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Thread: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

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    CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Adrenaline Rush opens with a bang, as numerous fireworks and pryo explodes as CWA's flagship show opens to a shrieking crowd, eager for the show to begin. The camera pans over the sea of racous fans, from the loyal-to-a-fault Jon McGinnis fans, to the always vocal Elijah Edwards fans, anyone and everyone is pumped up for the show to begin, before the camera settles on the commentary team at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: Hello everyone, and welcome to Adrenaline Rush, coming at you LIVE from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I'm Jim Taylor, joining me is my commentary partner Tim Coleman-

    Tim Coleman: SUPERIOR commentary partner.

    Jim Taylor: Absolutely not true, and we've got a jam-packed card for you tonight! And we're kicking it off with a bang tonight, as-

    Jim Taylor: ... As we kick it off with recent CWA returnee Krash, back from injury as of two weeks ago and already made waves with his issues with the CWA Tag Team Champions, Drew & Ethan Connor, the Echo, you've got to think his arrival here right now must concern them, right?

    An eager 'KRASH' chant kicks into gear as the Beating Heart of CWA enters through the curtain, all smiles and sunshine. Clad in a pair of dark orange trousers, along with a grey t-shirt underneath a white waistcoat, the self-proclaimed Veteran gestures welcomingly towards the crowd, strolling towards the ring.

    Tim Coleman: I'm pretty sure we were going to kick it off with someone who people actually care about, but I guess not.

    Jim Taylor: That's being more than a bit abrasive, Tim. Listen to that crowd, they're glad to see Krash.

    Tim Coleman: They're faking it. I can tell because my ex-wife said she- actually it's not important, let's move on, I wonder what Krash is out here for, Jim.

    Krash rolls into the ring, politely gesturing for the microphone from Lindsay Monahan, who hands it over. What a bro. Krash gently taps the microphone with the palm of his hand a few times, the dull 'THUD' echoing throughout the arena as the fans settle down in anticipation. Krash brings the microphone to his, clears his throat... and quickly sprints onto the second ropes, gazing out at the fans.


    The hometown fans in attendance pop heartily, because holy ducks, he just said that place from where we're from, let's get some applause up in this house. Krash pauses briefly at the pop, before climbing off the ropes and pacing about around the ring.

    Krash: That's what I like to hear, that unstoppable, undeniable reaction from a crowd that loves the product. Like music to my ears, like the beats of my heart. And I can absolutely tell, you lot are ready to witness some action-

    The crowd roars again once more.

    Krash: -And mark my words, you are going to see some action tonight like no other! I'm sure you've all hear of The Echo, right? About this tall, caucasian, has this kinda offputting obsession with superkicks, current CWA Tag Team Champions, answer to the names of Echo, Drew & Ethan Connor, or just THOSE guys. You know them, right?

    A string of boos. Oh, this crowd knows the Echo, allright.

    Krash: Yeah, that's the one. Last week, as I'm sure you've witnessed, I had my return match, my FIRST match from a near-career-ending injury, against one of the Connors - I want to say it was Drew? Like, 60% sure it was Drew - and the match didn't entirely go the way I was hoping it would. I mean, yeah, it was still a victory for myself, I'm not going to complain about that, but when you return from an injury that came THIS close to being the end of your professional wrestling career, you kinda have expectations for your big return match. The main one, being 'Win your return match decisively, proving that all that time on the shelf doesn't mean you've missed a beat.' And, let's be honest, a DQ victory doesn't exactly fufil that expectation, does it? No. No, it doesn't, because there's still those few naysayers, in the corners of the room, claiming that I'm lost my edge, that today's wrestlers have surpassed me, that I no longer have it. And I blame you for those thoughts, Echo!

    A low 'Oooooooh' runs through the crowd.

    Krash: If you didn't tuck your tail between your legs and run once things got tough, I could've proved in front of the entire world that I do, indeed, still have 'it.' Instead, I got a cheap DQ victory, which while acceptable, isn't enough to quell those thoughts of otherwise. So, here, tonight in Calgary, I'm calling you out, Echo. Drew, Ethan, or Igor, come on down to this ring and settle what we should've done last week, and this time, have it end decisively, instead of relying on your brother to bail you out like a-

    ???: Woah, woah now, since when do you make the decisions around here?

    A new voice arrives, instantly recognizeable as Noah Hanson enters through the curtain, clad in this trademarked white suit above a slamon dress shirt. He doesn't seem entirely pleased at how his show has started, more confused than anything, really. He stares down Krash in the ring, who leans casually on the ropes towards him, waving politely, before Noah raises a hand, as if to settle the vitrol the fans are throwing his way.

    Noah Hanson: Did all your time in a hospital make you force how authority figures work? I get that you've just returned and you've still got this 'I'm a big deal' idea in your head, good for you, whatever helps you sleep at night, but I'm in charge, not you. So for you to act like the crown prince of CWA and demand a match for your petty vengeance, well... I'd say that's incredibly disrespectful, wouldn't you agree?

    The crowd boos, but Noah holds up a finger, requesting silence.

    Noah Hanson: Buuuuuuuuut, I do know a money hook when I hear it. Let's expand on this idea. So, Krasher, tell me, what do you think of this for tonight's main event: The White Wolf, The Heartbeat of CWA, The Returning Star that is Krash, versues one half of the CWA Tag Team Champions and the man he fought last week, Drew Connor...

    The crowd cheers at this rematch proposal, and Krash nods eagerly, applauding the decision.

    Krash: I knew you weren't completely souless, Noah.

    Noah pauses. For a moment, it looked like he was perfectly fine with announcing Krash vs Drew Connor and leaving it at that. But as good-natured as Krash's remark was, it... irked him.

    Noah Hanson: I'm not finished. Drew Connor, alongside his brother and tag team partner, the other half of the CWA Tag Team Champions Ethan Connor...

    The smile of Krash's face wavers slightly. Meanwhile, the smile on Noah's face grows.

    Noah Hanson: And the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis! How does that sound, huh? Krash vs the Indy Club, live on Adrenaline Rush! If you want some partners to avoid being superkicked into dust, then you'd better find them, Krasher ol' boy. Something tells me you're going to need them.

    Noah Hanson seems pretty pleased with himself, cheerfully leaving the scene as Krash stands in the ring, clear worry across his face... For about three seconds, until something clicks in his head.

    Krash: Find them? Wait, hang on, hang on. I've been in tune with CWA long enough to know that the Indy Club have certainly won gold and been a force to be reckoned with, that can't be denied, but... They've made a lot of enemies on the way. And I mean, a LOT. Who in that locker room WOULDN'T be biting for a chance to face of against these dastardly thugs? I mean, I could go around backstage asking people to join me in my valiant fight against the Indy Club. But I'm pretty sure they've already pissed off enough of the roster for everyone to throw themselves at the front of the line for this opportunity. So, CWA locker room, who wants to join the newly-founded Beat the Indy Club... Club? Applications for these positions start opening right... now. First come, first served, so don't delay, join the Beat the Indy Club Club today!

    Man, if Krash ever retired from wrestling, he'd have a solid job as a salesman, maybe. Barely three seconds pass, when suddenly-

    "Icky Thump" by White Stripes begins to play as Elijah Edwards flanked by Romeo Rollings make their way down to ringside. The fans are positively delighted, cheering for the Canadian Excellence, and inside the ring, Krash is having a similar reaction, bouncing on his heels as Elijah approaches.

    Tim Coleman: Great, the guy gets lucky with beating Jonathan McGinnis and now he's got his head up his ass thinking he can stop the club.

    Jim Taylor: Elijah Edwards is a man of pride of respect. And now he's going to help Krash dismantle the club.

