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Thread: September 18th, 2016 nGw Results

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    September 18th, 2016 nGw Results

    September 18th, 2016 nGw Results
    Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland

    Quote Originally Posted by End of Days, nGw World Championship No DQ Match
    Vic then goes over and picks up Donnie nailing him with the Rise of the BIRD Empire and moves into the corner opposite of the entrance ramp looking to connect with his Deathstrike when the lights go out and "Bleed for Me" by Digital Daggers plays. John looks up, bleeding from his head, looks worried as the nGw General Manager, Vincent Blackbird steps out from the back and starts to make his way down to the ring.

    John, crawling and attempts to prevent Vincent from entering the ring and attack his son. Vincent stops at the injured John, whom using Vincent's pants to get up, pleads with Vincent to end the match only for Vincent to push John aside. As John falls, a look of worry and depression appears as he realizes his son will likely be permanently injured, if not killed watches as Vincent gets into the ring while half of the crowd boos Vincent heavily and the rest of the crowd chants "Vincent's Gonna Kill Him" and "Donnie's Dead". Vic asks Vincent why he's out here and says that he can easily win the Championship to keep it in the BIRD Empire. Vincent takes a step back, walking towards the injured Donnie, lightly kicks him checking to see how injured he is.

    Vic continues to yell to Vincent that he'll keep the Championship in the Empire, when Vincent all of a sudden charges and nails Vic with the Clan Blackbird followed by the Wrath of the BIRD Empire causing the crowd to chant "Holy Shit". Vincent gets up and goes over to where Donnie is struggling to get up, Vincent deadlifts Donnie up by his pants/belt then just drops him directly on top of Vic. The referee counts the pin and signals for the bell, declaring Donnie Peterson the NEW nGw World Champion.

    Winner via Pin Fall and the NEW nGw World Champion: Donnie Peterson

    Vincent takes the nGw World Championship, looks down at it, then lays it across Donnie Peterson as "Bleed For Me" plays and the "End of Days" fades to black, going off the air.

    Before the opening video and pyro could go off, the theme is interrupted by "Engel" by Rammstein and Vic Voorhees strongly walking down to the ring. Vic gets into the ring, yanks the mic from Nolee before even she could make his introduction. Vic paces, seething then points towards where Nolee is standing.

    Vic: Turn my fucking music off, and you shut the hell up.

    Vic looks towards the back.

    Vic: Vincent... I know that you're back there. Get your motherfucking ass out here.

    Vic continues to pace while waiting for the nGw General Manager and Leader of the BIRD Empire for about a couple minutes before "Bleed for Me" by Digital Daggers hits and Vincent comes out and non-chalantly stands on the entrance stage.

    Vic: I had the match won, I was going to bring the nGw World Championship back to the BIRD Empire. So, why in the hell did you come out and cost me, cost us, the nGw World Championship? I want, no, I demand a rematch for the nGw World Championship.

    Vincent goes to raise his mic, then looks out into the crowd as they massively chant "Why" repeatedly.

    Vincent: It's very simply Vic. You're no longer part of my BIRD Empire and in fact, you are extremely lucky to still have a wrestling career with the nGw, let alone, the FWA. So, you winning the Championship for my BIRD Empire is laughable.

    Vincent starts making his way to the ring.

    Vincent: And as far as any potential rematch for Donnie's nGw World Championship.

    Vincent gets into the ring and stands face to face with Vic.

    Vincent: That will never happen. You will have to get in the back of the line because Donnie already has a challenger to his Championship.

    Vic looks on in disbelief as Vincent drops his mic and goes to leave. Vic grabs Vincent looking to lay him out using the mic he took from Nolee only for Vincent to block and lay Vic out with an Impact DDT. Vincent looks down, then picks up one of the mics raising it up to speak.

    Vincent: Vic... Vic... Vic... Just for that, you're suspended indefinitely.

    "Bleed for Me" plays again and Vincent heads to the back as security come down to the ring and attempt to escort Vic to the back. Vic punches several of the security guards before he gets restrained to forced to the back.

