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Thread: Ticket Wars V Finals

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    Ticket Wars V Finals

    TICKET: Good for 1 (one) front row seat to an all time wrestling supercard of wrestlers selected and of matches designed by your fellow posters. If these cards were all taking place at the same time on the same night; and you could only see one; which one would you rather choose?

    || Card Overview ||

    >> Mickie James VS. Paige <<
    Just one month ago, Paige did the unthinkable and beat "The Glamazon" Beth Phoenix. With that victory she became not only the new FQW Vixens Champion, but also extended her undefeated streak here at Finest Quality Wrestling to 6 months. The very next show after her big win, she stood in the ring and proudly announced, that she had done it. She took the title from the longest reigning FQW Vixens Champion there ever was and with that she also beat every single female wrestler, that this company ever only half a year. That was the point, where Mickie James' entrance theme hit and the crowd did go crazy. After almost 2 years the very first winner of the prestigious Queen of the Ring tournament, came back to FQW. She entered the ring and Paige was for the first time, since she works for FQW, completely speechless. There didn't exchange any words, instead they had a long staredown, until Paige slowly fled. Over the next weeks Paige cost Mickie a Match against Daffney, but Mickie wanted revenge and almost beat Paige the next show, but "The Anti-Diva" cheated her way to victory with both legs on the middle rope, after a roll-up. After the match Paige was in an interview, which was interrupted by James. She wanted a rematch at Showcase 2016, but Paige wasn't in the mood to give in. Some insults between both later, they fought through the backstage area, until some officials stopped it. Commissioner Jim Cornette was in that group and he immediately announced, that this match is going to happen in Indianapolis.

    >> William Regal & Finlay VS. The American Wolves <<
    Nobody saw it coming, when Finlay and Regal were about to start there 1 on 1 match. Suddenly two people stormed the ring and attacked the two veterans. Finlay and Regal fought back, but in the end, the surprise was a bit too much for them and they got beaten up bad. After the vicious ambush, the two guys lifted there hoods and revealed themselves as "The American Wolves" Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards. One week later, they explained it in the ring. They signed their contracts right before the show and just wanted to make a statement to the rest of the locker room. "The Wolves are here...and they are very hungry..." They immediately were on their way to the Tag Team gold, but when the number one contenders match for Showcase 2016 came around, Finlay and Regal came back and screwed the Wolves against the Miracle Violence Connection. For Edwards and Richards was it crystal clear, what they wanted next. To go to Indianapolis and make an end to what they had started.

    || FQW Tag Team Championship ||
    >> The Dudley Boyz (C) VS. Miracle Violence Connection <<
    in a Tornado Tag Tables Match

    D-Von and Bubba Ray hold the titles since last November, when they defeated "Bam Bam" Terry Gordy and "Dr.Death" Steve Williams after a long and vicious feud, with a controversial finish in a Tables Match. The Miracle Violence Connection then failed to regain the Titles a month later in another Tables Match, where Gordy accidentally hit Williams with a Big Boot and therefore gave the Dudleyz an opening to win the match. Directly after the match Williams and Gordy had a huge dispute about the lost match. Over the next few shows, they always got in the face of each other and lost every single time because of it, which ended in a brawl between both. One week later, everyone thought, the Miracle Violence Connection was no more, but they surprised everybody by explaining, that they had some beers and decided, that they'll start in the number one contenders tournament for the Title match against the Dudleyz at FQW Showcase 2016 and if they not get the titles back this time, they will part ways forever.

    >> La Parka VS. Kane <<
    in a Mask VS. Mask Match

    Last year, around the same time, these two lost the FQW Tag Team titles, because La Parka tagged himself in, when Kane was about to give the Tombstone Piledriver to William Regal and ultimately lost the match for the two masked friends to Doug Williams. Parka wasn't happy about it and destroyed his tag team partner with some chairs. For the next months, these two fought each other several times until Parka followed Kane to a cemetery, where he ambushed him and shoved him into a grave. After that La Parka and Kane were put in a Buried Alive Match to settle this. It was a gruesome and long match, where Parka was the winner, because he pulled Kane's mask from his face, when he was about to chokeslam Parka. Kane tried to cover his face, what "La Original" utilized to put the "Big Red Monster" into the grave.3 Months later, starting February 2016, the mind games of Kane started. La Parka found Kane's mask under the ring, when he searched for a chair. Then, he got drenched in a red liquid, while the lights were out. And ultimately "La Original" found his own mask in a coffin, that was put on top of his car at one show. It obviously got under Parka's skin and so he challenged Kane two weeks before Showcase 2016 to a Mask vs. Mask match, which got accepted by the "Big Red Monster" one show later, when he returned after 5 months and chokeslammed La Parka through the commentators table.

