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Thread: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

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    "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER


    Name and Nickname given above. Lightbringer is stylized as LIGHTBRINGER. LB is an accepted abbreviation if you find it tiresome to type LIGHTBRINGER over and over. His nickname translates to "Star of Tokyo" or "The Great Talent of Tokyo" - Real Name is unknown. Some say he looks like he could be called 'Kazuchika Okada' but I can confirm this is not the case.


    Date of Birth:
    November 5th, 1988

    Place of Birth:
    Tokyo, Japan

    Currently Residing:
    Splits his time between Tokyo and Tampa Bay, Florida in the USA

    6ft 3in.


    None, essentially. Just a wrestler coming from Japan trying to make it big in the USA. He, however, is referenced as a pretty boy in Japan and is from a wealthy family, he incorporates this into his character but he is not the snobby type. It simply adds to the arrogance and surefire attitude he carries. He isn't a bad guy about it or anything, people are left to make their own mind up - he can be disliked but he operates as a face and tends to win the majority of the crowd over.

    He's a cocky face, fans cheer him due to his wrestling skill although some may take a dislike to his attitude but he doesn't do anything overly heelish in a match and isn't a dirty wrestler by any standard.

    Wrestling Style:
    He's effectively a jack of all trades, master of none. He can go highflying, he can be technical, he can brawl etc. He's a methodical worker but can lose his cool at times. Really it depends on the situation and what it calls for. He can spend a match doing nothing but suplexes and clotheslines one week and then the next end up pulling out suicide dives and the like. The longer the match goes, the more likely his style will vary.

    Wrestling Abilities:
    1. Technical
    2. Speed
    3. Power
    4. Charisma
    5. Brawling

    (The top 4 are essentially on a par with each other - there is no big difference between them, they could effectively be switched around with each other in all honesty. This doesn't mean he's a master of all four facets, just that he's pretty much balanced. He can brawl but his moveset shrinks in a brawling situation.)

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    The LIGHTBRINGER pose - click the link to see it

    None. Doesn't use them.

    Entrance theme:
    Simply known as 'Light Bringer'

    For special events/PPVs or whatever, LB uses an extended version:


    (some are hyperlinked to GIFs so as to see them in action - specifically performed by LB's basepic aside from a few - these are moves NOT in italics)

    Basic Moves:
    DDT followed by a kip up
    Diving Crossbody
    European Uppercut
    Forearm strikes
    German Suplex
    Knife Edge Chop

    Signature Moves/Spots:
    Apron DDT
    Apron DDT to the canvas
    Diving Elbow Drop
    Dropkick to opponent on top rope
    Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker
    Knee Strike (can be performed to opponent either facing him or not, as well as from top rope)
    Landslide/Samoan Driver (not necessarily from top rope)
    Reverse Neckbreaker

    Sliding European Uppercut
    Sliding Kick
    Slingshot Senton
    Taunt + Forearm Strike
    Tombstone Piledriver
    Triangle Dropkick

    Signature Submission Moves:
    Calf Killer (if grappling on the ground)
    Flying Armbar (if on the feet)

    Regular Finishing Move:
    Lightbringer Lariat


    Previous Experience:
    LIGHTBRINGER originally started wrestling in 2008 under the name ICE but grew disenchanted with the sport and did not believe he was good enough to succeed and so, quit. He reintroduced himself in 2011 following training at the STRONG STYLE DOJO - and went on to become the only person to win the SPJ (Super Puro Japan) Young Lion Climax with an undefeated record (in 2012) - he was also the youngest SPJ Intercontinental Champion in history. He was touted as being one of the future aces of the company but was hampered by an injury and is only now starting to make his return following a lengthy spell on the sidelines - and was involved in a highly controversial moment when he slapped the SPJ Heavyweight Champion following his victory in the climax. This has led to a heated rivalry between FWA's KAIZEN and his group (from Tiga-gun) and LIGHTBRINGER and his group (from STRONG STYLE DOJO) - they are well acquainted and it is likely some backstory between the two will play out here.

    SSD is the Strong Style Dojo and is based off of CHAOS (the NJPW stable) - so it is highly likely that I may add backstory, flashbacks etc involving some characters based on them. I will update this part with some information regarding names I mention so that they're not just a name with no substance behind them. Those other than LB, Himawari and BoBo have images hyperlinked.


    Known members:

    LIGHTBRINGER - based on Kazuchika Okada

    Himawari - based on Yuzuki Aikawa, given pink speaking text however to prevent a clash with the dark orange of LB

    BoBo - based on Gedo (shown below), tag partners with Jigglypuff

    Jigoro 'JIGGLYPUFF' Oshiro - based on
    Toru Yano, tag partner with BoBo, considered a comedy duo but have held tag titles before.

    TANK - based on Tomohiro Ishii

    "Kaenkan Judan" (Fire Fist Master) Kazunori Ishihara - based on Kazushi Sakuraba, considered the founder of the Strong Style Dojo, one half of the Ishihara Brothers, is also a MMA fighter albeit semiretired. Is fully retired from puroresu.

    "RED KING" Daisuke Ishihara - based on Shinsuke Nakamura, the leader of the Strong Style Dojo, the other Ishihara brother, now retired (retirement match was against LIGHTBRINGER)

    "Itsumade" Kyoji Taniguchi- based on Kamaitachi, formerly LIGHTBRINGER's protege

    Injury History:
    Two torn ACLs (same leg) - he also sustained a neck injury working as a young lion in 2008 which did play a factor in him leaving the business early. He recently suffered a torn ACL in 2014 - and took alot of time off in order to get surgery and heal - this happened during a training incident, he had already given notice to SPJ that he was leaving, the injury simply made that exit quicker. He became a Free Agent - and during the latter half of 2015, he worked some bookings as a freelancer (most notably the CWA/FWA supershow).

    Name of character representative:
    Kazuchika Okada


    I'm making this quickly so that BenWah had something to look at and know who his opponent is. I don't have the time to construct a promo - I plan on posting all promos in here anyway. However, here is the promo/segment that centered around LIGHTBRINGER at the CWA/FWA Supershow:

    The song “Retrograde” by James Blake plays softly in the background. As the black screen slowly lights up, a deep voice from a silhouette in the middle of screen starts speaking in Japanese, all of which is subtitled.

    “A lot of people have asked me why I am making the jump, making the leap.

    My answer to them is….

    Why not?”

    The shot finally comes into focus on a young man with dyed blonde hair, sitting casually in a large armchair inside what appears to be a studio. The video narrator’s voice, also in Japanese, cuts in as the young man looks to the left of the camera, talking to an unseen interviewer in a relaxed tone.

    Narrator: “Another one of the rising lions of Japan has set his sights on the World Stage!”

    Man: “I am far more ambitious than to just be the defender of Japan and puroresu. I am more than a protector.

    I am a conqueror.”

    Narrator: “The former Super Puro Japan Intercontinental Champion! The Strong Style Dojo prodigy whose rays of brilliance pierce through the darkest of clouds! The most sought after free agent in the wrestling world!”


    Footage of LIGHTBRINGERS run in SPJ is shown, with emphasis on his devastating LIGHTBRINGER Lariat (Rainmaker) and him holding the SPJ Intercontinental Championship. The last segment shows LIGHTBRINGER after a match going to a wrestler who was doing commentary with the announce team, slapping him in the face wordlessly, and setting off a massive brawl.

    Narrator: “Like an arrow shot out of a bow, LIGHTBRINGERS career has shot straight to the top from the moment he made his professional debut. The youngest SPJ Intercontinental Champion in history… the only man ever to go undefeated in the SPJ Young Lion Climax… after his YL Climax victory in 2012, LIGHTBRINGER did the unthinkable and slapped SPJ World Heavyweight Champion “BURNING’ Naota Kotani in the face… a strong signal of disrespect, an unmistakable signal of intent!!!”

    The scene cuts back to LB in the studio.

    LB: “My career has been short but filled with highs and lows. I was Intercontinental Champion before my injury, yet to this day people still want to talk about Kotani and ‘the slap’. I have two things to say. First, fuck Naota Kotani. Second, LIGHTBRINGER is not about the past. I am focused on the future.”

    Narrator: “The past…. The future….”

    The screen suddenly cuts to black.

    Narrator: “The present.”


    HIMAWARI (向日葵)


    Base Pic:
    Yuzuki Aikawa (aka Yuzupon)

    Manager Date of Birth:
    No official date of birth given. She is the same age as LIGHTBRINGER however.

    Manager Gimmick:
    No gimmick. She's just a valet for him but used to work as a Joshi wrestler in Japan. Is there a romantic link? Who knows. Maybe. Maybe not. She has also modelled/taken part in photoshoots (this is a common theme amongst a lot of joshi) - She is able to stand up for herself and is absolutely not a pushover. As a wrestler, her moveset revolved around kicking. She also trains at the STRONG STYLE DOJO along with LIGHTBRINGER.

    Manager Disposition:


    Small Story notes:
    LIGHTBRINGER's story will feature appearances from other characters, I will update this post with some base pics and whatnot so as to get a better feel for the characters and stuff.

    (some are miscellaneous images, some are images from LIGHTBRINGER's career/story)

    LIGHTBRINGER and his best friend/mentor known simply as BoBo - his manager when he was in SPJ and probably his number one fan. Fist bump from BoBo following 'the slapsgiving incident' - BoBo is still contractually obligated to SPJ and therefore can not be LIGHTBRINGER's manager.

    He has a buster blade!

    The neck injury in the rookie days (hair not dyed) !

    LIGHTBRINGER wins the SPJ Intercontinental championship!

    Himawari in her wrestling gear (logo in the background is edited out)

    God Bless America says LIGHTBRINGER!

    Thumbs up for the CWA (and to anyone reading this) !

    Any problems, let me know. Glad to be here.
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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    I love you Shake <3

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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    Looks great Shake!

    I'm eager to see what you can do with him here.
    Rest in power, Flock U
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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    Interesting. CWA gets a little more Puro.


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    Thanks for the welcome, Jon <3

    And Jimmy <3

    and Willis <3 - Pretty much, yeah, I don't have any ideas for any sort of american based characters, wanted to do this for ages. Looking forward to the ride.


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    vs Charles Murphy (WIN)



    The Past

    In a packed out Korakuen Hall, the crowd are slowly getting to their seats and starting to expect the show to begin. They talk amongst themselves as the lights begin to slowly dim. From backstage, a pair of eyes continues to peek out and look out amongst the sea of strangers. It may not be a gigantic crowd but it is enough to unsettle a lowly debutant. No rookie is prepared for a debut like this. It doesn’t matter if the crowd gives encouragement or not, there’s still going to be that lingering feeling of nervousness. The idea that you don’t impress them enough for their approval… The young man is known today as LIGHTBRINGER, ‘Tokyo Kisai’, but here, he was known as ICE. He didn’t have the dyed blonde hair either, he was a complete rookie. The greenest he ever and the greenest he ever will be. He didn’t know what to expect. It was a weird moment as he got to observe the observers for a few minutes. He started to wonder about how he could use this moment to see what sort of wrestler he could be. He could be the wrestler that comes across as the clean cut role model to kids, the ‘ladies man’ or the ‘tough guy’. He just hadn’t decided yet. He was never too fond of being given the name ICE and didn’t feel like this was where he belonged.

    He stops looking out into the crowd and decides to trudge backstage, keeping to himself. He looks set to enter his locker room and begin match preparations but he’s interrupted by a huge, pseudo-friendly slap on the back. He straightens up and turns around to the see culprit – some fat stocky guy. The name doesn’t come quickly to memory. He can remember the coffee stains on the teeth and the guy’s horrible physique, the veiled threat in his tone as he asked him whether he’d rather be elbowed into oblivion or take enough stiff forearms to kill a cow. The man tried to be threatening – and it worked, in a way. That was the wrestler he didn’t want to be. Being reduced to nothing but a gatekeeper who has nothing better to do than threaten rookies? That was a horrifying prospect. He wanted to be someone who performed with pride, honor and respect. And that’s what he set out to do.

    So, in the locker room, he washes his face and prepares for the match. It’s the only time that he enters the match unsure of himself – the butterflies are there. It’s the only experience he can call back on. Everyone loves a fairytale but this wasn’t one. LIGHTBRINGER hyped himself up, became sure of himself but ultimately, got his ass kicked. First time out there, it was the logical outcome. After the match, ICE/LIGHTBRINGER stood up and had his hand raised – the crowd gave him a warm ovation and even his opponent had grown to respect him enough. An unforgettable moment in moulding who he is. He can’t remember who the opponent was but at least he played a part.

    It might not have been the greatest match ever, it might be the greatest opponent he has ever faced but it’s something that will stick with him for a long time. Perhaps forever. Of course, LIGHTBRINGER’s past in wrestling is much more of a complicated issue and a long list of memorable moments, this is a personal one.


    The Night of CWA’s annual Pay Per View: Five Star Attraction
    Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York

    It’s all so familiar as LIGHTBRINGER finds himself sitting backstage at a show, feeling like he’s on alien ground and about to make a serious debut. Feels like only moments ago he was taking a peek out onto Korakuen Hall for his professional debut matchup… but now instead, he peers out into the Madison Square Garden crowd and has to see for himself – is this a much bigger task? It almost feels too similar for a second, he then begins to feels the unfamiliar feeling of debut butterflies. He closes his eyes and braces, expecting Charles Murphy to slap him on the back and ask him how he wants his ass handed to him… but that doesn’t happen, to his relief. It’s almost a different feeling entirely this time around though. It’s not nervousness. It’s not a worry about having to impress people – he’s confident his sheer presence will do that. But the crowd feels different. He looks out and he can actually see a few people show signs of support for the likes of him and Snowmantashi – there’s even some hardcore looking fans wearing gear they probably couldn’t buy from a shop here. It’s welcoming. It instills a different feeling regarding the occasion. As he continues to take in the wonderful sight of the stage setup, he is interrupted by the sweet thud of déjà vu hitting his back. The slap’s not quite as hard as in the past but it still gets his attention. He turns around, slightly angry, but then the anger subsides when he sees the culprit as being his small teammate and manager, Himawari. Who giggles like a little schoolgirl.

    “BoBo said that would annoy you!”

    Ah, the slightly irritated LB wipes at his back and then turns around fully to face Himawari. He gives off a sigh and begins to retreat back to his changing room, having soaked in the sights of the CWA faithful for enough time. He chats with his friend as they walk.

    “That’s one of the only times BoBo will ever be correct. Don’t let him make a habit of guiding you!”

    A small laugh is exchanged.

    “What’s the deal with it anyway? Your back still sore?”

    “No. It’s just a reminder, I guess.”

    “Oooo. Of what? Naota Kotani? That time you slapped him?”

    “Ha. He wishes I would have a reason to remember him. But no, it’s not a memory of the slap incident. It’s about something different than that. I really meant it when I said that the past is the past. SPJ is behind me now. It is time for a change. I won’t let the memories that I forged in Japan affect me here, they will only serve as motivation tools and help to guide me on my way.”

    “Oh of course. But you really don’t wonder what if?”

    He brushes it off for a moment as he reaches his changing room – a place of zen where he can relax. But Himawari is already too invested. She just waits until there is that patch of silence where she can say anything and he will respond. He sits lacing up his boots – a thought of Charles Murphy seems to flash through his mind here and there.

    “So… what if?”

    “What if, what?”

    “What if you weren’t here? What if you had decided that your fate was to be elsewhere? What if you go out there and fail and realise that this was all a huge waste of time?”

    “Before I begin to answer that. Let me ask you this. Why are you here?”

    “I don’t understand. I’m here because you’re here.”

    “And do you believe that this is a waste of time?”

    “I don’t want it to be.”

    “But is it a waste of time?”

    “No. I guess.”

    “Then I guess it’s not a waste of time to me. I can return to Japan whenever I want, I am known there, I am welcome there. They understand me there. But a time comes when you have to branch out and fly elsewhere. I grabbed attention in Japan, I did things that no other will be able to emulate… but I did not feel the motivation, the hunger to go further than I did. I was comfortable with what I had done. It’s time for a new horizon. Japan is an unfinished chapter in this book, but I have my attention elsewhere first. I saw it in the faces of the fans out there – they are excited. Some of them know who I am. That’s already a great start in my eyes because it means that I will grab some attention. Naota Kotani, Tigagun, SPJ are all behind me for the time being. The only thing I am focused on from this point onwards is CWA… and especially Charles Murphy.”

    “I must confess, I don’t know anything about him. I don’t know anything about almost all of the CWA and their wrestlers! I have been short sighted in my preparations.”

    LIGHTBRINGER finishes tying up his laces before he looks over with a grin on his face.

    “I used to hear the same from BoBo all the time. I think you’ll be fine. I think we’ll be fine. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s all part of the fun – it adds to the mystery. We won’t know many people around here. Of course, one man stands out to us above them all but before we can get near him, there are some obstacles that I have to go through first. I see a platoon of great competitors ahead of me and I must go through them all to prove my worth and complete my task. Murphy is just one of those. He may not feel like he belongs – after all, he does seem to have issues with fitting in… but trust me, he is not a joke. This is not a joke, Himawari. We are representing STRONG STYLE whilst out here as well as ourselves and therefore we have to show the world who we are. This is the match where our arrival is announced and our presence is felt.”

    As he finishes gearing up, LIGHTBRINGER prepares himself to make his entrance – but before he can get out the door, Himawari takes him by surprise with another large slap to the back. LB grimaces as he turns around – only to have a smartphone thrust infront of his face. The app says YouTube – and appears to be from a Japanese based wrestling channel. He recognises it and realises it is a promo channel – scrolling through their videos you can find VTR promos of Jon Snowmantashi and KAIZEN for example.

    “Look at THIS!”

    He takes the phone off of her and has a small look at the screen as the vide begins to play – he recognises his own theme music playing in the background as a japanese narrator begins to speak – this is cut in with pictures showing LIGHTBRINGER in the city of New York as well as a montage of Lightbringer Lariats he has delivered in the past.

    Narrator: FINALLY, the time that a lot of fans have been waiting for, the famous RAITO BURINGA debuts in the Clique Wrestling Alliance!

    “It has been a long time coming. I have spoken about this for months. My need to come to America, my need to explore and expand my style of wrestling and it has finally come to fruition. It is with sad sorrow that I must leave Japan behind for now but I am here to forge a legend of unbreakable will!”

    The images being displayed on the screen harken back to days of the past where LIGHTBRINGER is shown delivering the famous slap to Naota Kotani as well as winning the SPJ Intercontinental Championship.

    Narrator: The past is full of golden glory days for the warrior known as LIGHTBRINGER but the future has become a big question? Glory is not guaranteed in these new fields.

    “It is not easy to go from being someone very important to being someone at the bottom rung of the ladder. It is almost an insult but I had already accepted that I must work through this. Every victory, every match is important to me right now. It is all about building my future star here in the CWA and I intend to do that.”

    Narrator: Already, in the USA, trouble has found its way to LIGHTBRINGER with old troubles rearing – a clash of pride at the CWA/FWA supershow!

    “KAIZEN had to cheat to defeat me. I will never be proud of losing to him but I know that he can’t do it otherwise. That’s the real story of that match. I hope people were paying attention. I had the FWA World Heavyweight Champion struggling to defeat me. That shows a sign of my potential and I aim to show it even more at Five Star Attraction against this “One True Thing” Charles Murphy.”

    A flash on the screen reveals Charles Murphy in action – hitting the True Choice finisher as well as locking in the Zealot Lock on opponents.

    Narrator: A new obstacle ahead already presents problems for the former SPJ Young Lions Climax winner! LIGHTBRINGER, a man of immense talent, must prove his worth already!

    “It is no secret that he is a dangerous opponent. Perhaps underrated. But I have made a career out of facing dangerous opponents and beating them. Outclassing them, infact, and this time it will be no different. He is a man that likes to be fast and furious but that will be his downfall. He is not as fast as me. He can not hit as hard as me. He simply has not reached the level required to face me. But it is ok. How can he know this when I’ve yet to prove my worth here? Charles Murphy gets to be unlucky number one. The man who I make an example of. My deepest condolences to him. I guess you could say that there is a consolation in that he gets to be a part of my debut. He gets to be a five star attraction for one night. Make no mistake about it. This is my night, and my night only.”

    -The VTR fades out on the still image of LIGHTBRINGER standing with his signature pose infront of a sold out arena.

    The image becomes something he wishes to replicate later tonight. He begins to take the walk down the corridor and gets ready to make his entrance. The memory of his debut runs through his mind again and he remembers about this feels different. He doesn’t have those nervous butterflies at all. He’s not going out there to get his ass kicked. No, this time, he feels the confidence he has had in himself ever since. This might be new territory but the feeling is still the same. He will go out there and win because that’s just the type of wrestler he is.

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    w/ Elijah Edwards vs Craig Owens and Ryan Andrews (WIN)



    The Past

    Sometimes your debut match goes well… you put in a good performance, you might even win… anything is considered a success along as you don’t end up with an absolute beating. ICE, as LIGHTBRINGER was known as, ended up getting his ass kicked in his debut match. Of course, his opponent was graceful enough to raise his hand and try to build his confidence… the crowd clapped for him. Despite the blood masking his face, ICE could see the crowd and their warm reception… and then it struck him…

    ‘Is this what I want? Do I want to be a loser who only gets clapped for because of effort? I don’t want to come out here and lose all the time. I don’t want to be that guy. I want to win. I want to forge my own legend in Japanese Puroresu.’

    He begrudgingly shook his debut opponent’s hand and bowed before slinking away, defeated. He reached the backstage area to no fanfare, as one would expect… but before he could even have a chance to rest and change – he was pulled straight into an office to discuss his future.

    ‘One match and I’m already done?’

    That was the prevalent thought as he walked through the corridors, some blood still dripping from his nose. Again, the name escapes him, but a guy in a suit sat him down and spoke to him.

    “We liked what we saw.”


    “But we don’t think you’re going to be cut out for a singles run just yet. We want you in tag team action. We have a partner in mind, we think you would fit well together. We’re going to throw you into random tag team matches just so we can see if it works or not. If it works, we’ll send you on your way to team with this guy.”


    “I can’t say. He’s well known though.”

    “I’d rather be alone.”

    “Trust me on this, you don’t want to be alone right now. You’ve got potential, kid, but not enough yet to make us see you as anything other than a team player at the minute.”

    “I understand.”

    LIGHTBRINGER understood. He didn’t like it. He knew he was going to be set up as the understudy to this ‘mystery partner’ in the future… but first he had to prove himself with random partners against random opponents? That was not a fun prospect for him. He wanted to forge his own legend… and instead he felt like he was going to be used to forge someone else’s. He had no choice though, he had to accept his lowly position. But he swore that one day, it would all change. LIGHTBRINGER should not be playing second fiddle to anyone.


    The Present

    CWA Five Star Attraction
    Madison Square Garden, NYC, NY

    It’s only been a short while since LIGHTBRINGER defeated Charles Murphy at FIVE STAR ATTRACTION – as expected. He sits, still in his ring gear, watching the show – Elijah Edwards is currently wrestling Craig Owens and Harrison Wake. He sits, munching a slice of pizza, and watches along with Himawari. It’s always important to watch matches… they might involve your future tag partners or opponents one day. Maybe both.

    “Tell me what you think about these guys? You want gold, Kisai, you will have to go through these men one day.”

    After wolfing down a slice, he turns around… he shrugs his shoulders slightly.

    “That it?”

    “What do you wish me to say, Himawari? I am not afraid of these men. I am not afraid of any man you will see on that TV tonight.”

    “Does that mean you are afraid of girls? Because I can see one.”

    “Mia Walshu? She looks like she copied my hairstyle. She can have respect points for that but no, she does not scare me. Only you scare me with your ugly mug.”

    He gets a slap for that – Himawari doesn’t take kindly to even jesty insults.

    “How rude! You’re always sarcastic after matches! Especially a win, you need someone here to peg you down a notch!”

    “Ahh, that used to be BoBo’s job!”

    Himawari laughs at the mention of BoBo…

    “Of course it wasn’t! He would be sitting with you right now eating pizza and speaking about how hot Mia is!”

    “She’s not hot. Which means that BoBo would indeed be sexually attracted to her. But you’re right! BoBo would eat pizza with me! Instead, I have a sunflower who likes to hit me when I joke with her! I’m not sure which I prefer!”

    “I could kick you, you know.”

    “That is correct. But would you kick a man’s pizza slice out of his hand? Would you really do it?”

    “You’re sidetracking me! I want to study this match… you need to know everything about everyone here otherwise what chance have you got?”

    “I have the element of surprise. It doesn’t matter what I know. It’s what everyone else knows. You see those three men in the ring – Owens, Edwards and the other one – they don’t know anything about me. They might have watched me beat Murphy… but they also might not have. They don’t know anything about me or SSD. But I know about them. I can see that Elijah Edwards has great talent – he will win this match, Himawari.”

    “Not Craig Owens?”


    “Why not?”

    “He is not good enough.”

    “So you think you could beat them all?”

    “Eventually. But for now, I am beating this pizza.”

    “You will get fat! You will become like Jigoro! You can become SUMO!”

    They both laugh – Himawari is referring to a member from LIGHTBRINGER’s home dojo in Japan – the
    ~STRONG STYLE DOJO~ (abbreviated as SSD~) known as Jigoro ‘JIGGLYPUFF’ Oshiro who is slightly chubby.

    “It would be an honour to be like the Jigglypuff! Of course, I am a better wrestler!”

    He watches the television and as he predicted, Elijah Edwards wins. He takes home the HIGH VOLTAGE gold. He sits with a smug smirk on his face as Himawari scowls at him.

    “Why are you always correct!? I hate it.”

    “Because I am me. And I am always right. It’s my natural ability. Craig Owens was a good high voltage champion it seems… but he wasn’t good enough. Elijah Edwards took it from him. You could see the drive and the passion. He wanted it more. I look forward to facing them both in the future. I look forward to showing them my talent. Tonight was just a small preview… I was rusty, my leg was caught, but… given time, people will start to see it. I would be grateful for the chance to showcase it more. That is why I will work to the level of these men – and aim to surpass them.”

    “What if you face them all?”

    “I could beat them all. I am confident of it. I have no fear. If I must face them all, then I must.”


    Himawari pauses as she says this

    “… what about if you were involved with them in a tag team match?”

    LIGHTBRINGER’s eyes narrow as he scowls slightly… he doesn’t look directly at Himawari as he responds, instead he stares blankly across the room, speaking with a noticeably harsher tone.

    “I don’t do tag team matches. None of these men are my ally – and they never will be. I don’t need to be mollycoddled. I was once a tag team wrestler… I teamed with a talented man – you know who – but it was not for me. If I was to be in a tag team match with these men… so be it… but I will focus on nothing but forging my story. If I could stand on the side of a champion and outshine him… then I will do that. If I must stand opposite him and beat him down? I will do that, also. I don’t care for random tag matches. I never have. It’s always been about me in my mind, you know that. That’s why I came back… to forge my own story rather than be the man carrying someone else to the top. All of these men wish they could have me…”

    He’s knocked out of focus as Himawari giggles.

    “You call me immature sometimes!”

    “I apologise. Do continue.”

    “All of these men wish they could have me as a tag partner. They just don’t know it yet. I could bring them all the fortune they need. I will wrestle in tag matches. But I won’t be trying to help anyone that doesn’t deserve it. I accept my duty as a CWA wrestler, I will do as I’m told… but I will not accept being second fiddle. If they put me in tag matches, then so be it. It is their mistake. Not mine. I understand that I need to prove myself here… but I do not expect tag matches to be a common trend. However, any potential partner can be assured that I will perform to my best level… because that benefits me. I look forward to the future, Himawari…”

    He says that last line as his eyes drift to the pizza box – Himawari sighs.

    “I guess you look forward to another slice of fatty pizza too?”

    “I deserve a victory meal! Maybe next time I buy you a small pizza too. But this is my pizza, it is for myself.”

    “Are you trying to symbolise the pizza?”

    “I guess that works. I wasn’t. But it works. I don’t share my pizza, I won’t share my greatness either. People will have to deal with it. Tonight was just the beginning… but next time, I make a bolder statement.”

    LIGHTBRINGER had accepted a lowly position before. But not this time. Tag matches aren’t his specialty… as shown by his rookie run… but this time would be different. He won’t be an understudy to anyone, rather, he is going to make it look like people are understudy to him.

    “Just you watch.”

    He says that as he decides to eat another slice.

    “I hope you don’t have heart attacku beforehand.”

    “Not even a heart attack will stop my rise up the CWA ladder. Trust me.”

    He gives her a wink as he continues to watch the action onscreen…

    and later on, Himawari would update her twitter profile with this:

    "FEAST OF CHAMPIONS!" says Tokyo Kisai!
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    vs Jonathan McGinnis (WIN via DQ)



    The Past
    Somewhere in Japan – early 2009

    After a brief period of success wrestling random singles matches for a while, LIGHTBRINGER had found himself waiting to be given a moment to shine… but he’d found out that he would be working in a tag team. After months of preparing to take the next step, he didn’t necessarily want to be taking those steps into a tag team division. But he understood why. Now, he was ready to meet his tag team partner and begin work together. He consistently told himself that he wouldn’t lay down to this man and wouldn’t allow this guy to become the focus of the team… but that was an eventuality that he felt he would not be able to contend.

    Of course, back then, he was just a punk rookie who had something to prove. Not many people were aware of his background – his rich family and their lavish life but he was, he didn’t want it to come into play in his wrestling career. He had to prove to himself that he could do it without his family. It might never have been on the minds of people but it was always going to be on his mind, playing at him. He had to erase the notion that any of his background mattered here. He was never the guy to go around bragging about things like that – it made little sense in terms of wrestling to him.

    So – he unpacked his things from his travel car and started to walk into the arena for that night’s show. He was shown to his locker room. He put down his bags and waited. He didn’t want to go into a match without having spoken to his future tag team partner. He wanted to clear the air and set things straight, make sure that they both understand the purpose of the tag team and the roles they had. He had become impatient on waiting on his tag team partner once he had geared up. Of course, he looked nothing special – he was a rookie, he had his black briefs, boots and wristbands… that was it. Also his undyed black hair. He was a far cry from what he is now in terms of being a wrestler, a person and in terms of his looks. He didn’t attract attention. Maybe that’s why his tag partner was taking so long – maybe he walked in and didn’t notice him because he doesn’t stand out.

    Having enough of it, LB, then known as ICE, decided to storm out and demand to know where his partner was. After being told where to go – he was taken aback by some form of shock to learn that his would be partner had been given his own locker room. He stormed there – somewhat embarrassed and yet angered that he had never known this. He stood outside the door and thumped it a countless number of times – with urgency to convey his anger, of course.

    (The following conversation is translated into English for better reading):

    ICE stood and waited for the door to be open when he heard a voice so powerful boom through the door – he could swear it almost blew the door off the hinges…

    “Open it yourself, you lazy little boy.”

