall, but very slender at this young age, but J.R puts this across as a chance for the young Scot to make a name for himself…


    And coming sauntering from the back is the most hated man on TV; THE MIZ. With his shit eating grin, the reality star confidently makes his way to the ring, as we get clips of his actions last week, almost ruining the main event, and certainly putting Nick Nemeth at a distinct disadvantage against CM Punk, ultimately coming up short in his I.C Title match.

    J.R chews out Miz on commentary for costing Nemeth the I.C Title (Coach disputes that) and says the former MTV reality star might find he’s bitten off more than he can chew by targeting the quickly rising Nemeth in the way he did last week.

    Match 1:
    Drew McIntyre vs. The Miz
    Not exactly a match that’s getting people talking and tuning into Raw. Drew is still exceptionally green, and Miz isn’t quite a competent worker at this point, and certainly not good enough to carry a match. It’s all basic stuff early on, with Miz impressed with himself as he applies a side headlock, and trips Drew down, showing some improvements on the mat, but he’s NOT a ring general, and it allows McIntyre to get back into the contest. Drew shows some decent fire in his comeback, capped off with a dropkick that forces Miz to roll out of the ring.

    McIntyre then reaches out to drag Miz back in, but gets clocked with a forearm shot from the reality star!! Miz then attempts to climb back in with the referee checking on Drew … AS NICK NEMETH APPEARS AT RINGSIDE … JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG TO THE MIZ!!!!!! Nemeth tosses Miz back inside, gone completely unnoticed by the referee … as McIntyre stumbles back up, and doesn’t ask any questions about how Miz ended up in this condition … he heads straight for the top rope … DIVING HEADBUTT!!!!! {“”He calls that the Glasgow Kiss!!” ~J.R} Cover; 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Drew McIntyre @ 03:49

    It’s a small measure of revenge for Nick Nemeth after The Miz screwed him over last week – a humiliating loss for The Miz!!! Nemeth backs up the ramp, nodding his head, giving Miz a taste of his own medicine this week, whilst the young Scot looks delighted to be victorious for the first time on Raw!!

    McIntyre even briefly goes to one of the turnbuckles to celebrate, whilst The Miz slowly picks himself up, shaking the cobwebs loose … and realising he just lost to the rookie … AND WHY!!! Puffing his cheeks in fury, Miz sits in the ring … cursing Nick Nemeth … but J.R points out it’s the least Miz deserved after what he did last week!!


    Backstage, PAUL LONDON is moving his head side to side, stretching out his neck, still wincing from the earlier cheap shot from Shawn Michaels, when SCOTT STANFORD approaches…

    Scott Stanford: Paul London … a moment of your time??

    London offers a nod, giving Stanford permission.

    Scott Stanford: Quite the rollercoaster it’s been tonight to say the least. From arriving here earlier today with the intention of becoming Number One Contender … to the realisation that tonight, you may leave Raw as World Heavyweight Champion. Could that lack of preparation time be a benefit perhaps??

    Setting his tape down, London takes a second to think about it.

    Paul London: Well … I’ll tell you one thing, Scott … Shawn Michaels kicking me in the face is never a benefit … but y’know somethin?? It tells me that Shawn Michaels sees me as more of a threat than he lets on. And if Brent Albright was sending out his lackeys to take me outta the picture?? It tells me what I already knew about him … and that’s that he’s scared. Scared that I’m the man that’s ending his reign as champion. So they can say I’m not ready and I never will be and any other B.S … but their actions?? They don’t really measure up to their words.

    Stanford nods.

    Paul London: But as for your question … time’s gonna tell. The mindset I have right now, I don’t think anything could set me back. Whether I have four weeks to get ready, or a couple hours … my one goal – the only thing that matters … is winning that World title.

    London pounds his fist on the treatment table.

    Paul London: I’m sick of coming in second. I’m fed up of people telling me I’m not ready. And I never want to hear someone tell me I never will be … ever again.

    And a smirk develops on Londons face.

    Paul London: So hell, the more I think about it, the better it sounds. Because I don’t want to wait another four weeks to win the World Title. I can barely wait for two hours. I want it. I want it TONIGHT.

    Scott Stanford: Triple threat rules of course – which means there’s a huge possibility that you may not get a say in the matter…

    Paul London: That’s something I can’t allow to happen. I’ve gotta be in that ring. I’ve gotta be in the thick of the action tonight. If anyone is ending Brent Albrights reign as World Champion … it HAS to be me. Not Shawn Michaels. ME!!

    Full of determination, London prods his chest.

    Paul London: I have chased that man down for the last six months … and I’m not about to allow Shawn Michaels to just barge in and take this moment from me. They’re both gonna know that I AM ready for this. Not in four weeks. Not in a years time. I’m ready … NOW. And tonight … is the night.

    Stanford nods.

    Scott Stanford: Good luck.

    And respectfully, the interviewer leaves it at that, allowing London to continue with his preparations.


    And elsewhere, CM PUNK is walking through the hallway, as Jim Ross informs us that we’re going to hear from the Intercontinental Champion – NEXT~!!

    Commercial Break


    WWE Production theme; “Triumphant Return” plays as the word flashes on screen-


    Clips of RIC FLAIR getting an elaborate entrance, wearing the big gold belt … DUSTY RHODES raising his arms … GREG VALENTINE and RODDY PIPER staring one another down in the Dog Collar Match.

    ~ HISTORY ~

    The smoking entrance for VADER … RIC FLAIR and STING ready to lock up … the ROAD WARRIORS walking to the ring … MAGNUM T.A battling TULLY BLANCHARD.

    ~ GLORY ~

    HOLLYWOOD ’HULK HOGAN playing the WCW title on his way to the ring … RICKY STEAMBOAT & JAY YOUNGBLOOD winning the tag team titles … RIC FLAIR being hoisted onto the shoulders of his peers.


    Jubilant scenes of STING winning the title in 1997 … DUSTY RHODES holding the NWA title in 1985 … RODDY PIPER defeating Hogan in 1996.

    ~ IS BACK!!



    Clips of cheering fans, and fireworks going off at previous STARRCADE events.


    And the STARRCADE logo flashes across the screen-

    ~ RETURNS ~

    {Banner Credit: Hug Life}


    Back into the arena…


    And, as promised on the other side of the break, CM PUNK enters the arena, dressed casually tonight with no match to compete in. J.R and Coach again going back to discussing last weeks main event, along with Punks seven month long reign as I.C Champion – with both commentators agreeing he’s going to be remembered as one of the great I.C Champions of all time at this rate.

    Punk reaches the ring, taking a mic, and takes his time, before finally beginning to speak, with the Intercontinental Champion sitting proudly over his shoulder…

    CM Punk: Today marks two hundred and nineteen days since I won this championship. It makes me the longest reigning champion in all the WWE right now. I haven’t had it easy either … and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    That’s what makes him the greatest, J.R!!” ~Coach fanboys for Punk.

