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Thread: Post-Retribution Reaction From Jon Snowmantashi

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    Post-Retribution Reaction From Jon Snowmantashi

    CWA.COM EXCLUSIVE: It's not often we hear from Jon Snowmantashi - let alone after a defeat. This was only the second time since joining CWA that Jon Snowmantashi was pinned but it nevertheless means he is no longer the CWA Heavyweight Champion of the World. Michelle Kelly was able to get a few words from the now FORMER champion shortly after the match.

    Jon Snowmantashi walks solemnly through the halls of the TD Garden. He's a half-bleeding mess, red-skinned and filled with scars that will last him a great deal. And yet, he's also stoic, almost unfeeling of the pain that caused him to succumb to the three count. Michelle Kelly holds the microphone in the sight of the camera but she herself stays out of it.

    [JON SNOWMANTASHI]: I lost to Makuginisu-kun. I make no excuses. I never have. I never will. I lost. Makuginisu-kun had his twisted fairy tale, his tale of ritoribyushon. He finally defeated the man he could not defeat. But this is puroresu... a never ending tale. Makuginisu-kun does not ride off to the sunset. I know what these people perhaps want. I know what Aizaku-kun wants. They want a true hero to return to CWA. They want a Sairaisu Truth-kun to come back, have his ritoribyushon against the villainous Makuginisu-kun. Because that is how the story SHOULD go. They want a true CWA hero to accomplish this, I suspect. But one defeat will not subdue this KAIJU as it has subdued others before me. It will not drive me into insanity. I am still Inhuman. I am still a force of nature. Sometimes you have rainfalls. Sometimes you have inundations. Tonight, Makuginisu-kun escaped a rainfall. I hope he does not crowd himself in his sea of success. Allow himself to be drenched in his young boys praise. We will meet again. One on one. And if he is not ready, he will face an inundation. He will be swept away. I will drown him. And then you can call back your hero. Your Sairaisu Truth-kun. And I will drown him too. But I assure you... I will not be tossed away so you can have your dream tale of a returning hero. I do not care for your tales. I do not care for what is destined or fated to happen. I will be champion once more. Nothing will stop me.

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    Re: Post-Retribution Reaction From Jon Snowmantashi

    This rematch is mouthwatering. MOUTHWATERING!

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