    Suddenly, the anger had dissipated and become some form of anxiety. His tag partner wasn’t pleased. He opened the door and peeked in to see this large man sitting just staring at the door. He was already ready for his match. He had his arms folded as if he had been waiting. He looked like a physically imposing character and there was absolutely no way ICE would be able to beat him, not as a rookie anyway. But what came next shocked him…

    “Did mummy and daddy not pay for you to have your own locker room?”

    The question was startling.

    “Ugh… ?”

    “I know who you are.”

    “That’s good. I guess.”

    “Not many other people do.”

    “I don’t really care.”

    ICE paused for a moment before continuing.

    “I just wanted to come here to tell you that I sat and waited in the other locker room for you. You could have atleast come in and gotten me. Now I do not know what I am supposed to do in this match or what you hope to gain from this tag team. Obviously it is all about you, you’re the guy they want me to prop up, but you could have made some effort. Instead, you’re just some fat guy that seems to think he commands respect with his fancy solo locker room. I’ll go to the ring and we will be tag team in name only…”

    As he turns round to storm out the room, his eyes are widened and he is made even more angry by the fact that the tag team partner bursts into a cackle of laughter.

    He turns back around with a puzzled look on his face.

    “Very good, very good. I was told you are funny.”

    “What? That was-“

    “I know it wasn’t, I just find it funny how you push your shortcomings onto me for an excuse. You should have asked where I was as soon as you arrived. Instead, you got ready for the match and just expected me to be there. Maybe you should have your selfish instincts kick in sooner. Maybe you should just learn to use your brain quicker. You won’t be anything without it. But the funniest part is when you say it is all about me, rich boy. Don’t you understand how this world works? You have those with money. And you have those with talent. Money can buy you things that talent can’t. You’ve got money. I’ve got talent. Figure it out.”

    “So maybe you do know about me. But my money has nothing to do with it. I am here to prove my talent to all. I don’t need money of my family to succeed. I don’t care how many people think that I pay my way to the top. I know it isn’t true.”

    “As I’ve said. Not many people know. Not many people will know.”

    “You’re so smart, right?”

    “I just meant that not many people here have been forced to take an interest in you. You think this tag team is about me? You will soon realise that it isn’t. But I’m not the guy to explain that to you. That’s for you to learn yourself, boy. You might not like my demeanour but you are going to have to agree with how I portray myself and how I work if you wish to become something, if you wish to be noticed and if you want this team to work. It is my job, it is yours… you may as well make the best of a bad situation.”

    ICE looked at him for a moment to signify he is listening…

    “I’m not your teacher. I’m not anything like that to you but I will give you some pieces of advice. Lose the attitude about being the hottest piece of shit around here because nobody buys it. We’ve all seen what you can do, we all know that you have potential but you can’t rely on that. You might be moving up the card quickly but that doesn’t mean anything other than people see that potential. It’s up to you to provide results. Things are going to be tough from here on out. People aren’t going to be expecting me to carry you, they’re going to be expecting you to start putting on big performances and you must be able to do that… otherwise you won’t make it. I’ve seen a lot of guys like you try and fail because they have big heads. Don’t be one of those guys and you will be fine. Just learn that you should always research your opponents and find a way to take them down. Never allow them to dictate the match and attack your flaws. You have to be the one in control. Be prepared for everything they can throw at you and you will be fine. Always assume you can better yourself, and understand that nothing defines you in that ring other than your wrestling abilities. Who you are outside of it doesn’t matter.”

    There’s a moment of silence before ICE just stares at him.

    “You think you are my boss now?"

    “I’m not here to hold your hand.”

    “Then why do you…”

    “I tell you this because I need to succeed. I am not here to carry a failure through battle, so you must learn to do it yourself. I am not a man with a great deal of words, I prefer to wrestle... but take into consideration what I have said.”

    And after leaving the room, LIGHTBRINGER never did forget that meeting. He may not have been wrestling in the greatest promotion in the world, he may not have had the greatest attitude in the world but at least from that point onwards, he felt he had found someone who could shape him into a better wrestler, a better man… and help dispel his own inner doubts. To this day, LIGHTBRINGER would even admit that this man is probably one of the people that shaped him and his ways in preparing for a match...


    The night of CWA Adrenaline Rush - Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States – March 2016

    Every match for LIGHTBRINGER always comes with a prematch ritual. He always has to watch tape on his opponents in the locker room before a match. He has to get inside their mindset and realise everything that they want to do in the ring. But he must also prepare himself, he has to make sure that he can iron out any potential flaws that will arise in the matchup. It’s what he has done since 2009. Since he started taking wrestling a little more seriously. But in America, the pre match rituals had a different feel to them. He didn’t notice that many people doing them – he didn’t notice many people crowding together and breaking down matches. It was always about interviews and talking a lot of crap. It just never clicked with him, deep down. He can talk crap about his opponents and discredit them however much he wanted – but he always felt that his dedication to watching the sport, taking everything in and using his brain to decipher an opponent was the better way for it.

    This time, he sits in his own personal locker room, watching multiple matches of Jonathan McGinnis – whatever he could find on dailytube or youmotion.

    Now at this point, a lot of people in the CWA would be feeling nervous, they’d be feeling overmatched… perhaps overwhelmed knowing that they are facing someone like Jonathan McGinnis. But not LIGHTBRINGER. He was calm, collected and ready. He didn’t see anything special as he watched through the matches… infact he saw the same thing over and over again. Superkick parties if that is what you want to call them. It’s become somewhat of a favoured move for the one time CWA champion… and that, that’s a red flag.

    The locker room is somewhat empty as he sits in silent study – only Himawari is present, as expected. It didn’t use to be like this. At the
    ~Strong Style Dojo~, they’d all watch matches together and break them down. It felt more akin to a family, a fight camp in terms of MMA if you will… but in America, the feeling is much different. You get the feeling that most of these people fend for themselves and have no wish to help others. He’s grateful that Himawari is here… otherwise he would just be another one of those people. He isn’t just fending for himself, he is reminded that he has a friend to take care of too… as well as a reminder that he is representing his ‘family’ from Japan.

    “That guy likes his kicks!”

    “You remember him?”

    “Didn’t me, you and BoBo point him out in Japan years ago? Because he was the gaijin who thought that being able to throw a superkick made him some sort of souped up madman capable of conquering the world?”

    “Well, he did win the CWA World Title, Himawari.”

    “He did. But where is the man he beat?”

    “Who knows. Maybe he died of embarrassment. Maybe McGinnis’ kicks are so good that they send you into retirement. He must be doing something right if he keeps landing them, right?”


    “…BUT he is also doing something wrong. He is over reliant on his kicks, he is over reliant on almost everything he does. He seems to be more about showing off, he wants people to notice him so that they think he is doing more damage than he is. McGinnis might be talented, he might have great looking moves but I know that there is nothing in his arsenal that can put me away. We know alot about McGinnis. Of course, this only adds to his arrogance... but at the end of the day he doesn't know very much about me and that is his downfall.”

    “Are you sure there is nothing in his arsenal? Didn’t you see what he did to the Snowman?”

    “He needed lackies. Snowmantashi beat him fair and square when it mattered.”

    “The Club?”

    LIGHTBRINGER raises his eyebrow at them being mentioned – he hadn’t been watching much of The Echo and their matches. Only McGinnis was his focus. But she had just reminded him of a very, very prevalent danger heading into this match.

    “I had forgotten about his buddies for a second. The Echo. Former tag team champions… of the CWA and of SPJ and of various other places. The only team to ever hold three tag belts on three different continents. An accomplishment that sounds more important than it actually is. I remember the day that they took the belts from Jigglypuff and BoBo. It is something that should not have happened and it is something I will remember if they dare to come near the ring.

    See, I’m not scared of these men. Jonathan McGinnis may be a former NWAJP Junior Cup winner… but his accomplishments in Japan do not match mine. This is a match where the ‘favourite’ to an outsider is Jonathan McGinnis. Solely because of his longer tenure here and the fact he has proven himself as a World Champion here… but it is the man who makes the belt and not the belt that makes the man. He faltered after that. He couldn’t sustain himself at the top and he was blown away… he lost to the likes of Johnny Vegas before he could even step in between the ropes against Snowmantashi. That tells me that he is mentally weak. He let an important title defence, a future match, give him mental problems against Vegas and he slipped up. I do not possess that mental fragility. I was taught not to. I take everything single match as serious as possible. The only thing that affects the match is what my opinion of it is. When we step in between the ropes, all that is on my mind is beating my opponent. Not who their back up is, not who I am facing next week. I have a former tag team partner to thank for providing me with that mindset… A mindset that McGinnis doesn’t possess…

    As I have said. He is the favourite here because it is the CWA. But if this was Japan. This would be my game. But the setting has no effect on this matchup, in my mind.”

    Himawari has a slightly confused look on her face – she knows that LIGHTBRINGER is not referring to anyone from SSD
    ~ when he talks about a ‘former tag team partner’…

    “You always speak about your former tag partner, you never name him… I’m beginning to think that you had imaginary friends.”

    “It was 2009. It was before I had even heard of the Strong Style Dojo. I thought I was something special because I was being moved up the card quickly. I was knocked down a few pegs by this guy who was supposed to be my tag team partner. I don’t mention him by name because he no longer is a part of my career and he is not a part of SSD. He knows who he is. He knows that I credit him with a lot of my views on my career and that is all.

    When I started, I wanted to be mysterious. I wanted people to know nothing about me. Of course, everyone now knows that I come from a rich background and that I had a privileged upbringing compared to others. I promised myself back then that I’d never allow it to grip my career but you can’t stop it once it becomes public knowledge. I rose up the card quickly and people started to raise their eyebrows at me. Is this guy really good? Or are his parents paying his way? I always denied it. I always said that it was my skill. I always believed that it was my skill. I never realised it then… but it became clear to me eventually. I found out that my parents were infact paying off the promoter to ‘promote me’ – that explains why I was being paired with a great wrestler in order to rise up the card. I never knew until I quit wrestling.

    It was disappointing to say the least. My tag partner knew but never said anything. He allowed me to believe that it was my skill that got me where I was. I don’t know whether I am annoyed about it or thankful. But now, everyone knows my background, I incorporate it into my wrestling so that they can’t use it against me.”

    “I see the parallels in what you say. But.. but… what about now?”

    “In America, my family have no influence. Not to my knowledge anyway. They can’t pay the CWA off and have me rise up the ladder. This is why I came here. To prove myself to everyone. To debunk the myth that I have paid my way to the top. I have talent that outweighs the value of money. It’s only a matter of time until I turn people into believers.

    I know in my heart that I can beat Jonathan McGinnis. I have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. I prayed for him to come to SPJ so I could take every superkick he could throw, get up, brush it off and then plant him to the mat with my lariat. I finally get that chance… not in SPJ but in the CWA. It is home turf for him…

    Or is it? He seems to have turned his back. He has been acting neurotically for a while now, Himawari.”

    He begins to get further ready for his match as he puts on elbows pads and tape, making sure everything is secure. The preparation is meticulous. Perhaps the most meticulous preparation of his CWA career so far. Himawari giggles and LB looks at her, confused.

    “He is single now too right? He got a divorced?”

    She kind of claps excitedly… although it is clearly in jest. A way to try and draw some anger out.

    “You are very funny sometimes. Not.”

    Some silence.

    “He is divorced yes, his personal life seems to have crumbled too. I don’t know what has happened inside his brain but once he lost that belt, he hasn’t been the same. He’s become a villain. He felt the taste of defeat and resigned himself to being a ‘loser’ and now his extreme change is just a way to try and break out of that loser mould. A new look, a new nickname, a new crew. Which I notice is also filled with two other losers. The weak bunch together to try and hide their weakness. But it’s still clear for all to see. Anyone can tell that McGinnis still has a fragile mind with his incessant need to constantly shove ‘The Club’ in our faces and constantly ask us to hail it. Why would a real winner demand respect rather than obtain it?

    I know my weakness. My legs are always the target of an opponent… I’m not even sure McGinnis will consider it as he is so superkick happy… but I know that my opponent will always go for my legs. They think that will be enough to stop me. They don’t have any idea what to do when my legs don’t fail. They have no idea what to do when they take my dropkicks and realise my legs are stronger than ever. They don’t have a plan B. And it because they’d rather spend all their time thinking about themselves.

    I am not worried about the Echo. I know that they may try something but I need not worry. They should worry about themselves since when McGinnis starts to come up short, they will bare the brunt of the blame.

    I have more allies than they think. Elijah Edwards proved a worthy ally…. And then there’..”

    Before he can finish, Himawari jumps and points to herself…

    “THERE’S MEEEE!!!”

    LIGHTBRINGER lets out an excited laugh

    “Of course, of course! I have the greatest kicker in the CWA, the great Himawari, to help me, how The Club must be fearful!

    But I must not joke too much. I have my task. This man was given an opportunity to be something special and he declined it, instead he decided to regress. Jonathan McGinnis is not a smart man. He would still have his wife, his true friends and his title if he was. Instead, he has two annoying nutclingers, a can of spray paint and no gold. If that his definition of being a god then so be it, he is a god. But to the rest of us, he comes across as nothing other than a deluded fool.

    But what is a deluded god to me, ‘Tokyo Kisai’? I am a man with no fear of any man who considers himself a god – I know that I will prove that label to be false. I don’t have to convince you of that. It’s everyone else I have to convince. This may be my fourth match in America but I will wrestle like it is my four hundredth. I have made a career out of shocking the world with some of the things I can do – and I accept that everything I do comes with the accusation of paying my way… but this is a sink or swim moment for me. I can win and change that perception, prove that my talent in Japan was real by proving it here in America. Jonathan McGinnis might view me as a stepping stone on his way back to the top but to the contrary, he is nothing but a stepping stone for me to showing the world the immense talent I have.”

    After this, he stands up and lets Himawari put his robe in – he quickly drinks some water from a bottle as he readies himself. He has a friend out there and that’s all he needs to know that this will be a fair fight. The Echo will not be on his mind during the match.

    “Sink or swim? You might have to wear some inflatable armbands!”

    He looks at her with a wry smile.

    “I guess it’s too late now, BoBo must have kept them in Japan for himself when he visits the pool.”

    They share a simple laugh at remembering friends back home – a light hearted moment but it becomes serious as soon as he places his hand on the door handle. He’s ready to prove himself in the CWA and this is the biggest chance he has gotten yet.
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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    Sorry for the multitude of posts, had to get the RPs up and don't enjoy putting them all in the same post. Updated the bio with a small section for SSD so I can keep track of whatever.


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    vs Dustin Dreamer (WIN)



    The Past

    A break from the familiar – usually we delve into the beginning of LIGHTBRINGER’s career, his mindset and his interactions when he was just a rookie known as ICE. However, this time, it will be different. This isn’t is a look into the hopeful yet disappointing path he took as ICE. Instead – we will look at when LIGHTBRINGER brought himself back and wanted to continue his training as a professional wrestler following a hiatus.

    2011 – Tokyo, Japan

    Just outside the Strong Style Dojo

    It was the first time in a while that LB had ever felt nervous. It had been a couple of years since his neck injury and subsequent loss of passion for professional wrestling. After rehabbing and slowly starting to get back into it… he had decided that it was time to take it seriously and begin training somewhere that would maybe take him and his ambitions seriously. He spent his time as ICE mainly wrestling in high name tag team matches… but that was for reasons other than to do his wrestling ability. He wanted a fresh start, somewhere new where his background means nothing.

    So – as the warm Tokyo air hits his forehead and the win slightly starts to throw his hair around – he stares at a building marked as
    ~STRONG STYLE DOJO~… he feels cautious about entering. He never trained at a dojo before, he was self taught in a way. And also taught by his tag partner in his previous run. He had read dozens upon dozens of magazine articles that hyped him up – “ICE is going to be a big star one day!” is the gist that most of them gave off. They weren’t wrong entirely. Just didn’t get the name right. He had decided to rechristen himself. It really was a new start. He wasn’t quite sure what to expect as he opened the door to the small gym building and stepped inside. He had his gym bag with gear in it yet he elected to wear a suit. It was stylish. Made him stand out, brought attention upon himself. It almost felt like a rebirth as he walked through the hall – decorated with images from some of the SSJ members. BoBo used to be and (still is) a decorated member of the team and it showed here. There were countless images celebrating the team – too many to name but he would become well acquainted with them at some point.

    It was like being starstruck – he was staring at a photo of BoBo when the man himself walked past… wearing nothing but wrestling pants and sporting a bloody nose with a face doused in sweat. He walked past… slightly out of breath before he noticed LB standing there. It’s hard to imagine this is the guy that would become his number one fan. He took one look up and down at him…

    (conversation translated to English)

    You a Yakuza!?


    That’s how they met. LIGHTBRINGER’s dress sense seemed to cause alarm.

    You got a dead body in there? Two? Three?

    He felt uncomfortable. BoBo simply stood and laughed before hitting him on the arm.

    I’m just messing eh? You’re the new guy!

    He relaxed slightly… before BoBo slapped him on the back.

    Go through there. You’ll find it fun.

    It’s hard to describe what BoBo sounds like when he speaks. But the first impression that LB had of him was that he sounded a lot like Watto from Star Wars. Infact, his mannerisms too.

    “Don’t I need to get changed first?”

    No time for change ahhh!

    He had no idea what to expect – he wasn’t even allowed to change into his wrestling gear. Instead, he walked into the main room of the dojo. It wasn’t overly impressive, it had a ring, gym equipment and lots of mats and boxing bags. It was like a mixed martial arts gym tailored to professional wrestling. It suited him for sure. He looked to see a relatively chubby guy lifting weights along with a similar looking man to BoBo (it was not, however) and two other guys cheering him on. In the ring… there was this stocky, short guy… they called him the TANK and he was currently beating the brakes off of a petite girl… who was trying her best to leg kick him to death. It was weird to see…

    And suddenly his concentration was broken as a high pitched whistle fills the room and attention is instantly drawn to who must be the ‘leader’ of the group. This man, Daisuke Ishihara, definitely drew your attention to him as soon as you saw him. He had the look. And the fact that he was staring right through LIGHTBRINGER gave him some alarm signals in the brain. All of them were staring at him… and he could already see smiles start to form on most of their faces – apart from the girl’s… she was in some pain.

    AHHH…. So you’re the new guy? Look everybody, it’s the new guy! He has come in his suit to show us how low class we are!

    There are some smirks around the place as LB goes to respond…

    “No… I….”

    He gets a slap instantly. He’s too shocked to really respond.

    Welcome to our dojo. You’re not part of the team yet. Get in the ring.

    Already this man commanded his respect. He showed no hesitation in slapping him and he dreaded to think what was going to happen in the ring. This was his initiation and he simply had to accept it. He had no time to even change out of his suit, he was thrown into the ring and he took every single stiff shot from every single SSD member. They beat the living shit out of him – even the petite young lady that he’d come to know as Himawari… she had no problem with kicking his legs in. This happened day after day after day. He was the newest member and so he had to earn his place. But he remembers everything said to him during his beatdowns – Daisuke would shout at him. It wasn’t brainwashing or anything, just toughening him up.

    You’ll get used to this. It will feel like something is amiss when you walk in here and don’t face this test every day. We’re all here to keep each other on our toes. It’s all a part of improving ourselves. You see all of us? We’re amongst the best of the best here in Japan… and indeed, the world. We’re not like Tiga-gun… we’re better. But if you can last here long enough, eventually it will feel like home… every strike a welcome reminder.

    It must have been the twentieth day or so in a row of violence. He had struck up a nice friendship with the girl, Himawari… was it romance? Not really. I don’t think he could view her like that whilst she leg kicked him into oblivion and he chopped her chest in return. That was just the way it had to be if you wanted to be the toughest. Although it was the first day where she told him not to hold back… and he didn’t. He won’t forget her chest that day – simply because of how damaged it looked... not for any other reason. She took the punishment better than most men could. Some men are scared of receiving just one chop. Himawari could take a hundred on a daily basis if she wanted to.

    What kind of stood out more though was the smile – she enjoyed it. Again, taken out of context that sounds wrong but it’s sort of true, you had to develop some sort of liking to the pain to be able to endure it and to come out of it improved. He was lost in his thoughts before Daisuke shouted him over.

    Feel like home yet?

    He thought about his answer for a moment as he looked around – it wasn’t super impressive but it was a close knit team, he could tell by how Jigglypuff and BoBo were entertaining the others by pseudo motorboating a poster of a gravure idol on the wall and telling a stupid story. It was light hearted yet serious, somewhere he definitely felt like he could fit in. Then he looked at Himawari… he wasn’t exactly sure what to make of her yet but they had become friends quickly… so naturally he felt comfortable.


    There was one thought on his mind however. His family was rich, he knew they paid his way in his previous life as ‘ICE’… but this time he had to know.

    “Are my family paying you to accept me?”

    He was met with a laugh.

    Hahaha – no. Your father wanted to pay us money to accept you but we aren’t like that. Our world is ruled by the idea of competition and fighting spirit. Not by money. All these people in these room… their background does not matter. We all have in common the blood, sweat and tears we weill shed in the ring. We form a bond. We are your family now. And damn BoBo doesn’t have any yen to give me for you.

    They share a laugh…


    I told your father he can pay me after you become the best wrestler Japan has seen. But if Himawari keeps kicking your legs – that won’t happen. Don’t be afraid to hit her, she can fight. She knocked out Jigoro with a question mark kick and she will knock you out too.

    LIGHTBRINGER failed to heed that advice in the future. But atleast he had found a place to call home. It only took a few beatings for him to realise it.


    THE PRESENT- Tampa Bay, FL

    Just a few days prior to CWA Adrenaline Rush in Trenton, NJ

    ‘Tokyo Kisai’ stands in the middle of a luscious gym, doing press-ups, situps, various exercises in order to warm up before he jogs around the gym. He then practices his LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT on various dummies before he is started by someone entering the gym. He turns around and is greeted, of course, by a familiar friend in Himawari. She’s dressed in her own gym gear and she practices for a brief few moments but they eventually start speaking.

    “You know. It’s kind of weird. I walked into the STRONG STYLE DOJO years ago and didn’t think I’d find a home. I was wrong. I made new friends and reinvigorated my passion for this sport once more. I never thought I’d leave there though. I didn’t think I would be able to say goodbye to Daisuke, BoBo and the others. Yet I was able to. But it is like starting over again once more.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well. The CWA is a place full of… mostly strangers and so I’ve had to start over again. I still remember what Daisuke said to me – I’d take the beatings until I felt at home. And now I feel the same here. I would take the matches and keep fighting until I felt at home no matter what.”

    “And do you?”

    “I didn’t until last week. Against McGinnis. The supposed ‘god’….”

    Himawari noticeably tenses up at the mention of the name.

    “I hate him.”

    “I know you do.”

    “He’s pathetic.”

    “I know. It’s ok. We will get him back one day. It’s sort of sad to see a talented wrestler such as himself in the position he is. He could have done something. He resorted to cheap tactics in order to save face. It is a shame. But we should not linger on the past. I will get the opportunity to truly put him in his place someday. He knows that I am stronger than him and he knows I had him dead to rights… he was bailed out.”

    “By his butt buddies.”

    They both share a laugh as they take a break from speaking to do separate workouts. He stops his and watches her as she throws a random assortment of kicks at dummies including crescent kicks, front kicks, axe kicks and question mark kicks.

    “You know, you got Butt Buddy number two good with that kick. If only it was McGinnis instead…”

    “It was payback for throwing me to the ground. These men have no problem hitting a lady and so I have no problem hitting them.”

    “Is that why you have no problem hitting me?”

    “It’s different. I was supposed to. Do you think you’d hit a girl if you didn’t have to?”

    “I’m not that sort of person.”

    “What if this Athena interfered in your match this week?”

    “I am sure that my mega awesome sidekick called Himawari would be able to take care of her but if she’s not up to the task then I would have to take care of it… like always.”


    He laughs at her…

    “But of course….”

    “You think I forget.”


    “When you first came to SSD, it was me who had to take care of you and make sure you knew what to do.”

    He chuckles nervously for a moment. It’s somewhat true. Not to mention the stereotypical schoolboy crush he may have developed at the time.


    You asked me if I feel like I am at home here… I didn’t feel truly at home in the CWA until last week. I have been battling for some weeks now and wrestling some good fighters but after facing Jonathan McGinnis… I know I belong here. I stood up to him just like I knew I would and the fans had my back too. They treated me like I was one of their own and that is all I can ask for. I am fitting in on the CWA roster and already I see fans with my name on signs. It is encouraging, it is heartwarming and it enables me to continue fighting. I came here to prove myself the best and that is what I am doing. The Indy Club may think they have gotten under my skin but truthfully, I have nothing to fear from their leader and therefore nothing to fear from them in general. They can continue to try and play games but they won’t throw me off. They’re not my direct focus and I know they do not want to be.

    I know I can be more of a success here, I am undefeated against CWA competition… I can continue that streak, I will continue that streak and I know that my popularity will grow. The CWA fans have never seen someone like me in the ring… I truly think that this place can feel like home, it already does in a small way thanks to last week. I have been noticed by people and I have a place to train and I have a loyal friend. What more do I need other than a big gold belt?”

    “You want to win the title belt already? But you’ve only just started!”

    “I am ready… but it is not my fight. Not yet. I must earn that place and I have been given the chance to show my prodigious talent to all with a match against Dustin Dreamer. At least the odds seem to be even this week… and I know I have better back up than him…”

    “Well, what can I say!?”

    “But I cannot take everything for granted. I am still here representing my true home and family, the SSD, as are you. I can’t let my guard slip or take things easy. That’s why it is important I train every day. Dustin Dreamer is no less dangerous than all of my other opponents. He may not have seen as much success as me but he has a new lease on life thanks to this Athena and I do not want to be the victim he makes an example of. We both won our matches by disqualification last week but in different circumstances. He was getting his head caved in whilst I was about to separate McGinnis’ from his shoulders. His victory was given to him. My true victory was stolen from me. And it has caused the fire within me to burn more fierce… I want to make more of a statement. Dustin Dreamer may believe that people such as him aren’t supposed to make something of themselves but he is wrong. He gets to be something… just not what he wants to be. He gets to be the example I make of people foolish enough to step inbetween the ropes with me. No more games, no more hiding my skills. It’s time for me to show more potential than I have ever shown.”

    Himawari smiles a big cheesy grin at him before making an exclamation.

    “And I’ll be there to kick Athena’s head in if she tries something! YAY ME!”

    She lets out a giggle and claps whilst the man known as ‘Tokyo Kisai’ laughs at her…

    “You’re not my carer!”

    “Yeah, yeah, if you say so!”

    “Ok tough guy… show me your kick…”

    They both stand up and spar for a while until eventually she smashes her heel into his head with an axe kick and he stumbles backwards, dazed before eating a question mark kick and hitting the deck… the words of Daisuke from years ago ringing in his ears as his vision blurs slightly. He starts to come to….

    “ARE YOU OK!?”

    “Wha-? Yeah… yeah… I’m fine. Just dazed me a little…”

    “If you say so!”

    “Daisuke said you’d knock me out with that kick eventually.”

    “Daisuke’s always right. Let’s just hope Dustin Dreamer can’t throw a kick like that!”

    “Can anyone but you!?”

    Himawari giggles. It’s clear there’s some sort of playful flirtiness to their friendship. She helps LIGHTBRINGER to his feet….

    As the vision continues to clear, LIGHTBRINGER and Himawari are startled as a figure comes into the gym from infront of them. Himawari reacts like she doesn’t know the man and LIGHTBRINGER isn’t able to totally make him out until they’re face to face. What he sees is an American man with blue eyes… red around the outside…

    “Who’s this Daisuke guy, then?”

    LIGHTBRINGER recognises the voice as belonging to a certain former FWA World Heavyweight Champion...

    He’s in the same gym that 'The Last Star in the Sky' Ryan Rondo trains at.
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    vs Elijah Edwards at CWA: Retribution for CWA HIGH VOLTAGE TITLE (WIN)



    2012 - Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

    The crowd is in silence as the bell sounds and the man known as LIGHTBRINGER gets to his feet, celebrating a hard fought victory. But he knew that two of his lariats would be enough, there’s no coming back from that. He gets to his feet – clutching the ropes, the ref raises his hand and the crowd clap in appreciation. He’s the only guy to win the competition undefeated. The commentators are hyping the momentous occasion as confetti goes off and the victorious LB climbs to the top of the turnbuckles and poses. A similar experience to also lifting the SPJ intercontinental title for the first time but an experience that is yet to happen however. The feeling is pure ecstacy – everyone knows he’s a threat. His talent is undeniable. But he claps his eyes on someone in the crowd as his theme song plays. He is distracted for a moment as BoBo tugs at him and helps the trophy be presented – his best friend is more excited than he is! He steps down and accepts the trophy and celebrates before being handed a mic. He commanded such silence – it felt awesome just for that few moments.

    “It’s really difficult to put into words the emotions right now. For many nights I’ve had to put up with BoBo’s cooking and now I know I can buy my own place.”

    The light hearted joke gets some laughs but LIGHTBRINGER smiles for a little before focusing straight back – he looks back at the figure in the crowd. Before searching the ringside area for the familiar people from the ~STRONG STYLE DOJO~– He sees them all, he nods to both Daisuke Ishihara and Himawari before goes on to speak.

    “I want to thank SSD. Without all of them I would not be here today. They reignited my passion for this. They all shaped who I am. There is no praise high enough I can give them. Thank you!”

    He bows his head towards them in the crowd before walking further into the center of the ring and staring at the other figure, smirking. He lets the applause die down before he looks at the trophy.

    “It is with great honor that I take this victory and this trophy! I know that tonight the true legend of LIGHTBRINGER has begun! I aim for much more glory in the future…”

    He then casts his eye to the figure in the audience – it is none other than BURNING Naota Kotani – the current SPJ Heavyweight Champion! He steps over to the ring ropes and looks straight at him. A man affiliated with Tiga-gun.

    “I’m glad you were here to have a look into that future, champion!”

    The crowd are taken aback slightly as LIGHTBRINGER points straight at the champion who feigns surprise – the crowd laugh along with him. He stands next to some Tigagun members – they don’t come to memory. He remembers BoBo looking slightly uneasy in the ring as well as Daisuke and Himawari from the corner of his eye. But he didn’t care, he wanted to set the bar.

    “You can sit there and laugh, Kotani. But today means that your time is running up. I will get to you eventually. I want you to remember today, I want you to know that I don’t fear you and I will not bow my head to you.”

