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Thread: nGw End of Days 2016 iPPV (August 15th, 2016) Results

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    nGw End of Days 2016 iPPV (August 15th, 2016) Results

    nGw End of Days 2016
    Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.
    Monday August 15th, 2016

    The pyro goes off and we see in the middle of the ring, Nolee LaCroix, holding her mic getting ready to speak.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to nGw's End of Days, live from the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. The opening contest is scheduled for one fall, and the winner will go on to face Donnie Peterson to crown a NEW nGw World Champion. Introducing first, hailing from London, England, he is none other than the "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP.

    "Rule Britannia" plays and Reginald comes out as he makes his way to the ring he slaps hands with some of his fans before getting into the ring where he gets ready for his final confrontation with his long time enemy, Vic Voorhees.

    Nolee: And his opponent, representing the BIRD Empire, he is the one that they call "The Vulture", he is the one, the only, Vic Voorhees.

    "Engel" by Rammstein plays and the crowd immediately boos loudly as Vic comes out from the back. He ignores some of the fans and flips off others before getting into the ring and gets face to face with Reginald. The referee separates them, and checks both men for any foreign objects.

    Enough is Enough
    Winner goes to the Main Event to face Donnie to crown the NEW nGw World Champion
    Vic Voorhees vs Sir Reginald Underwood

    After a lengthly and hard fought battle, Vic pulled out the pin fall victory to advance to face Donnie Peterson in the Main Event.

    nGw Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
    Terror Squad (C) vs Desmond Fox & Bryan Poler

    After a hard fought battle which Terror Squad saw true domination with Bryan receiving the majority of the brutal beatdown, the end came when Desmond Fox dove off of the tallest ladder taking out both Damien and Choi with a devestating Missile Dropkick causing all three man to roll out of the ring and land on the floor below with hard thuds. While all three guys are laid out, breathing hard, Bryan pulled himself into the ring, with his mask in shreads barely keeping his identity a secret and blood soaking what remains of his mask and stinging his eyes.

    He uses the sweat soaked tape on his wrists to attempt to clear the blood from his eyes long enough to see where the ladder is at in relation to the Championships that are suspended above the ring. Bryan moves the ladder over a bit, then slowly begins ascending the ladder that is standing in the middle of the ring, Choi attempts to get into the ring but Desmond holds onto Choi's pants keeping him from fully getting into the ring long enough for Bryan to pull down the nGw Tag Team Championships, becoming the new nGw Tag Team Champions.

    Winner and NEW nGw Tag Team Champions = "True Destiny" Desmond Fox & "The Technician" Bryan Poler.

    Choi back elbows Desmond off of him but before he could do anything further, nGw & FWA security rush the ring and keep Damien and Choi away from Desmond and Bryan so that the medical staff can close the gashes in Bryan's face. Damien and Choi, innitually seemingly complies with securities wishes before taking each and every one of them down. Damien and Choi slide into the ring, and while Desmond is able to fend off a bit, the numbers eventually fall into Terror Squad's favor as they bust Desmond open and rip the shredded remains of Bryan's mask off of him. End of Days fades to show the creation of the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship as the crowd boos and Terror Squad stands tall over the bloodied bodies of the new nGw Tag Team Champions.

    ~~ Video Package showing the short, but impactful history of nGw's newest Championship, the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship ~~

    nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship Match
    Wally Tusket (C) vs Adam Bonnie

    Nolee: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, Adam Bonnie.

    "Fiesta" by The Pogues plays with Adam Bonnie coming out from the back to loud boos but looking smug and confident, knowing full well that Wally isn't going into this match healthy.

    Nolee: And his opponent, he is the current nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion, Wally Tusket.

    "Worlds Apart" by CFO$ plays as Wally Tusket comes out to a loud pop and his right arm extra bandaged up after the brutal match from last night against Zachary Kazadi and "Gingy"Eastwood at the Red, White, & Bruised PPV.

