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Thread: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

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    No Mercy Re: Being The Booker

    On the pre-show, CRYME TYME defeat LOS LATINOS @ 06:22. JTG and Shad both have some fun during the match, bringing out ‘underwear’ they claim Vickie Guerrero had sent them, which get Chavo and Super Crazy mad from the outset, but Cryme Tyme use it to their advantage. They overcome some cheating from Chavo and Super Crazy with some cheating of their own, beating Los Latinos at their own game, before finally getting the win.

    NO MERCY 2008

    September 21 | Joe Louis Arena, Detroit MI



    Clips of Melina screwing over MNM at the Great American Bash, and siding instead with the Fight Factory, helping them win the titles.

    Melina: I brought you two from nothing, all the way to the top. I moulded you. I advised you. I plotted your futures every step of the way. I designed your look. I was the brains behind your style. I was the reason - the ONLY reason - you two had all that success. I was the star.

    Joey Matthews: You cultivated our entire image. The red carpet, the fur coats, even our names … it was all you, Melina.

    John Morrison: So now that you’re out of the picture, we’ve been able to drop all the window dressing.

    Shots of The Fight Factory beating MNM down over the last few months, and Melina kissing Elijah Burke, along with the changes MNM have made to their appearance.

    Melina: I gave MNM all the chances I possibly could. And they kept throwing my hard work back in my face!!

    John Morrison: We wont just give up and let you take OUR titles without a fight.

    Melina: But what should I have expected?? I mean, they’re just two stupid, immature little boys… and now?? I’ve traded up … for two real MEN!!!


    Clips of the tag team titles trading hands at SummerSlam, and six days later at a house show in Anchorage.

    John Morrison: We know we’re the best team in the world … with … or without you Melina.

    Joey Matthews: Are you good enough to call yourselves the best tag team in the world?? Or are the two of you only holding those titles because you’ve got her by your side??

    Melina: Wade and Eli will face you at No Mercy for the WWE Tag Team Championships WITHOUT me in their corner - On ONE condition-WHENthe two of you lose …Then MNM is DONE. And the two of you are FINISHED FOREVER as a tag team!!!

    Shots of the two teams fighting it out over the last number of months, including Melina being a pivotal difference maker for the Fight Factory.

    Joey Matthews: Everything’s at stake. But we know we can beat the Fight Factory. We KNOW we’re better than them. And without Melina to get involved … we’re gonna prove it.

    John Morrison: MNM isn’t gonna be done after No Mercy. We’re just getting started. It’s Melina … and the Fight Factory that’re gonna be done.


    Shots of Batista face to face with The Undertaker on Sept. 12.

    Batista: UNDERTAKER!!! I’m here for one thing and one thing only … I’m here for a piece of YOU!!!

    Clips of Batista and The Undertaker battling it out at Judgment Day and SummerSlam as part of those tag team wars.

    Batista: Because until you beat me … alone?? We WONT be through.

    Batista delivering Spinebusters and Batista Bombs to The Undertaker.

    Batista: I know when it comes down to it … I can … and I WILL … put … you … DOWN.


    The Undertaker: You leave me no choice … but to show … NO MERCYYYY!!!

    Shots of The Undertaker delivering his famous TOPE last month at SummerSlam to the Gods of War.

    The Undertaker: And you will find out … once and for all … that the Deadman … doesn’t BOW down … for ANY man … or any GOD.

    Taker delivering Chokeslams and Tombstones to Batista.

    The Undertaker: And you … at long last … will rest … innnnn … peeeeacccce.


    Replays of the controversial finish between Orton and Edge at the Great American Bash.

    Randy Orton: After the ways things ended between Edge and I at the Great American Bash, I should’ve been granted an immediate rematch – no questions asked.

    Shots of Edge getting his foot on the rope at WrestleMania, and the frustration in Orton when Edge just survived a potential count out.

    Randy Orton: I’m sick … and tired … of Edge squeaking by me, surviving by the skin of his teeth. I want closure.

    Clips of the brawls between Orton and Edge on Smackdown on Sept. 5.

    Randy Orton: I don't want any questions to remain unanswered at No Mercy. I don't want there to be any doubt about who the better man is. Edge?? He may be happy to try and get lucky again – but I’m not.


    Edge: Just like him, I want this whole thing to END at No Mercy. I want Randy Orton to know that the truth is he’s just not as good as I am.

    Flashing shots of Edge with the WWE Championship at various points over the last six months, including his victory over Orton at WrestleMania.

    Edge: You cant seem to get it into your thick skull that you are NEVER taking this title from me. NEVER!!! And I am SICK and TIRED of listening to him listing all these excuses for why he CANT beat me.

    Clips of the two being held apart on Sept. 5.

    Edge: He’s not the only one that wants closure here. Just let me and him FIGHT!!!

    Shots of Edge delivering the Spear to Orton; at WrestleMania, on Smackdown through the barrier when Orton injured his collarbone and on Sept. 5.

    Edge: And when it’s all said and done, the better man will be the one standing tall. And Randy?? You better understand that it’s gonna be ME!!!!


    Finlay: You’ll both get everything you’ve asked for.

    Edge and Orton fighting, each hitting Spears/RKO’s.

    Finlay: No Disqualifications. No Count Outs. No rope breaks. No excuses. No doubt …

    The two men being held apart on Smackdown.

    Finlay: No … Mercy.

    Clips of the two men trading blows throughout the year.

    Finlay: And the winner will simply be … the Last … Man … Standing.


    And finish on complete darkness, and a line from a narrator-

    “… No Mercy.”


    ~ !! PYRO !! ~

    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler open the show, with Cole hyping a night full of high stakes, four championships to be decided, and scores to be settled, whilst careers could be shaped forever with no room for mercy on this night.


    The first man out tonight though is the veteran JERRY LYNN who upset the odds to earn a Cruiserweight Title shot tonight by winning the ‘Cruiser League’. Michael Cole calls it an opportunity for Jerry Lynn to cap off an incredible career, but notes he’s a huge underdog tonight. Lawler chips in that Lynn looked off the pace at times during the Cruiser League, but used his veteran instincts to survive and overcome and he’ll need more of that to somehow dethrone the awesome champion tonight.


    And whilst Jerry Lynn has impressively avoided defeat since arriving on Smackdown in July, BRYAN DANIELSON has only tasted defeat TWICE in almost twelve months and in that time, he’s been Cruiserweight Champion for SEVEN months. Cole notes the names that Danielson has beaten in that time, and Lawler uses that to state that the only way he sees Lynn causing the upset tonight is if Danielson overlooks the challenge being posed – or Lynn flat out cheats … and he doesn’t envisage either scenario happening.

    Cruiserweight Championship Match:
    Bryan Danielson defends against Jerry Lynn
    The match begins with a sporting handshake, and is wrestled in a competitive – but respectful nature – throughout. It’s a basic chain wrestling sequence to start, playing up both men’s technical strengths, but whilst Jerry Lynn is equal to Danielson initially, the younger champion is able to soon dominate the exchanges, wrestling circles around the older man. As a result, Lynn scrambles to the floor, taking a moment to regain his composure – which gets a few boos from the fans.

    Back in the ring again, there’s another sporting handshake … but again, Lynn comes off second best in the wrestling exchanges, and the champion works over the shoulder of the veteran. Soon, Danielson looks to be closing in on a routine victory, but Lynn hangs on, refusing to stay down for a three count after a number of attempts by the champion to finish the match. Danielson drops Lynn, and goes up top, looking potentially to hit his diving Headbutt … but Lynn bounces up, catching Danielson in no mans land and TOSSES him off the top!!!

    Jerry Lynn takes the opportunity to catch his breath, and once Danielson regains his footing, Lynn goes on the attack, mounting his first real period of offence. He knocks Danielson down with two clotheslines, then an arm drag, before pounding Danielson with right hands, softening the champion up in the middle of the ring. Lynn runs off the ropes – right into a tilt-a-whirl … and a SHOULDER BREAKER from Danielson!!! Cover by the champion, 1...2...NO!!! Lynn guts it out by kicking out, despite the obvious shoulder issues, and retreats to the corner.

    But that just serves as an invite to Danielson, and the champion busts out his lightning fast plethora of dropkicks to the corner!!! Twice, Danielson lands … but when he goes for the corner dropkick a third time LYNN MOVES!!!!! Again, the challenger uses the break to catch his breath, unable to immediately take advantage, but he strikes first when they get to their feet, then looks for a whip – reversed by Danielson … but Lynn returns with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors to the champion!!! The impact sees Danielson tumble out to the floor…


    BUT HE MISSES!!!!!!

    Danielson avoids the contact and Jerry Lynn crashes and burns on the floor!!! On commentary, Lawler talks about Lynn being too slow to go for that splash which is why Danielson got out of the way. The champion slides back in the ring, sprinting off the ropes … SUICIDE DIVE TO JERRY LYNN!!!! Danielson picks Lynn back up, throwing the challenger back into the ring … but the veteran rolls right back out under the ropes on the other side!!! More boos for Lynn, but Lawler calls it a smart move … though Danielson decides to go for another SUICIDE DIVE-


    Danielson is left hung up on the middle rope, and Lynn gets back inside, looking to take advantage, snapping off a suplex for two count, before going up top … and this time is successful off the top – this time with a MISSILE DROPKICK!!! 1...2..NO!!! But despite the kick out, Lynn now has momentum, and the veteran reels off a flurry of offence; a back body drop, successive clotheslines, before a SIDEWALK SLAM scores 2. A Mr. Perfect neck snap scores 2 also, but frustration grows for the challenger, unable to keep Danielson down.

    Lynn shoots Danielson off the ropes, but the champion looks to surprise Lynn coming back – looking for a HURRICANRANA – COUNTER BY LYNN INTO A POWERBOMB!!!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Shaking his head, Jerry Lynn catches his breath getting to his feet, then signals for the move he’s used as a finish since coming back to the WWE – the TORNADO DDT!!! But as he goes for it, Danielson shoves Lynn off, then sends the challenger off the ropes – BUT LYNN COMES BACK WITH A THESZ PRESS!!!!!

    Lynn sends Danielson to the corner … but Danielson backflips off the ropes, and charges through the challenger with a running clothesline!!!! The stiff kicks to the chest follow … before the ROUNDHOUSE KICK to the SKULL connects, with Lynn slumping to the mat … Danielson covers … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! Jerry Lynn uses all his veteran instincts to survive. Danielson shakes his head, but sets up for the move he’s used to finish his last two PPV matches … THE ROARING ELBOW-






    Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion – BRYAN DANIELSON @ 09:56

    After having his arm raised, Bryan Danielson graciously helps Jerry Lynn back to his feet, commiserating with the defeated veteran. Lynn accepts the loss, and raises the arm of Danielson, putting the champion over, realizing he’s been beaten by the better man.

    Lynn then leaves the ring, giving Danielson his moment to savour the victory … but the Cruiserweight Champion isn’t quite done yet tonight it seems, as he calls for the microphone at ringside, and calls for his music to cut, wanting to say something…

    First, Danielson puts over Jerry Lynn for his effort tonight … but after beating Lynn, Danielson has something else he wants to do tonight. Danielson notes that there’s an OPEN CHALLENGE that everyone’s pretty excited about … and while he understands there’s a lot of people that want the opportunity … HE wants to be the one to answer it!!!

    After waiting out a big pop from the fans, Danielson notes that he BEAT Kurt Angle in the King of the Ring Semi-Final, and Angle outlasted him in the Smackdown Rumble … so he sees it as himself and Angle being 1-1 … and he wants to find out just who the better man is, and he wants Angle to get out here RIGHT NOW!!! Danielson now waits in the ring…

    As BACKSTAGE, the cameras catch up to KURT ANGLE marching through the halls, on his way to accept Danielsons challenge … but Paul Heyman races behind Angle, bent out of shape, trying to tell Angle to wait and that they didn’t prepare for this. He tells Angle they aren’t even scheduled to have the match until later and they don’t need to take a risk like this-

    But Angle stops in his tracks. Full of intensity, Angle asks Heyman if he believes in him … to which Heyman answers positively, telling Angle he believes in him more than anyone. “So why wait??” is the snappy response from Angle. Heyman thinks it over for a few moments, still on the fence … but sighs, and nods, with Angle snapping his gumshield in and taking off his t-shirt…

    And back in the arena, Cole and Lawler both get hyped, talking about the Match of the Year contender Danielson and Angle had at the King of the Ring when Danielson pulled off the upset, before calling this a huge test for Angle on his ‘comeback’…


    The Joe Louis Arena erupts as Paul Heyman leads out KURT ANGLE who makes his first appearance since losing at SummerSlam to Edge – a loss that led Angle to align with Paul Heyman. On commentary, Cole wonders what Angle’s mindset is, and how important it is he wins tonight, otherwise his alliance with Heyman could be dead in the water – as could his future in general. Heyman has words of encouragement for Angle before sending Kurt into the ring, going over strategy … but Heyman DOES look concerned, with Lawler commenting that he would’ve NEVER suspected Bryan Danielson to accept the challenge.

    Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman versus Bryan Danielson
    Much like the opener, there’s a tonne of respect between the two, and the early going is dominated by chain wrestling. Danielson though, is now the one struggling to keep up – just as Jerry Lynn was in the opening match of the night – with Angle’s obvious wrestling ability far too much for Danielson to cope with. It’s an impressive start for Angle, much to the delight of Paul Heyman on the outside … but surprisingly, Danielson starts to compete with Angle on the mat, countering holds with roll ups and other pinning predicaments – much to the shock of Angle, forcing Kurt to get more aggressive … but Danielson’s quickness helps him to avoid offence from Kurt.

    The momentum swings in Danielsons favour all of a sudden, taking the fight to Angle, softening him up with stiff kicks to the legs, rocking Kurt with forearms … and Heyman starts to look concerned on the outside. Angle is trapped for a short period in the Surfboard, but Danielson eventually gives it up as his shoulders nearly lay down for a three count. Danielson snaps off a suplex, gaining him a near fall, but out of the kick out, the Cruiserweight Champion traps Angle and starts BLASTING elbows to the neck and the jaw, roughing Angle up thoroughly. Having destroyed Angle with elbows, Danielson sets himself, waiting for Angle to get up … rushing toward him- RIGHT INTO A BELLY TO BELLY FROM ANGLE!!!!! 1...2...NO!!!

    Danielson survives the first suplex of the match, but the momentum has swung in Angles favour, and the Wrestling Machine is ferocious in getting to work on the Cruiserweight champion by delivering vicious European Uppercuts, backing Danielson into the corner, along with stomps. Angle snapmares Danielson out, locking on a front face lock, trying to wear Danielson down – with the commentary team noting that Danielson already had a ten minute match before this one begun and must be tiring. Still though, ever the fighter, Danielson battles out of the predicament, fighting out of the hold, but Angle looks for a side suplex – only for Bryan to land behind – and CLOBBER ANGLE WITH A HEADKICK!!! 1...2...NO!!!

    The headkick has Angle woozy, and despite the kick out, he’s in a little bit of trouble. Danielson becomes the aggressor again, taking the fight to Angle, but Kurt uses the Cruiserweight champions momentum against him, catching Danielson charging in off the ropes, and drops him on the ropes with a STUN GUN!! That rocks Danielson, sending him spiralling toward the corner, allowing Angle to rush in and bust out a rarely seen (for Angle) MONKEY FLIP!!!!! Heyman applauds the athleticism of Angle, with Kurt following up by delivering a leg drop and covering for another two count.

    Angle pushes Bryan into the corner, throwing his big overhand rights … but Danielson starts to blast back at Angle!!! Fighting tooth and nail out of the corner, Bryan is forcing Angle to back up, and the two men trade European Uppercuts … and it’s DANIELSON winning the battle … but Kurt has enough of that, driving a knee to the gut, and tosses Danielson over the top, looking to get himself a respite, but Danielson hangs on, landing on the apron. Frustrated, Angle comes looking for a big overhand right – blocked by Danielson, and Bryan HEADBUTTS Angle in response!! They tussle over the ropes, with Angle looking to suplex the Cruiserweight Champion back in … but Danielson wins out … SUPLEXING ANGLE OVER THE ROPES AND TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Heyman looks horrified, seeing the punishment his client is taking, with Lawler stating Heyman would’ve never expected such a hard hitting return match for Angle, and it’s certainly in the balance, as Danielson tosses Kurt back inside, scaling to the top rope himself … DIVING HEADBUTT – MISSES!!! Angle rolled out of harms way!!! Heyman breathes a sigh of relief, and calls on for Angle to finish this off, with Kurt getting back to his feet, grabbing Danielson … and looks for the ANGLE SLAM- NO!!! Danielson lands behind, then takes Angle down … AND APPLIES THE CATTLE MUTILATION!!!!!! Angle is in trouble … but he’s able to wrap his feet around the bottom rope!!!

    Angle takes a look out at his new manager once he gets the break, with Heyman as white as a sheet here, and Danielson isn’t letting up either!! He beats Angle into the corner, punishing him with kicks, softening Angle up for the trademark RUNNING DROPKICKS to the corner, delivering THREE in quick succession. Angle slumps to the canvas after the dropkicks, allowing Danielson to climb to the top rope … but with Heyman YELLING at Angle from the outside, the Olympian SURGES to his feet and charges up the ropes … BELLY TO BELLY FROM THE TOP BY ANGLE ON DANIELSON!!!!! Angle explodes after the demand from Heyman, and he crawls into a cover, hooking the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!

    From there, Angle drags Danielson to his feet, holding him by the arm before blasting him with a clothesline. He hangs onto the arm, and drags Danielson back up, putting him down again with another clothesline … then drags Danielson up for a third clothesline – BUT DANIELSON DUCKS IT THIS TIME … AND CATCHES ANGLE WITH A SMALL PACKAGE; 1...2...NO!!! Angle – unlike at the King of the Ring – is able to escape the small package … and bounces back up to his feet, DRIVING through Bryan with another clothesline!!! Angle doesn’t let up, bringing his opponent back to his feet, slamming Bryan back down with a side suplex, right into another cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

    Danielson refuses to lie down, but Angle goes straight into a rear chin lock off the kick out, and wraps his legs around the body to clench the hold in tight. Bryan struggles, but manages to elbow the legs of Angle to break the body lock, then starts to fight his way to his feet … until Angle breaks the hold and CLUBS the back of the Cruiserweight Champion. He shoots Bryan off the ropes, but Danielson ducks two clothesline attempts … before coming back with one of his own … AS HE AND ANGLE TAKE EACH OTHER OUT WITH CLOTHESLINES!!! Both men are down, with Heyman making himself heard on the outside, telling Angle “be first” … as they struggle back up … Angle is first to strike – but Bryan ducks a shot and delivers a GERMAN ON ANGLE … BRIDGING FOR A PIN; 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

    Angle just survives the German, but Danielson is to his feet first, blasting Angle with kicks to the chest, lighting Kurt up with Kurt unable to get off his knees. Danielson looks for the decisive roundhouse kick – ANGLE DUCKS … THEN GRABS THE LEG … AND SLAPS ON THE ANKLE LOCK!!!!!! The ankle lock is applied for the first time … but not for long- Danielson ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men get up and this time Angle does score first with a kick to the gut. He shoots Danielson to the corner … but Bryan runs up the ropes, backflipping off the top … SCOUTED BY ANGLE!! Kurt took a step back … and as Bryan lands on the mat … ANGLE GRIPS HIM – GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!


    Kurt Angle wonders what else he has to do to put Danielson away, with Heyman telling him from the outside to “stay focused” … and Angle starts to stalk Danielson, shaping up for the ANGLE SLAM – BUT DANIELSON LANDS BESIDE ANGLE AGAIN … AND TAKES HIM DOWN … INTO THE LEBELL LOCK!!!!! Cole notes Danielson used this same hold at the King of the Ring, whilst Lawler asks “how many holds does this kid know!?” For Angle, it’s too many, as he has to fight with all he has to survive another predicament … but he DOES … and grabs hold of the ropes for the break. Taking his time to get up, Angle tries to then surprise by Danielson by exploding … but Bryan catches him again, taking Angle down – RIGHT BACK INTO THE LEBELL LOCK!!!!!

    This time, Angle is caught in the middle of the ring … but he refuses to submit … and instead he counters – INTO THE ANKLE LOCK!!!! The tables are turned on Danielson … but the Cruiserweight Champion is able to grab the ropes!!! Both men are feeling the effects of the match, both slow to get up, as Angle strikes with a right hand – BLOCKED – and Danielson LOOKS FOR CATTLE MUTILATION – NO!! Angle slips out before Danielson can take him down – AND POPS OFF AN ANGLE SLAM!!!!! Cover; 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Angle slaps the mat in frustration, and down come the straps, with Angle ready to finish Bryan off … ANKLE LOCK – BUT DANIELSON ROLLS THROUGH!!!!


    Quickly, Heyman hurries to Angle, telling his client to get up … but when he does, Danielson is there, running off the apron with a FLYING KNEE to Angle on the floor!!! All the momentum is on the Cruiserweight champions side, and he tosses Angle back in, then scales to the top rope … FRONT MISSILE DROPKICK TO ANGLE!!! 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT – BUT DANIELSON TRANSITIONS RIGHT INTO THE CATTLE MUTILATION AGAIN!!!!! This time, Angle manages to battle whilst in the hold and Danielson loses his grip, but he keeps the arms locked – AND HITS A BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!!! 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!

    Danielson stands up, waiting for Kurt to rise to his feet again … and looks for the ROARING ELBOW that he’s used in recent months – but HEYMAN TRIES TO TRIP THE LEG!!! Danielson naturally turns around to confront Heyman, with Cole calling it a desperate move by Heyman for his client … as Angle (unaware of the trip) lunges at Danielson – ANGLE SLAM – NO!!! DANIELSON LANDS ON HIS FEET AGAIN!!! And Danielson traps Angle on the turn – REGAL PLEX!!!!! 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!! And after the kick out, Danielson AGAIN looks for the Cattle Mutilation … but Angle slips out before it’s applied … AND GRABS ON THE ANKLE LOCK!!!!!

    Angle torques the ankle, and Danielson is forced to dig deep to survive … and eventually COUNTERS into an ANKLE LOCK of his OWN!!!!! Angle is caught in his own hold by the technical wizard, but Kurt is able to turn over and KICK Danielson off!!! Danielson comes back, going for it again – CRADLE BY ANGLE – 1...2...NO!!! Both men get up, and Danielson strikes first with a forearm strike that backs Angle up toward the corner, then Bryan rushes at him – RIGHT INTO AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY FOLDING DANIELSON UP AGAINST THE CORNER!!!!! A sick landing for Danielson … and Angle stumbles around, worse for wear … before gripping Danielson – ANGLE SLAM!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 20:38

    FINALLY, Kurt Angle puts Danielson to bed, ending an EPIC back and forth battle – a battle even Kurt Angle couldn’t have envisaged earlier tonight. On commentary, Lawler and Cole overhype what they’ve just seen, putting over Danielson especially having just wrestled right before this match.

    On the outside, Paul Heyman breathes a sigh of relief – because the outcome could’ve been SO much different. Cole notes the interference of Heyman toward the end too – and while it didn’t lead directly to the finish, it was still notable that he felt he had to get involved.

    Back in the ring, Kurt Angle – having caught his breath – reaches down, gracefully helping his fallen opponent to his feet, instantly embracing Danielson with a hug and a rapturous applause from the fans in Detroit after witnessing an UNADVERTISED dream match – and the second Match of the Year contender they’ve put forward this year.

    Danielson then leaves the ring, collecting his own title that he retained earlier in the night, but has a few choice words for Paul Heyman – and despite being respectful to Angle in defeat, Danielson is clearly annoyed by the influence of Heyman toward the end of the match.

    Angle continues to soak up the moment in the ring, not even noticing the confrontation between Heyman and Danielson, with Cole and Lawler discussing just how much of an impression Angle left tonight – trying to strike a balance between questioning the vulnerabilities shown by Kurt tonight, and still try to put over the effort of Bryan Danielson too. They note Angle could’ve easily lost this match which could’ve been a death knell for him.

    Lawler questions just how much of a difference the last month has really made to Angle and that question marks will remain over his future as a main event player … and the actions of Paul Heyman during the match also create question marks over how much he believes in his new client.

    Heyman and Angle eventually leave, with Heyman looking clearly relieved at the victory tonight – a much tougher work out than Heyman exptected, unable to hide that expression, whilst Cole and Lawler begin to switch gears. The graphic shows up on screen for the PUERTO RICO STREETFIGHT up next … leading to a video package.

    A lengthy video package airs, highlighting the history of the feud between the SAN JUAN EXPRESS and the CARIBBEAN CONNECTION, dating back to last year, as Primo blamed Carlito for the knee injury that kept him out for a year.

    Back into the arena…


    Finally, Carlito and Kofi Kingston; THE CARIBBEAN CONNECTION make their long awaited return to action as a team, after a two month break. Both men are dressed in more casual – street – attire tonight, in keeping with the theme for the match. They make their way down the ramp – ONLY TO GET JUMPED BY THE SAN JUAN EXPRESS!!!!! Primo and Epico look to get the jump on Carlito and Kofi and the Streetfight rules means the match begins RIGHT NOW on the ramp!!!

    San Juan Express vs. The Caribbean Connection
    It’s not quite the high flying, fast paced match people may expect. Instead, the three Colons (and Kofi) wrestle the match as an homage to the old school matches from Puerto Rico involving Carlos Colon. From the get go, Primo and Epico are looking to take Kofi out of the equation to enable them to get a two on one advantage over the man they really want; Carlito. At ringside, Kingston gets tossed over the barrier, allowing the Express to get at Carlito for a brief period … until Kingston comes back LEAPING OVER THE BARRIER TO WIPE OUT BOTH OPPONENTS!!!!

    Carlito and Kofi take over now, as the match briefly makes it’s way into the ring. The Caribbean Connection show their teamwork, taking out Primo, leaving Epico all alone … as he looks to be getting set up for the BACK CRACKER FROM PARADISE … but Primo trips Carlito from the outside, and yanks him – balls first – into the ring post!!! Kofi slides out, coming after Primo, but he gets thrown against the announce table!!! Using their street attire to good effect, both Epico and Primo take off their belts from their jeans and begin to whip their opponents, punishing Carlito and Kofi.

    The San Juan Express take Kofi out of the equation again with a double suplex slam onto the steps, but before they can double up on Carlito, Carlito stuns them both with a double clothesline, taking his brother and his cousin over the barrier, taking the fight into the crowd, and amongst the people. Carlito does his best, and dishes out some payback by whipping his family with his own belt, but the odds are too great for him to stay in charge for long as Primo and Epico take over, with Primo hurting himself to hurt Carlito by delivering a side suplex on the concrete steps!!!!

    Epico then holds Carlito up against the railings, allowing Primo to punish the body of Carlito with a baton – having taken it from a (planted) security member. Primo then lines up a shot to the skull, but Carlito pulls himself up, getting his feet into the face of the incoming Primo … then rams Epico face first into the steel railings!!!! Carlito fights off both members of the San Juan Express until Epico smashes a chair across his cousins back!! They drag Carlito through the crowd … UNTIL KOFI KINGSTON RE-APPEARS WITH A RUNNING SENTON OFF A BARRIER TO BOTH MEN!!!!!

    Now, Carlito creates a space in amongst the fans, and LAWNDARTS Primo onto a slate of chairs!!! The comeback is on, and Kofi takes Epico, ending up at the production equipment beside the ramp, slamming his head off the tables, and using a laptop to nail Epico square in the face. Meanwhile, Carlito and Primo have wound up back at ringside and into the ring after Primo hip tossed Carlito against the ring post!!! Back up at the production equipment … KOFI KINGSTON BOOM DROPS EPICO THROUGH THE TABLES!!!!! (Just imagine the Boom Drop to Orton in 2009)

    For now, it leaves only the brothers; Carlito and Primo, with Primo in control, using a trash can over the head of Carlito, denting the weapon over his head. He goes up top with it, looking to crash down on Carlito … but gets caught with a shot to the gut coming off!!! Carlito uses the trash can now, putting Primo down, before busting out a double springboard cross body to his brother!!! Carlito then takes a CAMERA from a camera man, as he looks to bring the issue full circle; it was the camera that was used when Primo had his knee destroyed by MVP, it was the camera Primo and Epico used to screw Carlito and Kofi at Judgment Day … and now Carlito looks to use it here-


    Primo tries to talk his brother down, pleading with him to stop. On his knees, Primo tries to tell Carlito he doesn’t want this to continue any further. Carlito isn’t buying it though, and he looks to the fans with a smirk … teasing out the moment … BIG MISTAKE!! Primo LOW BLOWS Carlito!!!!! And without hesitation, Primo picks the camera up, looking to bash Carlito with it … BUT KOFI IS BACK – AND HE SPRINGBOARDS INTO THE RING WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO PRIMO!!!!! Carlito gets up … BACKCRACKER … FROM PARADISE!!!! The Caribbean Connection use their double team finish on Primo … but Carlito wants an exclamation point on it … using the camera – AND SMASHES IT OFF THE SKULL OF PRIMO!!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 11:24

    At long last, Carlito finishes off his brother – thanks to help from Kofi Kingston too. Exhausted from a physical war, Carlito and Kofi hug after having their arms raised, whilst we see the broken bodies of Primo and Epico – in the ring and by the side of the stage … an emphatic end to this long rivalry.

    Medics arrive at ringside to tend to Primo, whilst others help Epico at the side of the stage … as Carlito and Kofi leave the ring with the win. They make it to the top of the ramp, where Epico is being helped out … and Carlito can’t help himself. He takes a bite of his apple he collected from ringside … AND SPITS IT IN EPICOS FACE!!!!

    Too weak and weary to do anything about, Epico can only stand there – being helped up by agents – as Carlito and Kofi Kingston get the final word in the feud … with Cole putting it forward that perhaps now the Caribbean Connection could be setting their sights on the tag team titles in the future…


    Opening bars of ‘Sweet Disposition’ by The Temper Trap

    Quick shots of previous stadiums that have hosted WRESTLEMANIA filling up on the day of the show, and excited faces of fans young and old, before FIREWORKS. And then, the famous line uttered by Vince McMahon in 1987.


    Clips of Hulk Hogan and Andre The Giant face to face at WrestleMania III, Christian kissing the title at WrestleMania 23, Steve Austin winning his first title at WrestleMania XIV and Bobby Heenan coming to the ring backwards on a camel at WrestleMania IX.

    A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    Trish Stratus reuniting with and kissing Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 21, Ric Flair in tears after losing to Kurt Angle at his final WrestleMania appearance this past year, Bret Hart on the rosters shoulders at WrestleMania X, Austin shaking hands with Mr. McMahon at WrestleMania X7.

    “A kiss, a cry, our rights, our wrongs”

    Edge spearing Jeff Hardy in mid air off the ladder at WrestleMania X7, Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth reuniting at WrestleMania VII, Shawn Michaels on his knees at WrestleMania XII, Roddy Piper blasting a fire extinguisher at Morton Downey Jr at WrestleMania V.

    “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    The Undertakers entrance at WrestleMania XX, Triple H and Stephanie entering together at WrestleMania 23, Hogan and The Rock looking side to side at WrestleMania X8, Andre The Giant choking Bob Eucker at WrestleMania IV.

    “A moment, a love, a dream, a laugh”

    The Ultimate Warrior running to the ring at WrestleMania VI, Kane blasting off his pyro at WrestleMania 21, John Cena’s elaborate entrance this year and Shawn Michaels entrance at WrestleMania XII.

    “So stay there”

    Ricky Steamboat leaving in his cart with the I.C Title at WrestleMania III, The Undertaker with a tope at WrestleMania 23, Liberace dancing at WrestleMania I.

    “'Cause I'll be coming over”

    Austin trapped in the Sharpshooter at WrestleMania XIII, Randy Orton on his way to the ring with the title at WrestleMania XXIV and Vince McMahon peering up on the apron at WrestleMania XIX.

    “While our blood's still young”

    Flashing shots of Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania I, then XXII, The Rock at WrestleMania XIII then XXII and Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 2000 then XXIV.

    “It's so young, it runs”

    Clips of The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania XIII, Brent Albright capturing the Money in the Bank briefcase this year, John Cena giving The Rock the FU at WrestleMania XX.

    “Won't stop 'til it's over”

    Triple H raising the two titles at WrestleMania X8, John Cena capturing his first title at WrestleMania 21, fireworks going off after Christians win at WrestleMania 23 and Edge closing out WrestleMania 24.

    “Won't stop to surrender…”


    Backstage, MATT HARDY storms into the locker room, making a beeline for the exhausted BRYAN DANIELSON. A group of superstars are congratulating Danielson on an awesome performance – even in defeat – pushing Angle to the wire … but Matt Hardy isn’t as kind and confronts the Cruiserweight Champion, calling him “selfish” for taking the opportunity from someone else that didn’t already have a match.

    Before Danielson can respond, SIM SNUKA backs Matt up, agreeing with what Hardy says, but applies it to himself, telling Hardy he appreciates Matt going to bat for me … but Hardy isn’t in the mood for placating Snuka, telling the son of the Superfly he was referring to himself. Exhausted and beat up, Danielson excuses him from the conversation, leaving Matt and Sim to argue it out over who should’ve faced Kurt Angle…

    And it leads to Matt KNOCKING Sim down with one of his trademark stiff right hands!!! Matt is about to follow up, before roster members – including his own brother – hold him back. Jeff tells Matt to settle down, telling Matt “I don’t need this right now, I’ve got my match next” … whilst Matt talks about how this was supposed to be HIS night. Eventually … Matt calms down, seeing sense, and corrects himself to say it can still be THEIR night, and tells Jeff to go out there and slay the beast…

    Back into the arena…


    Theodore Long leads out the man he has guided to the best run of his career; MARK HENRYwho hasn’t tasted defeat since arriving on Smackdown and tonight eyes his first singles gold in nearly a decade!!! Cole and Lawler talk up the career altering victory Henry scored in the Worlds Most Famous Arena last month at SummerSlam, becoming only the third man ever to defeat Umaga, solidifying himself as the king of the Smackdown jungle. And tonight he’s the odds on favourite to leave with the U.S Title, with Lawler going as far to say that it’ll take a miracle for Jeff Hardy to survive this challenge.


    And despite the obvious disadvantage he finds himself in, JEFF HARDY still goes through the motions of his usual entrance, looking like he’s having a seizure. The U.S Champion slaps hands with fans as he makes his way to the ring, whilst the imposing Worlds Strongest Man patiently waits for his prey to enter the ring. Cole talks up the risk taking past of Jeff Hardy, but says he’s never been in more danger physically than he is tonight – with Lawler in full agreement. They talk up Jeff taking Henry off his feet two nights ago on Smackdown … but that was thanks to a ladder – he doesn’t have that option to help him tonight.

