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Almost wish you ran a BTB just for how confusing the John Cena to Johnny Nitro name switch would be.

I also started running a game while loading up on indy guys. Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe feel a bit less impressive than they were when I used them in another file. Bryan Danielson is amazing from day one with C quality performances. Teddy Hart & Jack Evans are surprisingly great as well. CM Punk is, surprisingly, not as great as I remember him being. Kevin Steen remains subpar at the start. They're all guys just a bit of pop boost and a year's worth of wrestling away from being pretty good, though. I'm looking forward to getting deeper into the game.

As for mediocre American guys who once had WCW/WWF gigs, would be great if you had a lot more control over the sort of wrestlers companies hire. Being able to make sure a wXw had 70% German talent, or an ROH focused on guys with Showstopper/Ring General potential, and what not. But honestly, I try not to pay too much attention to how other companies do when I'm playing a RW mod because there's always a ton of off-putting things that happen that can't be controlled. Volador Jr getting released early on even when he has insane stats for how young he is, always puts me off.
Lol I don't know for sure whether I do the Johnny Nitro gimmick if it was a BTB. I just wanted to re-lablel Cena so feels a bit different. The "Nitro" idea was blatantly taken from Morrison. I just love the level of arrogance of naming yourself after the show. So I guess if I ever do a WWE BTB or TEW save, someone is going to be named Ricky Raw. It would be easier if the first name wasn't John in both instances, but I tried on a few different first names and nothing quite fit or sounded as smooth. "Felix Nitro", after Cena's middle name, was a bit tempting for the LOLs.

Honestly, I don't know if any those guys got tweaked on this round. If they did, it wouldn't be by much, but most tweaks were yet-to-debut talent, Japanese workers, and luchadores. Steen is a bit crap to start, but its intentional. He's only 17. He wasn't working indies of note until about 2005, so having him be as good as he was in 2007 (start of his ROH run) would be a bit premature. Hart and Evans might have overlooked. But both are pretty good workers who have been held back by other issues.

Quite agree that more control over hiring patterns of promotions would be nice. Its damned near impossible to get a game-world to unfold as it actually did. With fictional mods, you don't generally need that kind of control. With real world historical ones, it would be nice to at least have a few more ways to guide the hiring of the certain companies.

And honestly, that "off-putting" stuff is a large part of what got me tweaking the mod in the first place. I just wanted to change up a few things that I disliked and it snowballed from there.