    || FQW All-Out Championship ||
    >> Dean Ambrose VS. Raven (C) <<
    in a Last Man Standing Match

    The Lunatic Fringe won the FQW All-Out Title last summer, when he defeated Bryan Danielson. After a handshake between them and Danielson leaving the ring, the lights went out. When they came back on. Ambrose laid on the ground and Raven stood over him with the Title in his hand. Only a month later, Raven won the title with the help from his newly found Flock, which made Dean's life miserable coming fall 2015. It got a bit more even, when Danielson and Perry Saturn decided, to back Ambrose up. It came down to a 3 vs. 3 Eliminations Match at the last show of FQW, where Ambrose was the only survivor, eliminating Raven last and therefore was awarded a Title Match on Showcase 2016. One week later the Flock beat Ambrose down, while Raven was shouting orders, which brought Jim Cornette onto the scene. He immediately banned all members of the Flock from FQW Showcase 2016, except for Raven who will have a real 1 on 1 match for once.

    >> Big Van Vader VS. Goldberg <<
    For the longest time Big Van Vader was bitching about the "not real competition" for him at FQW. He did everything, from being the only Person who won the FQW Elite Title 4 times to having the longest winning streak this company has ever seen. He saw them coming and going and he beat every single one of them. In the last months he went from destroying Jake Roberts and burying Abyss to putting guys on the shelve just because he was bored, as he said. Finally Jim Cornette had enough of that trouble and he told Vader, that he'll find someone, who'll be a legit opponent for him. Vader only laughed, when he heard that, but only a week later the loudmouth got stuffed. "The Mastodon" killed for the hundredth time a jobber, when suddenly a new entrance music hit. The surprise is big, because non other than Bill Goldberg entered the arena and instantly made his way to the ring. Their he only shouted "YOU'RE NEXT" to Vader and immediately speared him for good. Vader rolled to the outside and there was a very special kind of fire in his eyes, when he realized, what all that meant.

    >> Bryan Danielson VS. Ricky Steamboat <<
    in a 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match

    Both have two wins over the other going into Showcase 2016. Danielson started this match series with a submission win on the first FQW show of 2016 and got defeated one week later, also with a submission maneuver. On the first PPV of the year, they battled for over 30 minutes, until Ricky barely won the match with a surprisingly fast counter. Last month, on the February PPV of FQW, Danielson could return the favor, with winning after another 27 minutes of action and in a similar manner than Steamboat in January. On the next show it's Ricky, who challenges Danielson to another match. Bryan shakes Steamboats hand and only asks "When ?". With that, the match was officially put on the Card of Showcase 2016.

    || FQW Elite Championship ||
    >> The Rock (C) VS. Edge <<

    Edge won the Valentines Day Battle Royal, to become the number one contender for the FQW Elite Championship, which is held by "The People's Champion" since January. For the second time now, The Rock has this belt in his hands and he swore on the day he won it, that nobody will take this Title from him in the near future and nobody has any reason to not believe this. The Rock was on the hunt for the Title for a long...loooong year, after he was screwed by Jim Cornette and Diamond Dallas Page on Christmas Clash 2014. Since then "The Brahma Bull" went after DDP, Cornette and everyone who stood in his way to get his Title back. Finally there was a chance, because the network interfered with Cornette's special agenda against The Rock and he took the opportunity to defeat DDP and win the Rematch in February. After the PPV, Edge was approached by Cornette, who wants Edge on his side, because that would be the ultimate guarantee, not only for becoming the FQW Elite Champion, but also being the new top guy of Finest Quality Wrestling. The "Ultimate Opportunist" liked the idea, but he didn't wanted to decide yet. At the last show before Showcase 2016, the official contract signing was called and therefore we got Cornette, Edge and Rock in the ring. "The Brahma Bull" made his three X's without hesitating and it was Edge's turn, who looked at the contract and almost signed, when he got stopped by Cornette. Jim renewed his offer to Edge, which the "Rated-R Superstar" refused, by suddenly breaking Cornette in half with a spear. Edge signs the contract and has a little trash talking staredown with The Rock.



