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Thread: Being The Booker

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Does anyone have a link to Wolf Beast's old thread?

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Quote Originally Posted by LordByron View Post
    Does anyone have a link to Wolf Beast's old thread?
    It's on another forum. I'm sure if you google "Being the Booker" it'll be the first thing that pops up, but you can't link another forum here.

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    Re: Being The Booker


    ~ MARCH 21 2005 - MARCH 26 2006 ~

    Off the heels of WrestleMania, a new era was beginning on Raw, with the new face of the company emerging as John Cena. Newly minted as World Champion, Cena’s reign began with Randy Orton and Evolution on his tail. However, there are problems within Evolution as Flair and Batista are both frustrated with Orton after he refused to have them ringside with him at WrestleMania.

    In the first ever draft lottery, Rene Dupree, Rey Mysterio, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, Billy Gunn, Rey Mysterio & Stacy Keibler are drafted to Raw, whilst Smackdown draft Christopher Nowinski, The Dudley Boys, Matt Morgan, Chris Jericho & Eric Bischoff. As a result of the draft taking Haas and Benjamin to Raw, the WWE Tag Team Titles are vacated on Smackdown. In addition to the draft, The Hurricane is moved to Raw and Spike Dudley trades to Smackdown.

    Mysterio makes an instant impact on Raw, scoring a big win over Randy Orton, followed by Rey capturing the Hardcore title from Raven (but loses it in less than two weeks to Batista), and he joins forces with John Cena and Sting, as they tackle Evolution on Raw. In the run up to Backlash, Flair and Batista are beaten for the tag titles by Haas and Benjamin also.

    New talents arrive on Raw also; Eugene is first to show up following WrestleMania, followed by Shawn Michaels new ‘Insurance Policy’ Luther Reigns, and vignettes air to hype the debut of Carlito Caribbean Cool. Mick Foley is unsure how to deal with the unique Eugene initially, not wanting to put him in harms way, but Eugene unwittingly raises the ire of Kane on Raw, making himself a very dangerous enemy very early on in his career.

    Shawn Michaels and The Undertakers feud escalates with a Buried Alive match signed for Backlash, and Edge earns a rematch with Christian inside a steel cage in order to prevent any interference from Tyson Tomko.

    On Smackdown, Bradshaw becomes distant from Faarooq, worried that he has tossed away the best years of his career playing cards and drinking beer. Over the following weeks, Bradshaws demeanour changes and eventually he turns on his long time partner, leading the way to change his persona, and become JBL.

    Steve Austin officially returns as an active member of the Smackdown roster to continue his feud with Brock Lesnar, and in addition, Simon Dean debuts on the blue brand too, targeting Rikishi for being out of shape.

    Goldberg struggles to come to terms with his submission loss at WrestleMania and after he then taps out to Chris Benoit a few weeks later, he begins to become a bully - picking on announcers, until Tazz steps up to take him on, coming out of retirement for one match with the former champion.

    The title picture hots up, with no shortage of challengers lining up for The Rock. Kurt Angle earns a title shot, winning a fatal four way featuring Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Triple H - where the official spots a foot on the rope from The Game during the decisive fall. Chris Jericho is then assigned as referee for the Angle/Rock match with the carrot being dangled that if he calls it down the middle, then he will be in line for a title shot down the line - which he does.

    With so many arguable top contenders Bret Hart is unable to name just one - so instead, books an Elimination Chamber match for Judgment Day. In the lead up to the show, Chris Jericho wins the right to be the last entrant, giving him a sizable advantage going into the Chamber.

    BACKLASH 2005
    April 24 - East Rutherford NJ

    The Worlds Greatest Tag Team retain the World Tag Team Championships in a tag team turmoil match, defeating Booker T & Goldust, The Brotherhood, A-Train & Rhyno, Palumbo & O’Haire and Cade & Jindrak.

    Rene Dupree cheats to beat Rob Van Dam.

    Carlito makes his debut, but not in a match. Interrupting a diva’s segment, he acts like a jerk and even attacks some of the women, spitting apple in their faces - then leaves with Stacy Kiebler, later stating Stacy is cool.

    Eugene versus Kane ends in a DQ, with Kane picking up a legitimate injury, which is later revealed to be a torn ACL, putting him on the shelf for the near future.

    In a steel cage match for the Intercontinental Championship, Christian once again thwarts Edges challenge, and despite being stuck outside, Tomko ‘solves the problem’ for Christian, providing handcuffs. Christian handcuffs Edge to the cage, allowing him to escape.

    Shaniqua defeats Trish Stratus to retain the Womens Championship - now holding the title for six months.

    John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Sting defeat Evolution in the six man tag, with Cena pinning Orton again.

    Then, in the main event, Shawn Michaels buries The Undertaker alive, with help from Luther Reigns, Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak - forming a new D-X. In the match, Michaels suffers a broken arm. Confusion reigns in the immediate aftermath, as once the grave is emptied - The Undertaker has disappeared.


    May 15 - Vancouver BC
    Paul London becomes the NEW Cruiserweight Champion for the first time, defeating Chavo Guerrero.

    Simon Dean defeats Rikishi.

    JBL defeats Faarooq.

    Americas Most Wanted become two time WWE Tag Team Champions, capturing the vacant titles in a fatal four way, defeating The Dudley Boys, William Regal & Lance Storm and La Resistance.

    In a hard hitting grudge match, Goldberg defeats Tazz - who came out of retirement for one night only.

    In a Streetfight, Brock Lesnar finally beats Stone Cold Steve Austin, without any outside interference.

    Then, in the main event, The Rock retains the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle start the match, and in a first for the Chamber, all six men are in the match before any eliminations occur. Triple H is the third entrant, then Benoit, followed by The Rock, before Chris Jericho rounds out the field.

    Eddie Guerrero is eliminated first by Triple H, who once again takes the title opportunity from Guerrero. Benoit taps out to Kurt Angles Ankle Lock, then Chris Jericho is eliminated by The Rock. It comes down to Angle and The Rock after the pair see off Triple H, but Angle is unable to best The Rock, who remains champion.

    The night after Backlash, Rey Mysterio defeats Christian for the Intercontinental Championship - a measure of revenge for Edge. For Edge and Christian though, their paths continue to intertwine, as both begin to set their sights on the ultimate prize; the World Heavyweight title.

    Edge gets a title shot against John Cena, despite Christian having a win over Cena, and Christian, in retaliation for being overlooked attacks both men, ending the title match in a No Contest. This eventually leads to a triple threat match being made for Bad Blood.

    More new talent arrives on Raw in the shape of Kenzo Suzuki, whilst Carlito goes on an undefeated streak, despite often needing help from his valet; Stacy Kiebler. Carlito eventually enters a feud with Eugene, who responds to having apple spat in his face to spitting banana in the face of Carlito, and he helps end Carlitos undefeated streak. Chyna also makes a shock return to the WWE for the first time in four years, after months of Shaniqua being talked about as the most dominant female in WWE history … but instead of facing off, the two team up.

    Batista and Flair eventually dump Orton from Evolution on a Raw Roulette edition of the show. Orton - competing in a blindfold match - is completely unaware of the attack until it happens. This sparks an official face turn for Orton, as the following week, Flair and Batista offer Orton a chance to rejoin if he apologises - but Orton instead attacks both men with a chair. Batista wins a match which enables him to pick the stipulation for his showdown with Orton at Bad Blood - and chooses Ric Flair to be the special guest referee.

    While one stable falls apart at the seams, another is reformed - albeit with new personnel - as DX is put back together by Shawn Michaels following the finish to Backlash. With HBK mentoring them, Cade and Jindrak quickly re-establish themselves in the tag division.

    DX look to cause as much havoc as possible, and this includes an invasion of Smackdown during a week of shows in the UK. DX attempt to hold up the show, until WWE Champion, The Rock, confronts the group, running them off, and setting the wheels in motion for an eventual feud with Shawn Michaels - as the two would continually cross paths throughout the year at inter-promotional events. But before that, DX have to still deal with The Undertaker, as he makes his return - but with HBK out injured, Luther Reigns is forced to take on The Deadman.

    On Smackdown, The Rock continues to face all comers for the title, but the biggest challenge to emerge is the rejuvenated Goldberg. Goldberg works his way back to title contention, setting up a long awaited rematch with The Great One. In the background, the other big players with their eyes on the title pair off into feuds, with Chris Jericho raising the ire of Brock Lesnar with his quick wit, and Triple H reignites an old rivalry with Steve Austin. Austin gets himself suspended, which opens the door for Triple H to refocus on the title.

    The Rock isn’t the only champion with a target on his chest; Eddie Guerrero, U.S Champion since December, has JBL on his tail - with Layfield wanting the title to be returned to American soil, referring to Guerrero as an immigrant, declaring that when he wins the title, he’ll ensure that only true Americans can challenge for the belt. That doesn’t sit well with Chris Benoit, who also covets the title.

    Chris Masters is a new addition to the Smackdown roster, introduced as a ‘project’ of Simon Deans, who claims on the Simon System, Masters lost over two hundred pounds - their team is coined as “System Success”. Rico also makes a surprise return, taking a shine to Ron Simmons, and the two form an odd couple tag team, later referred to as the A.F.A; Acolyte Fashion Agency.

    In the tag division, AMW are challenged by Regal & Storm, who aim to take the belts from them at the aptly named Great American Bash. AMW aren’t the only ones fighting for U.S pride at the event - Paul London faces a challenge from Akio.

    In a seemingly innocuous backstage meeting at Judgment Day, Kurt Angle hints at Bret Hart that he wishes they could’ve once shared a ring. Hart initially thinks nothing more of it than a compliment … but the comment seems to plant a seed in Angles head, and in the following weeks, he starts to hint toward Bret about stepping out of retirement for one more match, but Hart shoots it down instantly.
    Bret Hart eventually reveals in the run up to The Great American Bash that he will be taking a few months off as he has an upcoming surgery. The comment is picked up by Angle as a hint that Bret is getting himself ready for a return to action, but again, that’s denied by Bret, who tells Angle he can never wrestle again. As a result of Bret Harts time off, an interim GM would be named at the Great American Bash.

    BAD BLOOD 2005
    June 14 - Philadelphia PA

    Kenzo Suzuki debuts with a win over Booker T, thanks to help from Rene Dupree, instantly forming a team.

    Shaniqua & Chyna win a 2 on 3 match against Trish Stratus, Lita & Victoria, simply by being too big and dominant for the three.

    Rey Mysterio retains the Intercontinental Championship against Rob Van Dam in a well spirited, face vs. face match.

    Eugene defeats Carlito.

    The DX Duo {Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak} win their second World Tag Team Titles, defeating The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, thanks in part to Shawn Michaels.

    Batista, with Ric Flair serving as referee, defeats Randy Orton.

    The Undertaker sees off Luther Reigns in a Casket Match, sending a message to Shawn Michaels - wanting one more showdown with HBK.

    In the triple threat match, John Cena successfully defends his title, defeating Christian and Edge.

    July 3 - Washington D.C

    Matt Hardy & The Dudley Boys defeat Simon Dean, Chris Masters & Kanyon in an elimination tables match.

    Paul London sees off the challenge of Akio to retain the Cruiserweight title.

    Americas Most Wanted retain the WWE Tag Team Titles against William Regal & Lance Storm.

    Brock Lesnar defeats Chris Jericho after a sustained attack on Jerichos already weakened knee which was attacked on the final Smackdown before the PPV.

    Billy Kidman wins a ten man gauntlet match for the next shot at the Cruiserweight title.

    JBL ends the seven month long reign of Eddie Guerrero as U.S Champion in the triple threat match, pinning Chris Benoit to win the title.

    Paul Heyman defeats Eric Bischoff in an impromptu match to become Interim General Manager of Smackdown during Bret Harts hiatus.

    Kurt Angle defeats Triple H in a Number One Contenders match, albeit thanks to Steve Austin, who screws The Game. Austin later states his suspension was up as soon as Bret Hart stepped aside as GM.

    Goldberg beats The Rock to once again become WWE Champion. After the match, Goldberg refuses a handshake, and puts The Rock on the shelf.

    On Raw, John Cena defeats Christian to retain his title, ending Captain Charismas title hopes for the time being, whilst Edge is becoming frustrated by being overlooked in the title scene again. Edge‘s moaning begins to turn the fans against him, with the impression being given of him as a whiner. Meanwhile, the Shawn Michaels-Undertaker saga comes to a head in a #1 Contenders match, which Michaels wins CLEAN, setting up the “Hottest Match Of The Year” with John Cena at Summerslam.

    Despite his failure to win the World Title, Christian is determined to reach main event status, and begins to target The Undertaker, at first saying that Taker has to prove HE is worthy of a match with Christian, then later refers to the Phenom as an ‘up and comer’, completely deluded in his approach.

    Carlito finally makes a big mark, putting the legendary Sting on the shelf, and cockily believes he has retired the Icon, but Sting returns in time for Summerslam, and stalks the cocky star for weeks. The Hardcore title continues to flip around the mid card, with Hurricane holding the belt for a period, before Rhyno captures it.

    Chyna’s return fizzles out, as she and Shaniqua clash, eventually facing off for the Womens title, with the dominating Amazon facing her sternest test - which she overcomes, seeing off the Ninth Wonder of the World. Following that, Shaniqua - having cleaned out the division - begins a weekly open challenge, but fails initially to find any real challengers.

    Despite taking the loss to Rey at Bad Blood well, RVD starts to show signs of anger and frustration with Mysterio - maybe even jealousy. Van Dam eventually gets a rematch on Raw for the title, but comes up short again. Despite his agitation, RVD accepts a handshake with the champion. The following week though when Van Dam is being interviewed, he hears that someone has been attacked and he instant reaction is “what happened to Rey”, without having to be told the victim. Van Dams heel turn is complete when Rey returns to attack him - knowing it was RVD that did it.

    Randy Orton wins an ‘Independence Match’ on July 4, which allows him to choose his opponent and the type of match he’ll have at Summerslam. Expecting it to be Batista, Ric Flair is stunned when Orton picks him instead - inside a steel cage.

    Despite Goldberg vs. Angle being set for Summerslam, interim GM on Smackdown, Paul Heyman instantly throws his weight around by inserting Lesnar into the picture, making it a triple threat match at the PPV.

    In the weeks leading to the event, Heyman tries to show favouritism toward Lesnar, giving him two weeks off, whilst booking Angle vs. Goldberg for those two weeks - but CEO Linda McMahon steps in, telling Heyman she could remove him at any time, and forces him to deal with everyone fairly.

    JBL builds his own stable, starting off with Jamie Noble (who instantly dumps Nidia when given the ultimatum), and later the Basham Brothers as he looks to defend himself from challenges for the U.S Title. And despite his attempts to make the title strictly for Americans, his request is denied. Given the length of his reign prior to losing the title, Eddie Guerrero is afforded a rematch at Summerslam.

    The scheduled Paul London vs. Billy Kidman match for the Cruiserweight Title is switched to a Best of 7 Series for the title, with different stipulations for each match of the series, which culminates in the seventh and final match at Summer slam - a ladder match. Meanwhile, Stone Cold and Triple H’s rivalry continues on with both men laying each other out ahead of a final showdown at Summerslam.


    August 7 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Americas Most Wanted defeat the makeshift team of Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships, after a mix-up between the challengers.

    In the first (and to date, only) Summer Games Match for the Intercontinental Championship (One entrant every sixty seconds, elimination occurs via pin/submission), Rey Mysterio retains the Intercontinental Championship, last defeating Rob Van Dam. Also involved; Luther Reigns, Eugene, Edge, Batista, Rene Dupree, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, Booker T, Rhyno & Kenzo Suzuki
    Sting defeats Carlito.

    It’s at this event where Christian and Stone Cold Steve Austin first interact backstage. With a heated conversation, the two would verbally clash at the next three PPV events also with Raw and Smackdown under the same roof.

    In the final match of the Best of Seven Series, Paul London retains the Cruiserweight Championship against Billy Kidman in a ladder match.

    Christian stuns the world with a CLEAN win over The Undertaker - though it does take two Unprettiers to finish off The Phenom. This would be the first of FOUR straight months where Christian would score a pinfall win over The Undertaker.

    JBL defeats Eddie Guerrero to retain the United States Championship.

    Randy Orton defeats Ric Flair inside a Steel Cage.

    In a match with No Disqualifications, Triple H beats Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    The Rock makes a shock appearance (as he was said to be out for three months) to screw over Goldberg in the WWE Title match, and Kurt Angle becomes champion once again.

    Then, in the main event, Shawn Michaels ends John Cena’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion, but needs all of his DX cohorts to help him get the job done.


    Clash of the Champions is next up, and the anticipation for a first ever meeting between Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels - the two World Champions - reaches fever pitch, and Angle curiously pitches for the match to be a 60 Minute Iron Man match - with speculation that he‘s looking to do what Bret Hart couldn’t; beat Michaels in an Iron Man Match.

    After the previous years respect between the two General Managers, Paul Heyman instantly declares war - and has a group of Smackdown stars invade Raw the night after Summerslam. Raw retaliate on the final Smackdown, making the issue personal this year between the brands.

    In other COTC developments, Randy Orton begs for a spot on Team Raw from Mick Foley in the 10 Man Tag, as he attempts to atone for his actions last year that cost Raw the victory. When Foley does announce his team, and chooses Orton over Batista, Ric Flair and Batista flip, demanding that Batista take someones spot, but the GM refuses to give in.

    Whereas Foley picked his team, Paul Heyman made his superstars earn their spot - only wanting people who wanted to be part of the match. However, Foley also included added incentive for his team, stating that whoever scores the winning fall would be entitled to a future title match.

    RVD goes off on an expletive laden rant, trashing the fans, trashing the front office over their treatment of him, and claims he hasn’t gotten a fair shake because he isn’t a ‘Yes man’ like Rey Mysterio, and takes further offence at being left out of the 10 Man Tag match. In protest, RVD goes on strike, and is spotted attending independent wrestling events, cutting shoot promos at these events and hinting that when he comes back to Raw, he‘s bringing an ‘old friend’ with him.

    Goldberg is hell bent on gaining revenge on The Rock for screwing him out of the WWE Championship, until the return of Mr. McMahon, who again books a ‘McMahons Choice’ match at the Clash of the Champions PPV, pitting Goldberg against The Undertaker for the first time ever in a dream match. Meanwhile, a feud develops between Raws Carlito and Smackdowns Matt Hardy when Carlito, on Raw, starts to harass Lita. And, announcers, The Coach from Raw and Josh Matthews of Smackdown also get involved in a dispute, leading to a PPV match.


    September 4 - Los Angeles CA

    The United States Champion, JBL, defeats Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio.

    Matt Hardy defeats Carlito to make it 2-0 to Smackdown.

    The DX Duo defeat Americas Most Wanted in a battle of tag champions.

    The Undertaker defeats Goldberg to level the nights proceedings, due to interference from The Rock - again costing Goldberg in retaliation for his assault at the Great American Bash.

    Josh Mathews defeats The Coach in a brief comedy match.

    Team Raw {Orton, Cena, Edge, Christian, Sting} beat Team Smackdown {Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit} in the ten man tag. Orton scores the decisive win, but it’s down to a run in from Batista - allowing Flair to tell Mick Foley “I told you so”…

    With the scores tied, it all comes down to the 60 Minute Iron Man Match between the two respective champions. It takes 40 minutes for the first fall to be scored, as Shawn Michaels delivers Sweet Chin Music. Then, with ten minutes remaining, Angle levels the match at 1-1 with an Angle Slam. With the clock ticking down, Angle applies the Ankle Lock, and despite a valiant effort from the villainous HBK, he cant hold on, and submits with just over ten seconds left, giving Angle - and Smack down - the overall victory for the second consecutive year.

    Following the Raw vs. Smackdown event, Randy Orton is back in the hunt for the World Heavyweight Championship as a result of him scoring the fall in the 10 man tag at COTC. But for Randy, his team mates at COTC were not so approving, with both Christian and Edge taking the credit for the win, and claiming their own right to a shot at Shawn Michaels, though for Edge, injury would soon take him out of action for up to three months.

    John Cena is also in the picture, wanting a rematch after losing the title at Summerslam, and, still sore from the way he lost the title, he terms the phrase toward Shawn Michaels that; “You may have the belt, but THE CHAMP is here”. It would have Cena and Orton cross paths again, after their feud earlier in the year - but now, both would be faces, and found themselves battling together against DX. Sting too would be making his case for a shot at the gold by winning a controversial Fatal Four Way, with The Undertaker declaring an interest in the title too.

    Mick Foley didn’t just have the litany of potential World title contenders to juggle - his focus was also fixed on the meddling Ric Flair, who began to try and oust Foley from power. The two would engage in a bitter war of words, which resulted in a 2 on 1 beat down from Flair and Batista on Foley, putting the GM in hospital. Foley would then make a match between he and Flair at Nemesis - in a Streetfight - before revealing it wouldn’t be Mick Foley … but Cactus Jack that Flair would face at the PPV.

    With Foley out of commission, it appeared that the in-mates had been left to run the asylum in his absence. Shawn Michaels - as World Champion - attempted to position himself in the role as the most senior member of the roster, but MR. MCMAHON would return to put that idea on ice. And, he would sign a six pack elimination match for the World Title at Nemesis.

    RVD would return and continue to showcase more of his old ECW persona - albeit with much more aggression - and more profanity, also bringing Bill Alfonso back with him, as he and Mysterio continued their rivalry over the Intercontinental title.

    During this period, The Coach became a permanent fixture on commentary, eventually displacing Jerry Lawler from the booth, and Mister Kennedy would debut on the Homecoming edition of Raw.

    Bret Hart returned to Smackdown as GM following his period off, and was immediately greeted by the WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, who tried to goad Bret when saying he did what Bret couldn’t - beat Shawn Michaels in an Iron Man match.

    Having been put out of commission - taken out of the arena on a stretcher, then thrown off the stage on the stretcher - by JBL the week after Summerslam, Chris Jericho returns to Smackdown, making a beeline for JBL and revenge, aiming to take the U.S title in the process.

    The Rock also returned after his lay-off, and wanted to finish off his rivalry with Goldberg, but found himself in the path of Brock Lesnar, who was angered by Rock nearly costing Smackdown the overall win at COTC. Forming an unlikely alliance, the two former foes; Lesnar and Goldberg became allies, forcing The Rock to turn to Stone Cold Steve Austin for back up - despite Austin announcing he was walking away after Clash of the Champions. In the following weeks, Austin would eventually answer the call, setting up a major tag match at Nemesis.

    Eddie Guerrero and Triple H would revisit their rivalry from earlier in 2005, with Eddie still unable to beat The Game in a one on one match - and Triple H offers him twenty minutes on PPV to try and beat him.

    NEMESIS 2005
    October 9 - Louisville KY

    Rey Mysterio defeats Rob Van Dam in an ECW Rules match to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

    In a Fatal Four Way, Americas Most Wanted survive the challenges of the System Success, the AFA and The Basham Brothers to retain the titles, now hitting five months with the belts.

    In a match with a 20 minute time limit, Eddie Guerrero and Triple H wrestle to a draw, with Triple H running down the clock to survive being beaten, preventing Eddie from getting a win over him for the first time.

    The DX Duo retains the World Tag Team Championships in a tables match against ECW alumni, Roadkill and Danny Doring.

    JBL defeats Chris Jericho in a Stretcher Match to retain the United States title.

    Shawn Michaels survives the Six Pack elimination rules to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena is the first to be eliminated - by HBK - in screwy fashion, before Sting is eliminated, with The Undertaker following shortly after, courtesy of Christian (scoring his third pinfall over The Deadman in 3 months). Orton eliminates Christian, but Michaels beats Orton in the final two.

    The dream team of The Rock & Stone Cold Steve Austin defeat the dream team of Brock Lesnar & Goldberg in a huge tag match.

    Cactus Jack defeats Ric Flair in a bloody Streetfight.

    Kurt Angle retains the WWE Championship in the Match of the Year against Chris Benoit over nearly forty gruelling minutes of action. Chris Benoit still cant win the big one.


    Ric Flair may have lost to Mick Foley but he was still determined to overthrow Mick Foley from power on Raw. Having gotten the majority of the heel side of the roster on board - all in agreement that they wanted Mick Foley to be replaced as General Manager of Raw - Ric Flair challenged Foley to a match at Survivor Series; both would pick a team of five, and if Flairs team won, he would be the new GM of Raw.

    The challenge would be accepted by Foley, but Flair had one final challenge - after facing Foley in his environment at Nemesis, he wanted this time to be in an environment he knows all too well; WAR GAMES. Foley accepted, but with the caveat that it would still be an elimination match, not one fall. Flair immediately had his team announced; Himself, Batista, Christian, RVD and Carlito.

    It would take Foley a number of weeks to assemble his team - Rey Mysterio was his first team member, and was soon followed - somewhat to Foleys own surprise - by The Undertaker. Eugene would passionately plea to Foley to be on the team, and due to that passion and desire, Foley would put his trust in him. Rounding out the team, Foleys long time rival, Randy Orton stepped up, ending his grudge with Foley.

    John Cena would continue his quest to recapture the World Heavyweight Title, continuing to goad Michaels by claiming he isn’t the true champion - and even introduces his own title belt (the spinner belt), calling himself The Champ. In an effort to shut Cena up for good, Michaels suggested a Survivor Series elimination match - DX vs. Team Cena. If Cenas team wins, he gets a title shot - if they lose; he never gets another crack at Michaels.

    Shaniquas mammoth title reign as Womens Champion came to an end on Raw - one year to the day of her winning the title - as Trish Stratus upset the odds to win back the title she lost, inflicting Shaniqua with her first loss. Not long after that, the Amazon would disappear for months.

    Snitksy debuted on Smackdown as Kanyons new bodyguard, but was soon found to be out of control, and became a feared prospect on Smackdown due to his size and strength.

    Goldberg continued his rivalry with The Rock and Stone Cold, building anticipation for a potential first ever one on one dream match with the Rattlesnake. Rock and Austin would humiliate Goldberg, costing him a match with Smackdown colour commentator, Tazz.

    JBL’s Cabinet would target more gold on Smackdown, with the Basham Brothers ending Americas Most Wanteds tag team title run which lasted five months, whilst Jamie Noble had his eye on Paul Londons Cruiserweight title. Chris Jericho remained on the chase for JBL, after the shady finish to their match at Nemesis.

    The WWE Champion Kurt Angle would continue to push for Bret Hart to come out of retirement, talking to workers and officials, telling them that Bret just needs some persuading. Even at the Survivor Series PPV, Angle tried to goad Hart, stating despite all of his accomplishments, he’ll be remembered most for a Screw job … unless he was to make a comeback from retirement.

    Meanwhile, the chase for that title would hot up, as Brock Lesnar, Triple H and Eddie Guerrero would become the next challengers for the title in an elimination match at the Survivor Series.

    In other events, Maven is traded to Smackdown, with Nidia moving to Raw to become part of the Womens division. Maven’s debut on Smackdown leads to a change in attitude from the first Tough Enough winner, acting more big headed and above the lowly stars of Smackdown, rubbing his co-workers the wrong way instantly.


    November 6 - Manchester NH

    In a 4 on 4 traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match, Team Thuganomics {Cena, Sting, Haas & Benjamin} defeated DX, with John Cena the sole survivor, last eliminating Shawn Michaels to earn a long awaited title rematch at Armageddon.

    Trish Stratus retained the Womens Championship in a 10 woman battle royal, surviving against Lita, Shaniqua, Victoria, Jazz, Molly, Gail Kim, Nidia, Jacqueline and Stacy Kiebler.

    In another 4 on 4 elimination match, the United States, Cruiserweight and Tag Team Titles were at stake, with the winning team taking all. The Cabinet; (U.S Champ) JBL, Jamie Noble and (Tag Champs) The Basham Brothers took on Team Jericho; Chris Jericho, (Cruiserweight Champ) Paul London & AMW. It came down to JBL and Paul London as the final two, with JBL coming out on top, delivering ALL the gold to The Cabinet, and bringing Paul Londons six month reign as CW champion to an end.

    Rhyno retained the Hardcore title in an 8 man gauntlet match.

    Team Bring It (The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Benoit & AFA) defeated Team Goldberg (Goldberg, Snitsky, Matt Morgan, Test & Scott Steiner) in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match. Rico and Ron Simmons were eliminated first, but following that, Austin, Rock and Benoit reeled off five successive eliminations - Benoit with three of them - to all survive together.

    In the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match for the WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar would be the first man eliminated, as Eddie Guerrero’s antics saw him trick the referee into disqualifying Lesnar. Eddie then plays dead to lure Kurt Angle, and rolls him up to guarantee a new champion. Finally, Eddie scores a win over Triple H for the first time - and captures the WWE Championship for the first time ever.
    *This was Eddie Guerreros final appearance in the thread, following his real life passing.

    Then, in the main event War Games, RVD and Randy Orton kick off proceedings, and it’s Team Flair that wins the coin toss, giving them the advantage throughout the match. Batista is next out, then Rey follows. Carlito is third for Team Flair, and Mick Foley takes it upon himself to enter third for his own team. Christian and Eugene are the fourth pair of entrants, before Flair and The Undertaker round the teams out.

    During a period where it’s 4 on 3, Rey is the first man eliminated, putting Foley and Orton at a 4 on 2 disadvantage, and Eugene doesn’t last long either, meaning Team Flair for a period had a 5 on 2 advantage before The Undertakers arrival. Carlito would be eliminated by The Phenom, but Christian - making it four times in four months - saw off The Undertaker, giving Team Flair a 4 on 2 advantage once more.

    Rob Van Dam is finally eliminated, and Foley eliminates Ric Flair to make it 2 on 2 - only for Batista to quickly eliminate Foley. Facing a 2 on 1 disadvantage, and having fought from the opening bell, Orton is facing near impossible odds, and manages to beat Batista, but is unable to overcome Christian, who defeats Orton - meaning Foley has been fired, and Flair will be the NEW General Manager of Raw.


    Ric Flair didn’t take long to stamp his authority on Raw, showing no interest in even pretending to be impartial. The night after Survivor Series he booked Eugene in a 3 on 1 handicap match, and forced Rey Mysterio to defend the I.C title, whilst also picking on Sting - telling the Icon to go home, before setting Batista on him in consecutive weeks. Flair would also try to remove any memory of Foley from Raw and stripped Rhyno of the Hardcore Championship, retiring the title once and for all.

    Flair though, wouldn’t have it all his own way. The conscience of the WWE, The Undertaker would haunt Flair for his actions, chasing him down, challenging Flair to a match at Armageddon. Not wanting to be seen as a coward, the GM accepted, but skewed the rules in his favour; Flair cant be disqualified or counted out - but The Deadman would need to play by the rules.

    Off the back of four straight months of defeating The Undertaker {Summerslam, an episode of Raw in September, eliminating him from the six pack challenge at Nemesis and eliminating him from War Games}, and being the sole survivor at War Games, Christian was on top of the world. After Survivor Series, Christian branched off into a feud with Randy Orton.

    Prior to Survivor Series, Rob Van Dam - after months of being admonished and fined for profanity laden promos - decided to protest by taking a vow of silence on television, stating that if he wasn’t allowed to say what he wanted, he wouldn’t say anything at all. This would continue until the return of Edge, who would take offence at RVD wasting TV time by saying nothing, whilst he hasn’t had an outlet for months due to injury, continuing down his path of becoming more bitter.

    After being minor players on Raw since forming in 2004, The Brotherhood finally became more prominent. Adding the returning Mark Henry to their stable, Theodore Long and co began to appear more regularly and with more success.

    With Shaniqua out of the picture, the Womens division had a chance to shine, but Victoria appeared troubled by her failure at Survivor Series, and became obsessed with winning back the Womens title, turning heel on the faces in the Womens division, as she looked to dethrone Trish.

    With a change in the PPV schedule, there would be no February PPV in 2006 - as a result, the former Smackdown No Way Out event would be moved to December, and called Fully Loaded.

    The vacant WWE Championship was soon determined, as the three losers from the Fatal Four Way at the Survivor Series doing battle - with Brock Lesnar claiming his fourth WWE Title. As champion, Lesnar would have The Rock breathing down his neck, after Rock finally defeated Goldberg in a one on one #1 Contenders match on Smackdown. The Rock - after finally defeating Goldberg - eyed revenge on Lesnar, three years on from their first match when Brock first became Champion.

    As his issue with The Rock wrapped up, Goldberg focused on Steve Austin, with the eventual dream match seemingly inching closer. The two would get their hands on each other on multiple occasions on Smackdown, but would have to wait for their one on one encounter - both men would be part of a Number One Contenders gauntlet at Fully Loaded instead. Also, it would be revealed that a Raw superstar would be permitted to compete in the Gauntlet match, and that the fans would vote on who it should be.

    Without the WWE Title around his waist, Kurt Angle - after months of hints - comes to the ring to officially challenge Bret Hart to a match. With a contract already drawn up, Angle tried to coax Hart into accepting, but Bret refused to even acknowledge the challenge at first, and tried to keep Angle busy, giving him other things to focus on - like the U.S Title held by JBL. Angle though was now becoming more persistent in his pursuit of his dream match.


    December 4 - Boston MA

    Trish Stratus successfully retains the Womens Championship against Victoria.

    Booker T, Goldust & Eugene defeat The Brotherhood {Mark Henry, Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan} by DQ in a six man tag match.

    Rob Van Dam cheated to beat Edge - further infuriating Edge on his downward spiral of paranoia.

    In a Ladder Match, The Worlds Greatest Tag Team recapture the World Tag Team Championships from The DX Duo after a six month reign for Cade & Jindrak.

    Batista scored a clean win over Sting, who would quietly depart the WWE following the event after a less than stellar 18 months in the company.

    Carlito defeated Rey Mysterio to end Mysterios Intercontinental title reign which spanned eight months.

    Despite the rules being skewed against him, The Undertaker was able to defeat the Raw GM, Ric Flair.

    Randy Orton gained a measure of revenge on Christian after the outcome of War Games at the Survivor Series, defeating Captain Charisma in a one on one match.

    In a Last Man Standing match, John Cena became a two-time World Champion, winning the title back from Shawn Michaels in Cena’s home town.


    December 18 - Dallas TX

    The System Success score an upset win over the former WWE Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted.

    Backstage, Goldberg would attack Steve Austin, taking the Rattlesnake out of the Gauntlet match set for later.

    Shawn Michaels - in the arena as one of the Raw superstars being voted for - came face to face with The Rock and the two again clashed verbally.

    Chris Benoit inflicts Snitksy with his first defeat in a one on one match, submitting him with the Crossface.

    Paul London defeats Maven.

    The WWE Tag Team Championships AND the Cruiserweight Championship are defended in a 6 man tables match, with JBL’s Cabinet members; The Bashams & Noble (all champions) defending against the masters of the table match; all three The Dudley Boys. The Cabinet successfully retain their gold.

    Christian - in a big surprise - won the fan voting to participate in the Gauntlet, beating out Randy Orton, RVD, Batista and Shawn Michaels.

    JBL makes it two for two for his group, retaining the United States Championship against Kurt Angle. The finish in mired in controversy as Smackdown GM Bret Hart clears The Cabinet from ringside - but leaves behind the steel chair he warned them off with … and JBL uses the chair to secure the win.

    With Austin out of the Gauntlet match, Randy Orton - having scored the second highest amount of votes from Raw - would get a chance to compete also.

    Despite being withdrawn from the match, Steve Austin still made a huge impact, screwing Goldberg out of his chance at a title shot too, helping Matt Hardy eliminate him. Randy Orton was next, defeating Matt, then Christian eliminated Orton. Christian was beaten by Chris Jericho, and Jericho then survived the final entrant - Triple H - to book a title shot at the Royal Rumble.

    Then, in the main event, Brock vs. Rock II ended the same as the first; Brock Lesnar defeating The Rock to retain the WWE Championship.


    The calendar turned to 2006, and all focus switched to The Royal Rumble. The Undertaker would become #1 Contender for the World Championship, whilst the battle for places in the Rumble match began in earnest. Edge officially turned heel - taking his frustrations out on Randy Orton. The Royal Rumble would have arguably it’s most star-studded line up in history; Christian, DX, Orton, Edge, RVD, Mysterio, Triple H, Benoit, JBL, The Rock just to name a few.

    After losing their gold at the tail end of 2005, there appeared to be signs of trouble in the camp of DX. Frustrations are growing, and cracks are beginning to show, with Cade and Jindrak especially tiring of Shawn Michaels leadership and being tagged as his lackeys, with HBK expecting them to do his bidding in the Rumble match. After months of run-ins with The Rock, Shawn Michaels would also be looking forward to the opportunity of potentially meeting The Great One during the Rumble match.

    Kurt Angle stepped up his pursuit of getting Bret Hart back in the ring, declaring that the contract he had drawn up would expire on January 22 - The Royal Rumble - giving Bret a month to decide once and for all. In that time, Angle would begin a petition, getting fans signatures that wanted to see the match, despite Bret pleading that he couldn’t wrestle anymore. Indeed, Angle would officially qualify for the Royal Rumble match, but FORFEITED his spot - his only interest at this point was a match with Bret.

    Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar renewed hostilities from earlier in the year, as they geared up for the WWE Championship match at the Rumble. Plus, at the Royal Rumble, Steve Austin and Goldberg would finally collide, one on one, in a Streetfight. However, for both men, it would all be on the line - as the loser would be forced to leave the WWE forever. It would be the one and ONLY meeting between the biggest WWE and WCW stars during the Attitude Era.


    January 22 - Madison Square Garden, New York City NY

    With it being such a loaded PPV, the WWE Championship match served as the OPENING match. Brock Lesnar once again retained his title, seeing off the threat of Chris Jericho, but needed to hook Jerichos tights to win the match.

    Dusty Rhodes won a legends battle royal for a place in the Royal Rumble later on, defeating Kamala, Jake Roberts, Jim Neidhart, IRS, Jim Duggan, Tatanka, Marty Jannetty, Road Warrior Animal & Jerry Lawler.

    The Worlds Greatest Tag Team retained the World Tag Team Championships against The Brotherhood.

    In the Streetfight, Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Goldberg, retiring Goldberg, banishing him from the WWE forever.

    Then, in an in ring segment, Bret Hart again refused to sign the contract to fight Kurt Angle. But this time, Angle wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer, and attacked the Smackdown GM, signing the contract on his behalf, making the dream match official at WrestleMania.
    John Cena retained the World Heavyweight Championship against The Undertaker.

    Chris Benoit won the 30 Man Royal Rumble, last eliminating Triple H. Benoit entered at Number 14, and eliminated 14 competitors - a new Royal Rumble record - on his way to victory, booking his title match at WrestleMania.

    During the match, The Rock and Shawn Michaels did collide, with Rock dumping Michaels, but HBK would also cause The Rock to be eliminated, putting the two men on their own collision course on the Road to WrestleMania.

    Also, KANE would make his presence felt with a cryptic message during the match, declaring that he would be returning soon. Many mid-card stars would also shine during the match with long runs; Rey Mysterio, Paul London and Matt Hardy especially.


    So the Road to WrestleMania kicked into high gear. The groundwork had already been set for many of the biggest matches throughout the year; Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle, The Rock vs. Shawn Michaels, and Steve Austin vs. Christian had all seen seeds planted through interactions at the inter-brand PPV events over the previous six months. Those matches would all become official on the Road to WrestleMania.

    In addition, Chris Benoit winning the Royal Rumble set him up for a showdown with WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, who overcame Chris Jericho one more time in a sixty minute Iron Man match on Smackdown, and led Paul Heyman to refer to Lesnar as the ‘Iron Man’ of the WWE. In February, Randy Orton won an eight man, one night tournament to book a rematch with John Cena for the World Championship, one year on from their first ever meeting.

    However, the night after the Royal Rumble would be an explosive one. Ric Flair - the tyrannical Raw GM - looked to help Batista take the World Championship, but was thwarted by none other than HULK HOGAN. Hogan returned, and revealed he had been hired as the new Co-General Manager, after Flair had abused his power for months.

    Hulk Hogan would also introduce the ‘Money in the Bank’ contract during his time in control, with the match to take place at WrestleMania as the second part of a two fall match. The first fall would decide the Intercontinental Title, and the second would be for the briefcase. The stipulations would be decided by the roll of a dice - fitting the theme of WrestleMania, which was emanating from Las Vegas.

    Flair and Hogan would continually clash time and time again during their time in charge together, and it would lead to a six man tag match being made for WrestleMania. Hogan would team with the returning Mick Foley - brought back by Hogan after being banished at the Survivor Series, and they would team with Eugene against Flair, Batista and a partner of their choosing.

    There would be a twist in the tale though. Flair and Batista would reveal their partner to be - “Eugene”, as the lovable character turned on Hogan and Foley, dropping the innocent act, revealing he had been toying with everyone all along, stating he put on the act in order to get on the roster. Now going by his real name, Nick Dinsmore, he revealed that he purposely got eliminated at the Survivor Series - and that he was working with Flair and Batista all along.

    It left Hogan and Foley a man down, but Rhyno - marginalised by Ric Flair on Raw, and stripped by Flair of the Hardcore title - would step up and join the two legends for the huge WrestleMania showdown.

    It wouldn’t only be Raw that saw a change at the top - with Bret focusing on training for Kurt Angle at Wrestle Mania - Ricky Steamboat was drafted in as the Interim General Manager of Smackdown.

    Triple H appeared to have little direction heading to WrestleMania. After weeks of demanding he be given a suitable opponent for a superstar of his calibre - but hearing nothing - The Game requested Mr. McMahon appear on Smackdown to discuss the issue. Instead of Vince though, he got Shane. Feeling slighted by the snub from Vince, Triple H took his frustration out on Shane, and that would lead to a WrestleMania match between the two.

    JBL’s run as U.S Champion had seen him defeat a litany of top tier superstars; Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, and in February he also defeated The Rock. So, when Matt Hardy became the #1 Contender to face him at WrestleMania, JBL treated him with disdain, not respecting the challenge he would be facing.

    Saturday Nights Main Event also returned in February, and saw the confirmation of matches between Christian & Stone Cold and The Rock & Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania. Shaniqua returned to attack Trish Stratus and set up a title match at WrestleMania, and John Cena retained the World Championship against Edge inside a steel cage. Also, Paul London recaptured the Cruiserweight title from Jamie Noble. Meanwhile, on an edition of Smackdown, AMW became 3 time WWE tag champions by defeating the Basham Brothers, leaving the Cabinet with just one title - and that would hang in the balance at WrestleMania too.

    In the weeks that followed, Chris Jericho - left in the cold after failing to win the WWE Title - decided if he couldn’t be part of the title match at WrestleMania, he would turn his focus onto the next best thing … which would later be revealed to be attacking The Undertaker, and attempting to end The Streak, which in turn, would see Jericho turn heel.


    March 26 - MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV

    In a WrestleMania 21 rematch, the WWE Tag Team Champions met the World Tag Team Champions in a special challenge, but once again The Worlds Greatest Tag Team would defeat Americas Most Wanted.

    Trish Stratus defeated Shaniqua to retain the Womens Championship. This would be Shaniquas final appearance before being released from the company.

    Matt Hardy dethroned JBL as the United States Champion after eight long months.

    Triple H decimated Shane McMahon in an No Disqualification Match.

    The Undertaker became 14-0 at WrestleMania, defeating Chris Jericho, despite Jericho’s best efforts to win by any means necessary.
    Hulk Hogan, Mick Foley & Rhyno defeated Ric Flair, Batista & Nick Dinsmore in the six man tag match. It would be Hogans final appearance as GM, as he and Flair were both stripped of the role following WrestleMania.

    In the two fall ‘Roll of the Dice’ match, the first fall for the Intercontinental Title was contested under sudden death rules - one fall to a finish. Carlito retained the I.C Championship, defeating Mysterio, Edge, Mr. Kennedy & RVD.

    In the second fall, the dice would land on a ladder match. Rey Mysterio captured the Money in the Bank briefcase. Also in the match, Bill Alfonso turned on RVD, with SABU making his debut, costing Van Dam the glory.

    Christian defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin would announce his retirement in the following weeks.

    Then, Bret Hart would roll back the years, and overcome Kurt Angle in the match billed as the ‘Match of the Millenium’. This would be Bret Harts final appearance too, as he resigned from his role as General Manager.

    Kane returned after 11 months, on a special edition of Pipers Pit, wearing his mask again, going back to his roots, and cleaning house by delivering a litany of choke slams on many of the lower card wrestlers on the roster.

    John Cena retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton - who had displayed some heel tactics in his desperation to win back the title, but still came up short.

    The Rock defeated Shawn Michaels in their ‘First Time Ever’ meeting. Despite the bad blood between them, at the conclusion of the match, Michaels and Rock buried the hatchet, sharing a handshake - something uncharacteristic for the supposedly heel Shawn Michaels.

    Chris Benoit finally became WWE Champion, with Brock Lesnar tapping out to the Crossface in the main event of the evening.


    And that brings a close to Part II. That period, leading to WrestleMania 22 was without doubt the peak period of the thread in terms of popularity at least. Looking back, as much as I enjoyed booking the Bret/Kurt feud over the year, and the accolades the feud received, it is something I do regret going through with, simply due to the unrealistic idea of Bret Hart being able to wrestle a match in 2006.

    There were also a few angles/feuds I wish I hadn’t stuck to so rigidly. From the outset, I was determined to go for Cena/Orton II at WrestleMania, and despite having the chance to change course, I kept going with the original plan. Looking back, I think Edge or heel RVD would’ve been a much better WrestleMania angle for Cena and the World title.

    Part III to follow, and the next year is when the old Attitude Era names begin to step aside, along with a host of changes in personnel.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    What a fun trip down memory lane this update was.

    Looking forward to Part III, Wolfy.

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    Re: Being The Booker


    ~ MARCH 27 2006 - MARCH 18 2007 ~

    With WrestleMania XXII in the books, there was a sea of change throughout the WWE. New General Managers were assigned to both Raw and Smackdown respectively, with Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman once again taking those roles. Changes were afoot with the PPV schedule too, with Cyber Sunday replacing Clash of the Champions in September, with the Clash of the Champions show moving to June as an additional PPV.

    The second annual draft lottery took place, and saw Brock Lesnar, Snitsky, Rob Conway, Simon Dean, Ron Simmons & Rico drafted to Raw, whilst Luther Reigns, The Undertaker, Mark Jindrak, Rob Van Dam, Batista & Charlie Haas were drafted to Smackdown.

    Christians popularity saw the fans finally embrace him, turning Captain Charisma into one of the top faces on Raw. Showing respect to Stone Cold after beating the legend at WrestleMania, Christian began to earn the fans respect. He also set his sights on the World Championship - but so did new arrival to Raw, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar, feeling he was entitled to a shot after he didn’t get a rematch for the WWE Title on Smackdown.

    Christian wasn’t the only Raw superstar that was having a change of heart in their attitude, as Shawn Michaels won back the affections of the fans, with a humble acceptance of his loss to The Rock at WrestleMania. Someone that wasn’t so humble about being a loser at the Showcase of the Immortals though was Ric Flair, and the Nature Boy lambasted HBK for being pathetic, before declaring that DX time as the top faction on Raw was over, and that he was bringing back the Horsemen (with Batista and Dinsmore) for a new era. In the draft, both groups would be depleted, though the rivalry between the remaining members on each side would continue.

    And, while Christian and Shawn Michaels were winning the hearts of the fans, Randy Orton was shunning them. Bitter over his loss to John Cena - two years in a row at WrestleMania - Orton became obsessed with winning back the title, but would be denied another opportunity by Raw GM Eric Bischoff. Edge too would become obsessed with the Money in the Bank briefcase that Rey Mysterio won at WrestleMania, eventually scoring a match with Rey for the briefcase at Backlash.

    Jillian Hall & Alexis Laree {Mickie James irl} debuted together on Raw, being thrown into the deep end by facing off with each other, as the Womens division embarked on a new era.

    The Spirit Squad made a splash on Smackdown, initially making a name for themselves with wins over the Dudley Boys, before quickly making a beeline for the WWE Tag Team Titles held by AMW. The Mexicools also made their mark, debuting on Smackdown, as they looked to take over the Cruiserweight division.

    Brent Albright debuts, seemingly as a jobber against Chris Jericho, but puts up a spirited fight, and an upset win, thanks to mind games from The Undertaker. Jericho and The Phenom continue their feud with The Undertaker being drafted to Smackdown, as Jericho becomes obsessed with finishing off the Undertaker for good, challenging him to a Casket Match at Judgment Day.

    Charlie Haas, furious that he was drafted to Smackdown, ending his team (and tag title reign) with Shelton Benjamin became a vicious heel, and made a beeline for the United States Title held by Matt Hardy. Whilst a former U.S Champion, JBL engaged in a new rivalry with The Rock, as he looked to ascend toward WWE Title contention.

    Paul London continues to rise the ranks, and picks a fight with Triple H, looking for payback after being put out of commission through an attack - which cost him the Cruiserweight title in a match with Kid Kash - by The Game in the weeks leading to WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Triple H looked to bring Batista back onside after he was drafted, but The Animal made it clear in no uncertain terms that he was no longer taking orders from anyone, making sure no alliance with The Game would be formed.

    Kurt Angle struggled to come to terms with his WrestleMania loss, having put a year of his life into his quest of fighting Bret Hart, but vowed to put it behind him, and worked his way back into title contention - where he looked for redemption by defeating the modern day Canadian icon; Chris Benoit.

    Rob Van Dam would repeatedly harass Paul Heyman to make a deal to sign Sabu to a contract in order for RVD to get his hands on the man that screwed him at WrestleMania. Heyman explained that the Board wouldn’t allow him to sign Sabu due to his reputation, and the risk that such a signing would bring to the company and the welfare of their superstars. However, finding a way around the situation, Heyman would ‘invite’ Sabu to Judgment Day to fight RVD in an ‘unsanctioned’ match.

    BACKLASH 2006
    April 30 - Seattle WA

    Shelton Benjamin becomes the NEW Intercontinental Champion, upending Carlito, making a great start to his singles career. For Carlito, he had now gone winless since WrestleMania, and soon after the event would cross Ric Flair and co, which would begin a face turn for the charismatic Caribbean Cool. He would also soon be without Stacy Kiebler as she departed the company.

    Mr. Kennedy, who had began to turn face after WrestleMania, defeats Rob Conway.

    In a fatal four way match for the vacant tag team titles, the popular odd-couple of the AFA won the titles, overcoming The Brotherhood, Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree and Booker T & Goldust. This would also be Goldusts last appearance, as he was released following the PPV, with Booker T also taking time off.

    Edge would cross the line in the I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank briefcase, showing his desperation, by threatening to attack Rey Mysterios young son Dominick - forcing Rey to utter the words ‘I QUIT’, saving his son, but losing the briefcase.

    Jillian Hall was crowned the NEW Womens Champion at the conclusion of a six diva gauntlet. Hall ended the reign of Trish, after Lita turned heel on Stratus, screwing her over after Trish had eliminated Lita. Jazz, Alexis Laree and Molly Holly also featured.

    In his first match in a year, Kane defeated Rhyno.

    Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade defeated Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore, but the big story was the aftermath, when Cade turned his back on his mentor, siding with Flair & Dinsmore. In the weeks that follow the event, Cade explains that he was sick of being Shawns lackey, and that it was his time to step up and time for Shawn to step aside.

    Then, in the main event, Christian would be crowned World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career, defeating John Cena and Brock Lesnar in a triple threat match - which also saw Randy Orton get involved, proving decisive in Cena losing out. After John Cena had used his custom made title belt, in the immediate aftermath of Backlash, Christian would bring back the big Gold belt, preferring to stick to tradition.

    It also meant that ALL FOUR titles on Raw changed hands at the PPV.


    May 14 - Milwaukee WN

    The Mexicools made a successful debut, defeating the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri in a six man tag match.

    The Unsanctioned match between Rob Van Dam and Sabu ends as a ‘No Contest’ when Sabu walks out. Bill Alfonso declares that that was just a taster of what the WWE could have with Sabu, but that they would need to offer him a contract as he wouldn’t give the WWE Sabu for free.

    Charlie Haas submitted Matt Hardy to the Haas of Pain to become the NEW United States Champion.

    Chris Jericho defeated The Undertaker in the Casket Match, after Paul Bearer double crossed The Phenom. Jericho would load the Casket into a truck, and drive off into the night - eventually revealing he had dumped the Casket into the Lake Michigan.

    NEW WWE Tag Team Champions were also crowned, with The Spirit Squad’s numbers game proving too much for the fighting champions, Americas Most Wanted.

    Paul London stunned Triple H, catching him with an Inside Cradle to pick up the biggest win of his career after a 20 minute classic.
    JBL - with an assist from his Cabinet - defeated The Rock.

    Inside a steel cage, Chris Benoit successfully retained the WWE Championship against the #1 Contender, Kurt Angle. But after the match, Brock Lesnar and Edge - from Raw - would burst through the canvas, assaulting both men, as Eric Bischoff - joined by a bunch of heels from Raw - watched from the crowd, as he struck the first blow on Smackdown heading into the Clash of the Champions.


    Following Raws invasion at the end of Judgment Day, war was declared on the road to the Clash of the Champions by Paul Heyman as his blue brand retaliated in kind on Raw. The Raw vs. Smackdown rivalry would escalate, to the point where the traditional 10 Man Tag would be contested inside WAR GAMES, and would follow the same rules that the other War Games match in WWE history had, with an elimination format.

    Christian’s reign would begin auspiciously, with Edge pestering the new champion, telling his former partner and adversary that he could end the title reign at any time now that he has the Money in the Bank briefcase. Edge though, wouldn’t be able to make good on that threat immediately, as he became embroiled in a rivalry with the brash Mr. Kennedy which would sidetrack Mr. Money in the Bank.

    Despite losing his title, John Cena would instead focus on gaining revenge on Randy Orton for costing him the title - the Cena/Orton saga was no longer about gold; it was now strictly personal. Despite both men being at each others throats, they would have to wait to get their match - and would need to join forces if they wanted it to happen…

    After weeks of vignettes, the hard-nosed veteran, Finlay, debuted on Raw, looking vicious and mixing it up with upper-mid card talent from the get-go. Vignettes would then begin to air, hyping the debut of the Indie sensation; CM Punk, and Punk would get off to a impressive start with a run of wins. MNM also made a splash on Raw, debuting after weeks of paparazzi randomly following the World Tag Team Champions, the AFA - as it would turn out that the attention was not for the champions, but the debuting A-List team that immediately made a beeline for the titles.

    In addition to these new faces, the mysterious Armando Alejandro Estrada would make appearances on Raw, interrupting a Jerry Lawler promo in Memphis and taking a right hand for his troubles, before being laughed away by The Brotherhoods mentor Theodore Long when offering a business proposal. Estrada vowed that everyone would regret their treatment of him…

    Despite his burgeoning rivalry with his former understudy Garrison Cade, Shawn Michaels briefly switched his attentions to a Smackdown superstar for a match at the Clash of the Champions. Pleading with Mr. McMahon to make it his choice match at the event, Shawn Michaels asked for a rematch against Kurt Angle - with HBK wanting the opportunity to face Kurt again, after his loss to him the prior year. Mr. McMahon duly accepted the request, making the rematch official.

    The King of the Ring tournament returned, with the tournament to feature 8 Raw superstars and 8 Smackdown superstars, with the tournament to conclude with the final at the Raw vs. Smackdown Clash of the Champions show in June. The draw for the tournament was as follows;

    Raw Half;

    Mr. Kennedy would progress to the final, defeating Conway, then Dinsmore, before seeing off defeating Garrison Cade to advance to the final. Shelton Benjamin progressed via DQ against Finlay, but lost out to Cade in the second round through nefarious means.

    Smackdown Half;

    Batista would be the Smackdown finalist, defeating RVD, then Brent Albright before seeing off Paul London. Matt Hardy was beaten by Haas again as a result of the knee injury he received at Judgment Day when losing the U.S title, and Haas would be beaten by London in the next round.

    During this time, Triple H continued to attempt to bring Batista on-side, but The Animal continued to stand on his own, refusing to link up with his former Evolution leader.

    Paul Bearer would explain his actions at Judgment Day, stating that The Undertaker had to be disposed of for his own good - but the alliance with Chris Jericho wouldn’t last long, as Jericho would toss Bearer aside now that The Deadman was out of his way, declaring that ALL remnants of the Undertakers fifteen years of destruction must be erased.

    Much like Cena and Orton on Raw, Rob Van Dam and Sabu were desperate to settle their differences. With Sabu officially under contract, nothing was stopping the match from happening, except for meddling General Managers. Heyman, like Bischoff on Raw, wanted the two men to prove how much they wanted to fight each other - by making them work together to make the match happen.

    June 4 - Kansas City MO

    Shawn Michaels gains redemption against Kurt Angle after losing at the same event last year, defeating Angle in an instant classic 22 minute match.

    WWE Tag Team Champions The Spirit Squad defeated World Tag Team Champions The AFA in a short match.

    As U.S & I.C Champions respectively, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin - former long time partners - would face off for the first time ever, with Haas claiming the spoils, making it 2-1 to Smackdown on the night.

    Mister Kennedy made it 2-2 on the night, defeating Batista - but more importantly, Kennedy became the first King of the Ring since 2002.
    In the Strange Bedfellows match up, John Cena & Randy Orton defeated Rob Van Dam & Sabu, despite the match breaking down, and both teams falling apart.

    Chris Benoit levelled proceedings at 3-3, defeating his fellow World Champion, Christian in the co-main event.

    Then, in the main event, held inside War Games, Raw faced off with Smackdown - and for the third consecutive year, Smackdown reigned supreme. JBL would be the surviving member of the match, last defeating Rey Mysterio. Triple H, The Rock, Chris Jericho and Paul London also featured for Smackdown, whilst Brock Lesnar, Edge, Carlito and Kane represented Team Raw.


    After their success at Clash of the Champions despite being at each others throats, Orton and Cena both expected to be rewarded. Eric Bischoff though had other ideas, and decreed that Randy Orton had done enough to deserve a shot at the World Heavyweight Title, whilst toying with Cena; adding him to the match … but only as the special guest referee. Orton was confident that Cena would call the match in HIS favour, knowing that Cena could kill two birds with one stone in the aftermath; get a shot at the title, and his hands on Orton.

    Shawn Michaels found himself an unlikely ally in his war with the Horsemen trio of Flair, Cade & Dinsmore in the shape of Kane. The two former rivals now had a common enemy, with Kane targeting Dinsmore, calling back to when he was injured in 2005 during a match with Nick Dinsmore’s former alter-ego - Eugene. Kane claimed he knew all along that Eugene was a bluff, and was looking to expose him before he went down with injury. However, Kane went too far in his pursuit of Dinsmore, resulting in Eric Bischoff firing Kane from Raw - and Paul Heyman would swoop, signing Kane to Smackdown.

    Brock Lesnars frustrations would bubble over, after first dropping out of title contention, he then found himself losing two straight tag matches to Rey Mysterio, leaving the Iron Man embarrassed.

    The Brotherhood, searching out the missing piece of their puzzle, would look to recruit the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin rejected the offers from Theodore Long and co, but the group would meddle in his business, accidentally costing him at the Clash of the Champions, but provided an (unwanted) assist to help Benjamin retain his title on Raw.

    After a number of weeks of being a nuisance on Raw, Armando Estrada would finally introduce the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga - targeting Jerry Lawler initially, with AAE setting the Bulldozer on the man that had previously cold-cocked him on his first appearance on Raw.

    In a decision that I still cant explain, the Little Bastard would be added to Finlays gimmick, getting involved in the Irishmans matches - but I would soon come to my senses and find a way to write the awful character back out of the thread.

    The tag team division on Raw would see more new teams emerge too as the recently debuted CM Punk would refocus the career of The Hurricane - who ditched the superhero gimmick to take up the Straight Edge way of life, and the team would be named after the movement; Straight Edge. Also, Booker T re-emerged after some time off, bringing Elijah Burke with him, taking the young newcomer under his wing.

    Alexis Laree would win the Womens Championship from Jillian Hall as the newcomers on Raw took control of the Womens division as the tenured divas began to shift into the background - though Trish and Lita continued their rivalry which was reignited at Backlash.

    Smackdown would switch to Friday nights, and Paul Heyman put together a PPV worthy line up for the first Smackdown on a new night; Triple H had the last word in his ongoing rivalry with Paul London, defeating the underdog in a Last Man Standing match, whilst JBL earned his shot at the WWE Title by decimating The Rock in a Texas Bullrope Match, in what would effectively be a final write off for The Rock (bar a short return later in the year).

    Despite coming up short against Triple H, Paul London continued to show his promise, as he would score a victory over Kurt Angle, which Angle didn’t take kindly to.

    Kane made an instant impact on Smackdown, getting a shot at the WWE Championship - though falling short - and would then cross paths with Chris Jericho again, and would target revenge for his brother against Jericho.

    The Cruiserweight Championship changed hands on Smackdown, with Juventud Guerrera continuing the hostile takeover of the division by the Mexicools by defeating Kid Kash for the title.

    **As an aside, tragic events in real life would drastically alter the booking of the Smackdown brand in the thread. It was at this time in 2007 that the real life Chris Benoit incident occurred. I couldn’t bring myself to book him any longer in the aftermath (despite there being a year between events in the thread and the real life tragedy), and after a long break from booking completely, when I returned, I shifted a lot of plans around.
    Benoit would never be mentioned again after the Great American Bash PPV, with the write off being a serious neck injury, vacating the title.**


    June 25 - Denver, CO

    Nick Dinsmore defeated Rhyno in the opening match of the night.

    MNM win the World Tag Team Championships in just twenty four seconds against the AFA. Ron Simmons would retire shortly after the PPV, whilst Rico would remain for a number of months, but would not feature prominently.

    Finlay became the NEW Intercontinental Champion, defeating Shelton Benjamin.

    Mr. Kennedy - the 2006 King of the Ring - got the better of Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge.

    Garrison Cade scored a victory over his former mentor, Shawn Michaels in a First Blood match.

    Alexis Laree retained the Womens Championship in a Fatal Four Way against Jillian Hall, Lita & Trish Stratus.

    Rey Mysterio stunned Brock Lesnar for the third time in a month, this time in a one on one match, as David overcome Goliath.

    Christian defeated Randy Orton to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, but it was down to the actions of the official, John Cena, who lost his cool and FU’ed Orton.


    July 23 - Atlanta, GA

    Juvi retained the Cruiserweight Championship against Chavo Guerrero.

    Batista would become the first man to BREAK the MasterLock during his match with Chris Masters, defeating him in the process.

    In a tag team turmoil match for the WWE Tag Team Championships, The Spirit Squad held onto their gold, seeing off The Basham Brothers, The Highlanders (who had debuted on Smackdown recently), The Mexicools, The Dudley Boys and AMW.

    Chris Jericho forced Kane to tap out to the Walls of Jericho.

    Matt Hardy defeated Charlie Haas in a Ladder Match to regain the United States Championship.

    Kurt Angle gained revenge against Paul London in a Two Out of Three Falls Match, besting the former Cruiserweight Champ 2-1.

    Chris Benoit defeated JBL to retain the WWE Championship. In the immediate aftermath, Chris Benoit would relinquish the title, vacating due to injury.


    Matters between Randy Orton and John Cena came to a head, with the two men costing each other #1 Contender matches, before fighting all over the arena, unable to be separated by wrestlers or officials, ending up with both men crashing off the stage, and being taken to hospital. After this, Eric Bischoff decreed that the war between the two men MUST end, but couldn’t put the safety of the rest of the roster at risk - booking the two into a HELL IN A CELL match at Summerslam.

    Throughout June and July, Christian would be put through the wringer, defending the World Championship against a succession of challengers including Nick Dinsmore and Finlay. His Summerslam challenge would come in the form of the rejuvenated Iron Man, Brock Lesnar, who gained revenge on Rey Mysterio, defeating him to earn the shot, and putting Rey on the shelf for the remainder of the summer. During his path of destruction, Lesnar put Tyson Tomko out of commission, and then put the champion on the shelf by shattering his knee via an F5 into the ring post - putting their title match in doubt, but Christian would ignore doctors orders and show up at Summerslam.

    After losing his title, Shelton Benjamin finally gave in and joined forces with The Brotherhood, and the group would become a lot more prominent on Raw, making their mark by ganging up in consecutive weeks, taking out the up-and-coming teams on Raw; Straight Edge and Booker T & Elijah Burke.

    Trades between Raw and Smackdown took place, with Edge leaving for Smackdown, being replaced on Raw by Triple H. Edge became embroiled in a rivalry with Matt Hardy upon his arrival on Smackdown, whilst Triple H sets his sights on the World Championship, but Eric Bischoff lets The Game know that he is under strict order from Mr. McMahon to keep Triple H out of the World title picture.

    Triple H demanded answers from Vince himself, but on the edition of Raw this was scheduled to happen, real life events took centre stage; Stephanie McMahon went into labour. At this point, the kayfabe divorce of Triple H and Stephanie was still acknowledged, and to cover for this, the reason given for Triple H missing the show was that he was in pursuit of Vince - who was at his daughters bedside, with reports that The Game was physically removed from the hospital when he showed to confront Vince. The in-ring confrontation was pushed back to the following week,
    and this time it did happen, and the revelations would be shocking.

    McMahon seemingly alluded to the rumour that the no title shot ruling was strictly down to the annihilation of his son at WrestleMania, commenting that he ‘was sick of Triple H messing with his family’. However, The Game finally clicked what the vendetta was over. He argued that the grudge wasn’t to do about Shane, but in fact it was-… But before he could blurt out his reason, McMahon stopped him in his tracks, warning The Game not to say ‘it’.

    By now, Triple H didn’t care. Simply shaking his head, the Cerebral Assassin would reveal HE is the father of the new born McMahon child!!! This sent McMahon into overdrive, not wanting the truth to ever be known, and promised to make The Games life hell, promising he’d never EVER be a World Champion again, which resulted in a Pedigree from Triple H to Vince.

    So, with the truth in the open, and the wrestling story being that The Game and Stephanie had a one night stand, Vince McMahon looked to make good his promise on making life hell for the father of his grandchild, immediately setting up a match which would stack the deck against Triple H at Summerslam.

    The tournament for the vacant WWE Championship would culminate at Summer slam - with a new belt commissioned (the spinner belt that Cena had used on Raw in the thread. Not a belt I like, but it was convenient, with various PPV banners being made with that title belt being used). Rob Van Dam was reinstated, after Sabu was released from the company - ending the feud without being acknowledged on television.

    CHRIS JERICHO defeated KANE.
    BATISTA defeated KURT ANGLE.
    ROB VAN DAM defeated MATT HARDY and EDGE in a triple threat match.

    JERICHO advanced to the final in his match with BATISTA, thanks to interference from a bitter Kurt Angle. In the other semi-final, RVD ousted JBL from the tournament, setting up the final with Jericho at Summerslam.

    Angles actions - costing Batista a shot at the vacant WWE title, would spark a bitter war between the pair. Edge branched off into a rivalry with Matt Hardy, and cockily said he would win the U.S Title before cashing in on the WWE title; “because I can”. Meanwhile, Paul London - after rubbing shoulders with the biggest heels on Smack down - would become embroiled in a feud with the Spirit Squad, and would call on the help from Brian Kendrick, who had been languishing on Smackdown until this time.


    August 20 - Anaheim CA

    Finlay retained the Intercontinental Championship in a fatal four way defeating Mr. Kennedy, and seeing off Nick Dinsmore and Carlito (still winless after WrestleMania).

    Batista dispatched of Kurt Angle inside ten minutes, cleanly. After the match, Angle snapped, assaulting The Animal, unable to accept he was beaten so resoundingly.

    Shawn Michaels defeated his former student, Garrison Cade, in a No Holds Barred match, capping off their long running rivalry.

    Paul London & Brian Kendrick became the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, overcoming the Spirit Squad, despite the three extra men on the outside for the Cheerleaders.

    Matt Hardy retained the United States Championship via DQ against Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge.

    Triple H defeated The Brotherhood in a Gauntlet match, running through Orlando Jordan, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry & Rodney Mack to seemingly win, but an irate, desperate Mr. McMahon would declare he still had to defeat Jazz and Theodore Long … which The Game promptly did, albeit having to overcome multiple run ins.

    Christian battled through injury and adversity to successfully retain the World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar.

    Rob Van Dam was crowned WWE Champion for the first time ever, overcoming Chris Jericho in the final of the eight man tournament.

    Randy Orton finally defeated John Cena in a barbaric Hell in a Cell match, ending their feud with the final victory.


    There would be a second Saturday Nights Main Event in September - and TWO Championships would change hands. Mr. Kennedy would surprise Finlay and take the Intercontinental Championship, whilst Trish Stratus, in her final WWE match, would defeat Alexis Laree with a Sharpshooter, in Montreal, ending her WWE career as champion and leaving the championship vacant - just like she did in real life.

    After his third triumph inside Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton was congratulated by his former mentor Ric Flair who offered Orton a golden opportunity; to lead the new generation of the Four Horsemen - and Orton duly accepted.

    After watching The Brotherhood fail to put The Game away, Mr. McMahon turned his eye elsewhere … and found a rejuvenated Four Horsemen to carry out his bidding to take out Triple H.

    At Saturday Nights Main Event, Triple H would come face to face in the ring with the chairman, Mr. McMahon. As McMahon announced his match for Cyber Sunday, The Game would tell Vince he wanted the ordeal to end, and proposed that if McMahon was so confident any one of The Horsemen would beat him at Cyber Sunday, then why doesn’t he compromise that if The Game was to win, he would get what he wanted; a shot at the World Heavyweight title. Backed into a corner, McMahon agreed, raising the stakes at Cyber Sunday, with the fans having the choice of which Horseman The Game would face.

    After his defeat at Summerslam, John Cena wasn’t the same man. He allowed himself to be ‘punked out’ by Finlay backstage on Raw three weeks in a row, which caused many to speculate on how much Hell in a Cell took out of him, with some claiming Cena had lost his edge. On the final Raw before the Cyber Sunday show, Cena finally had enough, snapping on the Irishman. With the two both set to compete in an Inter-Promotional Battle Royal at the PPV, their paths would surely cross again.

    On August 21st, Rey Mysterio made his return from injury at the hands of Brock Lesnar, getting a measure of revenge. But the attack from Mysterio only succeeded in sparking a furious Brock Lesnar into overdrive. He demanded the match at Cyber Sunday, and Rey - fearless as ever - was all to happy to agree, with Lesnar adding that he’d let the fans decide what match they wanted to see Rey’s career come to an end in.

    After coming through Summerslam STILL Champion, Christian would soon become embroiled in a feud with the World Tag Team Champions, MNM. However, without his trusted ‘Problem Solver’, Christian would find Mercury and Nitro too much to handle alone. The champion defended the title in a triple threat match against the tag champions, but it may not have been the case had MNM been able to co-exist, as their greed for the World Championship told, and the game plan fell apart. Now, after defending his title against them, MNM must defend theirs against Christian, with the fans choosing Christians partner.

    With the first ever fan-interactive PPV in WWE history up next, fans could vote on who they wanted to challenge RVD for his newly won WWE Championship, giving Van Dam a unique test for his first defence.

    When Kurt Angle was beaten decisively by Batista at Summerslam, Kurt made it his goal to get his year - and quite possibly - his career, back on track. After assaulting Batista on two occasions after Summerslam, firstly with a leather strap, and then backstage with chains, Paul Heyman stepped in, and signed a rematch for Cyber Sunday. And this time, the two men will be joined together, unable to run, unable to hide, and the fans will decide what the implement holding them together will be.

    Distraught with missing out on becoming WWE Champion, Chris Jerichos troubles would only multiply by the impending return of The Undertaker. After dumping The Undertaker, locked inside a casket, into Lake Michigan at Judgment Day, Jericho believed he had vanquished The Undertaker once and for all. However, a video promo at Saturday Nights Main Event would confirm Jericho’s worst fears. The fans would decide just how The Deadman will make his return; in a steel cage or with no holds barred, or a mysterious Last Ride match.

    Paul London & Brian Kendrick would put an end to the short lived Spirit Squad gimmick, beating the former tag team champions on two more occasions, the week after Summerslam, and then, in a 6 Man Tag Match, along with RVD at Saturday Nights Main Event, beating the Squad, who would break up afterwards with all five disappearing off television - some longer than others.


    September 17 - Rochester NY

    Ric Flair won the fan vote to face Triple H, but failed to get the job done against The Game, who fought off Orton, Dinsmore and Cade to book himself a title shot - much to the chagrin of Mr. McMahon.

    Juvi retained the Cruiserweight title against his fellow Mexicool, Super Crazy, but cheated to beat his friend. After the match, Super Crazy left the champion laying, putting question marks against the future of the group.

    Umaga defeated Jerry Lawler in a match where the fans picked Umagas Hall of Fame victim opponent.

    Batista demolished Kurt Angle in a Chain Match. Afterwards, Angle was bloodied and beaten, looking dejected and lost, as speculation would mount that Angle would be calling it quits off the back of such a one sided loss.

    JBL last eliminated Carlito (still winless since WrestleMania) to win a Raw & Smackdown Battle Royal, with the fans deciding the winner would receive a future title shot. During the match, John Cena and Finlay would play a hand in each others elimination.

    Brock Lesnar defeated a spirited Rey Mysterio in a Last Man Standing match, ending their rivalry. Lesnar would ‘spare’ Rey after the match, deciding to let Mysterio live to fight another day, rather than follow through on his threat to put Rey away for good.

    A miscommunication would Christian a chance at becoming a dual champion, as his fan picked partner, Shawn Michaels, would accidentally nail him with Sweet Chin Music, before HBK lost to the Snapshot.

    The WWE Championship match would end in a ‘No Contest’ between Rob Van Dam and the U.S Champion, Matt Hardy, as Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge, would interfere, with the intention of cashing in his title shot. As he prepares to hand over the briefcase though, Edge is kicked out of the ring by a recovering RVD, and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar retreats, changing his mind about the cash in.

    The return of The Undertaker closes the show, with the fans voting for the first ever Last Ride match. Naturally, The Undertaker wins the match, gaining revenge on Chris Jericho once and for all.


    Mr. McMahon still wasn’t done with Triple H, who would have his title shot on the Raw Season Premiere. McMahon promised to make sure The Game paid for making his family miserable, but he would be cut off by a surprise figure - his daughter, Stephanie McMahon who would plead with her father NOT to interfere, but to instead allow fate to take it’s course, guaranteeing his meddling would only result in making The Game more determined to take the title.

    It would seem that advice fell on deaf ears, as during the main event, after Triple H accidentally knocked down the official, McMahon would get involved - but instead of attacking Triple H, he helped him instead. Christian would escape with the win, catching Triple H with a cradle, but Triple H was once again aligned with the McMahons. The reason for Vinces change of heart would be revealed the following week on Raw, stating he saw the look in his daughters eyes last week that showed she was still in love with The Game - as Stephanie and Triple H also reunited that week on Raw.
    For the meantime though, Triple H’s quest for his tenth World Championship would go on the back burner, as Christian already had a title match lined up for Nemesis against FOUR challengers, as Eric Bischoff booked the second ever Roll of the Dice Match, putting Christians title in serious jeopardy once more.

    Carlitos long winless streak came to an end on the Raw Season Premiere, defeating the legendary 16x World Champion Ric Flair, raising the ire of the Horsemen, but would find allies with Straight Edge, who also began to have issues with the group after finishing up their issue with The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood would move on from their issues with Straight Edge, Booker T & Elijah Burke, by setting their sights on the Intercontinental Championship again.

    John Cena and Finlay would continue to fight throughout the month, with Eric Bischoff unable to control the two men - with three attempts at a match between the two ending firstly as a double DQ, then a double count out before the final match wouldn’t even get started - brawling all over the arena. Elsewhere, Alexis Laree would be crowned Womens Champion on the Raw season premiere, winning the vacant title.

    Rob Van Dams reign as WWE Champion had got off to a tricky start, and following Cyber Sunday, he was battling the odds to keep his gold. After seeing off Matt Hardy in a rescheduled title match (following the no-contest finish to the PPV match), RVD would also defeat JBL in a Texas Bullrope Match. After two title defences in two weeks, the reasons for such would be revealed by Paul Heyman. Heyman put RVD over for being a fighting champion, living his dream … before telling RVD he’s sick of it now.

    Heyman explained he wanted to leave ECW, and all of it’s alumni in the past, and RVD as HIS WWE Champion doesn’t fit in that vision. Heyman accepted RVD as champion at first because it was cute, but it’s gone on too long now, and vowed he would soon bring it to an end, booking a Fatal Four Way match against three heels (Edge, Jericho & Haas). Despite strict instructions to make sure RVD didn’t leave with the belt (and advising that no matter who won, the other two would get one on one title shots), the three ended up focusing their goal on just winning the belt for themselves, which allowed RVD to capitalise and retain his gold.

    The Mexicools greed for the Cruiserweight Championship would soon become apparent. Super Crazy demanded a rematch after being screwed at Cyber Sunday, and when he got his rematch he turned the tables on Juvi, and screwed the champion out of the gold, becoming the NEW Champion!!! With Super Crazy and Juvi at loggerheads, Psichosis would also grow frustrated, and also began looking for a title shot himself.
    The Cruiserweight Championship wouldn’t be the only one to change hands in this time period … Matt Hardy would also suffer the loss of the United States Championship. What started out as a friendly match up between Hardy and Brent Albright soon descended into chaos as Albright used just about every trick in the book to become the NEW United States Champion.

    Paul London and Brian Kendrick though would remain as tag team champions, but would be finding themselves with their sternest test yet in the form of former 3x champions, AMW. Harris and Storm would assault London and Kendrick - turning heel - the week before their scheduled title shot. The champions would retain the gold, but the reinvigorated as heel Americas Most Wanted weren’t finished with London and Kendrick.

    Off the back of his devastating loss at Cyber Sunday, Kurt Angle requested time off to ‘think about his options’. With Angle gone, a new superstar would begin to make headlines. Montel Vontavious Porter, or ‘M.V.P’ for short, made a couple of in the crowd appearances, both on Smackdown and Raw, with buzz over M.V.P being the hottest free agent in wrestling, with both brands chasing his signature.

    More new faces would arrive on Smackdown, with the physically impressive Bobby Lashley racking up a number of wins, whilst two new tag teams; Deuce & Domino and The Mad Murdoch Twins (Trevor Murdoch & Festus - playing brothers) would bolster that division.


    NEMESIS 2006
    October 15 - Uncasville CT

    A NEW Intercontinental Champion was crowned, as Shelton Benjamin became a 2x champ, defeating Mr. Kennedy thanks to his Brotherhood brethren.

    Carlito & Straight Edge defeated Ric Flair, Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore of the Horsemen, with Carlito defeating Ric Flair again. After the match, Dinsmore and Cade would blame Flair for the loss.

    Umaga defeated Rhyno to remain undefeated.

    Alexis Laree retained the Womens Championship against Jillian Hall and Jazz in a triple threat match.

    John Cena defeated Finlay in a match with No Count Outs, No Disqualifications and Falls Count Anywhere, ending the match in the parking lot.

    Triple H, Vince and Stephanie would cut a promo in the ring, announcing Triple H would meet the winner of this nights main event on Raw 700. During the promo, Shane McMahon returned - his first appearance since being decimated by The Game at Wrestle Mania - declaring he would make sure that Triple H would never win back the title after what happened at WrestleMania.

    MNM defeated Booker T & Elijah Burke to retain the World Tag Team Championships.

    Christian retained his World Heavyweight Championship in a TLC Match - dictated by the Roll of the Dice - against Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton & Rey Mysterio.


    The biggest piece of news between Nemesis and Survivor Series would come on the 700th edition of Raw, where Triple H defeated Christian to become the NEW World Champion, and it was down to decisive help coming from Shane McMahon, who explained that his father convinced him to bury the hatchet with The Game, with the family now stronger than ever, giving themselves the moniker; “The McMahon Family Empire”.

    Unfortunately for Christian, he wouldn’t automatically get a rematch - despite a six month long run atop Raw - as the #1 Contender for Survivor Series had already been decided the week before and that would be Shawn Michaels. The Game and Shawn Michaels would renew hostilities, just weeks after they had seemingly buried the hatchet - just weeks before The Game was back in favour with the McMahon family. Their rekindled friendship was short-lived, and the old foes were now firmly back at each others throats heading into Survivor Series in Michaels own backyard.

    But there was a wildcard in the equation; Mick Foley. Foley would reveal himself to be the special guest referee at the Survivor Series for literally no reason. This continued a series of odd actions Foley would be involved in. Having returned in the summer “to bring back the good old days”, Foley promptly introduced what he referred to “as this generations Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior” … The Boogeyman. That experiment bombed, with Foleys next step to referee the Survivor Series title match.

    The night after Nemesis, the Horsemen would meet in the ring to iron out recent differences, which had saw communication issues. The end result would be from the lips of Orton; ‘Sorry Naitch, but we’ve evolved.’. This led to a three on one beating, as Orton kicked Flair out of the Horsemen, before declaring that the Horsemen died over a decade ago, and Randy Orton represents the future, not the past, renaming his band The New Wave.

    Flair would be out for revenge for the sickening betrayal, and with unlikely help in the form of Carlito & Straight Edge who he had only feuded with a month previous, Flair had a group of men to take into Survivor Series, whilst Orton handpicked a fourth member of his own group, replacing the greatest of all time with a former cheerleader - Ken Doane - who had now ditched that gimmick, and was now being referred to as ‘The Future’ by Orton.

    Melina would add more gold to MNM’s collection, upending Alexis Laree to win the Womens Championship on Raw. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff would dangle the carrot of opportunity to ten Raw superstars - signing a ‘Sole Survivor’ Survivor Series elimination match, in which any survivors on the winning team would get a future World title shot.

    On Smackdown, RVD was told by Paul Heyman that he’d be defending his title EVERY week until he lost it. RVD though, had a proposal for the Survivor Series, where he’d put his title on the line against Heymans General Manager position. After taking a few moments to ponder the proposition … Heyman accepts, setting up a Survivor Series Elimination Match where both would pick a team - if Heymans team won, RVD would relinquish his title, but if RVD‘s team won, Heyman would be gone as General Manager. Despite the agreement, Heyman still made a WWE Championship Match that evening … but didn’t inform Van Dam of his opponent.

    Heyman would first approach Batista for his team, offering a title shot if he accepted, telling The Animal to think it over. Later, Heyman would reveal the recently turned heel Americas Most Wanted as the challengers for RVD in a handicap match. It looks as though the plan was going to work, until Batista makes the save for RVD, and helps Van Dam retain his belt, giving Heyman his answer, as he joined with RVD for the Survivor Series, showing solidarity instead of greed.

    In the weeks that followed, the two teams would fill up, with Heyman abusing his power, punishing anyone who joined Van Dams team. Lashley & Matt Hardy joined Batista on Team RVD, and AMW, Jericho, Edge and Albright were Heymans five men. It looked as if RVD would head into the Survivor Series a man down, until TOMMY DREAMER would answer the call, looking to help his fellow ECW alumni, taking offence to Heymans comments of a few weeks prior.

    JBL would begin feuding with The Brothers of Destruction. First, defeating Kane, then stealing a win against The Undertaker thanks to his Cabinet. After the match, the group attempted to beat The Phenom down further … until the unlikely assist from Kane, making his first appearance alongside his brother in 2 years.

    The following week, JBL would talk up his two recent victories, billing himself the Wrestling God of Destruction. Soon, a Survivor Series elimination match was signed.

    It appeared JBL was in deep trouble, as his lightweight group faced the all star cast of The Brothers of Destruction, the tag team champions, and a hungry for redemption Peoples Champion, The Rock. Despite the Undertaker and Kane making it known they didn’t want or need any partners, London & Kendrick signed up, and The Rock (via a satellite appearance) would make it known he’d be at Survivor Series for revenge, whether he was wanted or not, after JBL put him on the shelf in the summer.

