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Thread: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

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    "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    Name: Marcus Bennett
    The Crippler
    Date of Birth: December 25th, 1992 (Age 23)
    Place of Birth: Mankato, Minnesota
    Currently Residing: Canton Ohio
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 247 lbs
    Gimmick: Marcus Bennett portrays a quiet, calculating worker, who essentially plays like a hitman. He isn't intimidated at all by anyone and will stand up to any challenge pushed in front of him. While somewhat anti-social, it doesn't mean he can't make backstage friends. He's seen as an underdog due to his small stature, but is also seen as the big man on campus with his incredible ability and technical prowess. Place a hold on him and he will find a way to reverse it, no matter the odds.
    Disposition: Face

    Wrestling Style: (Technical High-flyer)
    Wrestling Abilities: 1. Technical 2. Power 3. Speed 4. Brawling 5. Charisma

    Signature Taunts/Poses:

    1. cuts his throat with his thumb to intimidate opponents.

    2. Points at opponent nonchalantly


    Entrance Theme: "Ace of Spades" by Motorhead

    Basic Moves:

    -Chop to the Chest
    -Left forearm
    -German Suplex
    -Dragon Suplex
    -Tiger Suplex
    -Fisherman Suplex
    -Snap Suplex
    -Hammerlock Suplex
    -Dropkick to knee
    -Arm Drag

    Signature Strikes:

    Diving Headbutt
    Suicide Dive
    Spinning Roundhouse Kick

    Signature Submission Move:



    Knock Out Choke (Triangle Choke)

    Previous/Current Experience:
    Worked in the Independent Circuit for four years to build up his skill. Had MOTN with several superstars in several different companies. Signed with the CWA under a short term contract for three months to preview his skill on the big stage.

    Injury History:

    1x Minor Concussion (2012)

    Character Representative: Chris Benoit (Preferably 90's version)



    The scene opens with a young man exiting out of an old beat up Volkswagen. He looks up at the building standing before him.

    CWA Executive Offices

    The small gives a small chuckle and continues forward, entering the very splendorous office complex. He approaches the front desk of the large lobby, with statues dispersed about. The statues are of legendary names in the world of CWA. Names such as Nickolas Kennedy Arsen, Roberto Superstar, The Ultimate Pain, Cyrus Truth, and Krash. The man looks at those statues, with an expressionless face. He doesn't seem all that concerned about the glory those names have.

    Clerk: Ah yes, Mr. Bennett, your appointment with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Richman is on the 7th floor, in Conference Room C.

    Mr. Bennett doesn't say a word. He nods and walks towards the elevator, he get in just as it closes and is alone. It's a nice elevator, soft music, a nice carpet, glass panels. Mr. Bennett sighs loudly.

    Bennett: So... this is CWA. Not quite like those back-alley offices down in the indy circuit. I finally made it. Let's hope my buddies have a celebration ready for me... not that it matters. It's only for three months after all, Marcus. Let's make this the most impressive three months ever.

    The elevator begins to rise, and thus, begins the CWA chapter of Marcus Bennett's life.

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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    Benoit as a pic base is fine by me. Everything else looks good buddy, you know the deal you'll be booked on the next show.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business


    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    -Tap dances around the possibly disquieting choice of face claim-

    Welcome back bud! We missed ya
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    Thanks Jimmy. It was either going to be Benoit or Malenko, but Benoit was always who I had in mind.

    Thanks ON, always good to know I'm welcomed back no matter what.

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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    Retribution 2016 Promo


    The elevator opens, and Mr. Bennett walks out, into the bustling hallway. He is inside the CWA Executive Offices, going to his meeting with CWA CEO Megan Anderson and Adrenaline Rush GM Isaac Richmann, he enters the last door on the right, finding himself within a large conference room, as the other two are seated on one end, wearing very nice business attire.

    "Ah, Mr. Bennett, glad you could join us. If you remember, we discussed the details of the contract over the phone, we've got the documents here, and we're ready to sign you up. We even have you booked for a match at Retribution, the upcoming PPV."
    Mr. Richmann stated, pushing a clipboard across the table to Bennett, who looked at it.

    "I see. Who's it up against?" Bennett pulled out a pen, but didn't sign right away, looking through the contract.