    CM Punk: And thanks to MY hard work … thanks to MY endeavour as a proud and fighting champion … this championship has surpassed the big gold belt around here. The Intercontinental Championship is now the crown jewel of Monday Night Raw … and by extension, the WWE as a whole.

    Punk takes exception to a few rumbles in the audience.

    CM Punk: Oh- what?? You don’t believe me?? You think I’m blowing my own trumpet?? Is that what you people think?? Well explain to me how two guys that came calling for the Intercontinental title and FAILED … are now setting their sights on the secondary title around here?? Unless now, people are allowed to fail upwards on Raw…

    Punk looks around for an answer from the audience.

    CM Punk: If Paul London and Shawn Michaels getting a shot at the World Title after coming up short in tryin to take this from me doesn’t illustrate my point, I dunno what will.

    He makes a helluva point if you ask me!!” ~Coach continues to champion Punk.

    CM Punk: But now … I’ve ran into a little problem. See … being a champion for as long as I have, with title defences as frequently as I’ve been made to make ‘em, it means that I’ve cleaned out the entire roster of worthy challengers. I have exhausted the list of guys that are credible enough to come try and take this title.

    Well … I don’t know about that.” ~J.R throws doubt, but fails to offer any names.

    CM Punk: So I’m left with no other choice … but to outsource for the next guy to come try and take this away from me. And since there seems to be a thirst for nostalgia around here, and the powers that be are bringing back Starrcade as a Pay Per View … I had an idea. See, my next title defence isn’t due until then. And as I already stated … I don’t exactly have a long list of people lining up to take a shot right now … so how about this…

    Punk pauses for a moment, with a smirk on his face.

    CM Punk: I’m issuing an open challenge to any former Intercontinental Champion that wants one more crack at reliving their glory days.

    There’s a pop, but nothing mind blowing.

    CM Punk: Because that seems to be what’s en vogue. That’s why I got left off the Survivor Series, after all. So our oh so wonderful, humble leader could have one last dance in the spotlight.

    He’s talkin about Ricky Steamboat, folks.” ~J.R makes sure everyone can keep up.

    CM Punk: Completely selfless, of course. No ego there. It’s not like the hottest star in this business today was offering his services to ya, was it??

    With that last statement dripping in sarcasm, Punk takes a look around the arena, then points to himself, indicating (as if they needed to know) that he was talking about himself at the end.

    CM Punk: So if it’s wheelin’ out the names of the past that people seem to want, I say let’s do it!! Because there’s nothin that entertains me more than some fat, outta shape has been … hobblin down that ramp for one last pay day!!

    Mimicking a limp around the ring, Punk draws a few laughs, before straightening up.

    CM Punk: Who wants to see CM Punk versus Pat Patterson at Starrcade!?

    There’s not an overwhelming response – and indeed, some laughs at the thought of it.

    CM Punk: Huh!? How about it!? The first ever Intercontinental Champion, versus the current and GREATEST Intercontinental Champion of all time!?

    Nope. There’s a muted – at best – reaction to that potential match.

    CM Punk: No?? Well, it could be anyone else. Tito Santana, Greg Valentine … and there’s plenty of former Intercontinental Champions that are still active in this company today too. William Regal, Goldust … hell, it could even be … Ricky Steamboat himself.

    Now THAT elicits a more favourable reaction. Punk pauses for a second, acknowledging that pop too, before continuing on.

    CM Punk: And even though he said the Survivor Series was a one off, one time deal, I know FOR A FACT that Steamboat would love another chance to bask in the spotlight. And with a chance to hold THIS title?? I think a little push from YOU PEOPLE might just do the trick.

    With a sinister grin on his face, Punk pauses again, before announcing to the fans;

    CM Punk: Do you people wanna see Ricky Steamboat try and roll back the years, one more time, and try to win this championship again??

    With Punk specifically wanting the fans reaction this time, there’s a stronger pop for the suggestion. Punk nods, and steps to face the ramp.

    CM Punk: Well there’s no need to be coy … I’m throwin out the challenge. Ricky Steamboat!? Why don't you dig out those tights, one more time … to meet me at Starrcade for the richest prize in the game!!?? How about it??

    Punk knows Ricky Steamboat ain’t interested!! He’s the damn General Manager!!” ~J.R isn’t happy at this stunt.

    CM Punk: These people want it!! And you wanna please the people, right, Rick??

    He’s pushing the line here!!” ~J.R is getting angrier on commentary.

    CM Punk: Or would you people rather see The Mountie show up on December 28??

    Heat for such a lame suggestion.

    CM Punk: Marc Mero maybe?? How about Dean Douglas?? I hear he needs a few bucks thrown his way.

    Purposely, Punk is picking out some less than stellar options, actively searching for negative fan responses. With boos ringing out, the smirking Punk leans his forearms onto the ropes, facing the ramp.

    CM Punk: I think the people have spoken, Ricky. I think the people here want YOU to answer my challenge.

    Pushing off the ropes, Punk takes a step back, seemingly inviting the General Manager out here … but Ricky Steamboat ISN’T forthcoming to answer the challenge.

    CM Punk looks around, still smiling, still waiting for a response when…


    Punks music starts to play again!! After a moment of confusion, Punk starts to realise what’s going on … he’s being given a cue to leave!! On commentary, J.R starts plugging the World Tag Team Title match which is UP NEXT. We’re moving on!!

    In the ring, Punk starts to chuckle, and tries to speak over his music on the microphone … but it becomes apparent that his mic has been cut too!! He shakes his head, then looks to the fans, offering a shrug … as Raw goes to an abrupt commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Raw returns with WILLIAM REGAL and GOLDUST in the ring already, no time being wasted, as they get their long awaited shot at the tag team titles…


    Reunited with Fifi{!!}, RENÉ DUPRÉE is joined by DAMIEN SANDOW (bringing his own dog, Edison) as the World Tag Team Champions gear up for a title defence against their rather long time rivals. Despite this issue dating back to August, it’s the first time Regal and Goldust have (together) had a chance to get their hands on Sandow … and because of that-


    Goldust and Regal leave the ring, meeting the champions on the floor, taking the fight to La Renaissance!!! It’s noted by J.R that this is very unlike the usually cerebral pair of veterans, but it shows how badly they want to get their hands on the champions!! Regal and Goldust beat the tar out of Duprée and Sandow on the outside, with Regal eventually tossing Duprée into the ring to officially get us underway!!!

