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Thread: nGw Dia de Andalucia 2016 iPPV (March 5th, 2016) Results

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    nGw Dia de Andalucia 2016 iPPV (March 5th, 2016) Results

    March 5th, 2016
    Andalucia, Spain

    Every Match Is Conducted Inside Of A Customized Hell In A Cell
    Steel Fencing has been replaced by razor sharp and electrified barbed wire fencing. The structure has been secured to the concrete floor. There will be no safety padding around the ring.

    The opening video followed by the pyro takes place, and after the camera pans out to capture the loud "nGw" chants from the crowd, we see the ring crew finish securing the massive Hell In A Cell structure to the concrete floor carefully. After it is secured, they all take a step back, then the lead ring worker tosses a stick at the structure causing the electrified nature to surge to where the stick hit causing the crowd to chant "Holy Shit".

    Nolee LaCroix: Ladies and gentleman of Andalucia, Spain. On behalf of the nGw and FWA Rosters, we thank you for welcoming us to your community. Please welcome nGw's lead commentator and FWA Veteren, Andrew Johnson.

    "Warrior's Code Volbeat" plays and Andrew Johnson comes out from the back to a loud pop and "APAB" chants as he makes his way to the announcers table. Before sitting down, he waves to the crowd.

    Nolee: And joining him tonight, until her match later tonight, Sonny.

    "Same Old Love" by Sonny plays and the crowd immediately turns to boos due to her affiliation with Vincent Blackbird and the BIRD Empire. Sonny ignores them as she joins Andrew at the announce table.

    Andrew: Welcome back Sonny.

    Sonny: Thank you Andrew, it is good to be back.

    Andrew: Are you nervous for your match tonight, especially since you will have to compete inside of this imposing structure?

    Sonny: A little, but I trust my partner, Bella as well as our boss, Vincent.

    Andrew: Well good luck later tonight, and it appears that we are ready for the opening match.

    "Engel" by Rammstein plays and out comes Vic Voorhees wearing the damaged mask that Amber Warren had previously tossed, while the crowd boos him heavily. Vic stops at the Cell's door, looks at it then heads inside. The remix of "Throw Away" by Blue Stahli and "Futures" by ShadowBeats & Chaos350 plays and Vic's partners, Black Heron and Mi' Redencion of Black Redencion make there way to the ring. The stop and hesitate at the Cell's door, but then gets inside and into the ring while the crowd give them a mixed reaction of cheers and boos.

    "Rule Britannia" plays and "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP comes out to a loud pop. He too makes his way to the ring and stops at the Cell's door. However, instead of going in, he stays outside of the Cell as "Monster's Ball" by Butcher Babies play and out come Damien Straight and Choi Li to a equally loud pop. As they make their way to the ring, the crowd chants a heavy "Warren" chant. They join Reginald at the door to the Cell, and also look at the structure.

    Reginald uses the tip of his umbrella to check the voltage of the Cell when the electricity of the Cell surges down and arcs to the tip of the umbrella as it got close. The resulting shock causes Reginald to immeditately drop the umbrella and shake his hand as he got a minor zap. The crowd starts another round of "Holy Shit" while Reginald, Damien and Choi talk outside of the Cell before carefully entering as Black Redencion look nervous and scared at what had just happened to Reginald's umbrella.

    Quote Originally Posted by 3 on 3 Tag Team Match
    Nolee: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a 3 on 3 Tag Team Match. Introducing first, representing the BIRD Empire. He is "The Vulture" Vic Voorhees.

    The crowd boos as Vic ignores them and stares daggers at Reginald.

    Nolee: And his partners, Black Heron and Mi' Redencion, they are the Black Redencion.

    Heron and Redencion talk between each other over a strategy to take on their opponents.

    Nolee: And their opponents, introducing first, "Sir" Reginald Underwood MP.

    Reginald also return the dagger stare towards Vic.

    Nolee: And his partners, they are representing the Warren Family. Damien Straight and Choi Li, they are the Terror Squad.

    They back up Reginald as the crowd cheers them loudly

    Reginald and Vic starts things off and circle each other as the referee signals for the bell, but before they could lock up, Reginald immediately goes over and tags Choi in causing the crowd to lightly boo Reginald as they wanted to see him and Vic fight each other. Vic and Choi walk up to each other, showing similar height and size, chest bump each other before throwing hard rights at each other. Vic gets the upper hand when he connects with a Backhand Chop followed by a Reverse Roundhouse Kick.