    LIGHTBRINGER steps outside of the ring and gets face to face with Kotani at the barrier, neither man reacts – the commentators at the commentary table are completely shocked. The crowd are in silence and break into an entertained cheer as the YL GP Champion turns his back on Kotani and does his pose. It became a true memory of LIGHTBRINGER’s, everyone was on edge… the crowd were roaring the courage as Kotani stood there knowing he had to do something in response. The crowd was too loud for the TV cameras to fully hear it but LIGHTBRINGER heard it clearly. From behind his ear he heard Kotani shout


    And what happened next is something that makes the name LIGHTBRINGER unforgettable, unremovable from the history of SPJ. He stopped posing and turned around and hit Kotani with a thunderous right hand palm strike and got in his face. Kotani shouted expletives – ring boys got in between them. BoBo tried yanking LIGHTBRINGER back… but he was far too upset to care as he wanted to break free and club the man to death. Tiga-gun members got involved, Daisuke and Himawari jumped through the barriers. It was true carnage for only a few brief moments but it felt like a war had broken out. It died down quickly and everyone regained their cool as LIGHTBRINGER strolled into the ring and received his prize. He and BoBo bumped fists and smirked at each other as they walked away. It didn’t matter what had happened now, it was a signal of intent – he knew he was ready to go after the big dogs.

    You’re in trouble man ehh?

    BoBo muttered to him just as they were walking up the ramp whilst celebrating.

    “I saw Daisuke smiling. That guy deserves no respect, they deserve no respect. It’s time we stopped letting them make us second fiddle. We got everybody’s attention.”

    Yah, chump was pissed. He will be real pissed when you beat him too man.

    “I know he will.”

    It didn’t matter to him as he walked backstage – he had gotten the attention he wanted to get. He knew that he’d be facing this man within two years. He knew that he could beat this man within two years. He knew that he could become the ace of SPJ within two years. It was his time. But at that point – he didn’t know that a match with Kotani would never ever materialise. Two separate leg injuries (one serious) would destroy any timing for it to happen. The match never came to and instead Kotani remained champion. The match was close to happening when LIGHTBRINGER had become the intercontinental champion. Still, he was noticed and he had shown the champion that he had to earn his respect.


    2016 - Near Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

    Just a few days before CWA Retribution and the CWA High Voltage title match, LIGHTBRINGER and HIMAWARI have returned to Tokyo in Japan in order to train at the SSD for a few days. He had found a home in Tampa Bay in America – Ryan Rondo had trained at the same gym and thus they had formed a friendship. He now had someone to help him understand America better. But for his title match, he wanted the help of his greatest allies. But first, they go to a SPJ show in Korakuen Hall – the same building from four years ago. However, walking towards the building is different compared to four years ago. People notice him, there are fans sometimes wearing his shirts or SSD shirts. He even strolls by a Tokyo Dome toy store that has a poster of him in the window.

    Despite relocating to America, he still holds a fanbase here. He knows he was on the cusp of becoming something great in the eyes of many. He was already great to some.

    “It’s weird seeing you as a teddy bear!”


    LB seems to have been staring at the glass too hard and lost focus. He’s brought of his own world as Himawari speaks to him – some people pass by begin to notice the man looking at a poster of himself through the window. However, he notices the poster as being slightly old and realises that he’s not quite as noticed as before. Of course, his absence from Japan will have led some people to take an interest in others.

    “Sorry, I was thinking about something. I agree. It’s always weird seeing people in different forms. I don’t feel like much has changed here other than the aesthetic over the last four years. I feel less noticed a little bit. I’ve always known that I could make something of myself. But I feel like I’m still at home here. I forget that I am here as a CWA wrestler and not as a wrestler at the show tonight. It’ll be weird seeing everyone else and realising that I’m only a part time member of the team right now. There’s a whole different life in America compared to here.”

    “Hmm. Well if it makes you feel any better, BoBo says he watches your matches just in case you lose so he can laugh at you. He will know how you feel right now. Our friends focus on themselves but you know that everytime we fight we fight together in spirit. We win together. We lose together. It works both ways you know. You might not know what is going on here but they know you’re rooting for them. It isn’t like Tiga-gun disowning KAIZEN. You helped SSD in Japan and you can help branch out. You’re doing a good thing. One day, the CWA will come here and it’ll be worth it.”

    “It’s a confusing situation. I am glad that BoBo is not my advisor right now otherwise his suggestion would be to drink and think about it in the morning. It’s not a bad plan.”

    “No drinking allowed. You’ve got a big title match!”

    “But I like Sake!”

    “You can have Sake after you win!”

    “I think this is unfair. What if Kotani loses later? What if TANK can beat him and take that title from his grubby mitts?”

    “TANK can have all the Sake in the world! You can’t!”

    LIGHTBRINGER then imitates her dainty voice

    “…We win together. We lose together….

    So we drink together?”

    “You’re just trying to annoy me now.”

    “Sometimes it is funny to see how far I can get before you realise I am not serious.”

    “I will axe kick you one day. You know… you’re not so different from the Club. You’re all annoying punks!”

    They laugh together as they make their way through Korakuen Hall. People definitely know who he is as he walks through the corridors. He sees some familiar faces and greets them. He always takes the time out to see fans – Himawari grows impatient with some men ogling her… although secretly she’s definitely complimented in LB’s eyes. But before they are able to make their way through and get to their seats – they are interrupted by a young female. LIGHTBRINGER recognises her as featuring on the show later. She was excited – to see him it appears as she rushes out of nowhere and blurts out her name.



    Both he and Himawari are confused as this young female dips her head infront of him.

    It is great pleasure to see you tonight and an honor that you can see my match!

    This was something new. He hadn’t really been approached by someone who considered it an honor for him to see their match. He wasn’t a legend by any means. His legacy was only just starting to begin so it felt weird. He had a puzzled look on his face – he didn’t really know what to say.


    Before she can finish the sentence, Himawari with a slightly jealous scowl looks at LIGHTBRINGER cuts in.

    “BoBo is waiting on us!”

    The young girl, Eimi, looks slightly upset that she was cut off.

    “It’s ok. What was your name again?”

    I am Eimi Sanada, I hope to go to america one day like you. It is great honor to perform for you! I am big fan!

    The overexcited girl gave him a huge before she hurried away, giggling. LIGHTBRINGER has no idea what come over him. He walks into the hall with Himawari…

    “You look smug.”

    “Do I? Someone sounds jealous.”

    “She was ugly.”

    “I wasn’t speaking like that. But it’s nice to know that was your first thought.”

    “Shut up!! I-“

    She’s interrupted before she can finish – BoBo appears and instantly the atmosphere changes. LIGHTBRINGER embraces his best friend before they laugh at each other.

    You’ve gotten fatter.

    “You’ve gotten older...”

    “I think you two are secretly in love.”

    Ahh, but we are – how would that make you feel ehh?

    BoBo cackles before he turns around and slaps LIGHTBRINGER. Himawari is slightly embarrassed.

    You didn’t tell us about your title match you SON OF A BITCH! I hadn’t caught up on my viewing yet! You have to tell me all about it. I want to know. I remember seeing you tag with the guy before. I remember seeing Himawari kick one of those annoying jackasses. I want to know everything, what was it like wrestling that overrated lump of crap McGinnis?

    But most importantly, are the girls really big and sexy like they say?

    They both laugh with each other as Himawari scowls. It’s clear the group dynamic changes when LIGHTBRINGER is with his friend. He almost becomes immature. Not too super serious. It’s a relaxed discussion about things but with jokes and humour. If LB is relaxed, he can focus better. He finishes laughing as he begins to respond to BoBo.

    “Of course. Big and sexy just like your wildest dreams! I see you haven’t changed one bit. You can never come to America, BoBo.”

    His friends face falls as if he has been insulted.


    “Because those ladies would crush your head!”

    They share another good laugh before the conversation becomes serious.

    “Fighting McGinnis was fun. It was an experience. I think you are right. He is overrated. But, of course, bad news… he gets to fight for the CWA World Title and I do not.”

    You beat him!

    “He took the easy loss. He didn’t want to lose like a man. He has been chasing Snowmantashi and the others. You know that I am not a gloryhunter, I do not aim for the CWA title right away.”

    Look at you Ehh… all serious. I hope you haven’t been slapping any Kotanis over there or we’re all in trouble again! At least you can defend yourself against McGinnis and his crap!

    LIGHTBRINGER was pleasantly surprised that his friend had tried to pay attention to the American product. It really showed the belief that BoBo had in him. Of course, Himawari took exception to the final comment.

    “I helped too!”

    Of course you did! Of course!"

    “You saw it for yourself.”

    Yeah, they don’t know that she can kick both our asses man ehh?

    “She’s quietly under the radar. So am I. I feel like only recently now has the CWA noticed me. They’ve given me a great opportunity. It is my fifth match in the company and already I have the chance to show my true prodigious talent. It proves that my Young Lion run was no fluke. I know I can go anywhere and make instant impact and that is what I am doing now, BoBo! Charles Murphy, McGinnis and Dustin Dreamer are three men that were unable to defeat me.”

    BoBo looks confused for a minute as he counts on his fingers. Himawari laughs at the man struggling to count. LIGHTBRINGER saves him the embarrassment as he goes to speak next – but he’s interrupted by the show beginning.

    “I will tell you later BoBo. I know I have only named three men.”

    It was weird sitting in the Korakuen Hall and hearing the crowd chant things he was used to hearing and seeing people he was used to seeing. He had a level of familiarity with it all… but he felt that his familiarity with the entire show was almost lowered. He was seeing things he hadn’t seen in a while and he began to wonder if he had made the right decision to leave SSD in Japan and pursue his dreams in America. Whilst he was paying attention to the matches here and there and listening to BoBo shout at random things, he really started to question it. But then he remembered the young Joshi (female Japanese wrestler) - she made her entrance during the show and pointed out LIGHTBRINGER in the crowd. It drew a nice response and it gave him a reason to believe that his mission in CWA was worth it. He had already started inspiring others to take their own path. He knew that he was a part of a new wave of Japanese wrestlers making the breakthrough in America. He can’t become demotivated, he’s representing a nation – and he is representing Himawari, BoBo and his team. He believes that nobody can wrestle better than them and he wants to prove it against the best around the world. His thoughts, though, are interrupted as Eimi Sanada’s opponent, La Volpe III, makes her entrance.

    “I know her. She just won the Young Lion Climax a while ago right? Interesting.”

    “She’s the first girl to do it.”

    You jealous eh?

    “I could kick her ass.”

    We’ll see about that eh?

    LIGHTBRINGER and Himawari were surprised at the easiness with which BoBo poses that question, almost like a hint.

    “Is Himawari being brought back?”

    “I actually was going to ask if you had drunk yourself stupid, old man… but it’s nice to know you care, mr Wrestler guy!”

    “Ahh, that was my second thought. I was scared incase that means switching you for this loser!”

    I might be old but I will kick both your asses!"

    They share a brief laugh as La Volpe III makes her entrance.

    No. I am saying that this La Volpe III… She’s Tiga-gun. But I hear she is leaving them.

    “Good. The bastards deserve it.”

    Daisuke thinks she needs to be trained properly. He wants to bring her in. He’s not aiming to steal her though. He wants to make sure her ties to Tiga-gun is done before. So keep an eye on her and let me know what you think in this match.

    LIGHTBRINGER felt guilty that he was almost forcing himself to pay attention to this Volpe girl rather than the fan. But he could not lie, both wrestlers were impressive. To be considered by just one of them as an inspiration was a true honor. There was a small moment of the match where he noticed a change in the atmosphere in the ring. La Volpe wrestled with sadness at a small moment. LIGHTBRINGER looked around and thought he could make out none other than the FWA’s KAIZEN in the crowd… but he could not locate him again.

    “You say she is Tiga-gun? I think she knows KAIZEN. I think I spotted him. Whatever the reason is, she is not happy at Tiga-gun.”

    You might be right.

    “If Daisuke thinks she may benefit from our way, then I will help bring her in. People deserve to be happy when they are wrestling. We’d be doing the right thing by helping. And if it hurts Tiga-gun… then that is not our problem. They are struggling to accept their mediocrity compared to ours.”

    I am sure the third La Volpe will benefit…. Speaking of three… you only mentioned three men. Yet you have four victories.

    “Tag match.”

    Both BoBo and LIGHTBRINGER both roll their eyes at that.

    “I teamed with the champion I am facing at Retribution. We defeated Craig Owens and his friend. Owens was on his way to a match for this High Voltage belt… but he was injured. Now that I step in, the situation becomes much worse for the champion. Elijah Edwards. He might know who I am, BoBo but he hasn’t seen me at my best. None of them have, yet. I am still getting more comfortable but now I face a slightly moral crisis. I believe I will do well. I believe I deserve to win, I believe I am the better wrestler. But I have no crux with the man. He earned my respect when he turned out to be a worthy tag team partner…”

    Ahh… but how do you know he was worthy? You give the man too much respect, instantly. Maybe it’s a change of scenery. But the old you would slap him in his face and order him to make you stop. That’s always been your action and that’s what it should stay as.

    “I am not filled with the rage like I used to have. I find that I had a disdain for champions here… but in the CWA, Elijah Edwards isn’t a man who has committed much wrong or much that I disagree with. He’s merely but an obstacle to the belt for me. It has me conflicted. You know I want to make an impact, you know I want to show that I am just as talented as I say I am. Yet I must break this man down to prove my worth. It is a different kind of title match than I have been in before, my friend.”

    The crowd start to cheer for the main event – Naota Kotani defends his title against a man from SSD known as TANK. As Kotani makes his entrance, the very sight of him makes LIGHTBRINGER sick to his stomach.

    Fuck this guy.

    “TANK will beat him. TANK will destroy him.”

    “One day, I’ll come back and and kick his ass. KAIZEN is still someone I want to beat too. I want them to know their place.”

    As the match progresses, a fire starts to ignite in LIGHTBRINGER’s stomach. He wants to jump the guard rail, he wants to hurt Naota Kotani as he watches him do battle with his friend. The match becomes a slugfest with both men taking insane amounts of damage. A true classic. But amidst the CWA chatter and the talk of the unmotivation to take the High Voltage title from Elijah Edwards… there came a moment where that was stripped away. LIGHTBRINGER found inspiration in something he’d never thought he would. His friend, TANK, was finished. He was done. The pin was there for Kotani. But he stood up and called out LIGHTBRINGER in the crowd before mocking his pose… picking up TANK and then hitting him with a LIGHTBRINGER lariat of his own. There was pandemonium in the crowd and LIGHTBRINGER was full of rage. He had forgotten about the CWA for a brief moment… until Kotani talked on the mic. Pointing at him and shouting at him.


    The fans started to roar in anticipation of a showdown as if Kotani was implying that LIGHTBRINGER was coming back. But they quietened down. LIGHTBRINGER did not move from his seat or even look at Kotani as he was being addressed. He simply laughed but deep down, he was raging.

    “Oh I forgot. You decided to go to America and become a lost relic. You don’t have the guts to face me. And I am unhappy that you have not given me the chance to beat you. At least you can accept that you will never be on my level. Now, disappear and be a failure elsewhere!”

    There was a few tense moments but LIGHTBRINGER did not look at Kotani or give a response. When the show ended, he left quickly along with Himawari. Now, more than ever, LIGHTBRINGER now knew that he had to defeat Elijah Edwards no matter what. After a period of calming down at the gym, he spoke to Himawari – but almost to himself in a way so as to remind himself of what he had to do.

    “No matter what I do, that card can always be played against me. Kotani still means nothing to me in regards of my adventure in the CWA… but he stands there and insults my new home like it means nothing. I will, one day, make him realise that it means more than he ever will. I won’t look him eye to eye until I am ready to cave his face in. I will remember what he did to TANK. I know that he is paying me back the disrespect. But I should owe him. He has inspired me. He has pushed me over the line. I know that Elijah Edwards respects me as a wrestler, I know that he has proven himself to be a worthy champion with the men that he has defeated. But I KNOW that he is not of my calibre. I know that I won’t fall to this man. He might think he has escaped a tougher challenge in Craig Owens but I will make it clear that I could outwrestle him also. My unbeaten run is all the momentum that I need. I know that I have the belief of SSD behind me and now I know that I have people to prove wrong. There is an extra fire there. I must thank Naota Kotani for that. Elijah Edwards is just a man. Unfortunately, he is nothing but an object, beating him will be a great honour but holding the belt is what brings me great pride. Everyone in Japan will take a notice of the CWA High Voltage championship and I will elevate it to that level. I can be the best champion and that has to start by displacing the current one. I am sorry that Elijah Edwards occupies that spot but that is my mission. I made an impact in SPJ. I will make an impact in CWA. I will continue to push the boundaries.

    People might think I am about power. About beating opponents down and having them wilt. But I have many strategies… and in a submission match? I have a lot of tools at my disposal that people are yet to see. I am trained for any situation. I know that I cannot quit, I cannot allow myself to be defeated. You saw TANK. He did not tap out, he did not quit… he had to be driven to the ground. He has true spirit. I must show the same spirit. Elijah Edwards will not make me tap. If I tap out, Kotani laughs. What I represent becomes a joke. I have a legacy to defend in the CWA albeit my opponents may not be aware of it. I carry high expectations. And now they are even higher. But I know that I will come back to Japan one day and Naota Kotani will realise he has a big mistake. Perhaps I should present him Edwards’ arm as a warning? I will get that belt and he will begin to see me as a true threat again."

    “Yeah, rather than this cute teddy bear! You better hope Elijah doesn’t know they make teddy bears of you or he wouldn’t be scared!”

    They both share a small laugh. Although LIGHTBRINGER still remains slightly serious he appreciates Himawari's attempt at being funny and making him calm.

    “There is not going to be anything cute about me at Retribution. Elijah Edwards is owed an apology. He is the victim of deeds he has not committed and words he has not spoken yet he will bear the brunt of my rage. I thank him for allowing me the honour of facing him in a submission match. But he has to know that I am taking his belt. I am going to continue making my name in the CWA. Naota Kotani has sealed his fate. I must make another great statement of my ambition and this is the golden chance.”

    It may not have been an easy chance or one without some moral consequences but it was a chance he had to take. It meant more than just being a champion in the CWA. It meant that he could also prove doubters wrong. It was time to make certain doubters begin to fear him and fear what he could go on to achieve. The CWA is watching and people in Japan are watching. It might be the most pressure filled situation in his career regardless of his intercontinental reign. It was a situation that LIGHTBRINGER was now prepared for. He knows that the hard work has only just begun. He can think back to the time where he lifted a trophy amongst confetti... or indeed held his SPJ Intercontinental title amongst the confetti also... he made people believe in him those nights. He knows there won't be any confetti this time but there will be many more believers to make up for it. But the fact remains that he will tap or choke Elijah Edwards out and become the new CWA High Voltage champion.
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    vs Elijah Edwards for CWA HIGH VOLTAGE TITLE (WIN)



    CWA Adrenaline Rush
    Tampa Bay, Florida

    After a bathroom break, LIGHTBRINGER walks through the corridors of the Amalie Arena in Florida. He can hear the crowd making noise during the show – the behavioural difference in the American crowd compared to the Japanese crowd is still something he is adjusting to. He doesn’t expect to hear fans go crazy as pyro goes off to open up a show, usually, he’s the one who brings the arena to life when he steps out. Now, it seems like the arena comes to life for anything. The fans cheered for him at Retribution… but they also cheered for Elijah Edwards. It feels a little weird to him. But he has almost no time to ponder as he starts to get closer to his locker room door. He has no reason to go in other than to let his manager/teammate/friend know that it’s time to go out and blow the socks off the Amalie Arena. Yet he walks slower and slower as he gets closer for some reason. Almost like he is afraid of going into the room. But why is that? The noise in the arena, the thoughts in his head seem to have given him a reason not to.

    The last week – his mind has been running with things regarding SPJ and their current situation, the Strong Style Dojo and what is going on with them… and also with the CWA – he’s the only champion in the CWA not in the Club and he knows that he has to be the one to give a good account of himself. Various taunts from the crowd at Retribution of being ‘lucky’ seem to have also had an effect. The usual confident, brash young man is not confident and brash right now.

    He holds his High Voltage title on his shoulder and has a small glance at it – did he do the right thing? Should he have challenged Elijah Edwards? He took the belt from a good, talented person… he shouldn’t have been focusing on that. He should have been looking towards things such as the main event at Retribution… stopping the Club from being, well…. The Club. Maybe he shouldn’t have challenged Edwards. He should have offered a hand in friendship and went after the Echo. The Japanese superstar’s mind appears to be elsewhere as he stands outside of his locker room, just thinking for a moment…

    His mind floods back to an earlier memory from this week:

    Following an epic battle against the, now former, CWA High Voltage Champion known as Elijah Edwards, LIGHTBRINGER is enjoying his victory by once again visiting his native country, Japan. Following a tough submission battle, the man known as ‘Tokyo Kisai’ has returned to Japan in order to visit the local shows once more as well as support his friends. You could also say that the new champion was keen to show off his newly earned gold to his friends as well as anyone who could see.

    P E A R L S – Shining Jewels 2016 show NIGHT 1
    Shinkiba 1stRING, Tokyo, Japan – A couple of days following CWA Retribution

    In the small, intimate venue, LIGHTBRINGER was surrounded by a lot of people who would recognise him – some would bother him… but the beauty of it was that they were not there to see him, they were there to see the girls of P E A R L S. Albeit, some people would sit and stare at his shiny belt – some trying to figure out where it came from whilst some just seemed confused at the sight of LIGHTBRINGER holding a title that wasn’t the SPJ Intercontinental championship.

    There was two reasons for his presence there – one, his friend/teammate known as Himawari had accepted a match on the show card. Having been a former poster girl for the promotion, it made sense that she would show up on one of their biggest shows. He was there to support her much like in the same vain she did to him in the CWA. The second reason….well…

    The girls have been on FIRE tonight! Don’t you think eh?

    BoBo was always excited to see P E A R L S girls. Always. The excitement in his voice was obvious as he tried not to shout too loudly at his best friend, LIGHTBRINGER. They were standing in the backrooms since there was a half time interval for the show before the SEMI FINAL (co main event) which would feature HIMAWARI. BoBo had a drink of alcohol in his hand whilst LB stuck to the normal water.

    “They have been okay, BoBo.”

    His friend – ever the brainiac – detected that LB wasn’t feeling his usual self.

    What’s your problem? There are hot chicks with good tatas doing their thing!

    “I’m not about the tatas.”

    BoBo scoffs.

    You’re a liar!

    LIGHTBRINGER chuckles slightly in response to his friend.

    “Well… since when have you ever seen me ogle a female?”

    BoBo shrugs his shoulders.

    I don’t know. I’m usually too busy doing it myself to pay any attention to you!

    The mood lightens up somewhat. LIGHTBRINGER had been almost silent all night whilst his friend had been getting drunk and ‘observing the tatas’. There had been other things on his mind.

    “You’re a funny guy, BoBo.”

    I’d like to think so. But you want to tell me why your face has been hitting the floor for the past two hours? You won a title a couple of nights ago man, you’re in Japan, you’re with us – what’s wrong?

    “You’re right. I am the new champion, I am in Japan and I am with you guys but I don’t know. I feel like I have committed a wrong somehow, BoBo. I shouldn’t have taken the belt.”

    His friend looks at him, disappointed before giving him a huge slap.

    Of course you should have! You’re better than that guy! You always will be!

    LIGHTBRINGER rubs his face and looks at his friend, slightly shocked.

    “You could have said that without slapping me!”

    No. The slap was because you’re being an idiot! I can’t believe you’re sitting here and sulking about a random American dude. Who the fuck are you and what have you done with my best buddy? The real Kisai wouldn’t be sitting here moping about hurting the feelings of some guy in the CWA. He’d be here getting drunk of his ass – possibly observing tatas – and celebrating like the champion he is!

    LIGHTBRINGER seems to lighten up very slightly as he chuckles at his friend. He has the High Voltage title belt on his shoulder and his friend lets him know it by thumping it whilst shouting at him.

    You’re the HIGH… VOLTAGE… CHAMPION…. Whatever that means. Act like it. This Edwards guy can sit with his buddies and feel sorry for himself - but you’re the winner, you don’t get to do that. I’m not going to let you cut into my ‘tata time’ with your moping.


    Maybe he was being too mopey at the time.

    If you’re going to get upset about beating people then you may as well not win. I get it, it’s a different world over there. There’s no hostility towards anyone until they make it happen. You’re just there to do your job. And unfortunately, your job was to beat a guy that hadn’t done anything to you. It happens. You’re going to get over it man.

    He looked at his belt before looking at his friend. He was right.

    “You’re right, BoBo. I’m still acclimatising towards the US. Everyone I’ve faced is someone who I wanted to beat. Until I faced Elijah Edwards. There was a reason to beat him – this title- but there was nothing that was forcing me to do it. I didn’t feel like I had prepared a lot for the match. It was sudden. I feel like I have stolen his thunder. I feel like I have made him seem less in comparison to me. And that doesn’t sit right with me given our history.”

    You tagged with the guy once!

    “And therefore he has tagged with me more times than anyone in the CWA.”

    Are you sure about that?

    He casts a small glare at his friend, knowing what he is hinting at…

    “Yes. You know we won’t talk about the other stuff.”

    It doesn’t matter. The guy teamed with you once, you were respectful and you moved on. You were respectful again and you beat him for his belt. What’s the problem? Is it that it was a submission match? Are you upset about that? I would be.

    “I didn’t ask for the title match. I just did my job, BoBo. I don’t like losing. I hate it. You know that. It doesn’t matter who my opponent is. I submitted him, it doesn’t matter what the stipulation was. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t keen to show off my other skills but it is what it is. I know that we will rematch soon and I know that I will have the chance to beat him properly. You know that I will try to beat anyone. You know that I don’t like losing. Even now, the pain of defeat to KAIZEN still sits strong in me. “

    You know what your problem is?


    You think too much.

    BoBo says this as he ogles a female walking past both of the men.

    “No, you just think too little, my friend.”

    They share another laugh together before BoBo slinks away to use the restroom – LIGHTBRINGER makes his way to his seat with his belt on his shoulder. Some people stare at him, some don’t. It doesn’t matter as he doesn’t really pay attention. He sits in his seat, staring at the darkened ring – flashes of Retribution run through his mind. The submission heavy match that had twists and turns… it almost haunts him in a way. He can see openings, weaknesses in Edward’s game but he doesn’t capitalise. It took a reflex response for him to get the submission win with the flying armbar. What if that wasn’t something he had drilled and trained multiple times? Edwards wouldn’t have been caught. The match wouldn’t have ended…

    It’s something that had plagued him for a while but seeing the ring, he could picture it more than ever. Everything seemed like a constant reminder. The sound eventually drowns out as he sits and just stares at the ring… lost in some sort of daze.

    All he could think about was drumming up the motivation, the inspiration to want to beat Elijah Edwards once more. It felt like a very hollow victory and that was how he was treating it.

    His mind is snapped out of its daze as BoBo crashes his hand down on his shoulder before sitting down. His friend has a massive smile on his face.

    It’s that time again.

    BoBo has a massive smile on his face as Himawari makes her entrance – the crowd are particularly supportive of her, plus this won’t be a regular occurrence due to her role in LB’s career and so it seems like a more significant occasion than would normally expect.

    “The time where you get to look at Himawari without her noticing?”

    BoBo almost looks offended at being accused of such before his trademark smile returns.

    Of course.

    “You know she knows you do that.”

    Did you tell her?

    “I don’t have to.”

    The conversation is somewhat weird regarding Himawari – but the awkwardness that LIGHTBRINGER feels goes away when the music of her opponent hits. A very upbeat song hits Shinkiba 1stRING and a familiar face steps out – it’s the same ‘fan/wrestler’ that approached him at Korakuen Hall, Eimi Sanada! The High Voltage champion raises his eyebrows.

    “I know her! I met her last week. She approached me at Korakuen. I think she ticked Himawari off.”

    I was going to ask… how you knew her… she’s one ugly chick! She looks like a rabbit!

    BoBo is a shallow person. LIGHTBRINGER looks slightly miffed with his friend – but he can’t be angry about it, the girl does have an obvious flaw in her looks.

    “Don’t be so mean, BoBo. That’s not her fault. She’s not ugly… she jus-”

    Ah, of course, you are the White Knight! The bringer of light! Of course, to you, this girl isn’t ugly right? It's just that she has no chance in the looks matchup because she is standing in the ring with Himawari right?

    “What’s that supposed to mean?”

    Let me tell you.

    Suddenly, as the ring introductions occur, LB and BoBo find themselves somewhat on the edge of an argument out of nowhere.

    I’ve been saying things all night, shallow things. Just to gauge your reaction. I hadn’t realised it until tonight but now… looking back it’s so damn obvious.

    “What do you mean? Gauging my reaction? What are you speaking about, man? All that seems to have happened is you perving on girls as always. I know it’s all fun.”

    Ahhh right. But how is it that you never join in on the fun? The comments? The judging?

    “I’m not an asshole!”

    HAHAHA! Very good. Very good. You know that’s not it. You’re always very quick to dissociate yourself from any speak about girls. Why is that?

    “I don’t know what you’re speaking about.”

    BoBo continues to prod almost as if he’s some sort of modern day Sherlock Holmes discovering all this information and piecing it together.

    You NEVER speak about girls. Infact, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen you with one….


    I’m your best friend. I know all of your interactions – I just assumed that you are a private person. But after you left and went to America… it became clearer… and then today. Even now I can see it.

    “Are you implying something?”

    BoBo tries to finish his next sentence but he can’t as he blurts out into laughter…

    You’re gay for Elij---HAHAHAHAHAHA

    LIGHTBRINGER is a little weirded out but he joins in the laughter, just assuming that BoBo was being a drunk and trying to come up with a convoluted joke. But the small laughter fades after some disapproving stares from people – although most are too busy focusing on Sanada taking a beating in the ring from Himawari.

    No, I was kidding about that. I know you’re not. I just like to piss you off. But I am serious now. Why is it that the only girl you seem to be comfortable discussing with me is Himawari?

    LIGHTBRINGER shrugs his shoulders.

    “Teammate, BoBo. I’m not a gossip. I don’t care for others.”

    But you do. I know you care for the team, I know you don’t like to show it all the time because you hate any vulnerabilities… but it’s there. You care more about her than you do about others. That's why.

    Just as LIGHTBRINGER looks to respond, Himawari is knocked out of the ring with a dropkick before taking a suicide dive from Sanada that crushes them both into a barricade. It looks like a bad bump – LIGHTBRINGER almost jumps out of his seat to look over and ensure his friend is ok. He’s probably the only person in the venue that seems to think it was worse than it was. He sits back down as the match continues on. BoBo looks at him with the biggest shit eating grin he’d ever see.

    See. You do care. About her. You just don’t notice it because of the teammate dynamic AND because you two always have that stupid flirty joke rapport going on.

    “You’re messing with me.”

    Am I? Since when am I this serious?

    It was a fair point. LIGHTBRINGER allowed his friend to carry on explaining as they watched the match.

