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Thread: FWA superstar fired after drug filed assault

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    FWA superstar fired after drug filed assault

    Chris Kennedy's former body guard and FWA TV Champion Joey "Bones" Ortiz has been released from the company just days after being called back up to the main roster.

    Police responded to an altercation at The Radisson hotel at 3am last night where Joey Ortiz had assaulted the hotel's bartender in an undisclosed dispute. Police found Cocain and an unregistered pistol on Ortiz. It's said that his longtime friend Juan Lopez posted his bail and shortly after, Ashley O'Ryan called to inform him his services weren't needed.

    Ortiz was Kennedy's "goon" who helped Kennedy secure his first world title. After that, he formed the popular tag team "The Cuban Connection" with X-Champ Juan Lopez. Ortiz captured the TV title before forming True Destiny with Desmond Fox, finding sucess in the nGw tag division.

    After 2+ years in nGw, Ortiz was pulled back up to the Fight Night roster just to be released days later.

    OOC: Rethinking the direction I'm taking Kennedy in, and had second thoughts about rereading old water. Not to mention I hated my promo last week and would rather chuck that development in the trash.

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    Re: FWA superstar fired after drug filed assault

    LOL that story was hilarious. I love reading firing stories like this.

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