Thanks for the comments on The Great American Bash to Keefmoon and LinguisticTurn. Always appreciate the feedback.

Took a few ‘risks’ in the booking of this show, and tbh, wasn’t sure how they’d be received, but seeing as there hasn’t been a load of “WTF was that about” comments, I’m assuming they’ve mostly got a pass, lol.

That said, obviously, as Keef pointed out, the count out finish for the WWE title match was pretty weak. In fact, Keefs suggestion would’ve worked a lot better, but that idea - for whatever reason - never occurred to me. With Flair closing the show, I felt I could get away with the cheap finish here.

As for the high scoring Iron Man match; again, I just wanted to do something different with this. One thing I’ve always (oddly) wanted to see in an Iron Man match is a victory by more than one fall - like seeing a 2/3 falls match end in two straight falls - so I made a point of having Danielson pull clear after his comeback from behind. The high scoring nature of the match went against everything that the feud had been about, as they’d typically gone around at least 20mins in the previous matches, but I didn’t want another match that was the same as all the others. Plus, I’d ran out of ways to write matches between the two at this point.

Finally, Flair going over in the main event may also have come as a surprise, as it goes against logic that the guy retiring went out on a win. Truth is, Triple H was always winning this... until I started writing the match. For some reason, I just changed course and had to put Flair over in the end. I think it could lead to some good stories later down the road for Triple H (if I get that far, and if I follow the path I’m currently thinking for him).

Stojy - and a few others - had floated the idea of Kennedy crashing the scene to attack Flair to get one over on Triple H, and whilst it was a tempting idea to pursue, I didn’t want to use Flairs retirement to further another angle. Plus, my thinking is that Kennedy wouldn’t want to jeopardise the position of power he currently has over the company as a non-employee that was assaulted by Triple H. Him jumping the ring to attack Flair ultimately wouldn’t work for what I’m doing with the Kennedy angle.

Finally ... time for a break. My productivity has slowed right down over the last couple of months, to the point where I’ve only two shows banked right now. I haven’t even opened up my laptop since posting GAB, and I’m just not feeling too interested right now in writing, after a solid six months or so of churning out plenty of work (much more than I even anticipated myself tbh). The World Cup starts next week (hence the name change for the sweepstakes) and I’ll be busy following that for the next month to devote much time to this. I’ll be aiming to get back in the game toward the end of August hopefully and have a few shows in the bank for a return. I WILL be back though - eventually - ... I need to end the Cena/Christian feud, even if it kills me. I’ll still be lurking around too, dropping comments here and there when I get the chance.