    Teammates is an excuse. You both use it to hide away from each other. Let me ask you this – who would you train with the most? Who would you stare at in training? It all adds up man. You’re like peas in a pod or something. I don’t know. But if you deny it, you’re stupid. She went to America with you man – she gave up doing this regularly just to help you succeed. You know she would never leave P E A R L S for an American promotion yet she still went with you. Let me ask you this – who’s there for you in your matches? Who has always been there for you? Who was there when you beat Elijah Edwards? Who's your secret inspiration!? The answer isn’t me, Kisai.

    LIGHTBRINGER was silent for a moment as he continued to watch the match and take in what his friend was saying.

    “You could be right.”

    BoBo scoffs.

    Of course I am right! You know what your problem is? You’re just too scared to see it. Either that or you have had your head wrapped in this wrestling business for too long to the point that you can’t focus on anything else. Or maybe you’re just using it as a way to avoid addressing it. I don’t know. But I know that you know and I know that she knows. Yet neither of you do anything.

    “We joke a lot. That’s all, BoBo. You’re thinking too much. Go home, you’re drunk.”

    Whatever you say, buddy. Whatever you say. First I think too little... now I think too much! Just know this – Himawari didn’t give up being the poster girl for this company and on her wrestling just to follow you to America as a friend. That much is obvious. Believe it or not, but we both know it’s the truth. You think you’ll have all the time in the world to address it but if you don’t, she’s going to come back here and end up being snapped up by some assclown like Kotani. She’s already doing ‘one off’ appearances, man. You think she’s in that ring thinking about how fun it will be to get back to America? She’s having fun and eventually that need for fun will outweight the need for her to be near you. You can worry about belts, Elijah Edwards and all the crap you want but you’ll want someone to worry about them with before it’s too late. You said that this chick she’s facing ticked her off at Korakuen. Why?

    LIGHTBRINGER didn’t want to admit it but BoBo was right. He didn’t even need to answer his question as the events at Korakuen spoke for themselves. It’s not like he didn’t even notice originally, he remembers joking with Himawari about it. He was so right and it was something. Himawari would go on to win that night and she would have big smile on her face during the post match.

    Heh, maybe she knocked Sanada’s teeth back into place… I hope so.

    That was the last thing BoBo said to him during the match, afterwards, LIGHTBRINGER sat in silence with his friend and watched the main event. He didn’t want to speak much. Afterwards, he spoke to Himawari and other members of the SSD as if the conversation with BoBo hadn’t happened. It would be something he would address at a better time….

    And so, as he stands outside of the locker room, heart pounding through nerves, fear, adrenaline… He knew that the time to speak about it was now. He had to get it off his chest, he had to get it out of his mind. He couldn’t face the possibility of being in America alone – BoBo was right, Himawari’s voice was the one that he heard throughout matches. It was her voice that carried him through the first encounter with Elijah Edwards and it would be her voice that would carry him through the second. As the noise in the arena started to build up, he knew the time was coming closer and so with a deep breath he went into his locker room. Dressed in his attire, he went over to the steel chair where Himawari sat and grabbed one for himself and sat right infront of her. She appeared startled for a moment.

    “And this is when you start to psyche yourself out right? Tell yourself that you’re the greatest that lived and that Elijah Edwards is a nobody?”


    “What’s wrong with you?”

    He tried to open his mouth to speak but he didn’t. He kept thinking in his head about how BoBo told him that he was too obsessed with wrestling to even bother speaking to her, to acknowledge the attraction. And again, he was right. The man who had shown no fear of Naota Kotani was scared of speaking about a subject. The CWA High Voltage Champion was afraid of admitting feelings. How terrible. Knowing that
    he had to say something, he just spoke about what he always did – the wrestling.

    “It’s been a difficult week. I know that feels weird to hear – after all, we are both celebrating big wins. But I’ve spent the last while wondering if my match was Edwards was necessary? BoBo spoke me out of it. Told me that I did my job and shouldn’t feel regret. But heading into this rematch – I feel like I am committing another sin. “

    “What do you mean?”

    “I don’t know. My head has been wrapped up with many different thoughts about this for the last week. I bested the man in a submission match. You know that I don’t consider my submission game to be very great yet I got the job done. I feel like it was a match that deserved no losers. I still feel like that now. This match deserves no losers. But the problem is that there will be one, very clear loser this time. No luck involved. No getting caught in submissions. A definitive destruction.”

    “And that’s why you feel guilty? Because you’re going to win? Who are you and what have you done with Tokyo Kisai?

    Or maybe you looooove Elijah Edwards?”


    There was a millisecond of awkwardness in the silence that followed before LIGHTBRINGER cut through with more of a retort.

    “I feel guilty because I am being forced to beat a man that doesn’t deserve it. I feel guilty because this time, it won’t be close. A submission match was lucky – for him. Now that we face in a normal match for this belt? Now that I can use my full arsenal of weapons? Elijah Edwards is in a whole different world of trouble, Himawari. My issue isn’t that I am going to beat him. It is that I am going to beat him badly. I am a ferocious champion, you know that. There are men who have tried to take belts from me before and I have retired them, injured them, given them complete beatings and forced them into being shells of their past selves. Now that I hold this gold, I feel the same instinct once more – anyone who dares to try and take it from me will receive the beating of their lives. They can die trying… if they want to. Elijah Edwards isn’t the first and he will not be the last. I see all the other contenders lining up, waiting for their shot – this is their chance to sit down and watch. Everyone might think they have me pegged because of my performances so far… but none of them have seen me with a title to defend.”

    “You are very protective. It’s ok. I’m sure Elijah understands that it’s only business! I wouldn’t worry yourself silly about it. You think too much about this stuff, it’ll be ok.”

    “Ha. Right now, I wish you did not sound exactly like BoBo did.”

    “It is true. You shouldn’t focus so narrowly on this! There’s more to focus on!”

    “Such as?”


    “Are you speechless? Is this a first? Silence is glorious!”

    He gets a punch on the chest – which reminds him of the conversation topic he wants to raise. BoBo’s opened his eyes and he hates him for it.

    “The Club. Those assholes.”

    “Ah, McGinnis. You think I am scared of him because he can beat Kaiju? Because he can win a match in a chamber? I am not scared of him. I never will be. I looked into that man’s eyes a few weeks ago and saw nothing but fear. McGinnis gets away with things by the skin of his teeth everytime – he got lucky at Retribution. He will not get lucky against me, ever. The Connors? The Echo? It disgusts me that those two were in SPJ. It disgusts me that they were champions there at the same time as I. It’s almost déjà vu, today. The fight against the Club… has not been my fight, admittedly. I have not been chasing them. Maybe I should be. Maybe I should help Snowmantashi.”

    “Even after…”

    “Yes. Even after the past…

    But that is not of my concern right now. I need inspiration. I need something to tell me that it is okay for my actions to be the way they are. How do I know that I am not about to send someone on a downward spiral?”

    “I don’t think you should think about it like that. What is it you said to me when you wanted to go here? You wanted to prove your prodigious talent to everyone? You wanted to hear your name spread over the land with words of honour. That’s exactly how you have been, honourable. You haven’t done anything wrong and I don’t think people will look at you like that. Stop worrying about it. Think about it as an opportunity to continue to show yourself as the great wrestler we know you are!”

    He almost twitches at the word ‘we’ – it almost creeps him out but he doesn’t want to give the game away as he starts to think about what she is saying.

    “You are right.”

    “As always.”

    “Elijah Edwards is a great opponent. He knows that this isn’t personal. He knows that I was only doing what I had to. I need to treat as if he were a foe. It’s something difficult. It is arrogant of me but I need to look past him. I will take this belt and take it to greater heights than anyone ever has. I will make Elijah Edwards know that he could never be a champion like me. He may be my opponent but he is not my target. I want people like Jonathan McGinnis, Harrison Wake, Kaiju, Johnny Vegas to see me. I want them to realise that the clock is ticking. My performance shouldn’t be seen as something to discredit Elijah Edwards but rather a warning shot to those who think they are safe in the main event…. I didn’t come to America to just play second fiddle. I came to America to show that I can conquer everywhere I set foot in. That’s why I came to the CWA.”

    “I do like it when you decide to speak a lot – it’s funny watching you piece things together. Things that I could just say myself.”

    “Oh really? Why not say them then?”

    She giggles at him…

    “Because that’d be unfair on you. It’s you who has to realise these things. Not me. Plus my voice is not scary enough! I would not sound right telling everyone that I came to America to conquer it!”

    She laughs at her impression of him but he stares back at her – it’s now or never. It’s not something he wanted to bring up – not now that he had somewhat gotten into the mindset of wanting to beat Elijah.

    “Why did you come to America?”

    She is a bit taken aback.

    “Is this a serious question? You know why.”

    He sighs for a minute before he stands up and looks at the TV monitor on the wall. Feeling like a loser because he can’t be eye to eye with her.

    “BoBo spoke to me at Shinkiba. At the show. He has put words in my head. He was made me see things that I probably shouldn’t, mentioned a few things. He said nobody ‘just’ follows a teammate to America to support them. Is this true?”

    Feeling like even more of a loser for not speaking at length or going into detail, he turns back around to look at her and she looks at the ground – before standing up and walking over to him. LB notes mentally just how weird it is that whenever they address the attraction seriously, it becomes awkward. All the flirty jokes in the world can’t save him now. He turns around to look at her as she stands infront of him.

    “You have more important things to worry about. You’ve got a match to win and a belt to defend and an Elijah Edwards to defeat! We’ll talk about this later!”

    Now he feels like an idiot as Himawari gives him a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room – BoBo’s words continuously ring through his head. All he can remember is his best friend telling him that they use wrestling as an excuse to avoid talking about it and now he feels like he was definitely right. But the worst part is that he prefers it that way. He wants the wrestling to distract him.

    The CWA High Voltage champion turns the TV monitor set off before making his way to the door – his head full of emotions. He has been wracking his head all week searching for inspiration and help in pushing himself through in defeating Elijah Edwards yet, as his best friend pointed out, the inspiration he needs has been right infront of him the entire time. Every single time he has stepped out towards the CWA ring, his loyal manager has had his back. Even when he started out in the SSD, Himawari had his back to a degree. LIGHTBRINGER wasn’t sure if he was interested in the answer to his earlier question – all he knew was that his friend had given up her career to help him. He owes it to her to be successful, he owes it to her to give every single opponent the toughest match of their lives. He had something to drive him and spur him on now. He may have no ill will towards Edwards, he may not wish to give the guy a tough match or even hurt him – but he has to. Himawari didn’t come here just to watch him fail or to let him have crises of conscience regarding his opponents. There was more riding on his success than just his own ambitions – he had to prove that she made the right choice. That’s why as he made his way towards the curtain he realised that he wasn’t going out there to beat Elijah Edwards for himself, he was doing it for her also. The details can be ironed out later, he just had to prove to her that she made the right choice, that her time cheering him on is not wasted… his own selfish reason for wanting to win this match was to show her that he wasn’t willing to lose her. It was still something that would need to be addressed.

    LIGHTBRINGER stands at the stage area, ready to make his entrance. His hands are curled into fists. He forgets about all the respect, all the goodwill towards Elijah Edwards. It was all about this belt, it was all about his friend – “Tokyo Kisai” was ready to punch a hole through anything that was going to threaten taking them away from him.
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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER



    May 2016 – Tampa Bay, Florida
    A few days before CWA Adrenaline Rush

    It had been a couple of weeks since LIGHTBRINGER had retained his CWA High Voltage title in a hard fought match against Elijah Edwards. Both men had found a level of respect between each other and he had left it all in the ring – there were no hard feelings. That was the sort of relationship he had wanted to pursue with his opponents – it was all about respect and everything being left in between the ropes. He didn’t want to pursue hostilities, he didn’t want to upset people – he was here to wrestle, to prove he was the best, to prove himself a superstar that could break out from the boundaries that he had been set in Japan. It was all going to plan so far. He was undefeated, he had felt unmatched so far and he had a shiny belt to go with his status. That didn’t mean he was going to get complacent though. That didn’t mean he considered his mission to be anywhere near accomplished in the CWA.

    The champion was alone in the Tampa Bay gym he had frequented – the same gym that FWA superstar Ryan Rondo would train at. He had been fortunate enough to be welcomed with open arms to a place he could call home in America. Not only that, but he was fortunate that he had found someone to train with that understood the business very well in this foreign land. He was able to pick up the style and adapt. It may just be what has been giving him the edge thus far – he had no problems admitting that to anyone. He came to America to do more than just ‘conquer’ – he wanted to learn, broaden his horizons and he had done that successfully so far. All he had to do was keep putting the work in and he would go on to make his run in the CWA even better.

    He sat alone in the corner next to his duffel bag, he had just finished training by himself for what must have been the fifth or sixth time that week. Ryan Rondo was in Europe somewhere representing the FWA whilst Himawari had returned to Japan to take part in the P E A R L S future princess tournament for that year. He was glad he had the time alone, he felt that he needed it. She had been gone for a while and they hadn’t spoken about ‘them’. There was an undeniable attraction of course and he hadn’t exactly looked at another female in quite the same way – but they both knew that they couldn’t risk that attraction being noticed by the entirety of their teammates lest it be considered unprofessional. BoBo may have noticed – but he was his best friend, he wouldn’t have told anyone and he would have understood. But his other teammates? He couldn’t risk it. He was considered a senior in the SSD now and he didn’t want his position undermined. He had to focus on the job, on his standing… not on a female he had a crush on. If she wasn’t willing or able to speak about it then it was going to be dead in the water as far as romance goes – he’s never going to initiate. It’s not his place. It’s not his way. He did find it weird though that he could walk around Tampa and see couples kissing in the street… that’s not what he’s used to seeing. It seems that romance is treated differently in America. It didn’t matter where it was though – it was a concept still somewhat alien to him. His love and passion was always going to be wrestling. He had put everything into his career ever since he had decided to give wrestling another shot and that had to be his main focus no matter what. He didn’t have time to linger on whether Himawari would do anything about their situation – he had to focus on other things. He was playing it cool - at least on the surface for now

    That didn’t stop him from scrolling furiously through his twitter feed whilst checking the likes of ameba (Japanese social site) for any sort of update with regards to going ons at P E A R L S. He was anxious to see results – he knew that if Himawari was the winner of the one day FUTURE PRINCESS tournament then she would most likely want to stick around in Japan… which would leave him isolated in America. They hadn’t spoken in around about a week or so – perhaps it was for the best.

    So with a small sigh, he put his phone down and began to pack his things away. He was done for the day. He was done for the week. The next time he’d push himself would be when he was back in the CWA ring. He missed being in there the previous week but he enjoyed being able to sit down and converse with the commentary team and speak his thoughts. He hadn’t been given much of an opportunity to introduce himself to the fans outside of the ring and hopefully he had given a good account of himself. He had no interest in pandering, he had no interest in trying to paint himself as some sort of cool guy – he just called the action like he saw it. But there was an incident that stuck out to him in the last week – Dreamer. Dreamer showed him disrespect. He didn’t try to be anything other than respectful but Dustin Dreamer… had different intentions. He, undoubtedly, showed that he wanted LIGHTBRINGER’s belt and had no problem dealing with him. It was a different dynamic compared to Elijah Edwards… Again, a small sigh as LB recognises that he has no one to vent to with regards to the situation. Just has his thoughts to himself. But he was prepared to deal with anything…

    Suddenly, his phone buzzes next to him, he checks it to see a text from none other than the aforementioned Himawari. He’s surprised considering they hadn’t been in contact for a while.

    “As soon as I leave you’re teaming with a good looking western girl? Even worse, It’s Michelle von Horrowitz!? I’m insulted! So is Kyoji!”

    It must have been early in the morning in Japan and he assumed that Himawari had only just found out about his upcoming match or she had only just found the time to contact him… He was certain that she was joking again but her second comment, regarding Kyoji, most likely wasn’t. The reason for this line of thinking stems from the time that LIGHTBRINGER had first seen MVH wrestle.


    2013 – Okayama General and Cultural Gymnasium, Okayama, Japan
    Okayama Senshuken Resiringu (OCW) show

    OCW was a small, regional promotion that had a loyal fanbase and an absurd amount of contracted talent yet had failed to make the mainstream breakthrough in Japan. But that didn’t stop representatives from the big dojos appearing on shows here and there. LIGHTBRINGER wasn’t scheduled to make any sort of appearance at the show – he was there with his teammates to support another SSD teammate. Their newest rookie was appearing and they were all there to see how he had progressed, see if he had picked up the training he was given. That rookie’s name? Kyoji. Kyoji Taniguchi. Today, fans call him “Itsumade” (the best translation would be fire breathing bird demon god) but he hadn’t earned that nickname yet. He was the newest member of the Strong Style Dojo and so the whole core team had turned up to watch. LIGHTBRINGER was seated next to his best friend, BoBo with SSD’s current, defacto leader, “RED KING” Daisuke Ishihara on the other side of him. He was joined by other teammates too such as TANK, Jigglypuff, Himawari and the founder of SSD, Daisuke’s brother – “Kaenkan Judan” Kazunori Ishihara. It was the first time he had been on a group outing that the legendary “fire fist master” had decided to join. He was obviously interested in Taniguchi’s progress and perhaps wanted to see how LIGHTBRINGER would conduct himself with his team in such a public setting.

    He didn’t speak much. None of them did. They were busy waiting for the match to start – only BoBo and LB were really willing to talk amongst themselves. TANK was always stoic, he never really seemed to speak much, just growl and snort and whatever. Kazunori… well, he’d speak but it was daunting talking to a legendary man like that. Daisuke always wanted to pay attention, to break down matches – something that LB picked up from him eventually. Himawari and Jigglypuff were seated too far away to have a conversation with them. The announcer in the ring announced the contest – a tag team match. Out came the opponents first – there wasn’t much to remember about them… then out came Kyoji.

    He looks good. He looks like he wants to beat these guys up! I like it! Hopefully his partner wants to beat these guys up too…

    BoBo made a small remark about Kyoji but couldn’t finish his thoughts before Kyoji’s partner’s music hits – out came a blonde female… she looked fierce and ready to do battle… but any seriousness thought that BoBo would give to the match was gone.

    HA! A female! So unlucky for Kyoji!

    He squinted his eyes for a closer look before laughing…

    Or should I say… LUCKY! She’s a beauty! Western girls, am I right?

    He winked towards LB but he didn’t pay much notice to the comment.

    “I think you should worry about if she can wrestle or not, BoBo. We need Kyoji to look good, he needs someone he can rely on.”

    PFFT! You worry too much eh? He’ll be fine. He can take those two goons by himself. He trains with us, remember?

    BoBo was right, Kyoji didn’t necessarily need a tag partner. But that was perhaps LB’s biased line of thinking – he was never big on tag team matches and he never thought he needed a partner. It was worse here though – this was a completely random pairing.

    “You’re right. But he still needs to be able to trust this… this… what was her name again?”

    Daisuke interrupted the pair of them.

    Michelle von Horrowitz.

    “How do we know she’s good?”

    I’ve seen her before. She was at Honshu Puroresu. She’s good. She’s really good. Kyoji is not on her level right now and she knows it. Look at the way she looks at him. She does not care for him. She does not care for this match.

    “Then what’s he supposed to do?”

    Deal with it. Adapt. Do whatever it takes to win. She won’t treat him like a partner but that doesn’t mean he has to do the same. That’ll cause them to lose easily. You know that better than anyone, Kisai. You know that even if you are in a tag match, you must treat it with respect.

    Those were words of wisdom – he didn’t like tag matches but he still had to respect them. The match progressed normally – it became clear that this Michelle von Horrowitz was talented and it became abundantly clear that she didn’t want or need to rely on Kyoji Taniguchi as a tag partner. She refused blatant tags, she refused any sort of aid – she may not have been the most powerful wrestler but she could certainly handle herself. BoBo was fuming as she would continuously ignore any attempt at teamwork.

    Who does she think she is? She’s a damn woman fighting men, she needs all the help she can get! I was a fan of this Me-Sherr but not now!

    “Relax, BoBo. She obviously thinks she can handle herself and you have to respect her for that. Some part of that must be true if she has been around this long. You can’t disregard her just because she’s a female – you should know better when we have Himawari. I bet a lot of people will make that mistake with her.”

    You’re right, Kisai…. BUT you know what!? I don’t like her anymore! She has ruined my perception of western girls!

    LIGHTBRINGER could find some form of parallel between himself and this Michelle von Horrowitz – they both appeared to have issues with tag wrestling… and she appeared to have broken through an abundance of gender barriers in order to get to where she was at. She was a respected name – he could tell by the way which Daisuke would speak of her. He found some sort of common ground with her in that regard, he may not have fought through gender barriers but he certainly had to dispel the idea that he was a pretty boy with money. There was more quiet amongst the team as they continued to study the performance of Taniguchi. He was able to get a tag in eventually and he started to show his true talent – he was able to dominate, perhaps due to MVH wearing down their opponents but nonetheless he still dominated. He could see the rookie was trying hard… it was a performance that LIGHTBRINGER was becoming invested in – his focus only stopped when Daisuke opened his mouth to speak once more, only after Kyoji hit a huge reverse neckbreaker that was obviously inspired by LB himself.

    I can see Kyoji has potential. You can see it too. You watch him and you can see he takes some things after you. That’s why I want you to be his teacher. Not me. He’s influenced by you more. Consider him your protégé.

    “You think I’m ready to do that?”

    You underestimate yourself. I wouldn’t be telling you these things if I thought you weren’t.

    It was a great honor – slightly daunting, but it made him focus more on the match. He now had a protégé, someone to influence… but he now had a higher standing in the dojo. That meant less joking around with BoBo… at least infront of the seniors.

    Eventually the match came to its end point – Taniguchi was leathering his opponent with kicks and took him down with his own modified standing shiranui move, later to be labelled the Phoenix Twister. He looked to have had the match won – but before he could get the pin, MVH slapped him on the back and made the tag. This was a huge insult to Kyoji – and by proxy to LIGHTBRINGER and his team. Kyoji looked pissed as MVH climbed to the top rope and hit her splash finisher for the win. She stole the win from Kyoji. Took his moment. She didn’t cheat for the victory but she may as well have. LIGHTBRINGER could see his student was disappointed, upset that a tag partner would do that to him – it only reaffirmed LB’s own thoughts about tag matches and tag partners. The rest of his time inside that gymnasium was spent listening to BoBo lose his cool completely over von Horrowitz’ actions.


    Back to the present… LIGHTBRINGER thinks about his former protégé (now a fully fledged member of SSD, tipped to be the next ACE of the dojo and a rising prospect in SPJ) and how upsetting it must have been to have the win stolen from him like that. It soured Taniguchi’s feelings towards a tag match… it was funny how someone who hated relying on tag partners would cause someone to feel the same due to her own actions as a tag partner. That match may not have meant much to LIGHTBRINGER back then but now it serves as a lesson. He won’t allow Michelle von Horrowitz to make herself the sole focus of the match. He won’t allow MVH’s feelings about tags ruin this match. He won’t let his own feelings ruin the match. He had already tagged before – with Elijah Edwards and that was a success. He didn’t feel the need to make himself the shining light in the match and the same applies here.

    His line of thinking is interrupted though – of course, he forgot to reply to Himawari’s text… and of course there was a barrage of others he didn’t read – but his attention was taken as his phone started beeping, he had stayed logged in to the likes of Skype so as to keep in contact with people in Japan. He was in trouble now as he realised Himawari was calling him. He picked up…



    “Kyoji kick MY ass? I’d like to see him try. You kick MY ass? That’s a different threat altogether. I must plead my apologies!”

    “You’re not funny! How could you agree to this match after the events in Okayama? Kyoji hasn’t forgotten that match – you know he’s unwilling to tag with anyone!”

    “Well, that makes two of us. I’m in the same position as him. Also… you don’t speak to me for a while and this is what makes you speak?”

    “You know I’m busy.”

    “Don’t worry about it.Tell Kyoji not to worry about it. Michelle von Horrowitz… I team with her because I have to. Not because I want to. Make sure he understands that. Make sure everyone understands that. Hopefully Michelle will put on a performance good enough to redeem herself. Maybe BoBo will take a fancy to her again!”

    “BoBo takes a fancy to everyone! I’m sure you’re speaking with the truth but still, there’s a part of me, a part of BoBo, Kyoji and everyone that wants to see you kick her to curb! She doesn’t deserve you as a tag partner!”

    He could tell she was angry – perhaps because it was early morning in Japan and she was always cranky in the mornings. There wasn’t much he could do. He wasn’t going to plead a case for Michelle von Horrowitz – he hadn’t seen anything from her that made him think she was a good person… just that she was a good wrestler.

    “I think you’re focusing too much on Michelle.”

    “I think you should shut up!”

    Definitely cranky in the mornings. He knew he was right though. Michelle von Horrowitz wasn’t the major focus of the match – he already knew her abilities and knew what she was like as a tag partner in matches.

    “Well, should I?”

    “Not until you’re done explaining why you’d even bother with this girl?”

    “Because I don’t have a say in the matches I’m in. It’s a tag match, I don’t like it but it’ll do. I already know enough about Michelle… but she’s not the focus for me in this match, Himawari. I’m sure you and Kyoji can understand that. She’s not going to be my ally forever. She’s just my ally in this match. I won’t allow her to run over me like she did to Kyoji.”

    “You better not! She doesn’t deserve to share the ring with you – and neither does Dustin Dreamer or whatever he’s called!”

    “Ahh I’ve missed hearing the jealous words of the famed Himawari….”

    “SHUT UP!”

    Given the context of their previous conversation, he could tell the words were said with a blushing face.

    “Don’t worry about her. I’m not. I know she is good. I know I am good. I know that may not be enough for us to function well as a team but I know that on a man for man… or woman basis we have the opposing team outmatched.”

    “I didn’t ask your thoughts on the match! I just wanted to tell you that Kyoji wasn’t happy after I told him about your match!”

    That somewhat hurt to hear but he knew that deep down that Himawari was paying attention even if she wasn’t in America – she had some sort of dislike for Dustin Dreamer and was telling the other teammates about his matches.

    “I guess I should just hang up now – after all, I’m tired, I’ve been training hard… and you didn’t ask for my thoughts on the match – right?”

    There was almost a rushed response in return...

    "N-NO! You don't get to hang up on me!"

    "Ah right. Hang up on me then."


    "Well... why not?"

    He smirked to himself as he waited for Himawari - presumably with gritted teeth - to say that she wanted to hear what he had to say.

    "I guess. I guess it wouldn't hurt if you spoke about your match."

    He had a brief laugh - she sighed over the phone, admitting defeat.

    "So you DO care?"

    "Fine, go on, celebrate."

    "No. Don't worry. I just wanted to hear it. That's all. What's there to say about my match? You already have an opinion on MVH. I already have an opinion on her. We may not have interacted much during our careers but I've seen her perform in a tag match. I don't think she has changed since. I believe I can function better than her in a tag match. I believe I have the experience and tools that Kyoji lacked to rope her in and keep her steady. She might not think I am a trustworthy person but I can assure you that she has seen me perform and she knows I am a great talent."


    "Do you disagree?"


    "That's what I thought. Make no mistake this match is a tag match, Himawari but there are two sides to it. See, i've spent enough time in isolation this week to be able to analyse this all by myself."

    "Is that a polite way of saying you don't need my help?"

    "Your help is appreciated. Maybe i'd be able to understand my contests quicker if you were here and not being the future princess? But I can't hold that against you."

    "I'm sorry, okay?"

    "Don't worry about it. I understand. I'm not speaking to you to insult you or shout at you. After all, I was the one who brought up the thoughts about my match. One one side - you have Harrison Wake and Michelle. They have some sort of rivarly right now. I don't understand it completely but it appears they want to beat each other up - I won't stop them from doing that. They can have all the fun in the world hitting each other if they want. Michelle is in an incredibly driven competitor and she will want to make sure she gets her hands on Wake and comes out looking better than him. That right there is something we have in common in this match."

    "You want to hurt Harrison Wake?"

    "No. No. Well... I have to by definition of the match but that's not what I meant. Me and Michelle have a common goal in that there are people in this match that we want to hurt. She wants to hurt Wake. I want to hurt Dustin Dreamer."

    "He's a punk. He disrespected you. He disrespected us all. Even Kazunori dislikes him and he never cares about this sort of stuff."

    It was true - it may have been archaic to have such a team hivemind mentality but that's the way it was. If you pissed one member of SSD off, you pissed them all off. That's just the way it was. LIGHTBRINGER had found himself separated from that mentality to some degree now that he was in America. Of course, he still had a huge dislike for the Echo for their disrespect shown...

    "I can't lie... I didn't think much of him but he has my attention now. It was a small shove but I can't ignore how much he was eyeing up my title. It's no secret that he is the number one contender and he will fancy himself to try and take the belt from me, I know he will. That's why this match is important. That's why I won't allow Michelle to do all the work. Dreamer needs to be taught a lesson - he needs to be shown that he can't disrespect me like that ever again. Michelle already knows she can beat him - she won't care much for him, she won't bother herself... but I will. That's why I will make sure she tags me in. That's why I will make sure she can keep her focus on Harrison Wake."

    "You say you don't like her yet you aim to please her!?"

    "She's my tag partner whether I like her or not. The best I can do is atleast try to make her happy in this match so that she can trust me to get the job done. I can't lie - it is disappointing to think that I may have acquiesce to someone else's needs but this time it's vital. This is a dangerous matchup for me, Himawari. I know I can't annoy Michelle in this match."

    "You don't want to piss off a lady."

    "Is that a dare?"

    "Go for it."

    The mood has relaxed somewhat back to their jokey rapport.

    "I'm afraid I'll have to chicken out of that. Michelle von Horrowitz is not to be trifled with in that regard. I just want you and Kyoji and the others to understand that teaming with Michelle pains me but is a necessary evil to accomplish a bigger goal. This isn't a match about MVH or Harrison Wake to me. This is a match about Dustin Dreamer to me. I didn't hit him last week because I'd rather do my fighting in the ring but this week? He's fair game. I've spent my week training harder than ever. I've had no one to speak to - i've been isolated and it has helped me reassess my focus. I am devoted to making the High Voltage title more prestigious than ever - something that won't be wrestled away from me with ease. I want Dustin Dreamer to realise that the biggest mistake he ever made was showing me disrespect. He might think he went through a gruelling match with Michelle von Horrowitz last week but trust me when I tell you that is nothing in comparison to what I will put him through."

    It's the first time in a long time that LIGHTBRINGER has had to speak about someone with such venom, such disdain. Especially someone in the CWA.