    Elijah climbs into the ring with Romeo Rollings hanging out in the corner, and takes a brief moment to acknowledge the fans, before Romeo passes him a microphone from ringside.

    Elijah Edwards: I think I could be of some assistance.

    The crowd bursts into cheering, and a massive 'DOUBLE-E' chant breaks out as Elijah grins at this reaction, before waving a hand to quieten the fans as he raises the microphone to his mouth again.

    Elijah Edwards: Last week, I did the impossible. I shocked the world. I, in front of my hometown of Toronto, beat Jonathan McGinnis. I beat the almighty Indy God. I got a sample of what it's like to go against a top dog and I want more. I especially want to rid CWA of this foul organization that has been plaguing us for months. You need a partner? I want to fight The Indy Club. Congratulations, you've got Canadian Excellence as a partner.

    More cheering at the announcement! Elijah Edwards extends a hand, but Krash pauses, hand raised.

    Krash: If I had to pick one guy for a partner, Elijah, you would be my absolute number one choice. Welcome aboard, Elijah!

    And now, the handshake! The two shakes hands, the old guard and the new blood of CWA joining, however temporarily it is. Romeo Rollings applauds as Krash grabs Elijah by the wrist and raises his arm up, directing the majority of the cheers towards the Excellent One, and the fans eat it all up.

    Tim Coleman: This is ridiculous.

    Jim Taylor: Now, Tim-

    Tim Coleman: I can't wait until the Indy Club crushes these two like twigs. Yeah, good luck surviving a three-on-two beatdown, guys. They'll never convince any other guy to assist them in this hapless task.

    Goodness, if it was possible, the fan's chants become louder, quickly ducking into a long 'KAIJU' chant. The trio in the ring pause, and exchange glances, Krash whispering something into Elijah's ear, and Elijah shrugging.

    Jim Taylor: I can't say I'm surprised to see the former CWA World Champion here, after all, if there's anyone with a bone to pick with the Indy Club, he's right at the top of the list.

    Tim Coleman: He should be right at the bottom of the list, he lost fair and square in the Steel Roulette. He lost fair and square at World's Strongest. Where's Enigma, where's von Horrowitz, Wake, Vegas? They've moved on. They know McGinnis and the Indy Club are above them and they've settled for things more their speed. It's time Snowmantashi joined them.

    Jim Taylor: It might be time but it seems like Snowmantashi is leaning towards the "Beat The Indy Club Club" instead!

    Tim Coleman: It's a stupid name, Jim, even when you say it.

    Jim Taylor: But look, it's trending. #BeatTheIndyClubClub worldwide.

    Jon Snowmantashi steps through the curtains in some shorts and classical KAIJU t-shirt. He's stone faced and looks a bit naked without the gold he once prided himself in wearing. At his side is the ever enthusiastic and hardly-swaggering John Duncan trying to power walk right next to the Inhuman. Snowmantashi says something to him all the while staring at the ring, eyes focused on Krash, a man he has made no secret about wanting to face, almost makes you wonder if he's actually here to join the new club, or if he's got other plans. In either case, Duncan is back around the ring in time to follow Snowmantashi into it with a microphone in hand.

    John Duncan: Now - Elijah Edwards here has already had the pleasure - or misfortune depending on the way you see it - to meet the man I represent, Jon Snowmantashi-lad... but you Krash, legend of CWA, former CWA World Champion have yet to meet this man here, also former CWA World Champion - as for legend, well, I don't think his tale is done yet.

    Snowmantashi's eyes remain on Krash all the while, unblinking, unwavering, while Krash's eyes flicker between the unmoving statue-like Jon Snowmantashi, and the walking, talking John Duncan.

    John Duncan: Let's face it, Jon Snowmantashi versus Jonathan McGinnis will happen, and in all likelihood, my friend here knows that the McGinnis's young boys as he refers them, will also be very much present to alter the balance of that match, he's rescinded to it... but... you've presented us with a golden opportunity here Krash. One... and this was the very easy one... to hurt the Indy Club. Two... to see you in action, first hand... and three... to sway the tides that much further to a fair match when McGinnis and Snowmantashi face off.

    After a brief pause, a grin spreads onto Krash's face, and he raises his microphone to his lips.

    Krash: So what you're saying is... you want to become an official member of the Beat the Indy Club... Club?

    The KAIJU grabs the microphone from John Duncan and decides to speak for himself, something he's never been afraid to do.

    Jon Snowmantashi: I liked your club slogan, the rhyme between delay and today was very clever, and the name is very catchy.

    Spoken like a true marketing teacher politely grading his student. Krash chuckles, nudging Elijah and mouthing that he 'came up with it himself.'

    Jon Snowmantashi: My parents always told me to join the school clubs when I was kid but I was a bit too lazy, I think this is a good chance to remove one of my life regrets, and I'm pretty good at... beating the Indy Club - I accept your invitation.

    And boom! With that, the match is set! The Indy Club vs The Beat The Indy Club Club! Krash is delighted, this plan has gone off splendidly, and he lifts up his microphone a final time.

    Krash: Goodness, I don't think I could've found a better team of partners for tonight if I tried. You heard it here first folks! Ladies and gentlemen, the inaugural members of the Beat the Indy Club Club, Krash, Elijah Edwards, and Jon Snowmantashi!

    The crowd pops to a feverish pitch as it's finalized. Our heroes, Krash, Elijah Edwards, and Jon Snowmantashi, will take on the Indy Club, live, tonight! The lads exchange words not picked-up by the mics, before CWA goes to commercials.


    Singles Match
    Anthony Mason vs. Leo Taylor

    Lindsay Monahan: The opening contest is scheduled for one fall!

    At the 23' second mark, Out comes Leo Taylor, decked in Pokemon themed attire, wearing a trainers jacket as he points to the sky, holding a pokeball. He looks around at the crowd as the cheer and nods his head towards the fans reaction before flipping out a pokedex. He points it towards Mason, looking down at it before running to the ring, high fiving fans on his way before entering the ring and acting cautiously around his opponent. He takes his Pokeball belt to the side before taking his jacket off, looking into his pokedex one last time.

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing first from New York, New York by way of Pallet Town. He stands at 6'0 and weighs in at 200lbs, "The Ultimate Fanboy" Leo Taylor!

    Tim Coleman: Who or what is that?

    Jim Taylor: That's newcomer Leo Taylor. He's an enthuasist of all things pop culture and likes to have a good time!

    Tim Coleman: I'm already not too fond of him

    Jim Taylor: Don't be such a buzz kill!

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent...

    "Medal" rings out through the arena and crowd begins to boo as Anthony Mason steps out with his arms outstretched produly displaying his gold medals around his neck. He confidently makes his way down to the ring ignoring the negativity he's receiving from the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: Approaching the ring from Washington D.C. by way of New York. He stands at 6'3 and weighs in at 245lbs, "The American Alpha" Anthony Mason!

    Tim Coleman: Now here's someone that I've become very fond of!

    Jim Taylor: Anthony Mason is another bright, young talent that has come to CWA with one victory under his belt making quick work of Duke Martin in his debut match. Now he looks to play spoiler for Leo Taylor tonight...

    Tim Coleman: I really hope that Mason suplexes this guy so bad he crawls back to his parents' basement!


    Mason is looking to lock up with Leo, but Leo has other ideas as he grabs a Pokeball from his belt thinking that Mason is a Hitmonchan and throws it at Mason, which prompts Mason to unleash a thunderous belly to belly suplex to Leo! Mason brings up Leo with a waist lock looking for a german suplex, but Leo fights off with several back elbow strikes that has Mason reeling back allowing Leo to break free and connect with a pele kick that staggers Mason and Leo follows up with a dropkick to Mason that drops him to the mat and he rolls underneath the bottom rope to the outside. He tries to find his bearings but not for long as Leo launches himself like a torpedo through the ropes knocking Mason back into the barricade!

