Von Horrowitz (sort of) responds to Wake’s challenge.

The footage opens up outside of Michelle von Horrowitz’s locker room, Toxic Rain standing with a microphone in hand.

Toxic Rain: “CWA Universe, I’m Toxic Rain and I’m here in Jacksonville, Florida, hoping to get a few words with Michelle von Horrowitz, fresh from her hard-fought victory over Dustin Dreamer. Earlier tonight, we saw Harrison Wake issue a challenge to the woman who calls herself Dreamer for a re-match at World’s Strongest. Let’s see what von Horrowitz has to say in response.”

Toxic walks to the door and knocks it three times before waiting awkwardly. She glances at the camera, tries to smile, and then stares back at the door. Eventually, it opens, Michelle von Horrowitz standing in the frame, still in her ring gear.

MVH: “Who are you? What do you want?”

Toxic Rain: “I’m Toxic Rain, and I was hoping you could update the CWA Universe on your thoughts with regards to Harrison Wake’s challenge this evening?”

Things that happen on Michelle von Horrowitz’s face; eyes are narrowed, lips are pursed, an eye brow is raised.

MVH: “What’s a Toxic Rain? Who are you?”

Toxic Rain: “I’m… er… I’m a backstage interviewer.”

MVH: “No, no, no, NO! This won’t do. Where’s Michelle Kelly? I speak to Michelle Kelly, and even then it’s begrudgingly. I don’t know you or your agenda. Don’t knock on my door again.”

With that, von Horrowitz closes the door, and Rain turns back to the camera. She opens her mouth to speak, before closing it again, looking rather embarrassedly at the lens. The footage fades before kicking back in after a few seconds, Michelle Kelly now standing in precisely the same position as Rain had been. She knocks on von Horrowitz’s door, and the wrestler appears promptly.

MVH: “Much better. Yes?”

Michelle Kelly: “Michelle, the CWA Universe is waiting to hear your answer to Harrison Wake’s challenge. After your epic match last week on Adrenaline Rush, will you and The Backwoods Badass dance once more under the lights at World’s Strongest?”

Von Horrowitz allows herself a little smile, tilting her head sideways to survey the interviewer.

MVH: “See? See? Now that’s the way you phrase a question. That was almost poetic, Michelle. Please don’t let that Toxic woman speak to me again. As for Wake? You’ll have my answer next week on Adrenaline Rush. I have too much to think about right now. Did you see they’ve put me in another tag match next week? Yet again I’ll have to rely on someone else other than myself. With an ounce of luck it’ll be someone more reliable than Mr Enigma. I’ve got old friends calling to ask me for favours, trying to make me catch airplanes. Tag teams and airplanes; the two worst things on this planet. I’d like to load a Boeing 777 with tag team ’specialists’ and fly it into the side of a mountain. Or the side of Jon Snowmantashi. Same thing, really. But anyway, Wake? No, no, not now. He’ll have to wait. You’ll have to wait. I need to sleep. I need to dream.””

With that, von Horrowitz closes the door once more, this time for good. Kelly turns back to the screen with her microphone raised to her lips.

Michelle Kelly: “There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Michelle von Horrowitz vs Harrison Wake Part Deux is still unconfirmed – tune in to Adrenaline Rush next week to find out if these two titans will clash once more.”

Fade to white… (you thought we’d fade to black, didn’t you? Ha! Idiots).