After the logo is shown were taken to a brief recap of the mayhem that ensued at Retribution focusing on brief highlights of every match… The victory of Dustin Dreamer…. The technical marvel that was Lightbringer and E Double Elijah Edwards. The car crash that was the Ladder match between The Echo and The Moment and of course the carnage that was the steel roulette match with ended with Jonathan McGinnis standing in the middle of the ring and were taken to the arena and the intro pyro before were taken to our usual announce team

Jim Taylor: Hello everyone and welcome to

Jim Taylor is cut off…

We see Tim Coleman lips moves but nothing comes from his mouth

Tim Coleman: I….think….We…...Technical…..cults

The screen begins to split apart and fracture until...lights out. All the screens turns black and were left with nothing….blackness….The screen stays that way until eventually a single image begins to appear on our screens.

And just like that, were taken back to the CWA arena yet again but the camera image had become grainy distorted and filmed with a black and white filter as the camera turns in the direction of the stage where seemed to have been defiled and tainted by what appears to be black spray paint bearing messages such as “Indy Club > CWA” and “Jon Snowmantashi suck donkey dick” like the stage was nothing more than a big canvas for graffiti punks.

???: Do not adjust your sets, there is nothing wrong with your TV screens.

The camera turns in the direction of the voice which is emanating from high above the stage setting where a large propaganda podium stands with several microphones sitting on it clearly connected to the PA system, and standing behind the podium is the lawyer and spokesperson for the Indy Club is Celina Sasha looking down at the audience both literally and physically clad in her finest business jacket and “Hail The Club” T-Shirt

Celina Sasha: I stand before you today, humbled and proud and privilege to serve as the advocate for the only true super power in sports today. A brotherhood formed from men who refused to be SHEEP. Refused to sit back and wait their turn. Who vowed to reap, and pillage the wrestling world of what was rightfully there’s. They came. They saw. The CONQUERED. CWA isn’t yours anymore. It’s ours. WE are in control. WE make the rules, WE have changed the face of the wrestling world and now CWA is our prize. They doubted us, They told us we were all talk. That we couldn’t back up our words but the single most dominating force this company has ever seen took your heroes best and every single one of them was put to the sword. And those that thought that were in power were brought to their knees. We seek power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power. What pure power means you will understand presently.

Celina Sasha: We are different from all the oligarchies of the past, in that we know what we are doing. All the others, even those who resembled ourselves, were cowards and hypocrites….The Elite. The Brotherhood….Each and everyone one of them has been wiped out of history after last night but we know that no one ever seizes power with the intention of relinquishing it. Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power! And for you? There will be no joy, no hero that’ll come to save you. Any resistance will be destroyed. And every thing you think that you’ll be saved, The Indy club will remind you of your place each and every time If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot super-kicking all your faces forever, and once this company learns they can’t stop us each and every one of them will have no choice but to hail power. Hail the FUTURE. HAIL THE REVOLUTION. HAIL. THE. INDY. CLUB

The reaction to the Indy Club’s music is less like heat and more like full scale riot with the amount of hate being thrown their way but after awhile out saunters out The NEW, yes NEW CWA World tag team champions Drew and Ethan Connor saunters onto the stage-Well, Drew is limping slightly the price he pays for jumping off a ten foot ladder through a table- looking much more happy and smug then they have the last few weeks now that they have their titles back, they retreat back each side of the stage looking out at the sea booing fans with proud smirks at their faces as they shout and scream over them “We told you so!” constantly pointing to their belts and waving their faces in the air as if inviting the crowd to get louder and louder which they happily oblige while they dance around on the stage doing their earthly best to piss off the crowd before they move more to the center of the stage they cast one last smug look to the crowd before they both clique point to the entrance. Out from behind the curtain, the NEW!!! CWA World Heavyweight Champion, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis. With the most prestigious championship draped over the shoulder of McGinnis as he steps out. Wearing a Indy Club shirt, and jeans, he walks down the ramp and the crowd just hates all this. McGinnis has went from the most loved wrestler on the roster to the most hated in such a short period of time. Showing the battle scars of not only surviving but winning the first ever Steel Roulette match. He walks towards the ring and is smiling from ear to ear, taking a stroll around the ring, in the best effort to just rub in the fans face that he is the NEW!! and 2x CWA World Heavyweight Champion, thus proving that he was right all along. He enters the ring and gives his Indy Club buds a TOO SWEET!!! As the three of them hold up the their CWA titles, which puts them in such a powerful position within the ranks of the CWA. McGinnis grabs microphones and hand them out to The Club, but turning towards the crowd.