    Facing certain doom against such an all star team, JBL pulled off a huge coup, just two weeks before the PPV, by drafting in a reinvigorated Kurt Angle into his Five man Survivor Series squad. And, the two month break looked to have done just the trick for Angle, with the Olympian seemingly back to his best, taking Team Destruction apart on the final Smackdown before the event.


    November 12 - Houston TX

    In the opening match, JBL’s Team defeat The Brothers of Destructions team, and it’s all down to Kurt Angle. JBL was eliminated early on, as it was later revealed he needed back surgery, leaving The Cabinet leaderless. Angle stepped up to the plate, and scored the three big eliminations for the team - The Rock, Kane & The Undertaker. The match would come down to Angle facing the Brothers of Destruction on his own, but remarkably outlasted the legendary duo, and even more shockingly, Angle made The Undertaker TAP OUT to the Ankle Lock to finish the match.

    In a 4 on 4 elimination match, the newly named ‘New Wave’ defeat Ric Flair, Straight Edge and Carlito, with both Orton and Cade surviving. It would be Flairs last appearance for almost a year, as he would announce his ‘retirement’ the following week.

    Super Crazy retained the Cruiserweight Championship in a triple threat match against Juvi & Psichosis where The Mexicools completely imploded, greedy for gold.

    In a call back to the early Survivor Series shows, eight teams would compete in a 4 on 4 elimination match where when one member was eliminated, so was his team mate. Booker T and Elijah Burke survived the match, last eliminating MNM to put themselves back in the hunt for the tag titles.

    In the next elimination match, it was Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, Rhyno and Christian vs. Brock Lesnar, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, Finlay & Umaga, where any survivors from the winning team to get a title shot in the weeks that followed. Ultimately, Cena and Christian would be the survivors, and both believed they’d be each getting title shots soon…

    Triple H retained the World Heavyweight Championship via DQ against Shawn Michaels, when Mick Foley bizarrely disqualified Shawn Michaels … screwing him over in his home state … at the Survivor Series.

    In the main event, it’s RVD’s WWE title against Heymans position as GM. Lashley is beaten for the first time, though it takes a briefcase shot and a Spear from Edge to put him away. Tommy Dreamer is next to go, before Van Dams team strike back, eliminating James Storm and Brent Albright. Matt Hardy is eliminated to give Heymans team the advantage once more, and Batista follows next - leaving Van Dam facing 3 men alone.
    RVD sees off Chris Harris, then Edge, before reverting to his ECW roots, hitting a Van Daminator to an interfering Heyman, AND a Van Terminator on Jericho to retain his title, and send Paul Heyman OUT of Smackdown.


    John Cena and Christian wouldn’t be celebrating their title shots for long. With the two men seemingly unable to agree on who would get the first crack at Triple H, the decision would quickly be made for them by Eric Bischoff. Flanked by Mr. McMahon, the GM would reveal that despite the fact that both of them survived at the Survivor Series, only ONE would get a title shot, thus announcing Cena vs. Christian; No DQ for the following week. Plus, whilst the winner would indeed face Triple H for the World Championship, the loser would never again get an opportunity at the World Title. Triple H would get involved in the match, taking out both men, and would hand Cena the win - ending Christians chances of ever winning back the title that The Game took from him.

    The following week, Cena, acknowledging that the match with Christian could’ve gone either way, would coldly tell Triple H that regardless of what might’ve happened, what’s done is done, and although Triple H may have eliminated one threat to his title … he’s managed to gain a bigger threat … one he wont stop. Despite the threat from Cena, he would ultimately fail to capture the gold - albeit, thanks to a litany of helpers; including Finlay and Brock Lesnar - with Lesnar being promised a title shot by Vince & Bischoff if he ‘scratched their back’ on Raw. The question now was; would the Empire hold up their end of the bargain?

    For Christian, things would only get worse. The McMahon Family Empire would toy with the former champion, with Raw GM Eric Bischoff telling Christian he had a ‘bright future’, and gave him a consolation prize; an I.C title shot. What Christian wasn’t told beforehand was that he wasn’t just facing the champion, Shelton Benjamin, but the entire Brotherhood in a handicap match. Naturally, Christian couldn’t overcome the odds.
    The night after Survivor Series, an irate HBK confronted Mick Foley to explain his actions. The Hardcore Legend would track through his recent project, talking over trying to ‘bring back the good old days’ over the last six months, recalling The Boogeyman experiment as a modern day Hulk Hogan, with that working in the 80’s but failing today. He then said the 90’s boom in the WWE began arguably at the Survivor Series in ‘97 leading to the Attitude era, and argued that nothing could be bigger or more shocking than Shawn Michaels getting screwed in his home state at the Survivor Series, just like he screwed Bret Hart at the same event in his home country. Foley would smile throughout, encouraging Michaels to ‘go with the flow’, and enjoy it, or at least, grin and bear it, but Michaels instead is even more angry, even more upset, and responds to the explanation with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Foley would then disappear for another period of time.

    Michaels however, wasn’t going anywhere, as he was instantly embroiled into a feud with Randy Orton. After Ric Flair shocked the world announcing his RETIREMENT, all down to Randy Orton, and felt he had been driven from Raw, to the point where he could only make his announcement on Smackdown, in fear of Orton and The New Wave giving him one last ‘send off’. Following that, Randy Orton would obviously gloat, but his ‘celebrations’ were to be short lived, as a still irate HBK made his way to the ring, letting out his anger at Orton, and his posse for the lack of respect towards his hero, and the greatest of all time.

    MNM would see off the threat of Booker T & Elijah Burke to keep their tag title reign running past the six month point, whilst Melina remained Womens Champion. Mr. Kennedy would turn heel, attacking Rey Mysterio in a fit of jealousy, ending an unremarkable face run over the majority of the year. Umaga remained undefeated.

    Looking for a no-nonsense approach in their new General Manager for Smackdown, the Board of Directors appointed ‘The Enforcer’ Arn Anderson to lead to the ship. Double A got straight to work, but had one major problem immediately; a evil genius of Paul Heyman. It would be revealed that prior to the Survivor Series, Paul Heyman had already put in a place the main event of Armageddon; an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship. Despite RVD running Heyman out of his GM position, Heyman had the last laugh, with his ‘back up’ plan putting Van Dams title reign into serious jeopardy once more.

    Meanwhile, J.B.L would indeed be out of action indefinitely following the injury he sustained. It would seemingly spell disaster for The Cabinet who had been restricted to Velocity appearances since Survivor Series.

    Also, The Rock had not appeared since Survivor Series, and was only barely mentioned on TV by Kurt Angle as he talked up his huge win at the event. Internet reports stated that The Rock wouldn’t be making a comeback for the ‘foreseeable future’, as he put more focus into his movie career - he hasn’t been seen in the thread since.

    M.V.P finally signed on the dotted line with Smackdown for the largest contract in Smackdown history, but was being thrown in at the deep end; facing the veteran William Regal in his debut match on PPV. After Edge became the first man to pin Lashley, albeit through cheap measures, Lashley made a beeline for the Money in the bank holder, chasing Edge out of the ring. Edge would complain to Arn Anderson over shoddy management, overlooking him for yet another title match. Just like Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman before him, Double A made reference to the title shot Edge already has, and told Edge he had other things to deal with before he‘d be getting any title shot; like Lashley.


    December 10 - Richmond VA

    Brent Albright defeated Matt Hardy to retain the United States Championship - albeit through nefarious means.

    MVP got off to a winning start against William Regal, looking impressive on his debut.

    Americas Most Wanted became the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions, dethroning Paul London & Brian Kendrick in a Three Stages of Hell match. The defending champs won the opening fall, but AMW won the No DQ second fall, then captured the titles in the decisive ladder match fall.

    In a Survivor Series rematch, the Mexicools faced off again in a triple threat match, with the same outcome as the month prior; Super Crazy retaining the title.

    Edge defeated Lashley - giving Lashley his first loss in a singles match since his debut.

    In the main event Rob Van Dam successfully retained the WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber, seeing off the challenges of Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Chris Jericho, Batista and Kane.

    After the match, EDGE would look to seize the opportunity by cashing in on a spent RVD, but was foiled in his attempts to Cash in his Money in the Bank contract by a faulty lock on the door to the Chamber structure. The element of surprise now gone, and RVD ready for Edge, Mr. Money in the Bank once again had second thoughts, and his wait would continue.


    After keeping his end of the bargain - making sure Triple H remained Champion - Brock Lesnar was wanting to cash in on his promised title shot right away. But the scheming Mr. McMahon would have other ideas. Palming Lesnar off with excuses, Vince told Lesnar he’d get his shot eventually, and, to keep him happy, Vince gave Lesnar a spot in the upcoming Royal Rumble, suggesting he’d see to it that Lesnar would get a ‘favourable’ draw, as he tried to keep the Iron Man onside.

    John Cena and Christian - two individuals united by one goal - would join forces again to take on the McMahon Family Empire. The two stars would reach out to the voice of reason; Linda McMahon. The CEO would appear on Raw and overrule the decision to deny Christian any future opportunity at the World Title, and for Cena to join him at the end of the line.

    Given the way both men were screwed, Linda decreed that both would get a chance (for Christian to be in the Rumble, and Cena to get a title shot) to get back in the mix - but declared that as Raw GM, Eric Bischoff would make the match. Linda also decreed that from now on, all matches would be made by Bischoff, effectively stripping Vince of any power on Raw while he had a vested interest in talent on Raw.

    Immediately, Eric distanced himself from the McMahons and signed the match; Vince, Shane, Triple H & Lesnar vs. Cena & Christian. It was a match that Cena and Christian would win, getting their respective chances at the Royal Rumble. Though Mr. McMahon had a plan up his sleeves. While he couldn’t make any decisions, he could still dangle a carrot; and offered the man that could eliminate Christian in the Rumble a title shot at WrestleMania. Meanwhile, tensions between Lesnar and Triple H would escalate, with Lesnar gunning for the belt, as he expected to be #30 in the Royal Rumble, which would make him an obvious favourite.

    Straight Edge would emerge as the biggest threat to MNM’s World Tag Team Titles, and with both teams scheduled to participate in the Rumble match, Punk and Helms would have a chance to get their hands on Nitro and Mercury. Rey Mysterio defeated Mr. Kennedy to earn an I.C Title match at the Rumble, and the rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton intensified as both men set their sights on the Rumble match, as did the still undefeated Umaga.

    Rob Van Dams challengers would continue to line up thick and fast. As the two last men in the Chamber match at Armageddon with RVD, the feuding Undertaker and Kurt Angle would chase the gold into the Rumble. The Deadman defeated Angle in a #1 Contenders match on Smack down - though Angles foot was under the ropes for the count - which led to Angle getting a title shot in his own right the following week. Again, a controversial finish saw Angle defeated, and left Arn Anderson with no choice but to put together a triple threat match for the title at the Rumble.

    Following their loss at Armageddon, London and Kendrick amicably went their separate ways, deciding to focus once more on their singles careers. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy would spin off into a feud with AMW. Initially, Hardy would have back up in Shannon Moore, but Harris and Storm would soon take Matts MF’er out of action, leaving Matt alone again in his battle with the tag team champions. Brent Albright would find a massive obstacle in the way of Batista as he fought to keep the U.S title in his grasp.

    After being at odds for months, The Mexicools would band together once more as the rest of the Cruiserweight division would make a stand, looking to win back the title from the group that had dominated the division for the majority of 2006. Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes would make a low-key debut in the new year, being brought in by Double A as a favour to Dusty Rhodes, giving his youngster son a chance on Smackdown.

    Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge, still hadn’t been able to cash in his briefcase, and would get a spot in the Royal Rumble, vowing to go to WrestleMania and challenge for both title belts; facing one champion as the Rumble winner and cash in his title shot against the other champion. Chris Jericho, Kane, Batista, Lashley and more would also be looking toward the Rumble match at a shot at the main event of WrestleMania.


    January 14 - Indianapolis IN

    Rey Mysterio became a two time Intercontinental Champion, stunning Shelton Benjamin to take the gold.

    In a unique six man tag match - the Cruiserweight title was up for grabs - as the Mexicools banded together to face Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Chavo Guerrero. In the end, it wasn’t the Mexicools who had to worry about being stabbed in the back by one another; Kid Kash’s greed saw him screw over his own team mates to capture the title himself.

    Rob Van Dam defeated Kurt Angle and The Undertaker in a triple threat match to retain the WWE Championship. Van Dam won with a Five Star Frog Splash to Kurt Angle, whilst Angle had the ankle lock grapevine applied on the Undertaker.

    Triple H retained the World Heavyweight Championship in an interference heavy match against John Cena. Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon would be the difference makers, costing Cena the title.

    #24 entrant Christian won the Royal Rumble match to book a title shot at WrestleMania 23. Christian last eliminated #1 entrant Brock Lesnar (who obviously didn’t get the easy draw he expected) to win the match, after Lesnar competed for over an hour. Also in the final four, #13 Randy Orton and Smackdowns #27 Paul London, getting a big rub with his run in the match.

    Christian also faced adversity during the match, with a target on his chest after the previous Monday Night Raw giving everyone an incentive to go after him. And after Christian managed to eliminate Umaga, the Samoan Bulldozer would bloody Christian, dragging him out of the ring and putting him through a table. Christian recovered and eventually triumphed.

    In other newsworthy moments, Jeff Hardy returned to the WWE, coming to the aid of his brother Matt during the match to eliminate AMW. Mick Foley also showed up, stealing a spot from Nick Dinsmore - but lasted less than a minute, before being eliminated by Shawn Michaels. Foley then offered a handshake to HBK to apologise for what he had done to him previously, but it allowed Randy Orton to dump out his rival. Umaga was the dominant force in the match, eliminating more people than anyone else in the match, before he was toppled by Christian.

    Order of Entry
    1. Brock Lesnar @ 00:00
    2. Batista @ 00:00
    3. Johnny Nitro @ 02:03
    4. Bobby Lashley @ 04:07
    5. Mark Henry @ 06:02
    6. Brent Albright @ 08:11
    7. Kane @ 10:07
    8. Cody Rhodes @ 12:02
    9. Greg Helms @ 14:04
    10. Umaga @ 16:01
    11. Finlay @ 18:25
    12. Matt Hardy @ 20:07
    13. Randy Orton @ 22:04
    14. Montel Vontavious Porter @ 24:09
    15. Chris Harris @ 26:11
    16. CM Punk @ 28:00
    17. James Storm @ 30:00
    18. Jeff Hardy @ 32:00
    19. Joey Mercury @ 34:04
    20. Shawn Michaels @ 36:04
    21. Carlito @ 38:02
    22. Edge @ 40:00
    23. William Regal @ 42:00
    24. Christian @ 44:00
    25. Mister Kennedy @ 46:05
    26. Hardcore Holly @ 48:07
    27. Paul London @ 50:15
    28. Chris Jericho @ 52:00
    29. Tyson Tomko @ 54:00
    30. Mick Foley @ 56:00


    Order of Elimination
    1. Mark Henry @ 06:02 by Batista
    2. Brent Albright @ 12:39 by Batista
    3. Johnny Nitro @ 17:44 by Umaga
    4. Cody Rhodes @ 17:59 by Umaga
    5. Greg Helms @ 18:05 by Umaga
    6. Kane @ 18:12 by Umaga
    7. Batista @ 25:35 by Lashley
    8. Lashley @ 27:20 by Umaga
    9. Chris Harris @ 32:49 by Matt & Jeff Hardy
    10. James Storm @ 32:56 by Matt & Jeff Hardy
    11. Joey Mercury @ 34:37 by CM Punk
    12. M.V.P @ 36:47 by Shawn Michaels
    13. CM Punk @ 37:14 by Brock Lesnar
    14. Jeff Hardy @ 38:56 by Umaga
    15. Matt Hardy @ 39:11 by Umaga
    16. Carlito @ 42:23 by Brock Lesnar
    17. William Regal @ 45:29 by Randy Orton
    18. Umaga @ 47:52 by Christian
    19. Hardcore Holly @ 49:59 by Edge
    20. Tyson Tomko @ 55:13 by Christian
    21. Mick Foley @ 57:00 by Shawn Michaels
    22. Finlay @ 57:26 by Paul London
    23. Shawn Michaels @ 58:31 by Randy Orton
    24. Edge @ 60:49 by Chris Jericho
    25. Chris Jericho @ 61:33 by Randy Orton
    26. Mister Kennedy @ 61:42 by Brock Lesnar
    27. Paul London @ 64:59 by Brock Lesnar
    28. Randy Orton @ 66:27 by Christian
    29. Brock Lesnar @ 72:17 by Christian

    After the February PPV had been removed in 2006, plans had been put back in place for the full PPV compliment to return. SuperBrawl would be scheduled (a Saturday Night PPV on the night before the SuperBowl), and would feature both brands - including an inter brand ‘Super-Brawl’, a six man elimination match, where each elimination would be contested under different rules. The prize for the victor? The opportunity to choose his own WrestleMania opponent (apart from inserting themselves into a title match).

    Christian didn’t plan on wasting time in announcing which champion he’d be facing, but unfortunately for Christian, the choice was taken out of his hands. Edge made a surprise appearance on Raw, wanting to take the big moment away from his former partner, telling the world that he would be cashing in his Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania against RVD. Christian - nonplussed - told Edge he was staying on Raw anyway. It meant the two headline matches at WrestleMania were set - or so we thought.

    John Cena had other ideas. He showed his own desperation for the World Title, and offered to put his career on the line for a shot at the title. And Eric Bischoff duly accepted. Cena would face Brock Lesnar. A win would get him a title shot at SuperBrawl, but a loss would see him fired. Cena would overcome the mammoth Iron Man, and booked himself one last chance at Triple H.

    Triple H opined that Lesnar purposely lost to Cena just to get at him - an opinion Brock Lesnar wouldn’t take kindly to. Triple H would have to put his issues with Lesnar aside - he had John Cena, and a sixty minute Iron Man match to deal with at SuperBrawl. The Game found the announcement particularly humorous, completely denigrating Cena’s skills to last against him for sixty minutes.

    With the title program ongoing, it left Christian with time to prepare for Wrestle Mania - until he was stabbed in the back by his long time friend and personal ‘Problem Solver’ Tyson Tomko. Tomko sold out, and joined the McMahon Family Empire, creating a new ‘problem’ for the Royal Rumble winner.

    Both Paul Burchill and his step-sister, Katie Lea, would make low-key debuts together on Raw, whilst Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton finished up their long running issues with Orton winning a cage match, before HBK would move on to focus on the problems Mick Foley would give him.

    MNM would repeatedly find excuses not to defend their World Tag Team Championships against Straight Edge, while qualification began for the second ever Money in the Bank ladder match - which this time around would be contested between Raw and Smackdown superstars.

    While Edge would challenge the WWE Champion at WrestleMania, the question was who that man would be; RVD or the new #1 Contender, Chris Jericho. Edge wouldn’t be pleased at Jericho becoming part of the title picture after Jericho eliminated Edge from the Rumble, and while he was unable to get his hands on his fellow heel, Edge took his fury out in the ring, putting Lashley on the shelf - a write off for Lashley, who had an legit injury requiring surgery. Concerned that Edge would interfere at SuperBrawl, Arn Anderson instructed the Rated ‘R’ Superstar to stay at home for the PPV - or else.

    Following Jeffs return at the Royal Rumble, The Hardy Boys would be reunited and their rivalry with AMW would only intensify - though for the time being, AMW would have to contend with the makeshift team of Batista & Lashley, whilst Deuce & Domino took offence to The Hardys trying to jump the line for a title shot. Also, Kid Kash would continually stoop to any level to keep his newly won Cruiserweight title, with Brian Kendrick, Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero especially hot on his tail.

    Carlito - out of contract on Raw - would jump to Smackdown to make a fresh start, qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match, and became embroiled in a feud with fellow loudmouth MVP - who was still undefeated at this time.

    February 3 - Providence RI

    The first ever Super-Brawl is won by Kurt Angle, outlasting Brock Lesnar, Kane, The Undertaker, Randy Orton and finally Shawn Michaels to earn the right to pick his own WrestleMania opponent. Angle wasted no time, and declared he was coming after the Undertakers Streak.

    Rey Mysterio defeated Mr. Kennedy to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

    Americas Most Wanted retained the WWE Tag Team Championships with a win over Batista and Lashley, as the challengers were unable to co-exist.

    Christian defeated Tyson Tomko in the I Quit Match.

    The WWE Championship Match ends in a ‘No-Contest’ after Edge disobeys orders from the Smackdown GM, and attacks both RVD and Chris Jericho.

    John Cena comes from a 3-1 deficit to defeat Triple H 5-4 in the 60 Minute Iron Man Match to become a 3x World Heavyweight Champion, meaning it would be Cena vs. Christian at WrestleMania.


    With the big title change at SuperBrawl, WrestleMania plans were thrown into chaos. Triple H was denied a rematch for the title, per a vote from the WWE Board of Directors, and it paved the way for a first ever meeting between Triple H and Brock Lesnar, who finally turned on the McMahon Family Empire. Picking representatives to face off (Shawn Michaels for Lesnar, Umaga for Triple H), it would determine if the McMahon’s would or wouldn’t be permitted at ringside at WrestleMania. Umaga would win the match - and remain undefeated - meaning The Game would have the entire Family Empire in his corner.

    Just as it looked like Brock Lesnar was facing insurmountable odds, The Iron Man had a blockbuster announcement of his own; that he’d have someone in his corner at Wrestle Mania - his former adversary Stone Cold Steve Austin. Was it a bluff?? Vince McMahon invited Austin to show up on Smackdown to get to the bottom of the mystery, refusing to believe Austin would ever back up his former rival. Indeed, Austin confirmed Lesnar had been playing games with the McMahon Family Empire as he wouldn’t be in Brocks corner - but he WOULD be the Guest Enforcer for the match at WrestleMania!!

    John Cena and Christian would be put on a ‘Collision Course’ on the Road to WrestleMania. The two biggest faces on Raw would be doing battle for the title in the main event of WrestleMania. After teaming up for months, uniting to take on the McMahon Family Empire, Cena and Christian would soon be at each others throats, as they geared up for the title match. Christian would stoke the animosity, questioning just how ‘real’ Cena was, claiming that The Champ’s Mr. Nice Guy routine was just an act and that sooner or later, Cena would show his true colours.

    Mick Foley returned to Raw to apologise to Shawn Michaels for all his odd behaviour over the last few months, but again, lured HBK into a false sense of security, attacking Shawn, before putting Michaels to sleep with the Mandible Claw. Mick Foley would continue to go off the rails, revealing he didn’t mean or want to attack Shawn and that it ‘just happened‘. When being questioned by HBK why Foley had chosen him, Mick curiously responded “Mick Foley doesn’t have the answers” and that Mick Foley didn’t know what he was doing, as it was announced he would meet Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania in an Unsanctioned Match.

    This would be due to Foleys perilous mental state, as Foley would seemingly dip between his many personalities in the weeks leading to WrestleMania, and the Board of Directors couldn’t willingly allow Foley to compete in a sanctioned contest. In the run up to WrestleMania, Foley would continue to unsettle everyone, proclaiming ‘I dont know who I am anymore’. Foley would eventually reveal that his plot all along was to have one memorable WrestleMania match - one memorable moment to be remembered forever, and chose Shawn Michaels - being Mr. Wrestle Mania - to give him that moment.

    Edge would live to regret his actions at SuperBrawl, with Arn Anderson punishing him for ignoring his orders. He would make Edge face Jericho at Saturday Nights Main Event with the stipulation being that if Edge won, Jericho was out of the picture, but if Edge lost, his title match at WrestleMania would be a triple threat, whilst appointing RVD as referee for the Saturday Nights Main Event showdown. As the match went down, Jericho won his way into the title picture, setting up the triple threat at WrestleMania.

    In a warm up of sorts ahead of his eagerly anticipated match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Kurt Angle would meet Kane at Saturday Nights Main Event and send a stern message to The Deadman - BREAKING Kanes ankle. Meanwhile, the cruiserweight division would see Brian Kendrick emerge as the top contender for the title, whilst the Hardy Boys looked like they’d never been apart as they worked toward settling their score with AMW for the Tag Titles.


    March 18 - SuperDome, New Orleans LA

    An eight person tag match kicked the show off, billed as a triple jeopardy match, with THREE titles decided in just one fall. I.C Champion Rey Mysterio, Straight Edge & Alexis Laree teamed up to defeat World Tag Champions & Womens Championship holders Mercury, Nitro & Melina, (with the A-List trio getting an A-list entrance for WrestleMania in a stretch hummer, joined by Z-List celeb friends; Kevin Federline, Kim Kardashian, Tiffany Pollard and the Carter Brothers) along with Mr. Kennedy, crowning TWO NEW champions in one match.

    Brent Albright upset Batista to retain the United States Championship.

    Randy Orton won the Money in the Bank ladder match, besting Paul London, MVP, Carlito, Charlie Haas, Umaga, Finlay & Shelton Benjamin.

    JBL made a surprise return, and lambasted The Rock and The Undertaker specifically for putting him out - whilst making digs at the persona non grata Rock for leaving permanently - as he declared he would be coming back for revenge soon. Hulk Hogan - freshly inducted into the Hall of Fame - would interrupt and run off JBL to a huge reaction.

    Brian Kendrick defeated Kid Kash to become the NEW Cruiserweight Champion.

    Americas Most Wanted held off The Hardy Boys to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.

    Shawn Michaels overcame the schizophrenic Mick Foley in a barbaric Unsanctioned Match, billed as “The Biggest Match Never to Happen at WrestleMania”, giving Foley that moment he craved all along.

    The Undertaker survived the onslaught from Kurt Angle to go 15-0 at WrestleMania, defeating Angle by submission, catching him with a desperation ‘Hells Gate’, as Angle was closing in on victory. Taker was then carried out after the match by druids, unable to leave on his own power. *Think the exact finish and post-match actions from the real life Taker/Trips WrestleMania XXVII match - which happened two years after I wrote this*

    Then, in a match littered with interference and run-ins from the likes of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff (who finally stood up to Vince McMahon), Brock Lesnar would defeat Triple H. Lesnar and Austin shared a beer after the match.

    Rob Van Dam retained the WWE Championship against Chris Jericho and Edge - meaning Edge UNSUCCESSFULLY cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, after holding the briefcase for eleven months, and wasn’t even involved in the decision. Edge would Spear RVD in a fit of rage after the match.

    … Leading to RANDY ORTON entering, and he WOULD cash in his Money in the Bank contract - just hours after winning it. And would do on one night what Edge failed to do in a year; SUCCESSFULLY cash in his shot, defeating RVD to be crowned the NEW WWE Champion, putting Van Dam on the shelf in the process, debuting the sickening PUNT kick.

    In the main event, Christian would bring John Cenas third World title reign to a premature end to capture his second World title, ending the show with a new face on top of the pile.


    Not sure I did the Lesnar/Triple H and Foley/Michaels angles enough justice here in the recaps. Two of my favourite angles I’ve ever written, and the Lesnar/Triple H feud was something that wasn’t even planned initially. The plan had been Triple H vs. Christian to culminate at WrestleMania for the title, with Lesnar vs. Cena underneath, but after the previous WrestleMania, I learned my lesson and changed course when I realised what I had with the slow burn Lesnar turn on The McMahons.

    One more of these to go. Hopefully you’re all still with me here, lol. I’d say the upcoming 07-08 period in the thread is my personal favourite, but unfortunately, it all happened at the time when the other forums activity fell off a cliff. Shit happens.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    HUUUUGEEEE FAN of the Christian build and of the Lesnar run with HHH. In 2007 this would have been a great match . Hunter could go , Lesnar was fairly peaking his career. So it was fitting. Can't wait for the reaction of THE MOMENT of Wrestlemania of 2008 . Top build of really underrated workers as RVD who got his long overdue run . Great to see Kennedy and Shelton up on the card. And the thing i liked the most , you capitalized on HBK. You used him well and him deserving that World Title run you gave him stood a lot as different to me

    Top writing. Though i am not quite fondled of the Shane Helms - Punk team. But a Helms fan , i hope to see him featured even after this recap. Loved also Brent's rise and i really hope you keep him featured. Not reading everything you wrote , i am curious especially on the Burke - Booker team . Burke could have used a rub from the Booker man, though i guess here it is a negative. No King Booker and Booker T dominating Smackdown.

    Good recap , but i really hope you start featuring more lower card talent. You have Haas there. Cody , hell even Mark Henry. Again itching for the last recap.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Man, I've absolutely loved these. I dipped around in your old thread and read shows here and there, but never really the full builds and all that. I figured I'd comment now coming to a part where I actually know some of what is going to be happening.

    I don't have much more to say, other then I still love the Cena, Christian build and I look forward to the continuation. I'm also a big fan of Paul London being pushed and Brian Kendrick!


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    Re: Being The Booker

    Awesome to see you here Wolfy. :D Looking forward to following the next chapter.
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    Re: Being The Booker


    ~ MARCH 19 2007 - MARCH 30 2008 ~

    Despite the humiliation for the family at WrestleMania, The McMahon Family Empire would fight back with a vengeance, keen to reassert their dominance over the WWE. For his betrayal at WrestleMania, Eric Bischoff was fired, whilst Brock Lesnar was placed on an indefinite suspension the night after WrestleMania, whilst Mr. McMahon launched a plan to buy back total control of the WWE and take the company off the stock market in order to exert his power without ramifications.

    On ‘McMahon Appreciation Night’ in Madison Square Garden, Mr. McMahon attempted to make history by teaming with Shane to win the tag team titles and become the first ever father/son tag champions in the WWE. The plan was foiled though, and Straight Edge would retain their titles, thanks to John Cena and half the roster in protest. Linda McMahon would show up once more to fight against Vince, and a match was made for Backlash and it would be ‘All or Nothing’. If Vinces representative won, he would be given the green light to carry out his wishes. If Lindas representative won, Vince McMahon would be banished from WWE television forever.

    Elsewhere, Triple H pushed his way back into the title picture, forcing a title match with Christian at Backlash in a Hell in a Cell match, as the two would settle their differences once and for all. The Game believed Christian wouldn’t have the bottle to survive a match as brutal at Hell in a Cell, and was convinced he’d soon be an 11 time champion.

    Melina - jealous over her loss of the Womens title at Wrestle Mania - did some digging on Alexis Laree, indicating that Laree had skeletons in her closet, as it appeared that before she showed up in the WWE, Alexis Laree didn’t even exist. Alexis at first appeared nonplussed at Melinas actions, but when Melina told Alexis that ‘Beth’ said hi … Laree began to change.

    In other tidbits, The Miz showed up with a hidden camera segment for weeks, spying on superstars backstage. Gail Kim returned to Raw, and Goldust returned to the WWE, as he looked to coach his younger brother Cody, who had struggled since his debut - but Cody clearly wasn’t interested in Goldusts help. X-Pac would be given a contract after a supposed one night only appearance on Raw, and eventually, he would form a team with Tyson Tomko. Also, Paul Burchill and Harry Smith formed a tag team, as Smith and Burchills step-sister Katie Lea began a romantic relationship.

    The annual draft took place a week after WrestleMania. Outside of the draft lottery, the new WWE Champion Randy Orton ‘won’ the right to move to Smackdown, and to take his New Wave cohorts with him by beating Shawn Michaels. In addition, Raw drafted Cody Rhodes, Kurt Angle, William Regal, Matt Hardy, Scotty Too Hotty and JTG. On the other side of the coin, Brock Lesnar, Elijah Burke, Booker T, Finlay & (despite his self-imposed retirement) Ric Flair were drafted to Smackdown. With Lesnar suspended and Flair ‘retired’ it looked like Smackdown certainly got the short end of the deal on Draft night, despite getting all four members of the New Wave.

    Whilst Orton and The New Wave got their wish to go to Smackdown, waiting for them there would be a powerful enemy; Smackdown GM Arn Anderson. Arn hadn’t forgotten Ortons treatment of Ric Flair the prior year, and in addition to Ortons actions in winning the title, Double A found it difficult to remain impartial to the WWE Champion. Orton though, did little to ingratiate himself to the GM, and would put another superstar - Chris Jericho - on the shelf with the dreaded punt kick after their WWE title match on Smackdown.

    Whilst Orton was making a massive statement on Smackdown, his cohorts in the New Wave were failing to live up to their leaders standards, and Orton made it clear to Cade, Dinsmore and Doane; shape up or ship out. But Orton - for now - had bigger obstacles in his way, as Arn Anderson kept Orton active, and placed him in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at Judgment Day to defend his title. Included, curiously, was the former champion, RVD. Despite rumours that Van Dam had not fully recovered from the Punt Kick he received two months prior, RVD showed up on the final Smackdown before Judgment Day, making it clear he would be challenging at the PPV.

    Despite at first claiming he’d be a fighting Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick began to change as a person once he won the title. More self centred, more egotistical, Kendrick became his own biggest fan, and it resulted in him destroying many of the bonds he had made on Smack down - including with his former tag team partner Paul London, who he refused to team with in his hour of need - as it was revealed that he had been hassling Arn Anderson for a better contract for weeks, NOT a title shot for his ‘friends’ as he had claimed.

    What began as a clash of personalities before WrestleMania became highly personal between MVP and Carlito after Carlito inflicted the first defeat in MVP’s WWE tenure. MVP was unable to accept the defeat and took his frustrations out on Carlitos knee, assaulting the body part with a camera, but Carlito would recover just in time to set up a match with MVP at Judgment Day. During that time though, MVP would send a message to the recovering Carlito - inviting his brother, Primo (who was merely a developmental talent), to face him on Smackdown. MVP took advantage of the rookie, and went even further than he did on Carlito with an assault on Primos knee.

    JBL returned, and immediately sought vengeance on Hulk Hogan after the Immortal One embarrassed him at WrestleMania. JBL challenged Hogan to show up and fight him, and eventually, Hogan would answer the challenge, setting up a showdown at Judgment Day - but JBL would leave his mark on The Hulkster, bloodying Hogan on an episode of Smackdown, sending a message to the Hall of Famer.

    Brent Albright continued as United States Champion in a reign now stretching into seven months, whilst also forming a unit with Charlie Haas as the pair would refer to themselves as the ‘Master Craftsmen’. After overcoming the likes of Batista and Lashley in the months prior, his newest challenger to the throne would come in the form of Paul London - a complete different challenge altogether. Meanwhile, AMW would pair off with Elijah Burke and Booker T, who looked to take the tag titles from Harris and Storm.


    BACKLASH 2007
    April 22 - Montreal QB

    Straight Edge defeated MNM to retain the World Tag Team Championships.

    Shelton Benjamin defeated Rey Mysterio with help from The Brotherhood to win the Intercontinental Championship back for the third time.

    Umaga won a Raw exclusive Money in the Bank contract in a six pack challenge match, defeating Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, Mr. Kennedy, William Regal and Tyson Tomko.

    Christian retained the World Heavyweight Championship inside Hell in a Cell, defeating Triple H in a bloody epic. Triple H left on a stretcher, and after a promo on Raw a few weeks later, would disappear for a period after this loss - but made it clear he still had unfinished business with Brock Lesnar when he decided to come back.

    Alexis Laree defeated Victoria to retain the Womens Championship.

    In the ‘All or Nothing’ main event, littered with interference from Vince, Tomko, and Shane, which was countered by the fired Eric Bischoff and the suspended Brock Lesnar, Mr. McMahons plot to take back control of the WWE was foiled, as John Cena defeated Kurt Angle. It meant Mr. McMahon would never be seen on television again, ending his run in the same place it arguably began; Montreal.


    May 20 - Miami Fl

    Carlito defeated MVP via DQ, as their rivalry intensified.

    Batista, Jeff Hardy & Finlay defeated Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane of The New Wave.

    Brian Kendrick defeated Chavo Guerrero by nefarious means to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.

    Hulk Hogan overcame JBL, and wasn’t seen since, riding off into the sunset with a typical Hogan victory.

    Americas Most Wanted defeated Booker T & Elijah Burke to hold on to the WWE Tag Team Championships.

    Paul London dethroned Brent Albright in a Match of the Year contender to win his first United States Championship.

    In the main event for the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam was eliminated first - and early - as it became evident he had came back from his concussion injury too soon, as Orton dispatched of him with his Elevated DDT. Edge followed later, after an RKO on a steel chair, bringing it down to Brock Lesnar and Orton. Orton sweeped the opposition, eliminating all three men to retain his title - but had an assist against Lesnar; a planted sledgehammer. Planted by who…?


    Despite Vince being banished from TV forever, it was arranged to give McMahon a final send-off. Despite knowing it wouldn’t be the kind of send-off he expected, Vince McMahon wouldn’t turn the offer down. After a succession of humiliations, including his entrance music being changed to ‘Stand Back’ from the 1987 Slammy Awards, The Rock appearing on the titan tron to run Vince down, Trish Stratus making a one-night return along with Stone Cold, and former ‘Kiss My Ass’ club member William Regal getting a measure of revenge … Vince snapped - prophetically telling John Cena that while he had the fans cheering him now, the signs were plain to see that they were slowly turning against him, and the one person he could’ve turned to would now be gone, advising Cena he’d regret banishing Vince from television. Cena responded with an FU to The Boss, and Mr. McMahon has not been seen since.

    Eric Bischoff was reappointed as General Manager of Raw, whilst a new Commissioner was appointed by the Board, to keep everyone in line and as a safeguard that no one would overstep their boundaries in future after months of Mr. McMahon throwing his weight around. Jesse Ventura would fill those shoes, and make sporadic appearances throughout the year.

    It was in this time that Mr. Kennedy began to boil over. Giving no respect to his peers, including his crashing of Triple H’s speech before he left, Kennedy was on a roll, and earned himself a title shot at Vengeance through the ‘Beat the Clock’ challenge. Kennedy would accuse Christian of not taking him seriously in the run up to Vengeance, saying he’s now in the spot Christian was in two years ago … and Christian had now become the guys he knocked off on his way to the top - and was in the one place he never wanted to be; the ‘comfort’ zone - and Kennedy planned to shock the world at Vengeance.

    Kurt Angle and John Cena continued their ongoing rivalry - but now, instead of fighting each other FOR the McMahons, they were now embittered foes. The two would be set to meet in just the second ever Ultimate Submission Match at Vengeance, with Cena defiant that he would NEVER give up, and Angle just as defiant that Cena WOULD tap.

    Rounding out the main event picture, ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Umaga targeted Shawn Michaels. With their troubles kicking off prior to Backlash, the two were more than ready for a Last Man Standing match on Pay Per View. It would be the biggest test yet for the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, with Michaels confident he would be able to inflict the first defeat on Umaga.

    Melina would continue to make Alexis Laree’s life a misery. Threatening to expose all of Alexis deepest, darkest secrets, Melina blackmailed Alexis, telling her if she didn’t allow Melina to win the womens title from her, she would tell the world all about the real Alexis Laree. Conflicted, Laree debated throwing the match, but in the end, she defied Melinas orders and defeated her. Good to her word though, Melina WOULD expose Alexis Larees secrets, as she introduced a face from Alexis past; Beth Phoenix (making her debut)…

    Firstly, her name wasn’t Alexis; it was MICKIE JAMES, and she had changed her name after an incident at a mental care home she was staying at where she crippled a nurse; Beths mother. The incident forced Beth to put her dream of being a WWE superstar on hold, as she cared for her Mother, whilst “Alexis” got to live out her dream without ramifications. The revelations would send Alexis - now known to the world as Mickie James - AWOL, and with a womens title defence looming, if she failed to show, she would relinquish the title.

    Matt Hardy would chase down Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental title. It all began with Hardy defeating Benjamin in the ‘Beat the Clock’ challenge, which would eventually put him into contention for Benjamins title in the eyes of Bischoff, whilst Rhyno exploded back on the scene, immediately turning heel by attacking Rey Mysterio, blaming Rey for the injury that put him out for six months. Also, Cody Rhodes would assault Goldust, fed up with Goldusts antics, and let the world know that he had been embarrassed by his family his entire life, but now he would restore pride to the Rhodes name.


    VENGEANCE 2007
    June 17 - Oklahoma City OK

    Shelton Benjamin retained the Intercontinental Championship against Matt Hardy, but needed help from The Brotherhood to do it.
    Rey Mysterio defeated Rhyno.

    The former Alexis Laree; Mickie James DID return in a blaze of glory, defeating Melina in less than two minutes to retain her Womens Championship.

    Straight Edge successfully retained the World Tag Team Championships in a triple threat match against The Brotherhood and X-Pac & Tyson Tomko.

    Umaga decimated Shawn Michaels in the Last Man Standing match. As a result of his injuries suffered in the match, Michaels would miss the next two months of action.

    Kurt Angle won the Ultimate Submission Match 1-0, forcing John Cena to SUBMIT to the ankle lock. In the immediate aftermath, Cena was humiliated, having failed to live up to his word.

    And, in the main event, Christian held off the challenge of the hungry challenge, Mr. Kennedy to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.


    Also at this time, a lot of excitement surrounded the 2007 King of the Ring tournament. The tournament had returned in 2006, but was treated as an afterthought. This time around, the show would get it’s own three hour Saturday Nights Main Event special and would be a 32 man tournament. The opening two rounds would be contested on television, with the final eight making it to the Saturday Nights Main Event finale night.

    First Round Results;
    Burchill def. Mark Henry
    Umaga def Cody Rhodes

    CM Punk def Nitro
    William Regal def. Mike Knox

    Matt Hardy def. Tyson Tomko
    Greg Helms def. Mercury

    Rey Mysterio def. Santino Marella
    Shelton Benjamin def. Harry Smith

    Finlay def. Garrison Cade
    Charlie Haas def. Super Crazy

    Ken Doane def. Hardcore Holly
    Paul London def. Nick Dinsmore

    Brent Albright def. Brian Kendrick
    Jeff Hardy def. Kid Kash

    Carlito def. Chris Masters
    M.V.P def. Chavo Guerrero

    Round of Sixteen;
    Umaga def. Burchill
    William Regal def. CM Punk

    Matt Hardy def. Greg Helms
    Shelton Benjamin def. Rey Mysterio

    Charlie Haas def. Finlay
    Paul London def. Ken Doane

    Brent Albright def. Jeff Hardy
    Carlito def. MVP

    That set up the Elite Eight, where one man would need to win three straight matches to be crowned 2007 King of the Ring. In addition to the tournament, a big Raw vs. Smackdown tag match was also signed for the special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event. The match would see Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar (who was scheduled to face Orton at the upcoming Smackdown PPV), Edge & Batista (who had began feuding) from Smackdown meet Christian, Mr. Kennedy, John Cena and Kurt Angle from Raw.

    Despite his loss to Hogan at Judgment Day, JBL would turn his focus to The Undertaker - who had not been seen since being carried out at Wrestle Mania - with JBL claiming The Undertaker was in hiding from him. JBL set a deadline for The Undertaker to answer his challenge; Saturday Nights Main Event.

    The show would also see Eric Bischoff overseeing everything. After an official complaint was made by Randy Orton against Arn Anderson, Jesse Ventura had no option but to suspend the Smackdown GM for two months, decreeing that he still felt Arn was the best person for the job, but needed to realise he had to be impartial, and with Orton, he hadn’t been.


    June 23 - Memphis TN

    In the Quarter Final matches in the King of the Ring tournament;
    Paul London defeated Charlie Haas to advance.
    Brent Albright defeated Carlito to get to the final four.
    Matt Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin to qualify for the semi-finals.
    William Regal defeated Umaga VIA DQ after Umaga lost his cool.

    Then, in the semi-finals;
    Brent Albright submitted Paul London to qualify for the final.
    Matt Hardy defeated William Regal to progress.

    Before the final, JBL came to the ring to get an answer from The Undertaker - and DID. The Undertaker would send JBL a message, accepting his challenge and announcing it would be a BURIED ALIVE match.

    Also, Team Smackdown won the eight man tag match, though both teams were riddled with in-fighting.

    The show closed with the King of the Ring final between Smackdowns Brent Albright and Raws Matt Hardy, with Albright overcoming the veteran, and was crowned King of the Ring.


    Smackdown would then have their July PPV, The Great American Bash. Fresh off his King of the Ring victory, Brent Albright looked to climb the ladder, but became entangled in a feud with Carlito after a backstage attack on the man from the Caribbean at Saturday Nights Main Event. Albright & Haas would carry out a number of attacks on Carlito, as Carlito went searching for a partner.

    Randy Orton stayed on top of the pile on Smackdown, but his group fell apart. Orton, fed up with the perceived failings of his partners, would look to make an example of Nick Dinsmore, PUNTING Dinsmore out of the group. Instead of firing up Cade and Doane though, the actions would instead drive them away from Orton. Doane negotiated a move to Raw, whilst Cade would take some time off. It didn’t bode well for Orton, who would have Brock Lesnar breathing down his neck for the WWE title.

    Edge and Batista were also at each others necks. Edge’s downward spiral would continue as his obsession over winning the WWE Title continued to consume him, taking offence to anyone who would lay claim to a title shot, believing himself to be more deserving - including when Batista threw his name into the hat. Batista would beat Edge on Smackdown to win a title shot, but that would merely tip Edge over the edge; no pun intended, as he cost Batista that very same title match.

    Brian Kendrick also had his sights set on capturing DOUBLE gold, aiming to take Paul Londons United States Championship. Not giving a damn about his former partner, Kendrick continued down his path of greed and self-obsession, and stated that when he defeats Paul London at the Great American Bash, he’ll not just be seen by people as ‘that guy Brian Kendrick’, but instead, he’ll be recognized the world over, as … The Brian Kendrick’. And only The Brian Kendrick has the ability, talent, and good looks, to be worthy of holding two championships.

    Meanwhile, AMW would offer Booker T & Elijah Burke one last shot at glory at the tag titles - but with Booker leaving the WWE if his team failed. Also, vignettes would air for the debuting ‘Narcissist’ Nick Nemeth, whilst Evan Bourne, Daivari, Sonjay Dutt & the veteran Elix Skipper all bolstered the Cruiserweight division.


    July 8 - Philadelphia PA

    MVP defeated Finlay in a Belfast Brawl, beating the Irishman at his own game.

    Kofi Kingston would debut as Carlitos mystery partner, forming the team ‘Caribbean Connection’, but they would be unsuccessful on their debut as a team, with Brent Albright and Charlie Haas - the Master Craftsmen - winning the match.

    Edge scored a clean win over Batista, but The Animal is given an ‘out’ as he was assaulted on Smackdown just two days earlier.

    Paul London defeated the Cruiserweight Champion, The Brian Kendrick to retain the United States Championship.

    Americas Most Wanted defeated Booker T & Elijah Burke to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships and to send Booker T out of the WWE.
    Triple H would interfere in the WWE Championship match, blasting Brock Lesnar with a sledgehammer, costing him the match, allowing Randy Orton to retain the title once again, and it would set the stage for Triple H-Lesnar II at Summerslam.

    In the main event, The Undertaker appeared for the first time since WrestleMania and BURIED JBL ALIVE to seemingly end the career of JBL. Footage after the PPV would show medics scrambling to empty the grave and save JBL, but it would be announced that the injuries JBL suffered by being buried under a mound of dirt would result in him never wrestling again.


    That paved the way to the biggest Summerslam of all time; the 20th edition of the Summer tradition, emanating from the NEW Wembley Stadium, returning to the UK for the first time since 1992. It would also be the biggest part of a summer-long world tour, which would see the WWE travel all around the globe for over a month.

    In the main event, Christian would face his most daunting task; the undefeated Umaga. After a successful title defence on Raw against Angle and Kennedy, Christian would be ambushed by Umaga, and Armando Estrada would announce that while Umaga could cash in his Money in the Bank title shot there and then, he would do it on the biggest stage possible instead; the biggest Summerslam ever. For weeks, Christian would be on the receiving end of Umaga’s brute strength, and with the added influence of Estrada, it appeared Christians title reign was on borrowed time - however - Christian had his own ace in the pack.

    Knowing he would face enough of a task in dealing with Umaga, he admitted it would be near impossible to overcome Umaga with the added threat of Estrada meddling on the outside. Christian revealed that he would have someone in his corner at Summerslam; Englands own Ricky Hatton. The world boxing champion appeared on the final Raw before Summerslam in Belfast, and would be confronted by Estrada and Umaga, before Christian got involved, with the champion managing to hold off Umaga - but was it a brave last stand for the champion??

    Off the back of his loss at Vengeance, John Cena was a broken man. Cena found himself now being mated up against debuting wrestlers and ‘jobbers’. Cena reached breaking point & put The Miz and Santino Marella on the shelf in consecutive weeks, as his fury boiled over, and his frustration was clear to see. He publicly made it clear his aim was to earn a rematch with Christian at Summer slam - then saw Umaga declare he would cash in the briefcase, ending that dream. Another setback for Cena.

    Mister Kennedy on the other hand found his career take an amazing upswing since a disappointing night at WrestleMania. Coming within a hairs breadth of winning the World Championship at Vengeance, Kennedy now finds himself rubbing shoulders with the main event talent - where he believes he should be, and his next target is the vulnerable Cena. Forming a union with The Miz, Kennedy would make Cenas life hell on the road to Summerslam, as he saw his opportunity and looked to finish Cena’s days at the top level - whilst solidifying his own spot at the top. However, questions are still being asked about whether the 2006 King of the Ring can compete at the top level, or, if he’s a big match choke artist.

    To kick off the world tour in Mexico City, Rey Mysterio was presented with the opportunity to become World Champion. Having won a twenty man battle royal the week before in Pittsburgh, the stage was set for Mysterio to win his first World title where it all began. Until a vengeful Kurt Angle made his present felt. On that night, Angle humiliated Mysterio, mocking his heritage, his family, the legacy of his mask, and attacking Rey before his big moment could even begin. To cap it all off, Angle draped the Mexican icon in an American flag.

    Since then, Angle has continued to mock Mysterio for his history, his faith to the luchadors that he follows in the footsteps of, whilst disrespecting the entire planet by showing his disdain for the world tour and the different cultures he had seen around the world.
    Mysterio though has refused to take it lying down. Never before has Mysterio been as emotionally involved as he is with Angle. At Summer slam , it’s about more than simply competition. It’s personal. Kurt Angle has even tried to remove Mysterios mask as he looks to expose Rey, and disrespect his identity, whilst Mysterio has refused to give in, refused to let Angle get away with his disgusting actions.

    For MNM, after losing the tag titles and subsequent rematches, it looked to be the end of their run at the top of the division. But MNM refused to give in. A dastardly plot emerged, where MNM - thanks to their Entourage (Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder) - took the place of the British Lions for a World Tag Team title shot on Raw in June, and through any means necessary, they upset the champions to win the titles for the second time. After watching the two teams going back and forth all year long, Eric Bischoff finally decided enough was enough, calling an end to the rivalry at Summerslam in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Bigger than that; the losing team would be banished from Raw.

    Throughout the summer, Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin tussled over the I.C title in a number of matches, including a 30 Minute Iron Man match which ended in a draw - but no matter the match, it would end with Hardy unable to take the belt from the Black Diamond one way or the other. At Summerslam, that task would be made even harder with the addition of the veteran Blackpool native, William Regal, who had the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Davey Boy Smith by winning the I.C title in his home country.

    Doug Williams and Christopher Daniels would debut on Raw as a tag team; The Angels of Anarchy. And in an attempt to fix his relationship with Cody, Dustin Rhodes would ditch the Goldust gimmick, essentially giving up his own career to help further his little brothers. And Cody would take full advantage, abusing his brothers kind heart all summer long, including putting Dustin up to beating up WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler.
    The Coach would also introduce his own chat-show, ‘The Playas Club’, and after the first few editions went haywire, he got himself a bodyguard, known simply as ‘Big Zeke’. Bar one six man tag match later in the year, Zeke would never wrestle (due to being green as grass at this point), and just stand by The Coach side all night on commentary.

    The further head injury suffered at Judgment Day looked to end the glorious career of RVD … until the kick off of the World Tour in Mexico, when Van Dam stunned the world - especially Randy Orton - by returning once again, and this time, he WAS back to his former self, fully recovered and revitalised. And now at Summerslam, RVD is presented with the opportunity to reclaim the title that was cruelly snatched from him in New Orleans back in March. One year on from when he first won the richest prize in the game, Van Dam could end a nightmare period in his career with the ultimate revenge on Randy Orton. Orton would continue to push the envelope though; punting RVD’s good friend, Tommy Dreamer, on Smackdown, adding his name to the list of victims.

    Off the back of retiring Booker T, AMW appeared to be out of challenges. Given six weeks off by Eric Bischoff due to a lack of competition, AMW allowed their success to go to their heads. Whilst gorging on fast food, guzzling beer and spirits all over the world on their holiday, eight teams came together for a single elimination tournament for the right to challenge the champions at Summerslam. After beating The Master Craftsmen to win the tournament, The Caribbean Connection of Carlito and Kofi Kingston found themselves as AMW’s newest challengers. With Harris and Storm out of shape and out of focus, it looked like the perfect time to face the long time champions.

    Out of the running for a title shot at Summerslam, Edge decided to take matters into his own hands to earn his shot at the title challenging THE UNDERTAKER to a match at Summerslam. Never one to back down from a challenge, The Phenom accepted, but promptly disappeared into the shadows for the weeks after it. Edge decided the lack of presence of The Undertaker was a snub - a sign of disrespect, and Edge decided to send The Deadman a reminder of who he was dealing with - costing The Undertaker a match with Randy Orton on Raw just six days out from Summerslam, and smashing The Phenom with the Con-Chair-To.

    Triple H was back - and back for one man. Claiming to be ‘off his game’ at WrestleMania, The King of Kings was now refreshed and chomping at the bit for THE WrestleMania rematch, and Lesnar was more than willing to agree. Using his contacts at WWE HQ, The Cerebral Assassin forged a plot to set up a fake fax from Commissioner Ventura that decreed a ‘NO touching’ policy between both men before Summerslam. With Lesnar’s guard lowered, The Game destroyed Lesnar, bloodying The Iron Man, nailing him with the sledgehammer, and putting Brocks participation at Summerslam in doubt. Of course, regardless of his condition, Lesnar refused to back out of Summerslam, and shocked Triple H on the final Smackdown by turning up in Cardiff on the warpath. Both men had promised to end the others career at Summerslam, but only one may be able to back up that prediction.

    MVP aimed to win championship gold against Paul London at Summerslam, whilst Garrison Cade made a big return - targeting Batista as he looked to make an instant impression, making it clear he was finished being a lackey, and referred to himself as the ‘Lone Star’, as he also re-introduced the Heart Punch, installing it as his new finish. There would also be changes afoot on commentary as Joey Styles and Paul Heyman were now the announce team going forward.

    Nick Nemeth got off to a winning start on Smackdown, whilst the tournament to crown new contenders saw new teams forged; Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne would be known as the Daredevils, and Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy formed Los Latinos. Also, Layla El would introduce her team; The James Boys, who were given a spot in the tournament as the current OVW Tag Team Champions, but they didn’t get off to a great start on Smackdown.

    Also, it would appear Eric Bischoff was abusing his power whilst running both shows. As the interim GM of Smack down - and knowing it was a part time gig - it appeared Eric was renegotiating contracts, bringing a total of FIVE Smackdown stars over to Raw in his two months in charge; Ken Doane, Deuce, Domino (okay, those two suck), and at Summerslam, Brent Albright and Charlie Haas would join the list. Then, at Summerslam, it appeared Bischoff was also negotiating to bring Edge to Raw…


    August 19 - Wembley Stadium, London England

    Paul London kicked off the show by retaining the United States Championship against MVP.

    William Regal made history, defeating Shelton Benjamin & Matt Hardy in a triple threat match to win the Intercontinental Championship in his home country.

    The Caribbean Connection would beat Americas Most Wanted by count-out, and therefore NOT the titles. AMW walked out after being thoroughly outgunned in the short match, looking every bit out of shape as had been speculated.

    Kurt Angle defeated Rey Mysterio, but only after resorting to ripping off Reys mask. Rey then covered his face whilst on the top rope, allowing Angle to deliver an Angle Slam from the top rope.

    Edge defeated The Undertaker CLEAN as a whistle.

    Straight Edge bested MNM in the TLC match to become champions for the second time and send MNM off Raw for good, bringing an end to their saga over the tag team titles.

    Mr. Kennedy SUBMITTED John Cena to the Krossface, albeit thanks to an assist from The Miz, where Kennedy was able to attack Cenas shoulder with a camera. It marked two straight PPV events that Cena tapped out, and left him broken. With boos ringing out for him in the aftermath, a young (planted) fan would literally turn their back on Cena, after throwing his Cena merchandise at Cena as he walked up the aisle.

    Brock Lesnar emphatically finished off Triple H in a Streetfight, as Stephanie McMahon appeared for the first time since Backlash, begging for Lesnar to spare her husband, who was wheeled out of another PPV on a stretcher. Potentially it would be the final time we would see The Game, as two weeks later, Stephanie would announce Triple H’s retirement on his behalf, with The Game unable to bring himself to announce it himself.

    Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James to win the Womens Championship for the first time, just three months after debuting on Raw.

    Randy Orton held off the challenge of Rob Van Dam to retain the WWE Championship, delivering an RKO as RVD flew looking for a Five Star Frog Splash. On this occasion, there is no punt kick.

    And, in the main event, Christian (with Ricky Hatton in his corner) would become the first man to legitimately defeat Umaga in a match, retaining the World Heavyweight Championship. It would also mean that the Money in the Bank briefcase had a 1-2 success rate; was the supposed golden ticket to success cursed?? After the match, Hatton also knocked out Estrada, much to the delight of the fans at Wembley Stadium.


    The following night on Raw, Eric Bischoff would look to officially bring Edge to Raw, offering a title shot for his services; but before he could complete the deal, Arn Anderson made a surprise return. Announcing his suspension as GM was officially over, Double A regained control, making the contract signing null and void. Once again, Edge was denied a shot at glory. In addition, after Bischoffs actions over the previous two months in negotiating trades, Anderson would have the next month to freely negotiate with any Raw superstars to bring them to Smackdown.

    Top of Andersons list was John Cena. Cena was at his lowest ebb after a submission loss at Summerslam, acknowledging his downfall ever since WrestleMania, accepting he was nowhere near a title shot - but in an act of desperation, made an offer to Bischoff; a one on one title shot against Christian, and if he lost, Cena would leave the WWE. Bischoff would decline the offer, happily telling Cena he would keep him around and milk him for all he was worth. With the announcement later in the night, Bischoff would find himself regretting his comments, as Cena would leverage for a move to Smackdown over the next month.

    Meanwhile, Mr. Kennedy would continue to goad Cena, crowing over making Cena tap at Summerslam, telling him would be best he went to Smackdown as he couldn’t cut it at the very top any more, and also stated that now, Cena wasn’t just a loser; he was a quitter too. Kennedy would also get in Stephanie McMahons face as she tearfully announced her husbands retirement. Kennedy told Stephanie it was a shame Triple H was retiring, as he had always wanted to replace The Game, and wanted to be the one to send him off personally.

    Creepily, Kennedy then comes onto Stephanie, questioning how much of a turn-off it must have been to see her husband get beat up so badly at Summerslam, and then ask her how turned on she must be now that she has her pick of the younger men in the back, now that Triple H will be playing house-husband. He also refers to The Game as ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, before telling Stephanie that when she’s bored of Triple H, she can come to Mr. Kennedy for a real man. Stephanie signed off with a slap to Kennedy, letting her feelings be known.

    Despite overcoming Umaga at Summerslam, things didn’t get any easier for Christian, as he was next scheduled to face the most decorated challenger available; Kurt Angle. A different challenge altogether, but for the two men, there would be a wildcard in their showdown at Cyber Sunday; a special guest referee. The unpredictable Mr. Kennedy, Rey Mysterio (still warring with Angle) and the Raw GM himself, Eric Bischoff. Neither Mysterio or Kennedy were enamoured with the prospect of officiating, but both promised that if selected they would call the match down the middle - despite Reys hatred for Angle, and Kennedys anger at not being IN the match as a competitor.

    Furious at his client being on the outside looking in at the title picture, Umaga’s handler, Armando Estrada demanded answers from Eric Bischoff, reminding the GM that Umaga would’ve been champion at Summerslam if Christian hadn’t tumbled out of the ring after being hit by the Samoan Spike. Bischoff explained that initially, he was going to immediately sign at rematch for Umaga, but then, got a call the day after Summerslam from a man that was seeking vengeance of his own on Umaga; a returning Shawn Michaels. The stage was set for HBK to take on Umaga, with the fans voting on the match type for their Cyber Sunday showdown.

    A Best of Five series was signed between Mickie James and the New Womens Champion Beth Phoenix for the title, whilst MNM’s Entourage would step out of their shadow with MNM now gone from Raw, referring to themselves as the ‘East Coast Party Boys’. In the tag division, Straight Edge would be hunted down by the Master Craftsmen, and the Angels of Anarchy - who quickly climbed to contendership since their debut. One tag team breaking up were the British Lions; who merely lasted less than six months together. Burchill had enough of Harry Smith, and was seemingly jealous of Smiths relationship with his step-sister Katie Lea, bringing the tandem to a premature end.

    Arn Anderson made a huge announcement on his first night back as GM on Smackdown; Randy Orton would defend the WWE Title at Cyber Sunday inside the Elimination Chamber. Anderson reasoned that he wanted to make the fans happy with the most exciting matches, and wanted his fresh start to begin under HIS terms, unlike when he first took the job in November. Orton though, didn’t see it the same way. Believing the General Manager was still victimizing him, making a good argument that he had essentially already defeated all the challengers that would stand in his way at Cyber Sunday.

    One man left OUT of the picture at Cyber Sunday was Edge. Denied his move - and guaranteed title shot - to Raw, Edge wasn’t included in the line up for the Elimination Chamber, despite defeating The Undertaker at Summerslam. Instead, Edge would have a REMATCH with The Undertaker - where Anderson challenged Edge to prove that what happened at Summerslam wasn’t just a fluke. Edge would take his frustrations out on the first arrival from Raw to Smackdown during Andersons month of negotiations; Stevie Richards, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar sending Richards out on a stretcher.

    Batista and Garrison Cade would be two of the men in the equation, as they continued their own burgeoning rivalry. Batista looked to kill two birds with one stone at Cyber Sunday; deal with Cade and finally get his hands on the WWE Title for the first time. In the interim, Batista would also find himself in the crosshairs of The Undertaker, falling prey to a Chokeslam on Smackdown as The Undertaker cleared house trying to get to Edge during a Battle Royal - something Batista wouldn’t take kindly to, and wouldn’t forget in a hurry.

    On the final Smackdown before the PPV, Arn Anderson signed a Lumberjack match between Batista and Cade in order to put a line under their rivalry - but a shady finish saw Cade beat The Animal thanks to Orton. The Undertaker would then show up to get a piece of Edge, but found himself on the receiving end of a Spinebuster from The Animal - a receipt for the choke slam a few weeks earlier. Batista proceeded to clean house, rolling into the Elimination Chamber looking every bit The Animal.

    X-Pac, Scotty Too Hotty and … would follow from Raw; no earth shattering switches, as Anderson focused all his energy on bringing Cena to Smackdown. MNM would also be signed, as vignettes aired to promote their debut on the blue brand after being banished from Raw.

    Elsewhere, the chase for the Cruiserweight title heated up, as the division closed in on The Brian Kendrick. The entire division would be eligible for a title shot at Cyber Sunday, with the fans having the opportunity to vote which superstar got the opportunity at the man who during the month became the longest reigning Cruiserweight champion ever - and he wasn’t shy in letting everyone know about it. Kendrick though was astonished when he turned up on Smackdown after breaking the record - no fireworks, no party, no celebration for his achievements. Kendrick would look to get the spotlight on himself, entering a gauntlet which had featured his potential challengers on PPV, and he would LOSE to Jamie Noble in less than a minute!

    Meanwhile, after their shameful showing at Summerslam, Americas Most Wanted were no longer the overconfident pair they had once been, and now looked vulnerable. Admitting to their shortcomings, Harris and Storm tried to work their way back into shape as they desperately tried to hold onto their titles as their reign stretched into it’s ninth month. It would take the arrival of a fitness guru; Michelle McCool to save the titles, as AMW came within a hairs breadth of losing the titles to Carlito and Kofi Kingston in a Summerslam rematch on Smackdown.

    On Smackdown following Summerslam, Chris Jericho appeared in a pre-taped interview. Solemn and sincere, Jericho announced his retirement in a very low key manner, informing Joey Styles that he was fully recovered from the Punt Kick he suffered in April, but he couldn’t bring himself to ever returning to ‘this’ version of the sport he loved. Explaining that when he first broke into the business, ‘crossing the line’ was hooking an opponents tights for leverage, now, you had to kick peoples heads off their shoulders and send them to hospital - and he wanted no part in this new vision of wrestling. Another career seemingly ended by Randy Orton.


    September 16 - Dallas TX

    William Regal retained the Intercontinental Championship against the fans choice; CM Punk. Punk failed to become a dual champion, but made a lot of people stand up and take notice, taking Regal to the limit.

    The Undertaker controversially defeated Edge. The fans got to vote on whether the winner would be rewarded with a title shot at the Smackdown Season Premiere, or punish the loser by freezing him out of title contention for twelve months. In the end, the fans voted to reward the winner. But that was little consolation to Edge; missing out on a title shot; AGAIN.

    Umaga got the better of Shawn Michaels again in a brutal Stretcher Match, voted for by the fans over an Ambulance Match and a Samoan Strap Match.

    The Brian Kendrick retained the Cruiserweight Championship successfully over Jamie Noble, who was voted by the fans to challenge for the gold.
    Rey Mysterio won the fan voting to officiate the World Heavyweight Championship match, where Christian retained his gold against Kurt Angle. Mr. Kennedy would still involve himself in the action, bringing Miz with him, resulting in a chaotic finish sequence, which would see Rey hit Angle in self defence, costing him the match.

    Eric Bischoff would convince John Cena to STAY on Raw, offering him the one thing Anderson cant; the opportunity to get a rematch with Christian. Bischoff would offer Cena a #1 Contenders match at the October PPV against Kennedy - an offer Cena couldn’t refuse.

    In the main event, the fans voted for who would get to enter the Elimination Chamber last - with Rob Van Dam winning the popular vote. Still, Randy Orton survived with the WWE Title in tact, overcoming RVD, Batista, Garrison Cade, Paul London and Brock Lesnar. The final two were Orton and Lesnar, with Lesnar seemingly on the brink of victory, having bludgeoned the champion - when Orton exploded with an RKO to retain the gold.
    The loss would leave Lesnar questioning his killer instinct in the coming weeks, having played to the fans as he zeroed in on the finish, eventually costing him. Lesnar would proclaim that Orton didn’t win - Lesnar simply cost himself, but vowed never to do it again, and that the REAL Brock Lesnar would soon be back.


    After a tumultuous number of months on Raw with sneak attacks and run ins, Eric Bischoff finally had enough after an anarchic close to the first Raw after Cyber Sunday, delivering an edict that there would be a blanket ban on ANY contact being made between anyone unless it was in a match for the next month.

    Umaga was instantly installed as #1 Contender after his win at Cyber Sunday, setting the table for the Summerslam rematch with Christian at Nemesis. Estrada was especially confident of victory, telling Christian he wouldn’t have Ricky Hatton to call on this time. Christian remained defiant as ever, saying he proved he could beat Umaga once; and planned on doing it again.

    John Cena faced a backlash from the Raw roster following his public negotiations at Cyber Sunday - getting the cold shoulder from many of his peers, while the likes of Matt Hardy accused Cena of using politics to get what he wanted, telling Cena he lost a lot of goodwill from ‘the boys’. Cena refuted the suggestion, but patronisingly told the veteran Hardy that he wouldn’t expect him and the others to know what it’s like being Cena, and the type of pressure he faced. A first sign of John Cena believing his own hype? Cena still had Kennedy to deal with, as they prepared to settle their difference once and for all - with a title shot at the Survivor Series hanging in the balance.

    After losing the World Title match at Cyber Sunday, Kurt Angle went off the deep end. Angle no-showed Raw the following night, and instead turned up in San Diego; Rey Mysterios home to be exact. Angle threatened to visit Reys family, carrying a balaclava - which he referred to as ‘just a mask, like yours’ - as a frantic Mysterio begged Angle to stop. Kurt then forced Rey to admit that Rey’s mask is meaningless, and he only wears his mask for money - not heritage or history. Desperate, Rey agrees to everything. Having broken Rey down, Angle then brandished his Gold Medals, telling Rey that THEY are sacred and pure; something you wouldn’t terrorize a family with - unlike a mask.

    The following week, Mysterio - in a blind rage - ignored the orders of Eric Bischoff, attacking Kurt Angle. As a result, Bischoff punished both men; pitting them in a match at Nemesis where both would put their most cherished possessions; essentially their identities on the line; it would be Rey Mysterios mask versus Kurt Angles gold medals. The loser would be forced to relinquish their prized possession. Both men would talk about the importance of each thing in their lives over the coming weeks, as Angle showed his anger at his Olympic medal being put on a par with a mask - stating anyone can wear a mask, but only a special individual can hold a gold medal.

    The Intercontinental Championship once again changed hands, with Shelton Benjamin winning the gold back from William Regal, having injured Regals knee before the match. Fed up with The Brotherhoods antics over the last four months, Matt Hardy would look for revenge on Regals behalf, to finally settle his differences with Benjamin. Hardy ran a gauntlet to earn his shot at Benjamin at Nemesis, and also got to pick the type of match; choosing a CAGE match - where The Brotherhood couldn’t interfere on Sheltons behalf.

    Beth Phoenix raced into a 2-0 lead in the Best of Five series against Mickie James. It looked like Beth would get the clean sweep at Nemesis, with Mickie James shorn of confidence, living in fear of the dominant champion, as she continued to struggle with the revelations of her past.
    The tag title scene found itself heating up, as the Master Craftsmen and the Angels of Anarchy duked it out for the right to challenge Straight Edge. The two teams battled to a time limit draw on Raw; showing just how competitive the division is, setting the stage for a triple threat match on PPV for the titles between six of the best workers on Raw in a mouth watering proposition.

    Jerry Lawler continued to try and coax Dustin Rhodes into standing up for himself, and ditching his no-good brother - but Cody; speaking on Dustins behalf, would repeatedly tell Lawler that Goldust was dead, and Dustin would now spend the remaining days of his pathetic career dedicated to helping Cody succeed. In other news and notes, Test was signed to the Raw brand, forming a team with Tyson Tomko, which would be known as TNT, eventually being managed by Maryse.

    At the Smackdown Season Premiere in October, Randy Orton had to overcome The Undertaker to retain the WWE Championship - but had a helping hand from the most unlikely of places; Batista. Batista would cost The Undertaker the title, after The Deadman seemingly cost Batista his match earlier in the night with Garrison Cade when the lights went out - just as Batista was closing in on victory. It would be revealed though the following week that the lights going out was a ruse from Cade, who had paid off the technicians to pull the trick if he was in trouble.

    Edge was on the warpath. Interfering in two matches on Smackdown following Cyber Sunday, Edge demanded justice after being screwed out of a title shot, but after creating chaos on the show, Arn Anderson punished Edge; invoking the stipulation that the fans didn’t vote for at Cyber Sunday; informing Edge he wouldn’t be considered for a title match for twelve months. Edge then walked out, commenting as he left, that if he couldn’t challenge for a year … then he may as well not be in the WWE at all.

    Carlito and Kofi Kingston continued their pursuit of the WWE Tag Team Championships, but would eventually be sidetracked - just when it looked like they were about the dethrone Americas Most Wanted. The Mad Murdochs; Trevor and Festus, would make a return to Smackdown after missing a month of action - due to a match between them and the Caribbean Connection getting out of hand and Carlito knocking Festus out with the ring bell - and the two teams would engage in a bitter series of wars over the coming months.

    MNM made their debut on Smackdown, and almost instantly made a beeline for the WWE Tag Team Championships held by AMW. Fans would begin to warm to the A-List trio as they battled the most hated team on Smackdown, but when they got their shot at the titles, tragedy struck. The match broke down into a brawl, and during it, James Storm would swing a beer bottle at Nitro - but missed his target, nailing Melina instead. The match would be brought to an immediate halt as Melina would suffer a serious eye injury, with MNM taking time off after the terrible incident. To further show how diabolical they were, AMW would feign sorrow for their actions before making fun of MNM and saying that they‘d do it again in order to keep the tag titles.


    NEMESIS 2007
    October 14 - Little Rock AR

    Straight Edge retained the World Tag Team Championships in a triple threat match against The Master Craftsmen and The Angels of Anarchy.
    Burchill defeated Harry Smith in a match where Katie Lea served as special guest referee, and would finally make her decision; dumping Harry Smith to side with her step-brother instead.

    Matt Hardy defeated Shelton Benjamin in a Steel Cage Match for the Intercontinental Championship, despite repeated attempts by The Brotherhood to interfere.

    Mickie James finally got a win over Beth Phoenix to keep the Best of 5 Series alive at 2-1.

    John Cena overcame Mr. Kennedy in a bloody Streetfight to earn the right to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship at Survivor Series.
    The Rhodes Brothers defeated Jerry Lawler & Ken Doane in a tag match, but afterwards, Dustin snapped on his brother, as Cody ordered him to continue the beating on Lawler and Doane - with Dustin delivering Shattered Dreams to officially separate from Cody. Despite the well known Goldust move being used, it would be another month before Dustin would finally revert to the Goldust gimmick.

    In the Mask vs. Medals match, Rey Mysterio beat Kurt Angle to save his mask - as Kurt Angle would be forced into surrendering his cherished Olympic gold medal.

    The main event ended rather disappointingly in a NO CONTEST between Christian and Umaga. John Cena got involved in the match up, as he tried to help Christian - such was his desperation to get his WrestleMania rematch - but Christian was more distracted by Cena than anything, demanding he leave.

    The finish came as Christian applied a sleeper hold, hanging on for dear life - until Umaga leapt backward, crashing THROUGH the canvas {just like Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Tazz in ECW}, and the official decides to call the match - though moments later, Umaga emerges from the hole, and drags Christian out, with a clear pin - but the match has already been called.


    Following his ‘victory’ over Arn Anderson at Cyber Sunday in keeping John Cena, Eric Bischoff challenged the Smackdown GM to battle it out with Raw again at the Survivor Series in a traditional elimination match. Naturally, Arn accepted - but WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura had a bombshell to drop; unhappy with both Bischoff and Andersons actions as GM’s, he stipulated that the losing GM would be FIRED at the Survivor Series, and he also decreed it would literally be the biggest survivor series elimination match ever; a 7 on 7 match.

    Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar were revealed as the Team Captains respectively, and at the official contract signing, the two men came face to face debating their credentials as captain. Lesnar admitted that Michaels has done it all; but Brock had done it all too - and he did it better. Brock says that Shawn Michaels won an Iron Man Match - but HE perfected it & went harder and longer from #1 in the 2007 Rumble as a runner up than Michaels did as a winner in ‘95, and while HBK won the WWE Title in the main event of WrestleMania, Lesnar won the WWE title in his FIRST WrestleMania main event EVER.

    Impressed, Michaels didn’t doubt the achievements of Lesnar, but told the Iron Man that that only made him an underdog; and he has always thrived in that role, beating everyone and everything in his path over the years; including retirement. It then got a little personal, with Michaels taking umbrage at Lesnar ending Triple H’s career, and Lesnar responding that it is a consequence of crossing him. Shawn then looked to strike quickly to send a message with Sweet Chin Music - but Lesnar caught the kick. Before the two could come to blows though, they would be separated.

    The teams would fill up, with Anderson taking a backseat, allowing Lesnar to put together the seven man team he wanted … whilst Bischoff interfered as Michaels tried to round up his six partners, with the GM and HBK clashing on more than one occasion, as Eric went above his captain, adding Mr. Kennedy and the Master Craftsmen to the team without Michaels consent. Not content with being on the team, Kennedy and Albright would make cases that they should be leading the team - believing Shawn Michaels to be past his prime.

    Lesnar still faced some issues, with MVP initially turning down the offer to be on the team - angry that he wasn’t asked first, whilst Batista was upset that he wasn’t the team captain. Both would eventually take a spot on the team, though an issue between MVP and Lesnar was quickly developing.

    Rey Mysterio & Kurt Angle - two bitter foes - were added to the team on Raw also, but after losing his Gold Medal at Nemesis, Angle seemed a broken man, no longer interested in going after Rey. Ken Doane rounded out the team, but he wasn’t a popular pick in Eric Bischoffs mind, with the GM unsure about the youngsters suitability to represent him in his hour of need. Michaels though would vouch for Doane, somewhat taking the youngster under his wing. Team Smackdown was rounded up with Paul London, Nick Nemeth, Garrison Cade and Finlay. With Nemeth chasing Paul Londons U.S Title and the problems still ongoing between Cade and Batista, it would be far from smooth sailing for Team Smackdown going into Survivor Series.

    With such a controversial ending to the World Heavyweight Championship match at Nemesis, Eric Bischoff had no option but to include Umaga in the Survivor Series title match with Cena and the champion, Christian. Cena and Christian would be at each others throats in the weeks leading to the event, with both letting off some home truths to each other, as despite both being faces, it became clear that their was a lot of dislike between the pair, but the threat of Umaga remained, setting the stage for an intriguing triple threat match.

    Matt Hardy would give The Brotherhood a final shot at winning back the Intercontinental Championship in a 5 on 5 elimination match at the Survivor Series - but wanted the group to put up something in return; if they lost, The Brotherhood would have to disband after three and a half years together, and Theodore Long would HAVE to compete as one of the five men on The Brotherhoods team. Hardy drafted in his brother, Jeff, from Smackdown, whilst a vengeful William Regal joined the cause, along with Straight Edge.

    Mickie James came back from the brink of being swept 3-0 in the Best of Five series with a win at Nemesis, then tied the series at 2-2 on Raw, setting up the deciding match at the Survivor Series - and it would be the first ever Ladder match between two women to decide the series and the fate of the Womens Championship.

    On an October edition of Smackdown in Charlotte, things would come to a head between Orton and Anderson. Sick of the perceived unfair actions of the GM - which Anderson claimed were tests to make Orton worthy of the WWE title - Orton reacted with an RKO to the General Manager. Just before he could punt Double A - RIC FLAIR would return to a heroes reaction from his home state. After eleven months in the shadows, Flair returned, and the crazy old man would run Orton off - who looked like he had seen a ghost.

    With Flair having been gone for a year, it wouldn’t be possible for him to challenge for the WWE Title - and Flair was aware of that himself, but with the Survivor Series around the corner, he would lead a team to face a team assembled by Orton. And Flair would fill his team with other men wronged by Orton over the last year in RVD and Tommy Dreamer (making a one night in-ring return for the second straight year at the Survivor Series) along with Carlito and Kofi Kingston. However, Orton would talk the returning Nick Dinsmore onto his side, despite Orton putting him out for five months with the Punt.

    Elsewhere on his side, Orton had Americas Most Wanted, . He also brought his own dad, Bob Orton, into the team, and would play with Flair - initially stating his son David would be on Ortons team, then PUNTED David on Smackdown; another casualty to the dreaded Punt Kick. Orton would have other troubles on his mind too, as a series of vignettes would play seemingly only when he was in the ring. The vignettes would allude to the upcoming Armageddon PPV, and that ‘his’ Armageddon was coming.

    Batista and The Undertaker finally collided on Smackdown in a one on one match, which went down without any controversy - as The Undertaker defeated The Animal. The two put their differences aside after the match, sharing a handshake - but that was broken up by a pair of chair shots; from Edge. Edge returned after a month away, attacking both men, but focusing on The Undertaker. Edge explained that he realised he couldn’t achieve his ambition by staying at home, and while the decision had been made by Anderson, Edge would do everything in his power to make it IMPOSSIBLE to overlook him for a title shot. Edge challenged The Undertaker to a rubber match at Survivor Series - a Last Ride match.

    The Brian Kendrick would continue on his long reign as Cruiserweight Champion, seeing off Jamie Noble once and for all in a 2 our of 3 falls match for the title - it seemed as if he was out of challengers. In an in-ring promo on Smackdown, Kendrick would spot an old face which would soon be revealed to be Bryan Danielson, who told Kendrick he was in attendance as he would get an in ring try out for the WWE the following week. TBK would then offer ‘the kid’ a try out on Smackdown that very night against him, saying that if Danielson could last five minutes against the greatest Cruiserweight champion of all time, he‘d see to it that Danielson got a contract.

    Not only did Danielson survive the five minutes wrestling in his street clothes - he beat Kendrick inside the five minutes, tapping the Cruiserweight Champion with Cattle Mutilation. Kendrick would go on to say he ‘threw’ the match to try and help someone less fortunate win a deal with the company. Danielson would play along with Kendrick, thanking him for all his help, but when Danielson quickly made his way into title contention, the façade dropped on both mens side - Kendrick was no longer happy to have Danielson on Smack down - knowing he was easily beaten by Bryan on his debut - and the new #1 Contender wasn’t simply there to make up the numbers.

    Meanwhile, vignettes began to air, hyping the impending debut of a so-called ‘Intellectual Saviour’ Damian Sandow. *I know, it’s over four years before he would have the actual gimmick, but he had been down in OVW at this time for a long period already. I liked the character, and thought I could bring it forward*


    November 11 - Los Angeles CA

    The historic 7 on 7 Raw vs. Smackdown Survivor Series Elimination Match KICKED OFF the show. Finlay was the first man eliminated, but shockingly, SHAWN MICHAELS - the team captain of Raw - was the first man eliminated from his team, barely lasting a few minutes in the ring, before being dispatched quickly by Brock Lesnar. Rey Mysterio, the disappointing Ken Doane (who failed to live up to Shawn Michaels billing of him) and Charlie Haas would quickly follow, putting Raw at a 6 on 3 disadvantage having lost FOUR men in a period of FOUR minutes.

    But from there, Angle, Kennedy and Albright rallied, rising to the challenge to rattle off FOUR consecutive eliminations of their own. Angle saw off MVP and Batista, but luck would play a part in the following two eliminations. First, Batista snapped after his own elimination and looked to clock Angle with a chair, but missed and hit Cade instead. Batista was then confronted by his fellow team mates, as Kennedy eliminated Cade. Then, Nick Nemeth was disqualified, nailing Angle with Londons U.S Title, whilst London was trapped in the Ankle Lock, as Nemeth gloated that London needed his help to survive.

    Now, it was 3 on 2 in Raws favour, but not for long. Kurt Angle failed to recover from the belt shot he received from Nemeth and fell victim to Brock Lesnar. However, it would be the last elimination Smackdown would score, as Kennedy and Albright worked in tandem to first eliminate an exhausted Paul London, before Lesnar succumbed to the odds, as Kennedy and Albright survived - and Arn Anderson found himself without a job, losing his position as GM of Smackdown.

    Bryan Danielson defeated The Brian Kendrick - but DID NOT win the Cruiserweight title, as Kendrick purposefully got himself disqualified to retain the title.

    Mickie James became the NEW Womens Champion, winning the ladder match against Beth Phoenix, completing a remarkable comeback in the Best of Five series to win it 3-2. Mickie James would beat Beth Phoenix again the following month on Raw in another first for the women; a steel cage match, ending the feud once and for all.
    Team Hardy defeated The Brotherhood in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match, meaning Matt not only retained his Intercontinental Championship, but The Brotherhood would have to disband forever.

    Edge defeated The Undertaker in a Last Ride match.

    Team Flair defeated Team Orton in a 5 on 5 Elimination Match. Before the match even started, Nick Dinsmore walked out on Orton - getting his own back for the Punt Kick five months earlier. Things didn’t improve for Orton, as he would go on to lose the match, with Flair and RVD surviving. The big news would be the return of CHRIS JERICHO at the end of the match, with the Armageddon vignettes being Jericho all along, coming back for revenge on Orton.

    John Cena ended the EIGHT month reign of Christian as World Champion in the triple threat main event with Umaga, pinning the champion, but question marks are raised at the way in which Cena won the title - using a chair to get the job done and become a 4x World Champion.