    "I've always tried to be respectful to the people in the CWA, Himawari. But the push - it was rude, champions don't get treated like that and it's time that Dustin Dreamer realised that. He might think he is a big shot because he can beat other contenders but he is just a prized nobody in my mind now. I will take great pleasure in knocking him back down to reality. I'll do it with ease. You just watch me. If I can rely on Michelle to take out Wake, she can rely on me to give Dreamer the beating of a lifetime. I hate tag matches but I will LOVE beating Dreamer here. That's enough to convince me to coexist in this match. I've been stoic these last few weeks, i've been calm but now it is time for the CWA universe to see what I am capable of when I am fired up. Dustin Dreamer doesn't know what he's done! He's finished. He won't want to face me one on one after this match. Trust me. I'll make him realise that very quickly."

    There was an angry tone to his voice during this tirade - whilst it was true he had been disrespected and Dreamer had pissed him off... he was also upset that he was conducting this conversation by phone, he was upset that he had to spend this week in isolation... The only thing he could do was take it out on Dreamer and that's exactly what he had in mind.

    "You better. Mr tough guy who goes on long rants."

    His mood was lightened with the joke. It had appeared that her cranky mood had been lightened too. He didn't have much more to say about Dreamer. He didn't think much of him following his actions on the previous Adrenaline Rush and that was that.

    "One day, i'm sure the favour will be returned...

    How has your time back in Japan been?"

    And with that - he returned to having normal conversations with Himawari. She told him about things in Japan, the future princess tournament as well as other various misc. things such as the La Volpe III situation that was developing between Tiga-gun and SSD as well as the fact that there was a strong rumour going around that Kyoji Taniguchi was looking to build himself up to face none other than Naota Kotani at some point. He would spend the next hour or so speaking to her about things as he sat alone in the gym, completely forgetting to pack his things away. He probably had time to get another workout in during that hour... but the conversation had a better effect on him - knowing he was still on good terms with Himawari removed a block from his mind and allowed him to focus solely on this match, a match that was going to be a pulverisation of Dustin Dreamer.


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER



    Adrenaline Rush
    Orlando, Florida

    “Dreams” by Roy Orbison was blaring around the arena just moments after the bell had sounded – LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowitz had beaten the team of Harrison Wake and Dustin Dreamer. Just a few moments before, there was an unneeded blind tag from MVH that had allowed her to get into the ring and claim victory for her team. LIGHTBRINGER wasn’t pleased about it but there was a small consolation in the form of him being able to jump off the apron and give a dropkick to Dustin Dreamer. Their interaction in the match had been limited to some degree but he took the chance to make sure Dreamer knew what he was messing with.

    LIGHTBRINGER could hear some fans boo the actions of his tag partner but he didn’t want to stay around and be a part of that. He had no intention of celebrating a victory with von Horrowitz – he grabbed his belt and he got ready to make his way back up the ramp and backstage… but he stopped and turned. He looked straight at Dreamer and could see him leaning against the barricade, returning his stare with some anger in his eyes.

    Some would say it was the heat of the moment but he knows otherwise. He didn’t want to walk backstage without making sure Dreamer knew his place. He could hear the fans goading them into fighting as he walked closer, stood before him and looked down at him. There wasn’t going to be a fight between them because that would come at World’s Strongest. But for the last few weeks, LIGHTBRINGER felt like he was showing up to wrestle and going home. He wasn’t engaging very often with the fans or doing things that made him stand out. Last week, Dreamer shoved him away and made him look somewhat of a fool. This was his chance to return the favour – he wasn’t going to take that from a contender he considered beneath him. Dreamer would look up at him, almost daring him to start a fight – the fans certainly wanted one… but instead, he decided to lean over and give Dreamer a small pat on the head before turning his back and walking away. He could feel Dreamer’s eyes pierce a hole through his back but he didn’t look back at his future foe – he wanted him to know he thought nothing of him. He gave one last look to von Horrowitz in the ring – ‘job done’ – before walking up the ramp, some fans would try to touch him, some would shout things at him… it didn’t matter. He had continued the mind games with Dreamer – and he knew that the anger would most likely get the best of him.

    Upon reaching the backstage area, he didn’t speak to anyone, he went straight to his dressing room and prepared himself to get ready to leave. Perhaps it was rude of him not to stick around and watch the rest of the show but he couldn’t stand to watch anything the Club did. The clock was ticking until his match against Dreamer and his preparation for that match had to start now. He wanted to go, go back down the road to Tampa and begin training. After all, he had nothing else to focus on. He was still adjusting to his surroundings and with Himawari in Japan and Rondo in Germany, he didn’t really have anyone to hang out with or speak to. But that was good, it meant he could have a clear head going into his future title match. He could hear the crowd reacting in the arena as he was packing away his things – it must’ve masked the sound of his locker room door opening. He didn’t notice it due to his back being turned but he was slightly startled as heard a familiar voice come from behind him…

    “I told you that you shouldn’t trust that bitch! Look what happens when you don’t listen to me! That’ll teach you to go near western girls again!”

    It was a big surprise indeed as it appeared that Himawari had returned from Japan without informing him. He hid a smile as he faced away from her before he turned around at her and raised his eyebrow, speaking with a somewhat sarcastic tone…

    “But I won!”

    She cuts a frustrated figure as that most likely wasn’t the response she was expecting. Pouting and hands on hips, yes that was the Himawari that he knew.

    “No! She won! You just helped her! I’m right!”

    “Okay, you’re right, you’re right! I had the win stolen from me, I have brought shame to us all! Is that all you wanted me to say to you yes?”

    It’s a very jokey back and forth between them currently but she throws her hands up into the air and breaks into a tirade that seems to motor on at about a thousand words a second.


    He lifts his hand up to silence her – stifling a laugh.

    “Well, I wasn’t expecting you to show up. I’ve just had a match and my mind was elsewhere. Maybe I hit my head too hard and I’m hallucinating? Maybe you’re still in Japan? I don’t know. If I’m hallucinating…”

    “Hallucinate this!”

    She strides over and gives him a quick slap. Most likely harder than anything Dustin Dreamer will have for him – he considered it preparation. Although, him being slapped was sometimes him just being greeted – in Japan, it’s sometimes considered an honour to be slapped. LIGHTBRINGER remembers that the first thing that happened to him after winning the SPJ intercontinental title – he walked backstage and received a slap from the entire SSD team. He took it as a sign of respect and as a sign that he was going to be considered as someone of standing in the gym. He simply bows his head to Himawari and responds after the slap stops echoing around the room…

    “Thank you!”

    She lets out a frustrated sigh.

    “I don’t know why I came back from Japan!”

    “It is because you want to help me beat Dustin Dreamer… but little do you know that I don’t need your help!”

    “That’s not nice!”

    “I’m not a nice person sometimes.”

    “I think you just say that.”

    “Have you seen some of the beatings I’ve given to people?”

    “Well… they did disrespect you.”

    “That is true…”

    Rather than stand around and have some form of small talk, LIGHTBRINGER would much rather go home. There’s some intermittent boos and cheers as he finishes packing his bag with Himawari sitting down and watching the tv monitor.

    “I hope this Club gets what is coming to them. Kaiju-san should give them a good beating!”

    “I have faith that he will pull through… I haven’t forgotten about the Echo. Their time will come but… it’s not my battle right now. Murder Inc. will deal with them.”

    He picks up his duffel bag and beckons Himawari to leave – the match on the monitor is unfinished. As they walk through the backstage corridors, Isaac Richman’s voice can be heard echoing throughout the arena and making certain matches for World’s Strongest – it appears the fans are pleased as they give cheers.

    “You know, people in Japan are still following you. Some turned their backs because you left… but because you are a champion once more, they’ve taken notice again. Some aren’t happy that Kaiju lost his battle with McGinnis, some of them are turning to you now instead. Daisuke is being asked by a lot of people when your next match is and how to watch it. There was a SPJ official asking about co promotion… he wanted to give you a match with Kotani to try and get you to wrestle in Japan again.”

    His fists bunch up slightly at the mention of the name and he speaks with a slightly angry tone as he responds.

    “Kotani still means nothing to me. He is Kyoji’s to deal with - I will be unsurprised when Kyoji takes that belt from him. I did all I could in Japan and the CWA is my home now. You, Daisuke and the others have accepted that. The people will accept it soon. I am very disappointed to hear that some are giving up on Snowmantashi – I still consider him as a warrior who ranks above me. People should not be so quick to lose faith in him. However, I’m glad that I am still turning heads in Japan, I am glad that people are asking for a way to watch CWA. I hope they can find a way to watch and enjoy the beating I will give to Dreamer.”

    They pass a few monitors before the exit… LIGHTBRINGER stops as he sees a suicide dive from Snowmantashi and Murder Inc onto the Club and security guards. He is pleased at seeing this and is glad for the distraction – however, Michelle Kelly manages to catch up to them with mic in hand. An opportune moment to conduct a small interview – he knows what she’s after and allows her to speak.

    “I was just wondering if we could have a small moment of our High Voltage champion’s time? Perhaps a little piece to explain your actions out there earlier?”

    He gives his duffel bag to Himawari to hold – she doesn’t look very pleased but she deals with it. Kelly eyes her up for a moment – trying to signify her to step aside. She does so and again seems very unhappy about it. She watches Michelle Kelly like a hawk as she begins speaking…

    “I’m here with the CWA High Voltage champion – undefeated in the CWA – LIGHTBRINGER. A great win for you tonight – who knew you and Michelle von Horrowitz could work out as a good team?”

    He nods as she speaks but his face is puzzled when she asks that question.

    “I don’t think we were a good team. Our individual capabilities just managed to overcome the effort put forth by our opponents. It’s not a surprise to me. Michelle is a talented wrestler and she did well. I know how talented I am and I was confident that I could overpower Wake and Dreamer if need be. But I wouldn’t expect to see me and von Horrowitz teaming up in the near future. I have said before that I prefer to wrestle alone. Dustin Dreamer is lucky that tonight was a tag match, he had a tag partner to hide behind – he will not be that lucky at World’s Strongest.”

    “Speaking of Dustin Dreamer – there was a bit of a post match interaction… what was going on there?”

    “He showed me disrespect last week. I will do the same to him. That is all. I wanted him to see that I am not afraid to be disrespectful and I am not afraid of him. I offered him a handshake as a peace offering, he declined… and so, he will be embarrassed. He thinks he is a king… a force to be reckoned with… but he is nothing more than the court jester. If there is a king in this situation, it is me. I hold the belt, I am the champion… he is nothing. I hope that this is something he can accept now before I force him into it at World’s Strongest.”

    There’s a definite tone of venom to his words – he’s making it abundantly clear that he is not a man who should be disrespected…

    “I will make an example out of Dustin Dreamer. I will show that he made the biggest mistake of his career by disrespecting me. He may think that, because he beat out multiple other men for the contendership of this title, that he is a big shot. I will knock him back down a couple of pegs. If he is watching this right now – I want him to know that I think nothing of him. I’ve faced many better opponents, I’ve BEATEN many better opponents… he is just going to be making up the numbers at World’s Strongest.”

    The small interview appears to have gotten him heated slightly and Kelly notes this – she veers away from the topic of Dreamer for a brief moment.

    “You certainly do have a lot to say about Dustin – but I do have another line of questioning to ask. You haven’t appeared with your manager recently… something you have in common with Dustin actually… is there a reason for this? A lot of people have been speculating as to regards what the actual relationship is here?”

    “People can speculate – there is nothing to it. Himawari is my teammate and manager and will continue to be. She was in Japan for the last few weeks, that is all. We are teammates and that is the relationship between us.”

    He cast a glance at Himawari as he said this and she looked at the floor. She was obviously somewhat disappointed but he had promised himself he would remain professional with her and that was the way it was. He wasn’t going to play silly love games or whatever. Sometimes it was hard to resist the temptation though. It was like forbidden fruit. In Japan, SPJ had requested that SSD forbade him from forming a relationship with anyone as it would potentially lessen interest in women who came to shows to see him. The CWA didn’t appear to care much for it though which made it difficult.

    “As for Dustin… I have no idea what the story is with his manager, I have no idea what purpose she serves nor do I care. It clearly makes no difference whether she is with him or not as he loses either way. If she is with him at World’s Strongest, that just adds to the pressure on his shoulders and not mine. If he wants to do that then he can go ahead. I don’t think she provides anything that pushes the pendulum in his favour.”

    “Do you have any final words before we let you go?”

    “All I can say is that I am glad to be the High Voltage champion and I aim to continue raising the prestige of this title. I haven’t lost to anyone in this company yet – and that includes our supposed world champion, McGinnis. I have yet to meet my match in the ring here.”

    After that last spiel, he beckoned Himawari and they both left the building, the interview segment would be uploaded to the CWA YouTube channel as a form of hype for the upcoming match between Dreamer and LIGHTBRINGER.

    Just a day later, LIGHTBRINGER realised how serious Himawari was about as in the middle of their practice session in the gym, she had stopped to take a phone call – he could tell by the way she was speaking that she was speaking to one of the Ishihara brothers. Most likely Daisuke as he tended to deal with the important matters in the SSD gym. He would continue working out with his ear phones stuck in his ear… listening to BABYMETAL… a small guilty pleasure of his that no one knew about. But he was knocked off his game by a tap on his shoulder.

    “Daisuke just told me that niconico wish to stream World’s Strongest on a paid subscription channel, a one off thing. They’ve taken an interest in you and Kaiju.”

    “That’s interesting. Where were they for Retribution? Or my title defence after that?”

    “I guess they waited to see if you were for real or not in the CWA. Maybe. I don’t know.”

    “Well, I guess we should be happy. I don’t need the exposure in Japan but the CWA does and I am happy to help. The more people who get to see Dustin Dreamer get his ass kicked, the better.”

    “That’s the spirit! I’m sure all the ladies will be tuning in for that….”

    “Don’t be jealous, I can’t help my looks. But maybe they’ll tune in to look at Dreamer instead…”

    This elicits a laugh from his teammate – he even chuckles himself… although he doesn’t exactly like making fun of the looks people have.

    “Well… Daisuke said that they’re working on a VTR for you and Snowmantashi. He’s not sure what the deal is with Kaiju but he told them that you’d be willing to contribute to it…”

    “I guess I have time.”

    Niconico was a video streaming site in Japan – similar to YouTube. It was surprising that there was enough interest in a CWA event that caused them to pay for some streaming rights but LIGHTBRINGER wasn’t going to dog himself down thinking about that. It added some unwanted pressure to his shoulders for sure but he was ready to deliver. It now had become about more than just the belt and more than just embarrassing Dustin Dreamer for him. Niconico instantly sent over a representative in order to film a small VTR segment for his match.


    Niconico VTR recording (the following is translated from Japanese to English)

    The recording opens up with a pan of the CWA High Voltage title – there is obvious bias in the recording as LIGHTBRINGER’s theme music plays in the background as the video goes on.


    It then pans to Dustin Dreamer in his recent matches – showing his rabid style of attack as he headbutts and chops opponents…


    The video then cuts to LIGHTBRINGER celebrating his recent victories over Elijah Edwards, holding the title aloft with pride.


    It then cuts to LIGHTBRINGER as he stands outside the gym that he currently trains at in Tampa Bay - he is wearing a fine suit and has the High Voltage title adorned on his shoulder. As he speaks, there are flashes of the first match between Dreamer and LIGHTBRINGER which shows LIGHTBRINGER standing victorious in the ring – Athena and Himawari are also shown with different emotions, Athena looking displeased whilst Himawari looks pleased.

    “Dustin Dreamer is a man that I have already beaten. I will not lie, it was a hard fought victory… but I was still finding my feet in the CWA. We gave each other a good battle. I could have lost that night.”

    The video then shows quick flashes of the actual match between the two, again focusing on the unorthodox attacks of Dreamer.

    “He had a style that I did not expect. I was not familiar with it and it took me a while to adjust. But as I said, I have come out with the victory. I did not harbour any bad feelings for the man and considered it a small honour to face him in the ring…”


    We are then shown the push from Dreamer – followed by the pat on the head from LIGHTBRINGER.

    “He showed me disrespect and he will be punished for it. He does not know what he is dealing with. I consider myself to be a talented man as do many others. He has overstepped his boundaries and he will realise that. When he shoved me, he shoved the rest of SSD, he spat in the face of our dojo and that is something we cannot forgive. We faced each other before and everything seemed fine but as soon as the title came into it - he changed. Everyone knows the sort of champion I am, everyone knows that I will defend any belt with all of my strength. Dustin Dreamer faced me one on one when I was not at optimum preparation - but now as you can see, I have a gym to call home here and I am prepared very well. The CWA has become a new home to me and I am glad to be here. I am very proud to be the High Voltage champion. I will not allow this man to take the belt from me."

    The video then focuses on the two female managers involved with there being text remarking how neither have been around recently - similar to what Michelle Kelly had said in the interview segment. The VTR shows highlights of Himawari's recent venture in P E A R L S whilst showing Athena's disappointed face after seeing Dreamer being beaten time and time again. It then cuts back to LIGHTBRINGER.

    "We both have female manager but there is a difference. Himawari is my teammate, Athena is not his. Dreamer seemed to be focused on pleasing this woman at every opportunity for whatever reason. She views him as a puppet and he appears to be happy at playing that role. He is easily controlled and manipulated - he does not possess the will and mental strength to be able to take this belt from me. How can he when his focus is stretched in so many directions? He must not take me seriously enough if he is willing to divide his attention so easily. That will be his downfall."

    There is some footage shown of LIGHTBRINGER's run in SPJ - a very small part of the VTR.

    "I faced great opponents in Japan - some far more talented than he will ever be. Yuya Okabayashi, SHIRO, Shinya Nobu, Golden Star Shirosawa, Ichi the Killer, Zachary Kazadi, Elijah Edwards... the list goes on and on. I have never shown any fear to any man and that trend is not bucked with Dustin Dreamer. I have nothing to be afraid of. Dreamer can threaten me with a beating, it is nothing more than an empty threat... a promise he cannot fulfill. He is a perennial disappointment to Athena and that is one trend that will continue. Dustin Dreamer will be lucky to make it out of there alive. I will continue to defend my belt the great success as I have done so already. I will continue my unbeaten streak in the CWA and keep winning fans. I will show the Japanese audience that I am continue to make great progress - I will not let them down, Dustin Dreamer cannot stop me!"

    There are then quick flashes of both wrestlers hitting their finishers on random opponents and the video builds to a quick climax, with the shot closing out on the image of LIGHTBRINGER and his pose as the narrator speaks one final line...



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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER




    CWA World's Strongest
    Miami, Florida

    Something changed. Something twigged. During the match against Dustin Dreamer, there was an occurrence that suddenly caused the intensity of LIGHTBRINGER to move up a notch. Rage burned throughout him as he saw Himawari fall backwards from the apron and land on the canvas, hurt, with red mist covering her face. In a way, the red mist came over him… but in a different way than Dustin Dreamer had intended. He turned around and threw everything at Dreamer before eventually putting him away. Everything became completely blocked out – he didn’t hear the crowd, the words of the commentators linger through the air… nothing. He saw red and he put Dreamer away. There was a line and it was crossed. Something had definitely changed in him during the match. As for the cameras at front – he had to put on a show and pretended that he cared with regards to the belt and holding it aloft… but he was more concerned with the idea of beating Dreamer in that moment rather than keeping the belt. Although they do go hand in hand, that isn’t something that came into his mind. It wasn’t about the belt in that moment. It was more about seeing his teammate… his friend… hurt in the line of fire. That mist was destined for him. He was lucky that Himawari wasn’t hurt badly but next time it could be even worse.

    He helped Himawari backstage and once the cameras were off him, he dropped the belt and rushed her into his locker room and sat her down.

    “Are you ok? Are you hurt?”

    There was a tone of genuine concern in his voice this time. He wasn’t playing about or putting on any sort of pseudo persona. He forgot he had left his title in the hallway but the adrenaline was pumping and he had more important things to worry about. She put on an act infront of the cameras as if she was fine but he could tell from the landing that she wasn’t. She was holding her neck and was also partially blinded at this point in time. He grabbed her and tried to look in her eyes.

    “I’m fine. I’m fine.”

    She tried to brush him away – making out like the incident meant nothing. But he could tell she was hurt from it. It’s the reason why he turned around and gave Dreamer a beating and put him in his place.

    “Are you sure? Let me see.”

    He grabbed both of her cheeks with both hands and tried to clear away the mist that stained her face and disturbed her eyes. There was still a rush surging through him from the match but he was caught offguard as she lunged her face forward and locked lips with him. It was a weird moment. This definitely wasn't a thank you peck of any sort. He reciprocated at first but he pulled away and stared at her with shocked eyes.


    Her eyes were wide open too and instantly filled with regret. He could tell she started to blush despite her face stained red already. It was a mistake. Something she shouldn’t have done. She tried to blurt something out as he turned his back and stormed away.

    “I’m s----“

    She was unable to finish whatever she was going to say as he took off and looked to find his belt in the corridor amidst the backstage staff coming to check on him to assure he was fine after the match. He was handed his belt by a stage hand.

    “Thank you. Guess I forgot this. Not a mistake I will make again.”

    “Oh I hope not sir. I’m sure people wouldn’t like to know you forgot the High Voltage title when making your way through the back!”

    They shared a cheeky laugh with each other as he put the belt back onto his shoulder and tapped it.

    “Oh. Don’t worry about that. Just had to attend to my friend, I meant no disrespect of course!”

    “If you say so, champ.”

    He gave him a wink before patting him on the shoulder.

    “Loved the match, great work. Great work indeed sir.”

    He expressed his gratitude to the stagehand before taking his belt and disappearing. He returned back to his locker room. The adrenaline was still flowing through his veins but he hadn’t forgotten what had just occurred. He stood at the doorway and watched as Himawari was packing her things away and sitting silently. He walked, slowly, back into the room so as to not alert her. He dropped his belt onto the nearby chair – she didn’t pay any attention. She was standing with her back to him – he walked over slowly. There was some tension in the air… which was fair given the events that had just played out. It was unexpected. He put his arms around her in an embrace although she didn’t respond.

    “I’m sorry. But that shouldn’t happen. It’s not supposed to be like that. It can’t be like that.”

    He let go and turned away – she didn’t respond other than give out a sigh. He took his belt, he took his packed bag and disappeared out the door and left her to her own devices. He left the building still dressed like LIGHTBRINGER the wrestler rather than LIGHTBRINGER the person. It was all very weird and all very sudden. He felt like he should be celebrating but instead he’d felt almost like there was a death in the family… Dustin Dreamer had been defeated – his goal had been accomplished. But it all felt secondary to him at that moment.

    A few days later...
    Tokyo, Japan

    A few days after World’s Strongest/’the happening’, LIGHTBRINGER had travelled back to Japan to take part on a recent episode of PURORESU SPIRIT – a Japanese news/review show of recent happenings in the world of pro wrestling featuring a panel of guests to discuss what is going on. He hitched a ride with the ever reliable BoBo on his way to the studio for the recording of the episode. He had arrive in Japan just hours earlier and had no time to settle himself, he was rushed off his feet.

    He noticed BoBo in his car, waiting for him outside. He almost forgot his title again but just before he set foot out the front door, he turned around and realised he was forgetting something.

    “I’m not making that mistake again.” –
    He thought to himself as he turned around and took his belt, he placed it on his shoulder and finally made it out of his Japanese residence. BoBo was standing at his car door… wearing his SSD gear along with his stupid bandana. He had this big goofy smile as the jet lagged/tired LIGHTBRINGER walked towards him.

    Ahhhhh the man with the belt! He can’t be seen without it!

    He shared a quick laugh with his friend before giving a retort.

    “Oh… you know me right? What can I say? I’m nothing without this title of course!”

    Ah may we never have to experience seeing the great Kisai without his glorious title ehhhh?

    “Ha. You’re just jealous because you need Jigglypuff to help you win belts!”

    This was a running rib between the two friends – BoBo had never won a singles wrestling title. Every title reign he had was in a tag team with Jigglypuff. He took this very seriously… as is evident by his response.

    Eh, shut up! At least I didn’t blow it with a gorgeous girl like Himawari!

    That struck a nerve in LIGHTBRINGER. What occurred hadn’t actually been spoken about by anyone or even mentioned. BoBo was just very good at assuming when there was discord. He brushed off his friend’s remark.

    “That’s because you don’t have a girl to do that too!”

    They both laughed as they continued the drive towards the studio. They spoke about random things in life as well as what they had been upto. LIGHTBRINGER’s performance against Dreamer was critically assessed and BoBo, of course, had to just insert what he would have done differently and how he would have shown differently. They spoke about what lay ahead… and then spoke about the recent rumours regarding Naota Kotani, Tiga-gun as well as Kyoji ‘Itsumade’ Taniguchi. These were all topics that LIGHTBRINGER would cover during his appearance on the show. Just as BoBo pulled up and stopped the car, he prevented LIGHTBRINGER from leaving and aimed to have a serious conversation with him.

    So what exactly happened eh? Why is it that Himawari is considering coming back here full time now? You can tell me. I won’t tell Kazunori or Daisuke.

    He looked at his friend – he wanted to trust him but he couldn’t risk the secret getting out at all. It wasn’t the fact that it happened had bothered him… it was the fact that he reciprocated. He felt a deep shame with his unprofessionalism. It was unfair to Himawari also to do that. He simply put his hand on BoBo’s shoulder and looked at him with a smile.

    “My friend. You think too much. Nothing happened. Remember what we spoke about weeks ago when it came to this? It’s not an issue. I just told Himawari that I thought she should pursue her career in P E A R L S. She doesn’t deserve to sit on the sidelines and cheer me on….”

    His friend looked slightly disappointed. There was almost a hint of disbelief in his face.

    OK. OK.

    “Don’t worry about it. Everything is cool, my friend. The team is fine. I am champion still…”

    BoBo burst into laughter.


    They shared a quick laugh with each other…

    “Remember what I said about not being jealous? One day you’ll win a belt without Jigoro. One day. But also perhaps one day I will lay an egg. Who knows what come first?”

    BoBo snorted and jokingly made an action to slap him before beckoning him to leave his vehicle.

    As long as you are fine, my friend.

    LIGHTBRINGER stepped out the vehicle but he put his hand on the roof of the car and peeked in one last time to say a farewell.

    “As I said, BoBo. Everything is fine. Himawari deserves to continue her career. She shouldn’t be taking unnecessary damage for me. She’s not supposed to be on the sidelines as my cheerleader…”

    He went to turn away as BoBo nodded in agreement but he quickly snapped back and had to add in a cheeky quip.

    “… Besides, that’s supposed to your job eh?”

    He laughed and winked at his friend and shut his door as he responded with a raised fist and a RAAAH grumble sound. He laughed as he walked away from the car. He felt disappointed that he was not confident enough to open up about the true situation but sometimes that just had to be the case. He walked into the TV studio with a façade of swagger about him. His blue pinstriped suit made him look like a boss… but that was usually his style. The CWA High Voltage title was proudly on his shoulders – he would notice people taking a quick peek at the title. The profile of CWA was starting to increase in Japan and he was at the helm of it. It was his duty as a champion of the company. He went through the typical meet and greet with film crew – Kanako Kobayashi was the young, pretty host of the program… a huge fangirl of anything puroresu related. His co-guest was none other than Suzuka Sanada – a kick/shootboxer female who fights at strawweight and currently represents VALOR kickboxing brand as well as the SHOOT GIRLS QUEENS shootboxing promotion - as an aside, she is commonly known as SUZUKA or SU☆. It may have been the jetlag and stress taking a toll but looking at the two pretty ladies, he could see Himawari staring back at him and so he tried to focus elsewhere.

    The recording of the program was straight forward, he sat at an illuminated desk with SU☆and Kanako and simply discussed events ongoing in the puroresu scene in Japan and abroad as well as other sports such as the aforementioned kickboxing and whatnot. Eventually they came to review World’s Strongest (specifically LIGHTBRINGER’s match). Kanako opened up with the conversation…

    “So as we all know already… you defended your title against Dasutin Doriimaa at Worrdo Sturongestu… congratulation!”

    The studio along with Kanako and SU☆clap as they applaud LIGHTBRINGER who almost blushes in reponse but he manages to keep it together as he smiles and taps the belt with pride.

    “Ohh thank you! I appreciate it. It is good to see that people are paying attention again!”

    His comment was directed towards the perception that his fanbase in Japan may have fallen due to moving to America although Kanako had a comment in response – she almost giggled as she said it.

    “Maybe some people stopped paying attention… but I know I didn’t! I couldn’t!”

    It was flirtatious. He could see the eye contact between SU☆and Kanako as she made that comment and they both almost giggled at each other like schoolgirls.

    “Well, I am glad that you kept up, Kanako! Did you enjoy the match? What was your favourite part?”

    “Oh… of course… the RAITO BURINGA LARIAT! YES!!”

    He shared a laugh with her – she was of course saying her favourite part was the closing moments of the match. She mimicked the LIGHTBRINGER pose also. It's clear she is a big fan.

    “But of course, I am not only here to speak about how much I enjoyed the match but how was your experience?”

    He had rehearsed this conversation with BoBo pretty much… he knew the questions that Kanako would throw at him.

    “Oh. It was a tough match. Tougher than I expected. I may have underestimated him. But maybe not since I still beat him. He was a good challenger but not good enough and I am proud to say that my reign continues. He used a lot of dirty tactics… I expected that but I managed to overcome them all. Himawari helped me greatly of course. She was an invaluable asset on that night and it may be true that I would not have walked out of that arena with the title if it was not for her assistance.”

    He felt a small pang of guilt at mentioning her name as both girls nodded in agreement and made comments of their own -
    SU☆ had something to say.

    “I thought you were done for in that choke! It was true courage to fight! I may have even tapped!”

    He feigned shock as he turned to SU☆– he also bowed his head in appreciation of her comments.

    “No! Not shootboxing idol, SUZUKA, she would not tap to this, surely? I am honoured you say this of me but truly it was nothing. I knew I could escape and I know the fighting spirit you have would overcome this choke too. No need for flattery! You are a champion and I am a champion. We both have the spirit to fight through anything, right? Half the battle was courage, I needed to show my technique to escape and I did that.”

    Both of them let out a surprised ‘ohh’ whilst SU☆returns the bow of the head as an acknowledgement. He was suddenly self aware of how he was speaking. He knew that Himawari would be watching this when it aired and would almost certainly be jealous. He never fully grasped or believed the idea that he was a ‘pretty boy’ or had female fans. But he was realising it now big time. Not only that, but the way he interacted with them was definitely flirtatious. It may have been ignorant flirting… but it was flirting nonetheless. The casual conversation continued as Kanako dropped a small tidbit of information.

    “Did you know that SUZUKA’s little sister is following your footsteps in America? She even says you were a direct inspiration! She was at the FWA Bakee Bijaness! Isn’t this great news?”

    He suddenly remembers the young sprightly lady he met at Korakuen Hall a while ago… the same girl that Himawari fought in P E A R L S. Her name was Eimi… he takes a while to process as he turns to look at SU☆ – he is interrupted though as Kanako realises he had no idea that the Eimi and Suzuka were related…

    “Oh you didn’t know?”