    Jim Taylor: Leo Taylor throwing caution to the wind!

    Leo takes Mason by the head and tosses him back inside the ring before hopping up on the apron, and looks for a springboard moonsault but Mason rolls out of the way in time and Leo lands on his feet stopping himself from crashing. Mason springs up and clubs Leo with a forearm to the back of the head followed by a german suplex! Mason getting fired up now as he takes Leo up and brings him down with a bridging fisherman suplex!


    Leo kicks out before two and Mason snatches Leo up and sends him towards the corner with a hard irish whip followed up by an explosive corner clothesline nearly taking Leo out of his boots! Mason unloads with several vicious knife edge chops that has Leo's chest beet red before dragging him out of the corner locking Leo in position...CRAVATE SUPLEX!

    Jim Taylor: What an incredible display of strength by Anthony Mason!

    Tim Coleman: He launched him like he was nothing!

    Mason with another pin attempt after the cravate suplex...


    Leo stays alive with a kick out and Mason begins to grow slightly frustrated as he sneaks up behind an unsuspecting Leo looking for his Patriot Clutch, but Leo has an answer for that as he slips out of Mason's grip and drills Mason with an enziguiri that has Mason staggered as Leo runs off the ropes and shouts "TACKLE!" before hitting Mason with a running shoulder block! Leo pumps himself up as Mason is rising up and Leo shouts "HYPER BEAM!" before hitting Mason with a double axe handle to Mason taking him down instantly and Leo plops down on Mason for the pin...


    Leo thought for sure that he had it won there, but Mason showing great resilience with getting a shoulder up. Leo climbs up top and shouts out "AERIAL ACE!", but before he has a chance to perform the move Mason knocks him down in a prone position on the top turnbuckle. Mason then climbs up on the middle turnbuckle and locks Leo in position...SUPERPLEX!

    Jim Taylor: Holy cow!

    Tim Coleman: That ought to put that weirdo away!

    Mason crawls over and hooks the leg on Leo...


    Mason can't believe it as he looks in the referee in total disbelief claiming that it should have been a three count. Meanwhile, Leo is beginning to stir as he crawls behind Mason and scoops him up with school boy roll up!


    Jim Taylor: Leo Tayor nearly stole it from Mason!

    Mason kicks out and immediately rolls to his feet and lunges at Leo with a discus clothesline, but Leo avoids it as he ducks underneath it and spins Mason around shouting, "RAZOR LEAF!" before unloading with several chops to Mason's chest that has Mason reeling back before Leo takes Mason down with a front suplex! Leo attempts his surfboard submission, Future Lock 2017 with him standing on top of Mason, but Mason slithers out of it and takes Leo down with a clothesline!

    Tim Coleman: Enough funny business, put him away Mason!

    Mason takes off his straps of his singlet from his shoulder as he waits for Leo to rise up before snatching him up in position The Patriot Slam, but Leo manages to slip out of it and boots Mason in the gut and brings him down with a front suplex! Leo then climbs up top and shouts, "AERIAL ACE!" before leaping off and this time hits the senton from the top rope. Leo is feeling it now as he brings up Mason in position...DIE HARD! He then hooks the leg immediately...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Leo Taylor!

    Jim Taylor: An impressive debut for Leo Taylor!

    Leo takes his Pokeball and throws it at Mason's prone body and acts as if he's captured him. He leaves the ring running back up the ramp proclaiming he caught a Hitmonchan. Meanwhile, back in the ring Mason comes to and is dissapointed in himself as he slams his fist on the mat.

    Tim Coleman: I don't even want to know what that was all about

    Jim Taylor: Well we'll be back with more action folks!


    Grudge Match
    Ariel Justice vs. Nate Savage

    Lindsay Monahan: The next contest is scheduled for one fall!

    "This Fire Burns" hits and Ariel Justice steps out looking ready for a fight as she immediately walks to the ring making no eye contact with the fans, who give her a positive reaction.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making her way to the ring from Tampa, Florida. She weighs in at 150lbs and stands at 5'6, ARIEL JUSTICE!

    After the intro of "Cut the Cord" and the song kicks in, Nate Savage steps out to a loud negative reception from the fans.

    Lindsay Monahan: and her opponent making his way to the ring from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 266lbs and standing at 6'0, "Nasty" NATE SAVAGE!

    Jim Taylor: This one is going to be intense fans...and it didn't take long at all as Ariel Justice rushes up the ramp at Nate Savage!

    Ariel bum rushes Nate midway at the ramp and the two begin trading blows with Ariel tossing Nate towards the ring to the apron. Ariel then goes to continue her onslaught of punches, but Nate counters with a knee to the midsection doubling her over and he tosses her in the ring and follows suit prompting the referee to call for the bell.


    Nate lays some more boots to Ariel before running off the ropes and hits a massive running senton crushing Ariel beneath him! He drags her up by her hair and violently whips to the corner laying into her with a few stiff forearm shots before backing up and charging in at her with a crushing running corner splash! Ariel slumps in the corner and Nate taunts her before backing up once more and looking to hit the cannonball senton, but Ariel moves out of the way in time causing Nate to crash in the corner. Ariel quickly recovers and picks up Nate and drops him with a front suplex! Nate in agony holds his lower spine as Ariel takes him by the head and slams him down hard with a belly to belly suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Ariel not showing Savage any mercy!

    Ariel then mounts a downed Nate and unleashes several stiff forearm strikes before it's broken up by the referee. Nate rolls away from Ariel keeping his distance from her near the ropes, but Ariel will have none of it and she takes him over the rope to the floor with a clothesline! Nate lands on his feet and drags underneath the ropes and pulls her out and the two begin trading blows as the referee counts but they do not let up forcing the referee to call for the bell.

    Jim Taylor: A double count out but I don't think either one cares to be honest, they just want to rip each other apart

    Eventually more officials arrive on the scene to keep both competitors at bay as we cut to the back where Noah Hanson is watching on a monitor with a sly smirk while assistant Vanessa stands by.

    Noah Hanson: Vanessa, make a note that at Kings Reign Supreme it will be Nate Savage taking on both Ariel Justice and Johnny Vegas in a handicap match!

    Vanessa begins writing on a notepad when Noah is approached by Michelle Kelly.

    Michelle Kelly: Mr. Hanson, you called for me?

    Noah Hanson: Yes Miss Kelly, I'd just like to confirm that at Kings Reign Supreme there will be an announcement in regards to this year's Hall of Fame. It seems Isaac had promised something for it, but he never delivered so now I'm here to clean up after him. Now, move along Miss Kelly...

    Michelle leaves as Noah is still smirking as the show goes to commercial.


    Singles Match (Non-title) w/Michelle von Horrowitz on commentary
    Johnny Vegas vs. LIGHTBRINGER

    Killswitch Engage’s ’Hate by Design’hits around the arena as we return from commercial, positivity emanating from the crowd as Johnny Vegas appears on stage, accompanied by his wife. He looks focussed and ready, but still has some smiles and high fives for his adoring crowd as he make his way down the ramp.

    Lindsay Monahan: “Ladies and gentlemen, this next contest is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Jenny Vegas… from Los Angeles, California… weighing in tonight at two hundred and twenty pounds… JOHNNY VEGAS!”