    At the Survivor Series, it was announced that Saturday Nights Main Event would return in a few short weeks in Canada, with Bret Hart returning for one night only to run the show - meaning the Raw and Smackdown GM’s were powerless for the show. Bret signed a number of matches for the show, with the biggest being a WWE Championship match, pitting Randy Orton against Edge and a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to determine the #1 Contender for John Cenas World Heavyweight Title, where Christian, Matt Hardy, Brent Albright and Shawn Michaels would compete. Speculation was rife that Cena (as guest referee for the match) would screw over the other three competitors to aid Christian and finally get the WrestleMania rematch he had obsessed over all year long.

    Bret would revoke the stipulation enforced by Arn Anderson a few months earlier on Edge off the back of his victory over The Undertaker at Survivor Series, giving him the one thing he had craved for months; a one on one opportunity at the title, and it would come in his home of Toronto. However, Edge wouldn’t get the fairy tale ending he envisioned. Despite dominating Orton from the opening bell, and being on the brink of victory in near record time, Edge saw victory slip through his fingers - through no fault of his own - as LASHLEY (joined by a suited Stevie Richards, also looking for revenge on Edge) returned after eight months on the shelf to cost Edge glory, getting a measure of revenge for being injured by Edge back in February.

    And, Shawn Michaels would miraculously emerge as #1 Contender for the World Championship at the 15th Anniversary of Raw coming up in December in a controversial Fatal Four Way. The Champ, John Cena served as guest referee, and made a horrible call to eliminate Christian via DQ. The DQ came to pass when Charlie Haas ran in, attempting to help his tag partner, with Albright distracting Cena, as Haas nailed Hardy with the chair. Christian then took the chair from Haas and ran Charlie off - just as Cena turned around, seeing Hardy down and Christian with the chair; and jumped to conclusions.

    Hardy was quickly eliminated after that, failing to recover from the chair shot, before more controversy saw Shawn Michaels defeat Brent Albright after delivering Sweet Chin Music into a chair, crashing into Albrights face - but Cena DIDN’T disqualify Michaels and instead counted the fall, giving HBK the shot at the gold at the Anniversary show.

    Many questioned Cena’s calls during the match, with speculation that Cena didn’t DQ Michaels because he saw the fading HBK as the least threatening challenge to his title. Michaels would crack at the questions over whether or not he was past his prime, vowing to show Cena (who admitted he no longer thought Michaels still had ‘it’) - and his doubters - he was STILL the Showstopper, despite signs (unable to kip up like he used to with regularity etc) that suggested HBK was a fading force.

    Also at the big Saturday Nights Main Event show, Dustin Rhodes finally embraced his Goldust side again as he assisted Jerry Lawler to a win against Cody Rhodes in a ‘Kiss My Foot’ match, Tyson Kidd and Natalya would debut to back up Harry Smith as he gained a measure of revenge on the Burchills to form the Hart Dynasty, and Umaga (at the behest of Armando Estrada) would carry out a dastardly assault on Bret Hart in retaliation for being left out of the #1 Contender match by The Hitman.


    The night after Survivor Series saw the return of Shane and Stephanie McMahon, who had quite the bombshell to drop on Eric Bischoff - despite his team being victorious as the Survivor Series, Eric wouldn’t be staying on as GM of Raw, and had been re-assigned to take over on Smackdown. Bischoff would protest the decision, with the McMahon siblings advising that a new investor had bought a significant amount of shares in the WWE, becoming an Executive Officer on the Board of Directors and had requested to take over on Raw - but would not be revealed until the big anniversary show. In the interim, Shane and Stephanie would run Raw.

    And instantly, the pair had an enemy in Mr. Kennedy. Kennedy - who had been announced earlier by Eric Bischoff as Number One Contender to challenge Cena that very night - would still get his title shot, but Shane inserted himself as guest referee. Cena would win, but not without some poor officiating from Shane, and in the aftermath, Kennedy would let Shane know just how upset he was, with an attack on Shane. Shane got a measure of revenge the following week, after Kennedy and Stephanie traded verbal barbs where Kennedy again made derogatory comments toward the retired Triple H.

    Shane and Kennedy then had a confrontation at Saturday Nights Main Event where the two would agree to meet at the Anniversary show in December. In the run up to that showdown, Mr. Kennedy would commit a horrible act, turning up at a WWE charity event, attacking Shane whilst he made a speech, resulting in a huge fine for Kennedy.

    Following him walking out on Orton at the Survivor Series, Nick Dinsmore would get a move to Raw, citing an ‘unsafe working environment’ on Smackdown, and would soon join up with The Master Craftsmen, turning the duo into a trio. After being forced to disband, The Brotherhood would all look to move on, with Shelton Benjamin re-establishing himself on his own, stating that the end of the group was a blessing in disguise for him - but Theodore Long wasn’t ready to move on, and nor was Mark Henry. Those two remained tight, and carried out an assault on Benjamin, blaming Shelton for the demise of their long tenured group - a beating that would put Benjamin out of action for months.

    Also, The Master Craftsmen would get a crack at the World Tag Team titles at the PPV worthy Anniversary show, whilst Cody Rhodes and Goldust would finally go one on one in a Strap match - playing off Cody whipping his brother for months previously. Umaga would also issue an open challenge for anyone to face him at the show, with Estrada still irate at Umaga being taken out of the title scene, despite not losing in either title match at Nemesis or Survivor Series. Overseeing all the action at the Raw Anniversary show - serving as ‘host’ for the night - would be the biggest star in Raw history; Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    After being re-assigned to Smackdown, Eric Bischoff was not a happy man. He oversaw the Friday Night Smackdown show, but under protest - as he claimed he belonged on Raw after the work he did to make the show as great as it was, and intended on being reinstated at the shows 15th Anniversary.

    Orton survived the almighty scare with his title in tact, but had bigger problems in his path; the returning Chris Jericho. Jericho was back, but with a different attitude. Gone were his flashy one-liners and quips, and instead, Jericho was much more serious and business like, declaring that he came back to show Orton - and everyone else - that success could be gained without resorting to the type of measures Orton would, and challenged Orton to a match at Armageddon; without the title at stake - simply wanting to prove that the ‘old’ way still works, and that his version of pro-wrestling was still relevant.

    After being cost a WWE title win, Edge was out for blood against Lashley - but Lashley was just as thirsty, wanting to gain revenge on Edge for costing him eight months of his career, whilst Steven Richards revealed himself as Lashleys new manager, carrying a walking stick, announcing that he can no longer wrestle after Edge’s actions toward him.

    MNM (minus Melina) returned on Smackdown, winning a tag team turmoil match to become #1 Contenders for Americas Most Wanteds titles at Armageddon, the night where AMW would celebrate an entire YEAR as champions - a night where MNM would look to make sure it wasn’t a night of celebration for the heinous champions.

    A number of other ongoing angles would all be coming to an end at Armageddon, as the undefeated Nick Nemeth would challenge the long reigning U.S Champion Paul London, whilst another undefeated star, Bryan Danielson got a rematch with The Brian Kendrick after the unsatisfying conclusion to their match at the Survivor Series. Garrison Cade and Batista would settle their score once and for all, and the Caribbean Connection would end their war with the Murdoch Twins. Also, MVP would step up, challenging Brock Lesnar to meet him at the PPV, the biggest match of Porters career to date.

    Ric Flair didn’t appear on Smackdown after the Survivor Series, but videos would promote Naitch appearing at Raws Fifteenth Anniversary to make an announcement.


    December 9 - Cleveland OH

    Paul London successfully retained the United States Championship, inflicting Nick Nemeth with his first defeat since arriving on Smackdown in July.

    The Caribbean Connection defeated the Murdoch Twins in a tables match to end their rivalry. Trevor and Festus disappeared from television after this, and have not been seen since.

    Brock Lesnar defeated MVP.

    Americas Most Wanted {with no championship advantage} defeated MNM to retain the titles, surviving over a year as champions, but needed to use every trick in the book to win - with the influence of Michelle McCool the decisive factor, with no equalizer in the corner of MNM.

    Batista finally defeats Garrison Cade to end their ongoing rivalry in a Bullrope Match.

    Edge overcame Lashley in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

    Bryan Danielson tapped out The Brian Kendrick to bring the curtain down on Kendricks nine month reign as Cruiserweight Champion - the longest in WWE history.

    Chris Jericho defeated Randy Orton cleanly in a NON-title match, but with the win, earned himself a future shot at Ortons title. The title match would happen the following Friday, but Orton would be saved by a DQ finish.


    December 17 - Madison Square Garden, New York NY

    Mr. Kennedy survived run-ins from the Mean Street Posse, Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco to defeat Shane McMahon in a Hardcore match. Kennedy finished the match with a Pedigree - a clear message to the retired Triple H.

    Afterwards, The Miz attempted to present Kennedy with the now defunct Hardcore title, but Kennedy rejected it, telling Miz to keep it - and The Miz would go on to christen himself the Hardcore Champion - despite the title not being officially recognised any longer by the WWE.

    Straight Edge defeated The Master Craftsmen to successfully retain the World Tag Team Championships.

    JBL was revealed as the new General Manager of Raw, with Eric Bischoff showing up, and being informed that he had been fired. Stone Cold would stun both men, telling JBL he doesn’t run Raw until next week - and for this night, Austin was in charge.

    For One Night Only, Edge & Christian were reunited to defeat The Hardy Boys - also reunited for one night only in the feel good match of the night.

    Cody Rhodes defeated Goldust in the Strap Match.

    Ric Flair appeared as advertised - announcing that he had decided he would finally retire at some point in 2008, but had one last goal in mind; winning one more World title, as he officially threw his hat in the ring for the Royal Rumble match. Kurt Angle then returned after a sabbatical, announcing he was also entering the Rumble - then - The Undertaker appeared on the titan tron, announcing HE too would be in the Rumble match.

    D’Lo Brown returned for one night only, but was squashed by Mark Henry.

    Mick Foley - appearing for the first time since Wrestle Mania - returned to Raw in MSG to answer the challenge of Umaga, out for revenge after Umagas beat down of Bret Hart the prior month.

    Umaga destroyed Mick Foley in a No Holds Barred match, delivering a piledriver on the steps, sending Foley to hospital.

    Mickie James, Gail Kim & Torrie Wilson (returning for one night) defeated Jillian Hall, Katie Lea & Molly Holly (also back for one night).

    John Cena retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels.

    In the final segment of the night, Steve Austin attempted to host a beer bash - but it was crashed by Umaga, who proceeded to cripple Austin at the orders of JBL. It meant Umaga had taken out Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Austin all within a period of a month, and ended the celebratory show in a bleak manner.


    JBL’s tenure in charge of Raw got off to an inauspicious start the week prior, and the new GM would reveal that he had suspended Umaga for his actions - for a mere two weeks, whilst also ‘punishing’ the Samoan Bulldozer by stating he was ineligible to challenge for the World Title - for a month. With the tiny B.S punishments dished out, JBL also announced Umaga would partake in the 30 Man Royal Rumble in January. During his early weeks in charge, JBL would introduce his ‘advisor’ Ranjin Singh, and a bodyguard who was referred to simply as ‘Vladimir’.

    Bradshaw’s first order of business was to crown a new #1 Contender, and set up a series of three matches - all featuring men to have never been champion before - with the winners moving on to a triple threat main event for the right to challenge Cena at the Rumble. Mr. Kennedy, Rey Mysterio and Brent Albright would advance over William Regal, Mark Henry and I.C Champ Matt Hardy respectively. In the triple threat though, it would be Mysterio coming out on top, heading to Vegas to challenge Cena for the gold.

    In the weeks leading to the match, Cena appeared to write-off the challenge of Mysterio, as did many of the Raw superstars, who would state in interviews and promos that they were eyeing a match with Cena for the title at Wrestle Mania - and not mention the possibility of Mysterio.

    Straight Edge would begin to show signs of dissention. At the Raw Anniversary show, CM Punk exploded at Greg Helms, when he caught his partner sharing a beer with Stone Cold Steve Austin. It appeared to trigger a lot of anger in Punk, and paranoia, as when the Angels of Anarchy became #1 Contenders for the tag titles, Punk would continually call out Christopher Daniels as a snake - harking back to their days on the Indies, saying he would be ready for any cheap tricks Daniels would pull at the Rumble. The attitude from Punk didn’t sit well with Helms, who distanced himself from his partners comments.

    The Intercontinental Championship changed hands early in January, as Brent Albright ended Matt Hardys reign on Raw. Albright would call Hardy his ‘lucky charm’, having always gotten the better of Matt, and having won the U.S Title from him in 2006, beat him in the King of the Ring final in 2007, and now taken the I.C title from him in 2008. The Miz would continue to proclaim himself as ‘Hardcore Champion’, beating a series of jobbers dressed up as legends such as Mick Foley and Scott Steiner until even JBL had enough of his nonsense, and began to schedule hardcore matches for Miz against actual Hardcore wrestlers from the ECW era.

    In a surprise appointment, FINLAY was named Smackdown General Manager {initially as an interim measure, but would be made permanent before WrestleMania}, and in his first act would announce a Jericho vs. Orton rematch at the Royal Rumble, giving Jericho his choice of match at the event - with Jericho merely wanting Orton not to have a championship advantage. In the following weeks, Orton would get into the head of Jericho, missing time due to a groin injury suffered in the title match a few weeks prior - claiming the injury was inflicted by the Walls of Jericho, and stating Jericho was just as bad as he was by injuring opponents. Jericho would be more hesitant in the future weeks about applying his submission hold, as Ortons words buried themselves into Jerichos psyche.

    After so many failed attempts at glory, Edge would be made to work for his spot in the Royal Rumble and would need to win a series of matches. First, he defeated BATISTA, meaning The Animal wouldn’t be in the Rumble. Then, he got the better of Lashley, ending Lashleys involvement in the Rumble, before teaming with RVD (who stepped up to team with Edge despite past differences) to defeat AMW to finally qualify. After taking such a long road to qualification, Edge had yet ANOTHER shot at glory.

    The loss to Edge didn’t do Batista any favours. Having been a man literally on the edge since August, Batista flew off the handle when he was put up against Edge for a Rumble spot, believing he deserved to go straight in. When he lost that match - which ended all hopes of him going to the main event of Wrestle Mania - it seemed to be the final straw. The Animal stood by and watched as Lashley attacked Edge, allowing the attack to continue.

    In the weeks that followed, Batistas attitude complete changed; he no showed a tag match with Paul London, leaving London to take a 2 on 1 beating, and laid out Jeff Hardy after he had offered to be Edges partner in his deciding match to qualify for the Rumble. Steven Richards tried to recruit Batista to his stable with Lashley. Batista initially resisted the offer from Richards, but after Richards pulled strings to get Batista a shot at Paul Londons (Batistas friend) U.S title, Batista finally began to come around to the idea of forming a scary tandem with Lashley - and eventually, the Gods of War would be formed, with Batista assaulting his supposed friend, Paul London, just two days before their match for the title at the Royal Rumble.

    At Armageddon, Lesnar defeated MVP to seemingly end their recent troubles, however, the following week on Smackdown, MVP continued the feud, attacking Brock Lesnar - which led to an enraged Lesnar brutally attacking Paul Heyman after being accused of going soft, and then putting MVP out of commission later in the same night. A beating so severe that Lesnar would face a brief suspension. MVP would show a different side to his own character, coming back from the assault to challenge Lesnar one more time - this time a streetfight - giving everyone a bit of his history, stating no one had ever left him in a heap like Lesnar, and he wouldn’t let Brock get away with it. The new attitude from MVP earned him some admiration from a section of the audience, as he slowly began a face turn, whilst Lesnar began to hear more boos. Lesnar would return eventually, and did win the Streetfight, but MVP was more than competitive in the match up.

    Heyman would be off commentary for a number of weeks, and would be replaced by the newest signee to the Cruiserweight division; Xavier Woods, who came across as a ‘Walter Mitty’ type, with fantastical stories about himself, claiming to have a Cruiserweight title shot drawn up in his contract - despite having never wrestled in the WWE.

    MNM continued to chase AMW for the tag titles - and for Melina - with the pair getting one final shot at the reigning champions - who were now closing in on Demolitions all time record reign - at the Royal Rumble. Harris and Storm would continue to push the envelope though, with the pair and Michelle McCool pulling a prank on Smackdown claiming Melina was there - but it turned out to be Michelle McCool made up to look like the Elephant Man. In a six man tag match before the PPV, AMW scored a win over MNM - all thanks to their valet, as MNM continued to miss Melina in their corner.

    The field for the 2007 Royal Rumble was more star-studded than any before. A litany of former champions, former Rumble winners, icons and legends would make up the 30 man match. Shawn Michaels - off the back of a loss to Cena for the title - would look to shut up his doubters, and prove them wrong. Kurt Angle also looked to finally get over losing his Gold Medals, saying all he has left in his legacy now is his wrestling career, and wanted to go down in history as the ‘Best Ever’ - and winning the Rumble was his first step toward that goal.

    Rob Van Dam eyed an opportunity to come around full circle with Randy Orton by winning the Rumble to challenge for the WWE title at WrestleMania, whilst Ric Flair was a serious contender too, in what would be his last ever Rumble match. Brock Lesnar too was a late addition, and with Lesnar seemingly recapturing his old form (and crediting it to Paul Heymans tough love the previous month), was a massive contender, as was Umaga, who had never been hotter after his recent path of destruction.

    Meanwhile, Christian faced the biggest task of all. JBL booked a 20 man Battle Royal on Raw; a ‘Double Jeopardy’ Battle Royal, where the final two would be guaranteed places in the Rumble - but they would also battle it out for either the best draw in the Rumble (#30) or the worst (#1). Mr. Kennedy and Christian were the final two in the match, and Kennedy would eliminate Captain Charisma to get the dream draw.

    Despite all the star names in the Rumble match, somehow, there would also be room for Raws Colour Commentator; The Coach. In the weeks leading up to the show, Coach would take time off to ‘prepare’ as his video diary played each week on Raw, showing his ‘preparation’ for the Rumble match.


    January 20 - Las Vegas NV

    Straight Edge controversially defeated The Angels of Anarchy to retain the World Tag Team Titles, as Punk rolled up Daniels with a handful of tights, cheating to win after weeks of accusing Daniels that HE would cheat to win.

    Batista defeated an already injured Paul London to become the NEW United States Champion, cementing his heel turn by being joined by Richards and Lashley. Despite his injuries, Paul London would still compete in the Royal Rumble later in the night.

    Melina returned at the conclusion of the WWE Tag Team Title match to turn the tide, smashing a beer bottle over James Storm, helping MNM dethrone Americas Most Wanted after 13 months as champions to become the NEW WWE Tag Team Champions.

    John Cena defeated a spirited Rey Mysterio to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, with Rey again unable to win the big one.

    Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho to retain the WWE Championship after feigning an injury, forcing Jericho to drop his guard, and become easy prey for a sudden RKO.

    Edge won the 30 Man Royal Rumble, last eliminating Rob Van Dam to advance to the main event of WrestleMania, recovering from an attack from Batista and Lashley on his way to the ring. Christian lasted over an hour from #1, before a meddling John Cena “tried” to assist Christian, but eventually cost him. Triple H’s music also hit whilst Kennedy was in the match, distracting Kennedy long enough for him to be eliminated.

    The Undertaker managed to eliminate Umaga, but was savagely beaten down afterwards - at the behest of JBL; still bitter over how his career was brought to an end by The Phenom - and The Undertaker was carried out of the building by men hired by JBL. Ric Flair lived up to his moniker of Dirtiest Player in the Game to eliminate Kurt Angle, and Shawn Michaels stunned Brock Lesnar to send him packing. The three eliminations would set the ball rolling for WrestleMania matches.

    In other Rumble side notes, The Repo Man made a special appearance, repossessing the number that the James Boys were fighting over. DDP also entered the match, as did The Godfather, whose Ho’s distracted The Brian Kendrick, resulting in his elimination from the match. Also, The Coach lasted less than a second in the match, being immediately given Sweet Chin Music - officially the quickest elimination in Rumble history.

    Order of Entry
    1. Christian @ 00:00
    2. The Miz @ 00:00
    3. Mark Henry @ 02:03
    4. Brock Lesnar @ 04:01
    5. Charlie Haas @ 06:04
    6. Kofi Kingston @ 08:00
    7. Repo Man @ 10:07
    8. Diamond Dallas Page @ 12:02
    9. Nick Dinsmore @ 14:00
    10. Umaga @ 16:00
    11. The Undertaker @ 18:00
    12. Cody Rhodes @ 20:13
    13. Nick Nemeth @ 22:07
    14. Matt Hardy @ 26:58
    15. Kurt Angle @ 28:31
    16. Garrison Cade @ 30:00
    17. Shawn Michaels @ 31:30
    18. The Coach @ 33:00
    19. Paul London @ 34:33
    20. Ken Doane @ 36:00
    21. Edge @ 38:00
    22. Damien Sandow @ 40:12
    23. Ric Flair @ 42:01
    24. Brent Albright @ 44:00
    25. Carlito @ 46:00
    26. Bryan Danielson @ 48:12
    27. Rob Van Dam @ 50:08
    28. The Brian Kendrick @ 52:03
    29. The Godfather @ 54:00
    30. Mr. Kennedy @ 56:00

    Order of Elimination
    1. The Miz @ 01:34 by Christian
    2. Mark Henry @ 03:46 by Christian
    3. The Repo Man @ 13:18 by DDP
    4. DDP @ 13:28 by Brock Lesnar
    5. Kofi Kingston @ 16:53 by Umaga
    6. Nick Dinsmore @ 16:59 by Umaga
    7. Charlie Haas @ 17:10 by Umaga
    8. Umaga @ 19:56 by The Undertaker
    9. The Undertaker @ 26:32 by Umaga
    10. The Coach @ 33:42 by Shawn Michaels
    11. Nick Nemeth @ 34:49 by Paul London
    12. Cody Rhodes @ 37:09 by Kurt Angle
    13. Ken Doane @ 45:09 by Shawn Michaels
    14. Brock Lesnar @ 45:25 by Shawn Michaels
    15. Shawn Michaels @ 47:14 by Brent Albright
    16. Kurt Angle @ 49:49 by Ric Flair
    17. Matt Hardy @ 50:29 by Rob Van Dam
    18. Garrison Cade @ 51:04 by Rob Van Dam
    19. Damien Sandow @ 51:37 by Christian
    20. The Brian Kendrick @ 54:48 by Edge
    21. The Godfather @ 56:22 by Mister Kennedy
    22. Carlito @ 56:48 by Mister Kennedy
    23. Bryan Danielson @ 57:07 by Mister Kennedy
    24. Mister Kennedy @ 58:30 by Christian
    25. Paul London @ 59:47 by Brent Albright
    26. Christian @ 63:21 by Brent Albright
    27. Brent Albright @ 65:42 by Ric Flair
    28. Ric Flair @ 67:07 by Edge
    29. Rob Van Dam @ 67:17 by Edge

    And so, the Road to WrestleMania XXIV began. Over on Raw, unlike the coyness of last month, JBL didn’t try and cover up the plot to take out The Undertaker. Recalling how The Deadman ended his career in July, JBL explained that he put together a plan to gain revenge by ending The Phenoms career - and with The Undertaker buried in the Mojave Desert, JBL declared The Streak over, and credited himself as the man to end it.

    Meanwhile, Umaga would be rewarded for the job he had done at the Rumble with a title shot at John Cena at the upcoming SuperBrawl event. Estrada would crow about how Umaga had eliminated the fans heroes that had graced the WWE for the last twenty years; Bret, Foley, Austin and the man that encapsulated them all; The Undertaker.

    John Cena continued to confuse people, with his actions differing from his words. Speculation mounted that he appeared during the Rumble match to hinder - rather than help - Christian, and coupled with his poor officiating in the #1 Contender match, many felt now that Cena had the World Title, he really harboured no interest in the WrestleMania 23 rematch he had chased relentlessly for months - something Christian directly put to Cena, which Cena obviously denied.

    Christian would have one last opportunity to challenge for the gold at WrestleMania, as he was one of eight men in a ‘Goldrush’ tournament over on Raw, featuring himself, Shawn Michaels, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle, Brent Albright, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes and Mr. Kennedy. In the opening round, Christian overcame the mighty Henry, Rey Mysterio defeated the youngster, Cody Rhodes, Shawn Michaels got by Mr. Kennedy (more on that to come) and Angle defeated Albright. The semi finals saw Christian and Angle defeat Mysterio and Michaels respectively to progress to the final match at SuperBrawl.

    Mr. Kennedy was out for blood after his elimination from the Royal Rumble. Kennedy gave Triple H a week to show up on Raw, and if he didn’t, Kennedy threatened to come to him instead. Triple H DIDN’T show up, but Stephanie did, and instructed Kennedy to drop his pursuit of her husband, informing Kennedy that he wasn’t even on The Games radar. She would also go on to reveal that SHE was behind Triple H’s music playing at the Rumble as a measure of revenge for what Kennedy had done to her brother the month prior.

    The back and forth would lead to Stephanie slapping Kennedy, and Kennedy would react, but before he could do any damage, Shawn Michaels saved Stephanie, leading to the HBK vs. Kennedy match in the Gold Rush tournament. Stephanie would get involved in the finish, helping Michaels dump Kennedy from the tournament. Bouncing back from that loss, Kennedy would earn a spot in the Super-Brawl match at the upcoming PPV, stating that he intended on calling Triple H out of retirement when he won that match.

    A first ever one on one meeting between Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar looked inevitable. After their run ins as Team Captains at the Survivor Series where Lesnar dispatched of Michaels with ease, HBK got even at the Royal Rumble by eliminating Lesnar. But, Lesnar didn’t take kindly to the incident at the Rumble, and after Michaels went through a 20 minute war with Kurt Angle in a losing effort on Raw in the Gold Rush tournament, Lesnar showed up to brutally assault HBK.

    Shawn Michaels turned up on Smackdown wanting answers, but Brock Lesnar was nowhere to be found, as Smackdowns colour commentator - Paul Heyman - spoke up on Lesnars behalf, declining a challenge from Michaels for a match at WrestleMania, insinuating that Lesnar would be looking for a more worthy opponent; not a fading icon. Michaels refused to take ‘No’ for an answer, and declared that he would go to SuperBrawl, win the Super-Brawl match and MAKE Lesnar face him as his chosen opponent at WrestleMania.

    Trouble continued to brew between CM Punk and Greg Helms, with Helms unhappy at the shift in Punks attitude, and livid that Punk would cheat to win at the Rumble, going as far as to tell Punk they were done as a team - though Punk would defend his actions, saying he only cheated to ‘beat Daniels to it’. The Angels of Anarchy would be granted a rematch at the upcoming PPV event, a decision which only further infuriated Punk.

    It also angered the trio of Albright, Haas and Dinsmore, who felt they were more deserving of a shot at the titles, but would be told by Ranjin Singh (JBL’s advisor) to do something to catch JBL’s attention. The champions would go into SuperBrawl at odds with each other (Punk even stated he would be more comfortable defending the titles on his own in Chicago), but Helms would be too stubborn not to compete, having worked too hard to hold the gold, even if he was done with Punk, he wanted to defend the gold for himself.

    Off the back of his Royal Rumble win, Edge would eventually choose to remain on Smackdown and challenge Randy Orton at WrestleMania. But before he could tackle Orton on March 30, he still had unfinished business with Batista & Lashley; now known as the ‘Gods of War’. He would find himself with back up in the form of former U.S Champion London, who had plenty of issues to settle with Batista, as did Jeff Hardy, who had been put out of action for over a month by The Animal, setting up a six man tag at SuperBrawl.

    Despite losing at the Royal Rumble, and seeing their 13 month reign as tag team champions ended, Americas Most Wanted had a rematch clause set for SuperBrawl, and used it to stack the deck against MNM. It would be a 6 person tag match for the titles, where AMW couldn’t be disqualified or counted out, but MNM could (and would lose the titles if they were), plus ONLY Melina could win the match for MNM.

    It would also be revealed that Xavier Woods was telling the truth all along about his title match clause in his contract, as he would face Bryan Danielson at the PPV for the Cruiserweight belt - much to the chagrin of Jamie Noble, who felt he was the rightful #1 Contender.

    February 10 - Chicago IL

    Shawn Michaels won the Super-Brawl. Chris Jericho was eliminated first, then, Mr. Kennedy followed (due to a shock appearance from Kevin Nash, screwing Kennedy over), before Garrison Cade would go. Rob Van Dam followed, leaving it down to Mysterio and Michaels, with HBK getting the job done. It meant Shawn Michaels could pick his own WrestleMania opponent, and there’d be no prizes for guessing who he’d pick.

    Straight Edge defeated The Angels of Anarchy - controversially - AGAIN to retain the World Tag Team Championships. Helms and Punk were at odds with each other for much of the match, but stayed on the same page. The Master Craftsmen would take Ranjin Singhs words from Raw literally, and provide the finish after a ref bump, attacking Daniels, Williams and Helms (whilst Punk was outside the ring), allowing Punk to feed off the scraps to win the match for his team.

    Bryan Danielson quickly saw off the threat from Xavier Woods to retain the Cruiserweight Championship and remain undefeated since arriving in the WWE.

    MNM overcame the odds to defeat Americas Most Wanted & Michelle McCool and retain the WWE Tag Team Championships, as Melina pinned James Storm after an MNM Snapshot, bringing an end to the long running saga.

    John Cena retained the World Heavyweight Championship via count-out, when Umaga walked out, following an incident which seemed eerily similar to the type of tactic employed by The Undertaker over the years. It would be revealed the next night though that John Cena paid off a stage hand to put the stunt together.

    Randy Orton & The Gods of War defeated Edge, Paul London and Jeff Hardy in a six man tag match, when Orton pinned Edge CLEAN with an RKO, defeating the Rumble winner on the Road to WrestleMania. The result would ask a lot of questions over Edge, and whether he was about to blow his big opportunity - again.

    In a hastily re-arranged main event (as Christian mysteriously had transportation problems getting to the arena, forcing the match to be delayed), Christian defeated Kurt Angle to book his shot at John Cena at WrestleMania XXIV; Collision Course II was officially on.
    With his win at SuperBrawl, Christian would officially challenge John Cena at WrestleMania, as he had twelve months prior. Christian accused Cena of being behind his transport issues in getting to SuperBrawl; a claim Cena would deny. The two would have to put personal animosity aside though, as JBL - bitter that Umaga was denied a World title win at Super Brawl and powerless to sign a rematch - sought to rip the pair apart, signing a 3 on 2 Cage Match at Saturday Nights Main Event, pitting Cena and Christian against Umaga, Estrada and Mark Henry.

    At Saturday Nights Main Event, Cena would be the victim of ‘transport’ issues, and JBL wouldn’t allow Christian to find a replacement. Christian faced a 3 on 1 scenario, and despite his best efforts, he was handcuffed to the cage, and took a tremendous beating inside the cage - so much so that the official tried to stop it himself in calling for the bell. JBL overruled the referee stoppage, wanting the match to restart - then - the lights went out, and a video package played which alluded to The Undertaker rising from the dead. JBL, Umaga and Estrada then left to investigate the video message, and John Cena finally arrived, running off Mark Henry.

    Then, it happened. Cena, taking the key for the door, locked himself in the cage with a handcuffed Christian. Christian knew what was coming, and defiantly told Cena to bring it on. Cena would tell Christian; “You asked for this”, before proceeding to bludgeon his defenceless foe, bloodying him against the cage. A beating so severe that Christian missed the next three weeks of TV.

    In the interim, Cena (ditching his bright, garish merch for an all black attire, leading to J.R referring to him as ‘The Man in Black’) would explain all; how he had everything mapped out to be the next Hogan, Rock, Austin etc - before Christian came along and took it all from him, before the fans turned on him, admitting that he kept up the charade just to squeeze as much money as he could from the fans to buy his merch for their kids. Cena would admit he regretted not listening to Vince McMahon in 2007, but told the fans they - and Christian - would have to deal with the consequences of bringing out the real John Cena.

    Umaga vs. The Undertaker would become official, as it was revealed that the grave site JBL had buried The Undertaker in in the Mojave Desert was now empty. In a bid to stack the deck against The Phenom, JBL would assign himself as guest referee, determined to end The Undertakers Streak and send The Deadman away forever.

    Mr. Kennedy took things too far in his pursuit of Triple H. Following Kevin Nash appearance at Super Brawl (which was revealed that he did as a favour to Stephanie), Big Sexy stuck around for a few weeks, even offering himself as an opponent for Kennedy at WrestleMania. Kennedy shot that idea down, and assaulted Nash on Raw, brutalizing his knees, after revealing he had The Miz bug the office of Stephanie McMahon the week prior, which revealed Stephanie was pregnant, and that she had to beg her husband not to return to the WWE due to her fears that he could wind up permanently injured. Stephanie tried to stop Kennedy’s attack on Nash, which led to Kennedy forcing himself on her with a kiss - then gave her a back hand slap.

    The reprehensible actions left Commissioner Ventura to take control, and was left with little option but to fire Kennedy; but before he could make it official, TRIPLE H crashed the announcement on Raw, fighting Kennedy, before Kennedy decided to make a break for it. Ventura then tried again to cast his verdict at Saturday Nights Main Event - minus Kennedy - but again, The Game showed up, and begged for a shot at Kennedy at WrestleMania, telling Ventura he could do whatever he wanted with Kennedy after the event. Ventura eventually gave in, giving Kennedy a stay of execution, as Triple H returned to seek retribution.

    Kennedy continued to get under the skin of Triple H in the weeks that followed, presenting The Game with a restraining order - then, he would cross the line once more. Seemingly showing up at Triple H’s home - while Triple H was at Raw, Kennedy threatened to pay Stephanie a visit. As Triple H watched the screen, Kennedy showed up on Raw - as it would be revealed the video was shot the prior day - and was merely a ruse, with Kennedy bloodying The Game, setting the stage for a personal war at WrestleMania.

    Shawn Michaels duly called out Brock Lesnar for a match at WrestleMania, but Lesnar continued to be against the idea, with Paul Heyman (now moving out of commentary to manage Lesnar) continuing to write the match off, stating that it would be a ‘Match for the Ages’ in name only, as Michaels could no longer compete at the top level. Michaels refused to change his stance, and used his win at SuperBrawl to make the match official. In the final weeks before WrestleMania, Heyman would continue to state Michaels was finished, and that Lesnar would expose, and destroy him at Wrestle Mania - adding that Lesnar would take the mantle ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ from Michaels at WrestleMania.

    Ric Flair returned for the first time since finishing third in the Royal Rumble at Saturday Nights Main Event. Flair wasn’t just content with being inducted to the Hall of Fame at WrestleMania, but still had his eye on a final World title win, and begged for a slot in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Kurt Angle had other ideas though. Angle interrupted Flair, and challenged him to a match at WrestleMania, telling Naitch that a win over Angle could give Flair the platform for one last title shot; whilst for Angle, it would be a shot at taking another step toward going from being the Best Today and to becoming the ‘Best Ever’. The match was set; ‘The Best Today vs. The Best EVER’.

    After months of battling her past demons, Mickie James finally cracked after losing the Womens Championship to her friend, Gail Kim. It appeared that the months of stress had taken it’s toll, with Mickie apparently suffering from a split-personality disorder, referring to herself at times as Alexis Laree. Gail Kim, worried about the mental state of Mickie, would implore an uninterested JBL to get help for Mickie, but those pleas fell on deaf ears, as the dangerous former champion assaulted Victoria, then snapped again on Gail, breaking the champions nose as she shifted between her nice girl act of Alexis Laree, and her sinister side of Mickie James.

    Competing under the ‘Freebird’ rule, The Master Craftsmen would challenge Straight Edge (who were still at odds) at Saturday Nights Main Event for the tag titles, but the Angels of Anarchy would give the Craftsmen a receipt for their interference at SuperBrawl, costing them the titles. The natural conclusion to the ongoing triangle would be a triple threat elimination match at WrestleMania. Between Saturday Nights Main Event and WrestleMania, Punk and Helms put their differences aside, coming to an agreement, realising that they were too good a unit to split, with the new understanding that Helms wouldn’t live by the Straight Edge lifestyle.

    Elsewhere, The Miz was left without a role at WrestleMania, but at Saturday Nights Main Event, he was officially crowned Hardcore Champion, beating The Sandman (who walked out of the match) to win the title. He would take a beating at the hands of Triple H though, as The Game looked to unload some pent up frustration at being unable to get his hands on Kennedy before WrestleMania. Also, Shelton Benjamin made a return, making a beeline for Mark Henry after Henry put Benjamin on the shelf, as both men would partake in a pre-show Battle Royal at WrestleMania.

    Meanwhile on Smackdown, Randy Orton geared up for WrestleMania by playing more mind games with Edge. Despite Edge finally finishing his feud with Batista and Lashley, his road to WrestleMania was a rocky one. Orton would drop a bombshell at Saturday Nights Main Event, producing a doctor and a medical report that stated Edge’s neck was in a terrible condition, as the doctor felt he had to come forward and make the findings public, stating that Edge ignored his advice to retire, adding that Edge would risk paralysis.

    Edge, whilst acknowledging his neck would never be 100%, refuted the report, but the question marks had been raised, as Orton peddled the idea that one significant blow (like a Punt Kick) or any kind of whiplash effect (like an RKO) could snap Edges neck in an instant. On an episode of Smackdown, Orton would get the better of a fight with Edge, and lined up a Punt Kick, but pulled up short, telling Edge he’d enjoy it better at WrestleMania. Orton would continue to play games with Edge, telling him that Edge was destined to never be champion, that there was always ‘something’ in the way that would stop him from being champion, as Edge continued to face questions over his medical conditions.

    Chris Jericho entered a holding pattern, as he came to terms with his loss at the Royal Rumble, having to question his methods, as he failed to deliver when it mattered most. His next goal was to win the Super-Brawl match and take a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match, implying he could still leave WrestleMania as champion - but he lost at Super-Brawl, and subsequently failed to qualify for the Money in the Bank match at the expense of Garrison Cade. Rob Van Dam also looked to be slipping, as he too failed to qualify for Money in the Bank - which led to Jericho proposing a match between them at WrestleMania; not for titles, not for glory - but just to steal the show.

    Rey Mysterio qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match as he looked to find a way to finally win the ‘big one’, whilst Matt Hardy aimed to do the same. Brent Albright qualified as he continued to climb the ranks toward main event status and Cody Rhodes - who had recently joined forces with Ken Doane on Raw - would also qualify for the match from Raw. Paul London (who renewed his old rivalry with Brent Albright in the weeks leading to the PPV), MVP, Garrison Cade and Bryan Danielson would make up the field from Smackdown.

    Bryan Danielson had his hands full though, defending his Cruiserweight title against Jamie Noble at Saturday Nights Main Event. It was a two fall match, which also put Danielsons spot in the ladder match at stake - but Danielson would prevail, winning both falls, despite being dominated for the majority of the contest, surviving with a small package to retain his gold. Noble was still breathing down his neck, and made it clear he would be waiting for another shot after WrestleMania. Elsewhere, Matt Hardy FINALLY got the better of Brent Albright, winning back the Intercontinental Title on the last episode of Raw before WrestleMania; his first ever win against Albright.

    One man left out of the picture was The Brian Kendrick - and the ego-maniac couldn’t comprehend why he wasn’t involved. Kendrick would challenge people for their spot (MVP would solidify himself as a face by taking Kendrick on and beating him), protest in the ring, carry out a brief hunger strike, begin a petition, and even report a crime to the police; him being left out of the Money in the Bank ladder match, as he campaigned to get in the match, but his actions were fruitless.

    The Gods of War were also without a WrestleMania assignment, but two nights before the show, Steven Richards promised that his two men would have everyone talking about them at the conclusion of the PPV. On the WrestleMania pre-show, Shelton Benjamin would have a victorious return in the Battle Royal, whilst The Hart Legacy upended Americas Most Wanted & Michelle McCool in an inter-gender tag match. Then, in the pre-show main event, MNM successfully retained the WWE Tag Team Championships against the Caribbean Connection in a face/face match.


    Official Card for WWE WrestleMania XXIV:
    March 30 2008 | University of Phoenix Stadium, Phoenix AZ

    WWE Championship Match:
    WWE Champion, Randy Orton defends against;
    The 2008 Royal Rumble Winner,Edge

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:
    World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena defends against;
    The Number One Contender, Christian

    Womens Championship Match:
    Gail Kim vs. Mickie James

    World Tag Team Championships | Triple Threat Elimination Match:
    Straight Edge vs. The Angels of Anarchy vs. The Master Craftsmen

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Rey Mysterio vs.
    Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Cody Rhodes vs. M.V.P vs. ‘The 2007 King of the Ring’ Brent Albright vs. Garrison Cade vs. 'Intercontinental Champion' Matt Hardy vs. Paul London

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy

    Brock Lesnar
    w/Paul Heyman vs. Shawn Michaels

    The Best Today vs. The Best Ever:
    Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair

    The Streak:
    The Undertaker vs. Umaga
    w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
    With Special Guest Referee; John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

    The Show Stealer:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

    2008 Hall of Fame Inductees;
    Ric Flair,
    ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, ‘Big Van’ Vader, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude, Magnum T.A, Maurice ‘Mad Dog’ Vachon & Andy Kaufman


    I’ll post WrestleMania in the next day or two, for those that wouldn’t have read it on the other forum. Then, I’m pretty much up to date, and ready to finally get started. I hope these long recaps haven’t turned too many people off, I know I’ve found it a little draining personally, trawling through years of posts to remind me of certain plot points that I had forgotten over the years. I also noticed each one was longer than the last, despite wanting to keep these concise. Sorry about that. Not sure I've done the Cena heel turn angle justice in this format. It would something that built up throughout the entire year from WrestleMania 23 to Saturday Nights Main Event.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I read all of part 4, up until Super Brawl 2008 and then I started to skim and missed a lot. Anyways, I just wanted to say I enjoyed this segment so much! I'm excited this is continuing. It inspires me for my project, although I consider mine to be intermission reading or "bathroom reading" in between threads like yours and others... regardless... glad to have someone of your reputation come over here, as I was once a booker on the old forum as well.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    This last post is where I remember being totally immersed from the last time I read your project, Wolfy. The build was exceptional and that Cena heel turn at SNME was masterful and the culmination of years of work. Was great to see it finally happen. It made me think that I'd pulled the trigger too early in Pushing the Boundaries, and I was probably right after seeing you do it perfectly.

    Wrestlemania will be great to read again and I'm really looking forward to reading the new stuff for the first time.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    Your Cena heel turn is probably my favourite piece of writing I've read from any BTB. Really excited this is here for WF to enjoy now.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    I look forward to reading WrestleMania and then following this from there. I've read some of the recaps but my time is pretty restricted right now so haven't got to them all. The reaction to this makes me think this could be a main player in the section in the next few months.
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    Re: Being The Booker

    What a year. I loved the build of Edge as a face. Heels turning face is not easy , on a lower level you did the same with MVP too. I am all for Matt Hardy as IC Champion , though maybe him and Shelton could challenge at some point for one of the World Titles.

    I think you had an all brilliant idea with the Cena heel turn. Very carefully planned and teased. Executed on the popular Christian , you made this an amazing moment. Maybe the stage should have been bigger, but i get that SNME is a big stage in your diary.

    Have to say i hated one thing . Kennedy vs HHH is an awesome match , but a backhand on a woman ? Something just doesn't feel right there. The Wrestlamania card is absolutely stacked and i like that you are pushing people like London , Garrison Cade and especially Brent Albright. He seems to be your project and he surely looks a threat to anyone.

    One thing i am not keen about is the tag titles. There are 5 heels with Punk transitioning now into one and Helms. Maybe the Hart Dinasty being there instead of the Angels of Anarchy would seem more smooth. And Smith suplexing anyone in the way is always a plus. Also you had a lot of shady finishes the last 2-3 months. Hope that Mania or after Mania you will change a bit the story . I also don't like that you kept the IC Champion and the US Champion of the card. Pretty sure Batista and Matt in a feud/match for their respective titles would add even more to what a great card looks like

    Overall , great 2008 with Nemeth , Danielso and Albright shining at different levels and with MVP and Kennedy rubbing shoulders with people in the main-event. And of course with The Man in Black, John Cena.

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    Re: Being The Booker

    The cena heel turn was so well done and slowly built too and started with the Vince speech. Edge's face turn was done so well and you managed to make new faces build up so well making an interesting new players higher up the card.

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    Re: Being The Booker






    Open with two fighter jets flying over the opened roof of the University of Phoenix Stadium - it’s still broad daylight in the desert, and the Seventy Thousand PLUS in attendance mark out…


    Another huge pop engulfs the arena.

    Lillian Garcia: And now, ladies and gentlemen, here to sing “America The Beautiful” … five time grammy winning and multi-platinum singer-songwriter … JOHN … LEGEND!!!

    Again, the majority of fans cheer for the annual opening act of ‘America The Beautiful’, and if you saw the real WrestleMania 24 … you’ll know what to expect from John Legend.

    The singer finishes his rendition of the anthem, and once more, the fans cheer, before the television audiences picture fades to black…


    Then, open with the very first WrestleMania, and it’s low key titles, with a narrator briefly saying just ONE word.


    Speeding up through the years, as the dull arenas get brighter, crowds grow larger, and WrestleMania becomes a phenomenon.

    The pinnacle of Sports Entertainment.

    Shots of various competitors at WrestleMania through the years; Steamboat winning the I.C Title at III, Savage and Elizabeth reuniting at VII, Shawn Michaels with the title at XII, Edge and Christian standing at the top of the ladders in 2000, John Cena victorious at WrestleMania 21, and Trish Stratus at WrestleMania 22.

    Brent Albright: The Holy Grail of every man-

    Mickie James: Or woman-

    Rowdy Roddy Piper nose to nose with Mr. T at the first WrestleMania, then walking out at WrestleMania III before getting the better of Goldust at WrestleMania XII.

    Rowdy Roddy Piper: That ever steps foot in the squared circle.

    Cut to various shots of the superstars taking a look around the stadium over the weekend as the set was being put together - specifically Bryan Danielson, and he speaks over the footage.

    Bryan Danielson:
    Just to be a part of it is an achievement.

    Then, Edge sitting alone in the stands, taking the vast arena in.

    To be a headliner is a dream come true.

    Shawn Michaels, standing in the ring, leaning on the ropes.

    Shawn Michaels:
    And to steal the show is to live forever.

    Rey on the aisle, looking up at the staging.

    Rey Mysterio:
    To make a memory…

    RVD looking around in the middle of the ring.

    Rob Van Dam: To have Seventy Thousand on their feet…

    And Gail Kim standing at the top of the ramp, taking in the huge stadium.

    Gail Kim:
    To create a WrestleMania moment…

    And settle in silence … the empty stadium …

    Then quickly fills up today…

    And cut to WrestleMania XIX; and the botched Shooting Star.

    Brock Lesnar:
    Is life changing.

    Shots of the newcomers; Cody Rhodes, Bryan Danielson, Angels of Anarchy, Garrison Cade, Gail Kim.

    Christopher Daniels:
    From a debut…

    And cut to clips of Ric Flair at WrestleMania VIII, then X8, 22 - changing, getting older through the years…

    Ric Flair:
    To a swansong…

    Clips of Hulk Hogan celebrating another WrestleMania title win at WrestleMania V, before his return in 2002.

    Hulk Hogan:
    The feeling … remains the same.

    Shots of Shane McMahon going Coast to Coast, Matt Hardy landing with a leg drop, Shawn Michaels flying off the ladder at WrestleMania X and Paul London crashing and burning last year.

    Matt Hardy:
    To take death defying risks…

    Kurt Angle fighting through the broken neck to compete at WrestleMania XIX.

    Kurt Angle:
    Or push through unimaginable pain…

    And Triple H standing tall at WrestleMania X8, as Undisputed Champion.

    Triple H:
    The glory is the ultimate prize.

    Shots of various champions being crowned down the years; Savage at IV, Warrior at VI, Bret Hart at X, Austin at XIV, Christian last year.

    Randy Orton:
    From championships…

    To various clips of The Undertaker through the years, starting with Snuka, then Roberts, Sid, Kane at XX, Michaels at 21 and Jericho at 22 - all falling victim to the Deadman.

    The Undertaker:
    To streaks…

    Clips of Hogan slamming Andre, Michaels zip lining to the ring, Goldberg tapping out to Angle, and Cenas big entrance last year.

    John Cena:
    There’s a reason it’s called the showcase of the immortals.

    Cut to recent shots of Lesnar and Michaels face to face in the ring.

    Paul Heyman:
    Where dream matches become reality.

    Umaga and Undertaker face to face before the explosion at the Royal Rumble.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
    Where irresistible forces meet immovable objects.

    Triple H ready to erupt - being kept apart from Kennedy.

    Mister Kennedy:
    Where worlds collide.

    Fireworks going off at last years WrestleMania.

    And it can only happen in one place…

    Austin bloodied - but defiant whilst locked in the Sharpshooter, Rock and Hogan shaking hands in Toronto.

    Chris Jericho:
    The unforgettable moments.

    Edge spearing Jeff Hardy off a ladder at WrestleMania 17, Mick Foley eating Sweet Chin Music putting him through the flaming table last year.

    Paul London:
    Shock and awe.

    Liberace dancing in the middle of the ring at WrestleMania I, Tyson punching out HBK, Eminem performing at WrestleMania 21.

    Glitz and glamour.

    Cut to crowd shots of excited fans through the years.

    Kurt Angle:
    The grand daddy of ‘em all…

    Fireworks going off as the Ultimate Warrior celebrates his title win, and the same for Cena at WrestleMania 21.

    The show of shows…

    Triple H and his elaborate entrance at WrestleMania 22, Undertaker passing by the druids at WrestleMania 14.

    Garrison Cade:
    The showcase of the immortals.

    The Rock triumphing over Triple H at WrestleMania 21, followed by Andre turning on the Heenan Family after what would be his final WWE match at VI, then Shawn Michaels climbing the ladder to victory against Randy Orton at WrestleMania XX.

    Shawn Michaels:
    Icons made.

    Bret Hart beating Kurt Angle two years ago, then Christian overcoming Cena to win the big one last year and Ric Flair applying the Figure Four on Undertaker at X8.

    Ric Flair:
    Legends born.

    Hulk Hogan cupping his ear after victory at WrestleMania III, Austin leaving the ring after his final WrestleMania match two years ago, and Undertaker celebrating yet another win in traditional style at WrestleMania 21.

    The Undertaker:
    Immortality earned.

    Shots of Ultimate Warrior running to the ring, Randy Savage with the title at WrestleMania IV, and Brock Lesnar - out of sorts - at WrestleMania 19 sharing a hug with Angle.

    John Cena:
    All … at WrestleMania.


    Then followed by the evolution of WrestleMania again from the dim lit MSG for the first WrestleMania, to tonight in Phoenix, with many other locations shown in between.

    Triple H:
    For twenty three years, the legend has grown.

    The Undertaker dispatching Jake Roberts with ease in 1992 to JUST barely getting by Kurt Angle last year, and then a menacing shot of Umaga stomping down the ramp to the ring.

    And with each year, the ante goes up…

    Shots of victorious Royal Rumble winners; Yokozuna, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold in 2001 and Christian last year … mixed with their follow up wins in the WrestleMania main event.

    The expectation rises…

    Shots of thrilled fans, rising to their feet last year…

    Randy Orton:
    And it never disappoints.


    Narrator: And tonight, the tradition … continues.


    Lesnar with an F5 on Michaels … HBK with Sweet Chin Music to Lesnar.

    Jim Ross:


    Ric Flair and Kurt Angle trading slaps in the ring.

    Joey Styles:
    The Best Today versus the Best Ever!!


    Umaga destroying Undertaker at the Royal Rumble.



    Edge spearing RVD to the floor to win the Royal Rumble.

    Joey Styles:
    Edge is goin to WrestleMania!!!


    John Cena and Christian being held apart on Raw.

    Jim Ross:


    Clips of Brent Albright, Paul London, Rob Van Dam and Straight Edge at various times.

    “Tonight, WrestleMania creates new moments…”


    Mister Kennedy shouting into his old school mic, MNM walking down the red carpet MVP bursting out of his tunnel and Edge setting off his pyro.

    “New icons …”


    Randy Orton holding the WWE Title aloft, Kurt Angle yanking on an Ankle lock and Brock Lesnar delivering an F5.

    “New legends…”


    Triple H spitting water, Chris Jericho standing stoic in the ring, and Umaga charging across the ring.

    “New immortals…”


    Flashing shots of Cena, Christian, Orton, Edge, Albright, Michaels, London, Flair, Triple H … and finally The Undertaker.

    “The Desert Classic … has arrived.”


    And the unmistakable Vince McMahon, many moons ago…





    !! ~ PYRO ~ !!

    The camera pans around the stadium, showing the excited faces of the thousands of men, women and children that have descended upon the University of Phoenix Stadium, with ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ being piped through the PA.

    The cheers are loud, the signs are plentiful … WrestleMania is on the air, and after a few moments of letting the fans speak for themselves, the iconic voice of Jim Ross opens the show for the viewers at home…

    Jim Ross: It is high noon at the O.K corral, as the weeks and MONTHS of anticipation have finally come to a head, for the WWE has arrived deep in the desert of Arizona, and it has brought glitz, glamour, pomp and pageantry that could only be brought by the juggernaut that is WRESTLE-MANIAAAA!!!

    The camera cuts to ringside, and shows the announce trio for the evening; Jim Ross, The Coach, and Joey Styles…

    Joey Styles: And it is an honour to be sat here at ringside for the biggest night of the year - and on a personal level - the biggest night in my professional career. From converted bingo halls to football stadiums, WrestleMania is what dreams are made of - and as I lose my WrestleMania virginity, I can honestly say my dreams have well and truly come true tonight!!! And tonight, dreams will become reality for the superstars of Raw and Smackdown!! I’m Joey Styles, joined of course, by the unmistakable Jim Ross, and The Coach!!!

    The Coach: J.R may be unmistakable, but The Coach is unmissable, Joe!! You may be a WrestleMania virgin, but me?? I’m old hat at this thing now - and trust me, it gets bigger and better every year, and I’m calling it right now - this will be the most historic WrestleMania of all time!!

    Jim Ross: The pieces certainly are in place for an unforgettable evening here in Phoenix - four championships will be decided, the Streak is in jeopardy, and along with two additional dream matches, plus the grudge match of the century - I’d advise you folks at home to get comfortable now - you don’t want to miss a minute of this night!!!

    The lighting in the arena dips off - though, it’s still daylight, so it has little effect in the stadium…

    … 5 …

    … 4 …
    … 3 …
    … 2 …
    … 1 …



    Entering in a sparkly, lit up jacket - as opposed to the dour black leather jacket he had adopted since his return at the end of last year, Chris Jericho stretches out his arms, spinning around and examines the 70,000 strong attendance.

    Jericho drinks in the moment, surveying the entire stadium, smiling - unlike Jericho in recent times - before striding down the aisle, shouting out; “ARE YA READY PHOENIX!!!”

    Joey Styles: Chris Jericho has come to Phoenix with one goal in mind - and that’s stealing this show in the opening match. Since his return to Smackdown in November, Jericho’s mission has been to prove that success can be gained through honour and respect and fair play … but up until this point, he has failed to find success. Tonight, along with an old rival, Jericho sets out to show the rest of the locker room how it’s done - in a straight up wrestling machine where the best man wins, and in the process, as I said; steals the show.

    Jim Ross: I for one commend Jericho for his strength in convictions, and I sure do hope that the young wrestlers in the locker room watch this exhibition carefully, and follow this example as opposed to some other more controversial members of the roster. We’re about to get the sport of professional wrestling at it’s finest.

    The Coach: Get it right - we’re about to see two losers who couldn’t do what it takes to make it into the main event. If Chris Jericho has the killer instinct of Randy Orton, he’d be WWE Champion, and if RVD hadn’t assisted Edge in qualifying for the Rumble match, he wouldn’t have finished runner up a few weeks later!! If these two had any guts, they’d be headlining this show tonight!!

    Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall!! Introducing first, making his way to the ring; from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, weighing 227 pounds … CHRISSSS JERICHOOOO!!!!!

    Jericho jogs up the steps, and swings against the ropes, looking fired up and excited, before stepping into the ring, and taking another long look at the vast sea of fans inside the impressive stadium.

    Jim Ross: But the point, Coach, is that there should be no need for cheating - no need for a “killer instinct” - at it’s core, this is a sport, not some underground “fight club” - Jericho wants to prove that winning at all costs measures like punting another human being in the skull aren’t necessary. There’s no shame in losing to the better man.

    Joey Styles: Amen.

    The Coach: Spoken like two men who never won anything in their life.

    Jim Ross: Oh yeah, because you’re such the accomplished athlete, right, Coach?? Remind me, how did you fare in that Royal Rumble match??…

    The Coach: … I slipped.

    **ONE OF A KIND**

    More pyro - less than what Jericho got - shoots off as Van Dams theme pipes into the arena, with The Whole Damn Show strutting confidently onto the stage, relaxed and as laid back as ever.

    Joey Styles: A year ago at this event, Rob Van Dam walked in as WWE Champion, and SHOULD have walked out as champion after a successful title defence in a match including Chris Jericho - but the vile Randy Orton would cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase he had won earlier in the night, and PUNTED Van Dam into a hospital bed to take the title from him.

    The Coach: And look at where Orton is now. Face it, boys - the game has changed. If you want to be successful in this business, you cant be a boy scout any more. It’s dog eat dog, and no matter how fancy and pretty and enjoyable this match is gonna be - they’ll both be left with no real glory when this night is over.

    Jim Ross: I’d wager there’s a lot of fans who’d disagree with that assessment Coach. And after the heartbreak of what happened to him last year, Rob Van Dam will look to gain some form of redemption at WrestleMania tonight. It may not be the main event - but the goal is simple - do what you do best; steal this show!!

    RVD continues to stroll on the ramp, stopping as he reaches the flat part of the aisle, and gives the fans what they want; the always pleasing “R-V-D” thumb taunt, which gets 70,000 plus chanting along.

    Howard Finkel: AND, his opponent, weighing 235 pounds, from Battle Creek Michigan; ROB … VAN … DAM!!!!!

    In the ring, Jericho smirks at the moment, as he now begins to remove his jacket in preparation for the match he asked for. RVD eyes Jericho from the outside, shrugging his shoulders, carrying a cheeky grin - looking forward to sharing the ring with his old buddy/rival.

    Jim Ross: Both men look relaxed here if you ask me, and I’d say that’s a good sign. There should be little in the way of nerves - these two men look like their ready to let it all hang out.

    Joey Styles: And over the years in ECW, Rob Van Dam adopted the nickname of Mister Pay Per View, because he ALWAYS delivered and stole the show on the big events and he always gave people their monies worth. Tonight, RVD will look to prove why he was known as that very man; Mister Pay Per View - at the biggest Pay Per View of the year.

    Jim Ross: Jericho got what he wanted - he has the platform, he has the stage, and he has the opponent. Now, he has to deliver what he set out to do - steal the show.

    Van Dam climbs into the ring, posing for the fans again, before leaping off the turnbuckles, with Jericho all set for action … just like the fans … and it’s go time.

    The Showstealer:
    Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho
    The bell rings, and both Jericho and Van Dam circle initially - tentative - before reaching in, locking up together. Jockeying for position, the two former world champions struggle toward the ropes, shifting the pressure between each other, as Jericho presses Van Dam, but RVD overturns the power, backing Jericho against the ropes.

    They struggle into the corner, where referee Jack Doan intervenes and forces a break. Very slowly, Van Dam eases up and steps out defensively, with both men on guard for a cheap shot from the other - but nothing is forthcoming from either. The fans appreciate the sportsmanship, offering a round of applause for both men, and both Jericho and Van Dam give each other a nod also.

    Jericho pushes out of the corner, and they circle the ring again, before tentatively engaging in a test of strength with a Greco-Roman Knuckle Lock … both pressing into it, trying to overpower the other … but it looks like it’ll be another stalemate, with neither man able to eke out an advantage from the test of strength …

    … But before the battle can fizzle out, RVD breaks the grip himself with his legs, stepping over the arm, and looks for a firemans carry takeover, but as Jericho is shifted, he rolls through, and back onto his feet!!! Both men rise up, in a defensive stance - another stand off!! Again, the fans are respectful towards the two, and both Jericho and Van Dam relax and look around the stadium, taking in the respect of the fans.

    RVD and Y2J then share a glance at each other, with Jericho pointing around the stadium, saying something to Van Dam, with RVD nodding, before taking the middle of the ring, and pointing his thumbs, getting the “ROB … VAN … DAM” reaction from the fans. Jericho then does his own version of the thumb taunt, getting a smaller “Y…2...J” reaction from the fans, with RVD smirking at the spot.

    They both give each other another nod, and Jericho bounces into the ropes, out toward RVD, and they circle once more, before locking up … and this time, Jericho goes straight into a side headlock. Van Dam looks to shove him off, but Jericho hangs on, keeping the side headlock applied, then he switches to a hammerlock. Van Dam reverses that though, applying his own hammerlock.

    Jericho looks to escape, throwing an elbow back that misses, and RVD shrugs off a snap mare attempt too … before Jericho then squeezes under, and re-applies his hammerlock. Quickly, Jericho lets go - but latches onto the side headlock once more, then takes RVD over, onto the mat - but the Whole Damn Show counters with a head scissors on the mat. Jericho kicks his legs while trapped in the scissors … but soon counters, escaping the leg grip of RVD, and works his way into a jackknife pin attempt …


    …………………RVD POWERS UP…………………

    Van Dam excites the fans with the feat of strength and athleticism, pushing up from the pin attempt, and once up, he tries to work his way into a backslide … but Jericho struggles, refusing to go over … and manages to block it, escaping the grip, and spins RVD around, taking him down with a double leg … but despite being in position to try and apply the Walls of Jericho, and goes for a pin …







    …………………RVD BREAKS IT…………………

    Both men bounce up, but RVD catches Jericho coming in with a drop toe hold, and gets into another pin attempt with an Oklahoma roll …


    …KICK OUT…

    Both men bounce up, with Jericho looking for a hip toss, but Van Dam blocks, and again looks for the backslide … and this time he gets it, pinning Jerichos shoulders to the mat…



    Once more, both men are quick to their feet, but Van Dam is a split second quicker, and ducks under Jericho, bouncing back, and over the bent over Jericho again … looking for a sunset flip … BUT JERICHO DROPS DOWN INTO A PIN OF HIS OWN…






    ………KICK OUT………

    Yet again, Jericho and Van Dam get to their feet quickly, and Jericho attempts a knife edge chop, only for RVD to duck it, and grips Jericho from behind, running him into the ropes … and rolls through with an O’CONNOR ROLL …


    …KICK OUT…

    Jericho kicks out, pushing RVD off the pin and into the ropes, then cradles RVD on his return from the ropes … INSIDE CRADLE …


    …KICK OUT…

    RVD pops out, and both men stand up but Van Dam - looking to listen to the building reaction from the fans - is caught off guard by Jericho, who opens up right away with a vicious knife edge chop!! Jericho backs RVD up with the chop, and Jericho unleashes a torrent of chops, into the corner, softening his opponent up.

    Jericho sends RVD across the ring to the opposite corner - charging across after him, but before RVD can hit, he pushes up onto the ropes, and pushes out, over Jericho, out of the corner, then BLASTS Jericho with a straight right hand!!! Jericho wobbles into the corner after the right hand, and holds his jaw, looking stunned by the shot.

    Van Dam remains in a fighting stance, whilst Jericho rubs his jaw, angered by the right hand, and clearly says to RVD; “WHAT‘S THAT ABOUT??” before angrily shoving RVD. Coach comments that it looks like the friendly façade is gone, as Van Dam appears surprised by the shove, and motions to Jericho about his knife edge chops that came first, and shoves Jericho back, returning the favour.

    Jericho looks furious after being shoved into the corner again, and shakes his head, mouthing; “THAT‘S IT, YA SON OF A BITCH!!” and Jericho steams out of the corner, throwing a right hand, with RVD striking right back with one of his own, and the two men begin to slug it out, trading right hands back and forth, into a frenzy - hammering at each other relentlessly, until Jericho slows RVD with a knee to the gut.

    RVD doubles over, and Jericho pushes him into the corner, opening up with knife edge chops again before sending RVD off the ropes, ducking down for the return … but Van Dam rolls off the back of Jericho, then attempts to catch Jericho with a spin kick, but Jericho ducks under … and surprises RVD with a school boy roll up …



    Van Dam escapes the pin, and once back to his feet, he ducks an incoming Jericho, then meets him on the return with a right hand!!! RVD opens up with a plethora of right hands to Jericho, forcing Y2J into the corner, then drops down, driving a few shoulders into the gut, before leaping back out, and sends Jericho across the ring, racing across, looking for a MONKEY FLIP …

    … But Jericho has it scouted, and blocks it, grabbing the legs, and as RVD hit’s the mat, JERICHO ATTEMPTS TO APPLY THE WALLS OF JERICHO … BUT RVD BLOCKS IT!!! The fans get a little more excited, watching RVD squirm to avoid the submission, despite Jericho desperately trying to get a firm grasp of the legs … but RVD successfully escapes, rolling away from Jericho.

    Getting to his feet, RVD meets Jericho with a kick to the gut, then looks for another kick - caught by Jericho, and Jericho spins Van Dam around … but RVD catches Jericho with a mule kick as he spins. Jericho is slowed by the kick, and it allows RVD to follow up with a series of his martial art style kicks, before finishing up with a spin kick right to the mush of Jericho!!! Cover;


    …KICK OUT…

    Van Dam doesn’t dwell over the kick out, quickly getting back to his feet, looking down at Jericho on the mat - then nods, before taking off, hitting the ropes … as the fans rise in expectation, telegraphing what’s coming … as RVD rebounds back off the ropes with a ROLLING THUNDER … BUT JERICHO GETS HIS KNEES UP!!!!!

    The Whole Damn Show writhes away in agony, slapping the mat and holding his back, rolling to the outside to give himself a chance to recover. With Jericho getting back to his feet, RVD grimaces in pain on the outside, leaning against the ring apron. Jericho stands and waits in the ring, watching as RVD pulls himself back onto the ring apron … and once he does, JERICHO LOOKS FOR A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK - BUT RVD DUCKS!!!!!

    Jericho crashes and burns on the mat, rolling out of the ring himself, with Joey Styles pointing out that both men appear to have the other well scouted with a number of counters and reversals to some of each mans signature offence. RVD gets back in the ring, looking down on Jericho on the outside … then takes off, hitting the ropes … AND DELIVERS A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO JERICHO ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!

    Phoenix explodes for the high risk spot from the Whole Damn Show, and Styles proclaims that THAT is why RVD is Mr. PPV. Van Dam soaks up the adulation, and for the third time - performs the thumb taunt for the fans. He then reaches down, picking Jericho up from the ground, rolling him back in the ring. RVD himself then climbs onto the apron, and proceeds to the top turnbuckle, waiting for Jericho to get up, and once his is, Van Dam flies with a kick off the top!!!!!



    …KICK OUT…

    RVD shakes his head at the kick out, and refocuses, getting back up, bringing Jericho with him. He keeps Jericho subdued with a few short punches, backing his opponent into the ropes, sending Jericho off, but Jericho ducks a clothesline on his return, then, as RVD ducks down, Jericho leaps over him, off the ropes again, coming back … and cracks RVD with a flying forearm!!!

    Jericho pumps the air off the move, looking to get the fans on-side, then gets back at Van Dam, choking him in the ropes, pressing his knee into the back of RVD, softening him up, then shouts to the fans; “C‘MON BAY-BAY!!!” and takes off, hitting the ropes, coming back with a running knee to the back, crushing RVD against the ropes.

    RVD writhes on the mat, holding his throat, selling the knee that crushed him on the ropes. Meanwhile, Jericho is planning his next attack, and hoists himself onto the middle turnbuckle, waiting for Van Dam to get back up … and once he’s up, Van Dam staggers around - right into a reverse elbow off the middle rope from Chris Jericho!!!

    Jericho then stands up, and watches RVD getting back to his feet, and Y2J wants the running bulldog, but as he rushes in behind RVD, Van Dam throws him off, into the ropes, then stuns Jericho - NAILING HIM with a spinning heel kick to knock Jericho down!!! Van Dam looks down at Jericho, then up at the corner, leaping up top into position for a moonsault-


    The fans groan at the fall, but Jericho shows no regret, and he now climbs to the top rope, perching himself up top … in wait of RVD, with the Whole Damn Show struggling back to his feet … and Jericho flies from the top rope with a SPLASH TO RVD ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

    J.R bellows on commentary that both men are putting it all on the line tonight, holding nothing back, as Jericho struggles back to his feet, dragging RVD with him, and attempts to send his opponent into the barrier with an Irish whip - but Van Dam somehow summons the energy to reverse the whip, and he sends Jericho into the barrier instead!!!!!

    Jericho winces upon impact, immediately clutching his back, whilst RVD sells the effects of the bad landing he took just moments ago. Still, Van Dam realises he cant let up, and kicks Jericho in the gut, before hooking him into a suplex position, getting Jericho up - then HANGS JERICHO UP OVER THE BARRIER - CRUSHING HIS MID SECTION!!!

    Van Dam turns around, motioning for the fans to raise the roof, then he climbs up onto the barrier, taking a look around, wanting to get the fans rocking in anticipation … before delivering a leg drop off the apron across the neck of the hung up Jericho!!! Jericho spills onto the mats at ringside, but RVD isn’t done there, and he looks down at Jericho, before climbing back onto the barrier … THEN MOONSAULTS OFF IT ONTO JERICHO!!!!!!

    The fans chant “R-V-D … R-V-D … R-V-D” in unison for the classic, ECW era offence of Van Dam, and the former WWE Champion rushes to get Jericho up and rolls him into the ring, crawling in after him, and looks to hook the leg for the cover;


    …KICK OUT…

    Jericho survives, and RVD looks disappointed, shaking his head, but pushes on, getting to his feet, dragging Jericho to his feet to, before snapping off a quick vertical suplex. Instead of a cover though, Van Dam uses the suplex as a set up for a second attempt at the ROLLING THUNDER … AND THIS TIME DELIVERS THE ROLLING THUNDER!!!!! The fans pop for the signature offence - and this time, there was nothing Jericho could do to avoid it!!! Cover;



    Again, RVD looks disappointed, shaking his head, asking the referee about the count, but once more, he pushes on. The Whole Damn Show gets back to his feet, and brings Jericho up with him too, softening him up with a few short right hands, before sending him off the ropes, and has it in his mind to catch him on the return with a front dropkick … But Van Dam dropkicks thin air - Jericho held onto the ropes to prevent the return!!!

    Van Dam crashes back first onto the mat, and Jericho spots his opportunity … AND SEIZES IT - HE GRABS THE LEGS, AND TURNS RVD OVER … WALLS OF JERICHO LOCKED ON!!!!!!! Jericho has his patented submission hold locked on, and sits back immediately … WITH VAN DAM STUCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!!

    He yells out in agony, his hands around his head, and trying to block out the pain, desperately thinking of a way to free himself, but has nowhere to go, as Jericho SYNCHES BACK!!!!! RVD tries to claw his way to the ropes, but has to contend with Jericho YELLING at him to ‘TAP’, over and over … wanting the submission … whilst RVD desperately reaches his arms out, looking to claw his way to the ropes, desperately searching for his sanctuary, and safety.

    The eyes close, with RVD shaking his head in desperation, with Jericho trying to increase the pressure by driving a knee into his back. RVD is in a world of trouble now, and makes a final push … REACHING … AND GRABBING THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!! A big pop develops inside the stadium, with the fans delighted for the match to continue, with Jericho having to let go of the hold, but looks furious at having to do so …

    And indeed, Jericho initially DOESN’T let go - and with RVD holding the ropes, Jericho leans back, taking the count to FOUR before he finally relents!!! A number of fans boo the unsportsmanlike conduct of Jericho, who is given a stern warning by Jack Doan, and the Canadian does apologise - clearly getting caught up in the moment.

    On commentary though, it hasn’t gone unnoticed, and The Coach mentions that that was a sign of the ‘old’ Chris Jericho - and he welcomes it. Jericho meanwhile, shrugs off his ill-manners, brushing past the official, as he gets back to work, nailing Van Dam with more knife edge chops against the ropes, not allowing RVD to recover, then sends his opponent to the corner …

    … But instead of hitting the corner, RVD leaps up to the middle rope, and attempts a splash back out at Jericho - but Jericho is waiting for it this time and kicks him in the gut!! RVD doubles over, and Y2J applies a double underhook, getting Van Dam up … DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER!!!!! RVD crumbles upon impact, especially after the Walls of Jericho just moments ago. Hook of the leg from Jericho…

    ………KICK OUT………

    “GOD DAMMIT!!” yells Jericho off the kick out, and his frustration is building, but he keeps his cool. He brings Van Dam up to his feet, and sends him into the corner - and this time, RVD doesn’t have a fancy athletic feat to avoid it, and hit’s the corner hard, bouncing back out, with Jericho coming off the ropes - RUNNING BULLDOG!!! Without missing a beat, Jericho turns his attention to the ropes … LIONSAULT-


    Jericho rolls away, clutching his ribs in agony, as RVD prevents the Lionsault, and gets to his feet, wanting another spin kick - BUT JERICHO DUCKS … GRIPS RVD FROM BEHIND - AND DELIVERS A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! AND JERICHO BRIDGES UP UPON IMPACT - AND RVD’S SHOULDERS ARE DOWN … Jack Doane makes the count…



    Jericho is again in a state of disbelief!!! He slaps the mat in frustration and argues the count with Jack Doan as he climbs back to his feet … but the official tells him “TWO”, much to the chagrin of the Canadian. Jericho watches as RVD struggles back to his feet, and looks to finish the job … GOING FOR A CODEBREAKER - BLOCKED BY VAN DAM!!!!!

    Using his hands to defend himself, RVD blocks the finisher, and Jericho lands hard on the canvas without success!!! RVD instantly follows up, and crashes down on Jericho with a quick leg drop!!! Van Dam spins back to his feet … and leaps to the top rope … SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT!!!!!! The fans pop for another signature RVD spot, and he has the cover…


    ………KICK OUT………

    Van Dam is the one that cant believe it now, and he holds up three fingers in the direction of the official, but gets a shake of the head in return, and two fingers to indicate the kick out. RVD allows himself a wry smile, and bounces up to his feet, taking one more look around the stadium, and nods - as if they should know what’s coming next.

    RVD leaps up to the top rope again, with the fans rising, expecting a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH … but Jericho is stirring, and it forces RVD to change plans, and he instead leaps off with an axe handle attempt … BUT JERICHO MEETS HIM WITH A KICK TO THE GUT!!! Jericho then trips the legs … WALLS OF JERICHO-


    Van Dam kicks Jericho away!!! Jericho tumbles backward into the corner, and RVD gets back up, rushing into the corner with a clothesline, then bounces out, and races in again - and this time delivers the MONKEY FLIP!!! And it’s a perfect set up for the FIVE STAR!!!!! Van Dam leaps up top, readying himself … but as he does … a desperate Jericho KICKS THE REFEREE INTO THE ROPES!!!!


    On commentary, all three speculate if it was an intentional move from Jericho - and Coach is convinced it was. RVD slowly tumbles from the top, and onto the mat, clutching his mid section in pain. Jericho gets back to his feet, protesting his innocence to Jack Doan, hands up innocently, claiming he didn’t realise what he was doing, with Doan just about buying it.

    Jericho looks to help RVD back to his feet, apologising profusely for his ‘mistake’, with RVD worse for wear following his bump to the floor. Van Dam shoves Jericho away, telling him to bring it on, and Jericho obliges, coming at RVD - but Van Dam blocks the shot, and fires off one of his own, then ducks a swing from Jericho, kicking him in the gut.

    Jericho doubles over, with RVD looking to bounce onto the middle rope and spring back with a kick, but he kicks fresh air; JERICHO SIDE STEPS HIM … and as RVD spins around; ~BAM!! Jericho connects with the step up Enziguri, putting the Whole Damn show down on the mat. Jericho quickly bounces up, glancing down at RVD … before pointing to the ropes, and takes off; LIONSAULT … CONNECTS!!!!!


    Jericho cant believe it - and neither can the fans or our commentary team, stunned by the actions of Jericho … and it appears Jericho has lost it!!! He argues the count with Doan before he shakes his head in frustration, muttering obscenities, with J.R shouting; “What has gotten into Jericho here???” Jericho continues to look out of ideas, walking around the ring, waiting for RVD to get up again.

    Van Dam stirs, and Jericho looks to swarm him again, coming for another attempt at the running bulldog … but RVD shoves Jericho away, off the ropes, meeting him on the return with a spin kick!!! Jericho goes down, and RVD looks around - getting cheers of approval - the fans know what to expect. Van Dam leaps up top, positioning himself for the Five Star Fro-


    Jericho is back up, and comes racing up the ropes, looking to bring The Whole Damn Show down, but RVD fights Jericho off, shoving him back to the mat … as Jericho lands on his feet … then HOBBLES away!!! Jericho limps, screaming out in agony, as Jack Doan steps in, asking Jericho what the problem is. Jericho holds his leg in pain, shaking his head … whilst RVD looks confused up top.

    A few boos are heard from the fans for the break in action, as Doan motions for a trainer to come to the ring, with Jericho burying his head on the top rope, groaning in agony, being heard on camera saying; “I heard it pop!!”, with Styles speculating that Jericho maybe just blew out his knee. RVD looks around from up top, as if to ask the fans what to do, as we see Jericho leaning on the ropes, shaking his head in anguish.

    With the fans quiet - unsure what to think of this unfortunate sequence of events, RVD climbs down off the top, and after being initially dubious about the legitimacy of the injury, he looks worried for Jericho, coming to ask his opponent if he is okay - CODEBREAKER!!!!!!!!! Jericho was playing possum!!!!! He scrambles quickly into the cover, looking completely fine, as Doan is initially confused … but has to make the count!!!



    Joey Styles: Chris Jericho has won this match - but NOT without controversy.

    Jim Ross: A blatant piece of skulduggery. A pre-meditated action from Chris Jericho that swung the momentum of this match. What in the hell was Chris Jericho thinking?? Why?? Why did he do it?? Why feign an injury like that??

    The Coach: Maybe he’s just a quick healer, J.R??

    Jim Ross: Pull the other one, Coach!! Why would Jericho ruin what was shaping up to be something special?? Why??

    Jericho revels in the moment, having his arm raised by the unwitting official, and with a grin on his face, it’s pretty clear that Jericho didn’t miraculously recover from an injury - he staged the whole thing and meant everything he just did - and he appears to be enjoying the heat from the pissed off fans.

    The Coach: Because he’s seen what it takes to be a success in this day and age, J.R!! He had enough of the holier than thou crap - it got him nowhere - and the proof?? It’s in the pudding!!

    Joey Styles: He’s a hypocrite. That’s what Jericho is, Coach!! He came here saying his intention was to steal the show with RVD - and they were well on their way to perhaps doing just that … and he ruined it. Jericho double crossed RVD!!

    Jericho then peers down at his beaten foe, with a look of disdain for Van Dam, before taking his leave, and departing the ring, whilst RVD squirms in pain - still feeling the effects of the Codebreaker moments ago.

    The Coach: Oh, what did you want him to do, Joey?? Lay down for your boy RVD?? Gimme a break - it’s Wrestle Mania - Jericho wasn’t takin any chances here tonight, and I’ve found some new respect for him. Kudos Jericho!!

    Jim Ross: Kudos?? Gimme a break!! Jericho had the chance - win or lose - to do something memorable here tonight. He had the chance with RVD to open this show up in style and put on a classic … and he decided to ruin the whole thing. Asshole!!

    The Coach: But he did do something memorable, J.R - he won!!

    RVD begins to pull himself up on the ropes, looking out of the ring, watching as Jericho departs with his arms raised in victory … with RVD fuming, having been screwed over in the opening match tonight…

    Joey Styles: My heart goes out to RVD here tonight. Double crossed by Jericho … more anguish at WrestleMania for the Whole Damn Show. But right now, let’s take it back to Kelly Kelly, who is standing by with a man who will be hoping that their night wont end so badly … Kelly??

    Standing by is KELLY KELLY, with the backstage announcer smiling broadly, getting cheers and wolf whistles from the fans. Because. Kelly Kelly…

    Kelly Kelly: HEY!! It’s Kelly Kelly!! And right now, I’m with one of the eight men set to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match tonight; the NEW Intercontinental Champion, please welcome, Matt Hardy!!!

    The camera pans to show MATT HARDY getting a pop as he is shown for the first time, with the Intercontinental Title on his shoulder.

    Kelly Kelly: Matt, it’s been quite a week for you since Monday night on Raw. You won back the Intercontinental Championship from one of your seven opponents tonight; Brent Albright. And on Friday, you successfully retained the title against Albright again. With all that momentum, do you believe that the time is now for you to step up, and become Mister Money in the Bank??

    Hardy ponders momentarily, before answering.

    Matt Hardy: Kelly, ever since I was a kid, I dreamed of being World Champion. I’ve fought from day one, and I’ve held many titles over the years. Right now, I’m Intercontinental Champion. And if that’s as good as I ever am, I’ll not be disappointed. This is one of the most coveted championships in wrestling. But … that said … I know I’m good enough. I’m good enough to be a World Champion, Kelly. And I’ve been in enough Ladder matches to know how to not survive in them … but THRIVE!!!

    Small pop in the background. Hardy takes a moment to pause, nodding at the reaction, before speaking again…

    Matt Hardy: And tonight, I’m counting on all that experience to carry me through Money in the Bank … to defeat seven other hungry wolves. I’m willin to put my body on the line. I have to. That’s what this match is all about. And that’s what I’M all about!!!

    Then, JEFF HARDY - Matt’s brother, arrives on the scene, patting his brother on the back, getting a pop from the fans … and he checks out Kelly too, then offers Kelly a wink, before getting to the point.

    Jeff Hardy: We’ve been through hundreds of these matches, bro. You know what you gotta do out there!! Now go out there - and DO IT!!! Do it for dad, do it for me … but most importantly …

    Jeff slaps the chest of his brother, geeing him up.

    Jeff Hardy: Do it for YOU!!!

    Jeff prods his finger into the chest of Matt. Matt nods, and hugs his brother, as the picture fades out…

    And, back at ringside … Jim Ross, The Coach and Joey Styles are all keyed up for the camera…

    Joey Styles: Certainly, it looks like Matt Hardy means business tonight ahead of the Money in the Bank ladder match. That still to come later tonight - but before we came on the air, over at for the ninety minutes leading to the show, there was a whole lot of action.

    Jim Ross: Indeed there was Joey, and thankfully, there was no controversy in the three matches prior to coming on the air here, unlike our opening contest…

    Clips now play of the quick fire, six person tag match, where the up-and-coming Hart Legacy defeated Americas Most Wanted & Michelle McCool, thanks to Natalya and a Sharpshooter getting the submission from McCool.

    The Coach: And it’s been a pretty rough couple of months for AMW. From a thirteen month reign as tag team champions, to losing to these three at WrestleMania. How the mighty have fallen!!

    Joey Styles: It’s a huge win for the Hart Legacy, who keep the Hart family tradition going strong with a win on their debut at WrestleMania. And after that, we had ourselves a hellacious twenty four man - or should I say twenty three man and one WO-man battle royal!!!

    Clips air from the Battle Royal, focusing initially on Beth Phoenix running to the ring as the final entrant, and eliminating Kid Kash before being cruelly tossed out herself by Mark Henry.

    Jim Ross: And certainly, Beth Phoenix - the only female competitor in the match, gave a hell of a showing by eliminating Kid Kash .. Before she fell victim; like many others, to Mark Henry.

    Joey Styles: And she wasn’t the only one that Henry tossed outta there, J.R. All in all, Mark Henry eliminated EIGHT people. More than anyone else, by quite some distance too.