    United States Championship Match:
    Jeff Hardy defends against Mark Henryw/Theodore Long
    From the get go, it’s a game of cat and mouse with Henry hunting down Jeff and Jeff being elusive as he can. Hardy snaps off a few quick shots and kicks which have no effect on the Worlds Strongest Man at all … and eventually, Jeff tries it one too many times and Mark Henry gets a hold of the champion and TOSSES him across the ring with ease!! On commentary, Lawler confidently states it’s already over, as Henry grabs Jeff and powerfully slides him out of the ring front first with Jeff smacking off the floor!!! On the outside, Jeff writhes and Theodore Long takes the opportunity to talk trash to the champion, whilst Henry takes his time to follow out.

    Mark Henry meets Jeff on the floor, but Hardy puts up a fight, pounding the body of Henry – again to little effect – with the challenger then HEADBUTTING Jeff, dropping the champion back to the floor. Pressing Jeff above his head, the Worlds Strongest Man TOSSES Hardy over the ropes back into the ring!!! Taking his time again, Henry climbs back inside, and throws Jeff around with biels, before sending the champion into the corner, setting up an AVALANCHE in the corner … but he’s stunned as Hardy gets both feet up meeting the incoming Henry in the corner!!! The boots wobble Henry, as Jeff sits on top rope, then leaps off – right into an open handed chop by Henry to the chest!!!

    Hardy writhes on the mat off the big chop, clutching his chest as Henry stands tall, looking as dominant as ever. Hardy rolls onto the apron, trying to catch his breath and Henry comes to meet him by the ropes … but Jeff drops down, delivering a modified version of his jawbreaker – but using the ropes to hang the challenger up!!! Henry staggers back, and Jeff rushes to the top rope, COMING OFF WITH THE WHISPER IN THE WIND!!!! AND TAKES HENRY OFF HIS FEET FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! Quickly, Hardy follows up, delivering a flurry of dropkicks to try and keep Henry down … BUT HENRY SHRUGS THEM OFF!!!!

    The Worlds Strongest Man STILL gets back to his feet, but Jeff Hardy is throwing the kitchen sink at the challenger!! He kicks and punches Henry, doubling him over before running off the ropes, looking for a SUNSET FLIP – BUT HENRY DOESN’T GO OVER!!! He keeps his balance and reaches down HURLING HARDY UP and plows through him with a clothesline!!! Ragdolling Hardy, Henry RIPS Jeff’s shirt off with ONE rough pull, then clubs the back of Hardy!!! He shoots Jeff off the ropes, knocking him down with a big boot. Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Hardy crawls to the ropes, looking for some breathing space … but it’s an open invite for Henry to deliver his CHOCOLATE SLIDE!!!!

    Impressive from Henry, sliding over Hardy to the floor, and once out there, Theodore Long instructs his man to “bring it home”, with Henry nodding at the remit. He still takes his time getting back inside, watching as Jeff pulls himself to his feet in the corner, and comes looking for the AVALANCHE … AND THIS TIME GETS IT!!!! Hardy is SQUASHED in the corner by Henry, and flops on his face on the mat, with Henry dropping a leg across the back … 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!! Hardy wont give up, but it’s all one sided, as Henry brings him back to his feet again, SLAMMING Jeff right back down with authority. He bounces off the ropes, looking for a big SPLASH-


    Mark Henry splashes onto the canvas, and rolls to the corner, trying to pull himself up as Hardy showers him with blows, throwing everything he has behind them to put a dent in the challenger before going for the HARDIAC ARREST … BUT GETS CAUGHT BY HENRY!!! The Worlds Strongest Man lives up to his name, CATCHING Hardy going for his swinging corner dropkick move, CARRYING HIM out of the corner … WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM- NO!!!!!! Jeff squirms out, and OUT OF NOWHERE DRILLS HENRY WITH THE TWIST OF FATE!!!!! Hardy has Henry down, covering … 1...HENRY POWERS OUT AT ONE!!!!!!!

    Hardy looks shocked at the EASE of the kick out, but keeps throwing everything he has at the challenger – still unable to make a dent. A kick is caught by Henry, but Hardy explodes with a mule kick that knocks Henry tumbling into the ropes, coming charging back at Jeff … but the champion low bridges the ropes, seeing Henry tumble out to the floor!!! Hardy slingshots over the top – CAUGHT BY HENRY – WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! But he cant win the title on the floor!! Henry scrapes Jeffs mangled body off the mats on the outside, throwing him back in … and hits a SECOND Worlds Strongest Slam to put the exclamation mark on it!!! It’s academic; 1...2...3!!!!!!!!! New champion!!!
    Winner: And NEW United States Champion – MARK HENRY @ 08:30

    With an air of inevitability about it Mark Henry is crowned U.S Champion. Michael Cole gives Jeff Hardy credit for giving it his all – but NO ONE was stopping Mark Henry tonight. He and Lawler talk about the run Mark Henry is on right now; the best of his career … and he’s now got the gold to show for it.

    Naturally, Theodore Long is jubilant, doing his jig as he gets in the ring to join the Worlds Strongest Man – but Henry himself remains stoic and imposing, standing tall in the middle of the ring, raising his newly won gold. No smiling, no celebrations – just a job done. He hands the belt off to Theodore Long, allowing the manager to hug the gold, and show it to all watching.

    Henry and Long eventually leave the ring, taking the U.S Title with them, whilst we catch a glimpse of Jeff Hardy writhing on the mat, beaten and broken tonight – but again, Michael Cole puts over the valiant effort the now former champion gave tonight … but asks WHO – if anyone – will be able to pose a threat to Mark Henry as U.S Champion.


    The video opens with the late MISTER PERFECT, during his unforgettable baseball vignette, nailing a home run.

    He was Flawless.”

    Without looking, Perfect sinks a basketball with his back to the hoop.

    He was Impeccable.”

    Shots of Perfect on his way to the ring, and wearing the Intercontinental Title.

    He was absolutely perfect.”

    And now, we hear from the late great, cutting a promo with Bobby Heenan.

    There’s only ONE Mr. Perfect, and you’re lookin at him!”

    Clips of Perfect in action, from his early days, right through to his peak.


    Among clips of Perfect tossing his towel and posing, the voice of Vince McMahon on commentary.

    Mr. Perfect walks in no mans shadow.”

    Quick shots of home footage of Hennig with his family, and his friend, Wade Boggs sitting down for an interview for the DVD.

    Friends and family share their personal accounts of the man everyone came to truly love … but tragically lost too soon.”

    Hennigs father, Larry ‘The Ax’ speaks on the DVD.

    He had a great beginning, and a great middle, but losing Curt wasn’t really a great ending.”

    More clips of Perfect in action, on commentary, spitting his gum and smacking it away.

    This comprehsnive collection celebrates the life of one of the greatest athletes and entertainers in and out of the ring.”

    Perfect, in a tux, turning and winking to the camera.

    AND now you know why they call me Mr Perfect.”

    The Life And Times of Mr. Perfect DVD - available NOW.”


    After the package, we’re treated to a split screen between the men that will contest the main event tonight; Randy Orton and the WWE Champion Edge. Edge is shown sat in the locker room, deep in thought, whilst Orton is elsewhere, stretching his arms out using a band. Cole hypes the Last Man Standing match still to come tonight that will bring this long running saga to a definitive end…

    Elsewhere, The DiBiases are heading toward the ring for Ted Juniors match up next … when Smackdown GM FINLAY stops them!! The Irishman tells The Million Dollar Man that given the stakes attached to tonight’s match he’s not allowing Senior to join his son at ringside!!! Whilst Ted Junior is beside himself, apoplectic with anger at this late change … his father is extremely calm about it all. Too calm perhaps. He tells his son not to worry before shaking hands with a suspicious Finlay, leaving his boy to do the job on his own…

    Back in the arena…

    **I’M COMIN**

    Popping through his elaborate entrance chute, M.V.P makes his usual understated entrance, and looks cool, calm and collected – despite massive stakes being attached to his match tonight. But Lawler says MVP has every right to be confident right now after that last minute ruling from Finlay. The King even guarantees that Montel is going to wipe the floor with Ted Junior – a damning indictment on the ability of the Million Dollar Mans son.


    And pensively, TED DIBIASE JUNIORwalks through the curtain, drained of all confidence now that his father isn’t by his side … but our commentators note that it’s a feeling he may well have to get familiar with if he loses tonight.

    $$ ~ PAY THE PRICE ~ $$
    M.V.P vs. Ted DiBiase Jr.
    *If MVP wins; The Million Dollar Man must LEAVE the WWE
    *If DiBiase wins; MVP’s contract becomes the Million Dollar Mans property
    And if the confidence hadn’t drained out of DiBiase before the match, it’s soon gone when he comes up second in all the early exchanges. MVP shoves DiBiase away in the lock up, then the second time he gets the go behind, taking Ted down. Whilst DiBiase is able to escape the predicament, he then gets whipped off the ropes … and despite leaping over MVP coming back … he turns around; RIGHT INTO A SOLID RIGHT HAND!!! From there, Porter controls the youngster with a boring side headlock and when DiBiase scrambles out of the hold, MVP is able to out grapple him, humiliating Ted by slapping him around on the mat!!

    DiBiase rolls out of the ring, taking a walk, looking to get his head together … but MVP sneaks out, following up behind Ted and throws him back inside, then comes off the top rope with a shoulder block to DiBiase!!! It’s all MVP, but he maybe gets a little too cocky, and it allows Ted to poke him in the eye!!! DiBiase takes the telling off from the referee in order to gain the advantage, and he puts the boots to Montel in the corner, proceeding to then choke him blatantly in front of the referee. Lawler calls that a dumb strategy – risking a DQ which would mean his father ends up being banished from the WWE.

    It’s all basic, cookie cutter offence from DiBiase, targeting the head and neck area of MVP, trying to soften him up for the Million Dollar Dream and Dream Street … but it’s that regular boring offence of headlocks. MVP sparks a brief fightback, but DiBiase puts him back down with the boomerang clothesline spot, then scores a near fall off a suplex, but MVP is able to kick out emphatically. DiBiase continues to soften MVP up, slamming him and following that with a pair of fist drops … but it’s still not enough to get the job done. Growing impatient, DiBiase looks to hook up the MILLION DOLLAR DREAM … BUT MVP COUNTERS OUT!!!

    And from there, the fightback is on!! MVP runs through DiBiase with consecutive clotheslines, then fires off with rights and lefts to the youngster, shooting him off the ropes, and delivering a back body drop. His facebuster knee smash follows, which allows MVP to go for the PLAY OF THE DAY- NO!!! DiBiase avoids it, and school boys Porter – WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS … 1...2..NO!!!!! Montel still manages to escape the pin, then catches Ted as they get up, throwing him across the ring with a BELLY TO BELLY!!! Young DiBiase is down, and MVP plays to the fans … before delivering the BALLIN ELBOW!!!

    MVP looks to be closing in on victory, setting DiBiase … FOR THE DRIVE BY KICK – NO!!!! DiBiase ducks, and ROLLS like a coward out of the ring!!!!! Initially, he motions to walk out … then realizes what exactly is at stake and turns back to come to the ring … AS MVP DELIVERS A SENTON OFF THE TOP ROPE TO DIBIASE ON THE FLOOR!!!!!! Porter rises back to his feet, throwing Ted back inside … but as he’s about to follow, MVP gets CLOCKED to the back of the head by a heavy bag …


    Jimmy Korderas is occupied with Ted DiBiase, missing the entire incident on the outside as Jamie Noble has just knocked MVP out with a burlap sack full of something!!! Michael Cole wants to know what’s going on … and Lawler puts the clues together, working out why the Million Dollar Man was so relaxed … whilst Noble shoves MVP back into the ring, before hunching down, hiding under the ring … as COINS fall out of the bag he was carrying and used on MVP!!! In the ring, DiBiase – spaghetti legged – grabs MVP, dragging his lifeless body up … taking no chances … DREAM STREET TO MVP!!!!! DiBiase hooks the leg, making sure of victory … 1...2...3!!!!!!!
    Winner: Ted DiBiase Junior @ 06:08

    Cole sells shock at the outcome, yelling out that MVP is now going to HAVE to work for the Million Dollar Man!!! He also calls it a screw job, noting the interference of Jamie Noble behind the referees back, and questions what exactly Noble is doing out here. Lawler puts the pieces together, reminding Cole that Noble teamed with DiBiase a few times about a month ago prior to SummerSlam, and given the confidence of the Million Dollar Man earlier, this must’ve been planned all along.

    Now the decision is called out, Noble makes himself visible again, and helps the worse for wear DiBiase from the ring, all smiles … as the camera zooms in on the bag he used, which appears to be FULL of coins. The Million Dollar Man meets his son and Noble at the top of the ramp, shaking hands with Noble before hugging Ted Junior, being heard to say “I always have a plan, son!!” … with Noble chipping in “And I sure do gotta price!!”

    The trio are all smiles, jubilant in victory – no matter how dirty it may have been – as M.V.P stirs in the ring … coming to the realisation of what just happened … and the implications of his defeat. Cole notes that as of Midnight tonight, M.V.P’s contract turns over to the Million Dollar Man … and Porter will officially work for the DiBiases. Lawler quips that they’ll change the meaning of the ‘V’ in M.V.P to ‘Virgil’ from tomorrow…

    As The DiBiases and Noble celebrate on the stage, MVP struggles back to his feet, livid at what’s gone down tonight. From there though, Michael Cole moves on, stating that the future could well be bleak and humiliating for MVP because of his loss tonight … but a loss for MNM will mean the END for them as a team. A loss for MNM is unthinkable…

    A video package airs, telling the story of the MNM/Fight Factory feud, picking up when Melina turned on MNM at the Great American Bash to align with Burke and Barrett. The road to SummerSlam is highlighted too with MNM winning the belts back thanks to Sunny, but after the legend is taken out of commission, The Fight Factory win the belts back (thanks to Melina) on a House Show, leading to the stakes being attached tonight. No Melina at ringside … but the future of MNM in the balance.

    Following the video package, we head backstage to The FIGHT FACTORY and MELINA for an interview with Josh Mathews. Asked about their chances minus Melina tonight, Burke admits he’ll miss seeing his girl out by their side … but they’ve always been better than MNM, and with the chance to put the final nail in their coffin tonight, he and Barrett have all the incentive they need to finish MNM forever.

    Melina is asked about her own feelings and confidence considering she’ll have NO impact on this match … but she disagrees. She says she’s already made her impact on tonight’s match – she made it two months ago when she ditched MNM. And without her, MNM have proven they’re nothing … which is why she doesn’t have to be out there.

    Melina tells Josh she’s confident Elijah and Wade will do the job without her … because she KNOWS MNM can’t do the job without her. In closing, Melina states that the stipulation may say MNM will cease to exist WHEN they lose tonight … but the truth is, MNM DIED at the Great American Bash. Tonight, Burke and Barrett lay the ghost to rest…

    Back into the arena…


    Perhaps for the final time ever – as a team anyway – John Morrison and Joey Matthews; collectively known as MNM make their way to the ring. During the ring walk, Michael Cole runs down all their accomplishments in the last two and a half years; FOUR time tag team champions between Raw and Smackdown – with reigns lasting 9 and 6 months respectively, and the list of greats they’ve beaten over that period of time, solidifying themselves as one of the all time great teams … but it could all come to an end tonight if they lose.


    Minus Melina tonight – who is shown during the entrance watching closely backstage – the champions; the FIGHT FACTORY take their sweet time getting to the ring, keeping the challengers waiting … playing some last minute mind games perhaps. Cole openly questions how successful Burke and Barrett will be without Melina by their side tonight, noting that they’ve won the titles twice … but ONLY because of Melina.

    WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
    The Fight Factorydefend againstMNM
    *With Melina BARRED from ringside*
    Matthews and Burke start the match, and after some taunting by the cocky Burke, the pair lock up. After jockeying for position, Eli goes behind, but he and Matthews trade standing switches until Burke is able to clamp on a side headlock. Matthews shoves Burke off, but Burke comes back with a shoulder block to knock Joey down, and naturally gets cocky about getting the better of his opponent, turning to Morrison, taunting him … but Matthews has got back up and SLAPS the taste out of the mouth of Elijah when he turns back around … and quickly rolls the champion up; 1...2...NO!!!

    Burke gets up quickly off the close call, but swings wildly for a clothesline, and Joey is able to dodge it before reeling off THREE arm drags … followed by a DROPKICK!!! The dropkick sends Burke reeling toward his own corner, allowing Eli to quickly tag Wade Barrett. The brutish Brit takes his time to enter – much more composed and intimidating than Burke’s demeanour was, and he doesn’t take any chances with Matthews. He goes right into a side headlock off the lock up, and despite getting shoved off by Matthews, Barrett – just as Burke did – returns with a shoulder block. But he doesn’t mess around after like his partner – instead, Barrett follows that up with stomps and an elbow drop. He covers, 1...2...No.

    Barrett sends Matthews off the ropes … but Joey comes right back off with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors!!! Tag made to Morrison, and he comes straight in with a springboard corkscrew to take down Barrett again!! Together, MNM send Barrett off the ropes, lining up a double clothesline … but Barrett ducks under, and comes back off the opposite side … RIGHT INTO A DOUBLE HIP TOSS FROM MNM!!!! Cole puts over the team work of MNM, saying it’s for reasons like that they’ve been four time champions. Matthews heads out of the ring as Morrison lands with his flashy breakdance leg drop!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!!

    Briefly, the camera cuts to show Melina nervously watching the action backstage – not quite the image of confidence she was a little earlier – as Morrison sends Barrett into the corner, and drilling him there with a forearm smash. Snapmare out in the middle of the ring, and Morrison runs off the ropes, coming back with a running KICK to the face of his seated opponent … and follows that with a STANDING SHOOTING STAR!!!!! 1...2...BARRETT KICKS OUT!!! Burke was halfway into the ring during the count, showing just how worried he was about that, whilst Cole notes that so far, MNM appear to be the superior team.

    Morrison sends Barrett into the corner, coming in after him … but Barrett gets his feet up – only for Morrison to stop short and catch the feet!!! He swings Barrett out onto the ropes and lands with a STIFF kick to the exposed back of the Brit!!! Suddenly, Elijah Burke comes charging across the apron to cut Morrison off – but Morrison DUCKS, then springs off the ropes – DROPKICK TO BURKE!!!! Morrison and Matthews have an answer for EVERYTHING so far … and the champions know it!! Barrett gets out of the ring, and the Fight Factory take a walk at ringside, collecting their thoughts, trying to reset this match before it gets out of control for them.

    Confidently, Morrison and Matthews wait in the ring, playing to the fans as they appear to be enjoying their superiority over the champions thus far – and especially with the way the champions are dealing with it. Burke tags Barrett to become the legal man, and tries to rile Morrison, talking trash in the middle of the ring, telling him he took his girl and his belt … but Morrison doesn’t rise to the bait, telling Elijah he’s welcome to Melina … and he’s taking his belt back tonight. It’s Burke that ends up lashing out with an attempt at a boot – CAUGHT by Morrison – and he spins Burke around, then SMASHES him with a forearm strike!!!!

    Morrison pounds Burke down into the mat, eventually being forced off by Chad Patton. Burke complains to the referee … but it’s only to distract the official … as Barrett clobbers Morrison from behind!!!!! Matthews then naturally tries to intervene … but does so in the line of the referees sight and Patton cuts him off … allowing the Fight Factory to double up on Morrison, stomping him together and dragging him to their corner. Barrett slips back out of the ring before the referee turns back around, as Burke clamps on a chinlock to wear Morrison down.

    Soon enough though, Morrison battles up out of the predicament, but Burke quickly takes control of the situation by transitioning into a side headlock. Morrison pounds the rib cage of Eli though, trying to soften him up, and after blows to the ribs, Morrison is looking to shove Elijah off – NO - Burke grabs the HAIR of Morrison to keep control of him and delivers a clothesline!!!!! Tag made to Wade, as Matthews complains about the hair pull on the outside, not happy about Patton doing nothing about it – except give Burke a few words once he’s already out on the apron.

    From here, Barrett targets the leg of Morrison with some basic offence. He tags in Burke, and the champions slip in and out of the ring, focusing all their attacks on the leg of Morrison, whilst the cameras switch back to showing Melina smiling backstage, happy that her team have turned things around. Matthews gets agitated on the apron, unable to do anything about it right now … but that could all change as Burke sets Morrisons leg on the ropes, looking to elevate up to crash down on it … but as he does, Morrison gets his good leg up and KICKS the back of Eli – SENDING HIM TUMBLING OUT TO THE FLOOR!!!!! A moment of hope for Morrison!!!!!

    He crawls across the canvas, looking to make it to his corner and make a much needed tag to Joey Matthews … BUT WADE BARRETT DRAGS HIM BACK-



    Matthews hits the ring at speed, delivering a baseball slide to Elijah Burke first on the outside, then dropkicks Barrett in the ring!! Matthews looks to send the Brit off the ropes, but it’s reversed by Barrett, sending Joey into the corner. Barrett follows in … BUT MATTHEWS DUCKS OUT … JUST AS BURKE CAME RUSHING IN – HE CAN’T STOP HIS MOMENTUM – AND NAILS BARRETT WITH THE ELIJAH EXPRESS!!!!!!!!!! Elijah Burke takes out his PARTNER by accident!!!! Burke is frozen in shock … allowing Matthews to ROLL HIM UP … 1...2...NO!!!!!!!

    Burke JUST survives – but his partner is still out cold!! And things don’t get any better for Eli either, as Matthews catches him with a BULLDOG!!! Another cover; 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Burke is having to survive on his own right now; his partner is incapacitated and their manager is barred from ringside!!! Matthews tags in the recovering Morrison … and MNM are looking to finish this while the opportunity is there; they signal for the SNAPSHOT!!!! Matthews gets Burke up … BUT MORRISON IS CUT OFF BY BARRETT!!!

    Barrett shoves Morrison aside – but he’s still worse for wear, and Morrison is able to win the fist fight between them. He’s saved the match though, as Burke is able to get free from the shoulder of Matthews. The four men battle it out, all hell breaking loose – but it’s the challengers on top, with Morrison sending Barrett back out of the ring, as Burke gets put down by Joey Matthews. Matthews is ushered out of the ring, as Morrison sets himself – shaking out his bad leg from earlier – before leaping onto the ropes for STARSHIP PAIN-



    He only gets the Brit though … and Elijah Burke is able to make the most of it, grabbing Matthews before he can get up and TOSSES Matthews into the steps!!!! It leaves Burke with the chance to focus on Morrison – still down from the missed Starship Pain … and he slips into the ring, stalking Morrison … AND SCORES WITH THE ELIJAH EXPERIENCE!!!!! Cole declares that MNM are finished … as Elijah Burke hooks the leg … 1...2...MORRISON KICKS OUT!!!!!!

    Cole and Lawler both sell shock at Morrison kicking out, and Cole tells the audience that’s how much this means to the challengers tonight. Burke is visibly frustrated at the kick out, and takes that out on Morrison, pounding him in the corner, then sends Morrison off the ropes – or at least tries to – Morrison grabs the ropes instead of coming back … forcing Burke to come at him, but gets met with a forearm shot. Burke backs up, Morrison goes for a roundhouse kick – but Eli ducks it, then CHOP BLOCKS the bad leg of Morrison!!!!! Quickly, going back to the bad leg from earlier, Burke attempts a FIGURE FOUR-


    Burke tumbles into the corner, giving Morrison a chance to make a needed tag … BUT THERE’S NO ONE THERE!!!!! Matthews is still down from being sent into the steps!!! Meanwhile, Barrett IS available for Burke to tag, and the Brit comes in, dropping an elbow to the back of Morrison right away. Barrett applies a single leg crab … but Morrison is able to get to the ropes, forcing a break. It’s only a momentary respite though, as Barrett roughs Morrison up with some basic right hands, setting up for the WASTELAND-


    Now, Matthews IS in position for a tag … and Morrison crawls toward the corner …


    Morrison is forced to continue on his own, with a recovering Barrett peeling off the ropes, coming to meet Morrison – shot blocked by Morrison – and Morrison fires off on Barrett!!! Morrison then summons the energy to rush off the ropes – RIGHT INTO A BOSSMAN SLAM FROM BARRETT!!!!! 1...2...MORRISON KICKS OUT!!!!!!!

    Cole again puts over the spirit of Morrison to keep kicking out, but the champions are in total control, closing in on victory it seems. Barrett tags Burke, and they double team Morrison; side suplex by Barrett, leg drop by Burke … 1...2...BROKEN BY MATTHEWS!!!!! Joey Matthews is back, and saves the match for the challengers!!! Still though, Matthews is forced back out of the ring, leaving Burke to work over Morrison, delivering his 4UP on Morrison, then his flashy slingshot elbow drop!!! Cover again; 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!! Melina gets anxious as we are shown her again backstage, not liking the fact MNM are STILL alive.

    Burke again stomps Morrison down in the corner, softening him up to shoot him to the opposite corner. Burke then follows in, looking for a Monkey Flip … BUT MORRISON LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND SUDDENLY HAS A FREE RUN TO TAG MATTHEWS … AND MAKES IT!!!!!

    In the other corner, Barrett has tagged in off Burke, as they BOTH come after Matthews, but he ducks under a double clothesline attempt, then slides under Barrett on the return, kicking up at the Brit, and rolls out of the way of an attempted elbow drop by Burke!!! Dropkick to Barrett, hip toss to Burke!!! Matthews is cooking, and he catches Barrett coming in with a heel kick!!! He goes for the cover, but Burke is up, looking for an elbow … MATTHEWS MOVES!!! Burke elbows his own partner!!!!!

    Matthews heads up top, coming off with a MISSILE DROPKICK to BURKE!!! But Barrett then nails him from behind!!! Barrett – still worse for wear – calls out for his partner to give him a hand, and they set up for a double suplex … BUT JOHN MORRISON SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO THE CHAMPIONS!!!!! All four men are involved now, as Chad Patton loses all control of the match – the challengers deliver a DOUBLE GUT BUSTER ON BARRETT … THEN THE SAME TO BURKE!!!!! Burke rolls out of the ring as Morrison and Matthews signal for the SNAPSHOT on Barrett – they’re going for the win-



    Barrett lands on top of Matthews in a pin … as Morrison DIVES over the ropes onto Elijah Burke for the interference!!!! The count is made in the ring though; 1...2...NOT THIS TIME!!!!! Matthews kicks out!!!!! The two legal men are left in the ring, and Matthews takes the fight to the bigger man, softening him up to allow himself to run off the ropes … BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO THE BULLHAMMER FROM BARRETT!!!! He hooks the leg to end the team of MNM forever; there’s NO WAY Matthews can kick out … 1...2...MORRISON BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

    John Morrison saves the match – and the titles – and the team – at the very last second, but has to deal with a pissed off Brit in the form of Wade Barrett because of it. Barrett pounds Morrison, and hooks him up for a suplex … BUT MORRISON LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND CONNECTS WITH HIS MODIFIED NECKBREAKER!!!!! Morrison gets back to his feet, and shakes his leg loose … BEFORE CONNECTING WITH THE STARSHIP PAIN!!!!! Morrison drags Matthews over on top of Barrett; NEW CHAMPIONS SURELY??? … 1...2...BURKE BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

    It’s STILL going!!! Morrison pounds on the back of Burke following his interference, beating him into the ropes, looking to send him off – REVERSED by Burke – but Morrison springs onto the ropes … COMING BACK WITH THE FLYING CHUCK TO ELIJAH BURKE!!!!! Morrison drops Burke … but from behind Wade Barrett is back up, and despite being spaghetti legged, he tosses Morrison through the ropes to the outside. The Brit meets Joey Matthews as he struggles to recover STILL from the BullHammer, and after a boot, sends Matthews off the ropes, ducking for the return-

    SUNSET FLIP BY MATTHEWS … 1...2...NO!!!!!

    Barrett survives the pinning predicament, and catches a boot as he gets up … ENZIGURI BY JOEY MATTHEWS!!! Matthews heads up top … AND GETS SHOVED OFF BY ELIJAH BURKE!!!!! Matthews crashes to the floor!!!!!

    Morrison is back though and he knocks Burke off the apron in retaliation, then ducks a shot from the recovering Barrett, knocking the Brit back down with a jumping calf kick!!! Morrison tries a whip to the corner … but it’s reversed by the bigger man, and he sends Morrison in instead. Wade follows in – but Morrison ducks down, and elevates Barrett up and over the top, with Barrett landing on his feet on the apron.

    Morrison looks to knock Barrett off the apron – but as Wade hangs on-


    Matthews is back in, and gets on Burke, hammering him with blows to the back, beating him down to allow himself the chance to run off the ropes …





    THE FIGHT FACTORY SNAPSHOT JOEY MATTHEWS!!!!! Barrett hooks the leg … he and Matthews being the legal men … 1...2…3!!!!!!!!!!!
    Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions – THE FIGHT FACTORY @ 16:09

    John Morrison makes a late – feeble – attempt to break the count, too worn out after eating the double knees in the corner moments earlier. As Barrett rolls off Matthews, Morrison is left alongside his partner – inches away from breaking the count; both out, side by side. After two and a half years, MNM are FINISHED.

    We briefly cut to see RELIEF on the face of Melina; she DID make the right choice in the end by aligning with the Fight Factory. In the arena, there’s a lot of quiet, with the realisation that one of the most dominant – and over the last 12 months – popular teams in recent memory are no more.

    Cole puts over Burke and Barrett for getting the job done – without the assistance of Melina, or anyone else for that matter – and having the string to their bow that THEY ended the team of Morrison and Matthews. The champions collect their titles, arms over shoulders as they depart up the ramp, just as relieved as Melina perhaps to still be champions.

    In the ring … Matthews and Morrison; previously Mercury and Morrison, but collectively known as MNM … slowly come around, with the realisation setting in. They look to each other, both full of emotions knowing the impact of their loss tonight, and whilst still sat on the canvas, the long time partners share a hug, and get a rousing ovation from the fans to boot…


    It’s a dark, unlit room.

    Footsteps approach, hitting the hard floor.

    A solitary light goes on.

    A shadowy figure walks into the light.

    The camera pans up.


    Kennedy smiles for a few seconds, chewing gum, right up in the camera…

    I’m back.”

    Kennedy scoffs, and smiles, before stepping back out of the picture.

    The light goes out.

    It’s back to total darkness.



    Back in the arena, we’re treated to a HUGE ovation for MNM. John Morrison and Joey Matthews are now standing in the ring, surveying the reaction from the fans, soaking it up, as the final time they’ll team together and stand together in the ring.

    But after that, we cut backstage and see BATISTA brimming with intensity, making his way through the halls, as he gets set for action next, as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler switch gears…

    The same video package that aired on Smackdown, highlighting the entire history between Batista and The Undertaker dating back to LAST August is shown … hyping up the following match up…

    Back into the arena …

    **I WALK ALONE**

    For the first time since the Royal Rumble back in January, BATISTA enters for singles competition on Pay Per View … and it’s arguably the biggest one on one match he’s EVER had on Pay Per View. The Animal sets off his pyro, with Cole and Lawler discussing Big Dave being out on his own right now due to the injuries Steven Richards and Lashley have suffered over the last month at the hands of The Undertaker and Kane.



    As ever, it’s the long, drawn out walk to the ring for The Deadman … but the live crowd obviously love it. Batista paces back and forth around the ring as THE UNDERTAKER makes his wait, slowly making his way to the ring with King and Cole both putting over the feeling in the arena tonight – and any time that the Phenom makes an appearance. Cole notes how the Judgment Day and SummerSlam matches started (before the bell and during entrances) … but tonight, The Animal is staying back, giving The Deadman the opportunity to get in the ring to start the match officially…

    !! GOD vs. DEADMAN !!
    Batistavs. The Undertaker
    Unlike the matches at Judgment Day and SummerSlam, it’s a slower start – it’s not all guns blazing like those two wild tag matches. They instantly lock up, and grapple all around the ring, looking for the upper hand, trading places as they tussle to each corner of the ring … then Batista goes lower, picking Taker up and CHARGING him across the ring, crushing him in the corner!!! He steps out of the corner, roaring to the crowd, thinking he has an early ‘victory’ … until Taker comes steaming out of the corner with a clothesline!!!! Wake up call for Batista!!

    Taker then follows Big Dave as he stumbles to the corner, going to work with shots to the head and body. Taker sends Dave to the opposite corner, following in with a clothesline, then slams Batista down, coming off the ropes looking for an elbow – but The Animal moves out of danger!! Batista beats The Deadman into the corner, peppering him with right hands before going to work with shoulders to the gut – over and over, punishing the body of The Undertaker … Taker then SNAPS … and GRIPS Batista by the throat with both hands and HURLS Batista into the corner, opening up with rights and lefts again!!! Taker walks out of the corner, looking to build up steam, turning back around-


    Batista EXPLODES out of the corner, cutting The Undertaker in half!!! He doesn’t bother going for the cover, but instead reaches down, bringing Taker back up, sending him into the corner, driving into the gut again with shoulders before shooting The Phenom off the ropes, knocking him off his feet again with a reverse elbow. Taker retreats to the corner, and there Batista stomps a mudhole into the Deadman, having to be forced back by Scott Armstrong and warned about his conduct. Still though, The Animal is in charge, and whips Taker across the ring, into the opposite corner, then back body drops The Deadman as he bounces out.

    From there, Batista beats on Taker up against the ropes, landing blows, sending The Deadman off the ropes, ducking down for the return … ALLOWING TAKER TO RETURN WITH THE RUNNING DDT!!!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Batista gets the shoulder up emphatically, but despite that, the momentum swings toward The Deadman, and Taker starts to slow things somewhat, taking a little bit of time to work over the arm of Batista. It consists of his usual wringing of the arm, ramming the shoulder of Big Dave with his own … all to set up the crowd pleasing OLD SCHOOL!!! Taker walks the tightrope, coming down onto Batista-


    Big moment for The Animal!! Batista drills Taker, and looks for the follow up, trying to load up for the BATISTA BOMB … BUT TAKER BACK DROPS OUT OF IT!!! The two men go toe to toe now, trading shots, trying to put the other down … until The Undertaker starts to come out on top, winning the fist fight, beating The Animal into the ropes … then takes a run at him – but Batista ducks a clothesline attempt … AND CLOTHESLINES TAKER OVER THE TOP TO THE FLOOR INSTEAD!!!!! BUT TAKER LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Like the zombie he is, Taker shrugs off the clothesline, then trips Batista from the floor, dragging The Animal to the outside and SLAMS Batistas head off the steps!!!!