    La Renaissance {Damien Sandow & René Duprée} vs. The Knuckle Dusters {William Regal & Goldust}
    And the challengers aren’t hanging around in the ring either!! Regal roughs up the Frenchman, then looks for the KNEE TREMBLER … BUT SANDOW PULLS HIS PARTNER FROM THE RING!!!!! The champions try to recover from the early onslaught … but Goldust isn’t letting them get away with it!! The Bizarre One rams both their heads together and tosses René back inside!!!!! Regal looks for the Knee Trembler – but pulls up just short, as DUPREE DRAGS THE REFEREE IN FRONT OF HIMSELF!!!!!

    Regal gets the official out of his path … but the momentary distraction allows Duprée to LOW BLOW the Englishman!!! He rolls Regal up – WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS!!!! 1...2...KICK OUT BY REGAL!!!!! Duprée almost stole it, but even blatant cheating can’t get the job done here!!! Shaking his head, the Frenchman offers a tag to his partner, and Sandow looks to take over, with the action settling down briefly. Sandow slows it down with a chin lock, but as Regal wriggles out, Sandow is forced to slam Regal back down and tag René back in.

    Together, the champions work in unison to put Regal down again … and elect to pose, with Duprée performing the French Tickler dance whilst Sandow goes through the motions for the ELBOW OF DISDAIN- BUT MISSES!!!!! Regal moved, and Duprée is completely unaware – back turned – which allows Regal to sneak up behind the Frenchman … 1...2...NO!!!! René escapes, then swings a wild clothesline that Regal avoids … AND TAGS IN GOLDUST!!!!

    Goldust comes in all guns blazing, knocking down Duprée, then Sandow, then Duprée again, before sending Sandow out of the ring with a dropkick!! Getting back up, Goldust gets cut off by the Frenchman, and sent off the ropes … but René ducks for the return, allowing Goldust to drop down and deliver an uppercut instead!!! Goldust now looks for the CURTAIN CALL … BUT SANDOW COMES STORMING BACK INTO THE RING – RUNNING RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM FROM GOLDUST!!!!!

    Sandow is taken out of the equation for good now!! Meanwhile, Duprée stumbles to the corner, and Goldust follows in, setting the legs on the ropes – HE’S WANTING SHATTERED DREAMS!!!!! And Regal – knowing what’s coming – elects to cause a distraction for the official … ALLOWING GOLDUST TO NAIL DUPRÉE BETWEEN THE LEGS!!!!! The Bizarre One turns to his partner now, giving Regal the chance to bring it home, and makes the tag!!! But as the challengers tag … SANDOW DRAGS DUPRÉE FROM THE RING AGAIN … THEY’RE WALKING OUT!!!!!

    Stumbling over one another as they escape up the ramp, Duprée and Sandow drag their poor dogs too, with Regal and Goldust both livid in the ring at what they’re seeing … but they decide not to let the champions get away!!! The Knuckle Dusters give chase up the ramp … but stop short of attacking due to the dogs being in the way – they don’t want to potentially harm the animals!!! La Renaissance pick their up Eskimo Dog and Poodle respectively, putting even more of a barrier between them and challengers … frustrating Regal and Goldust … as the bell rings – it’s a double count out!!!
    Winners: Double Count Out @ 04:25 – La Renaissance retain the World Tag Team Championships

    Bullshit chants can be heard as the smiling, relieved champions escape through the curtain, leaving the challengers frustrated on the stage. Regal and Goldust look to one another, both shaking their heads … though comically, Goldust tells Regal he knew giving back FiFi was a bad idea last week.

    On commentary, J.R is beside himself at the fact that Duprée and Sandow would stoop so low to protect themselves with innocent animals, calling them a pair of chickens with the way they just saved the tag team titles, fully believing we were about to crown new champions. Still furious, J.R says this one is far from over, as the champions can’t run forever.

    J.R then plugs JOHN CENA vs. SHELTON BENJAMIN next up on Raw … but before that, Tiffany is standing by backstage…


    Heading backstage, TIFFANY is standing by…

    Tiffany: An unexpected conclusion to the tag team title match, but for Brent Albright later tonight, he won’t have the luxury of getting himself counted out to retain the World Heavyweight Championship when he defends against both Shawn Michaels and Paul London in a triple threat match. I’m outside the Master Craftsmen’s locker room, hoping to get a brief word with the champion, after that bombshell announcement earlier in the night…

    She knocks the door, and after a few seconds, CHARLIE HAAS opens it.

    Charlie Haas: What do you want, Barbie??

    Tiffany: Uhm, I just uh, was hoping to get a few moments with Brent Albright ahead-

    Charlie Haas: Champs busy. In case you didn’t see it earlier, he just got thrown into a late notice title defence tonight. So uh, why don’t you run along-

    Albright then swings the door open, face full of thunder as he glares at Tiffany, before speaking to Haas.

    Brent Albright: It’s fine. I got this.

    Haas nods, and backs off, with Albright standing at the doorway.

    Brent Albright: I mean, honestly, I’m amazed you knew where to find us. Because despite being the World Heavyweight Champion, I’m the forgotten man around here!! You coulda came here any time for an interview these past six months. But you chose now. And it’s too late. So I’m not gonna give you an interview. I’m gonna talk, and you’re gonna listen and nod your head.

    Tiffany says nothing, seemingly too afraid to speak up to even agree.

    Brent Albright: See, it’s not enough for Ricky Steamboat that I’ve already beaten Shawn Michaels and Paul London one on one. I heard CM Punk earlier talk about running out of challengers. Well, don’t worry about it, Punk … Steamboat has the answer; he’ll start recycling the same challengers over again – just two at a time instead.

    Albright wags his finger.

    Brent Albright: I’ve got a lot more to say about Punk by the way, but that can wait for another time. Tonight, my anger is fixed on three people. I get to take my anger out on two of ‘em, and by doing that, I’ll piss off the other one anyway. From the day and hour Steamboat took his position, he’s wanted me to lose this. He’s tried everything, and everything has failed. So will this.

    Tiffany: Uhm, wouldn’t you agree you brought this match on yourself-

    Brent Albright: I told you to listen and nod your head, didn’t I??

    Sheepishly, Tiffany pipes down, under the glare of the World Champion.

    Brent Albright: What I did earlier was a protest. A protest at having to prove myself over and over again against the same people. A protest against the crappy job our General Manager is doin at running this show. And a protest over the lack of attention and appreciation that’s comin my way!! Because I’ve got NONE.

    Tiffany nods – still too afraid to do anything else.

    Brent Albright: A year ago, everyone was fallin over themselves to say how great a World Champion Christian was. They talked about the Murderers Row of challengers he saw off. What about my recognition!? Where is it!? Because all I see, and all I hear is people jumping to praise Paul London for never giving up. People jumping to praise Shawn Michaels for what he did at the Survivor Series like he was some kind of hero.

    Albright shakes his head, muttering with a ‘pfft’.