    Nigel McGuiness vs Zack Sabre Jr.
    Zack Sabre Jr. walked into the doors of BGW with a lot of fire and hype behind him. However, one man who was not impressed was Nigel McGuiness. After defeating Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig at Breaking Through in a Two-Out-Of-Three Falls Match, McGuiness was the first in line to declare himself the measuring stick of BGW. McGuiness told Sabre he would have to prove that he really belonged here by defeating a legend like him. Sabre took the challenge head on, saying that he was a legend in the making and McGuinness will just be a footnote in his story. Will Zack Sabre Jr. live up to his hype and defeat McGuiness in his debut match? Or will McGuiness put Sabre’s fire out before the flame ever grows?

    BGW Tag Team Championship TLC Triple Threat Match
    LAX © vs The Hardys vs American Alpha
    After retaining their BGW Tag Team Championships against The World’s Greatest Tag Team at Rise To Greatness, The Motor City Machine Guns looked ahead for their next challengers. A Number One Contenders Match was set between the top contenders in the Tag Team Division, The Hardys and Latin American Exchange. It was a heated match, but the former Tag Team Champions, The Hardys, pulled out the victory after a huge Swanton Bomb from Hardy. The Hardys and The Motor City Machine Guns were set to do battle for the BGW Tag Team Championships once again, with The Hardys looking to avenge losing the titles to The Guns. The Hardys were successful in regaining the Tag Team Championships, but that was only the beginning of one of the worst nights of their career.

    Right after the conclusion of the match, Hernandez and Homicide snuck up behind the celebrating Hardys and bludgeoned them with Steel Pipes! LAX proceeded to decimate The Hardys and The Motor City Machine Guns with Pipes and Steel Chairs until there was nothing but carnage in the ring. But LAX was not done there. Hernandez handed the referee at ringside the Ultimate Opportunity briefcase he won at Ascension and declared that LAX was going to take what was theirs right now! Unable to do anything about it, the referee rang the bell and LAX easily took the Tag Team Championships away from The Hardys. LAX laid Puerto Rican flags out over all four men, signifying the start of their dominance over the Tag Team division. With The Hardys injured for months LAX turned away challenge after challenge for their titles, each time draping Puerto Rican flags over their “gringo victims.” But LAX wasn’t the only team in BGW on a tear.

    Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, American Alpha, busted through the doors of BGW and began climbing the ladder of the Tag Team division quicker than anyone ever expected. After defeating the former Champions The Motor City Machine Guns, everything was set for American Alpha to finally face the top dogs in BGW. But before the match could be finalized, The Hardys returned with revenge on their minds. The Hardys invoked their rematch clause for the BGW Tag Team Championships, inserting themselves into the title match set at Fall From Grace. When Jeff Hardy became the victor in a Triple Threat Match involving Hernandez and Chad Gable to determine the stipulation of the Triple Threat title match at Fall From Grace, Hardy quickly promised that LAX would feel the wrath of The Hardys in their match…TABLES, LADDERS AND CHAIRS!! Will The Hardys gain their revenge as well as regain their Championships? Will LAX lay waste to The Hardys once again, sending them packing for good? Or will American Alpha shock everyone and become the new BGW Tag Team Champions?

    BGW Women’s Championship
    Ronda Rousey © vs Asuka
    At Rise To Greatness, The Monster Kharma overcame the strength of The Glamazon, Beth Phoenix to become the new BGW Women’s Champion. As a dark cloud seemed to loom over the Women’s division with Kharma as their Champion, a light shined through the darkness from a very unlikely and unexpected source. After Kharma declared that she would be Champion forever, the BGW fans were shocked as former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Rowdy Ronda Rousey interrupted her. Rousey declared that she’d just been given a shot at Kharma’s Women’s Championship. In what seemed to be an impossible task, even for her, Rousey stepped into a Steel Cage with The Monster for her Championship…and soundly defeated her. In fact, Rousey defeated the Champion by making her submit to an Armbar in less than 5 minutes! After a string of victories by Submission, Rousey declared herself the most dangerous woman in the BGW. That is, until Asuka showed up.