    Batista staggers around the outside, with Taker on him, ramming Batista into the ring apron before setting him on the apron and delivers some short, sharp elbows to keep him down. Climbing onto the apron, Taker sets himself … before delivering his leg drop on the apron!!! Back inside, Taker sends Batista to the corner, following in and crushing him with a clothesline in the corner … then scoops him up onto his shoulders … SNAKE EYES!!! The Deadman runs off the ropes … BIG BOOT TO BATISTA!!!!! Now, The Undertaker signals for the CHOKESLAM!!!!! He lies in wait for Batista … AND GOOZLES HIM FOR THE CHOKESLAM-


    The Animal DRAGS the hand of The Phenom from his throat, shocking our commentary team, before The Undertaker cuts The Animal off by kicking him in the gut!!! Batista backs up toward the ropes, with Taker coming toward him, but The Animal reverses and throws Taker over the top to the floor. He follows out, jumping off the apron with a sledge to knock Taker off his feet, then sends him OVER THE STEPS with a nasty bump for the Undertaker!!! Wasting little time, The Animal tosses Taker back inside, thinking he’s got the upper hand now … but the momentum keeps shifting back and forth at a breakneck speed … and it does again when Big Dave sends Taker off the ropes … with Taker ducking a clothesline … before coming back-


    Both men struggle back up … but Batista walks right into the path of The Undertaker …


    1...2...BATISTA KICKS OUT!!!!!

    Getting back up, Taker firstly shakes his head at the kick out … then makes the throat slash gesture; it’s TOMBSTONE TIME!!!!! The Phenom gets Batista up onto his shoulders … but CANT get him into the correct position, allowing Batista to REVERSE the momentum … shifting Taker onto his shoulder … FOR A RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Batista shrugs the kick out off, and takes a HUGE risk, climbing up the turnbuckles … laying in wait for Taker to get up … risking it all … WITH A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK OFF THE TOP TO THE PHENOM!!!!!

    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler both comment on Batista taking to the sky, putting over how much this means to him tonight and the lengths he’s willing to go to win. He runs Taker into the corner, ramming his shoulder into the gut again … and takes another risk, MOUNTING Taker in the corner, pounding his foe … and everyone that’s ever seen this spot in a Taker match before knows what’s coming next- AND TAKER GRABS BATISTA BY THE TRUNKS … LOOKING FOR A LAST RIDE OUT OF THE CORNER-


    The Animal bounces up onto his feet, and shakes the ropes … IT’S BATISTA BOMB TIME!!!!! He reaches down, looking to bring Taker up to get him into position-


    Batista is caught in the suffocating hold of The Deadman, reaching wildly, trying to find the ropes, with the air being drained out of him … he’s fading … he’s unable to break the hold … he can’t get near the ropes … and Taker tightens the grip of the hold, squeezing the air out of The Animal…



    Batista struggles back to his feet, selling the submission hold he JUST managed to survive … WHEN THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!! BUT BATISTA GOES THROUGH HIM – WITH A LOW DIVING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! The Undertaker isn’t sitting up anymore!!! And from there, Batista QUICKLY drags Taker back up … no wasted motion … BATISTA BOMB TO THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! A second – EMPHATIC Batista Bomb!!! 1...2...3!!!!!!!! Batista beats The Undertaker CLEAN as a whistle!!!!!
    Winner: Batista @ 12:28

    Immediately, Cole and Lawler sell it as the biggest singles victory of Batista’s career, knocking off The Undertaker, without any tricks, without any interference; CLEAN in the middle of the ring. There’s no major outward show of emotion from The Animal though – he gets his arm raised, and after yelling out at the audience in trademark fashion … it’s business as usual.

    Batista looks down at the writhing Undertaker, sneering at his beaten foe, content to have beaten The Phenom as he set out to do. The Animal proceeds to leave the ring, storming up the ramp, as Cole talks about Batista ending this long running saga tonight, and that while The Undertaker may not bow to any ‘God’, he’ll have to accept that on this night, he was beaten by the better man.

    Lawler wonders aloud what’s next for Batista after this, noting the continued absence of Lashley and Steven Richards … and without them, Batista just picked up the biggest win of his career … leading Michael Cole to suggest that The Animal will have a keen eye on the main event coming up – and may just be eyeing the winner of that match.

    In the ring, after Batista disappears from sight, The Undertaker struggles – but manages – to sit up, showing that even in defeat, he’ll never rest in peace. Cole puts over The Deadman, even despite losing tonight, saying that it takes a special effort to get one over on The Undertaker, and despite losing tonight, he remains the ‘Conscience of the WWE’ …


    In this world, DOMINANCE is key.”

    Batista delivering a Spinebuster on The Undertaker at Judgment Day, Mark Henry giving Umaga the Worlds Strongest Slam at SummerSlam.

    In this world, POWER is the ultimate currency.”

    Beth Phoenix standing tall with her Womens title, The Brian Kendrick getting his head shaved after losing at SummerSlam.

    Here, STRENGTH is in NUMBERS.”

    The Master Craftsmen standing tall together, Melina aligning with the Fight Factory.

    And here, WEAKNESS will be EXPLOITED.”

    Randy Orton PUNTING countless innocent victims over the last 18 months, CM Punk blasting Shawn Michaels with the Bible in August.

    To stand above ALL others…”

    Shots of Christian, Edge and John Cena over the last few years with World Title belts.

    To be at the TOP of the food chain …”

    Kurt Angle screaming out after a victory, neck muscles bulging, Chris Jericho sneering at the audience on Smackdown.

    SURVIVAL isn’t just an INSTINCT.”

    Mister Kennedy attacking Mr. McMahon on a recent episode of Raw, John Cena beating up Drew McIntyre on Raw during the summer.

    It’s a way of life.”

    Triple H blasting multiple people over the years with a sledgehammer, The Undertaker sitting up at WrestleMania.

    And the only way to GUARANTEE SURVIVAL in this world?”

    The following words THUD onto a black screen.





    We once again get a split screen of the two men that are moments away from competing in the main event. WWE Champion Edge and the former champion Randy Orton are shown in different areas, both making their way toward the entrance, as Cole hypes that match … just as FINLAY crashes the shot with Edge.

    The Smackdown General Manager tells Edge he needs to talk with him- but he barely has those words out when Edge snaps back at him to “Save it.” Finlay tries to tell Edge it’s something urgent and that it can’t wait, leading Edge to tell the GM that nothing is more important than what he’s about to go through, and unless Randy Orton has vanished or has backed out at the last minute, it’s NOT urgent.

    Storming off, Edge tells Finlay that whatever it is he’s got to say to him “can wait” … and gives Finlay no opportunity to say whatever it was he wanted to. Frustrated, the Irishman puts his hands on his head, exhaling … shaking his head … troubled.

    A video package now airs, hyping the Last Man Standing match for the WWE Championship. Beginning with the announcement of this match – and the reasons for it – clips are shown of the controversy surrounding WrestleMania and the Great American Bash. Included are snippets from both men watching their matches back in recent weeks, along with the two brawling all over the arena. Tonight – it all ends.

    Back into the arena…


    As is generally custom, the challengers enters first. Michael Cole notes that RANDY ORTON is a man that’s grown accustomed to being WWE Champion after a year long title reign … but has been unable to win the title back for the last six months, and it’s almost driven him to breaking point. But Lawler reminds his colleague that Orton kept his composure a month ago at SummerSlam when refereeing the WWE Title match in order to book his title shot tonight, but also states Orton has every right to be at breaking point after the way he lost the title, and his rematch ending unsatisfactorily at the Great American Bash.


    And the WWE Champion EDGE follows. With the spinner belt around his waist, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar sets off his pyro, before the camera gets a close up – showing the focus and intensity in the champions face. Edge paces toward the ring, looking ready to explode, as Cole speaks on commentary about Edge’s entire reign being overshadowed by Randy Orton … but tonight, he gets to put Orton out of the picture for good. He gets to the ring, and SOMEHOW, both men can restrain themselves for the introductions to be made… but as soon as the bell rings…

    WWE Championship Match:
    Edge defends against Randy Orton
    THE FIGHT IS ON!!!!! Both Edge and Orton coming tearing toward one another, both with the same idea, hammering into one another at the same time in a war of attrition … and it’s a war that the WWE Champion wins out!! Edges blows begin to overwhelm Orton with the ferocity of his blows, forcing Orton to back up … but Edge doesn’t let up!! Orton lands a kick to the gut of Edge … but the champion roars back, taking Ortons head off with a clothesline … and follows that with two more in quick succession!!! After the third clothesline, Orton wisely rolls out … but doesn’t get long to recover as Edge comes out with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA to the challenger!!!!!

    Edge is pulling out all the stops early on!!! He prevents Orton from getting any time to recuperate, but instead of letting Charles Robinson begin a count, Edge elects to drag Orton right back up, bringing him back into the ring, with Cole surmising that Edge knows it’ll take a lot to keep Orton down – and he doesn’t want it to be over this early either. Back inside, Edge sends Orton HARD into the corner – so hard that Orton bounces right back out; and into the path of the champion – Overhead Belly to Belly!!! Again though, Edge waves off the official as he tries to start a count – he doesn’t want it yet.

    Instead, the champion beats on Orton in the corner, roughing him up with stomps, before soon delivering a series of his corner Spears to his trapped challenger. In full control so far, Edge shoots Orton off the ropes, nailing him on the return with a spinning heel kick. And already, the champion is motioning for the SPEAR!!! But Orton senses what’s coming as he gets up and instead bails out of the ring, sliding to the floor instead of getting to his feet … and the fans let him know what they think about that. Orton takes a walk … but Edge is right out after him on the other side, coming to meet Randy – only for Orton to score first with a kick to the gut.

    Now, Orton follows with one of his European Uppercuts, before shoving Edge into the ring post. The champion is staggered by the impact with the post, which allows Orton to finally build some momentum, pounding the back of Edge as he leads the Rated ‘R’ Superstar around ringside. Orton looks to send Edge into the post again, but the champion fights back!! Edge unleashes a barrage of shots on Orton as they battle at the bottom of the ramp, but Orton stops the comeback dead with a rake of the eyes, then lines up a right hand – blocked – and Edge transitions to a HIP TOSS on the floor!!!

    AGAIN, Edge waves off an attempted count from the referee, and instead brings Orton right back to his feet, dragging him toward the steel ramp, setting up for a SUPLEX on the steel – BUT ORTON BLOCKS IT!!! Edge tries again – but Orton blocks a second time … BEFORE POPPING OFF A SUPLEX OF HIS OWN ON EDGE – RIGHT ON THE STEEL RAMP!!!!! Edge writhes in agony off the impact … but Orton is hurt too, as Charles Robinson starts his first count of the night. He only makes it as far as THREE though before Orton grabs him, telling him to stop, whilst dragging himself to his feet. Just like Edge, Orton doesn’t want to try and end it just yet.

    Instead, Orton grabs a hold of Edge, and RAMS the champion into the barrier at the ramp, and charges him across to the opposite side barrier too!! Softened up, Orton sends Edge back toward ringside, tossing him into the ring apron!! Edge drops to his knees, clutching at his back again, as Orton proceeds to RIP AWAY the protective mats at ringside!!! Orton again pummels Edge with clubbing blows to the back, beating Edge down to his knees, before stomping his face to knock him over. Orton pulls Edge back up, trying to position him- FOR AN RKO ON THE EXPOSED FLOOR-

    BUT EDGE TURNS ORTON AROUND – TRIPS HIM – AND CATAPULTS ORTON FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!!! Orton hits the post full force, and staggers back with a far away look in his eyes … allowing Edge to follow up with a SWINGING NECK BREAKER ON THE EXPOSED FLOOR TO ORTON!!!!! And this time, Edge is content to allow the count be made, taking a few moments to get to his feet himself, taking a little something out of himself to deliver the neckbreaker on the floor.

    1 … 2 …

    Edge is back to his feet, but Orton is still writhing on the cold floor, hands behind his head, feeling his neck in agony.

    3 … 4 …

    Orton rolls over onto his front, crawling on his hands and knees to the steel steps, using them to push up on as he tries to get back to his feet.

    5 … 6 …

    Just as it looks like Orton is about to beat the count, Edge is right back on him, slamming the head of his rival off the steps, before throwing Orton back into the ring. Inside, Edge follows Orton into the corner, battering him again with right hands, beating Orton right down into a seated position in the corner, allowing Edge to back out, coming racing back in – for a low corner dropkick … BUT ORTON GETS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Edge dropkicks the turnbuckle instead as Orton slithered out of the ring!!! And the challenger wastes little time from there … HANGING EDGE OVER THE APRON-


    Lawler calls that a “game changer” on commentary, with Orton wheeling out one of his big moves – but a modified; extreme version – with a much greater drop for the recipient. Naturally, Orton is content to allow Robinson to conduct his count after that – and Michael Cole wonders if Edge can recover and get to his feet after that sickening DDT from the apron.

    1 … 2 …

    Edge hasn’t moved … and Orton tries to catch his own breath, doubled over on the apron.

    3 … 4 …

    Orton tells Robinson to “get on with it”, clearly unhappy with the speed of the count, just as Edge begins to stir, trying to push onto his elbows, but struggles to push up with his hands.

    5 … 6 …

    Edge crawls toward the announce table, using it to get to his feet, as Orton huffs.

    7 … 8 …

    The champion beats the count, but gets no respite from the challenger, as Orton instantly grabs him by the tights, and sends Edge hurtling into the steel steps!!! Orton stomps Edge, and tosses him back into the ring where he methodically starts to take over, raking his boot on the face of the champion. Orton starts to wrestle the contest at his pace – a boring pace – and even manages to find a spot for his soul destroying chin lock. Just not for long. Edge quickly escapes the hold, and starts to fire back at Orton, teeing off as they stand toe to toe in the middle of the ring, before rushing off the ropes- RUNNING RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK FROM ORTON!!!!!

    Charles Robinson proceeds to count Edge down, but the champion is crawling quickly toward the ropes, and the official barely utters TWO before Orton is back on Edge, pounding him viciously at the ropes … BUT EDGE FIGHTS BACK AGAIN!!! Fighting off the ropes, the champion wont take it laying down, and sends Orton off the ropes, ducking down for the return – but Orton comes back and KICKS Edge away!!! He looks for a side suplex, but Edge backflips out of it, and grabs Orton now – RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!! Edge takes Orton down, but doesn’t wait for a count and instead mounts Randy on the mat – HAMMERING AT THE CHALLENGER WITH OLD FASHIONED GROUND AND POUND!!!!!

    Edge then grabs Orton by the head, smashing the back of it off the mat over and over, before relenting, and pointing down at Orton, instructing Charles Robinson to count…

    1 … 2 …

    Orton sits up onto his elbows, rubbing the back of his head, shaking the cobwebs loose.

    3 … 4 …

    And the challenger starts to attempt to get to his feet, getting to his knees, and Edge cuts the count off, instead meeting Orton and wailing at him!!! And Orton is powerless to do anything about it, caught on his knees, at the mercy of the rabid champion. Edge finally relents … but only to run off the ropes for another assault toward Orton … coming back-


    Both men are down, with Orton selling the onslaught from Edge, and Edge obviously having been the recipient of that awesome powerslam. The count is made by the official…

    1 … 2 …

    Orton shakes the cobwebs loose, and pushes back to his feet, but Edge is still in a bad way off the Power Slam.

    3 … 4 …

    The challenger is up, and as Edge follows, he snaps him back onto the canvas, breaking the count before he starts to methodically perform the Garvin Stomp on his long time foe, before delivering a knee drop right on the face!! Edge is down, and Robinson begins to count…

    1 … 2 …

    As Charles Robinson counts, Randy Orton makes his way to the corner … and REMOVES THE TOP TURNBUCKLE PADDING!!!!! Edge is struggling, but quickly making an effort back to his feet.

    3 …

    And Orton cuts the count short, sticking his boot into the face of Edge, looking to keep him under control, and drag the champion back up … looking to whip Edge into the exposed turnbuckle – but Edge REVERSES the Irish Whip – and ORTON can’t put the brakes on – COLLIDING BACK FIRST INTO THE CORNER WITH THE BUCKLE!!!! Orton bounces out of the corner, contorting his back … and stumbling into the path of Edge … and his MODIFIED BULLDOG!!!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Both men are initially down, with Edge trying to recover from a sustained attack from Orton, but he’ll comfortably beat the count, already on his knees.

    3 … 4 …

    Orton starts to show signs of life, with Edge now back to his feet, watching as Randy makes a reach for the ropes.

    5 … 6 …

    And using the ropes, Orton is able to find his vertical base, beating the count … but as soon as he peels away from the ropes, Edge meets him with a kick … AND GOES FOR THE EDGECUTION- BUT ORTON BLOCKS IT!!! The challenger slips out of danger, and drops as Edge barrels toward him, dumping Edge over the top and to the floor with a back body drop!!! Edge lands hard on the floor, any momentum he was building now gone, with Orton following out, looking straight under the ring apron … PRODUCING A SINGAPORE CANE!!!!!

    And the challenger WELTS Edge with the Cane!!! Repeatedly, Orton smacks the weapon across the back, with Edge staggering away, yelling out in pain with each shot, but REFUSES to go down!!! Instead, Edge keeps trying to create some distance, as the maniacal Orton closes him down, revelling in each brutal shot!!! SEVEN shots in all Orton strikes across the back of the champion, and grabs the arm of Edge, swinging him around, looking to smack him in the gut- EDGE CATCHES THE CANE!!!!

    Trapping the cane between his ribs and arm, Edge blocks the shot, then YANKS the Cane OUT of Ortons possession … AND EDGE CRACKS ORTON WITH THE CANE INSTEAD!!!!! Wielding the weapon, Edge goes postal, smacking any part of Ortons body that is available, with Randy crumbling to his knees, covering up, into a turtle position, trying to protect himself … but that doesn’t put Edge off!!! The champion brutalises the challenger, wearing the Cane out!!!! The weapon splinters from the usage, as Edge finally relents, and throws the Cane away … whilst Orton looks to escape INTO the ring. Edge isn’t too far behind though, and Orton retreats to the corner, telling Edge “No more. No more.” …

    But Edge obviously isn’t going to buy that … and he comes charging across the ring to Orton in the corner … BUT ORTON DROPS – DROP TOE HOLD ON EDGE … sending Edge FACE FIRST INTO THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!!!!!!!!! Edge’s face smashes off the turnbuckle, and the champion remains slumped in the corner as a result – potentially knocked out COLD … yet he’s ON HIS FEET!!! Orton takes a second to recover, still spaghetti legged from the welts of the Singapore Cane … as we see Edge has been BUSTED OPEN from the impact of his face hitting the exposed turnbuckle!!! Orton then pulls Edge out of the corner … delivering his INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Edge remains flat on his back – his face a crimson mask – whilst Orton sits on his knees, blowing hard, showing the effect the match has had on him.

    3 … 4 …

    Still, Edge hasn’t moved, whilst Orton is on his feet, leaning back in the corner, resting up should the match need to continue.

    5 … 6 …

    And Edge is STIRRING!!!!! Michael Cole asks where the champion is getting this from, as Orton shakes his head, growing frustrated, clenching his fists, clenching his jaw … and climbs OUT of the ring.

    7 …

    On the outside, Orton grabbing a steel chair from under the ring, preparing for the match to continue obviously, as Edge stumbles around, a bloody mess, trying to get to his feet.

    8 …

    And Edge JUST about stays on his feet, but he’s extremely unsteady … whilst Randy Orton is back in the ring, carrying a chair, but sets it down on the mat, before coming back for Edge, and pounds him down by the ropes, beating the champion into the mat, keeping him down before picking up the chair, opening it up, and setting it in a position to sit on it.

    There’s a sick grin on the face of Orton as he looks at the chair, licking his lips, before softening Edge up a little more in the corner with straight right hands – right hands that Edge cant even try to protect himself from. Orton shakes his own hand out from the ferocity of the blows, before grabbing Edge by the face, getting right in it with a crazed look on his own face, speaking through gritted teeth into his rivals ear … then drags Edge toward the chair-




    HOLY SHIT!!!” chants reverberate all around the Joe Louis Arena, as Randy Ortons Body crashes through the upright chair, and buys Edge some time to recover from the beating he’s been on the end of. Orton has taken his focus off his opponent … instead screaming out as he tries to get up. He turns around-


    1 … 2 …

    Cole and Lawler wonder if this will be it, after Orton copped a clean Spear, moments after the landing on the chair. Edge is sat on his knees at this point too, blowing hard, blood streaming down his face.

    3 … 4 …

    Orton is yet to move an inch, as Edge shifts back on his ass, grabbing onto the ropes to attempt to pull himself to his feet.

    5 … 6 …

    Edge pulls himself to his feet, but Orton is STILL down, and STILL yet to move a muscle. There’s a very real sense on commentary that this could be it.

    7 … 8 …

    But Orton begins to STIR!!!!! Unpopular he may be, but Randy Orton is digging deep, such is his desire for the WWE Title. At the ropes, Edge throws his head back – he’s ready for this to be over. Orton gets on his hands and knees.

    9 …

    And JUST manages to reach a vertical base – if only for a moment – before stumbling into the ropes, with the ropes being the ONLY thing keeping him up!!! Orton has beaten the count … but he isn’t standing for long as Edge BOOTS Orton in the face, sending the challenger right through the ropes and tumbling to the floor!!!!!

    Edge – full of intensity, and covered in blood – feeds off the adrenaline, following outside, and there, Edge is picking Orton up … AND DROPS HIM ON HIS BACK ON THE TOP OF THE BARRIER!!!!! Edge throws Orton back into the ring … but before following inside himself … Edge looks under the ring … AND PRODUCES A LADDER!!!!!!

    Cole notes that Edges history with ladders needs no explanation, with the WWE Champion sliding the ladder into the ring, picking it up – all with Orton unaware, as he pulls himself up by the ropes – and as Orton pushes off the ropes, he turns … RIGHT INTO A LADDER BEING JOUSTED INTO HIS GUT!!!!!

    Orton naturally doubles over, allowing Edge to raise the ladder … AND BRINGS IT CRASHING DOWN ACROSS THE BACK OF THE CHALLENGER!!!!! But that’s not enough for Edge!! With Orton down, Edge sets the ladder down, before rolling Orton BETWEEN the two sides of the ladder … Orton is sandwiched … and Edge proceeds to SMASH THE LADDER ONTO ORTON!!!!

    Repeatedly, Edge lifts and smashes the ladder down onto the trapped body of Randy Orton, showing NO MERCY!!! Finally, Edge relents … but it’s only out of exhaustion to himself, rather than mercy.

    1 … 2 …

    Charles Robinson begins to conduct his count, as Edge leans into the ropes, burying his bloody head against the ropes, hoping he’s done enough this time to keep Orton down…

    3 … 4 …

    Orton is still wedged between the ladder, yet to make a move, as Edge throws his hair back, looking exhausted from this physical war.

    5 … 6 …

    And now, Orton emerges from the ladder, rolling out, and crawling toward the ropes. Edge sees it, and closes his eyes, his heart surely dropping at seeing Orton stirring.

    7 …

    Edge starts pulling at his hair, growing frustrated and angry, knowing Orton is likely to beat the count … then decides to leave the ring!!! In the ring, Orton pulls up on the middle rope, trying to get back to his feet.

    8 …

    And Orton is UP!!! The challenger – with help from the ropes – is on his feet, whilst Edge has picked up a STEEL CHAIR from ringside … and he brings that into the ring. Orton peels away from the ropes …


    It’s like a GUNSHOT inside the arena, with the impact nearly even sending Edge out of the ring he used that much force!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Orton is face down, and Edge is leaning over the ropes, looking to the outside, looking to the fans, hoping and believing it’s over this time.

    3 … 4 …

    5 … 6 …

    Orton now looks up from the mat … and the impact of the chair shot has BUSTED HIM OPEN. Both men are bleeding profusely now!!! But Orton is trying to claw his way to the ropes!!!

    7 … 8 …

    Edge is in disbelief, he hunches over, hands on his knees, as Orton grips both his hands onto the top rope, grimacing, looking up.

    9 …

    And with one big PULL-

    ORTON IS UP!!!!

    Orton stands – and it’s good enough for Robinson to deem that the match continues … but Orton drops right back down to his knees after beating the count!!! Edge SLAMS the chair down, and leaves the ring again … this time getting a TABLE from the under the ring, and the weapons; a ladder, a chair and a table, all being used by Edge does NOT go unnoticed by Michael Cole on commentary. The WWE Champion slides the table into the ring, setting it upright at an angle in the corner, before grabbing the barely conscious Orton, and smacks his face off it. Edge stands Orton up against the table, before moving to the opposite corner himself.




    1 … 2 …

    Charles Robinson conducts the count with Edge out amongst the rubble of the broken table after the failed spear. Orton is down too, selling the effects of the offence he’s taken.

    3 … 4 …

    There’s no signs of life from Edge, still strewn in the remnants of the broken table, whilst Randy Orton is on one knee, summoning the energy to get up.

    5 … 6 …

    Orton is back up, but he’s spaghetti legged, and has to grab on to the ropes in order to stay standing, as he tries to wipe the blood from his face. Edge finally looks up, emerging from the broken table … but he’s in a race against time to get to his feet!!

    7 … 8 …

    Edge, using the padding in the corner, tries to pull himself up … but he ends up pulling the padding off, and is no nearer to getting up!!!

    9 …

    Robinson is one count away from counting Edge out, as the WWE Champion finds it from somewhere to grab the ropes in the corner, and JUST reaches his feet before being counted out!!! HE’S UP!!!


    It’s Ortons turn to be the aggressor, and he holds the ladder, waiting for Edge to come out of the corner … AND RUNS THE LADDER INTO EDGES FACE!!!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Flat on his back, Edge meekly raises an arm, grabbing at thin air … whilst Randy Orton sets the ladder upright in a corner … in the event the match may continue; he’s got bad intentions for the champion.

    3 … 4 …

    Edge starts to sit up, but falls back over, his brain clearly scrambled … reaching toward the ropes, but he’s NOWHERE near them.

    5 … 6 …

    Rolling over, Edge inches toward the ropes, grabbing onto the bottom rope first.

    7 … 8 …

    Using all his might, the WWE Champion grabs onto the middle rope, taking a long look up at the top rope.

    9 …

    And GETS IT!!! Edge HAULS his body up, reaching his feet … EDGE IS STILL STANDING!!! But Randy Orton is right on top of him at the ropes, pounding the bloody head of the champion, leading him away from the ropes, before sending him into the corner – COLLIDING WITH THE UPRIGHT LADDER FACE FIRST!!!!!

    Edge hits the ladder full on, and staggers back out after impact, out on his feet, as Orton grabs him by the face, looking to run Edges face into the EXPOSED turnbuckle in the other corner AGAIN … BUT EDGE BLOCKS AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!! Edge puts his hands on the ropes in the corner, then elbows Orton … BEFORE SLAMMING ORTONS FACE OFF THE EXPOSED STEEL INSTEAD!!!!!


    1 … 2 …

    Both men are down – both spent after a brutal, bloody war – with Cole explaining that IF this ends in a double count out, Edge will retain the title … a suggestion that Lawler doesn’t want to hear.

    3 … 4 …

    Still, champion and challenger remain down, selling the impact this match has had on both their bodies.

    5 … 6 …

    But now, they stir. Edge first, as both men crawl to opposite sides of the ring, looking to use the ropes to help them get to their feet respectively.

    7 … 8 …

    Edge and Orton grab ropes on opposite sides of the ring, struggling to get themselves up as Charles Robinson continues to administer his count.

    9 …

    The count reaches nine … but it WONT get to ten, as champion AND challenger are deemed to be standing – albeit in Ortons case thanks to the ropes. Edge is spaghetti legged, but is motioning for Orton to turn around … HE WANTS A SPEAR-





    Orton scores with the RKO!!!!! He saved his biggest weapon for last – the one thing he believes WILL put Edge down for TEN!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler both put over the RKO and how it has haunted Edge for months, whilst Randy Orton has always claimed that the RKO would be enough to win him back the title. But Orton is still down too!!!!!

    3 … 4 …

    Exhausted, Orton is able to start moving … and there’s a smirk emerging on his bloody face, knowing he’s landed his killer blow. It’s a matter of just getting to his feet now for Orton!!!

    5 … 6 …

    With a surge of adrenaline, Orton gets to his feet, as the prospect of winning back the title gives him another burst of life … but for Edge, it looks bleak. The champion tries to push up on his hands – but FAILS.

    7 …

    And he’s right back to square one. Too far from the ropes, Edge is going to have to push to his feet and stand under his own power to survive. He pounds the mat with both fists.

    8 …

    AND HE PUSHES UP … desperately trying to PUSH to his feet, as Orton watches on, still smiling, still believing he’s done enough to win the title back…

    9 …

    Orton raises his arms in victory-


    IS STANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HE BEAT THE COUNT!!!!!!!


    Edge’s legs are far apart, he’s unsteady, and his mind is scrambled, but he IS on his feet-

    A SECOND RKO FROM ORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Edge never had a chance to do ANYTHING about it!!!!!!

    1 … 2 …

    And this time, it’s SURELY over!!!??? There’s NO WAY Edge can get up from a SECOND RKO!!! On commentary, Cole calls it a miracle he even got up from the first one!!!

    3 … 4 …

    Randy Orton sure believes it’s over too for sure this time!!! Standing tall, Orton tells Robinson to count and get it over with … with Edge laid out in a pool of his own blood.

    5 … 6 …

    Orton even steps onto the middle turnbuckle, halfway celebrating … much to the chagrin of the fans, with Edge seemingly out cold this time.

    7 …

    But somehow … someway … EDGE IS MOVING!!!!! The WWE Champion CRAWLS toward the ropes!!!!! And Orton – with his back turned to the action – knows nothing about it!!!

    8 …

    Edge painstakingly digs his nails into the canvas, using everything he’s got to get to the ropes … but Michael Cole notes that Edge is going to run out of time to pull himself up on the ropes. “It’s a valiant effort … but Edge isn’t getting up in time. He just cant!!”

    9 …

    And he WONT be able to pull himself up on the ropes… Randy Orton looks around, waiting for the count of ten to be called out, seeing Edge wont get up-




    The WWE Champions survival instinct has kicked in, and his resourcefulness has kept his title run alive!!!!! He is standing for only a SPLIT second on the outside before falling back over, and Randy Orton is INCENSED!!!! Orton SHOVES Charles Robinson in fury, then grabs the official by the shirt, somehow blaming the referee for Edge beating the count. Orton looks ready to snap here … but he composes himself enough not to strike out at the referee-

    Because he’s coming after Edge instead!!!!!

    Randy Orton pushes Charles Robinson aside, and gets out of the ring, breathing heavy, puffing out his cheeks, as Michael Cole worryingly says he’s seen this look before from Orton. Orton jerks around, hands on his head, then drags his nails down his own face … before setting his focus on the WWE Champion. Edge is on his hands and knees at ringside … he’s in a dire situation … and an ideal position for Randy Orton to deliver his dreaded PUNT. Lawler and Cole both know what’s coming … as Orton gets into that place … leaning up against the barrier … watching Edge, licking his lips … with a sick, sadistic grin on his face …




    It’s absolute pandemonium, as Edge counters the PUNT … just as he did at WrestleMania … BUT THIS TIME THROUGH THE BARRIER – THE SAME MOVE THAT BROKE RANDY ORTONS COLLARBONE IN APRIL!!!!!

    1 … 2 …

    Edge and Orton are both down in the wreckage of the barrier, with the timekeeper also taking a brunt of the damage too.

    3 … 4 …

    There’s no signs of life from either man … and it’s unlikely Randy Orton can get up from this; the question is whether Edge can stand before the count of ten!!!

    5 … 6 …

    Still, neither man has moved … as the fans begin to fear ANOTHER unsatisfactory finish between these rivals.

    7 … 8 …

    Suddenly … there’s MOVEMENT!!!!! Edge is stirring amongst the rubble, and uses the broken body of his opponent to push up on!!!! He crawls from the wreckage of the barrier … and tries to stand-

    9 …



    EDGE IS UP!!!!!!


    10 …
    Winner: And STILL WWE Champion – EDGE @ 25:04

    Bringing their entire rivalry full circle, Edge defeats Randy Orton with the same counter he beat him with at WrestleMania … only this time, he took Orton through the barrier!!!! Edge is immediately back on the floor after beating the count – standing for ONE second only, with The King quipping; “Edge was up at ten … but he was down at eleven!!!”

    Summoning the power and energy, Edge eventually makes it into the ring, as medical staff come to tend to Randy Orton in the wreckage of the barrier. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar is handed his title, having finally vanquished Randy Orton, leaving NO doubt this time, bringing their personal rivalry to a conclusive end.

    Edge barely climbs to the bottom rope – there’s no way he’s climbing any higher – to hold his title aloft. Bloodied, battered, Edge was never BEATEN tonight, as Michael Cole starts to sign off, talking about how now, after almost six months, Edge can finally move on from any question marks hanging over him from Randy Orton, as the next chapter of his maiden WWE Title reign can begin.

    But then … Edge spots the Smackdown General Manager FINLAY marching toward ringside, with a concerned look on the face of the Irishman. Curiously, Edge watches, as Finlay talks privately with Tony Chimmel at ringside … and the words given to him make Chimmels eyes bulge initially. Cole and Lawler both wonder what’s going on … as the music dies down.

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen … the following contest is scheduled for one fall … and it is for the WWE Championship…

    Rightfully, there’s all kinds of confusion. Cole and Lawler both wonder what’s happening, as Lawler asks if the match is being restarted, and Cole suggests the only thing he could think of would be a Money in the Bank Cash in … but Jericho is injured. Edge slowly gets off the bottom rope, and gets set to approach Finlay – who is still on the outside with a sullen look on his face. Before the WWE Champion can approach him though-


    In a bizarre sight, CHRIS JERICHO is indeed here!!!!! But he’s on CRUTCHES … and his right leg has a PROTECTIVE BOOT. He’s not even DRESSED for action. Instead, he’s wearing a shirt and slacks with one shoe. Exhausted, bloody and battered, Edge wonders what the hell is going on, as SURELY Chris Jericho can’t be serious about wrestling in THIS condition. Even after everything Edge has been through, he’d still be favoured to beat a one legged man here.