    Vic then connects with the Death Valley Driver but instead of going for the pin, he picks Choi up then swiftly goes over and knocks Damien off of the ring apron before forcibly has Choi tag Reginald in. Reginald argues that he didn't tag in to the referee while Vic tosses Choi over the top rope sending him into his partner, Damien, with a force that causes both men to fall back against the razor sharp and electrified fencing of the Cell.

    After sparks fly due to both men getting zapped, Reginald and the referee stop arguing and look scared at what just happened while the crowd look on stunned. Vic grins then grabs Reginald and brings him into the ring hard. Vic charges the ropes as Black Heron stretches out and tags himself. Vic, not realizing the tag, hits Reginald with the Big Boot. Black Heron then goes over to cover Reginald but Vic pulls Black Heron off of Reginald causing the two to argue. Reginald sees that Damien and Choi are pulling themselves up onto the ring apron somehow, begins to crawl his way to their corner, where he tags Damien in.

    Damien, finally realizing that he had been tagged in, sees Vic and Heron arguing, gets into the ring and charges them connecting with a Double Clothesline knocking both men down followed by hitting Redencion with a hard elbow knocking him from the ring. Damien kicks Vic out of the ring, then tags in Choi. Damien picks Heron up and both he and Choi nail Heron with the Double Tap followed by their Death Sentence Finisher with Choi getting the pin fall victory.

    Winners via Pin Fall = Terror Squad & Reginald Underwood
    After the match Damien and Choi exit the structure as Heron gets checked on by his partner Redencion. During this, Reginald gets into the ring and heads over to where Vic had been kicked out of the ring, looking to laugh at him instead doesn't see him anywhere. Reginald then, still in the ring, goes around the ring ropes looking to see if Vic had crawled someplace. Reginald asks the referee if he had seen where Vic went, and as those two are talking, Vic comes out from underneath the ring, weilding a sledgehammer, slides into the ring.

    Reginald, heres the reaction from the crowd, turns to attack the person that entered the ring, only to barely duck in time and quickly gets out of the ring and exits the Cell. Vic, fuming throws the sledgehammer at the wall of the Cell causing another electrified surge. Vic paces before seeing Redencion helping Heron up. Vic nails both men with his Deathstrike finisher, then lifts Redencion up hitting him with the Rise of the BIRD Empire while Reginald watches on from the entrance stage.

    Reginald walks down the ramp some, before stopping as Vic is facing him while he placed the injured Heron onto the top turnbuckle. Vic shouts at Reginald that this isn't over and this will be his fate soon enough. Vic then hits Heron with his dangerous and career ending Death From Above finisher, further injuring Heron while Reginald has a look of terror in his face as the crowd heavily chants "One More Time". Vic deadlifts Heron up and puts him back onto the same turnbuckle as Reginald and the referee shout for him to stop. Vic gives both the referee and Reginald the finger, then hits Heron with a second Death From Above.

    ~~Video Package on the chaos between PMM, True Destiny and the Tag Champions~~

    "Kings Never Die" by Eninem ft. Gwen Stefani plays and out comes Desmond Fox and Joey Ortiz of "True Destiny", the crowd cheers as they enter the Cell and get into the ring. "Heart is Full" by Miike Snow plays as PASSION and Mike Mundane of "PMM" comes out from the back. PASSION and Mike make out on the entrance stage before heading towards the Cell and ring. "Long Live The Cheif" by Jidenna play and the nGw Tag Team Champions, Jason Randall & Dan Ward get a loud pop and the crowd begins singing along with their theme song while Jason and Dan hold up their Championship Belts in the ring before handing them to the referee. The referee hands them off to the referee that is at the door, whom then locks the door.

    Quote Originally Posted by nGw Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match
    Nolee: The following Tag Team Triple Threat Match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Desmond Fox and Joey Ortiz of "True Destiny". Their opponents, "PMM's" own PASSION and Mike Mundane. And finally, they are the current nGw Tag Team Champions, Jason Randall and FWA Veteren, Dan Ward.