    Asuka, the newest signing to the Women’s division, quickly became known for one thing; knockouts. The World Famous Asuka began putting together wins by leaving her opponents unconscious on the mat. As a matter of fact, she has yet to pin or submit any opponent she’s faced, let alone be pinned or submitted herself. The fans took notice and began to clamor for a match between Rousey and Asuka. After Asuka managed to defeat the former Women’s Champion Kharma by knockout, the fans didn’t have to wait long. A match for the BGW Women’s Championship was signed for Fall From Grace between the reigning Champion, Rowdy Ronda Rousey, and the undefeated challenger, The World Famous Asuka. One of these women will leave the ring with the BGW Women’s Championship high above their head and the other will leave with their undefeated streak in BGW snapped. The fans already know that this contest will be hard hitting. The only question on their minds is: Will this match end by Tap Out…or Knockout?

    Wyatt’s Rules Match
    Bray Wyatt vs Cactus Jack
    Mick Foley signed on to BGW as the newest commentator. Soon after, Bray Wyatt started targeting Foley. Wyatt claimed that Foley was an impostor and that he wanted to see his true face. After being terrorized and attacked for weeks, Foley agreed to a match with Wyatt. Foley showed up as Mankind, only to be defeated by Wyatt. Wyatt claimed that Mankind was just a shell of his real self, with a mask that hides his true face. Foley would return as Dude Love, trying to reason with Wyatt. But the act only enraged Wyatt and led to Foley being viciously assaulted. Wyatt claimed that Love was not the real face of Foley either. Love was just a mask that he used to make “all the kiddies dance with him instead of run from him.” Wyatt said he was told by Sister Abigail that he must defeat Foley’s true face before he can become The New Face Of Fear. When Wyatt threatened to bring Foley’s children into this, Foley returned as Cactus Jack. Seeming oddly satisfied, Wyatt proposed a Wyatt’s Rules Match to Cactus Jack to end this once and for all. Jack quickly accepted and attacked Wyatt, leaving him a bloody mess thanks to a Baseball Bat wrapped in Barbwire. But as Jack left the arena, Wyatt was smiling and laughing at the sight of himself drenched in his own blood. For the first time in his career, Cactus Jack wore a look on his face that said “What have I gotten myself into?” In a match where anything goes, how far are these two willing to go to end each other? And will anyone come out of this the same, let alone the victor?

    Number One Contender For The BGW Interpromotional Championship
    2/3 Falls Match
    AJ Styles vs KENTA
    After competing for the BGW World Championship against Eddie Guerrero at Ascension and coming up just shy of becoming the new Champion, AJ Styles has set his sights on a new goal. Watching the success Cesaro continued to achieve by his multiple defenses in different countries and promotions, Styles declared that he was setting his sights on the Interpromotional Championship, a title that he deemed more prestigious than the BGW World Championship. Styles wanted to prove his dominance throughout the rest of the world, and told the fans that he planned to challenge Cesaro for the Championship as soon as he stepped foot on American soil again. However, one man stood in his way.

    KENTA, another man who’s been fingertips away from the World Championship, agreed with Styles that it would be a privilege to hold the Interpromotional Championship. But where KENTA and Styles seemed to disagree would be who would be the next challenger for the Championship would be. KENTA declared his intention to challenge Cesaro for the Championship and Styles laughed it off. Styles told KENTA that he’s actually been to the dance for the top title in this company while KENTA was just left sniffing the air. KENTA fired back with an accusation that Styles wouldn’t have even had the chance to dance if it wasn’t for Kurt Angle handing him the Finals of the Number One Contender’s Tournament before Ascension. In fact, KENTA recalls that he was just about to defeat Styles before Angle got involved. Styles didn’t take that too well and challenged KENTA to a match that night! KENTA happily accepted and the match was set. Much to the chagrin of Styles, however, KENTA was able to claim the victory after nailing Styles with a particularly nasty looking Busaiku Running Knee! As a result of that match, The BGW Board Of Directors declared that KENTA and Styles will settle everything at Fall From Grace…IN A TWO-OUT-OF-THREE FALLS MATCH! Will KENTA make Styles Go To Sleep again to become next in line for a shot at the title? Or will Styles prove his win over KENTA in the Finals was no fluke and repeat history by becoming the Number One Contender?

    Number One Contender For The BGW World Championship
    Eddie Guerrero vs Seth Rollins
    Where everyone else saw chaos in the BGW World Championship picture, one man saw opportunity. That man is former BGW World Champion Eddie Guerrero. Seeing that the World Championship was going to need a Number One Contender after Fall From Grace, Guerrero tried to step up as the man to fill that spot. With numerous victories backing up his claims and a Championship reign under his belt, Guerrero seemed prime to take the coveted spot as next in line. Until The Future came through the door that is.