    Looking around, Edge asks Finlay what’s going on, asking if this is some kind of joke … but the General Manager is as confused about everything as Edge, shrugging at the questions from the WWE Champion, lost for words. As Jericho hobbles toward the ring on crutches, Edge lays the title belt down … shaking his head … but calling Jericho on. Mister Money in the Bank hobbles up the steps with great trouble, and eventually gets up onto the apron, staring in at Edge … and SMILES

    Just as Michael Cole frantically shouts for Edge to TURN AROUND on commentary-



    The Samoan Bulldozer – not seen since his loss to Mark Henry at SummerSlam – makes an instant impact, hammering down on the already bloodied and beaten up WWE Champion, choking him before HURLING Edge into the corner … AND SQUASHING HIM WITH THE SAMOAN WRECKING BALL!!!!! Now, Jericho tentatively steps into the ring … as Umaga lands on Edge with the BANZAI DROP!!!!!

    Charles Robinson tries to plead with Umaga to stop, trying to call for order … but Jericho – with a crutch – ushers Robinson back … allowing Umaga to pick up the lifeless WWE Champion … holding Edge up for Jericho -


    Nearly losing his own balance after the shot, Jericho regains his composure, and gives the briefcase to Robinson; he’s OFFICIALLY cashing in!!!!! Umaga leaves the ring at the behest of Estrada … and Jericho covers Edge by merely placing a BOOT – the protective boot – on the torso of the unconscious champion … as Charles Robinson HAS to call for the bell to start the match!!!!!

    WWE Championship Match:
    Edge defends againstChris Jericho
    Jericho pins the broken, bloody, battered body of Edge as disrespectfully as possible … and the referee Charles Robinson is hesitant at first … but HAS to make the count … but he makes it, clearly not wanting to … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
    Winner: And NEW WWE Champion – CHRIS JERICHO @ 00:17

    Jericho has pulled it off!!!!! Despite clearly being injured, Chris Jericho has crafted the master plan and will leave No Mercy as the NEW WWE Champion!!!!! Getting the belt, Jericho hobbles, lifting it in the air – and gets showered with boos from the fans for it, with Cole and Lawler both stunned into near silence at what they’ve just witnessed.

    Estrada and Umaga now enter the ring too … AND ESTRADA AND JERICHO SHARE A HUG!!!!! If it wasn’t obvious before, there’s clearly an alliance here!!! Jericho allows Estrada to hold the title, and AAE kisses the belt, looking as if HE just won the title himself … before DEMANDING that Umaga puts Jericho on his shoulder!!!!!

    Doing as he’s told, the Samoan Bulldozer holds Jericho aloft, with Estrada handing the title belt back to the NEW Champion … and the show goes off the air on that image; Jericho with the title … on the shoulders of Umaga … and a beaming Armando Estrada watches on … whilst the FORMER champion remains flat on his back; out cold, in the middle of the ring.




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    Re: Being The Booker

    You really are one of the best in this forum at doing video packages. Hell of an opening here.

    Really good opening match…I enjoyed the story being told that Danielson was always one step ahead of Lynn. The commentary in the match helped me see that. I really like how you did this match, but Bryan was always winning as you set up Danielson vs. Daniels. Good opener.

    Holy Shit…Danielson vs. Angle. This is a dream match and we get it unannounced. What a wrestling clinic that was put on here. Bryan didn’t lose anything by losing bc he just defended his title and then went 20 mins with Kurt Angle. I love the direction you are going with Heyman being the slimy heel and Kurt being the Babyface that controls his manager.

    Enjoyable match here to come down from the wrestling that we just saw between Bryan and his two matches. Pretty standard street fight with the big spot at the end. I like the use of the camera at the end of to bring things full circle, something you are pretty good at. I was expecting a turn here from Carlito, but I think you have put a bow on this feud and going move these two on to other things.

    Small little segment but a needed segment in that it brings us back to the guys that wanted to be the open challenger. Also, you get Matt and Jeff together which is good.

    Was always seeing Mark Henry win this match here especially with the Matt/Jeff stuff happening right before this match. Henry is going be a monster champion, and whoever you choose to be the slayer will def be over huge when it happens. Jeff didn’t need the belt bc of what I assume is planned between him and Matt.

    Interesting that Dibiase isn’t concerned with being banned from ringside. I wonder if there is a back up plan to help Dibiase Jr. Good little match between these two. I like Noble being added to this group bc he really has hit a rough patch, so him taking a payday isn’t to far off. Also, itll be fun to see Noble have some money to play around with. I loved him and Nidia together. I think this was the best route to go with MVP taking the lost.

    Hell of a way to send MNM out. I loved that you had them lose to the Snapshot, just was a complete dick thing for the fight factory to do. I really feel like you have a star in both men for singles action. I could see Morrison or Mercury sliding right into the cruiserweight division or being the slayer of Mark Henry. Good booking here.

    Two big men just throwing hard hitting move after hard hitting move. Batista beating Undertaker CLEAN is going to be something that Batista can hang his hat on for a long time and Taker doesn’t lose anything in it because he is the Undertaker, so again smart, smart booking here Sir.

    Main Event time and this didn’t disappoint. I LOVED the use of Blood in the match as it really got me into the match. Great False Finish with the second RKO. I really think that you are one at the best at call backs to previous spots. I have noticed it a lot in your writings. Edge wins and the show goes off the air with a great note…..o wait, no it doesn’t. Chris Jericho is the NEW champion and holy hell, I didn’t see it coming. I don’t know how your going book it if Jericho is still hurt but I trust you.

    Overall, amazing PPV and some really good storyline developments here. I loved the Angle/Danielson match and the LMS match… really great stuff here.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Great opening segment. Loved the "no..." theme. I've never seen someone write video packages quite as well as you. The Mike Awesome one from KOBTB was my favourite one of yours, but they never dip below "frustratingly brilliant" (from the perspective of someone also writing on here!). Great stuff.

    The Danielson/Lynn match was fine. Not much heat to it, but enough there with a couple of high spots (the splash off the top, the suicide dive/forearm counter, etc) to get the crowd going without burning them out. Not much to this, but as a single brand PPV opener, it did what it needed to.

    And then Angle is called out for the open challenge? Whoa, did NOT see that coming. I 90% LOVED this, but 10% on the fence. The parts of it I loved is that Danielson comes out as a huge star again, the match was brilliant, and that it completely took me by surprise (I wouldn't have called this if you'd have given me ten picks) but was still logical and spoke to things that have happened in the past. I think I loved the fact that Angle joining with Heyman wasn't some magic bullet that turned everything around for him, as it gave him a bit of a leg up, but not enough that he was completely squashing people with ruthless efficiency like I thought he would. All of that is fantastic.

    What I'm not sure on is that the opener feels like a total afterthought, and in the process, the Cruiserweight Title feels a little meaningless. I also feel like maybe Angle gave up a little too much after his character change. To be taken 20 minutes against a guy who literally just had a match, and to have Danielson kick out of his finisher, does wonders for Danielson but doesn't do a great deal to make Angle feel like an important guy. In fact, I think I bought him more as a top guy when he was the "almost winning but just coming up short" guy. To face someone who has already had a match, take interference from Heyman, and still only narrowly win doesn't make him feel like a big deal. This isn't a criticism, because I get the sense there is something epic going on here, and that you're about to blow this out of the water. I'm happy to be patient to wait and see what what the story actually is that you're telling here. But for the first step in the story, it was mostly awesome, but a couple of areas I'm unsure of at the moment.

    Man, I feel like I've been writing forever and we're only on match 3.

    Not much to say on the street fight beyond it did what it needs to. Feels like quite the exclamation mark on the feud, and sets up Carlito and Kofi for the Fight Factory if needed good stuff. If I was being super critical I'd say I've noticed a few spots in the last handful of shows that have been directly stripped from real life (thinking the Boom Drop here), but to be fair, it's freaking hard to write up matches over and over again, and you do it better than anyone I've ever seen. But you're so creative with your match writing I'd love to see what you could come up with with a Kofi high spot, you know?

    Cool Mania vid.

    Really pleased you had Henry truck through Jeff and win. It was the only result that made sense for me. Mizark's on such a roll right now that being the US Champion is right for him, and the story of Jeff giving his all but just falling short is the right one. Interestingly, we're only a couple of months away from where Jeff won the WWE Title in real life, so I can't help but wonder if there are, after the Matt feud, plans for him to climb up the ladder (pun not intended). But yeah, really, really solid booking here.

    Another cool video for Perfect.

    Ted Sr being calm indicates a screwjob is on the way... and there it is. Jamie Noble? Cool. He's not really done anything since the Iron Man, so I can go along with this. Don't really have an opinion at this point on the little Million Dollar Corporation that is developing, but happy to wait to see what the story is that you're telling.

    GREAT tag match. There was only one result that made sense, but that didn't detract from the match at all. If anything, sometimes you've gotta tell the expected story, even if it's obvious. A swerve here with MNM winning would have felt a bit empty to me. Instead, you focused on telling a great story, with MNM throwing everything they had at them, but just falling short on the day, and the champs are confirmed to be the better team. Perfect. You've obviously done wonderful things with the likes of Punk/Michaels or Cena/Christian, but I've really appreciated the low key, old school nature of this feud, and how the Tag Titles have felt like the second most important match on the show. Good stuff, and my favourite match so far on the show.

    Fun match between Batista and 'Taker. Good hoss battle, as it should be. Batista going over clean sends a message about where you see him in the future, and the role 'Taker might have. Next time you write an out-of-character post on here, would you mind summarising Batista's career progression please? Obviously he didn't have the Evolution - turn on Triple H - win the belt at WM 21 - become the franchise player on Smackdown trajectory, so it would be cool to see how he got to this point if you have time.

    Cool vid for Survivor Series. I'll be honest, by the fifth detailed advert (after the opening video, Mania, Perfect and Nemesis) I didn't really read this one as I'm a bit burnt out on them, but if you enjoy writing them then I won't complain. This is meant to be a bit of fun after all.

    Hmm... Finlay trying to talk to Edge has to mean Jericho is here, right? As an aside, did you find it funny seeing Finlay in a GM-ish role during the women's Rumble?!

    Great main event. Awesome stuff. I love how you interweave stories from previous matches in to one place, and I really loved how you got a story as simple as "if Orton hits the RKO it's over" in to being the defining aspect of the match. It was never going to be, but I loved that you went with that story. Plus the way he got out of the second RKO by technically-standing-but-not-really was very creative, and exactly the kind of thing I was referring to with the Kofi spot earlier. You really do this outside-the-box spots so well. Double blood is a great touch for the end of a rivalry blow off match. Just brutal stuff throughout, both came out looking great, and the spot at the end was exactly the way to finish a match like that. Brilliant, brilliant stuff to end a fantastic rivalry.

    And yeah, we get the cash in. Honestly, I'd have sooner had Jericho just turn up, rather than the segment before the match where Finlay essentially said "Jericho is here". Given you did so well to write Jericho off and hence make the cash in seem impossible, to hint that it was coming was a little bit of a let down for me.

    As with the Angle segment at the start, I loved part of it, but am unsure about part of it. Having Jericho win while being injured is a really unusual twist on the formula, which is what you do better than anyone. I'm also really intrigued as to how you book around Jericho's injury, given Smackdown is a little light on main eventers (although you've done a good job on this PPV of elevating a few people). And, as with Angle, it did catch me by surprise, barring the hint from Finlay at the start.

    What I'm on the fence about is the dynamic of Jericho, Umaga and AAE. That seems like a really weird combination. I never bought Estrada as a super agent like Heyman, but more a guy who had a link to Umaga and used that. Also, is Umaga's gimmick different here than it was IRL? Because Jericho's super-serious arrogant schtick seems to clash with Umaga's cartoonish savage-pulled-from-a-tribe thing. But it could be that Umaga was never intended in the same way as he was in real life and I just missed that. As I've said a couple of times already, I'm happy to give this time to see how it all comes together as I know you'll have a wider story planned that'll no doubt be awesome, but I'm slightly unsure on the first step.

    One other minor nipick, but there were a handful of "moments" in this show that overshadowed the match that went before. Lynn/Danielson was overshadowed by Danielson's epic with Angle. MVP/DiBiase was overshadowed by Noble joniing with Ted. Orton/Edge was overshadowed by the cash in/Jericho aligning with Umaga. Not a big deal, but something I noticed as I was going through where the actual advertised moment was secondary to the one that happened.

    Anyway, another really good PPV. Everything was good, a couple of GREAT matches (I still think the Tag Title match may have been my favourote), and my only questions marks are about things I'm not sure of, rather than didn't like. In a way, it felt like a necessary event to pay off the last remnants of the previous "era" (Orton/Edge, Angle as a loser, Batista/Taker, MNM/Fight Factory, Jericho as the MitB holder, Henry building momentum) so you can move on to, what I imagine, will be the very earliest steps on the road to Wrestlemania. The future of Smackdown looks brighter than it did even a couple of weeks ago, so in that regard, this show was a huge success. Excited to see where it goes.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Firstly, hands up, I completely forgot to leave predictions for this show. My bad. I’ll just sort of let you know who I would have predicted as I leave some points, and I promise I won’t lie to make myself sound better than expected.

    “No” themed video package was bloody awesome, well put together as usual. It highlighted the two big time matches as expected, although it feels strange that there wouldn’t be any Undertaker/Batista stuff in here. I know it hasn’t been a big time feud and has only come to fruition the last couple of weeks, but it’s The Undertaker and technically they have been beefing for ages. Still, a great video package though.

    Opening with the Cruiserweight Title match is a completely fine choice, and I definitely would have predicted the champion to retain in this one. One thing I love about your matches and you did it again here, is the psychology that matches with the build up. Lynn is too old and to slow, and you continued that narrative numerous times, with Lynn getting caught up and at a disadvantage because he was to slow. At the same time, he’s not dumb so I LOVED that you used his veteran instincts to keep himself in the contest. Overall, a solid contest here, everything was well written and in the end it was a pretty routine hold for the champion. Again, a fine choice for an opener and everything was written and booked just as it should be. Off to a good start here.

    Holy crap! Danielson accepting the open challenge? I certainly didn’t predict this, but it’s the sort of swerve that I love, especially considering now we will get a world class match. Heyman not wanting Angle to head out and do this right now potentially shows that he doesn’t trust him as much as he says, which is standard Heyman. A nice show of intensity by Kurt to just go with it anyway. I think I’m going to enjoy the dynamic between these two as their relationship progresses.

    Angle/Danielson was a lot of fun. Firstly, with the whole back to back matches thing, I have something a little similar planned for Heatwave, so one, I hate you, and two, I promise I’ve had it in my plans for weeks. Anyway, an awesome match here that told another really good story, with Danielson getting a HUGE rub and looking like the man after this. Kurt looks very vulnerable here, even with the victory, due to help from Heyman, but I think that was the whole point. I also believe Angle knows Heyman is cheating for him but just pretends. There were some great counters towards the end of the match, especially with the submission holds, but I think my favourite bit of action was the counter of the Danielson back flip off the ropes into the German’s. Awesome. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that Angle was to damaged by this either. He still got the win, and he was pushed to the limit by an absolute beast, AND he had already lost to Danielson before. I thought this was well booked to continue the narrative of Angle’s slide and how much does Heyman actually believe in him. One thing I noticed you said rarely seen, has Angle ever actually done a Monkey Flip? I don’t remember ever seeing it. That’s not an issue or anything because I’m sure he could do one, I’ve just never seen it.

    I was on The Caribbean Connection to pick up the win here considering Carlito needed his revenge, so I was glad to see that was the case. I enjoyed the attack before the match, adding something different to the mix, and I was glad that right from the get go, you made use of the Street Fight stipulation. Some nice spots with Kofi’s Boom Drop through the medical equipment probably being my favourite. I LOVED the idea of the camera coming back into play to bring this feud full circle, however my first real issue of the night is Carlito hesitating. I know they are family but after everything that happened, including them attacking ‘Lito’s dad, I think he would have just beat the shit out of them. It did create a nice tease of San Juan Express maybe stealing a victory, but I still just didn’t think it suited the character’s motivations. At least the camera shot happened eventually, giving this the ending that it just needed. Solid stuff.

    As usual, a well written Mania video package here.

    LOVED the backstage segment with Matt Hardy confronting Danielson regarding ruining his night… Lol at Snuka trying to get involved as well. Good stuff here, continuing the evolution of Matt’s character, and the “my” to “our” night was the perfect final touch.

    For this one, I was predicting Mark Henry to get the win. After beating Umaga, he has been even more unstoppable than previously, and it would be too much of a step down for him to not beat Jeff tonight. No point killing all the momentum Henry has built pretty much since moving to Smackdown. LOL at Hardy having a seizure during his entrance, made me chuckle. Anyway, this told the story as it needed to, Hardy’s defiant and has heart, but Henry is a bloody monster. From start to finish, outside of the occasional ineffective offense, Henry was just dominant. A perfectly booked match for what you were trying to achieve, and the moment that really put Henry over for me, was the kicking out of the Twist of Fate at one. Brilliant stuff, and TWSS on the outside would have been brutal as well. I’m looking forward to Henry having a lengthy, dominant reign as US Champ. Great job here.

    Obviously not overly necessary, but a nice bit of detail with the Mr. Perfect DVD video package. I enjoyed the read.

    Another well told story here between DiBiase and MVP. Ted Sr. being banned from ringside was a nice touch, but I felt like it made the swerve to obvious. He was far to confident when Finlay told him to stay away. I would have much preferred if Ted Sr. got barred on Smackdown and was furious, would have made this seem a little less predictable. Of course Noble getting involved wasn’t predictable, but somebody getting involved was. Anyway, the match told a nice story in the early stages with MVP just being too good, virtually until Noble got involved. I’ll enjoy MVP under the DiBiase contract; it should make for some fun times. I thought the Lawler line regarding changing the V to Virgil was pretty great also. Another well booked feud here.

    I think back around Summerslam time I wasn’t the biggest fan of having both teams only to be decent due to Melina, with her looking better than both teams. As this feud has developed passed that point in time, I realise it was a misperception on my part. Melina held MNM together and tonight, TFF will prove it by winning all by themselves. Good stuff.

    Had The Fight Factory to win before this one started. Despite this match being the longest of the night so far (and rightfully so), I feel like I don’t have a whole heap to comment on. The match and the feud in general deserved the extra detail and match length that this got. Beginning with MNM being a house on fire was pretty standard and makes a lot of sense, however I actually thought the match got a lot more interesting when the champs took over. The amount of times MNM were so close to making a hot tag, or so close to getting a pin, only for TFF to break it up was amazing. Even when they did make a hot tag, TFF were still able to regain the advantage. I felt like this match really made TFF seem like the better team throughout. I thought the few flashes to Melina throughout the match was a nice touch also. Obviously things heated up as all hell broke loose later on in the contest, however one thing that bothered me towards the end was the near fall after the Starship Pain. How are MNM multi time tag champs and Morrison dragged his partner on top for the cover, and then didn’t stay in the ring/keep an eye out for Burke breaking up the count. I felt like it was a spot that made Morrison seem a little too dumb which I didn’t like. From there though, the ending sequence was pretty hot and fitting that it ends with the Snapshot. Another pretty good match where the right team went over, my only issue being that one point during the ending. As I mentioned before I started reading the match also, I’m so glad that this ended without Melina, finally, for me, putting over The Fight Factory in this feud. Also kudos for having a team going their separate ways without in fighting, good to know teams can be broken up otherwise. It feels there has to be a devastating break up these days.

    A pretty standard hoss fight here between Batista and The Undertaker. As I mentioned a few times when reviewing the past couple of Smackdown’s, this is probably what I was least looking forward to on this show. I did enjoy Batista hitting some of his big moves early, but obviously Taker was going to make a comeback anyway. A pretty standard affair until the awesome counter of the Hells Gate into a Batista Bomb. The match itself was fine, but I still feel like after losing at SS, on a stage that is a much lesser deal, why would Batista have his biggest singles win? And especially with the lacklustre build? I feel it sounds as if you’re trying to make this as a HUGE win for Batista, but due to the lack of heat that was for this match to begin with, I just struggle to see it that way. Probably the only match of the night that has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, however I am looking forward to seeing what both men do next.

    Survivor Series? Cool!

    Hmm, I wonder what Finlay wanted to say to Edge? Interesting.

    Last Man Standing match was as brutal and as good as it needed to be. In the beginning, I really enjoyed the fact that neither man would even let the referee count, because obviously they wanted to do some damage to their rivals. I did think the action throughout was pretty good, picking up in brutality as it went. Playing on his past, it was awesome to have Edge use tables, ladders and chairs throughout the contest also. I thought you did a good job of making both men look resilient. Edge getting up from two RKO’s was massive, but it was smart, because it shows in the build up that Orton was wrong. Although logically, how does Edge get up from two after all this passionate, yet he couldn’t respond to one on SD? Anyway, another well written match here, however I had a slight issue with the ending again. I feel as if a LMS match should have a big, match ending spot that is new and exciting if possible, so whilst it’s noteworthy to the feud, I wasn’t a huge fan of the same Spear through the barricade that injured Orton in apron was used here. It didn’t feel exciting and felt a little anti climatic for me because I was hoping for something new. Still a damn good match though.

    Jericho cashes in, injured? An interesting move to make yet one I love, and whilst Jericho/AAE/Umaga partnership currently makes no sense to me, I can’t wait for an explanation. The landscape of Smackdown just changed, this was awesome.

    Outside of a few minor complaints, another damn good show here. Thoroughly enjoyed, nearly everything was booked perfectly. You continue to show us all why you’re the king. Great job, and plenty to move forward with as we get to the pointy end of the WWE year.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    -I’m all for Lynn losing as quick as he did, as it makes sense for what comes next. I personally LOVE what you did to start Angle’s return. He’s not quite Kurt Angle Wrestling God yet, and Heyman’s interactions have the set up for the eventual heel turn. Danielson looks great in this, which begs the question - at which point does he drop the CW Title and do a Mysterio and move up to the midcard? Great way to open the show, that was great fun.

    -The Street Fight was a nice throwback style match, and your booking was on point with how it all came back full circle with the camera use. That’s great booking, and classic excellence from you. The right team won here.

    -Mark Henry has something good going here, and the victory was the right call. He practically rag dolled Hardy here, and I fucking love it. I also have always found Hardy to be overrated as singles.

    -When Ted Sr got the boot from this match, I was really hoping Virgil was going to come back here to screw MVP. That would have been amazing! Noble is a fine enough substitute. The right winner was made, but listen, this angle is going to make me so mad if I DON’T GET VIRGIL!

    -I thought you went all out with the MNM v. FIght Factory match. It was excellent. This whole show has been, to be fair. Fight Factory had to win this match, and it really put them over. I honestly thought the Snapshot finish was too much. You buried MNM a bit with that finish, just a step too far Wolfy. You want them to have a chance for singles success too, and man, that’s just a real slap to their face I thought.

    -I do like Batista getting the clean win here over Taker. You probably get a rubber match at Survivor Series, which I’m all for. Time for Batista to be a made man.

    -I thought you wrote a really good war here between Edge and Orton, and the false finish with the two RKOs back to back was a really great spot, and the Spear through the barricade was worthy of a good finish. I love the post-match stuff. Jericho, Umaga, and AAE is a weird AF pairing, so I love that because I want to know how you can make it work. I also love the “what happens next” aspect of having an injured Chris Jericho as your Champion. That’s fucking great.

    -This was an excellent PPV. I honestly found it even better than Summerslam, but my emotional investment is higher this time. I loved the Angle/Danielson, MNM/Fight Factory, and main event matches especially, and really the only thing I critique is that Snapshot finisher in that match being too far of a burial, despite the great match that it was as an even stevens contest.


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    Re: Being The Booker

    Thanks to everyone that dropped in with predictions and thoughts on No Mercy! You guys are the best! Few things just to clear up/answer from the feedback it seems, so here goes...

    Quote Originally Posted by Keefmoon View Post

    Fun match between Batista and 'Taker. Good hoss battle, as it should be. Batista going over clean sends a message about where you see him in the future, and the role 'Taker might have. Next time you write an out-of-character post on here, would you mind summarising Batista's career progression please? Obviously he didn't have the Evolution - turn on Triple H - win the belt at WM 21 - become the franchise player on Smackdown trajectory, so it would be cool to see how he got to this point if you have time.

    Hmm... Finlay trying to talk to Edge has to mean Jericho is here, right? As an aside, did you find it funny seeing Finlay in a GM-ish role during the women's Rumble?!

    And yeah, we get the cash in. Honestly, I'd have sooner had Jericho just turn up, rather than the segment before the match where Finlay essentially said "Jericho is here". Given you did so well to write Jericho off and hence make the cash in seem impossible, to hint that it was coming was a little bit of a let down for me.

    What I'm on the fence about is the dynamic of Jericho, Umaga and AAE. That seems like a really weird combination. I never bought Estrada as a super agent like Heyman, but more a guy who had a link to Umaga and used that. Also, is Umaga's gimmick different here than it was IRL? Because Jericho's super-serious arrogant schtick seems to clash with Umaga's cartoonish savage-pulled-from-a-tribe thing. But it could be that Umaga was never intended in the same way as he was in real life and I just missed that. As I've said a couple of times already, I'm happy to give this time to see how it all comes together as I know you'll have a wider story planned that'll no doubt be awesome, but I'm slightly unsure on the first step.

    One other minor nipick, but there were a handful of "moments" in this show that overshadowed the match that went before. Lynn/Danielson was overshadowed by Danielson's epic with Angle. MVP/DiBiase was overshadowed by Noble joniing with Ted. Orton/Edge was overshadowed by the cash in/Jericho aligning with Umaga. Not a big deal, but something I noticed as I was going through where the actual advertised moment was secondary to the one that happened.
    Batista has basically been on the verge of main event pushes on a few occasions, and then I've gone cold on the idea's I've had for him mainly and changed course. There's been a lot of start/stop pushes with him, and he's been an occasional title contender, but I think the only PPV he's challenged for the title was part of an Elimination Chamber. Even when I done the Evolution split in this thread (Triple H had already been shifted to SD) the blow off ended up being Orton vs Flair, which tells you what I must've thought of Batista in 2005. It's only the last few years in real life where I've really grown to appreciate how good Batista was in his heyday, which is probably why he's been in a much more prominent role throughout 2008 of the thread. I do have a post of superstar profiles that I hasn't been updated in a while, admittedly (started trying to update it at the weekend and got bored) but I'll just paste the Batista stuff here to give you an idea of his journey;

    Won two world tag team titles with Ric Flair on Raw, and was partly responsible for ending the tenure of Mick Foley as GM of Raw. Also was the last man to face Sting before he left the company, defeating the legend at Armageddon 2005. Went on to get drafted to Smackdown in April ‘06, and since then has flourished as his own man, with two big victories against Kurt Angle, and finished runner up in the 2006 King of the Ring tournament. Was also partly responsible for ending the tenure of Paul Heyman as General Manager of Smackdown at Survivor Series ‘06. Was screwed out of the WWE Championship on Smackdown in June 2007, after a jealous Edge cost The Animal his dreams. Since then, he was targeted by the returning Garrison Cade and then after a number of mix ups, began to target The Undertaker himself, giving Batista a number of issues at one time, but whilst he eventually found success in defeating Cade, his opportunity against The Deadman resulted in defeat for The Animal. The experiences with The Undertaker seemed to change Batista, and The Animal eventually turned on his friend Paul London, aligning with Lashley and the devious Steven Richards, capturing the U.S Title at the Royal Rumble. After nearly playing a part in the end of the Streak at WrestleMania, Batista and Lashley would become embroiled in a rivalry with the Brothers of Destruction.

    That's the long story. In short. Batista summed up in this thread would be; 'Nearly, not quite.' If there are any other backstories you wanted to check out, the profiles post is here;

    Yes, lol - I actually did get a kick out of seeing Finlay in an authority type role at the Rumble.

    On the 'hint' toward Jericho - that's something I ultimately wish I hadn't done. For whatever reason at the time, I thought it was important that Finlay would try and be fair to Edge by giving him the heads up ... or something. If I could go back now, I'd scrub that backstage meeting and just have the reveal after the main event.

    So, the Estrada/Jericho/Umaga alliance I guess on the surface does look a bit odd. Umaga is the same savage in this thread that he was in real life, with Estrada his 'handler'. The story though is more that Estrada has grown tired and frustrated at Umaga being unable to deliver the World Title, with the loss to Henry the final straw (hence that vignette with Estrada a few weeks ago) to the point where he's written Umaga off as a potential path to the World title and has now concocted a deal with Jericho that benefits both Estrada and Jericho with Armando rendering Umaga as no more than muscle. While obviously, I'll give everything away, I'll hopefully explain the alliance in greater detail on Smackdown, but I appreciate it might take a while to buy into these three together.

    The comments about the 'moments' overshadowing prior matches is why I think feedback can be hugely important to people, because fresh eyes on shows can bring different things to attention. Honestly, that never crossed my mind when booking this show - apart from probably the LMS/MITB cash in stuff - but that's absolutely a fair assessment, and something I'll take into consideration more often in the future on shows like this.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stojy View Post

    Angle/Danielson was a lot of fun. Firstly, with the whole back to back matches thing, I have something a little similar planned for Heatwave, so one, I hate you, and two, I promise I’ve had it in my plans for weeks. Anyway, an awesome match here that told another really good story, with Danielson getting a HUGE rub and looking like the man after this. Kurt looks very vulnerable here, even with the victory, due to help from Heyman, but I think that was the whole point. I also believe Angle knows Heyman is cheating for him but just pretends. There were some great counters towards the end of the match, especially with the submission holds, but I think my favourite bit of action was the counter of the Danielson back flip off the ropes into the German’s. Awesome. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that Angle was to damaged by this either. He still got the win, and he was pushed to the limit by an absolute beast, AND he had already lost to Danielson before. I thought this was well booked to continue the narrative of Angle’s slide and how much does Heyman actually believe in him. One thing I noticed you said rarely seen, has Angle ever actually done a Monkey Flip? I don’t remember ever seeing it. That’s not an issue or anything because I’m sure he could do one, I’ve just never seen it.

    A pretty standard hoss fight here between Batista and The Undertaker. As I mentioned a few times when reviewing the past couple of Smackdown’s, this is probably what I was least looking forward to on this show. I did enjoy Batista hitting some of his big moves early, but obviously Taker was going to make a comeback anyway. A pretty standard affair until the awesome counter of the Hells Gate into a Batista Bomb. The match itself was fine, but I still feel like after losing at SS, on a stage that is a much lesser deal, why would Batista have his biggest singles win? And especially with the lacklustre build? I feel it sounds as if you’re trying to make this as a HUGE win for Batista, but due to the lack of heat that was for this match to begin with, I just struggle to see it that way. Probably the only match of the night that has left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, however I am looking forward to seeing what both men do next.
    To be honest, I think I may have gotten the idea of doing the back to back matches on this show from one of your old shows!! Besides, there's a match on Raw that'll have a similar outcome to a match you just done on your last show, so we can hate each other, lol. Or just put it down to great minds thinking alike!? I don't know the specific match (I want to say it was either the Unforgiven '02 or Rumble '03 match with Benoit, but definitely a match during the Smackdown Six era) but yeah, Angle has used the Monkey Flip before. It kinda came as a shock to me too when I saw it, as it's not a move I'd associate with him, but thought this would be a time as good as any to bust it out.

    I can understand the feeling behind the Batista/Taker match. The build (admittedly) was lacklustre, and you pretty much nailed it with my overdoing the size of the win to try and make it more of 'moment' for Big Dave. Originally, that G.O.W/B.O.D feud was planned to go on until Armageddon, but once I got to SummerSlam I was burnt out on it myself, and the original idea I was thinking of in order to stretch it out was a little too cartoony in the end so I elected to wrap it up here instead. I think the writing in the build up probably reflected my own feelings on where this feud was. That said, I quite enjoyed writing this match itself, but I get the criticism of pushing a little too hard how big a win it was for Batista.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zoom-E View Post

    -When Ted Sr got the boot from this match, I was really hoping Virgil was going to come back here to screw MVP. That would have been amazing! Noble is a fine enough substitute. The right winner was made, but listen, this angle is going to make me so mad if I DON’T GET VIRGIL!

    -I thought you went all out with the MNM v. FIght Factory match. It was excellent. This whole show has been, to be fair. Fight Factory had to win this match, and it really put them over. I honestly thought the Snapshot finish was too much. You buried MNM a bit with that finish, just a step too far Wolfy. You want them to have a chance for singles success too, and man, that’s just a real slap to their face I thought.

    I'm gonna need some Russoific inspiration to think of way to incorporate Virgil into this angle, lol. Working on it though!!

    I can see the thinking behind the Snapshot being a bit of a burial. Truth is, that was a lazy way out for me from having to come up with a double team finish for Barrett & Burke by just taking MNM's instead. My thinking was kinda; "we took your girl, may as well take your move too." It's food for thought though, and I'll probably rethink having them use that move going forward.


    I've the next two weeks of shows written at this point, but not going to rush in posting anything at the minute. Probably going to hold off until the weekend to be posting Raw - so keep an eye out!!

    Also - the results of the prediction competition that everyone is eagerly waiting for.

    Hug Life - 13
    Keefmoon - 23
    CNEW2 - 13
    Rasky - 17
    Bigmc123 - 15
    BattleTank - 19
    Kingpin - 17
    Ranthellacious - 22

    Keefmoon just holds off a late challenge from rant for the top spot!! No one called Batista beating Taker, which I found surprising, but everyone called Edge beating Orton which was not a surprise. No prizes to offer, but I'll tally the points onto the next few PPV's too, and whoever has the most points after the last 2008 PPV can get a prize of some sort.

    ALSO, also;

    I've updated the title histories post to reflect the recent changes if anyone wants to check them out;

    And I hope to finally update the roster profiles post in the next few days if I get the time ... and if I can be bothered.



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    Raw Re: Being The Booker

    Monday Night Raw | September 22 2008 | Detroit MI

    NO Opening Video

    NO Pyro

    Raw opens up COLD directly into the arena, for the second week in a row, this time though … with JOHN CENA standing in the ring. As the lights come up, there’s boos all around the Joe Louis Arena, with the ‘Man In Black’ shaking his head.

    John Cena: I told you I was coming after all your heroes…

    Heat as Cena points a finger at the audience.

    John Cena: All these guys YOU place on a pedestal. All the guys YOU believe in. Imma break each and every single one of ‘em … and show you puppets that your idols aint NOTHIN compared to ME.

    Cena prods his own chest there.

    John Cena: Now that I’ve broken Christian … I said what I’d do next. I laid it all out. You all heard the warning … I said it loud and clear, I was gonna break ‘em all … and leave you people with nothin.

    As the fans boo, Cena turns his attention to the stage, pointing toward the back.

    John Cena: They should’ve expected it.

    Cena turns, and wags his finger with a wry smirk on his face.

    John Cena: But not one person – not … ONE … even thought it could’ve been me that left Paul London out cold two weeks ago.

    He’s right about that.” ~J.R chips in.