    Jim Taylor: “Here he comes, Tim, a man whose had issues with Nate Savage over the last few weeks, dating back to before the World’s Strongest pay-per-view.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, Jim, but tonight holds a different challenge for Johnny Vegas, as he goes one on one with the High Voltage Champion…”

    Killswitch Engage dies down and is replaced by the ’Lightbringer Theme’, the crowd continuing with their cheers as the champion walks onto the stage. His championship is around Himawari is at his side.

    Lindsay Monahan: “And his opponent… from Tokyo, Japan, and wrestling out of Tampa Bay, Florida… weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion… LIGHTBRINGER!!”

    Jim Taylor: “Here comes the champ, Tim! The crowd don’t know who to cheer for, both of these men immensely popular with the CWA Universe.”

    Tim Coleman: “For reasons that will always escape me. This upstart jumped the queue to steal that championship and his arrogance has been obvious ever since.”

    Jim Taylor: “But LIGHTBRINGER has remained undefeated, including in title defences against Elijah Edwards and Dustin Dreamer.”

    Tim Coleman: “That’s right, an impressive run so far, but soon he’ll be defending that belt in a triple threat against Michelle von Horrowitz and Elijah Edwards, and we all know what they say about three-way matches and the defending champion’s chances.”

    LIGHTBRINGER climbs into the ring and circles it, holding up his championship belt for the audience as Johnny Vegas quietly paces in his corner. He loosens his muscles and joints as LIGHTBRINGER’s theme slowly fades out, the two men coming into the centre of the ring as the referee begins to make his final checks…

    … but before the match can start, In Dreams by Roy Orbison plays and out comes Michelle von Horrowitz. The crows instantly turn hostile as she meanders out onto the stage, a microphone in hand.

    MVH: “So here we are, trogs, as July is slowly turning into August, and Michelle von Horrowitz is finally not scheduled to wrestle on Adrenaline Rush. But still here, I grace you with my presence. I guess that’s just a testament to the sort of wonderful person that I am, giving you all the gift of MVH even when I’m not contractually obliged to do so…”

    She begins to walk down the ramp, the audience still booing her heavily. LIGHTBRINGER has come forward to the near set of ropes to observe his challenger, whilst Johnny Vegas waits patiently across the ring. Jenny and Himawari remain on the outside, watching the new entrant carefully from near the announcer’s tables.

    MVH: “I would, of course, be a fool not to come and see as Mr Bringer here climbs through these ropes and dances with… who is that? Is that you, Johnny? Well, I guess some things can’t be helped. I haven’t seen our esteemed, undefeated foreign dignitary wrestle since we last shared the ring together. I’m sure you all remember, trogs, our successful debut as a team, defeating the pairing of Harrison Wake and Dustin Dreamer. LIGHTBRINGER teeing Dreamer up, ready for my 450 and certain defeat. And since, some people have dared to suggest that I stole that victory. Me! A thief!”

    She has finally reaches the ring, and feigns to walk up the steel steps before continuing around them. LIGHTBRINGER follows the path inside the ring, keeping a close eye on her.

    MVH: “To be fair, Mr Bringer, you’re not one of those people. I haven’t heard you speak much on the subject at all. And that’s sort of why I’m more worried about Elijah Edwards come Sunday than yourself. You see, you’ve already shown yourself willing to roll over. You decided that the team’s win was more important than your victory. You’ve watched on as I pinned your challenger before, and there’s no reason you won’t do it again this Sunday. And when I do? I’m taking your championship right through the exit and never looking back. The world is abuzz with the possibility. I’ve already spoken to two major promotions about a defense on their programming. I think the first stop will be your beloved SPJ, where I’ll remind them that YOU turned your back in the pursuit of foreign gold, whilst I have brought that gold to them as a gift.”

    When she reaches the announcer’s table, MVH gives Jenny Vegas a little smile and a nod before taking a seat next to Jim Taylor. She shakes his hand and shoots Tim Coleman a glare before focussing on the ring once more.

    MVH: “But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before you watch your championship disappear this Sunday, I’ll watch your reputation disappear tonight. It’ll almost be disappointing that I won’t be able to rip that undefeated moniker from you this Sunday, but life is full of such frustrations. Good luck, boys.”

    She places the microphone down in front of her and picks up a headset, LIGHTBRINGER finally turning away from her and facing Johnny Vegas once more. The two come to the centre of the ring and the referee calls for the bell.

    Singles Match
    LIGHTBRINGER vs Johnny Vegas

    The wrestlers begin to circle and LIGHTBRINGER offers a collar and elbow tie up, which Vegas reciprocates. The two of them buck in the centre of the ring for a moment before LB begins to use his size advantage, but Vegas quickly counters with a go behind into a hammer lock. He wrenches at the joint, LB eventually managing to reverse into a rear waist lock, trying to grind Vegas to the mat. Vegas reaches around himself and takes his opponent in a headlock, pulling him over his body and onto the mat whilst maintaining the hold. LIGHTBRINGER reaches around for the ropes, but realises he’s sundered in the middle of the ring. Eventually, he instead lifts his legs and wraps them around the neck of Vegas. He pulls him down onto the mat in a headscissors, Vegas instantly squirming for the ropes in pain. He reaches out with his foot and just about hooks onto the bottom rope, the referee coming in to break up the hold.

    Jim Taylor: “The High Voltage Champion coming out the better on that exchange, showing his technical prowess.”

    MVH: “A few neat tricks, for sure, but in Japan they call this guy a Jack of all trades for a reason. He has no specialism, no real defining in-ring feature…”

    Tim Coleman: “Some might say his defining in-ring feature was success.”

    MVH: “…”

    Michelle, as usual, refuses to respond to Coleman, and the in-ring action continues with the pair circling the ring once more. They go in for a test of strength, but Vegas quickly hits a knife edge chop to break up the chain wrestling. He follows up with a forearm, backing LIGHTBRINGER up into the ropes. He Irish whips this man from Tokyo across the ring, and goes for a rather wild clothesline, but LIGHTBRINGER ducks it and checks his momentum. Vegas turns into a European uppercut, which rocks him into the ropes, Vegas bouncing off into a dropkick which sends him to the mat.

    Jim Taylor: “You mentioned LIGHTBRINGER being adept in many different wrestling techniques, Michelle, and there’s his striking ability. He’s showing us why he’s the champ, right now.”

    MVH: “The most important part of that is right now. LIGHTBRINGER’s first real challenge is approaching fast, this is just a warm up.”

    LIGHTBRINGER picks Vegas up to his feet and doubles him over with a boot to the midsection, applying a front face lock. He tries to take him over with a suplex, but Vegas blocks it by wrapping his leg around the champion’s, before hoisting him over with a snap suplex of his own. LB is quick to his feet, and he goes for a lariat, but Vegas ducks it, and LIGHTBRINGER turns into an enziguri! The High Voltage champion hits the mat and Vegas goes for a cover.

    ONE… TW - - NO!

    Tim Coleman: “LIGHTBRINGER stays in this one, but Vegas beginning to find his feet and mount some offence.”

    What follows is a good period of offence for Vegas, where he looks to grind LIGHTBRINGER down with a series of ground and pound moves. He stomps away at every opportunity, and wrenches away at the High Voltage champion’s neck with a series of holds, attempting to ready him for his Koji Clutch or perhaps the Anaconda Vice. He moves seamlessly between a headlock and a head-scissors, and then a dragon sleeper. LIGHTBRINGER tries to get to the ropes, but Vegas continually drags him into the centre of the ring. Eventually, whilst in a headlock, LIGHTBRINGER realises he needs to fight his way to escape, rallying the crowd behind him and beginning to climb to a knee. A ’TOK-YO KIS-AI’ chant begins to circulate, and he powers up to his feet, proceeding to throw a few elbows into Vegas’ ribs. The third forces some separation, and LIGHTBRINGER charges to the ropes, bouncing off and going for a lariat, which Vegas is able to duck. Johnny turns into a boot to the midsection, though, and LIGHTBRINGER follows up with a neckbreaker! He goes for a cover.