    Then, some of the more high risk eliminations too, starting with Xavier Woods getting beat up by everyone, before being tossed out of the ring, Nick Nemeth taking a huge bump when being tossed by Mark Henry, and Damien Sandow being chucked out by William Regal whilst performing his “Elbow of Disdain”.

    The Coach: Shout out to my boy, Big Zeke, who gave a hell of an effort in there, and it took two men to throw him out - two cowards; those two jumping bean Los Latinos!! And I have half a mind to get my gear on and challenge those two to a tag match, right here.

    Jim Ross: Oh, good god, please no - spare us, Coach.

    The Coach: I will - but only because I like how this suit looks.

    Clips air with the Battle Royal coming down to the final four of Mark Henry, Shelton Benjamin, Jeff Hardy and Jamie Noble. Noble valiantly puts up a fight against Henry - before all three try to eliminate the Worlds Strongest Man … but Henry soon tosses Hardy and Noble … leaving just Henry and Benjamin.

    Joey Styles: Well, that aside, it came down to the final two of Mark Henry and the returning Shelton Benjamin, and after taking quite the beating from Henry, Benjamin battled back, forcing Theodore Long to try and take matters into his own hands…

    Theodore Long tries to intervene by getting on the apron, just as Benjamin is rocking Henry … but as Shelton grabs Long, Henry rushes in - Benjamin side steps him, with Henry hitting his manager!! Benjamin then cracks Henry with a Dragon Whip, and Henry tumbles back … with Benjamin dumping him out!!!

    Jim Ross: And in the end, it was Shelton Benjamin comin out on top, scoring a huge win!! What a week for Shelton after three months on the shelf at the hands of the Worlds Strongest Man!! Revenge, certainly was sweet tonight for the Black Diamond!!

    Joey Styles: And then, it was onto the main event of the freeview pre-show - the first title match of the day, between the two best tag teams on Smackdown; MNM defending the titles against the Caribbean Connection.

    Clips air of the grandiose entrance for MNM with an extra long red carpet and lots of feathers for Melina, before a handshake at the beginning of the match, followed by a lot of high flying offence from both teams.

    Jim Ross: And there was no sneak tactics, no backstabbing ago - these two teams went out there with the utmost respect for one another, and in the end, the best team won.

    Carlito and Kofi try to set up the Backcracker from Paradise, but Nitro pulls Mercury out of harms way from the kick, then tosses Kofi out of the ring, catching Carlito with a thrust kick of his own, before MNM finish Carlito off with a Snapshot.

    The Coach: Four saps if you ask me. I don’t know what Melina sees in those two goons!!

    Joey Styles: It was a great spectacle, Coach - one that these fans in attendance dug from start to finish!!

    Jim Ross: And comin up in just a second, I think the fans in Phoenix are gonna dig the hell outta this Womens Championship match!!

    The Coach: Oh boy, oh boy!! This is gonna be something!!

    Jim Ross: The unhinged, split personality of Mickie James or Alexis Laree - depending on the weather - has caused all kinds of grief for the Womens Champion Gail Kim, ever since Gail defeated Mickie for the Womens Title…

    In the ring, Howard Finkel is standing by, ready to go, as the bell is rung…

    Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall … AND it is for the WWE WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP!!!…


    In a change of attire, Mickie James has ditched the frilly skirt and top combo that she has adorned from day one since debuting two years ago, and tonight, is wearing more traditional gear of spandex tights. She still skips out - a jarring visual to associate with the unbalanced schizophrenic.

    Jim Ross: And there is the former four time Womens Champion, attempting to become champion for the fifth time in just two short years in the WWE - but in recent months, we’ve seen a side to this young woman that’s frankly unsettling.

    Joey Styles: Unsettling is an understatement, J.R. Mickie James is flat out psycho.

    The Coach: I think we can all agree on that.

    Mickie jogs down the ramp and aisle, waving to the fans - blissfully unaware of the negative reaction she’s getting from the 70,000+ in attendance.

    Howard Finkel: Introducing first; the CHALLENGER; from Richmond Virginia … MICKIE JAMES!!!

    Jim Ross: And let’s just remember - this woman SHOULD be receiving treatment. She’s clinically off the wall. Mickie James is clearly suffering from some kind of split-personality disorder, which was heightened by her loss to Gail Kim a few months ago when she lost the title. JBL though, our esteemed General Manager wouldn’t sign off on Mickie James receiving the treatment she desperately needs!!!

    Joey Styles: Citing “business needs” of course, J.R. JBL didn’t want Mickie missing out on WrestleMania - regardless of the risk to the wellbeing of her co-workers, it’s all about the bottom line to JBL.

    The Coach: In fairness, are you two not interested in seeing how this unfolds?? Are you not intrigued by seeing which version of Mickie James - or Alexis Laree - shows up here tonight??

    Jim Ross: These are human beings we’re talking about here, Coach. For God’s sake - there’s more important things than ogling a poor young woman’s breakdown in front of the entire world. She needs help!!!

    Mickie waits in the ring - still smiling peculiarly - as she awaits the arrival of the champion…


    In a rather understated entrance, the Womens Champion walks out in a baby blue outfit, raising the title belt for all the fans to see - with no protective mask on her face despite the broken nose she suffered just three weeks ago on Raw at the hands of the deranged challenger.

    Howard Finkel: AND, her opponent, from Toronto Ontario Canada … she is the WWE Womens Championnn … GAILLL KIM!!!!!

    Joey Styles: Against doctors orders, Gail Kim has ditched the protective mask she had been wearing for her recently broken nose tonight - and the Womens Champion told me earlier that the reason is that she didn’t want to give Mickie James an easy place to target.

    The Coach: But the fact remains she’s at less than a hundred per cent, guys. And taking on a loose cannon like Mickie, you cant afford to be giving anything away!!

    Jim Ross: And you gotta believe that Gail will look to try and end this early and minimize any damage she may suffer to her tender face. The longer this goes, the more trouble she’ll be in if you ask me.

    Gail pauses at the ringside area, looking up at the challenger who oddly waves - like they’re still friends … and probably believes they still are. The official steps in, and forces Mickie back, who argues with him - confused why he’d back her away from her friend.

    Jim Ross: Look at this!! Mickie is completely ignorant to the fact of the pain and suffering she’s caused Gail Kim!! She thinks they’re still friends!!!
    Joey Styles: This is really uncomfortable for me to watch, J.R. I don’t know about you guys. Mickie shouldn’t be here - she should be getting help.

    Jim Ross: I couldn’t agree more.

    Eventually, the champion enters the ring, handing the title over, as we get set for the first title match of the evening - on the Pay Per View portion of the event at least.

    Womens Championship Match:

    Gail Kim vs. Mickie James
    The bell rings and the two ladies are brought to the middle of the ring by Marty Elias, who dishes out some last minute instructions - whilst Mickie James, offering out a handshake to the woman she has tortured for weeks … acting as if they’re still friends … but Gail is beyond pity for her deranged challenger and SLAPS Micke’s hand away!!!

    Mickie looks stunned and confused - but doesn’t have time to think about it - GAIL GOES RIGHT ON THE ATTACK!!! Unleashing her fury, Gail hammers the challenger with repeated blows in the corner … but Mickie doesn’t try to defend herself … she just allows herself to take the stiff forearm shots, before the official steps in to break them up.

    Gail - fired up - demands Mickie to “COME ON!!!”, willing the challenger to fight her … but instead, Mickie stands in the corner, holding her jaw, looking crestfallen, and looks at the champion, shaking her head; “Why would you do that to me, Gail??” is the message from Mickie, but Gail pours forward, with no more sorrow for the unbalanced challenger, and rips into her again!!

    Mickie cries out for Gail to stop, telling her “You‘re hurting me!!”, and she begs off, crouching down in the corner, with Gail being held back by Marty Elias again - much to the chagrin of the fans. Gail herself is frustrated by the stop-start nature of the match … but the official is worried about the mental state of the challenger, talking with her in the corner, and Mickie is heard telling him; “I thought she was my friend. She‘s hurting me!!”

    Elias stands up, and approaches Gail, talking to her - presumably about the mental condition of her challenger - and he appears to be wanting to call the match off … WHEN MICKIE EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER AND BASHES GAIL WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE FACE!!! Maniacally, Mickie giggles at the big boot - and appears to have snapped into her other personality.

    The challenger picks Gail up, and oddly toys with Gails hair, whispering to her - but Gail sparks back into life, catching Mickie with an elbow, then drives a knee to the gut, and attempts a whip to the corner, but the challenger reverses it, sending Gail into the corner instead, then rushes in after her - but Gail swings out through the ropes, leaving Mickie to hit the buckles, stumbling out, as Gail climbs up top … FLYING OFF AND CONNECTING WITH A HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP!!!!! She covers…

    ………KICK OUT………

    Mickie throws a shoulder up to survive, but it’s Gail that’s in charge, and she isn’t interested in letting her unhinged foe get time to recover. The champion gets up, hitting the ropes, and dropkicks her kneeling opponent. Gail pulls Mickie back up, and sends her into the corner, following in - BUT IS MET WITH AN ELBOW FROM THE CHALLENGER!!! Gail stumbles back, and Mickie delivers a side kick to the gut of the champion, then catches her with a nice spin kick!! Now, Mickie makes the cover…


    Mickie - with a peculiar look on her face, reaches down to pick Gail Kim back up … but reaches for her HAIR, and DRAGS the champion up by her ROOTS, forcing Gail to grimace, before Mickie SLAMS the champions face off the canvas in brutal fashion. Giggling, Mickie stalks Gail as the champion turns away and crawls to the corner, with the challenger eventually choking Gail in the corner with her boot.

    Gail flails her arms to push Mickie away, but cant force the challenger off - with the referee being the one to eventually step in and force the break. Innocently, the challenger backs off with her hands up, before reaching back in and dragging Gail to her feet. Mickie shoots Gail off across the ring to the opposite corner, and follows in - but as she does, the champion has the wherewithal to push up, and over the incoming challenger, coming out with a roll through …



    The challenger escapes the pinning predicament, and both bounce up, but it’s the energized champion that is quickest to respond, delivering a clothesline to knock Mickie off her feet … and follows up with a slam. Feeding off her own comeback, Gail makes her way to the ring apron, and climbs up the turnbuckles to go up top, positioning herself for a MOONSAULT …


    The sixty thousand plus react massively for the huge spot, with Gail hitting the barrier from the top rope with a sick thud. Despite being the architect of the champions downfall, Mickie doesn’t look too pleased with her actions … and in fact looks CONCERNED for the champion!!?? Covering her mouth, Mickie shakes her head, and grabs the official, shouting; “IS SHE OKAY???”

    All three commentators point out the odd demeanour of Mickie James, as they watch her roll out of the ring, looking to TEND to the ailing champion. She kneels down, stroking the hair of Gail Kim, cradling her, asking Gail if she is okay, before demanding the official gets help for the champion.

    Mickie places her head under the arm of Gail, and with some cajoling, gets the referee to do the same under the other arm, and they help Gail to her feet, as faint “BULLSHIT” chants begin to fill the arena … with Mickie and Marty Elias walking Gail toward the aisle way … when Mickie suddenly shifts, then FLATTENS GAIL WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    Elias does an over the top jump as a reaction to the clothesline from Mickie - and the mentally unhinged challenger once again flips the switch!! Mickie goes from sympathetic friend to psycho bitch in a heartbeat, and begins to crazily stomp the leg of the struggling champion.

    Elias tries to step in but Mickie SNAPS at him, and screams in his face for the official to “BACK OFF!!!”, and Elias again is freaked out by the crazed challenger. Mickie mutters as she brings Gail to her feet, rolling her back inside the ring, following in and making the cover, whilst yelling at the uncomfortable looking official to “MAKE THE COUNT!!!”

    ………SHOULDER UP………

    Gail kicks out, much to the chagrin of Mickie, and the unbalanced challenger gets to her feet again, stomping the legs of Gail, targeting a weak spot in the champion. Mickie drags Gail to the edge of the ring, and rolls out herself, before slamming the leg off the edge of the ring apron - not once, not twice - but three consecutive times. Gail rolls away, clutching her leg, whilst Mickie turns away on the floor, laughing maniacally.

    The challenger rolls back inside, stomping the leg some more, then drops a few elbows to the point of the knee, before lifting the leg - with the champion unable to fight Mickie off - and the challenger goes on to apply the rarely seen STRETCH MUFFLER submission hold. Mickie cranks on the hold, ripping at the leg, with Gail screaming in pain, before the challenger nonchalantly tosses the champion aside.

    Gail rolls around in pain, whilst Mickie continues to giggle at her actions, enjoying inflicting pain on the champion. On commentary, all three men are in unison; Mickie James has a screw loose … though Coach oddly admits that he’s starting to find this side of Mickie pretty hot, and that call gets audible groans from both J.R and Styles.

    Mickie waits for Gail to stand up, then kicks the leg, dropping Gail to a knee, with the champion crying out in pain. Mickie drags Gail up, talking trash to the champion before tossing her into the corner. Mickie follows in, grabbing Gail by the face, yelling at her; “IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!! WE COULD‘VE BEEN FRIENDS, GAIL!!!” Mickie releases her hand from Gails face, and takes a step back, trying to compose herself…


    Out of the corner, Gail Kim launches into the challenger with forearms, rocking Mickie into the opposite corner, her head bouncing back from the ferocity of the forearms from the fired up champion. Gail then switches to right hands, unloading on Mickie. Gail then shoots the challenger across the ring to the other corner, following in with a clothesline, squashing Mickie. Gail turns, running the ropes, and back in at Mickie in the corner, squashing her with a dropkick!!!

    Gail is back up immediately, running the ropes again, back in at Mickie James, and squashes the challenger in the corner once more with a cross body into the corner!!! Gail climbs back to her feet, and receives a HUGE ovation from the fans for the lightning quick comeback. Now, with the adrenaline wearing off, Gail begins to sell her leg, rubbing her knee and wincing, as she pushes through the pain to keep her momentum going.

    The champion climbs onto the apron and up the turnbuckles, perching herself up top - with J.R questioning if this is wise given her injured leg - and she waits for Mickie to get up … and flies off the top with the MISSILE DROPKICK to the challenger!!!!! Gail crawls into the cover…



    Gail sits on her knees, breathing heavy, shaking her head, believing she had it won at that point. She slowly reaches her feet, again with a slight limp … but she pushes through the pain in her leg, and begins to stalk the challenger, willing the dazed Mickie James up to her feet … and grabs her arm, putting her foot to the chin … EAT DEFEAT - NO!!!!!!! MICKIE SHOVES THE FOOT AWAY, AND GAIL CRASHES ONTO THE MAT … WITH MICKIE QUICKLY DROPPING AN ELBOW ONTO GAIL!!!!!

    The reversal takes the wind out of the sails of the fans in the stadium, with Mickie now back in charge, and now SHE is looking to put the finishing touches on Gail, sizing her up as she climbs back to her feet … MICK KICK - NO!!!! GAIL DUCKS, AND THEN CHARGES MICKIE, RAMMING HER INTO THE CORNER!!!!!

    Gail backs out, then charges back in … BUT MICKIE GETS A BOOT UP!!!! Gail is knocked loopy from the boot, as Mickie hoists herself onto the top rope … then comes off - WITH A HURRICANRANA TO GAIL OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!! The fans do indeed pop for the high flying spot from the psychotic heel, with Mickie getting to her feet with a wide grin on her face - delighted to be getting cheers!!!

    Mickie raises her arm giving a thumbs up to the fans, ala Jim Duggan, believing she has won them over, and then drags Gail to her feet, signalling for the MICKIE-T … but then the fans BOO!!! Mickie’s expression drops, and the unbalanced challenger looks confused at the change of reaction from the fans … which gives Gail Kim the opening to counter out of the DDT position, AND GOES FOR EAT DEFEAT AGAIN …






    Both women race to get to their feet first, with Gail slowed by a split second due to her ongoing problem with her leg … and it allows Mickie to strike first - WITH THE MICK KICK!!!!! Mickie drops into a cover …



    Mickie cant believe it!!! She rolls onto the mat, kicking her legs and SCREAMING as she rips her nails down her own face in anguish, unable to believe that Gail kicked out. Sitting back up, Mickie has pierced some of HER OWN skin after raking her nails down her face - such is her fury. She sits and looks at Gail, screaming at the champion on the mat; “WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!!???”

    The challenger then mounts Gail, and begins to wail on her with rights and lefts, yelling undecipherable words as she does, with Marty Elias having to physically drag Mickie off. Mickie then nearly snaps on the official, screaming in HIS face to back off, as the camera gets a close up of the manic challenger; hair frazzled, mascara all over her face, make up ragged, with scratch marks all over her face - self inflicted scratch marks.

    Elias looks concerned for Mickie himself, as she then turns away, reaching down to pick Gail back up. She stands in position, and takes a few deep threats, before raising an arm … looking for the MICKIE-T … SHE LEAPS UP … BUT GAIL SPINS OUT!!! MICKIE LANDS BACK ON THE MAT … SWINGS A CLOTHESLINE … GAIL DUCKS, THROWS HER LEG UP … EAT DEFEAT TO THE CHALLENGER!!!!!!!!!! Gail covers…



    Jim Ross: SHE GOT IT!!! GAIL KIM GOT HER!!!

    Joey Styles: Thank Gawd!!! Hopefully now, Mickie James can get the help she clearly needs!!!

    Gail has a look of relief on her face, having taken a real pounding for a lot of the match, sitting on her knees, clutching the title belt graciously, kissing the centrepiece of it, before standing up and having her arm raised in the air.

    The Coach: I gotta feel for Mickie here, guys. Sure, she’s probably insane, and yeah, she should be locked away somewhere … but she poured out her heart and soul out here to win back that title.

    Joey Styles: She poured more than that, Coach. She tore the flesh off her OWN skin. That’s how crazy this woman is!!!

    Gail is quickly ushered out of the ring, as Mickie comes around on the mat. The champion leaves, taking a glance back over her shoulder as she proceeds up the ramp.

    Jim Ross: We may want to get security out here to escort Mickie James from the ring. That may be a good idea, if anyone in the back is listening. And you may want to give her a first class ticket to the nearest mental health facility.

    The Coach: Don’t be so callous, J.R!! Cant you see this poor woman is upset??

    Jim Ross: Since when did you become a fan of Mickie James, Coach??

    The Coach: I’ve always spoke highly of her, J.R.

    Jim Ross: Well, be that as it may, Gail Kim will leave Phoenix with the Womens Championship in tact, and as you said earlier, Joey, perhaps now, Mickie can get the professional help she clearly needs.

    Joey Styles: Absolutely. And once again, congratulations to Gail Kim. That was not an easy position she was in tonight. Gail Kim not only had to overcome a world class athlete, she had to overcome an unhinged individual too.

    In the ring, Mickie finally stands up to her feet, searching out into the huge audience, tears streaming down her face, as three officials try to escort her safely from the ring. Almost in a trance, Mickie doesn’t react, but just follows the directions of the officials, and slowly meanders up the ramp, head down …




    Flashing shots of superstars in action; Paul London, Brent Albright, Los Latinos, Beth Phoenix…

    … IT’S TIME …

    MVP, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker & Straight Edge.

    … TO SHAKE …

    John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Christian.

    … THINGS …

    The Gods of War, Matt Hardy, Jamie Noble, Shawn Michaels.

    … UP …

    THE 2008 DRAFT

    Back live in the stadium, the camera pans around the arena, before showing a close up of celebrities in attendance - the first being MARIA MENOUNOS.

    Jim Ross: The stars are out for WrestleMania!!

    Joey Styles: They absolutely are!!

    The Coach: I got Maria those tickets, by the way; she’s my date.

    Joey Styles: Does she know about it??

    SETH GREEN is then shown elsewhere…

    The Coach: And another one of my good buddies; Seth Green!! You guys watch Family Guy, right??
    Joey Styles: Never miss it, Coach…

    Then SHAQ; Shaquille O’Neill gets shown - to a MONSTER pop in Arizona.

    Jim Ross: And you’re looking at the most recent addition to the Phoenix Suns!! They have a new hero here; SHAQ!!!

    The Coach: Shaft??

    Joey Styles: It’s SHAQ you idiot.

    The camera then shifts from the fans in attendance … to the MONEY IN THE BANK briefcase hanging above the ring … and the fans pop again.

    Jim Ross: And gentlemen, someone is about to go straight to the top!!

    The Coach: OH YEAH!!! Money in the Bank baby boy!!

    Joey Styles: Eight men are about to put their bodies on the line!! Four Raw superstars, four Smackdown superstars and inside that briefcase is a contract; a golden opportunity to make all your hopes and dreams come true - one shot at the WWE or World Heavyweight Champion, whenever you choose, wherever you want it - ANYTIME in the next twelve months.
    The Coach: And all you gotta do is climb a fifteen foot ladder and retrieve the case.

    Jim Ross: {Sarcastically} … Simple.

    In the ring, Lillian Garcia is ready to speak…

    Lillian Garcia: The following contest is the Money in the Bank ladder match!! Now, in this match, the ONLY way to win is to climb the ladder and retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase. The winner will then have a guaranteed title match at any time of their choosing, any time in the next twelve months…
    **I‘M COMIN**

    Bursting right through his elaborate set, MVP has that trademark swagger about him, even with the risk filled ladder match on the horizon.

    Joey Styles: This will be Montel Vontavious Porters second chance at the Money in the Bank contract. A year ago, MVP was inches away - no - he had his HANDS on the briefcase, but couldn’t retrieve it. It’s a second shot, and listening to MVP on Smackdown, he’s determined to make this second shot count!!

    Jim Ross: And that experience could prove pivotal tonight, Joey. MVP knows what to expect. He knows the toll this match will take on his body - and he’s ready to put himself through it.

    Lillian Garcia: Introducing first, from Miami Florida, weighing 252 pounds; MONTEL, VONTAVIOUS PORTER; M-V-P!!!!!

    MVP dips between the ladders on the aisle, stopping at the bottom of the ramp to give the fans his famous; “BALLIN” signal, as he makes his way into the ring…

    The Coach: I wonder if he’s as confident as he looks. He’s gotta be nervous - it doesn’t matter how many ladder matches you’ve been part of, these types of matches shorten careers.

    Joey Styles: And that’s what these eight men are willing to sacrifice, Coach. They’re willing to shorten their careers in order to get a shot - just a SHOT - at immortality.

    **IT’S A NEW DAY**

    Minus his running buddy Ken Doane, CODY RHODES steps through the curtain for his first (proper) WrestleMania appearance - and a huge one at that.

    Lillian Garcia: From Marietta Georgia, weighing 220 pounds; CODY … RHODESSS!!!!

    Jim Ross: This kid, say what you want - and I’ve plenty of opinions on him - but he’s got a huge upside. As much as he has shunned his lineage, it’s a hell of a bloodline to come from, and at still just TWENTY-TWO years of age - if Cody Rhodes DOES triumph tonight, and go on to successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase, he will become the youngest champion in WWE history.

    Joey Styles: And he’s not short of confidence, J.R. There hasn’t been much talk about Cody in this match, he’s slipped under the radar thus far - and he may go right under the radar and stun the world here.

    Cody pats a rung on each ladder he passes, before looking up at the briefcase from outside the ring. Nodding, Cody gives himself a pep talk, giving himself a boost ahead of the biggest opportunity of his career.


    Carrying his trusty bull rope, the cowboy hat wearing GARRISON CADE storms out with authority, walking with a purpose down the ramp - not phased by the size of the grandeur of WrestleMania, and certainly not ‘experiencing’ the moment. He‘s all business.

    Lillian Garcia: From San Antonio Texas, weighing 268 pounds, THE LONE STAR, GARRISON CADE!!!!

    Joey Styles: This past Friday on Smackdown, that man, Garrison Cade left a huge mark on six of his seven opponents tonight. With a ladder, he decimated everyone in sight, sending a huge message-

    Jim Ross: And giving himself an early advantage too, Joey. He’s big, he’s tough, he’s rugged, and the Lone Star aint comin into this thing bashed up from Smackdown!!

    The Coach: After years of playing second fiddle to the likes of Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton, the big Texan has finally stepped out of their shadows. He’s broke out on his own, and he might just be my new favourite to win this thing after what he pulled off on Smackdown.

    Jim Ross: He’s certainly all business. Garrison Cade has been on the WWE main roster for five years, and has had to wait until NOW to get his shot at the biggest event on the calendar. He’s takin no prisoners tonight.

    Cade slides right into the ring, with he and MVP almost coming to blows right away, but the officials keep the two apart, with bad blood brewing between the former tag team partners.

    **BOOYAKA 619**

    Popping from under the trap door, REY MYSTERIO elicits an electric response from the fans!! And, in keeping with his WrestleMania tradition, Rey is dressed up for the occasion; in 2006 it was a take on Superman. Last year it was Spidermans turn … and this year, it’s OPTIMUS PRIME from the Transformers movie!!

    Lillian Garcia: From San Diego California, weighing 175 pounds; REY MYSTERIOOO!!!

    Jim Ross: The first ever winner of the Money in the Bank ladder match two years ago!! We talked about MVP having experience in this match; but Rey has not only been here before, he’s WON IT!! Can Mysterio do it again tonight??

    The Coach: Yeah - I don’t think so, old timer!! What a joke - he won the thing two years ago, and could’ve gone on to make history as World Champion. He did the hard bit … then he lost the thing!! He doesn’t deserve a second shot!!!

    Joey Styles: His goal is to be a World Champion and prove all his doubters wrong. He’s been written off throughout his career, but he’s never given up. And after a number of close calls, being within touching distance of becoming World Champion … can Rey give himself the opportunity to finally clinch the big one??

    Rey removes some of the additional gear he’s wearing to make himself look more like a ‘Transformer’ on his way down the aisle, and proceeds to do the weird head to head thing with kids wearing Mysterio masks…


    Sprinting out through the curtain, PAUL LONDON puts the brakes on at the top of the ramp. Taking a few steps back, and taking in the enormity of the stadium, London nods, puffing his cheeks … then shrugs, and SPRINTS down the ramp!!!

    Lillian Garcia: From Austin Texas, weighing in at 190 pounds, PAULLLL LONDON!!!!

    Jim Ross: And another man who has experienced the Money in the Bank ladder match before!!! The former United States Champion, former Cruiserweight Champion, former Tag Team Champion. Is the World Championship in this kids future??

    Joey Styles: Like Mysterio, London has had more than one close call with the WWE Championship over the years. He too was within reach of the briefcase a year ago at WrestleMania. And by the sounds of things, he may just be the peoples favourite here at WrestleMania.

    London runs all the way to the ring, sliding inside, and nearly sliding right through the ring!!! He stops short, and pulls himself to his feet, before proceeding to climb the turnbuckles, posing to the fans…


    At a slower - much slower - pace to London, BRENT ALBRIGHT swaggers onto the stage, and walks with a purpose down the ramp, muttering as he makes his way to the ring.

    Lillian Garcia: From Tulsa, Oklahoma; weighing 240 pounds, he is the 2007 King of the ring winner; BRENT ALBRIGHTTTT!!!!

    The Coach: There he is!!! MY PICK!!!

    Jim Ross: And could Brent Albright cap off an incredible twelve months with the guaranteed title shot the Money in the Bank briefcase brings?? He upset Batista at last years WrestleMania to retain the United States title. And since then, he has moved onwards and upwards…

    Joey Styles: He absolutely has. Love him or hate him, the Ace of Spades resume over the last twelve months is pretty damn impressive. He won the King of the Ring in June, he was one of the survivors that put Arn Anderson out of a job at the Survivor Series, he was one of the final four in the Royal Rumble, and until six days ago, he was the Intercontinental Champion.

    The Coach: And he still should be!! What happened on Raw was a travesty, and that rematch on Smackdown was a joke!!! But he’ll have the last laugh tonight!!

    Jim Ross: Well, be that as it may, what comes around goes around. Brent Albright took many a short cut to win that very title. He’ll not be able to take any short cuts here tonight to triumph in this ladder match - his first ladder match by the way.

    The Coach: His first - and he’s gonna perfect it. Like he does everything.

    Albright has plenty of strong words for his fellow opponents, getting digs in at all of them off mic, with plenty of anger to direct at them for screwing him over on Smackdown.


    With the Cruiserweight Championship over his shoulder, BRYAN DANIELSON makes his understated - as always - entrance, mouthing “Wow. This is pretty cool.” as he takes a look around the stadium on his way to the ring.

    Lillian Garcia: From Aberdeen Washington, weighing 205 pounds; he is the WWE Cruiserweight Champion; BRYAN DANIELSONNN!!!!

    Joey Styles: And the first of two champions in this match. Like myself, Bryan Danielson is breaking his WrestleMania virginity tonight after less than six months in the WWE. But guys, what a six months this man has had; he’s not been beaten, as you can see, he’s Cruiserweight Champion, and to cap it all over, he’s participating in his first ever WrestleMania.

    Jim Ross: This young man has travelled the world plying his trade for the best part of a decade, and since arriving in the WWE, Bryan Danielson has grabbed the bull by the horns - he’s taken every opportunity that’s come his way. Can he take the biggest one yet, here tonight??

    The Coach: You said he’s losing his WrestleMania virginity, Styles?? That’s the only one he’s losing.

    Danielson parades in the ring with his title belt, before pointing up at the briefcase hanging above him, and looks confident about his chances…


    MATT HARDY runs onto the stage, getting one of the louder pops so far tonight, with the Intercontinental Champion a big crowd favourite in Phoenix. Matt shows off the title, patting it proudly, before making his way to the ring down the ramp.

    Lillian Garcia: And, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 236 pounds; he is the WWE INTER-CONTINENTAL CHAMPION … MATT … HARDAYYYYY!!!!!

    Jim Ross: When you talk about experience in a ladder match environment, there is perhaps NO ONE with more experience around ladders than Matt Hardy!!

    Joey Styles: Certainly not in this field anyway. By far and away, Matt Hardy has been involved in more ladder matches than anyone else in this match - probably combined.

    The Coach: But how many has he won??

    Hardy reaches the ring, hoisting the title up as he climbs the turnbuckles, getting more cheers from the fans. Hardy drops down, as the ring completely fills with all eight men … and the match set to begin … with Albright jumping the gun attacking the man that took the Intercontinental title from him on Raw!!!

    Money in the Bank Ladder Match:

    Rey Mysterio vs. M.V.P vs. Paul London vs.
    ‘The 2007 King of the Ring’ Brent Albright vs. Cruiserweight Champion Bryan Danielson vs. Intercontinental Champion Matt Hardy vs. Garrison Cade vs. Cody Rhodes
    Hardy covers up from the unsuspecting attack from Albright, as four of the other six focus their attention on GARRISON CADE!!! Looking for revenge for his attack on them on Smackdown, Mysterio, MVP, London and Danielson all team up to take their frustration out on The Lone Star … while Cody Rhodes - the sneak that he his, quickly backs off and rolls out of the ring, getting his hands on a ladder.

    Whilst Cody waits on the outside, Cade escapes the clutches of the four men coming after him and jumps out of the ring at the opposite side. London and Danielson then take off, looking to dash off the ropes to build up some speed, but when London hits, Cody trips him, dragging him out of the ring, and throws him into the barrier!! Danielson continues though, and DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES … BUT CADE DODGES HIM!!!

    Danielson crashes and burns, whilst MVP and Rey are now battling between each other in the ring, with the two spilling out of the ring. Cody comes back in with a ladder and takes out Albright, but when he looks to put Hardy down, Matt ducks, then nails the upstart with a solid right, forcing Cody to drop the ladder.

    Hardy then shoots Rhodes into the corner, rushing in with a clothesline, and looks to follow up with a running Bulldog out of the corner … But Cade is back in the ring, with the ladder … AND HE THROWS IT AT HARDY AND RHODES - PUTTING BOTH DOWN!!!

    The big Texan asserts his authority early on, coming for the ladder again … BUT REY MYSTERIO FLIES OFF THE TOP AT HIM … HURRICANRANA TO CADE!!! MVP is back in now, and he doesn’t gives Rey a second to recover from the high flying move, BIG BOOT to Mysterio!!! MVP follows up, knocking London back off the apron, then kicks Danielson off the apron, and comes for Hardy in the ring - but misses his clothesline attempt, and returns … into a hip toss - ON THE LADDER!!!!!

    MVP contorts his body upon impact, and rolls off the ladder, and right out of the ring, giving Hardy a shot to climb the ladder first. Quickly and efficiently, Matt sets the object below the briefcase, but before he can get too far, Cody Rhodes pulls him back down, kicks Matt in the gut, then leaps up on the ladder to push off - DISASTER KICK - MISSES!!!! Hardy ducks it, then trips Cody down … AND CATAPULTS HIM - FACE FIRST - INTO THE LADDER!!!!!

    The ladder topples, with Cody rolling out to safety whilst the recovering Cade looks to drag it out of the ring, but Hardy thinks quick, racing across - BASEBALL SLIDE into the ladder … INTO CADE!!! The big man is sent crashing back into Cody, with the two landing at the bottom of the aisle. Getting back up, Hardy looks to follow up on Cade … and uses the ropes to elevate himself over - splashing out onto the big Texan!!!

    As Hardy, Cade and Rhodes look to try and get back up … MVP is back up, and on the ring apron, looking to the fans for some noise … before he takes off - SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OFF THE APRON TO CADE, HARDY AND CODY!!!!! Now, Rey Mysterio is back to his feet, and he climbs onto the apron, looking down at the four men below him … and he now signals to the fans, as he watches the four struggle to their feet … AND SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES - AND CRASHES ONTO THEM!!!!!

    The fans pop louder with each dive, and as the victims all battle to get back to their feet, BRYAN DANIELSON is building up steam in the ring … AND DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES AT THEM ALL - THIS TIME HITTING THE TARGET!!!!

    But that’s not all!!! The fans continue to cheer … and the cheers grow, as PAUL LONDON now looks to take his big risk, climbing up top, looking around at the sea of fans inside the stadium … waiting until the victims are on their feet … AND FLIES … WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS OFF THE TOP - ONTO THE SIX MEN ON THE FLOOR!!!!!


    The fans show their appreciation for the series of high risk moves … and seven of the eight men are down. Leaving just BRENT ALBRIGHT. The chants change from “This is awesome” … to flat-out heat for the 2007 King of the Ring, as he slithers into the ring, and teases a dive of his own … getting the fans excited … but he shakes his head, and turns, looking up at the briefcase, then waves off the other seven; all down on the outside - and gets HUGE heat.

    Albright instead slides out, grabbing a ladder and slides it into the ring, hurrying to get it upright, and tries to race up and steal the briefcase through the back door. The fans boo - not wanting to see the match end this way, and especially so soon, with Albright racing up the ladder…




    BUT PAUL LONDON IS BACK IN THE RING - AND HE’S CHARGING UP THE LADDER TO STOP ALBRIGHT!!!!! Albright and London fight it out at the top of the ramp, renewing their long time rivalry … but as they trade blows, GARRISON CADE is back in the ring, AND PUSHES THE LADDER OVER … SENDING LONDON AND ALBRIGHT BOTH CRASHING OVER THE TOP ROPE - TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Before Cade can take advantage though, Cody Rhodes is back in, and he attacks Cade from behind, before using his impressive vertical leap to dropkick the big Texan into the ladder. Cody then proceeds to set the ladder up in the corner, but as he drags Cade back up, the Lone Star drives an elbow into the gut of the youngster, then picks him up … onto his shoulders … AND CHARGES ACROSS THE RING WITH CODY … SENDING HIM INTO THE LADDER … WITH THE RAZORS EDGE!!!!!!!

    Cody takes more punishment early on!!! The youngster crawls out of the ring in agony, but for Cade, the coast isn’t clear, as DANIELSON is back in, and the Cruiserweight Champion shows no fear of the big man, crashing into him, drilling Cade with his trademark stiff forearms, rocking Cade, then bounces off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A STIFF CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Danielson flips in mid air off the stiffness of the clothesline!!!

    Still, Cade hasn’t got a clear path. Matt Hardy looks to surprise him off the top, but Cade meets him with a boot to the gut, and proceeds to PUMPHANDLE SLAM THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION ONTO THE LADDER!!!!! Cade is taking this match over!!! MVP comes at him, but Cade uses Porters own momentum against him, and back body drops him right back out of the ring to the floor.

    Rey is next up to try and take Cade down, ducking under a clothesline from the big man, rebounding off the ropes, sliding through his legs, then springboards off the ropes at the Texan - CAUGHT!!! Cade throws Rey up into a press position … AND PRESS SLAMS MYSTERIO OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!! Now, Garrison Cade looks to have the free run he’s been looking for, and he sets the ladder up, and looks to start his ascent to the top …

    WHEN PAUL LONDON LEAPS FROM THE ROPES ONTO THE LADDER … AND HE RACES UP, AHEAD OF CADE!!!!! Cade is stunned by the cheek of what he’s seeing, and he reaches up, pulling the tights of London to stop him in his tracks. London turns, kicking his feet out at Cade to kick him away, but the big Texan isn’t ready to give up.

    As this goes on though, BRYAN DANIELSON is beginning to climb up the ladder from the opposite side!!! Sneaking in through the back door, the Cruiserweight champion is quietly climbing undetected by Cade and London - too busy by their own issue … and he’s given free reign when LONDON HEADSCISSORS CADE FROM THE LADDER!!!!! Danielson looks set to go on and reach the briefcase, with the fans coming alive…

    … UNTIL MVP RETURNS - AND PUSHES THE LADDER OVER … SENDING BRYAN CRASHING INTO THE ROPES!!!!! Bryan then tumbles to the floor, but before MVP can capitalise, Rey Mysterio is back in action, and the two men go blow for blow in the middle of the ring. MVP wins the battle, and sends Rey into the ropes, but Rey ducks on the return, then comes back - catching MVP with a head scissors!!!

    Mysterio looks to build momentum, and moves to the apron, leaping up onto the ropes … SEATED SENTON … CAUGHT … POWERBOMB!!!!! The fans pop for the awesome counter, and MVP looks to be getting into his rhythm, raising his arms to get the fans going … before bouncing off the ropes … “BALLIN” … and drops his patented elbow on Rey!!!!! Now, Porter gets his hands on the ladder, setting it up under the briefcase … but as he does this, Rey is getting up - and dropkicks MVP … sending him into the ropes!!!

    Mysterio calls it to the fans, dialling his signature move up … AND DELIVERS THE 619!!!!! Mysterio hit’s the move, but as he gets back in the ring … CADE IS BACK - AND HE CATCHES REY WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!! As soon as Cade is up though, Bryan Danielson is on him, kicking at the legs, trying to bring Cade down, putting him on one knee, before taking off, hitting the ropes, rebounding back - but Cade is up …


    The ladder topples upon impact, falling out of the ring, with Bryan rolling around in agony. Cade takes a look around, and tosses MVP out of the ring, before reaching out through the ropes, pulling another ladder into the ring through the ropes … but as he brings it in on his knees by the ropes … REY MYSTERIO APPEARS FROM NOWHERE … 619 INTO THE LADDER - INTO CADE!!!!!

    Despite the big move from Rey, he hasn’t given himself a shot at climbing the ladder - with MATT HARDY re-emerging, bringing a second ladder into the ring, setting it up alongside Reys. The two both climb to the mid way point of the ladder, trading blows back and forth, trying to knock the other off their ladder … whilst BRENT ALBRIGHT is back, and he climbs on the other side of Matt’s ladder!!

    Albright tries to take advantage of the distraction Matt and Rey are giving each other, but that doesn’t go too well, as BRYAN DANIELSON is back, and climbing up the other side of Reys ladder, he catches Albright, stopping him, with he and Brent now battling for supremacy. Then, from either side, TWO new ladder emerge; one brought in by MVP and the other from PAUL LONDON. They set their ladders up either side of Matt and Rey, and begin to climb too - with the race on to reach the top!!!

    CODY RHODES and GARRISON CADE return too, climbing up on the other side of the ladder brought in by London and Porter … WITH ALL EIGHT MEN now in the ring, on four ladders!!! Jockeying for position, all eight are one or two rungs away from the briefcase, with London reaching … but too far away on his ladder … and Matt Hardys fingertips touching the case before a right hand from Albright stops him.

    Rhodes pokes the eye of MVP, and looks to reach up … but as he does, Rey kicks him … AND CODY FALLS FROM HIS LADDER … CROTCHING HIMSELF ON THE TOP ROPE!!!!! The fans groan; feeling the pain Rhodes is going through, with the youngster wincing in agonizing pain … before toppling to the floor on the outside. Albright soon goes down too, with Hardy slamming the King of the Rings head off the top of the ladder!!

    Albright crashes to the mat, and rolls to the outside, whilst Danielson gets shoved off his ladder by MVP. Meanwhile, London is lighting up Cade with a series of stiff forearms, eventually pushing The Lone Star off the ladder … into the ropes … but CADE STUMBLES BACK … INTO THE LADDERS - PUSHING ONE INTO ANOTHER …


    The ladders move, but MVP, London and Mysterio are all still there, hanging on, with MVP and Rey trading blows across ladders, as London looks to step across from one ladder to the next - with Cade recovering, picking up the ladder London was on - AND JOUSTS THE LADDER INTO THE BACK OF LONDON - WITH LONDON TOPPLING … RIGHT OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    It’s a brutal, ugly landing for London, but Cade shows no remorse, throwing the ladder out of the ring - onto Danielson, Rhodes and Hardy!!! Cade now proceeds back up the ladder … but as he reaches the top, MVP and Rey (now both on the same ladder) momentarily team up … pushing the ladder Cade is on … and it topples … WITH CADE FALLING!!!! Cade hit’s the ropes, then falls through them, to the floor!!!!

    And it leaves just MVP and Mysterio!!! Porter and Rey trade shots, and in between each that they throw, they reach up, trying to grasp the briefcase … before being stopped by the other. Rey eats a few shots from MVP and drops a few rungs, but as MVP tries to push him to the floor, Rey steps to the second ladder … ONLY FOR PORTER TO THEN KICK REYS LADDER - PUSHING REY OFF AND CRASHING TO THE CANVAS!!!!! It’s opened up for MVP to claim victory - HE’S ALL ALONE!!!!!





    BUT BRENT ALBRIGHT IS BACK!!!! THE KING OF THE RING RETURNS TO THE RING, AND FRANTICALLY CLAMBERS UP THE LADDER TO STOP MVP!!!!! Albright clubs the back of Porter, forcing MVP to steps further back down the ladder, until the two men are sharing the same rung, with MVP getting his back pummelled with stiff forearms to the back by the Ace of Spades … ALLOWING ALBRIGHT TO HOOK MVP UP …



    The sound reverberates around the stadium … and now ALL EIGHT MEN ARE DOWN!!! The arena splits with chants for any number of the eight men as their favourites, and willing them to be the first man to rise to his feet and make it up the ladder … when footage switches from the carnage around ringside … and to the ramp…


    After weeks of badgering, weeks of plotting, weeks of campaigning … The Brian Kendrick didn’t get the spot he craved in this match … BUT HE’S HERE ANYWAY!!!!! Some fans do cheer for the persistence of Kendrick, but the majority boo the annoying heel as he sprints to the ring. With all eight competitors down, The Brian Kendrick has an opportunity to sneak in and take the briefcase despite not being an official entrant in the match!!!!!

    Kendrick grabs a ladder, trying to slide it into the ring - so overwhelmed by his opportunity that he doesn’t initially realise there’s a ladder in the ring already … but when he does spot the ladder in the ring, he gives up on the ladder he’s trying to bring in, and ends up setting that ladder between the apron and the barrier … ominously. TBK then stumbles into the ring, and fixes the ladder under the briefcase, taking a look around to see if anyone is recovering - which they’re not … before climbing up the ladder like a rat up a drainpipe!!!





    The briefcase is within touching distance for Kendrick, and he stands proudly on the ladder, shouting; “I‘M THE KING OF THE WORRRRRRLD” …



    Crashing and burning, Kendrick is folded up in the wreckage of the ladder, with London and Danielson taking a moment to observe their work … before turning on each other - and go at it hell for leather!!! Trading blows, London and Danielson rough each other up, hooking one arm around the head of each other and lighting their rival up with stiff forearms!!!

    Danielson wins the battle against the former Cruiserweight, Tag & U.S Champion, and continues to rattle London with the forearms, backing him into the corner with them, before racing out, to the other corner … and sprints in, at London - CORNER DROPKICK!!! Danielson bounces back up, and runs back to the opposite corner again, and looks to repeat the trick … but as he sprints across … LONDON BOUNCES OUT … DROPSAULT TO THE INCOMING DANIELSON!!!

    London gets the fans pumping after the out-of-nowhere counter, and he pulls Danielson to his feet, looking to execute a DRAGON SUPLEX … but Bryan escapes it, running backward, crushing London into the corner, breaking the grip, then catches London himself … BUTTERFLY SUPLEX … CRUSHING LONDON ONTO A LADDER!!!!! London rolls out upon impact, with Danielson setting the ladder up for himself, and he begins his ascent to the briefcase above…




    The Cruiserweight Champion has the briefcase within his sights … but Brent Albright and Matt Hardy are climbing back into the ring from opposite sides … with Cade and Mysterio also climbing back into the ring!!! Danielson sees them coming, and desperately tries to get to the top before he can be stopped by his rivals…



    Danielson reaches up … but it’s all for naught!!! Cade, Albright, Hardy and Rey all band together momentarily … and together they LIFT the ladder off the mat … with Danielson clinging onto the ladder for dear life … AS THE FOUR MEN CARRY THE LADDER TO THE ROPES … AND DUMP IT OUT OF THE RING - WITH BRYAN STILL ON IT … RIGHT OUT AT THE AISLEWAY!!!!!

    The fans are stunned by what they’ve just seen, with four men joining together to lift a ladder - WITH A MAN ON THE LADDER - and dumping it out of the ring!!!!! The alliance doesn’t last any longer though, as the faces and heels in the ring face off, with Mysterio going at it with Cade and Albright pairing off with Hardy, fighting it out for supremacy. While all this is going on, The Brian Kendrick is shown being escorted from the ringside area on a stretcher…

    Being the bigger of the two men, Cade dominates Rey in a fistfight, beating the masked man down … but when he shoots Rey off the ropes, Rey returns with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors taking The Lone Star down!!!!! Meanwhile, Albright attempts a Belly to Belly on Hardy, but Matt counters, then ducks a clothesline … and catches his rival with a SIDE EFFECT!!!!!

    Hardy and Rey give each other a nod, and they bring a ladder into the ring, and together, using the ladder as a battering ram, knock down Cade, then Albright, before setting the ladder up in the corner. Matt and Rey beat Garrison Cade into the corner, before Rey gives Hardy a signal, with Matt nodding … AS THEY LOOK TO SET UP POETRY IN MOTION!!!! Hardy kneels down in front of Cade, as Rey goes for the run up … POETRY IN MOTION …

    NO!!!!!! CADE MOVES AT THE LAST MINUTE … AS REY COLLIDES WITH THE LADDER INSTEAD!!!!! Hardy rises to his feet, wasting no time, going for Cade … BUT ALBRIGHT COMES UP BEHIND THE I.C CHAMP … AND DELIVERS A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! Albright puts Hardy down, with Matt rolling out of the ring, whilst we see Cade now getting the ladder, setting it up … with he and Albright in a race to the top!!!

    The Lone Star and the Ace of Spades trade blows at the top of the ladder, with the bigger Texan able to win the fist fight, then oddly, after he softens up Albright by smashing his head off the top of the ladder … he drops down a few rungs … but it makes sense soon, AS HE APPEARS TO BE SIZING UP A HEART PUNCH TO ALBRIGHT!!!!!

    Cade looks to deliver the punch through two rungs … but as he aims … Albright shifts his position on the ladder … THEN WITH THE ARM THERE … ALBRIGHT YANKS AT IT, pulling Cade face first into the steel of the ladder, and yanks him again, before applying a version of his CROWBAR submission on the ladder!!!!!!

    Albright contorts the arm of Cade in this version of his deadly Crowbar, with the big Texan tapping the rungs with his free arm … until Albright releases, and yanks the arm once more … with Cades face bouncing off the rung one more time … and he bounces back … falling off the ladder … CRASHING ONTO THE MAT!!!!! Albright takes a look up at the briefcase above, and takes a step up … REACHING…

    BUT MATT HARDY STOPS HIM!!!!! Hardy grabs the legs of Albright, dragging him down a few rungs of the ladder, with the two men sharing the same side of the ladder, trading shots, with Albright trying to shove Matt off … BUT MATT DUCKS A SHOT … AND HOOKS ALBRIGHT UP … TWIST OF FATE OFF THE LADDER!!!!!

    Cardinals Stadium erupts once more, with Hardy and Albright crashing into the mat … as Paul London returns, and he’s all alone!!! London looks to take advantage, and sets himself up, climbing the ladder … but as he proceeds, CODY RHODES IS BACK … AND HE LEAPS AT THE ROPES … SPRINGING OFF … DISASTER KICK TO LONDON - KNOCKING HIM OFF THE LADDER!!!!!

    Rhodes is back up, and has to avoid a boot from Cade, then kicks him in the gut … CROSS RHODES CONNECTS!!!!! MVP slides a ladder into the ring, but before he can follow it in himself, Cody knocks him back off the apron, giving himself the ladder … which he keeps on the mat, but opens it up … and with Cade in a seated position in the corner … RHODES SLIDES THE LADDER ACROSS THE MAT … CRUSHING CADE IN THE NUTS!!!!!

    Cades face tells the story, whilst Rhodes grabs the ladder in the other corner, and carries it across, placing it on the opened ladder he used to crush Cade’s balls with, and looks to keep Cade trapped in the corner!!!!! The twenty-two year old now looks to make the climb on the ladder in the middle of the ring, and he makes his way up, with no one to stop him it seems!!! Rhodes climbs, looking up with each step…




    Cody reaches, desperate to get his hands on the briefcase, BUT MVP COMES CHARGING UP THE LADDER ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!! Cody takes another step, reaching - but cant get a hold of the briefcase … and Porter catches him at the top, beating the youngster to the punch, then sets himself … AND PROCEEDS TO SUNSET POWERBOMB CODY OFF THE LADDER!!!!!!!!!!


    The chant erupts again, as MVP takes out himself and Rhodes with the SUNSET POWERBOMB OFF THE LADDER, and both look broken by it too, as we see Cade standing up in the corner, barricaded by the two ladders … AS DANIELSON LEAPS OFF THE ROPES … JUMPING ONTO THE LADDER BLOCKING CADE … WHICH SEESAWS UP … SMASHING INTO THE FACE OF THE LONE STAR!!!!!


    Cade eats the steel, as Danielson now repositions the main ladder, and looks to climb his way to victory … with a sea of broken bodies strewn around ringside …




    Danielson continues to ascend, but Rey is back in the ring, and he comes in hot pursuit of the Cruiserweight Champion… for Danielson though, he has a huge advantage, with the briefcase in touching distance!!!




    Danielson reaches up, but before he can get his hands on the briefcase, Rey stops him!!! A shot to the gut from Rey forces Bryan to double over, and another shot to the back allows Rey to now reach up, getting his hands on the briefcase, holding on, with Danielson recovering, punching Rey, before HE gets a grip of the briefcase too!!! Both men have their hands on the case, with a firm grip - battling to get a hold of it from the other…


    London pulls the ladder from Rey and Bryan - leaving both men teetering high above, holding for dear life onto the briefcase!!! Both Mysterio and Danielsons legs swing wildly, trying to yank the case down - willing to take themselves out to land with the title shot … BUT LONDON JOUSTS THE LADDER AT BOTH MEN, ONCE, TWICE, THRICE!!!!! And the blows take their toll, Mysterio and Danielson both lose their grip - CRASHING AND BURNING ONTO THE MAT!!!!!

    The Golden Boy stands tall in the ring with the ladder in his hands, and the fans chant; “LON-DON … LON-DON … LON-DON!!!” … with London spinning around, seeing Hardy on the apron, and smashes the ladder into him, knocking him off apron, crashing into Cade on the floor!!! London has cleared the ring, and he sets the ladder back up!!!! The Golden Boy has the briefcase in his sights, AND HE BEGINS TO CLIMB TO GLORY!!!








    Albright smiles, and takes a moment to enjoy himself, as London falls victim, falling at the final hurdle, in the EXACT same circumstances as he did last year in the same match when Randy Orton won. Albright places the ladder under the briefcase, and begins to climb, seemingly to an easy victory…





    The boos are loud in Phoenix; they don’t want to see Albright triumph, but he’s at the top … there’s no one else in sight, he takes a few seconds to look around and savour the moment … before shouting; “I TOLD YOU TO BANK ON IT!!!” … before getting his hands on the briefcase, unhooking the prize … and raises it in victory!!!!!


    Albright stands proudly on the top of the ladder, with the briefcase over his head, whilst the camera switches momentarily to the outside; and the collection of broken bodies slowly recovering.

    The Coach: He is one step closer, J.R!!! It was always gonna be in his future - he just sped up the process with this golden ticket!!! I called it!!! I said, Brent Albright was my pick!!!

    Joey Styles: Even a broken clock is right twice a day, Coach. And sure, credit to Albright for his win tonight … but I’m sorry - I feel for Paul London. If my memory serves me right … we just saw an exact replay of how the same match concluded last year. London did the hard part, and took out the competition … then, with the win in his sights, saw it taken away cruelly.

    Brent finally climbs down from his perch, and stumbles out of the ring, walking through the broken bodies; the disappointed broken bodies that gave it their all … to ultimately fail.

    The Coach: Don’t try to rain on Albrights parade. He’s always been a step ahead of that punk London!!! And what a year this guy has had; a year ago he was United States Champion. Then he won the King of the Ring, he was Intercontinental Champion, in the final four of the Royal Rumble … and now, he has a new moniker; MISTER Money in the Bank!!!

    Jim Ross: Love him or hate him, and there’s many that hate him; he delivered tonight. And he has given himself a golden opportunity to become World Champion in the next twelve months.

    Clips then air of a series of the high spots in the match; including MVP hitting the sunset power bomb to Rhodes off the ladder, Danielson getting dumped out of the ring WITH the ladder by four men…

    Joey Styles: Eight- or should I say NINE game superstars just put their bodies on the line here - it looks like a car wreck out here.

    Jim Ross: Indeed, nine men is correct. The Brian Kendrick, after weeks of being told NO; wouldn’t take that for an answer, and found a way to insert himself into proceedings here. Unfortunately for him … it didn’t quite go as he planned.

    Joey Styles: From within touching distance of the briefcase … to leaving on a stretcher. I’m not so sure the effort was worth it for the former Cruiserweight champion.

    More clips air; including The Brian Kendrick making a cameo … only to crash and burn through a ladder, Hardy delivering a Side Effect off the ladder to Albright, Cade eating a ladder to the face, and the sequence of splashes and dives early in the match to the outside.

    The Coach: I’d say the effort wasn’t worth it for anyone … EXCEPT our new, Mister Money in the Bank, Brent Albright. And guys … when?? When do you think Albright will cash that baby in??

    Joey Styles: Well, let’s not forget the impact Randy Orton had with it last year. He cashed in ON THE SAME NIGHT!!! Will Albright do the same??

    At ringside, the beaten contenders all recover, looking worse for wear, with London sat on the outside, head buried in his hands, ignoring the questions being asked of him by the ringside doctor. Cade staggers up the ramp, head down, whilst Hardy is seen holding his neck as he collects his I.C Title, with Danielson and Rey still selling on the floor.

    Jim Ross: It’s a good question. And gentlemen, you have to believe that Randy Orton, Edge, John Cena and Christian - the four men who will be battling for the two world titles, will be thinking in the back of their minds … could Albright be looking to cash in tonight.

    The Coach: He’s gonna be on their minds until he cashes in baby boy. He’s gonna be in their thoughts; whoever leaves here champion tonight - before they sleep, and as soon as they wake. Any time in the next twelve months. Albright is gonna be a World Champion … soon.

    Jim Ross: The odds are most certainly in his favour…

    Joey Styles: Well, Brent Albright has most certainly upset many of the fans here in Phoenix, but guys, these seventy thousand plus have had a weekend to remember already - BEFORE we even kicked off here tonight. WrestleMania is a week long event, and here’s just some of the highlights of the activities and festivities we‘ve had…

    Albright is shown at the top of the ramp, hoisting the briefcase one more time … as the camera fades…


    With the music of Nirvana, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” playing over it, we see various shots of superstars being interviewed by multiple outlets; superstars like Chris Jericho, William Regal, Rey Mysterio, Victoria, Carlito, The Master Craftsmen and JBL are shown.

    Newspaper headlines follow, just to show the scope of WrestleMania week, and how it has taken over the city of Phoenix, and indeed, the entire state of Arizona, over comments from the vice-mayor of Phoenix.

    With various shots from Axxess of superstars posing for photos, mile long lines for autographs, and fans doing their own WWE superstar entrance, comments from the superstars are played over, such as Gail Kim, Edge, Paul London and Paul Heyman.

    Next, comments from fans, showing how far many of them have travelled for the biggest event of the year; Germany, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland and more…

    Clips are shown from the Pro-Am gold tournament, as superstars and legends play, with Sgt. Slaughter in particular being shown hitting a great shot, and the East Coast Party Boys crashing their buggy.

    Then, Kofi Kingston is at the WrestleMania reading challenge, with him talking about the help it will give to children, as MNM are also shown participating at the event.

    Various shots of the fans enjoying themselves at Axxess, over the top of their comments about how great it is to be here, and either that this is their second, third or fourth WrestleMania week, or that this is their first, but that they’ll be definitely buying tickets for next years show too.

    The package ends with Shawn Michaels standing on his autograph table, asking the fans to tell him if their having a great time - and gets a massive cheer from the fans there… a good time had by all.


    After the video package ends, footage switches to a split screen of WWE Champion RANDY ORTON walking through the backstage area with the title over his shoulder, wearing a t-shirt, and the 2008 Royal Rumble Winner; EDGE sat in the locker room - mind focused, eyes fixated on the ground, deep in thought…

    Joey Styles: We touched on it a few moments ago, but as we look at the two men set to collide in the main event of tonight’s event, could Brent Albright repeat history - history that Randy Orton made a year ago at WrestleMania Twenty-Three?? Will Albright cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase??
    The Coach: The same briefcase Edge failed to cash in last year, don’t forget.

    Jim Ross: It’s bound to be something on both mens minds, Joey. But gentlemen, just what condition is Edge’s neck in?? We saw Orton take a cheap shot two nights ago, which backfired. But will Edge’s neck stand up to the kind of punishment we KNOW he’ll have to put up with tonight from Orton??

    Cutting away elsewhere … JOSH MATHEWS the resident Smackdown backstage reporter is outside the office of Finlay, with a microphone in hand, and knocks the door, walking in to get an interview …

    But inside Smackdown General Manager FINLAY is already in the middle of something; in the middle of a heated conversation with STEVEN RICHARDS

    Finlay: … I wanted to speak to you on Friday, but you and your boys didn’t show. Don’t give me any crap, Richards; what’s your plans?? I heard what you had to say on Raw.

    Richards chuckles, looks down, then back up, right in the eyes of Richards.

    Steven Richards: You’re on a need to know basis, boss. And right now, you don’t need to know.

    Steven smirks, but Finlay doesn’t see the funny side.

    Finlay: … I’m in charge of Smackdown. If you’re up to something, I need to know. But if you want to keep me in the dark?? Then I’ll give you a pretty clear warning; DON’T you dare, you, Batista or Lashley … get involved in the main event tonight. I know the three of you have an issue with Edge, but you had more than enough chances to finish that. It’s over. Don’t dare get involved in that match. Understood??

    Still, Richards smirks. He chuckles again, and pats the shoulder of Finlay before replying.

    Steven Richards: Sure…

    Finlay looks tense, angry that Richards is playing coy. Steven winks at Finlay, with the Smackdown GM not reciprocating; not happy. Richards walks out of the office, with Finlay left to stew in the office, having to worry that the main event could be scuppered by interference…

    Mathews clears his throat, and Finlay turns his attention to the backstage reporter…

    Josh Mathews: Uh, Finlay?? I was uh, just wanting to get your thoughts on The Brian Kendrick disobeying your orders and trying to insert himself on the Money in the … Bank … ladder … match …

    Mathews trails off, with him getting a look - a look he doesn’t want - from Finlay. A look that says; “I‘m not in the mood for this right now…”

    Josh Mathews: … I’ll come back later.

    Mathews indicates to his cameraman to move out, with Finlay nodding as if to say; “Good idea.” … as the camera fades out.

    Cutting away, the screen now shows the graphic;

    The fans cheer inside the stadium, and for good reason; the first of the SIX main event calibre matches on the bill…

    Jim Ross: Oh boy!! Listen to these fans, gentlemen!! They’re excited and for good reason; we’re about to see the best of all time take on the best in the business today. And it’ll be emotional; we know it’ll be Ric Flairs final match at the Showcase of the Immortals … but will it be his last match ever??

    The Coach: I cant see how it wont be. Kurt Angle has vowed to break that ankle and send Flair into retirement tonight. And after the outcomes Angle has suffered through the last two years at WrestleMania?? He cant afford to fail a third time.

    Joey Styles: But, will that pressure be too much for Angle?? He’s put so much pressure on himself these last two years at WrestleMania, and it became too much. Has he made the same mistake again??

    Jim Ross: Well, if anyone can seize on any weakness, it’s Ric Flair. The Dirtiest Player in the Game will be wanting to sign off from WrestleMania with a win, and let’s not forget, he still wants ONE last run with the World Championship. To get there, he MUST beat Angle…


    The package opens up at Saturday Nights Main Event on March 1, with Flair standing in the ring…

    Ric Flair: Before I hung up my boots, I wanted ONE THING!!! … Number Seventeen. And I put ALLLL my eggs in a Royal Rumble sized basket

    Cut to Flair walking to the ring at the Royal Rumble as the #23 entrant, turning the clocks back with a vintage Nature Boy performance, including Flair eliminating Brent Albright.

    Ric Flair: I thought it was meant to be; a fairytale ending to my thirty plus year career … I gave it my all; I turned the clock back fifteen years, and scratched and clawed my way right down to the wire … outlasting some of THE finest names to ever grace a WWE ring …

    Flair ends up being eliminated by Edge, right at the death.

    Ric Flair: … But it wasn’t enough…

    Back to Saturday Nights Main Event…


    … And KURT ANGLE entering the arena…

    Joey Styles: What’s Angle doin out here???

    Angle and Flair stand in the ring across from each other…

    Kurt Angle: The limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin, wheeling dealin, son of a gun, sixteen times world champion … and the Best … ever.

    Cut to a clip from the Royal Rumble where Flair pokes Angles eye, low blows him and dumps him from the Rumble match!!

    Kurt Angle: …And the man that threw Kurt Angle out of the Royal Rumble match!!

    Shots of Angle looking dejected after the elimination at the Rumble; his own WrestleMania ambitions ended.

    Kurt Angle: Don’t worry, Ric - I’m not bitter. I was outsmarted by the dirtiest player in the game. I wasn’t the first guy, and I’ve every faith that I wont be the last either.

    Clips of Flair using his bag of tricks over the years on the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Hulk Hogan and Ricky Steamboat…

    Kurt Angle: But at the same time, you DID take away my dream of headlining WrestleMania, one more time, and becoming WWE Champion again … and staking my own claim to be what you are -- The Best - EVER.

    Clips of Angle losing to Christian at SuperBrawl and Brent Albright on Raw respectively…

    Kurt Angle: And ever since you tossed me out of the Rumble, I haven’t recovered. I tried to bounce back and earn a World Title shot - didn’t make it. I saw an opportunity in the Money in the Bank ladder match - and I didn’t make it.

    Shots of Angle down the years; winning championships, making people tap, suplex after suplex…

    Ric Flair: From one soon to be Hall of Famer to a FUTURE first ballot Hall of Famer … you are without a shadow of a doubt the BEST in this business today. And even if you got shot down by lightning tonight, regardless of any shortcomings you’ve had of late - you’d go down in history as one of the very best … EVER.

    Cheers are piped in on the video package, but Angle shakes his head, standing face to face with Flair…

    Kurt Angle: Being one of isn’t enough for me, Ric. It never has … I have to be THE best … EVER. You want to go out as a seventeen time World Champion. And I’m your ticket. You-want to get back in the title hunt?? Then face ME at WrestleMania Twenty Four.

    Shots of cheering fans, before coming back to Angle and Flair in the ring…

    Kurt Angle: If you beat me?? You’re back. You’ve got all the reasons you need to stake a claim for a title shot. - and I want to carve my legacy. I’m honoured that people out there point to me as the best in the business; today. But that isn’t enough for me. I want your title. I want to go down in history as the best; ever.

    Angle stands right in front of Flair…

    Kurt Angle: So what do you say, Ric?? For the first time ever, Kurt Angle versus Ric Flair… At WrestleMania.
    Ric Flair: The Best Today … versus the Best … ever?? You got it!!!

    They shake hands…

    Ric Flair: And may the best man win.

    Immediately, Angle yanks Flair in, and hooks him into position; HITTING THE ANGLE SLAM!!!

    Jim Ross: WHAT IN THE-??

    Angle flattens Flair in the middle of the ring, and then explodes toward the fans, letting out his pent up aggression, as he rips off his jacket, and picks up the mic…

    Kurt Angle: I intend to.

    Cut to Raw, and Angle explaining his actions…

    Kurt Angle: And losing these past two years at WrestleMania has been eating at my soul. I’ve had the chance to grasp immortality these past two years … and I’ve let it slip through my fingers…

    Clips of Angle walking to the ring in Vegas two years ago, then New Orleans last year at WrestleMania…

    Kurt Angle: I should’ve ripped Bret Hart limb from limb at WrestleMania Twenty Two … but I showed too much compassion. I showed weakness … and I paid the price. I had The Undertaker BEAT a year ago. I hesitated and he caught me. And again … my shot at Immortality - my shot at being the guy that snapped the Streak … was gone.

    Angle taps to the Sharpshooter at WrestleMania 22 … and taps to the Triangle at WrestleMania 23.

    Kurt Angle: When I face the Nature Boy on March 30, I wont fail. He may be a legend, but I wont show him any compassion. He may be an iconic figure, but I wont hesitate to do what has to be done… I don’t just want the torch to be passed to me from Ric Flair because he’s gonna retire. I’m heading into Phoenix for WrestleMania and I’m coming to TAKE that torch from him … by making sure I’m the last man Ric Flair ever steps in the ring with.

    Clips of Angle at his intense best, applying the Ankle lock to dozens of superstars…

    Kurt Angle: And it’s nothing personal - this is business. Ric Flair is an idol to me … but more than that … he’s my shot at redemption. Once I’ve broken Ric Flairs ankle, and put him out to pasture … that’s when I stake my claim to become the Best of all time.

    Flair walks down the aisle, and proceeds to undo his tie, unbuttoning his top button … AND FLINGS OFF HIS JACKET THEN SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!

    Angle backs up, putting his hands up, trying to keep the peace … BUT FLAIR TAKES A SHOT AT ANGLE!!!!! Flair opens up on Angle, backing him into the corner and rips open the shirt of Angle, looking to open up with chops, but Angle RAKES THE EYES!!!!!

    Flair reels away, holding his face, with Angle thinking better of the fight, escaping the ring and begins to walk away, as Flair goes nuts in the ring, kicking ropes, and dropping an elbow onto the mat, before grabbing the mic…


    Clips then air of Flair fighting with Angle on March 17, when Angle came to Flairs aid - but Flair didn’t want the help … and then clips of Flair attacking Angle on March 21 on Smackdown over sound bites from Flair a few weeks earlier…

    Ric Flair: You say you want to end my career?? YOU SAY YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT DECISION OUT OF MY HANDS!!?? Not on your LIFE, pal!! If you’re gonna go to WrestleMania to end Ric Flairs career, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m takin that personally.

    Classic clips of Ric Flair down the years at his very best, upsetting the likes of Vader, drilling Hogan with a low blow, applying the Figure Four on Randy Savage, holding the WWE Title, the NWA Title and the WCW Title…

    Ric Flair: I’m gonna walk that aisle at WrestleMania, and I’m takin you to school, jack!! WOOOOO!!! I’M GONNA WALK. THAT. AISLE. … and I’LL decide when I’m finished - not you, not McMahon, not God, NOT ANYBODY!! Whether you like it or not - you’re gonna learn to love it!!! WOOOO!!!

    Switch to clips of Angle down the years, from his debut; when he had hair, to being the Euro-Continental Champion, and the King of the Ring, before winning the WWE Title; all within a year.

    Kurt Angle: I want everyone to eventually recognize me as the best. I want to have no peers for the fans to argue against me with. And I’m not content to be just the best today. I want to be known as the best - EVER.

    And shots of Angle at his intense best, furiously applying the Ankle Lock, the Belly to Belly that put Shane McMahon through glass in 2001, the moonsault off a steel cage, making Goldberg tap at WrestleMania 21, among his various title reigns…

    Kurt Angle: My pro-wrestling legacy is ALL I have left. And if I don’t go down in history as being the greatest of all time … it’ll have been a lousy career.

    Cut to two nights ago; Flair and Angle, face to face…

    Ric Flair: You’re best in the world today in my opinion… And in a lot of their opinions too!!! Don’t you get it??

    Flair walks up to Angle … AND SLAPS HIM!!!!! Right in his face, Flair bellow to Angle;

    Ric Flair: WAKE UP!!! You’ve already carved a legacy, Kurt. But let me give you some advice … this isn’t how you do it.

    Clips of the WrestleMania logo, and fireworks going off, with sights of fans in the stadium last year at WrestleMania, and Ford Field three years ago…

    Ric Flair: Beating me at WrestleMania?? Sure. But breaking my ankle, being remembered as the guy that retired the Nature Boy?? You do that?? These people wont think Kurt Angle; Best Ever…

    Cut back to Smackdown two nights ago, where Flair walks up to Angle again; right in his face.

    Ric Flair: They’ll only remember you as the guy that retired the Best Ever.

    Clips of Angle helping Flair to his feet on Raw on March 24 … before Flair took Angle to school, with some of his legendary dirty tricks.

    Ric Flair: I sure as hell wont be goin down without a fight. And win, lose or draw - this will be my last dance at the grandest stage of ‘em all. So you can expect every single ounce of the kiss stealin, wheelin dealin - WOOO - limousine ridin, jet flyin; DIRTIEST. PLAYER. IN. THE. GAME!!!!

    And Flair putting Angle in the Figure Four on that episode of Raw!!!

    Ric Flair: If you want to be the best of all time … all you have to do is be you. BE YOU!!! Because you’re not Bret Hart. You’re not The Undertaker… And you’re not Ric Flair. You’re Kurt FREAKIN Angle. And that oughta be enough!!!

    Clips of Angle winning each of his titles; with victories over some of the biggest names of all time; The Rock, Booker T, Stone Cold, Big Show, Brock Lesnar & Goldberg.

    Ric Flair: Because Angle, you may beat me on Sunday. You can go out there and break my ankle and force me to retire and take the decision outta my hands. But you’re not Ric Flair…

    Before finally settling on Flair and Angle face to face two nights ago…

    Ric Flair: And you never will be.


    Back into the arena…


    No glitz, or glamour; KURT ANGLE is all business for WrestleMania, in his traditional red, white and blue singlet.

    Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall!!! Introducing first; from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 235 pounds; KUUUURT … ANGLEEEE!!!!!!

    Angle stops at the top of the ramp, puffing his cheeks, before raising his arms, looking at the sky; as PYRO explodes behind him. Angle waits as the extra long pyro goes off, before walking down the ramp with a purpose, eyes fixated on the ring, not taking his eyes off to look at the fans or the stadium - his focus in intense.

    Joey Styles: Arguably, Kurt Angle is the greatest athlete in WWE history. An NCAA champion, Olympic Gold Medallist, he won the WWE Championship within a year of his debut. But none of that matters to Angle. He’s been the best in the amateur game - his goal now though, is to be the best EVER in the WWE.

    The Coach: The first and ONLY gold medallist in the history of the WWE!!! How can these people say he sucks!!!

    Indeed, the 70,000 strong are chanting in unison; “YOU SUCK”, but they could be saying anything right now; Angle isn’t paying attention to them, his focus is solely on the job at hand. He continues down the aisle, and jogs up the steps, getting into the ring, and pirouetting as he climbs into the ring.

    Jim Ross: Kurt Angle is hell bent on leaving this game as the best to ever grace it. But his WrestleMania record has failed him thus far; he was a hairs breadth from breaking the streak a year ago; closer than anyone EVER … but fell short. And he let the occasion get the better of him two years ago in Vegas when he lost to Bret Hart. Angle has consumed himself with the thought of finishing Ric Flairs career tonight in order to cement his own legacy … has he put too much pressure on his shoulders again??

    Joey Styles: That’s what makes this match - this dream match - so intriguing. So many questions we’re about to get answered. Can Flair turn the clocks back to give one last vintage performance at WrestleMania, can Angle banish his demons over recent years. We’re in for a treat!!

    Jim Ross: We most certainly are…

    Angle hunches over, hands on his knees, eyes focused on the top of the ramp, waiting for Flair, as his own music dies down…


    Wearing an exquisite royal blue robe with sequins and feathers, RIC FLAIR marches onto the stage with the swagger only Ric Flair has. The Nature Boy makes the long walk to the ring, as Angle waits in the ring.

    Howard Finkel: AND … his opponent; making his way to the ring, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 232 pounds; RIIIIC … FLAIRRRRR!!!!!

    Jim Ross: One night ago, Ric Flair took his rightful seat in the WWE Hall of Fame - if anything, Flair should be given his own wing!! Can Flair top off the perfect weekend with a perfect WrestleMania send off??

    Joey Styles: No one has the list of accomplishments in professional wrestling like Ric Flair. Universally adored. He’s a one of a kind.

    Jim Ross: Stylin and profilin’, Ric Flair is the man!! And if Kurt Angle wants to be the man?? Well, he’ll have to beat the man!! I’ve got goosebumps.

    The Coach: No, no, no. If Ric Flair still wants to be the man, he’ll have to beat Kurt Angle. Angle is the man, J.R!! If Flair wants to survive, he’ll need to draw on all those decades of experience. He’ll need to reach into all his experience from all sixteen world titles.

    As Flair gives the fans a spin on the ramp, footage switches to the audience where fans are bowing for the greatest of all time, as well as crowd signs where multiple fans hold long collections of posters reading WOOOOOOOOO…

    Jim Ross: In my opinion, the greatest of all time. Win, lose or draw, I don’t see that opinion changing. As much as I respect the ability of Angle, if he insists on ending Ric Flairs career; taking the decision out of the Nature Boys hands, he wont have that recognition he wants; he’ll be what Flair said he’d be known as; “the guy that retired the best ever.”

    Joey Styles: And you have to wonder if those words got to Angle on Smackdown, J.R. Will Flair have changed the gameplan of Angle here tonight??

    Jim Ross: I sure hope so. Angle can one day go down as the best ever; he doesn’t need to retire Ric Flair for that to happen.

    Charles Robinson holds the ropes open for Flair, showing his respect for Naitch, with Flair stepping into the ring with the style and grace we’ve come to expect. Flair hands over the expensive robe, with Robinson placing it outside, and calling for the bell!!!

    The Best Today vs. The Best Ever:

    Kurt Angle vs. Ric Flair
    The bell rings, and both Angle and Flair meet in the middle of the ring. The fans get louder, as the two trade stern words - though Flair keeps a crooked smile on his face as he speaks to Kurt. Angle has the final words, with Flair pursing his lips, offering a knowing nod, before reaching out, offering Angle a handshake before they go at it.

    The gesture elicits a respectful cheer inside the University of Phoenix Stadium, with Angle looking around - unsure if he should accept the offer from the dirtiest player in the game. Angle takes his time to think about it, not knowing if he can trust the motives of Flair, but finally he accepts the offer, and reaches to shake the hand of Flair … BUT FLAIR PULLS HIS HAND AWAY!!!!!

    The Nature Boy pulls away, and runs his fingers through his hair, strutting away from the Wrestling Machine, with the fans eating up the cocky - VINTAGE - attitude of Flair, as he struts around the ring … and Angle remains standing in the middle, stewing over the slight. “That‘s the way you want it, Ric?? Fine.” The Olympian didn’t take the act well, clearly feeling disrespected, as he and Flair proceed to circle; the line drawn in the sand.

    Flair and Angle circle around the ring, each eyeing the other, both waiting to lunge in at the right moment … and they finally do, locking up for the first time; collar and elbow. Battling for supremacy, Flair and Angle tussle in the lock up, but the younger, stronger Angle wins the battle, backing Flair up toward the ropes, but at the last moment, Flair shifts the momentum, and backs the Olympian into the corner.

    With Flair backing Angle up in the corner, the official steps in to force the break … with Flair slowly releasing from Angle, both he and his rival wary of a cheap shot … but surprisingly, the break is clean, with neither man taking a cheap shot, but once they break, Flair cant resist to let out a huge “WOOOOOO” right in the face of Angle. The fans respond with a “WOOOO” of their own, but Angle - again - looks slighted by the act from Flair.

    Flair backs out of the corner, with Angle following, and the two circle the ring again, with J.R commenting that Flair is in “rare form” tonight, looking fired up for the challenge. The two men close the distance again, locking up, and again, it’s Angle that wins the test of strength in the collar and elbow tussle, this time meeting little resistance from the Nature Boy as he backs Flair up into the corner … where again, Charles Robinson steps in for the break by the ropes.

    Again - surprisingly - it’s clean break from both men … but this time, Angle takes the opportunity to get in Flairs face with a “WOOOOOO” of his own, right in the face of the Nature Boy!!! And Flair responds instantly WITH A SLAP ACROSS THE FACE OF ANGLE!!! Angle holds his jaw, but has a wry smile on his face, whilst Flair moves out of the corner. Looking across the ring at Ric, Angle mouths; “You‘re really tryin to piss me off, aren‘t ya??”, to which Flair responds; “Why should I be the only one??”

    Angle spits to the floor (lovely), and psyches himself up, coming after Flair, forcing the legend to move quickly as he reaches in trying to pick the leg - Angle looking to school Flair, but Ric avoids getting caught by his chasing opponent, keeping on the move. Angle eventually stops, and stands up straight, challenging Flair to a test of strength. Flair smirks, and makes his way to Angle, raising an arm, seemingly accepting the challenge … but before they lock knuckles, he pulls away, and tells his foe; “You‘ll have to do better than that!!”

    But just then, Angle shoots, trying to pick the leg, taking Flair down to the mat, but before he can follow up, Flair scrambles, escaping the grip of the Olympian, and rolls out of the ring for the break. Flair takes a walk around ringside, talking to himself, as Angle stands back up in the ring, leaning over the ropes at Flair, shouting to him; “C‘MON RIC!! Y‘CANT AVOID THIS FOREVER!!!” to which Flair responds by slamming his hands on the apron in fury!!!

    Flair rolls back into the ring, challenging Angle now!!! They lock up again, and instead of battling for supremacy this time, Angle immediately switches to a side headlock take down, and he looks to squeeze the life out of the older veteran, but older he may be; but Flair is every bit as shrewd, and he manages to escape the hold, getting back to his feet, but Angle is right back on him when he does, immediately applying a standing headlock.

    Angle pressures Flair, with Naitch taking a knee, before pushing back to his feet, and tries to break free by pushing Kurt off, but Angle hangs on to the headlock, keeping the pressure applied. Flair tries to stamp the feet of Angle, but that doesn’t work either. Flair then backs up with Angle, into the ropes, and finally pushes Kurt off, into the opposite side of the ring, dropping down for the return … but Angle puts the breaks down … THEN DROPS DOWN, GRASPING FOR THE ANKLE OF FLAIR!!!

    Quickly and wisely, Flair scurries to the ropes avoiding the deadly ankle lock from Angle. He reaches the sanctity of the ropes, but whilst he has that safety, Kurt Angle makes sure to stand over The Naitch, letting Flair know he’s there, and that he can apply the ankle lock at any given time. Flair - on the mat - looks up at Angle, knowing what Angle is trying to do by psyching him out … and without saying a word, Angle clicks his fingers as if to say; “I can get it, just like that.”

    Angle backs up in order to allow Flair to his feet, with the sixteen times world champion rising back to his vertical base, nodding, knowing what he’s up against, circling around once again. The two men lunge in once more, but this time, Flair avoids the lock up, immediately going behind, grabbing the arm of his opponent, applying a hammerlock.

    Angle - with his free arm - reaches back, trying to grab any part of Flair that he can, but Naitch avoids, keeping the hold applied, before tripping Angle onto the mat, dropping down and shifting to a side headlock. Now, showing why he is the ‘dirtiest player in the game’ Flair takes an opportunity to use the ropes for leverage, putting his feet up on them whilst the headlock is applied, making sure Charles Robinsons view is obstructed.

    Despite the pressure, Angle is able to stir, spinning out on the mat, but Flair quickly re-applies the hold, keeping it on as Angle battles to his feet, still trapped in the headlock. But, now on his feet, Angle has more options to escape, and throws an elbow to the gut of Flair, and another - breaking the hold. Angle then kicks Flair in the gut, pushing him into the corner, before going CRAZY with a series of STIFF European Uppercuts!!!!!

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, TEN!!!!! Consecutive European Uppercuts from Angle decimate Flair in the corner, with the fans split for the spot, as Angle is forced back by the official … with Flair staggering out of the corner … FLOPPING on his face!!!!! The classic Flair-flop emerges at WrestleMania, prompting a pop from the fans, with Angle doing the damage, and wasting no time after Flair flops to the mat.

    Angle reaches down, scraping Flair off the mat, pushing him into the corner, lighting him up with a few overhand rights, before shooting Naitch across the ring, hard into the opposite corner, with Flair bouncing out … right into a BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM ANGLE!!!!! Angle makes the cover off the suplex, hooking the leg…


    ……KICK OUT……

    Flair is forced to throw a shoulder up, with Angle ominously looking in control, having his way with Flair at this stage, turning Flair over, and going amateur on the legendary Nature Boy, riding Flair, showing his credentials, before finally stopping the amateur theatrics, and applies a front face lock, to wear Ric down, with Coach commenting that Flair looks way out of his depth here, before stating; “The mind is willing Ric .. But your body aint anymore!!!”

    Angle applies the hold tight, pressuring Flair, sucking the life out of the Nature Boy, with Ric throwing his arms to find something to grab in order to break the hold, but Angle grasps tightly, not relenting, until Flair pushes to his knees, knowing he cant lay down forever, then with a few shots to the gut of Angle, Flair rises to his feet - but he is still trapped in the hold.

    Flair slowly backs Angle into the ropes, and throws Angle off, breaking the front face lock, sending Angle off the ropes, but Kurt returns with a stiff shoulder block, knocking Flair off his feet again, landing on his ass. Angle smirks, then takes off again, looking to hit the ropes once more, with Flair rising back to his feet, and this time, on the return, Flair meets Angle with a back elbow, stunning Kurt, putting HIM down!!!

    Angle sits on his ass, holding his jaw, as Flair enjoys getting the upper hand, taking the opportunity to STRUT across the ring!!! Offering a WOOOOO to the fans, Flair gets one back from the seventy thousand plus in attendance … but one man that doesn’t respond in kind is KURT ANGLE, who is right back to his feet, and as Flair turns, Angle decimates him with a clothesline, sending Flair over the top rope, crashing to the floor outside!!!!!

    The Wrestling Machine lets out a huge roar, pumping himself up, before climbing out of the ring to meet Flair, beating him up by the barrier with another series of overhand rights softening the sixteen times world champion up, but Flair comes back!!! Fighting on instinct, Flair retaliates to Angle, blocking a right hand, and backing Angle up with one of his own!!