    Immediately after the bell, Adam goes after Wally's injured right arm, starting with a hard Thrust Kick to his right shoulder followed by an Oblique Kick sending Wally down to a knee. Adam smuggly taunts Wally by smacking his head then raises his arms up taunting the crowd as the crowd boos him. Adam approaches Wally from behind, grabing him and goes for a German Suplex only for Wally to block and switch places with Adam, pulling him in for a Bear Hug squeezing Adam tightly followed up with a Powerslam. Wally, goes to pin only for Adam to roll out of the ring.

    Wally drops and rolls out of the ring looking to follow Adam but as he gets out, Adam somehow connects with a DDT. Adam picks Wally up, looking to send him into the barricade where the timekeeper is at, only Wally turns it around sending Adam into the barricade instead. Wally charges at, and connects with the Cannonball breaking the barricade down, illicting a loud "holy shit" from the crowd. Wally pulls Adam out of the metal and padded heap while they are both bleeding from cuts in their respective foreheads. Wally weakenly rolls Adam back into the ring and somehow is able to climb the turnbuckle where Wally connects with the Salmon Splash, then covers Adam and gets the pin fall victory.
    Winner and STILL nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion = Wally Tusket

    As Wally gets up and holds up his nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship high above his head when "Sickick" by G.O.M.D. plays. Wally looks shocked, worried, and nervous as Zachary Kazadi comes out and has a stare down with Wally while pointing towards the Championship Belt Wally is holding. Wally, following the imaginary line from Zachary's outstretched finger straight to the Championship Belt in his hand. It takes a few seconds for Wally to connect the dots but when he does, he immediately clutches his nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship close to his chest while shaking his head no.

    ~~ Video Package Showcasing the History between Amber, Thema, Sonny and the current nGw Women's Champion, Daniella Kennedy. ~~

    nGw Women's Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
    Special Ring Enforcer: Gabrielle Montgomery
    Daniella Kennedy (C) vs Amber Warren vs Thema vs Sonny

    In what was described as a strong contender for Match of the Night, the end came when Terror Squad snuck through the crowd and attacked Thema as well as Daniella. As Amber and Terror Squad assault Thema and Daniella, the referee call for more referees and agents. Referees and agents run from the back and force Terror Squad off of Daniella and Thema, Gabrielle walks around to where Nolee is at and, after the referees pull Amber off and separate her from Thema and Daniella, Gabrielle finishes talking to Nolee.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, Special Ring Enforcer, Gabrielle Montgomery, has just informed me that due to outside interference, Amber Warren has automatically been eliminated.

    The referee of the match runs to where Gabrielle and Nolee are and talks to them both. Gabrielle looks at Nolee and nods.

    Nolee: Also, due to injuries, Thema is unable to continue the match, therefore she has also been eliminated.

    Bella Kendall sneaks through the crowd and hops the barricade then quickly climbs the nearest turnbuckle and nails Sonny with a Diving Corkscrew Stunner. Gabrielle gets into the ring, and gets into Bella's face forcing Bella to back up. Bella willingly gets out of the ring and heads up the ramp as Daniella locks in a Dragon Sleeper on the injured Sonny. Sonny taps out and the referee signals for the bell to end the match.

    Winner and STILL nGw Women's Champion, Daniella Kennedy

    Nolee: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just recieved word that tonight's Main Event between Vic "The Vulture" Voorhees versus Donnie Peterson will now be a No Disqualification Match. Please welcome back to the ring, representing the BIRD Empire, Vic "The Vulture" Voorhees.

    "Engel" by Rammstein plays and Vic Voorhees comes out confidently and makes his way down to the ring. Once down by the ring, he flips up the ring apron and pulls out random objects like kendo sticks, steel chairs and a stop sign, tossing each one into the ring. He puts the ring apron back into place, hops onto the ring apron and rolls into the ring picking up a kendo stick rotating it in his right hand as he goes over to one of the turnbuckles. He leans back against it and waits for his opponent to come out.

    Nolee: And his opponent, weighing in at 244 lbs and being accompanied to the ring by his father and manager, John Peterson, Donnnnnieeee PETEeerrrson.

