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Thread: Bray Wyatt as a face

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    Bray Wyatt as a face

    On the April 11 episode of Raw Wyatt teamed with Reigns to beat Del Rio and Sheamus, making a surprise face turn in the process. At the beginning of the show there was a tribute to his grandfather, Blackjack Mulligan.

    Before anything could come of it he was injured and the program between the Wyatts and LoN was discontinued.

    There's only one Dusty Rhodes, but Bray Wyatt has that heavy-set every-man appearance, he draws you in on the mic, and he understands how to work a match - but I just don't know how I'd facilitate him being a face.

    So I'm asking you book Wyatt coming back and getting over as a face.

    Hard mode: he doesn't feud with a heel Wyatt family.

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    Re: Bray Wyatt as a face

    Alright, I'll bite.

    The earliest Bray Wyatt promos back in NXT - and briefly following his Raw debut - were heralded with the phrase 'Down With the Machine' following some wordbytes about how 'they' are lying to you, 'they' are using you, and the like. Over time that phrase was toned down and done away with, but the initial promise of the line stuck with me. Bray Wyatt preached against the general order of things, promoted anarchy and chaos, and most importantly, decried an authoritative rule with that phrase.

    Let's bring that phrase back into fruition.

    Fast forward to Monday Night Raw. The WWE Champion - be it Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Heath godamn Slater, that particular don't matter - is in the ring, perhaps celebrating a victory, perhaps gloating about a foul win, perhaps doing the Y.M.C.A, again, that particular point doesn't matter. What does matter, is that Triple H interrupts, flanked by Stephanie McMahon and some lackeys. Basically, The Authority is back after regrouping, and wants things done their way once again, with a champion of their choosing who isn't the current WWE Champion. Thrilling television, I know. We've never seen it before and sure as shit aren't tired of that storyline being dragged out every now and then. Cue the usual Authority beatdown, culminating in The Authority's hand-chosen would-be champion making their way to the ring, smug smirk spread across their face, Triple H donning a referee shirt to get the WWE Championship onto his 'guy's' waist, when suddenly - DEAUGH

    Yep. Lights go out, people are confused, and when the lights come back on the Wyatt Family are standing at ringside, separating The Authority's Guy from the ring. Triple H seems confused, he didn't order the Wyatts to do anything, when suddenly, Bray & his Family strike, attacking The Authority's handpicked Guy and utterly destroying him. Maybe some Authority lackeys try to stop this, but they fall victim to the same fate. Triple H frowns from inside the ring, the Wyatts DEAUGH away, and the current WWE Champion - someone who is most certainly not The Authority's Guy - lives to extend his title reign by another day by something he couldn't have seen coming.

    From this point, Bray Wyatt & his Family are the Anti-Authority Force. They honestly don't care who the current WWE Champion is, as long as it's not The Authority having their way for the umpteenth time. Authority stack the odds against the Champion? Wyatts arrive to even the odds. Authority give their handpicked guy the MITB case and arrange the perfect scenario for their Guy to cash in? Wyatts interfere, ruining the scenario and forcing the Authority Guy to either waste his MITB contract or go against his bosses orders and retreat to cash it in another day. Authority abandon their Guy and pick a new Guy as their optimal face, assuming the Wyatt's issues are with their previous Guy? Noooope, Wyatts assault the poor joe just as much, if not moreso, than they did the last Guy when the Authority present the opportunity. They don't give two shits who they're assaulting, as long as they're ruining the plans of the Authority in the process. This continues for several months until Bray Wyatt goads Triple H into a SummerSlam match, with the caveat that if Trips wins Bray... I dunno, him and his Family are fired, whatever. But if Bray wins, the Authority is gone, for realsies, no take-backs, and a true, chaotic Raw enters, where the best rise to the top without anyone receiving a handout by the faceless corporate.

    Their goal, the first goal they had when they arrived, the goal that lay dormant and forgotten for too long, are the four arcing words. 'Down With The Machine.'

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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    Re: Bray Wyatt as a face

    I like the booking there. Bray as a face is certainly an intriguing idea , as long as you have him still be himself. No need to make him Cena. Corporate and smiling Bray would be the ultimate kill of a career that looked promising one too many times. If there is a "homemade " star to pull the trigger on that is Bray. Since Angle and the 2002 generation WWE keeps on looking for the homegrown star. Well, you got the chance now with Bray. Roman is improving , so is Corbin . But you already have Bray and Rusev. Just push those two guys. And you have a secured 2 main-eventers for the next couple of years.

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