    After a long, brutal and barbaric match, which saw Desmond and Joey hit Mike Mundane with Destiny's Final Strike sending Mike into the Cell's unforgiving wall, electrifying him. The end came when, Desmond and Joey nailed PASSION with the Final Destination but as Desmond went for the cover, Jason and Dan would get back into the ring fighting Desmond and Joey. Joey would hit Dan with a Devestating Spear while Jason hit Desmond with Snake Eyes. Joey attacks Jason with a solo Destiny's Final Strike, but before Joey could go for the pin, PASSION would roll him up and with a hand full of tights, gets the pin fall victory.

    Winners and NEW nGw Tag Team Champions via Pin Fall: PASSION and Mike Mundane
    After the Match, as Joey pleads with the referee, telling him that PASSION had a hand full of tights, PASSION would roll out of the ring, pick up Mike and put Mike onto its shoulders. PASSION, fireman carrying Mike out of the ring, grabs the nGw Tag Team Championship Belts and heads to the back as the crowd chants loudly "PMM" repeatedly.

    ~~Video Package of Daniella Kennedy's road to Dia de Andalucia followed by the nGw World Championship Match for FWA's Winter Wasteland PPV~~

    A remixed version of "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve plays as Daniella Kennedy comes out from the back to a sea of loud and heavy "Kennedy" chants. She stops at the Cell's door, taking in the powerfull structure before her, then gets into the ring.

    "The Man Comes Around" by Johnny Cash plays and The Technician comes out to an equally loud pop. As he heads down the entrance ramp, he turns to the left at the Cell's entrance and instead walks around the outside where Jean-Luc Watkins, the challenger to the nGw World Championship at the Winter Wasteland PPV is seated. As Jean-Luc is shown on the Tron, the crowd immediately begins to boo him heavily as he and Technician exchange words. The Technician then feigns a punch, instead chuckles and goes back towards the front of the Cell, where he gives the door's referee his nGw World Championship, then heads into the ring.

    Quote Originally Posted by nGw World Championship Match
    Nolee: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the nGw World Championship. Introducing first the challenger. She is the "Last Kennedy in the FWA", Daniella Kennedy.

    Daniella gets hyped as the crowd chants "Kennedy".

    Nolee: And her opponent, he is the current nGw World Champion, The Technician.

    The Technician poses as the crowd chants "nGw".

    They circle each other as the referee signals for the bell, while The Technician flirts with Daniella. Daniella rebuffs his advances while trying to get to focus on wrestling then hits The Technician with a couple European Uppercuts which The Technician feels is her just trying to be hard to get. The Technician continues to hit on Daniella causing her to hit him with a Standing Dropkick knocking him down. As The Technician starts to get to his feet, Daniella charges and connects with a Step-up Enziguri forcing The Technician to roll out of the ring.

    Daniella gets hyped up with the crowd as she rushes to the opposite rope using the rebound to add momentum to her Suicide Dive attempt. But as she dives through the middle and top ropes, The Technician catches her with a hard Superkick, causing her to crash to the cement floor below. The Technician shakes his head, then realizes what he had done. The Technician goes to check on Daniella, then helps her to her feet only for her to hit him with a Snap Scoop Powerslam.

    Daniella, breathing heavily, struggles to pick the large man up to his feet, but is finally able to as she tries to Irish Whip The Technician into one of the electrified barb wired fencing. However, The Technician reverses it and send Daniella into the fencing instead, and when she hits it a surge of electricity hits the panel shocking her loudly. Daniella stumbles then falls foward with flesh being pulled and ripped from her back causing her to let out a loud scream.

    The Technician, now fuming, goes over and lifts Daniella up and drops her with a Backseat Driver hard onto the cement floor sending a deathly noise as Daniella's body connects with the floor. The Technician, picks her up and rolls her into the ring as blood is seen on the cement where she had landed. The Technician gets into the ring and covers getting a two count when Daniella somehow kicks out. The Technician gets up and argues with the referee before picking Daniella up and flings her into the ropes.

    As Daniella rebounds back, heading towards The Technician, barely ducks under a Rolling Elbow and hits the ropes. Daniella then quickly uses the added momentum and connects with a Missile Dropkick to The Technician's back sending him face forwarded onto the middle rope. Daniella then hits him with The 813 which she follows up with The Bittersweet Chin Symphony. Daniella goes for the cover only for The Technician to toss her up into the air as he kicked out at 2.

