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Thread: The Meeting.

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    The Meeting.

    A video is uploaded to, with the ever-more common sight of this little disclaimer:

    The video opens up on an elevator in what appears to be a very ritzy hotel. The elevator doors open to the sight of Jonathan McGinnis and The Echo, laughing and making a scene. It seems they had just finished partying after a CWA house show, and they also don't seem to care that it's well past midnight and they're making enough noise to wake the dead. They continue to make a racket until they get to their respective rooms and unlock the doors.

    McGinnis walks in to his private room with a satisfied, smug smirk on his face that only a man who believes he has the world by the balls would have. The lights in the room are dim, although it's clear to see this is a VERY upscale penthouse. The "Indy God" seems to ponder something for a second before grabbing the phone and dialing room service. Never mind the fact that room service wouldn't be available at this hour, but fuck that, right? McGinnis will get room service whenever he damn well pleases...

    But before he can dial, there's a knock at his door. Not sure if it's the Connor brothers or some groupie who caught him in the club earlier in that evening and followed him back to the hotel, McGinnis groans as he heads to the door and looks through the peep hole. Surprisingly, there's nobody there. McGinnis, thinking that Drew or Ethan's just screwing with him as they're ought to do, decides to ignore it and walks away.

    He doesn't get far when he hears the knocking again. Sighing, McGinnis immediately unlocks the door and opens it.

    : Listen, guys, I know you want to party some more, and we'll do that after...

    McGinnis's speech is cut short as he opens the door and sees who's outside...and it's not the Echo. It's a rather familiar looking man in a rather distinctive hooded overcoat, hood pulled up just enough to cast a slight shadow on his face. But McGinnis doesn't need to see his face to know who's at his door.

    McGinnis: Cyrus.

    Cyrus Truth: McGinnis.

    The former CWA World Champion and the man who McGinnis beat to win that same title, without saying another word, walks right past McGinnis into his penthouse suite. McGinnis, half amused and half annoyed, rolls his eyes and mutters:

    McGinnis: Invite yourself in, whydontcha?

    Cyrus, not responding to McGinnis's snark, turns on the lights in the room and surveys his surroundings like a hunter expecting to be ambushed. He sees a bottle of high-end bourbon sitting on the minibar. Without even a word, he grabs a glass and pours himself a drink.

    McGinnis: You know that stuff is $100 a bottle, right?

    Cyrus Truth: You have money.

    McGinnis: All right, fine. Help yourself. Anything else you want?

    Cyrus downs his drink as he pours himself another.

    Cyrus Truth: Answers would be nice.

    McGinnis looks perplexed as Cyrus reaches into his coat and pulls out a T-shirt. He tosses it at McGinnis, who reveals that it's an Indy Club shirt. McGinnis goes from confused to smug as he replies:

    McGinnis: What? I know you tend to be pretty frugal, and would appreciate a new shirt for your wardrobe.

    Cyrus Truth: You know full well I hate cute little ploys and I especially hate having my time wasted. So why don't you tell me what you want before I decide to end your little Club before you get a chance to do anything of note with it?

    McGinnis takes a moment and realizes the opportunity that has presented himself, knowing that Cyrus Truth is arguably the greatest wrestler to ever enter CWA, top 5 all time, for sure. On the fact alone that Cyrus is even considering lending his service to The Indy Club is something McGinnis or The Echo would never imagined could happen in a million years.

    McGinnis: You know, the question that might be, what can you do, for our Club. Of course, that is the first thing that had to come to your mind. I mean, that's pretty obvious, right. But my question isn't really what can Cyrus do for the Indy Club, but what can The Indy Club do for Cyrus Truth? I say it likes, and I present it like this for the fact, you can be the mind behind all of this.

    Cyrus stands there with his arms folded as he listens to the pitch from McGinnis about potentially joining The Indy Club.

    McGinnis: Our goal here isn't complicated, we want championship gold. We want the money or, maybe how you phrased it to me, we want THE GLORY!!!! And who better, WHO? To be the man molding the future of the CWA to take this place to heights it has never seen before, this is your chance, to have your impact felt on the CWA for generations to come. We are here to change this place man, the road less traveled is the road we are taking. We aren't going the same lame ass status quo. We are here to make a difference and to do that, we need someone like you.

    McGinnis walks over to the mini bar and snatches himself a beer. He opens it and takes a sip before placing it down, and on a coaster because people who don't use coasters are gross.... right?

    McGinnis: I'm just being frank here, look at what I done, just me, since my debut... The landscape here changed, talent from all over the world, Snowmantashi, Lightbringer, The Echo, Harrison Wake, etc... all followed after me. I hold stake in all of their success, all of it. But I can't do this alone. Some one with your mind for this business, would know, it's always key to be three moves ahead instead of just one. We need you....

    Cyrus listens to McGinnis's speech intently and...begins to laugh? It's the kind of laugh that suggests that McGinnis just said something funny, sad, and utterly stupid all in one. McGinnis is naturally confused as Cyrus finally speaks.