    "Ah, well, it's a fatal four-way, against Demetrious Young, Dustin Dreamer, and Nate Savage." Richmann responded, "It's for the #1 Contender-ship of the High Voltage Championship."

    "Wait," Bennett paused, "You've got me booked already for a #1 Contender match?"

    "Ah, yeah, see, we're in a tight spot, not enough challengers for the championship, so we're putting you in the match to test your mettle, so to speak." Megan Anderson told Bennett. He stood still for a moment before pressing the pen into the paper, entering his signature on the contract.

    "Alright. I won't be going easy on those bozos in the ring. I'm going to give them a good beating." Bennett jested, and pushed the contract back at the other two. "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to showcase my skills. Three months from now, you're gonna know I'm worth more than 50 grand."

    "I hope you're right, Mr. Bennett." Everyone shared a laugh and shook hands. Marcus Bennett is officially a CWA superstar, starting today.

    "Retribution comes to those who seek it."

    It was a phrase that always stuck in the mind of Marcus Bennett. As a kid, he was looked at as the little guy. By the time he turned 18, he was shorter than most guys in his school. At 5'11" and a measly 247 lbs, nobody thought he would make a great athlete. He was on the wrestling team, but was nowhere near as athletic as others around him. The one thing he did have was heart. He may have been ridiculed, but his passion and heart to prove people wrong became a fire within him.

    His early days, training to become a professional wrestler showcased potential that was almost inhuman. His development was quick, his speed was immaculate and incredible. He gained a penchant as a technical cruiserweight, and a submission specialist. His moniker "The Crippler" grew as his wrestling ability exponentially became more impressive.

    We see Marcus Bennett sitting in his locker room, tying his pure black wrestling boots. He's wearing crimson tights, a logo of a scorpion and the initials in jet-black "MB" on the side; on the back of the tights reads the word "Crippler". He's breathing heavily, mostly from nerves. He's never been on this big a stage before. He finishes tying his boots and he stands up, doing a few stretches.

    A knock comes upon his door.
    "Come in." He declares, as Toxic Rain enters into the room with a cameraman.

    "Hi Mr. Bennett, I was wondering if we could interview you quick for your upcoming match tonight." She said, signalling to the cameraman to get into position.

    "I... guess." He stood there looking at her awkwardly. He didn't expect something like this to happen immediately, but there it is, his first CWA interview, for Retribution. The cameraman points to the two of them, and Toxic Rain begins speaking.

    "I'm back here with CWA's new prospect, "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett, as he prepares for his debut match in the Fatal Four Way to become #1 Contender to the High Voltage Championship. So Mr. Bennett, how do you feel?" Rain looked up at him, expecting a comment.

    "Uh... uhm... Nervous." Bennett struggled to say anything. He wasn't used to doing the talking, so he barely had any mic skills at all. Toxic Rain stood there befuddled, she didn't know he was incapable of talking very well on camera.

    "I... see... So you were aware of this match-up a week ago when you signed with CWA, did you come up with a game plan in that time period?" Ms. Rain inquired.

    "I uh... Suplex the hell out of 'em?" Bennett hesitantly stated. Once again, Ms. Rain didn't know what to do except keep going.

    "That's a pretty sound strategy to me. Tell me, what are your thoughts on your opponents?"

    "Er... they're my opponents... I'm going to uh, beat them into submission, I guess... I uh, don't really give a crap about them. I come to win, and uh, that's it."

    Toxic Rain shifts uncomfortably.
    "Well then, I wish you the best of luck in your debut, Mr. Bennett."

    "Thanks... I guess." Bennett didn't quite know how to respond. Toxic shakes his hand and leads the cameraman out of the room quickly. Marcus sighs and sits back on the wooden bench, when again, a knock comes upon his door. "Seriously?" he thought to himself.

    "Come in..."

    The door opened, as a man entered the room, someone we know all to well within CWA: Humanity. He's dressed in a black suit and tie, a unique sight considering it's Death himself. He's got a neck brace on, due to his surgery in January.
    "Ah, Marcus, I knew you'd be in here.""Er... Who are you..?" Bennett said, he didn't recognize him at all.

    "I'm Brian, Mr. Bennett. I'm one of the road agent for Adrenaline Rush, and most importantly, I'm your agent." He stated.