    The crowd chants "That Is Awesome" as Daniella, struggles getting to her feet as does The Technician. Daniella looks to hit her with a German Suplex only for The Technician to block and counter with the MK Driver. The Technician goes for another pin only for Daniella to again somehow kick out at 2, The Technician then picks her up and nails another MK Driver and Daniella barely kicks out before the 3rd count. The Technician, frustrated, picks her up and sends her out of the ring before following her to outside of the ring.

    On the outside, The Technician sends Daniella into the Cell wall causing another surge more flesh to be ripped from her back. This time however, instead of allowing Daniella to fall, he connects with a hard Superkick sending Daniella back into the wall unloading yet another electrical surge, this time coarsing around Daniella as she is stuck on the fencing. The crowd shouts "Holy Shit" repeatedly as The Technician searches under the ring while Daniella continues to twitch.

    The Technician finds and puts on a pair of rubber gloves, which he uses to remove Daniella from the electrified fencing, causing her back to bleed even more. The Technician sends Daniella into the ring, tosses off the gloves then gets into the ring where he picks Daniella up and connects with a third MK Driver. Instead of going for the pin, The Technician locks in the Benzo Stretch and the referee quickly signals for the bell as Daniella doesn't seem responsive.

    Winner and STILL nGw World Champion via Submission: The Technician
    After the match, The Technician rolls out of the ring and exits the structure. He grabs his nGw World Championship and walks his way to where Jean-Luc is at while medical personnel rush the ring to check on Daniella. The Technician is heard asksing Jean-Luc "Did you see what I just did. Tomorrow night, I'm going to make you tap out like the bitch we all know that you are." Jean-Luc chuckles as The Technician raises his Championship Belt up, Jean-Luc then feigns a punch of his own, causing The Technician to flinch and stumble backwards into the Cell's wall.

    As The Technician hits it, he is shocked and causing him to fall forward hard as the razor sharp barbed wires rips shreads of flesh from The Technician's back. The medical staff jump when the they see the electrical surge, quickly move the stretcher that Daniella is on then let go of it. As the electricity was coming down, it arc over and Daniella could be seen getting accidentally electrified at the same time as The Technician.

    The crowd gasp loudly before launching a loud "Holy Shit" chant while Jean-Luc is shown grinning at what had just happened to his opponent the night before one of their biggest matches in their respective careers. Once the electricity dies down, the medical staff quickly put rubber blankets over Daniella and rush her to the back where one of many ambulances are waiting. They load her into the back of one, and it drives off to a local hospital quickly.

    ~~Video Package of Charity injuring Elizabeth as well as her father, Alex is shown~~

    "She's Electric" by Oasis plays and Elizabeth James comes out wearing a cute referee's shirt as the crowd cheer. She enters the Cell and gets into the ring, confident in her abilities to be a referee. "Waltzing Matilda" plays and out comes Charity LeGrange to a sea of heavy boos. At the Cell's door, she gives the entire crowd the bird causing them to boo even louder forcing Charity to laugh as she enters the structure and gets into the ring. "King Kunta" by Kendrick Lamar plays and the boos turns into loud cheers as the current nGw Women's Champion, Thema comes out from the back and heads down the ramp. Before entering the structure, she hands off her nGw Women's Championship belt to the outside referee.

    Quote Originally Posted by nGw Women's Championship Submissions Only Match
    Nolee: The following contest is a Submissions Only Match and it is for the nGw Women's Championship Belt. Introducing first, she is the Special Guest Referee and "The Heir to the Throne" Elizabeth James.

    Elizabeth skips around a bit while the crowd chants "Lizzy".

    Nolee: Introducing next, the challenger. She is "The Princess of Australia", Charity LeGrange.

    Charity tells Thema that she'll tap out like Elizabeth and Alex James both did while the crowd boos.

    Nolee: And her opponent, she is the current nGw Women's Champion, the "Ivory Soldier" Thema.

    Thema stretches causing the males in the crowd to whistle.