    Quote Originally Posted by End of Days, nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship Match
    Wally drops and rolls out of the ring looking to follow Adam but as he gets out, Adam somehow connects with a DDT. Adam picks Wally up, looking to send him into the barricade where the timekeeper is at, only Wally turns it around sending Adam into the barricade instead. Wally charges at, and connects with the Cannonball breaking the barricade down, illicting a loud "holy shit" from the crowd. Wally pulls Adam out of the metal and padded heap while they are both bleeding from cuts in their respective foreheads. Wally weakenly rolls Adam back into the ring and somehow is able to climb the turnbuckle where Wally connects with the Salmon Splash, then covers Adam and gets the pin fall victory.

    Winner and STILL nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion = Wally Tusket

    As Wally gets up and holds up his nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship high above his head when "Sickick" by G.O.M.D. plays. Wally looks shocked, worried, and nervous as Zachary Kazadi comes out and has a stare down with Wally while pointing towards the Championship Belt Wally is holding. Wally, following the imaginary line from Zachary's outstretched finger straight to the Championship Belt in his hand. It takes a few seconds for Wally to connect the dots but when he does, he immediately clutches his nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship close to his chest while shaking his head no.

    We come back and Adam Bonnie is standing in the ring, dressed in a business suit and holding a mic.

    Adam Bonnie: I am the strongest athlete in the nGw right now and I was robbed of my victory. You all might not believe me, and even though there wasn't a camera in range, my foot was most definitely under the bottom rope. Therefore, it shouldn't have been counted as a pin fall victory for Wally. I want, no I DEMAND that I get another chance at the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship. I DEMAND that that Match happens right here, right now. Wally, get your ass out here.

    After a couple minutes, as Adam is about to tell the referee to start counting, nGw General Manager, Vincent, appears on the Tron.

    Vincent: Adam, I've given Wally the night off so you won't be getting any rematch tonight. As for the future, you still won't be getting a one on one rematch. If you want the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship then you'll have to do the same exact thing everyone else has to do. Find Wally, have a nGw Referee, pin or make Wally tap out to become the new nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion. Now, get the hell out of my ring.

    Before Adam could reply, the Tron goes back to normal, showing Adam in the middle of the ring. Infuriated, Adam storms out of the ring and heads to the back. A few seconds after going behind the curtain, Adam stumbles backwards with Zachary Kazadi stepping out from the back smirking. Zachary looks down at Adam as the crowd boos Kazadi heavily. Kazadi drops down, locking in the French Lapel Choke forcing Adam to wildly tap out as several referee's rush from the back to force Zachary to release the hold. Eventually, Zachary does as the medical staff checks on Adam while the referees and agents force Zachary to the back.

    ~~ Vincent's Office in the back ~~

    Vincent is seen talking into his phone's speakerphone, in a conference call.

    First Mysterious Male's Voice: What do you want Vincent?

    Second Mysterious Male's Voice: Please tell me that you're officially resigning.

    Gabrielle Montgomery [Elsewhere in the Arena]: Will you two shut up and let Vincent talk.

    Vincent: I know that we don't agree on a lot of things and I sure as hell don't now nor would I ever agree with anything that the stupid FWA Board of Directors say about me or the nGw. However, as I've recently witnessed while I had been recovering from my recent war with Jethro, I am going to have to agree with you all on the point of me and my B.I.R.D. Empire cannot be unbiased towards the nGw and its talents.

    Second Male Board Member: Yes, this means that you really are resigning from the nGw?

    Vincent: No, now shut the hell up like Gabrielle told you to. No, but as Gabrielle had witnessed earlier, I've officially severed ties with Vic Voorhees and he is no longer a representative of my B.I.R.D. Empire.

    Gabrielle: I did see that, and I feel that Vincent's being honest about that severing.

    First Male Board Member: What about Sonny and Bella Kendall. Don't they have a #1 Contender's Match tonight.

    Vincent: They do. After their Match tonight as well as the nGw Women's Championship Match between the current Champion, Daniella Kennedy and either Sonny or Bella. Bella and Sonny will have a separate Match that goes beyond the nGw and the FWA. The Match that Sonny and Bella will have will determine which one truly wants to remain as a Member of my B.I.R.D. Empire.

    Gabrielle: What exactly will that mean Vincent?

    Vincent: They will officially be able to refer to themselves as being a representative of the B.I.R.D. Empire. Their travel, legal, medical bills will all be covered by my Empire. Also, the "legal" part isn't just outside of the FWA & nGw, the legal part also covers their current and future Contracts with the FWA/nGw.