    ONE… TWO… - - NO!

    Vegas gets a shoulder up, but LIGHTBRINGER looks to press home the advantage. He lifts Vegas up and Irish whips him into the ropes, bending over for his trademark flapjack… but Vegas telegraphs it and lifts his boot into the champion’s face. LIGHTBRINGER recoils backwards, and Vegas follows up with a half dozen knife edge chops, backing him up into the corner. He charges in with a running clothesline, clasping him in a headlock and charging across the ring with a running bull dog. Again he goes for the cover…

    ONE… TWO - - NO!

    Jim Taylor: “Johnny Vegas really beginning to get some momentum going now, looking strong with another two count on the High Voltage Champion.”

    MVH: “What did I tell you, boys? LIGHTBRINGER’s undefeated streak won’t even see it through to this Sunday.”

    Vegas lifts LIGHTBRINGER up, sensing that his chance is now. He hits a European Uppercut, the first move in his finishing combination, and then hooks on a front face lock. He hoists LB into the air, going for the brainbuster… but LIGHTBRINGER knees him in the head, prompting Vegas to drop him onto his feet. The High Voltage champion grabs Vegas’ wrist and pulls him towards him, perhaps going for the LIGHTBRINGER lariat… but Vegas ducks it and boots LIGHTBRINGER in the midsection, nailing him with his trademark brainbuster! Vegas rolls through right into the Koji Clutch!

    MVH: “Here it comes, guys! Nate Savage might be getting the night off after all on Sunday. If LIGHTBRINGER taps, Vegas’ name is surely thrown into the High Voltage title picture…”

    Jim Taylor: “I wouldn’t bank on the champ tapping! He’s squirming over towards those ropes, reaching out in desperation…”

    Tim Coleman: “But he’s still a few precious inches away, Jim!”

    LIGHTBRINGER lifts his hand parallel to the mat, as if he’s about to throw in the towel… but he clenches his fist and drags himself to the ropes, wrapping his fingers around its sanctuary. The referee comes in to break up the hold, Vegas obliging him and rolling away from his opponent.

    Jim Taylor: “LIGHTBRINGER just about managing to break up the hold there, but you have to ask yourself how much damage was done during that move.”

    MVH: “For tonight and for this Sunday, Jim. LIGHTBRINGER is wrestling now, Elijah goes later tonight in the main event, whilst I wait, getting fresher by the minute.”

    LIGHTBRINGER uses the ropes to drag himself up to his feet, but Vegas is over in an instant. He puts LB in another front face lock, perhaps going for another brainbuster, but the champion repeatedly lifts his knee into Vegas’ sternum. Johnny is forced to break the hold, but instead Irish whips LIGHTBRINGER hard into the corner, and follows in with a charging clothesline. He drives a shoulder into LIGHTBRINGER’s abdomen, before driving him up into a seated position on the top rope. Vegas climbs up onto the second rope and hits a few right hands to dizzy him. Johnny then places the High Voltage champion in a front face lock…

    Tim Coleman: “Is he thinking what I think he is?”

    Jim Taylor: “Perhaps going for that brainbuster all the way from the second rope! Vegas hoists him up…”

    But no! LIGHTBRINGER sends a knee into Vegas’ head once more and slips out of the back, landing on his feet in the ring. Before Johnny can turn around, LIGHTBRINGER leaps high into the air and dropkicks him in the back, sending Vegas crashing onto the outside! The champion can’t capitalise, instead rolling into the centre of the ring, grateful for the momentary respite afforded him...

    Johnny stumbles back up eventually and slides back in the ring at the count of 5. He rolls back up to his feet and LIGHTBRINGER is ready for him as Johnny charges at him and takes him down with a clothesline! He follows up with another clothesline and now Johnny gaining a head of steam as LIGHTBRINGER is getting back up before Johnny hits an enziguiri knocking LIGHTBRINGER down to one knee. Johnny signals for his finisher and is about to hit it when he's distracted as Nate Savage walks down the ramp taunting him...

    Jim Taylor: Looks like we have company!

    MVH: Oh dear, whatever will dear Johnny do?

    Johnny yells at Nate and begins trading verbal jabs with him allowing LIGHTBRINGER time to recover. Johnny eventually turns back towards LIGHTBRINGER, who drops him with a dropkick and then he follows up with a DDT with a kip up! LIGHTBRINGER turns his attention to the announce desk where MVH watches intently as LIGHTBRINGER has Johnny set up...LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT! He makes the cover...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, LIGHTBRINGER!

    Nate Savage laughs to himself at ringside before walking back up the ramp. Meanwhile at ringside MVH has left the desk and takes the HV title and enters the ring and hands it over to LIGHTBRINGER. Then she leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp without looking back at LIGHTBRINGER, who stands in the ring watching her leave as the show.

    We join the ever-delightful lead interviewer of CWA, Michelle Kelly, backstage in the CWA arena. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans and a red jacket, Michelle smiles politely, before launching into her usual opener, or at least trying to.

    Michelle Kelly: Hi, I'm Michelle Kelly, backstage here with-

    ???: Michelle, real quick, what's the t-shirt size chart for Canada/North America?

    Interrupting her usual opening, her guest at this time is none other than Krash who, flanked by Jon Snowmantashi and Elijah Edwards, dropped a cardboard box on a bench next to Michelle, and began sorting through it, either not noticing or plainly ignoring the interview that's attempting to take place.

    Michelle: I'm sorry? I-

    Krash: Ah, we'll work it out. Snowman, here, try this on.

    Krash handed a lump of screwed-up fabric to the Kill-sized Kaiju, who, shakes it open to reveal a thin black t-shirt that looks completely and utterly minuscule is his big, meaty hands. He swings it around, revealing the words 'BEAT THE INDY CLUB CLUB' neatly stitched onto the back in white, before glancing wordlessly at Krash. Ah, a fatal flaw: The shirt is almost ridiculously tiny, there's absolutely no way Snowmantashi will be able to fit into it. Elijah stifles a smirk as Krash realizes this, and frowns.

    Krash: No, wait, that's Michelle's. Sorry, Jon, could you pass that to Michelle? Cheers.

    Snowmantashi tosses the shirt at Michelle Kelly, who... politely says nothing as she lets the shirt drop to the floor, and quietly pushes it out of sight with her foot while Krash reaches around in his bag, finally letting out a noise of excitement as he finds what he's looking for. Michelle exchanges glances with Elijah Edwards, who only shrugs.

    Krash: Here we go. I couldn't find any blank black shirts with your, ah, size in mind, Jon, so I got you a scarf instead. I kinda rushed the stitching job, but it's still good, I think. I mean, I'd wear it, maybe, if you paid me, so it's fine.

    Krash brings out a black scarf out of his back, proudly handing it to Snowmantashi. Jon Snowmantashi unfurls the scarf, and watches as a stitched in B promptly flutters to the ground, now reducing the scarf to merely say 'EAT THE INDY CLUB CLUB.' Snowmantashi, like he was born a model, tosses the scarf around his neck, and without his shirt, he poses his hands on his hips and looks fetchingly heroic.

    Krash: Fabulous! Michelle, what do you think? Model material or what?

    Michelle stares blankly, before shaking her head. Before she can even answer, Krash ducks his head back into the cardboard box, rummanging around, and Michelle decides it'll probably be easier to skip Krash and go straight to...