    After a long and deadly battle, which saw Thema, Charity and even the referee, Elizabeth, get kicked, pushed, knocked into the Cell wall, each time shocking them and ripping flesh from them as well as multiple Submission attempts. The end came when Charity, having Thema locked into the Thunder from Down Under completely locked in, causing Thema to bleed from the mouth, would be rescued when Elizabeth would kick Charity in the head forcing her to release the hold. Charity would get into Elizabeth's face, grabbing her hair, only for Elizabeth to hit Charity with a stunner then connects with the King's Cross. When Elizabeth sees that Thema is starting to come too, releases the hold. Thema, not realizing what had happened, goes and locks in the Jungle Heat and Elizabeth quickly calls for the bell without Charity tapping out.

    Winner and STILL nGw Women's Champion: Thema
    After the match, Thema puzzled, asks Elizabeth for the quick call to which Elizabeth simply says that Charity appeared to be unconscious then raises Thema's hand up.

    ~~Video Package showing what all has happened since Amber Warren's return~~
    "Headstrong" by Trapt plays and Bella Kendall comes out serious and ready for action. "Same Old Love" plays and Sonny takes off her headset and walks around the structure and enters it where she joins Bella in the ring. "Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays causing the crowd to pop loudly as Amber Warren comes out from the back. Amber walks down to the ring pissed off at her husband for agreeing to the stipulation of the Structure, and when she gets to the door, she glares at the back. It isn't known if she was glaring at Vincent or her husband, Jethro, but it is clear that she is PISSED at one or both men. Amber then enters the structure and gets into the ring.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2 on 1 Handicap Match
    Nolee: The following contest is schedule for one fall and it is a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. Introducing first, she is the black-hearted wife of Jethro Warren. Please welcome her to the nGw, she is Mrs. Amber Warren.

    Amber raises her arms up as the crowd lets out a loud "Amber" chant.

    Nolee: And her opponents, both representing the BIRD Empire, they are team of Bella Kendall and Sonny.

    The crowd boos while Bella and Sonny ignore them and are instead strategizing.

    The match was a long, hard, back and forth match which saw all three ladies get sent into various sections of the Cell multiple times, but the end came when Sonny hit Amber with Vincent's own Wrath of the BIRD Empire and Bella locked in the London Bridge causing Amber to tap out.

    Winners via Submission = Bella Kendall and Sonny
    ~~Video Package of the Rise & Fall of the team of El Hijo & El Gordito ending with El Gordito ultimate betrayal and challenging El Hijo to a Mask vs Mask Match~~

    "Aguja De Abeja" plays and El Gordito Burrito come out to a sea of Boos. El Gordito confiendently makes his way to the ring. "Aguja De Abeja" restarts and El Hijo Del Quesadilla comes out to cheers, El Hijo comes out confused at why El Gordito would betray him and their team.

    Quote Originally Posted by Máscara contra Máscara (Mask vs Mask) Match
    Nolee: The following contest is a Mask vs Mask Match. Introducing first, El Gordito Burrito.

    El Gordito taunts to El Hijo that he is going to rip his (El Hijo) mask off.

    Nolee: And his opponent, he is El Hijo Del Quesadilla.

    El Hijo ignores the cheer from the crowd as he simply continues to ask El Gordito why.

    The Match was mostly one-sided as El Gordito had control over the majority of the match and sending El Hijo into the Cell's wall multiple times. The end, surprising came with El Hijo getting the victory after he connected with the MINORU Special from out of nowhere.

    Winner via Pin Fall = El Hijo Del Quesadilla
    After the match, El Hijo pleads with El Gordito to put this all behind them and that he doesn't have to remove his match. El Gordito walks around at first, doing a tease of keeping the mask on and taking it off, but he stops when El Hijo extends his hand to him. The crowd chants "Shake His Hand" while El Gordito looks around at the crowd in front of and to the side of him. He then turns to look at the crowd behind the announce table, but when he turns back to face El Hijo, he nails El Hijo with the Instant Infamy causing the crowd to confusing ask "What The Hell?".

    El Gordito removes his mask to show that it had been Adam Bonnie under it. Adam Bonnie, gives El Hijo the middle finger then locks in a Rear-Naked Choke as the referee calls on others to come down and help separate Adam and El Hijo. Adam eventually releases the hold while the crowd boo him heavily. Adam heads to the back to "Fiesta" by The Pogues plays and El Hijo is helped to the back by the referees.

