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Thread: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

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    March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    March 12th, 2016 nGw Results
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Wasterland 2016
    The arena roars with approval as "The Technician" stays alive. Watkins bangs his fists against the canvas and yanks Poler toward the turnbuckle. Then he walks Poler up for the "Parisienne Walkways" second rope powerbomb finisher!!!

    But the crowd is hushed and burned when Technician presses himself off after punches to the face and then delivers the CRUSHING superkick to the chest that sends Jean-Luc Watkins off the turnbuckle and dropping like a pound of bricks to the apron!!!

    He rolls off, and Poler follows him out. He rolls Watkins back into the ring, but then the crowd turns its attention to the entrance way!

    Langdon Trafford: Oh no, it's Thomas Princeton! The Fight Night general manager.

    The crowd looks on as Princeton approaches Technician verbally, almost like he's talking strategy. The Fight Night general manager has given Technician a surprised expression, as he looks around and is unsure whether to talk with Princeton or return to the ring where Watkins is recuperating.

    Technician sort of freezes, which allows Princeton to continue talking as he gets closer and closer. The pair, business partners, seem ready to win this title match together.


    The "Better Than You" clothesline plants the reigning nGw Champion to the outside floor!!! The crowd is absolutely stunned. Everyone is looking on with mouths wide open… Watkins looks at Princeton, and then down at The Technician, and then once more at Princeton. He nods at him, as if in recognition… Princeton grabs Technician and rolls him into the ring, where Jean-Luc Watkins is waiting for the "Glasgow Suplex" full nelson slam FINISHER!!!

    Watkins hooks the far leg as the crowd watches, with Princeton smiling and clapping while Watkins stares out at the crowd, rapidly turning on him.


    Winner and NEW nGw Champion: "Baby" Jean-Luc Watkins
    Opening video and pyro goes off as the crowd chants “nGw” when “Engel” by Rammstein starts playing and the nGw General Manager, Vincent Blackbird, makes his way down to the ring while the crowd boos him heavily.

    Vincent: Ladies and gentlemen, I've heard all of your speculations about what my major, game changing, announcement is. From me resigning

    The crowd cheer loudly followed by “Please Resign” and “Please Retire” Chants

    Vincent: That's cute. Other rumors are that I'm going to introduce a brand new nGw Championship belt. Or that I've gotten Anna, Sonny, Bella, Julia and somehow PASSION pregnant. Or that Jethro and I are somehow able to put aside our seething hatred for each other to do charity work. Now, while I'm not opposed to doing charity work, there is just no way that we would ever be able to put aside our hatred for each other.

    The crowd starts chanting a mixture of “Gabrielle”, “Baphomet”, “Sync”, “Kennedy”, and other names.

    Vincent: Ah right, I almost for got about that rumor. That rumor is me negotiating a major deal involving the return of some of FWA's Elites. Well, as much as I would love to see Gabrielle or Chris, my mentor Jack, FWA's Head Honcho Matthew Robinson, grace this nGw ring for a match or two. That's unfortunately not in the cards right now.

    Vincent paces a bit before the crowd begins chanting “Fear The Reaper” repeatedly causing Vincent to stop and look out into the crowd. Vincent chuckles a bit.

    Vincent: You honestly think that I would ever allow that asshole to ever wrestle for my nGw?

    The crowd loudly chants “You're An Asshole”

    Vincent: Yes, yes I know that I am an asshole. But that's not the issue here. I love to burst your fragile little egos, but NO I am never going to allow Carmine to ever wrestle for the nGw and even more HELL NO I am not resigning as the nGw General Manager. No, what my Major Announcement really is....

    The crowd goes back to booing Vincent when he said that he wasn't going to allow Carmine to wrestle in the nGw and boo'd him even more loudly when he said that he wasn't resigning as the General Manager.

    Vincent: IF you would all shut the hell up, then I will tell you what my announcement is.

    The crowd boo even louder.

    Vincent: Figures. Anyways, now for my Major, Game Changing, Earth Shattering, Announcement. Right here, right now, I am officially announcing that I, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird, your nGw General Manager, am getting...... a NEW Entrance Theme.

    The crowd boos even more heavily and loudly with a mixture of “Bullshit” chants breaking out while Vincent simply stands in the ring, leaning against a turnbuckle laughing his ass off.

    Vincent: I've had you all fooled with the speculation and rumors. So, here is my brand new entrance theme.