    Brent Albright: You know why people never talk about me never giving up?? Because I never fail!! I never HAVE to keep coming back. And Shawn Michaels didn’t do anything heroic at the Survivor Series. He stabbed me and JBL in the back. Yet those are the two people everyone wants to talk about. Not the champion. Because I don’t matter. So I don’t want to matter any more. I’ll just keep my belt, and keep doing what I do.

    Brent points off to the distance.

    Brent Albright: So go flutter your eyelashes at Shawn Michaels, or go flirt with Paul London. Give THEM your attention, not me. Because I don’t want it. I don’t want you comin here for quotes. I don’t want anyone to bother me again.

    Tiffany gulps in fear of the champion.

    Brent Albright: Go take the attention, take the spotlight, take the cameras … and you go find Shawn Michaels and Paul London. You go talk to them. Let them be the focus … and I’ll be the guy that’s walking out as champion.

    With that, Albright SLAMS the door shut, giving Tiffany no doubt over what he thought…

    Commercial Break

    Back into the arena…


    SHELTON BENJAMIN strides out onto the stage, with a massive opportunity to score a win over John Cena tonight. Puffing his cheeks, Benjamin looks fully focused on his way to the ring, as J.R sets the table, explaining that Cena attacked Rey Mysterio (Benjamins tag partner over the last few months) but also, that early in the summer, Shelton Benjamin was chasing John Cena while Cena was World Champion, without ever getting the singles match he craved; but he has it tonight.

    **HATE ME NOW**

    To that now familiar refrain, JOHN CENA emerges onto the stage; head down, hood up as always. The Man In Black trudges down the ramp, ignoring everything around him, as J.R reminds the audience that Cena is barred from challenging for the World Title until the end of 2008, and has been on a warpath to destroy all the fans favourites, including recently – Rey Mysterio.

    Match 3:
    Shelton Benjamin vs. John Cena
    And as soon as the bell rings, Shelton is after Cena!! The Man In Black has to cover up early, not expecting Shelton to come out all guns blazing, and the official is forced to back Shelton up out of the corner … allowing Cena to take advantage and level Benjamin with a clothesline!!! Getting on Shelton quickly, Cena puts the boots to his opponent, and tosses him through the ropes to the floor, following to the outside. And out there, Cena continues to punish, ramming The Black Diamond into the guardrail, and sending him crashing into the steps!!!

    Cena rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, electing to continue the beating on the floor, slamming Sheltons face off the announce desk … then hip tosses Shelton onto the paper thin mats!!! It soon becomes clear that Cena isn’t all that interested in winning the match, so much as wanting to cause pain and suffering instead as he PEELS the mats away, setting up for the dreaded PILEDRIVER on the floor!!! Cena ignores the calls from the official not to do it … BUT SHELTON BACK DROPS OUT OF TROUBLE!!!!

    Benjamin avoids the Piledriver, and Cena SPLATS off the floor!!! And Benjamin isn’t stopping there, turnabout is fair play, and the Black Diamond CATAPULTS Cena – FACE FIRST – into the ring post!!!!! Charles Robinson is having to let a got here, and J.R notes that the official is using some discretion in not calling for a DQ either way thus far, with Shelton following up diving off the steps with a clothesline to Cena on the floor!!! Back inside, Benjamin goes for the cover, 1...2...NO!!!

    Shelton isn’t hanging around, dragging Cena up, sending him to the corner, and following in behind – STINGER SPLASH!!!!! The Black Diamond slams Cena down, buying himself added time to head up top … LOOKING FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER … BUT CENA AVOIDS IT!!!!! Cena dodged out of the way, Shelton lands on the mat, and the Man In Black leaps into action – THROWBACK TO SHELTON!!!!! Cena covers, 1...2...NO!!! Quickly, Cena locks on a chinlock from the kick out, as J.R transitions to a commercial…

    Commercial Break

    We return with Shelton Benjamin in the midst of a comeback, too quick for Cena with repeated clotheslines putting John down, with J.R framing this as a back and forth battle, as clips from the commercial show Shelton tossing Cena from the ring and diving off the top with a splash to the floor, but Cena elbowed out of a T-Bone attempt back inside, and briefly had the STFU applied, but Shelton was too close to the ropes. And once Cena went for the FU, Shelton landed on his feet, bringing us to this point now.

    Shelton is firing up, his quickness too much for Cena to handle, but when he attempts the Frost Kick, Cena DUCKS, then hangs up Benjamin throat first on the ropes!! Cena runs through Shelton now with a series of running shoulder tackles – moves that elicit boos from the fans, before the Man In Black sets up for his now signature delayed vertical suplex. Cena shows off his strength, holding a 240 pound man in the air, letting the blood run to his head … BUT BENJAMIN LANDS BEHIND CENA ON THE WAY DOWN – NECKBREAKER!!!!!

    That buys Benjamin time, as both men struggle back to their feet, and start trading blows as they get up; BOO’s each time Cena strikes Shelton, YAY’s each time Shelton strikes Cena, but the bigger of the two; Cena wins the fist fight, much to the dismay of the fans. He beats Shelton into the ropes, sending him off, but misses a clothesline!! Shelton goes for a kick – caught by Cena – DRAGON WHIP FROM BENJAMIN!!! Cena is on spaghetti legs as he gets back up … walking right into the T-BONE EXPLODER!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Benjamin slams his fists off the mat in frustration, but puts it aside, and stalks Cena, waiting for the Man In Black to get up … and goes for PAYDIRT – TOSSED ASIDE BY CENA!!!! Cena catches Shelton getting back up, powering him up with a GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!!!! Cover gets two, but Cena doesn’t hang around after that – he heads for the top rope!! A rare sight since his heel turn, Cena looks somewhat uncomfortable up there, setting himself for the TOP ROPE LEG DROP-


    Shelton lands the high risk move, and drapes an arm over Cena … 1...2...NO!!!!! J.R puts over the endeavour of Shelton, pushing Cena to his limit, grabbing this opportunity with both hands tonight, with Shelton waiting and watching as Cena pulls himself up in the corner … AND COMES RUSHING IN FOR A SECOND STINGER SPLASH … NO ONE HOME!!!!! Shelton collides with the turnbuckles!!! And Cena catches him coming back … FU CONNECTS!!!!!! 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!

