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Thread: School of Wrestling (SoW) presents : Graduation

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    School of Wrestling (SoW) presents : Graduation

    School of Wrestling presents
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    The biggest pay-per-view event of School of Wrestling's year emanates out of the SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The hotly anticipated 4 hour extravaganza event is set to crown new champions, wage new wars and cost somebody something more important than just a win.

    (Matches in correct order)

    The Natural Disasters vs Demoliton w/ Mr Fuji
    SoW Tag Team Championship Semi Final

    The evolution of the tag team division has seen several teams appear and disappear with the SoW Tag Team Championships the centrepiece of the division. After SoW Tag Team Champions Rick Rude and Mr Perfect vacated the titles due to wanting to focus on singles success, the authority figure of the SoW, known only as The Headmaster, decided to pit two of the toughest teams in the company up against one another, Demolition and The Legion Of Doom, with the winners becoming the new champions. The match never got started as Earthquake and Typhoon, The Natural Disasters, attacked Ax and Smash before they could reach the ring. The two men left Demolition out cold, with the now heel Legion Of Doom just watching on, in the middle of the ring as they stated their intentions to become the SoW Tag Team Champions. The following week The Natural Disasters were booked into a match against the fan favourite British Bulldogs at Mock Test, with the absent Demolition's championship shot on the line. Again the match never materialised as Demolition returned and attacked The Natural Disasters. As the two teams brawled to the back the Legion Of Doom pounced on The British Bulldogs and hit Davey Boy Smith with a Doomsday Device. The chaotic finish to the tag team Contendership match forced The Headmaster into drastic measures. He booked two matches for Graduation, both never before seen contests and both matches set as semi-final battles in the quest to find the next SoW Tag Team Champions. Demolition will go toe to toe with The Natural Disasters, with Mr Fuji promising the biggest Decapitation in SoW history, whilst The Legion Of Doom will square off against The British Bulldogs in the other semi-final. The two finalists will meet later in the night to see who the next champs will be. The tag team division has heated up in the last few months, will it all come to the boil at Graduation as we try to crown new SoW Tag Team Champions?

    Rob Van Dam © vs John Morrison
    SoW Intercontinental Championship
    Ladder Match

    A match between two of the best high flying stars in the SoW. But this match isn't just about Rob Van Dam against John Morrison. It is not just about The Whole Damn Show taking on The Guru Of Greatness. This is a match about the SoW Intercontinental Championship. Van Dam holds the title, and Morrison is the former champion but vital to this story, Van Dam never beat Morrison for the title. As champion Morrison was in a feud with Earthquake over the title, and overcame the size disadvantage to retain his title. Earthquake didn't take too kindly to defeat and hit Morrison with several Earthquake Splashes to put him on the shelf for the next four months. After Morrison's injury he was forced to reluctantly relinquish the title and a tournament was announced to find the new champion, a tournament won by you guessed it, Rob Van Dam. Van Dam defeated Earthquake in the final to capture the Intercontinental title and defended it successfully for the next few months. Van Dam was without a challenger for his title at Graduation so issued an open challenge to anybody in the back who thought they had what it takes to take his title away. And that's when John Morrison made his return to answer the challenge. Morrison told Van Dam that technically it's his title that Van Dam has in his hands, but he holds no grudges as he was out of the picture when Van Dam won the title. He suggests they found out who the real SoW Intercontinental Champion is. Both men shook hands and wished each other good luck. The match was eventually made into a ladder match by The Headmaster to further add to the already intense stipulations of the title contest. Two fan favourites will clash at Graduation for the SoW Intercontinental Championship. But only one man will walk out as the true Intercontinental Champion.

    'Mr Perfect' Curt Hennig vs 'The Game' Triple H
    Singles Match
    Playing The Perfect Game

