August 13th, 2016 nGw Card
Cardiff, Wales

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MAIN EVENT - Battle of #1 Contenders Rematch
Special Guest Referee - Gabrielle Montgomery
Amber Warren vs Sonny

However, before Gabrielle could signal for the bell, Daniella slides into the ring and spears Sonny before using her bloodied Championship belt to lay out Amber Warren. As she is about to continue her vicious assault on both Sonny and Amber, out from the back rush Bella Kendall, Terror Squad, Desmond Fox, Bryan Poler, Mac Michaud and Vic Voorhees. Vic attempts to separate before getting laid out by Mac Michaud. Gabrielle, having gotten out of the ring as she isn't stupid, she knew what was going to happen, waits until all parties are separated.

Gabrielle: Ladies.... Ladies, if you all will pull your thongs out of your asses and listen for a second. Despite what the BIRD Empire have claimed in recent weeks, I am currently the only TRUE Authority in the nGw right now. Therefore, on the next nGw, the nGw Universe will witness the biggest, more epic Main Even in history. We will see the BIRD Empire's Bella Kendall, Sonny and Vic Voorhees versus The Warren Family's Amber Warren, Damien Straight and Choi Li versus Desmond Fox, "The Technician" Bryan Poler and a Partner of their choosing versus Daniella Kennedy, Mac Michaud and a Partner of their choosing.

You twelve will be competing in the first ever 12-Person, 4-Team Fatal Four Way No Disqualification Match. So Des, Bryan, Daniella, and Mac choose your respective Partners wisely. And Daniella, I won't be partnering with you and Mac as the nGw needs to have at least one professional with authority running it.

The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as the nGw goes off the air.

We get the opening nGw Video and Pyrotechnics before we show what happened earlier as the BIRD Empire made it to the arena.

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A black and crimson stretch limo arrives and the limo driver gets out and opens the back door allowing BIRD Imperial members Sonny, Bella Kendall and Vic Voorhees step out from the back of the limo. Nolee approaches the trio to ask them their toughts on what Gabrielle said last week, the dirrective that the FWA Board of Directors had issued as well as their thoughts on tonight's match.

Nolee: Can I get a moment of....

Before Nolee could fully ask her question, Vic grabs the mic from her.

Vic: We don't have time for autographs child.

Nolee: I actually work here.

Bella: Sure you do princess.

Vic was about to shove her aside when his most hated opponent, "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP walks into the view of the camera.

Reginald: Why don't you pick on someone who doesn't mind kicking your ass?

Sonny and Bella step forward, prepared to join Vic in laying out Reginald, only for Vic to raise his right hand stopping both ladies.

Vic: Regi, we don't have time for your weak ass little games as we actually have a very important match to prepare for as I have to "prepare" for. Why don't you go and help catering set up before we force you to be permanently on the injured list.

Reginald: Too bad you three will get your asses handed to you tonight, and you know what, you automatically getting the title shot for the nGw World Championship was bullsh...

Vic: Regi, are you seriously going to question the wisdom of the Board of Directors? It might actually be worth whooping some respect into your a....

At that moment, "True Destiny" Desmond Fox and "The Technician" Bryan Poler come forward, having Reginald's back.

Desmond: Hey Reginald, have you told them the news?

Reginald: Not yet.

Sonny: What news?

Bryan: Oh nothing.... except that Reginald here is our partner for tonight.

Reginald: And Vic, not only will we beat you and the others tonight, at "End of Days" I'm going to beat you and take your so called "place" in the main event.

Vic: What did you just say!

Desmond: That's right Vicky, at "End of Days" you and Reginald are going to be wrestling one final time.

Reginald: And when I beat you, it won't be "Donnie Peterson versus Vic Voorhees" for the nGw World Championship. It will actually be "Donnie Peterson versus "Sir" Reginald Underwood M.... P.....

Instead of just standing there Desmond, Bryan, and Reginald, walk away leaving Sonny, Bella, and Vic stunned.

The bell rings and Nolee stands up raising the mic in her hand up.

Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, the following 12-person 4-teamed Fatal Four Way Match is scheduled for one fall and there will absolutely be No Disqualifications. Introducing first, representing the BIRD Empire, they are none other then Bella Kendall, Sonny and Vic "The Vulture" Voorhees.

"Engel" by Rammstein plays the crowd boos heavily as Bella Kendall, Sonny and Vic come out confidently to the ring.