    The official informs Cena, and the Man In Black shakes his head as he sees the foot on the rope from Shelton. He has a wry smile on his face, then mutters “too stubborn, kid. It’s gonna cost ya.” Cena brings Shelton back to his feet … with The Black Diamond unable to mount anything to hold Cena off … as the Man In Black effortlessly gets Benjamin into position … FOR THE DREADED PILEDRIVER!!!!! Cena can even afford to take his time; he knows Shelton isn’t surviving the Piledriver … before covering; 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: John Cena @ 11:57

    Despite Shelton pushing Cena to the limit, he had no answer for the Piledriver that Cena has successfully incorporated into his move set with deadly effect over the last few months. But for Cena, winning isn’t all he’s came for tonight, and once he gets his hand raised, he reminds the audience exactly what motivates him right now…

    As he goes for Shelton again!!! Benjamin is still selling the effects of the Piledriver, laying on the mat, as Cena puts the boots to the Black Diamond, before aggressively tossing Benjamin out through the ropes to the outside!!! Cena follows out, and slams his hands on the announce table top, before picking up the cover of the table.

    Despite calls from J.R to “STOP IT GOD DAMN IT!!” Cena WHACKS Benjamin with the covering, before he DEMANDS Jim Ross and Coach to “MOVE!!” And even though J.R doesn’t want to move, the announcer isn’t going to stand in Cena’s way – not in this mood. The announcers take cover, as Cena strips down the announce table, and throws Shelton on top.

    Climbing onto the table himself, John Cena announces (without a microphone) to the audience that he “warned everyone”, as J.R puts the pieces together, reminding the fans at home that Cena was going to systematically destroy everyone the people get behind while he waits to get back into the title picture … AS CENA SETS UP FOR THE PILEDRIVER ON THE ANNOUNCE TABLE-

    **BOOYAKA 619**


    The tag team partner of Shelton Benjamin comes racing out from the back in casual clothing (as it’s noted by J.R that “WE DIDN’T THINK REY WAS HERE T’NIGHT!!”) and on the announce table, Cena smirks, tossing Shelton aside, as he turns his attention to Rey instead. Cena climbs down, and beckons Rey on for a fight, with Mysterio pausing momentarily…

    Cena smirks, knowing he’ll have a distinct upper hand against Rey in a fist fight … but the smirks fades … AS REY PRODUCES A LEAD PIPE FROM THE BACK OF HIS JEANS!!!! Cena suddenly starts to back off, not wanting a fight with a weaponized Rey … much to the chagrin of the fans, who wanted to see a fight here.

    Rey calls out after Cena, but the Man In Black isn’t taking the risk of ending up on the wrong end of the pipe, instead backing off, telling Rey “you’re in way over your head! I’ll see ya around” as he departs. At ringside, Rey – confident that Cena isn’t coming back – finally gets to check on his friend and partner, who is still suffering the effects of the earlier Piledriver, favouring his neck.

    Cena continues to back off up the ramp, continuing to mouth threats in the direction of Mysterio, with J.R talking about Cena catching a case of the limber tail tonight … though Coach makes the point that he was facing up to a man holding a deadly weapon, turning the argument around on Rey needing a weapon to fight.

    J.R doesn’t have a good comeback, simply explaining it away as “well, for the things he’s done, Cena damn well deserves it!!” One thing is for sure though according to J.R – this issue is far from finished. Rey climbs into the ring now that Shelton is getting treatment from medical staff, pointing to the ramp, as he and Cena trash talk from afar…

    Commercial Break

    Raw returns, on the sight of SHAWN MICHAELS warming up for the main event tonight, with J.R informing the fans that it’s almost three years to the day that The Showstopper last held the World Heavyweight Title…


    Elsewhere, EVE TORRES is standing by with VICTORIA and her protégé, KELLY KELLY…

    Eve Torres: Victoria, last week, despite a huge effort on your part in pushing the Beth Phoenix to the limit … you found yourself unable to overcome the Womens Champion, and came up short in your challenge for the title. Where do you go from here??

    Victoria: I’m not going anywhere. Yeah, last week I did put in a huge effort. I put everything into trying to get the better of Beth Phoenix. But, you know what?? I lost to the better woman. It’s as simple as that. All I have to do … is push MYSELF harder. I have to find a way to put in even more effort. I’ve never had to say that before, and I’ve been around a long time. I’ve battled the likes of Lita, Jazz and even Trish Stratus in the past.

    Victoria pauses, taking a moment to think, before sighing.

    Victoria: But right now, Beth Phoenix?? She’s on another level. For me to beat her, I have to get better. And I will. You saw how close I was last week. But I can still be better. And I think that if I get a second shot at the Glamazon … it’ll be a whole different story.

    Eve Torres: Well … I’m interested to hear then what you think about the word that’s just been released from Ricky Steamboats office on a #1 Contenders Match next week, with the winner heading to Starrcade to challenge Beth Phoenix. And it’ll be-

    Victoria: That’s news to me. But it’s music to my ears, Eve. Like I said, if I get a second shot at Beth, I won’t make the same mistakes again. I wont put a foot wrong. So if I’ve got to win a Number One Contenders match next week to get that shot?? So be it. Bring it on.

    Eve pulls a face, clearly feeling awkward at the moment, as she speaks up again.

    Eve Torres: Uhm … actually … I really should apologise, but … I didn’t get to finish …

    Victoria looks confused.

    Eve Torres: Uhh … you … aren’t part of that match.

    Victoria: I’m not!? Why!? Who is!?

    Sensing the rising anger from the veteran, Eve sheepishly responds.

    Eve Torres: Michelle McCool … Layla …

    Eve slowly points toward Kelly.

    Eve Torres: … and, uh … Kelly Kelly, in a triple threat match.

    Kelly looks genuinely surprised at the news, but is beaming with pride at being thrust into a contenders match. Victoria meanwhile, has her mouth agape (not comically so) and can’t bring herself to look at Kelly, as Eve transitions.

    Eve Torres: Kelly, it’ll be your first ever opportunity to earn a Womens Title shot. You must be overjoyed right now!?

    Kelly Kelly: Oh. My. God. Really?? Is this real?

    Eve Torres: (Looking genuinely happy for Kelly) Yes!!

    Kelly still looks stunned at the news, as she searches for an answer.

    Kelly Kelly: I’m just- I’m just excited, I think!! I’ve worked sooo hard this year, but I wouldn’t be anywhere near this kind of chance if it wasn’t for Victoria. She’s helped me so, so much. Oh my God.

    Kelly puts a hand on the shoulder of her mentor, who still hasn’t even cracked a smile for her student, let alone looked her in the eye.

    Kelly Kelly: Victoria … thank you for everything you’ve done for me these last six months. I’m gonna give it my all next week, and I’m gonna do it for you. I wanna make you proud of me.

    Victoria: Yeah, sure, sure. I’m uh, I’m already proud of you, Kelly … you … deserve this.

    A half hearted response from the veteran, but Kelly is too oblivious at the moment due to her unbridled joy, as she questions Eve again.

    Kelly Kelly: Is this real?? I mean, this is definitely happening right??

    Eve Torres: Yes!! Absolutely. Congratulations!!