    Flair follows up with another straight right - right on the button of Angles chin!!! Angle looks to shake the cobwebs loose, but is inundated with rights and lefts from the fired up Nature Boy, who then proceeds to light Angle up with KNIFE EDGE CHOPS!!! Angle stops the assault with a boot to the gut, slowing Flair down, and takes a few steps back to compose himself … but Flair comes back for Angle again … only to be met with a back body drop from Angle!!!!!

    Flairs body lands hard on the outside, with Angle keeping Ric down by stomping the Nature Boy, before rolling in and out of the ring to break the count. Kurt drags Flair up, rolling him onto the apron, climbing back into the ring himself, before dragging Flair up on the apron. Hooking Flair into position, Angle attempts to suplex Flair back into the ring - but Ric blocks. Shaking his head, Kurt tries again … but Flair blocks again!!

    Then, suddenly, it’s FLAIR taking Angle up for the suplex, hoisting Angle up, bringing the fans to their feet, thinking Flair is going to suplex Angle OUT of the ring … but instead, Flair hangs Angle up on the ropes!!! Angle bounces back, and lands on the mat, as Flair drops down to the floor, dragging his weakened adversary outside, and lights up Angle against the apron with a series of chops, before shooting Angle into the barrier!!!

    Angle winces upon impact, but Flair, like a rabid dog, is right on Kurt, going to work with rights and left to the chin and the body, roughing up Angle, showing him what he’s still got left … before hooking Angle up … DELIVERING A SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR!!!!! Both men sell the effects of the suplex, with both taking a tough landing, whilst the fans show their appreciation for Flair putting his body on the line.

    Flair, naturally, is first to stir, but he groans in pain, before climbing up on the apron, bringing himself up to his feet … but as he stands up on the apron … ANGLE GETS TO HIS FEET TOO!!! Angle climbs onto the apron, clubbing the back of Flair, gripping him from behind on the apron … SETTING UP FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX … OFF THE APRON!!!!!!!!!! The fans explode momentarily for the tease, as Flair hangs onto the ropes for dear life, knowing the consequences if he releases his grip!!

    Angle desperately tries to yank Flair off, pulling with all his might on the apron, trying once more … but Flair hooks his arms around the ropes, refusing to give in and be suplexed off the apron … before finally retaliating, throwing an elbow back at Angle - and again - this time breaking Kurts grip. A third elbow then knocks Angle OFF apron, but when he lands, Angle grabs the legs of Flair - YANKING Flair off the apron, with Ric smashing his face off the apron upon landing!!!!

    Flair staggers a few steps, as Angle sizes him up, charging in for a clothesline - but Flair moves, with Angle unable to stop his momentum, and he clotheslines the ring post - and there’s only one winner in that scenario!!! Angle staggers away, holding his arm in agony, with Flair following up, grabbing Angle by the singlet - rushing him into the next ring post - bad arm first!!! Flair then rolls Angle back inside, and follows in himself, with the momentum swinging in Flairs favour!!!

    Naitch pushes the worse for wear Angle back into the corner, and goes to work on Kurt, rolling back the years with a series of knife edge chops, getting the usual series of “WOOOO” shouts from the fans for each chop. Flair finally relents with the chops, but continues his attack, and snap mares Angle out of the corner, onto the mat, before stomping Kurt down, softening him up for an old school knee drop. Flair gets the lateral press…

    ……KICK OUT……

    Angle kicks out, but Flair stays on him, beating him to the punch as he tries to reach his feet, shooting Angle into the corner. Kurt bounces out, into the path of Naitch, who kicks Angle in the gut, hooking him into position, and scores with a DOUBLE ARM SUPLEX!!!!! Flair floats over, into another cover…



    Kick out again from Angle!!! It’s Kurt that’s having to show resilience at this stage, surprising Coach on commentary, with Flair taking the fight to the Wrestling Machine!!! Angle tries to stir as he stands, but Flair doesn’t give him the chance, going to work again with chops and punches in the corner, shooting Angle out again, looking to send him into the opposite corner … but Angle reverses the Irish whip, and BLASTS Flair into the corner instead!!!!

    And Flair topples upon impact, hitting the corner upside down, crashing over, and onto the apron … where he runs along the apron - in classic Flair fashion, to the other corner, climbing the turnbuckles, going up top … WHEN ANGLE SPRINTS ACROSS, MEETING FLAIR UP TOP … AND DELIVERS A STUNNING BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP ROPE TO THE FIFTY-NINE YEAR OLD NATURE BOY!!!!!!

    The fans are in shock at the high impact move taken by Flair, with the veteran sitting up in agony after impact, screaming in pain, as Angle quickly looks to hook the leg and finish things off…



    FLAIR KICKS OUT!!!!! Styles puts over the heart of Flair to kick out of such a big move, but it may only be a stay of execution, with Angle picking Flair up again, punishing him with a short arm clothesline. Looking angry and fired up, Angle drags Flair up again, repeating the trick, delivering another short arm clothesline, devastating Flair!!

    Angle picks Flair up once more, shoving him back into the corner, stomping a mudhole in Flair, having to be forced back by the official. Angle is warned about his aggression, telling him to curb it, but Kurt pushes by him, coming for Flair again - but Flair looks to meet him with a shot of his own; BLOCKED by Angle, and Angle rocks Flair with a big right hand!!!

    Kurt drags Flair out of the corner, and grips him from behind, attempting a GERMAN SUPLEX … but again - like on the apron, Flair is determined to avoid it, blocking initially by hooking his leg around Angles, but after a few rough forearms to the back, Angle looks to hit it again … BUT FLAIR BLOCKS IT AGAIN!!!! Naitch tries to grab anything; ropes, officials - but he does get his hands on the turnbuckle pad to prevent the German!!!

    Flair grips onto the padding … holding on for dear life … RIPPING the padding from the turnbuckle, and tossing it aside - DISTRACTING the referee - ALLOWING HIM TO MULE KICK ANGLE!!!!! Angle eats a kick right to the nuts, and immediately relents his grip around Flairs waist; the dirtiest player in the game strikes once more, with another ingenuous plan coming together for the sixteen times world champion!!!!!

    Angle staggers after the low blow … giving Flair a moment to catch his breath, before he follows up with an ATOMIC DROP … then and INVERTED Atomic Drop … before TRIPPING the leg … AND HOLDS ON … IN POSITION TO APPLY THE FIGURE FOUR… BUT AS HE TURNS TO HOOK THE LEGS … ANGLE GETS A FOOT UP - KICKING FLAIR AWAY INTO THE CORNER CHEST FIRST!!!!!

    The Wrestling Machine bounces to his feet, catching Flair from behind as he staggers back out of the corner … AND THIS TIME THERE’S NO ESCAPE FOR FLAIR … GERMAN SUPLEX CONNECTS!!!!!


    Angle keeps his grip of the waist of Flair, dragging his battered opponent to his feet, and there’s NO resistance on this occasion … as Angle LAUNCHES WITH A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!


    STILL, Angle keeps his grip around the waist of Flair, with Naitch looking worse for wear, only standing because he’s been brought to his feet and held up by Angle … and again, with Flair defenceless … there’s NO resistance against it … as Angle LAUNCHES WITH A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! And this time, he DOES release the hold!!!! The trifecta is complete, and Angle floats over into a cover …


    Flair survives - but BARELY - only just lifting his should enough to survive, leaving Angle frustrated. Dragging Flair back up, Angle delivers another two stiff rights, then puts Flair down again with a vertical suplex. The Wrestling Machine looks down at Flair, before stepping up the turnbuckles!!!! It must be a big occasion; KURT ANGLE IS CLIMBING TO THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Angle steadies himself up top, as we see the sea of fans al standing, cameras flashing …



    ON THE MAT!!!!!!! NO ONE HOME!!!!!

    FLAIR ROLLED OUT OF HARMS WAY!!!!! Angle crashes and burns on the mat off the moonsault, with the spent Naitch following up, rolling up Angle with a school boy …



    ……KICK OUT……

    Angle nearly didn’t make it, but escapes the roll up, with Flair looking up as if to say; “Damn it”, thinking he got it done on that occasion, and realising it’ll take more to beat Angle. Flair falls back onto the mat, then shakes his head, turning over, punching the mat … and locks eyes with Kurt Angle - also on his knees, worse for wear, feeling the effects of the missed moonsault.

    And the Best Today rises to meet the Best Ever in the middle of the ring; where they trade shots in a battle for supremacy, and Angle has to deal with a crazed, fired up Nature Boy, having to fight fire with fire, trading knife edge chops … and in a battle of chops, Flair will always win out, no matter what the year or the opponent!!!

    Flair rattles Angle with the chops like it was 1988, but eventually, as Flair lines up a chop - Angle is that split-second quicker - and catches Flair before he can strike - clutching him in tight … FOR A BELLY TO BELLY … BUT FLAIR BITES THE FACE OF ANGLE!!!!! Using any and every resource he has, Flair avoids taking another belly to belly by BITING Angle, breaking the grip, and ignores the warnings from the referee, lighting Angle up in the corner with rights and lefts!!!!

    The Nature Boy sends Angle across the ring with all he has - falling over, such is the ferocity he puts behind it!!! Angle hit’s the corner hard, bouncing back out, with Flair back up, delivering a back body drop to put Kurt down. Angle, looking dazed, staggers back to his feet … but is easy prey for Flair and the chop block!!!!! The fans get louder, sensing what the chop block is setting up … with Kurt selling the knee, holding it tightly, as Flair goes to work, stomping the knee.

    Angle tries to push Flair off in order to create a break, but Naitch is like a dog with a bone, and drags Angle up, raising him in the air, using the leg … SHIN BREAKER!!!!! Angle slams the mat in agony, as Flair grabs the leg, dropping an elbow to the point of the knee … getting back up, dropping another knee, with Angle unable to shake him off!!! Flair butchers the leg with his elbows to the knee, and yanks on it … holding on, before looking out at the fans for approval… getting wild cheers …

    As Flair turns over, hooking Angles legs … AND APPLIES THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!!!!!! Flair goes right to the classic playbook, bringing out the biggest weapon in his arsenal, with Angle immediately groaning in agony, covering his face to hide the pain!!! J.R sells the Figure Four; FLAIRS figure four, saying no one has ever perfected the move like Flair, and reels off the list of names Naitch has beaten with it, asking the question; “WILL KURT ANGLE BE ADDED TO THAT VERY LIST???”

    Flair leans back into the move, shouting for Angle to tap … but Angle wont go down - at least not yet. Styles reminds everyone of Angles last two WrestleManias ending in submission losses to Bret Hart and The Undertaker, asking if Kurt is destined to repeat history again … just as Angle sits up, and tries to turn over the pressure on Flair … but the master of the figure four wont allow it!!! Flair stops the momentum switch, as Angle falls back down, with the count coming…



    Angle sits up to break the count, nearly losing the match, with J.R selling the shit out of the submission, talking about the pain that is moving through Angles body at this point, and questioning how much more of this he can take from Flair … with Angle now desperate to escape, trying to get to the ropes to force a break …

    … Angle reaches out, hoping he can stretch to the ropes …

    …… BUT CANT ……

    The Wrestling Machine pounds the mat, trying to fire himself up to make the ropes, as Flair yells at him to tap. Angle sucks it up, and looks to reach for the ropes again … but Flair himself USES THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE!!!!! Ric pulls on the ropes whilst the referee is busy watching to see if Angle can grab the ropes himself!!!!! Flair uses the ropes for as long as he can, letting go before he can get caught by Charles Robinson!!!!

    The pain is piling on for Angle, but Kurt still wont give in!!! The ropes are still too far away … meaning Angle has to try again to turn the hold over, but Flair looks to be holding strong, as the noise grows louder inside the stadium. Flair, sitting up, yells at Kurt to ‘TAP OUT!!! TAP OUT ANGLE!!! C’MON!!!’ … BUT ANGLE WONT!!!!! The Olympian defiantly shakes his head in refusal, and sits up himself …


    …………… AND DOES ……………


    The figure four is turned over, with all the pressure on FLAIR now, with Naitch now feeling the pain, wincing, groaning in agony … and pushes up … yelling out, as J.R bellows from commentary “HAS RIC FLAIR STILL GOT THE FIGHT!!??” … as we see Naitch pushing forward … and reaches out … GRATEFULLY GRABBING THE ROPES!!!!! And J.R answers his own question, with a defiant; “YES HE DOES!!!!!”

    Flair holds the ropes for dear life, with a look of relief as the hold is broken by Angle, with Flair slowly pulling himself to his feet by the ropes - looking spent; like all his energy went into that Figure Four … and as he peels off the ropes, ANGLE MEETS HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD … GRABBING THE LEG … ANKLELOCK IS APPLIED-




    Flair nearly got it again, but Angle escapes the cradle. Both men get to their feet, but Angle is the quicker, with Flair looking a spent force still, despite the quick thinking cradle … and Angle shoots in from behind … ANGLE SLAM … NO!!!!! Flair lands behind on his feet, but instantly backs up …

    AND BEGS OFF!!!!!

    The Nature Boy backs off into the corner, begging off Angle, telling him he wants it to stop, buying himself time as even though Kurt isn’t buying the act, he’s giving Flair a moment to recover. Angle is heard on camera; “TOO LATE TO BACK OFF NOW RIC!!” … but as Angle walks him down, FLAIR POKES THE EYES OF ANGLE!!!!! Flair follows up, taking advantage with a roll up on Angle … AND HAS A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS!!!!!



    ……………ANGLE KICKS OUT……………

    Flair STILL cant keep Angle down!! Despite his best efforts; every trick in his encyclopaedia, Flair hasn’t been able to do enough to keep Angle down!!! They both get to their feet, with Flair swinging a wild attempt at a chop that misses, and this time hooks Flair up … AND SCORES WITH THE ANGLE SLAM TO THE NATURE BOY!!!! He hooks the leg…


    Angle sits up instantly in shock, and the fans are stunned too!!! Hands on his head, Angle gets into a discussion with the official about the count, eventually holding up three fingers, convinced the count should’ve came down. Shaking his head, Angle gets back to his feet, still stunned that Flair kicked out - much like the trio in commentary, as Styles wonders if history really is about to repeat itself for Angle after heart breaking losses in back to back WrestleManias for the American Hero.

    Flair stirs, crawling to the corner in order to drag himself up, with Angle watching him intently, fury building at his inability to finish off the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots!! Flair stands up in the corner, with Angle not sparing another second; he rushes into the corner at Flair … but Flair steps out, ANGLE HIT’S THE CORNER …


    Angles chest collides with the steel buckle, knocking the wind out of him … as Flair seizes the opportunity … ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS ON KURT ANGLE!!!!! The steel buckle, the Angle Slam; has Ric Flair outsmarted Angle?? Flair makes the cover…




    And this time, FLAIR sits up in shock!!!! Angle kicks out of his own move, with Flair convinced he had done it on that occasion. Slowly climbing to his feet, Flair argues with Robinson, but his argument falls on deaf ears; the count was two, and two only. Head down, Flair breathes heavily, before looking up, and out at the fans, who cheer the legend wildly, with Flair puffing his cheeks, nodding at the fans … before stepping out onto the apron …


    “HAS HE LOST HIS MIND???” bellows Jim Ross, with Joey Styles chiming in that he cant recall a single occasion that Ric Flair going up top ended well … but it’s WrestleMania; and Flair is desperate … and desperate times call for drastic measures!!! Flair climbs, and with each turnbuckle, the roar grows louder from the fans!!! The Nature Boy gets to the top, as Angle reaches his feet too … turning around …

    AS FLAIR SOARS … CATCHING ANGLE WITH THE CROSS BODY OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! The University of Phoenix Stadium EXPLODES as Flair FINALLY delivers with a top rope move!!! And the cover is made in the process, with the leg hooked, trapping Angle …


    ……KICK OUT……

    The air is sucked out of the fans after the kick out, with the majority willing on a three for the cross body … but Angle WONT stay down!!! Flair puffs his cheeks once more, and pushes himself to his feet, standing over Angle, reaching down for the leg, seemingly to apply the FIGURE FOUR again … but Angle slips free, TRIPS FLAIR … AND GRABS A HOLD OF THE ANKLE!!!!!


    Flair is caught, and he is TRAPPED right in the middle of the ring, as Angle torques the joint, screaming, desperate for Flair to tap, and for Angle to banish his WrestleMania hoodoo!!! Flair covers his face, screaming in agony, not wanting to tap … and uses ALL his might to try and survive, CLAWING across the mat to try and get a rope break!!!

    … He inches closer …

    …… Wiggling his fingers to reach out ……



    Angle drags Flair back out at the last second!!!! Kurt Angle twists the right ankle, roaring at Flair to tap out!!!!! Flairs face shows the anguish … but he wont give in - not on his LAST ever dance at WrestleMania!!! Flair wills himself on once again, as he tries to SCRATCH across the canvas to the ropes … but it’s about to get much more troublesome…




    … Slick Ric covers his head with both hands, racked with agony, as Angle continues to contort the ankle … with the fans not sure what they want at this stage … but it’s hopeless for Flair. He’s trapped in the middle of the ring, he cant move … he cant counter. Angle refuses to relent … as Flair screams out one last time, raising his hand momentarily…

    ………… AND PAUSES …………




    … AND …

    ……… TAPS OUT ………

    WINNER: KURT ANGLE @ 19:58


    Joey Styles: And Kurt Angles WrestleMania hoodoo is finally broken!!!

    Surprisingly - after his vow to put Flair into retirement - Angle releases the hold once the bell is rung!! Angle takes a step back, and hunches over, hands on his knees, taking a moment to compose himself, before standing up straight - to have his arm raised in the air for the first time in three years at WrestleMania.

    The Coach: Now get back on him!! Break his ankle, Kurt!!!

    Joey Styles: I think he’s had second thoughts Coach. I think he just realised he’s got what he came for tonight at WrestleMania. Kurt Angle just beat the greatest of all time at the showcase of the immortals … and he’s taken a giant leap toward staking his claim for that very same moniker!!!

    Angle continues to show a look of pure relief, finally hearing his name declared as the winner at WrestleMania, whilst Ric Flair is slumped in a seated position by the ropes, eyes filling with tears. Because … Flair. Angle looks over at the Nature Boy and walks over, EXTENDING HIS HAND as he mouths; “You‘re one crazy old man.”

    The Coach: Yeah!!! Lure him in Kurt!!!

    Jim Ross: No. This is genuine, Coach. No tricks here.

    And indeed, the offer is genuine, with Flair accepting the hand of Angle, as the victor helps Flair to his feet, with the fans on their feet for the greatest of all time, showing their appreciation for the efforts of the Naitch in a losing battle tonight.

    Jim Ross: Bah Gawd, what a gesture - what a moment!!!

    With tears in his eyes, Flair blows kisses to the fans, mouthing “Thank you” as he looks around at the seventy thousand plus, all showing their respect for Flair, before he turns, and gives Angle a few words too - mutual respect between the two rivals. Flair raises the hand of Angle, but it’s Angle that leaves the ring first - telling Flair to have his moment; his last ever in the ring at WrestleMania.

    Joey Styles: That’s class!! Kurt Angle is giving Flair the ring. And thank god that Angle saw sense here tonight. He didn’t have to break Ric Flairs ankle for recognition. He just earned it all with that performance.

    Jim Ross: This is what WrestleMania is all about!!!

    Angle exit’s the ring, acknowledging a few fans as he makes his way up the aisle and onto the ramp, whilst Flair stands in the ring, soaking up the adulation from the fans, tears streaming down his face…

    Joey Styles: He may have lost tonight, but Ric Flair has nothing to be ashamed of. He went toe to toe with the best in the world today in Kurt Angle. And gentlemen, I’m not even sure that Flair in his prime could’ve done any better tonight.

    Jim Ross: Flair certainly rolled back the years tonight. Of that there is no doubt. And while he wont leave his last WrestleMania with his arm raised in victory, he’s still a winner in my eyes, and all these peoples eyes. And if this is the final match of Flairs illustrious career … I just want to say; Thank You, Ric. Thank you…

    With that, the commentators sit out, going quiet to allow the noise of the fans be heard, in their appreciation for Flair, with Ric still crying, thanking them for their love … before the camera fades out…

    And backstage, a large group of superstars and divas are shown clapping, after watching the match on the monitors, all showing their respect for Flair and indeed Angle … all except one man …


    The World Heavyweight Champion walks right in front of the group, scoffing at their clapping for the Nature Boy and Angle, muttering…

    John Cena: And you people wonder why you’re sat here watching the show instead of being part of it…

    Cena walks by - but is stopped as he proceeds, by HALL OF FAMER ROWDY RODDY PIPER and the fans cheer in the background. Cena and Piper stare through one another for a moment.

    John Cena: Problem??

    Piper guffaws, and rubs his chin, offering a nod.

    Roddy Piper: Y’know … there’s a reason why Ric Flair got a standing ovation two nights in a row. Even I got a standing ovation last night. And I’m a no good scoundrel.

    John Cena: And??

    Piper continues to smile…

    Roddy Piper: It’s called respect. You’ll be in the Hall of Fame one day. No doubt about it. But you’ll never have THAT.

    Piper points to the monitor, showing Flair as he is leaving the arena, thanking the fans, and he points to the superstars all together watching Flair.

    Roddy Piper: All you’ll have is disdain. And, y’know … I hope ya can live with that.

    Cena looks around, looking at the two dozen men and women in the area, then back at Piper…

    John Cena: You got your standing ovation last night. But did you ever have this??

    Cena lifts the title belt off his shoulder… Piper looks at it, sniffs, and shakes his head.

    John Cena: That’s right. But then again, you got a bunch of losers that stood and clapped for ya…

    Piper looks angry, with Cena fixing the lapels on Pipers jacket, patting his tie.

    John Cena: Respect?? Tried that. It’s overrated. I’ll take this over that.

    Cena pats the belt, then points behind him as he delivers the last line … then brushes past the Hall of Famer, continuing on…


    There wont be any time to catch breath between main event matches; and the fans explode for the graphic for The Game and Kennedy…

    Jim Ross: And we’re just moments away from one of the most personal matches in WWE history. Maybe, maybe … the MOST personal match in WrestleMania history.

    Joey Styles: There was a huge show of respect after Kurt Angle defeated Ric Flair moments ago after a heated run in to WrestleMania. I think it’s fair to assume that the same isn’t about to happen at the end of this one.

    The Coach: Triple H has been M.I.A - he’s been retired for six months!! He would’ve remained retired if it wasn’t for the actions of Mister Kennedy … but with no rules, nothing to stop Kennedy … he might just take the decision out of The Games hands tonight.

    Joey Styles: Triple H has been seemingly a step behind Kennedy for weeks since this match was made. Will he regret his decision - his instinctive decision - to come back here tonight at WrestleMania??

    Jim Ross: The Game has been involved in multiple championship matches at WrestleMania. He’s walked out as THE MAN more than once, in some of the biggest matches in WrestleMania history … but never has it been as personal as this. Never, have it meant more to The Game. This isn’t about titles, this isn’t about respect - it’s personal; DAMN personal…


    The video opens up last September, when Stephanie appeared to Raw to discuss her husbands future…

    Stephanie McMahon: As we speak, Triple H is at home convalescing … this is the second time just this year that he’s had to spend time in hospital…

    Clips of Triple H getting battered by Christian inside Hell in a Cell at Backlash, and then taking a beating from Brock Lesnar at Summerslam.

    Stephanie McMahon: First time, six days, second time ten days … how long will the third time be?? I don’t want to know the answer. I don’t want to have to find out. He still lives and breathes this business … but we’ve come to the agreement that it’s best … that he calls time on his career. And while he couldn’t be here tonight to deliver the message himself, he wanted to thank-


    An untimely interruption from Mr. Kennedy, as the screams of Stephanie are blared…


    The grinning, smirking Kennedy, interspersed with clips of him coming up, and Triple H at the same time on a much bigger level…

    Mr. Kennedy: All I want to do is pay my respect… I’ve used your husband as an inspiration for many years … and it was always an ambition of mine to replace The Game… It’s a shame he’s stepped away now … because I would’ve loved to be the man that put Triple H down…

    More clips, now of Kennedy being crowned King of the Ring in 2006, holding the Intercontinental Title, and Triple H still atop the mountain, but decisively losing to Cena, Christian and Lesnar…

    Mr. Kennedy: And as emasculating as it must be for your dear husband to call time on his storied career because he cant cut the mustard anymore … how much of a turn off is it for you, knowing he isn’t the man he once was… And secretly, how much of a turn on is it for you, now that Hunter is gonna be playing house husband, that you can have your pick over any of the younger, stronger, tougher MEN that are in the back right now-

    ~ SLAP!!!!!

    Stephanie slaps Kennedy, and storms off … but Kennedy has a grin etched on his face.

    Then, three months late on the December 10 Raw, over clips of Mr. Kennedy creating chaos at a charity event, attacking Shane McMahon, along with shots of the in ring confrontation between Kennedy and Stephanie…

    Stephanie McMahon: Just what the hell were you trying to accomplish?? You show up in Connecticut to assault my brother, Shane -- at a WWE charity event, no less. Have you ANY decency?? ANY morals??
    Mister Kennedy: GAWD!!! Steph - I just love it when you’re angry. Seeing you get all pent up, frazzled, veins pumping, passion in your eyes?? Ohh, oh it gives me a real special kinda feeling.

    Kennedy shivers, then winks at Steph as if she should know what he’s getting at.



    Mister Kennedy: That’s twice now. If … IF there’s a third time … I don’t care what your last name is, what job you hold, who you’re married to or whether you stand or sit to go to the toilet … I’ll put you in the ground…

    Flashing shot of Kennedy crowding Stephanies personal space … before playing a series of shots of Kennedy attacking Shane at the Charity event, the hardcore match at Raw XV, using the Pedigree to beat Shane that night, and his savage attack on Kevin Nash…

    Mister Kennedy: But while I’m smiling on the outside … on the inside?? Ohhh … inside, I’m a sick little pup … I’m not limited by these four walls. I don’t give myself restrictions on where I conduct my business …

    Shots of a concerned looking Stephanie, at the charity event, seeing Shane wheeled out of the arena at Raw XV, and coming to stop the attack on Kevin Nash last month…

    Mister Kennedy: So think about that when you’re out shopping for expensive jewellery, when you’re doing your groceries … when you and your husband are strolling hand and hand … in the back of your mind … always be knowing … I’m never too far away.

    Kennedy brandishes the weapon swinging wildly as they rush out of the ring, then turns back his attention to Nash… And finds STEPHANIE now crouched down, protecting the bloodied up legend, with a hand up, begging Kennedy to stop … but Kennedy shakes his head, and looks set to nail Stephanie with the hammer …

    Jim Ross: DON’T YOU DO IT!!! DON’T YOU DARE!!!

    But instead, he drags Stephanie to her feet - AND FORCES HIMSELF ONTO HER WITH A KISS ON HER LIPS - with Stephanie trying to push him off - before shoving her away.


    Kennedy laughs, whilst Stephanie looks disgusted - AND SLAPS KENNEDY ACROSS THE FACE!!!

    With the slap, replays air of the previous two slaps in September and December, and the reminder from Kennedy back in December …

    Mister Kennedy: If … IF there’s a third time … I’ll put you in the ground…


    Jim Ross: UGH- MY GOD!!! NO!!!

    The sound of silence takes over. Officials rush to the aid of Stephanie, as melancholic music plays … whilst Kennedy is remorseless…

    Cut to Jesse Ventura in the ring with Mr. Kennedy on February 25...

    Jesse Ventura: You’re lucky that it’s me handling this and not a McMahon. But while I may not have the same bellow that Vince has?? The message I’m about to deliver will have the same effect … Ken Kennedy??

    Ventura gets into Kennedys face …

    Jesse Ventura: YOU’RE FIR-


    The Igloo SHAKES. The camera cant stay steady - it’s bedlam in the arena, with Ventura gob smacked …

    … And Kennedy SMILING.


    The Mellon Arena is still rocking, as The Game glares from the top of the ramp, juicing the moment for all it’s worth … before he strides down the aisle!!!

    Ventura tries to step in front of Kennedy, again trying to stop Triple H, shouting to him; “DON’T DO THIS - HE‘S FIRED!!!”…

    But Kennedy doesn’t want to be held back, and he SHOVES Ventura out of the way, but after the shove, Triple H trips Kennedy from the outside, and drags Kennedy out of the ring …




    Clips then air of the brawl around ringside, over the promo from Saturday Nights Main Event…

    Triple H: You fire Kennedy?? There’s no repercussion for what he did. So if you wanna punish the son of a bitch … You give him to ME.

    Clips of Triple H tackling Kennedy over the announce table, elbowing security out of his way to get at Kennedy.

    Triple H: Let me deal with Kennedy. Let me truly punish the bastard. Give me Kennedy, and when I’m done with him … if there’s anything left … you can fire him then - if he hasn’t already quit. ONE match … that’s all I want…

    Triple H takes Kennedy down, trying to choke the life out of him … before Kennedy escapes…

    Cut to Saturday Nights Main Event and Ventura in the ring with Triple H…

    Jesse Ventura: You got your match.

    Piped in cheers from the fans, mixed with Triple H climbing the turnbuckles in the ring, pointing to the fans, pointing to himself, doing plenty of talking, and points up at the WrestleMania logo in the rafters…


    Series of shots of Triple H and Kennedy trading blows…

    Joey Styles: Has there ever been a bigger powder keg of a match at a WrestleMania?? Has it EVER been as personal as it will be in Phoenix on March 30 when The Game locks horns with Kennedy??

    Clips of Kennedy attacking Shane, bludgeoning Nash with a hammer … and the slap to Stephanie.

    The Coach: This is what Kennedy asked for, what Kennedy HOUNDED The McMahon family for - and he’s got what he wanted too. He manipulated this whole thing to PERFECTION!!!

    Cut to Kennedy from Raw on March 24; sat in a studio… sprinkled in with Kennedy cleverly outsmarting The Game on March 17, and busting Triple H up…

    Mister Kennedy: Let’s face it … I’ve been ahead of the game from day one. I’ve played The Game like a harp, and I’ve manipulated Triple H every … step … of the way.

    Shots of Kennedy and Triple H briefly crossing paths in July on Raw, and backstage at Summerslam, along with more shots of the beat down on March 17…

    Mister Kennedy: He wanted to step into the shadows and slip off into retirement. But I didn’t want that … not then. Not yet. So I forced him to come back. I picked on EVERY weakness Triple H has, and I used it to my advantage…

    Replays of Kennedy attacking Shane at the charity event … bloodying Nash … the kiss to Stephanie … and the slap heard all around the world.

    Mister Kennedy: I victimized your family, I crippled your friend, I questioned your man hood, I took liberties with your WIFE … I put …

    Repeated shots of the kiss and the slap…

    Mister Kennedy: My hands on the mother of your children…

    Clips of Kennedy in action, taking the fight to Cena, Christian, Mysterio and Angle over the last year … with shots of Triple H over the years with many of his grand entrances, and his ten title runs sprinkled in…

    Mister Kennedy: Yet … I don’t think anyone ever asked … why?? Why do I want a piece of Triple H so bad?? There’s no big scheme going on. It’s all really, really simple …I WANT YOUR SPOT!!!!!

    Kennedy nails Triple H with the sledgehammer, to the gut … then the skull … before dismissing Triple H with the swipe of his boot.

    Mister Kennedy: I’ve been one step ahead of you every step of the way, Hunter. This “Game” is much easier than I thought. I’m ending this GAME on Sunday … I’m ending YOU at WrestleMania…

    Cut to clips of Triple H in action; multiple sledgehammer shots to the likes of Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Christian … Triple H raises the sledgehammer in the air…

    Triple H: There’s no more games. There’s no more cat and mouse. On Sunday, you’re trapped, in a ring, with me. And you’re gonna pay.

    One more reminder of the pain and anguish Kennedy has caused the McMahon family in recent months over the next words from Triple H; standing over Stephanie … attacking The Game … blasting Shane with a chair … and the slap to Stephanie.

    Triple H: You’re gonna pay for the pain and the anguish you’ve given my wife, my children, my family. You’re gonna pay for every shot you’ve taken at me … you’re gonna pay for putting my brother-in-law in a hospital … and you can bet your sorry ass you’re gonna pay for putting your hands on my wife.

    Various shots of Triple H down the years… various Pedigrees, high knees, clotheslines … and taking a barbed wire 2x4 to Cactus Jack, bashing The Rock against a steel cage, delivering a Pedigree to Chris Jericho at the top of the Hell in the Cell structure.

    Jerry Lawler: HE’S THAT DAMN GOOD!!!
    Jim Ross: The cerebral assassin strikes - again!!!

    Before finishing up on slow motion shots of Kennedy planting a kiss on Stephanie, slapping the pregnant wife of The Game … and Triple H being pummelled on March 17 by Kennedy …



    Back into the arena…


    Unlike previous years, there’s no elaborate entrance for The King of Kings. No thrones, no live performance of his theme … it’s a stripped down, no frills walk out for The Game, as the fans erupt once TRIPLE H walks out through the curtain.

    Howard Finkel: The following contest, is a NOOO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH, Introducing first, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 272 pounds … THE GAME … TRRRRRRRIPLE AITCH!!!!!

    Stopping at the top of the ramp … Triple H takes a drink, bowing his head … before spitting his water, and walks with a purpose down the ramp and the aisle…

    Joey Styles: After seven months in exile, THE GAME is back!!! When he retired in August after the beating he suffered at Summerslam at the hands of Brock Lesnar, I don’t think I was alone in thinking that would be it. But fate his forced The Games hand …

    Joey Styles: …And while anyone can scoff at retirements in this business, I don’t think anyone can blame Triple H for coming back after the actions of Mister Kennedy. I think anyone in the same position would do the same.

    The Coach: And that’s what Mister Kennedy was counting on. Triple H retired for a reason, guys. The heart may be willing; but we’re gonna find out that his body is not. The Game has been replaced. There’s a new Cerebral Assassin in town, and his name is KENNEDY!!! And he’s proven it time and time again over the last few months.

    Triple H makes his way onto the ring apron, standing for a few seconds, looking out over the fans, before exploding with another gust of water. He then spits again, and climbs into the ring, proceeding onto the ropes…

    Jim Ross: You can say what you want Coach, but perhaps Mister Kennedy has bitten off more than he can chew. He wants to replace The Game, but maybe, he’s unleashed a side in Triple H that no one has ever seen before - and something Kennedy hasn’t expected. And tonight, here at WrestleMania he might just get it.

    Joey Styles: …And Kennedy better be expecting a backlash of epic proportions after the stunts he’s pulled these last few months. He put his hands on the mother of Triple H’s children. There’s no disqualifications here, no rules - Triple H will be hunting for revenge, and Kennedy might just pay a heavy, heavy price…

    The music dies down, and The Game paces the ring, back and forth, like a coiled spring … waiting for his rival to get out here … as the fans pick up in voice during the wait;



    And striding out confidently - brashly - the 2006 King of the Ring, MISTER KENNEDY smacks his gum around his mouth as he walks down the ramp for his biggest moment on the grandest stage…



    Joey Styles: He said on Smackdown on Friday, no more running - no more cat and mouse - it’s time to find out what Kennedy has!!!!


    Finkel doesn’t even get to introduce Kennedy, as Triple H charges toward Kennedy … and Kennedy comes to meet him!!!

    Joey Styles: AND HERE WE GO!!!!

    The stadium erupts as Triple H and Mr. Kennedy come to blows on the aisle, trading shots - vicious, hate fuelled punches, and it’s the passion of The Game that wins through, overwhelming Kennedy!!!

    Jim Ross: TRIPLE H!!! THE FURY - THE ANGER!!!

    Joey Styles: Is Kennedy beginning to regret what he’s done???

    The Game knocks Kennedy down, and drops down, hammering Kennedy, pounding him on the aisle, slamming his head off the ground, before being pushed off by his opponent, who stumbles to his feet, stopping Triple H with a kick to the gut as he comes at him again.

    The Coach: Alright - let’s settle down, Kenny. Let’s get to work.

    Creating some space, Kennedy stumbles toward the ring, but Triple H rushes behind him, knocking Kennedy back down with a stiff clothesline to the back of the head!!!!!


    Joey Styles: Kennedy has unleashed a monster!!!

    The fans pop, as Triple H collects himself, stalking Kennedy as he pulls himself to his feet, and TOSSES KENNEDY INTO THE STEPS!!!!!

    The Coach: This isn’t right!!! The match hasn’t even started!!! Get it in the ring, ref!!!

    Joey Styles: This match may NEVER start at this rate!!! Triple H isn’t here for a match - he’s here for a fight!!!

    Triple H pulls Kennedy back up, slamming his head off the steel steps, and again, before dragging him to his feet, and sends Kennedy into the ringpost with a blistering hard Irish Whip!!!!!

    Joey Styles: GOOD GAWD - THAT MOVED THE RING!!!!!

    Kennedy drops to his knees, dazed by the shot into the post, and tries to shake the cobwebs loose … WHILST TRIPLE H PICKS UP A STEEL CHAIR AT RINGSIDE!!!!!

    The Coach: No!!! Somebody stop this madman!!! He’s possessed!!!

    Jim Ross: My gawd - The Game has some evil intentions here tonight!!!

    Joey Styles: And it’s all Kennedy’s doing!!!

    Triple H comes after the Juggernaut with the chair, and doesn’t play to the fans, doesn’t tease the shot or even think about it … HE SWINGS THE CHAIR AT KENNEDY BY THE POST … BUT KENNEDY DUCKS, AND THE CHAIR RATTLES THE POST!!!!!


    The Coach: Thank God he ducked!!!

    The ricochet stops Triple H in his tracks, and he drops the chair, turning around - RIGHT INTO A DOUBLE LEG TACKLE FROM KENNEDY!!!!! And now, Kennedy proceeds to lay it in on The Game, pounding HIM on the ground.

    The Coach: Now we’re seeing it!!! Now we’re seeing Kennedy!!! Triple H came out here with a burst of adrenaline - but it’s worn off now!!! He couldn’t keep that pace up - no way. Get him Kennedy!!!

    Kennedy stands up, and stomps the face of The Game, affording himself a momentary smirk, then spits his gum down at Triple H, before picking him up, and rolling him into the ring, following inside.

    Jim Ross: Finally, they’re in the ring, and this FIGHT can officially begin!!!

    The Coach: This isn’t gonna be a fight; it’s gonna be a beating!!!

    And the bell finally rings - the match is OFFICIALLY underway!!!!!

    Triple H vs. Mister Kennedy
    Kennedy is inside, and attempts a clothesline, but Triple H ducks under, coming back off the ropes - RUNNING HIGH KNEE TO KENNEDY!!!!! Kennedy retreats to the corner, with The Game refusing to give him even a second to catch his breath, and peppers him with a barrage of right hands in the corner, then drags him out, throwing Kennedy through the ropes - back out of the ring again, and follows out.

    Triple H drops down off the apron, but as he does, Kennedy connects with a dropkick to the knee!!! Triple H drops to one knee, with Kennedy following up by hitting a bicycle kick. Kennedy stomps Triple H down, before pulling him back to his feet, sending him into the barrier at ringside!! Kennedy then rushes in at The Game, but Triple H steps forward … AND CATCHES THE INCOMING KENNEDY … HIP TOSS INTO THE BARRIER!!!!!

    Kennedys back and the back of his head slam into the barrier off the hip toss, and the fans pop for the unusual spot, with Triple H again not wasting any time posturing or posing … he follows up almost instantly, sending his foe over the barrier with a thunderous clothesline!!!!! The Game - showing his fury - pushes Scott Armstrong aside and moves the timekeeper away, as he picks up a steel chair, before climbing over the barrier to follow Kennedy into the crowd.

    Security move fans aside, as Triple H stalks the crawling Kennedy, before WELTING the chair across the back of the 2006 King of the Ring, once, twice, three times, four times - FIVE consecutive chair shots to the back of the Mister Kennedy!!! All the while, Kennedy tries to crawl away - unsuccessfully - taking each shot with all of The Games fury!!!

    Triple H then grabs Kennedy by the hair, pulling him to his knees, and sets the top of the chair on Kennedys throat - and slams his face down toward the ground - slamming the chair into his throat!!! Kennedy chokes wildly upon impact, rolling around on the ground, kicking his legs as he clutches his throat … but Triple H shows no compassion, slamming the chair down on the body of his fierce rival.

    Kennedy tries to crawl away, but The Game stops him, holding him by the legs, and stomps Kennedy right to the groin!!! Triple H follows up, moving a few fans aside, before dropping a knee on Kennedy on the floor. Picking Kennedy up, Triple H tosses him back over the barrier, and climbs back over himself, as he stalks Kennedy, watching him stumble, before grabbing him by the tights and tossing Kennedy right across the Spanish Announce Table!!!!!

    There’s all kinds of commotion as Kennedy is flung across the table, and he flies into the Spanish announcers, and landing on the floor, with Triple H proceeding to throw the cover off the table, and throwing the monitors out too - getting the table ready for something nasty, with the fans coming alive for a potential table spot!!

    The Game walks around, pushing Hugo and Carlos away, as he stalks down Kennedy, and drags Kennedy up … BUT KENNEDY BLASTS HUNTER WITH A MICROPHONE!!! The mic shot dazes The Game, and he takes a stumble, with Kennedy following up, nailing him a second time. Triple H staggers away from the announce position, and Kennedy picks up a chair, coming after The Game now, spinning him around, nailing him with the chair - jabbing it into the gut, and gives The Game a receipt for earlier; slamming the chair off the back of Triple H!!!

    Kennedy tosses the chair into the ring, and rolls Triple H inside too, climbing in behind, where he stomps a mudhole into The Game - and with No Disqualifications, there’s nothing Scott Armstrong can do about it!!!

    Relentlessly, Kennedy stomps into the chest and face of Triple H in the corner, with The Game unable to do anything to stop it or even cover up!!! Kennedy finally stops after nearly wearing his boots out on Triple H’s body, and immediately takes off, running off the ropes, darting back at the seated Game in the corner - FACEWASH TO TRIPLE H!!!

    Kennedys boot is driven through the face of Triple H, and he keeps it there as he leans over the ropes, with a sly smirk on his face, eating up the boos from the fans. On commentary, Joey Styles questions if perhaps The Game’s hot start was merely thanks to adrenaline and now we’re seeing all that he has left - and The Coach is quick to agree, saying The Game should’ve never came back.

    Meanwhile, Kennedy runs back against the ropes again … and at The Game … DRIVING HIS BOOT THROUGH HIS FACE AGAIN WITH A SECOND FACEWASH!!!!! Once again, he leans over the ropes after impact, and gets in the face of the camera, yelling out; “I LIKED THAT SO MUCH, I THINK I‘LL DO IT AGAIN!!!”

    And that’s exactly what he proceeds to do, hitting the ropes, rebounding back … AND SCORES WITH A THIRD FACEWASH TO THE DEFENCELESS TRIPLE H!!!!! The Game is lifeless in the corner, as J.R cant help but comment that it looks like Kennedy survived the early onslaught and now has taken full control, giving The Game little hope. Kennedy is enjoying the moment, taking his time, walking around the ring, waving off into the direction of Triple H - as if to say, “forget about it”.

    Kennedy drops down, and rolls out of the ring, throwing the apron up, and reaching under to pull out a KENDO STICK from under the ring. He plays with it for a few moments as he gets back into the ring, as he watches Triple H crawling out of the corner, dragging himself up by the ropes - when Kennedy strikes, cracking the weapon across the back of Triple H; over and over and over and over - easily a dozen frantic whips of the kendo stick to the back!!!!!

    The Game slumps on the ropes after the impact of the Kendo stick shots, then drops down, with Kennedy following in, placing the stick across the throat at the middle ropes, and drives his knee into the back of The Game, choking the former ten times world champion!!!! Kennedy laughs as he chokes The Game, mocking him; “WHO‘S THE BITCH NOW, GAME??”

    Kennedy releases the choke, and begins to hold the kendo stick like a baseball bat, lining up a shot as The Game crawls away from the ropes … sitting on his knees … AND KENNEDY CRACKS THE KENDO STICK OFF THE SKULL OF TRIPLE H!!!!! Still not satisfied, Kennedy winds up once more - again using the kendo stick like a baseball bat - AND SCORES A HOME RUN AGAIN ON HUNTERS FACE!!!!!

    Kennedy throws the Kendo Stick down, and puts Triple H down with a bicycle kick!! He gets right back up, and kicks the stick away, yelling out; “I‘M SICK OF THAT TOY…”, before rolling out of the ring, and displaces the steel steps, pushing the top step off, and drags the bottom step away, picking it up - with some difficulty - and slides it into the ring. Again, with some difficulty, he picks the steps up … AND DRIVES THEM INTO THE FACE OF TRIPLE H AS HE REACHES HIS FEET!!!!!

    It’s a one sided beating at this point, with Kennedy putting the steps down, setting them in the middle of the ring, with something in mind. Kennedy drags his opponent to his feet, standing Triple H up … and takes off, hitting the ropes, charging back at The Game … BUT THE GAME EXPLODES … CATCHING KENNEDY … USING HIS MOMENTUM AGAINST HIM … AND DELIVERS A SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE STEPS!!!!!

    The Game cuts Kennedys momentum in one swift movement!!! Kennedy contorts his back upon impact, opening his mouth and groaning in agony, as Triple H takes a few moments to recover, having taken a pretty big beating for a sustained period. Both men remain down for a few moments, allowing the fans to reset - with J.R stating that the first man to his feet will have a massive advantage.

    Both men sell the effects of what they’ve been through; the sustained beating Hunter had to take, whilst Kennedy is still feeling the effects of the spine buster. The Game though, is the first to his feet, and as Kennedy peels himself off the ropes, Triple H meets him, striking first with a kick to the gut, forcing Kennedy to double over. The Game bounces off the ropes, coming back; FACEBUSTER to Kennedy … followed by a reverse neck breaker!!!

    Triple H puts Kennedy down in the ring, and proceeds to step onto the apron, dropping down, and looks under the apron, getting something … but takes a look around the stadium first … BEFORE BRANDISHING A 2X4 … WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! Holding the iconic weapon high above his head, the fans explode; such is their thirst for blood. As The Game climbs back onto the apron, J.R is quick to remind the fans of the history Trips has with the fabled 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire.

    The Game steps back in through the ropes sizing up the unaware Kennedy, and looks to take the flesh off his face - charging at the 2006 King of the Ring with the barbed wire weapon - BUT KENNEDY MOVES AWAY JUST IN TIME BEFORE IMPACT CAN BE MADE … And Triple H’s momentum carries him through to the ropes, and as he hit’s the ropes, he loses grip of the weapon, dropping it down from his grasp.

    Boos ring out for the near miss - savages. Triple H turns back around, but is able to block a shot from Kennedy, and tees off one of his own, and follows up with a ferocious clothesline!!! The Game takes a moment, and rubs his beard, as he eyes up the steel steps again. Taking in a big sniff, he turns his attention back to Kennedy - and has evil intentions in his eyes.

    Triple H grabs Kennedy by the face, delivering a straight right hand, before dragging Kennedy to the steel steps set up near the ropes, and sets the loudmouth on them, stepping up himself - with J.R pleading from commentary for Triple H not to do something he may regret - before placing Kennedy into position … FOR A PEDIGREE … ON THE STEPS!!!!!


    More boos meet the avoidance of another big spot by Kennedy, with the Juggernaut breathing a sigh of relief as he walks around ringside … but the relief doesn’t last long, because The Game is on his tail!!! Triple H takes a camera off one of the cameramen, and yanks the cables out of it, rushing behind Kennedy, and NAILS the back of his rival with the heavy duty object!!!!

    Kennedy drops to his knees, as Triple H raises the camera up … SMASHING IT OFF THE BACK … BREAKING THE CAMERA OVER THE BACK OF KENNEDY!!!! “Holy You Know What!!!” is the immediate reaction from Joey Styles at ringside, as The Game breaks the camera into dozens of pieces off the back of Kennedy, signifying how much he put into the shot.

    Triple H shoves the official aside, as he proceeds to pick up the cable he tossed away moments ago, as Kennedy is laid flat on his face. The Game brings the thick cable, and wraps it around the neck of Kennedy, before climbing back onto the apron, and into the ring … AND PULLS ON THE CABLE LIKE A PIECE OF ROPE IN A TUG-OF-WAR!!!! Only there’s no resistance in this tug-of-war … and as Triple H pulls, Kennedy is choked viciously!!!!

    Kennedy is dragged to his feet by the force of the choke, with the loudmouth desperately trying to pull the cable away. Still, Triple H pulls on the cable from inside the ring, with Kennedy dragged OFF HIS FEET, his feet dangling in the air momentarily, with The Game willing to literally CHOKE THE LIFE out of his enemy!!!!! Kennedys face is turning PURPLE - such is the pressure from the choke, as Triple H leans back, eventually losing grip - thankfully for Kennedy.

    Kennedy desperately relieves the pressure from his neck and throat, unwrapping the cable from around his neck, coughing wildly, whilst Triple H climbs back to his feet, grabbing the cable again, but doesn’t have the choke this time, as Kennedy has freed himself. The Game reaches out through the ropes … grabbing Kennedy … AS KENNEDY WAFFLES THE GAME WITH THE REMAINS OF THE BROKEN CAMERA!!!

    Triple H falls back into the ring, as Kennedy stumbles, and rolls back inside too, leaning back on the ropes - still feeling the effects of the choke moments ago, but pushes off, meeting The Game - who is doubled over as he gets up - hitting a running knee lift, then delivers a reverse neck breaker. Triple H is put down, but despite that, Kennedy doesn’t even CONSIDER a cover - a point made by Styles; neither man has went for one yet - they want to beat the living hell out of each other!!!!!

    And Kennedy - spaghetti legged - licks his lips, still worse for wear after the choke, turns his attention to the official, shoving Scott Armstrong into the corner, and then fidgets with the referees trousers … there’s a moment of confusion inside the stadium and on commentary as to what Kennedy is doing … but it eventually becomes clear … KENNEDY IS TAKING THE BELT FROM AROUND ARMSTRONGS WAIST!!!!!

    Kennedy slaps the strap off the mat, mouthing to no-one in particular; “LET‘S SEE HOW YOU LIKE IT MOTHER FUCKER” … and stands over The Game, PULLING THE BELT AROUND THE THROAT OF THE GAME … AND APPLIES THE KROSSFACE!!!!! Leaning back, Kennedy CHOKES The Game mercilessly in his submission hold, leaning back, as Triple H reaches out frantically, trying to escape the choke, looking helpless.

    The 2006 King of the Ring relents after a short while though … and proceeds to WHIP The Game with it instead!!! Triple H cries out in pain, as Kennedy mercilessly straps the leather off the back, relentlessly, over and over - ignoring any calls from the official to stop. Kennedy scares Armstrong off in the end, and comes back to The Game … AND CHOKES HIM WITH THE LEATHER BELT AGAIN IN THE KROSSFACE!!!!!

    Pulling back, Kennedy isn’t holding anything back, with Triple H trying to fight it, trying to escape the Krossface, crawling aimlessly as best as he can to escape, but Kennedy has the belt wrapped firmly around the neck, and the hold applied … with Triple H seemingly fading … but he tries to reverse out of it, and as he pushes over, Kennedy loses his grip of the Krossface.

    Momentarily, Triple H is freed, but Kennedy gets right back on him, putting the belt around the throat - just simply choking The Game now!!!! Triple H kicks his legs in desperation … fading quickly from the choke. Kennedy leans back, tilting his head up at the top of the stadium, shouting wildly; “I‘M GONNA CHOKE YOU TO DEATH!!!” … but as he drops his head back down …


    A huge pop greets the use - the desperation use - of the 2x4, and instantly, Kennedy releases his grip, and tumbles backward, dropping to the mat, face first … giving Triple H a chance to recover and catch his breath. The cheers are loud … and they grow even LOUDER … as the camera show the face of Kennedy … THE BLOODIED FACE OF KENNEDY!!!!!!!!! The Juggernaut has been busted WIDE open by the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire!!!!!!!

    Kennedy sits up, touching the wound, then looks at his blood red hands, and puffs his cheeks, trying to recover from the shot, slowly getting back to his feet, with the blood soaking into his bleached blonde hair. Meanwhile, The Game pushes himself up - and he still has the 2x4 in his possession … and he NAILS Kennedy with the barbed wire weapon for a second time; this time it’s a cleaner, stronger - NASTIER hit, and Kennedy goes down hard!!!

    Kennedy looks stunned and dazed, with MORE blood flowing from his face, and Triple H drops down RAKING the barbed wire into the face of his adversary, forcing a yell out of Kennedy, who tries to fight Triple H off. The Game tosses the weapon aside … and then proceeds to POUND the wound, looking to open it up further!!! It’s vicious and merciless from Triple H, as he looks to make Kennedy pay the price for his actions over the last six months.

    Triple H stands back up, bouncing off the ropes, and drops a knee on the BLOODY face of Kennedy!!! Getting right back up, Triple H isn’t set to show any mercy, as he reaches for the 2x4 AGAIN … and with some cerebral idea in mind, takes it to the corner, setting it at the middle turnbuckle, before turning his attention back to the bloodied Kennedy. The Game drags Kennedy up, backing him into the corner with a trifecta of straight right hands … then sends him across the ring to the opposite corner …


    Kennedy bounces out of the corner, contorting his pain and wincing in pain … walking right into a kick to the gut …


    Mister Kennedy gets dropped on the steel steps, but for The Game … it’s not enough. He stands back up, shaking his head boldly, and wags his finger to let the fans know; This isn’t done yet. Joey Styles puts over the PUNISHMENT being dealt out by Triple H, and wonders just how much more damage Kennedy can take at this point, whilst J.R sells the amount of blood Kennedy has lost in such a short space of time.

    The University of Phoenix stadium is chanting the name of Triple H, as The Game takes his time, standing on the step, dragging up the lifeless body of Kennedy up - to his mid section … and grasps his arms into position … FOR A PEDIGREE … ON THE STEPS!!!!! Taking his time, Triple H makes a cut throat gesture with one arm, and then The Game hooks Kennedy up, but takes a split second too long…


    Spent, Kennedy immediately falls back down to his knees, selling the blood loss he has suffered, as The Game writhes on the floor outside. In the ring, Kennedy clenches his fists, pounding the mat, and pushes his bloody head off the mat to push himself up!!! Grabbing the ropes, Kennedy rises to his feet - unsteadily … but to quite a pop - mixed with boos, getting his own respect from a section of the fans for battling on.

    Hitting a second wind, Kennedy wipes the blood from his face, and mouths something that isn’t caught on camera, before climbing through the ropes, dropping to the floor, where he picks up the monitor tossed away earlier when he was thrown over the Spanish announce table. Kennedy sets himself, lurching by the ring post, lying in wait as Hunter pulls himself to his feet … THEN SPINS HIM AROUND … AND BLASTS THE GAME WITH THE MONITOR!!!!!!!

    Kennedy - fired up - throws the monitor down on the floor after impact, and charges to the Spanish announce table again, clearing the way, before coming back for Triple H … WHO HAS BEEN BUSTED OPEN TOO!!!! The BLOOD trickles down the face of Triple H - by no means as much as Kennedy - with the Juggernaut stomping the face to try and open the wound, before dragging The Game up, bringing him to the announce desks, and he BOUNCES The Games face off the main announce table.

    Mister Kennedy pushes Carlos and Hugo out of the way, and comes to drag The Game, rolling him onto the Spanish announce table. J.R randomly mentions; “Where did my jar go?”, as Kennedy steps up onto the table, bringing Triple H to his feet, grabbing him by the face, talking trash … and proceeds to set up for the MIC CHECK … BUT THE GAME CRACKS - LITERALLY - CRACKS A GLASS JAR OVER THE HEAD OF KENNEDY!!!!!

    Glass shatters EVERYWHERE as J.R erupts, before he surmises the whereabouts of his missing jar. Kennedy doubles over, holding his face, with pieces of glass stuck all over his bloody cranium … and that allows The Game to follow up … AND HOOKS KENNEDY INTO POSITION … WITH NO TIME WASTING … AND NO COUNTERS …




    It’s pandemonium inside Cardinals Stadium, as the broken bodies of Triple H and Mister Kennedy are strewn across the remains of the Spanish announce table!!! J.R suggests that somebody stops the match before these two kill each other, suggesting that neither man will ever be content to finish the match and go for a pin fall. The Game and Kennedy both stay down as the chants continue … whilst Coach calls for help, saying neither man has moved an inch.

    But as the fans begin to settle back down, Triple H begins to stir. The Game, slowly looks up, blood covered face and all, puffing his cheeks, and tries to push up, but his body gives out on him. He falls back on his face, but soon moves again, crawling to the English speaking announce table, reaching up, and using Joey Styles to pull himself to his feet.

    Unsteady, Triple H reaches a vertical base, whilst a disgusted Styles comments on being covered in blood, and The Game staggers over Kennedy, prodding his lifeless body with his boot, and there’s no response from Kennedy. Trips nods, before summoning the energy to reach down and drag Kennedy from the wreckage, to the ring apron.

    With all his might, The Game drags the dead weight of Kennedy from the remnants of the table, still worse for wear himself, and hauls his adversary to the ring apron. Taking a moment to catch his breath, The Game steps his foot onto the throat of Kennedy, momentarily choking the man, before stomping Kennedys face. He reaches down, and pulls Kennedy up, finally pushing him onto the apron and back into the ring.

    With Kennedy in the ring, The Game drops to a knee on the outside, and searches under the ring apron … before remerging with something in his possession … INTRODUCTING THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!!! The fans roar in approval for the hammer, with The Game staggering back, spaghetti legged, still worse for wear himself. The Game composes himself, and points to the ring, before moving back to the ring, and rolls inside.

    Triple H uses the hammer to help push himself to his feet again, as Kennedy also stirs getting to his knees … when he looks up … AND SEES THE GAME STANDING OVER HIM … WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER IN HIS POSSESSION. The noise grows louder inside the stadium, with The Game looking down at Kennedy with disdain … mouthing; “PAYBACKS A BITCH”, but Kennedy shows his defiance; AND SPITS HIS GUM AT THE GAME!!!!!

    With one final act of defiance, Kennedy tells The Game to bring it on, with Triple H angered, mouthing obscenities, before stepping back, and looks to nail Kennedy … and he charges in …


    Immediately, The Game drops the hammer, and falls to his knees … with Kennedy grabbing the weapon, still on his own knees … and grabs Triple H by the hair, getting in his face; “IT‘S OVER…” … and jabs the hammer into the gut of The Game. Triple H falls to his own sledgehammer, and Kennedy tosses it aside, pushing to his feet … bringing Triple H with him … and stands him up … into position … and waits for a moment …


    Kennedy lies on the mat momentarily, before crawling onto The Game, making the cover, mercifully ending this war…



    TRIPLE H ROLLS A SHOULDER OFF THE MAT!!!!!!!!!! Kennedy is open mouthed, blood dripping down his face; his blonde hair now an ugly blood soaked red … as he stares at the referee, then slowly shakes his head, before pointing down, nodding, wanting another count, as he this time hooks the leg tightly, believing that THAT will make the difference …


    …KICK OUT…

    Sitting up, Kennedy is beside himself, hands on his head, shaking his head - with blood shaking off his face profusely. He cant believe it. Wiping the blood off his face, Kennedy mutters to himself, before using the ropes to get back up, shaking his head still, as he drags the steps to the middle of the ring. The Game is still flat on the canvas, with Kennedy coming to get him, as the commentators ask out loud what is next.

    Mister Kennedy pulls Triple H up, getting under his armpit to pull him to his feet, and walks backward to the corner. Taking in a big deep breath, Kennedy readies himself … before getting The Game onto his shoulders … and pushes himself up each turnbuckle … with Joey Styles making the call; “He‘s not gonna hit that Green Bay Plunge onto those steps. Please, tell me he isn’t gonna do that!!!”

    But that’s what it seems like he IS going to do. Kennedy proceeds - slowly, and with caution - to climb to the top rope, with Triple H’s lifeless body on his shoulders, in position for the GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!!!! But as he pushes up from the middle turnbuckle to sit on the top turnbuckle … the camera cuts away from Kennedy in the ring, switching to the aisle…


    Stephanie, with red eyes - clearly having been crying at what she’s saw - runs down the aisle, shaking her head … and catches the eye of Mister Kennedy … who devilishly grins through his blood soaked face!!! Kennedy proceeds to stand up to deliver the ultimate finish … but Stephanie climbs into the ring, and despite Scott Armstrong trying to stop her, she pushes free, and stands in the way of Kennedy and the steps.

    Pleading, Stephanie asks Kennedy to stop, telling him he’s done enough and to just stop. Kennedy is enjoying seeing Stephanie squirm, and beg for him to stop … but he tells her; “NAH!!! NOW MOVE PRINCESS!!!” But Stephanie WONT budge. Despite her condition, Stephanie is willing to do whatever it takes to prevent the Green Bay Plunge, and her stubbornness forces Kennedy to rethink.

    Kennedy shakes his head, and looks pissed, as he drops The Game down, dropping down himself - to boos from the bloodthirsty fans - and instantly approaches Stephanie … WHO PROCEEDS TO SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF KENNEDY!!!!! Stephanie slaps Kennedy twice, but as she looks to slap him a third time - HE CATCHES HER ARM!!!!!

    Kennedy twists the arm, bringing Stephanie to her knees, as she cries out in pain, with the Juggernaut standing over her, then grabs her hair, talking trash to her, with blood dripping from his face onto hers. J.R is beside himself, shouting to Kennedy; “DON’T YOU DARE!!! DON’T YOU ARE YOU SON OF A BITCH - THAT‘S A PREGNANT WOMAN!!!!” Kennedy drags Stephanie up to her feet, and says to her; “YOU‘LL DO INSTEAD” … but before he can raise her onto his shoulders…


    The Game DRILLS Kennedy with the Sledgehammer shot to end all sledgehammer shots!!!!! Triple H drops the hammer, and tilts his head back, breathing a sigh of relief, before embracing his stricken wife with a hug in the middle of the ring. He kisses the top of her head, and then points her to the outside, with Stephanie kissing her bloody husband before being escorted out of the ring by Scott Armstrong.

    Meanwhile, The Game drags Kennedy up, bringing him to the steel steps … and for the THIRD time, he hooks up an attempt for the PEDIGREE on the steel steps. Despite the two failed attempts earlier, Triple H still takes his time - he could take all night; Kennedy is out - catching his breath, thinking for a moment about all that Kennedy has put his family through …


    Triple H rolls Kennedy off the steps, and slowly crawls into a cover, looking out at his relieved wife, with the count being made…



    Scott Armstrong remains in position, looking at Triple H, who holds Kennedys shoulders off the mat, and points to the mat, telling The Game to finish the match. The Game shakes his head, and looks at the puzzled referee, before telling him; “I said he was gonna pay. And he will.” Triple H drags Kennedys lifeless body up, setting him onto his knees, before reaching for the sledgehammer.

    He looks out to Stephanie - who wonders what the hell is going on herself … with The Game telling her; “This one is for you…” … then he turns away … and proceeds to DRIVES THE SLEDGEHAMMER THROUGH THE FACE OF KENNEDY ONE … MORE … TIME!!!!! “There‘s you‘re exclamation mark!!” is the call from Joey Styles, as The Game tosses the hammer away, and drops down - lateral press …


    WINNER: TRIPLE H @ 19:33
    *Total Match Time {including pre-match brawl}: 21:38*


    Joey Styles: A bloodbath. An unmitigated bloodbath.

    Jim Ross: As God as my witness, I don’t think I’ve ever seen something as nasty as that fight we’ve just witnessed. By gawd, they’ll have to scrub that canvas. It is covered in blood.

    The Game stands up, with Stephanie joining him in the ring, as husband and wife hug once more, having seen off the threat of Kennedy.

    Jim Ross: And after months of harassment, weeks of anguish, days on end of torment, Triple H has gained some form of revenge, closure on Kennedy. In the end, the decision for The Game to come back has paid off…

    The Coach: Thanks to his wife!! Let’s get it straight here!! Don’t be giving The Game any credit, J.R; don’t twist the story - if it wasn’t for his wife saving his ass, Triple H was getting PLUNGED through the steel steps by Kennedy, and we’d all be singing a different tune right now!!

    Joey Styles: Well, none of us can deny that Stephanie played a huge part in the turnaround at the end of this … but Coach; after all that woman has been put through by Kennedy, you cant deny he deserved everything coming to him tonight.

    The Coach: Then let Stephanie fight him!!

    Stephanie begins to lead The Game away, wanting him to leave the ring … pulling him by the arm … but Triple H pulls up. His music dies off, as Stephanie lets go of his arm, with The Game holding up one finger, before turning back to Kennedy again!!!!!

    The Coach: And now what?? Haven’t you done enough???

    Jim Ross: Yeah … I don’t see the sense in this, Game. You’ve done enough…

    But Triple H doesn’t seem to think so. He reaches down, dragging Kennedy up, pushing the referee aside … and looks to put an exclamation point on his victory, setting Kennedy up on the steps … AND DELIVERS ANOTHER PEDIGREE!!!!!!!!!!

    Jim Ross: My Gawd!!!

    Joey Styles: That’s hatred. Flat out, hatred.

    Jim Ross: It has to be. The match is over. The man has been punished enough … which shows just how much Kennedy has gotten under the skin of Triple H over these last six months.

    The Coach: Don’t you DARE try to condone it, J.R!!!

    Jim Ross: I’m not, Coach. I’m not. He’s gone too far. The Game was pushed to the edge; and beyond. And yeah, he went too far. That right there, is a man that’s been pushed beyond breaking point.

    Now, Triple H is satisfied, and he climbs out of the ring to meet his pregnant wife, with the pair walking up the aisle, hand in hand - Stephanie full of relief, and Triple H still full of fury. Back in the ring, another official has come down to help with Kennedy, as medics also pass The Game and Stephanie, coming to tend to the unconscious Kennedy in the ring…

    Joey Styles: And I wonder if Kennedy will regret his actions once he comes around. Because he’s paid a heavy, heavy price tonight. He has more than felt the wrath of Triple H.

    The Coach: Wrath?? All he felt, Joey, was the cold hand of collusion. The Game couldn’t get it done on his own, and his wife knew it!! What kind of a man has to be saved by his wife!!??

    Jim Ross: And gentlemen, Kennedy may not have felt the full price just yet. Sure, it’ll take some time to heal those wounds he has suffered tonight … but there may be more pain to come. He may end up out of a job after tonight. Don’t forget that Commissioner Ventura was seconds away from firing the man four weeks ago - and it was only a passionate plea from The Game that saved the man his job!!!

    The Coach: Don’t you think he’s suffered enough??

    The doctors tend to Kennedy in the ring, waving fingers in his face, with the bloodied and battered Juggernaut coming to, but being told to stay down as the doctors look to treat him, asking him medical questions… but Kennedy shakes his head - not in the mood to answer after what he’s just been through.

    Joey Styles: Somehow, Kennedy is coming around…

    The Coach: Remarkably!! And he’s gonna be PISSED that he got SCREWED here tonight by the McMahons!!!

    Jim Ross: I’m stunned. After the blood this man has lost, and the punishment he has taken, the blows to the skull … how is this man coming around??

    Kennedy is sat up in the ring, but the doctors tell him not to get up just yet … as the camera cuts to the top of the ramp, where Triple H takes one last look back at the ring, STILL gritting his teeth, seething at the thought that Kennedy is conscious and breathing … as Stephanie has to talk him into walking away.

    Jim Ross: No- please … stop that man. He’s outta control. Don’t let him back down here…

    Joey Styles: I don’t like that look in the eyes of The Game…

    Triple H proceeds to pull away from his wife again!!! He takes a step to walk down the ramp again … but Stephanie forcefully pulls him away, trying to make him see sense, telling him he’s done enough. Thinking momentarily … The Game spits on the ground … before giving in to his wife, and turns … walking away, through the curtain, leaving Kennedy to be treated in the ring, as a stretcher is brought into the ring…

    Joey Styles: Thank God for that!!!

    Jim Ross: Indeed, Triple H has seen sense here. You’ve gotta draw a line somewhere.

    The Coach: Don’t talk about lines. Stephanie and Triple H crossed every single one of them here!!!

    Joey Styles: But Coach … Kennedy did the exact same for months. This is karma tonight.

    The Coach: Karma?? Go to hell, Styles.

    Jim Ross: It may well have been karma, but it sure as hell was ugly. God knows what that fight has taken outta both men. But are we looking at Mister Kennedy for the last time in a WWE ring??…

    There’s some signs of respect for Kennedy as he refuses to be loaded on the stretcher, shaking his head, before reaching for the ropes, trying to pull himself to his feet instead, not wanting to give Triple H the satisfaction in seeing him wheeled out of the arena…


    Clips of John Cena - the OLD John Cena, happy, smiling, colourful shirts, playing to the fans…

    John Cena: That guy’s gone.

    Cut to Cena attacking Christian at Saturday Nights Main Event … and applying the STFU to William Regal a few weeks ago…

    John Cena: And now, you all have to live with the consequences - because it’s not just Christian that forced the REAL John Cena to step outta the shadows … YOU PEOPLE asked for it too.

    Shots of fans with anti-Cena signs, giving thumbs down,
    John Cena: You people despised me because I had the balls to not only chase my dream - BUT SUCCEED!!! YOU DESPISED ME BECAUSE I WENT OUT AND ACHIEVED WHAT YOU COULDN’T!!!

    Multiple shots of Cena winning each of his four World titles.

    John Cena: Be careful what you wish for. You wanted John Cena to show his true colours?? Well, here I am. The nice guy?? He’s dead and gone.

    More clips of Cena busting Christian up at Saturday Nights Main Event, and his new demeanour…
    John Cena: Say hello to John Cena. The REAL John Cena … you all brought this BACKLASH on … now you gotta deal with it.

    And end on a shot of a stony faced Cena…


    Back in the arena, MISTER KENNEDY is making his way - gingerly - up the ramp, with doctors and officials surrounding him, making sure he is okay…

    Jim Ross: Well, we’ve just seen a preview video for Backlash; which is the next time the Raw brand comes to you on Pay Per View … but gentlemen, will Mister Kennedy be a part of that extravaganza next month??

    Joey Styles: It’s a good question. Physically, he may not be able after what he’s been through tonight. Literally … he could most likely, be out of a job come Raw tomorrow night.

    The Coach: How can you even contemplate firing this man after what he just gave here tonight?? This place would sink quicker than WCW if we let our biggest asset go!!! He deserves a new contract. And a pay rise!!!

    Kennedy continues to stumble to the top of the ramp, blood still dripping, leaving a trail, with a momentary shot of officials and agents cleaning up the ring, before returning to Kennedy as he stops at the top of the ramp, leaning onto an official for a moment…

    Jim Ross: I know which of those is more likely, Coach. I’ll give the man his due; he may have lost tonight, but we saw a side of Kennedy I didn’t think existed. A toughness, a fighting spirit that I didn’t think he had. But the bottom line, Coach, is this; the man assaulted a pregnant woman. And there’s no defending that.

    The camera cuts away from Kennedy just as he stumbles out of view, and arrives back at the commentary position, where we see the carnage; the broken Spanish announce table, weapons strewn everywhere, and the blood soaked suit of Joey Styles.

    Joey Styles: I’ve called some bloodbaths in my time down in ECW. I’ve seen just about everything. But this is the most visceral scene I’ve ever witnessed. Guys, I’m covered in the blood of Triple H. That’s a first, even for me.

    Jim Ross: We knew coming into this night, that this match especially would turn ugly. I just didn’t expect it to be THIS ugly-

    The Coach: Oh, it turned ugly all right. Kennedy was screwed. And I wish the two of you would quit glossing over that fact. He had The Game beat!!! Don’t deny it!!

    Jim Ross: I AINT DENYING IT!!! No one is, Coach!!! But can you not see the woods for the trees, kid?? Stephanie saw her husband brutalized twice last year, she was victimized and ASSAULTED - ASSAULTED by Kennedy. She couldn’t, and wouldn’t just watch as her husband was about to be … (lost for words) … paralyzed most probably!!!

    The Coach: … Yeah. Well … I still think it stinks.

    Joey Styles: Well … ladies and gentlemen, I’m gonna try and get cleaned up here. We’re gonna try and get this area cleaned up, the ring … everything.

    Joey Styles: And as you can see, we’re seconds away from determining the fate of the World Tag Team Championships!! And right now, let’s send it backstage to where Matt Striker is standing by with none other than the World Tag Team Champions. Matt??…

    Standing by is MATT STRIKER, and he is flanked by the World Tag Team Champions, STRAIGHT EDGE; CM Punk & Greg Helms…

    Matt Striker: … Thank you Joey, and yes, it is I, Matt Striker, joined at this time by the World Tag Team Champions, CM Punk and Greg Helms; Straight Edge. Gentlemen, the time is upon us; your tag team titles will be at stake in a triple threat elimination match tonight. After-

    Punk cuts Striker off;

    CM Punk: After months and months of hearing two other teams CLAIM to be the best in the world, we’re about to prove to them BOTH, that they’re good, they’re great … but they’re NOT the best.

    Punk holds the belt off his shoulder, showing it to Striker.

    CM Punk: This didn’t happen by accident. WE didn’t win these by some fluke - and we sure didn’t keep them thanks to luck. Luck is for losers - we make our own luck. And tonight, at WrestleMania?? Straight Edge will have it’s greatest moment.

    Punk gives Helms and nod, before walking off. Helms nods, and has a slight smirk as he addresses Striker, probably enjoying the intensity of his partner…

    Greg Helms: What he said… times two.

    Helms holds up two fingers, and walks off, following his fired up partner, with Striker nodding, impressed by the intensity…

    Matt Striker: Guys … it’s back to you at ringside…

    Back into the arena…

    Howard Finkel: The following contest is a triple threat ELIMINATION match … AND it is for the WORLD, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!…


    The stadium lights dim, until all that remains are the spotlights on the stage, and the first of the two challenging teams for the coveted World Tag Team Championships; DOUG WILLIAMS and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS make their elaborate entrance. They flip their hoods off, and the lights return, with the pair looking pumped for their first ever WrestleMania appearance.

    Howard Finkel: Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 452 pounds; Christopher Daniels, Doug Williams; THE ANGELS OF ANARCHYYYY!!!!

    Jim Ross: In just seven short months, Christopher Daniels and Doug Williams have become major threats to the World Tag Team Titles. In the last two months, they looked to be on the verge of capturing those very titles, only for things to conspire against them. Is it third time lucky tonight for the Angels of Anarchy??

    Joey Styles: They may have only been in the WWE for seven months, but between them, Daniels and Williams have over twenty years experience, wrestling all over the world. It’s no surprise that they’ve been as successful as they have been since their debut. If anything, they’re disappointed that they haven’t won the gold yet!!

    The Coach: Well, they better get ready to be very disappointed, because they’ll be leaving WrestleMania empty handed again. Take some photos boys, this is the only time you’ll compete on this stage!!

    Daniels and Williams slide into the ring, hitting the ropes, getting warmed up, and both take the chance to drink in the atmosphere in front of 70,000 plus in Phoenix.

    Jim Ross: And gentlemen, lets not forget; it’s elimination rules. To lose, you have to be beaten. None of the regular triple threat rules where one party doesn’t have to be involved in the decision to lose. We’re really gonna find out who the best team is on Raw - no excuses tonight.


    Side by side, CHARLIE HAAS and NICK DINSMORE walk through the curtain, and confidently stride down the aisle - it’s another night at the office for these two of the three Master Craftsmen, looking to make it a very successful night for their group after the victory for Albright in the ladder match earlier.

    Howard Finkel: At a combined weight of 475 pounds, the team of Charlie Haas and Nick Dinsmore; The MAS-TER CRAFTSMEN!!!!

    Joey Styles: And I gotta say, these two make one hell of a tandem. Charlie Haas has had great success in the past when he was in a tag team with Shelton Benjamin - a multiple time tag team champion. And in Nick Dinsmore he has a partner who is just as technically gifted as anyone on the roster.

    The Coach: And for a long time, Dinsmore was a little bit aimless. He was a crony for Randy Orton … but since coming to Raw and joining forces with Haas and Albright, he’s been rejuvenated. And if you ask me, there’s no way these two are losing tonight. They’re the best of these three teams and they’re gonna prove it.

    Jim Ross: It’s hard to deny the renaissance Nick Dinsmore’s career has had in the last few months since moving back to Raw. He’s back in the spotlight, back in a high profile spot at WrestleMania. Will he cap it off with gold tonight though?? It sure wont be the cakewalk you’re making it sound like, Coach.

    Haas and Dinsmore jog up the steps, and into the ring, with referee Mickie Henson having to step in to keep them and the Angels of Anarchy apart, as some trash talk ensues.

    Jim Ross: Well, these two teams are ready to go right now!! No love lost here. The Angels of Anarchy were screwed out of the gold last month at SuperBrawl by the Master Craftsmen, let’s not forget.

    The Coach: Yeah, and let’s not forget the Angels of Anarchy are no saints either - they returned the favour at Saturday Nights Main Event. Two wrongs don’t make a right!!!


    The fans pop for the tune of Straight Edge, as CM PUNK and GREG HELMS make their way onto the stage, crisscrossing with each other to salute the fans on either side of the stage, with Punk then taking up his position, looking at his imaginary watch - with Helms nodding, looking over his shoulder behind him, before Punk bellows… “IT‘S CLOBBERIN TIME!!!”

    Howard Finkel: And, at a combined weight of 433 pounds, they are the WORLD Tag team Champions … Greg Helms, CM Punk; STRAIGHT … EEEEEDGE!!!!!

    Joey Styles: A year ago at WrestleMania, Straight Edge won the titles for the first time - and minus two months in the summer, they have held the gold throughout the year, without shirking one challenge - they’ve faced them all, and remain champions… but not without controversy or personal issues.

    Jim Ross: They certainly have had plenty of roadblocks thrown in their way. But, Joey, even through hard times, these two were able to remain champions - which says a whole hell of a lot about ‘em. And they came back from the brink of splitting to bond STRONGER than ever. And tonight, they have the chance to prove, once and for all, that they are the very best team in the world.

    The Coach: You call them good, I call them lucky. They should’ve been dethroned months ago!!!

    The champions make their way to ringside, stepping onto the apron and onto the turnbuckles, holding the titles aloft; but is it for the last time??

    Jim Ross: And earlier today, in a random drawing, it was decided that the champions and the Master Craftsmen would be the legal teams to begin with. Williams and Daniels will start the match on the outside - but with triple threat rules, they can tag in at any time. You don’t have to tag your own partner, it’s a free for all.

    The Coach: I’d say to the Angels of Anarchy to stay out of there if they can. Give yourself some chance once the Master Craftsmen put Straight Edge out of their misery.

    There’s a stand off in the ring between the three teams, as Punk and Helms hands over the title belts to Henson. Plenty of smack talk between the three teams; there’s no allies no respect - all three are out for themselves and the gold.

    World Tag Team Championships | Triple Threat Elimination Match:
    Straight Edge vs. The Angels of Anarchy vs. The Master Craftsmen
    Each team reside in their corners, as Daniels and Williams step onto the apron, leaving the Master Craftsmen and Straight Edge to decide between them who starts for each team. Haas takes the initiative for his team, whilst Helms takes the lead, with Punk nodding, taking his leave on the apron. Helms and Haas both circle the ring, but before they can lock up, Haas turns away, slapping the arm of Daniels, tagging the Angels of Anarchy member into the match!!!

    Haas smirks, before stepping out of the ring, with Styles calling the move crafty, reminding everyone of the elimination rules in this match, as he hints that Haas and Dinsmore are looking to conserve energy. The Fallen Angel steps into the ring, exchanging a few words with Haas and Dinsmore on the apron, before spinning around, turning his attention to Helms.

    And this time, there’s no waiting around; Daniels and Helms both lunge into a collar and elbow, jockeying for position, with Daniels getting a side headlock, then ties up the arm, working a wristlock, with Helms trying to escape it, using the free corner to run up the turnbuckles and manoeuvres off, but despite breaking the hold, he lands right back into the path of Daniels, and an arm drag take down.

    Daniels cranks on the arm, but Helms attempts to escape from the hold again with a flip, but eats a knee to the gut. Daniels backs Helms up into the ropes, sending him off across the ring, ducking down for the return … but Helms has other ideas, and kicks Daniels away!! Greg takes off, hitting the ropes, coming back, but the Fallen Angel leaps up to avoid him.

    Helms continues on, coming back off the ropes again, but this time, Helms slides on the return to avoid Daniels. But Daniels, thinking he knows what to expect, goes for a dropkick for the next return … but Helms is a step ahead, hanging onto the ropes - with Daniels landing flat on the mat … and Helms takes advantage, applying a jacknife cover on Daniels…


    Both men quickly rise, but Helms is quicker, catching Daniels with a hip toss, sending him tumbling back. Helms is right on the Fallen Angel, and sends him off the ropes, but as Daniels hits, Williams makes a blind tag off his partner - seen by the official, but not Helms, who catches Daniels with a dropkick … but when he gets back up, Helms is MOWN down by a vicious Doug Williams clothesline!!!!!

    Williams stomps Helms on the mat, softening him up to drag Helms to his feet, and shoots him across the ring to the neutral corner, racing in behind, and meeting Helms with a running European Uppercut!!! Helms staggers out after impact, with Williams continuing, racing off the ropes again, charging at Helms, and drilling him with a second European Uppercut!!! Williams doesn’t stop to admire his work, but instead picks Helms up again, sending him into his teams corner, and tags Daniels back in.

    The Angels of Anarchy talk strategy as Daniels steps inside, with Williams climbing onto the apron, and proceeding up the turnbuckles, whilst Daniels softens Helms up with a series of right hands in the corner. Williams is up, and Daniels pulls Helms from the corner, raising him up, flap jacking the tag champ onto the top rope!!! Helms bounces back … as Williams soars off the top with a DIVING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT!!!!! J.R declares that that could be it for the champions, as Daniels makes the cover…



    Helms JUST survives in time, as Punk is shown with one foot in the ring, but would’ve most definitely been too slow to break the cover. He steps back onto the apron, with a concerned look on his face at the way the early going is panning out. Daniels shakes his head in disappointment, and stomps Helms to keep him down, before taking off, looking to bounce off the ropes … WHEN HE SUFFERS A BLIND TAG FROM DINSMORE!!!!!

    Boos are heard for the blind tag, as Daniels comes to a standstill, watching as Dinsmore steps inside, shooing Daniels out of his way; more than happy to get involved with Helms seemingly easy pickings. Daniels shares a few words with Haas and Dinsmore as he steps out, clearly not happy with the blind tag … whilst Dinsmore picks up where Daniels left off. Dinsmore stomps Helms down, and hits off the ropes, dropping an elbow, and moves into a lateral press…

    ………KICK OUT………

    Dinsmore shakes his head as he stands up, bringing Helms with him, kicking the champion in the gut, before taking off, using the ropes for momentum … but as he hits; DANIELS PLACES A KNEE TO THE BACK OF DINSMORE!!! Still clearly annoyed, Daniels stops Dinsmore in his tracks, with Haas immediately erupting from his corner as The Prodigy staggering back from the ropes, right into an inside cradle from Helms…


    …KICK OUT…

    Dinsmore escapes the cradle, and both men quickly rise to their feet, but Dinsmore swings wildly, missing a clothesline, then turns around - right into an arm drag from Helms … bouncing back up … walking right into another arm drag!!! Dinsmore staggers up, with Helms sending him off the ropes - where Haas MISSES a desperate attempt at a tag off his partner - and rebounds right into a leaping clothesline from Helms!!!

    Helms points to Haas on the apron, making a ‘this close’ gesture with his finger and thumb, inciting Haas, before catching Dinsmore with a kick to the gut, and bounces off the ropes, coming back with a swinging neck breaker to the challenger!!!!! Helms bounces up, and gives the fans in the stadium a cheap pop with an old school ‘Hurricane’ Helms pose … before pointing to the apron, and at his partner!!! The fans pop, wanting Punk in the match, and Helms reaches - TAGGING IN PUNK!!!!!

