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Thread: April 9th, 2016 nGw Results

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    April 9th, 2016 nGw Results

    April 9th, 2016 nGw Results
    Glasgow, Scotland

    "Bleed For Me" by Digital Daggers plays and the crowd boos as the nGw General Manager and nGw World Champion, Vincent Blackbird comes out from the back. Proudly carrying his nGw World Championship over his shoulder.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome the nGw General Manager and the first ever, 3x nGw World Champion, Vincent Blackbird.

    The crowd continues to boo as Vincent gets into the ring.

    Vincent: While I may have successfully become the first ever three time nGw World Heavyweight Champion, I plan on continuing the Tournament. Tonight, we will see two of the three Second Round Tournament Matches. Now, I know that you are wondering "Vincent, How can you have only Three Matches when there are Eight Wrestlers still in the Tournament?". Well it's simple, I'm not going to allow Amber and her boys the chance to all advance.

    So, tonight, we will see Amber and Choi Li team up to face Damien Straight and his new partner, Lenny Delafonte. We will also see Adam Bonnie face off against Elizabeth James, and Lizzy, if your father even so much of breathes in the Scottish air in this arena tonight. You will be fired from the nGw IMMEDIATELY. And the lastly, on the next nGw, the nGw Women's Champion, Thema, will face off against Daniella Kennedy, and since the winner of the Tournament can choose any nGw Championship to go after, the Thema versus Daniella Match, will not be for the FWA Women's Championship.

    The crowd offers a mixed reaction to his news.

    Vincent: The winner of the Adam vs James match will face against either member of the Tag Team that wins the second of the first two matches. The winner of the Thema vs Daniella Match will pull double duty when they then face the other member of the winning team from tonight. The Finals will then take place on the nGw before the next iPPV, "Bulletproof".

    Vincent: And speaking of "Bulletproof", we will be seeing two Elimination Chamber Matches. The first, will feature all female wrestlers competing to become the #1 Contender to the nGw Women's World Championship. In it, we will see Sarah DuBois vs Charity LeGrange vs the current FWA Women's Champion, Bell Connelly vs Sonny vs Bella Kendall. The final participant will be chosen later.

    The second Elimination Chamber Match will be to crown a Number 1 Contender to my nGw World Heavyweight Championship. Inside of this Elimination Chamber, we will see one of my top lieutenants, Vic Voorhees.

    The crowd boos Vic heavily.

    Vincent: Sir, Reginald Underwood.... MP

    The Scottish crowd boos Reginald's name even more heavily.

    Vincent: Orwell Dawn

    The crowd now begins a "Who" Chant

    Vincent: Norman Mars

    The Crowd: Who?

    Vincent: The last two, will be announced later. We will also get an nGw Tag Team Table, Triple Threat, Elimination Match, where Jason Randall and Dan Ward will defend their recently reacquired, nGw World Tag Team Championship against True Destiny and one other Team. If Thema gets eliminated during the ongoing tournament, then she will defend her nGw Women's World Championship in a Ladder Match against a contender to also be announced later.

    The crowd chants "Amber's" name loudly and repeatedly.

    Vincent: Even if that bitch loses in the tournament, she will NOT be Thema's opponent. No matter how hard you want it. And lastly, at Bulletproof, I will be defending my nGw World Heavyweight Championship against Derr....

    "Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and the crowd erupts in a massive pop as Jethro Warren comes out from the back. Jethro takes in the crowds reaction while smirking as he sees that it is really pissing Vincent off. As Jethro makes his way down to the ring,

    Vincent: Shut off that stupid music. That man does NOT deserve any entrance music whatsoever.

    Jethro stops at the bottom of the entrance ramp and gives Vincent the "oh come on" manerism, before continuing into the ring. Jethro and Vincent keeps their distance and they circle each other with Jethro stopping by the announcer's side of the ring and calls for a mic.

    Jethro: Come now Vincent. You and I both know that there is only one true opponent worthy of taking that Championship away from you.

    Jethro points towards the Gold that is around Vincent's waste.

    Vincent: Yes, and I was just about to announce his name when you oh so rudely interrupted me. As I was saying, my opponent at "Bulletproof", will be none other then Derr...

    The crowd chants Jethro's name loudly interrupting Vincent.

    Jethro: With all due respect towards Derreck Mitchell, but he won't allow you to truly show what you can do Vinny, and you know it.

    Vincent: And Jethro, you very well know that there is absolutely nothing you can say that would ever to get me to announce you as my opponent for MY Championship.

    With Vincent leaves the ring and heads up the ramp as "Bleed for Me" plays. This time, Jethro is the one to call for Vincent's music to be cut, further pissing off Vincent but Vincent plays it cool.

    Jethro: Nothing you say. Now I wouldn't say that there isn't anything I couldn't say to get you to announce me as your opponent for your Gold. Cause there is plenty that I could easily say to get you to make that announcement.

    Vincent: No, there really isn't but I'll indulge you as I'm currious as to what you think you could ever say that would get me to announce you as the challenger to my nGw World Heavyweight Championship.

    Jethro moves towards the ropes on the entrance side of the ring and leans forward against them.

    Jethro: It's very simple buttercup. Currently two of your four ladies, are so heated against each other that I could very, very easily convince both of them to turn, against, you.

    Vincent lightly chuckles: Oh now both Sonny and Bella might be wanting to slit each other's throats, would never turn against me.

    Jethro grins knowning he has Vincent where he wants him, pushes himself off of the ropes and turns his back towards Vincent.

    Jethro: I don't know Vinny, I was able to convince Amber and Trace to betray you, and Amber has been loving it ever since. In fact, Amber has been telling me that all Sonny and Bella needs would be a nice, long, hard, and very thick shaf....

    Vincent growling a bit: Fine Jethro, you want to dance with the devil. You got it, but your sweet and pathetic mate, Amber, won't be able to save you this time. This time, Jethro, the only way for either one of us to win, is by killing the other inside of a C4 and Barbed Wired Cage Match of Infinite Pain. See you in three weeks at "Bulletproof" sunshine.

    "Bleed for Me" plays as Vincent and Jethro have a heated and heavy staredown as the nGw goes to its first commercial.

    Match 1: Round Two Tournament Match
    Adam Bonnie vs Elizabeth James

    Adam Bonnie initially didn't want anything to do with Elizabeth until she slapped him in the face several times, to which Adam replied with utter destruction. Adam advances while Elizabeth is left laying.

    Match 2: Round Two Tournament Match
    Amber Warren & Choi Li vs Damien Straight & Lenny Delafonte

    The Match ended up being a set-up as Damien Straight turned on Lenny and both Damien and Choi would then make short work of Lenny with Amber getting the pin fall victory. Amber and Choi advance with Amber, Choi and Damien standing tall signalling that they, along with Jethro Warren will soon hold every nGw World Championship as nGw goes to a close.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: April 9th, 2016 nGw Results

    We're coming for you....

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