I would suggest you also plan for the inevitable death of GCG and the possibly of bringing in some of their top names and future stars because it's bound to happen and sometimes BHOTWG/PGHW don't actually pick up the remnants.

I'm treating the Challengers Series title like a basic secondary belt. The guys who hold it are mostly top foreigners (Findlay/Smith) and guys who aren't quite on the level needed for BCG World Championship but are loyal so guys like Rokuemon and Goto are going to go through that eventually. Shorter reigns are acceptable since guys might end up leaving due to lack of loyalty or being on tours. When guys like Findlay/Smith are holding it the belt may even be on the same level as the BCG World Championship in terms of quality delivered. Title defenses will obviously be more frequent as well because we'll be aware of guys being on their way out and such. I doubt I'll do anything very formal like 3 defenses and you get to challenge BCG World Champion. At the moment, Big Bruiser Findlay is my champion. They keyfabe story is that Bulldozer Brandon Smith had lost his opportunity at taking the belt back so he helped Findlay get an opportunity at it and Findlay did the job. A Bulldozer vs. Bruiser match is probably in the making.

I've been working on getting Bruiser/Bulldozer friends with some of my loyalist to see if it helps me retain them when GCG or PGHW or BHOTWG come along.