    Punk leaps onto the ropes, and flies off - SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE - not to Dinsmore, who is still down … BUT TO HAAS!!!!! Haas came into the ring illegally to save his partner, but got taken out himself!!! Dinsmore in the meantime staggers up … but is given an atomic drop by Helms, making him easy prey for Punk and his trademark sequence of two slaps to the face, followed by a spinning back kick to the gut and then a roundhouse kick!!!

    The fans are eating up the hot offence from the champions, with Punk blocking a desperate shot from Haas - and nails him with a stiff forearm, before sending Haas into the corner, chasing in behind with a running high knee … and out of the corner with a RUNNING BULLDOG!!!!! Punk tags Helms back in, and beckons Helms over, as they drag Haas up … and proceed to toss him out of the ring - INTO THE ANGELS OF ANARCHY ON THE APRON!!!!!

    All three of Daniels, Williams and Haas eventually crash to the floor, with Punk and Helms bumping knuckles - knowing what to do next without saying a word … and they bounce off the ropes … AND DELIVER A DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE TO THE THREE MEN ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE RING!!!!! The champions are on fire!!!!! Punk and Helms reach their feet on the outside, and pump up the fans, before climbing back into the ring.

    And inside, they knock Dinsmore right back down with a double back elbow … setting up for their trademark double team finish … as Dinsmore sits up … DOUBLE SHINING WIZARD TO NICK DINSMORE!!!!! And that will be it for Dinsmore!!! With Haas down on the outside, there’s no one left to save Dinsmore … as Punk and Helms stand back up … with Punk telling Helms; “See?? This is how good we could’ve been…”


    PUNK CARD … TO HELMS!!!!!?????


    The University of Phoenix stadium is stunned!!! Punk stands over his partner, and mouths; “But you ruined it. YOU caused this.” Punk casually steps through the ropes, and drops down from the apron … walking out of the match!!!!! J.R is livid on commentary, calling Punk a lowlife for what he just done, whilst Coach sells it as Punk getting out while the going was good … as the Straight Edge superstar strolls up the aisle … with Dinsmore crawling into a cover on Helms…




    Jim Ross: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!

    The Coach: Punk knew they were doomed!! He ditched before he could be beaten!!

    And we are guaranteed NEW World Tag Team Champions tonight. After seven months - and ten of the last twelve in total, the Straight Edge reign is OVER, and in an unceremonious fashion; with Punk TURNING on his partner!!!

    Jim Ross: This aint funny Coach!!! This aint a joke!! No laughing matter here. CM Punk just- just- he turned on his own partner!! His best friend!!!
    Joey Styles: CM Punk is walking out of here like he hasn’t got a care in the world…

    Everyone is stunned, with Haas, Daniels and Williams all coming to … realising what just went down. Punk walks out, out of the picture, whilst Helms - still out of sorts - is rolled out of the ring to give way for the two remaining teams to fight it out…

    Joey Styles: And J.R, Coach; listen to what Punk said - “This is how good we could‘ve been … but YOU ruined it. YOU caused this.”

    Jim Ross: It looks to me that the only person that caused this was CM Punk himself. HE ruined it. Straight Edge were on the verge of eliminating the Master Craftsmen. They had them beat. After so long of being the best team in the world … CM Punk just threw it all away. I’m- I’m stunned. What the hell got into him??

    All four men remaining are in the ring, trying to process what just happened, as Haas tries to bring Dinsmore back to life, as he still looks worse for wear, whilst Williams take the opportunity during this lull … and goes to check on Helms on the outside, showing some sportsmanship and compassion … but for the Craftsmen, they see opportunity, with Dinsmore shaking the cobwebs loose … and ROLLS UP DANIELS FROM BEHIND…




    Daniels just survives the near fall, but is caught with a knee to the gut by Dinsmore on the way back up, and is slammed down to the mat, and Dinsmore immediately follows up by dropping a leg. He then transitions to a side headlock on the mat, as Williams takes his place in the corner again … with the camera giving Greg Helms some last camera time, staggering up the ramp, holding his jaw, looking irate; betrayed by his partner.

    In the ring, Daniels doesn’t stay in the headlock for long, but Dinsmore is able to apply an arm wringer instead to keep the Fallen Angel under control, and he tags Haas back in. The Master Craftsmen shoot Daniels off the ropes, putting him down with a double back body drop. Dinsmore rolls out, as Haas looks to keep the good work up, delivering a snap mare to Daniels, and follows that with a dropkick to the back of the neck. Lateral press;

    …KICK OUT…

    Haas mocks Daniels momentarily, then drags him up … with Daniels surprising him, charging Charlie into the corner - HIS corner!!! Daniels quickly tags Williams whilst trapping Haas in the corner, and keeps his shoulder in the gut of Haas as Williams picks up steam, rushing in, with Daniels moving just in time; European Uppercut to Charlie in the corner!!! Haas staggers out, with Doug following up, delivering a side suplex, and floats over into the cover…




    Williams drags Haas right back to his feet, looking for a vertical suplex, but as Haas goes up, he lands back on his feet, BEHIND Williams, and runs him into the ropes … rolling through … but The Anarchist rolls through AGAIN … and grasps a hold of Haas waist, coming to his feet … LOOKING FOR CHAOS THEORY … BUT HAAS DESPERATELY ELBOWS OUT OF TROUBLE!!!!! Haas escapes the clutches of Williams, and takes off on the ropes, storming back … RIGHT INTO A T-BONE SUPLEX FROM WILLIAMS!!!! Cover is made;


    Dinsmore then runs back out of the ring like a scalded dog, with Henson giving him a few stern words. Williams complains to the official too as he gets to his feet, and tags in to Daniels, with the Angels of Anarchy working in sync; Daniels perches himself on the top rope, and Williams throws him off - ROCKET LAUNCHER TO HAAS!!!!! Daniels has the cover, with Williams watching for Dinsmore…


    …………KICK OUT…………

    Haas survives this time, thanks to his own instinct, but the Angels of Anarchy are clearly in control. Daniels picks Haas up to his feet, shooting him off the ropes, but Haas ducks under a clothesline as he returns … then comes back a second time … AND EATS A JUMPING CALF KICK!!!!! The Fallen Angel puts Haas down again, and scrambles into another cover;



    Shaking his head, Daniels drags Haas to his feet, backing him into the corner, and tags in Williams again. Together, they shoot Haas off the ropes, with Daniels meeting him on the return with a kick to the gut, and Doug follows up with a running knee lift, before Daniels scores with an enziguri!!!!! Seeing the writing on the wall, NICK DINSMORE rushes to the aid of his partner…

    But Daniels ducks the incoming Prodigy, with Williams low bridging the ropes, and Dinsmores momentum sees him flying over the top and out of the ring … leaving Haas ALL ALONE!!!!! Charlie slowly rises to his feet, with the Angels of Anarchy seeing the situation … and the opportunity … FOR TOTAL ELIMINATION!!!!! Charlie Haas is cleaned out by the finishing double team move, and Williams makes the cover…



    In a frantic, final, desperation move, Nick Dinsmore drags Williams off the cover from the outside … which immediately sets Daniels off on the chase for Dinsmore around the ring - but this only serves to distract the referee further, and he hops out of the ring, standing between Daniels and Dinsmore, telling Daniels to get back to his corner … whilst in the ring, Williams is back in, dragging the lifeless Haas to his feet …

    But before he can do anything, Dinsmore sneaks in - with the referee still distracted on the outside - and he grabs Williams from behind, and rams him into the post through the turnbuckles!!!!! He slithers back out of the ring, whilst Daniels is restrained by the official; furious at what just happened behind the referees back … as Haas makes the most of the opportunity, dragging Doug out of the corner, and delivers a Magnum T.A style Belly to Belly!! Hook of the leg…

    …KICK OUT…

    Doug Williams kicks out, but he is subdued with a front face lock from Haas, and Haas makes a tag out to Dinsmore, who keeps the pressure on with a kick to the exposed gut of Williams, then knocks him down with a clothesline. Dinsmore picks him up, and executes a front slam, before dropping down to his knees … and as he often does, going back to his old Eugene gimmick, Dinsmore gets heat by mocking the Junkyard Dog with a doggy crawl and head butts to Williams.

    Getting to his feet, Dinsmore is all smiles, trying to incite Daniels, as he tags back out to Haas. Together the Master Craftsmen duo double team Williams, as Nick delivers an inverted atomic drop, with Haas then gripping Williams from behind; and executes a perfect German Suplex … BRIDGING up for the pinfall…

    ………KICK OUT AGAIN………

    Haas stands back up, stomping Williams into the corner, and proceeds to choke him with his boot, and tags in Dinsmore again, with the heels keeping themselves fresh, and Dinsmore follows up in the corner, stomping Doug down … before tagging out to Haas again … with Haas keeping the momentum going; continuing the stomping session!!!

    And again, they make a quick fire tag, but instead of stomping, Williams is brought to his feet by Dinsmore, with Haas setting the Brit up, holding him by the legs, and the ropes … with Dinsmore taking off … delivering the old Worlds Greatest Tag Team spot; THE AIDED LEAPFROG GUILLOTINE!!!!! The old move gets a pop - despite being performed by heels, as Haas rolls out, and Dinsmore applies his specialised submission; THE CLOVERLEAF!!!!!!!

    Williams is turned over, feeling the pain shooting through his back off the pressure from the cloverleaf!! He’s trapped, with the ropes a far distance away, with Daniels stamping the apron, willing his partner on. Williams battles, trying to crawl to the ropes … but Dinsmore cranks back further, and at the top of his voice roars “TAAAAP” … Despite the clear pain shooting through his body, Williams refuses to give in, clawing along the mat, determined not to give in…

    … He inches closer …

    …… Doug reaches ……



    Mickey Henson doesn’t see the rope break, and DINSMORE DRAGS WILLIAMS BACK TO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! Daniels has seen enough though, and he leaps to the top rope … MISSILE DROPKICK OFF THE TOP TO DINSMORE!!!!! The submission is broken!!! Daniels breaks the hold, but the referee immediately admonishes him … which allows Haas to sneak in through the backdoor, dropping an elbow on Williams to keep him down!!!

    Haas drags Dinsmore close to the corner, before he sneaks back out onto the apron as Daniels is forced out of the ring by the referee, and Dinsmore is able to come around enough … and once Henson is back in action, Dinsmore makes the tag, bringing Haas back in. Haas wastes no time at all, dragging the Brit to his feet, and delivers a quick backbreaker, then hooks the leg, looking to finish the job…


    Once again, Daniels sees fit to get involved, playing the Master Craftsmen at their own game!! Again though, he is warned by Henson … which allows Haas and Dinsmore to illegally double team Williams behind the referees back … as Dinsmore holds Williams up for Haas to attack … but as Haas winds up … WILLIAMS LOW BLOWS DINSMORE!!!!!

    Williams connects with a mule kick to Dinsmore … and side steps Haas … who cant stop himself; AND COLLIDES WITH DINSMORE!!!!! Nick stumbles out of the ring through the ropes … with Haas turning, panicking, and charges at Williams in the corner … BUT MISSES AGAIN!!!! Haas hit’s the turnbuckles … AS WILLIAMS CLUTCHES HIM FROM BEHIND … CHAOS THEORY TO HAAS!!!!!!!!!!

    Williams hits his finish, but cant follow up, selling the beat down he has suffered … and proceeds to crawl across the ring, where Daniels is waiting, arm outstretched, desperate for the tag … and the Anarchist reaches out … AND TAGS CHRISTOPHER DANIELS!!!!!!!

    The fans pop, as Daniels leaps over the ropes, and into the ring, where Nick Dinsmore has re-emerged, but he runs into a forearm from Daniels, then is shot off the ropes, eating a back elbow. Haas stumbles up, but he is knocked back down with a clothesline!!! Daniels cracks Dinsmore with a few more forearm shots, beating him into the ropes, but before he can do anymore damage - Haas clips him from behind with a chop block!!!

    Haas and Dinsmore ignore the referee, and send Daniels off the ropes, ducking down for the return … BUT HE KICKS THEM BOTH AWAY!!! Both men spin away, with Daniels following up … DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP TO THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN!!!!! Daniels picks Dinsmore up, and tosses him through the ropes again, and then rushes to Haas who is up by the ropes … But Haas ducks down, and elevates Daniels up and over the top rope-

    BUT HE LANDS ON THE APRON!!!!! Daniels lands on the apron, while in the ring, Williams cuts off Haas with a clothesline - as the referee appears to have lost control - whilst Daniels leaps onto the ropes - SPRINGING OFF … BACKWARD WITH AN ARABIAN PRESS TO DINSMORE ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

    There’s a big pop for the high risk move, with Daniels executing the press perfectly to the outside!!! And he pops right back up, extending his arms, feeding off the energy from the fans. The Fallen Angel climbs back onto the apron, and proceeds back into the ring, sizing up Haas - down after the clothesline from Williams - AND HIT’S THE TURNBUCKLES … BME; BEST MOONSAULT EVER!!!!!!! Daniels hooks the leg…




    Daniels sits up; stunned. He looks around, and questions Mickey Henson before realising why the three didn’t come down. Hands rubbing his bald head, Daniels looks to the heavens, thinking the match was won. The Fallen Angel motions to The Anarchist, signalling for him to come off the top too!!! Williams proceeds, climbing up to the top rope, with it looking like BOMBS AWAY is coming …

    BUT NICK DINSMORE SHOVES WILLIAMS OFF THE TOP ROPE - CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!! Daniels immediately comes after Dinsmore, lunging over the ropes at him but misses; and gets hung up to dry!!!! Daniels bounces back, clutching his throat … and staggers into the path of Charlie Haas … HAASTILE TAKEOVER CONNECTS!!!!!!!! Haas hooks the leg …


    The Coach: NEW CHAMPIONS!!!

    Indeed, there are NEW champions; The Master Craftsmen. Boos meet the announcement, after it looked like the Angels of Anarchy were on the verge of sealing their maiden tag team title.

    Jim Ross: It’s heartbreak for Daniels and Williams!! Just as it looked like they were about to take it, fate has again conspired against them here at WrestleMania.

    The Coach: Don’t give those losers the time, J.R. Let’s talk about the NEW World Tag Team Champions, huh?? What a night for the Master Craftsmen. They’re all winners; new tag team champions, and Brent Albright is Mister Money in the Bank!! WrestleMania twenty Four BELONGS to the Master Craftsmen!!!

    Joey Styles: It’s hard to disagree. A night of unprecedented success for the triumvirate known as the Master Craftsmen…

    Haas and Dinsmore hug the titles in the ring, before hugging each other, taking no notice of the disappointment inside the stadium … whilst Daniels rolls to the outside, being tended to by the disappointed Doug Williams…

    Jim Ross: Haas and Dinsmore can enjoy their moment. They out manoeuvred the Angels of Anarchy on this night, but believe me, we haven’t seen the last of this rivalry. The Master Craftsmen may be champions, but on another night, it could have so easily been very, very different.

    The Coach: Shoulda, woulda, coulda. No one believed me when I called glory for the Master Craftsmen tonight - but look who’s laughing now!!!

    On the outside, the Angels of Anarchy collect themselves, with the pair talking over where it went wrong, as Daniels explains how the finish came to pass. Both men look crestfallen having fallen short on the grandest stage, as they watch Haas and Dinsmore depart the ring with the gold - the gold they were so close to having.

    Jim Ross: Enjoy this night - mark my words, the Angels of Anarchy will be back. They aint goin anywhere.

    Joey Styles: But after a loss on such a grand scale, it may take some time before the Angels of Anarchy recover from this loss.

    Daniels and Williams both leave the ringside area, side by side, nodding to a few fans who offer their support. The duo continue to talk, shaking their heads, unable to hide their disappointment…

    Jim Ross: And as much as we don’t want to take the spotlight off the new champions - and certainly - congratulations to Haas and Dinsmore … the biggest talking point from this whole thing?? CM Punk delivering a Punk Card to his partner - his best friend. They were partners for two years … and in one instant, Punk threw it all away.

    Joey Styles: Ugh. Disgusting actions from CM Punk. If he didn’t want to remain in a tag team with Greg Helms, there was about a hundred better ways to deal with it. What CM Punk done was unforgivable.

    The clip of Punk delivering his GTS; The Punk Card on Greg Helms is replayed on a number of occasions…

    Jim Ross: There’s a lot of questions needing answered here. Moments before the damn match, CM Punk said Straight Edge would have it’s greatest moment … but instead, delivered it’s worst.

    The Coach: Speak for yourself … I enjoyed it, baby boy.

    Joey Styles: Well … guys … I’m being told that Todd Grisham is backstage right now, and he’s trying to get a word with CM Punk … can we?? Yeah, let’s take it to Todd…

    Indeed, footage cuts backstage to TODD GRISHAM rushing through the hallway, looking back to his camera man, asking; “Are we on??”

    Todd Grisham: … Yes, I’m trying to get a word with CM Punk for some kind of explanation regarding his actions - we’ve been informed that he came straight backstage and collected his belongings … so … PUNK!!???

    CM PUNK is spotted, looking on his cell phone by the parking lot, and looks up, as Grisham rushes to meet him…

    Todd Grisham: CM Punk!! Please, can we have some form of explanation for why you attacked your own partner. We thought all your issues had been settled. You just essentially cost yourself the World Tag Team Championships. Why??

    Punk puts his phone away, saying nothing, before picking his bag up, as a cab pulls up…

    CM Punk: No comment.

    Punk pushes Grisham aside, and opens the door for the cab… as a voice is heard shouting in the distance… the voice of GREG HELMS.

    Greg Helms: PUNK!!!!!

    Helms is shown running toward the cab, as Punk quickly shuts the door, shouting to the driver; “GO!!!”, with the cab speeding off into the distance … as Helms JUST misses it. Grisham then tries to get a word with Helms…

    Todd Grisham: Greg … can you explain what just happened out there??

    Greg Helms: What do you think?? I’m as in the dark as everyone else … but I want answers. And I’m damn sure gonna get ‘em.

    Helms storms off, back toward the building, leaving Grisham to stand and watch looking wistful at the sudden break up of Straight Edge…

    And, back at ringside, our commentary team is keyed again…

    Jim Ross: Cat musta got his tongue, huh?? CM Punk sure got outta dodge quickly, and I’d bet he’s sitting in that cab right now, regretting that stunt he pulled tonight. Too late to go back now, son. Y’made your bed!!!

    Joey Styles: And it doesn’t look like Greg Helms is gonna take what just happened lying down, either, J.R. And nor should he.

    Jim Ross: Of course he shouldn’t. He deserves an answer. We all do!!

    The Coach: There’s nothing I like more than to see two former friends at odds. I love it. I’m starting to warm to CM Punk, y’know…

    Jim Ross: That doesn’t surprise me, Coach…

    Joey Styles: Well, no doubt we’ll get some follow up on this situation tomorrow night on Raw. But right now, switching gears; of course, WrestleMania is a week long event, and it’s tradition that the night before Wrestlemania we look back to the legends of the past with the hall of fame induction ceremony. Right now, let’s take you back to last night … and a memorable Hall of Fame ceremony…


    Shots of the stars and dignitaries in attendance last night, over the voice of Gene Okerlund…

    Gene Okerlund: I want to welcome you all as we induct the great legends in the class of 2008 hall of fame…

    ROWDY RODDY PIPER kicks the night off, with the arena standing to give him a standing ovation…

    Rowdy Roddy Piper: The WWE took this skinny little kid, and they accepted him into a family I was desperate to have. Cause I wasn’t goin nowhere.

    Clips of Piper in his pomp…

    Rowdy Roddy Piper: I love you so much, but let me guarantee you this. My name is Roddy Piper, and you aint seen nothing yet!!!

    On a mobility scooter, ‘MAD DOG’ VACHON accepts his entry, with clips of him from his heyday.

    Mad Dog Vachon: Mad Dog is the name and Wrestling is the game.

    Clips of Paul Heyman on the stage, inducting Rude, as his family accept the induction…

    Paul Heyman: I learned more about the artistry of being a heel with Rick Rude more than anyone else. No one had a feel for being a money drawing heel than the Ravishing Rick Rude I got to work with.

    Old school Memphis footage of ANDY KAUFMAN plays, as Jerry Lawler is shown handling the induction…

    Jerry Lawler: He was such a big wrestling fan, he just wanted to perform in front of a wrestling crowd…

    Bob Zmuda - the lifelong friend of Kaufman - as Tony Clifton accepts…

    Tony Clifton: What’dya mean this isn’t for me?? Andy Kaufman?? *BLEEP*

    Crowd shots of laughter.

    Then, a teared up Dusty Rhodes hugs Magnum T.A after his induction speech…

    Dusty Rhodes: He would’ve been as big as Hulk Hogan or Sting. He was that good. Magnum T.A Terry Allen!!!

    Shots of Magnum T.A and his short, but legendary run that was cut short…

    Magnum T.A: I made my own rules. We lived in the edge of a lightning rod. And I loved every minute of it.

    BIG VAN VADER in his trademark mask, walks out on the stage, posing, along with clips of his career…

    Vader: I guess finally we can all say; it’s time, it’s time, it’s Vader time in the Hall of Fame!!

    Triple H making his speech for RIC FLAIR…

    Triple H: This next man not only deserves to be in the hall of fame, but he should have his own wing…


    Ric Flair: It’s at a moment like this when a guy like me say to themselves for all they’ve done wrong, they must’ve done something right.

    Flair hugs The Game, and over clips of his career, Flair cries. As usual.

    Ric Flair: Everything I am today everything I have today everything I will be, is because of the sport of professional wrestling.

    There isn’t a dry eye in the house. Clips of Flairs family - all crying too - and applause from fans and fellow professionals…

    Ric Flair: I love you. Thank you. WOOOO

    Confetti falls, as Flair cries again, blowing kisses to the audience…


    Back in the stadium, TONY CHIMMEL is standing by…

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, the Hall of Fame, Class of 2008...

    The illustrious Hall of Fame music plays, with this years Class walking into view, taking their spots…

    Tony Chimmel: Magnum T.A - Terry Allen!!

    Magnum steps forward, waving to the fans.

    Tony Chimmel: Representing Rick Rude … his wife, Michelle!!

    The widow of Rick Rude offers a wave of her own, looking uncomfortable in front of the large audience.

    Tony Chimmel: Mad Dog Vachon!!

    Helped by Kristal Marshall, Mad Dog mugs for the camera on his wheelchair.

    Tony Chimmel: Representing Andy Kaufman … Dave Clifton!!

    Acting like a goon, the scene stealing Tony Clifton cups his ear, telling the fans to cheer louder.

    Tony Chimmel: The man they call VADER!!!

    Vader gets a big pop, and he poses with his hands in the ‘V’ shape.

    Tony Chimmel: Representing the Nature Boy Ric Flair, his children, Ashley, Megan, David and Reid.

    The foursome all step forward waving to the fans.

    Tony Chimmel: And … Rowdy Roddy Piper!!!

    Taking the final spot due to Flair not re-emerging for this segment, Piper basks in the cheers from the fans, blowing kisses, mouthing “Thank you”, over and over.

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WWE Hall of Fame, Class of 2008!!!

    The group all wave, enjoying the moment, with the music playing on, as the camera eventually shifts to ringside…

    Jim Ross: Quite the class, gentlemen, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Joey Styles: One of the best, J.R.

    The graphic fills the picture, and the fans cheer in the background.

    Jim Ross: And indeed, the time has come. We are about to see two future Hall of Famers get it on for the first time ever, in what can only be described as a Match for the Ages!!

    The Coach: Not if Paul Heyman is to be believed, J.R. According to him, this is one of the biggest mis-matches in WWE history!!

    Jim Ross: Well … lemme tell ya Coach, there’s not much that Heyman says that is to be believed.

    Joey Styles: I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks. A dream match if you ask me, J.R.

    Jim Ross: It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest tests in Shawn Michaels illustrious career. But remember this; Shawn Michaels has never EVER been out performed in a big match situation, and they don’t come much bigger than Brock Lesnar and WrestleMania. Can The Showstopper be Mister WrestleMania one more time??

    The Coach: He’ll have to be!!!!!

    Jim Ross: Here’s how this dream match, came together, tonight at WrestleMania…



    Clips air of Shawn Michaels throughout the years at WrestleMania; the splash off the ladder at WrestleMania X…


    Gliding to the ring at WrestleMania XII…


    Nipping up in style against Chris Jericho at WrestleMania XIX, Sweet Chin Music to The Rock at WrestleMania XXII…


    Skinning the Cat to avoid crashing into a flaming table last year against Mick Foley…


    And collapsing with the title at WrestleMania XII again…








    What follows is a series of clips of Brock Lesnar man handling Shawn Michaels throughout the build up to WrestleMania; handily defeating HBK at the Survivor Series, dismantling Shawn after the Royal Rumble, and taking the best Michaels has had to offer in recent weeks, over an operatic, ominous music, before the sound of Paul Heymans voice talks over the impressive clips of Lesnar…

    “So much for the boyhood dream. This has become a living nightmare.”

    Shots of a desperate, bloody HBK … and a towering Brock Lesnar standing over him…

    “Mister WrestleMania??”

    Clips of Lesnar and Heyman laughing.

    “Not as long as Brock Lesnar is around.”

    The botched Shooting Star at WrestleMania XIX, before putting Angle away with an F5...

    Michael Cole: WE HAVE A NEW CHAMPION!!!

    Hitting the Shooting Star the following year to retain the title against Goldberg in the main event of WrestleMania XX…

    “In six years, he‘s accomplished more at WrestleMania that you could in twenty.”

    Walking into the MGM Grand as champion two years ago…

    “His achievements DWARF yours.”

    Overcoming Triple H last year…

    “He‘s made memories that‘ll never be forgotten.”

    And again, beating the shit out of HBK…

    “On Sunday, you LOSE your moniker of Mister WrestleMania. … it’s Show … over.”

    Open back up on Smackdown from March 14, where Heyman and Lesnar stand in the ring…

    Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar has requested that I propose we put an end to this charade and CANCEL this match at WrestleMania, due to FALSE ADVERTISING!!!

    Clips air of the savage assault Lesnar put on HBK on Raw on January 28… busting HBK open.

    Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar isn’t a circus freak, this isn’t a carnival. HE’S A LEGIT ATHLETE!!! And he refuses - POINT BLANK REFUSES to be involved in such a lop-sided contest with a man that can no longer compete at an elite level. This isn’t a match for the ages … but it IS NO … COUNTRY … FOR … OLD … MEN!!!

    Shots of Michaels looking worse for wear over the last six months, unable to nip up on occasion, struggling to skin the cat…

    Paul Heyman: And in this world, Shawn Michaels is most definitely an old man.

    **SEXY BOY**

    Shawn Michaels interrupts proceedings, and defiantly goes toe to toe with Lesnar … taking a beating…

    Shawn Michaels: If I’ve said it once … I’ve said it a thousand times. Nobody … and I mean NOOOOBODAYYY … is gonna tell the Heart Break Kid when the show is over.

    Taking an F5 … and another F5 when he gets back up.

    Shawn Michaels: I may be undersized, I may be older, not as quick, and I don’t have muscles like yours … but I have never, EVER been outperformed in a big match situation.

    Defiantly, HBK gets back up, with Lesnar coming to attack him once more, bellowing at Heyman as he charges to the ring; “I‘M GONNA PUT YOU IN THE MORGUE!!!”

    Shawn Michaels: And I don’t intend on starting now.

    Michaels stuns Lesnar with Sweet Chin Music into a chair, then destroys a chair over Lesnar, forcing Lesnar to back off!!!

    The next series of clips then show Michaels and Lesnar going at it over the last six months; staredowns in October and November, battling at Survivor Series, then the Royal Rumble…

    Shawn Michaels: When we get it on at WrestleMania, you can be rest assured that you’re gonna get the absolute BEST of Shawn Michaels … because to beat you, quite frankly … I cant be anything less.

    Shots of Brock Lesnar at his absolute best; F5’s to The Rock, The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Triple H, Kurt Angle…

    Shawn Michaels: I know what I’m facing at WrestleMania. I know I’ll have to scratch and claw for everything. But there’s a reason people call ME the things they do.

    Clips of HBK hitting a flying forearm, nipping up, skinning the cat, tuning up the band, hitting an Asai Moonsault, Flying Elbow, and Sweet Chin Music after Sweet Chin Music…

    Shawn Michaels: No matter what the opponent, no matter what my physical condition is, no matter the odds I’m facing … ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay ALWAYS rises to the occasion.

    A series of shots air of Lesnar and Michaels in the ring over the years in parallel; HBK beating Bret Hart for the WWE Title, Lesnar beating Angle for the same gold; Brock leaping up onto the apron, Michaels nipping up in the ring; Brock delivering F5’s to Big Show, Mark Henry & Rikishi over the years, and HBK with Sweet Chin Music to Vader, Undertaker and Batista too.

    Joey Styles: A two time NCAA champion-
    Jerry Lawler: HBK; one of the all time greats!!!
    The Coach: He’s a freak of nature!!!
    Jim Ross: The Showstopping spirit of Shawn Michaels lives as brightly as it ever has!!!
    Michael Cole: The youngest WWE Champion of all time!!!
    Joey Styles: Lesnar and Michaels - for the first time ever at WrestleMania; in a match for the ages!!!

    More clips of both men over the last few months; mainly, it’s Lesnar beating the shit out of Michaels - but with each comment from HBK, just a glimmer of what he’s capable of…

    Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar is playing the role of Judge, Jury, and EX-E-CUTION-ER … on the career of one Shawn Michaels. For picking a fight you simply cannot win … you are found … GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!


    Paul Heyman: For not knowing when to walk away … you are found … GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!


    Paul Heyman: For wasting my clients time at the biggest show of the year … you are found … GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!!


    Paul Heyman: And for delusions of grandeur … Mister WrestleMania … you are found … GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

    THE ICON!!!

    Paul Heyman: And your sentence … is the BEATING, the POUNDING, the PUMMELLING … OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!


    Paul Heyman: This Sunday, at Wrestle Mania … you sir, are in for the biggest … and almost certainly the FINAL … beating … of … your career, courtesy … of the REAL … GENUINE … UNDENIABLE …


    Both Shawn Michaels & Paul Heyman: MISTER WRESTLEMANIA!!!

    Close on Lesnar and Michaels face to face in the ring…


    Back into the stadium…

    **SEXY BOY**

    There’s a massive pop inside the University of Phoenix stadium for the timeless HBK theme, as SHAWN MICHAELS steps out onto the WrestleMania stage, playing to the fans with plenty of bounce in his step.

    Joey Styles: Are we about to see the HBK we’ve all come to expect throughout the years?? Will we get Mister WrestleMania tonight?? Or gentlemen, have the years and the mileage all finally caught up with Shawn Michaels?? Has Shawn Michaels career revival over the last six years come to a halt??

    Jim Ross: There’s only one way to find out, but I certainly do not believe it has. And while he comes into this match as an underdog, that’s nothing new to HBK. He thrives under pressure. He feeds off people writing him off. I expect the very best of Shawn Michaels here tonight.

    The Coach: He has lost a step; no question. That nip up?? Doesn’t always get it. He cant skin the cat quite like he used to. He’s a hair slower. And when you’re facing Brock Lesnar, you cannot afford any weaknesses. Shawn Michaels just has too many if you ask me.

    Michaels continues to the mid point of the ramp, dropping to his knees, closing his eyes, talking to God … having one last prayer, before looking up, stretching out his arms, and lets off a pyro sequence in the background.

    Howard Finkel: The following contest is scheduled for ONE fall!!! Introducing first; from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 225 pounds; The HEART BREAK KID, SHAWWWWWWN MICHAELSSSS!!!!!!!!

    The Showstopper slaps hands with fans either side of the barrier as he continues toward the ring.

    Jim Ross: He looks confident, he looks up for the challenge. The one thing you can never do, is write this man off.

    Joey Styles: And as you said, J.R. At WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels ALWAYS raises his game. As the song goes; “I‘m not as good as I once was … but I‘m as good once as I ever was.” Can Shawn Michaels, even for one night, be as good as he ever was??

    The Coach: To stand any hope?? He’d need to be.

    HBK hit’s the ring, spinning around, playing to the fans, before posing again - his trademark pose, flexing the guns, before getting up, throwing out his jacket and leather chaps … readying himself for the Iron Man…


    Straightforward and plain as day, the imposing figure of BROCK LESNAR is led to the ring by PAUL HEYMAN, with Heyman looking proud and pleased to be here, confident in his client … whilst Lesnars face is STONE.

    Howard Finkel: Annnnd … his opponent; being accompanied by his agent; Paul Heyman … from Minneapolis Minnesota, weighing 295 pounds … he is the IRON MAN, BRRRROCK LESSSSNAR!!!!

    Lesnar bounces from side to side, before flexing on the top of the ramp and walks down with a purpose.

    Jim Ross: We discussed earlier if Kurt Angle was the best athlete in the WWE. If anyone can argue a case, it is this freak. Brock Lesnar, 295 pounds, built like a truck, and moves like a cruiserweight. There’s never been someone with the physical attributes of this specimen. A rare breed, a once in a lifetime athlete.

    Joey Styles: And no one has ever had the impact on the WWE that he has. WWE Champion within six months of his debut on the main roster. A Royal Rumble winner, he’s headlined just about every WrestleMania he’s competed at, whether it be the main event or the main attraction. And tonight, he’s looking to create another memory another moment, with the destruction of the man they call MISTER WrestleMania…

    The Coach: And once he does, they’ll call Brock Lesnar Mister WrestleMania.

    Lesnar continues down the ramp and the aisle, reaching the ringside area, taking a walk around the ring, trying to intimidate Shawn Michaels in the ring, with HBK standing his ground, showing no fear, watching Lesnar and Heyman at all times.

    Jim Ross: A little bit of mind games here it would seem. And I’d put all that down to the influence of Paul Heyman.

    Joey Styles: And I wonder, J.R … could Heyman be a deciding factor in this match?? If Lesnar does find himself in trouble, he has a smoking gun in his corner; Heyman could be a difference maker.

    The Coach: Let ME answer that, J.R. Joey, get real!! Lesnar doesn’t need Heyman to get involved. Heyman is here for support, and support only. Brock can handle HBK on his own. Heyman just has the best seat in the house!!

    The Iron Man leaps up onto the apron, setting off pyro from the corners, as HBK steps up, showing no fear, with the ropes keeping the two men apart, before Jimmy Korderas steps in to bring Michaels back, and allow Lesnar into the ring…

    Jim Ross: We’re just about set here!! What a match this promises to be, gentlemen. A Match for the Ages!!! The first ever meeting between Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar!!!

    The Coach:
    Let’s see if it lives up to the hype…


    Brock Lesnar
    w/Paul Heyman vs. Shawn Michaels
    Lesnar hops up and down, relaxed as the bell rings, whilst Michaels looks more on edge, peering to the outside, where the smug Paul Heyman is heard shouting to him; “Too late to turn back now, Shawn!!” Michaels is stoic, choosing not to respond, and turns his attention to Brock, rubbing his nose, walking around the ring, with Lesnar doing the same. The fans are firmly behind Michaels, starting a ‘H-B-K … H-B-K … H-B-K’ chant, and Lesnar stops to listen.

    Brock, almost uncharacteristically smirks, hearing the unison of the fans, and motions with his hands that he’s going to snap HBK in half. He turns to Shawn and makes the same motion … with Michaels shaking his head defiantly, then charges toward Lesnar, engaging in a lock up mismatch of epic proportions, with Lesnar far too powerful, shoving Michaels aside with ease to the mat.

    Pugnacious as ever, Michaels bounces right back up, right back in the bigger mans face, but Lesnar shoves him away once more. Still, Shawn comes forward, and foolishly looks to lock up with Lesnar again, and this time Lesnar HURLS Michaels aside, throwing him like a rag doll into the corner!!!!! Michaels hit’s the corner, and gets a worrisome look on his face, feeling the true power of Lesnar, who flexes in front of him.

    Heyman chips in again from the outside, being heard clearly on camera saying; “Way too late to turn back now, Shawn!!” Michaels stays in the corner for a moment, and looks out to the fans, whilst Lesnar stands, ready and waiting for the next incoming from HBK. On commentary, J.R suggests that Shawn have a think about the game plan.

    Michaels fixes himself, and moves out of the corner, refocusing, and slowly circles, as Lesnar ever so slowly closes in, trying to intimidate Michaels, trying to force him to retreat into the corner, which he does, but as Brock looks to trap him, Shawn dodges out, avoiding contact, and getting to the centre of the ring again. Brock stops for a moment in the corner, affords himself a smile, and turns back out, facing Shawn again.

    They circle, and surprisingly, lock up once more, with Shawn immediately slipping under, going behind the Iron Man … but once he’s there, he cant bring the big unit down, and Lesnar quickly CHARGES backward, SQUASHING his smaller adversary into the corner!!! Michaels is crushed in the corner, and slumps over, as Lesnar steps out, then HIP TOSSES Michaels out of the corner with ease, across the ring!!!!!

    Shawn tumbles into the opposite corner, and Lesnar stalks him down, clubbing his back, before sending Michaels across the ring with authority, into the opposite corner. Michaels drops to his knees upon impact, and holds his back, with Lesnar taking his time to walk across, and he pulls Michaels up, picking him up with ease, and runs him across the ring, ramming HBK into the corner!!!

    There, Lesnar proceeds to pile on the pain, driving his shoulder into the gut of the smaller man, over and over, driving the wind out of Shawn, and then backs up, before going to work with stomps to the Showstopper. Brock stomps HBK into the ground at the corner, and sticks his boot into the face, choking Shawn with his boot, drawing out every second of Jimmy Korderas five count, before relenting.

    Brock takes a walk around the ring, whilst Heyman proudly claps for his client, as Shawn reaches for the ropes, taking a big deep breath. HBK doesn’t get long to recover, with Lesnar coming back for him, clubbing the back, and sends his rival across the ring, into the corner … then rushes across the ring at him … BUT EATS THE BOOT OF SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!!

    Shawn gets his foot up, stopping Lesnar in his tracks. Brock takes a back step, shaking the cobwebs loose … and Michaels seizes the opportunity, coming forward out of the corner, unloading on the big man, but Lesnar soaks up the punishment from Michaels, and stops him quickly with a knee to the gut, and follows up with a short, thudding clothesline!!!

    Michaels sets on his hands and knees after impact, but Lesnar isn’t giving him time to get up, and Brock makes Shawn work his schedule, dragging Shawn up, and immediately HIP TOSSES Michaels with ease across the ring. Showing off his strength, Brock walks to Michaels - who is wincing in pain - and drags him up again, tossing him with ease once more!!!

    Lesnar reaches down, picking Shawn up again, backing him into the corner, and grips him by the face; “YOU PICKED THE WRONG FIGHT WITH ME, SHAWN!!!” and then TOSSES Michaels out of the corner like a rag doll again, picking him right back up, and tosses HBK through the ropes and out of the ring callously, with no respect for the legend, throwing him from the ring like a garbage bag!!!

    The Iron Man hops from side to side, nonchalant about everything, holding no respect for Michaels, as HBK squirms on the outside, reaching for the ring apron to bring himself to his feet. Lesnar shouts out; “STAY OUT THERE!!! STAY DOWN!!!” … whilst Heyman walks around, giving Michaels more verbal abuse, saying to HBK; “I told you so!!! I warned you!! I said this is what would happen!! You should‘ve lis-”


    Michaels explodes with Sweet Chin Music on Heyman, knocking the mouthpiece out instantly!!! Upon seeing the super kick, Lesnar snaps, and charges to the ropes, climbing out, and comes after Shawn … but Michaels moves out of dodge, with Brock on the chase. Shawn slides into the ring, and comes off the ropes, coming back as Lesnar is about to slide back in - and baseball slides Lesnar, sending him into the barrier!!!

    Lesnar pushes back off the barrier, shrugging it off … but Shawn takes the opportunity to leap to the outside - PLANCHA to Lesnar - taking the Iron Man off his feet!!!!! Knowing he cant afford to take his time, Shawn rolls Lesnar right back into the ring, and follows inside, backing Brock into the corner, lighting him up with a series of knife edge chops … but they don’t hurt Lesnar … they just get him angry!!!

    Michaels realises the chops are having no effect too … but before he can change tact … LESNAR RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A DEVASTATING CLOTHESLINE OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!! Michaels is turned upside down from the clothesline, with Lesnar blasting out a visceral roar as he looks out at the fans, making another snapping gesture with his hands.

    On the outside, we see another referee at ringside tending to Heyman, with Paul sat up next to the steps, looking like he doesn’t know where he is. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Brock marches to the Showstopper, dragging him up, and sends him into the corner, rushing in behind, crushing Shawn with a brutal clothesline in the corner!!!

    Lesnar grabs the arm of HBK after impact, and shoots him back across the ring to the opposite corner, and again rushes in after him, DRIVING his knee into the gut of Michaels. He hangs on to HBK, and immediately sends him across the ring again at speed, chasing in after him, DRIVING his knee into the gut of the legend again!!!

    Still not letting go, Lesnar drives his knee into the gut of Shawn again, and proceeds to club the back, putting Shawn down to his knees. Brock shakes his head at the pitiful sight of HBK, and picks him up, shooting him across the ring - HARD - into the corner with Michaels bouncing out such is the impact, back into the path of Lesnar … and an effortless overhead BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Lesnar sits up, and turns Michaels over for the cover…

    …KICK OUT…

    Shawn gets a shoulder up off the first cover of the match, but the kick out doesn’t surprise Lesnar. The Iron Man gets back up, stomping the face of his grounded opponent, before reaching down, bringing Michaels back up, and once again, savagely sends Michaels with ridiculous velocity into the corner - so hard that MICHAELS TURNS UPSIDE DOWN IN THE CORNER!!!!!

    Michaels lands into a seated position up top after the impact of the whip to the corner, and Brock follows in, stepping up the turnbuckles briskly … getting Shawn into position … DELIVERING A SIDE SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Michaels body contorts on the mat, with Lesnar pushing him back down, with a lateral press…



    ………KICK OUT………

    The Iron Man shakes his head at the kick out, and looks down at Shawn, asking; “You want more, Shawn??” and gets back to his feet, bringing Michaels with him, backing Shawn into the corner, and proceeds to DRIVE the shoulder into the gut of the Heart Break Kid, and again, and again, and again. Lesnar - with no fight from Michaels - shoots Shawn across the ring to the corner, and once more, he follows in - leaping and nailing HBK with a big high knee!!!

    Michaels staggers, spaghetti legged out of the corner, and Brock follows up, sending him across the ring to the opposite corner again - having his way with Shawn, toying with him … following in again, with another big running high knee to the Showstopper. Lesnar takes a walk around the ring, shaking his head at the fans, before grasping Shawn, picking him up for an atomic drop … but keeps him elevated … and walks to the ropes … DUMPING MICHAELS OVER THE TOP AND CRASHING ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    There’s a groan collectively on commentary with the harsh landing Michaels has on the floor. Lesnar leans over the top, bellowing; “AND DON’T BOTHER COMIN BACK!!!” Boos ring out from the rather quiet stadium, unsure how to react to the one sided beating thus far, as Michaels struggles to recover from the ultimate atomic drop, and the official conducts his count;


    … Shawn crawls to the ring apron, pulling himself up, trying to crawl back into the ring, as Lesnar watches, and looks frustrated by the doggedness of Michaels …


    … The cheers grow, as HBK drags himself up, and rolls back into the ring, breaking the count… but Lesnar is instantly on him. Brock clubs the back, controlling Shawn, trash talking as he brings Michaels to his feet, and drives his knee to the gut, and again, with Shawn doubling over. Lesnar then hooks Shawn up, hoisting him in the air … into position for a Fisherman Buster!!!

    Brock carries Shawn around the ring, showing off his freakish strength, bringing HBK around the ring like a small child, delaying the impact of the Fisherman buster … and shouts out; “THIS IS MISTER WRESTLEMANIA???” and laughs … but before he can deliver the move, MICHAELS RAKES THE EYES OF LESNAR!!!! Still trapped, Michaels begins FISH-HOOKING the Iron Man, eventually freeing himself from his clutches!!!

    Shawn - having to delve into dirty tricks in order to survive with Lesnar, has his vertical base, and throws a straight right before taking off, hitting the ropes, coming back, leaping over a doubled over Brock Lesnar with a SUNSET FLIP … but Lesnar tries to keep his feet!! Flailing his arms, Lesnar looks to stay up, and does - and after regaining his balance, he reaches down …

    AND HAULS MICHAELS RIGHT BACK TO HIS FEET … Michaels eyes bulge at the feat of strength … AND LESNAR EXPLODES WITH ANOTHER OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY TO HBK!!! The fans gasp at the effortless feat of strength from Lesnar to haul Shawn up and toss him around again, and he hooks the leg…

    ……………SHOULDER UP……………

    Shawn barely gets the shoulder up, as Lesnar clenches his teeth, getting more frustrated by the fighting instinct of HBK. He drags Michaels up, pressing his forehead into Shawns; “WHY WONT YOU STAY DOWN!!!” … when Michaels SLAPS the taste out of Lesnars mouth!!! The act of defiance only serves to anger Lesnar further, and he grips Michaels by the head, and THROWS him into the corner!!!!

    Lesnar charges in, running across the ring, showing his impressive leap again with another running high knee to the Showstopper in the corner. Lesnar sends his opponent again across the ring - the sight becoming familiar throughout the match - and he runs in after him again, looking for ANOTHER running high knee … BUT MICHAELS DODGES OUT … NO ONE HOME FOR LESNAR!!!!


    On commentary, J.R calls it an opening for Michaels, with Styles wondering if Lesnar had just gotten too comfortable in the last few moments … as Brock rolls around on the outside, clutching his leg, and J.R questions if we’ve just seen a chink in the armour of Lesnar. To his credit, Brock quickly tries to recuperate and reach his feet … but as he stands up … MICHAELS LEAPS OFF THE TOP TURNBUCKLE - TAKING BROCK DOWN WITH A SPLASH!!!!!

    Despite Michaels landing the offensive move - both men get to their feet at the same time, with Michaels still slow after the beating he has taken, and Lesnar just a force of nature. They both get up, and it’s Lesnar that tries to strike first, but misses a clothesline … and Michaels CHOP BLOCKS the leg - the bad leg, chopping The Iron Man down to a knee!!!!!

    There’s no time for HBK to waste, and after rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, he targets the weakened wheel of Lesnar, stomping the knee, driving an elbow as Lesnar looks to shove Michaels away to create space - showing weakness for the first time in the match!!! Michaels is like a shark smelling blood, and continues to target the leg, with Lesnar trying to limp away and push Shawn back, eventually shoving HBK into the steps.

    Brock looks to shake his leg loose around ringside … but Shawn is right back up, and he soccer kicks the back of the knee!!! Lesnar drops to a knee momentarily again, as Shawn comes around, looking to attack the knee - WHEN LESNAR PIE FACES MICHAELS - SHOVING HIM INTO THE BARRIER!!! Despite the leg problem, he STILL has freakish power!!!

    Lesnar rolls back into the ring, getting to his feet … but again, Michaels doesn’t let up, and from the outside, he trips the legs of the Iron Man, dragging the legs … and WRAPS the knee around the ringpost!!! Michaels pulls the leg back - and WRAPS it around the post again … and does it a THIRD time - bringing a groan from the monster like Lesnar!!!

    Brock sits up, trying to pull away, but before he can, Michaels has the legs crossed … AND APPLIES A FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK WRAPPED AROUND THE RINGPOST!!!!!! The old Bret Hart spot is used by HBK, as he looks to significantly weaken the Iron Man, with Brock wincing, feeling the pain through his legs … and Michaels eventually relents, having to break due to the count from Korderas.

    Michaels rolls in and out of the ring, breaking that count too, and proceeds to re-apply the figure four around the ring post … but as he grabs the legs … LESNAR SHOWS HIS BRUTE FORCE POWER … AND HIS LEG POWER TO YANK BACK - AND PULL MICHAELS FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!!! Michaels hit’s the post hard, and crumbles to the floor, giving Lesnar the opportunity to recover.

    Brock drags himself to his feet, taking a few deep breaths, before walking around the ring, looking to get the blood flowing in his leg again, whilst HBK remains dazed outside the ring. Meanwhile, the commentary team sell the power of Lesnar, overpowering HBK with his legs - whilst in a weakened state. Brock continues to walk around the ring, shaking his leg loose…

    But again, once he’s able, Michaels is right back in the fight!! Sliding back into the ring, HBK takes the fight to Lesnar, opening up with knife edge chops across the massive chest of Lesnar, backing him up into the ropes … then he goes back to the injury - and kicks the leg!!! Lesnar tries to get away, but Shawn chop blocks the leg, bringing Lesnar to a knee again, then he takes off, bouncing off the ropes - and dropkicks the knee!!!

    Michaels grabs the leg, placing it on the middle rope … then leaps up, coming crashing down on the knee with an elbow!!! Lesnar winces, and rolls away, clutching his knee, as Michaels comes for him again, grabbing the leg … and SLAMS it into the mat. Shawn grabs the leg, and slides out under the bottom rope, SLAMMING the leg over the apron!!!

    Lesnar reels away, selling the pain, with the Showstopper climbing back inside, stomping the leg some more, weakening Brock, then Michaels grabs the leg, dropping an elbow to the knee, and gets back up, before dropping an elbow to the knee for a second time, but as he gets back up - Brock uses his free leg to KICK Shawn away, sending him tumbling across the ring!!!

    Once more, the power of Lesnar is shown, and the Iron Man struggles back to his feet, and attempts to meet Shawn with a kick - but the leg is caught … DRAGON SCREW TO LESNARS BAD LEG!!!!! Michaels is taking over the match, and he grabs the legs, taking one quick look around the stadium, before stepping in, hooking the legs … turning Lesnar over … AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!

    A deafening pop booms around the stadium, as Michaels somehow turns the massive frame of Lesnar over, applying one of the most deadly submission holds in all of wrestling, made famous by Bret Hart of all people!!! Lesnar now is in excruciating pain with a euphoric atmosphere taking over the University of Phoenix Stadium, as Michaels leans back, with the hold applied expertly, and Lesnar has nowhere to go!!!

    The camera closes in on Lesnar, who winces in pain, reaching out desperately for the ropes. It’s looking good for HBK, with Brock selling the pain … but eventually, the Iron Man presses his head onto the canvas, clenches his fists … AND LESNAR PUSHES HIMSELF UP - showing incredible strength and will, and Lesnar … POWERS OUT OF THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!!!!!!!!

    Michaels gets THROWN across the ring by the power of Lesnar, and the break brings another gasp from the fans … and there’s a look of deep concern on the face of Shawn Michaels, stunned by what just happened. Styles comments on the look too, and questions if the reality has just set in for Shawn Michaels that he’s in the ring with a different breed of competitor.

    The Showstopper gets to his feet, shaking his head, and looks again to attack the weakened leg, stomping at it in the corner, as Lesnar pulls himself to his feet - SHRUGGING OFF the attack from Michaels, ploughing through the pain barrier to pull himself to his feet WHILST Michaels is on the attack!!! Brock is up, and Shawn changes his target, offering a sequence of knife edge chops, but once again, The Iron Man shrugs it off, shoving Shawn away.

    Still dogged though, Michaels comes rushing back to the corner, and mounts the turnbuckles, looking to hammer the skull of Lesnar … BUT LESNAR GRABS CONTROL OF MICHAELS … AND POWERS OUT OF THE CORNER … WITH HBK IN A POWERBOMB POSITION … BUT MICHAELS COUNTERS … AND DELIVERS A HURRICANRANA!!!!!!!!!!

    Michaels escapes the power bomb attempt, and Lesnar stumbles to his feet by the ropes, with Michaels rushing him, clattering Brock with a clothesline … and Lesnar goes over the top rope, and falls to the floor below!!!! Shawn - knowing he cant let up - climbs onto the apron, takes a look back at Lesnar slowly getting to his feet … and leaps onto the ropes … ASAI MOONSAULT DOWN ONTO LESNAR …




    There’s an almighty pop inside the stadium, despite Lesnar being the heel and HBK the face - for the stunning and brutal F5, with Lesnar back up, leaning on the apron, kicking his leg loose, still feeling the effects of the pain, but he battles through it, dragging Michaels back up, and tosses his broken body into the ring, climbing back inside himself … as J.R says this one is over, with Brock making the cover…




    The match is saved - but Lesnar doesn’t initially realise what happened, and believes the match is over, standing up, raising his arms in victory - but Jimmy Korderas has to advise him otherwise, and Lesnar is furious - foaming at the mouth, he roars in the face of Korderas, nearly crossing the line when he grabs the official by the shirt … but releases, and storms away - with his frustration levels clearly rising, furious that HBK is STILL in the match!!!

    Lesnar shakes his head, walking around the ring, talking strategy to himself, then comes back for Michaels, showing no mercy as he hauls him to his feet, and quickly shoots him off, into the corner - CHEST FIRST!!! Michaels collides with the corner, and Lesnar follows up with a clubbing blow to the back, then grasps around the waist of HBK … and unleashes a GERMAN SUPLEX that throws Michaels across the ring!!!!!

    Michaels back bounces off the mat, and Lesnar pops right back up, wanting to continue the punishment, grasping Michaels around the waist again from behind, hoisting him back up to his feet, into position … FOR ANOTHER RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ACROSS THE RING!!!!! This time, Lesnar crawls across the ring, and turns Michaels over, hooking the leg…

    ………………MICHAELS KICKS OUT………………

    Lesnar throws his head back, shaking it wildly, and slams his fist on the mat, before pressing his head against Shawns on the mat again - shouting at his foe; “JUST STAY DOWN!!!!!” Mounting Michaels, Lesnar proceeds to relentlessly hammer the face with forearms, punishing Michaels for the audacity of kicking out again, until Korderas orders a break.

    The Iron Man rolls off the lifeless body of HBK, arguing with the official, before dragging Shawn up, and applies the squeeze on Shawn - he has wrapped THE BEARHUG ON MICHAELS!!!!! Shawn - so much smaller than Brock - is thrown around whilst trapped in the hold, with J.R selling the move, reminding everyone it’s the same move Lesnar used to defeat Hulk Hogan in 2002.

    Shawn reaches his hands out, grasping for anything to break the hold, groaning in pain as Lesnar clenches on tightly. The referee asks if Shawn wants to give in, but HBK shakes his head; NO. Shawn desperately tries to break the hold, punching the cranium of Lesnar … but he cant break the grasp of Brock, and the fight begins to dwindle out of the Showstopper. On commentary, Joey Styles wonders if we’re watching the end of another great legend…

    Michaels is rag dolled by Lesnar in the submission, fading quickly, forcing the referee to step in, asking if Michaels gives … and gets no response. The head is bowed, with Lesnar continuing to throw Michaels around in his arms, and Korderas raises the arm of Michaels once … and it falls. Indicating one to the outside, Korderas raises the arm again … and it falls AGAIN. Korderas motions for one more, and lifts the arm for the last time … and it falls-


    Michaels keeps the arm up!!!! The Showstopper is STILL fighting!!!! Hitting a second wind, Michaels feeds off the “H-B-K” chants from the fans, and he unleashes all he has on Lesnar in an attempt to force the break, but Brock shrugs the punches off … forcing Michaels to get dirty again … AND HE TRIES TO FISH-HOOK THE EYES OF LESNAR!!!!!

    Resorting to ANYTHING, Shawn fish-hooks the eyes of Brock, and forces the hold to finally be broken!!!!! Lesnar reels away, rubbing his eyes, as the official warns Michaels for the blatant cheating … but Shawn shrugs the warning off - doing what he has to survive. HBK doesn’t take time to recover, having to get at Brock, and he unloads with straight right hands to Brock, beating him into the ropes, before setting off, charging off the ropes and back-




    Michaels kicks out again!!! But once again, his momentum is instantly snuffed out by the dominant Lesnar!!! Brock climbs to his feet, but sells the eyes for a moment after the fish hooking incident, then cries out; “I‘M SICK OF THIS!!!”, and comes back for Michaels in a fit of rage, dragging him up quickly- THROWING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … AND AN F5-




    ……………………KICK OUT……………………

    Michaels nearly stole it with an incredible mid-air counter to the F5, but Lesnar just escapes in the nick of time!!! Both men try to race to their feet, but it’s Lesnar that’s first to the punch - yet again- and rocking Michaels with a right hand, he sends HBK into the ropes. Lesnar shoots Michaels off, waiting for the return … BUT EATS A FLYING FOREARM FROM THE SHOWSTOPPER!!!!!!!!

    It’s vintage Shawn Michaels with the flying forearm - and it cleans Lesnar off his feet!!! Both men are down, with the fans willing HBK on, waiting for the inevitable … AND MICHAELS NIPS UP- NO!!!!! He doesn’t!!! Michaels tries - and fails; AGAIN - to nip up … with the wind taken out of the sails of the fans, wanting to see the old-school HBK.

    Michaels slaps his arms on the mat in frustration at failing to nip up again, and has to use the ropes to get to his feet, with the commentary team admitting that the days of seeing the nip up from Michaels look to be over. Shawn pulls himself to his feet at the ropes … but as he does, Lesnar gets up too … and he sprints toward Michaels - EXPLODING -


    Shawn lands on the floor, and flails his arms, looking helpless as he crawls to the barrier in order to pick himself up. Meanwhile, Lesnar follows, climbing through the ropes, dropping down, talking trash of some sort while watching Michaels dragging himself to his feet using the barrier. Michaels gets up … AND LESNAR EXPLODES AGAIN TOWARD MICHAELS AT THE BARRIER …



    It’s another “HOLY SHIT” moment for the fans to chant to, as Lesnar crashes through the barrier, and lays in a heap in amongst the rubble, as Shawn Michaels crawls away, climbing up the steps, to climb back into the ring. Suddenly, Paul Heyman has re-emerged after being super kicked by HBK in the first first minutes of the match. Looking worse for wear, the ragged Heyman tries to bring Lesnar around!!! And all the while Jimmy Korderas is forced to count the Iron Man out!!!!


    … Heyman has his hands clasped, praying for Lesnar to get up and continue the match, pleading with his client to get back up, shouting; “IT‘S WRESTLEMANIA BROCK!!! C‘MON!!!” …


    … HBK is climbing to his feet in the ring, surely not happy to be winning the match in this fashion … but he can barely stand himself, and would run the risk of getting himself counted out too if he tried to bring the body of Lesnar back to the ring …


    … LESNAR STIRS!!!!!

    Moving away from the broken pieces of the barricade, Lesnar comes to, as Heyman frantically tries to help his client up, but Lesnar - worse for wear - pushes Heyman away, trying to get up on his own.


    … J.R is in shock on commentary, as Lesnar somehow crawls out of the wreckage, and toward the ring, with Heyman on his knees, willing his client on …


    … Lesnar JUST makes it back in on time, pulling himself up on the apron, and with a final push from Heyman, he rolls into the ring!!!! The count is broken, and the rejuvenated Shawn Michaels is now the aggressor, capitalising on the weakened Lesnar, opening up at the ropes with knife edge chops, before shooting Lesnar off the ropes - meeting him on the return with an inverted atomic drop … and a second and a third!!!

    Michaels backs up into the ropes with Lesnar weakened, still on dream street, and comes back with a clothesline to Brock - but Brock doesn’t go down - he just wobbles!!! Shawn shakes his head, delivering a straight right hand, before hitting the ropes, and coming back with another clothesline … but AGAIN the Iron Man doesn’t leave his feet. Shawn shakes his head once more … then takes off, hitting the ropes … FLYING FOREARM CONNECTS!!!!!

    AND IT TAKES LESNAR OFF HIS FEET!!!!!!! The second flying forearm from Michaels connects, and both men hit the mat, with the fans raising their voices once again. Both Michaels and Lesnar are down, with the official about to carry out another mandatory ten count … but there’s no need … AS SHAWN MICHAELS ATTEMPTS THE NIP UP AGAIN …


    There’s an eruption in the University of Phoenix Stadium as Michaels pulls off the NIP UP!!! Shawn feeds off the roars in the stadium, walking around the ring, pumping up the fans, looking out to the sea of humanity as he looks to be back in the saddle, hitting fifth gear … WHEN BROCK LESNAR NIPS UP TO HIS FEET TOO!!!!!!

    Lesnar NIPS UP … and Michaels jaw DROPS in amazement. Lesnar roars at Michaels, with Shawn frozen still. The fans are going bananas at the sight of the two men both nipping up within seconds of one another … and Lesnar lunges at Michaels - BUT MICHAELS EXPLODES WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC-


    NO!!!!!!! MICHAELS COUNTERS IN MID AIR AGAIN … AND DROPS LESNAR WITH A DDT AS HE IS SWUNG AROUND!!!!!!!!!! Michaels finds another counter to the F5, with Heyman putting his hands on his head, looking concerned for his client. HBK gets back up, and wastes no time, climbing onto the apron, and proceeds up the turnbuckles … AND SOARS THROUGH THE AIR … DELIVERING THE FLYING ELBOW OFF THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!

    Michaels bounces back to his feet, proceeding around the ring, again feeding off the fans, geeing them up, before stopping in the corner … AND BEGINS TO TUNE UP THE BAND!!!! Joey Styles declares that THIS is what makes Michaels ‘Mr. WrestleMania’, with Michaels moving to another level, stamping his foot in the corner, readying for Sweet Chin Music!!!

    The Showstopper stamps … stamps … stamps the mat, as Heyman is heard crying in desperation “BROCK!!! BROCK!!!” seeing everything falling through … as Michaels readies himself, set to strike, as Brock climbs up on the ropes, peeling himself off … WITH MICHAELS COMING FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC-


    LESNAR SIDE STEPS THE KICK!!!!! Michaels lands on nothing, and comes back at Brock, but again, Lesnar avoids, and uses Michaels momentum to throw him over the top rope to give himself a break for a moment … BUT MICHAELS HANGS ONTO THE ROPES!!!!! AND THE SHOWSTOPPER SKINS THE CAT-

    BUT AS HE DOES … HE IS CAUGHT ON THE WAY BACK INTO THE RING … AND LESNAR CATCHES HIM ON HIS SHOULDERS … DRAGGING HIM OFF AND AWAY FROM THE ROPES … AND SCORES WITH THE F5!!!!!!!!!! No counter this time from Michaels; Lesnar had the skinning of the cat scouted … and he hooks the leg …



    Somehow, someway, Michaels finds it in himself to KICK OUT of the F5 from Brock Lesnar!!!!! Lesnar is stunned - and so to are the fans and the three men on commentary. Brock holds up three fingers at the referee, as Heyman too is beside himself, leaping onto the apron, reaching over the ropes, holding up three fingers, arguing with the referee, whilst Lesnar goes ballistic!!!!!

    The Iron Man roars in fury, and eyes Michaels - who is flat on his back still - before crying out; “FUCK THIS!!!” and proceeds to reach down, dragging Michaels up again, grabbing him by the face and spews the venomous words; “I‘M REALLY GONNA PUT YOU IN THE MORGUE!!!” … and shoves Michaels into the ropes …

    AND MICHAELS RESPONDS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC - OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!! The stadium ERUPTS at the sudden Sweet Chin Music, with Michaels collapsing onto Lesnar, and into a cover, with Heyman wide eyed as the count comes down…


    “I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!” cries Joey Styles, believing Michaels had taken it with that Sweet Chin Music. Michaels looks up into the rafters after the kick out, and as he does, Coach quips; “He may need divine intervention to finish off Lesnar!!!” Michaels slams the canvas over and over, trying to summon the strength for one-final-push in this epic encounter.

    Lesnar himself tries to stir, but is still rattled, whilst on commentary J.R states that the next big move; F5 or Sweet Chin Music could be decisive, and states the importance of who can strike first. The Showstopper pulls himself to his feet, and again, tries to get the fans rocking, standing in the corner, one more time … and begins to tune up the band AGAIN … with the fans joining in, stamping their feet throughout the stadium.

    The Iron Man tries to rise, but struggles to get up, pushing up, whilst Paul Heyman has his head buried on the apron, praying for his man to recover and get back up, as Styles declares that Heyman never expected this from HBK - he never expected Lesnar to face this kind of fight tonight; this long, this tough - putting over the fighting spirit of HBK.

    Brock Lesnar reaches at the ropes, struggling to pull himself up … whilst Michaels continues to stamp his foot … waiting for the Iron Man to get up in order to strike one final dose of Sweet Chin Music … and as Lesnar peels himself away from the ropes … MICHAELS EXPLODES - COMING FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC-



    AND NAILS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!!!!!! He falls to the mat, and the hook of the leg … leaning back as the count is made…




    Joey Styles: Instant classic.

    Selling the effects of the gruelling epic, Michaels remains flat on the canvas, spent after the efforts he put into the thirty minute contest, as the announcement is made by Lillian Garcia. On the outside, Heymans head is buried in his hands…

    Jim Ross: We have just witnessed something special. An instant classic without a doubt, Joey. When all is said and done, this one is goin down in the annals of WrestleMania history!! An EPIC … And yeah, it damn sure lived up to the billing - we all just witnessed a “Match For The Ages”!!!

    The Coach: I’m spent, baby boy. And if I’m spent from watching … what the hell are Michaels and Lesnar going through right now??

    Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels has defied all the people that thought he was over the hill. Shawn Michaels has answered his critics here tonight in Phoenix. Shawn Michaels has proven to his doubters that they were wrong. He IS STILL the Showstopper, he is STILL the Icon … and he just showed the world why they call him, MISTER WrestleMania…

    Michaels finally makes it to his knees, clasping his hands, thanking God, pointing to the sky, before standing up and getting his arm raised.

    Jim Ross: And what an effort. Shawn Michaels took an almighty beating in the early stages of this match, I’d wager probably the first half of this contest was all Lesnar … but ever the fighter, there was simply NO QUIT in Shawn Michaels. He wouldn’t stay down, no matter what Brock Lesnar threw at him … as the Iron Man found out tonight just who Mister WrestleMania truly is!!!

    The Coach: Heap all the praise on Shawn Michaels. Rightly so - but let’s not gloss over the effort from Brock Lesnar here tonight too. You said it yourself J.R at the end; the next man to strike the next blow would be decisive. Lesnar nearly had the F5. This could’ve been a very different outcome.

    Jim Ross: Absolutely. Take nothing away from Brock Lesnar. On any other night, against any other opponent, Brock Lesnar would’ve had his hand raised in victory - and probably within half the time too. But on THIS night, he came up against a man that WOULDN’T lay down.

    On the outside, Lesnar is up on his feet, and joined by Heyman on the aisle … looking worse for wear. He stands straight, and peers back at the ring, watching as HBK soaks up the adulation of the fans, and the ecstasy of victory … before the Iron Man bows his head, turns, and walks away up the ramp; beaten.

    Jim Ross: And on this effort, after all the question marks over his downfall being answered in such emphatic fashion … can the argument be made gentlemen, considering what we’ve just saw; that we’re looking at the greatest of all time in HBK Shawn Michaels??

    Joey Styles: The argument can certainly be made, J.R. We saw the match between Kurt Angle and Ric Flair earlier, advertised as the Best Today versus the Best Ever … but in any conversation about the best ever or in any era … the argument can be made for Shawn Michaels.

    Shawn Michaels continues to soak up the victory, finally departing the ring, walking around the ringside area, slapping hands with fans, turning at the bottom of the ramp to blow a kiss to the fans and then one up above for the man upstairs…

    The Coach: I’ll give him credit. I thought Shawn Michaels was washed up. I still cant believe what I’ve just witnessed.

    Jim Ross: And nor can I, Coach. A classic. One of the great matches in WrestleMania history…

    Michaels continues up the ramp, turning around one final time, gesturing to the fans how much it means to him, pointing out all over the stadium, before turning, and walking through the curtain…

    Joey Styles: We have undoubtedly just seen a match that’ll live long in the memory. Another classic WrestleMania moment. And these people in Phoenix will no doubt remember this night for as long as they live. And next year, WrestleMania celebrates Twenty Five years … and I’m sure Shawn Michaels will want to be part of this one too…


    APRIL 5, 2009

    And, back at ringside, our three announcers are shown once again, with Coach dabbing his forehead with a handkerchief.

    The Coach: Guys, I think I’ll need about a year to recuperate after this night. I’ll see ya next year in Houston.

    Jim Ross: Once a year would work for me!! And yes, ladies and gentlemen, WrestleMania 25, next year coming from Houston, Texas. And, I gotta say, Houston has a lot to live up to on April 5 2009.

    Joey Styles: Well, as the saying goes, J.R; everything is bigger in Texas!! But they’ll have to go a long way to top this one.

    The graphic fills the picture, and the fans cheer in the stadium.

    Jim Ross: And the hits keep comin!!! And gentlemen, the big question, will The Undertaker be headed to Texas with the Streak in tact?? Or will he leave here tonight fifteen and ONE at WrestleMania??

    The Coach: He’s facing odds that he simply cannot overcome. No one could. Not even The Undertaker.

    Joey Styles: Well, the odds would certainly point towards history being made here tonight - MORE history. We’ve already seen a true Match for the Ages, we’ve already seen Ric Flairs WrestleMania swansong, and a bloodbath that’ll live long in the memory. We might just see the most famous streak in WWE history come to an end.

    Jim Ross: That would certainly blow any other story out of the water comin out of this weekend, without a doubt. The Undertaker faces his most daunting challenge in the shape of Umaga … but not only that, he’ll have to contend with the vengeful John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield as the special guest referee, and the meddling Armando Alejandro Estrada on the outside.

    The Coach: And don’t forget; JBL has vowed not to count a pinfall for The Undertaker, no matter what!!! He guaranteed it, J.R!! And when JBL make a guarantee - you-

    Jim Ross: I know all about JBL and his guarantees Coach. I know JBL has a plan B, probably a plan C, D and E too. He’s hell bent on seeing The Streak end.

    Joey Styles: He most certainly is. The Undertaker has seen off all kinds of threats over the years - he’s come back from the brink of defeat on more than one occasion. But tonight, he faces a challenge that is essentially impossible to overcome…


    Shots of Undertakers ominous introduction at the Survivor Series in 1990...

    Roddy Piper: LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT-

    What follows is a series of clips of Taker choking Jimmy Snuka, beating Jake Roberts with the Tombstone, Defeating Diesel, Raising the title at WrestleMania 13, Diving out at Kane at XIV, Holding up ten fingers at WrestleMania X8, Pinning Chris Jericho and Tapping Kurt Angle over the years…

    Gorilla Monsoon: For whom the bell tolls… TOMBSTONE CITY!!!
    Jim Ross: Six and oh…
    Jerry Lawler: Ten AND OH…
    Michael Cole: Thirteen and OH!!!
    Tazz: Fifteen and OH!!!
    Jim Ross: …AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!

    Clips of Takers entrances at WrestleManias XIV & XX with the druids, letting off fire in other entrances, the rope walk, the sit up, the eye roll, the Last Ride to Triple H at X7, Tombstone to Shawn Michaels at 21...

    Michael Cole: The legend grows!!!
    Jerry Lawler: It's like he can feed off a higher power. I mean, how d'ya keep this guy down?
    Jim Ross: The conscience of the WWE!!!


    Umaga is shown DOMINATING the Rumble…

    Joey Styles: Who can possibly stop the Samoan Bulldozer??…

    !! BUZZER !!

    ~ DARKNESS ~

    - GONG -



    The Thomas And Mack Centre is on it’s feet - to a man!!! Umaga is transfixed in the ring - his focus now on the Phenom.

    Joey Styles: I’ve got goosebumps!!! If anyone can bring Umaga down - it’s The Undertaker!!! The Samoan Bulldozer has taken out the biggest names of the last two decades in the last two months - but now he’s about to come face to face with the one constant - the one man who has transcended three era’s - the CONSCIENCE of the WWE!!!!

    Umaga strikes first, but Taker fights back, putting Umaga on the back foot … UNTIL UMAGA RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!


    Jim Ross: Oh Yeah!!! Umaga; meet The Deadman!!!

    Taker fights back, coming with a FLYING CLOTHESLINE … BUT UMAGA STRIKES HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT!!!!! Umaga misses his running hip attack, and hit’s the turnbuckle, and bounces out of the corner … right into a GOOZLE … CHOKESLAM-


    All of a sudden, the background music cuts on the video - it’s silence. Shock and awe take over the package … as Umaga DOMINATES Taker. He attacks Taker with a steel chair, and busts him open, then proceeds with MULTIPLE chair shots to Taker…


    JBL arrives on the scene, as he and Estrada share a look. Umaga splashes the lifeless Undertaker through the table. JBL shouts off the mic;


    And The Undertaker is carried out; lifeless…

    Jim Ross: Umaga took out the biggest stars of the last two eras in the WWE in November and December. Tonight … he‘s taken out the biggest star of any era. Tonight … Umaga crippled … The Undertaker.

    Armando Estrada: Bret ‘de Hitman’ Hart … Mick Foley … ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin … De Undertaker. All ju’re heroes for de last twenty years … and dey have been FINISHED once and for all… one by one … by ONE MAN!!!

    Shots of Umaga crippling Bret Hart in Canada, Mick Foley in a Hardcore Match, and Stone Cold at the end of the night at Raw XV.

    Armando Estrada: Dis man … dis monster … has taken all of ju’re heroes over de last two decades - de biggest names to ever set foot in a ring, de leaders of der own generation - and he has crippled dem all-

    Shots of Umaga destroying Shawn Michaels, Christian, John Cena… and clips of his merciless beat down of Taker at the Rumble.

    Armando Estrada: JUST LIKE DAT!!!

    Clips of Taker doing battle with all the aforementioned names over the last eighteen years … outlasting them all.

    Armando Estrada: All of dem, leaders in a BY-GONE era. And last night, de biggest name of all - de biggest icon of dem all - de man who has encompassed and transcended each and every era - de man who outlasted dem all; de last standing cowboy in de wild west … de one constant in a landscape that constantly changes … he fell to de NEW Phenom.

    Andre shot of Umaga at his terrifying best…

    Armando Estrada: And he was de EASIEST challenge of all.

    Clips of Undertaker looking helpless as he was bloodied at the Rumble by the Bulldozer.

    Armando Estrada: De Undertaker was simply NO MATCH for dis man. De Undertaker had NOTHING to offer De Samoan Bulldozer, nothing to trouble dis monster. And in de end … Umaga reduced ju’re hero … to nothing.

    Cut to JBL talking over as clips are shown of Taker retiring JBL last summer in the Buried Alive match…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Did you think I’d just move on?? I was BURIED - ALIVE!!!

    Replays of Umaga dominating Taker - the likes of which never seen before… shrugging off the attempt of a choke slam, overpowering the Phenom.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Last night at the Royal Rumble, the Deadman was humanized. He came face to face with a force greater than his … and he crumbled. And after he was ripped to shreds, after he was physically dominated WITH EASE … like any old animal that you no longer have use for … The Phenom was disposed of.

    Shots of the desert, where Taker was buried by the hired goons of JBL following the Rumble…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now, finally, The Deadman has been laid to rest with no half measures … Buried … ALIVE. I failed to bury the Undertaker back in July and paid for it with my in-ring career … but look who has the last laugh. HA HA - UNDERTAKER!!! REST … IN … PEACE Y‘NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH!!!!

    Cut to Saturday Nights Main Event, where Christian is left helpless at the hands of Umaga, JBL among other hired goons …



    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: … I had his LIFELESS body taken out to the Mojave Desert … I watched as a team of men proceeded to dig a hole in the ground … and BURY that son of a bitch in the middle of the desert.

    Shot of The Undertakers hand shooting up from the ground in the middle of the desert…


    And then the box in the hole, full of snakes … and The Undertakers symbol…

    The Undertaker: Umaga … your actions will spark a re-action … at the hands of the reaper!!!

    The WRESTLEMANIA logo fills the screen!!!

    The Undertaker: You cant hide … FROM THE DEADMAN!!! And now … as you walk through the valley of the shadow of DEATH … why don’t you test your own IMMORTALITY??

    And now, the WrestleMania logo has is replaced with 15-0 … before it evaporates … and becomes 16 - 0!!!!!

    The Undertaker: YOU … MEEEEE … WRESTLEMANIA!!!!!

    And a nodding Umaga… accepting.

    The Coach: The Streak!!! Undertaker versus Umaga!! It’s gonna happen!!!!

    Collection of shots of The Undertakers streak, and the list of superstars, icons and legends he has defeated down the years to go 15-0...

    Armando Estrada: Deadman?? Ju are in a WORLD of trouble, hombre. Ju’re little “STREAK” dat ju’ve amassed?? De fabled FIFTEEN AND OH at de WrestleMania?? It’s gonnnne, Deadman. Ju should’ve realised after DE MAULING dat ju took at de Royal Rumble … dat ju were in WAY over ju’re head dis time. And if ju think for one SECOND dat just because ju’re challenging Umaga at de WrestleMania dat you’ve got some kind of como se dice … ADVANTAGE??

    Reminder of Umaga destroying Taker at the Rumble.

    Armando Estrada: DEN JU’RE WRONG - WRONG - WRONG!!!!!

    Joey Styles: The Undertaker undoubtedly faces the biggest test in the history of his WrestleMania streak. No one has ever dominated him like Umaga has!!

    Cut to JBL on March 10’s Monday Night Raw, mixed with the shots of Taker in action at WrestleManias…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The Undertakers Streak has spawned into a life of it’s own. You people ask; “Who‘s next” … and year after year, challenge after challenge … The Deadman has risen to see off every challenge.

    Clips of Taker in victory in the fabled streak; championships, fireworks, darkness…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But he’s never faced a challenge like this.

    Shots of Umaga shrugging off the Chokeslam attempt at the Rumble, overpowering the Phenom, the multiple steel step attacks. The bloody mess of Taker…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I stand before you all with one CAST-IRON, SOLID GOLD, ONE HUNDRED PER CENT GUARANTEE …Umaga WILL end The Undertakers streak at WrestleMania.

    Taker trying … and failing to sit up, with Umaga battering him again.

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Because I will be the special guest referee at WrestleMania!!

    Clips of Umagas path of destruction over the last two years, leaving no one in his wake; including the legends; Bret, Foley, Austin…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: This BULLDOZER will put The Undertaker to the sword and bring a swift, dominant, decisive, brutal end to The Streak. And I will see to it that it happens. Because my hand and my hand only will decide the fate of The Streak at WrestleMania.

    Flashing shots of the graphic 15-0 changing to 15-1…

    John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And once I help Umaga end The Streak at Wrestle Mania … any time you ever think of The Streak, any time you tell your children about The Streak, any time you tell your childrens children about The Streak…It’ll be bookmarked by the fact that I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield … saw to the END of it.

    Cut to Raw on March 24; and The Undertaker returns, initially getting the better of the numbers, but once he gets his hands on JBL, Umaga attacks The Deadman.

    Armando Estrada: De beating ju took at the Royal Rumble obviously wasn’t enough, Deadman. So allow me to inform ju that de Samoan Bulldozer is ready, willing and able to go much - MUCH - further, pero!! Dat destruction ju suffered at de Rumble - HA HA - dat was merely a TASTER of what ju will get for having de GALL to ever show ju’re face again and come back for more!!!

    Undertaker gets some offence in … but is seemingly still no match for Umaga, who no sells Takers offence…

    Armando Estrada: Undertaker!!! At WrestleMania, ju’re fate will be de same as it was when ju went toe to toe with Umaga at de Royal Rumble … only dis time … ju wont need to be buried in de middle of de desert…

    Undertaker takes a beating from Umaga … and a clothesline from hell from JBL.

    Armando Estrada: Because when ju show up at WrestleMania?? Ju’ll be DEAD ON ARRIVAL … ju will be beaten so badly, so … comprehensively … dat no one will remember de fifteen guys you BEAT…

    Umaga picking Undertaker up … and delivering a TOMBSTONE … TO THE UNDERTAKER!!!

    Armando Estrada: But de ONE dat ripped ju apart!!!

    And end on The Undertaker DOWN, with Umaga, JBL and co standing over him…

    Jim Ross: I cant believe my ears. JBL has essentially just put the final nail in the coffin. Theres- there’s no way that even The Undertaker could overcome these odds. With JBL as the referee at Wrestle Mania … The Streak?? It’s over…


    Back into the stadium …


    Footage cuts to the parking lot, as a LONG, white stretch limo, getting a motorcade and a police escort, ala WrestleMania 21 IRL…

    Jim Ross: Is this for real??

    The Coach: The Raw GM is arriving in STYLE, baby boy!!!


    The limousine pulls into the inside of the stadium, and drives out onto the side of the stage.

    Joey Styles: And since when did a referee get an entrance - let alone a motorcade??

    The Coach: Ever since JBL signed up to be an official!!!

    Jim Ross: What an ego!! What an ass!!! I sure hope Mike Chioda and Chad Patton get this kind of treatment later on!!!

    Ranjin Singh exit’s the limo, and runs around, opening the door for his boss, with JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD exiting the vehicle - and is met with vociferous heat from the fans in Phoenix.

    Jim Ross: Oh, he looks in great spirit, huh?? He looks real happy!! I hope you’re happy, JBL!!

    The Coach: Are you sucking up, J.R??

    Jim Ross: I’m being sarcastic Coach. The man makes me sick!!! He’s gonna screw The Undertaker tonight and he’s freely admitting it!!

    JBL lifts off his cowboy hat, and displays his toothy grin, soaking up the boos from the fans, and he takes off his jacket, showing off his black and white striped referee shirt for the evening.

    The Coach: I admire his honesty, J.R!! We’ve been ruled by too many liars on Raw. I’m pleased JBL is open with us all.

    Joey Styles: We all love honesty … but Coach, fairness is a pretty important quality in an authority figure too, no??

    The Coach: Yeah … and JBL is as fair as anyone. He’s allowed J.R there to try and soil his good name for the last three months, and he still lets J.R call this show!!!

    Jim Ross: Gimme a break.

    Being escorted onto the aisle, JBL is flanked by a security team, led by Vladimir with Ranjin Singh at the back of the group, not part of the security squad.

    Jim Ross: And again, I just want to point this out for anyone who may be confused; this is the REFEREE, folks. That’s right, the referee. He’s not competing tonight - I know it may look odd for a referee to get such a grandiose introduction, but trust me - that man that’s surrounded by security that has just gotten a motorcade and a presidential escort is, in fact - the referee!!!

    Joey Styles: This is ridiculous.

    The Coach: Thank you, Joey. See, J.R?? You’re being unreasonable.

    Joey Styles: I was talking about all this pageantry for JBL, actually, Coach.

    Bradshaw has the ropes opened for him by two of his team, and he climbs inside, smiling that toothy grin once more, before taking off his hat, extending his arms for the adulation … which doesn’t come.

    Jim Ross: And surprise, surprise, he’s been met with a reaction that’s colder than a step-mothers kiss.

    The Coach: These people don’t know what’s good for ‘em, J.R!!

    JBL stands in the ring, as the lights inside the stadium dip, with just lights shining on the stage … and fire burns from either side of the stage … where a group of two dozen Samoans stand on the stage, all decked out in tribal wear. With no music, they begin to perform the famous Samoan dance; the Siva Tau…

    (Or, in more simple terms … the Uso’s dance)

    LE MANU!!!


    As the lights begin to return, we see MORE Samoans sat on the stage - at least another two dozen, with just a gap in the middle of the stage. They’re all slapping their legs and bodies to the beat of Umaga’s theme music, performing the Sasa; another Samoan traditional dance …

    As UMAGA finally enters, closely followed by his ever-present handler; Armando Alejandro Estrada, with the fire on either side of the stage rising, and puffs as he extends his arms at the top of the ramp, screaming out in his tribal tongue. He looks to his left, then right, at all the dancers on the stage, before proceeding with a purpose down the ramp.

    The commentary team remains silent as the performance continues on the stage, with shots of JBL grinning broadly, mouthing; “I LOVE IT” in the ring, and Armando Estrada is just as giddy, whilst for Umaga, it’s business as usual, not affected by any of the pomp and ceremony behind his entrance.

