The smell of cheap liquor and sweat, the general sense of loose morals and self-loathing in the air….yup. We're in a strip club, and not a high-end gentlemen’s club oh no no no. This was one of the seediest, low strip club the great state of Boston was ever likely to produce (And that’s saying something) And it looks like the last days of freaking rome in here, loud music is blaring, various attractive ladies are dancing around in very little clothes and people are dancing around, making out with each other and just general drunk and disorderly behavior (Well except Celina Sasha who we see on a sofa on her own, texting on her phone ignoring the general chaos all around them

???: Ok, ok, ok. Shut up. Shhhhuuut up.

Shouts out a slurred voice from the VIP section of the club and we see Drew Connor stand up from his seat practically standing up from beneath a pile a beer bottles stumbling to his feet clearly drunk he shouts out

Drew Connor: “Hey, Hey. Gotta say something, toast fuckers. Me and my brother………..Ethan? Yo? Ethan?!

Drew’s eyes flicker to his side where he sees his brother lying down on the sofa next to him his brother who's currently eating the face out of a scantily dressed “Ring Rat”, Drew rolls his eyes and smacks the back of his head causing him to resurface

Ethan Connor: “.......Huh? Wazzu? What’s going on?”

Drew Connor: “Get up here man….!

Drew rolls his eyes at his brother as he gets ungainly to his feet

Drew Connor: Me and my brother wanna give a toast, not just to us for putting things right and getting our damn titles back and PROVING once and for all that no one can hang with us, we've the best tag team of ALLL time

Ethan Connor: “Wooooo!”

Drew Connor: Wait...wh-Where’s our titles? Shit, they’re around here somewhere…

Ethan Connor: Oh. Got em!
Ethan leans down suddenly towards a nearby table where an association of beer cans are , he pushes them out of the way to get to the CWA World Tag team title belts lying underneath them keeping one and handing the other to his brother

Ethan Connor: Man, we need to wash these….I can still smell the nerd off them.

Drew Connor: ….Not only for this fucker right here! For getting HIS belt back!

Drew gestures wildly towards Jonathan McGinnis who sits in the centre of the procession

Drew Connor But to us, To The Indy Club. To the new freaking dynasty of pro wrestling! They told us, we wouldn’t last. They told us we couldn’t fight. They told us we couldn’t cash cheques that our mouths wrote for us. That if three loud mouth punks went to war with CWA we’d be torn apart! Well tonight, we CONQUERED CWA. CWA is OURS now. We run this shit! We have the gold. WE make the rules. “This Guy! This Guy right here! They MADE him walk through HELL! To get back a belt that should have been his a long time! They thought he’d be crushed! And what happened huh?! What happened?! HE’S THE KING! HE’S THE KING OF WRESTLING NOW. You beautiful bastard! I mean sure, you got a little...weird with the whole Cyrus thing...seriously do we LOOK like we need some has-been bitch as. Who ran away to FWA just because he was afraid to go after you?!

Ethan Connor: “Ohhhh.Ohhh, Cyrus. We love you. You’re the greatest of all time. Thin of your awesome legacy. You’re the greatest of all time, oh Cy, Oh Cyrus let me kiss that ass forever!

Drew Connor: ...The POINT IS YOU PROVED that you’re are the greatest wrestler in the world and WE are the most dominating group of all time. We’ve taking over the world baby!