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Thread: Exclusive Interview: The Moment to cover backstage employees' medical costs

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    1408 Exclusive Interview: The Moment to cover backstage employees' medical costs

    Following on from The Echo's unprecedented attack on a number of CWA employees after losing their Tag Team titles at Five Star Attraction, understands that the members of new champions The Moment have offered to pay the medical costs of the backstage staff concerned.

    The Echo have always had a reputation for living on the edge as far as rules go, having been banned from five separate companies in the past. However, their actions at Five Star Attraction brought out a side of the Connor brothers that we haven't seen here in CWA. We caught up with The Moment's Amanda Starr to ask if the newly crowned Tag champs were shocked by their opponents' actions.

    "Absolutely. You know...I think we're all aware of how The Echo like to go about things. They're hardly strangers to a beat down, they did that to Johnny Vegas at Five Star Attraction as well. There's a difference between surprise and shock, and I don't think anyone is surprised The Echo pulled something like this. I think what really stunned us when we saw the film of it was just...just really how vicious it was. I mean, they picked this poor guy up, and smashed his head against a wall. You know, with everything we've learned about concussions in recent years, with all the pain and suffering we've had within our industry because of head traumas and injuries, there really is no excuse for that. In relation to anyone, never mind a defenceless employee. Thankfully - as I understand from the contact we've had with the families - I believe all three guys are ok, they've been assessed and it's not too serious. But we could have been talking about major brain damage. What's shocking to me, even now, is just the sheer notion that someone could ever justify that to themselves. Of course this is The Echo, so no doubt there will be some bulls**t reason why it's all mine, Nick and Ben's fault."

    Picking up on the reference, we asked Amanda whether The Moment's offer of support to the affected families indicated that the group actually did feel responsible for the assault.

    "I don't think it's a case of feeling reponsible, no. Look, The Echo are gonna do what The Echo are gonna do, and we can't control that. There's no way for us to know that would have happened. It's more a thing of it just being completely unfair on these guys. The Echo's beef is clearly with us, it's nothing to do with people backstage, and none of this should be happening to them. As soon as we'd seen the video we got in contact with CWA Personnel to see what we could do to help. I think it's a Kiwi thing you know? There aren't so many of us around, we're a sparsely populated country and lots of us go live abroad for a while as well. Sometimes your family, the people that are supposed to help you out, are thousands of miles away. So when the s**t hits someone else's fan, you do what you can give them a hand. And then when it happens to you, someone else will be there to haul you back up as well."

    Following their brutal backstage attack, The Echo launched into a tirade of abuse towards their victorious opponents, controversially referring to Amanda herself as "a bitch" and "a slut". We wrapped up our interview by asking Amanda whether she wanted to say anything directly to The Echo.

    "Damn straight there are things I want to say! In fact I think my boot has a few words it would like to add as well. I think everyone realises this rivalry went into a whole nother dimension at Five Star Attraction. Even just for me personally, without Nick and Ben, there are so many women I grew up admiring who fought so long and hard for us to be taken seriously in this business, there's no way I'd insult their efforts by letting that kind of misogyny go unanswered. But you know, we didn't want to do it by a statement, or a youtube or whatever. CWA house shows start up again at the weekend, and we've asked Mr Richman for some time to come out and speak direct to the fans about what The Echo said and did at Five Star Attraction. That's just the way we'd prefer to deal with something this big."

    And a quick word on how it feels to be champions?

    "You'll have to asterisk me again! Seriously, I just don't have the words for how it feels right now."

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    Re: Exclusive Interview: The Moment to cover backstage employees' medical cos

    Goody two shoes....
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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