    Vincent's new theme is interrupted by “America Is Waiting” by Brian Eno and David Byrne as the new nGw World Champion, Jean-Luc Watkins, comes out carrying the nGw World Championship on his shoulder. Jean-Luc looks at the sea of boos from the crowd before heading down to the ring and getting in it.

    Jean-Luc: Are you serious? THAT was your big announcement? Shouldn't your big announcement had been introducing ME as the NEW nGw World Champion?

    Vincent: While you did win the nGw World Championship, you need to remember just where you are boy. THIS isn't Fight Night and thankfully I am not Princeton, whom by the way, has ZERO power over here. So don't expect your new master to be able to come out here and protect you. This is the n... G.... w..... and I... am the One and Only True God and Power around here.

    Jean-Luc goes to get into Vincent's masked face when “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash plays and The Technician makes a bee line for the ring. Before Technician could fight, Vincent pulls out a blow horn and blows it causing everyone to stop and cover their ears.

    Vincent: What? That was the best way to stop you from attacking each other without having to get physical myself. Tech, I know why you are out here and you do get your rematch against Jean-Luc for the nGw World Title. Just not tonight and no that doesn't mean that you're getting the night off Jean-Luc, so wipe that smirk off of your face.

    Fiesta” by The Pogues plays and out comes the former El Gordito Burrito, Adam Bonnie.

    Adam: Techie shouldn't get a rematch. You should give Jean-Luc's first title defense to someone new.

    The Technician gets into Adam's face when “Monster's Ball” by Butcher Babies plays followed immediately by “Dark Ground” by Adrian Von Ziegler as Terror Squad and Amber Warren come out to massive cheering from the crowd.

    Damien: Vincent, you may be Jethro and our enemy, but if you are in a Championship giving mood then even you must see the value in giving my partner and I a Tag Team Championship Match against PMM.

    Choi: If not, then we'll be forced to take some drastic measures to force you to give us the Tag Team Championship Match

    Amber gets ready to speak when “Headstrong” by Trapt plays and Bella Kendall with Sonny come out to boos. They get in the ring and both kiss Vincent.

    Bella: Amber, you better not be thinking about trying to stake a claim for the nGw Women's Championship because we defeated you, so we should get first crack at Thema's Championship.

    Sonny: Also Amber, you, your husband, and your two bitches don't even deserve any Championship opportunity either.

    The crowd chants loudly “Jethro Warren” as Amber gets into the face of Bella and Sonny when “Rule Britannia” plays and “Sir” Reginald Underwood MP comes out but when he gets into the ring “Engel” by Rammstein plays and Vic Voorhees charges for the ring and gets into Reginald's face. “Kings Never Die” plays as Joey and Desmond head for the ring, getting into Terror Squad's faces then before anyone else could get a chance to come out and to stop everyone that is in the ring from arguing, Vincent triggers the blow horn once more causing everyone to stop and cover their ears once more.

    Vincent: You all make valid cases, some Vincent looks at Amber & Terror Squad are nonstarters. However, all of this talk of wanting Championship Matches has inspired something creatively inside of me. Everyone in this ring and still backstage, minus Jean-Luc and Techie of course, will all compete in a Tournament with the winner choosing to face either the nGw Women's Champion or even the nGw Tag Team Champions at the next nGw iPPV.

    Techie, before you get your masked panties in a twist, you'll get your rematch against Jean-Luc, just not tonight. Nor will it be at the iPPV as the winner of your and Jean-Luc's rematch will face Daniella Kennedy at the next iPPV. Good luck everyone.

    Vincent drops to his back and rolls out of the the ring as “Bleed For Me” by Digital Daggers plays. As Vincent gets to the stage to head to the back, he stops and looks back at the ring filled with nGw Talents.

    Vincent: Oh, and everyone clear the ring because the first Match in the Tournament begins next. Amber Warren you stay put, but your bodyguards had better hit the road, because you'll be facing Charity LeGrange.

    Vincent drops the mic and heads to the back as the Talents head to the back. Amber stays in the ring getting pumped for her match against Charity, when she realizes Sonny and Bella have joined Andrew Johnson at the announcer's table. “Waltzing Matilda” plays and a pissed off Charity heads to the ring. Before Nolee could make the introductions, Sonny and Bella charged pass Nolee and get into the ring and attack Amber.