    The long, illustrious, success laden career of Triple H is well documented. But what some people may forget is that the first piece of gold that Triple H won back in his WWF/E days can be attributed to a big helping hand from Mr Perfect himself, Curt Hennig. Triple H sauntered into School of Wrestling demanding to be given a shot at the SoW World Championship. He added that he is better than any superstar on the roster and again demanded that The Headmaster announce him as the number one contender to the SoW World Championship. The Headmaster declined and reminded Triple H that he can't just walk in here and call the shots like his old stomping ground. But he did offer him a slot in the Royal Battle match at Mock Test. Triple H accepted before angrily making his way to the back. He would be approached backstage by Curt Hennig who asked him why he felt the need to disrespect the roster, including him. Triple H called Hennig nothing compared to him and warned him to stay out of his way. In the lead up to Mock Test Mr Perfect promised Triple H that he won't have it all his own way here in the SoW. At Mock a Test Perfect proved his point as he made it to the final three along with Triple H and Kurt Angle. Perfect shocked The Game as he ducked a charging clothesline to pull down the top rope and eliminate him from the contest. But the joy wouldn't last long as Perfect fell to Kurt Angle and finished runner-up in the Royal Battle match. The next night on Classroom TV Mr Perfect was the victim of a vicious assault from a sledgehammer wielding Triple H. Triple H cut a promo the week after telling Hennig that it's 'Game Over' for him and if he bothers to show his messed up face again he'll make sure it's the last thing he ever does. But Perfect made his return during a tag team match that saw Triple H team with Kurt Angle to take on SoW World Champion Bret Hart and Rob Van Dam, spitting his trademark gum in the face of The Game which enabled Van Dam to roll him up for the win. Triple H chased Van Dam from the ring but forgot about Hennig, who slid into the ring and caught Triple H with a Perfect Plex. The next week Mr Perfect cut a promo on Tripe H, stating that without him there is no Triple H, there is no Game. He continued that he started Triple H off on his road to stardom with that first title win. Adds that he got lucky and he's been lucky all his career. Says luck is for losers like Triple H and he's never needed luck to win anything. He asks Triple H if he really wants him to play The Game, because that's fine by him. Because he loves playing games, and why? Because Curt Hennig always win. Because Curt Hennig is Perfect!! He finishes off by saying that at Graduation Triple H is gunna find out just how PERFECT HE IS!!! At Graduation The Game tries to overcome the perfect opponent. But for which superstar will it be 'Game Over'!!!!!

    The Legion Of Doom vs The British Bulldogs
    SoW Tag Team Championship Semi Final

    See Demolition vs The Natural Disasters for feud details and how this match came about.

    Dean Malenko © vs Lance Storm
    SoW Television Championship
    Singles Match

    A clash between two of SoW's more intense characters takes place with the SoW Television Championship on the line. The Iceman Dean Malenko has showed his in ring skills week after week as he defends his title against all comers from different promotions all over the world. Malenko's win over Dynamite Kid was highlighted as a Match Of The Year candidate. But Malenko finally came up against somebody who can not only match him in the ring but has shown he isn't afraid to break the rules to get the job done. Lance Storm. The Canadian and Malenko have never faced off one to one and Storm has vocally stated his frustration that Malenko has yet to give him a shot at his title. Malenko told him if he wanted some to come get it, but Storm replied that he will get him some, and the SoW Television Championship, when he chooses, which he coincidentally chose to be at Graduation. The coolest man on the planet tries to stave off the threat of the most serious man in the SoW. Which one will take all the spoils and leave Graduation with the SoW Television Championship?

    The Legend Killer Randy Orton vs Yokozuna w/Mr Fuji
    Singles Match
    Biggest Legend Kill Of All

    The stories go that Randy Orton is a Legend Killer. The likes of Ric Flair, Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels among others have fallen to the maniacal Viper. But with Graduation on the horizon Orton was looking to find his next legendary victim. And he found his answer soon enough as the word BANZAI!!! became a vivid memory in the mind of Randy Orton. For over a year the Japanese Phenomenon that is Yokozuna has crushed his way through anything and everything that got in his way with his devastating Banzai Drop. One small guy. BANZAI!! Two small guys!! BANZAI!! One big guy!! BANZAI!! Two big guys!! BANZAI!! The result was the same over and over. And now Yokozuna and his manager Mr Fuji wanted to make an example out of somebody, and that somebody was Randy Orton. Mr Fuji warned Randy Orton that he is the just the stepping stone standing between Yokozuna and the SoW World Championship. Orton didn't back down from the monstrous Yokozuna though, and ended up paying the price as his attempts to battle the former Sumo star were pointless and came to a close with Yokozuna crushing Orton with a Banzai Drop. The next few weeks saw Orton travel to Japan to try and figure out how to stop Yokozuna, but he was told that he can't stop him, as Yokozuna is an immovable force. Orton did however return and managed to surprise Yokozuna but his attempts to RKO him failed, with Yokozuna again putting Orton down with a Banzai Drop. With two weeks to go until Graduation Orton's father, the legendary Cowboy Bob Orton, would come out and make a plea to Yokozuna to stop the match at Graduation before anything serious happened to his son. Yokozuna came out and Mr Fuji berated Cowboy Bob Orton as a typically weak and pathetic American, and told Bob Orton that at Graduation his Yokozuna will crush the bones of Randy Orton into dust. Bob Orton retaliated by grabbing Fuji by the scruff, an action that reacted Yokozuna into attacking Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy Orton would charge out to make the save, and originally got the upper hand on Yokozuna, that was until Mr Fuji threw salt in the eyes of Randy Orton. Yokozuna quickly took Orton down and hit him with a leg drop before he tied Randy Orton up in the ropes at the behest of Fuji. Yokozuna would make Randy Orton watch on as he hit his father with not one, not two but three Banzai Drops, crushing the life out of him. Orton was in tears as Mr Fuji taunted him, and the question was asked of whether Orton would even show up at Graduation after what Yokozuna just did to his father. But Orton showed true steel on the go home edition of Classroom TV when he interrupted a match between Yokozuna and Davey Boy Smith to attack the Japanese Phenomenom. Orton did the impossible and grounded Yokozuna before he managed to hit him with the RKO as Yokozuna was on one knee. Orton stood tall but can he do what nobody thinks he will do and topple the largest legend of them all in the shape of Yokozuna?