    "Fett's Vette" by MC Chris plays as Donnie comes out nervous with his father, John, whom is trying to build his confidence. Once they get to the ring steps, Donnie jumps a litte after Vic bangs the kendo stick against the ring ropes. John forces his son into the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    nGw World Championship No Disqualification Match
    Donnie Peterson vs Vic Voorhees

    Before Donnie could escape, Vic was able to cross the distance and slam the kendo stick hard against Donnie's back as he was part way between the top and middle rope. Donnie winces in pain allowing Vic to slam the kendo stick against his chest. Donnie falls to his knees holding his chest as Vic walks around and picks up a second kendo stick, twirling both kendo stick in each hand. Vic approaches the kneeling Donnie and proficiently attacks Donnie with both kendo sticks showing that he is ambidextrous.

    Vic laughing as Donnie lays on the mat in pain, holds both kendo sticks in his left hand as he uses his right hand to rip off Donnie's shirt exposing his bright red and bruised upper body. Vic tosses aside the torn up shirt takes the kendo sticks in each hand, waits a bit as Donnie gets up to his hands and knees, then raises both kendo sticks up over his head and slams them both down hard across Donnie's back breaking the kendo sticks. Vic tosses the kendo sticks down in front of John, then yells at John that this was all on him, pointing back at Donnie whom is writhing around in pain.

    Vic takes the steel chairs, sets them up then picks Donnie up and lays him across the chairs. He yells to John that he can easily end all of this, John shakes his head with Vic shouting good. Vic climbs to the top turnbuckle and hits Donnie with a frog splash, injuring himself but seriously injuring Donnie even more. Vic laughs then grabs the stop sign, slamming it down on the mat as John gets onto the ring apron. The referee was about to tell him to get down, only Vic slams the stop sign hard against John's head causing him to crash to the floor hard.

    Vic then goes over and picks up Donnie nailing him with the Rise of the BIRD Empire and moves into the corner opposite of the entrance ramp looking to connect with his Deathstrike when the lights go out and "Bleed for Me" by Digital Daggers plays. John looks up, bleeding from his head, looks worried as the nGw General Manager, Vincent Blackbird steps out from the back and starts to make his way down to the ring.

    John, crawling and attempts to prevent Vincent from entering the ring and attack his son. Vincent stops at the injured John, whom using Vincent's pants to get up, pleads with Vincent to end the match only for Vincent to push John aside. As John falls, a look of worry and depression appears as he realizes his son will likely be permanently injured, if not killed watches as Vincent gets into the ring while half of the crowd boos Vincent heavily and the rest of the crowd chants "Vincent's Gonna Kill Him" and "Donnie's Dead". Vic asks Vincent why he's out here and says that he can easily win the Championship to keep it in the BIRD Empire. Vincent takes a step back, walking towards the injured Donnie, lightly kicks him checking to see how injured he is.

    Vic continues to yell to Vincent that he'll keep the Championship in the Empire, when Vincent all of a sudden charges and nails Vic with the Clan Blackbird followed by the Wrath of the BIRD Empire causing the crowd to chant "Holy Shit". Vincent gets up and goes over to where Donnie is struggling to get up, Vincent deadlifts Donnie up by his pants/belt then just drops him directly on top of Vic. The referee counts the pin and signals for the bell, declaring Donnie Peterson the NEW nGw World Champion.

    Winner via Pin Fall and the NEW nGw World Champion: Donnie Peterson

    Vincent takes the nGw World Championship, looks down at it, then lays it across Donnie Peterson as "Bleed For Me" plays and the "End of Days" fades to black, going off the air.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: nGw End of Days 2016 iPPV (August 15th, 2016) Results

    Vic Voorhees d. Reginald Underwood
    Desmond Fox & Bryan Poler d. Terror Squad (c)*
    Wally Tusket (c) d. Adam Bonnie*
    Daniella (c) d. Amber, Thema, & Sonny*
    Donnie Peterson d. Vic Voorhees*

    * = denotes Championship Match


    nGw Tag Team Championships = New = "True Destiny" Desmond Fox & "The Technician" Bryan Poler
    nGw Women's Championship = Still = Daniella Kennedy
    nGw 24/7 Hardcore Championship = Still = Wally Tusket
    nGw World Championship = New = Donnie Peterson

    [I WIN]

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