    Sonny and Bella hold Amber down on her knees setting her up for Charity's Good Night Sweetie, but before Charity could go to hit Amber, “King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar plays and out comes both the nGw Women's Champion, Thema, and Elizabeth James. Thema and Elizabeth attack Charity and Sonny, while Amber powers through and attacks Bella as nGw goes to it's first commercial break.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dia de Andalucia iPPV, nGw Women's Championship Submissions Only Match
    After a long and deadly battle, which saw Thema, Charity and even the referee, Elizabeth, get kicked, pushed, knocked into the Cell wall, each time shocking them and ripping flesh from them as well as multiple Submission attempts. The end came when Charity, having Thema locked into the Thunder from Down Under completely locked in, causing Thema to bleed from the mouth, would be rescued when Elizabeth would kick Charity in the head forcing her to release the hold. Charity would get into Elizabeth's face, grabbing her hair, only for Elizabeth to hit Charity with a stunner then connects with the King's Cross. When Elizabeth sees that Thema is starting to come too, releases the hold. Thema, not realizing what had happened, goes and locks in the Jungle Heat and Elizabeth quickly calls for the bell without Charity tapping out.

    Winner and STILL nGw Women's Champion: Thema
    As we come back from the commercial, we see Amber, Elizabeth and Thema in one corner and Sonny, Charity and Bella in another. Sonny, Bella and Charity try and decide on whom is going to start, while Thema “chews out” Elizabeth for what they just saw about the nGw Women's Title Match via the Tron as Amber tries to get them to focus on their current Match.

    3 v 3 nGw Women's Tag Team Tournament Match
    Winning Team advances in the Tournament
    Amber Warren, Elizabeth James, Thema vs Sonny, Charity LeGrange, Bella Kendall

    After a solid back and forth match, the end saw Charity chase Elizabeth to the back while Bella had Amber locked into the London Bridge looking to repeat what happened at the Dia de Andalucia iPPV. Sonny, seeing Thema was about to break up the hold, looks to Super Kick Thema only for her to duck causing Sonny to accidentally Super Kick her partner Bella. Thema hits Sonny with the African Spear taking her out of the ring as Amber crawls and covers Bella to pick up the victory.

    Winners via Pin Fall: Amber, Elizabeth and the nGw Women's Champion, Thema

    After the Match, Thema holding her Championship up high raises Amber's arm up in victory when Amber pulls Thema in and nails the Champion with her husband's finisher the Warren-Flowsion. Amber picks up Thema's nGw Women's Championship belt as the crowd goes wild, teases leaving with the nGw Women's Championship belt but instead lays it across Thema before leaving the ring.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dia de Andalucia, nGw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
    After a long, brutal and barbaric match, which saw Desmond and Joey hit Mike Mundane with Destiny's Final Strike sending Mike into the Cell's unforgiving wall, electrifying him. The end came when, Desmond and Joey nailed PASSION with the Final Destination but as Desmond went for the cover, Jason and Dan would get back into the ring fighting Desmond and Joey. Joey would hit Dan with a Devestating Spear while Jason hit Desmond with Snake Eyes. Joey attacks Jason with a solo Destiny's Final Strike, but before Joey could go for the pin, PASSION would roll him up and with a hand full of tights, gets the pin fall victory.

    Winners and NEW nGw Tag Team Champions via Pin Fall: PASSION and Mike Mundane
    ~~Cut To The Backstage Interview Pit~~

    Jason Randall and Dan Ward are standing by. Both of them seem a bit lost…

    Jason Randall: Something isn’t right is it, Dan?

    Dan Ward: What do you mean?

    Jason Randall: Don’t you feel like we’re missing something?

    Dan Ward: I’m still not sure I follow lad…

    Jason Randall: Didn’t we used to have something before?

    Both of them begin to tap their chin and ponder before looking straight into the camera.

    Jason Randall: The nGw tag team championship

    Dan Ward: Which is now in possession of PASSION and Mike Mundane…

    They sit there in silence for several seconds before speaking up.

    Jason Randall: That’s all fine and dandy, isn’t it Dan?

    Dan Ward: I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m about ready to knock both of them teeth straight down their throat so they choke on it

    Jason gives Dan a perturbed look.

    Jason Randall: I thought I was the sick one. Anyways, yeah we lost the tag team championships, big deal because we’ll get them back when we have our rematch, right Dan?

    Dan Ward: You got that right.