    Seth Rollins, the self-proclaimed Undisputed Future of BGW, was after the World Championship from day one. Unwilling to take a backseat to anyone, Rollins truly believed that Guerrero was not fit to be Champion again, let alone the first time. Rollins actually had the nerve to say that if Guerrero and Rollins had been under BGW’s roof at the same time, Guerrero would never have become Champion in the first place. Rollins told Guerrero that his time had passed and The Future Is Now. Guerrero fired back by saying that The Future looked pretty bleak from where he was standing. Guerrero told Rollins that if they’d been in the same company at the same time, Rollins would have been carrying the Championship…in Guerrero’s bags! The comment set off The Architect and sent him into a frenzy, attacking Guerrero with everything he could get his hands on. After several shots to the head of Guerrero with a Steel Chair, Rollins sealed the vicious attack with a Curb Stomp on the bent and warped Chair. The next week, Rollins tried to force the Board to name him the Number One Contender to the World Championship. The Board, however, signed him to a match at Fall From Grace to determine the true Number One Contender…AGAINST EDDIE GUERRERO! Guerrero returned to BGW, attacking Rollins from behind and laying him to waste. Will The Undisputed Future prove that his time is now? Or will Latino Heat change The Future before it comes to pass?

    BGW Interpromotional Championship
    Shinsuke Nakamura vs Cesaro ©
    After winning the Interpromotional Championship from Kurt Angle at Rise To Greatness, Cesaro traveled the world. Cesaro showed his International dominance as he defeated opponent after opponent across the globe, defending his Championship fiercely in each wrestling company he went to. But when Cesaro traveled to the Far East, he met with some unexpected resistance in Japan by the name of Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura became the first man in months to defeat the Interpromotional Champion, earning himself an opportunity at the title. Will lightning strike twice or will Nakamura strike out? Will The King Of Strong Style be crowned the new Interpromotional Champion? Or will The King Of Swing maintain his throne and prove why he’s the Swiss Superman?

    BGW World Championship
    Winner Becomes Champion, Loser Leaves BGW
    Brock Lesnar © w/ Paul Heyman vs Jay Briscoe
    At Rise To Greatness, after Stone Cold Steve Austin retained the BGW World Championship against “The Baddest Man On The Planet” Mike Tyson, the BGW fans were in for a shock as Brock Lesnar jumped the barricade! Lesnar, with Heyman in tow, laid waste to both men and made a statement that he was after the BGW Championship. Not one to turn away from a fight, Austin quickly accepted. Unfortunately for the Rattlesnake, Lesnar proved to be too much for the Champion. Lesnar easily defeated Austin and captured the BGW World Championship, taking his place on the top of the food chain.

    One man who was unwilling to accept it, however, was the Raging Redneck Jay Briscoe. Briscoe and Lesnar would go to war numerous times over the Championship, each time Briscoe getting closer and closer to defeating The Beast Incarnate. Paul Heyman went on to declare Briscoe unfit of Lesnar’s time and told everyone that Briscoe would never get another shot at the BGW World Championship as long as his client was Champion. Lesnar went on to drive his point home, attacking Briscoe after one of his matches and sending him to the hospital. Lesnar and Heyman thought they had finally disposed of Briscoe. Briscoe, however, had different ideas. Briscoe resorted to guerilla warfare, attacking the Champion in the parking lots, backstage, locker rooms and everywhere else except the ring. The brawls between the two were getting out of hand. Lesnar finally had enough and declared that he would grant Briscoe an opportunity at the World Championship under one condition: If Briscoe loses, he has to leave BGW and retire from professional wrestling for good! Before Briscoe could accept the offer, the BGW Board Of Directors got involved. Due to the chaos surrounding Lesnar and Briscoe in recent weeks they determined that if Briscoe won the Championship, the company was simply not big enough for the two of them. The Board Of Directors changed the match so that whoever loses will have to leave BGW!

    With the stage set for the rematch of the century, who will be raising the BGW World Championship over their head and who will be picking up their pink slip at the door when the dust settles? Will Jay Briscoe finally reach the top of the summit he’s been digging and clawing to get to? Or will The Beast Incarnate send Briscoe careening off the cliff and out of the company for good?

    My BTB: 2013-The NXT Generation


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    Re: Ticket Wars V Finals

    The winner of Ticket Wars V is...EL OSO NEGRO! CONGRATULATIONS!! I'll have your banner to you sometime this week.
    My BTB: 2013-The NXT Generation


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