    First Male Board Member: And until then and in the future. How will you and your Empire's influence affect not only them but the nGw Women's Division? How exactly can you remain unbiased?

    Vincent: Simple, I'm giving up all control, all power, any and all match making and dealings with the nGw Women's Division. I'm handing it all over to the one person that you all chose as my temporary replacement while I was out recovering from my most recent war with Jethro Warren. Gabrielle, you up for the responsibilities?

    Gabrielle: I am.

    Second Male Board Member: While I still wished that you would leave the FWA altogether, the Board of Directors are okay with the new arrangement of Vincent being the nGw General Manager with Gabrielle being the Commissioner of, and SOLE Authority over the nGw Women's Division.

    Vincent: Thank you all for your time.

    Quote Originally Posted by End of Days, nGw Tag Team Championship Ladder & nGw Women's Championship F4W Elimination Matches
    Bryan Poler uses the sweat soaked tape on his wrists to attempt to clear the blood from his eyes long enough to see where the ladder is at in relation to the Championships that are suspended above the ring. Bryan moves the ladder over a bit, then slowly begins ascending the ladder that is standing in the middle of the ring, Choi attempts to get into the ring but Desmond holds onto Choi's pants keeping him from fully getting into the ring long enough for Bryan to pull down the nGw Tag Team Championships, becoming the new nGw Tag Team Champions.
    Winner and NEW nGw Tag Team Champions = "True Destiny" Desmond Fox & "The Technician" Bryan Poler.

    Choi back elbows Desmond off of him but before he could do anything further, nGw & FWA security rush the ring and keep Damien and Choi away from Desmond and Bryan so that the medical staff can close the gashes in Bryan's face. Damien and Choi, innitually seemingly complies with securities wishes before taking each and every one of them down. Damien and Choi slide into the ring, and while Desmond is able to fend off a bit, the numbers eventually fall into Terror Squad's favor as they bust Desmond open and rip the shredded remains of Bryan's mask off of him.

    ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

    In what was described as a strong contender for Match of the Night, the end came when Terror Squad snuck through the crowd and attacked Thema as well as Daniella. As Amber and Terror Squad assault Thema and Daniella, the referee call for more referees and agents. Referees and agents run from the back and force Terror Squad off of Daniella and Thema, Gabrielle walks around to where Nolee is at and, after the referees pull Amber off and separate her from Thema and Daniella, Gabrielle finishes talking to Nolee.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, Special Ring Enforcer, Gabrielle Montgomery, has just informed me that due to outside interference, Amber Warren has automatically been eliminated.

    The referee of the match runs to where Gabrielle and Nolee are and talks to them both. Gabrielle looks at Nolee and nods.

    Nolee: Also, due to injuries, Thema is unable to continue the match, therefore she has also been eliminated.

    Mixed Tag Team Match
    "True Destiny" Desmond Fox, "The Technician" Bryan Poler, Thema vs Warren Family (Terror Squad & Amber Warren).

    "King Kunta" by Kendrick Lamar plays and Thema comes out to a loud pop but she is pissed off. She marches down to the ring, gets in and waits for her partners.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, the following Mixed Tag Team Contest is schedule for one fall. Introducing first, she is the "Ivory Soldier" from the Ivory Coast, Thema.

    "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash plays and out comes the nGw Tag Team Champions, "True Destiny" Desmond Fox and "The Technician" Bryan Poler. They come out to an equally loud pop adn they get into the ring joining Thema.

    Nolee: And her partners, they are the nGw Tag Team Champions, "True Destiny" Desmond Fox and "The Technician" Bryan Poler.

    As Desmond, Bryan, and Thema talk strategy with each other, "Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays causing Desmond, Bryan, and Thema to look towards the entrance stage. "Dark Grounds" plays for about 5 minutes before cutting off with no one coming out. "Dark Grounds" plays two more times before Desmond, Bryan, and Thema approach the referee asking him what's going on. As the referee says he doesn't know, "Dark Grounds" plays one more time, this time with Amber Warren coming out to loud boos.