    John Cena: You all did the same thing y’always do … y’turn on someone. Look for a scapegoat. Someone to point the finger at and blame. And hey, Shawn Michaels was the fall guy on this one.

    The Man in Black flails his arms, shrugging nonchalantly, before pointing at the fans again.

    John Cena: All you “fans” couldn’t wait to turn your backs on ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay. Couldn’t wait … to pin the blame on him for what happened to Paul London. Because Shawn aint really been himself lately. And you people just don’t have the patience to let a guy work through his issues.

    Cena smirks and shakes his head.

    John Cena: No … you people don’t expect these guys to be human beings. They can’t make mistakes. Aint good enough for ya. Just because Shawn Michaels isn’t the Shawn Michaels you all loved so much – you just WANTED him to be the guy that snapped and took out the ‘Golden Boy’.

    Well, I don't agree with that accusation…” ~J.R speaks for the fans.

    John Cena: Why?? Because he’s a little older?? And now you’ve got an excitin’ shiny new toy to watch?? “Just toss old man Michaels to the side – we’ve got Paul London now.” ain’t that the thinkin?? That’s what you people do. Ya chew people up … and y’spit ‘em out when something new comes along …

    Shrugging, Cena smirks again.

    John Cena: I know ALL about that.

    He takes a moment to pause, letting some rowdy fans settle down.

    John Cena: So it would’ve been convenient for all o’you … if Shawn Michaels snapped. Gives you all a chance to turn your backs on him…

    Heat for Cena.

    John Cena: But it wasn’t him …

    The Man In Black pauses again, pointing at himself.

    John Cena: It was me. Just as I said I would.

    No smirking this time. Cena stares down at the hard camera, all business, before turning away, pacing around the ring, addressing the fans.

    John Cena: And like I said … I got a few months with time to kill before I win the Royal Rumble and win back the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. So I’ve got plenty of time to destroy everyone that brings you people joy.

    All Steamboats fault, J.R!!” ~The Coach uses any chance to get a dig at the GM for being incompetent.

    John Cena: So I thought; why not start with Paul London?? Because you people all seem to love him.

    Cheers from the fans. Cena waits it out.

    John Cena: And seein as that kid couldn’t win the big one if his life depended on it … I’m thinkin it ain’t gonna be long before y’get bored of him too. So I better strike while the iron’s hot.

    Heat. Cena scratches his head, looking confused.

    John Cena: But WHAT is it that you people actually like about this kid?? Because I just can’t work it out. Kid weighs about a buck fifty soakin wet, he’s got the personality of a-

    Cena cuts himself off, as he spots PAUL LONDON running down the ramp!!!

    The Man In Black elects to LEAVE the ring though, just as London slides in!!!

    Boos echo throughout the Joe Louis Arena as John Cena leaves the ring, avoiding a confrontation from an amped up Paul London, who is clearly itching for a fight tonight – and for good reason.

    London kicks at the ropes, reaching over toward Cena, calling him back, brimming with fury … but Cena is extremely casual and relaxed as he makes his way toward the ramp.

    John Cena: Maybe- maybe that’s it. Is it?? Is that what you people like about him?? Acting impulsively?? Exciting, right??

    Cena looks to the fans, trying to gauge a response. He then turns back, looking to the ring, where London stands on the middle turnbuckle, calling Cena back in.

    John Cena: Ohh … you want me to get in there?? Wanna fight me, Paul??

    GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE!!” is the call from London inside the ring.

    John Cena: That’d please all your fans, right??

    Cena nods, and rolls up the sleeves on his hoodie, shaping up to re-enter the ring … then stops.

    John Cena: Too bad you’re gonna disappoint ‘em again. Because we ain’t fightin tonight, kid.

    Major heat. Cena turns and starts to walk away, as London jumps back down from the ropes, pacing the ring, desperate for a fight.

    John Cena: If you people wanna see me fight Paul London, you’ll have to pay for privilege … because John Cena don’t fight for free.

    Boos. Cena keeps backing away, but has a final word for London in the ring…

    John Cena: And you’ll have to wait for Nemesis too, Paul. I wanna make sure you make it there in one piece … and I can’t guarantee you will if we fight right now.

    Cena tosses the mic aside with that final verbal jab at London, and walks away, leaving London frustrated in the ring…

    Jim Ross: Well, there ya have it, folks – John Cena ain’t willin to fight for free now!! But he wont be walkin away on October Nineteenth!! As y’may have heard right there, John Cena will go one on one with Paul London in Tampa at Nemesis.

    The Coach: And I fully agree with Cena’s decision to walk away. As The Joker says in the Dark Knight; If you’re good at something, why do it for free??

    Cut to show a split screen of CM PUNK and NICK NEMETH both walking through the backstage areas.

    Jim Ross: Well here’s two guys that are about to do just that!! Two weeks ago, Nick Nemeth earned his shot at the Intercontinental Championship after coming through a gruelling Best of Seven Series – the reward comes tonight!! It’s Nick Nemeth’s moment of truth!! Can he dethrone CM Punk and capture the Intercontinental Championship!!?? We’ll find out – NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break

    Raw returns, ABRUPTLY – to a BRAWL breaking out between MICKIE JAMES and GAIL KIM!!! The two women, both long time rivals, are wailing at one another, with Gail on the hunt for retribution after Mickie cost her a victory last week on Raw!!!

    Gail gets the better of the fight it seems … until referees and agents descend on the scene, pulling the two apart, dragging them off in different directions, as Gail tries to wriggle free, shouting back at Mickie; “THIS ISN’T OVER!!!” … whilst Mickie maniacally laughs … but doesn’t put up a fight as she is hauled off in a different direction…


    Back into the arena…


    NICK NEMETH hits the stage, full of vigour for the title shot he had to fight for all summer long.

    Jim Ross: If y’need any proof just how much the Intercontinental Title means in this company, just take a look at the hell this kid went through – seven weeks with the rough, gruff, nasty Lone Star Garrison Cade. Nick Nemeth has won a lot of new fans these past few months with his performances – and it was all to get to THIS moment. He wants the Intercontinental title – and he wants it BADLY.

    The Coach: And CM Punk wants to keep it badly. And there’s no length he isn’t willing to go to keep it. The Intercontinental Title is Punk’s prized possession. And I don't think this bleached blonde pretty boy has what it takes to beat CM Punk.

    Jim Ross: Don’t write the kid off, Coach. You should know that by now!! He’s damn sure capable of winnin this title t’night. And a lot of people believe he WILL. If he lands that big DDT, I think we’re lookin at a new champion.

    The Coach: Wont get a chance, J.R.

    Jim Ross: He did at the King of the Ring. He had Punk beat – only for the ropes, Nick Nemeth would’ve beaten CM Punk back in June.

    The Coach: But Punk DID get a foot on the ropes. And he went on to WIN – not just that match with Nemeth, but he went on to be crowned King. Don’t forget it.


    But CM PUNK has been Intercontinental Champion for five months, and has shown no signs of slowing down, placing all his focus into keeping the title at any cost.

    Jim Ross: As of last night, this man became the longest reigning champion in the WWE today. He won the Intercontinental title back in April, and there’s been plenty of controversy surrounding this man throughout his reign-

    The Coach: But he gets the job done. And as long as this stays between Punk and Nemeth, he’ll get the job done again tonight.

    Jim Ross: And folks, don’t be expecting any controversy in this one with Shawn Michaels. The Showstopper has agreed to stay at home t’night in order to give Nick Nemeth his opportunity without his own issues with CM Punk overshadowing this title match.

    The Coach: That, and there’s no guarantee that Shawn Michaels would be able to NOT get involved. At least CM Punk can’t get screwed out of his title by that madman!!

    Jim Ross: It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Shawn Michaels and it’s all because of this man. I’ve no doubt he’s in San Antonio t’night cheerin Nick Nemeth on. He’d love to see CM Punk get his comeuppance t’night.

    The Coach: Don’t give me that, J.R. Shawn Michaels wants to be the one to give CM Punk some comeuppance – he’s probably worried that Nick Nemeth could steal his thunder tonight!!!

    CM Punk defends against Nick Nemeth
    It’s a very slow start with quite a bit of stalling (mainly from Punk), and very quickly, we can tell this could be going for a long time. J.R comments that Punk is purposely slowing this down in order to prevent Nemeth from making a fast start, already messing with the challengers momentum. There’s a lot of basic grappling, both guys jockeying for position, but given his legit wrestling credentials, Nick Nemeth schools the champion on the mat, forcing Punk to take a walk on the outside in frustration.

    Back in, Punk is again schooled on the mat by Nemeth, and there’s a quick sequence of pinning predicaments that Punk finds himself in, just escaping, and after walking into a pair of arm drags … the champion rolls out of the ring again for another break to collect his thoughts. Frustrated, Punk kicks over the steps, as the confidence grows for Nemeth. Punk climbs back in again, but as they go to lock up, the champion kicks Nemeth in the gut!!! Punk aggressively executes a headlock takedown, taking over control as we head into a commercial.

    Commercial Break

    After the commercial, Punk is still in control, but is now applying a bodyscissors on Nemeth, squeezing the air out of him as J.R notes that Punk spent the majority of the commercial wearing Nemeth down with similar holds – including a clip being shown of the illegal can opener over the ropes. Nemeth uses his athleticism to escape, into a handstand, and we get a series of back and forth pin attempts from both guys with cradles and roll throughs. They eventually break, getting to their feet, but Punk scoops Nemeth up, looking for the GTS-


    Nemeth counters, into a SUNSET FLIP- 1...2...NO!!! Punk rolls through; 1...2...NO!!! Again, the two trade pinning predicaments for a bunch of near falls, finally getting back up … into a stand-off, and a nice respectful ovation from the fans for their efforts. Champion and challenger meet in the middle of the ring, trading some verbals, before shoving each other back and forth. Punk tries a cheap shot, but Nemeth ducks, then school boys the champion for another near fall … which sees Punk AGAIN roll out of the ring.

    Punk takes a walk, getting into an argument with fans who tell him to get back in the ring, as this time Nemeth holds open the ropes to invite Punk back inside. Punk declines the invite, telling Mike Chioda to do his job and force Nemeth back into the ring. J.R puts over the job Nemeth is doing, frustrating the champion despite Punks best attempts to disrupt the challengers rhythm. They lock up again, trading go-behinds, until Punk charges BACKWARD – ramming Nemeth into the corner.

    From there, Punk starts to try and pick Nemeth apart, stomping and punching the challenger in the corner, and starts to get to work, applying basic holds as he works over Nemeth, including a Bow and Arrow. That doesn’t last for long though, with Nemeth fighting back to his feet, rocking Punk, sending him off the ropes and delivering a back body drop. Hip toss. Dropkick. Punk is all over the place … as Nemeth goes for the LEAPING DDT-

    But Punk SHOVES him off … AND SCRAMBLES TO THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!!! The boos grow much louder this time as Punk – for the FOURTH time – rolls out of the ring to get away from Nemeth … but this time, Nemeth isn’t waiting for Punk to get back in, and SPLASHES FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE OUT TO PUNK ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! Nemeth is in charge, feeding off the fans, standing tall … heading into another commercial.

    Commercial Break

    Out of the commercial, CM Punk is back in control, roughing up Nemeth at the ropes, choking him, with a clip from during the break showing Punk on the receiving end of a mounted ten punch in the corner and shoving Nemeth off, with the challenger catching himself on the ropes, leading to Punk taking over again. And after relenting from the choke in the ropes, Punk tosses Nemeth to the floor, following outside and beating him up some more there, rolling in and out of the ring to break the count in between beating the challenger up.

    Punk attempts to whip Nemeth into the steps … but Nemeth REVERSES and sends the champion into the steps instead!!! Seizing the opportunity, Nemeth tosses Punk back inside, climbing up top – CROSS BODY TO PUNK!!! … BUT PUNK ROLLS THROUGH – 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Back up, Nemeth strikes first, pounding Punk into the corner, charging him into the corner, firing up, wailing at Punk. But despite taking control, Nemeth struggles to find a way to keep Punk down, scoring near falls off a snap suplex, and a big knee drop.

    Still though, Nemeth is having a solid period of dominance, taking the fight to Punk as the champion goes on the defence, merely surviving during this period, and TRIES to escape AGAIN to the outside, but Nemeth pulls him back in, dropping an elbow to the back, then later catches Punk on the ropes, repaying Punk for the choke earlier. Punk cant get a second to catch his breath with the relentless challenger pouring it on, delivering a pair of Stinger Splashes, then Monkey Flips Punk out of the corner!!!

    Nemeth is seemingly closing in on victory, but Punk avoids the FAMOUSER … only to get CREAMED with a clothesline for another near fall!!! Nemeth sends Punk off the ropes, but the champ hangs onto the ropes, forcing Nemeth to come to him – allowing Punk to back body drop Nemeth over to the floor with a thud!!! Punk takes the opportunity to catch his breath. With both men feeling the effects of the match, J.R sends us to a commercial with the match STILL going – nearly THIRTY minutes deep.

    Commercial Break

    And as we return, it’s a slugfest between the champion and the challenger at the top rope, both in perilous positions, as J.R feels obligated to tell us that there is a SIXTY minute time limit on championship matches and that no one envisaged this one would still be going this far into the match as it hits the thirty minute mark officially. Nemeth rocks Punk with headbutts on the top rope, and looks for a SUPERPLEX- but Punk BLOCKS- fighting Nemeth off … shoving him back down-


    Both men are down for the count of SEVEN … before Nemeth rolls an arm over the champion … 1...2...NO!!!!! Champion and challenger both are starting to show signs of fatigue, as Nemeth backs Punk into the corner, his punches coming in noticeably slower now. He goes for a whip, but Punk reverses, sending Nemeth instead … following in right behind with a running knee to the challenger … and the BULLDOG out of the corner!!! 1...2...NO!!!

    Punk regains control, and as Nemeth tries to get back up, Punk explodes with a SHINING WIZARD!!! 1...2...NO!!! With that though, the momentum has absolutely shifted toward Punk, and the Intercontinental Champion drags Nemeth up, Snapmares him down and DROPKICKS the back of the head for another two count. He sits Nemeth up off the kick out and starts laying in MMA style elbows, destroying Nemeth!!!!! Suitably softened up, Punk now lies in wait … as Nemeth struggles up-



    Nemeth elbows for dear life, escaping the shoulders of Punk, running off the ropes – RIGHT INTO A CALF KICK FROM PUNK!!! 1...2...NO!!! After a brief argument with Mike Chioda, Punk slams Nemeth back down, before proceeding to the top rope … and with a smirk on his face … DELIVERS A FLYING ELBOW – straight out of the SHAWN MICHAELS (or Randy Savage) playbook!!! On commentary, J.R says it looks a lot better when HBK does it as Punk covers again; 1...2...NO!!!!

    This time, there’s no waiting from Punk – he BRINGS Nemeth back to his feet, looking to finish this match once and for all, looking for the GTS – hoping it’s third time lucky – BUT IT’S NOT – NEMETH COUNTERS INTO A FAMOUSER WHEN PUNK LAUNCHED HIM!!!! Both men are down initially … but Nemeth rolls over into a cover eventually … 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!!! Now, Nemeth drags Punk up, and wants his LEAPING DDT-


    1...2...NEMETH KICKS OUT!!!!!

    Closing in on FORTY minutes now, J.R and Coach are in disbelief that the match is still going, with Punk unable to put Nemeth away, and vice versa despite both mens best efforts. Punk sends Nemeth into the corner again, and delivers another running knee … but as he attempts the running bulldog out of the corner – Nemeth yanks back, sending Punk crashing over the top rope – but he lands on the apron. Nemeth doesn’t realize it, and turns around – RIGHT INTO A SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE FROM PUNK!!!!!

    After ANOTHER kick out from Nemeth, Punk starts to struggle to hold it together, wondering what it’ll take to end this match. He’s been unable to deliver the GTS, and nothing else is keeping Nemeth down. Looking as if he’s running out of ideas, Punk slaps on a sleeper … but Nemeth soon fights out of that too!!! They trade blows in the middle of the ring, both slower than usual, but as Nemeth starts to take over, Punk stops it with a knee to the gut, snapping off a suplex for ANOTHER two count. We’re heading to ANOTHER commercial.

    Commercial Break

    CM Punk has an Abdominal Stretch applied now, having dominated throughout the commercial break …

    Jim Ross: Welcome back, and folks … we have an unbelievable situation developing right now. There was no way of tellin just how long this match was gonna go. We’re OVER forty minutes deep here!! As a result, Raw General Manager Ricky Steamboat has had to make alterations to this show tonight. Paul London was due to go one on one with The Miz, and the World Tag Team Champions were also set to be in action – those matches are now postponed. And should this thing continue much longer, a triple threat tag team match to crown new Number One Contenders will ALSO have to be put back!!

    Punk pounds on the exposed ribs of Nemeth, trying to create a weakness having been unable to put the challenger away, but his attempts to finish the match with the hold start to get desperate … and he eventually gets caught USING THE ROPES for leverage!!! The referee berates Punk and forces him to release the hold, as Punk argues with the official – his desperation starting to show. He goes back for Nemeth – but eats a JAWBREAKER!!!

    Champion and challenger both struggle back to their feet, but Nemeth strikes first, ducking a clothesline and executes an INVERTED POWERSLAM!!!! 1...2...NO!!!!! Nemeth agonizes at the kick out, but hammers Punk in the corner, throwing him out before climbing to the top rope – MISSILE DROPKICK TO PUNK!!!!! Nemeth feeds off the fans, waiting for Punk to get back to his feet, and STUN GUNS the champion onto the ropes -




    Punk applies his favoured submission hold, cranking on the challenger … but Nemeth rolls through … only for Punk to roll right back through – HOLD STILL APPLIED!!! Nemeth has to contemplate submitting … but REFUSES … and as Punk cranks the hold on, Nemeth is in danger of fading … until managing to get a leg across the face of Punk … AND BRINGS IT DOWN ON PUNK – OVER AND OVER!!!! HE BREAKS THE HOLD!!!!! Nemeth survives!!!

    Both men are spaghetti legged rising back to their feet, but its Punk that gets the first shot in, roughing Nemeth up with forearms, running off the ropes – RIGHT INTO A FLAPJACK!!!! Punk retreats to the corner – NEMETH INCOMING – PUNK MOVES!!!!! Nemeth hits the turnbuckles – AND PUNK GRIPS HIM – GERMAN SUPLEX – BRIDGING FOR THE PIN; 1...2...NO!!!!! Shaking his head the exhausted champion picks Nemeth up, setting him in the TREE OF WOE … and attempts a dropkick-

    BUT NEMETH SITS UP!!!!! Punk dropkicks the bottom turnbuckle!!!! Nemeth rolls down from the top, meeting Punk … picking him up … GUTBUSTER!!!!! 1...2….PUNK KICKS OUT!!!!! J.R gives the champion credit for his own survival instincts during this match, astounded how both men are still going, saying it’s testament to what the title means to both men. But Nemeth is in the ascendancy, following the near fall with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!! 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!

    Nemeth pushes back to his feet … and somehow finds the energy to reel off his TEN consecutive ELBOW DROPS to Punk … finishing by LEAPING high in the air to drop the final elbow!!! Hooks the leg … 1...2...PUNK JUST KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!!!!! And Punk … ROLLS OUT OF THE RING AGAIN!!! But this time it isn’t to break things up … HE WANTS TO LEAVE!!!! Staggering at ringside, Punk calls for his belt, ripping it away from Lillian Garcia, and turns to leave-


    The challenger drops Punk on the outside with a superkick, and after an ALMIGHTY struggle … he rolls Punk back inside – just before they were both counted out!!! He rolls Punk over for a cover … 1...2...NO!!! Nemeth gets up … NECK SNAP on the seated champion!!! 1...2...NO!!!! Nemeth drags Punk back up, running off the ropes looking for another FAMOUSER- NO!!! PUNK STEPPED AWAY!!! He kicks Nemeth in the gut … DDT FROM PUNK!!!!! Agonizingly, Punk slowly turns Nemeths body over … cover … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!

    Hands over his face, Punk can’t believe it. He stares at the foot for a moment, before dragging Nemeth away from the ropes, hooking the leg; 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Hooks the leg again; 1...2...NO!!!! Punk slams his hands off the canvas in frustration. There’s little over ten minutes left on the time limit, with Coach stating that Punk should just run the clock down at this point and not take the risk. But Punk wants to put the issue to bed, and brings Nemeth to his feet, trying to get Nemeth up on his shoulders- but Nemeth fights it!!!

    Nemeth hammers Punk with lefts and rights, refusing to go up, and takes off onto the ropes, coming back – AND THEY TAKE EACH OTHER OUT WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Both champion and challenger are out on the mat … with TEN minutes remaining on the sixty minute time limit. J.R sends us off to the final commercial of the match … as both men try to stir, in a race to see who makes it to their feet first.

    Commercial Break

    Returning with SIX minutes left, Nemeth and Punk trade chops, both holding the other up at this point, neither man with much left in the tank. Punk tries to fire off a forearm, but Nemeth catches … turns Punk over … BACKSLIDE … 1...2… PUNK ESCAPES!!! They get up, Nemeth swings a wild blow and Punk ducks – SCOOPS NEMETH UP – GTS!!!!!!!!!!! THE GTS FINALLY CONNECTS!!!!! … BUT NEMETH FALLS THROUGH THE ROPES UPON IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!

    Punk drops to his knees in despair!!! He has the match won … but the challenger is on the outside!!! Punk starts to crawl toward the ropes as Coach suggests the champion is delirious – he could leave Nemeth on the floor and win by count-out … and just before going to the outside, Punk seems to finally realise himself … as a smile emerges on his face!!! Punk – sat on the mat – leans against the ropes, pointing behind him, telling the referee to count (he already is) … with Punk happy to win this way.


    Nemeth crawls in – beside where CM Punk is sat – and Punk slowly peers over, unable to believe what he’s seeing – Nick Nemeth has beaten the count!!! Punk shakes his head, and STOMPS Nemeth – KICKING HIM BACK OUT OF THE RING!!!! BUT NEMETH WONT STAY DOWN!!!!! He attempts to get back in the ring again, climbing onto the apron, but Punk shoves him off again – and this time, Nemeth crashes into the barrier!!!!


    Shaking his head, Punk watches … as Nemeth struggles to his feet … and looks to clean the challenger out with a HEAD KICK – NEMETH DUCKS – AND HITS HIS JUMPING REVERSE BULLDOG!!!!!!!! Agonizingly, Nemeth has to inch his way over onto Punk, draping an arm over the champion eventually … 1...2...PUNK KICKS OUT!!!!! Both men are spent – neither moves after the kick out, both laying down on the mat…

    But they eventually find their feet, and once again – as NINETY SECONDS REMAIN on the sixty minute time limit – trade blows in the middle of the ring!!! Each blow sends the recipient into the ropes – the ropes the only thing keeping them standing. But Punk eventually breaks the cycle, as he delivers his flurry of Muay Thai offence … the slaps, the kicks, then goes for a BACK FIST – BUT NEMETH DUCKS … THEN LEAPS-

    LEAPING DDT TO PUNK!!!!!!!!!!

    Nemeth FINALLY hits his biggest weapon!!! But – he can’t capitalise!!!! Punk is there for the taking, but Nemeth cant summon the energy to turn him over and make the cover … as the seconds tick down. Nemeth shows signs of life, crawling and turning Punk over … before attempting to drape an ARM ONTO THE CHAMPION … AND GETS IT-

    Winner: TIME LIMIT DRAW @ 60:00

    Nemeth clearly has the cover – but as Lillian Garcia confirms – the sixty minute time limit applied on all title matches has expired!!! Boos ring out in the arena whilst Punk finally rolls over, as BOTH men are left on the canvas – spent.

    J.R can’t put both men over enough, noting it’s the first time in Raw history that a match has gone a full sixty minutes {this thread started January 2004} and the first time since the WrestleMania XII Iron Man Match that any WWE match has gone a full hour without a decision.

    J.R even goes as far to say that WWE ring announcers even dropped the time limit from in-ring introductions almost twenty years ago because of the rarity of a time limit draw. But unlike WrestleMania XII – there WONT be any overtime applied to this match.

    Just barely, CM Punk crawls out of the ring, being handed his title – which he holds close to his heart as he staggers away from ringside, keeping his title tonight – getting a fight he could’ve never have anticipated coming into this night … and J.R suggests CM Punk may have to get used to Nick Nemeth, believing they could be rivals “for years to come…”

    But in the ring, it’s heartbreak for Nick Nemeth. After going through the gruelling Best of Seven Series to earn his shot … he didn’t lose tonight, he may even have won on points (if such a thing existed) but he has failed to win the title. Nevertheless, Jim Ross continues to put Nemeth over for everything he poured into this match tonight.

    Jim Ross: But Coach, we’ve had to undergo some changes as a result of this match going to a sixty minute draw. Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin were set to be in action tonight – that match will take place on Superstars this Wednesday instead. Paul London was due to meet The Miz – that now happens a week from tonight, as will a triple threat tag team match for the right to challenge the champions at Nemesis!!

    The Coach: Big changes tonight, J.R. We could’ve never predicted this would happen. But we’ve still got a lot to come.

    Jim Ross: We sure do. Will Christian be here!? Will he be here for the contract signing to face Brent Albright at Nemesis?? We haven’t seen Captain Charisma since Hell in the Cell at SummerSlam!!

    The Coach: And what is the mindset of Christian!? He’s been radio silent ever since SummerSlam. We don't know where he is mentality. Physically even!!

    Jim Ross: Plus, a fatal four way – we’ll find out the next challenger for Beth Phoenix and the Womens Championship!! Michelle McCool, Victoria, Natalya and Maryse all set to battle it out here tonight!!!

    The Coach: And Mister Kennedy!!! Don’t forget about Mister Kennedy!!!

    Jim Ross: How could I-

    The Coach: He WILL be in that ring later!! We’ll hear from him tonight officially for the first time since he sent Mister McMahon off the stage two weeks ago!!!

    Nemeth finally rises to his feet … amidst a standing ovation from the fans in Detroit. The fans may not be happy – and nor is Nemeth – but they still show their respects for the superhuman effort put forward by Nemeth tonight…

    Jim Ross: Listen to this!! WOULD YA LISTEN T’THIS!!!! WHAT A MOMENT FOR NICK NEMETH!!! It may only be a slight consolation, but Nick Nemeth has damn sure won over these fans if there was any doubt!! What a sensational performance – he wont leave here as Intercontinental Champion – but he’s a winner in these fans eyes!!!

    Commercial Break


    The following video diary has been brought to you with pure class and sophistication...”

    The video opens in first class of an Aeroplane. René Duprée and Damien Sandow are sat, both reclining back, with Sandow wearing a face mask. A Stewardess approaches, wheeling a tray, stopping at Duprée.

    Champagne, Sir?”

    Duprée sits up from his chair in disgust at the stewardess.

    Do I look like a stupeed American??”

    She doesn’t quite know how to react.

    So … that’s a no?”

    Of course not. I want ze red wine.”

    The Frenchman shoos her away in disgust. She composes herself, turning to Sandow – who has sat up, listening in to the prior conversation.

    Sir? Champagne??”

    Do I look like a stupid American??”

    The stewardess looks confused.

    Are you not an American?”


    Sandow sighs, then pinches his nose to compose himself.

    I’m not stupid. And I wouldn’t ruin my palette with cheap bubbles from THAT!! Like my associate, I too would prefer red wine.”

    Monsieur Sandow – I have ze feeling zis is ze beginning of a wonderful relationship.”

    As do I, René. To think, I thought I could form a bond with William Regal-”

    Duprée scoffs.

    Ze Englishman!? Damien, ze English are WORSE than ze Americans. Zey think they have class!? Wiz there silly accents, and zer teeth!!?? No, no, no.”

    Sandow chuckles.

    I should’ve known better. You can tell a lot about a person by the company he keeps. To think an Englishman could carry himself with dignity. To think he could match my level of class and intellect!!”

    Zat is why you and I get along famously, Damien. Neither of us would associate ourselves wiz such a freak of nature like zat Goldust!! But ze stupeed American people?? Zey love to cheer for ze village idiot!!”

    That is what I’ve been saying all this time. I’ve tried to enlighten them. I’ve tried to reach out to the unwashed masses. The truth us, René, my country is beyond saving!!”

    Wait until you see ze class of ze people of France. We don’t have freaks painted in gold, our people are educated. Sophisticated. You will love it Damien.”

    René … I love it already.”

    Sandow pulls the facemask back over, and reclines back, relaxing again.



    Returning from the vignette, the caption “DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK” is shown, as CM PUNK hobbles through the curtain, after his sixty minute draw with Nick Nemeth, as SCOTT STANFORD immediately approaches for an interview…

    Scott Stanford: CM Punk, that was a truly phenomenally gruelling match. You surely couldn’t have expected to have to go for sixty minutes tonight??

    CM Punk: No?? Then you don’t know me, Scott. It’s because I’m prepared for every eventuality that I AM the Intercontinental Champion.

    He shapes to walk off, not interested in the interview, but Stanford speaks on anyway, following Punk.

    Scott Stanford: But after he took you to the limit tonight, having shared the ring for an HOUR with Nick Nemeth – something that’s incredibly rare – you must have a new found respect for him as a competitor??

    Punk stops, angered by the question.

    CM Punk: Respect Nick Nemeth?? I don’t respect anybody. And clearly, you don’t respect me by sticking that microphone in my face after I’ve just wrestled for sixty minutes.

    Stanford nods, looking a little guilty … but still pushes on anyway.

    Scott Stanford: I apologise … but if I may ask one more question. Already, people are calling for a rematch, stating that had that match been one minute longer – thirty seconds even – then Nick Nemeth would be the Intercontinental Champion right now. Would you agree that the sixty minute time limit saved you tonight??

    CM Punk: Who are these “people” Scott?? Because clearly – like you – they know nothing. Nick Nemeth had sixty minutes to get the job done tonight. And unless I’m imagining things-

    Checks his shoulder where the I.C Title is draped.

    CM Punk: Yeah, I’m still the Intercontinental Champion. I didn’t have to beat Nick Nemeth tonight. He had to beat me. I didn’t have to beat him. You want me to say it again?? He had to BEAT the champion to win this title. And he didn’t. All I had to do was see out the sixty minutes. That’s exactly what I did.

    Punk is about to push past the interviewer, but stops – and has something else to say.

    CM Punk: But let me tell ya this … if you gave me sixty minutes against anyone on this roster and told me I HAD to beat ‘em to win this title – I’d get the job done. If you gave me thirty minutes and I HAD to win – I’d get the job done. If you gave me fifteen minutes, ten minutes – if you gave me FIVE minutes and I HAD to win … I’d find a way. Nick Nemeth knew the rules. He had sixty minutes to find a path to victory … and the fact is … he didn’t. He had his shot. He failed. Now get out of my way.

    Punk then shoves past Stanford, agitated at the questioning, and limps out of the picture, showing the effects of the gruelling sixty minute draw.


    Back into the arena, and BIG ZEKE is entering the ring, with a jobber already there … waiting for the inevitable.

    Match 2:
    Big Zeke vs. Unnamed Jobber
    This week, the jobber doesn’t even get a name. Zeke backs him into the corner, giving a clean break … when the jobber tries a cheap shot. Not a good idea. Zeke clobbers him with repeated clotheslines in the corner … sends him off the ropes and sends him flying with a shoulder block!!! And, in a change of tradition, there’s no Torture Rack tonight … instead, Zeke delivers a Ron Simmons style SPINEBUSTER … picking up the emphatic 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Big Zeke @ 00:53

    Jim Ross: CM Punk and Nick Nemeth couldn’t be separated in sixty minutes … but Big Zeke just got the job done inside sixty seconds!!!! Bah Gawd, this freak is for real!!!

    Zeke has his hand raised, while on commentary, Coach concedes that Zeke DOES look unstoppable right now, but notes he hasn’t faced anyone with any name recognition thus far … though J.R states that the rumour going around is that no one wants to face him…


    Cutting backstage, BRENT ALBRIGHT is shown – flanked by CHARLIE HAAS and NICK DINSMORE – in an expensive looking suit, headed to the ring for the CONTRACT SIGNING – NEXT!!!

    Commercial Break


    It’s a dark, unlit room.

    Footsteps approach, hitting the hard floor.

    A solitary light goes on.

    A shadowy figure walks into the light.

    The camera pans up.


    Kennedy smiles for a few seconds, chewing gum, right up in the camera…

    I’m back.”

    Kennedy scoffs, and smiles, before stepping back out of the picture.

    The light goes out.

    It’s back to total darkness.



    Back in the ring, Raw General Manager RICKY STEAMBOAT is standing, with the ring appropriately set up for a contract signing…


    Somewhat angrily, BRENT ALBRIGHT makes his way down the ramp, still being accompanied by Haas and Dinsmore – both again wearing their ‘JBL FOR COMMISSIONER’ shirts as they did last week.

    The World Champion climbs into the ring, setting his title belt down at the table, whilst throwing dirty looks at the Raw General Manager, picking up a microphone from the table…

    Brent Albright: So this is your version of respect, Steamboat?? Bringing out your World Champion first? Christian a bigger star than me, is he?? Is Christian bigger than this-

    Albright grabs the World Title, showing it to Steamboat.

    Brent Albright: Is he?? Because that’s what you’re telling me. That’s what your telling these people. And that’s what you’re telling everybody in the back and everybody at home that’s watching this.

    Steamboat takes a moment, thinking carefully before speaking – to Haas and Dinsmore; ignoring Albright (for now).

    Ricky Steamboat: You two don’t need to be here.

    The Raw GM points Haas and Dinsmore toward the back, instructing them to leave the ring. Albright speaks with the pair off the mic, and they nod, patting him on the back before beginning to leave.

    As they do though, they both make gestures at their shirts – as if their allegiance wasn’t already obvious to JBL. Steamboat doesn’t react, and waits for the pair to leave … before addressing Albright again.

    Ricky Steamboat: As for why you’re out here first?? Christian isn’t here yet.

    Boos. Albright rolls his eyes and shakes his head, frustrated.

    Brent Albright: Well I’m not gonna wait for him. If he isn’t gonna show up, and you didn’t have the foresight to place someone in position to challenge me at Nemesis, I’ll sign this contract, and I’ll just take the night off. Because there’s no viable challengers left.

    Steamboat sighs, seemingly with no answer to the suggestion made by Albright.

    Ricky Steamboat: How about we give him a few more minutes, huh? Let’s give the-

    Brent Albright: He should’ve been here BEFORE the show – like I was. If he wanted to be here, he would’ve been here.

    He’s right, J.R!!” ~ The Coach.