    ~~Video Package showcasing the entire history between Vincent Blackbird and Jethro Warren. Starting with Vincent assassinating Jethro's parents and culminating with Jethro accepting Vincent's stipulations for Dia de Andalucia.~~

    "Engel" by Rammstein plays and to the most heated and massive boo of the entire night, the nGw General Manager, Vincent Blackbird comes out from the back. As Vincent walks down the ramp, the crowd throws drinks and popcorn at him, but when he gets to the entrance of the Cell, he looks out into the most angriest crowd. While he was looking into the crowd, he zeros in on a family that is close to the ring, he walks over to them when they yell that Vincent sucks, and other stuff.

    Vincent, ignoring them, grabs the father's Chimichanga, lifts his mask part way and eats a massive bite out of it before giving it back to the father. After he swallows the Chimichanga, he tells the family that they all suck too, then heads back to the Cell's entrance and enters it and gets into the ring.

    "Dark Grounds" by Adrian Von Ziegler plays and as Jethro Warren comes out to the back, he receives the single biggest pop of the night from the crowd. Jethro confidently comes down the ramp and enters the Cell without giving it a second thought.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ultimate "Quake With Fear" Death Match
    Nolee: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the Ultimate "Quake With Fear" Death Match. As you can see, the ring crew is removing the turnbuckle pads and are carefully replacing them with turnbuckle pads filled with explosives. They are also removing the regular ring ropes and are replacing them with barbed-wire ropes which are going to be hooked up to 200 V batteries. Introducing first, represeing the BIRD Empire. He is the nGw General Manager, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    Vincent stares daggers directly at Jethro as the crowd boo him just as hard as they did before.

    Nolee: And his opponent, returning to the FWA after several years and making his in-ring debut in the nGw. Please welcome the only man that has an equal hatred for Vincent as Vincent has for him, Mr. Jethro Warren.

    Jethro also stares dagger back at Vincent as the crowd cheer him just as loudly as they did when he came out.

    Vincent and Jethro charge at each other, locking up. Jethro takes control and tries to send Vincent into the barbed-wires on one side, only for Vincent to drop and slide towards the bottom barbed-wire coming close to touching it. Vincent chuckles then hits Jehtro with the Clan Blackbird. Vincent runs towards one side of the ring and hits Jethro with a Running Splash and tries to get the quick pin only for Jethro to kick out. Vincent picks Jethro up and gets ready to hit the Wrath of the BIRD Empire but as Vincent spins Jethro around, Jethro counters with a DDT implanting Vincent's head into the mat.

    Jethro picks Vincent up and hits him with the Knockout Bomb slamming him into one of the explosive turnbuckle pads causing a loud explosion causing Vincent to fall forwarded with a hard thud. Jethro backs away with a surprised look at the intensity of the explosion. The crowd can't believe what happened and wildly chants “Holy Shit”. Jethro shaking his hands goes over to Vincent, rolls him onto his bloodied back, goes to pin only for Vincent to kick out at 2.

    Jethro walks over to the edge of the ring and reaches under the ring and pulls out THE kama that was hidden under the ring. Jethro grins wildly at the reunion with this kama and goes to take the blade to Vincent's forehead. But before the blade makes content, Vincent stops Jethro's hands. Vincent struggles with Jethro over the kama and Vincent gets to his feet. Jethro nails Vincent with a Giant Knee to the Chest followed by slicing Vincent's right arm with the kama causing blood to come out.

    Vincent looks down at the blood as it drops onto the mat, then looks at Jethro with dead eyes, charges and takes Jethro down with a Double Leg Takedown causing the crowd to cheer. As Vincent unloads with punches, Jethro manages to take the kama and cut Vincent diagonally across the face from the right side of his forehead down to his left cheek, between his eyes and across the bridge of his nose giving him a reverse scar of the one he got from Jethro the first time. Vincent rolls away holding his bleeding face as the crowd cheer Jethro loudly.

    Jethro gets up and gets the crowd pumped, but when he turns to face Vincent, Vincent charges at Jethro nailing him with a second Clan Blackbird causing them both to fall onto the hard concrete around the ring. When they both land, the crowd chant “Holy Shit” with Vincent being the first to get to his feet, picks Jethro up and Irish Whips him hard into the Cell wall causing an electrical surge to hit Jethro hard. Jethro falls forward, ripping shreads from his shirt and flesh. Vincent picks Jethro up and rolls him into the ring, but as Vincent was carefully getting into the ring, Jethro some how connects with the Warren Lungblower.