    ??????????? vs ???????????
    SoW Tag Team Championship Final

    The winners of the two semi-final tag team matches will meet for the right to be crowned the SoW Tag Team Champions.

    Jake The Snake Roberts vs Ravishing Rick Rude
    If Jake The Snake wins then Rude has his hair and moustache shaved off
    If Rick Rude wins he gets one night with Robert's wife Cheryl

    If there's one thing you should never do, it's mess with a man's woman. And if there's one thing you really shouldn't do, it's mess with Jake The Snake Roberts' woman. But that's exactly what Rick Rude did when he unknowingly picked out Cheryl Roberts from the crowd and tried to coerce her into locking lips with the Ravishing one. As expected Jake reacted angrily and the two began a mammoth feud that saw ringside brawls and Rude continually mocking the wife of Jake Roberts, even going as far as to place a picture of her face on the crotch of his tights. The feud reached breaking point as both Rude and Roberts entered the Royal Battle match at Mock Test to try and earn a shot at SoW World Champion Bret Hart. Roberts eliminated Rude after a trademark DDT, but Rude decided to approach Roberts' wife Cheryl at ringside and try to change her mind about his offer. Roberts was distracted and sent over the top rope by Triple H, to the delight of Rude, who did exactly what he wanted to do. Rude left one more mark as he dropped Roberts with a Rude Awakening on the ringside floor. With Roberts absence Rude was free to gloat about what he did to Roberts, and once more asked Roberts' wife Cheryl if she would like to take him up on his offer. He demanded she came out and answered him only for Jake The Snake to make his return and beat Rude all around the arena. The two were eventually separated before Roberts issued the challenge to Rude for a match at Graduation. Rude stated he would never step into the ring with an animal like Roberts unless something was on the line. Roberts said whatever it is he can have it as long as he gets to kick his ass all over Toronto. Rude smiled as he stated that if he wins, he gets the only thing that Roberts has that he hasn't, Cheryl. Rude adds that if he beats Roberts at Graduation he gets one night with the wife of Jake The Snake Roberts. Over the next two weeks Roberts was unsure of whether he made the right decision accepting the match, but the powers that be gave him the opportunity to make Rude put something on the line too. After Rude dispatched of a jobber Roberts interrupted him and informed him that if he loses at Graduation then he's also going to lose his hair, including his moustache. Rude flipped out as we got confirmation that both men stand to lose much more than a match and pride with defeat at Graduation.

    Bret 'The Hitman' Hart © vs Kurt Angle
    SoW World Championship
    60 Minute Iron Man Match