    Michelle Kelly: Jon, ever since you joined CWA, you haven't really gone out of your way to team-up to fight anyone... even the Indy Club, why the sudden change of heart?

    Jon Snowmantashi: Duncan-kun told me that he could get us sponsored by independent Calgary restaurant Clubhouse if I joined a Club too.

    The KAIJU turns his hip for the newly minted 'Clubhouse' crest stitched onto his tights, fortunately it's of much higher quality than the scarf and unlikely to fall down at any point.

    Jon Snowmantashi: It also comes with delicious unlimited Club sandwiches.

    Those words come straight out of a teleprompter. Duncan leans in to the camera view, hands a box over to Snowmantashi, whispers 'you're doing a great job, just like we rehearsed', and hustles out of camera sight. Snowmantashi opens the box to reveal about a dozen or so Club sandwiches. Elijah raises his eyebrows. He clearly was not informed of... anything, here, while Krash plucks a sandwich from the sandwich box and takes a bite, before offering it to Elijah, who politely refuses.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Each of you may have half of one of these delicious Club sandwiches.

    Jon offers, and seems satisfied enough with himself before devouring a club sandwich.

    Elijah Edwards: If I could cut it in.

    Edwards comes to the forefront of the shot, and Michelle, gratefully, guides the microphone to the Excellent One.

    Elijah Edwards: For the low price of 9.99 you too could get a Beat The Indy Club t-shirt. Shipping and handling included. But while this all fun and games- this match is of the utmost importance. This is about putting dents in the armor of the The Indy Club. This about sending a message to those three stuck up douchebags. The CWA will no longer tolerate your presence here. Go back to NWA Japan or some other independent and pull those shenanigans. We are not going to allow you to think you're bigger than the sport. We're not going to allow you to think you can do as you please here in CWA. I'm ready to take apart the Indy Club. What about you guys?

    Mouth full of a sandwich, Jon merely nods, while Krash let's out an 'A-HA' sound and comes back into view, a baseball cap in hand with 'BICC' stitched onto it, of which he places of Elijah's head.

    Krash: $9.99? That's less than ten dollars, what a bargain! And Elijah is absolutely spot on. Someone has to stand up and put these guys in their place, and I think it's only fitting for us to do exactly that. Gentlemen, let's go break some superkicker's legs.

    With that, the trio walk away, mumbling something about Krash's 'Arts & Crafts degree,' leaving the scene. Michelle lets out a breath of bafflement, raising a hand to reveal a club sandwich she lifted from Jon Snowmantashi's box. She examines it, before shaking her head and taking a bite of it as we fade to black.


    Main Event
    The Indy Club (The Echo & Jonathan McGinnis) vs. Jon Snowmantashi/Elijah Edwards/Krash

    With all the combustible elements in this match it’s hardly any surprise how it started; With Snowman Double E and Krash already in the ring and the members of the Indy Club making their way down the ramp but before Lindsay Monahan can announce their weights, all three of their opponents suddenly rush from the ring, fly through the ropes...AND HIT THE CLUB WITH THREE DIVING CROSSBODIES!!! We’re starting this one right away!

    With the crowd white hot Krash storms out in the madness to retrieve the object of his ire Johnny McGinnis and grabs him by the neck and the base of his trucks and flings him into the ring! Krash McGinnis still hasn’t had any kind of chance to regain himself, let alone take off his “Hail the club!” t-shirt. Krash lashes at the shirt nearly tearing it off of McGinnis’s body and tosses it aside, the referee not sure entirely what to do. He tells Krash to cool down, but Krash pays no heed and makes his way to the top rope! The entire arena is buzzing with Snow and double E cheering him on from the apron as McGinnis dizzily gets to his feet...MISSILE DROPKICK. Krash with a huge move just a few seconds in! Krash with a white hot cover-




    McGinnis manages to throw up a shoulder! The leader of the Indy Club gets caught off guard, but not enough! As soon as McGinnis gets out of the first pinfall, however, Krash doesn’t let up in the slightest, his blood festering to a boil….AND STARTS HEADING TO THE TOP ROPE! This time, Krash’s back is to McGinnis and it takes a moment for him to steady himself to maybe go for MOONSAULT..WAIT! Both Ethan and Drew have recovered and jumped onto the apron, distracting not only Krash but also his corner as well!

    The ref orders the brothers to go to their corner, with both human rats adhering to those words. As they slink away from the apron, Krash has to set up all over again and goes for the moonsault….No! McGinnis pulls him by his long hair and forces the back of his head to hit the base of the turnbuckle! Krash goes from moonsault perch to Tree of woe in one fell swoop!

    McGinnis takes a moment to tend to his wounds and walk them off, gripping at the base of his neck and showing a great deal of anger, wiping his mouth and heads to his corner to tag aggressively in Ethan Connor. McGinnis shouts at Ethan to “Sic’ Him!”, saliva flying from his lips. McGinnis really has lost a bit of his cool here. Ethan snarls, but in no time at all he rushes across the ring and drills the dangling Krash with a baseball slide to the face!

    Krash’s head is driven further into the corner, his body collapsing to the canvas, as Ethan jumps on Krash and pulls him further away from the ropes for the cover




    Elijah Edwards breaks up the count! Another near fall so early. Surprisingly it’s the face corner that pulls the first ‘interference’ of the match. Ethan ever the hothead gets upset and nearly going after Double E. The ref gets to him before Ethan does and orders him back out. Ethan tries to roam over to Krash and continue the beatdown, but Krash gets to his knees and starts to deliver blows to Ethan’s midsection, the crowd getting behind him with every hit.

    But just when it seems like Krash is going to get back into things, bad head all, Ethan takes him and grapples him around the midsection, hoisting him up with a gutwrench….and holds him up in what looks like a Canadian backbreaker position. Ethan then adjusts one of his arms and quickly goes to adjust the other … ELEVATED NECKBREAKER!! WOW!! Krash’’s head crashes against the canvas with violent force!! Ethan goes for another cover –




    This time, it’s Krash who rolls a shoulder for himself! Ethan’s snarl returns to his face as he sits up off of Krash’s body, his turn to now play with his wrist tapings. Ethan then shakes his long hair a bit before grabbing hold of Krash’s hair and again forcing him to his feet … and CHUNKING HIM into his own corner…? Huh?! A woozy Krash frowns and asks “What the hell are you doing?! Double E and Snow looks at Ethan with disgust. Ethan gestures to Snowmantshi clapping his hands together telling Snow to tag in.

    Showing straight up disrespect for Krash. Ethan looks to avenge his lost last week. There’s disdain in Snow’s eyes and he raises his arm to slap Krash on the shoulder and become legal, but before he can do anything Elijah Edwards slapped him on the shoulder and steps in to become the legal man, much to the chagrin of the Indy Club corner.