    Thema goes towards the ring ropes yelling that this isn't funny towards Amber. Amber feigns a giggle then simply points towards the ring. From out of no where, Damien and Choi with steel chairs in hand, slide into the ring from behind Desmond and Bryan, and with loud smacks lands the steel chairs across the backs of the Tag Champions. Amber makes her way down to the ring as Choi takes out the referee with his steel chair while Damien cracks his steel chair over Thema's head taking her down as well. Damien and Choi mock the Tag Champions as Amber gets into the ring.

    Amber circles the down Thema then yells something towards Damien and Choi. Choi places his steel chair under the head of Thema while Damien hands his steel chair to Amber. Amber teases a Con-chair-to as Desmond and Bryan start to get up. Choi lightly hits Damien's arm pointing towards Desmond and Bryan. While Choi and Damien start attacking Desmond and Bryan, keeping them down, Amber raises the steel chair above her head and slams it down on the head of Thema as more referees and medical staff rush the ring. Amber tosses the steel chair back to Damien whom uses it on Bryan and Choi grabs his steel chair, roughly kicking the injured Thema aside then uses the steel chair on Desmond.

    Choi and Damien then uses the steel chairs to keep the referees and medical staff outside of the ring while Amber gets out of the ring and looks under it, grabbing a few tables, sliding each on into the ring then pulls out three ladders. Amber then tosses some more chairs into the rings before getting back into the ring herself. Damien and Choi, having set the tables and ladders up, put Desmond and Bryan onto the tables sandwiched between the steel chairs, then climbs up their respective ladders. Amber using one of the steel chairs hit several referees and medical people, whom were attempting to get into the ring.

    While the referees and the other medical staff attend to their injured comrades, Amber puts one of the steel chairs onto the open table then roughly picks up and slams Thema onto the steel chair and table, making sure not to break it yet. Amber, grabs the remaining steel chair, strikes Thema a few more times before laying it on top of her. Amber climbs up her ladder, nods to Damien and Choi, then all three swan dives onto the injured wrestlers below them, breaking the tables in the process and injuring the further.

    ~~ Video Package showcasing the rise of Daniella Kennedy's nGw Career ~~

    "Mastodon" by The Motherload plays and as Daniella comes out she is boo'd heavily but as the nGw Women's Champion she doesn't care. She walks around the ring, snatches the mic from out of Nolee's hand and then gets into the ring.

    Daniella Kennedy: Shut up Nolee, I'll give my own introduction. Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the true leader of the Women's Division and the ONLY lady to have full authority and control over the nGw Women's Division. I've defeated every woman in the nGw to become your current nGw Women's Champion. I'm the youngest and ONLY Kennedy still wrestling for the FWA and I plan on carrying my family's legacy into the future. So I demand that that old, hasbeen of a whore, my former sister-in-law, the "Caramel Slut" herself, Gabrielle Montgomery to get her worthless, used-up ass out to my ring and relingquish all of her control and power over MY Division to me. Gabrielle, get out here now you bitch.

    "Hard" by Rihanna plays and out comes the "Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle Montgomery to the biggest pop of the night. She makes her way to the ring, getting into the ring, and gets face to face with her former sister-in-law before taking the mic away from Daniella. However, before Gabrielle could say anything, Daniella smacks the mic down out of Gabrielle's hand while shouting "give up your power".

    Gabrielle laughs then gets out of the ring while Daniella continues to talk smack to the Commissioner of the Women's Division. Gabrielle goes over to where Nolee is at, and gets a spare mic, then turns to face Daniella in the ring.

    Gabrielle: I hear you Daniella, I truly do. I've listened to your greviance, I've taken it under advisement and I've come to one simple conclusion that will make everyone happy.

    Daniella walks over and picks up the mic she knocked to the mat. Good

    Daniella Kennedy: Good, I'm glad that you've seen the light and will give me the full authority over my Divisi....

    Gabrielle interrupts Daniella with a evil laugh that has terrified many female and male wresters in the FWA.

    Gabrielle: Daniella, you didn't let me finish. Now as I was going to say, was that the conclusion that I've reached was to tell you, that you... Daniella Kennedy... the nGw Women's Champion.... Can Go FUCK YOURSELF because I am not going anywhere. Now get your scrawny ass out of MY ring so we can determine the #1 Contender to your Championship.

    As Daniella looks stunned at what Gabrielle had just said, video footage from the End of Days.