    "My agent!? What the hell do I need an agent for?" Bennett stood up quickly, he didn't like the idea of someone holding his hand through CWA.

    "Relax, relax, Bennett. I'm here to make sure everything is going smoothly for the next three months. You have any complaints, and questions, feel free to see me." Humanity stated quietly and calmly, something that is not really normal with him.

    "So you're like... a talent relations guy, huh?"

    "In a sense yes, I make sure all the talents aren't having a problem."Humanity chuckled, "I used to be a wrestler myself, Bennett... I get what you're thinking though. Never had someone hold my hand, did everything myself."

    "Hmph... I guess so. So, what do you want?"

    "Well, I'm here to know what you think about potentially going after the CWA High Voltage Championship?"Humanity stood there, adjusting his tie.

    "What do I think? I think it's a pretty ballsy decision to have a rookie potentially earn the chance at getting the High Voltage championship. I mean, I've got a three month long contract going on, what are they expecting of me?"

    "They're expecting you to be the best, Bennett. I've seen your Indy stuff. You make wrestlers like Snowmantashi and McGinnis look like rookies. You've got all the talent and the potential in the world. Retribution is your first stop, man."

    "Yeah... Retribution. I guess it's such a fitting event to begin my CWA career."

    "How so, Bennett?"

    "I've always wanted retribution in my life. I was always the little guy." Bennett sat back down, and continued to do some stretches, thinking about the past.

    "Let me guess, it's because you're smaller than most wrestlers, right? Well, you're the same height as McGinnis, Marcus. You're not even the smallest guy here, so good news, you're not the little guy."

    "You wouldn't understand, man. This is less about height and more about everything else. This is more about me finding my path. This business I suppose is a pathway there."

    "Where does that path lead, Bennett?"

    ". . . I don't know. But that path ought to lead somewhere, right?" Bennett looked up at Humanity. Brian paused for a moment to think about it.

    "I suppose so, you're not as simple as I thought you'd be. You're just as philosophical as Cyrus is, man. I'm expecting great things from you. See you out in that ring tonight, go kill 'em." Humanity smirked, and pointed at him before leaving.

    Marcus sighed, and scratched his head.
    "Man... this sucks. Everybody's looking to me to be a stand out performer this match. I guess I'll just have to give that to them, and they'll see just how damn good I am. Maybe then they'll get off my back." He stood up and walked towards the door. "But... I suppose if the fans love it, I wouldn't mind doing my best just to get them going. Either way, I'm not gonna lose this match, no way in hell."
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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett

    Adrenaline Rush 4/20/16 Promo


    The scene opens up in the locker room of Marcus Bennett, after his Retribution match, which he lost. He's wearing street clothes (dark blue jeans and a black polo shirt with grey Adidas shoes) and looks pretty upset, which is understandable since he lost the match. It wasn't cleanly either.

    "God dammit. I had it in the bag, and then I got distracted..." He spoke with a loud sigh of frustration. He threw his wrestling boots into a bag, zipping it up before wrapping the straps around his shoulders. "I'll have to do better next match."

    A knock was heard on the door, as it opened. Humanity stood in the doorway, still wearing that suit of his. "Marcus, you ready to head out? We've gotta get going soon, it's a long way to Tampa."

    "Yeah, just gimme a minute." Marcus nonchalantly stated, hiding his irritation from being pestered by people all night, and his losing debut. He sighs loudly and starts walking out of the now empty locker room with Humanity.

    "So that was quite a match you put on there, Marc, I think you impressed quite a few people in the back." Humanity said, smiling as they walked down the long corridor, which seems almost abandoned since Retribution ended half-an-hour earlier.

    "I lost though." Bennett didn't hesitate in admitting his failure.

    "Heh, it happens. You managed to do well enough though that you're given another match tomorrow."

    "Against who?"

    "Mark Merriwether, he's the guy you eliminated and then distracted you so you would lose."

    "Oh, him." A malicious sneer grew on the face of Marcus, as he had found himself a rival it seemed. "Well, I hope you know I won't hold back from suplexing the hell out of him."

    "I'm hoping you'd say that. Your suplexing skills are pretty damn amazing, to be honest. That German you gave Dustin Dreamer really looked like you broke his damn neck."