    Jethro goes to cover Vincent but somehow, out of instinct, Vincent kicks out at 2 causing the crowd to boo. Jethro, frustrated, picks Vincent up, hits him with the Knockout Bomb three more times, slamming Vincent's bloodied back into the other turnbuckles that he hadn't hit. Each time, causing more explosions and damaging Vincent further. Jethro decides to hit Vincent with another Knockout Bomb slamming Vincent into the electrified barbed-wire ropes, causing even more sparks to go flying and electrifying Vincent even more and numbing Jethro's arms.

    Jethro walks around, trying to return feeling to his arms, waits for Vincent to get to his feet. As Vincent to his feet, Jethro goes to connect with the Warren-Flowsion only for Vincent to somehow counter into Blackbird Dragon. Jethro drops to a knee, realizes that every turnbuckle pad was replaced, gets back up and struggles to move over towards one. Once Jethro gets, close enough, turns around and falls backwards causing the back of Vincent's head to connect with the middle and bottom turnbuckle pads causing a very loud explosion.

    The crowd gasp loudly as smoke feel the Cell due to the double explosion. When the smoke finally clears, the crowd lets go a massive "Holy Shit" and "That Was Awesome" Chant while the referee goes to check on both men. They slowly start moving, surprising everyone, including the referee whom was about to throw up the "X" sign. Vincent, somehow gets to his feet first and struggles to get Jethro up onto his shoulders and goes to hit Jethro with the Rise of the BIRD Empire Finisher that Vic uses, but as Jethro was coming down, the positioning allowed Jethro to connect with a devestatingly nasty and hard DDT.

    The referee counts to three, but before he signals for the bell, double checks what he sees, then signals for the bell. The referee then motions to Nolee to come around into the ring, so he can tell her his decision. Nolee, reluctantly and nervously enters the Cell while the referees and medical staff rush the ring to check on both Vincent and Jethro, waits for the referees to disable the stage side's barbed-wire electrified ropes before entering the ring. Nolee finally enters the ring, walks over to the referee of the match, to get his decision. After a few minutes of back and forth, Nolee finally takes a couple steps aside allowing the referee to help the others, as well as Jethro and Vincent. Nolee then raises her mic up.

    Nolee: Ladies and gentleman, after a thorough discussion with the referee of the match, he has concluded that because both wrestlers shoulders were on the mat and neither moved during the entirety of the 3 count. The referee has decided that both men pinned the other, therefore this match has ended in a draw.

    Winner = Draw
    After the match, the ring crew quickly disable and unlock the Hell In A Cell from where it was locked in place so it can be raised so the medical staff can help take both Jethro and Vincent to the back. However, as Vincent and Jethro were being stretchered up the ramp, both men struggle to free themselves, attacking medics and referees before seeing the other had done the same. Vincent and Jethro stare daggers into each other, while not letting the other see just how injured they are, get held back by the remaining referees, road agents, wrestlers and other backstage personnel, attempting to keep them apart.

    Vincent and Jethro shout that they wish the other would die and rott in hell, they then attack the people separating them, before lunging at each other. Vincent and Jehtro brawl to the back as the crowd chants loudly and heavily "This Was Awesome" repeatedly with a mixture of "Let Them Fight". Dia de Andalucia fades to black showing the wrestlers, referees, medical staff, backstage personnel and anyone else that came out to break them up running to the back after Vincent and Jethro.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: nGw Dia de Andalucia 2016 iPPV (March 5th, 2016) Results

    Love that "She's Electric" is the next song to play after the nGw World Title match...

    Great work, as always.

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    Re: nGw Dia de Andalucia 2016 iPPV (March 5th, 2016) Results

    Quote Originally Posted by SuperSaiyan View Post
    Love that "She's Electric" is the next song to play after the nGw World Title match...

    Great work, as always.
    Unintentional pun/joke for the win. Lol, that honestly wasn't intentional and I hadn't realized that that particular pun/joke was there until you mentioned it lol.

    [I WIN]

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