    Kelly Kelly: And- wow, I’m sorry, Eve … I’m just- I’m all over the place right now with that news. I’ve totally forgotten who it is I’m against next week…

    Eve chuckles, before letting Kelly know.

    Eve Torres: Michelle McCool and Layla in a triple threat match.

    And realisation sets in for Kelly Kelly.

    Kelly Kelly: Ohhh. Oh Jeez. Both of them at once?? What do you think, Vics??

    Victoria: {Again, half heartedly} You’ll be fine. I’ll make sure of it.

    Victoria then walks off the set, and Kelly looks somewhat perplexed by her mentor just walking away…

    Kelly Kelly: Damn … I’m a horrible friend, Eve.

    Eve Torres: {Confused} Why!?

    Kelly Kelly: I mean, Victoria really desperately wanted another shot at Beth Phoenix. She done so well last week. She was so close. She should really be in this Number One Contenders match too, right??

    Eve sighs, and puts a hand on Kellys shoulder, looking her dead in the eye for a pep talk.

    Eve Torres: Look – this is YOUR shot. Okay?? Be happy. Victoria will be happy for you too. It’s just a little raw at the minute for her. She’s your friend though. Don’t worry about it.

    Kelly nods as we fade out…


    Elsewhere, WILLIAM REGAL and GOLDUST stomp through the halls, arriving at the office of RICKY STEAMBOAT, and burst through the door – both irate at how their tag team title match finished up earlier tonight.

    In the office, Steamboat does his best to calm the pair down, explaining that he saw what happened earlier, and he’s as frustrated about it as they are … and as a result, he’s signing off on a REMATCH, NEXT WEEK on Raw between the two teams …

    But this time, Ricky tells the pair that if La Renaissance decide to walk out, The Knuckle Dusters should NOT give chase … as he’s adding the caveat that if the champions get themselves counted out or disqualified, then the titles will change hands!!! Regal accepts the decision, thanking Steamboat … but Goldust isn’t finished.

    The Bizarre One starts talking to Steamboat about the champions mistreating their dogs, telling Steamboat to do something about that too … resulting in Regal dragging his partner away, happy to have gotten the favourable rematch next week.

    Commercial Break

    Match 4:
    Gail Kim & Natalya vs. LayCool
    During the entrances, J.R reminds everyone that Gail Kim has had her issues with LayCool in recent weeks, and helped Nattie last week against the pairs antics, leading to this match tonight … while also noting LayCool will be forced to battle each other next week in the triple threat #1 Contenders match … but Coach says he’s got it on good authority that McCool and Layla have a plan for them BOTH to win and head to Starrcade together.

    The action is basic, but decent, as McCool and El work over Nattie, keeping Gail from getting into the ring for the most part, frustrating the former Womens Champion, using their greater team work to great effect. In the end though, Natalya DOES make that all important tag, and from there, it’s ALL Gail. She blasts through McCool and Layla with her lightning quick offence, causing the opponents all kinds of problems, and locks on the FLYING DRAGON ON LAYLA … but she gets saved by McCool!!!

    Natalya comes back in at this point, looking to take care of Michelle, as they fight to the floor, whilst Gail knocks Layla back down, and heads to the top rope. Setting herself, Gail is ready to fly off at Layla … WHEN MICHELLE SHOVES HER OFF FROM BEHIND!!! Gail falls off, crashing onto the ropes!!! McCool gets back to battling with Nattie … whilst Layla picks up the pieces on Gail … LAYOUT TO GAIL KIM!!!!! Natalya tries to climb back in and make the save … but McCool holds her back on the outside!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: LayCool @ 04:12

    Once again, Michelle McCool and Layla steal one!! Their superior teaming ability wins them this match, and it’s discussed on commentary if this could be a sign of things to come for next week on Raw when Kelly Kelly has to face McCool and Layla in a Triple Threat Match.

    In the ring, Natalya tends to Gail Kim, apologising for letting her down tonight, but Gail – still struggling from the LayOut – waves it off, telling Nattie that they’ll get them back eventually. But for now, it’s all smiles for Layla and Michelle, as J.R wonders what these two could have in mind for Kelly Kelly next week with a title shot at stake.

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, a smirking CM PUNK is seen leaving the arena. Heading toward the parking lot, the Intercontinental Champion saunters, and ACKNOWLEDGES the camera in front of him …

    CM Punk: You guys film everything, huh?? What’s this for?? Some stupid feature for dot com?? Or are you tryin to get me heat for leavin early??

    Hey, Punk!!”

    And Punk turns … to be confronted by the Raw General Manager, RICKY STEAMBOAT. Steamboat breaks into a light jog to catch up to Punk.

    CM Punk: I was askin for you earlier.

    Ricky Steamboat: Yeah, I know. That’s why I wanted to speak.

    Steamboat acknowledges the camera, waving them off…

    Ricky Steamboat: Guys- not now.

    It looks as if the camera man takes the order … but as the camera shot changes, it becomes obvious that he’s still recording.

    Ricky Steamboat: Look … the reason I didn’t respond to your little show out there earlier is real simple. I don’t want to start giving people the wrong idea. This??

    Steamboat points between himself and Punk.

    Ricky Steamboat: It’s not gonna happen. And I’d appreciate it if you knocked all of this on the head. Okay??

    Punk chuckles, but Steamboat doesn’t respond to it.

    Ricky Steamboat: You can still have your … invitational at Starrcade. I’ll see to it that we find a good challenger … but let me make myself clear; it won’t be me.

    Punk flat out laughs this time.

    CM Punk: Who are you tryin to kid?? I saw the look in your eyes at the Survivor Series, Rick. You loved being out there. You loved being part of it again. You … got that bug again.

    Steamboat shakes his head.

    CM Punk: And I’m offerin you a once in a lifetime opportunity here. One shot at this.

    Punk raises the title slightly off his shoulder.

    Ricky Steamboat: The Survivor Series … was a once in a lifetime opportunity. That was a one time deal.

    CM Punk: Yeah … and you had the chance to step back and let me take the slack. Remember?? You let your ego get the better of ya then … and I think while your lips say no … your eyes, Ricky?? They’re sayin yes.

    Steamboat doesn’t immediately respond, and instead, glares at Punk, who eventually takes a step back.

    CM Punk: This is it, Ricky. You got one chance here to relive your glory days once again. Starrcade … it’s now … or never.

    Ricky Steamboat: It’s never. I wont wrestle you, Punk. So please … drop it.

    Steamboat turns, walking off … leaving Punk to watch … still smirking.


    Back into the arena…

    **SEXY BOY**

    And it’s main event time – for real this time!! SHAWN MICHAELS is fired up, with a shot at winning the World Title just moments away. J.R reminds us what unfolded earlier in the night, leading to a hastily arranged World Title match, and Coach lets rip with his thoughts on the matter; he’s not happy.