    The Samoan Bulldozer slams his hands on the steel steps, before proceeding up them, and into the ring, raising his arms, growling in his native tongue again, as Estrada shakes hands with JBL and Singh, all three looking giddy at what they’re about to pull off, as the music dies down…

    The Coach: Only at WrestleMania, baby!! That just gave me goosebumps!! An entrance fit for a monster like Umaga!!

    Joey Styles: And I’m sure there was no expense spared from JBL for all of that. Impressive for sure.

    Jim Ross: And would ya look at that!! The referee having a laugh and joke with the handler of one of the competitors. They’re not even pretending to be impartial for gods sake!!!

    JBL tries to talk to Umaga, looking to pump him up for the task ahead, but it’s unclear if Umaga can even make sense of what Layfield is saying, with a wild look in his eyes. JBL though loves it, and turns to Singh, giving his associate a double thumbs up.

    Jim Ross: And let’s not forget - Umaga is a damn monster. He’s challenge enough. On his own, he could beat the Streak. He showed that at the Royal Rumble when he decimated The Undertaker. He overpowered The Deadman six night ago on Raw too. He doesn’t need the help!!!

    Joey Styles: You’re right, J.R. Umaga is more than enough for anyone to handle; even the Undertaker. He has been legitimately beaten ONCE in nearly two years in the WWE. Just ONCE.

    The Coach: He probably doesn’t need the help. I agree. But JBL wants The Streak to DIE, and he’ll leave no stone unturned to make sure that happens. Umaga on his own is plan A. JBL as referee is the back up plan B. He has Plan C in his back pocket, and I’d dare say he has a Plan D and beyond if necessary.

    The group of Estrada, JBL, Umaga, Singh and Vladimir all stand in the ring, waiting patiently…


    HUGE POP!!!!!



    The creepy chants of the druids plays through the arena, as flashes go off, seeing the stoic face of Umaga - unmoved by the chant, whilst JBL is pacing, becoming more nervous.

    Then; silence. The fans rumble with cheers in anticipation… as a puff of fire emanates across the stage …

    !! GONG !!

    !! GONG !!

    !! GONG !!

    !! GONG !!

    !! GONG !!



    Mist descends on the stage, as the fans cheers grow louder … and through the mist, walks THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! It’s bedlam inside the University of Phoenix stadium, with The Deadman slowly walking through the smoke, pushing his arms out, with the fire rising behind him.

    The Phenom proceeds down the ramp, with his deliberate, slow, menacing walk; the walk he has made thousands of times … but it’s never as enthralling as it is at the Showcase of the Immortals.

    Joey Styles: I have goosebumps. The only way to describe this feeling is awe-inspiring. The mystical, once in a lifetime Undertaker is here, and he is bringing hell with him.

    The Coach: But is it for the last time with the ‘Oh’ in that WrestleMania record??

    Jim Ross: Whether it is or isn’t, you can bet your bottom dollar that The Undertaker will give it every ounce of energy he has got tonight. No doubt he’s fighting a losing battle, but the oldest gunslinger in town, aint gonna roll over. If he’s goin down, he’ll do it on his shield.

    Down the ramp and the aisle, The Undertaker stops, peering into the ring, where Umaga et al await him, before he turns, and stalks toward the steps. Slowly, he proceeds up each step, before slowly raising his arms … bringing up the lights, as the camera closes in on his face; where the eyes are rolled back. They return, and the steely gaze is locked on the men in the ring.

    Jim Ross: The likes of Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Ric Flair and Triple H have tried and failed over the fifteen and oh streak. Nine former world champions in all. The Undertaker has seen off every challenge. Can he overcome the greatest of all tonight??

    Joey Styles: He’s faced legends, icons, all time greats. Giants, monsters; they’ve all fallen to The Deadman at the Granddaddy of ‘em all. But he’s never faced odds like this. He’s never been as up against it as he is tonight.

    Jim Ross: He’s behind the eight ball before the bell even rings.

    The Undertaker climbs into the ring, showing no fear of the odds he’s up against, as he takes the centre of the ring, with Estrada holding off Umaga, who is eager to go at it.

    The Coach: Stop looking at the negatives. Focus on the positives, people. We’re about to witness history here at WrestleMania. The END of the Streak.

    Joey Styles: It may well be…

    Taking off his medieval jacket, The Undertaker keeps his cold eyes on his adversaries across the ring, tossing the jacket to the outside, and stands his ground, with Estrada, Singh and Vladimir all leaving the ring … as the grinning JBL takes the middle of the ring to do his bit as referee…

    The Streak:
    The Undertaker vs. Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada
    With Special Guest Referee; John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
    JBL signals for the bell, and both men come forward, taking the middle of the ring, staring each other down!! The fans chant the name of The Phenom, backing the undefeated (at WrestleMania) Deadman, as he looks to psyche out the Bulldozer … and performs the cut throat taunt in Umagas face … with the Bulldozer snapping, throwing a shot at The Undertaker; BLOCKED - and Taker fires off on Umaga!!!

    The Undertaker unleashes all his fury on Umaga, unloading a barrage of rights and lefts, opening up on the body and the skull of Umaga in the corner, then turns out of the corner, walking out to build up some steam, but as he turns around … UMAGA RUSHES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A BODY ATTACK!!!!! Umaga shrugs off the initial onslaught and clatters into Taker, taking him off his feet!!!!!

    Umaga roars upon impact, as The Deadman gets back to his feet, shaking his head to clear the cobwebs - as Umaga charges at him, blasting Taker with a clothesline, sending the Phenom bundling over the top rope, and onto the floor … BUT THE UNDERTAKER LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!!! The fans pop, as the Deadman trips the legs of Umaga, and drags him out of the ring!!!

    The Undertaker throws all he has at Umaga, giving the Bulldozer his best shots; stiff right hands, and thinking he has Umaga rocked, Taker looks to send him into the barrier with an Irish whip - BUT UMAGA DOESN’T BUDGE!!!! Umaga overpowers Taker and IRISH WHIPS HIM instead - sending The Phenom INTO THE STEEL STEPS!!!!!

    The Undertaker bundles through the steps with an almighty thud, and Umaga wastes no time to follow up, coming right after Taker, picking him up, and slams him onto the floor. Stomping The Phenom, Umaga then walks away, and PICKS UP THE STEEL STEPS!!!!! JBL looks concerned, shouting “NO!! NO!!” as the Bulldozer looks to take out The Undertaker with the steel steps - which would surely be cause for a DQ!!!

    Taker gets back to his feet, not knowing what’s about to come, as Umaga CHARGES THROUGH HIM WITH THE STEPS!!!!!!! Frantically, JBL shouts to the timekeepers position; “NO DQ!!! IT‘S NO DQ!!!! CLEAR?? ANNOUNCE IT!!!” J.R and Styles are both incensed at the refereeing, but neither are surprised … as Lillian Garcia makes the call;

    Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed by the special guest referee … that this match is now … NO disqualifications…

    Heat descends for the bullshit call, and Umaga looks to take full advantage of the ruling, and has the steps up, coming at The Undertaker with them … BUT TAKER DODGES … AND UMAGA NAILS VLADIMIR WITH THE STEPS BY ACCIDENT!!!!! Umaga drops the steps after impact, and turns around, getting nailed by the incoming Undertaker!!! The Phenom runs Umaga into the ring apron, and rams him against the apron again, then gets Umaga onto the apron.

    Driving elbows into the throat area of Umaga on the ring apron, The Deadman tries to soften him up, and pops him with a few right hands. The Undertaker climbs up onto the ring apron, stomping the Bulldozer, then has a few words of warning for the meddling referee, JBL, before walking across the ring apron - AND DROPS A LEG ON UMAGA ACROSS THE APRON!!!! Vintage Taker, and the Deadman rolls Umaga into the ring.

    The Deadman follows in, and rears back, clobbering Umaga with a big right hand, backing Umaga up, finally making a dent … BUT UMAGA FIGHTS BACK!!!! The Bulldozer and The Phenom go blow for blow … and it’s UMAGA that’s winning the battle!!! Umaga batters Taker into the corner, forcing the Deadman to cover up, before he takes off, hitting the ropes, charging back at Taker - BUT TAKER MEETS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!!!

    Umaga is slowed by the right hand, and Taker grips Umaga by the throat with both hands, and throws Umaga into the corner, and unleashes hell, with a brutal assault in the corner, beating the body, the face, the body again, peppering the Bulldozer, before bounding away, looking to bounce off the ropes … WHEN ARMANDO ESTRADA LOW BRIDGES THEM … AND THE UNDERTAKER TAKES A TUMBLE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

    Instead of admonishing Estrada or giving any warning, JBL has a big grin etched on his face - enjoying the move from AAE!!! Armando laughs himself … but not for long … AS THE UNDERTAKER STANDS RIGHT BACK UP … AND GRIPS ESTRADA BY THE THROAT!!!!!!! The Deadman hoists Estrada up in the air for the CHOKESLAM …


    Boos ring out from the fans, as the choke slam isn’t completed, and Umaga takes advantage of the No Disqualification addition, using the chair, and slams it across the back of Taker, and then sends him off into the barrier, whilst AAE recovers, taking a bottle of water from the announce table, selling the grip around his throat. Taker slumps down, and Umaga follows in, with his trademark RUNNING HIP ATTACK to the Deadman against the barricade!!!

    Umaga drags The Undertaker back up, and rolls him back into the ring, following inside, working the body of The Undertaker in the corner, and applies a choke of his own … as JBL slowly … VERY SLOWLY administers a count to break the choke, and once he reaches four … JBL senses the choke isn’t being broken … and pretends to be distracted by Estrada on the outside!!!!!

    More heat is given to the biased special guest referee, giving Umaga as long as he wants to choke The Deadman in the corner. Eventually, the Bulldozer releases the choke, and backs away, into the opposite corner … before STAMPEDING ACROSS THE RING … RUNNING HIP ATTACK TO THE DEADMAN IN THE CORNER … MISSES!!!!!!!!!

    The Phenom dodges out of the corner, leaving no one home for Umaga, and the big Samoan crashes into the corner … with The Undertaker sprinting off the ropes, rebounding back, and runs through Umaga with a flying clothesline - TAKING THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER OFF HIS FEET … MOMENTARILY AT LEAST!!!!!

    Umaga immediately gets back to his feet, but the fans pop for Taker managing to knock him down, and The Deadman appears to thrive off the momentum, and he hoists Umaga up, onto his shoulders - with difficultly - and runs to the corner … SNAKE EYES!!! The Phenom takes off, coming back off the ropes to look for a big boot … BUT IS MET WITH A ROLLING WHEEL KICK FROM THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER!!!!!!

    Instantly, Umaga regains the advantage, shrugging off the offence from Taker, and stunning the Phenom by recovering so quickly to surprise him off the ropes - and Bradshaw; the REFEREE of the match, APPLAUDS the move from Umaga, not even trying to hide his interests in the match. Umaga stands back, rebounding off the ropes, and jumps up, delivering a head butt to the grounded Undertaker. Umaga gets the lateral press, and JBL tries to count quickly…


    What would’ve been barely a one count nearly ends the match, such is the speed of JBL’s count - and he’s not even trying to cover for his fast count. Umaga continues to pile on the pressure on Taker, stomping him before pulling him to his feet, keeping the Deadman under control with stiff head butts, then slams the Phenom with a textbook front slam.

    The Bulldozer backs up into the corner, hoisting himself into a seated position up on the top rope, standing … and flies off … AND SPLASHES THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! The agile big man soars, and crashes onto the legend, but instead of covering, Umaga mounts Taker, and lays in some heavy shots, pounding the cranium of The Phenom!!!

    Weakly, JBL ‘admonishes’ Umaga, motioning about the closed fist … but has no intention of actually doing anything about it. Umaga bashes The Phenom, and drags the legend to his feet, head butting Taker as he backs him into the corner, opening up with uppercut thrusts to the throat … but Taker fires back!!! Taker wont go down without a fight, and delivers right hands to back Umaga up and fight his way out of the corner!!

    Cheers come from the fans - but soon subside, as Umaga quicky cuts off the comeback with another big uppercut to the throat - one that knocks The Deadman off his feet. Taker quickly tries to get back up, and Umaga charges off the ropes, bounding toward The Phenom … BUT RUNS RIGHT INTO A SIDE WALK SLAM FROM THE UNDERTAKER!!!!

    Being the indestructible force that he is though, Umaga doesn’t stay down after the side walk slam!! Instantly, the Bulldozer stirs, but The Undertaker is on the offence, grabbing the arm of the Bulldozer - wrenching it. The Demon of Death Valley twists the arm of Umaga, controlling the wrists, keeping enough distance to avoid the free arm of Umaga - as the Bulldozer swings to hit the Deadman.

    Expertly working over the arm, The Deadman rams his shoulder into the weakened body part of Umaga, and again, before yanking the arm again, and twists it one more time, as we see a look of concern on the face of JBL. Taker wrenches the arm once again, and steps backward into the corner - and the fans eats it up, knowing what’s to come, and they soon chant in unison, filling the stadium with the call; “OLLLD SCHOOOOOL”…

    Taker hoists himself up, onto the top rope, and with control over Umagas arm, he stands, and he begins to tight walk along the top rope … LEAPING OFF FOR OLD SCHOOL … BUT UMAGA CATCHES HIM ON THE WAY DOWN … AND TOSSES HIM UP … DRILLING THE PHENOM WITH A STUNNING SAMOAN DROP!!!!! Umaga regains control with a scintillating counter to Takers Old School!!! Umaga gets the cover …


    Its another LIGHTNING QUICK count from JBL, with The Deadman just BARELY getting a shoulder up in time!!! Bradshaw is heard shouting; “DAMN IT!!” in frustration after the kick out, whilst Umaga rolls off and stands back up. Roaring out again, Umaga then backs into the ropes, coming back, dropping his thick, three trunk like leg across the face of The Deadman!!

    Umaga doesn’t let up, and The Bulldozer picks him right back up, tossing The Deadman onto his shoulders like a small child, and carries him across the ring, setting Taker on the top rope, front facing to the crowd. Clubbing the back, Umaga softens Taker up … then rakes the back, and pulls Taker downward - INTO A TREE OF WOE POSITION!!!

    JBL looks gleeful, seeing Taker in such a precarious position, as Umaga backs up, then darts in - DIVING HEADBUTT to the defenceless Taker in the tree of woe!!! Umaga gets back up, and stomps the chest of Taker, then backs up across, charging back across - WITH ANOTHER DIVING HEADBUTT TO TAKER!!!!! From there, Umaga begins to brutally stomp into the chest and midsection of Taker, with The Undertaker unable to do anything about it.

    The Deadman is eventually freed from the tree of woe, with Umaga continuing the assault, with Taker down on the mat, The Bulldozer uses the ropes to spring himself up, and CRASHES down on Taker with a springboard butt splash, getting back up, and repeats the trick!!! Umaga crushes The Phenom, and springs onto the ropes again … WITH A THIRD BUTTSPLASH!!!!! Umaga sits on The Undertaker for the cover…


    And for the THIRD time, JBL administers an extraordinary fast count … but Taker STILL just kicks out before he can hit a third time. Once more, JBL cant hide his frustration, blurting out; “GOD DAMN IT!!!”, and slaps the mat in anger with both hands three times after the kick out. He looks up, and points to the top … the REFEREE is now giving ADVICE to one of the competitors!!!!!

    Umaga nods, with Estrada applauding, as the Samoan Bulldozer proceeds to drag Taker to the corner again. With The Phenom in position, Umaga steps up, onto the middle rope, taking a moment, looking out at the fans … before bouncing … AND GOES FOR THE BANZAI DROP … BUT THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!!!!!!!!!

    The Undertaker sits up, avoiding the Banzai Drop, getting a huge pop from the fans for the timeless Taker spot, and The Phenom rises to his feet, and meets Umaga with a boot to the gut, then opens up with a flurry of shots to his foe, trying to soften up Umaga … BUT AGAIN UMAGA CUTS TAKERS OFFENCE!!! A flash uppercut rocks Taker, and gives Umaga the upper hand again, with Umaga sending him off the ropes …


    Umaga is taken off his feet by the clothesline, and he gets back up, staggering into the corner, with The Phenom launching himself across the ring with a big splash into the corner on Umaga … then proceeds to UNLOAD on the Samoan in the corner - with no blocking or counters from Umaga this time!! But, unlike with Umaga earlier, JBL DOES step in, and uses his powers as official to force the break in the corner!!!

    But as JBL does look to exercise his powers and go for the break, The Phenom snaps, and scare Bradshaw off, with fear in the eyes of JBL, and the referee cowers!!! Taker points at the ‘official’, warning him, but as Taker turns back around - UMAGA EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    On commentary, J.R questions just what Taker will have to do to put this Bulldozer down for any length of time, given the quickness he recovers, each time Taker gets any offence!!! Umaga pulls The Deadman back to his feet, and shoots Taker off the ropes, ducking down for the return … BAD MOVE; THE PHENOM REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES … AND SCORES WITH A RUNNING SCINTILLATING DDT!!!!!!!

    But, the BEAST that Umaga is - AGAIN - he isn’t staying down!!!!! He stumbles to his feet, trying to shrug off the DDT, but Taker slows him with a big right hand, and wrenches up the arm again, as he looks to go back to the well after failing first time around; stepping up onto the ropes … walking across the top rope as only he can … OLD SCHOOL CONNECTS at the second time of asking!!!!!

    Umaga tumbles down off the impact, as Taker patrols the ring … THEN GRABS JBL AROUND THE THROAT … CHOKESLAM TO THE REFEREE!!!!!

    The Phenom takes advantage of the No DQ stipulation that JBL himself added, and Styles calls on commentary; “If he‘s goin down, he‘s takin everyone to hell with him!!!” Suddenly, sensing danger, Armando Estrada gives the recovered Vladimir some orders, and the Russian bodyguard climbs up onto the apron … AND GETS A BIG BOOT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!!!! Taker turns around, and ducks a swing from Umaga … catches him … CHOKESLAM!!!!!

    The Undertaker slams Umaga into the canvas!!!!! Ranjin Singh looks concerned too, and in desperation, Armando Estrada frantically climbs up onto the apron, seeing everything fall apart … but The Deadman grips him by the jacket, throwing him over the ropes and into the ring!!! On the outside, Singh is frozen to the spot, whilst AAE cowers into the corner away from Taker … and crawls out of the ring before The Deadman can get his hands on him.

    Turning around, The Phenom waits as Umaga reaches his feet again - recovering quickly from the Chokeslam … AND TAKER TRIES TO SCOOP HIM UP … FOR A TOMBSTONE!!!!! BUT UMAGA IS JUST TOO TOUGH TO GET INTO POSITION, AND HE SLIPS OFF THE BACK!!!!! … TAKER TURNS AROUND … RIGHT INTO A SAMOAN SPIKE - NO!!!!!

    Taker ducks under the SPIKE attempt, and runs off the ropes … BUT HAS HIS LEG TRIPPED BY ESTRADA!!!! He spins around, eyeballing AAE who runs like hell … but as Taker turns his attention back to Umaga - TOO LATE - Umaga MEETS HIM WITH A SAVATE KICK!!!!! Umaga puts Taker back down, and drags him back to his feet … with no fight from Taker … SAMOAN SPIKE CONNECTS!!!!!

    Umaga makes the cover … but there’s NO REFEREE!!!!! Hysterically, AAE and Singh wave their arms from the end of the aisle, whilst Coach is counting out loud on commentary … AS A REFEREE COMES RACING DOWN THE RAMP!!!!! Mike Posey sprints toward the ring, with Styles saying this must be one of JBL’s foolproof back up plans, as Coach says he should just ring the bell - Umaga has already won three times over!!!

    Mike Posey reaches the ring, but by now, Umaga has given up on the cover - Taker begins to stir, but Umaga slams him right back down with an elementary body slam. Umaga takes instruction from Estrada, and drags Taker to the corner again to set up for the Banzai Drop, whilst JBL has now rolled out of the ring to be tended to, and Singh makes a quick three claps as instruction for Posey.

    Umaga steps up onto the middle ropes again, setting up for the BANZAI DROP … but before he can leap off … THE UNDERTAKER IS UP … AND HAS UMAGA CAUGHT … TRAPPED … AND DELIVERS A LAST RIDE TO UMAGA OUT OF THE CORNER!!!!!! The Undertaker drops down, and makes the cover … with Posey DOING HIS JOB!!!

    ………………UMAGA KICKS OUT………………

    It’ll take more - EVEN MORE than a Last Ride - to keep Umaga down in this match!!!!! The Undertaker shakes his head, whilst both Estrada and Singh breathe a sigh of relief, before AAE chews out Mike Posey for even making the count!!! On commentary, Coach says it doesn’t matter anyway; declaring Umaga the winner already after the non-count off the Samoan Spike.

    Rising to his feet, The Undertaker signals for ANOTHER choke slam, as he stalks the recovering Umaga. The fans cheer, but once more, AAE is active, climbing up onto the apron … BIG SOUP BONE RIGHT HAND TO ESTRADA!!!!! Umagas handler goes down in a heap, with Singh rushing to tend to Armando … as Taker turns his focus back to Umaga … AND THE CHOKESLAM … NO!!!!!


    The Samoan Bulldozer PULLS the hand of The Undertaker away, and again uses that thrust uppercut to the throat to soften up the Phenom … AND GRIPS HIM … LOOKING FOR THE SAMOAN SPIKE … BUT TAKER FIGHTS OUT OF IT!!!!! The Phenom uses rights and lefts to avoid the Spike, and then charges off into the ropes, rebounding back … BUT RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF UMAGA … AND CAUGHT - SWINGING POWERSLAM!!!!!

    Umaga THROWS Taker around like a child, delivering his impressive, and devastating version of the power slam!!! And now for the THIRD time, Umaga drags Taker into position as he looks to attempt the Banzai Drop. For the third time, Umaga steps up, onto the middle rope … before bouncing to get momentum … AND CRUSHES THE DEADMAN WITH THE BANZAI DROP!!!!! He sits on Taker, and the count is made…



    ……………SHOULDER UP……………

    It’s a regulation count from Mike Posey … but even still, it’s an impressive feat for The Undertaker to kick out of the Banzai Drop!!! Umaga has a puzzled look on his face, and looks for guidance … but Estrada is nowhere to be found … and Ranjin Singh isn’t exactly an inspirational figure at ringside. Umaga isn’t sure what to do, and stands up, taking a walk, looking for Estrada … but with no handler to advise him, Umaga turns back to Taker, reaching down at him-

    HELLS GATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Umaga is caught in the modified gogoplata; the move that brought defeat for Kurt Angle last year at WrestleMania!!! Taker has the submission hold - the choke - applied, and despite his best efforts, UMAGA CANT BREAK THE HOLD!!!!! The Undertaker keeps the submission locked on tight, SQUEEZING the air out of the Samoan Bulldozer!!!!

    The Undertaker wont relent, and Umaga is FADING in the choke!!! The men on the outside cant believe what they are seeing, with The Undertaker driving the air out of the seemingly unstoppable Umaga, as Mike Posey gets into position to see if Umaga is still showing signs of life ... fading ...



    The original referee has recovered, and drags Mike Posey out of the ring, AND IMMEDIATELY PUTS HIM OUT OF ACTION WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!! Bradshaw reinserts himself into proceedings, yelling at the downed Posey, then, with Singh trying to warn him, he turns around … just in time to see the Deadman racing across the ring …


    It’s pandemonium inside the University of Phoenix Stadium at the incredible sight of a flying Deadman … and The Undertaker rises to his feet, but is set upon by VLADIMIR!!! The Russian brute hammers Taker, and looks to whip the legend into the ring post … but The Phenom reverses, and throws the bodyguard into the post instead!!!!


    The Undertaker is struck from behind with a steel chair by the dishevelled Armando Estrada … AND NO SELLS IT!!!!! The Phenom spins around, with the handler of Umaga probably shitting his pants, drops the chair and runs away!!! The Phenom gives chase, with AAE running around the ring, and slides inside, as Taker follows … but once inside, UMAGA IS THERE TO MEET HIM WITH A POWERSLAM!!!!!

    Estrada escapes unharmed, and gets back out of the ring, readjusting his tie, taking a deep breath, before picking up the chair and sliding it into the ring, and Umaga collects it. The Bulldozer takes the weapon, and leans back … SMASHING the chair off the back of The Undertaker. The Deadman turns over, and Umaga proceeds to drives the chair into the gut and chest of the legend, brutalizing him!!!

    Umaga drives the chair into Taker, then waffles The Deadmans body with it, smashing it across the body, wearing it out, punishing Taker. Umaga tosses the chair away, and roars out once more, as Estrada signals for him to go for the Tombstone!!! The camera looks down at the decimated Undertaker, brutalized by the chair, and Umaga picks the bones … getting him up with little trouble … AND TOMBSTONES THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!!!!!! Darkness pin is applied …


    Desperately, Estrada is already getting JBL back up - and has been working at it since instructing Umaga to go for the Tombstone. JBL looks worse for wear, but as soon as he claps eyes on the situation in the ring, he clambers forward … and doesn’t even get back in the ring, instead, slaps his hands on the ring apron, not wanting to waste another moment…


    “HE WONT STAY DOWN!!!!!” Joey Styles bellows from commentary, as relief descends inside the stadium. The extra few seconds before the fast count save The Undertaker again, with Coach livid, saying that Umaga has won the match TWICE now!!! JBL is beside himself on the outside, and slams the apron hard at the inability to count The Deadman down.

    Umaga puts the boots to The Undertaker … whilst JBL walks to the aisle way … and motions for something … or someone?? With the camera focused on the actions of JBL, Umaga keeps the Undertaker under control in the ring with a nerve hold, biding time … as JBL continues to gesticulate toward the entrance way, and there‘s massive heat…




    IT’S THE GODS OF WAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Repeatedly, Jim Ross says “No” on commentary, offering nothing else, as Batista and Lashley make their way down the aisle with their manager, and the gleeful face of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield with the toothy grin. Styles puts the pieces together; this is the major impact Richards hinted at, and it’s the Plan ‘B’ JBL had implied. In the ring, Taker is making a fight back, battling to his feet…

    Whilst JBL meets Richards, glancing at the two Gods of War, and tells Richards what he wants, pointing at the two men. In the ring, The Deadman knocks down his rival, and looks out, seeing the development, before picking up the steel chair - needing an equalizer … as JBL’s administration regroup, surrounding the ring with the reinforcements; The Gods of War stepping forward at ringside.

    “The odds were already insurmountable!!! This is too much!!!” shouts J.R, and The Deadman can see the writing on the wall, and goes for broke, driving the chair into the gut of Umaga, and WAFFLES the very unlucky Vladimir as he gets up onto the apron, then swings as Lashley gets up - but Lashley avoids, and the same happens when Taker goes for Batista … AS UMAGA ATTACKS THE DEADMAN FROM BEHIND!!!!!

    Losing the chair, The Undertaker goes down, and JBL instructs the Gods of War to get in the ring!!! Batista and Lashley climb inside, with Estrada getting the attention of Umaga, instructing the Bulldozer to step aside for a moment, which he does. The Gods of War put the boots to The Undertaker, softening him up, dragging him to his feet … with Batista lifting him up … SPINE BUSTER TO THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!

    The Deadman is slammed hard onto the canvas, and his lifeless body is dragged back up for MORE punishment … this time from Lashley. Taker offers no resistance, as Lashley gets him up … AND DELIVERS THE DOMINATOR TO THE PHENOM!!!!! But even THAT isn’t enough for JBL. He instructs the Gods of War to get The Undertaker up, and they do so … holding Taker up at either side of him …


    “ENOUGHS ENOUGH!!!” calls J.R from commentary, as Styles pipes in with; “JBL guaranteed The Streak would end. He wasn’t taking any chances, was he??” There’s a deathly silence inside the stadium as JBL looks around at the troops, and wags one finger, saying he wants one more piece of punishment for The Deadman, and beckons Umaga for the Samoan Spike to end it. As Umaga peels the motionless Undertaker off the canvas, a downcast J.R comments…

    “How much more does he have to take?? Just put the man out of his misery. You‘ve done enough, JBL. You‘ll end the streak. Congratulations… you son of a bitch.” Styles follows up with; “What a sad, sad end this is for the legendary streak. What hope is there…” J.R opines; “It‘s eerily silent in this stadium. These people know what‘s happening … they just don’t want to believe it.”

    Umaga has The Undertaker up … ready to deliver the final blow … there’s no life from The Undertaker … JBL bellows; “DO IT!!! DO IT!!!” … AND UMAGA ROARS … REARS BACK FOR THE SPIKE … AND NAILS IT!!! “That‘s it.” Is the downbeat call from J.R, and JBL looks to the heavens, mouthing thank you, as Umaga goes for the pin-

    ~ DARKNESS ~

    The University of Phoenix Stadium is pitched into complete darkness, all the lights go down, and the fans pick up in cheers of hope - and confusion … the commentary team stay silent, with the darkness remaining for a good ten seconds, with anticipation building inside the stadium … as ORGAN music is piped in … FAMILIAR organ music, that the majority of fans recognise, and ERUPT for …



    There’s a HUGE explosion on the stage … AND THROUGH THE FIRE WALKS …



    It’s KANE!!!!! The Undertakers brother; not seen in the WWE for over a year IS BACK!!!!! The lights return after the explosion of the fire on the stage, and there’s WIDE OPEN MOUTHS in the ring, Estrada and Singh are both frozen to the spot, JBL does his best Vince impression with a gulp, whilst Steven Richards is shaking his head in shock. Batista and Lashley look to each other, and exit the ring, coming to MEET Kane on the ramp…

    Batista gets there first - but is met with a trademark uppercut from Kane, Lashley comes at him, but Kane ducks under a clothesline, then BOOTS Lashley down!!! Vladmir comes at Kane with a chair, but the chair shot is blocked by Kane, and he takes the chair from the Russian; AND WAFFLES HIM WITH IT!!!!!

    The Big Red Machine has the chair … and after taking out Vladimir, BATISTA gets a chair shot … and so too does LASHLEY!!!!! The Gods of War are down, and Kane marches on the aisle, with Umaga getting out of the ring, wanting to come for Kane - as both Estrada and JBL try to get him back in the ring to get the count quickly before Kane can get there … but Umaga disobeys his orders!!!


    Kane puts Umaga down, as the bodies begin to pile up on the ramp toward the ring!!!!! Kane continues to ringside, where Richards makes a run for it, as Estrada throws Singh as a sacrificial lamb in order to save himself - STEEL MEETS SKULL!!!!! Singh is out, and it only bought Estrada a second of time … CHAIR SHOT FOR ESTRADA TOO!!!!!

    Kane stands up onto the apron, and climbs into the ring over the top rope, as the noise gets ever louder!!!! The Big Red Machine stalks down JBL, but Layfield is saved by UMAGA!!!! The Bulldozer recovers, and clubs Kane from behind, then bounces off the ropes, coming at Kane … BUT CHARGES RIGHT INTO A GOOZLE … AND A CHOKESLAM ONTO THE CHAIR!!!!!!!

    J.R is having a coronary on commentary, with Kane again bearing down on JBL, but spots Richards in his periphery on the top rope … and REACHES FOR HIM - GOOZLE TO RICHARDS … CHOKESLAM TO RICHARDS FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!! And now there’s NO ONE to save Layfield!!!!! Kane bears down on JBL, and GOOZLES the Raw General Manager…


    Batista and Lashley beat on Kane, and despite his incredible run in - he’s not impervious to a two on one attack. Kane tries to fight both men off, but the two of them at once is too much to handle, and he falls victim to a Lashley SPINEBUSTER!!!!! The bottom falls out for the fans, who’s cheers dissipate now that Kane has been subdued. The Animal drags Kane into position for a Batista Bomb…


    Batista sees it, and he looks over at Taker in shock … allowing Kane to back drop out of the Batista Bomb!!! Lashley tries to get on him, but is given a big uppercut from Kane … and stumbles into the path of The Undertaker … taking a big right hand to knock him down!!! The Gods of War rise to their feet … WHERE THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION GOOZLE THEM …


    It’s bedlam inside the University of Phoenix Stadium … as Umaga is back to his feet after the choke slam onto the chair, and Taker hoists him up … with Kane helping to get Umaga into position … AND THE UNDERTAKER DRILLS UMAGA WITH THE TOMBSTONE!!!!!!!!!!! The pin is applied, with Kane standing threateningly over JBL. With no one to save him, nowhere to run, JBL bows his head … and drops down to his knees … slowly counting …






    Joey Styles: THE STREAK CONTINUES!!!!!

    The Undertaker releases the pin, and collapses his body on the mat, spent after the most gruelling of challenges to the WrestleMania streak, whilst JBL remains on his knees, looking at the defeated figure of Umaga - with Umaga stirring, and rolling out of the ring…


    The Coach: He got a gift from God tonight-

    Joey Styles: A gift straight from the depths of hell, Coach. Kane, The Undertakers brother has saved The Undertaker against impossible odds. Thanks to Kane, the Streak lives on, overcoming it‘s biggest challenge to date!!!

    Jim Ross: Kane has been missing for over a year - what a time to come back, right at his brothers greatest hour of need!!!

    The Coach: He doesn’t even work here anymore!!!!!

    Crestfallen, JBL’s dream of architecting the end of The Streak has died, and stands up, looking at the big screen at the top of the stage which reads; 16-0. He bows his head, and looks to leave the ring … but Kane wont allow him.

    Jim Ross: Uh-oh…

    Bradshaw tries to reason with Kane, pleading for him to step aside … but the Big red Machine shakes his head slowly; No. JBL erupts; “I COUNTED THE DAMN FALL!! WHAT MORE D‘YA WANT!!??”

    … And Kane GOOZLES Layfield!!!!!

    The Coach: NO!! LET HIM GO!!!

    The Undertaker is up too … AND HE GRIPS JBL TOO!!!!

    Joey Styles: JBL better be ready … because he’s got a first class ticket …

    The Brothers of Destruction have JBL by the throat … DOUBLE CHOKESLAM TO JBL!!!!!

    Joey Styles: STRAIGHT TO THE PITS OF HELL!!!!!

    The Raw General Manager is left flattened in the ring at the hands of The Undertaker and Kane!!!!! The Brothers of Destruction stand tall over JBL … with Kane raising his arms … BRINGING THE FIRE from the posts again!!!!

    Jim Ross: JBL concocted the ultimate foolproof plan to defeat The Undertaker. It all nearly worked. He nearly got the pay-off he wanted … but he didn’t factor in one thing. He missed one detail in his risk assessment - one thing none of us; NO ONE ever thought of … and that was KANE.

    The Coach: Of course he didn’t!! Why would he?? Kane was FIRED a year ago!!! He doesn’t work in the WWE anymore!! He had no right being here!!!

    The Undertakers theme plays through the stadium, and the lights go purple throughout the building, as The Brothers of Destruction reign supreme for one more time, with The Phenom dropping to a knee in the ring.

    Joey Styles: But he was!! He was here, and Kane helped the Streak to live on. Justice was served here tonight at WrestleMania. If The Streak is ever to end, that’s not that way to do it!!

    Jim Ross: After tonight, I don’t think it’ll ever be broken.

    The scene around ringside and the aisle looks like a car wreck, with bodies splattered all over the place; Vladimir sitting feeling his head on the ramp, Singh STILL out from the hellacious chair shot he suffered, Estrada too, and Richards is being brought to his feet by Batista and Lashley.

    Jim Ross: And look at the hell, fire and brimstone that Kane brought with him to Phoenix tonight!! Bodies laying everywhere out here on Kanes path of destruction. It’s like a human demolition derby!!

    The Coach: How can you celebrate this?? This is the biggest screw-job in WrestleMania history!!

    Joey Styles: You’re wrong, Coach!! Kane prevented the biggest screw-job in WrestleMania history tonight!!!

    Umaga carries out his handler, whilst The Gods of War do the same with Steven Richards. Ranjin Singh is just left behind, whilst Vladimir slowly walks away too … as the focus remains on The Undertaker and Kane standing together in the ring.

    Jim Ross: I never thought we’d see it again; the day that the Brothers of Destruction stood side by side, together!!

    The Coach: No one did!! And we shouldn’t be seeing it!! We should be celebrating the end of the Streak!! It should be 15 and 1!!!

    Joey Styles: Well instead, we’re breathing a sigh of relief; The Streak continues, and The Undertaker will now look ahead to Houston, Texas next year and become 17-0.

    The Coach: Will he have his little brother there to save his skin??

    The Undertaker and Kane depart the ring, and slowly walk by Ranjin Singh - still out cold - ignoring him completely, as they proceed up the ramp together, with the arena still clouded in purple lights, with the 16-0 still showing on the big screen.

    Joey Styles: 16 and oh. The legend of The Undertaker at the Showcase of the Immortals continues to grow. Absolutely … amazing.

    Jim Ross: And he went through hell to do it. He survived everything that JBL had to throw at him. Not only did The Undertaker have to deal with Umaga, but he had to battle the entire JBL administration, and The Gods of War. A task too great to accomplish alone - he needed an equalizer. And by gawd, did he get one.

    Replays air of the beat down suffered by The Undertaker, and then, after the final Samoan Spike, the incredible, shock return of KANE.

    Joey Styles: I thought the foundations of this stadium were going to shatter at this point. The reaction when KANE came to save his brother was like NOTHING I have ever experienced, guys.

    Shots of the multitude of chair shots dished out by Kane, the stereo choke slams to the Gods of War, and then the Tombstone that put Umaga away, with JBL relenting to make the count…

    Jim Ross: It is a moment that will be replayed for years to come. The Undertaker was finished. No doubt about it. After that Samoan Spike, and all that came before it, The Streak was dead. Thanks to Kane … the Streak … lives.

    Reaching the top of the ramp, The Brothers of Destruction stop, not turning around … standing still … before throwing up an arm each, to another big pop from the fans, before departing together through the curtain.

    Joey Styles: Sixteen and oh at WrestleMania. Simply … incredible. There has never been another like The Undertaker…

    Jim Ross: And there never will be, Joey. Never.


    Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


    Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

    Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


    Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

    Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


    Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

    Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


    Narrator: Stars have been born.

    Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


    Narrator: Legends have been made.

    Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


    Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

    Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown in 2006, Edge with his trophy in 2001 and Brent Albright a year ago, over a sound bite of Brent during his victory speech…


    Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2008 … a new King will be crowned, in the home of royalty…

    Clips of London, Buckingham Palace, Beefeaters etc…

    Narrator: Once again, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final. One rising star will eclipse all others…

    Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

    Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


    ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ plays through the stadium, as the camera pans to ringside, and the trio of announcers…

    Joey Styles: The King of the Ring to be crowned in England of all places?? How about that??

    The Coach: At least our King will have earned his throne - not like that old hag in London!!

    Joey Styles: And from what I’ve been told, there’s going to be a few new rules introduced to the qualifying criteria this year. Nothing concrete as yet, but my sources have told me that former World Champions are ineligible, and it’s a three strike policy; if you’ve had three cracks in previous tournaments - you’ve had your chances - you don’t get a fourth try.

    The Coach: Maybe I should throw my name into the hat … I’ve never been in the King of the Ring tournament before.

    Joey Styles: With any luck, you’d last longer in the tournament than you did in the Royal Rumble!!

    The Coach: I’d get farther than you, Styles…

    Jim Ross: Well, be that as it may, it is indeed one of the most gruelling tournaments in all sport. To be King of the Ring, you have to negotiate through a THIRTY-TWO man field, that’s FIVE victories, THREE will be all on one night. It takes something special to be King of the Ring, gentlemen.

    Joey Styles: The list of former winners, really does read like a who’s who in this business. Stone Cold Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, Triple H, Edge-

    The Coach: Uh, hello?? How about the current King?? Y’know … the guy that walked outta here with the Money in the Bank briefcase earlier??

    Joey Styles: Certainly. Brent Albright is well on his way to living up to the moniker of King.

    Jim Ross: Well, gentlemen … speaking of Brent Albright … I believe Matt Striker is standing by with a certain group backstage as we speak…

    Cutting backstage, MATT STRIKER gets a second appearance of the night, smiling for the camera…

    Matt Striker: Once again, good evening ladies and gentlemen. And I’m sure you’re all in agreement; what a night it has been. Especially for my guests at this time; the NEW World Tag Team Champions AND Mister Money in the Bank; Charlie Haas, Nick Dinsmore and the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright. I give to you; The Master Craftsmen…

    The camera pans to show all three of THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN, all smiles, holding gold and the most valuable briefcase in pro-wrestling…

    Matt Striker: Gentlemen, a perfect night?? Or indeed, with two World Title matches still to take place … is the best yet to come??

    Striker points the last question at Albright, hinting at a cash in, with Brent smirking, patting his prized possession.

    Brent Albright: Those four men can rest easy, Matt. I’ve already broken seven other losers hearts - especially that little dweeb, Paul London and the man that stole the Intercontinental title from me; Matt Hardy. But hey … as much of an honour as it was to be Intercontinental Champ?? I’d trade that baby in for this, any day of the week. So … enjoy my cast offs, Matt. And London?? Quit pulling on my coattails.

    Haas and Dinsmore chuckle, and pat Albright on the back. The King of the Ring nods, before continuing…

    Brent Albright: I wont be cashing in this beauty tonight. I’ve got a year to pick my moment … what’s the rush?? Nine months ago, when I won the King of the Ring - as you just saw in that little video - I made the declaration that things would change. And little by little, WE are changing this circus and turning it into OUR playground … bit by bit.

    Albright holds up the briefcase to illustrate his next point.

    Brent Albright: I’m now OFFICIALLY a World Champion in waiting. And to do it, I didn’t have to sell out. I didn’t come up with a catchphrase to put on a shirt, I didn’t cup my ears like a goof ball, I didn’t paint my face and I didn’t starting wearing a sock for cheap pops. I stayed true to who I am … WE stuck to our guns … and the proof is in the pudding…

    Haas speaks up…

    Charlie Haas: Matt … no one should be surprised at our success tonight … {scoffs} … I mean, didn’t we tell you all that this is what would happen tonight??

    Matt Striker: You did, you did … but wouldn’t you credit part of your victory down to CM Punk turning his back on his tag team partner, Greg Helms-

    Dinsmore cuts him off.

    Nick Dinsmore: Whoa. Don’t go making excuses, Striker. Forget about what Punk did, and remember what WE did tonight. You’re looking at the most successful entity in the WWE. Tonight, tomorrow …

    Dinsmore glances down at the Money in the Bank briefcase, held by Albright.

    Nick Dinsmore: And in the future. We’ve accomplished something here tonight that NO group or faction has EVER done before at WrestleMania. DX never had this kind of glory at WrestleMania…

    Brent Albright: They were too busy crotch chopping, Nick…

    Charlie Haas: Did Evolution or the New World Order ever leave WrestleMania with this much gold, Matt??

    Striker sheepishly speaks up.

    Matt Striker: Uhm … no, I don’t believe th-

    Brent Albright: The Four Horsemen never even made it to WrestleMania.

    Nick Dinsmore: And the Corporation didn’t walk out of WrestleMania on top of the world, did they?? … Not them, not the Heenan Family, or the Ministry of Darkness …

    Albright chuckles, Haas nods and Dinsmore fixes his title belt over his shoulder.

    Charlie Haas: And hey, if JBL had reached out to US tonight … The Undertaker wouldn’t be Sixteen and oh at WrestleMania. But there’s always next year, right??

    Haas looks to Albright, who shrugs.

    Brent Albright: Well … only if he earns a shot against the next World Champ. Because WrestleMania Twenty Five?? That’s what I’ll be.

    The three men all look pleased with themselves, and proceed to walk off the set, as Striker address the camera…

    Matt Striker: It sounds like there’s big things in the future for The Master Craftsmen…

    Albright returns, cutting off Striker…

    Brent Albright: Oh … there is.

    The King of the Ring holds up the briefcase.

    Brent Albright: … You can bank on it.

    Albright smirks, and walks off, as Striker nods, watching as they leave…

    Back inside the stadium, we get shots of the awesome crowd, before cutting to Tony Chimmel in the ring…

    Tony Chimmel: Ladies and gentlemen … At this time, the WWE would like to thank you … our SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND, TWO HUNDRED, NINETEEN FANS in attendance here tonight!! Thank you for being part of WRESTLEMANIA TWENTY FOUR!!!!!!

    The Nirvana song is piped in again, as the graphic comes up, showing the attendance; 72,219, along with happy looking fans …

    Joey Styles: How about that??

    The Coach: Awesome. It sounds like a HUNDRED and seventy two thousand here tonight, Styles - that’s how loud they are!!!

    Joey Styles: And they’ve had plenty to cheer.

    Jim Ross: And there’s still the little matter of the TWO World Championships to be decided.

    The Coach: This is the greatest WrestleMania of all time, J.R!!

    Jim Ross: It’s certainly gonna be one of the classics, Coach. And what a crowd we have to witness it.

    Joey Styles: And gentlemen, I believe Josh Mathews is out there right now somewhere, with ONE of this attendees this evening; a very special spectator… Josh??

    And up in a sky box, JOSH MATHEWS is indeed on hand … alongside none other than The Million Dollar Man, TED DIBIASE, with cheers around the stadium for the sight of the legendary figure on the big screen…

    Josh Mathews: … That’s right, I am here in Mr. DiBiase’s private sky box here in the University of Phoenix stadium. And sir, how are you enjoying WrestleMania tonight??

    DiBiase outstretches his arm, and the camera shows the view from the sky box, giving Mathews the answer without saying a word.

    Ted DiBiase: Oh, it’s wonderful, son. WrestleMania gets bigger and better each and every year … a fitting stage for the Million Dollar Man, don’t you think??

    Mathews nods.

    Josh Mathews: … Absolutely, sir. It’s wonderful to have you here tonight. Is there a match you’ve particularly enjoyed tonight so far??

    DiBiase smirks, and brushes his hands on the shoulders of Josh..

    Ted DiBiase: Let me tell you something, little man. I didn’t come to WrestleMania for a trip. Sure, it’s been a great night, but I didn’t come here with a vested interest in any particular match or wrestler. I came here on a scouting trip…

    Mathews looks confused…

    Josh Mathews: Scouting??

    DiBiase nods, and signs a cheque for someone, handing it off, before returning to address the issue…

    Ted DiBiase: That correct. I came here to Phoenix for a business meeting. I met with Mr. Vince McMahon and some of his closest advisors, because my son here… junior …

    DiBiase turns, presenting his seated son, Ted Jr.

    Ted DiBiase: … He is looking for his big break into this business, and to step into his fathers shoes. So Josh, you can say hello to the newest member of the Smackdown roster.

    DiBiase claps for his own, though the announcement isn’t met with much of a reaction from the fans.

    Josh Mathews: Well, what kind of experience does your son have, Mr. DiBiase??

    Ted DiBiase: That … doesn’t really matter, does it, Josh??

    Josh Mathews: But, I mean- Smackdown. It’s a big jump from … wherever your son has been training, don’t you think??

    DiBiase smiles again, patting the shoulder now of Josh.

    Ted DiBiase: Trust me, kid. My boy?? He‘s had the best training that MONEY can buy. The WWE is in his blood. And uh … we were quite intrigued by that preview for the King of the Ring, weren’t we Teddy??

    Ted Junior nods approvingly. But Mathews seems bewildered.

    Josh Mathews: … But … with all due respect … Ted, you haven’t had a match yet. Don’t you think it’s a little soon for such a big jump in competition?? I mean, with the competition just to get an entry, what makes you think you’ll even get IN the tournament??

    Ted Junior is about to speak up, but the Million Dollar man stands in front of him, answering for his son.

    Ted DiBiase: That’s not something for you to worry about, Josh. In fact, it’s not something for me to worry about either. I’ve a good feeling my boy will be part of the field for that tournament. And dare I say it … I’ve a good feeling he might just go all the way.

    Looking awkward, Josh cant help but ask the question;

    Josh Mathews: … Why??

    DiBiase scoffs, then looks around the sky box, and motions for someone to come along, before looking back at Josh with a smirk, and proceeds to place a fifty dollar note in Mathews top pocket.

    Ted DiBiase: Because son … EVERYBODIES got a price … for the Million Dollar Man… HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA….

    He then laughs hysterically; the trademark laugh … as two hired goons escort Josh from the sky box. Di Biase continues to cackle, before turning and sitting back down, next to his son; the soon to debut Ted DiBiase Junior…

    Cut back to ringside…

    Jim Ross: Well … it looks like you’ve got a new member of the Smackdown roster there, Joey…

    Joey Styles: It does. And that’s a hell of a pair of boots to fill for young Ted DiBiase. His father is one of the greats, J.R.

    The Coach: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!! I love that laugh!!!

    Joey Styles: Well, if they really think Ted DiBiase can go on a run in the King of the Ring tournament, he’s either a prodigy or there’s going to be some disappointed faces in the DiBiase household.

    Jim Ross: Sounds like a very ambitious plan to me, I must admit. The young man will be making a big leap up in terms of competition over on Smackdown.

    The Coach: Yeah, but it’s only Smackdown. It’s not like he’s on Raw.

    Joey Styles: Let’s not get into that debate…

    And the stadium ERUPTS.

    Jim Ross: Let’s not … because there isn’t time for it. The time has come for a much bigger issue to be settled.

    The Coach: One year in the making, J.R!! Collision Course; TWO!!!

    Joey Styles: This may well be the most anticipated match of the night. It’s probably the most anticipated rematch in WrestleMania history.

    Jim Ross: A year ago, John Cena and Christian went to battle for the World Heavyweight Championship on the grandest stage. Tonight, they meet again for the same gold. But so much has changed in those twelve months. A LOT can happen in a year. A LOT can change in a year…


    The opening bars of Placebo’s ‘Running up that hill’ play…

    Slow motion shots of Christian and John Cena entering the arena at WrestleMania last year … the long stare down to start the match … then the action;

    John Cena: Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

    The opening exchange of lock ups…

    Christian charging Cena through the barricade …

    Fighting through the crowd…

    John Cena: Those are the three words, my three beliefs that I live by. I fought to the bitter end, gave my all, gave everything I had … and … I lost.

    Christian hitting a gut-buster, Cena nailing Christian with a spine buster…

    Cena delivering an FU from the Smackdown announce table, through the Spanish announce table…

    John Cena: Lotta questions were thrown my way. Whole lotta accusations, and lots of fingers pointed in my directions. People lookin to see the real John Cena … people wantin me to show my true colours …

    John Cena surviving the Sharpshooter, and Christian surviving the STFU…

    A series of clips of Christian kicking out of pin covers…

    Then Cena accidentally hit’s the referee … and a chair is introduced … but Cena decides against using it.

    John Cena: In front of the entire world, at the biggest of the biggest, in the main event of main events … I proved to the world, that I am exactly who I say I am, and not the fraud some of you wish I was.

    Christian escapes an FU … and then delivers another Unprettier … which leads to the 1...2...3 … and a new champion.

    Shots of a jubilant Christian, and a solemn Cena, leaving up the ramp with his hands on his hips; head bowed.

    John Cena: There’s been one word racin through my head … rematch.

    Clips then air of Christian in the following months as Champion, holding the title aloft, enjoying life, fending off Kurt Angle, Mister Kennedy, Triple H & Rey Mysterio …

    “It doesn't hurt me.
    You wanna feel how it feels?”

    Juxtaposed to shots of Cena; struggling in the shadow of the new ‘face’ of the company. Losing to MNM, losing to The Miz, looking forlorn and frustrated, being relegated to matches with newcomers, and TAPPING to Kurt Angle at Vengeance.

    “You wanna know, know that it doesn't hurt me?
    You wanna hear about the deal I'm making?”
    John Cena: Right now, I know I’m far, FAR way away from getting a shot at the World Title … but I’m gonna force my way into back the picture … whatever it takes … I have my eye on redemption. At the biggest Summerslam ever at Wembley stadium, I’m gonna win back the World Heavyweight Title … and I want the man standing across from me to be Christian. I want that rematch…

    Clips showing Umaga completely ending any hope of Cena getting his moment at Summerslam, with AAE talking over shots of Umaga assaulting Christian, with Cena looking anxious on commentary…

    Armando Estrada: No excuses pero … ju’re gonna know when, ju’re gonna know where, and ju just found out how … AUGUST 19 … WEMBLEY STADIUM … SUMMERSLAM!!!

    On commentary, Cena is pure white, as the realisation kicks in that his Summerslam dream is over. He takes off his headset, and leans forward, simply watching…

    The Coach: Hey, you’re stayin real quiet Cena, ha ha!! Your master plan just went up in smoke!!!

    Cena simply shoots Coach a look, before standing up, and storming away from the announce table, fuming at what he’s just saw.


    Clips of Cena’s big Beefeater entrance for his match with Kennedy, whilst Christian faces his biggest challenge to date in the main event; the undefeated Umaga.

    “And if I only could…”

    Cena is nailed with a television camera by Kennedy behind the officials back thanks to a distraction from The Miz, and Kennedy applies his Krossface - and wins by submission…

    Make a deal with God…”

    … Whilst in the main event, Christian (with Ricky Hatton in his corner) overcomes Umaga with a series of high impact moves to score the career defining victory, handing Umaga his first loss.

    And get him to swap our places…”

    Leading to the iconic (in my eyes) shot of a young fan throwing down his Cena cap, and turning his back on Cena as the beaten Cena walks up the aisle … contrasted with the jubilation of Christian; the ecstasy of his win in the main event.

    “Be running up that road
    Be running up that hill
    Be running up that building.”

    The following night on Raw, Christian is in the ring, speaking to the fans … and is interrupted by Cena, over the top of “CENA SUCKS” and “YOU TAPPED OUT” chants…

    John Cena: Y’know … ever since WrestleMania, I’ve been … it’s been like some kinda downward spiral for me.

    The “CENA SUCKS” chants continue - and grow louder. Cena momentarily smirks, and shakes his head … but looking embarrassed for Cena, Christian has his head down.

    John Cena: Ever since I lost the World Championship to Christian … it’s like I’ve been consumed … by one thought … … rematch.

    If I only could, oh…”
    John Cena: I didn’t get my rematch, an’ I haven’t been able to earn a shot either. If anything, I’m further away from a title match than I’ve ever been. I need that title shot. One shot. I know I don’t deserve it. I should be nowhere near a shot at the title … but if I aint got that title?? I aint got nothin. I’m nothin.

    Shots of Cena over his previous three title reigns - happier times … cutting back to Christian with the belt.

    John Cena: …all I ask is for one shot. One shot - that can be a number one contenders match, or an outright title shot … and if I lose … You’re free to terminate my contract.

    Cena is then interrupted by the then Raw GM Eric Bischoff.

    Eric Bischoff: John, you look like you’re on the verge of getting on your knees and begging me for a title shot. But a title shot?? It’s not in your future.

    Cena looks furious … but the shot soon cuts to later in the night, and Arn Anderson returning as Smackdown GM, and an angry Eric Bischoff over words from Double A with clips of Cena appearing on Smackdown, speaking with Arn…

    Arn Anderson: Oh, an’ Eric, one more thing, ‘ol buddy. The Board feel it would only be fair to allow me to uhm … “replenish” my shrinking active roster … so uh … for the next twenty eight days, I can openly talk to ANY superstar on the Raw roster…

    At Cyber Sunday Cena is ready to sign with Smackdown, until a last ditch attempt from Bischoff keeps Cena on Raw…

    Eric Bischoff: You can get everything you want by going to Smackdown … EXCEPT for your WrestleMania rematch with Christian. All you have to do is win ONE match…

    … And cut to Nemesis, where Cena takes on Kennedy in a Streetfight, putting each other through hell …

    “You don't want to hurt me,
    But see how deep the bullet lies.”

    But Cena finally gets back on track, getting poetic justice by using the television camera on Kennedy to earn his shot at the title.

    Unaware that I'm tearing you asunder.
    There’s thunder in our hearts, baby.”

    Then, Cena interjects himself in the main event; a rematch between Christian and Umaga, trying to help Christian - who doesn’t want the help.

    So much hate for the ones we love?
    Tell me, we both matter, don't we?”

    Which leads to a triple threat match at Survivor Series; Christian vs. Cena vs. Umaga, focusing mostly on Christian and Cena - showing them momentarily uniting to try and take Umaga out of the picture.

    'C'mon, baby, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
    Let me steal this moment from you now.”

    Then, the finish - Cena sheepishly hanging on the outside with a chair, letting Christian battle it out with Umaga, before swooping in, getting Umaga out … and finishing Christian with an FU - on the chair to win the title.

    C'mon, angel, c'mon, c'mon, darling,
    Let's exchange the experience, oh…”

    Cut to the following night on Raw…

    Christian: A lot of people have been angry at John Cena for the way he won the title. Don’t be. Cena didn’t do anything I wouldn’t have done to him. My issue is the same is what it’s always been with Cena. A guy who prides himself on “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” … wouldn’t ever use a chair…

    Replays of Cena hitting the FU to Christian onto a chair…

    Christian: For eight months, you kept talking about one word … rematch. Now, I guess the ball is in my court to make it happen. And Cena, I will make it happen.

    Christian tries to earn his rematch; but is controversially disqualified by Cena in a Number One Contenders match at the November Saturday Nights Main Event…

    You, you and me,
    You and me, wont be unhappy”

    And then, entering the Royal Rumble at #1… is Christian.

    Joey Styles: Christian will have to take this match one step at a time. One minute at a time, one entrant at a time.

    Christian eliminates Miz, Mark Henry, Damien Sandow and Mr. Kennedy, lasting over an hour…

    “If I only could,
    Make a deal with God

    Christian makes it to the final five … when Cena tries to ‘help’ Christian win … but ultimately causes him to get eliminated…

    “And get him to swap our places…”

    Then, Christian confronts Cena on Raw…

    Christian: You don’t try and screw people over … that just happens by accident, doesn’t it??

    Replays of Survivor Series, Saturday Nights Main Event and the Royal Rumble, where Cena appeared to ‘accidentally’ prevent Christian from victory.

    Christian: For the last year, you’ve cried about losing to me at WrestleMania, and you kept peddling the idea of being desperate for a rematch … but ever since you got that belt back at the Survivor Series … it seems to me that you’ve no interest in going one on one with me again. Read my lips, Cena … my only goal is to win back MY World Heavyweight Title. And I WILL do whatever it takes.

    John Cena: I get the message. Loud and clear. But just so we’re straight?? How about you read MY lips … I DO want the rematch. WrestleMania last year still plays over in my head - Every. Single. Day. And I want- wanted to set the record straight this year - because I know I can beat you.

    At SuperBrawl, Christian defeats Kurt Angle, and is shown pointing at the WrestleMania logo in the distance…


    Christian and Cena circling one another…

    Christian: That public mask hides what you really are. And that mask, John?? It’s slippin. A lot of these people?? They’re starting to see it too, and sooner or later … everyone is gonna see it.

    And then cut to the graphic; Saturday Nights Main Event … before showing Christian handcuffed to the cage, with Cena running off Mark Henry over the promo from a few weeks before…

    Christian: I don’t buy your act, John. I never have. When you say; “You Cant See Me” … you’re wrong. I see you, John. I see right through you.

    John Cena is then showing padlocking the cage door to prevent anyone from getting in… and slowly turns … with a cold, dead eyed look at the helpless; handcuffed Christian…

    John Cena: I’m sick of this. I’m sick of you, and I‘m sick of you callin my character into question … And just because I’ve managed to get where I am today; the FOUR TIME World Heavyweight Champion - by bein a nice guy, and not changin, not lettin the fame and the fortune get to my head … you seem to think I’m a fake?? I aint fake.

    Cena then stands over the defiant Christian, shown mouting; “You asked for this” … before cutting to shots of Cena over the last four years pandering to fans, smiling, decked full of merch … and back to him now standing over Christian …

    John Cena: Maybe you’re jealous, maybe deep down, you’re jealous that I’m everything you’re not. Maybe you’re jealous because you’re just a wise-ass loudmouth with a following … and that I actually stand for something; Hustle, Loyalty, Respect.

    Followed by the unforgettable beating handed down… beginning with a vicious forearm across the face…

    And another, before driving a boot through Christians face, bashing it against the cage…

    If I only could,
    Make a deal with God
    And get him to swap our places

    Then, the relentless forearms, busting Christian up, using his ‘Hustle, Loyalty & Respect’ shirt to choke Christian … before bashing him with TWO ungodly chair shots.

    Be running up that road,
    Be running up that hill,

    And then the final shot from the show that night; the torn shirt, the bright wrist bands … left behind.

    With no problems…

    Cutting to shots of Cena now; decked out all in black, no smiles, no pandering, no playing to the fans - the façade is gone.

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'

    John Cena: Make no mistake about it - I HATE Christian. I HATE the fact he took away everything that was supposed to be mine … I HATE the fact you people chose him over me … and I HATE the fact he saw through me. And most of all … I HATE the fact he’s tried to steal the spotlight I worked my ass off for.

    Replays of the various incidents over the last twelve months … WrestleMania 23 …

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'
    John Cena: But if I cant have it … no one can.

    Christian as champion … Cena on a downward spiral…

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'
    John Cena: Saturday Nights Main Event was just a taster. Come WrestleMania, I’m puttin Christian outta the picture for good.

    Cena winning the title back … Christian getting cost the Royal Rumble …

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'
    John Cena: And Christian … you’ve only got yourself to blame. You wanted John Cena to show his true colours?? Well, here I am. The nice guy?? He’s dead and gone.

    Then Cena standing over Christian at the end of Saturday Nights Main Event.

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'
    John Cena: … If you didn’t like me when I was nice?? … You’re gonna hate me now.

    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'
    'If I only could, be running up that hill.'


    Back into the stadium, and the fans get rowdy, rumbling in anticipation for the match they’ve had to wait a YEAR to see…

    **MY TIME IS NOW**

    The reaction is molten for the abandoned John Cena theme - with the opening bars of the instantly recognizable theme playing through the stadium.

    Then … it shuts down.

    And so do all the lights…

    Joey Styles: Did we just lose power??

    The answer is no, Joey. The arena remains pitch black, but the PA soon pumps out a recording of the all too familiar chant;



    As the piping in of the chant continues, ONE of the big screens on the entrance way returns - the ONLY sign of light in the building, with the volume of one half of the sound lowering, and the other raising…




    The camera then focuses in on the screen - showing the crowd at a previous WWE event, slowly moving in to a close up on a particular fan sign, as half of the audio is silenced completely…

    “CENA SUCKS!!”

    “CENA SUCKS!!”

    “CENA SUCKS!!”

    Finally zooming in, the screen fixes on one sign … a fan sign which reads ‘CENA SUX.’
    “CENA SUCKS!!”

    “CENA SUCKS!!”

    The fans continue to join in with the chants, as the PA no longer pipes it in. The rest of the big screens at the entrance are all lit up now too, all showing various negative signs in relation to Cena; “If Cena wins, we riot”, “We hate Cena”, “Cena cant wrestle”, and various incarnations of the “Cena sucks” signs.

    A different tune now plays - and a man is seen in the shadows - but it’s unclear who the figure is … as he brings a mic to his mouth…

    “It's been a long time, been a long time comin…
    Looks like the death of me now”

    And a spotlight switches on, showing the figure rapping; NAS.

    “But you know, there's no turning back now
    This is what makes me - this is what I am…”

    As JOHN CENA emerges from below the stage - to MOLTEN heat from the fans; head down, title up in the air - not moving an inch.

    And P. DIDDY also hit’s the stage with Nas…

    “Feel me? Let's go”

    **HATE ME NOW**

    “You can hate me now.. but I won't stop now..
    Cause I can't stop now.. you can hate me now..
    But I won't stop now.. cause I can't stop now..
    You can hate me now.. you can hate me NOWWWW..”

    Still, Cena remains a stoic figure on the stage - with the World Heavyweight Championship held aloft, with the anti-Cena signs still showing up on the multiple screens on the pyramid set.

    “Well you hate me I'm gon' hate you too
    It's as simple as that”

    “Go down any way you want it to go down (do it now)
    Weak, jealous S.O.B’s (do it now, do it now)”

    “Don't hate me, hate the money I see, clothes that I buy
    Ice that I wear, clothes that I try, close your eyes
    Picture me rollin, sixes, money foldin
    Bitches honies that swollen to riches, Nas get in ya
    Most critically acclaimed Pulitzer, prize winner
    Best storyteller thug narrator my style's greater
    Model dater, big threat to a lot of you haters
    Commentators ringside try watchin my paper
    Almost a decade, quite impressive
    Most of the best is in the essence
    for this rap shit that I stand for
    Expandin more to the big screen, Bill Gates dreams
    But it seems you'd rather see me in jail with state greens
    Want me off the scene fast, but good things last
    like your favorite MC still makin some mean cash
    First rapper to bring a platinum plaque, back to the projects
    but you still wanna hate, be my guest, I suggest”

    [Puff Daddy]
    “Money is power-
    I got millions of thugs on salary (do it now)”

    “You can hate me now.. (I wont stop) but I won't stop now..
    (I cant stop) Cause I can't stop now.. (You can hate me) you can hate me now..
    (I hate you too) But I won't stop now.. (You can hate me now) cause I can't stop now..
    You can hate me now.. (You can hate me now) you can hate me NOWWWW..”

    And Cena finally moves, marching down the ramp, head still down, ignoring the fans, with the title raised above his head - no playing, no grandeur; all business, marching straight ahead, eyes down, completely focused on the job at hand.

    [Nas] “Do it now, I told you do it now”
    [Puff] “Let's go”

    “You wanna hate me then hate me; what can I do
    but keep gettin money, funny I was just like you
    I had to hustle hard never give up, until I made it
    Now y'all sayin that's a clever playa, nuttin to play with
    Hate on me, I blew but I'm the same ol G
    People warn me, when you're on top there's envy
    Took my .....’s out the hood, but you doubt on us
    Sayin we left the hood but can't get it out of us
    My bad, should I step out my shoes, give 'em to you?
    Here's my cars and my house, you can live in that too
    Criticize when I flow for the streets, hate my dress code
    Gucci this, Fendi that, what you expect hoe?
    Nickname Esco', took this game to its threshold
    Best flow I bet the whole U.S. know
    Try to make it like you the realest, but who the illest?
    Think we all know the answer to that, cause people feel this right”

    [Puff Daddy]
    “You think Imma come this far, and let you people stop me now?
    I hate you too!! (Do it now!)”

    “You can hate me now.. (I wont stop) but I won't stop now..
    (I cant stop) Cause I can't stop now.. (You can hate me) you can hate me now..
    (I hate you too) But I won't stop now.. (You can hate me now) cause I can't stop now..
    You can hate me now.. (You can hate me now) you can hate me NOWWWW..”

    Cena continues down the ramp, ala One Night Stand in 2006 (but on a much bigger scale, and with fans not exactly within touching distance) - not changing his expression once or his stance; the title belt remains over his head, and he ignores the raucous reactions from the fans toward him, with Nas and P.Diddy bouncing down the aisle as they continue to rap The Champ to the ring.

    “It's a thin line between paper and hate
    friends and snakes, nine millis and thirty-eights
    Hell or the pearly gates; I was destined to come
    Predicted, blame God, he blew breath in my lungs
    Second to none, wicked turn wives to widows
    Shoot through satin pillows, the desolate one
    Took a little time to claim my spot
    Chairman of the board until this game stop, and I side with the Lord
    Ride for the cause while drivin .....s shot at my doors
    Plottin I'm sure to catch me with they glocks to my jaws
    Tried, stickin me up, but I flipped on these ducks (you tried)
    Instead of me, ambulances were picking them up (that's what you get)
    .....s fear what they don't understand, hate what they can't conquer
    Guess it's just the fury of man
    Became a monster, on top of the world, never fallin
    I'm as real as they come, from day one, forever ballin

    Cena finally breaks his stance, and tosses the title into the ring, sliding inside, and once he stands up, the fans react with a vitriolic response - nearly drowning out Nas and P. Diddy as they continue rapping…

    [Puff Daddy]
    “You ain't never seen someone like me, ever in your life
    And that's what you can't understand!”

    “You can hate me now.. (I wont stop) but I won't stop now..
    (I cant stop) Cause I can't stop now.. (You can hate me) you can hate me now..
    (I hate you too) But I won't stop now.. (You can hate me now) cause I can't stop now..
    You can hate me now.. (You can hate me now) you can hate me NOWWWW..”

    The Champ picks the belt back up, showing it off on each side of the ring, patting the famous gold strap, then pounding his own chest, before taking off his hoodie, tossing it to the outside, as P. Diddy and Nas remain on the floor outside, finishing off the performance…

    [Puff] “You can hate me now”
    [Nas] “C'mon”
    [Puff] “But I won't stop now”
    [Nas] “Do it now! Get this over with”
    [Puff] “But I won't stop now..”
    [Nas] “It ain't gon' never stop!!”

    Boos ring out, as the music ends abruptly, with Cena feeling the full force of the hatred from the fans … but The Champ doesn’t look one bit affected by it, offering a solemn, solitary nod to Nas and P. Diddy as they sign off, dropping their mics, and depart down the side of the ramp.

    The Coach: Wow. What an entrance.

    Jim Ross: Hate me now?? Y’damn right they do, John. There’s over seventy thousand in here that hate ya, Champ!!!

    The Coach: And he doesn’t care.

    Joey Styles: Clearly not. Gentlemen, you can feel the electricity here. I’d dare say this is the most anticipated match here tonight at WrestleMania. A WrestleMania rematch, one year in the making. These people want to see John Cena get his tonight.

    Cena runs off the ropes, bouncing across the ring, hitting the ropes, ignoring the chants from the fans of “CENA SUCKS” … as the wait continues for the arrival of Christian…

    The Coach: Well, they better be prepared for a very different Cena. The shackles are off this man, now, Styles. He’s not playing by the rules anymore.

    Jim Ross: You can say that again, Coach. And they better be prepared for a very different Christian. This may be a rematch from a year ago; but these men couldn’t be any more different than who they were a year ago. The actions of Cena four weeks ago changed EVERYTHING. This is personal - damn sure personal.

    Coming to a halt, Cena stops, and watches... as a line of security enter the ring, forming a line from one corner, diagonally to the other!!!
    Cena looks out to the fans, interacting with them for the first time, shouting; “That‘s not for my protection…”

    Joey Styles: And look at this - as if it needed any more evidence of the powder keg situation we have here; there’s a LINE of security getting in the ring to keep them apart before the bell rings!!!


    The Waterproof Blonde theme plays into the arena, and the fans go NUTS as the insanely popular CHRISTIAN steps onto the stage to a magnificent ovation from the seventy thousand plus inside the University of Phoenix stadium!!! Captain Charisma stops at the top of the stage, and nods at the fans…


    Joey Styles: These fans here tonight want to see Christian regain the title they believe he should never have lost at the Survivor Series. And after what happened at Saturday Nights Main Event on March First, that support grew ten fold. He beat Cena a year ago - a very different Cena … but Christian isn’t the same man that walked out of New Orleans twelve months ago either!!!

    The Coach: And how much did that attack take out of Christian?? There’s a lot of questions to be answered. Psychologically, what did that assault do to Christian in Atlantic City??

    Christian pounds his chest, and blows a kiss to the fans as he always does … but there’s no swagger or smirk on his face tonight. He bounces up and down on the stage, puffing his cheeks, before proceeding purposefully down the ramp - pointing to the ring, talking trash in the direction of Cena all the way down in the ring.

    The Coach: … And … can he keep his composure?? He could go out and get himself disqualified if his heart rules his head!!

    Jim Ross: When I spoke to Christian a few weeks ago, that very topic came up. And while he freely admits he’ll find it hard not to come for blood tonight, he acknowledged that winning the title would be the best form of revenge he could possible have against Cena here tonight.

    Joey Styles: Winning the title is the first priority, anything else is a bonus as far as Christian is concerned.

    Jim Ross: Get ready to light the blue touch paper here - this is about to go off!!!

    Captain Charisma jogs up the steps, and proceeds up onto the turnbuckles, searching out into the vast sea of fans, and motions around his waist to indicate he’s getting the belt back tonight … before locking eyes with Cena across the ring … and neither man shifts their focus for a long time.

    Jim Ross: Whoever had the idea to separate these two before the bell deserves a medal - that line of security is the ONLY thing keeping Cena and Christian apart right now!! I said it on Raw, I’ll say it again now; you can see it, you can feel it - pure, HATRED between these men.

    Joey Styles: The eyes say it all, J.R.

    The Coach: I’m getting goosebumps, guys!! Here we go!!!

    Christian drops down from the turnbuckles, and paces on his side of the ring, as the introductions are made, with Cena pacing back and forth too … both men itching to go at it.

    Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen … the following contest … scheduled for ONE fall … is for the WORRRLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!


    Howard Finkel: Introducing first; the CHALLENGER!! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada … weighing in at 227 pounds … CHRISTIAAAAAN!!!!

    Pop. Christian bounces up and down, patting his chest, and raises an arm to the fans…

    Howard Finkel: And, from West Newberry Massachusetts … weighing in at 248 pounds … he is the WORLD … HEAVY-WEIGHT CHAMPIONNN … JOHHHHHN … CEEEEEE-NAAAA!!!!!

    Cena is unmoved by the vociferous heat in the building for him, and holds the title up, before giving it to Mike Chioda, with the official holding the title up, showing it around the building, before delivering it to the timekeeper on the outside.

    The introductions are complete … and as soon as the security line has departed … CHAMPION AND CHALLENGER RUSH TO MEET EACH OTHER IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!!!!!

    World Heavyweight Championship Match:

    World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
    The Number One Contender,
    There’s no holding back, and both champion and challenger furiously trade blows, dead in the centre of the ring, blow for blow, letting it ALL out, to the delight of the fans … and surprisingly, it’s the heel; John Cena, that is getting the better of the fist fight, much to the chagrin of the fans, who begin to boo each strike he lands. Being the bigger and stronger of the two Cena is able to use that to gain the upper hand … UNTIL CHRISTIAN FIRES UP!!!

    Captain Charisma stuns Cena with a barrage of offence, using his build up of fury to overcome Cena, with the fans backing him vociferously, as he knocks Cena down, and down again with Cena getting up quickly, before beating him toward the corner - until Cena stops the onslaught with a kick to the gut. The Champ takes off, hitting the ropes, rebounding back - right into a reverse elbow from Christian for the knock down.

    Cena holds his jaw, and feels the effects of the elbow, struggling back to his feet, with Christian immediately charging The Champ into the corner, and proceeds to hammer Cena - using a closed fist - with Mike Chioda being forced to step in and warn Christian, being heard on camera as he forces the break; “I WILL disqualify you if I have to!!”

    Christian sees sense, and calms down, knowing he cant afford to lose his cool and get himself disqualified. He backs out, holding his hands up, nodding at the admonishment from the official, before taking Cena down with a double leg - and on the mat he RAINS DOWN PUNCHES on Cena!!! Driving his forearm into the face of Cena, Christian unleashes his fury and anger on The Champ on the canvas, before finally relenting at the behest of the referee.

    Christian climbs off Cena, with The Champ rolling onto his front, crawling to the ropes to get himself back up, but as he uses them, Christian is on him, stepping onto the back, and chokes him against the middle rope, with the fans popping for the traditional Christian spot, as the official administers a five count by the ropes. Christian relents at four, then slingshots himself over the top rope, landing on the floor, and slaps the taste out of Cenas mouth!!!!!

    That gets another pop, with Cena sprawling away from the ropes. Christian climbs back onto the apron, and proceeds up the turnbuckles, positioning himself up top … and waiting for Cena to get up and turn around … and when he does, he sees CHRISTIAN FLYING OFF THE TOP - CONNECTING WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!!!!!

    Cena goes down, and scrambles to the corner, picking himself up, but Christian doesn’t let up, and closes in, opening up on Cena in the corner with a few uppercuts, and looks to send Cena across the ring to the opposite corner - but the Irish Whip is reversed by Cena, sending Christian into the corner instead … but feeding off adrenaline, Christian bounces right back out and goes through the unsuspecting Cena with a clothesline!!!!!

    Cena bounces up quickly, but runs into the path of Christian, feeding for an arm drag … bounces up, running back into another arm drag!! The arm drags leave Cena dazed, and he’s slow to his feet, allowing Christian to capitalise with a dropkick, sending him back down again. The challenger takes Cena over with a snap mare, before rushing off the ropes, coming back with a front dropkick to the face of the seated champion!!!

    Christian then hoists himself up to the top rope, waiting for Cena to rise … and flies off; reverse elbow to Cena!!!!! Cena looks rocked by the offence from Christian, and the challenger doesn’t relent, pounding Cena as The Champ reaches his knees - not allowing him to get up to his feet. Unloading his aggression in retaliation for the sickening assault he suffered at Saturday Nights Main Event, Christian hammers Cena, keeping The Champ on his knees, before taking off, hitting the ropes … coming back …


    NO!!!!! Christian lands on his feet, then ducks under a clothesline attempt from Cena, and traps The Champ; INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!!!! Christian delivers his trademark back breaker and hooks the leg for the first cover attempt in the match…


    ……………KICK OUT FROM CENA……………

    The Champ kicks out, and rolls away, trying to create some space, whilst Christian has other ideas, and grabs Cena from behind as he gets up, taking him to the corner, and begins to slam his head off the top turnbuckle … once, twice, thrice, four times, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE … and a TENTH!!!!! Taking out all the aggression he can, Christian scrambles the brain of Cena, then follows up the head bashing with a side suplex. Cover again;



    Christian rises to his feet, and for the first time since the match began, he looks to the fans, giving them a message that he’s here to punish Cena. He waits as Cena finds a way to his feet, and The Champ staggers backward into the ropes, with Captain Charisma charging at him … but Cena drops, and low bridges the ropes, with Christians momentum taking him over the top and out to the floor below!!!!!

    He lands with a thud, and after Cena walks around the ring to clear his head, he proceeds out of the ring to take advantage of his weakened adversary. He grabs the challenger by the head, and slams the Canadians face off the steel steps, with Christian staggering away. John Cena doesn’t let him get away though, and rams the challenger into the ring apron, before he throws Christian into the barrier!!!

    Cena jaw jacks with a fan in the front row, and strikes Christian, telling the fan; “How‘d ya like that, punk?? Keep talkin. I‘ll take it out on him”, before knocking Christian down again with a clothesline. The Champ then places Christian in front of the ring post by the legs, and CATAPULTS the Number One Contender into the ring post!!!

    Christian goes face first into the post, and has to hold onto the apron to stay upright, with Cena coming after him again, picking Christian up, and shouts at fans in the front row; “He‘s the guy you want, right?? Have a close up!!” and drops Christian, right on the barrier!!! Cena, having roughed up the challenger on the outside, rolls Christian back into the ring, following inside to continue to attack in the ring.

    Cena stomps Christian, preventing him from reaching his vertical base, stomping the head, talking trash while he does, playing off his quotes in the run up to tonight; “I see plenty of fear now, Christian. I see fear alright.” With the challenger weakened, Cena pulls him to his feet, still talking, standing Christian up, before rushing off the ropes, rebounding back with a stiff clothesline, putting Christian back down.

    Again, Cena reaches down, and drags Christian to his feet, keeping hold of the arm, and yanks Christian in, putting him right back down with another stiff clothesline!! The Champ drops down, and cinches in a side headlock, looking to wear down the challenger, and squeeze the air out of him. Laying on the mat, Cena smirks, shouting to the audience; “Who cant wrestle now??”

    Cena keeps the boring rest hold applied, and the fans grow restless - exactly what The Champ wants; applying a boring hold to frustrate the crowd, and as the boos grow, Cena acts puzzled, looking up at the referee to say; “I thought they wanted wrestling??” Christian meanwhile, is trying to prise the grip of Cena to escape the side headlock, but the strength of Cena makes it highly difficult to do so.

    Unable to break the hold from the mat, Christian finds his way to his feet, and tries to break the hold with elbows to the mid section, but just as it looks like he’s about to escape, Cena takes him back down in the headlock, keeping the hold applied!!! Christian kicks his legs in frustration, back to square one, with Cena enjoying his dominance over the challenger.

    The side headlock remains locked on, but Christian wont give in, and surges back to his feet, drilling elbows into the gut of Cena again - but the headlock remains applied - though Christian has a chance to escape, backing up toward the ropes, and pushes Cena off, breaking the hold, but as he shoves Cena across the ring, The Champ rebounds back, knocking the slighter man down with a big shoulder block.

    Christian tumbles off the impact, and The Champ is on him, backing Christian into the corner, and LAUNCHES him across the ring with a hard Irish whip, sending the challenger into the corner - HARD - with enough force for Christian to bounce out, and drops to his knees. Cena enjoys his superiority over the struggling challenger, seeing him on his knees, and proceeds to BOOT Christian in the face!!!!!

    Feeding off the boos, Cena cups his ear; channelling Hulk Hogan, getting MORE heat from the fans in the stadium. He picks the challenger up, slamming him right back down … BEFORE SIGNALLING FOR THE FIVE … KNUCKLE … SHUFFLE!!????? The heat is nuclear in the stadium, as Cena mocks his own previous fan friendly move, and he bends down, doing the “YOU CANT SEE ME” to Christian … BUT CHRISTIAN KICKS A LEG UP AT CENA!!!!!

    Instantly, the boos turn to cheers, with Christian cutting off Cenas attempt at the Five Knuckle Shuffle … and Cena staggers back, giving Christian a chance to get back up, and he blocks a shot from Cena, responding with an uppercut to The Champ, and fires off a bunch of right hands, backing The Champ into the ropes. Christian takes a step back, then rushes forward, AND SENDS CENA OUT OF THE RING WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

    Out goes Cena, over the top rope to the floor … but he isn’t stopping there. The challenger watches, lying in wait, as Cena gets back to his feet on the outside - and once he does, Christian slingshots himself over the top rope, splashing out onto Cena - CAUGHT!!! The Champ, showing his strength - CATCHES Christian … and CRUSHES the challenger back first against the ring post!!!

    Cena tosses Christian aside after impact, with Christian grimacing in pain, holding his back to sell the affect of the post. Cena picks him back up, and rams the challenger into the ring apron, before getting Christian back into the ring again. Cena climbs back in himself, and picks Christian up, looking for a suplex- BLOCKED!!! Cena tries again - BLOCKED AGAIN!!!

    The Champ lets go of his grip, and looks to soften Christian up before trying the vertical suplex again, clubbing the back, then tries the suplex once more - BLOCKED AGAIN!!!! And now, Christian looks to suplex Cena … and hoists him up, but Cena manages to land back on his feet, behind the challenger, and quickly shoots him into the corner!!!

    Cena charges in, looking to crush the challenger in the corner … but he’s too eager … and is met with a reverse elbow. Cena backs out, dropping to a knee, with Christian hops onto the middle rope … SPRINGBOARD SUNSET FLIP …


    ……KICK OUT……

    Cena just escapes the pin attempt, and both men are up quickly, but Cena strikes first, and shoots Christian into the corner again, and teases rushing in again - but stops short, having it scouted this time, as Christian gets a boot up, and Cena avoids it, then once Christian feet hit the ground again, he continues in, nailing the challenger with a forearm smash in the corner.

    The Champ - thinking he outsmarted the challenger - backs up, and rushes in again … but this time, Christian swings out of the corner, onto the ropes … AND CATCHES CENA WITH THE SEESAW KICK!!!!! The Champ eats the kick, and looks rattled and caught off guard, allowing Christian to follow up, getting Cena from behind … REVERSE DDT!!!!! Christian covers…



    ……KICK OUT……

    The Champ gets his shoulder up, but in the race back to their feet, it’s a battle Christian wins with time to spare, lying in wait for Cena to stand up and turn around … running through The Champ with a clothesline. Christian momentum nearly takes him on a tumble out of the ring, having to stop himself at the ropes, putting EVERYTHING into the clothesline.

    Listening to the fans cheers, Christian nods, and sets himself in the corner, waiting for Cena to stand back up, and once he does, Christian pounces, WITH ANOTHER BIG CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Again, Christians momentum takes him toward the ropes, as J.R remarks on the ferocity of the clotheslines from the challenger - delivered with pure anger.