    Brent Albright: I think you need to wake up, Steamboat. Whatever happened to Christian at SummerSlam?? Whatever Hell in a Cell did to him upstairs?? It’s plainly obvious he doesn’t want to be here any more. And it’s crystal clear to me that he wants no part of me either.

    Steamboat shakes his head at that suggestion.

    Brent Albright: He had his chance. He had an opportunity handed to him – BY YOU … and like every big idea you’ve ever had in this job … it’s blown up in your face. Like I said last week … all he had to do was show up … and he couldn’t even do that.

    Albright signs the contract, tossing the pen down. He reaches and grabs his World Title belt, standing up.

    Brent Albright: Face it – you’ve made another huge mistake, Steamboat. Another fine mess. And I’m sure when the Board of Directors meet next Monday afternoon to discuss JBL’s petition to remove Ventura as Commissioner, your appointment – and your performance – is gonna be the final nail in his casket.

    Ricky Steamboat: Don’t get ahead of yourself. And I wouldn’t count on anything going Mister Layfields way next Monday.

    Brent Albright: I think I can. I think by the time Raw goes on the air next Monday, you’re gonna be out of a job. So … I’d love to say it’s been a pleasure, Steamboat … but I guess the saying is true … never meet your heroes.

    Albright throws the title over his shoulder, and shapes up to leave-


    The Joe Louis Arena ERUPTS for the arrival of CHRISTIAN!!! And for the first time since SummerSlam, Captain Charisma is on Raw!!! Not dressed as sharply as you’d expect for a contract signing, Christian is in jeans and sneakers, wearing a t-shirt and blazer combo, but goes through the usual motions during his entrance of searching out into the fans at his Peeps.

    Christian takes his time to climb up onto the apron, and looks into the ring, before again surveying the audience, and proceeds into the ring, standing over the table – not even giving Albright the satisfaction of looking the champion in the eye. Instead, Christian stays standing, looking down at the contract for him to sign as the music settles down.

    Brent Albright: Take a seat. Get comfortable. We’ve a lot to catch up on, Christian. I’ve been waiting a long time for this.

    Christian doesn’t react, he’s still reading over the contract, but Albright continues on anyway.

    Brent Albright: For a moment, I didn’t think you were gonna show. Traffic bad getting here?? Wasn’t for me. I got here two hours ago. Because I’m a professional.

    Still, Christian doesn’t pay attention to Albright. The champ begins to get agitated.

    Brent Albright: Hey- HEY!! You ignoring me?? Or did John Cena beat you around the head that badly that you lost your hearing??

    Ohhhh” ~ The fans. Christian stops … but STILL, Christian doesn’t look at Albright.

    Brent Albright: Oh, I know you heard that. Well you can hear this then too – while you and Cena have been beatin each other halfway to hell, I’ve been carrying this title, beating everyone in sight. But … I don't need to remind you, do I?? I bet you still remember me cashing in my Money in the Bank contract at Vengeance, don’t ya??

    Albright smirks, nodding, even if Christian wont give him the reaction he wants.

    Brent Albright: And I bet you’ve been waiting for the chance to get back in the ring with me, right?? Well guess what – I’ve been waiting to get back in the ring with you too, big shot. Because I’m sick of people questioning me, saying I wouldn’t stand a chance with you under different circumstances. But I know different. I know I can beat you. And once you sign that contract, I WILL beat you at Nemesis.

    Christian takes a pen, and signs the contract, with Steamboat watching over him, nodding as Christian signs.

    Brent Albright: Don’t feel like talking tonight, Christian?? That’s fine. We’ve heard all your wise cracks anyway. They’re old hat. And besides, I’ve got plenty to say. Come October Nineteenth-

    Christian: Come October Nineteenth … all you have to do … is show up.

    Pop!! Christian finally speaks, and finally looks the champion in the eyes, standing over him across the table. Albright sits back, nodding … as Christian then tosses the contract at the champ.

    Christian: I’ll do the rest.

    And with that – short and sweet (using the exact line Albright used last week) … Christian LEAVES!! The contract is signed, the match is set … Christian ISN’T hanging around!!! Unnaturally concise and to the point, Captain Charisma leaves up the ramp, leaving both Steamboat and Albright surprised.

    Jim Ross: I think we’re all a little taken aback here. Is that it??

    The Coach: Was that really Christian?? That spotlight hogger normally cant shut up!! He loves to talk!!!

    Jim Ross: And I think Brent Albright was expecting a lot more chat and back and forth here … he seemed ready for it … but he got none of that!! Instead, the only words Christian uttered was the same that Albright used a week ago on Raw when he addressed Christian!!

    The Coach: But it is official now, J.R – right??

    Jim Ross: Indeed it is. Signed, sealed and delivered. Christian will finally get the opportunity to win back the title he lost under controversial circumstances at Vengeance. October 19, Christian goes one on one with Brent Albright for the richest prize in the game!!

    The Coach: The biggest test of Albrights reign – he’s got the consensus top dog in the business today to deal with … but he’s confident. Brent Albright is VERY confident. It’s a victory Brent Albright NEEDS for validation, J.R. To stick it to people like you that’ve doubted him from day one.

    Jim Ross: I’ve never doubted him, Coach. I just don’t like him. And it WILL be the biggest test of his reign as World Heavyweight Champion.

    Cutting away, BETH PHOENIX is shown, dressed in a business suit, carrying the Womens Championship, walking backstage…

    Jim Ross: But- coming up next … that woman, Beth Phoenix will learn which of the chasing pack is gonna step up and become her next challenger. Fatal Four Way – Number One Contenders Match comin right up!! Don’t go away!!!

    Commercial Break

    Michelle McCool w/Layla El vs. Victoria w/Kelly Kelly vs. Natalya vs. Maryse
    Having all won matches in the last four weeks, these four have been put together to determine the next challenger for the dominant champion. Beth Phoenix joins J.R and Coach on commentary, and is extremely dismissive of all the potential challengers throughout the match, saying she hasn’t even showed up to Raw the last few weeks because there’s nothing worth scouting. After a few moments, the match breaks down into your typical WWE style fatal four way with two in the ring and two out.

    It boils down to Victoria and McCool – who have been feuding for months along with their tag partners – and as they battle it out, Layla and Kelly – who both joined their friends at ringside – end up getting involved!!! In the end, the referee has to throw Layla and Kelly out from ringside to restore order, and in amongst the controversy Maryse grabs McCool from behind, tossing her out of the ring, then looks to capitalise on Victoria … but the veteran deals with the blonde and drops her with the WIDOWS PEAK!!! 1...2...BROKEN BY NATALYA!!!

    Natalya just saves the match at the last second, then has to deal with a furious Victoria. They get a moment or two to shine against each other, until McCool returns to the ring with a DOUBLE Cross Body, taking both women down!!! Cover on Victoria … 1...2...NO!!! She looks to pick Nattie up, but gets trapped in a small package; 1...2...NO!!! They get up and McCool drops Neidhart with a BIG boot to the face!!! Victoria takes a boot too, before setting her rival up for the FAITHBREAKER – AND GETS IT!!! She turns Victoria over for the cover-

    BUT MARYSE BREAKS IT BEFORE A COUNT IS MADE!!!!! The French Canadian picks her spot, and attacks McCool, then looks to take the count on Victoria instead … but Natalya drags her off!!! She looks to apply the Sharpshooter … but Michelle runs through Nattie with a clothesline first!!! She wants Maryse to herself, but Maryse avoids a corner splash … FRENCH KISS DDT!!!!! Maryse hooks the leg; 1...2...BROKEN BY NATALYA AGAIN!!!!!

    Furious, Maryse goes toe to toe with Nattie, but a discus clothesline puts Maryse down!!! Victoria comes back in, but she gets dumped back out by Nattie with a back body drop over the ropes, and McCool eats a Samoan Drop!!! Before Natalya can cover though, Maryse is back, attacking from behind, tossing Nattie into the corner, and looks for the FRENCH KISS again … NO!!! Nattie spins out, and takes Maryse down … APPLYING THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!! Maryse taps!!!!!
    Winner: Natalya @ 06:37

    Jim Ross: And there ya have it!! The timeless, legendary Sharpshooter gets it done for Natalya!!! She’s on her way to Nemesis!!! And ya gotta believe her Daddy and her Uncle Bret are sittin proud as punch back in Calgary!!! What’dya make of that, champ??

    Beth Phoenix: She’s just like all the rest.

    Jim Ross: She was the last woman to beat you, Beth, I know that!!

    Beth Phoenix: Please … go back and watch it. Check the facts. I’d already wrestled three matches in that gauntlet before she got there. We’re on a level playing field this time. She doesn’t stand a chance.

    Jim Ross: We’ll have to see about that!! Natalya damn sure wanted it more than the rest here t’night – I lost count of the amount of times she saved this match!!

    Natalya stands on the turnbuckles, looking down at Beth sitting at ringside, pointing to the title belt and motioning around her waist – she wants the title … but Beth looks un-phazed by it all – unimpressed.


    Cutting backstage, MISTER KENNEDY is shown – SURROUNDED by security!! He’s getting a personal escort through the backstage area!!! Chewing his gum cockily, Kennedy taunts onlookers, and is heard saying to someone; “These guys are for your protection – not mine.”

    Jim Ross: Well … he is here. And we’re about t’hear from him. What does Mister Kennedy have to say for himself this week!!

    The Coach: Don’t be expecting any apologies, J.R, that’s all I can say.

    Jim Ross: Oh, I wasn’t holdin my breath on that one. He’s on his way out here next!!!

    Commercial Break


    Strolling out onto the stage without a care in the world, MISTER KENNEDY makes his way down the ramp, full of swagger, full of confidence with an air of superiority over everyone – like he’s untouchable.

    Jim Ross: He’s got everybody in this company just dancing to his tune right now. Ever since returning at SummerSlam under HIS terms, Mister Kennedy has quite literally run roughshod over Monday Night Raw!! He’s got immunity, Triple H can’t touch him, he’ll be Number Thirty in the Royal Rumble if he’s in that match, he got a World Title shot in his first match back – which admittedly, he WAS screwed outta … but y’cant say it wasn’t comin!! Everything else has gone this man’s way.

    The Coach: It’s incomparable. Unprecedented the amount of stroke Mister Kennedy has acquired. And it all boils down to one reckless mistake Triple H made back in June on Smackdown. If Triple H wants to be angry with anyone about this situation – he should be angry with himself.

    Jim Ross: Indeed, Mister Kennedy – a paying spectator that night in Texas – was assaulted by The Game … but he orchestrated the whole damn thing. He knew what he was doin.

    The Coach: And how much must it grate on the McMahon family that this guy holds all the power. How much must it boil their blood that Kennedy sent the patriarch of the McMahon family – Mister McMahon, the Chairman of the Board – OFF the stage two weeks ago on Raw … and he’s escaped ALL punishment!!??

    Jim Ross: I wouldn’t like to fathom a guess, Coach. And that security y’saw there moments ago backstage – that was for Kennedy. Because that entire Raw locker room wanna rip this man apart for his actions!!

    The Coach: And they cant do a thing.

    Jim Ross: Indeed they cant. Triple H was arrested AGAIN last week in Ottowa for attacking Kennedy. And it must be killin The Game to have to watch this man swan around here every week, knowin he can’t get his hands on him!!

    Entering the ring, Kennedy lifts the mic left for him on the canvas, and as the music stops, he waits for the fans to settle down by pacing around the ring, composing his thoughts, before speaking…

    Mister Kennedy: They kept me outta the buildin until now – somethin about MY safety-

    Kennedy scoffs.

    Mister Kennedy: … Like I’m buyin that. … they kept me outta here … but uh, I heard a nasty- nasty little rumour that Christian actually showed up and signed that contract to challenge Brent Albright at Nemesis. Is that right??

    He looks out of the ring and gets confirmation from the fans. Kennedy nods, and tilts his head.

    Mister Kennedy: Well Christian, you just made it into my little black book-

    Kennedy stops himself. Taps his forehead with the mic before speaking again.

    Mister Kennedy: Oh- that’s right, you’re already in it. You … and every other member of this stinkin show is on my hitlist. Most of ‘em … I don’t even have a reason. But you, my friend … you just big footed your way into MY title shot!! You come swanning back and think you can just march over my spot??

    Kennedy wags his finger.

    Mister Kennedy: Not gonna fly, Captain. So Steamboat, how about you tear up that little contract, and make things right. Because it may have occurred to you … that I’m not the type to take these kinda slights lightly. And I don’t play around either. Ask Vinnie Mac.

    Stopping in his tracks, Kennedy acts as if he’s just forgot something, and smiles.

    Mister Kennedy: Oh- that’s right … I was supposed to come out here and tell you people just how sorry I am that that … unfortunate incident happened with Vince a few weeks ago.

    He sure sounds sorry, J.R” ~The Coach kisses ass.

    Oh absolutely.” ~J.R is dripping in sarcasm.

    Mister Kennedy: I’m supposed to say that … to appease the boys in the back and try to stop them from wantin to murder me.

    He keeps walking around the ring, shaking his head and smirking.

    Mister Kennedy: But you people wouldn’t buy it. They wouldn’t be buyin it back there … and I sure as hell wouldn’t mean it.

    Kennedy stops, and looks directly at the camera that’s following him around the ring.

    Mister Kennedy: Because I’m NOT sorry … and better yet, I’d do it again!!

    Mixed reaction from the fans.

    Mister Kennedy: And trust me – I WILL do it again, unless Steamboat irons out this World Title situation!!!

    Turning to look at the stage, Kennedy continues.

    Mister Kennedy: So to all the boys that wanna confront me and do something about it?? DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

    Pop. The fans want to see a fight. In the ring, Kennedy looks ready for one too.

    Mister Kennedy: One by one, I’ll throw ALL OF YOU off that stage like a damn conveyor belt!!! I don’t care if your name is Christian, Colt Cabana, Kelly Kelly, Rey Mysterio or St-

    **ALL GROWN UP**

    Surprisingly (and disappointingly I imagine?) STEPHANIE MCMAHON steps into view, showing up for the first time since the contract signing at SummerSlam when she fell victim to the wrath of Mister Kennedy. In the ring, Kennedy leans against the ropes, chuckling as he watches Stephanie on the stage … as she wisely doesn’t come any closer.

    Mister Kennedy: Don’t think for a second I wouldn’t throw you off the stage either, Princess!! You know as well as anybody that I don’t discriminate against genders. I’ll throw you off that stage just as quick as I did Daddy dearest!!!

    Mixed response. Stephanie tries to force a smile and act as if she isn’t bothered.

    Stephanie McMahon: Well … you can relax. Because I’m NOT coming down to that ring. In fact … I just came out to say … I’m impressed.

    Smacking his gum around, Kennedy raises his eyebrows.

    Mister Kennedy: I bet you are.

    Stephanie McMahon: Oh, I mean it. I am. Mister Kennedy … you have gotten your way at every turn these last few months.

    Kennedy puts on a bit of a grimace, not agreeing and wags his finger.

    Mister Kennedy: Not quite every turn. You and your family saw to it I didn’t get my hands on that World title.

    Stephanie McMahon: Well-

    Mister Kennedy: But don’t worry, I intend on rectifying that little issue pretty quickly.

    Stephanie nods.

    Stephanie McMahon: I’ve no doubt. You’re a man that sets out what he’s going to do … and you go out and do it. That’s to be admired. Honestly. And like I said … you’ve had pretty much everything go in your favour these last few months. You got that BIG contract. You got your title shot-

    She pauses, then shrugs, with a bit of a smirk on her face.

    Stephanie McMahon: Which, okay, didn’t quite go to plan … but still.

    Kennedy nods, he’s listening.

    Stephanie McMahon: You’ve got the Number Thirty entry into the Royal Rumble if you need it, you’ve got immunity – which I gotta say, has really frustrated my family – you’ve gotten away with attacking me- attacking my father; YOUR boss … and of course, my husband can’t lay a finger on you.

    Mister Kennedy: Hasn’t put him off though, I’ll give him that, Steph. But then again, maybe he prefers spending time in prison than at home. I hear his wife is a real ball buster.

    There’s a reaction from the fans for the dig from Kennedy. Kennedy cockily chews his gum, smiling up at Steph.

    Stephanie McMahon: Cute. But Ken, back on point here … nobodies perfect. Not even you. Because last week when you crashed the production truck and took over Raw … you slipped up. For the first time … you slipped up.

    Mister Kennedy: Is that so?? What did I do?? Eat Kevin Dunn’s last donut?? Did I leave the toilet seat up in the truck?? Whatever it is … you said it yourself; I got immunity. You people cant fire me. You cant touch me. You can’t do anything to me.

    Stephanie McMahon: Ohhh … don't worry. You’re not getting fired. But you do have a big problem … roll the footage…


    Mister Kennedy: I know where you people stay when you’re out on the road. And I know Triple H remembers what happened the morning of Judgment Day. Cause I sure do!!
    Following that, back in the arena, Stephanie smiles. In the ring, Kennedy just glares at the screen, unmoved, trying not to react. He points to the screen, shrugging.

    Mister Kennedy: And what’s that?? Does your husband not remember that morning??

    Stephanie McMahon: Oh, he remembers. He remembers being knocked out that morning. But- as you know, he never saw his attacker. And even though he knew it was you … he couldn’t prove it … and that case?? That was never resolved.

    Stepping back from the ropes, Kennedy rubs his stubble.

    Stephanie McMahon: So that confession- … because … that is what that was, right?? …

    Kennedy says nothing.

    Stephanie McMahon: That confession?? The Minneapolis Police Department found that very interesting. As a matter of fact, they even called it a breakthrough in that case.

    And, as Stephanie utters those words, POLICE OFFICERS begin to file out behind her, walking out toward the ring!!

    Stephanie McMahon: I hope you kept the number of the guy that negotiated your big contract, Mister Kennedy … I think you’re gonna need him!!

    In the ring, Kennedy looks around at the officers surrounding the ring, mouthing at them, before looking up at Stephanie up the ramp-

    Mister Kennedy: Big mistake, Princess. You better hope they lock me up and throw away the key. Because once I get out of jail, you better believe I’m coming for you. I’m coming for you, your Mom, your crippled old man, Silver Spoon Shane … and most of all, I’m comin for that husband of yours.

    Turning away to the hard camera, the fired up Kennedy sends a message-

    Mister Kennedy: DO YOU HEAR ME HUNTER!!! I’M COMIN FOR YOU!!!!!

    On the stage, Stephanie’s smile drops a little … replaced with a sense of worry … as Kennedy paces around the ring to close the show, telling the officers to come and get him … before Raw fades to black.


    Current Card for WWE Nemesis:
    October 19 2008 | St. Pete Times Forum, Tampa FL
    Theme Music; ‘Propane Nightmares’ by Pendulum

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    Brent Albright vs. Christian

    Womens Championship Match:

    Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya

    - The Man in BLACK vs. The GOLDEN Boy -
    John Cena vs. Paul London



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    Re: Being The Booker

    Very nice opening segment with Cena here. I love that you call Cena the man in black… its such a departure from his colorful character we all know him for as a babyface. I enjoy that you are using Cena to help with London to continue that push. I feel this will last us through the Fall and up to Royal Rumble with this feud. I enjoy the motivation for Cena’s attack as I always love a heel having a reason to be a heel. Its my opinion that the best Heel is always in the right in their own head, but the fans just don’t agree with his method.

    Wow… I started to think like halfway through that you were going do a time limit draw, but I was like no, he isn’t going to do that. To have the guts to devote an entire hour of RAW to one match for the IC title just made CM Punk and Nic Nemeth for years to come. I really loved this. This was just brilliant booking especially with you having JR talk about the changes to the card. That detail told me that you really put a lot of effort into making this become a RAW moment. I loved this!

    Interesting pairing with Rene and Sandow. I can see the relationship blossoming into some fun promos. It has some potential that’s for sure.

    I really enjoyed this promo from Punk here. It really puts him back in heel role and im glad you didn’t go with the “respect” route with him and Nemeth. I really loved what he said about winning when he had to in the time restraints of the match. Good stuff here

    I like that you tied the squash match for Zeke back to the 60-minute time frame showing just how impressive winning under 60 seconds is.

    Interesting contract signing here. Albright was great here setting up the big return of Christian. I like that Christian just had the two lines at the end of the signing. I really cannot wait to hear the big GO HOME promo from Christian before the PPV. I also love the JBL for Commish angle and kinda hope that you go that route.

    Natalya vs. Beth is going to be a great match for the PPV. I really enjoyed that you put the womens match as the main event rather than the contract signing. It is pretty progressive of you for this time period. I am super excited for Natalya and Beth.

    What a hell of a way to end RAW with Kennedy getting arrested and Stephanie being able to get the one up on Ken. I cant wait for Kennedy to get back out of jail and the way you like to book things… I feel like its going to be Kennedy vs. HHH at Mania, which is crazy to think of b/c it is only October and Mania is like 6 to 7 months away… its going be so fun getting there though

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Opening with John Cena to get an explanation for his attack on London? Awesome. Honestly, for some reason, the thought of Cena being the attacker never came to my mind, but now it seems so obvious. It’s funny how somebody can be off screen for a couple of weeks and you almost completely forget about them. Anyway, Cena was at his arrogant best, really taking it to the fans, with the stuff about Michaels basically being true. London wanting a piece and Cena making him wait is all well and dandy. A good start to what should be a fun feud and match. Off to a good start that’s for sure.

    Gail/Mickie fight backstage is fun as obviously they hate each other. Mickie laughing maniacally is awesome though.

    Punk/Nemeth going sixty minutes wasn’t necessarily something I expected, until it got through two commercial breaks, and I remember you mentioned in my feedback using a finish similar to what I did. The match recap here was pretty damn great, with drama being built well throughout. The use of the Elbow off the top from Punk, and claiming it was from HBK’s playbook was awesome. A shattering finish for Nemeth here, but this match was definitely a classic.

    If there was one thing I disliked, it was the idea of Shawn Michaels agreeing to same home. Especially after he just got cleared for not being the guy to attack London, you’d think Steamboat would be bending over backwards to accommodate him. Plus, Shawn wants Punk so bad, this would be the perfect way to get Punk mad, take his IC Title. I don’t know, considering the entire motivation of the Michaels character since Summerslam, it made no sense to me that he would just agree to stay home.

    LOVE the Dupree and Sandow segment here. Awesome stuff, and LOL at Dupree calling anybody else out on their stupid accent. Seriously though, this has all the makings of an awesome tandem, good stuff.

    I really enjoyed the attitude of Punk here, completely happy to use the championship advantage whenever possible. Whilst it’s obviously complete bullshit, he sells it well. Good stuff, but obviously Nemeth/Punk issues are far from over also.

    Big Zeke with another win… No issues.

    Steamboat kicking out Haas and Dinsmore was a nice way to show he still hates them. Albright’s rant on Christian and Steamboat was solid enough, did everything it needed to. The tease of Christian not showing up was predictable, but exactly what it needed to be. Obviously still somewhat different after Summerslam, Christian barely speaks but sends a message. To set up their Nemesis match, this did the job, but the impacts the hellacious match could have had on Christian are all sorts of exciting… Unless I’m reading too much into things. Either way, a pretty good segment here.

    Fatal Four Way was solid, and Natalya getting the win was probably the best option here. Normally I’d say Victoria, but it’s obvious she’s busy with other arrangements at the moment. Nattie wins and Phoenix still doesn’t seem impressed. Solid enough stuff, however considering the women’s division is all out of challengers for Beth, I expect Nattie/Beth to drag out. I’m predicting Beth’s arrogance causes her to lose at Nemesis. We’ll have to wait and see though, and either way, this was probably the best route you could have taken.

    Despite not coming through with the goods at BTB awards, I still stand by the fact that Kennedy is my favourite character in BTB. He’s so over the top, it’s actually ridiculous. His arrogance and refusal to apologise here was fun, and I liked the dig at Christian as well. Stephanie wasn’t what I expected, and I’m in two ways about this ending. From a complete booking stand point, it makes sense for this to happen and Kennedy getting arrested is a nice way for him to not end up on top for once. From a logical stand point, stating he remembers Triple H being attacked, as opposed to saying he attacked Triple H, means it’s not really a confession, so that bothered me somewhat. Worst case scenario maybe the police would want to ask him some questions, but not arrest him.

    Anyway, that little nag out of the way, I think it’s also worth noting that I LOVED the final moments of the show. When Kennedy finally went from cocky asshole to pissed off, and the change on Steph’s face… Golden stuff there. A top way to end the show really.

    Show breezed through with the match taking up most the time, but I enjoyed it for something different. Good stuff throughout, as being the BTB champion that you are, you continue on your merry way. Good shit.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    AWESOME promo to kick off the show. Just fantastic. It's an interesting quirk that Cena hasn't really been a regular on Raw for several months now, as it means I kind of forget about him when he's gone. Then he comes back, and I remember that he's pretty much my favourite character of yours (which covers a huge amount of ground). Such an excellent promo, with him being the obvious attacker in hindsight but not at the time, and the reason for it was just spectacular. Really loved the way he talked about the fans being fickle towards Michaels. Brilliant, brilliant stuff.

    Okay, did not see this coming with the IC Title. After the first couple of commercial breaks I thought "wow, that's weird, you don't see that very often", then there was another... then another... then another. I've said it several times, but I've never seen someone better at booking matches, because I'm so often taken by surprise with the direction you go in and yet 99% of the time come away totally satisfied by it. I don't know if Dolph Ziggler in 2008 really could go an hour and have it be interesting, but I don't care. This was great. (And also annoying, as I had a similar plan in mind for my BTB and you've ruined it, jerk.) Also big ups for explaining which matches have been left off the card so this one could happen.

    If I have a complaint, and it's a small one, it's that Michaels lack of involvement didn't really make sense. Given the story has been he is so desperate to get at Punk people thought he actually might have taken Paul London out, it seemed weird that he'd happily stay at home and out of the way. Him arriving and Steamboat banning him from the arena or something would have felt a bit more true to the story you're telling in my eyes.

    Dupree and Sandow going to Paris could be a lot of fun, especially based off this interaction. Fun stuff.

    Punk's promo was brilliant. Awesome way to keep him a heel and make it seem as though going an hour was part of his plan all along, and like he could have won in 5 minutes if he needed to, but he didn't. Really great touch.

    Still not much to say about Big Zeke. The super quick squashes are fun, but I hope we get to something even slightly more substantial soon so we can get a read on what we're actually dealing with.

    Interesting approach with Christian, as it looks like Cena's notion that he changed him is coming true. I still maintain my usual thing that the World Title feels very secondary (or tertiary, or even quarternary) compared to everything else that's going on. Even here, the story is more about Christian, which seems to be the story with most of Albright's defences. Still, interesting segment, and I'm more invested in this match now than I was before, so it did what it needs to.

    Not much to say about the Beth/Natalya stuff. Looking forward to seeing a real story develop here now we know what the match will be. Good job on getting a bunch of people to this place though, the division is certainly improving.

    Really fun segment with Kennedy. You obviously write him brilliantly, and the McMahons finally getting a little bit over on him is a good move to keep things ticking over. Not a major segment by the Kennedy story standards, but a good one nonetheless.

    Another really good show here. If I have a complaint, it's that the show peaked really early. The Cena segment and IC match were EPIC, some of the best things I've seen you do (which, again, is incredibly high praise), but it meant every else felt a little flat, and the show kind of drifted to an end a little with not much of note/excitement happening in the second half. But hey, if you're going to have such an incredible first hour, you have to expect that to a degree.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Really enjoyed the opening promo from Cena tonight and the upcoming feud with Paul London. Something to hit on that's small but added to the segment was continuing with Cena on the mic after London ran out. It seems like the usual idea is to have the heel leave the ring and the segment just kind of ends. It's something nice that the promo has a solid ending. Paul London will always be that top character in this booker for me, so I'll be rooting for him in the feud.

    This opening match was quite the surprise. A real good write up you put and the ending did not disappoint. God.. Nemeth almost had the win. A great ending to the match.

    I'm left kind of on the fence here in regards to the sixty minute match here though. On the one side, I think it's something completely different and very entertaining. You took two of your rising stars and elevated them in an extremely interesting fashion. On the other side, just to play devil's advocate, there must be that underlying annoyance that now I'm not seeing Paul London in action, Rey Mysterio versus Shelton Benjamin, and some other segments that were hyped from the show. Looking at it as a viewer and fan, it sometimes sucks to not get what was advertised. (But we got Christian so forgiven.)

    The promo from Punk was well done too. Enjoyed the line of completely berating Stanford for interviewing him after wrestling for sixty minutes.

    Needed that quick Big Zeke match to balance to the card some. Liked the call back to sixty ands sixty between the first two matches. Little things help make the project seem more special.

    The promos have been great this episode jeez. Usually above the rest but this show is really standing out to me. I feel there's something more intimidating in a man with few words versus a man who cannot shut up. Christian will be a fun character to follow going into Nemesis if he keeps this attitude.

    Natalya and Beth Phoenix is a good option going into Nemesis. I will be watching this feud for sure.

    Fun segment with Kennedy to close the show. Bringing together Kennedy's promo as a confession then him being arrested is a way to continue to build up the HHH / Kennedy story for sure. This intrigues me most as to how you can continue to build onto this for the feud. I don't doubt you whatsoever and am excited for what's next.

    One thing that I personally never commented on here is how many different, compelling stories you create to elevate characters. John Cena is obviously up there if I remember correctly from the earlier years. Paul London and CM Punk are great examples of what comes out of it. Mr. Kennedy and Nick Nemeth are following that line of high profile and high intensity matches and stories which only helps them in the end. Great show.

    credit to battletank for the graphic

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    No Mercy Re: Being The Booker

    Yo yo....Smackdown in my hometown!

    Loved the back and forth between Matt and Edge. Anything that puts Matt anywhere near the main card is a big plus in my books. Back then I was always a bigger fan of him than Jeff so you got me pumped there. Wait...I'm calling it now, Matt turns on Jeff and beats him at somepoint leading up to..Matt winning the Rumble. Boom. I'm sold.

    Opening contest was good, but it was the post match mayhem that I loved. Henry looking like an absolute beast. Just like Keef with Kane, I'm loving the way you have built up Henry into this unstoppable monster.

    You read my ECW, you know I'm all about a good Angle push. This promo was pretty epic. Laughed pretty hard at all the lower level guys wanting to be the one to get destroyed by the Olympian.

    Melina continuing to screw over her former boys has been great. Normally you'd expect the challengers to gain some momentum going into the pay per view, but this was even better. The champions continuing to get the upper hand thanks to Melina, then pushing the fact that she will be a non factor at No Mercy.

    Oh man, MVP is going to get screwed. Loved what you did with Kendrick when he was in control of the whole roster so I'm excited to see what you have the DiBiase Men do with MVP when they win his contract.

    More chaos. Gotta say, after seeing Henry be so dominant earlier it was a little bit of a shock so see him running away here. That said, good showing from the Hardy Brothers, and Edge again looks like a bitch for the second time tonight.

    Ha. Orton getting Edge put into another match was great.


    Cruiserweight action is fine...but the post match Daniels promo is where it's at. Can't wait to see the absolute epic you write between Daniels and Danielson post-No Mercy.

    Matt saying BROTHER just came off weird to me..not sure why. But, Matt wanting to accept Angle's challenge at No Mercy is interesting, I'm hoping he doesn't. Need him to continue to look strong, while Angle also needs to come off like a beast in his return.

    Excellent video package for Taker Batista. Brings everything up to speed on events that took place before you made the jump here, which is nice. Can't wait for that match.

    Batista squash. But I loved Undertaker's gong going off, just for him not so show up. Classic Deadman mind games.

    Warnings from Long, I definitely think Henry is going to run right through Hardy and No Mercy and continue his dominance.

    Haha I agree with everything Stojy said about this interview. Joey and Josh was kind of confusing, and I think the refusal to acknowledge any chance of losing is a sure sign that we will see the end of MNM.

    Good main event, with Edge fighting back after everything that happened throughout the night, but again, post match is where this shines. LOVED the visual of Orton effectively beating Edge with the RKO.

    Pretty awesome way to end an exciting night here in Canada. Did its job perfectly, getting everyone pumped for everything going into the pay per view.

    and.....NO MERCY!!!!!!!!!!

    Awwww, poor Chavo and Crazy coming up short after being thrown to the side in favor of a second Edge match on Smackdown. Though, I expect that isn't the end.

    Don't know why I was expecting this opening promo to have that classic "No Mercy" song, but in any case, awesome opening video. The "No" theme was an awesome way to do it.

    ...I miss you commentary. That's all I'll say about it haha.

    Predictably great showing from the cruiserweights. You're Cruiserweights are always a highlight of the shows they are on. Especially Danielson, hell, one of his matches was up for match of the year here on our little forum. DID NOT in anyway see anyone on the card already in a match being Angle's opponent so that was a shock. A very welcome shock though, and I get his reasoning. Their match at KOTR was great. Heyman being worried also makes sense, wouldn't want Kurt to lose momentum.

    And another great match from these two. But the right man comes out on top. Danielson doesn't really lose anything, successfully defending his championship, then going another 20 with Angle, and Angle gains some much needed momentum kicking off this comeback strong. Will say that I expected Angle's return to be a bit more of a squash, so this was a nice choice.

    Enjoyed the street fight, though admittedly it was the match I was least interested in coming into this. Glad Carlito and Kofi picked up the win, and Carlito needing to get in the last shot, and then spitting the apple was a fitting end to the story. Will be interesting for sure to see where they go from here.

    Awwwwwwwww yeah. Wrestlemania baby!!!!!

    Glad you followed up Matt wanting the match, getting in Danielson's face. Snuka being the one to get hit is interesting though, I'm assuming someone for Hardy to cruise through while we wait for his next "big" feud.

    Mark Henry. The fucking man. You had to know after beating Umaga that he was going up the card, kind of expected it to be for the WWE Championship, but the United States Championship is a nice addition on his way. Hardy tried to fight it, but this was exactly what I wanted, Henry dominating. Good stuff.

    Wow. Did not expect Noble, I'm assuming noone was, but everyone has a price...haha. Everything comes together as to why Senior was so calm. The DiBiases pick up an underhanded win, but I'm excited to see what kind of shit they cause for MVP now that they "own him".

    Awesome, awesome tag match. The end with the snapshot may have been a little much, did they just practice that move on the off chance they got the oppertunity? Haha but thats the only flaw I found in it. Was glad Melina didn't have a hand in the finish, having Barrett and Burke come out on top was the right move. Morrison has bigger places to be on the card...Matthews clue haha.

    Still love that Nemesis promo.