    The second of the two challengers, PAUL LONDON makes his way to the ring, and as he does, it’s another chance for J.R to highlight the journey London has been on, and his quest to prove BOTH opponents tonight wrong in their assessment that he isn’t ready to be World Champion … and that he never will be. Tonight is his chance to change that.


    BRENT ALBRIGHT makes the walk alone, as it’s revealed on commentary that Ricky Steamboat has ordered Dinsmore and Haas OUT of the building!! Having been seen hobbling earlier in the night, Albright stalls for a while at the top of the ramp, as Raw heads to a commercial, with J.R hyping the World Title match as coming up NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break

    And when Raw returns, all three men are in the ring, raring to go…

    Brent Albright vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Paul London
    And as soon as the bell rings … Albright DUCKS OUT OF THE RING!!! Boos ring out as the champion gets out, and he motions for London and Michaels to fight it out – something The Coach says “is the right thing – this is the way it was supposed to go down!!” … and after a moment or two of staring one another down … Michaels and London get on the same page and BOTH BASEBALL SLIDE ALBRIGHT!!!

    London and Michaels both slide out to the floor, but just as it seems like they’re about to continue the attack on Albright … WHEN MICHAELS GRIPS LONDON FROM BEHIND AND TOSSES HIM OVER THE BARRIER!!! Shawn quickly tosses Albright back into the ring, taking the opportunity to go to work on the champion, slamming him multiple times … AND GOES UP TOP FOR THE FLYING ELBOW-


    Albright rolled out of the way, and Michaels crashes and burns!!! London is quickly back in, dropping a leg on Albright for the first near fall of the match, and after the champion kicks out, he rolls out of the ring again. It leaves London to go after Michaels – still suffering from his missed elbow – and London lights Shawn up, chopping a long time mentor of his in the corner, over and over before sending Shawn across the ring with an Irish Whip – as Michaels goes his upside down flip in the corner upon impact!!!

    Before London can follow up though, Albright trips him from the floor, dragging him out and sending him crashing into the post!!! The champion struggles back into the ring, picking up the scraps on Michaels, and executes a PAIR of German Suplexes!!! 1...2...NO!!! Albright – clearly struggling with an injury – drags Shawn back up, sending him off the ropes and ducking down for the return … SWINGING NECKBREAKER FROM MICHAELS!!!

    That buys Michaels time, and getting back up, Shawn sees London getting back up onto the apron – and dropkicks him back off!! It leaves Michaels alone with Albright again, and he stomps the champion, drops a knee, then backs him into the corner with knife edge chops before mounting him in the corner with ten unanswered punches!!! Climbing back down, Michaels looks to send Brent across the ring – REVERSED by Albright – and Michaels hits the corner, but bounces back out and clotheslines the champion down!!!

    But Shawn turns around-


    Paul London gets back up, bringing Michaels with him, when Albright clobbers London from behind!! The champion looks to get Michaels up, but HBK elbows him away, then looks for SWEET CHIN MUSIC – CAUGHT BY ALBRIGHT!!! Albright spins Michaels around, grips him – HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!!!! But before he can follow up, Albright – on all fours on the mat – is used by London to launch himself for a SHOOTING STAR onto Michaels!!! 1...2...ALBRIGHT YANKS LONDON OFF!!!

    AND LOCKS ON THE CROWBAR!!!!! London is trapped in the middle of the ring, unable to escape, unable to counter, unable to reach the ropes and unable to call on Michaels for the save!!! London struggles, reaching desperately out of hope, as Albright cranks on … whilst London doesn’t want to quit … he may have no choice … UNTIL MICHAELS FINALLY RECOVERS TO BREAK THE SUBMISSION!!!!

    Albright is furious, and stomps both men on the mat, before picking London up and tossing him out to leave Michaels alone. But, as Albright turns back around, Michaels is on him with a clothesline over the top taking them both over … BUT MICHAELS SKINS THE CAT!!!!! Albright and London are both down on the floor outside, and Shawn – ever the daredevil – climbs onto the apron … ASAI MOONSAULT TO BOTH MEN WHEN THEY GET UP!!!!! All three are down on the outside, as J.R sends us to the final commercial of the night…

    Commercial Break

    Back live, it’s Michaels in charge, working over London, whilst Albright is downed on the floor as clips from during the break shows London and Michaels briefly aligning to double suplex Albright on the outside. In the ring, Michaels sends London across the ring to the opposite corner, but London pushes himself up, catching Shawn coming in – and HEADSCISSORS OUT OF THE CORNER!!! Michaels staggers up, but London runs through him with a forearm smash, and another and a third!!!!

    Michaels is on spaghetti legs, and London charges off toward the ropes for one more big shot at speed … WHEN ALBRIGHT LOWERS THE ROPES!!! London crashes to the floor, as Albright gets back in, looking to pick up the pieces and finish off Michaels … BUT WALKS RIGHT INTO AN INVERTED ATOMIC DROP!!! And three more!!! A chop knocks Albright down, and a knee drop keeps him there!!! Shawn climbs to the top again, looking for the second time to hit his elbow-


    Before HBK can fly, London cuts him off, hammering Shawn in the gut before climbing toward the top, looking for a SUPERPLEX!!! The two men trade blows, with Michaels desperate not to suffer a big impact move … and the two spend long enough that Albright is back up, and he clubs the back of London, then rakes it, as London ends up in the TREE OF WOE!!! Albright now climbs up, looking to finish the job on Shawn, looking for the SUPERPLEX-





    All three men are down, but it’s London that (obviously) stirs first, and slowly makes his way toward the corner, wanting to go up top … whilst both Michaels and Albright ROLL OUT OF THE RING!!! There’s boos, and London shakes his head … but he isn’t too downbeat … AS HE INSTEAD HITS A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO THE FLOOR ONTO BOTH MEN!!!!! “PAUL LONDON IS LAYIN IT ALL ON THE LINE HERE T’NIGHT!!!” is the call from J.R, as the fans chant Londons name for his risk taking style!!!

    London struggles back to his feet, and tosses ALBRIGHT back into the ring – HE WANTS THE CHAMPION!!! London climbs to the top rope now … taking a brief look around whilst on the verge of history … 450 SPLASH TO BRENT ALBRIGHT!!!!! 1...2...MICHAELS DRAGS LONDON OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Michaels stops London from becoming champion, and RAMS London into the ring apron!!! HBK rolls back into the ring, looking to take the glory … 1...2...ALBRIGHT KICKS OUT!!!!!