Nolee: And their opponents, Amber Warren and the nGw Tag Team Champions, Damien Straight and Choi Li, they are "The Warren Family".

"Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and the crowd immediately cheer and chant "Warren" loudly as Amber, Damien and Choi make their way to the ring, ignoring the crowd.

Nolee: And their opponents, introducing first, he believes that it is his Destiny to reclaim the nGw Tag Titles, he is "True Destiny" Desmond Fox.

"Kings Never Die" by Eninem ft. Gwen Stefani plays and Desmond Fox comes out to a loud pop but instead of getting into the ring, he waits at the bottom of the ramp as his theme is replaced with "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash plays. "The Technician" Bryan Poler comes out and joins Desmond at the bottom of the ramp while Nolee called his entrance.

Nolee: And their partner, "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP.

"Rule Britannia" plays and Reginald comes down the ramp, but when he gets to the bottom of the ramp, he nods with Desmond and Bryan and the three of them slide into the ring and immediately get into the faces of Vic, Damien and Choi (respectively).

Nolee: And their opponents, introducin

"Mastodon" by The Motherload starts to play but is immidately statics out causing confusion. It starts back up but then statics out again this time arena's lights goes completely out. The arena is completely silent before a familiar tune plays and when "This time, taking it away" is said the entire crowd goes nuts shouting "HOLY SHIT" loudly. "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud comes out first followed by Daniella Kennedy.

Last, her brother and founder of The Sydnicate comes out causing the arena's roof to blow off as everyone in the ring looks on stunned. Chris, Mac, and Daniella mythodicly make their way to the ring before getting into it. Before getting into the ring, Daniella walks around to where Nolee is standing, with her jaw wide open, grabs her mic then closes Nolee's mouth causing Nolee to gulp. Daniella then gets onto the ring apron and into the ring joining Mac and her brother, Chris.

Daniella Kennedy: Ladies and gentleman, Nolee had already informed you the format, however what she didn't know is that there has been a slight change. This Match will also now feature Texas Tornado rules. Ding Ding.

12-Person 4-Team Fatal Four Way No Disqualification Match
BIRD Empire (Sonny, Bella Kendall, Vic "The Vulture" Voorhees)
The Warren Family (Amber Warren, Damien Straight, Choi Li)
Desmond Fox, "The Technician" Bryan Poler, Reginald Underwood
Daniella Kennedy, "The Malevolen One" Mac Michaud, Chris Kennedy

Mac and Chris simply stand by the turnbuckle as Daniella lays Sonny out while Bella and Amber attack each other, Desmond and Bryan exchange left and rights with Damien and Choi. Vic and Reginald brawl with each other, before Mac and Chris look at each other and nod. Mac grabs Vic from behind and nails him with a reverse F5KO but as Reginald smirks, Chris wipes the smirk off with The Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Desmond hits Damien with the Good Morning Amerca while Bryan hits Bye Bye Love on Choi. Bryan gets up and is immediately dropped by The Bittersweet Chin Symphony.

Bryan's partner, Desmond gets in Chris's face, going as far as shoving, Chris. Chris smirks and laughs then simply points behind Desmond. Desmond turns around and gets dropped by a Big Boot from Mac. Daniella manages to connects with multiple [b]Bittersweet Chin Symphonys[b] on Amber, Sonny and Bella. Daniella drags the three downed ladies onto the middle rope and then flashes an evil grin towards Mac and her brother. Daniella charges past them and uses the ropes behind them to add momentum and she hits a Triple 813 on the three ladies causing them to grogly stand allowing Mac and Chris to connect with a Big Boot and another Bittersweet Chin Symphony on Bella and Amber respectively.

Daniella sees Sonny barely standing, stalks her and goes to the corner and looks to connect with another Bittersweet Chin Symphony, only as Daniella goes forward looking to connect, Sonny somehow ducks the kick hits the ropes, rebounds off and somehow nails Daniella with the Clan Blackbird. But before Sonny could do anything to capitalize, Mac picks Sonny up by her waistband with ease and destroys her with the F5KO. Chris walks over and pins Reginald while Mac lifts and place Daniella on top of Sonny then goes and pins Choi Li. The three of them get a triple Pin Fall Victory.

Winners via Pin Fall: Chris Kennedy, Daniella Kennedy, and Mac Michaud

The crowd chants "That Was Awesome" "Holy Shit" and "Syndicate" as nGw goes off air.