    Quote Originally Posted by End of Days, nGw Women's Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
    Bella Kendall sneaks through the crowd and hops the barricade then quickly climbs the nearest turnbuckle and nails Sonny with a Diving Corkscrew Stunner. Gabrielle gets into the ring, and gets into Bella's face forcing Bella to back up. Bella willingly gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp as Daniella locks in a Dragon Sleeper on the injured Sonny. Sonny taps out and the referee signals for the bell to end the match.

    "Kill Em With Kindness" by Sonny plays and Sonny comes out to a loud pop. Sonny comes down the ramp, taunts Daniella then shakes Gabrielle's hand, congratulating her on her new position before getting into the ring. "I Am The Best" by 2NE1 plays and out comes a serious Bella Kendall. Bella walks around the ring to where Daniella is standing, motioning that she's coming for the belt, then walks over to the announcer's chair that Gabrielle is relaxing in and talks smack to her before aggressively getting onto the ring apron. As Bella gets into the ring, Sonny just starts attacking her before the bell could even be signalled. The referee stops Sonny allowing Bella to move around the ring and Daniella calling Bella "a pussy" for running away from Sonny.

    Bella talks smack back to Daniella, then side steps a Clan Blackbird attempt from Sonny causing Daniella to receive the spear instead. Bella uses the opportunity to attack Sonny while Gabrielle signals for referees, medics as well as security to come from the back. The security and referees separate Sonny and Bella while the medics check on Daniella. Gabrielle walks over and grabs a mic.

    Gabrielle: Ladies.... LADIES!!!

    Sonny and Bella stop struggling at the raised voice of Gabrielle.

    Gabrielle: Ladies, I'm not going to allow you two to prevent the nGw Universe from getting a #1 Contender, therefore your match will be a No-Disqualification Match. Now get in the fucking ring and wrestle.

    Gabrielle drops the mic and points to the ring. Bella and Sonny, not taking their attention off of each other get into the ring where the referee signals for the bell.

    nGw Women's Championship #1 Contender's No-Disqualification Match
    Sonny vs Bella Kendall

    Daniella attacks both before the bell could be signaled causing Gabrielle to announce a Triple Threat for the Title

    Gabrielle: Enough you three. Daniella, since you can't help but be involved with both women, congratulations, you've chosen your #1 Contenders, Bella Kendall AND Sonny. At the next iPPV, Daniella, you'll have to defend your Championship against both Bella Kendall and Sonny in a Triple Threat Match.

    ~~ A replay of the same video from the End of Days nGw World Championship Match that opened the show ~~

    nGw World Championship Coronation of Donnie Peterson.

    "Fett's Vette" by MC Chris plays and out comes John Peterson, the father and manager of the new nGw World Champion, Donnie Peterson. Donnie comes out behind John, still surprised that this is all surreal. John and Donnie make their way down to the red velvet covered ring with the nGw World Championship on display in the middle of the ring on a black and crimson velvet cloth. John stays out of the ring while telling his son to get in the ring as well as how proud he is of him. Donnie hugs John, much to Johns annoyance forcing John to shove Donnie off and yell to Donnie to get into the ring. Donnie gets into the ring, crying and looks at his nGw World Championship Belt when all of a sudden the lights go completely out. A disquised voice, plays over the Arena's PA System, simply says "SURPRISED BITCH!!!" then, in the blacked out ring, a chainsaw can be heard being reved up.

    A loud, blood-curdling, spine-chilling scream is then heard throughout the arena coming from the ring followed by a hard thud before the lights come back up. When they do, a blood bath has occured in the ring as Donnie is laid out in the center of the ring soaked in blood as a tall cloaked figure stands above him holding a huge bloodied spiked, machette in one hand, a chainsaw is drapped over his back while an equally bloodied nGw World Championship Belt is in his other hand. As blood drips from the spiked machette the cloaked figure raises up the bloodied nGw World Championship Belt while John looks at the carnage in the ring before him with nothing but true fear and terror in his eyes. As the nGw fades to black, "holy shits" could be heard as a bell's "ding dong" could be heard.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: September 18th, 2016 nGw Results

    Needs more Greg but otherwise great show.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: September 18th, 2016 nGw Results

    I could've sworn that I stated that he would be in the show after this.

    [I WIN]

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