    Jason Randall: You see it’s not cocky if you can back it up, and we’ve proven that we can indeed back it up so PASSION and Mike I want you two to enjoy your time as tag champs because when the time comes for the inevitable rematch well let’s just say that we warned you…

    Heart is Full” by Miike Snow plays as we cut back to the ring while the new nGw Tag Team Champions, PASSION and Mike Mundane make there way out to a loud “PMM” Chant. In the ring, Mike talks about the match that they had at the Dia de Andalucia iPPV along with mentioning that he and PASSION are both former FWA X Champions like their General Manager, Vincent. That they are nGw Tag Team Champions like Vincent was. PASSION then takes the mic and tells everyone that they should be compared to Tag Teams like Revolutionized, which had held the FWA Tag Team Titles the most times under different Champions. Teams like Vodka and Venom and Aut Pax Aut Bellum, whom everyone thinks of when they think of the FWA Tag Team Championships. PASSION then goes further in saying that unlike their boss, they'll do something he couldn't, and that's be the Longest Reigning nGw Tag Team Champions of all time.

    The moment PASSION finishes making that statement, “Kings Never Die” by Eninem ft. Gwen Stefani plays and out comes True Destiny's Desmond Fox and Joey Ortiz. Desmond talks first, telling PASSION that it just made three mistakes, first trying to become the Longest Reigning nGw Tag Team Champions of all time, an accomplishment that he and Joey currently holds at a combined 11 months. Second, saying that they'll beat one of Vincent's nGw Accomplishments. Joey then takes the mic and tells PASSION that the third mistake, though technically the very first mistake, was grabbing his tights to get those Tag Belts. Desmond and Joey then head down to the ring, but as they get to the ring, “Bleed for Me” by Digital Daggers plays and Vincent appears on the Tron.

    Vincent: Guys and whatever the hell PASSION claims to be this week. You've invoked my name one too many times. Desmond, Joey, you both want to try and beat my nGw Tag Team Championship Record of Two Championship Reigns, something that I am currently tied with you two for so badly. And Pothead, Cousin It, you both want a chance to have the longest Championship Reign. Fine, consider the four of you out of the nGw Championships Tournament. nGw Universe, up next, you will witness a Dia de Andalucia Rematch of sorts, as True Destiny will face PMM and the nGw Tag Team Championships will be on the line. Christmas has come early for you all.

    The Tron goes back to showing the two Teams in the ring briefly, but as PMM argues with the referee and before the referee could signal for the bell, static fills the Tron's screen. Vincent then reappears on the Tron.

    Vincent: You know, speaking of Christmas. I actually prefer Scrooge and the Grinch before they joined the light side. So, you know what, the Tag Team Championship belts are no longer on the line. I am however going to make this Tag Team Match a Toronto Maple Leafs Street Hockey Fight. True Destiny, if you win, you could potentially get first rights to the winner of the Tag Team Championship Rematch between current Champions, PMM and the former Champions, Jason Randall and Dan Ward.

    This causes the Ottawa crowd to boo loudly at the mention of the Toronto Maple Leafs Rival.

    Non-Title Tag Team Toronto Maple Leafs Street Hockey Match
    PMM (PASSION and Mike Mundane) [c] vs True Destiny (Desmond Fox and Joey Ortiz)

    After a unusual match filled with awkward innuendos, mostly from PASSION, certain objects and Joey Ortiz, along with numerous “This Is Awkward” and “That Was Awkward” chants from the crowd, the end came after True Destiny hit Destiny's Final Strike on Mike Mundane, Desmond locked in The Patriot Lock on Mike while Joey kept PASSION grounded. Just as it looked like Mike was about to tap out, “Monster's Ball” by Butcher Babies played causing Desmond to release the hold and getting ready for Terror Squad to come from the back when they instead came through the crowd, jumping the barricade and attacking all four wrestlers.

    After making sure all four are down, Choi slides into the ring and tosses one of the Tag Team Championship belts to his partner, Damien. However unlike what Amber did with Thema's nGw Women's Championship, Terror Squad leaves with the nGw Tag Team Championship belts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Earlier Tonight, 3v3 Women's Tag Team Match
    Bella has Amber locked into the London Bridge looking to repeat what happened at the Dia de Andalucia iPPV. Sonny, seeing Thema was about to break up the hold, looks to Super Kick Thema only for her to duck causing Sonny to accidentally Super Kick her partner Bella. Thema hits Sonny with the African Spear taking her out of the ring as Amber crawls and covers Bella to pick up the victory.
    Backstage Vincent is looking at a list of Wrestlers along with check marks indicating Amber Warren, Thema, and Elizabeth James as well as having Desmond Fox, Joey Ortiz, PASSION, and Mike Mundane's names being crossed out. As he puts “X's” next to Sonny, Bella Kendall and Charity LeGrange's names, Bella and Sonny come into his office arguing about what happened during their match.