Jonathan McGinnis: What a difference, a day makes, huh.....

He looks at Ethan and Drew who give a chop chop to the fans as it is all just a celebratory mood.

Jonathan McGinnis: Hate to say we told ya so.... but.....

Drew Connor::....WE F**KING TOLD YOU SO!

The crowd could see it coming a mile away but the heat is still massive as Drew finishes up the line patting his reclaimed prize on his shoulder

Ethan Connor: Oh yeah, that’s it dick licks, boo it up. Every single boo just makes our collective boner, so much more powerful.


Drew Connor: Well, don’t boo after the concept, you weirdos.

Ethan Connor: ...Perverts….

Drew Connor: ….Freaks, Wrestling fans man…

Ethan Connor: Oh what? You guys mad? You Surprised? Did you DOUBT us? Did you DOUBT that the most dominating trio this sport has ever seen wouldn’t back up every single word we said? Did you DOUBT that the finest wrestler in the world wouldn’t walk through fire to bring the World Heavyweight title home? Did you REALLY think that The Moment stood any chance against us! You just don’t get it do you?! We call ourselves the best because we ARE the best. We have these belts because we’ve everything we SAY we are. We don’t brag. We state facts. And the fact that we prove time and time again that you can put us against any team you want and but in a straight fight when the pressure is on and the lights are on bright. We DON’T make mistakes. Because we ALWAYS win. We are FASTER. We are TOUGHER. We are BETTER and we’ve just going keep rubbing everyone’s face in it. You line them all up and we will set them all down. Why? Because we Can!”

Jonathan McGinnis: Together, we had a plan, a set goal to do what many thought was impossible. In one night, we took CWA and made it ours.... and now we stand here, and make this ours, we make this all ours. Who would of thought that it would of came together so quickly, but when you are the best at what you do, things just come easily.

Drew Connor: We’ve at the top of the marquee just where we belong when we walk out onto that stage, it just like Sea World because the entire front row gets wet

Ethan smirks and nods clearly loving the idea of being the main attraction

Ethan Connor: “We’ve taken over the world, who's going to stop us huh? Lightbringer? Is Lightbringer coming to come jogging out? Is Johnny Vegas going to come waltzing down just so we could stick that silver spoon right down moneybags mainstreet? Oh how about MVH? Huh? Is that tiny broad have a problem with us?

Drew Connor: If she does come down here, she better be coming down with sandwiches from the kitchen….

Ethan Connor: ...And we can give her the meat later

McGinnis with a smirk on his face.

Jonathan McGinnis: Speaking of meat..... Snowmantashi.... I have HUGE!! news for him. Hey, you guys want to hear, this massive, I mean massive news, that involes, the former champ?

McGinnis looks over to The Echo as he asks them the question.

Ethan Connor: “Oh this ought to be good…”

Drew Connor: “Did Free Willy manage to jump the rock wall?”

Jonathan McGinnis: Well, you know how that coward refused to give me my rightful rematch for MY championship. And how he forced me to go through hell just to get it... I mean, now that I'm champion, how long should I make him wait till I feel like giving him his rematch? Should I make him wait as long as I did, I mean, months. Or hell maybe years, maybe, Snowmantashi gets his rematch at Five Star Attraction 2019? Because he will be waiting for a long time, because he will get a nice taste of how he treated me... and I hope he gets himself a nice mouthful of the dose of his own medicine... so how many years, should, Snowmantashi wait for....?

Ethan Connor: Well to be honest I don’t think he, HAS years…

Drew Connor: Cholesterol has to be a bitch. He’s due for a heart attack any day now. I mean why SHOULD we have to defend any of these titles, I say we just sit back relax and have people PROVE they’re worthy of a shot. We had to jump through a TON of hoops to get these belts. Now, we turn the tables. Let all of those dorks just crawl over each other to get to us for all we care.......

Jonathan McGinnis: Yeah. I mean, I think, my first official title defense...... should be in like four to five month's time. Till then, it will be apart of me... everywhere I go, it goes, if I got a couple of naught bitches in the room, you best believe, it will be there with me. But, to the point of future opponents, I think, no one is worthy, but that is what I believe. No Richman can tell us, who we face for OUR titles, for our championships, they belong to us and not the CWA, all the gold in this ring belong, to the INDY CLUB!

The Indy Club stand tall in the ring as the sight of them covered in gold just gets under the skin of the CWA Universe. Backstage watching from a monitor is CWA's own Megan Anderson and she does not look happy at all.