    The savvy of Double E throws a wrench in the opponents' game plans, Edwards now crouching over a little and telling Ethan to bring it. Ethan curls his lips in disdain, staring at Edwards he soon gives in to his demands and the two initiate the first traditional move of the entire match with a lock up, both men quickly struggling for position before Double E emerges the victor, trapping Ethan in a headlock. Ethan leans back into the ropes and flings Edwards across the ring into the ropes, but on the rebound, Ethan lowers his head only to get kicked in the face by Edwards. Ethan grips his jaw and stands upright in pain, allowing Double E to backpedal against the ropes and come right back at him cracking him in the face with an impressing dropkick, He goes for the cover




    Ethan still has much more in him than that, Double E grabbing at Ethan’s’s exposed head and wrapping it up in a headlock of his own. He wrenches and has it in deep, but Ethan still manages to not only get to his feet but prep himself to deliver a suplex … but Double E shifts his weight and He lands right on his feet and uses the momentum to again backpedal off the ropes and speed towards Ethan, but Ethan moves out of the way and Double E collides with the corner post, he crumbles to the mat and Ethan goes for a cover




    Double e is showing some resolve there, but all it does is give Ethan the chance to drag Edwards into his corner, now tagging in his tag partner and Drew Connor... Ethan keeps hold of Double E and drags him to his feet, only to take him up and plant him with a high angle back suplex, almost German suplex like. Edwards lands with his shoulders on the mat and his legs wide open, giving Drew the space to walk between them and set up for what looks like a wheelbarrow suplex … but instead, works his arms up for a DOUBLE CHIKENWING LIFT!!

    An impressive display of creativity from the young studs here, but as Drew lifts Edwards high, he backpedals into a leaning forward McGinnis, who DRILLS EDWARDS IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH AN ELBOW!! The momentum from that blow gives Drew the lavage to complete the combo with a CHICKENWING FACEBUSTER!! WOW!! An incredible triple team from The Indy Club there!! Drew turns Edwards on his back for a devastating pin –




    Snowmantahi keeps his team alive by diving out of the blue. Snow rolls out just as quickly as he came in, Drew’s turn now to be somewhat angered. Edwards still hasn’t moved much after the incredible triple team, but instead of throwing him aside like his brother did, Drew shoots in … and goes for a stiff kick!

    Edwards is able to scurry out away scurrying to some nearby ropes. Drew tries to tear him away from those ropes, grappling him by the midsection and leading him away and possibly going for a going for some kind of move … but Edward’s jams it and throws an elbow right to Drew’s temple, giving him the space he needs to rebound off the ropes yet again … but Drew shoots him up in an electric chair position What does double E got in mind here? Drew sets himself for a potentially big move … BUT EDWARDS TURNS IT INTO A DDT!! The technical dynamo proves his worth once again, having enough gusto in him to shoot a half and cover Drew –




    Drew still has life! Edwards runs his hands through his hair in one quick motion but gets to his feet and steps on Drew’s face for good measure. (Maybe just a little dirty, but come on. Drew’s more than earned it) He goes over into his corner and finally does tag in Jon Snowmantashi, who gets the biggest pop by far of anyone who wasn’t born in Canada. Snowmantashi immediately springs in, instead waiting for Drew to get back to his feet …LARIAT! Drew goes spinning !! But when Drew wills himself to get back to his feet after the disorienting move, he’s met immediately with A DOUBLE DROPKICK FROM SNOW AND DOUBLE E!! DREW FALLS THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!

    Drew flops in front of the announcers’ desk, McGinnis and Ethan both coming off the apron in the ‘club corner’ to get him back to his feet. But this is obviously their foes wanted. All three members of the team look at each other and crowd knows what’s possibly coming next. But this time, it’s … different? None of the men set up for the triple Asai moonsault, instead Krash and Elijah Edwards charging along either side of Snomantashi … BOTH DELIVERING TOPE TORPEDOS!! WHILE SNOMANTASHI SUICIDE DIVES! ALL THREE TURNS THEIR BODIES INTO MISSILES!! OH MY!!

    Canada is in an absolute FRENZY, as all six men hit the deck and the faces pull their second balls to the wall move of the contest!! Snowmantashi is the first man to recover, jumping to his feet and roaring to another huge reaction. He doesn’t waste any time, taking the still legal Drew and throwing him underneath the bottom rope and into the ring. Snow leaping into the ring and looking to put him on his shoulders but Drew struggles and slips off and once Snow turns around? SUPERKICK

    Snomantashi sells the move like a champ, falling like a tree truck! Drew is still feeling the effects of all the moves he’s been hit with so far, not able to get to Snowmantashi immediately and has to crawl towards the former champ pull him away from the ropes, and then finally fall onto him for a cover –




    SNOW ROLLS A SHOULDER!! Drew pounds the mat in frustration, telling the ref that that was definitely three, but the zebra insists that it was only two. Sweat drips from Drew’s hair as he looks over to Snow’s corner and sees that his partners have both recovered from their time on the outside, causing Drew to instinctively look over into his corner, where Ethan is still shaking cobwebs out of his head, but at least on the apron. McGinnis is doing his recovering off the apron on the outside.

    Drew pulls Ethan to his feet and brings him to the club’s corner, tagging back in his brother. Ethan jumps in, bends over and gets Snow in a northern light position, as Drew comes off the ropes looking for the Southern light suplex, but before he can. With a mighty roar, Snow lifts Ethan up over his head and HURLS him at his incoming brother. Making a Connor Sandwich! Ethan grabs at his midsection, while Drew rolls off and away leaving Snow the space to pin




    Ethan rolls a shoulder now!! Snow seems to be just a bit peeved at that, pressing his lips together, but as he reaches over to maybe catch Ethan in another quick move, it’s Ethan who pulls a fast one by grabbing Star’s wrist and wrapping his legs in some variant of an arm breaker. Not a usual Echo move but certainly effective The tendons are ripping and tearing in Snow’s arm, the crowd hot for him to get out of the move!. Snow struggles in the hold for a moment before he stands up and using his weight to pull Ethan into a power bomb like position, taking a running start and tossing Ethan into the turnbuckle

    Snow is showing what a beast he really is, but he’s taken some damage and tags back Krash but it’s Edwards that jumps in and Snow doesn’t step out, but Krash leaps to … the middle rope? Perhaps another big-time move in the works, Snow and Double E hoisting Burchill up … AND PLACING HIS LEGS OVER KRASH SHOULDERS. Could this be what it looks like…?? Krash leaps ...A TRIPLE POWERBOMB FROM THE SECOND ROPE!! OHH MY GAAAD!! No one or their mother saw that coming!!! The crowd goes nuts, Krash keeping Connor down with a prawn hold pin –

    McGinnis slides into the ring…

    McGinnis rebounds off the ropes…


    MCGINNIS CRACKS KRASH IN THE SKULL WITH A STIFF KNEE to break up the pin. Krash, who's had a history of concussions, is woozy as McGinnis turns and decks Edwards with an elbow smash...but Snowmantashi CLOBBERS him with a lariat! Snowmantashi chases McGinnis out of the ring and proceeds to beat the piss out of him while Drew re-enters with a steel chair. The referee tells him to drop it, but Drew tells him to go suck a dick as he lines up Krash for another shot to the head...

    NO! Drew swings and Krash ducks, leaving the chair to connect with Ethan! A rare combination of Echo miscommunication along with Krash's ring awareness! Drew looks stunned for a second, long enough for Krash to drill him with Satan's Spike Brainbuster! Krash, seeing Ethan's out, quickly goes for a cover and scores the win!

    But, before Lindsay can announce the winner, McGinnis darts into the ring and grabs the chair, having dazed Snowmantashi on the outside long enough to get by. He then proceeds to drill Krash and a charging Edwards with vicious chair shots as the Echo regain their bearing and join in on the assault, until...

    The lights go dark, leaving the arena in complete shadow. The crowd is buzzing, wondering what's going on as you can hear the Echo and McGinnis clamor, confused. And when the lights come out, that confusion is replaced with a roar from the crowd.

    There, standing between The Indy Club and Krash and Edwards, is a returning Exile.

    Jim Taylor: Holy mother of God...he's back. Cyrus Truth is BACK!

