One thing I forgot to mention about my ECW save that was a huge kick in the nuts was back towards the end of 1998 Bam Bam Bigelow was being a major pain in the ass, refusing to lose to anybody, showing up late and all that. At one event he got into a physical altercation with The Sandman so I just decided to fire him because I was tired of dealing with him. Sandman got pissed and left the company because he felt it was too harsh of a punishment, Shane Douglas got pissed and left too because he was friends with Bam Bam and, on top of that, Bam Bam sued me for wrongful termination and won like $50,000. So in the span of like two weeks three of my main eventers were out of the company and I got hit with a lawsuit. I feel like everything worked out fine in the end though. I got by just fine without them and my locker room's chemistry is excellent. It also allowed me to focus on building up younger talents. I just wish I had that $50,000 back.