    Bella: Vincent, I had the Match won if little miss prissy didn't decide to Super Kick me.

    Sonny: Vinny, I have been telling Bella that I was sorry and that it was an honest accident. I was trying to Super Kick Thema, because she was trying to break up your submission hold.

    Vincent rubs his forehead as the two women continue to argue back and forth.

    Vincent: Enough.

    Sonny: Eeep...

    Both Sonny and Bella, remain still and quiet.

    Vincent: Next week, Bella, you will go one on one with Amber Warren. Should you win, I'll put you back in the Tournament. Sonny, you will also have a Match next week. You will be facing the nGw Women's Champion, Thema.

    Sonny glows at the possibility of beating the nGw Women's Champion, Thema, for her Championship.

    Bella: Why does she get a chance to win the nGw Women's Championship? I'm the one that had Thema beat.

    Vincent: While that is true, Thema actually came into my office before I made the nGw Tag Team Championship Match. She was the one that requested the one on one Match against Sonny. Also, I never said that her Championship was on the line.

    Sonny eyes widen, appearing like she is about to break out into a massive cry like she had something precious taken from her. Bella on the other hand, raises an eyebrow, proud that she crushed Sonny's dreams.

    Vincent, not noticing their respective expressions: However, Sonny, if you do beat Thema, then you'll be granted a nGw Women's Championship Match.

    Sonny, suddenly appears happy and giddy again while Bella looks irritated.

    Vincent: But that's only if you beat Thema. If you lose, then you will no longer be an active wrestler and will permanently be glued to the seat next to Andrew Johnson at the Announcer's Table.

    Vincent leaves his office while Sonny looks towards the ceiling clearly imagining her literally being glued to the Announcer's seat. Bella looks puzzled at Sonny before realizing what was going through Sonny's mind once Sonny's eyes go wide with fear, causing Bella to smirk and suppress a laughter.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dia de Andalucia, 3 v 3 Tag Team Match
    Vic then connects with the Death Valley Driver but instead of going for the pin, he picks Choi up then swiftly goes over and knocks Damien off of the ring apron before forcibly has Choi tag Reginald in. Reginald argues that he didn't tag in to the referee while Vic tosses Choi over the top rope sending him into his partner, Damien, with a force that causes both men to fall back against the razor sharp and electrified fencing of the Cell.

    After sparks fly due to both men getting zapped, Reginald and the referee stop arguing and look scared at what just happened while the crowd look on stunned. Vic grins then grabs Reginald and brings him into the ring hard. Vic charges the ropes as Black Heron stretches out and tags himself. Vic, not realizing the tag, hits Reginald with the Big Boot. Black Heron then goes over to cover Reginald but Vic pulls Black Heron off of Reginald causing the two to argue.
    Main Event – Tournament Match
    Winner advances in the Tournament
    Vic Voorhees vs Black Heron W/ Mi' Redencion

    After a hard fought battle, that saw Mi' Redencion attempt to help his partner pick up a victory ended when Vic Voorhees nail Black Heron with the Deathstrike then pulling Mi' Redencion into the ring after he distracted the referee so Vic wouldn't get the three count. Vic nails Mi' Redencion with a second Deathstrike before picking both Black Heron and Mi' Redencion and hitting them both with the Rise of the BIRD Empire. Vic would then get the three count after moving Black Heron a bit so that his shoulders were both on the mat, then puts his foot on both Black Heron and Mi' Redencion, whom was under Black Heron.

    Winner via Pin Fall = Vic Voorhees

    After the match, as Vic was celebrating, his music is interrupted by Reginald Underwood's music. nGw ends with Vic in the ring and Reginald on the entrance stage, having a staredown.
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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    This felt like a really big show, and nice heel work with Vincent.

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    Oh baby. Fantastic show Vincent. Love your shitty swerve announcement... It's so great and heelish lol

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    Vincent, like me, proudly and openly will acknowledge that without a shadow of a doubt, we can and are 100% d*ckish a*sholes. Even to those we care about

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    And I'm glad that the swerve came off as a really d*ckish heel move.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    Awesome job as usual Alty. Vincent's nGw character is such a dick heel, it's brilliant.

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    I agree, the announcement was fantastic. Rest of the show was good fun and I like the idea of the tournament. Looking forward to what's coming up!

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    Re: March 12th, 2016 nGw Results

    Really loving all the developments and the matches here. Announcement was cool and I am intrigued to see where this goes in the future! So interesting to see Vincent even do things Thomas Princeton might hesitate to do.

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