    "Yeah... It really does hurt too... I've had people come up to me and tell me that I really go all out with the suplexes." Marcus grows a grin on his face with a small chuckle. He wipes a couple beads of sweat from his forehead as he and Humanity finally make it to an exit.

    "Alright, you're riding with me since it'll ease your expenses and also since I'm pretty much taking care of you."

    "Ugh... I forgot for a moment, you're my assigned agent." Marcus frowned a little, since he's something of a loner, but resigns himself to the fact it's a free ride.

    "Before we go though, what do you think about CWA so far?" Humanity held his hand on the door, pushing it ajar slightly.

    "It's alright I guess... As long as people stay out of my way and don't bother me, especially those jackasses the Echos and Merriwether, I'll be just fine."

    "Oh, you don't like the Echos? Neither do I, mostly because they disgrace the name of professional wrestling."

    "Let's just say I've been around them before... less than desirable, both kayfabe and in real life."

    "Ah, I see. Well, I'm afraid you're gonna have to deal with people from all walks of life here, and I urge you to get along with at least some people." Humanity opened the door all the way as the two stepped out into the cool breeze that was springtime in Boston. There are some fans still around who try to catch a glimpse of the CWA wrestlers leaving. They see both Bennett and Humanity and give a loud cheer and even some jeers as Brian waves his hand at them, smiling like a good kid. Bennett awkwardly does nothing.

    "I guess so; I'm gonna have to knock some heads around here to get respect too, starting with Merriwether."

    "That's the spirit!" Humanity laughs, and he closes the door behind him.

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    Re: "The Crippler" Marcus Bennett


    Adrenaline Rush After Retribution

    God dammit! Not again!

    Marcus Bennett enters the locker room after his loss to Mark Merriwether, and looking ridiculously upset, kicks of one of the lockers. Humanity followed in after him, once again sporting a nice suit. He looks rather calm, unaffected by his client's loss.

    Humanity: It happens to the best of us, you got caught off guard and you lost.

    Bennett snaps at Humanity, almost inconsolable after his humiliating defeat.

    Bennett: That's not the point, Brian! It was a wasted opportunity. I had a chance at getting back at Merriwether, and I screwed up.

    Even while being yelled at, Humanity kept his calm demeanor, and proceeded to be very frank with him.

    Humanity: It's not the end of the world, Marcus. Move on.

    Bennett: I, well... Grk...

    Bennett knew that Humanity was right, and it irked him tremendously. All he could do was move on. Hanging on and staying pissed would have done nothing for him, after all.

    Humanity: You've got bigger fish to fry, man. Harrison Wake, one badass dude.

    Marcus sits on the wooden bench and sighs, grabbing a towel from his locker and placing it on his shoulders.

    Bennett: I know. I've seen his work. He's fighting Michelle Von Horrowitz tonight, isn't he?

    Humanity: Yeah, he is.

    Bennett shifts his eyes and is silent for a few awkward moments, thinking. He cusps his chin with one hand and begins stroking his shaved face.

    Bennett: He's pretty good... I guess perhaps he and I are alike in some respects.

    Humanity: Er... How exactly?

    Bennett: Well, he and I have something to prove, and while he's been kicking a lot of ass as of late, I feel like there's something missing. Maybe it's my imagination.

    Humanity sports a mischievous smirk, and nods his head.

    Humanity: Probably is your imagination. I've personally never talked to the man, only his agent, Mia Walsh.

    Bennett closes his eyes and grunts.

    Bennett: I don't care.

    Humanity: O... kay then?

    Humanity shifts uncomfortably at the awkwardness of the situation.

    Bennett: *sigh* Look, Brian. I gotta figure shit out, because something's not working, here.

    Humanity: I gotcha man. Look, I'll wait out in the hall for you.

    Humanity exits, shutting the metal door behind him, leaving Marcus alone to his thoughts.

    Bennett: F*ck me, man. What the hell is wrong with me these days. I can't win a god damned match to save my life. At this rate, what's the point in going this path? My first month is almost up and all I've done is lose two matches.

    Bennett tosses his towel in frustration, though it doesn't go far as the air seemingly catches it and the towel falls a couple feet away from him. Marcus starts sporting a surly frown, as if brewing and stirring.