    But right after the kick out, London is back in the ring, and on Michaels!!! The two men start to trade blows back and forth, but it’s the will of London that wins out!! He hammers Michaels with short forearms, then sends Shawn off the ropes … MICHAELS COMES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM … BUT LONDON STEPS ASIDE … AND SHAWN NAILS ALBRIGHT INSTEAD!!!!! Michaels gets back up-


    Head in hands, London can’t believe it – he thought he’d done it there!! Still in search of that maiden title victory, London grits his teeth, and gets back up, going after Shawn again, beating him into the corner. London attempts the whip across the ring, but Shawn reverses, sending London in instead, and chases in – FOOT UP!!! London knocks Shawn back, and perches himself onto the top rope, waiting for HBK to come back at him, and Mushroom stomps the back of Michaels, sending him into the corner!! Shawn staggers out – RIGHT INTO A HEEL KICK!!!! 1...2...ALBRIGHT DRAGS LONDON OFF-

    AND ROLLS LONDON UP – WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS … 1...2...NO!!!!! London just squeezes a shoulder up!!! Both men get up, and London ducks a shot from Albright, trapping the champion; DRAGON SUPLEX – BRIDGING FOR THE PIN; 1...2...BROKEN BY MICHAELS!!!! Briefly, following that, Michaels and London trade blows again, with Shawn on top this time, sending London off the ropes, ducking down – SUNSET FLIP BY LONDON … BUT MICHAELS DROPS DOWN INSTEAD, PINNING LONDON … 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Both men race to their feet … BUT GET WIPED OUT BY ALBRIGHT WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!! The champion bursts into life, and picks London up – that’s who he’s most confident of finishing off – and NAILS HIM WITH THE ACE IN THE HOLE!!!!! Cover, 1...2...MICHAELS BREAK THE COUNT!!!!! It’s Albright and Michaels now, with London out of the equation momentarily, but Albright is in charge, scoring a near fall off a Belly to Belly, then looks for the ACE IN THE HOLE on Shawn … but Michaels elbows out!!!

    Michaels then ducks a shot, coming off the ropes, and takes Albright down with a LOU THESZ PRESS!!!!! Shawn hammers Brent on the canvas, then gets up, and knocks a returning London back off the apron, leaving it still at just Shawn and Brent. Michaels starts to tune up the band … but as he goes to strike, Albright ducks!!! The champion then looks to get Shawn up again, but HBK slips off, ducking a clothesline … AND DRILLS THE CHAMPION WITH A DDT!!!!



    Michaels gets flattened with a Shawn Michaels esque Superkick!!! “IS THIS THE MOMENT!?” shrieks J.R, as Paul London looks around … BEFORE HEADING TO THE TOP ROPE AGAIN!!! “THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, KID!!” London has his choice here – both men are down, both are there for the taking seemingly, with Albright down longer than Michaels, and Michaels closer than Albright … but London sets his sights on the champion; the man he’s chased for six long months-


    London rolls around, clutching his chest, selling the effects of the second 450 on his own body as J.R yells on commentary that we’re gonna crown a new champion here!!! London is on his knees, ready to crawl over to cover the prone champion… (Low) SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM MICHAELS!!!!! London gets his lights switched off!!!! He faceplants the mat, and Michaels falls onto Albright … London; glassy eyed, can only watch, and make a WEAK movement with his arm – but is nowhere even close to break the count … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
    Winner: And NEW World Heavyweight Champion – Shawn Michaels @ 19:20

    It's pandemonium in Newark; a NEW CHAMPION is crowned and Shawn Michaels has done it!!!!! The fans don’t seem to know quite HOW to react; on one hand, they’re elated to see a title change, elated to see the reign of Albright over, and some are even elated that Michaels is back on top of the world … but there’s a strong contingent that felt it was Londons night, and his time…

    But it’s not; it’s Shawn Michaels, back on top of world after THREE years, and back on top (somehow) after a frankly ROTTEN last five months of his life!! The Showstopper sits on his knees, akin to WrestleMania 12, as he gets presented with the World Heavyweight Title … whilst Paul London has his head buried in the canvas, coming up short AGAIN.

    Meanwhile, it becomes obvious that Brent Albright really has been suffering throughout the match with an injury, as trainers are already pulling him from the ring, tending to the now FORMER champion, just in the corner of the shot … with the focus on Shawn Michaels, and commentary pointing out how tonight it was only supposed to be a #1 Contenders Match … yet by the end of the night, there’s a NEW champion on Raw!!!

    Coach repeatedly states that this wasn’t fair, and it’s not right that THIS is how Brent Albrights “amazing” reign has come to an end … but it has. And while J.R is full of praise and congratulations for Michaels, he makes a point to sympathize with Paul London on yet ANOTHER failed attempt at capturing that elusive World Title.

    As Michaels holds the title aloft, Albright shuffles up the ramp – helped by trainers – and London has left the ring too, slumped against the steel steps, head in his hands … before looking up to the titan tron, seeing Shawn Michaels with the title belt he so desperately craves. After months and months of chasing Brent Albright, desperate to be the one that brought Albright down … London has to accept the reality; Shawn Michaels beat him to it.

    Jim Ross: And y’gotta wonder … y’gotta wonder, just what will this do to Paul London!? He’ll never give in, he’ll never throw in the towel … but at what point does Paul London start to wonder … at what point does London ask himself; ‘will I EVER be ready?’ … is Paul London simply not MEANT to ever hold the World Heavyweight title?? How much more can one man take and keep comin back!?

    But the show closes, on one final shot at Shawn Michaels, himself looking surprised to be in this spot; World Heavyweight Champion again … whilst it’s another heartbreaking loss for Paul London…




    Brent Albright suffers injury at November 30 house show in Reading PA.

    Per a report from a PWTorch subscriber that attended the Raw live event in person, the World Heavyweight Championship match between Albright and Paul London was cut short at around the eight minute mark, with Albright landing awkwardly from a bump that took him off the ring apron and to the floor.

    Albright was immediately counted out, as senior official Mike Chioda made the gesture for urgent medical assistance. While Albright was able to leave with the help of two referees, it became clear very quickly that it wasn’t part of the show, and didn’t appear to be an angle.

    Shortly after Albright was led to the back, John Cena made an appearance (having defeated Shelton Benjamin earlier in the night) and an impromptu match between Cena and London was arranged, seemingly in an attempt to give the audience a main event. While a notch below their PPV outing in October (perfectly acceptable given the hasty circumstances that match came about), Cena and London still put on an entertaining match that went about ten minutes before London caught Cena with a Small Package for the victory.

    A further report from a correspondent that contacted the site also stated they witnessed Albright leave the arena on crutches.

    It should be interesting to see how serious the injury is, with Monday Night Raw less than 24 hours away.

    {Explanation for the random title switch}

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Holy shit at the title change. I did not expect that at all! Great show and I am curious where this story goes now. As fun as Albright was as champion, I think it was time to end his reign.

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