    The challenger keeps his glare locked on Cena, who tries to get to his feet - and it’s Christian that brings him up, softening Cena up with a shot to the face, and then … PROCEEDS TO HOOK UP THE UNPRETTIER!!!!! The fans rise … as Christian gets Cena into position, turning him over … BUT CENA SLIPS OUT … AND ROLLS UP CHRISTIAN …




    Cena nearly stole it - but Christian JUST survives. Both men rise up, and it’s Cena to strike first with a kick to the gut, turning to run off the ropes, rebounding back … RIGHT INTO A SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM CHRISTIAN!!!!!

    The heel kick knocks Cena over, and The Champ sprawls, getting back to his feet quickly, but walks right into Christian, with the challenger picking him up, and onto his shoulders … then drops John Cena with an impressive gut buster across the knee!!! The challenger foregoes the cover attempt, and instead, stays on his feet, slowly clapping … getting the fans to go with him, as he stalks Cena, then brings him to his feet… and into position…


    CENA ESCAPES THE CLUTCHES, AND TRIPS CHRISTIAN … THEN TRIES TO APPLY THE STFU!!!!! Cena scrambles, trying to lock the submission hold on, but Christian wriggles, doing everything he can to block it, and does so … then flips over, rolling through into a pinning combination on Cena…


    …KICK OUT…

    Cena escapes the predicament, and both men get to their feet quickly, but it’s Christian that beats Cena to the punch, and uses that momentum to shoot Cena off into the corner, charging in to meet him there, but Cena ducks out of the corner, with Christian colliding with the turnbuckles. He staggers out, with Cena there, meeting him with a sit out hip toss, and follows up, hitting the ropes, coming back - THROWBACK to the challenger!!! Cena hooks the leg…

    ………KICK OUT………

    Christian survives with a kick out, but the advantage is right back into Cenas grasp, with The Champ dragging Christian up, tossing him into the corner, and punishes the challenger with sickening blows directed at the kidneys of his rival, punishing Christian, with J.R commentating that kidney punches are illegal in boxing, putting over how dangerous they are … but Coach makes the argument; “This aint boxing!!”, as Cena piles on the punishment!!!

    Cena is given a warning from the official for the kidney punches, and Cena blows him off, delivering another series of punches to the kidney, daring the referee to disqualify him, before dragging Christian out of the corner, and put him down with a short but strong clothesline. The Champ stands up, shouting out; “Cheer him now!!” before picking Christian up, delivering a gut wrench suplex, and floats over into a cover…



    Christian pushes out of the cover, and sits up, blowing hard, holding his kidney region, but doesn’t get long to recuperate, as Cena is on him, blasting him with a stomp to the face. And then again, softening Christian up to hook him into position for a vertical suplex, and gets him up in the air … AND HOLDS HIM THERE!!! Cena shows off his strength - much to the distaste of the fans, trying to rile them … flexing his free arm … before finally delivering the delayed vertical suplex!!!! Float over, cover;



    Still, Cena cant see off Christian!!! The Champ starts to look more frustrated with each kick out, and roughly drops a quick elbow on Christian, before dragging him back up again - BUT CHRISTIAN STUNS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!!! Christian rattles Cena with a right hand, taking him by surprise, mounting a comeback, giving the fans some hope … but misses a big haymaker … and turns into Cena, and a BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!!!! Hook of the leg…


    Shaking his head, Cena affords himself a wry smile, muttering, getting agitated at his inability to put Christian away. He doesn’t waste much more time, and drags the challenger back up to his feet, and gets him hooked up - RELEASE FISHERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! The Champ floats over again, into ANOTHER pin attempt, hooking the leg…



    He cant keep Christian down!!!!! Cena sits up, no longer smirking to himself - he’s just angry now. He gets up, reaching down, grabbing Christian by the hair, and asks him; “WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO YOU?????” … with the defiant challenger responding; “A LOT MORE THAN THAT!!” Cena snarls, and slams Christian head back into the mat.

    He nods, mouthing; “If that‘s what you want…”, before dragging the challenger up, bringing him toward the ropes … and ties Christians arms up on the middle and top ropes - the old Andre The Giant spot - with Christian unable to protect or defend himself!!! J.R is livid on commentary, harking back to the handcuff incident at Saturday Nights Main Event … as Cena proceeds to hammer Christian relentlessly!!!!!

    The punishing, sickening blows from Cena to Christian look like a direct ode to the beating Christian took from Cena in Atlantic City four weeks ago … as the referee desperately tries to free Christian from the ropes - to little joy, as Cena continues to rough the challenger up. The Champ drives forearms into the face of Christian, with the challenger unable to do anything about it - as Mike Chioda desperately tries to unhook the ropes!!!

    Cena talks trash, and SLAPS Christian, with Captain Charisma unable to do anything about it, with J.R shouting for more help to stop this beating and free Christian from the ropes … as Cena SLAPS Christian again … then takes off, hitting the opposite ropes, coming back at speed to punish Christian further … BUT CHRISTIAN GETS A FOOT UP!!!!!

    Cena is staggered by the boot from Christian, and the fans pop - then pop louder - as Christian is FREED from the ropes!!!! The challenger escapes from the ropes, and UNLEASHES hell on Cena, running through him with a clothesline, then once Cena is back up, Christian takes him down with a double leg, and unloads on Cena, LAYING into him savagely!!!!!

    Pounding The Champ on the mat, Christian starts to get carried away, laying into him with rights and lefts, thrown in a fit of rage … and again walks the fine line of disqualification, with the official administering a mandatory count to stop the beating with closed fists … and the challenger has to stop himself from going too far and costing himself the title!!

    Christian rolls off Cena, and climbs back to his feet, passionately pounds his chest - feeding off the reaction of the rabid fans!!!!! Christian walks around the ring, listening to the words of the official - but doesn’t respond. And keeps his eyes on Cena, waiting for the fading champion to get back to his vertical base, and once he does, Christian delivers a drop toe hold … AND APPLIES THE STFU ON CENA!!!!!

    The Champ is caught … in the middle of the ring … in HIS OWN SUBMISSION HOLD!!!!! Christian cranks back, forcing further agony onto the champion, as Cena - to his credit - bravely holds on … as Styles recalls Cena tapping out TWICE last year in big matches, wondering if his spirit will break again tonight … but Cena tries to scratch and claw … not willing to give in to Christian and especially not to his own hold!!!

    Christian leans back, applying even more pressure … with Cena closing his eyes, flailing his arms unable to see the ropes with the challengers arms covering his view!! J.R asks how much The Champ can take, as Captain Charisma wrenches back, wanting to submit Cena in front of seventy thousand witnesses!!!!! The buzz grows, with the fans believing the submission is within sight…










    ………… MAKING THE ROPES …………

    Christian - again battling against his desire to punish Cena - holds on once the champion makes the ropes … but eventually sees sense, and releases the hold at the referees count of three. Christian gets to his feet, and is again warned by the referee, as Cena takes the opportunity to make a getaway, and rolls out of the ring, stumbling to the timekeepers position … and looks to take his belt and leave the ringside area!!!!!

    The stadium is in unison with boos, as they see what Cena is trying to do … but Captain Charisma sees it too, and quickly looks to stop Cena escaping, and jumps onto the ropes, SPRINGBOARD SPLASH OVER THE TOP ONTO CENA, TAKING THE CHAMP DOWN!!!!! Christian elicits another pop from the fans, and he stands back up, sending Cena tumbling into the steel steps outside!!!!

    Captain Charisma rolls Cena back inside, following in, and grips The Champ, before setting himself, seated on the top rope … looking to score with a TORNADO DDT … BUT CENA COUNTERS IN MID AIR … AND SLAMS CHRISTIAN INTO THE MAT WITH A MODIFIED SPINE BUSTER!!!!! HE HOOKS THE LEG…



    The challenger raises a shoulder off the mat, but Cena is back in charge, and he climbs to his feet, shaking the cobwebs loose, looking worse for wear, but climbs onto the apron, then up the turnbuckles. Cena sets himself on the top rope - getting boo’s, as he readies himself … BUT CHRISTIAN RISES, and stops Cena with a shot to the gut, and proceeds up the buckles himself … meeting Cena with a right hand … AND DELIVERS A HURRICANRANA OFF THE TOP!!!!!!!!!!

    There’s a huge pop for the big, high risk move from Christian, and the challenger hooks the leg…


    …KICK OUT…

    Cena kicks out, and rolls out of the ring to safety … but doesn’t get much safety, as Christian watches him, then runs off the ropes … baseball slide to the unexpecting champion!!! Cena clatters into the announce table, and Christian follows out , throwing Cena back inside. Christian stands up on the apron, looking all around the stadium, before proceeding to the ropes, climbing up top … setting himself, getting cheered by the fans … DIVING HEADBUTT OFF THE TOP ROPE …

    BUT MISSES!!!!!

    Cena rolls out of harms way, and Christian bashes his head off the canvas … with Cena takes advantage … AND APPLIES THE STFU ON THE CHALLENGER!!!!! Christian is caught in the deadly hold, and winces in pain, unable to escape the clutches, as Cena torques back, desperate for a submission victory, roaring himself, as he pulls back, contorting Christians body, with Captain Charisma yelling in agonizing pain!!!!!

    J.R asks how much Christian can take, with Cena ripping, leaning back as far as he can. Christian reaches; hopelessly - as he’s nowhere near the ropes - whilst Cena frantically cranks back, and Cena, at the top of his voice roars “TAAAAP” … With Mike Chioda right in front of Christian, asking the challenger if he wants to give it up …


    … But Christian refuses … and tries to rip Cenas arms off to no avail …


    Still though, Christian refuses to give it in …… And with the fans willing him on, he PULLS … AND CLAWS toward the ropes ……

    … Gaining closer … getting closer …


    … Cena shakes his head, seeing Christian so close, and desperately torques, looking for the submission before the challenger can reach out, frantically looking to make him tap … AS CHRISTIAN PUTS HIS HAND UP …



    Christian has the ropes … and Cena is livid!! Shaking his head in disbelief, Cena simply cranks back farther, despite Christian being at the ropes, and eventually has his arms prised off Christian by Mike Chioda, with the referee admonishing Cena once again, but he pushes past him, and climbs back out, onto the turnbuckles, setting himself up top … with Christian slowly rising …


    … NO ONE HOME!!!!!

    Both men struggle, both selling the effects of what they’ve been through, and the race is on to get back in control … with both using the ropes to get up … and they peel themselves off, meeting in the middle of the ring … Cena strikes first; BOO from the fans … Christian replies; YAY from the fans. Cena; BOO … Christian; YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … BOO, YAY … they keep trading blows, the fans cheering for Christian, and boo for Cena…

    They continue to trade blows, with the fans meeting each shot with a Boo or a Yay, depending on who is delivering … but the YAY’s soon take over … as Christian wins the fist fight, blocking shots from Cena, and landing ALL of his own, beating The Champ down, with the ropes the only thing holding Cena up, as Christian sends him off the ropes, knocking him back down with a back elbow.

    Cena slowly comes to, rising to his feet … but gets knocked right back down on his ass with a blistering clothesline!! Cena looks to be nearing the end, with Christian’s momentum growing down the stretch, and he motions to the audience that it’s over. Cena meanwhile, retreats to the corner, with Christian stalking him down …

    In the corner though, the desperate champion pulls the referee in - USING CHIODA AS A SHIELD!!!!! Cena shoves Chioda into the path of Christian, unbalancing the challenger, but he pushes aside Chioda … but Cena uses that to his advantage, AND POPS UP OUT OF NOWHERE … FU TO CHRISTIAN!!!!! Cena delivers his finish … and hooks the leg …



    …………………SHOULDER UP…………………

    Cena cant believe it!!! Styles calls it justice on commentary, as Cena, even resorting to cheap tactics now, STILL cant put Christian away. The Champ looks livid, and shaking his head, he rolls out, under the bottom rope, proceeding to collect the title belt, and brings it up the steps, and into the ring … looking to take Christian out with the title belt.

    It’s another sign of just how much Cena has changed, not afraid to take a short cut now; with Coach commenting that it only makes Cena even more dangerous. He ignores the warnings from Chioda, who tries to stand in his way … and shoves the referee aside … SWINGING THE BELT AT CHRISTIAN … CHRISTIAN DUCKS UNDER … AND HOISTS CENA UP ON THE RETURN … FU TO THE CHAMP!!!!!


    “He may be a no-good son of a bitch … but one thing about Cena hasn’t changed; he’s still got plenty of heart!!” bellows J.R, with Christian shaking his head in the ring at the kick out. Captain Charisma now reaches, picking up the World Heavyweight Title … and he contemplates waffling Cena with it … torn between the DQ but getting revenge … or tossing the belt aside and going for victory.

    Mike Chioda tries to reason with him, as Christian looks at the belt - deciding whether to use it or win it … and thinks better of it, tossing the belt down, coming back for Cena … and spots The Champ reaching for his trusty steel chain … and stamps on Cenas hand, stopping him from getting it!!! Christian shakes his head, telling Cena; “No more.”

    Cena looks up at Christian - and looks done. Out of options, out of steam, and out of plans, Cena looks like a beaten man, as Christian stomps his face, before dragging Cena up, and throttles The Champ with a clothesline, before pulling him back up again … and into position … with ANOTHER attempt at the UNPRETTIER … BUT CENA DESPERATELY SHOVES HIM AWAY!!!!

    Christian is shoved off - and nearly collides with Chioda, stopping just short, as Cena races in for a clothesline … Christian ducks under … Cena continues … and WAFFLES MIKE CHIODA!!!!! Cena takes out the referee, with Styles convinced he could’ve stopped himself, but CHOSE not to and PURPOSELY followed through to hit the referee!!! But it makes no difference to Cena, as Christian gets him … turns him over…


    Christian turns Cena over, hooking the leg … and he could count to one hundred … BECAUSE THERE’S NO REFEREE!!!!!!!!!!

    Chioda is still down, and despite slapping his own hands on the mat three times - to a pop from the fans - Christian HASN’T won the match, despite having Cena beaten!!! The challenger bows his head, shaking it, before getting back up, trying to revive the referee, looking around, and sees Cena going for the belt, but stops him, and picks the title up, and also kicks the chain out of the ring, giving Cena no weapons to pick up.

    Christian shakes his head at Cena, carrying the title out of his reach, and tosses it out of the ring, before he turns back again, giving Chioda a slap to wake him up, bringing him around. Christian then turns around, focusing his attention onto The Champ, standing over him … shaking his head at the pathetic sight of a once proud champion, and drags Cena up … BUT GETS TRIPPED DOWN …

    AND CENA APPLIES THE STFU AGAIN!!!!! The STFU is locked on, with Christian trying to fight it!!!! He tries to roll over … but Cena rolls through too … WITH THE STFU STILL APPLIED!!!!! The attempt at the counter just lands Christian back further from the ropes … and STILL in the STFU … and Christian is FADING!!!!

    Cena … sensing this is his moment, leans back further, increasing the pressure on the challenger, who holds his hand up, as the fans try to will him on, chanting “CHRISTIAN” … and he doesn’t tap!!!! STILL fighting it, Christian IS able to push himself forward, closer to the ropes, as Cena tries to lean further back. Captain Charisma continues to ever so slightly reach forward … closer to the ropes, with the audience COMPLETELY behind Christian … willing him on …





    … AND GRABS …


    Christian missed the bottom rope … and the pain continues!!!!! Cena PULLS back again, looking for a final pull to get the submission, AND REVENGE FOR LAST YEARS LOSS … but the challenger refuses to give in, making one big final push before he ends up passing out, clawing a little more, with every last drop of energy he has left, with Cena shaking his head …


    … AND … GRABS …


    Christian has his hand on the bottom rope … BUT CENA DOESN’T LET GO OF THE HOLD … AND CHIODA IS STILL NOT IN POSITION - HE’S STILL SELLING THE CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Christian kicks his legs frantically, with his grip on the rope loosening … HE’S FADING in the STFU … he’s fading, losing consciousness … as Cena cranks back …

    The boos are off the charts inside the stadium, with Cena pulling back … and the fighting spirit of Christian appears to be gone … HIS HAND LIMPLY LETS GO OF THE BOTTOM ROPE AND BACK ON THE MAT … IT LOOKS LIKE HE HAS PASSED OUT!!!!! Cena pulls back, the STFU has taken Christian out; he is clearly OUT COLD!!!!!

    Cena keeps the STFU applied, waiting for Chioda to come around … and the referee stumbles back into position, lifting the arm of Christian - and it falls!!! He lifts it a second time … and it falls again. The fans sit in hope … as Chioda raises the arm a third and final time … but the arm DROPS limply … with Chioda having no option BUT TO CALL FOR THE BELL!!!!!


    Joey Styles: But - Christian NEVER tapped out!!

    Cena’s new music plays as he is named the winner - with the fans furious at the decision, believing Christian has been screwed out of victory tonight. Cena keeps the hold applied for a few additional seconds, before Chioda finally makes him relent.

    Jim Ross: God damn it - not only did he NOT tap, Christian MADE it to the ropes!!!

    The Coach: Don’t blame the referee - he can only call what he sees, and when he got up, he saw Christian kissing the canvas!!!

    The Champ; still Cena, gets up, and is presented with the famous big gold belt, and holds it aloft … as a few fans litter the ring with empty drinks containers, such is their rage at seeing Cena retain the title … but with his new demeanour, Cena doesn’t care.

    Jim Ross: No one is blaming Mike Chioda - he did his job. John Cena cant take any pleasure from this. He didn’t truly beat Christian!!

    The Coach: But the record books will say differently, J.R. There wont be any asterisk - it’ll simply say, John Cena BEAT Christian at WrestleMania Twenty Four!!!

    Joey Styles: A victory … but a hollow victory if you ask me.

    Cena riles the fans further, mocking his old gestures by dusting off his shoulder and waving his hand in front of his face to say; “YOU CANT SEE ME!!!” whilst cups continue to be tossed into the ring, as Chioda tends to Christian, trying to bring him around.

    The Coach: Nothing hollow about it, Styles. And I don’t think Cena sees it as a hollow victory either - he’s looks delighted to finally right the wrong of a year ago. He proved tonight who the better man is. It was a war of attrition, and Cena had the bigger lungs to hang on in there!!!

    Jim Ross: For the love of God; Christian MADE the ropes!! The hold should’ve been broken!!!

    Cena stands over Christian, still out cold; and holds up the title again, one final time, before departing the ring, leaving with the gold in tact, and leaving Christian in an unconscious heap - for the second time in a month.

    Joey Styles: John Cena will leave Phoenix with the World Heavyweight Championship still in tact … but he better not think that this issue is over. When Christian comes around, he’s gonna be after Cena. He’s not let this issue rest. Not like this.

    The Coach: If he has any sense, he will. After tonight, he should be wise to the fact that when he gets in Cenas face, bad things happen to him. He got bloodied and battered at Saturday Nights Main Event, and he got choked out tonight!!!

    Christian is finally brought around by a doctor in the ring, and he looks out of sorts as he comes to, mouthing to the doctor; “What happened?” … as we see a final shot of Cena walking out, turning at the top of the ramp, holding the title proudly aloft again … as Christian turns his head to see Cena celebrating … and the realisation kicks in for the loser.

    Jim Ross: This is a DAMN travesty!! It shouldn’t have gone down this way!! Cena has beaten Christian tonight at WrestleMania, sure, he has evened the score after last year … but there’s no honour in this win. He didn’t prove anything. If anything, he proved that he CANT truly beat that man. He CANT beat Christian without takin a short cut!!!

    Joey Styles: And beyond that, J.R … Christian NEVER tapped out. He PASSED out here tonight.

    The Coach: Stop raining on Cena’s parade!! He walked in champion - and he’s walking OUT - STILL champion.

    Stumbling to his feet, Christian is unsteady, falling into the ropes, as Chioda looks to help him up. Christian regains his footing, and looks around, seeing the debris in the ring, and then listens to the cheers from the fans - still supporting Captain Charisma, with Christian nodding at the reaction, weakly pounding his chest to show his appreciation … but bows his head, devastated by the loss tonight.

    Jim Ross: John Cena has won this match … he’s had his arm raised in this battle. But this war with Christian - it’s far from over.

    We get a final look at Christian, with the announcers dropping out, letting the reaction of the fans fade the moment out. Captain Charisma exit’s the ring, and stops at the bottom of the aisle, looking side to side, nodding at the fans … shouting; “We‘re not done yet…” as the camera fades out…




    Flashing shots of superstars in action; Paul London, Brent Albright, Los Latinos, Beth Phoenix…

    … IT’S TIME …

    MVP, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker & Straight Edge.

    … TO SHAKE …

    John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Christian.

    … THINGS …

    The Gods of War, Matt Hardy, Jamie Noble, Shawn Michaels.

    … UP …

    THE 2008 DRAFT

    After the draft month promo plays again, footage returns, showing the night time skyline of downtown in Phoenix Arizona…

    Jim Ross: What a sight that is, gentlemen. We’ve been in Arizona all week long, and what a beautiful state it is. And what a week it’s been!!

    The Coach: Capped off with the biggest WrestleMania ever.

    Joey Styles: And Phoenix has been an exceptional host city - Houston has a big task to live up to this night if you ask me.

    Footage then cuts back into the arena, and shows more celebrities in attendance starting with ADAM SANDLER, who waves as he is keyed on camera…

    Jim Ross: Adam Sandler!!

    Joey Styles: One of the biggest movie stars of the last decade, and a huge WWE fan, J.R!!

    JON STEWART is then shown in the third row, also offering a nod.

    The Coach: And there’s the host of the Daily Show!! Jon Stewart!! He’ll be talking about WrestleMania tomorrow, I’m sure!!!

    Then we see ZZ TOP; Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill!!!

    Jim Ross: And two of the biggest celebrity fans of the WWE!!! I don’t think ZZ Top ever miss a WrestleMania!!

    The Coach: Why would they??

    Joey Styles: The stars have come out in force for the Desert Classic!!

    The camera then cuts away, and on the big screen, we get the graphic…

    A pop emanates around the arena, as we get set for the main event of this incredible show…

    Joey Styles: And the time has come!!!

    Jim Ross: It’s been a rollercoaster of a night. What a way to close this thing out. Can Edge finally make his lifelong dream come true?? Is it FINALLY time for Edge to become WWE Champion?? To do that, he has to overcome the sixth longest reigning WWE Champion of all time!! A year ago, Randy Orton won that very title, doing the unthink-


    J.R - and the fans - are all caught off guard by the music … of … THE MIZ??? Indeed, the former reality TV star, and the “Hardcore” champion walks out onto the stage to complete and utter indifference.

    Jim Ross: What. The. Hell?? What’s this goof doing??

    Joey Styles: We’re getting set for the main event, here. What does The Miz want???

    The Coach: Who cares!! The Miz is at WrestleMania!! It’s a WrestleMania moment!!!

    Smiling, Miz walks down the ramp, wearing an expensive tuxedo … but makes it look ridiculous with the tattered Hardcore Championship strapped around his waist. He pulls out a mic, and talks over his music, with the music eventually cutting off…

    The Miz: PHOENIX, ARIZONA!!!!



    No one cares. There’s a lot of “go-away” heat for Miz, with the annoying pest now holding up the main event.

    The Miz: HOO-RAH!!!

    Miz holds the mic out, wanting a response … but gets more boos. He keeps striding down the aisle, with a cocky grin…

    The Miz: I saw they were getting ready to go to the WWE Title match … but it looks like the people in charge have forgotten the biggest match of the evening!!! So fear not, people; the main event is right … here!!!

    Miz points to himself, and gets more heat, as J.R comments; “What is he talking about?? He doesn’t have a match - he was rejected from the battle royal.”

    The Miz: Tonight, as all you Miz-fits know … I’ve laid down the challenge for anyone to come and try to take this Hardcore title from me!!!

    On commentary, Styles sounds puzzled; “No, he didn’t.”

    The Miz: I threw down the gauntlet … but unfortunately … NO ONE stepped up to the plate to face THE greatest champion in the WWE … and why?? Because, I’M THE MIZ … AND I’MMMM … HARD-CORRREEE!!!!

    Heat. J.R chimes in; “No one stepped up because there was no challenge. At least not one made publicly, you idiot!!”

    The Miz: But even though no one accepted my Hardcore invitation, that doesn’t mean you people should be denied the opportunity to get a look at the man you all came here to see. Last night, you had to sit, BORED, as the WWE Hall of Fame wheeled out a bunch of fools, that no one has even heard of. Was it just me, or did Magnum P.I get in?? Tom Selleck doesn’t even wrestle!!!

    J.R is incredulous; “That‘s Magnum TA you goofball. Go get a wrestling education!!” Miz continues down the aisle, still smiling.

    The Miz: And that fat guy wearing the jock strap?? Yeah, if I looked like him, I’d want to cover my face too!!!

    Coach appears to agree; “Yeah. Who wears a jockstrap with a suit anyway!! Vader is an idiot!!” … though the fans are outraged.

    The Miz: Ric Flair wasn’t the only guy crying last night. Thousands of fans were left with tears in their eyes when they didn’t get to see The Miz go in the Hall of Fame. And, beyond the has-beens… I’ve been seeing the camera giving air time to the so-called celebrities in attendance this evening. Puh-lease!!!

    The Miz takes a pause, still smiling as he uses his free hand to point to himself for his next point.

    The Miz: You’re looking at the biggest crossover celebrity on the PLANET. I’m not on the A-List … I’m on the A STAR list!!! And unlike some of these people amongst the people tonight, my star hasn’t faded. My star is GROWING. ZZ Top don’t get on MTV … but not only was I the biggest thing to hit MTV … I WAS MTV on the Real World and the Real World/Road Rules challenge.

    Miz smirks, not listening to the boos and cat calls - the “Go-away” heat is rising.

    The Miz: People … now that I think about it, since The Miz arrived in the WWE, I’ve become the WWE, and now that I’ve made it to Wrestle Mania … maybe we should re-name it; MIZ-A-MANIAAAAA!!!!!

    Reaching ringside, Miz looks for a reaction to his suggestion … but gets more boos.

    The Miz: I saw Adam Sandler on camera a minute ago. Remember him?? Last time he had a hit, WCW was still in business!!!

    “Ooooh” from the fans. Sandler is shown in the crowd with a forced grin after the jibe from Miz. Miz steps into the ring…

    The Miz: But the biggest joke of all … is THIS guy!!!

    Miz does a spin, and leans over the ropes, then points out at SHAQ, to a big pop from the fans, seeing their new basketball hero on camera again.

    The Miz: Looking at Shaqueille O’Neill … I didn’t realise that they stacked CRAP that high!!!

    Heat for the very, very old joke. Shaq steps forward to the front row, shouting; “Come say that to my face!!”

    The Miz: What?? You don’t scare me, big guy. As a matter of fact, I’d offer YOU a shot at my Hardcore title tonight…

    Big pop from the fans. Miz pauses, looks around with a glint in his eyes, then back at Shaq, with a shit eating grin…

    The Miz: But then, I realised … Shaq cant win a championship without Kobe!!!!!

    Huge heat for Miz. Shaq threatens to climb over the barrier to take him on.

    The Miz: You people are cheering him now, but when you FAIL to reach the play-offs, you’ll all say; “We shoulda got LEBRON instead!!!!!”

    Heat. Miz turns away, and addresses the fans … as SHAQ gets over the barrier, and gets into the ring!!!! The fans explode, with Miz playing dumb … unaware of what’s going on behind him.

    The Miz: I’d wipe the floor with Shaq. He doesn’t know anything about being HARDCORE!! I played Shaq-Fu when I was a kid … but then again, I was probably the only one!!!

    Thinking the fans are cheering him, Miz smiles, thanking them off mic, before turning around … and his face drops … with the seven foot SHAQ in the ring with him!!! Quickly, he backtracks.

    The Miz: Ha ha!! It was all a joke!! We’re just having a bit of fun out here. Right?? Right??

    Miz nods, looking for a positive response from Shaq … but the basketball star shakes his head. Miz gulps, and then backs up, apologising, trying to lull Shaq into a false sense of security … THEN TRIES TO CHEAP SHOT SHAQ WITH A CLOTHESLINE…


    Miz goes down off his own clothesline, bouncing off the seven footer, to a huge pop, and a “SHAQ” chant picks up inside the stadium, and he looks around, with Miz struggling to his feet … pulling himself up on the ropes … AS SHAQ ATTACKS … AND CLOTHESLINES MIZ OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    The NBA star stands tall in the ring, saluting the fans, as Miz scrambles to the aisle, his moment backfiring in his face … with Shaq standing tall, raising his arms, getting huge cheers from his fans in Arizona.

    Jim Ross: Well The Miz got his moment - just not the one he envisaged!!! So much for Hardcore!!!

    Joey Styles: He’s an embarrassment to the word ‘Hardcore’, J.R.

    The Coach: He’d wipe the floor with any ECW misfit, that’s for sure. And he would’ve wiped the floor with that misfit in the ring, too, except Shaq gave him a cheap shot!!!

    Joey Styles: Cheap shot?? The Miz tried to attack Shaq!!!

    The Coach: That was self-defence. Shaq has no business being in our ring. You don’t see The Miz turning up on a basketball court!!!

    Cutting away from the ring, we see J.R, Styles and Coach, one more time at ringside…

    Jim Ross: Well in any event, The Miz has been embarrassed and humiliated here in front of seventy two thousand fans. He got a WrestleMania moment he’ll never forget … but will it be triumph of disaster for the winner of the 2008 Royal Rumble??

    Joey Styles: The ten year journey culminates here tonight for Edge. He has come up short on multiple occasions in his quest for the WWE Championship. But he won the Royal Rumble for this opportunity tonight. With question marks over the condition of his neck, is the dream about to become a nightmare??

    The Coach: And as if that wasn’t enough to overcome, he’s dealing with the best, most successful, longest reigning champion in the last twenty years. Randy Orton has been WWE Champion for 379 days - over a year. Something that The Rock could never accomplish, something Stone Cold Steve Austin could never do, something even his mentor, Triple H, couldn’t pull off. Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, The Undertaker; none of them have done what Randy Orton has done.

    Jim Ross: He has been tremendous as champion, no doubt about it. The sixth longest reign in WWE history. Can Edge be the man to topple Randy Orton?? We’re about to find out…

    Joey Styles: The pieces are in place. Randy Orton and Edge are set to do battle in the main event of the Showcase of the Immortals…


    -Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho-
    WALLS OF JERICHO APPLIED ON RVD!!!!!!! The champion yells out in agony as Jericho SYNCHES BACK FURTHER!!!!! RVD is in massive danger of submitting now, coming to the realisation his dream run is set to end … with RVD raising his hand, ready to submit…


    EDGE IS BACK AGAIN!!!! Edge is set to cover Jericho, but spots RVD squirming, turning his attention to Van Dam again, not looking to pin Jericho in case RVD manages to break it. Edge crouches down, lining up ONE LAST SPEAR!!! … BUT VAN DAM SIDE STEPS HIM … AND EDGE RUNS STRAIGHT THROUGH INTO THE RING POST!!!!! RVD now jumps onto the back of Edge, then onto the top rope … AND WASTES NO TIME TO FLY … AND CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH ON JERICHO!!! The cover is made…


    ……………BUT HE‘S TOO LATE……………

    The opening chords of “Something in the Way” by Nirvana plays, as the voice of Randy Orton plays over the clips…

    Randy Orton: It’s excuse … after excuse … after excuse. With Edge … there’s always something in the way.

    ‘Something in the way
    Something in the way, yeah

    Edge SPEARS Van Dam after the match in fury, having cost himself the chance to cash in Money in the Bank…


    The music contorts … as Orton - with the Money in the Bank briefcase - bypasses Edge on the ramp, cashing in…



    Michael Cole: Randy Orton has done in one night what Edge couldn’t do in a year…

    ‘Something in the way
    Something in the way, yeah
    Edge: Watching Orton walk out with the championship, the title THAT WAS MEANT FOR ME … IS TEARING ME UP INSIDE … IT’S RIPPING ME APART … Knowing … knowing, that these hands should be clutching that gold … knowing, that it was my Spear to Van Dam that gave Orton the green light … it’s … it’s … killing me. I cant- I cant, cant sleep, I cant eat, I cant function … and until I have my crowning achievement … I … WONT.

    ‘Something in the way’

    Edge then has a shot at Orton in the weeks that follow, but his one on one match is ruined by interference. And he is eliminated from a Fatal Four Way for the title by Orton after an RKO onto a steel chair.


    With a title shot at stake in September, Edge falls short against The Undertaker, and looks on the verge of a mental breakdown…

    ‘Something in the way, yeah’

    Then, Edge eventually gains a rematch with Orton - finally getting a one on one shot … and with the victory in his grasp … sees it ruined by the returning Lashley, who dismantles Edge.



    !! BUZZER!!


    Edge: Ten years. I’ve been here TEN years. I’ve had highs … and I’ve had lows too.

    Edge makes his way to the ring …


    Jim Ross: And Edge’s dreams … may have just gone up in smoke!!!

    Edge writhes in pain, as we get flashback shots to Edge defeating both Batista and Lashley in consecutive weeks as part of his challenge to enter the Rumble match…

    Joey Styles: Edge battled for weeks to make it into this match. He beat Batista and Lashley fair and square to make sure they didn’t qualify … this is disgusting. Even if he can recover to make it into the ring … he’s got to be at a huge disadvantage.

    Shots of Edge struggling on the aisle … with flashing shots of Edge in despair; near miss after near miss in his quest for the title.

    Edge: But from the day and hour I walked into this company, I’ve done everything I possibly could to grab ever and any chance I’ve ever got.

    Edge sucks it up, and makes it to the ring, and is shown dumping The Brian Kendrick out of the ring, whilst surviving near misses.

    Edge: Despite everything I’ve accomplished - EVERYTHING I’ve done - there’s ONE thing that I’ve never done… and it’s the thing that I want the most…

    Edge is thrown over by RVD … but only ONE foot touches … and he climbs back onto the apron and into the ring…

    Edge: And that … is to BE CHAMPION!!! No matter- no matter what I’ve done, it’s the one thing I’ve never been able to accomplish - it’s the ONE THING I still haven’t done - and it tears me apart.

    RVD and Flair are tussling by the ropes, with Edge dumping both over - with Flair hitting the floor … but Van Dam lands on the apron…

    Edge: On Sunday, I have the chance to make that possible. One chance. And that’s to win the Royal Rumble. I went through HELL just to make it, and I’ll be damned if it’s all gonna be for nothin.

    Edge surges across the ring … AND SPEARS RVD OFF THE APRON TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

    Edge: No. No it wont be for nothing … I’M GOIN … to WrestleMania…

    Cut to Edge and Orton face to face in the ring, on the January 25 Smackdown…


    A collage of clips of Randy Orton as WWE Champion plays over the next series of sound bites; Orton stalking to the ring, having his arm raised time and time again, RKO after RKO…

    Paul Heyman: Randy Orton will make history, when he becomes the first man in nearly twenty years to win the WWE Title at one Wrestle Mania … and hold it right through to the next.
    Jerry Lawler: He’s proved time and time again why he’s the best!!!
    The Coach: He’s royalty in this business!! It’s in his blood!!!
    Joey Styles: Over the last year as champion, Orton has fought off all comers, one way or another…
    Michael Cole: You can question his motives…
    Jerry Lawler: You cant deny the results!!!
    Tony Chimmel: Here is your winner …
    Joey Styles: Randy Orton has survived the Elimination Chamber-
    Tony Chimmel: And STILL…
    Paul Heyman: He’s accomplished something that The Rock couldn’t, Steve Austin couldn’t, Bret Hart couldn’t…
    Howard Finkel: WWE Champion…
    Paul Heyman: …Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena - none of them could do what Orton has done!!!
    Tony Chimmel: RANDY …
    Joey Styles: He will make it ONE whole year as champion…
    Howard Finkel: ORTON!!!

    And cut to Orton, standing proudly in the ring - with the title over his shoulder.

    Randy Orton: I’m the first man to hold the WWE Championship from one WrestleMania to the next in nearly twenty years. It’s not a coincidence. This business … it’s moved on … It’s a cut-throat business, and the nice guys?? They really do finish last.

    Shots of Orton hitting the devastating Punt, time and time again over the last year; his most deadly weapon.

    Randy Orton: So let people complain. Let people say I’m going too far. As long as I’m WWE Champion … I’m going as far as I need to.

    And remaining WWE Champion thanks to it.

    Randy Orton: And now you’re all beginning to accept it. Now, you’re all beginning to realise … that you’re living in MY era. Maybe now you’ll all begin to accept facts, accept reality, and stop looking for the one to end my reign … because there’s isn’t one.

    Tracking back; clips of Ortons successful title defences … beating Jericho at the Rumble, catching RVD with an RKO in mid-air at Summerslam, pinning Batista, having his arm raised inside the Chamber, pounding Taker, holding the title after beating London…

    Randy Orton: You all christened Chris Jericho as the saviour. You all hoped that Rob Van Dam would have his revenge. You all believed that Batista and Brock Lesnar would be too big and too tough for me to handle. You all thought I was doomed against The Deadman, and you all prayed that Paul London would get to live out his fantasy. And then … there was Edge… AND HE WAS THE LEAST QUALIFIED OF ALL!!!!

    Cut flashing shots of x-rays… and Orton in the ring with the evidence at Saturday Nights Main Event…

    Randy Orton: Edge’s neck is a mess!!!

    ‘Something in the way’

    Shots of Edge trying to get Orton - but the Champion escapes…


    Then, Orton cracks Edge from behind on March 7 Smackdown, setting him up for the Punt…

    Randy Orton: After all - if all the others couldn’t beat me at their best … then what hope can you people give Edge when he’s got a stack of dimes for a neck!!

    ‘Something in the way, yeah’

    Clips of all the punts; to Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, Nick Dinsmore, Tommy Dreamer, David Flair…

    Randy Orton: For Edge, there’s always something in the way. And now, I’m that something. I am in Edge’s way of becoming WWE Champion. And I’m an obstacle that wont be conquered.

    But Orton stops short of the Punt…

    Randy Orton: I’ll enjoy it much better … BREAKING YOUR NECK AT WRESTLEMANIA!!!!

    Shots of Orton nailing Edge with the title belt, mixed with shots of Edge and his failed attempts at glory over the years … in comparison to the gold-laden career of Randy Orton…

    Edge: I’m comin to Phoenix to do WHATEVER it takes … I’ll risk it all; my neck, my career, MY LIFE … Because I HAVE to be champion.

    ‘Something in the way’

    Shots of Edge in recovery after his neck surgery in 2003 … whilst Orton wins his first title in 2004.

    Randy Orton: Edge … that day is NEVER coming. I’m putting you out of your misery once and for all at WrestleMania, like I said I would. I’m beating you … and then I’m PUNTING you out of the picture - forever.


    Edge in despair last year at Wrestle Mania … and Orton taking advantage, beating RVD to become WWE Champion.

    Edge: No- no you’re not. YOU made a mistake. ONE mistake. That night you had me down?? That was your chance to put me out. You didn’t take it. You made the mistake … and it’s gonna cost you dearly. Your reign as WWE Champion … ENDS at Wrestle … MANIA!!!

    ‘Something in the way, yeah’

    And end of the shot from this past Friday on Smackdown; Edge and Orton face to face, with the WWE Title raised between them by Orton…



    Back inside the stadium, there’s a buzz, with the main event now about to proceed. There’s quiet … then the stadium goes dark…

    And a creepy woman’s voice booms, with an eerie whisper, calling back to Edge‘s initial vignettes when he made his (lacklustre) debut in 1998…

    “What could’ve happened to this man…
    That brought him to this place…”

    “He’s the truth that you deceive…
    The lie that you believe…”

    “The God to which you pray…
    The devil you must repay…”

    “He is the bullet in the gun…
    The pain from which you run…”

    “But you will never know me…
    You don’t know yourself…”

    “You are lost…
    And scared…”

    “Fury and rage, remnants of chaos…
    Devastation, euphoria …”


    Silence. The stadium is still shrouded in darkness…



    And emerging through the smoke from his entrance is the 2008 Royal Rumble winner; EDGE!!!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar strides, stopping at the top of the stage, and throws off his shades, then slaps his face, pumping himself up, before striding down the ramp.

    Joey Styles: For ten years, Edge has battled for everything single thing he has ever won. Every title has been earned through hard work and dedication. But despite his dedication, there’s one piece of gold that has eluded him… the most priceless of all; the WWE Championship.

    Jim Ross: He’s given his body and his soul to this business. He suffered a broken neck in his quest for greatness. From when he was just a young boy, Edge has been working toward becoming WWE Champion. It’s been his only goal in life - and it’s never been closer than it is right now!!!

    The Coach: And very soon, it’s gonna be further away than it ever was. That stack of dimes he has for a neck are about to topple over. He’s not strong enough for this; you both said it; he broke his neck for the World title, and still couldn’t do it!!

    Joey Styles: He may well fall short. There’s no guarantees. But Orton will have to break Edge to beat him. I truly believe that.

    The Coach: And Orton probably will.

    And, midway down the ramp, Edge pauses, and stops, before throwing his arms up in the air, as a spectacular pyro display goes off behind him.

    Joey Styles: Can Edge channel all his previous success at WrestleMania; the TLC matches with Christian, those championship victories … and can he use that as inspiration to prevail in the biggest match of his life.

    Jim Ross: After so many bitter defeats - just here last year of course - Edge surely cannot afford another loss. After so many near-misses in WWE Title matches, there comes a point where it’s now or never. Tonight may be it for Edge.

    Edge’s intensity comes through in his eyes, giving himself a pep talk, before sliding into the ring, looking around, before pushing up, onto his feet, and proceeds to the far right corner, raising his arms again, nodding - ready for the moment.

    Jim Ross: You can see how much he wants it!! You can see how much it means to him!!

    The Coach: You sure can. But some people just aren’t championship material, J.R. Maybe Edge, as good as he is, just isn’t good enough to win the big one. How about that??

    Joey Styles: It’s been hard to argue, Coach. Edge HAS come up short multiple times. But not always down to his own short comings. He’s had a lot of bad luck down the years. Don’t forget Edge had Orton beat a few months ago, before he was screwed outta the title in Toronto.

    The Rated ‘R’ Superstar takes off his long trench coat, and paces around the ring, with his music playing out, and the wait begins for the champion…

    The Coach: You make your own luck, Styles. Edge just cant seize the opportunities. He failed with Money in the Bank. He had a year to call his shot and failed.

    Edge paces back and forth, with the champion clearly trying to play mind games … making the Royal Rumble winner wait…

    Jim Ross: He doesn’t have a year to call his shot now though. He has ONE shot … one opportunity. It’s do or die for Edge tonight.

    Joey Styles: And it looks like Orton is trying - one last time - to mess with Edge. He’s making the challenger wait…

    The Coach: And so he should!!!

    The wait continues, with Edge smirking, mouthing something; knowing what Orton is trying to do … as the fans begin to grow restless…


    The familiar music of the WWE Champion blares, and initial cheers for the music soon turn to jeers … as RANDY ORTON strolls, SLOWLY onto the stage, with the WWE Title draped over his shoulder.

    Joey Styles: The familiar sight; Randy Orton with the WWE Title belt on his shoulder … but will this be the last time we see that very image??

    The Coach: Or … is this just the beginning of Year Two in the Age of Orton?? He’s the best champion in twenty years. It’s gonna take something special to knock him off, Styles.

    Jim Ross: And maybe that someone special is Edge.

    No fancy pyro or smoke or theatrics … the WWE Champion strolls down the ramp, with all the confidence in the world. Fitting for a man who has ruled the world for over a year…

    Jim Ross: He has a hell of a resume; a third generation superstar, the youngest World Champion of all time back in 2004, he’s been at the top of the mountain three times already and he’s still in his twenties!!! And yes, he’s had the sixth longest reign in WWE history.

    The Coach: And J.R … he’s still getting better.

    Joey Styles: Which is a hell of a statement. No doubt about it, Edge will need to be at his very best to knock off Randy Orton.

    Jim Ross: And that means that neck will have to be in full working condition too. If what Orton said is true, and that neck is as fragile as we believe it may be … Edge is gonna see his hopes and dreams shattered tonight.

    Orton climbs into the ring, telling Chad Patton to keep Edge back, before proceeding to parade the title in the corner, climbing the turnbuckles.

    The Coach: Wow. What a specimen. What a champion.

    Joey Styles: He doesn’t look nervous, he looks calm. He looks cool.

    The Coach: Because he’s a champion!!

    Jim Ross: But will he be champion for much longer??

    Joey Styles: We’re about to find out…

    The champion gets down from the ropes, making his way to his corner, as the bell rings for the big time introductions…

    Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen … the following contest … scheduled for ONE fall … is for the W-W-E … CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!!


    Howard Finkel: Introducing first; the CHALLENGER!! From Toronto, Ontario, Canada … weighing in at 241 pounds … he is the 2008 Royal Rumble winner … EEEEEEDGE!!!!

    Pop. Edge steps forward, raising his arms, before backing to his corner again.

    Howard Finkel: And, from St. Louis, Missouri … weighing in at 245 pounds … he is the W-W-E CHAMPIONNN … RAAAANDYYYY … ORTONNNNN!!!!

    Heat. Orton raises the title up, and passes it to the official…

    Edge and Orton remain in their corners, as the big introductions are conducted … with Chad Patton holding the title aloft before passing it out of the ring … and the match is ready to get underway, with the referee calling for the bell…

    WWE Championship Match:

    WWE Champion, Randy Orton vs.
    2008 Royal Rumble Winner, Edge
    The two men circle the ring, both getting involved verbally, each trying to psyche the other out, before they reach in for a collar and elbow, locking up for the first time, and Edge instantly overpowers the champion SHOVING him down, with Ortons eyes bugging out, and as Edge comes for him, the champion rolls under the ropes, and out of the ring to create space.

    The champion shakes his head, taking a walk, surprised by the ferocity of Edge, as the official has to keep Edge from following out. Orton winds his arm up, holding his shoulder, and takes his time walking back up the steps - as Edge holds open the ropes for him, inviting the champion back into the ring. Randy doesn’t take too kindly to the offer, and points to Patton, telling him to get Edge back, before he slowly re-enters the ring.

    On commentary, Styles and J.R are both calling for Orton to get in the ring and to stop stalling, whilst Coach tells them not to question a man that’s been champion for so long, calling it strategy. Orton climbs in, and circles again, with Edge eager to lock up once more - reaching, trying to pick a leg of the champion, but Orton avoids, kicking his legs free, creating some space … before dodging out of the ring - AGAIN!!!!!

    Boos ring out from the fans, as Orton dips under, avoiding the collision, and as Edge looks to get by the referee, Orton thinks better of it, and climbs out of the ring completely, dropping to the floor again!!! The fans are getting restless with the stalling from the champion, as Orton takes another walk, head down … whilst Edge is getting more and more agitated.

    Edge shakes his head at Orton on the outside, and shows how bored he is by the antics of the champion, and hoists himself on the top rope, lying across the corner, folding his arms, waiting for Orton to get in and quit stalling. Orton though, is in no rush it seems, as Styles wonders if this is a deliberate tactic from the champion to get Edge angry and break the concentration of the temperamental Rated ‘R’ Superstar.

    Again, Orton slowly climbs up the steel steps, ignoring the incessant boos of the fans, before climbing back into the ring. Edge drops off the top rope, thinking that Orton is finally going to engage … but the champion simply circles around the ring with the challenger, before ducking out through the ropes again!!! And this time, the fans are livid - as is Edge!!! It’s all mind games from Orton, and appears to be working, with Edge losing his cool at the antics.

    Chad Patton leans out through the ropes, admonishing Orton, telling him to quit the games and get in the ring, with Orton arguing back … but for Edge, he’s had enough of waiting, and slides out of the ring on the other side, and comes chasing after the champion!!! Orton spots Edge coming, and takes off, keeping away from the challenger, before rolling back into the ring, and as Edge slides in, the champion meets him with a stomp to the back!!!

    Edge tries to shrug off the stomps to the back, trying to battle up, but is stomped into the corner by the champion, with Orton viciously trying to wear Edge down as J.R comments that Orton learned his lesson from November when he nearly succumbed to an early loss from Edge who came out of the blocks that night. And instantly slowed it down tonight.

    Orton - with Edge sufficiently weakened - drags him from the corner, shooting him off the ropes. Orton ducks down for the return, but Edge hangs on to the ropes. The champion looks up, wondering where Edge is, and is met with a dropkick once he lifts his head up!! Orton is knocked silly from the dropkick, and Edge opens up, putting Orton back down with a clothesline, and another with Orton getting up again, then a third, before sending Orton off the ropes, and meeting him on the return with a BIG back body drop!!!!!

    The Champion bounces off the canvas, clutching his back as he rolls away, and retreats to the corner. Edge though, wont let up, and follows in, mounting the corner … and unleashing a barrage of right hands on Orton … with the fans beginning to count along, more joining in with each punch … ONE … TWO … THREE … FOUR … FIVE … SIX … SEVEN … EIGHT … NINE … TEN MOUNTED PUNCHES IN THE CORNER!!!!!

    But - before Edge can drop down … Orton carries Edge OUT and looks to attempt an inverted atomic drop … but Edge pushes free, avoiding contact and landing on his feet. And BLASTS Orton with a BLISTERING clothesline, knocking the champion down!!! Edge is building momentum, and he climbs onto the apron, going up top, perching himself - waiting for Orton to rise … and flies off when he does; MISSILE DROPKICK CONNECTS!!!!!

    The champion is in a world of trouble, with Edge bouncing back to his feet, looking around the stadium … AND TAKES UP A POSITION IN THE CORNER!!!! Edge is setting up … A SPEAR!!!!! Crouching down, willing the champion up, Edge is setting his sights on a quick win - with Styles barking out on commentary; “Shades of Saturday Nights Main Event!! But this time, there‘s no one to save Orton!!!”

    Edge readies himself, as Orton climbs to his feet … and Edge sets off … BUT ORTON DIVES OUT OF HARMS WAY … AND OUT OF THE RING AGAIN!!!!! Boos ring out once more, as Orton saves his title reign from ruin by avoiding the Spear. The champion waves the match off, and collects the title belt from ringside, trying to walk out … but there’s no chance in hell of Edge allowing it … and he baseball slides into Orton on the outside, knocking the champion down!!!

    Edge follows out, not giving Orton even a second of time, and drags the champion up, and BASHES the champions head off the steel steps, stalking him as he walks away, grabbing Orton by the trunks, and tosses Orton into the other set of steel steps!!! With the champion at his mercy, the Royal Rumble winner drags him up, and rolls Orton back into the ring.

    The Rated ‘R’ Superstar rolls back in too, and follows Orton to the corner, softening him up with right hands, then sends the champion across the ring to the opposite corner at speed … and Orton bounces out upon impact, right back into the path of Edge, and a FLAPJACK!!!! Edge doesn’t go for a cover … but instead … SETS UP ANOTHER SPEAR ATTEMPT!!!!! The fans rise in anticipation, whilst J.R questions if Edge is trying to end it early because he KNOWS his neck is in the terrible condition Orton claims.

    Lying in wait, Edge crouches in the corner … waiting to strike … AND EXPLODES OUT OF THE CORNER AS ORTON RISES … BUT ORTON STEPS TO SAFETY … AND EDGE CANT STOP HIS OWN MOMENTUM … RUNNING THROUGH … CRASHING SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE POST!!!!! Orton seizes the opportunity, and rolls Edge up out of the corner…


    …KICK OUT…

    Edge’s aggression gets the better of him, as he collides with the post in the corner, and it nearly cost him with the roll up by Orton. Edge survives, but he grimaces, holding the shoulder, writhing in pain, as Orton watches on, seeing opportunity present itself to him thanks to Edges own eagerness backfiring on him. Orton waits for Edge to rise up, and lands his first real offensive move of the contest, going through the challenger with a clothesline.

    Forcing things to his pace, Orton slows the match down, and proceeds to methodically pick Edge apart, putting him back down on the mat with a front slam. With Edge down, Orton takes the opportunity to deliver the Garvin stomp - ALL OVER the body of Edge. Orton starts with a Garvin stomp to the forehead, then the right side of the body; first the shoulder, then the arm, the hand, to the knee, and then the ankle!!!

    Orton then stomps the left ankle, knee, hand, arm, shoulder, before stomping Edge’s face again!!! Orton grabs the legs, holding them up with Edge flat on the canvas, and proceeds to Garvin stomp the gut of the challenger!!! Punishing the entire body, Orton then backs into the ropes, stepping back out … and leaps up, DRIVING his knee into the face of Edge.

    Affording himself a wry smile, the champion gets to his feet, and reaches down, turning Edge over, onto his front. Orton smirks again, and stomps the NECK - the potentially injured neck - before backing into the ropes again, coming out and leaps up … KNEE DROP TO THE BACK OF THE NECK!!! Orton drives his knee into the surgically repaired neck of Edge!!!

    The Rumble winner kicks his legs in pain, and clutches his neck off the impact, with the fans hushing to an eerie silence. Orton though, has a smirk on his face, and watches Edge try to slither away, looking cocksure of himself, as he steps after him, stopping Edge from getting out of the ring, grabbing him by the legs at the ropes … turning Edge over … and CATAPULTS Edge into the bottom rope - crushing his throat - and creating a whiplash effect on the neck!!!

    Edge is left struggling by the ring apron, turning over, selling his neck issues, with Orton sliding out of the ring, targeting the weak spot, going after Edge with elbows to the point of the neck by the apron, before the champion climbs up onto the apron, with Edges head draped over the edge of the apron … and Randy walks across … and DROPS his knee across the neck of Edge again!!! Edges neck snaps over the side of the apron, with Orton rolling back inside.

    Stalking the challenger, Orton continues to target the neck, stomping on it again, before talking trash as he leans over; “HOW‘S YOUR NECK NOW, TOUGH GUY??” Orton drags the challenger up, taking him over with a simple - but effective - snap mare, creating more stress on the neck, before applying his tried and trusted … but very boring; Chinlock … OF DOOM~!!!

    Orton roughly turns Edge over, sticking his knee into the challengers NECK, and applies the rear chin lock - much to the delight chagrin of the on looking fans inside the stadium. Edge flails his arms in pain, with Orton clenching in tight, digging his knee in further to the neck, making it as uncomfortable as possible for Edge, with the challenger wincing as he tries to fight the hold.

    Edge tries to scurry, and shifts to get the knee off his neck, but the chinlock remains applied by Orton. Edge though now has room to battle to his feet, and he pushes up to his feet, with the chinlock now a headlock, with the challenger reversing his position, and escapes the hold with an atomic drop!! Edge hasn’t time to take a breath, and has to get right on Orton, stopping the champion with a barrage of right hands.

    Softening the champion up, Edge pounds Orton into the ropes, and shoots him off, but misses a clothesline, as Orton ducks under, coming back, with Edge attempting another big back body drop - but this time, Orton shifts as he is propelled over, landing on his feet, going behind Edge, and runs him into the ropes, rolling the challenger up out of the ropes … into a roll up pin attempt …




    Edge pushes free from the pin attempt, with Orton pushed off, hitting the ropes, coming back … right into a small package from Edge…


    Edge nearly got the champion with the small package, but Orton frees himself, and both men quickly reach their feet in a race to strike first, with Orton striking - blocked by Edge, and Edge batters Orton with a clothesline!!! Orton - instinctively - gets right back to his feet, with is met by a running clothesline from Edge again, and the Rumble winner meets Orton when he gets up again, sending him off the ropes, and meets the champion with a BIG BOOT!!!!! Cover…



    The challenger shrugs off his neck issues, but does hold his neck momentarily as he stands back up, shaking his arm loose, as he sizes Orton up, looking to strike as the champion gets to his feet, kicking Randy in the gut, and hooks him into position … FOR THE EDGECUTION … NO!!! Orton charges whilst hooked in position, and rams Edge backward, crushing him into the corner, breaking the grip of the challenger.

    Orton follows up, driving his shoulder into the gut of Edge in the corner, driving the air out of the challenger. With the Rated ‘R’ Superstar slowed down, Orton pulls the challenger from the corner, sending him off the ropes, but Edge ducks under a clothesline attempt, then gets Orton in a half nelson, and delivers his own version of a bulldog!!! Edge turns the champion over, hooking the leg…



    Edge grits his teeth at the kick out, and leans over Orton, letting a trifecta of right hands go, pounding the head of the champion, keeping Orton under control, before pulling Randy back to his feet, stuffing him against the ropes, with Orton on his knees. Edge drives his knee into the back of Orton, choking him on the ropes, forcing Chad Patton to step in, administering a count, forcing Edge off the champion.

    Edge backs up, ignoring that admonishment of the official, and looks back at Orton, hung over the middle ropes, and takes off, hitting the ropes, coming back, diving with a low cross body to the back of the champion on the ropes!!! The Royal Rumble winner keeps the pressure on, dragging Orton out of the ropes, and makes a cover, hooking the leg…

    ……KICK OUT……

    Orton rolls his shoulder off the mat, but Edge wont let up, and the he drags his rival back to his feet, sending Randy off the ropes, ducking down for the return … but Orton comes back, kicking Edge, with the challenger reeling away. Orton looks to clothesline Edge, but the Rated ‘R’ Superstar ducks under, taking off, hitting the ropes, rebounding back at Orton … but the champion leaps up, over the incoming Edge, then hooks him up … INVERTED BACKBREAKER!!!!!



    Edge survives, but the damage is done - as Orton targets the neck again, taking Edge back to square one. The challenger rolls away, holding his neck after the kick out, as Orton goes back to the well. The champion doesn’t give Edge much time to recuperate, dragging him up, clubbing the back - specifically the neck, before backing Edge into the ropes, delivering a big uppercut forearm against the ropes, with J.R talking about the whiplash effect of the neck snapping back off the forearm.

    Orton keeps Edge slumped against the ropes, and clubs the back - and neck with a forearm again, before delivering another big uppercut forearm, dragging him from the ropes, and launches Edge into the corner, with Edge’s back bouncing off the turnbuckles, and he falls to the mat in a heap, holding his neck again, as Styles says even someone without a history of neck issues would find it hard to cope with this level of punishment.

    The champion follows up, dropping a knee again to the neck, dragging the challenger to his feet, pushing him into the corner again, where he delivers another uppercut forearm, weakening Edge even more. Orton then drags Edge out, and throws him onto the apron through the ropes … HANGING HIM UP ON THE MIDDLE ROPE … INTO A DDT POSITION!!! Orton has Edge in place for the HANGMANS DDT … BUT EDGE WRIGGLES FREE!!!!!

    Edge pounds the ribs of Orton to break his grip, and he pulls himself back, standing up on the apron, but once he does, Orton - as quick as ever - hangs Edge up on the top rope!!! Edges throat bounces off the ropes, and he nearly topples off the apron, but hangs on … but Orton grabs Edge from inside the ring, with Edge still on the apron … REVERSE NECKBREAKER to Edge, with Edges neck bouncing off the top rope!!!!!

    The challengers neck bounces off the ropes, and he falls to the floor, rolling around, selling the pain to his neck, as Orton slithers out, with a wry smile on his face, nodding at his handiwork. The champion stomps Edges neck on the outside, before picking him up … and shoots Edge - HARD - into the barricade, with Edge hitting the unforgiving barrier at speed!!

    Orton rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, and to allow himself more time to punish Edge on the outside. He rams Edge into the barrier again, before grabbing one of the thin mats at ringside, flipping it up, and exposing the floor below. Styles comments that he doesn’t like the look in Ortons eyes right now, with the champion grabbing Edge by the hair, and pulling him between his legs, as J.R shouts; “NOOO!!! DON’T YOU DARE, DON’T!!!”…



    Ortons back SMACKS off the cold, hard, unforgiving floor!!! J.R bellows that that would’ve been all she wrote for Edge - his neck may even have been broken - if the PILEDRIVER had been executed by Orton. The champion writhes in pain, sitting up, holding his back with his eyes closed, groaning. Edge struggles to regain his footing too, selling the effects the match has had on his neck.

    Edge staggers around part of ringside, holding his neck, whilst on the opposite side of the ring, Orton crawls to the ring apron, trying to climb back up to the ring. Edge climbs inside … watching as Orton climbs onto the apron, standing on the ring apron … WITH EDGE TAKING OFF … SPEARING ORTON THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!!!!!

    “OH MY GAWWWWWD!!!!!!!!”

    Joey Styles trademark yell gets another outing at WrestleMania, as Edge SPEARS ORTON THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! Champion and challenger both crash onto the floor, with the fans ERUPTING for the incredibly high risk spear!!! J.R says Edge is willing to risk his own body just to break down Orton in his quest for the elusive WWE Title!!!

    Both men writhe in pain off the Spear, selling the enormity of it, but Edge is first to stir, slowly climbing to his feet, using the ring apron to get up. The challenger grimaces, feeling the effects of the match, but pushes through the pain barrier, wanting to seize the opportunity by getting Orton back in the ring to finish the match. Edge desperately gets his dead-weight adversary up, dragging him to the ring apron, and rolls him inside, crawling in, and making a cover…



    Edge looks up in despair, and runs his fingers through his hair, as Coach blurts out on commentary; “That‘s why Orton has been champion for a year!!!” Edge looks up to the heavens, and gets to his feet, arguing with the official over the count, the desperation showing through for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar. Edge comes back for Orton, pulling the champion back up, with Orton lifeless; a dead weight … with Edge pulling him up … RKO!!!!!!!!


    The air is taken out of the stadium, with Orton dropping Edge in the middle of the ring … but cant immediately capitalise, still selling the effects of the Spear moments earlier. But, he pushes through his own issues … and eventually crawls … into a cover, and he hooks the leg, as boos rain down, with Coach saying it’s all over, with the count coming down…




    Now, it’s Ortons turn to be in despair, with the WWE Champion falling over himself to confront the referee over the count. Regaining his vertical base, Orton holds up three fingers, slapping his hands together three times, arguing with Patton on the count, but makes sure not to argue for too long, and gets back on the challenger before he can recover, clubbing the back again, before executing another big uppercut forearm, knocking Edge back down.

    Orton picks Edge up, clubbing the back, softening him up, before getting the challenger into position, throwing him up into a gut wrench position, on his shoulders … but Edge manages to wriggle free, sliding off the back, and rushes off the ropes, bouncing back … RIGHT INTO A HUGE DROPKICK FROM ORTON!!!!! Orton scrambles, and hooks the leg…



    Edge kicks out, but Orton doesn’t let him get away, keeping him on the mat, and pounds the face of the challenger, then turns him over, and pounds THE NECK of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, going back to the target point of Edge. Orton drags Edge up, and hooks him into position, looking for a Rick Rude style neck breaker … but Edge escapes, and spins Orton around … kick to the gut … EDGECUTION TO ORTON!!!!!

    Orton gets impaled with the modified DDT … but as Edge scrambles for a cover … ORTON HAS ROLLED OUT OF THE RING!!!!! The impact of the move has Orton roll … right out of the ring, and Edge leans out through the middle ropes in anguish!!! Edge looks down at Orton on the floor, seeing the champion there for the taking … but he cant get the cover on the outside!!!

    Edge holds his neck again, with the adrenaline wearing off … but the Royal Rumble winner shakes his head, doing his damnedest to fight through the pain, feeding off the moment … rising to his feet. Edge rolls out, and tries for a moment to get Orton back in … but changes his mind, and climbs back into the ring instead. Looking out at the sea of fans inside the stadium … waiting for Orton to rise to his feet. Orton gets up…


    There’s a booming cheer inside the University of Phoenix stadium for the incredibly high risk manoeuvre from Edge, with J.R bellowing; “He said he‘d risk it all to become champion, and bah gawd, he‘ll break his own damn body to hold the title!!!” Styles echoes the statement, going back to Smackdown, where Edge said he’d do whatever it takes to win the title, even at the detriment of his own future.

    Edge stirs on the floor, listening to the cheers of the fans off the high risk plancha to the outside, with the Rumble winner reaching for Orton, dragging him up, and rolls Orton into the ring … before dropping to a knee himself, feeling the effects on his neck, giving Coach the chance to call Edge an idiot, saying he went too far and it’s cost him.

    The Rated ‘R’ Superstar shakes his head, fighting through the pain barrier, and climbs up onto the apron, but as he tries to climb in, Orton kicks the ropes - kicking them into the mid section of Edge, grinding the challenger to a halt, with Orton then gripping Edge … and drags him through the middle rope … elevating Edge off the ground … FOR THE SICKENING … HANGMANS DDT TO EDGE!!!!!!!!!! Edge is dropped on his head … and Orton drags him in, hooking the leg…



    On commentary, J.R goes into full gravel voice mode; “EDGE KICKS OUT!!! HE KICKED OUT OF THE DAMNEDEST DDT IN THE GAME!!!!” Styles is just as shocked; “Words cant describe how much this means to Edge!! You cant measure his desire!!!” Meanwhile, Orton looks up, shaking his head in disbelief, telling Chad Patton; “No!! You‘re wrong!! Again!!!” Then, hooks the leg again, tighter…


    Orton still cant believe it!! He shakes his head again, and points to the referee to count again, as he hooks the leg once more, leaning back for a tighter cover again…



    The champion rolls off, and slams his hands off the canvas in frustration, before mounting Edge, pummelling him with right hands to the face, wearing Edge down further, turning him over, and delivering clubbing forearm shots to the neck of the challenger. Weakening the neck, Orton stands, and stomps it, before reaching back down … applying a CAMEL CLUTCH!!!!!

    The submission - the one made famous by the Iron Shiek - is applied by the champion, not a move Orton ever uses - but one that puts as much strain as possible on the challengers fragile neck!!!! Orton sits back, with the famous hold clamped on tight … applying as much torque and pressure as humanly possible … with Edge in DEEP, DEEP trouble!!!

    Orton leans back … applying even MORE pressure to the neck of Edge, as the trio on commentary say that this could be the end of the dream for Edge. Styles even goes as far to say that even if Edge gets to the ropes, the damage could be done. The WWE Champion wrenches back … but Edge tries to grit it out … crawling across the ring on his knees … reaching … trying to grab at the ropes…





    Edge has to dig in again, battling through the pain … as Orton continues to wrench back, YELLING “TAAAP” … with the fans willing Edge on … as the challenger tries to scratch and claw across the ring, but Orton leans back … forcing Edge to dig in … and the challenger has to show all his heart and desire … as he reaches one last time …

    … AND MAKES THE ROPES!!!!!!!!!!

    Edge gratefully finds the sanctuary of the ropes, with Orton unable to hide the disappointment, thinking he had Edge with the Camel Clutch. Chad Patton forces the break, with Orton letting go, and standing up … but instantly stomps the neck of Edge again!!! The champion drags his challenger up, throwing him through the ropes to the floor, and follows out, looking to continue the punishment.

    Stomping Edge, Orton keeps the challenger at bay, keeping him weak … and drags him to his feet, before picking Edge up … AND RAMS HIM - BACK AND NECK FIRST - INTO THE POST!!!!! Orton drops Edge, and the challenger slumps to his knees, as the champion drags him up, back to the exposed part of the floor … and sets him into position again; with Styles begging Orton not to do it … but his plea isn’t heard … Orton gets Edge up…


    … ON THE EXPOSED FLOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edge is left a broken mess on the floor, as Randy Orton delivers a move NEVER seen in the WWE anymore; the notorious Piledriver … spiking Edges head on the exposed floor!!! “That‘s it, it‘s broken” calls Styles, as J.R follows up, saying that would break ANY mans neck, recalling Owen Hart breaking Austins neck over a decade ago with a piledriver. Orton struggles back to his feet meanwhile, and climbs into the ring … with Edge spread eagled - out cold.

    The medical team rush to treat Edge on the outside, as Chad Patton also shows concern, watching as Edge is treated on the outside. Orton though, shows no such concern, and grips the official by the shirt, demanding he count Edge out, waving his arm in the manner an official would when making a ten count. Orton shoves the ref back to the ropes, demanding the count is made … as the lifeless Edge is shown on the floor, being placed into a neck brace on the floor.


    …J.R declares that the match should be called already, stating the count should be foregone, saying that there‘s more important issues at hand regarding Edge…


    …The medics continue to treat Edge - who has yet to move, getting the brace placed on his neck, as Orton proceeds to climb onto the turnbuckles, posing - to massive heat - as he waits for the formalities to be conducted…




    … A stretcher arrives at ringside, with Edge being placed on a board, still not moving after the piledriver …


    … The fans continue to get behind Edge, desperate for the Royal Rumble winner to get back up, but J.R is still selling this as the “sad end we hoped we wouldn’t see” …



    … Before he can be placed onto the stretcher though, EDGE RAISES AN ARM!!! EDGE IS STIRRING!!!!! …


    … Edge pushes a medic away, and TEARS the neck brace off, with Orton still unaware of what’s happening, whilst the fans roar in approval, and Joey Styles cant believe that Edge is getting up …


    … Edge defies the orders of the doctors, pushing the medics aside, as Orton peers over his shoulder, and is GOBSMACKED by what he sees …




    But as soon as he’s in, Orton is all over him!!! The champion stomps the neck of Edge, giving him no chance to recover, and drags Edge to his feet, clubbing the back, before getting Edge up, into a gut wrench position again … but this time, Edge DOESN’T slip off the back … and Orton, getting Edge on his shoulder … DELIVERS A SICK, DEVASTATING GUTWRENCH NECKBREAKER!!!!! Orton leans back, into a cover…



    “HOW IS EDGE DOING THIS!!??” is the immediate reaction off the kick out from J.R, with the challenger AGAIN finding it in himself to survive - and it raises the ire of Orton again, who bounces up to his feet, furious with the referee, trying - for a moment - to intimidate Chad Patton, standing over him, letting out his anger … then calms down.

    Orton settles, and drags Edge back up, in between his legs AGAIN - signalling to the fans that THIS is it, this time. Orton looks for the PILEDRIVER again … BUT EDGE BACK DROPS OUT OF IT!!!!! Orton hit’s the mat, and Edge struggles, still feeling the effects of the earlier piledriver, as J.R says we still don’t know that the neck isn’t broken!! It’s a race to their feet … but it’s still Orton that’s up first … and he clatters Edge from behind with a clothesline!!!

    The champion hit’s the mat too from the impact he went through Edges neck, before Orton turns over … snakes backward … POUNDING his fists off the canvas … signalling for the deadly RKO!!! The challenger is slow to move, turning onto his front, shaking his head loose, still holding his neck in pain, not knowing what is being set up whilst he tries to recover.

    Meanwhile, Orton continues to lay in wait … slamming the mat, WILLING the Rumble winner to get up so that Orton can finish the job once and for all … as Edge slowly uses the ropes to climb up and reach his feet … looking to be on his last legs, with Orton closing in on ANOTHER successful title defence … with Edge peeling off the ropes … AND ORTON EXPLODES WITH AN RKO-




    Both men rise to their feet, and Orton - the fresher of the two - still looks to strike first with a clothesline … Edge ducks under … AND CATCHES THE CHAMPION WITH THE EDGE-O-MATIC!!!!! Orton hit’s the mat, and it buys Edge more time to shake the cobwebs loose, getting to his feet … with Orton struggling up too … into the path of Edge, swinging; missing again … RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP FROM EDGE!!!!! Edge hooks the leg…




    The Russian Leg Sweep isn’t enough, but it swings the momentum back into Edge’s favour. And puffing his cheeks, Edge gets a surge of adrenaline, feeling the moment, sensing the opportunity, and he pushes up, getting back to his feet, as the fans pop. Edge takes up the familiar position in the corner, with the fans rising in anticipation … Is THIS the moment???!!!

    Seventy thousand are on their feet … watching as Edge is like a coiled spring in the corner … wild eyed, BEGGING Orton to get back up, CHOMPING at the bit as he sizes up another attempt at the SPEAR!!!! Orton struggles, as Edge tears at his hair, desperate for the champion to get up, with Edge so close that he can TASTE the title. Randy climbs to his feet, pushing off the ropes … AND EDGE GOES FOR IT … SPEAR-

    NO!!!!! ORTON CATCHES EDGE COMING IN… SNAP POWERSLAM FROM ORTON!!!!!!!! Incredible counter!!!! The air is taken out of the stadium, as Orton hooks the leg off the power slam…

    …………EDGE KICKS OUT…………

    Orton puts his hands on his head, unable to believe the kick out, and drags Edge up, scaring the official off, before hoisting Edge up, placing him onto the top turnbuckle, and proceeds to climb up himself … wanting a SUPERPLEX … BUT EDGE BLOCKS IT!!! Edge hammers Orton up top, then shoves him off to the floor!!!!! Orton hit’s the mat and looks to recover, with Edge readying himself up top … SPLASHING OFF THE TOP TO ORTON-

    RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ORTON EXPLODES WITH AN RKO OUT OF NOWHERE; CATCHING EDGE IN MID-AIR!!!!!!!!!! The fans gasp in amazement as Orton counters the cross body with an RKO … and he scrambles into a cover, hooking the leg and leaning back, ending the dream for Edge …



    Jim Ross: IT’S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANDY ORTON RETAINS THE TITLE!!!!

    The bell rings, the music plays, and there’s shock in the air - ORTON BEATS EDGE!!!!!

    The Coach: He’s the greatest champion of all time!!! Edge was good - but it just want meant to be!!! He couldn’t beat Orton!!!

    Orton is up, with his hands in the air, dropping to the outside to collect his title, but there’s not been an official announcement yet …

    Joey Styles: Hold on a second; look at this - EDGE’S FOOT WAS ON THE ROPE!!!!

    We now finally see Edge … and indeed, his FOOT is on the rope!!! The match ISNT over!!!

    Jim Ross: And Chad Patton just saw it!!!!

    Joey Styles: IT’S NOT OVER!!!! IT’S NOT OVER!!!!

    Patton signals that the foot is on the ropes, asking for the music to be cut, before he jumps to the outside, informing Orton, whose expression DROPS when he’s informed of what’s going on!!!

    The Coach: This isn’t fair!! Orton won the match!! Let him go!!

    Orton argues with Patton, slapping his hands to indicate the three count, but Patton motions with his foot that Edge had his foot on the rope all along. Orton throws the belt down in fury, and pushes Patton aside … getting back in the ring!!!!

    The match continues!!!!! Orton climbs inside, looking as Edge crawls from the ropes, still out of it off the incredible mid-air RKO … but his problems are about to get much worse. Orton backs up, and leans against the corner, with the commentary team KNOWING what this signifies. Coach says Orton promised he’d finish Edge off once and for all at Wrestle Mania … and it looks like he’ll live up to the promise, as boos rain down on the champion.

    On commentary, Styles and J.R both shout for Edge to get out of there, knowing what to expect next - not wanting to see it, saying it‘ll end edge‘s career!!! Orton shapes up, mouthing all sorts, as he wills Edge up … set to finish off the challenger once and for all to retain the title. Edge is on his knees … AND ORTON RACES ACROSS THE RING FOR THE PUNT KICK …

    EDGE EXPLODES WITH A SPEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Joey Styles: NEW CHAMPION!!!! EDGE!!!! EDGE HAS DONE IT!!!!!

    The camera quickly pans around the stadium, with fans jumping up and down, with the music filling through the stadium, as the official announcement is made…


    Edge, overcome by the moment, rolls off the beaten FORMER champion, and covers his face, with tears in his eyes…


    Joey Styles: And how long have we waited to hear that!!!

    The Coach: Did he really get a foot on the rope??

    Jim Ross: He got a foot on the rope, all right. He survived the RKO, you better believe it, Coach - Randy Ortons reign as WWE Champion - is OVER!!!

    Edge gets on his knees, finally being presented with the WWE Championship, finally holding it AS champion!!!

    Joey Styles: He has dreamt of this moment. He has lived for this moment. Many people never thought we’d see the day - but Edge never gave up hope!!! Edge never stopped believing.

    The Coach: I didn’t think he had it in him. And I sure didn’t think he could knock off the greatest WWE Champion of all time…

    The NEW champion looks at the title in all it’s glory, looking at every marble and diamond encrusted on the prize, savouring every single piece of the richest prize in the game.

    Jim Ross: Think of everything this man has had to overcome to reach this moment. Think of what he had to overcome just TONIGHT!! Not only did Edge have to contend with arguably the most dangerous - and arguably the greatest - WWE Champion of all time, but we still don’t know the extent of his neck problems.

    Joey Styles: And Orton targeted that neck throughout the match. How Edge crawled off the stretcher after being PILEDRIVEN into the floor, I’ll never know. His neck could be damaged beyond repair; but he said it himself; he’d trade it ALL; his health, his career his wellbeing, for ONE moment - and this IS that moment.

    For a split second, we look at the defeated Randy Orton, slumped on the outside, against the barricade, finally toppled as WWE Champion … before going back to THE story; the NEW champion, getting to his feet, holding the title aloft on the turnbuckles … as CONFETTI falls from the ceiling throughout the stadium … followed by fireworks.

    The Coach: I still don’t believe what I’m seeing. What a night. What a WrestleMania, guys. Truly; a classic here tonight in the desert…

    Jim Ross: We have seen it all on this night - but no one moment can top this one.

    Joey Styles: This is what WrestleMania is all about. Dreams DO come true at WrestleMania. Edge’s just did…

    The fireworks continue, and the confetti still falls, as Edge continues to celebrate in the ring, tears in his eyes, closing the biggest show of the year with the WWE Championship finally in HIS grasp.

    Jim Ross: He’s suffered through trials and tribulations, countless surgeries and injuries, he’s had near misses and close calls, from being overlooked and underappreciated, he’s been screwed and he’s been cheated, but through it all, he never gave up!! He never gave in, he never stopped chasing his dream!!! And now, after ten long years, the journey is complete … and Edge … can finally say he is; WWE Champion!!!



    *Nirvana | Come as You Are*


    Clips of the jets flying over the stadium at the beginning of the night, shots of Rey Mysterio popping from under the trapdoor, John Legend singing ‘America The Beautiful’, the elaborate entrances for Umaga, Taker and JBL, and Shaq nailing Miz.

    Shots of Ric Flair stylin’ and profilin’, John Cena stomping to the ring with Nas and P. Diddy, along with The Brian Kendrick trying to steal the Money in the Bank briefcase, before the words from Lillian at the beginning of the show...

    Lillian Garcia: WELCOME TO WRESTLEMANIA 24!!!

    Then, Chris Jerichos pyro at the beginning of the night, along with RVD providing his thumb taunt, before the handshake to start proceedings.

    Come as you are, as you were
    As I want you to be

    Quick shots of Jericho’s demeanour changing throughout the match with each kick out from RVD … before the eventual low blow and Codebreaker to steal the match.

    As a friend, as a friend
    As an old enemy

    Quick clips of bodies flying, left, right and centre during the pre-show Battle Royal, specifically Beth Phoenix eliminating Kash, before getting tossed by Henry.

    Take your time, hurry up
    The choice is yours, don't be late

    Then, Nick Nemeths sick bump, before Shelton Benjamin survives to eliminate Mark Henry and win the Battle Royal.

    Take a rest as a friend
    As an old

    Clips of the WWE Tag Team Title match, with MNM seeing off the challenge of Carlito and Kofi Kingston, before showing crowd shots and various pyro displays…

    Memoria, memoria
    Memoria, memoria

    *Nirvana | Smells Like Teen Spirit*

    Over the instrumental, we get various shots of the stunts in the Money in the Bank ladder match, with clips of each man nearly getting their hands on the prize … before Brent Albright toppled Paul London and took the prize for himself…


    Cut to shots of excited fans, before the deranged looking Mickie James tries to hug Gail Kim … then cracks up, snapping into her alter-ego … but Gail Kim sees off the threat, retaining her title.

    Load up on guns, bring your friends
    It's fun to lose and to pretend
    She's over-bored and self-assured
    Oh no, I know a dirty word

    Shots of Triple H entering and spitting water, before meeting Kennedy on the ramp, kick starting the match. Fighting into the crowd, choking each other, the steel steps, the steel chairs, the 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire and the blood. Triple H Pedigrees Kennedy through the table…

    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello

    Kennedy with the low blow to avoid the sledgehammer shot. The Mic Check, the kick out. Kennedy setting up for the Plunge - but Stephanie intervening. Kennedy grabs her, but Triple H saves his wife with the sledgehammer.

    With the lights out, it's less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us

    The Pedigree on the steps, and the final sledgehammer shot finishes off Kennedy. But Triple H has to make one final point after the match, and punishes Kennedy with a Pedigree again. He leaves with Stephanie, whilst Kennedy miraculously walks out…

    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
    Yeah, hey

    The picture cuts to the World Tag Team Title match, and the three teams entering, with Punk and Helms running the show … before turning on his own partner, nailing him with the Punk Card, and walking out.


    It’s down to the Angels of Anarchy and the Master Craftsmen, with clips of the high spots and near falls off double team moves, before the finish; with Haas pinning Daniels to win the titles.

    I'm worse at what I do best
    And for this gift I feel blessed
    Our little group has always been
    And always will until the end

    Shawn Michaels on his knees and pyro going off; Brock Lesnar and his straightforward ring walk with Heyman. Lesnar overpowering Michaels, HBK missing his nip up … Brock wearing him down, Belly to Belly … German Suplex … rag dolling HBK, but misses a running high knee…

    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello

    And cut to Michaels exploding into high risk offence, but being caught and drilled with an F5 after his Asai Moonsault to the outside. Lesnar charging through the barrier, The F5, the Sweet Chin Music, BOTH men nipping up…

    With the lights out, it's less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us

    Michaels caught with an F5 off skinning the cat; both men kicking out of finishing moves … and the final finishing sequence, with HBK connecting with Sweet Chin Music to end the match, and celebrating his victory.

    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
    Yeah, hey


    Umaga punishing The Undertaker, JBL’s biased counts, The Undertaker exploding with Chokeslams to JBL and Umaga, taking out Estrada for a period too … as another referee makes a count, before JBL pulls him out and levels him with the clothesline from hell.

    The Gods of War show up, and The Undertaker eats a series of finishers … before KANE returns, saving his brother, helping The Streak live on for another year, standing tall with The Deadman…


    Flair giving a WOOO to the camera, Angle looking intense. Flair using every trick in his book, connecting with a move even from the top rope. Angle misses his moonsault, but survives the Figure Four, then makes Flair tap to the Ankle lock … and the handshake after, with Naitch crying in the ring…

    And I forget just why I taste
    Oh yeah, I guess it makes me smile
    I found it hard, it's hard to find
    Oh well, whatever, never mind

    Cena and Christian being kept apart by security … before charging at one another, beating the shit out of one another, including a ten punch in the corner from Christian to Cena. Christian tries, but fails to deliver the Unprettier, whilst Cena displays more and more desperation to keep the title.

    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello, how low
    Hello, hello, hello

    Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but gets kicked away, then has to survive his own STFU before kicking out of his own FU from Christian, before Cena is shown delaying a vertical suplex, hitting his own FU - but Christian survives, and is closing in on victory before the ref bump.

    With the lights out, it's less dangerous
    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us

    The STFU is applied again, and Christian reaches the ropes - but the referee is down, and Cena keeps it locked on, with Christian fading … passing out, and Cena retains the title, before being pelted with objects from the fans as he leaves.

    A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido

    Cut to the entrances for the main event; Edge and Orton.

    A denial, a denial

    Edge owning the early going, and a clip of his later somersault plancha … but misses a Spear and runs into the post…

    A denial, a denial,

    …Giving Orton the upper hand, with focus on his work on the neck, along with the Hangmans DDT, and the Camel Clutch, with Edge surviving.

    A denial, a denial,

    Piledriver on the floor, with Edge just barely getting back in the ring, then fighting back, but Orton counters a Spear attempt with a powerslam…

    A denial, a denial

    The mid-air RKO … but Edge with his foot on the rope … then avoids the Punt … by exploding with the Spear … and the three.

    A deniaaaaaaaaaalllll

    Edge holding the title aloft, with fireworks going off and confetti falling…


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