    I loved this match. Undertaker and Batista going toe to toe, move for move. Two of my favorites just going at it. Really liked the ending, with Batista breaking the hells gate with the Batista Bomb, did they do that during their feud in real life? If they didn't they missed one great opportunity. Glad you gave the recap of Batista's accomplishments down below in your follow up because I forget that you've been doing this timeline for so long and changed essentially Batista's whole trajectory. This being Batista's biggest win is great, and I would love to see him go after Henry. Try to take down another big guy!

    Survivor Series!! Nice promo.

    Loved all the stories you managed to tell in this main event. Actually just loved the main event. Edge getting up after two RKO's was huge, proves why he's the champ. Would have liked to see a full prematch promo for this one, especially with how the end played out, but I understand cutting back. Great finish, with Edge just barely making it to his feet for the count. Jericho coming out injured was a twist for sure, as was the inclusion of Umaga. Wasn't expecting that at all. A cash in while injured is a very interesting idea, calls in to question whether or not he will be able to defend.

    Another great pay per view, think match of the night for me was Undertaker Batista, but probably just because I love both of them. Very interested in the fallout from this show though, so many questions (Jericho), and possibilities(Batista's next step, Morrison / Matthews going solo, whats next for Henry or Angle)! Glad I got a chance to read this. I'll get to RAW next, but I just wanted to get this review up before it's outdated haha.

    Side note 1 : C'mon! Second place? I demand a recount!! Haha kidding.

    Side note 2 : Congrats again on all the End Of The Year awards!!
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    u n t i t l e d : A 2019 BTB

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I was definitely worried about Cena becoming a trope with his Man in Black gimmick, but so far I'm liking what I'm seeing. It's too hard to know your chronology, but I'm sure he was a big face before this turn, which makes this all work, opening segment included.

    I liked the HBK quick line about not wanting to cost the kid his shot. That was cool.

    Holy hell you like Dolph fucking Ziggler. You certainly made him tonight. I had flashbacks to Punk/Joe in ROH. Damn. There's one for MOTY. I love the time limit draw. Perfect decision for such a risky move that completely paid off.

    I also appreciate you popping the lines in about having to make alterations to the show mid match. Little things are why you're so good.

    Dupree and Sandow is the kind of team who can be obnoxious heels one week, comedy the next. Love the flexibility you're setting up for yourself with them.

    I LOVE this promo. Honestly, best thing on the show, it's that good. I love your spin on Punk had to not lose in the time frame so he actually won, and he knows the rules best (please steal from DB and have him do a "I have until 5!" moment), and if told he had to win he would. This was so good.

    I love the theme of they needed an hour, Zeke didn't even need a minute. Classic.

    That was an incredibly underwhelming contract signing. Albright and Steamboat just need to fight already. Christian is supposed to be your big face of RAW and he came across so obnoxious to me.

    I appreciate your effort with the Women's Division but I just can't get into any of these ladies. At least I can eventually get into Nattie :P

    Eh, that was pretty lame. I'm assuming that this will work great long term to set something up with HHH and Kennedy without that stipulation, but that's no confession. He simply remembered that HHH got attacked; any good attorney gets that dropped. I do appreciate how WWE/McMahon that segment was. I could easily see that on WWE TV, which truthfully redeems it a fair amount.

    I think the problem I ran into is that everything after the IC Title match and subsequent Punk promo just felt so flat because there was no way you were topping it. You did so amazing to booked your way into a corner haha. Still a great episode purely for those two segments.

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    Superstar Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Sorry for the lack of activity during the week. Been just dipping in and out on my phone, and today is the first time I've been on the laptop since last weekend. Smackdown will be posted on Monday most likely. For now though, SUPERSTARS!!!

    WWE Superstars | September 24 2008

    EPISODE 72

    After a win last week on Superstars, DOUG WILLIAMS looks to make it two in a row, but he’s facing an uphill challenge in the form of the ‘Lone Star’ GARRISON CADE, who looks to bounce back from his recent loss in the Best of 7 Series to Nick Nemeth.

    Williams puts up a fight, giving his all against the bigger man, having plenty of moments in a competitive match … but ultimately, it’s a bridge too far for the Brit, ultimately falling @ 06:11 to the HEART PUNCH at the hands of Cade for the 1...2...3!!! Garrison Cade gets back to winning ways…







    Next up, the SAN JUAN EXPRESS try to move on after their big loss at No Mercy to Carlito and Kofi Kingston, scoring a routine SQUASH win over a pair of local jobbers with the double Back Cracker @ 02:01.


    Backstage, BOB HOLLY cuts a promo on Colt Cabana and Colin Delaney, furious that the two came back and stuck their noses in his business again last week. The ‘Superstar’ is so incensed he challenges the pair to a HANDICAP match next week!!!

    Back at ringside, Striker and Grisham both think Holly has lost his mind to suggest a handicap match. Striker says he would pick Holly in a one on one match against either Colt or Delaney … but the 2 on 1 situation could be a case of Holly biting off more than he can chew.


    JIMMY YANG continues to look impressive, making quick work of FUNAKI, who had been riding high after beating The Brian Kendrick a few weeks ago on Smackdown. That momentum is cut short by Yang though @ 04:00 with the CORKSCREW MOONSAULT putting Funaki away, strengthening Yang’s claims for a shot at the Cruiserweight title.



    What is next for MISTER KENNEDY after his ARREST last Monday!?

    Will Nick Nemeth be granted an automatic rematch against CM Punk after the time limit draw?



    Then, in the main event, in a match rescheduled from Raw due to the I.C Title match going a full hour, the World Tag Team Champions REY MYSTERIO and SHELTON BENJAMIN are in non-title action, taking on the EAST COAST PARTY BOYS, as it’s revealed that Hawkins and Ryder asked the champions for this match as a chance for them to prove they’re worthy of a title shot.

    During the match, it’s noted that next week on Raw AMW, the New Standard and the Knuckle Dusters will be battling it out for the next shot, but with a win here, Ryder and Hawkins could completely reshape the entire title picture. They give it a good shot, running the champions close, but the growing team work of Rey and Shelton, coupled with their own individual brilliance lead the champions to victory @ 10:12, as Rey lands with the 619 on Ryder … with Benjamin nailing the Blockbuster right after for the 1...2...3!!!

    There’s handshakes all round after the match, with Rey and Shelton endorsing the youngsters, giving them credit for a hard fought match up, whilst Ryder and Hawkins accept their loss with grace, as the show goes off the air.




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    Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    As always, got some pretty quick comments on Superstars. I thought it was smart to get Cade back into his winning ways here. Despite failed attempts at the World Title and the IC Title, this guy still has a solid enough role to play in this thread, IMO. Happy to see him be able to build himself up through here and hopefully go again. Similar sentiments for the San Jaun Express, but I don't think there role can be as important as Cade's in the future.

    I think I've said a few times that I've enjoyed this Bob Holly stuff on Superstars. I'm not sure what happens from here, but the Handicap match next week should at least be interesting.

    Yang over Funaki makes complete sense and the tag champs looking strong in the main event is virtually likewise. I'm hoping The New Standard win on Raw as that could be a refreshing tag scene feud for sure.

    Solid stuff as always here, looking forward to Smackdown.

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    Smackdown Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Friday Night Smackdown | September 26 2008 | City of Auburn Hills, MI

    A recap video – entirely in still images – airs, recapping the closing moments of NO MERCY last Sunday, following Edge retaining the WWE Championship in a Last Man Standing match against Randy Orton … when CHRIS JERICHO would cash in his MONEY IN THE BANK contract – DESPITE being on crutches … thanks to UMAGA, led by ARMANDO ESTRADA taking out Edge, seemingly signalling an alliance between the three … and CHRIS JERICHO becoming the NEW WWE Champion …

    Straight into the arena-

    As EDGE is already in the ring!!! Breathing heavy, clearly fired up, Edge – with a bandage on his forehead – is pacing around the ring with a chair in his hand…

    Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to Smackdown. Five nights on from the shocking conclusion of No Mercy, which saw Edge – moments after defeating Randy Orton in a gruelling Last Man Standing WAR – forced to defend the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho, with Jericho cashing in the Money in the Bank contract.

    Jerry Lawler: That’s only half the story, Michael!! What about Jericho still being injured!!?

    Michael Cole: He absolutely is, King. A quite remarkable plan from Jericho, with the return of Umaga coinciding with the cash in. And there’s no way that was a coincidence, King.

    Jerry Lawler: I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    Michael Cole: Neither could anyone, King!! And ladies and gentlemen, Edge has been pacing this ring for the last TEN minutes waiting!! He hasn’t spoke to anyone since arriving, and as we’ve been informed, Edge only arrived around fifteen minutes ago and walked straight to the ring.

    Jerry Lawler: And I wouldn’t be the one to try and tell him-

    Now, Edge starts speaking, cutting Lawler off mid sentence.

    Edge: Okay … I’ve waited long enough!! We’re on now, right??

    Edge looks out to a production crew member to get the nod.

    Edge: Good. I’m not out here to whine. I’m not out here to complain either. What’s done is done…

    The now FORMER champion opens up the chair in the middle of the ring.

    Edge: I don't need answers … I just want my rematch-

    Pop from the fans.

    Edge: And I want it … TONIGHT!!!!!

    Another pop – this time a HUGE pop!!!

    Oh my, King!! Edge wants his rematch right here tonight!!!”


    Edge sits down on the chair.

    Edge: And I’m not leavin until I get it.

    Edge sits back on the chair, tapping his foot, clearly anxious, staring up toward the ramp.

    Michael Cole: Well … I don't know if Edge is gonna get his wish, King. As far as we’re aware, Chris Jericho IS still injured. That was a legitimate injury he sustained at the hands of Edge. It’ll be at least four weeks until he’s ready to compete!!

    Jerry Lawler: And, I’ve been told Chris Jericho is scheduled for a VICTORY SPEECH tonight!! He doesn’t want to defend his title this soon!!


    Edge doesn’t have to wait long to get an answer it seems, as Smackdowns General Manager FINLAY is on his way out to the ring!!! As The GM strides down the ramp, Edge gets up, pacing the ring again whilst Cole and Lawler explain that Finlay had no choice in the matter this past Sunday – he HAD to allow the cash in, but he DID try and warn Edge before the match.

    Finlay: I feel horrible about all of this, honestly. I hate this entire situation. I mean … I tried to warn ye at No Mercy but-

    Edge: Yeah, I know- I know. You tried to warn me, good for you. But I don't need sympathy. I need Chris Jericho. I need the WWE Title. And I need it – tonight.

    Another pop. Finlay rubs his face, exhaling, seemingly really uncomfortable.

    Finlay: Edge … listen-

    Edge: No. No YOU listen!! I’ve already made myself clear. I WANT my rematch!!

    Finlay: Come on, Edge. Think about this, will ye?? You’re still hurt from Sunday. I’ve got your medical report back there, and there’s no way you should be competing tonight. Plus Jer-

    Edge: Then it’ll be a fair fight. He’s hurt, I’m hurt. Sounds good to me.

    Finlay sighs and shakes his head.

    Finlay: It’s outta my hands.

    Edge does that uneasy laugh – where it looks like he’s on the verge of snapping at any given moment, running his fingers through his hair.

    Edge: Out- out of your hands??

    Finlay: Yeah. Can’t do it. Jericho?? He’s already bought the TV time on the show for his victory speech. And … he doesn’t want you in the building.

    Edge looks ready to lose it – he’s still smirking, but he’s not happy.

    Edge: Well that’s too bad, because I’m not leaving this building WITHOUT the WWE Championship.

    Finlay: And I cant make that happen. Look – Jericho?? He IS injured. I’ve had two other doctors confirm it this week. By rights, he has thirty days before he HAS to defend that WWE Championship.

    Edge: Th-

    Edge stops himself. He looks down, trying to stay somewhat composed.

    Edge: Thirty days?? He cashes in that Money in the Bank like THAT … and I’m supposed to wait thirty days!? I don't think so. I’m not waitin thirty days. I don't even wanna wait thirty minutes!!!

    **SIM SNUKA**

    There’s a collective groan as the bland and boring SIM SNUKA enters to interrupt the segment (even his theme name is just his name), with both Lawler and Cole annoyed he’s even out here. Edge isn’t beat pleased either, whilst Finlay wants to know why the son of the Superfly is coming to this ring at this point.

    Sim Snuka: Looks like we’re all having to wait for opportunities around here.

    Snuka walks up the steps and onto the apron.

    Sim Snuka: Edge, like you, this man is keeping me waiting for mine.

    He steps into the ring, whilst both Edge and Finlay stare daggers at him.

    Sim Snuka: But unlike you, I’ve had to wait much longer than thirty days for my chance.

    Snuka starts walking toward the GM.

    Sim Snuka: And Finlay?? I wont wait a minute longer. I want an opportunity on Smack-

    SPEAR BY EDGE!!!!!

    Edge explodes with a SPEAR to Sim Snuka, snapping, and having no patience to deal with any interruption. The former WWE Champion gets back up and stomps Snuka out of the ring, before going face to face with Finlay, with the cameras picking up his words to the GM;

    You BETTER come up with something. Because I WONT be waiting for thirty days.”

    And with that, Edge leaves the ring, storming up the ramp, ignoring everything going on around him. In the ring, Finlay puffs his cheeks, knowing he could be set to have a tricky next few weeks dealing with THIS Edge…

    Commercial Break

    Smackdown returns with JUSTIN GABRIEL on his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans…

    Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, just moments after the former WWE Champion Edge laid his stall out – he wants his rematch for the title he lost at the first available opportunity, and waiting thirty days does NOT fit in his plans. But King, we wont see the WWE Title on the line tonight – however, we WILL see a No Mercy rematch as Jeff Hardy gets his rematch against Mark Henry after losing the U.S title five nights ago.

    Jerry Lawler: Jeff has got to be crazy!! Why would he ever want to get back in the ring with Mark Henry!? Especially so soon after No Mercy!!

    Michael Cole: That still to come, but also, during the commercial break, we found out that Jeffs brother, Matt will also be in action as Sim Snuka will finally get the opportunity he’s been complaining about. Big test for Sim Snuka, taking on Matt Hardy tonight.

    Jerry Lawler: And after the incident involving those two at No Mercy, there wont be any love lost. Matt Hardy was FURIOUS that he didn’t get to accept the challenge of Kurt Angle.

    Michael Cole: And he’s still angry about it from what I hear, King. Speaking of Kurt Angle, he came through an unbelievable test on Sunday against the Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson – and Angle is back in action on Smackdown tonight!!

    **PALE RIDER**

    As the arena lights go out, CHRISTOPHER DANIELS makes his elaborate entrance for the first time on Smackdown, looking to make an immediate impact and back up his words in recent weeks…

    Michael Cole: But before all of that, we’re getting set to see the in-ring debut of the ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels on Smackdown!! He’s not been quiet though – and Daniels has rubbed the entire Cruiserweight division up the wrong way.

    Jerry Lawler: He’s talked a big game, Michael – he needs to back it up tonight.

    Michael Cole: But he could end up looking very foolish indeed – this is NOT an easy assignment tonight. Justiin Gabriel is fired up and determined to make a point!!

    Match 1:
    Justin Gabriel vs. Christopher Daniels
    Gabriel puts Daniels on the back foot from the outset, still fired up over the insults he’s taken from the Fallen Angel since Daniels arrived on Smackdown, threatening to pull off the upset early and humiliate Daniels, but the veteran rides out the storm and takes over, beginning to show his own talents and underlining just why he’s so confident about himself.

    Still, the South African rookie wont go down without a fight, giving Daniels another scare with a comeback, proving himself to be a test for Daniels – a greater one than the Fallen Angel anticipated, but in the end, Daniels proves to have too much for his inexperienced opponents, putting the match to bed with the STO, right into the KOJI CLUTCH … and Gabriel is forced to meekly submit.
    Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 05:41

    Arguably a tougher work out than the Fallen Angel was expecting, but he still looks impressive in victory, backing up his claims for an immediate title shot on Smackdown. And despite the competitive match, Daniels doesn’t appear to be ready to show Justin Gabriel any respect for the performance.

    Instead, Daniels instructs the official to get Gabriel out of his ring, wanting to stand tall alone, soaking up the moment, as Michael Cole asks if there’s anyone that can make an argument against Daniels getting the next shot at the Cruiserweight title…

    Commercial Break

    Backstage, Kristal Marshall is standing by with a rather dishevelled looking SIM SNUKA…

    Kristal Marshall: Sim, you asked for it – and you’ve got it. Smackdown General Manager Finlay has given you the opportunity you’ve been calling for for weeks. Tonight, you go one on one with Matt Hardy. And after Matt attacked you at No Mercy, I imagine you’ll be looking for a measure of revenge…

    Snuka nods.

    Sim Snuka: I’m glad you said that, Kristal. Because Matt DID attack me at No Mercy. Unprovoked. Just like Edge speared me in the ring. Unprovoked. But even though I’m clearly less than a hundred per cent, I wont make any excuses. I’m just glad that at long last, I’m getting my chance to prove myself on Smackdown.

    Kristal Marshall: Well, you-

    Sim Snuka: Obviously though, it’s far from an ideal scenario. To see me at best, I’d rather have a full bill of health- but again – I don't want to make any excuses.

    Sim starts wincing and holding his ribs. You’d ALMOST think he was over-egging this. Kristal doesn’t even seem to be buying it.

    Kristal Marshall: Well, uh, as I was saying-

    Sim Snuka: You know, I think I’ll have to cut this interview short. I need to get some tape for my ribs. Thank you, Kristal.

    Snuka trudges off, holding his ribs.


    Back into the arena…

    EVAN BOURNE is shown in the ring, already there, set for action…


    The music plays … but there’s NO SIGN of THE BRIAN KENDRICK coming out into the arena. Bourne looks around, almost as if on edge, half expecting an attack to come from the crowd … but there’s nothing. No entrance. No appearance.

    The music continues for another few seconds before Bourne seems to question the referee, who appears to be as much in the dark about what’s going on. On commentary, Cole and Lawler are both dumbfounded, but note that Kendrick no showed Smackdown last week AND no-showed No Mercy this past Sunday.

    Kendrick’s music stops … then starts again, with Tony Chimmel making the introduction for the second time … but still, no sign of Kendrick. Cole reminds everyone of the ‘fragile’ mental state Kendrick has found himself in since SummerSlam when he had his head shaved bald, and Lawler guesses Kendrick is going AWOL until it grows back.

    Eventually, with no appearance from Kendrick, referee Jimmy Korderas has to make the judgment call, informing Tony Chimmel of his decision…

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen … here is your winner, as a result of a forfeit … Evan … Bourne!!

    Not the victory Evan Bourne wanted … and he looks pretty embarrassed to have his arm raised under these circumstances. On commentary, Cole and Lawler both sound their concern for Kendrick … and wonder when we’ll see him again.


    Cutting backstage, the still very angry EDGE is sat in the locker room, head down, legs tapping – full of nervous energy. At this point, a group of security enter the room, coming directly to Edge…

    Security Guard: Uh, Edge??

    Edge looks up at the security team with utter disdain, making them even more uneasy around him.

    Security Guard: I’m afraid … we have to ask you to leave.

    Edge: You’re asking me to leave??

    The security team speaker puts his hands up apologetically.

    Security Guard: We’re just doing our job. You’re considered a potential hazard tonight, and they don’t want you to ruin the uh …

    Uneasily he clears his throat.

    Security Guard: The uh victory speech Chris Jericho has planned.

    Edge grimaces at the mention of Jericho, and nods.

    Edge: You want me to leave, huh??

    Edge stands up, grabbing his leather jacket.

    Edge: Potential hazard??

    Edge scoffs, and shakes his head as he puts his jacket on.

    Edge: Fine.

    Edge picks up his bag, throwing it over his shoulder taking a few steps forward … as the security team follow. He stops, and turns around.

    Edge: I suppose you boys want to escort me off the premises too??

    Security Guard: That’s our instructions.

    Edge scoffs again. He puts his head down, and shakes his head, before slapping his own thigh, before motioning to the door.

    Edge: Lead the way.

    Commercial Break

    Smackdown returns in the parking lot, with EDGE arriving at his rental car – with the security still following him.

    Edge: What? You want to drive me outta here too?? I think I got it from here, boys.

    As Edge dumps his bag into the boot and makes his way to the drivers side … a LIMO pulls up. Edge waits … looking to see who exit’s the limo … and as the driver opens the door for the passengers-


    Followed by TED DIBIASE Jr and a well dressed JAMIE NOBLE.

    The three men stand outside the limo, all smiles … whilst Edge rolls his eyes, not waiting around any longer, and getting into his own car to drive off.

    Still, The DiBiase’s and Noble wait for a few moments … before the Million Dollar Man coughs …

    And M.V.P emerges from the limo-

    Dressed like VIRGIL.

    Looking extremely uncomfortable and humiliated, M.V.P stands around in the outfit, refusing to look the DiBiase’s in the eye … whilst the trio all look pleased. Ted Junior – with a smug look on his face – approaches M.V.P…

    Ted DiBiase Jr: Don’t leave us waiting like that again.

    The DiBiases and Noble start to walk off, as the Million Dollar Man calls back to M.V.P;

    The Million Dollar Man: Get the bags!!!

    Head down, M.V.P exhales, and shakes his head, realizing just how bad the situation could end up being.


    Back into the arena…

    And PAUL BURCHILL is in the ring already, getting the jobber entrance…


    Joined by his new manager Paul Heyman, KURT ANGLE strides onto the stage, as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler discuss the Olympic Gold Medallists comeback on Sunday at No Mercy when he had a match of the year contender with Bryan Danielson.

    Both commentators make sure to point out just how much of a challenge it was for Angle in the end, including an incident where Paul Heyman tripped the foot of Danielson heading into the closing stages, insinuating that there’s still plenty of question marks over Angles ability and his future concerning another run at the WWE Title.

    Match 2:
    Paul Burchill vs. Kurt Angle w/Paul Heyman
    It’s a much more straightforward workout for Angle tonight compared to No Mercy, considering Burchill is just a jobber to stars right now. The Brit gets some offence in to prevent it being a complete blowout, but he never truly troubles the Olympian. Angle pops off a trio of German Suplexes, then the Angle Slam, before ripping down the straps, and locking on the ANKLELOCK for a quick submission victory.
    Winner: Kurt Angle @ 04:06

    Paul Heyman appears much more impressed with the manner of victory tonight, with his client avoiding the potholes and coming out unscathed. On commentary though, Cole and Lawler are quick to point out that whilst Angle was impressive tonight, there’s still questions to be asked when the Olympian goes back to facing top tier competition…

    Commercial Break

    Out of the commercial break, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler discuss the events of NO MERCY in details, talking over still images from Sunday, focusing mostly on the end of MNM following their loss to the Fight Factory, Batista defeating The Undertaker and of course the shocking conclusion to the evening after Edge had won the Last Man Standing match against Randy Orton.

    After the clips, the commentators then state that it was not a good night for either Hardy at No Mercy. Matt was beaten to the punch by Bryan Danielson for the open challenge to face Kurt Angle, and Jeff lost his U.S Championship to the dominant Mark Henry. Cole notes that both men are in action tonight, with Jeff activating his rematch clause and Matt to face Sim Snuka, before throwing backstage to hear from both Matt and Jeff…


    And, cutting backstage, JOSH MATHEWS is standing by with the brothers Hardy…

    Josh Mathews: Matt, Jeff, a chance tonight to bounce back from a disappointing evening for both of you at No Mercy. Matt, you’ll face Sim Snuka a little later, but firstly, Jeff; there were many raised eyebrows today when it was announced you’d be exercising your rematch against Mark Henry … tonight. Why tonight?? Why so soon after such an emphatic defeat just five nights ago??

    Jeff takes a breath, head down, thinking about the task ahead of him tonight before responding.

    Jeff Hardy: Time waits for nobody, Josh. Sure … Sunday was a disappointment. It was worse – it was a crushing loss. But I know one thing’s for sure; sitting around and waiting isn’t gonna get me that U.S Title back. And it makes no difference if I wait three or four weeks – there’s no secret what’s coming. I can’t prepare any differently for Mark Henry. And I’ve got NO fear either. Tonight … through hell or high water … I’m taking BACK the United … States … Championship.

    Matt pats his brothers back, supporting him, as Josh turns his attention to the elder Hardy.

    Josh Mathews: And Matt … it has to be said … your behaviour as of late has been pretty questionable. Last week, we saw you go after Edge, and at No Mercy, you confronted Bryan Danielson before attacking the man you’ll face tonight; Sim Snuka. Where’s your head at right now??

    Matt nods.

    Matt Hardy: You know, I’ll admit, Josh … I haven’t had the kind of time I expected to have when I got drafted to Smackdown. I came here with some real lofty ambitions. I wanted to be right in the WWE Title mix – and for good reason. Six months ago, I was the Intercontinental Champion over on Raw. People were saying how it was just a matter of time … before I was challenging for the World Title…

    He smirks as he shakes his head.

    Matt Hardy: But that hasn’t materialised. Nothing’s gone right for me since coming to Smackdown. Have I been frustrated?? Yeah. Have I taken that frustration out on people?? Unfortunately … yeah. Yeah, I have. I’ll hold my hands up – my attitude toward the other guys – hasn’t been right. And I’m sorry about that. I need to own my own shortcomings.

    After prodding his own chest, Matt shakes his head again.

    Matt Hardy: But I haven’t stopped believing in myself either. I believe I’m a World Title calibre athlete. Same as Jeff is good enough to be U.S Champion. But it’s time for show – not tell. And we’re gonna show the world just how good Team Extreme are – tonight.

    Matt and Jeff bump knuckles, supporting one another as we fade out…


    Back in the arena, the house lights are dimmed, and the ring is set up with black carpet, a lectern, an open casket, and a picture of MNM inside the casket…


    Walking out, the WWE Tag Team Champions are dressed in suits and black ties – appropriate dress for a funeral … and behind the FIGHT FACTORY, MELINA is wearing a rather demure (for her) black dress, accompanied by a black veil over her face … very much milking the idea of the ‘eulogy’ to be delivered.

    Jerry Lawler: And now I feel a little under dressed, Michael.

    Michael Cole: Well, this is one last act of disrespect to her former team from Melina. One final slap to the face of MNM, who after the outcome of No Mercy this past Sunday – are no more. Coming up after the break, Melina and the Fight Factory will deliver a ‘eulogy’ to MNM.

    Jerry Lawler: Sounds like a tribute to me, Michael. Where’s the disrespect in that??

    Michael Cole: Come on King!! There’s nothing heartfelt or genuine about any of this!! It’s a sham!! And we’re gonna have to live through it!!

    Commercial Break

    Back from the commercial, MELINA is being given plenty of abuse from angry fans, as she steps up to the podium, and wipes away (fake) tears from her eyes before speaking.

    Melina: I’m not-

    Overacting, Melina waves her hand over her face, as if she’s overwhelmed by emotion. Speaking, her voice cracks a little.

    Melina: I’m not crying because it’s over. I’m crying because it happened.

    The fans boo, not buying the crying act from Melina at all. She now removes the veil, and has a scowl on her face – no longer acting with the crying.

    Melina: I took two nobodies. Two outcasts that wouldn’t have made a single head turn- not even somewhere as basic as this town-

    Cheap heat. She shakes her head in disdain.

    Melina: Please … this is supposed to be a eulogy. Can you show some semblance of respect??

    Melina rolls her eyes at the disrespectful fans.

    Melina: I took Johnny and Joey and moulded them. With my vision I created two stars out of nothing. I took them from NOTHING, and brought them to great heights. In our first match in the WWE, we WON the World Tag Team Championships on Raw. Thanks to MY guidance and MY brilliance, they held those titles longer than ANYONE in the last decade. And when we came to Smackdown, I led them straight back to gold.

    They had a pretty big part in all of that themselves, Melina!” ~Cole tries to give MNM credit on commentary.

    Melina: My achievements with MNM broke records. Together, with my brains, and their ability to follow orders, we could’ve gone down in history as the greatest unit in WWE history. But that wasn’t to be. And all good things … come to an end.

    Out of a duffel bag, Burke and Barrett pull out a pair of the fur coats MNM would’ve worn when aligned with Melina, tossing them into the casket.

    Melina: And you people deserve the blame for that. Your cheers for Johnny and Joey made them believe they were more than what they really were worth. Your cheers gave them ideas above their station. You people made them believe that they didn’t NEED me.

    She smiles now.

    Melina: But now we know that wasn’t true. Now … now we know just how vital I was to their success. And now … MNM are no more. I KILLED MNM two months ago.


    Melina: And at No Mercy … Elijah and Wade laid that ghost to rest … once and for all.

    Grinning, Melina looks over at her new team proudly, then addresses the fans again.

    Melina: Which is why tonight isn’t so much a eulogy … but more of an exorcism. Tonight, I get to exorcise the corpse of the team I created. Eulogy, Exorcism … ultimately, it doesn’t really matter what we call this … the important thing for everyone to accept is that MNM … are FINISHED forever.

    Unfortunately, that is true, ladies and gentlemen” ~Cole confirms what we already knew.

    Melina: No Mercy proved I picked the right team. No Mercy proved that I picked the right man.

    Melina turns her attention to address the Fight Factory, and they stand back up, walking toward the lectern.

    Melina: Elijah? Wade? I’ve never been as proud as I was on Sunday to see you DEFEAT Johnny and Joey. To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt who the greatest tag team on this planet is … not that I ever had any doubt.

    She steps down from the podium, as Burke gives her a hug, before stepping up himself.

    Elijah Burke: Thank you baby. Y’know … it didn’t have to be this way. If MNM had just … minded their own business, Wade and I?? We would’ve let them exist … but they just couldn’t seem to accept the fact that Melina traded up. They kept comin back for more … and left us with no other choice.

    Barrett steps in now, leaning over into the microphone in his gruff, British accent.

    Wade Barrett: And that should serve as a warning to all the other tag teams here on Smackdown. Challenge us at your peril. Elijah and myself are willing to mix it up with anyone on the roster … we’ll fight anyone. And we’ve got the greatest mind in the entire industry in our corner too.

    Whilst Barrett remains stony faced and serious, Burke has a big toothy grin on his face, agreeing with everything his partner says.

    Elijah Burke: We are quite simply, the perfect combination. So anyone that wants to wind up like MNM … be our guests.


    Crashing the ceremony, CRYME TYME instantly infuriate the trio in the ring, as Cole reminds everyone that Cryme Tyme are undefeated since the return of Shad Gaspard six weeks ago, including a win over Los Latinos prior to No Mercy this past Sunday.

    JTG: Ay- YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO, YO. YOOOO!!!! … Yo.

    There’s a slight response from the fans, whilst Shad speaks up.

    Shad Gaspard: Basically … what Jay is tryna say is … we hear ya. If you guys are lookin for new challenges … we got one for ya right here.

    JTG: CH’YEAH!!!

    Casually strolling down the aisle, Cryme Tyme continue, whilst the Fight Factory look unimpressed in the ring.

    Shad Gaspard: I know there’s been a lot of changes recently around here.

    JTG: Lotta changes!!

    They stop, and start to use their fingers as they count up the ‘changes’…

    Shad Gaspard: Let’s see … Y’got MNM splittin-

    JTG: Ch’YEAH!!!

    Shad Gaspard: Y’got the tag titles bouncin around back an’ forth-

    JTG: CH’YEAH!!!

    Shad Gaspard: And y’got Melina there – she’s been doin some bed hoppin of her own lately.

    JTG: Ohhhh CH’YEAH!! Lotta changes!!

    There’s an ‘ohhhh’ for the Melina comment, and a sizeable reaction after it too. In the ring, Melina is furious – as are her team.

    Shad Gaspard: But get this, ever since your boys got back together, there’s been one constant-

    JTG: ONE!!!

    Shad Gaspard: We always win.

    JTG: CH’YEAH!!

    Cryme Tyme reach the bottom of the ramp, and JTG points up to the ring.

    JTG: And seein as you out here offerin up title shots?? Cryme Tyme?? We gotsta get on out here and collect. Because it’s about time that Cryme Tyme cashed in it’s chips … we ALL ABOUT that MONEY-

    Shad Gaspard: Money??

    JTG: Yeah, yeah!!

    Singing Together: That money, money, yeah yeah, that money, money-

    Melina: ENOUGH!!!

    There’s heat from the fans, as the frustrated Melina cuts off Cryme Tyme mid song.

    Melina: Obviously you two lowlifes can’t even HEAR properly … because Eli and Wade didn’t OFFER a title shot. All they did was issue a warning out to rest of the division. And honestly?? Something tells me the two of you won’t be in the running for ANY title shot any time soon.


    Melina: So I’d imagine if you two really want to make some money … you’ll have to do it the only way you know how.

    JTG and Shad look to one another, acting confused as to what Melina could’ve meant by the last comment, but shrug it off.

    Shad Gaspard: Girl, we know PLENTY ways to make us some mean cash. But the one we got our eyes on right now, is winnin those pretty little belts restin on your boys shoulders.


    But coming to join the party are CARLITO and KOFI KINGSTON!! The Caribbean Connection, fresh off their victory over the San Juan Express at No Mercy, enter the arena with microphones too…

    Kofi Kingston: If this is becoming a conversation about the tag titles … then … Carlito and I?? We oughta be part of it. Because as the BEST team in ALL the WWE … we think it’s about time we got our hands on those tag team championships.

    The fans pop for that suggestion, as Kofi and Carlito stroll down the ramp, but Cryme Tyme don’t look particularly happy about the interruption.

    JTG: Whoa, slow your roll, Cool Runnins. You can drop any idea you boys got of leapfroggin Cryme Tyme for a title shot about as quickly as you dropped that Jamaican accent.

    We get another ‘ohhh’ from pockets of the audience, whilst Carlito and Kofi both smirk at the comment.

    Carlito: Das funny, man. You two?? You got a lot of jokes to make. Seems like you two like havin fun. But this right here?? This is serious business. So why don’t you two head on off to the back, make some people laugh … and leave the real stuff to the teams that matter.

    Carlito and Kofi are now at the bottom of the ramp, standing right up next to Cryme Tyme.

    Shad Gaspard: Ohhh, that’s not cool, dawg. Let me get real wit you though, Carlito. You come out here talkin about a tag team title shot – but here’s some facts … and I’m deadly serious; you went AWOL-

    JTG: M.I.A!!

    Shad Gaspard: For two months. Left your partner in the lurch. Now I don't know what you did in your spare time during that time off. You either got corn rows, or got high off all those apples you been chewin on … but while you was gone?? While your “Connection” was broken?? Another team stepped up to the plate.

    Shad points between himself and JTG, with his partner nodding in agreement, backing him up.

    JTG: Now you can either step aside and wait till we get done with these two clowns … or you can try and step past us.

    Kofi shakes his head and shrugs, looking right at JTG.

    Kofi Kingston: Well, we sure wont be steppin aside.

