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Thread: Euro 2016 7-a-side - First Knockout Round

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    Re: Euro 2016 7-a-side - First Knockout Round

    My team gave me nothing all around so there's not much I could have done. Win the title, Nash. That way my losing to you does sound as bad.
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    Re: Euro 2016 7-a-side - First Knockout Round

    That Alli missed header in the 92nd minute was even more depressing for me.

    Shame to be knocked out as I feel my team were set up nicely for Quarter Finals and Semi Finals with 3 players on either side of the draw, a Belgium/Portugal semi likely, France good for the semis etc. Kind of caught out by the Italians performances this summer as I didn't have a representative to go against Blonde's Pelle and Buffon.

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