    Bennett: I swear I'm gonna kick this guy's ass. I can't afford to lose again... not again. I have to prove I belong here, dammit.

    One Week Later

    Marcus Bennett is walking down one of the hallways when he is stopped by Toxic Rain, one of CWA's many interviewers, who lightly taps him on the shoulder to get his attention from behind.

    Bennett: E-eh?

    Toxic: Heya, Mr. Bennett. I was wondering if you'd be willing to do an interview for us quick since you're gonna be fighting Harrison Wake tonight. Would you be up to it?

    Marcus was hesitant, since he knew he wasn't particularly good at talking on the stick, but it would be rude to say no.

    Bennett: I-uh, sure, I suppose.

    Toxic Rain: Don't worry, it's not gonna be too hard on you.

    Easy for her to say. Brian raises his hands in resignation and Ms. Rain signals for him to follow her. He reluctantly follows her and is brought to the interview set. Rain grasps a camera from one of the crates, and the cameraman, who we'll just name Steve, begins rolling, with Bennett placing his hands on his face, wiping some beads of water from it.

    Toxic Rain: Hello everybody, I'm joined here with Marcus Bennett, known as "The Crippler". Now, Mr. Bennett, you suffered a pretty big loss to Mark Merriwether last week. How does that make you feel?

    Oh god, not this crap again. Marcus's lip twitches a little, but keeping himself under control, he breathes in deeply.

    Bennett: Well... how do you think I feel?

    A simple question retorted back to Toxic Rain, with a hint of unintentional intimidation. Ms. Rain got the idea very quickly.

    Toxic Rain: Not very good, I'm sure. Well, tonight you have a chance to rectify yourself by going up against Harrison Wake, who last week partook in what could be the match of the year with Michelle Von Horrowitz.

    Bennett: I saw.

    Bennett raised an eyebrow. It seemed as if he really, truthfully, honestly, doesn't want to hear anything right now. Toxic Rain was also getting that vibe from him, and awkwardly smiles, not sure what to do.

    Toxic Rain: Well, is there anything you want to say?

    Bennett was totally waiting for this chance. He gave a light chuckle and nodded surreptitiously.

    Bennett: There's... a lot of things I want to say.

    He reaches and places a hand over Ms. Rain's hand, who is taken aback slightly. Bennett pulls the mic from her.

    Do you think I'm gonna hurt you?

    Toxic gulps a little, she doesn't know how to react to a question like that. She shakes her head quickly, and tries to tug her hand away, but Bennett has a vice-like grip on her wrist.

    Bennett: I won't, of course. Just psyching you out.

    Marcus smiles softly and let's go of Toxic's hand.

    Bennett: Addressing Mark Merriwether. He's a no good sonuvab*tch, alright? You got me? Good. I'm done talking about that sh*t.

    Loud and clear, Toxic got the message. Bennett took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly.

    Bennett: I've been doing a lot of thinking and all that stuff. I've figured out my problem. I'm not focused enough. I'm too worried about the damn "End" destination, Rain. I may have... misconceptions about what the "End" is. Do you know what the "End" is?

    He reaches, placing the mic in speaking range for Toxic Rain, but as she opens her mouth, he pulls it back.

    Bennett: I don't mean to be rude, but the answer is no, okay? The "End" is something you don't know about. I'm not even sure about it. The problem, little lady, is that I'm too worried trying to figure out what the "End" is, that I keep tripping over f*cking rocks on the path. That's my problem. I keep looking too far ahead instead of perceiving one rock at a time. The "End", will reveal itself to me, don't worry. For now, I've got a boulder by the name of Harrison Wake. Look, I've heard all about Harrison Wake, oh yeah. I've heard all about how he's a big man, very smart, and loves to beat the sh*t out of people just as much as he does fried chicken, no, I'm not joking. Even then, I see a lot in common, he and I. We've both got a chip on our shoulder. We both have something to prove. We both want to kick the crap out of people. However, I've got more to prove, Toxic. I've got a much bigger chip on my shoulder. No man is gonna hold me the hell down. Nobody. This may be a giant boulder in the way, but there's more than one way around it, brother.

    Marcus Bennett drops the mic. He takes a deep breath, and starts walking away almost immediately. He looks really focused, almost inhumanely so. As he turns the corner, the scene fades to black.

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