    He puts on a cheeky smirk and looks at SU☆ with an apologetic face before they both let out a laugh.

    “I never clicked until now! Azure future is… your sister? Amazing! I am proud that I have inspired her to make the trip. She met me and told me she was a fan… I seen her perform against Himawari and I will admit that I was impressed. She has the tools to go far! I will be sure to watch this show and see her! The man who I train with in Tampa, Raian Rondo, is also on this show! I’ve heard great things from my friend BoBo. It is a must see I’ve been told! But I am a busy man and haven’t had time yet. Have you watched?”

    Kanako nods her head whilst SU☆ stays quiet.

    “Yes yes. It is a good show, I agree with BoBo! Is this Raian Rondo coming to Japan? I ask for… friend.”

    He narrows his eyes and looks at her suspiciously… almost questioning her motives - and if this 'friend' existed

    “Oh Kanako… of course he will come to Japan some day! He very much likes puroresu and spoke of his love for our country and our talent! He is a respectful, great man! It truly is fantastic to learn under him.”

    “I must press you about this… is he going to be joining the STRONG STYLE DOJO!?”

    LIGHTBRINGER covers his mouth and rolls his eyes as the ladies laugh…

    “Who knows? Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. I am grateful to him though and I will return the favour and let him train in the dojo for sure. One day. A return to SPJ with Raian could happen!”

    “That would be most exciting! But… I think I should ask you about other things. I don’t want to spend my time with you speaking about Rondo all the time! We saw Himawari almost suffer bad injury at Worrdo Sturongestu… is this anything serious?”

    He has a soft smile and raises his hands to signal everything is fine…

    “She is fine, I can assure you. Everything is ok. Himawari will live to fight another day!”

    They all share another laugh.

    “Excellent! But also we must ask… she is possibly appearing for P E A R L S in future, is her time in America up? Has she regained the passion for wrestling!?”

    Of course he knew this question would come. It was a variant of BoBo’s line of questioning.

    “I think she wants to do more than sit on the sidelines. The passion never left in all honesty. I think she has seen me be champion and rekindled the fire in her heart to want to be there too. I support her fully and I understand. We are teammates and I am not a selfish man. If she wants to fight then she must fight. I am able to continue my quest in CWA alone, it is not an issue. She is the best and I want her to prove it.”

    “Ahh so speaking of the dojo and the team… what about Itsumade (Kyoji Taniguchi) – your former student? There is talks that he may be taking on long rival Kotani soon! Can he do it, do you think?”

    The CWA High Voltage champion strokes his chin and thinks of his response…

    “Kotani is a dangerous opponent of course… but he will underestimate Kyoji and it will be his biggest mistake. Kyoji learned from me… so of course he has the talent to put the guy in his place. Easily. Lots of people will say Kotani should wipe the floor but I believe in Kyoji. He is going to shock Japan if it happens. He is going to do what I didn’t – he will take the title from Kotani. I will consider it a victory for me also. That is all I want to say regarding this situation.”

    SU☆ cuts in –

    “This Kotani needs to learn respect. He was very rude to Eimi and I have longed to give him a talking to!”

    They joke around as LIGHTBRINGER pretends to be serious…

    “Oh, if I was Kotani right now I would be quaking in my boots. SUZUKA is coming. Sleep with one eye open!”

    “Are you being sarcastic Kisai? I think you better sleep with both your eyes open in that case!”

    He feigned being afraid before he turned around to see Kanako point to the big screen in the room which displayed a fan holding a sign at World’s Strongest saying “KISAI OF MY HEART!”- he lets out a loud laugh at this.

    “What do you think of this Raito Buringa?”

    “Well… I am glad that I have a fan in America! I will find them and give them a nice big… thumbs up! Thank you to my fan! Big thank you!”

    SU☆ cuts in once more

    “What about Eimi? She is big fan too! Biggest maybe! She even wants to dye her hair blonde like you!”

    LIGHTBRINGER quickly retorts to SU☆ and her insinuation that he dyes his hair (which is obvious)

    “My hair is natural, SUZUKA!”

    “Oh sure. SURE! We know your secrets, Eimi told me! KUMA Kazami mentioned that you copied him!”

    He feigns surprise at the name as Kanako puts up a picture of Satoshi “KUMA” Kazami on the big screen (this is LIGHTBRINGER’s uncle, a well known wrestler who was a part of the PANKRASH team along with the likes of Io “Shiraiba” Carvajal and TIGER MINORU) – he currently trains the aforementioned Eimi Sanada.

    “KUMA? Kazami? I have no idea who this man is. Who is this man you speak of, Sanada? I know nothing of this!”

    He laughs as Kanako decides to join in the conversation – she points at the big screen, making notice of the blonde hair and similar looks.

    “Oh sure, just look at this man! He is you in maybe twenty five years!”

    “Twenty five!? Try two hundred!”

    “I am telling on you!”

    “Do it. This man won’t do anything. Whoever he is…”

    LIGHTBRINGER looks around the studio with shifty eyes before laughing. The image on the big screen changes to one of Daisuke Ishihara on LB’s shoulders after his retirement match at Korakuen Hall… LIGHTBRINGER has a solemn expression at the image – Kanako makes a comment.

    “So it has been almost a year since you fought Red King in his retirement match and defeated him – are you going to mark the occasion?”

    “Ah well… I guess I will. I will wear red in the match closest to then in respect of him. He is my mentor. He is a true warrior. It was an honour. A massive privilege for me and I will never forget it.”

    Both ladies nod in agreement along with him…

    “A true man who embodies the spirit of strong style dojo – he taught you his devastating EXECUTEEEEE knee strike?”

    “Oh yes. I will only use it when I must… execute… my opponent!”

    “I should learn the secrets of this strike, it would help me greatly in my matches. I am sure the SHOOT rivals could not deal with this! I must know these secrets!”

    SU☆ jumps up and down excitedly as the trio laugh together once more… the image on the screen then changes back to the original image of LIGHTBRINGER victorious after his match with Dustin Dreamer…

    “So, now we come back to the CWA and what is going on… what is in your future? Dasutin Doriimaa has been surpassed… are you expecting him to come back for another chance at the title? Or will you look elsewhere? What is coming up next for the CWA?”

    LIGHTBRINGER stops and thinks for a moment, acting serious for a moment once more…

    “Well. Doriimaa was a big challenge. Bigger than I expected as I said. He can come for the title once more and I will slam the door shut once more. He takes on Erija Edowaazu on this upcoming future show and I will keep a close eye. I am sure both men will want another shot and I welcome the challenge. I look forward to see who can overcome who. As for me? I face a man known as Maaku Meriwezaa. I haven’t watched much of him I will admit. But I hear he is apparently from Hariuddo (Hollywood) !”

    SU☆ lets out a huge sarcastic gasp of shock as she hears this…

    “NO WAY! HARIUDDO!? This man must be the biggest star ever! You are in trouble!”

    “HA! I think he is the only person who views himself as a star. But if I am serious for a moment…”

    As LIGHTBRINGER goes on to speak about his future opponent – Mark Merriweather – the big screen then shows recent highlights including Merriweather’s win over Marcus Bennett.

    “He could be a dangerous opponent. He has proven he has the ability to win. But the question I ask of him is the same I ask of almost everyone who steps into the ring with me. Has he faced someone like me? The answer I can’t say. But I don’t think so. I am not sure how he will approach this match. I’m not sure if he cares much about my accomplishments or ability. He seems to only care for himself and is proud of that fact. That would be his downfall for sure.”

    “It appears a lot of these men you face in America care for themselves… Makuginisu, Doriimaa… now Meriwezaa! You would think these men would learn the lesson eventually! Perhaps it is the secret to defeating you, Tokyo Kisai! The undefeated streak secret has been unveiled!”

    “Oh…. OH! NO! I am doomed now, Kanako! What have you done!? Edit this out! Edit!”

    There’s a brief laughter around the room until they settle down and LIGHTBRINGER continues to speak..

    “One day I will lose. I am not sure who to. But I can assure you it will be a fluke and I will avenge it. Is Maaku the man? I don’t think so. He hasn’t impressed me. I welcome his challenge but I don’t see what he is capable of or what he brings that can bring me down. He is very much a diva. He thinks too much of himself. He seems to think it is his god given right to be at the top of the CWA but he will get nowhere close, I assure you. I am higher up the ladder and that is a fact. This man will brag and gloat about himself… but the truth is he has nothing to truly brag and gloat about. You see this belt sitting in front of me – I have that and he does not. How can he even begin to say he has something over me? Much like all of my opponents, I will see the fear in his eyes and psyche wilt as he stands infront of me in the ring. That is all. There’s not much more I can say about my thoughts regarding this man.”

    “Perhaps this sums him up well – there’s nothing left for you to say?”

    “He sounds like nothing to me!”

    Both LIGHTBRINGER and Kanako react in fake shock to SU☆ and her outburst before they all settle down and laugh it off – that was the main part of the show regarding LIGHTBRINGER. They would go on to speak about SU☆ and her career happenings before they had a silly segment discussing random things where LIGHTBRINGER was brought out a chocolate cake and balloons saying HAPPY for some congratulation on his title win. The excuse was that they couldn't find 'CONGRATULATIONS' ballons. But perhaps they were just being cheapskates. It was a mini celebration of sorts and helped take his mind off things... but he still felt very sorry for Himawari in this case as suddenly there was a huge gulf between them. He stood and posed for photos (tweeted/amebaed by Kanako) with his balloons… but pictures sometimes lie. He wasn’t very happy right now and there was only one true outlet for him – he was going to take it out on Mark Merriweather.

    As he left the TV studio later on that evening, he was surprised to have a text on his phone from Himawari – “Good luck in your next match!” which brought a smile to his face. But he was confused now more than ever. What was he going to do? For now, he just had to focus on his matchup.


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER



    The CWA had come to Toronto, Canada for a show – a show which LIGHTBRINGER was not a part of. He had been given the week off – something which he requested. For the week or so leading into the show and the week after, LIGHTBRINGER would have company to show/take with him around the North American continent: his best friends, BoBo and Jiggylpuff (real name Jigoro Oshiro). It was a welcome addition to his travels ever since Himawari had returned to Japan. It was the first time in quite a while that the CWA High Voltage champion had ever felt alone in his life. And coupled with events surrounding the Strong Style Dojo recently, he may have felt slightly like he was going to be forgotten about. So it was fun to have his friends with him for a small while – they could get up to ridiculous antics… and in a foreign country. It was almost like a mini lads holiday except it was Canada… and it was a fat clumsy guy, a middle aged borderline perverted dude and LIGHTBRINGER. Quite possibly the greatest trio currently in existence.

    CWA Adrenaline Rush
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    After enjoying a meal at a local restaurant – along with some alcohol (absolutely NOT Echigo Tsurukame sake), the trio had gone to the Air Canada centre to enjoy the show. The three of them spoke about the card that night. BoBo and Jigglypuff may not have known a lot about the CWA but they were keen to voice their opinions anyway. They would sit throughout the show and complain about the quality of beer on offer and the price. BoBo would also make comments about how Canadian girls were not as he expected. They had an enjoyable time at the show – they were hooked in as soon as Johnny Vegas got jumped by Savage and then subsequently saved by a lady.

    See! That’s why you need Himawari! What if that happened to you, Kisai?

    It was a good question by Jigglypuff – although he obviously didn’t know the whole story or situation. LIGHTBRINGER took a while to answer.

    “Well… Jigoro… I don’t think I would be stupid enough to be in that situation in the first place. Vegas should know he has enemies and should be especially aware of the fact that he is weak. He didn’t do anything. He didn’t anticipate. I’m not like Johnny Vegas, Jigoro. I would have been able to handle myself. Just look at the guy who attacked him – he was run off by a small, unintimidating female.”

    That’s exactly what Himawari is.


    You’re right. But you’re wrong.”

    Oh of course! Mr Kisai is always right! Always.

    “Don’t you have some Canadian girls to be disappointed in, BoBo?”

    I’ll be disappointed on my own terms, Kisai. Leave them out of it.

    “Well, Himawari is small but she’s intimidating. To me anyway. I’ve seen her in battles. She’s the champion in P E A R L S right? Something to be intimidated about. Ariel Justice? Done nothing. Just like Vegas.”

    Didn’t that Vegas guy beat McGinnis?

    He got you there, Kisai. You can’t say anything about that!

    “So what? I beat him too.”

    Only by DQ!

    LIGHTBRINGER didn’t respond to his friends and they noted the silence almost instantly, BoBo perked up.


    Just wait until we tell Daisuke about this.

    “Two vs one me right now. I’ll beat you both.”

    Oh, little Tokyo Kisai is upset that we are insulting him! Jigglypuff, I think we should run away or we might face the devastating…. LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT!

    “Just go back to Japan right now.”

    The teasing was light hearted but LIGHTBRINGER had an ego as such that wouldn’t allow him to let it slide at times. It was an ego he hadn’t really shown so far in his CWA career, though. There ribbing of their friend would change just a few moments later however. Michelle von Horrowitz had walked out to the ring and had something to say.


    BoBo was right. He did know her. Of course – he had seen her at a show with LIGHTBRINGER before. MVH would go on to cut a spiel about how it was her right to lead the company. To be the premier star.

    Pfft. Typical girl. Always insecure.

    “She sort of has a point, BoBo. She does bust her ass. She’s just going about it in the wrong way. Some of the people cheer for her. Some of them boo. She’s halfway between. She clearly doesn’t like anyone here… but well, she’s in the ring and I am not…. Sh-“

    LIGHTBRINGER is cut off as MVH then goes on her tirade about being in the High Voltage championship match – and then namedrops him. He stares a hole right through her – she might have glimpsed him in the crowd but she doesn’t acknowledge it. Some of the crowd around him let out noise and point at him but he just sits and looks intently. After her rant, BoBo stands up and shouts at her (obviously drowned out by the crowd)



    “BoBo, sit down you idiot.”

    BoBo did as he was told but broke into an outburst.


    After a quick laugh, they would go on to enjoy the rest of the show - however the consequences were clearly dire... Michelle von Horrowitz had been banned from the legendary BoBo experience. Whatever that was. Especially piping up whenever the Echo appeared…. Jigglypuff had to leave the arena for a moment to compose himself but came back soon after. There was pleasure in seeing both members lose their match, the fact that they could call them literal losers just made the night fun. Didn’t matter about how the Echo lost the matches. They were having their fun.

    But LIGHTBRINGER paid extra attention to the main event. Elijah Edwards set the place on fire with a win of Jonathan McGinnis. It was a warning sign. But he let the crowd’s enjoyment of the match make him forget about it. Instead, he was too focused on trying to have a good time with his friends. For the first time in a long time. He didn’t even go out wearing the High Voltage title. Of course, as he was leaving the arena, quietly, amongst the rapidly dispersing crowd… he was noticed by some kids. They pointed at him, BoBo and Jigglypuff whilst shouting:


    BoBo turned around and looked at LIGHTBRINGER.

    What did they say?

    LIGHTBRINGER found it hilarious... although he thought that it would be the crap type of insult that The Echo would come up with.

    “They said look it’s that ruggedly handsome best friend of Tokyo Kisai’s and… BoBo!”

    These kids know their stuff.

    They don’t think I AM HANDSOME?

    “Why would you want kids to think you’re handsome, BoBo?”

    Don’t piss me off.

    “You did it to me earlier.”

    Following that night, LIGHTBRINGER and his teammates would discuss the CWA a lot more – their conversations would be recorded in small vlogs that BoBo wanted to upload to the SSD YouTube channel in order to educate fans. Along with being able to post on things such as Ameblo – these videos would be posted later. But both BoBo and Jigglypuff had become incredibly interested in the CWA and found themselves watching old shows and trying to educate themselves. LIGHTBRINGER would drink sake to put up with it. He was glad to get a break from them and their terrible attempts at trying to break down the company and work out how it all worked since the storylines seemed to function differently than in Japan. This break came due to LIGHTBRINGER taking part in a small interview series called ‘A Pint of Milk’ – which were a series of random questions that he answered. Initially, he thought that was it as he handed in the small sheet of paper backstage to some of the webmasters but he was caught off guard. He bumped into Michelle Kelly – the backstage interviewer lead for the CWA. Who quickly did her best to grab him aside.

    CWA Adrenaline Rush - Backstage
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    “Are you able to quickly talk to us? We know you’re facing Johnny Vegas on the next edition of Adrenaline Rush. I mean, you’re already here so we may as well – kills two birds with one stone and all that. Won’t have to bother you later, I promise.”

    “Ha. It’s fine. It’s my pleasure. I guess I have to do something right now, right?”


    She looked around for a minute and seemed slightly confused.

    “No Himawari with you?”

    “Not this week. Maybe not for a long time.”

    “Off record – what’s going on?”

    “Nothing interesting.”

    “Oh okay.”

    She looked slightly disappointed in not getting any gossip… but also somewhat happy that there wasn’t someone staring a hole through her as she interviewed LIGHTBRINGER this time. The camera then begins to roll.

    “So – I am here with the CWA’s High Voltage champion, LIGHTBRINGER. We didn’t hear much from you last week – but I’m sure you’ve got plenty to say. Where do we start, where do we start… how about Michelle von Horrowitz’ outburst?”

    He looks at her and nods – following the conversation before responding. He goes to grab his shoulder but realises he is not wearing his belt and so feels a little unnatural.

    “Well. She showed passion. She showed disrespect. She showed a little bit of everything. I was in the crowd and I heard everything she said. And I am impressed. Yet I am not. Michelle talks a big game but she has failed to win when it matters time and time again. I’m not sure what has convinced her that this time will be any different. Maybe her experience at the top? Who knows. She certainly seems more upset with the CWA than with me. Very interesting, indeed. She is very peculiar. I will have to keep an eye out for her…”

    “Well… I might be able to help you with that!”

    “Oh really?”

    “Yes… you see, she is apparently going to be providing commentary for your matchup this week!”

    “Oh. Oh. I see. Well… I guess I should feel blessed right? She can only serve as a distraction. But I will not lose focus in the match. I can’t let her consume my attention by herself –there are other things for me to think about here. If she wants me to be able to hear her then she is going to have to scream very loudly. I’m sure she is used to that though – she seems to have an issue with not receiving attention and acting stroppy. She might think she has a chance to play mind games with me… but it’ll be the opposite way about. I don’t want to be rude but we are speaking too much of Michelle for my liking right now….”

    “It’s not rude at all! I think a lot of people don’t want to give her the time of day right now given how she has been acting.”

    “I’m happy to face her and beat her. But I don’t want to waste my words on her completely this week.”

    “Right – well… what about Elijah Edwards? People have already witnessed him lose the belt to you and then fail to regain it. Some may have been counting him out of the upcoming triple threat for that reason… but his win over Jonathan McGinnis… it’s big right? He has to be taken seriously now.”

    LIGHTBRINGER cuts a small smirk at the camera at the mention of McGinnis losing – he can’t hide his delight.

    “Of course, I have always taken him seriously. He has been a great opponent and I have nothing but respect for him. But I hope he doesn’t get carried away here. Jonathan McGinnis hasn’t ever bested me. Beating him only proves you’re better than him. Not me. Both my opponents would do well to remember this. And as I said earlier, my attention is going to be split and I have to make sure to keep all the bases covered. Edwards has my attention – I’ve kept my eye on him. I always thought the rematch was too early and that he’d get another chance to face me. He is going to be buoyed by his latest massive victory but he has to keep being consistent. He can’t fade away. I look forward to seeing if he can make an impact when he’s in a match involving the Echo, McGinnis, Kaiju and Krash. Is there enough room in between all those egos for his personality and skill to shine through? I’m not so sure.”

    “I didn’t know you were a hype man!”

    “What can I say? I take an interest in the show. I take an interest in the wrestling and who’s doing what. I am a keen observer. Elijah Edwards was able to beat the champion infront of a home crowd… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy from here on out. He has a lot more to prove. But… so do I…”

    Michelle looks at him, interested – she thrusts the mic back to his face after a quick, sharp response.

    “How so?”

    LIGHTBRINGER recalled that Michelle von Horrowitz addressed him as arrogant. But she had no idea how arrogant he could be. None.

    “Well – the thing is…. I believe I am the best in the CWA. There’s not a single person I am afraid of. There’s not a single person I think could pin me to the canvas or make me tap out. The thing is – I look at what I have done in the CWA so far and know that I have a long way to go before I start making the majority of the people agree with that opinion of mine.”

    “Well, as you said, you do have a win over Jonathan McGinnis.”

    “Of course. And some may say it was a disqualification so it doesn’t count – but I was winning the match until that point. The DQ happened because the Echo had to save face for him. I will never need someone to step in and save face for me. Ever. I’d take death over the likes of the Echo interfering on my behalf. All I can do is continue to beat who is put infront of me. People may say the competition is not as strong as at the top… but that is because I have been making them all look incredibly weak. Nobody has come close to touching me so far. People might start thinking that my run is a fluke or that I have it easy. But I do not. I am making it look easy. That’s my secret…”

    “And… I guess that secret is now out there. Don’t you feel like you may be starting to underestimate people?”

    “Such as?”

    “Well… what about Johnny Vegas? Another man who holds a win over McGinnis. He has been in and out of relevance lately… but surely you must think he could be dangerous?”

    LIGHTBRINGER almost stifles a laugh.

    “Are you joking? This is a joke right? Johnny Vegas is a laughing stock. Jonathan McGinnis is never going to live that loss down and that is fantastic. I will have yet another reason to stand above McGinnis when I demolish Vegas. I haven’t been so unimpressed with a wrestler since… well maybe ever. You see – people keep saying I have it easy… but all I can do is beat who is infront of me. What choice do I have when I get Vegas put infront of me? He’s coming off of… uhm… something. What’s he done lately beside get beat up lately? It is a complete and total mismatch. I don’t feel any shame in saying that. Johnny Vegas has absolutely nothing for the majority of the CWA and he certainly has nothing to show to me. I could go in there and have him beaten in ten seconds…. And that would be blindfolded. Johnny Vegas doesn’t deserve any respect. The fans can barely bring themselves to cheer him. Infact, I bet most only do it for him out of pity. Johnny Vegas calls himself a wrestler… he’s not fit enough to lace my boots. He’s proof that you can have a beautiful wife, all the money in the world and still be an absolute loser. “

    “Aren’t you being a little unfair?”

    “Am I? I don’t know... I’ll let the people watching decide that. I don't think anyone cares if I am honest with you. I’ll treat Johnny Vegas with respect in the ring – I won’t break his neck in the first five seconds. After that, no promises. Let’s see how long he can survive eh? Do you think Johnny Vegas has anything for anyone anymore? He's washed up. All he did was beat McGinnis. It was a fluke and he has ridden the coattails of that win all the way up to the top and then all the way back down into the annals of irrelevancy... almost like some sort of morbid rollercoaster. Alot of people will tune in to hear what Michelle von Horrowitz will have to say or to see how Elijah Edwards fares. Well - they need to realise that the reason they are going to tune is because of me. It's time that I stop being so respectful of some people. There are too many people around here who mail it in, they do nothing and yet get rewarded. What has Johnny Vegas done to deserve a match with me? I almost feel sorry that I am being paid by the CWA to wrestle this guy. It's free money."

    He stops for a moment.

    "I know I am being rude. Let me tell you something - I was never the super respectful guy. I got noticed because I talked alot of the talk and walked alot of the walk. Johnny Vegas has done neither. He doesn't deserve to be here. He doesn't deserve the life he has - not by any stretch of the imagination. He is a talentless fool. I consider it an insult that I am having to face off with this man whilst Michelle gets her week off. I consider it an insult that a future challenger and man I have beaten twice gets to main event over me. I consider it an insult that Jonathan McGinnis is still treated like he is the true champion of the CWA. He has one good match every seven weeks. He's almost as bad as Vegas. I've done enough observing. It's time to put things into action. Michelle von Horrowitz cries out for change - well it's coming. But not the way she expects it. The top reason to watch Adrenaline Rush is going to become apparent following the show in Calgary. That reason is going to be me. But little bonus for everyone this week - they get to see me DESTROY Vegas. It's two for the price of one. Enjoy it."

    He notices that Michelle has her mouth open slightly and he shuts it for her before walking away.


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER


    F I N A L


    Inside the locker room of the CWA High Voltage champion, there’s a tension in the air like never before – it feels different than all the other times. The room is sparse – there’s not much to decorate it since it is a barebones locker room after all – but the champion sits, hands clasped and staring down at the ground infront of him. Nate Savage, Ariel Justice and Johnny Vegas are doing battle and the fans are responding to every strike, every move… their enjoying the action. The small television playing in the room isn’t the only thing that conveys that… the noise can be heard directly from above and all around. Stamping of the feet, clapping of the hands… anything the crowd does to make noise resonates throughout the building. “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER doesn’t appear to be paying much attention to it… he’s clearly zoned out. He may be away in his own world but the intermittent crowd noises serves as a reminder, he knows where he is…

    CWA Kings Reign Supreme
    Sunday, 31st July, 2016 – Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    It’s been over an hour since he arrived at the arena and started to make his preparations – he was to defend his belt in a triple threat. It was almost a match concept that was foreign to him. He was used to wrestling in singles matches a lot… it was something that he was still quite getting to grips with.

    “I don’t need to be pinned to lose my title.”

    It was a thought that would continue to flow through his mind – even when he would push it away, it’d slowly creep back in. Almost as if it were in the corner of his mind’s eyes constantly. It was the first obstacle he had to clear when thinking of the match ahead. He would never truly clear it but all he could do was ensure he didn’t get pinned. It was a thought that worried him deeply on the inside – he didn’t think it was right that the match was outwith his full control. There was no champion’s advantage in this match and he hated that, before a strike had even been thrown, he would already be at a disadvantage to his two opponents. It was a small thing to consider. He has plenty running through his mind… he was psyching himself out… psyching himself up for another big match. He caught a soundbite of the commentary mentioning the upcoming High Voltage match and what it entailed – LIGHTBRINGER looked over at the title resting next to him and thought about what the title truly meant to him. It was weird to think about, in a way… he had never really considered what the title meant to him until recently.

    The champion holds the title in his lap and looks at its intricate design for a moment – eyes following all the little nooks and crannies on the belts appearance. He juts his head up and looks at the ceiling, letting out a little sigh of contemplation with the mind wandering back to when he really considered his viewpoint on the belt…

    It was the fourth of June and he was visiting his homeland, Japan, to spend time with the Strong Style Dojo team as they ventured to Osaka in order to support Kyoji “Itsumade” Tanigcuhi in his SPJ Heavyweight Title bout against Naota “BURNING” Kotani… the man that LIGHTBRINGER had come to despise. It was a weird moment for him – he was going to witness his student try to do what he could not… dethrone the asshole champion of SPJ. LIGHTBRINGER was never given his chance and he felt a small resentment to his student for that. Not only that… but he was an injury replacement. Being present at the show altogether was a bit of a weird experience for him. Eye opening in some regard.

    Saturday, 4TH June 2016 – Osaka-jo Hall, Osaka, Japan

    The place was jam packed with fans – around about 8000 of them. It was a familiar sight for him to see the fans react to the SPJ show but a part of it felt alien. He wasn’t sure whether it was because he had become used to the CWA crowds and how they reacted… or maybe it was because he wasn’t actually a part of the show anymore. He could see all the attention that the likes of Kyoji would get from the crowd as he stormed down the ramp flanked by the Strong Style Dojo team. The match felt much more like a fight than a pro wrestling bout… but LIGHTBRINGER felt disappointed that he wasn’t a part of that team. He, and his best friend, BoBo, had elected to sit in the crowd and enjoy the show. Everyone else was supporting Kyoji in the match – and rightfully so. It was his moment… his turn to shine. But there was a small voice nagging away at him in the back of his head as the main event of the show drew closer and closer to fruition…

    “You wish it was you. You want all the attention.”

    It constantly remind him that he wasn’t the one who commanded all the attention here anymore. He had almost become a thing of the past. It was just a consequence of his career choice and where his career was playing out. People were glad for him, people were happy he was a big success in America but that didn’t mean they would follow him as closely as they used to. It meant that the number of loyal followers he had would dwindle – how many people are going to concern themselves with him once it becomes harder to keep up to date?

    He was currently in the midst of preparing for a bout with Dustin Dreamer and had filmed some TV spots and online video spots to promote the match. He was still a ‘thing’ at this point and his popularity wouldn’t suddenly drop… but he could feel it go slightly and that irked him. He also hadn’t had the awkward encounter with Himawari yet at this point in time and seeing her walk Kyoji to the ring reminded him of the importance she had in helping his mindset during tough matches in the CWA. Little did he know at the time that she would play an important role in helping him defend the belt against Dreamer at World’s Strongest, his latest title defense. He didn’t realise that would potentially be his last title defense to feature Himawari by his side.

    He was away in his own world as the SSD team made their entrance at that point in time… almost like the same sort of thought trance he was in at the Bell Centre locker room. Although, his friend, BoBo, would nudge him in the side and interrupt his thoughts.

    Is there a reason why it looks like you are too busy staring at Himawari’s bosom to care about the fact that Kyoji is about to get into that ring and bring back some singles gold to the SSD, Kisai? What did I tell you about doing that? You are not like me, your eyes may pop out!

    LIGHTBRINGER looked at his friend out of the corner of his eye, his thought bubble burst. He lets out a wry smirk. It was possible they both may have consumed some alcohol and were likely to joke around… also possibly the reason why LIGHTBRINGER would find himself in such deep thoughts at random points over seemingly trivial things. His friend let out some cheeky laughter and LIGHTBRINGER blushed slightly at being called out before laughing also.

    “I wasn’t! A terrible accusation from the likes of you! How come your eyes haven’t popped out yet?”

    Because I don’t stare at her bosom! I have too much respect!

    “Oh I’m sure you do, BoBo, when did respect ever mean anything to you when it came to ogling ladies? You don’t discriminate - you hold them all to the same regard.”

    His friend laughs nervously… but then holds his hands up

    Who says I was talking about respect for the women!?

    “What else would you have to have respect for?”


    The High Voltage champion scrunched his face up in response to this…

    “What does that even mean?”

    That bosom is yours!

    “Tokyo Kisai” would laugh at his friend’s statement initially – grabbing onto his shoulder and trying to prevent himself from howling… and then he realised just what he was insinuating. He stopped laughing and looked at his smirking friend… narrowing his eyes…

    “BoBo… have you somehow been drinking the Echigo Tsurukame again? I don’t know what your drunk mind is trying to say.”

    His friend isn’t fooled by him trying to play dumb – of course, they had plenty of conversations about the topic before but this was in a more candid manner. It was almost as if they were joking around to a degree. He put his hands up in the air and made a motion that instantly dismissed what “Tokyo Kisai” was saying.