    Cyrus Truth: Of course. What else could this have been?

    McGinnis: Excuse me?

    Cyrus Truth: I came here because I thought that maybe, just maybe, you might have some other message that would've been at least somewhat interesting. But no...of course this was all just a ploy for recruiting me into your merry band of idiots. What a waste of time.

    Cyrus downs his drink as he continues to expound.

    Cyrus Truth: I earned my glory on my own, boy. Everything I've ever gained, every title and accolade was earned by my own blood and sweat and resolve. I've never needed a group to back me up...hell, I spent most of my career BREAKING groups like yours. The only reason I haven't done that already is because you three don't seem to have "Kill CWA" as part of your agenda.

    Cyrus gets right in McGinnis's face, who for his part doesn't seem to flinch (although it's evident that he is a bit tense)

    Cyrus Truth: What would I have to gain by joining your little Club that I couldn't gain by myself? I don't need you or those two morons you've recruited to win the World Title again, and I refuse to be anybody's lackey. So, thanks for the bourbon, don't waste my time anymore, and you can consider this me declining your little offer. I'm leaving.

    Cyrus turns to walk out as McGinnis taps his fingers on the minibar. It's clear that he sees this opportunity to bring Cyrus into the fold slipping away, but he is determined to find something...ANYTHING to make Cyrus change his mind.

    ...Wait, that's it!

    McGinnis: What else do you have to prove, Cyrus?

    That one question, amazingly, stops Cyrus in his tracks. Cyrus, looking just a bit more angered, turns to face McGinnis again.

    Cyrus Truth: What did you say?

    McGinnis steps closer to Truth as he points to the heart of Cyrus.

    McGinnis: Championships? World title? Is that all you want to be defined by your legacy? How many world champions are there huh? Hell, I'm one. But I can see it in your eyes, and even the last time we we're in the ring together, when you told me the words about glory that still haunts me to this very day. Another championship? Another pointless milestone that someone fat ass from CWA.COM can put on a T-shirt. I can see in your eyes what you want, what you crave, is something that can never be placed on a t-shirt. Your legacy, Cyrus, for not only being probably the greatest ever to bless the ring, that sounds so past tense, doesn't it. The glory you seek, isn't an possession, something that you can hold and raise in the air.

    Cyrus seems intrigued by McGinnis.

    McGinnis: Your knowledge for this business, your passion, to be the foundation, yeah... foundation, that is the word I was looking for. The foundation that will carry your legacy to heights that not me, Echo or yourself ever pictured. The large picture here Cyrus, don't think this year or next year, but next five years, next ten years, your impact of you taking The Club and molding it to not only your image, but molding it to be the greatest force in not just CWA but the entire wrestling world. You never came across to me as a man who dismisses that big picture, so for now, for the moment, let this all sink in, and believe that you are needed, not wanted BUT NEEDED!!! For this Club to reach the limit that soars higher than anything anyone has ever seen. You want me a lacky, you won't be just a member, you will be the OAK!!! The learning tree to all this Cyrus, all of this.

    McGinnis who looks as serious, takes a step back and picks up his beer before just dumping it over rather just finishing it. Warm beer is gross. He then throws up the Too Sweet for Cyrus, trademarked with the Indy Club as a sign of unity.

    Cyrus, looking at McGinnis holding up the hand sign with a bewildered look in his eyes, seems to be lost in thought. As much as he hated the idea of joining any group, McGinnis did bring up a very interesting point. One or two more CWA World Titles won't change or solidify his legacy...but leading an army? Instilling his passion and his knowledge into a younger generation that would carry his name and bring glory to his legend? It was...appealing, to say the least. Cyrus sighs.

    Cyrus Truth: You're not as big of an idiot as I thought.

    McGinnis: So...does that mean...?

    Cyrus Truth: All it means is that you've given me something to ponder, which I admittedly didn't think you'd be able to do. I...need some time to mull this over.

    McGinnis shrugs as he lowers his hand. This was as much as he was going to get out of Cyrus, and the fact that it wasn't a "no" was better than he expected.

    McGinnis: No worries. I want to run it by Drew and Ethan anyway, so take your time. But...

    McGinnis tosses Cyrus the Indy Club shirt, which Cyrus catches. Cyrus stares at the shirt as McGinnis continues.

    McGinnis: Just give it some serious thought, Cyrus. We could do so much and make a LOT of noise.

    Cyrus makes a noncommittal grunt as he takes the shirt in his hand and heads out of McGinnis's penthouse. McGinnis, a satisfied smirk on his face, turns back to the minibar to grab another beer as the video cuts to black....


    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

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    Re: The Meeting.


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    Re: The Meeting.

    Join the dark side, we have superkicks
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: The Meeting.

    cant wait for Cyrus to rip that shirt off and reveal a CWA shirt underneath a la Christian Cage.

    either that or hes a motherfucker


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    Re: The Meeting.

    Job Cyrus Job

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