    The Club is tense as hell as Cyrus Truth stands stoically in the center of what had long been his ring as Krash and Edwards slowly start to recover. McGinnis is almost chomping at the bit in rage...until he sees a familiar-looking T-shirt crumpled in Cyrus's hand. The light-bulb finally goes off in his head as he realizes that this might not be so bad...something that's reinforced by Cyrus holding his hand up with the Too Sweet hand sign!

    The crowd is beyond incensed, booing loudly and chanting "No!" as The Echo tells them to shut their whore mouths as McGinnis goes to seemingly formally welcome Cyrus to the Club...

    BAM! Boot to the gut, DDT! Cyrus has planted the CWA World Champion with a DDT! The Echo, seeing the ruse, immediately tell Cyrus to go fornicate himself as they look for a stereo superkick. The tandem move connects as Cyrus is sent into the ropes. The Echo taunt him as they are wont to do...but they also don't notice the gigantic Japanese Superheavyweight behind them who batters them both with forearms. As Krash and Edwards join in on the attack, the Connors decide to beat a retreat with McGinnis in tow. At the top of the ramp, acting GM Noah Hanson has a microphone and looks mildly amused by this.

    Noah Hanson: Well! Look who's back. Good to see you again, Cyrus. Although I'm a bit confused, since I'm to understand that you don't currently have a contract with CWA. I mean, I am privy to all contract signings and I don't recall being present to resign you...

    Cyrus asks for a microphone as Noah continues to ruminate, still wickedly amused by this turn of events.

    Noah Hanson:
    Either you're here without a contract, which means I need to throw you out, or...?

    Cyrus Truth: Or I went directly to the Board of Directors and hammered out a new contract without you. In fact, I insisted you not be present for the signing due to our...history. The Board was willing to give me a rather surprising amount of leeway to bring me back.

    Noah smiles, the type of smile that suggests that he's rather enjoying the return of his games with one of his favorite opponents.

    Noah Hanson: Of course. And I imagine you convinced them to give you a World Title shot, right?

    Oh, THAT suggestion gets McGinnis riled up as he takes the microphone out of Hanson's hands and rants.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Oh, hell no! NO! He had his shot and blew it! I am not about to give that son of a bitch anything, especially when he's not been here for nearly a year!

    Noah nods, as if to agree with McGinnis, though arguably he's only doing it to get a rise out of Cyrus. It doesn't work.

    Cyrus Truth: Hate to admit it, Jon. But you're right.

    Huh? McGinnis's face contorts into an expression of half rage, half confusion.

    Cyrus Truth: I had a chance to regain it after I lost it to you, Jon. As it stands, I've not earned the right to fight for MY World Title. Not yet. So you don't have to worry about me. Although you were on the right track, Hanson. I did get a few concessions from the Board. Namely, an incentive to sign and the ability to book two matches for Kings Reign Supreme.

    That announcement seems to have gotten to Noah a bit.

    Noah Hanson: There's no way the Board would replace me with you.

    Cyrus Truth: Sadly, no. After I book these matches, I'm back to being a regular wrestler again. But, if you think I'm lying, feel free to call the Board and call my bluff.

    WHAT?! Cyrus has the book! But wait, hang on...what did Cyrus mean by "incentive?" Nevertheless, Cyrus turns to the Kaiju Snowmantashi and asks him, very pointedly.

    Cyrus Truth: You. If you had three more matches with McGinnis, could you win two of them?

    Snowmantashi says nothing, looking stoically at the returning CWA Legend. He finally responds with a grunt and a nod.

    Cyrus Truth: Fine. Let's see you prove it. At Kings Reign Supreme, one final confrontation between Snowmantashi and McGinnis for the World Title. First to score two falls wins. But...each fall will have a stipulation as agreed to by myself and Noah Hanson. You'll find that out on the Newswire. This is it, boys. Victory or annihilation. Time to find out who the best in CWA is.

    That announcement gets a loud pop from the crowd, a stark-raving mad diatribe from McGinnis...and nothing from Hanson. To him, this is all part of the game and he'll see where it goes up until the moment it's time to slide in the knife.

    More importantly is Cyrus's next sentence...

    Cyrus Truth: As for you two...

    Cyrus turns and points at...The Echo? Both Connor boys look confused and enraged as they sling profanity Truth's way.

    Cyrus Truth: You two have singlehandedly made CWA a caustic environment. Krash came back and stepped up to you...and now? Now he doesn't have to do it alone. At Kings Reign Supreme, The Echo put the CWA World Tag Team Titles on the line yet again, this time against Krash...

    A brief pause before the hammer falls...

    Cyrus Truth: AND ME!

    WHOA! Cyrus and Krash are teaming up! A dream team against one of the most dominant and controversial tag teams in CWA history! And the final battle between Snowmantashi and McGinnis with a two out of three falls match with extra stipulations to be announced! Adrenaline Rush ends with the quartet of faces standing in the ring and the Club besides themselves, with the last image being that of Noah Hanson, chuckling sinisterly to himself...

    *END SHOW*


    Match credits
    Jimmy King - Mason/Taylor, Justice/Savage
    SuperSaiyan - LIGHTBRINGER/Vegas
    An Original Name/Cyrus Truth - Main event

    Punk Wolf
    Jon Snow
    Cyrus Truth
    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Shit. just got real...
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Minor complaint in the grand scheme of the awesome Cyrus Truth return to compliment the Krash return from a few weeks back... but his name is not Jon Snow -_- It's Snowmantashi. There's no shortened versioned to Jon Snow either - if anything go with 'Tashi. But please no more Snow. Don't really mind when another character uses it as a sort of nickname or whatever, hell, I use it as a pun for some of his moves. But don't want him to be regarded as Jon Snow or Snow.

    And another minor complaint that's not really directed at anyone - if I had seen the EE comments beforehand, I may have objected considering 'Tashi made his name in NWA:JP and has complete respect from it, and after what McGinnis did last time he was in NWA:JP, Snowmantashi would not want him back there. But now that it's said and done - Snowmantashi will just have to bear a grudge towards EE which is better than anything (take it from the perspective of how EE would feel if Snowmantashi told McGinnis to go back to Canada). That aside, credit to Punk Wolf for organizing, editing and setting up the three man segments for this show.

    Unsure about the Snowmantashi/McGinnis match - but Krash/Truth vs. Echo should be money. Echo has been needing a legitimate challenge and after I completely flaked on giving them that challenge, I'm sure Wolf/Cyrus will bring it to AON and it could easily be a show stealer.

    EE sort of moved away from the LB/MvH/EE match and the focus has turned to LB/MvH a bit so it'll be interesting if he can use his current momentum to shock everyone and take back the HV championship.

    Some may miss it but that Noah Hanson chuckle near the end has me intrigued.

    Roster is a bit thin now, but we've still got two godly matches at the PPV between the tag and the triple threat so it should be a fun one.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Minor complaint in the grand scheme of the awesome Cyrus Truth return to compliment the Krash return from a few weeks back... but his name is not Jon Snow -_- It's Snowmantashi. There's no shortened versioned to Jon Snow either - if anything go with 'Tashi. But please no more Snow. Don't really mind when another character uses it as a sort of nickname or whatever, hell, I use it as a pun for some of his moves. But don't want him to be regarded as Jon Snow or Snow.
    That was all me dude. Got lazy when writing. I beg for pardon
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    I'll have the Kings Reign Supreme card up later tonight along with promos from this show. I was planning on doing it after work but I was asked to stay later so there will be a slight delay, sorry about that folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: CWA Adrenaline Rush: Live

    Good work on this show, nice build for King's Reign Supreme. I'm really looking forward to McGinnis-Snowmantashi (and have been since before World's Strongest..), and the tag match should be fun. Not particularly confident about my own chances but the challenge should be enjoyable regardless.

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