    Say what you will, Kisai! Say what you will! The fact is... that bosom is yours! Stare at it until your eyes pop out! I won’t! Because I am a great friend! You just know… the bosom is yours! That’s why you stare! Cause you know. You know.

    He was struggling to see his friend’s point… it was possible he was too intoxicated. He get that his friend was BoBo was pushing him to talk about the potential nonstarter that was romance with Himawari.

    “I know what?”

    That it’s yours! You can look!

    “But it’s not mine.”

    You could take it if you want. We all know that!

    “Maybe you’re r…”

    NO! I AM RIGHT! You don’t need to play coy with me. I’m your best friend. Tonight, after Kyoji wins, make it yours!

    “BoBo, focus on the match you fool! We can discuss bosoms another time, BoBo. You were the one just chastising me a moment ago for not focusing on Kyoji! I wasn’t staring anyway, honestly. I’m sorry to disappoint you. I was thinking about… about something else.”

    His friend scowled at him but chose to believe me and then heed his words – focus on the match. LIGHTBRINGER wasn’t staring at his female friend’s bosom. No – he wasn’t drunk enough to suddenly become brazen like that.

    Oh really? Enlighten me, Kisai. Himawari would like to know what’s more important than her bosom?

    He looked at his friend and they had a ridiculous bout of laughter. He couldn’t tell if BoBo was being stupidly drunk and serious or if he was just trying to be stupid. He didn’t have the time to explain to his best friend though – after all, he was right, he should be focusing on cheering on Kyoji and enjoying the match.

    “I will tell you later, BoBo. The match is what is important here, like you said. I just want to see Kotani get decimated. I am excited for this.”

    Let’s hope you were a good teacher.

    “I am the best. The best at everything. You would do well not to forget that – as would everyone else that has known of me.”

    There was the slightly drunk ego/arrogance starting to slip out. He had never disguised himself as being an extremely polite person – he could be a bit of an egotistical prat if he wanted. It was just a part of his charm and how he spoke – there weren’t many people who would be willing to speak up and rebut his claims. But… if BoBo had several thousand more IQ points, he may have been able to decipher that the sentence somewhat alluded to what was on the CWA High Voltage champion’s mind at the time. He had been staring intently at his SSD friends accompanying “Itsumade” to the ring and realised that used to be him they would accompany to the ring with their full support. Now it was Kyoji that was the centre of attention, he was the man they were championing and not him. And that almost depressed him a little. Of course, in the coming days, he would use that somewhat as fuel to help him defeat Dustin Dreamer… maybe that would have been enough to dispel the thought… but Evolution unfolded in a different way that made that impossible, in a way.

    The match was an incredibly tense affair – both guys gave it their all and beat each other up to breaking point. LIGHTBRINGER would be unusually vocal and stand up out of his seat many times and screech instructions at Kyoji multiple times. Despite the small feeling of jealous creeping in, he was still a team player and wanted the best for his protégé. He wouldn’t openly admit it but maybe if by showing support for his student, he could remind him that “Tokyo Kisai” was the reason he was the champion. Plus, it worked well since BoBo would only shout “ASSHOLE!” or “FOOL!” or “MORON!” in response to anything that Kotani did. That was more out of BoBo’s hate for Kotani than in support for Taniguchi. BoBo was the most loyal follower LIGHTBRINGER would have – and it would show.

    LIGHTBRINGER could see that he was a good teacher throughout the match – he was able to see Kotani’s flaws and how Kyoji would capitalise – he would spot openings before his student would work them. It put him at ease knowing that he felt ‘ahead’ of the game. It also satisfied him greatly that Kotani seemed so easy to figure out. He was invested in the match – and he may have been proud at the time but he didn’t realise that his investment stemmed from the immense focus he had placed on himself. In his mind, the match didn’t seem to revolve around Kyoji or Kotani, he had contorted it to revolve around himself. What would happen would reflect on him but would also affect his inner thoughts.

    The match was building to a climax and BoBo found himself watching through his fingers… but LIGHTBRINGER was glued to it. He was standing and shouting – and then it happened – Kotani let his guard down. He showboated like the massive clown he was and Taniguchi hit him with the INSEKI piledriver. It was over. Kotani had been defeated and LIGHTBRINGER had served his part. The SSD team burst into triumphant celebration whilst Tiga-gun were downtrodden. It was glorious. “Tokyo Kisai” was full of joy at his student’s victory… but as he saw him being given the SPJ Heavyweight Title and be hoisted into the air by TANK… a sudden, gloomy realisation washed over him like a shower of negativity – summed up by BoBo’s sudden exclamation.


    It should be a good thing. Kyoji was indeed the man. And LIGHTBRINGER realised that made him even more irrelevant… even more obscure. Strong Style Dojo had their first singles champion since his Intercontinental Title run. That run is what made him “the man” – not his capturing of the CWA High Voltage title. There was no sudden SSD celebration, he wasn’t hoisted onto his teammate’s shoulders in response to winning the HV title – and that is the thought that troubled him. He was so used to being seen as the top dog, the main man of Strong Style Dojo… and suddenly he had been usurped by his student… just like that. It was going to take days for him to accept it – it was something he truly had begun to think about until after the Dustin Dreamer defense. It factored in a little but he didn’t have a lot of time to think about it beforehand. Almost two months removed? Now it had set in. He had seen it play out – he was, indeed, no longer ‘the man’. It shouldn’t grate at him but the celebration that night, the crowd suddenly finding a hero in Taniguchi… just anything that veered attention away from him, he had noticed it.

    Back in his locker room at the Bell Centre, the match was drawing closer – and the memories of EVOLUTION had stirred a feeling in him. He stood up and ignored the TV further as he took a small walk to a sink. He’d let the water run for a few moments as he stared at himself in the mirror. Unlike a lot of his previous matches – there wasn’t anyone there to give him the pep talk, the outside perspective… all he had was his tunnel vision.

    “You don’t have to worry about what they think. You know you’re the man. You’re the guy that everyone in the CWA is looking at and wanting a piece of. There’s not a single soul that wouldn’t jump at the chance to share the ring with you. Evolution doesn’t mean everything has changed. You’re still the man. You’re THE man…”

    A quick rinse of the hands under the cold water tap and then he quickly slaps his face a few times – it’s harsh, another slap and suddenly he has BoBo’s words ringing in his head from the Evolution ‘after party’ where they celebrated Taniguchi’s win…


    The pair of them were sitting alone at a table as the SSD group had decided to take part in a group karaoke session with the new SPJ Heavyweight Champion. BoBo had definitely drank too much sake and LIGHTBRINGER himself wasn’t exactly sober as a judge either. He had made good on the promise to tell his friend what had been dominating his mind during the matchup earlier that night. BoBo, ever the friend, was trying to put his doubts to rest.

    We all know you would kick Kotani’s ass anyway! Kyoji just did it with your help! If you didn’t teach him, he wouldn’t be able to, everyone knows that!

    He’s glad his friend as on the same wavelength of thinking as him… but his friend would stop and slap him again…


    LIGHTBRINGER let out a loud laugh whilst drunkenly trying to shoosh his friend.

    “Not this again, BoBo! We’ve been over this… many times.”

    Yeah, well… if you’re the man then she needs to be the WOMAN!

    “It’s not happening!”

    But we all know that it’s supposed to! You think Daisuke or the others would care, that it would be unprofessional! I’m your best friend, Kisai, don’t you forget that, I can read you like a book! You would do well to listen to me! I am the greatest fucking friend on the planet!

    “Of course, of course.”

    Who was the guy who would constantly tell the world that you would be the best ever to step into the SPJ ring… no… the best to step into ANY ring? That was me! I’m THE MAN’s best friend! And I know the MAN better than he knows himself!

    BoBo was definitely drunk – and seemed clearly worried by LIGHTBRINGER’s mindset with regards to the events. His drunken speech would carry on…

    But you just care TOO much about what other people may think. You’re being too careful. None of us would care about you and Himawari…

    It didn’t matter much as LIGHTBRINGER still wouldn’t change his mind on it – he had to be professional regardless if other people didn’t mind.

    BUT this isn’t about that. Or Bosoms… it’s about you! You think that Kyoji’s going to outshine you ehhh? Well FIX IT. Beat up this Dreamer guy. Beat up your next fifty opponents – DESTROY THEM like you used to destroy others. We watch the CWA – we all know what you’re like and how you’re holding back…

    “BoBo… it’s different there. The crowd, the way it works – they’d all boo me if I stayed the same. They’re different. They like everything in black and white terms… I’m not black and white but sometimes I have to be…”

    No! No, you don’t! There you go again worrying about other people’s thoughts! You’re becoming soft! That’s stupid! What happened!? You have to be the LIGHTBRINGER that we used to know here. Who gives a fuck if people boo you? The reason why we loved you here is because you spoke the truth. You weren’t scared of anyone – remember when you slapped the shit out of Kotani’s face? Remember what you said about Whitlock!?

    Ah yes, the slapsgiving incident was always a fun memory… albeit one mentioned a lot. But BoBo was referring to how cocky LIGHTBRINGER would be in his earlier run. How he would make people take notice through his penchant for shit talk and brutally backing it up. BoBo was referring to the man that LIGHTBRINGER had defeated to win the SPJ Intercontinental title: Tau’a “Goliath” Whitlock. Whitlock was a member of Tiga-gun and not someone that LIGHTBRINGER was fond of, naturally. It took two LIGHTBRINGER lariats to put the man down – and after his celebration, LIGHTBRINGER was informed that he had caused a serious neck injury to Whitlock. His response?

    “He should have stayed down after the first one like any smart man would. He dared to get up and face another. His neck injury is his punishment for the arrogance he has shown me – and for the defiance he think he can throw at the new generation.”

    It was a venomous verbal assault but it was something that he lacked in his CWA run. He would speak highly of opponents and tear some of them down… but he was never particularly vicious or threatening. He was confident to let his wrestling ability speak for itself… but he realised that, as a champion, as someone under threat, it was time that he changed the way he spoke. He would display this new attitude in the weeks leading to Kings Reign Supreme, of course. The celebration of Kyoji’s night would culminate in BoBo somehow changing into a rabbit onesie and unleashing his drunken side on Osaka whilst also making sure to remind LIGHTBRINGER that he was the number one fan and that he was the man.

    LIGHTBRINGER let the cold water wash over his face as he stared back at himself in the mirror…

    He had thought about the night of Evolution for quite a while – and he had to realise that it was time for him to ‘evolve’ in the CWA. He had been the champion for a while but he never truly felt like he had earned the right to top billing. He had done everything asked of him but his cookie cutter attitude wasn’t going to make him stand out. He knew he had the wrestling talent to match anyone but it wasn’t about that. He could hear on his TV that the handicap matchup had finished and that his match was to begin soon – he hears a small promo begin to play that seems centrally focused on him. The CWA knew that he was used to a press conference style promo – or something close to that. A question based thing that would allow him to speak his mind. He had reminded himself of his best friend’s words and the emotions that would serve as the motivation for the task ahead… but now he needed to see whether he believed he exhuded the invincible aura he claimed to have. There wasn’t anything flashy about what he was watching – the screen just showed LIGHTBRINGER sitting down and clearly responding to someone… it was a pre taped segment that was supposed to be played before the match.

    He wasn’t wearing any wrestling gear – he was sitting, straight infront of the camera in a dark room – but he stood out due to the light shining off of the High Voltage title on his shoulder as well as his face as he spoke into the camera. His expression was more deadpan than usual and there was a high tone of hostility in his voice. He liked this – hopefully his opponents would see this and realise what they were facing.

    “Tonight… tonight at Kings Reign Supreme… it’s the triple threat for MY title, the High Voltage title. I can only think it is fair that I have to face two opponents instead of one. After all, nobody wishes to see a predictable match and the fact that I have to beat two other people leaves it more up in the air with regards to who will win. But make no mistake about it – this match will go just like all of the others. You know... originally I thought that I would have to pin both... 'FINALLY A CHALLENGE' I had thought... but I guess I was wrong. Some people may doubt me though - they may claim that I face some sort of impossible odds. I am the champion for a reason, I overcome impossible odds no matter what and the same will be happen tonight. But – I’m not overlooking my opponents at all. You see… I think that both Michelle von Horrowitz and Elijah Edwards are fine adversaries. They can compete. They have displayed their abilities plenty of time over the last few months and I can respect that they will give me a tough battle….”

    The champion says these words with a straight face but you can detect a small smirk start to come across his face just before he opens his mouth to speak…

    “But… I do not think either of them have any surprises or skills that can best me. Not tonight. Firstly, tonight is a very special night to me, it means a lot. I have been here for a while now and whilst I have certainly turned heads with my style and my undefeated run… I have yet to have that ‘match’ where I truly break through and make people realise just how prodigious my talent truly is. But that’s not only for the CWA fans… the people, the fans back in Japan… they must be reminded too. They are witnessing things occur there that may wipe out the memories I have created and left behind… but I want to bring them storming back. I conquered Japan – and it should stay conquered. I will not have someone take it from me. But I think my grasp may be slipping. That’s why tonight is extra special – I have to make people around the world take notice again. I hear the people speak a lot about the FWA and other big promotions around the world – well it’s time they begin to speak about the CWA again and I will be the cause of that.

    Just three years ago, in Japan, I was dubbed ‘The Next Generation’… I was the man that was going to rule the roost. But now, my presence may not be felt as strongly there anymore and in those three years, it seems there is a new ‘Next Generation’ that is threatening to surpass me. I have seen it with my own eyes. And I will not allow this. Some people may say that this triple threat may slow me down – how can I hope to surge in popularity when I am not CWA World Champion, right? Well, those people are wrong. This triple threat is a chance to propel me up and ensure that I can conquer the CWA quicker. High Voltage champion, World champion… it doesn’t matter – I am here to prove that I am the best, that I am the person everyone should be keeping their eye on. Dismantling my opponents tonight with ease will help me do that.”

    He retains a stoic expression as he speaks on the promo tape – he takes a small look at his belt as he readjusts it on his shoulder, clearly listening to what the interviewer has to say (which isn’t audible on the promo tape) but is somewhat easy to decipher based upon LIGHTBRINGER’s responses.

    “My opponents? I know I haven’t spoken much of them. Why? Because I don’t think much of them. Rude of me to say? Yes. Maybe I’m wrong to think this way but I don’t feel like I should care a lot about them. I am focused on myself and I am focused on keeping and elevating this title. I have to beat Elijah and Michelle to do that, yes. But I am not going to sit here and blush about them. I think both of them are mediocre at best. Call it disrespectful if you want but I know I am telling the truth and I will show that.

    Elijah Edwards… what has he done recently other than shy away from me and Michelle and try to make himself look good just because he has beaten McGinnis and joined the Anti-Club movement? He’s supposed to make me scared of him yet all I see is a man who is scared of me and has shown nothing that suggests he has improved ever since facing me… and losing...”

    Another grin creeps over the champion’s face…

    “…Twice. This is his third chance and I don’t think it will be any sort of charm. I will admit that, to most, beating Jonathan McGinnis and having strong performances recently has been impressive for Elijah. But not to me. I gave Jonathan McGinnis an easy beating until his cronies showed up to save him. I could take the Club without the need for partners. What Elijah Edwards has done recently is nothing new to me. It is nice that he was able to redeem himself infront of a hometown crowd and I am sure he will enjoy being the crowd favourite here, tonight. But the positive vibes the crowd give him won’t do much – do you believe in that crap? Optimism won’t save Elijah Edwards when I send him crashing with my lariat… or maybe I will submit him, I am spoiled for choice tonight. I would be surprised if people think there would be any other outcome… but who knows… maybe Romeo Rollings will speak a magic word and suddenly spur Elijah onto victory, right?”

    He laughs on the promo tape and that’s a big sign of his attitude change – he’s starting to show his arrogant and egotistical side. In his locker room, he can even hear some boos resonate throughout the arena which brings a small chuckle out of him before he continues to watch himself speak.

    “I am not frightened of Elijah Edwards… but it would be wise of him to be frightened of me. I afforded him all the respect in the world in our first few encounters… but not tonight. He hasn’t shown any interest in this belt at all… that is an insult. An insult that I will pay back.

    Of course… Elijah Edwards isn’t the only person in this match to insult me. Michelle von Horrowitz has insulted me. But I guess that does not make me special – she insults everyone. I think she has a problem… she seems like she suffers from some sort of inferiority complex where she must insult everyone to make her feel better about herself. Maybe she needs to do it so she doesn’t feel bad about choking when it matters. It’s no doubt that she is an impressive talent and she will absolutely feel like she has a chance in this match ever since she teamed up with me and stole my victory. She must think she can outsmart me. But her issue is that she doesn’t realise that she shrinks in the big matches. It’s all fine and well winning matches when they mean very little… but what about when the belt is on the line? Michelle acts like she is greatness – but she hasn’t shown anything to prove that. Michelle’s a dreamer… her fantasies are paved with gold and recognition… me? That’s my reality. I have been adorned with gold for the majority of my career, I have stood up and been noticed everywhere I have gone. Even here in the CWA, LIGHTBRINGER has already become a household name and anyone with a high enough IQ can see that I am the one destined to rule the roost here.”

    There’s a look of confusion from the champion on the promo tape as it appears the interviewer has cut in with some extra information…

    “Ah yes… the WrestleRoyale… ?”

    The champion has a funny look on his face as he squints and then starts laughing again…

    “So what? Michelle von Horrowitz won this match? Am I supposed to take that as a serious achievement? She was able to throw other competitors over the ropes… so what? I do that in every match I am in. If you count that as a big match win for her then that tells me all I need to know about your capability of judging wrestling. The fact is – Michelle von Horrowitz is someone who can’t get the job done when it matters. Why do you think she is lingering around the card with almost nothing to do? Why do you think she isn’t being mentioned at all when it comes to the World Title, huh? It’s because nobody wants to see her do anything. All she is good enough to be is a gatekeeper. She’s a big dreamer with a small heart. She will wilt when she realises she is facing a true talent in the ring and not some pretender like Harrison Wake. I hope she is listening to me when I say this and I hope every word serves to piss her off…”

    He holds his title up to the camera and speaks explicitly…

    “Michelle – do you see this title? Do you see me? I am the champion. You are nothing. The only place you hold this title are in your silly little dreams. Me? I hold it in reality. What you’re looking at right now is something you better get used to. This is what you will see at the end of tonight – me still holding this title. I am not afraid of you and I do not think much of your supposed ‘achievements’ in the CWA and the likes of Honshu and Okinawa. It’s pitiful that you think you are bigger than you are. But for one night, I will show you what a true star looks like.

    Tonight is a big change. I’ve been told for a long time that I have to stop trying to appease others. That I should focus on showcasing my true talent by focusing on myself and that is exactly what I am doing. The truth is that you could put anyone in this match… just don’t put anyone you want back in one piece. There CAN only be one outcome tonight. That is me standing tall. Tonight I have to evolve infront of the CWA audience and show my signal of intent... show that I am capable of conquering this company as the biggest star.

    Tonight, Kisai reigns supreme.”

    And when the promo tape ended… or moved onto its next segment, LIGHTBRINGER took his gaze away from the tv screen and stared at his marvellous robe. Without hesitation, he began to done it as he knew the time had come. He had the CWA High Voltage belt around his waist and entrance robe on – he would look at himself in the mirror one last time. He had the memories of how he felt seeing Kyoji ‘surpass’ still fresh in his mind. He wasn’t going to let himself continue to be outshone. He remembers everything he said in that promo segment, clear as day, and he meant every single word of it. He would look utterly foolish if he didn’t and he would look silly if he didn’t make good on what he promised… but he knew he would. Lastly – as he observed his look in the mirror, he agreed with what his best friend had been telling him all along. He was still the man. BoBo may not be there with him physically but he would feel his friend over his shoulder, doing his stupid pose and cheering him on in spirit. He ‘d give himself one final quick pep chat before leaving – and getting ready to do battle. All eyes on him.

    He was the man… no… He IS the man. He IS the man to watch in this matchup. He IS the CWA High Voltage champion and he IS “Tokyo Kisai” LIGHTBRINGER – and nobody in this matchup, this arena, was going to forget it.


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER

    Small note: There is a missing promo before this one that has been lost. The most important thing to take away from it was an argument between LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo that caused them to stop talking.

    C O N Q U E R

    Strong Style Dojo, Tokyo, Japan
    Wednesday, November 16th, 2016

    It was two days before the Wrestle Royale go home Adrenaline Rush was set to take place... yet 'Tokyo Kisai', LIGHTBRINGER was still very much focused on his duties to the Strong Style Dojo and 'teaching' rather than competing. He could hear some murmurs in the gym, questioning his commitment to this CWA venture and whether he should just drop it completely and stay home. He pretended he would not hear these conversations and would carry on things as normal - focusing on his newest student, La Volpe III... whose real name was Constance Canale. It was his job to make sure that she was not treated unfairly for leaving rivals Tiga-gun for the SSD. However, a lot of people thought he had returned to the dojo due to losing his title to Michelle von Horrowitz, hiding. Some conversations you can pretend to be deaf to... but there were simply some that LIGHTBRINGER could not do that to. After returning to the CWA, the murmurs died down somewhat. He had put MVH in her place time and time again. This week, he was able to enjoy complete silence - he had pinned Michelle on the latest edition of Adrenaline Rush... and showed he deserved a main event spot. He wasn't sheepish. He wasn't scared of anything.

    It had been a long day at the Dojo and LIGHTBRINGER had just finished instructing some 'rookies' to clean up the gym. Alot of the team were preparing to go home after a hard day of training - although there was a definite schism between some people. LIGHTBRINGER and BoBo had not healed the rift between them - they were still not on speaking terms. It was something that LIGHTBRINGER thought about as he packed away his gym outfit. His friend might have been right in their argument - to some degree, but he knew he could still fulfill his duties to the gym whilst 'conquering' other ventures. He just had to go to Wrestle Royale and beat Michelle von Horrowitz. Put the entire episode behind him. First, he had to sign the contract on Adrenaline Rush. He'd find it easy. He wasn't scared of anyone. But he had struggled to think of what to say, what to do... how to play one last mind game with his opponent. He stared off into space... eventually realising he was glaring at random wrestling event posters on the wall. One advertising Himawari vs Michelle von Horrowitz from a few months ago, some advertising Kyoji Taniguchi's failed SPJ Heavyweight Title defense... and there was another one advertising the special Strong Style Dojo produced "BoBo retirement" show - which was due to happen in ten days. His attention was more or less with the first poster - it evoked a memory within. It reminded him of the past few months in the CWA. The breakdown in friendship with Himawari. The loss to Michelle and subsequent sabbatical. And somehow, they both seemed to mix in together. The memory of that match between the two and Michelle's words were very, very alive in his mind.


    He remembered being backstage at the Osaka-jo Hall, helping Constance warm down after she lost a brutal contest against the freelancing Ai Kurayami. She had been given a tough match but she had performed well despite the defeat. Nobody had expected her to win... but she stood up to the intimidating and sometimes, demonic, Kurayami with everything she had. It was a performance that made 'Tokyo Kisai' realise Constance would need a lot of teaching... but she could be one of the SSD's biggest stars. Perhaps their biggest female star. Of course, it'd just take time. He hadn't cornered her for the match - for two reasons. He did not wish to be seen by the crowd and take attention away. And secondly, he did not want to offend Himawari by cornering Constance and not her. He couldn't be dealing with any more silly rifts in the team. He didn't spend much time with the team that day, anyway, as BoBo was in the corner of Himawari and he did not wish to get into another argument with his best friend and ruin any team morale. He had decided to spend the rest of the event with Constance, watching the show play out from their locker room, it was important to teach and point out things for his student to pick up on. Now it was time for the main event. Constance sat up in her chair, holding her ice pack to her neck a little more tightly. There was some tension. LIGHTBRINGER was also incredibly focused on the match also. His focus being broken by his student.

    "So... this is it? This is the moment of truth."

    He turned to her as Michelle von Horrowitz' introduction played.

    "Himawari won't win."

    Constance looked concerned.

    "What makes you think that? Shouldn't you be confident in your teammate? She's one of the best we have to offer!"

    He waved off her concerns.

    "It's not that she is not good enough. Her mentality is not right. What she is fighting for is not right. That is not her belt and she knows it. That's not her fight and she knows it. And lastly, BoBo has been training her. He doesn't know enough about Michelle to help her. I should have been the one. But he had already started training her and... and..."

    He's interrupted by his student.

    "And you two had already fallen out? Is that it? You didn't help because of that?"

    He nods his head.

    "There is more to it. But yes. I had to focus on other things. I wanted to leave them be. They can realise their own mistakes afterwards. This is a match that should not be happening."

    "But don't you see?"

    He whipped his head around and looked at his student with an inquisitive look. He could hear the echo of the ring mat through the television but he was more interested in what she had just said.


    "I think it's clear that they were offended by your loss. Offended by Michelle's words afterwards. I think... you are right that this is not their fight... but I think you are wrong not to see that they are standing up for their teammate's pride. You should, at least, give them respect for that. They could have let Michelle run her mouth... but they didn't. They stood up for you. In a way, aren't they fighting for you, out there? You say this isn't their fight. Maybe they know that but still fight. Maybe BoBo knew that he might not possess the knowledge to help Himawari completely... but he still tried to help her. Their motivation was you - you are their teammate and they will stand by you no matter what. That's what teams do, right? And that is what we are: a team."

    He turned back around to the TV for a moment - checking the action. The crowd were fully in support of Himawari and he could see BoBo being especially animated at ringside.

    "You are right, Constance."

    "I... I am?"

    "Yes. I guess the student has become the teacher for a moment."

    "Perhaps we are both still students."

    "Indeed. This match... we will both learn something from it. It is a valuable scouting opportunity. Both of these females... might be an opponent of yours one day."

    He wanted to watch the match and not discuss the team too much. Constance was still not considered a full part of the team. He did not want to give too much of his opinion away at that moment. But he was grateful she had said it. He now found himself invested in the match. He viewed every move landed by Michelle to be a personal insult towards him. Every pose, every taunt... it was all directed at him. It was a mockery of him... and his teammates. And then the match ended, confirming what he already knew: Himawari would not win. It would not be good enough. But if it wasn't for Constance's input, he would have viewed it completely differently. He could see how hard his teammate tried, how strenuous BoBo was trying to help her to win. They fought for the team and not for themselves. Or rather, they fought for him.

    He had sat with his fists clenched for the last five minutes of the match, he was slowly relaxing them as he got used to the sight of Michelle von Horrowitz in victory. The mental image of her holding her belt high... it lit a small fire inside him. A fire that would grow with every passing second he saw her smug grin. Then came her post match speech.

    She would refer to Himawari as 'arm candy' before comparing her loss to LIGHTBRINGER's own loss against Michelle von Horrowitz. That struck a particular nerve as the two situations were not the same. And then finally, Michelle decided to say that he would never face her again unless he left the CWA. He still had clenched fists as he watched... but he wanted to storm out to the ring and beat her down. However, he wasn't going to take the bait. His student looked at him - almost as if she wanted a response to MVH's words from him. He stood up and calmly switched the TV set off before turning around.

    "She's a moron. Lost in her own world. Let her say what she wants. She thinks she has me beaten. She thinks she has me cowering in fear. I'll let her continue to think that. She can continue to speak about me. She can continue to speak about Himawari. She can do what she wants to feel safe. But she doesn't know that I will reappear one day. I will have her fearful of me. I will show her that she is sorely mistaken in her words. I will face her, one on one, in the CWA and I will outclass her. More than any opponent ever has. She will see. I'll let her get comfortable. And then... I'll strike."


    He still remembered that night well. He had almost patched things up with BoBo. But a part of him still held resentment towards his friend for his words. It was silly... but LIGHTBRINGER was a person who held grudges for the smallest of reasons. Call it a personality flaw. He had left it too long to bring it up now. He glanced over at the poster for BoBo's retirement show -- he had refused a place on the card. He had refused his friend's request. He had cited focusing on the CWA as being his reason - he wasn't sure if there would be a CWA show that day. Now, he knew there wasn't a show... but he couldn't take it back. He sighed as he looked to lift up his bag and leave the gym... but he accidentally bumped into Constance as he went to leave.

    "Sorry, Kisai!"

    "No, don't worry about it. It was my fault."

    He didn't look at her as he spoke to her, instead, he still looked up at the smug grin of Michelle von Horrowitz on the event poster.

    "No, I should have knocked the door. I was...

    are you paying attention?"

    She snapped her fingers infront of him and he snapped out of his daydream to look at her.

    "Yes. Yes. Sorry... I--"

    She peeked at the posters and guessed what he was looking at.

    "I remember that night! Nobody forgets being hit with a spinning piledriver by Ai Kurayami! And... oh."

    She realised Michelle von Horrowitz was on the poster.

    "I forgot. You have that contract signing soon? Are you nervous?"

    "No. Just... I was thinking about something. No nerves... you remember what I told you? I would get my match with Michelle in the CWA. I'm almost there. I guess I am caught up in being too happy at being correct."

    "You got her when she wasn't expecting it. You did everything you said, Kisai. But... your happiness should wait. You still have to win! You still have to give her one more gut punch before the match. You've been quiet about this for a while... but what are you going to say to her next? What are you going to do?"

    He put down his bag and laughed for a moment.


    She looked confused.

    "No... nothing?"

    He smirked at her confused expression.

    "Yes. Nothing."

    "B... but why?"

    "What more do I have to do, Constance? You told me that Himawari's match with Michelle was all about me. My teammate was fighting for me. Michelle was there to get my attention, yes? I realise that Michelle craves attention. It's all she wants. Maybe she was not loved enough as a child, I don't know. Anyways, I returned and cost her the title. I showed her how weak she was soon after... and now, she loses to me in our most recent match. I have all of the advantage so far. Now that I have defeated her, there is going to be no greater shame, to her, for me to simply dismiss her. Ignore her. She is the one who wants that match, badly, now. Not me. You follow me?"

    "I... I think so."

    "I'm going to walk out to that contract signing. Give nothing away. Say nothing of substance. Sign my contract. Walk away. I won't bother with her. She will be pissed off, upset heading into our match. Not me. She will be more concerned with how the fans want me to beat her, how the fans don't respect her anymore. She is nothing. I'm not even sure she is willing to sign the contract anymore, Constance. She has had a few shocks recently. Maybe now she will realise just what a mistake it was to insult my teammate and me. Michelle might be good in the ring - she has to be to beat Himawari... but she does not understand psychological warfare. And that is where she loses. She won't keep her emotions in check. The anger I elicit from her will cause her to lose sight, lose her technique. The tables have turned and she will be the one who falters this time. Trust me."

    He picks up his bag and prepares to leave... but he's stopped by Constance, who half runs at him with some shouting.

    "Wait! Wait! I forgot!"

    "Yes, Constance?"