    Shad stands over Carlito.

    Shad Gaspard: Then I guess we can put that casket in the ring to good use tonight.

    But while Cryme Tyme and the Caribbean Connection have been busy arguing on the ramp, the Fight Factory have been able to leave the ring, and AMBUSH the two teams on the ramp!!!

    Kofi Kingston and JTG eat a title belt shot to the head from Wade and Burke respectively, before the champions use the belts on Carlito and Shad too!! They bring JTG and Kofi to ringside, tossing both of them into the ring, looking to send a message to the chasing pack.

    Burke and Barrett put the boots to Kingston and JTG in the ring, with Melina giving them encouragement … BUT SHAD AND CARLITO BAND TOGETHER TO MOUNT A FIGHT BACK!!!!!

    Carlito and Shad Gaspard hit the ring, surprising the champions, knocking them off their feet, and as Kofi and JTG recover, the Caribbean Connection and Cryme Tyme outnumber the champions!!!

    Kofi and Carlito send Burke out of the ring with a double dropkick, whilst Barrett manages to stop himself at the ropes when sent in by Cryme Tyme … and he dodges out of the ring!!!

    On the floor, Melina gets her men back together, helping them to get themselves back on their feet … whilst in the ring Cryme Tyme and the Caribbean Connection have let it be known they mean business about a future tag team title shot.

    Cryme Tyme topple over the casket, whilst Carlito motions it’ll be the Fight Factory who’s next for the casket … giving Burke and Barrett plenty to think about as their ambush failed tonight.

    In the ring, the two warring contender teams now have another stand off – each team knowing the other wants exactly what they want – but there’s no violence between either team … for tonight at least.

    Commercial Break

    Match 3:
    Batista vs. Chuck Palumbo
    Nothing more than a showcase for Batista after a massive win at No Mercy over the Undertaker. Palumbo tries to match Batista for strength and fails … and it’s all downhill from there. The Animal draws out the beating for a little longer than it has to go, running through his usual signature spots, before putting the final touches on Chuck with the Spinebuster … followed by the BATISTA BOMB!!! 1...2...3!!!
    Winner: Batista @ 02:33

    Batista barely breaks a sweat in beating Palumbo, and after having his arm raised, the Animal calls for the mic.

    Batista: I don’t give a damn about contracts. I don’t give a damn about rematch clauses either … I’m NOT waitin for ANYONE else to get a shot at the WWE Title.

    He pauses for a moment, then prods his own chest one time.

    Batista: I want that damn title!!

    And with that, Batista slams the mic down, keeping his speech short and sweet. The Animal angrily leaves the ring, message sent; he wants the next crack at the WWE Title.


    Heading backstage, KRISTAL MARSHALL is standing by…

    Kristal Marshall: Hello ladies and gentlemen … with me right now … Ted DiBiase Senior, Junior and Jamie Noble.

    The three men mentioned all walk into the shot, all happy with themselves – though there’s no sign of M.V.P…

    Kristal Marshall: Gentlemen, there’s been a lot of questions asked ever since No Mercy when Jamie Noble clearly assisted Ted Junior in his win over M.V.P … which of course now means that M.V.P’s contract has turned over … to you.

    Indicating around the three of them, Kristal points her question.

    Kristal Marshall: Can you shed any light on this arrangement??

    Speaking up first, the Million Dollar Man tugs on the lapels of his jacket, smugly smiling.

    The Million Dollar Man: Kristal, I didn’t amass my wealth by making the same mistakes twice. At the Great American Bash, I didn’t have a plan ‘B’ to deal with R-Truth and it cost me $10,000. Now that’s just a drop in the ocean … but I wouldn’t be the Million Dollar Man if I was giving away money like some charity case, would I??

    Noble chuckles, muttering “no, sir”.

    The Million Dollar Man: At SummerSlam, I was ordered away from ringside as I tried to help my Teddy in his pursuit of the United States Championship. Because of that, he was unable to secure that title on the night.

    Looking angry about that loss, Ted Junior shakes his head.

    The Million Dollar Man: So at No Mercy, I anticipated I may be sent to the back again. In fact … I didn’t even get the opportunity to accompany my boy in the end. But everything was in hand … because I had a plan … and what we found out is that everybody has a price …. for the Million Dollar Man.

    Patting the shoulder of Noble, the Million Dollar Man hands over to allow Noble to speak.

    Jamie Noble: And Kristal, lemme tell ya, I got bills t’pay. Back when I worked for JBL in his Cabinet a couple years back, I grew a taste for the finer things in life. Double wide trailers, Levi’s jeans, you name it, I was buyin it!! But when that investment dried up, I aint got the cash to keep livin the high life – especially after losin the Cruiserweight title a couple months ago.

    He clenches his fist, still angry about that loss, but gets back on point.

    Jamie Noble: So when Mister DiBiase approached me with this offer to help Teddy here – I jumped at it!! I’m damn happy to be ‘filthy rich’ again!! And together, with this arrangement?? I think we’re all gonna get what we want outta it!!

    Ted Junior – who remains silent in this interview – pats the back of Noble as his father steps up again.

    The Million Dollar Man: I’ve brought Mister Noble here on board to watch my Teddy’s back, and to impart some of his own experience onto my boy and help him with his development. And now that Teddy here has had a few months under his belt on Smackdown, and time to settle in and get his feet under the table … the next step is championship gold.

    Junior smiles, nodding – he likes this direction.

    The Million Dollar Man: Now … it’s a little too early to be aiming for the World Championship. And right now, the United States Championship isn’t a viable option for us. So … we were watching there just a few moments ago when the current tag team champions were calling for some new challenges.

    He turns, motioning toward his son and Noble.

    The Million Dollar Man: Well … look no further than these two men right here.

    Kristal Marshall: And as for M.V.P-

    The Million Dollar Man snaps, cutting Kristal off.

    The Million Dollar Man: Please- in future, don’t refer to him. From now on, he’s of no interest to you. Mister Porter is merely an employee of mine. He isn’t important to any one else. Doing as I say. Right now?? He’s preparing a platter for the three of us to celebrate this new partnership. And in the coming weeks, he’s going to be key in ensuring that my Teddy is wearing championship gold.

    Kristal Marshall: And one-

    Ted Junior puts a hand up to cut Kristal off, and speaks up for the first time in the interview.

    Ted DiBiase Jr: That’s enough questions for one night, Kristal.

    Junior stuffs a dollar bill into the hand of Kristal as the three men walk off, whilst the interviewer looks rather disgusted at the ‘tip’ from the heavily shielded Ted DiBiase Junior.

    Commercial Break

    Match 4:
    Matt Hardy vs. Sim Snuka
    Snuka finally gets to show what he can do … which isn’t much, obviously. Matt dominates the opening exchanges, until Snuka goes for a walk, complaining about his ribs giving him problems. Back inside, Snuka complains to the referee about his ribs, trying to stall the match. That takes Matt’s eye off the ball for a moment … but a poke to the eye gives Sim an opening, taking advantage of the distraction he’s caused.

    He wears Matt down with some bland rest holds, and the nearest he comes to a win is a roll up with his feet on the ropes, but that blatant cheating only serves to fire up Matt Hardy. The elder Hardy makes his comeback, scoring a few near falls with Snuka barely hanging on. Sim then AGAIN complains about his ribs (despite them causing him no issues while he was on top) … but this time, Matt doesn’t buy it, and kicks him in the gut – TWIST OF FATE!!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: Matt Hardy @ 05:47

    As ever, Matt beats the lower card guys as expected – but it’s the big matches he keeps falling short in. Still, Matt celebrates the victory, hoping to use it as a springboard to bigger and better things, with Cole and Lawler both wondering if Matt can really put a run together now on Smackdown … but concede he’ll have to come through sterner tests than this one.

    Also, they focus on Sim Snuka failing on his big opportunity to show what he has to offer – the withering response from Lawler when asked by Cole is “not much, evidently” - but there is of course the potential issue of the rib injury and the severity of it – if at all – hampering his chances tonight…

    Commercial Break

    Backstage, the victorious MATT HARDY is in high spirits, muttering to himself, pumping his fists … heading for FINLAYS OFFICE … and just as he reaches for the door handle, the door swings open-

    And JERRY LYNN exits. He offers Hardy a nod, looking happy also, with Matt nodding back in a show of respect. Passing by Jerry Lynn, Matt enters the room with FINLAY sat at his desk.

    Finlay: Matt? Congratulations. That was a good win, kid. How can I help ye??

    Matt Hardy: You can help me alright … how about giving me Kurt Angle next week??

    Finlay exhales, but Matt jumps right back in.

    Matt Hardy: It should’ve been me at No Mercy. Danielson?? He had no business accepting that challenge. Everyone knows I was the best guy for the job. And I know I could beat Angle. I know it, Finlay.

    Matt leans over the desk, but the GM isn’t intimidated.

    Finlay: Maybe. And I admire your confidence Matt. I love it when guys have no fear and go out looking for a challenge like you … but eh, I can’t give you that match.

    Hardy stands back up straight, surprised by the rejection.

    Matt Hardy: What? Why not?

    Finlay points to the door.

    Finlay: Jerry Lynn just beat ye to it.

    Matt throws his hands up.

    Matt Hardy: HIM!? The hell were you thinking!? He’s an old man!! He just got his ass beat at No Mercy!! You wanna give Kurt Angle a test, you know I’m the man to give it to him. What the hell is beatin Jerry Lynn gonna prove!?

    Finlay: Relax. Don’t worry about it. If you want to test yourself with Kurt Angle so much, I’ve no problem with makin that match happen. Just not next week. As a matter of fact, I’ve already got another assignment for ye next week. For you and your brother.

    Matt Hardy: And what’s that!?

    Finlay: I want to test this team of Young DiBiase and Jamie Noble. Now, I know they got one over on you and Jeff just before SummerSlam … so I want to see where they’re gonna fit in the tag team division here on Smackdown. So I’m making that tag match for next week.

    Matt is blatantly unhappy.

    Matt Hardy: Tag match? I’m not here to test other guys. I’m not some gatekeeper. I want to test MYSELF. Against the best. That’s where I should be!! I’ll do this match next week … but I expect a reward in return.

    Before Finlay can even respond, Matt leaves the room, slamming the door behind him.


    Back into the arena…


    And now, making his way out to the ring, JEFF HARDY – minus the U.S Title he lost at No Mercy – hits the stage, jiving and throwing his arms around like a lunatic before making his way down the ramp for the title rematch…


    MARK HENRY – imposing as ever – trudges through the curtain but he ISN’T wearing or carrying the United States Championship. Instead, THEODORE LONG carries the title, holding it proudly as he follows the Worlds Strongest Man down the ramp…

    Mark Henry w/Theodore Long defends against Jeff Hardy
    In a change of pace from No Mercy, Jeff comes CHARGING out of the blocks this time, taking the fight to Mark Henry, having some early success by catching the new champion off guard!! Jeff throws everything at Henry … but despite his best efforts and an early onslaught, he cant even get the champion off his feet!! Jeff goes up top, looking for a missile dropkick, but gets swatted away as he comes down!!! Mark Henry takes over … just as we head to a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    And as we return, Mark Henry has a BEARHUG clamped on, as clips air from during the commercial of Hardy taking a couple of rough bumps on the floor, courtesy of the Worlds Strongest Man, and a Chocolate Slide. Jeff refuses to give in under the strain of the bearhug and starts to fight out … but has to resort to BITING to escape the hold!!!

    Theodore Long immediately complains to the referee about the biting … but it acts as a detriment to his client, as Jeff uses the distraction to KICK HENRY IN THE NUTS!!!! Jawbreaker follows … and then Hardy scores with the TWIST OF FATE!!!!! He has Henry down!!!!! 1...2- HENRY POWERS OUT!!!! Jeffs gets thrown across the ring off the kick out!!!

    But it doesn’t deter the challenger!! Jeff looks to keep the momentum going, dropkicking Henry repeatedly to keep him on his knees, before drilling Henry with a DDT from his knees!!! 1...KICK OUT!!! Henry kicks out at one, but there’s no powering out this time!!! The champion moves to the corner, but Jeff is right on him again, throwing everything he has at Henry, before drilling him with the HARDIAC ARREST!!!

    Henry is on wobbly legs as he gets up, and Jeff keeps coming at him with running forearms … before getting NAILED with a THUNDEROUS clothesline from the champion!!!! Mark Henry drains the life out of the inspired challenger, and delivers an AVALANCHE in the corner, before looking for a big SPLASH in the middle of the ring – BUT MISSES!!!! Jeff got out of the way!!! Then knocks Henry back down with a MULE KICK!!!

    Quickly, the challenger heads up top … SWANTON BOMB CONNECTS!!!!! Jeff Hardy is going to win back the U.S Title … 1...2...HENRY KICKS OUT!!!!!!

    Theodore Long breathes a sigh of relief on the outside, as Jeff heads up top AGAIN … CROSS BODY – CAUGHT!!!! WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!!!!!!! Full of anger, Henry growls at the audience, furious at the amount of offence he’s taken … and even though he has the match won, the champion puts an exclamation point on it … WITH A BIG SPLASH!!!! 1...2...3!!!!!
    Winner: And STILL United States Champion - Mark Henry @ 09:13

    Despite a scare, Mark Henry overcomes a spirited fight from Jeff Hardy to retain the title, five nights after winning it. On commentary, Cole puts over the fight that Jeff Hardy brought to the U.S Champion tonight in an effort to win the title back … but ultimately, it simply wasn’t enough.

    Lawler goes on to reiterate that Mark Henry is the most dominant force – not only on Smackdown – but in ALL the WWE right now. On the outside, Theodore Long takes hold of the title belt, all smiles, telling anyone within earshot, “that’s what I’m talkin about playas!!” whilst Henry glares down at the beaten Hardy … before leaving the ring.

    Henry and Long depart, as Cole asks WHO can pose a threat to the U.S Champion right now … seeing no one that could possibly withstand the power of the Worlds Strongest Man…


    Cutting backstage, we see ARMANDO ESTRADA for the first time tonight, walking through the backstage area – all smiles – with UMAGA following behind him. JOSH MATHEWS approaches-

    Josh Mathews: Mister Estrada, the world wants to know-

    Armando Estrada: Not now!! Can’t ju see I’m busy?? The WWE Champions business manager … doesn’t have time to speak to a … como se dice … pheasant!! HA HA!!

    Estrada turns around, clicking his fingers.

    Armando Estrada: UMAGA!!

    The Samoan Bulldozer grunts.

    Armando Estrada: Let’s go. We have a NEW WWE Champion to celebrate!!!

    Umaga nods, saying nothing, as he blindly follows his handler, who proudly walks through the backstage area looking proud as punch, leaving Josh to stand awkwardly…

    Commercial Break

    Back from the break, ARMANDO ESTRADA is standing proudly in the ring. There’s no elaborate set here, there’s no decorations either. The WWE Championship is set up in the middle of the ring inside a glass case … and there’s a RAMP into the ring, with the ropes removed at the stage side of the ring to allow for the ramp…

    Armando Estrada: Everybody listen … to me.

    Obviously the reaction is heat. AAE continues to smile though.

    Armando Estrada: Tonight, I present to all of JU … de NEW … W … W … E … Champion. I give to all of JU … a TRUE inspiration … a visionary … Chris … Jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrichooooooo!!!!!


    Being pushed out onto the stage on a WHEELCHAIR, the NEW WWE Champion is still wearing the protective boot over his snazzy suit. Stony faced though, he doesn’t look like someone who just won the richest prize in the game five days ago. Chris Jericho is ultra serious.

    Jericho is wheeled to the ring by an orderly, as the ramp into the ring now makes a lot more sense. As he is wheeled into the ring, the beaming Estrada loudly applauds, and tries to tell the fans to applaud the new WWE Champion too.

    Stoic, Jericho is set in position in the middle of the ring, showing little emotion. He shakes hands with Estrada, as Armando pats the glass case, unable to remove the shit eating grin from his face. For Jericho, he appears to be taking it all in his stride – unmoved. The music dies off, and the WWE Champion begins to speak.

    Chris Jericho: This past Sunday at No Mercy … I made history. I became-

    Jericho lowers the mic, put off by jeers from the fans. He shakes his head before continuing.

    Chris Jericho: I became the first one legged man to win an ass kicking contest…

    More heat.

    Chris Jericho: Because I used my brain.

    And another round of boos for what has seemingly become his new (very basic) catchphrase.

    Chris Jericho: The fact Edge survived as long as he did as WWE Champion solely on his brawn is a minor miracle. But as Sunday proved … relying on guts and instinct will only get you so far. And sooner or later … you’ll run into someone that’s simply … smarter.

    Estrada is shown nodding enthusiastically.

    Chris Jericho: And that’s what happened to Edge.

    Taking his time, Jericho pauses, surveying the audience before speaking again.

    Chris Jericho: For those of you who think I faked my injury … you’re wrong. Several doctors have confirmed I have a lateral malleolus fracture. It took every ounce of energy I had to make it down that ramp at No Mercy. I left medical experts dumbfounded at my bravery on Sunday. My heroics at No Mercy may have even resulted in a setback in my recovery from the heinous injury Edge was responsible for.

    Oh come on!!” ~Cole is indignant on commentary.

    Chris Jericho: But from the moment Finlay announced that Last Man Standing match at No Mercy … my mind was made up. The moment I would cash my title shot in … was chosen. And as it happens … I counted on Edge and Randy Orton to attack me three weeks ago-

    Some of the fans appear to sniff “BULLSHIT” from Jericho and let him know as much. He remains unmoved by the fan response.

    Chris Jericho: It’s true. I pushed both their buttons throughout the night, expecting one – or both – of them to assault me. My intention was to sacrifice myself for one night in order to create an injury as a result and give both men a false sense of security. To believe I wouldn’t be a factor at No Mercy. I just didn’t anticipate the maniacal nature of Edge that night. And as a result, I suffered a legitimate injury at the hands of a psychopath.

    The doctors have confirmed it. Can’t deny that.” ~Cole concedes Jericho is telling the truth.

    Chris Jericho: A lesser man would’ve conceded defeat. A lesser man would’ve gone back to the drawing board. A lesser man would’ve ripped up those well laid plans … but I wouldn’t allow my injury to scupper my plan. Instead?? I made adjustments … and I made an astute investment.

    Jericho looks over at the beaming Estrada.

    Chris Jericho: For my desire to come to fruition, I required a back up plan. I wanted to leave absolutely nothing to chance at No Mercy. And when I became aware of Mister Estrada coming to the realisation that Umaga couldn’t deliver when he required him to the most … I made an offer that was mutually beneficial to both of us.

    Still grinning ear to ear, Armando nods in agreement and pats the glass case containing the title belt.

    Chris Jericho: You can call it a deal based on Supply and Demand. He supplied the back up to fulfil my demand of winning the WWE Championship. And I supplied the WWE Championship to fulfil his demand of managing a champion.

    We catch a glimpse of Umaga, standing on edge in the background, always with the intense wild man look in his eyes – seemingly always on edge.

    Chris Jericho: I have long since admired Mister Estrada and the work he has done with such … limited resources. For a long time, he has held aspirations to be associated with prestige … and gold … but with the best will in the world … he just didn’t have the tools available to match his ambitions.

    I think that’s a little harsh – Umaga was undefeated for over a year!! He’s only lost three times!!” ~Cole makes a case for Umaga’s credibility.

    Chris Jericho: A man of Mister Estrada’s stature and capabilities deserves to be rewarded with success. And now … he has the ability to work with someone on his level. Now he can be associated with a champion … me.

    Finally, Jericho cracks a smile. Estrada nods, stepping out to stand alongside the WWE Champion, producing a bottle of champagne.

    Armando Estrada: And Mister Jericho … allow me to make a como se dice … toast!! Ha ha!! A toast … to JU … to US … and to a profitable … glorious … and golden relationship!!

    Estrada has the orderly hold two glasses for him to pour the alcohol into, handing one to Jericho, and keeping one for himself. They toast one another, and drink the champagne … much to the annoyance of the audience.

    After downing his glass, Estrada excitedly speaks up again.

    Armando Estrada: At long last … I can now call myself de manager of a champion!! Ha ha!! For all dis time, I thought Umaga’s muscle could deliver me de gold I craved. But like ju say, Chris … guts and heart … dey only go so far. I tried my best to do ALL de thinking for Umaga … but he just doesn’t have de BRAIN to get de job done!!!

    Armando eyeballs the Samoan Bulldozer, glaring at him in disgust.

    Armando Estrada: For over two years, I led dis man to de brink of glory … and he failed me time after time!! But ju and I?? We accomplished MORE … in ONE night!!! … Than de Samoan Bulldozer could in ALL dat time!!!

    Estrada smiles at Jericho again, whilst Umaga doesn’t react to any of the insults slung his way.

    Armando Estrada: But don't worry, Chris … Umaga?? He will serve ju well. He may not have de ability to BE champion … but trust me … he will ensure you STAY champion.


    Chris Jericho: Well … I suspect it may be a while before his services are required. Because for all of you out there wondering … despite what I accomplished this past Sunday, I AM still injured-

    The boos pick up again, forcing Jericho to speak up to be heard over the fans voices.

    Chris Jericho: I am STILL at LEAST four weeks away from being cleared to compete and defend this championship … and I don’t intend on rushing back from this injury just to appease you people. As a matter of fact … Mister Estrada is currently discussing having that thirty day ruling extended under exceptional circumstances.

    And that just makes the boos grow louder. Jericho waits for a moment, wanting the noise to die down, just casually shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders.

    Chris Jericho: I don’t care if that upsets you. Your opinions are irrelevant to me. And I have a message for Edge too … as I understand he’s particularly upset this evening…

    A slight smirk emerges on Jericho’s face, but only briefly.

    Chris Jericho: And that message, Edge … is this; patience … is a virtue. Thirty days is nothing compared to the four months that I had to watch while I held that briefcase … as you walked around this place with a championship that belonged to me.

    Heat. Jericho meanwhile, narrows his eyes, staring straight into the hard camera.

    Chris Jericho: You should be eternally grateful that I allowed your sham of a title reign to continue for as long as it did. And you should be grateful that you’re not getting your title rematch tonight either. Because once I’m cleared to compete and you DO get your shot?? Once I beat you, your time wrestling in main events will be over.

    After a moment to let those comments sink in, Jericho nonchalantly shrugs again.

    Chris Jericho: I don’t have a stirring speech to make. As a matter of fact, I don’t have anything to say to any of you. There’s a reason there aren’t fireworks tonight. There’s a reason there aren’t balloons or streamers or half naked women gallivanting around the ring. Because this wasn’t a celebration. This moment isn’t for your enjoyment. This night has not been designed for your entertainment. My success includes precisely none of you. And none of you can participate in my celebrations.

    Boos grow louder in the arena. Jericho remains unaffected.

    Chris Jericho: The speech I made after I won the Money in the Bank briefcase at Judgment Day bears repeating … so I’ll leave you all with this … roll the tape…

    Jericho turns his focus toward the titan tron…

    Friday Night Smackdown – May 30

    Two months ago, I made a decision. One that has resulted in the betterment and the resurrection of my career. I made a decision to abandon all my morals and my beliefs about how a professional wrestler should conduct themselves in and out of this ring.

    My efforts went completely unappreciated. I was fed up of trying to reach out to people and have them change their own perspectives. I couldn’t influence other peoples mindsets. I couldn’t fight the rising tide. And my career was flat-lining. I couldn’t let that happen. So, instead of trying to be that positive influence, instead of craving the cheers and admiration of you irrelevant beings … I chose to get in the mud with the rest of the pigs.

    And now, it’s a matter of when … not if … I become WWE Champion again. It could be tonight. It could be next week. It could be next month, Christmas, the New Year or Wrestle Mania … I’m the master of my fate. I decide when I cash this briefcase in. And when it happens, you can guarantee there wont be any misstep, no mistake. I wont falter. I wont fail … because I will use my brain.”

    Back in the ring, Chris Jericho is smirking, his words back in May being prophetic … as he has reaped the rewards. Now, Estrada removes the WWE Championship from the glass case, handing it to Jericho, who rests it on his lap in his wheelchair.

    As boos echo through the arena, Jericho points to the outside, demanding the orderly wheel him back out of the ring, having nothing more to say after the clips from May 30.


    And the arena comes UNGLUED as the music of the FORMER WWE Champion plays through the arena. Lawler shrieks that Edge isn’t supposed to be here … and even though he left earlier, it appears he’s found a way back in!!! Jericho panics in his chair, shouting to Estrada and Umaga as they look toward the stage-


    Edge slides into the ring, shoving the orderly out of the way-


    The injured WWE Champion crashes with a HARD landing on the floor!!!!!

    Immediately, Umaga comes after Edge, but Edge ducks a shot … with Umaga stumbling forward and the fact the ropes are removed – Umaga has nothing to stop his momentum taking him out of the ring too!!!!!

    It leaves only Edge and Estrada in the ring, with Estrada frozen to the spot, in fear for his life!!! He panics, trying to beg off … and reaches into his top pocket, looking to offer Edge a Cigar … but before he can even get the Cigar out-


    With a wild look in his eyes, Edge runs his fingers through his hair … and looks to come after Jericho again!! Jericho is writhing on the floor, clutching at the protective boot he’s wearing, as Edge picks up a CHAIR from ringside!!!!!

    Edge makes his way to the defenceless WWE Champion … raising the chair high in the air, reading to strike a blow to the broken leg-


    Out of instinct, Edge spins around-



    The Rated ‘R’ Superstar falls to his knees, and Umaga uses the chair again, crashing it across the back of the former WWE Champion, wearing the chair out by blasting the back of Edge OVER and OVER!!!!!

    From the ground, Jericho calls the orders, telling Umaga “AGAIN” after every chair shot, revelling in the assault against Edge. Umaga destroys Edge … then adheres to MORE orders from Jericho, helping the WWE Champion back into his wheelchair.

    Armando Estrada is still down in the ring … but on the outside, Jericho – thanks to Umaga – has revenge against Edge. Sat in his wheelchair, the WWE Champion peers down at the worn out former champion, holding the title belt … as Smackdown draws to a close…




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    Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Jericho as an injured champion who doesn't have to defend his title is such money. I thought you wrote Edge really well in this segment too, and his threat at the end of the promo is absolutely the way to get me hyped for the next PPV cycle. Sim Snuka seems to largely be here as comic relief and the guy to get beaten up, but given what you've done with characters like Miz he's definitely on my "ones to watch" list. Great opening segment.

    Daniels going over in a competitive win is exactly what he needs right now, so this worked well. Sometimes you need crazy memorable moments, sometimes you need to keep people ticking over and looking strong. So this was the kind of good low key thing you always nail that gets forgotten under the stuff like Jericho being able to compete.

    Man, opening segment, mentioned by the announcers and an interview in the first three segments. Sim Snuka's getting a rocket push!

    Kendrick not turning up for his match is very interesting. I'm totally on board for wherever this is going.

    I really like the way you use commercial breaks, like Edge being escorted away, and coming back from commercial it's paying off. Not a particularly interesting couple of segments, but super authentic.

    Eh, I'm not sure about MVP looking exactly like Virgil. On one hand, it's pretty funny. But on the other, seems a bit on the nose, and the fact that it's three white dudes and essentially a black servant feels a little too close to the bone for 2008 for my liking. I am looking forward to what you do with this angle though, as there's potential to do something really fun here.

    Good to see Angle get a dominant win. This was what I was expecting at No Mercy, and while I like the approach we got, this works well to prove that he still has it in him. Feel like I'm saying this for every segment, but looking forward to where this story goes when we get i to the real meat and bones of it.

    GREAT segment with Matt Hardy, and a hugely necessary one. Up until now, he's basically already been a heel, just one that's aligned with Jeff. He's not been a good friend/brother. He's not been likeable in any way beyond being a Hardy Boy. But this promo went a long way to demonstrating that he is still a good person, and he's not just a heel with a naive brother. Very, very valuable segment, this. Good stuff.

    Good fun segment with the funeral for MNM. Nothing ground breaking, but a good follow up to them being finished as a team. I was pretty underwhelmed when Cryme Tyme interfered, as Fight Factory had just come out of what was arguably the second biggest feud on the brand and Cryme Tyme really haven't done a great deal of anything, but when SOS came out I realised we're setting up for what the future will look like. Honestly the brawl at the end was somewhat meh, but it's the first step in a whole new era for the division, so I can be patient while you line everything up.

    Good idea to get Batista going over in a squash, and glad to see him aim his attentions at the title. I wonder where he'll end up.

    Solid enough main event. I'm somewhat on the fence about Henry kicking out of Jeff's finisher on Smackdown, and I seem to remember the Crossbody in to a World's Greatest Slam was the finish to No Mercy (in fact, I feel like this match would have made a better "first encounter", with Jeff learning from his mistakes and then getting caught with the World's Strongest Slam on the outside as the follow up, but that's just a preference), but it's nice to see the belt in the "main event", and Henry still looks really good. Decent post PPV main event (which are the hardest main events to do imo).

    I like Jericho's "I used my brain" catchphrase. As you say, it's really basic, but this is the guy who got "it" over. In anyone else's hands it'd be lame, but it's perfect for him. The promo was pretty good, no complaints with anything Jericho said, but I still find the dynamic of Jericho, Estrada and Umaga a little weird. Will take some getting used to, at least. Edge coming out was predictable but necessary, and Estrada offering the cigar before the Spear was fantastic. It's the right call to have this new dynamic stand tall. As said in a couple of other segments, nothing hugely groundbreaking here, but a necessary first step in this new story.

    All in all, a very solid episode of Smackdown. The first episodes coming out of a PPV can either be hugely momentous, or they can be a case of setting everything up for the future. This was the latter, but it worked well, and things are pretty well aligned for the next few weeks coming out of this. Good stuff.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    If this isn't the start of an Edge heel turn, I'm pretty surprised. I love Snuka being such fodder.

    Daniels was always winning, but a five minute match is nowhere near as competitive as you made it out to be :P O do love the heel work of being out of the ring before getting the hand raised.

    Hahahaha you're writing this Snuka character very well so far.

    I like TBK just no showing now. Only time I want to see overrated Evan Bourne win a match.

    It's definitely very screwy how Jericho has the juice to get Edge out of the arena for the night, but it flowed perfectly into your best segment. YESSSSS! I fucking love the Virgil nod and I demand the pay off to this program being the real Virgil helping MVP. BOOK IT BOOKERMAN!

    Token appearance from Angle. Really surprised it was a simple win and no build off such a difficult return match.

    By the numbers from Hardys. Did the job, can't say it did much for me really.

    I definitely felt like this segment went too long. I would've honestly preferred it just being the Fight Factory, really crossing the fact that MNM are no more. Cryme Time were really grating initially, but got better with the brash shoot style stuff. Not buying them as contenders like I am the Connection. Still, this was pretty underwhelming with the length and other teams getting involved.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing Batista get his chance at the title.

    Jamie Noble was amazing hahaha. Double wides & Levi's BAYBAY! I love this little faction you got going on here.

    I was surprised Matt won, truthfully, after that promo, but Sim is fodder. The stuff with Finlay afterwards was pretty good stuff. I liked the testing himself stuff, that was a good paragraph.

    Henry wasn't losing tonight, but I thought you did good at keeping Jeff competitive while getting them both over in the match. I approve.

    This closer definitely went longer than needed. The logic behind AAE wanting the title makes sense, and continuing to belittle Umaga for that tease as well. I'll be honest, Jericho kind of bored me after a while. I loved the wheelchair bit though, absolute aces. Definitely picked up and ended well with Edge coming through the crowd. Standard but effective trope, and him falling to the numbers is how it should be right now with the new pairing.

    Overall, very little in the way of any good wrestling, and overall a pretty flat follow up for me. Your two lengthy segments were pretty big misses for me, but the Million Dollar Corporation stuff was amazing, andi thought you did good character work with Matt Hardy, while doing good simple stuff for Batista and Henry.

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    Re: January BTBOTM - Being The Booker

    Crazy, psychotic Edge is the best EDGE in my opinion. I don’t know how I feel about Finlay buying TV time for his celebration… just seems weird to me. Sim Snuka being a job character is pretty good… honestly, with the way you book things… I could see him somehow worming his way into the GM role… just a thought

    Daniels getting a win was well and I like that it was competitive as that what the CW division should be all about… good stuff here for a showcase match for Daniels

    Sim Snuka with the mega-push here. It seems like you have some plans for him.

    Interesting to see what you have planned for Brian Kendrick. He was such a big part of your show when he was GM and it seems like he has fallen so far, but I think his come up will be right around the corner.

    I feel that EDGE went a little too easily for me, which has me thinking he is going to be coming back in sometime soon.

    MVP dressed as Virgil has to be leading to a VIRGIL return right? I will say that I am intrigued with what you are going to go with this. I like the new Million Dollar Corporation, but you need a HEAVY imo.

    This is what I was expecting at NO MERCY, so im glad we got this and I hope that this continues for a bit to really get Kurt built back up with Heyman.

    I enjoy the promo with the Hardy’s… I think it reminds me of what is going on in my thread with Sting and Luger… not saying your taking from that at all… I think im just seeing it bc of the plans I have for them two in my own thread… I really am paying close attention to the final line where Matt said he is good enough for World Title and Jeff is good enough for US Title… b/c we all knowing the pecking order of the championships.

    Really enjoyed the funeral for MNM as it really puts that feud to bed and then Cryme Tyme and Caribbean Connection coming out really pivots everything to the next feuds you can have set up. I really see a #1 contenders match between CT and CC happening soon. Also, you nailed the CT promo.

    Batista getting a squash match win and then challenging for the belt is pretty standard stuff.

    I like the reasoning for Noble to join in with Dibiase… Double wides and Levi’s… that’s a catch phrase right there…. I like that you had Dibiase Jr. shielded… I like that you are heating up the tag division here with the funeral and then this promo… good stuff here

    I like the story you are telling with Snuka and making him into a chicken-shit heel… very good stuff here… Matt’s story is interesting as well with him not being able to win the big one.

    Jerry Lynn vs. Angle should be a hell of a match and Dibiase and Noble going against The Hardys is going to be interesting. That match has a lot of stories that need to be told in it, so itll be interesting to see what you do with it.

    Good rematch for the US title… really putting Henry over as strong and now both men can move onto different things… good booking

    Hell of a promo from Jericho… I really don’t know who is writing for him better… you or Keefmoon… I really cannot wait for UMAGA to finally realize what is going on… I liked the EDGE attack, though I wish we had waited a bit for the Estrada spear… just to give it a bigger moment.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show… you have some interesting things happening in the tag team scene and the World title picture… interested to see who you decide to pair Henry up with and the continuation of the Hardy’s story and the Dibiase story

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