    The Greatest American Athlete In The History Of Wrestling

    The Excellence Of Execution

    An Olympic Gold Medalist

    The Best There Is The Best There Was The Best There Ever Will Be

    Kurt Angle

    Bret Hart

    60 Minutes

    The SoW World Championship

    One Winner

    One Champion

    Not much else needs to be said about this match, but the two men at the heart of it have not been shy. Kurt Angle has been on a roller coaster of a run since debuting in the SoW nine months ago. He's ran through everybody without a defeat in sight. Beating the likes of Mr Perfect, Jake The Snake, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton along the way. But he only wanted one thing, the SoW World Championship. The problem with that was a man by the name of Bret Hart had a hold of it and wasn't ready to let go. Hart overcame Bob Backlund at Mock Test in a Loser Leaves The SoW match with the title on the line. On the very same night Kurt Angle would win the Royal Battle match and the moment was set. Kurt Angle, America's greatest superstar, going one on one with Bret Hart, Canada's greatest superstar, for the SoW World Championship. Angle was brunt with his prediction that Bret Hart stood no chance at Graduation of holding onto his title once he came face to face with the best superstar the wrestling industry has ever seen. Hart responded by telling Angle that he sees the best superstar the wrestling world has ever seen everyday when he looks in the mirror. He tells Angle that he is The Best There Is, The Best There Was and The Best There Ever Will Be, and until Angle beats him then he'll always be second best. Angle told Hart that he's never came up against somebody like him, he won an Olympic Gold Medal with a broken freakin' neck. Hart acknowledged that achievement, but told Angle that many have came, and many have fallen at the hands of The Excellence Of Execution. Barring the odd verbal shot at one another both men remained respectful and refused to try and take the advantage, that was until Angle tried to break the ankle of Hart's brother in law Davey Boy Smith. Hart promised to teach Angle a lesson at Graduation, and demanded that Angle face him in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match. Angle accepted and said it was a shame that he's going to have to beat Hart over and over and over again, and humiliate him for a full hour in front of all his fellow Canadians. The biggest match in history is set, will it be Canada or America? Sharpshooter or Ankle Lock? Champion or Challenger? Bret Hart or Kurt Angle, that comes out on top???


    AUTHOR'S NOTE: Had a lot of fun booking this card. Thanks to all who have taken part and to Kilik for setting this up. Had a bit of trouble finding good graphics for some of the older stars, but I couldn't have a show without some of my fave guys like Perfect, Rude and Demolition.

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    Re: School of Wrestling (SoW) presents : Graduation

    You have some very intriguing ideas on your card Sykotic. Orton vs. Yoko and Hennig against Hunter are more than interesting, even if I would have loved to see Randy and Roberts in the ring. The tag tournament is alright, but the whole time, since you posted your card, I felt it shouldn't be these two semi final matches, but rather rather LoD versus the Bulldogs in the final. (Although I really like that you picked Tenta and Ottman together)

    RVD vs. Morrison is obviously the spotty high-flying Highlight of the evening and Malenko and Storm should give the crowd the technical dose of the show. Both are very good matches and probably MOTN candidates. I have a minor gripe with Rude vs. Roberts, and that's the part where Roberts' wife has to spend a night with Rude if he wins. I don't like angles like that, but on the other hand I can't really tell, if that would hold me back to buy a ticket, especially with a Roberts/Rude-match on the card.

    And finally, we have the Main Event and if there are two Wrestlers, I would love to see in an Iron Man Match, it would be these two. Great choice for the final of the show.

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    Re: School of Wrestling (SoW) presents : Graduation

    Match by match:

    There's a lot of beef in that first tag match. Smash is the smallest man and he's near 300lb. It's an interesting match, big men that could actually work. It wouldn't be a mat classic, but it wouldn't be a train wreck either.

    Ladder match: You get not 1, but 2 self absorbed, cocky flyers that could really carry a nice 15+ minute match.

    I like the placement of Perfect vs early main event quality match. Hennig would bump his ass off for HHH. Most may say Henning would have to carry HHH, but I thought HHH was a better than average worker in his prime.

    Road Warriors vs Bulldogs is a match I'd love with both teams in their prime and healthy. Kid bumping and flying everywhere, surprising the bigger Road Warriors with his "natural" strength. The Bulldogs had the agility of a Rock n Roll Express, but were jacked to the gills as well. I think the Warriors would have their hands full. Fans win in this match.

    The TV Title or worker's title as many would say...great match up, because they both could go and would compliment each other in the ring.

    I'm not a big fan of Orton vs Yoko...I get the Legend Killer gimmick and it would work, but I just don't think Orton would be good enough to go with Yoko. I think Rude would have been a good opponent. As lean as he was, he was also extremely strong. His grip strength was legendary in the gym, he could bench 400+, shrug his bodyweight and dead lift 6 bills. Impressive feats. I think Orton vs Jake The Snake was a better match up, but that's me. Snake is as diabolical as they come, he'd match up well mentally with Orton.

    I'm up in the air about the one night tag tourney. I love tournaments, but over multiple days. Any match up would be cool however...I love your tag teams.

    Hart vs Angle is a great match up. Two quality ring generals that would put on a clinic.

    I'm not going to give out grades, but I'm impressed. The only issues are the same day Tag Tourney and that Orton/Yoko match up. Plus, Rude vs Roberts although classic, was done.

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