    "I came into the locker room to speak with you... but I forgot to mention what it was about!"

    "Go on."

    "You know BoBo's retirement is next week, yes?"

    "Yes. It is the twenty sixth."

    "Well... BoBo asked me to ask you to take part. He and Himawari had some sort of heated discussion about it. He was upset you refused his request but she kept pushing him to ask again. So... here I am."

    "I might not be here... I have..."

    "You know you have the time!"

    He looked down at the ground - he peeked behind Constance and could see BoBo training still. He thought about it for a moment.

    "What match does he have planned?"

    "He said he wanted a main event match with you involved. A six man tag match with you, Kyoji and TANK taking on him, Jigoro and Daisuke."

    LIGHTBRINGER smirked slightly at the suggestion.

    "Of course... he always did think he, Jigoro and Daisuke could take on the world together. But me, Kyoji and TANK? Maybe he has gone insane from not speaking to me anymore. There's no chance his team will win!"

    "So... you're going to do it?"

    Constance smiled as she appeared to have caught him out - he should have rejected it and given no opinion on the match. But he smirked back at her... almost as if he had thought of some... alternative.



    "I won't do that match."

    "Why not?"

    "Because... you're not in it."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I think it's time you were a true part of the team. Attending ringside for the rookies isn't your place anymore. You've trained hard enough. You've fought hard enough. Tell BoBo that I won't take part unless you are on my team. Tell him to add Himawari to the match for his team. We can have a reunion of sorts. It's fair, right? One female on each team.

    Of course, there's only one of me... so I guess it is slightly unfair. But BoBo made his own bed. He shall sleep in it. Just like Michelle did."


    On the night of the contract signing at Adrenaline Rush, LIGHTBRINGER did exactly as he said: nothing. He let Michelle von Horrowitz lose the plot over it. He signed his contract and walked out. It felt good walking up the ramp knowing that the onus was on his opponent to not look weak. He had spent months of being verbally attacked by von Horrowitz... but she was the one on the backfoot. She signed the contract and finalised the match. Now, he would recognise her. Now, he would interact with her. She had nowhere to run. He disappeared behind the curtain after acknowledging her... and almost immediately was greeted by CWA interviewer, Michelle Kelly. She had a cameraman on the job already... she was wanting a quick interview... but LIGHTBRINGER held his hand up and brushed her off as he walked through the backstage area. She was keen to follow and fire questions at him.

    "What was that? I don't think people were expecting you to just... go out there and sign the contract!"

    He stopped, turned and looked at her with a confused expression.

    "You are surprised... that I signed a contract, nothing more, at a contract signing? What were you expecting... a match to break out? That is what Wrestle Royale is for, is it not?"

    "Well... yes... bu..."

    "Then perhaps I should save my strength for then, no? I didn't need to do anything other than sign that contract. Michelle von Horrowitz... is losing the plot, already. I had to sign that contract quickly so she couldn't find a way out. Understand that. I will do the fighting at Wrestle Royale. And I will destroy her. I have nothing else to say about her anymore. I have other things to focus on. All I can say to you... is that you should watch the post match press conference on the 26th. You'll get a lot of words then. Infact, make sure to tell everyone in the locker room to do so. It's a surprise."

    "Post match... 26th... what do you mean?"

    The cameraman had stopped filming - there was nothing to film really. LIGHTBRINGER shrugged his shoulders at Michelle Kelly before leaving her to her own devices. He was deliberately cryptic. But he knew the word would spread and the locker room would pay attention.


    Saturday, November 26th 2016 - Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, Japan

    As the main event stirred around, there was some tension in the air as LIGHTBRINGER made his entrance. The relationship breakdown between him and BoBo was somewhat public whilst some people were surprised to see him return for a performance in Japan. Some saw it as a sign that he was ready to quit the CWA after Wrestle Royale. Of course, some wouldn't jump to conclusions and just assumed he was doing a favour for a friend.

    'Tokyo Kisai' spent a lot of the match on the apron outside - minimal involvement in the ring. It made sense as he had a match elsewhere to focus on. He had to make sure he was in fighting fit condition. He would come in for a few sequences here and there but he never tried anything big. He was being smart. Eventually, Constance made a hot tag to him and he stormed into the ring just as Himawari tagged in BoBo. He let BoBo run at him before dropping him over the top rope. He let Daisuke in and repeated the same move to him. Jigoro tried to sneak attack him from behind but he turned around and drove him over the top rope with a big boot. Himawari tried to recover and hit him with a springboard attack... but he caught her and threw her over the top and onto her three teammates outside. It was exactly the sort of display he wanted to show. He watched as his teammates would hit separate diving spots (other than TANK) and seemed to have a grip on the match. LIGHTBRINGER didn't notice BoBo had managed to sneak away from the brawl on the outside... he came into the ring and was just about to blindside him with a kick... but LIGHTBRINGER instinctively ducked just as the crowd started to get excited. His friend's momentum caused him to spin around, LIGHTBRINGER grabbed him and had the crowd on their feet as he wiped BoBo out with a LIGHTBRINGER lariat. He kept a hold of the wrist clutch and dropped his friend with one more. The crowd thought it would be over - and then they grew silent as LIGHTBRINGER lifted BoBo up again and hit him with a third lariat. It was total overkill. They were now silent as the referee counted the three count. It was over. He had retired his best friend... by crushing him.

    There was definitely some animosity after the match had concluded. Everyone on the team checked on BoBo whilst glaring at him, ominously. He was given a mic.

    "Don't look at me like that. It's what he wanted."

    BoBo eventually got to his feet and he bounded over to LIGHTBRINGER and squared up to him. The pair of them had a face off and the crowd suddenly got excited again. LIGHTBRINGER didn't do anything as his friend pointed in his face and shouted. Then he slapped him - the crowd were stunned. LIGHTBRINGER had no time to react as BoBo then hugged him - much to the crowd's pleasure. LIGHTBRINGER took the moment to speak on the mic...

    "I guess I knocked some sense back into this guy!"

    After the hug was finished, LIGHTBRINGER then said one final thing before taking his leave.

    "I... I was handed the mic because I was the victor tonight. But... this is not my moment. This is not about me. I can say what I want at the press conference. But this... this is BoBo's moment. His chance to say goodbye. I have already done wrong by defeating him in this match - I will not do him the injustice of gloating about it in this ring. For once, BoBo deserves to be looked at and not me."

    He was met with a nice applause as he handed the mic over to his friend - he told his team that he would speak to them backstage before he left the ring and appeared to go to the media area. In the ring, BoBo would thank the fans and then speak about how he had no plans for the future and would focus on staying at the dojo to train the new talent. The in ring speeches would take quite a while - but the media had already appeared at the post match press conference. LIGHTBRINGER walked into the room, clutching a beer in one hand and a towel in the other. He wiped his hair before sitting down and taking his seat. He would wait for his teammates to come in... but the reporters had other ideas - some of them already put their hands up, one even blurted something out.

    "Why aren't you in the ring?"

    LIGHTBRINGER looked bemused at that question.

    "I already answered that after the match. Did you not listen?"

    "Sorry. Sorry. I didn't mean to offend."

    "No. It is fine. I understand you all want to ask me questions. Perhaps I came here earlier to get it out of the way, yes? I don't want to spend my time in here answering questions when you should be asking BoBo about his career. I'm not the focus today."

    "Okay... but you did just give him three devastating lariats... it seems like you were making a statement."

    "It doesn't matter who my opponent is. I will seek to destroy them regardless. BoBo was my opponent. I destroyed him. That is all. In terms of making a statement... well... tell me... what do you think I was stating?"

    "I don't know... we know you are scheduled for a big match against Michelle von Horrowitz for the CWA. Was it to show her what you are capable of?"

    "We'd also heard rumblings that you had offered her tickets to this show! Did you have this planned out!?"

    LIGHTBRINGER gave a brief smirk before drinking some of his beer.

    "I guess... it would be a smart thing to do right? I didn't see her in the audience tonight so I don't think she accepted this 'offer' of tickets. I don't need to use BoBo to make a statement to her. But... now you bring it up... I guess tonight can serve as a statement. Not just to Michelle von Horrowitz. But to everybody else. If I am capable of doing that to my best friend then just think about what I am capable of doing to anyone else? I'm sure if... Michelle is watching... she will realise that."

    "You didn't seem to do much in the match... but you really showed your dominance in clearing the ring and of course, the ending. But... we have to ask... are you afraid of being injured? Why so little action?"

    LIGHTBRINGER laughs at this question.

    "Injured? By Michelle von Horrowitz? I would still find a way to beat her with my lariat - even if I had no arms! No. I have... another reason for that."

    Suddenly the room was alive with interest - murmuring began.

    "Well... I have several reasons. You see - this match was not a showcase of me. It was of our team. I wanted to let La Volpe get some experience. I wanted Kyoji and TANK to show they are still a dominant force. But I knew that me being in the match... everyone would be interested in me. I had to let the match stand by itself. I couldn't take control. I am not the sole person in SSD, am I? As I said, tonight is not about me. I am not wrestling in Japan full time - I am busy in America... so they deserved the spotlight in the match and not me."

    "About that... you say you are not in Japan full time... is it true you are coming back full time? Is this a step towards that!?"

    "I don't know what you are speaking about. I am staying in America. I have a point to prove."

    "To who?"

    "The man I just crushed."

    There were some confused looks around the room.

    "BoBo. He told me that I had come back to Japan because I lost. He told me that I did not need to come back here - I should still be attempting to conquer the CWA. One loss means nothing. Maybe he was right. Maybe he wasn't. But he told me that the loss meant nothing. I would get my revenge and I would go on to rise to the top of the CWA. I should be making myself a household name there. I should be trying to grow SSD's influence. That was his thoughts. But he decided that I had returned home and given up. I was 'hiding' according to him. I was using my teaching of La Volpe as an excuse to hide behind. Now, after today, I realise that, more than ever, I have to prove him wrong. I know he is wrong. I was never hiding. I was biding my time. But I still have a land to conquer and a very, very silly girl to humiliate in the ring. As we discussed - I was not heavily involved in the match tonight for several reasons. I already said I wanted the team to shine. But there are other reasons..."

    He takes another drink of his beer whilst the journalists all press him for more explanation. They know their time is running out as the post match speeches in the ring are dwindling down.

    "I will not be just competing in one match on the night I face Michelle von Horrowitz."

    Suddenly, there's more murmuring... alot of the journalists are all questioning what this means.

    "Tonight, you saw me throw people out of that ring like it meant nothing. Next time, I will be throwing people out of the ring with purpose. With meaning. Because I want to face the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. I am declaring my intention to enter the CWA WrestleRoyale match... and win. I said I need to prove to BoBo that I am still capable of conquering. That I was not hiding away. Now - I am putting myself in the spotlight. I am going to destroy Michelle von Horrowitz... then I will walk to the ring later on that night and destroy everyone else. The CWA is crying out for a star, someone to step up and make it all about them. I am doing so now. After all, who is better than I... the 'Star of Tokyo' ? I look at the shows I am on and I worry about this organisation with Jon Snowmantashi at the top. It is time for things to change. People, as BoBo would say, are hiding. Cyrus Truth is too busy focusing on the FWA and probably concerning himself with that fool, KAIZEN, to bother taking this seriously...

    Well it is time that he started to take this seriously. Because I have him... and the rest of the CWA roster in my sights. Cyrus will realise I am a dangerous opponent when he sees me put Michelle down. I'm not like that Tiga-gun flop... I can hurt girls just as much as I can hurt men... No remorse when I step into that ring. I have no feeling of respect for anyone in the Wrestle Royale matchup. I don't even think any of them deserve to set foot in the ring with me, if I am honest. Leo Taylor... Mark Merriweather... and the other guy... Savage? They're nobodies. Edwards? A small step up. Not a threat. I don't see anyone in this match being able to step up to my standard. Of course, I could be underestimating people... but that's why I kept myself clear from any heavy action tonight. I will be able to wrestle two matches at the Wrestle Royale, I know I will be in great condition for both. After all, it will only take me five minutes to send Michelle von Horrowitz packing."

    "But... what about Shawn Summers?"

    LIGHTBRINGER raises his eyebrow.

    "Shawn Summers? Who the fuck is that guy?"

    "He's Jon Snowmantashi's challenger, is he not?"


    He wears a surprised expression and shrugs his shoulders before finishing up his speech.

    "I guess he must be someone important. Is he the guy on the poster? I thought I recognised him from somewhere. I don't really know anything about him or why he deserves a shot at Snowmantashi. I don't think he deserves to be in that spot. He will not win that match. Snowmantashi is too good. It would be a disaster if he did. Shawn Summers headlining Five Star Attraction? That sounds horrible. Shame on Snowmantashi if it happens. But as I said. I have confidence it won't. You can take this declaration... this signal of intent... to mean that Jon Snowmantashi versus LIGHTBRINGER will be headlining that show. You all know our history together. They don't. It's time that me and Kaiju show the world that we are the greatest. We'll put on the best match the CWA has ever seen. That is a GUARANTEE! The conquest will truly begin at Wrestle Royale!"

    Just as he finishes speaking, BoBo comes through the curtain to the conference room - he is given a warm applause by the press as well as LIGHTBRINGER... who stands up to give his best friend a handshake before they both sit back down again. BoBo speaks.

    "What is this you are saying about a conquest, Kisai!?"

    "I was just saying to these people... that we had a bet."

    His friend looks surprised...

    "That's right, remember? We discussed this a week ago!"

    Of course, they didn't. But BoBo plays along...

    "Oh... OH YEAH!"

    "Yes. Let me tell. You see - BoBo bet me that I couldn't hit him with my lariat three times in this match. But I did. And so now... he must help me train for the Wrestle Royale match!"

    His friend looked at him, he had no idea that LIGHTBRINGER had any intention of entering that match. LIGHTBRINGER covered for him.

    "That's right. BoBo says that he will give me top training. He said he would pay for me to take on the Mega Buta Yarou Ramen bowl at a certain shop in Akihabara. He says that if I can overcome the bowl in thirty minutes then I should be able to overcome the mountainous task of winning the match. I was simply informing you all... that I will conquer that challenge!"

    There was a good deal of joviality and laughter around the exchange - then BoBo managed to get LIGHTBRINGER back with an out of nowhere declaration.

    "Well, I have been thinking. I am retired now... So I am going to come with you and we can conquer America together!"

    The room was alive with approval - and it definitely took 'Tokyo Kisai' by surprise. But he gave the thumbs up before quipping into the mic...

    "Originally, those in the CWA locker room have a lot to deal with knowing that I am coming back with full intent of destroying them all... but now BoBo will be at my side? I think they are now doomed. They have no chance! That main event at Five Star Attraction: it's mine!"

    Shortly after, LIGHTBRINGER would take his leave of the press conference and let BoBo deal with whatever the journalists were asking. He had said his piece and made his declaration. Later on that evening, before leaving Korakuen Hall, the core team of SSD (as well as Constance) would share a group hug as well as a group photo. It felt like a breath of fresh air for the team - and LIGHTBRINGER was confident that he would decimate Michelle von Horrowitz... and then stake his claim to the Five Star Attraction main event with this sudden invigoration.

    He did not conquer the Mega Buta Yarou Ramen challenge... but that challenge... was a different type of animal altogether. It would not be an omen for things to come.
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    January 2nd, 2017

    "No, young boy, I will not acknowledge your challenge."

    The words of Jon Snowmantashi had only just left his lips but they had stung the pride of his challenger, "Tokyo Kisai", LIGHTBRINGER. The words were a disgrace. A small affront... a hint of the opinion of the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. LIGHTBRINGER could not hide his disappointment - even though he smirked at him in response. He had hoped the champion would shake his hand and acknowledge the battle ahead as a respectful one. Instead, he had ignited a war of words. Whilst he was calm and resolute as Snowmantashi walked by, he had to restrain BoBo - who he knew was lashing out for more than just this. As the world champion is busy handing back the microphone and the fans wait with some sort of expectation, he looks at his friends and whispers to him...

    "I'll take care of it."

    BoBo smirks at him and nods. He turns around and walks over to the champion - the crowd suddenly becoming a vocal storm - and he grabs him. He twists him around and looks set to strike him down... but then he etches a small smile across his face. He sees the daring fury in the champion's eyes - but also a small hint of vulnerability... a slight tinge of fear that not many would be able to notice. LIGHTBRINGER knew he could do it... but instead... he simply pats the gold plate on the belt that rests on his future foe's shoulder. He locks eyes with the champion - to signal to him that he is coming to take it. He walks backwards, slowly, with a huge grin on his face - he's pleased to see the anger on the champion's face. He knows that could have ended differently, the audience know too... and that will be something everyone will think about in the coming weeks. Only until Five Star Attraction of course.

    The show may have went off air as the two stared each other down. But the staredown continued for a moment yet - LIGHTBRINGER backed out of the ring, slowly, with his best friend. He jumped down from the ring and backed up the ramp - not taking his eye away from the man they call "Kaiju" for a second. The pair of them would continue their staredown, LIGHTBRINGER smirking as the champion stares daggers through his soul. Sections of the crowd scream for Snowmantashi to do something about it whilst another section of the crowd mock Snowmantashi for his lack of action. It's somewhat split - and there's a further reaction caused as LIGHTBRINGER reaches the top of the ramp. He breaks the stare from the champion and looks around the arena before throwing his arms out and striking his pose. It brings a cheer from his fans and some boos from those loyal to the champion. He brings his arms down and looks up to see the champion standing at the ropes, still staring at him with complete and total anger. LIGHTBRINGER strikes another smirk as BoBo stands at his side and points at Snowmantashi, shouting in Japanese:

    "You're dead, Fatboy! Finished! Welcome to a new era!"

    The recently retired man then laughs before the pair of them turn around and begin to make their way backstage. There's not many people around as they walk back to their own locker room. BoBo is clearly hyped up and speaks quickly as they walk.

    "You should've laid him to rest there and then, Kisai! It would have been so easy. Can you believe this man is a champion? He let his guard down just like that! I thought he was someone to be feared but it appears not! It's going to be easy. Too easy. I thought you had come here for a challenge."

    Wiping some sweat away from his forehead, LIGHTBRINGER laughs at his friends word but makes sure to keep a slightly more level head. He has a tone of urgency in his voice as well as caution.

    "I could have, BoBo. That is never going to be doubt now. But you need to see the bigger picture, I think. Can't be too brash. What excitement would the people I have if I destroyed the champion there then huh?"

    "You are saying... no Faibu Sutā Atorakushon?"

    "Ha. There would still be one - because that is what I am. But would people want to see Kaiju get beat up again? We build anticipation. We make Snowmantashi seem like a big deal. We make this match seem like it is the biggest match in CWA's history... because that is what it is. We spend the remaining time making sure that this is something people will want to see. I want people to make sure that the event is put into their diaries and that it is the very first thing they think about for the following weeks. There's no need to rush into the fight. We let Kaiju stew for a small while and let him think about what happened. Let him think about what WILL happen - and just like all the others, he will eventually crumble. And I can believe he is champion. He wasn't expecting that... but that doesn't mean he won't be expecting anything else. We one upped him, BoBo. He won't like it. Job complete. Now...."

    BoBo interrupts him, gleefully.

    "We go get drunk now, right?"

    LIGHTBRINGER laughs, puts his hand on his friends shoulder as they continue walking.

    "Sure. Sure. You can tell me about that waitress and if you've had the stones to contact her on LINE."

    BoBo laughs nervously...


    Unspecified CWA-chosen Hotel
    The Night before Adrenaline Rush - January 8th, 2017

    In their shared hotel room, the number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship and his best friend/manager, BoBo. The past couple days had been filled with some alcohol as well as gym training to ensure both kept in shape. Despite being retired, BoBo would still train and keep himself in the mindset of a 'wrestler' for the sake of helping his friend and understanding. The pair had spent some time over celebrating - the lustre of winning the Wrestle Royale hadn't quite worn off yet. But knowing that there was a match on the next night's edition of Adrenaline Rush, it was time to take things seriously. A main event performance was needed as LIGHTBRINGER would go against the man they call 'The White Wolf', Krash. The pair were in the middle of rewatching the Wrestle Royale match - despite knowing how it ended, and despite how happy it made LIGHTBRINGER to see himself victorious over and over, that was not the reason for doing so. LIGHTBRINGER sits on a chair at a table - writing some notes whilst BoBo was... drinking a beer and lying on his bed, watching the TV with somewhat of an interest.

    "This is the guy you're facing? The one coming in now... Kurasshu?"

    "That's him, yes."


    "Don't be so disrespectful. He's talented."

    "This guy? With his crap haircut and facial hair? He's supposed to be a threat?"

    "Nobody said anything about him being a threat. I didn't know you cared about my opponent's looks so much, either, BoBo. Is this why you are struggling to speak to that waitress, eh?"

    His friend laughs sarcastically.

    "I'm just voicing my thoughts. I remember seeing him in the match but I don't remember thinking he was anything special!"

    "But you never think highly of anyone unless they are from SSD."

    "Exactly! If they're not a part of the SSD then they are not worth my time!"

    "You truly are a moron sometimes. Didn't you hear the crowd when he entered the match? Didn't you see how he was able to keep up with the FWA World Champion in there at times? He is clearly talented. However, I don't disagree with you when you say that he shouldn't be a threat or anything to worry about. That... is clear to me. But you do have to credit the man."

    "With what?"

    "Well look at the screen and you will see."

    They both watch as Krash sends the former number one contender, Shawn Summers, over the top rope and out of the ring - eliminating him...


    "Of course I could. But just because I could do it doesn't mean you can't give him credit. He just eliminated a man who challenged for the title, BoBo."

    They keep watching as Krash then has to fend off Elijah Edwards and prevent himself from being eliminated. He's smart about it and he recovers well - until Elijah nails him with 'From Toronto With Love' and looks to eliminate him. For some reason, LIGHTBRINGER stops the elimination and targets Elijah instead...

    "You never did explain why you did that, Kisai. Why did you save this guy? It made no difference in the end but surely... surely you wouldn't have bothered about this guy being eliminated?"

    "You're right. But you have to think about it this way - eliminating him would've been a great feat for anyone involved in this match. I wanted to win this match, I did, but I also wanted to stand out greatly. I wanted to be the one to eliminate him. I wanted to eliminate the rest of them. I wanted more than just glory, I wanted my performance to be the main talking point. That's my objective. I want to win -- but I want to do it with such brilliance that the people can't help but talk about it. You see, people might be speaking about my victory... but they might also be speaking about how Reo Teirā endured so long and was brave, they might speak about how Sairasu was the one to eliminate Kurasshu in the end. I want a flawless victory and it was not flawless - as you can see..."

    They look up to see Krash hit a superkick that knocks LIGHTBRINGER off his feet. 'Tokyo Kisai' rubs his chin as he watches, still feeling the effect of it somewhat, wincing.

    "Sore one eh?"

    "I lived to tell the tale."

    "You'll pay him back tomorrow. It's a certainty!"

    BoBo raises his beer as if he's making a toast before he lowers it down and then looks over at LIGHTBRINGER's notepad, scrunching his face up in confusion.

    "What are you writing about anyway?"

    "I'm taking notes."

    "No notes needed. I am here. All you have to do is punch this guy and it's over."

    "Of course, BoBo. I forget just how wise you are. I think that with your logic, I am on a one way road to victory."

    "It's true, Kisai. You are. Am I wrong?"

    His friend smirks at him... he knows he has some witty response lined up. He's just hoping for LIGHTBRINGER to fall into the trap.


    BoBo's face displays some hint of disappointment that it wasn't the response he expected but then he realises that the response is him winning anyway and he jumps out of his seat.


    They continue to watch as Krash looks to eliminate Cyrus but he finds himself flying over the top rope instead and is unceremoniously eliminated from the match. BoBo can be heard laughing as LIGHTBRINGER scribbles something down.

    "He looked silly for that, I remember laughing when I saw it happen too. It looks even funnier on TV!"

    "I'm glad you find it funny. Kurasshu wouldn't. He'd be disappointed. Such a bold and eager move from him. It was the wrong one. I'm sure he knows that now but he can't afford to make mistakes like that against me. But... having watched him, he is completely error prone and he will. There's multiple openings and it's just a case of me choosing which one to take. But I must thank him for making that mistake. It left me one on one with Sairasu... and I don't think there is anyone else in that match that I wanted to be left alone with. A former CWA World Champion - just like Kurasshu - but also the current undisputed FWA champion. The only man to have won both belts. Do you see how special that is, BoBo?"

    "It's special... but I'm guessing you liked it because you got to beat him. The people probably revere this man and yet you were able to conquer him like he was nothing."

    "Exactly. If the great Sairasu is not able to prevent my meteoric rise then who shall? That is a great statement I have made. The people enjoyed it too... that tells me that it is something they want to see. An achievement they can appreciate. The signs are positive going forward. It was a landmark performance... but still... I wanted to be the one who everyone applauded for endurance like Reo, I wanted to be the one who dismantled all the serious contenders at the end. It's not enough. Perhaps I am a power hungry glory hunter... or perhaps I just know I was capable of doing it."

    They watch as Cyrus is eliminated and LIGHTBRINGER wins the match - he lays in the middle of the ring for a moment, exhausted. A wry smirk on his face. Eventually he is helped up, the people cheer and confetti begins to fall.

    "I never asked you, Kisai. Did you think about anything as soon as the match ended? Relief? What went through your mind as you lay on that canvas?"

    "Relief? What would I be relieved for? I was happy. I was tired. I had made it to the end and needed to lie down for a moment. No doubt, a few things did cross my mind. I realised that Faibu Sutā Atorakushon was mine now. That I was going to get my chance at Kaiju. I was happy, as I said. That is all. And as we can see here..."

    LIGHTBRINGER pauses the video playback to where BoBo is in picture shot and has an extremely goofy, happy face. It's almost like if someone took a picture and you weren't ready... or you didn't know you were in it.

    "You were happy too."

    His friend laughs and orders him to continue playing the video feed out of embarrassment.

    "Well, I was happy! I had come to America to help you be successful. To see you successful. And I realised that I had not wasted my time. I felt like I was a part of the success! Those lariats you delivered to me in Japan... they were worth it for that! You're just one step away from being the champion now - the man in everyone's eyes, right!? It's a great time. You know what this reminds me of? The time you won the CLIMAX as well as the Intercontinental title back home. It was like... the breakout moments. The moments that everyone started to realise what lay ahead - domination. This is it happening again in the CWA."

    LIGHTBRINGER scratches his chin and struggles to agree - he goes to open his mouth but he is interrupted.

    "You don't agree with me? How could you not!?"

    "Well... well... I do agree on that part. I am one step away from being champion - yes... but I am not one step away from being the man in everyone's eyes. Infact, I am a mere one step away from not being the man in their eyes."

    His friend looks confused and wears an exasperated expression - almost as if sacrilege has just been spoken.

    "Don't look so surprised. It's a simple explanation, my friend. You see - I need to get to Faibu Sutā Atorakushon in completely flawless fashion. Why do you think I take this moment seriously? I need to make sure I capitalise on it. Why do you think I feel slightly disappointed I did not eliminate Kurasshu? Because, now, if he beats me, he has a claim to say that I am weak. He has a claim to say that he deserves to be the one facing Kaiju. I want to leave no doubt in the minds of everyone else that I am the top contender in this company on any given day. I can't make that claim if I lose to him tomorrow night, can I? As soon as I lose... then I won't be 'the man' in the eyes of everyone... because some will cite Kurasshu as having beaten me prior to my title victory. It's imperative that I put on a strong performance tomorrow and back up my performances at the Ressuru Rowaiaru - you understand that? I did not get to eliminate him and so I must now crush him tomorrow to prove that, beyond any doubt, he had no chance in the match had he eliminated Sairasu. Plus... a strong performance will put more fear into Kaiju. He can pretend he is not scared. But I saw it in his eyes, BoBo. He may be angry. But it is the fear that will fuel that anger. He is angry because I scare him. He is angry because he knows that he is facing the biggest obstacle in his life. I will put emphasis on that when I face Kurasshu tomorrow night."

    "I understand now... but really, I don't think this guy will take much for you to beat him! Must you punish him so much just to unnerve that fat fuck?"

    LIGHTBRINGER almost laughs at BoBo insulting Snowmantashi - perhaps because he knows Snowmantashi would obliterate him where he stands. After all, BoBo was only the size of a Junior Heavyweight/Cruiserweight.

    "Yes. Every match is an opportunity. But don't worry. I will continue playing with him. Kaiju probably knows that I am trying to unnerve him and get inside his head but he knows I am still respectful. He knows that I will not do anything underhanded. He knows that he's just going to have to sit back and watch and let the doubt creep in. He'll tell himself he can beat me. He'll know things about me that, perhaps, nobody else does. He'll think he has the knowledge to get ahead of me. But he has been slacking. He doesn't know anything about me... anymore. But I know all about him. And he hasn't changed. One bit. Of course... you know my motivation for this, BoBo. But the CWA audience doesn't. They don't know enough. But eventually, they will. I'll tell the story. He may tell the story too. But I will be the one to close the book and finish it. However, Kaiju, is not my main concern right now. As I have said, I need to beat Kurasshu. A small part of me feels slightly...sad? No. That's not the right word. Downbeat? No. Disappointed? Yes, I think that is it."

    "Why? Disappointed at proving yourself? At winning?"

    "Not at that. You see, Kurasshu.. he calls himself 'Hātobīto of CWA' -- it seems the people really like him, and to crush him infront of the people, they may not like it. I see some similarities with him, BoBo. We both have had bad knee injuries... I know what it takes to return from a knee injury and continue to be dominant... and I am sure he is finding out just how difficult it is during his tenure here. He is tenacious, he is theatric - he has ambition to be a great legend. But the difference between us? He is foolish. He is not strategic as we have seen. He is bull-headed and does not compare action and reactions. He struggles to contemplate the consequences of his actions. I know the outcome of everything I do and so, why I would do it. Do you think I would have charged after Cyrus so foolishly? Of course not. That's why he lost the match. He was stupid. But despite that stupidity, his ambition lives on and the people will steel cheer for him. See - he has endured alot. He knows how to keep coming back for more. It will be a mountainous task to put him down. But I can do that, I will put him down and he won't get back up. I know what he has gone through in life - I've been through multiple injuries myself... but I have come through so much more than he has, in my mind. I have fought my way to the top since I joined this company. I had to fight twice on the Rowaiaru just to book my place at Faibu Sutā Atorakushon... he only had to win one match - and he failed at that. He has been given chance after chance after chance to prove he can still be a major player and in my eyes, he has failed. He does not have the mental fortitude to succeed anymore. People will call him a legendary CWA fighter. But to me? I just see a man who has wasted all of his shots. A man who has let his stupidity cost him glory. I will not let him use me as an attempt to gain some more of that glory. No. That is not what he is destined for. He is destined to be lying at my feet, defeated, tomorrow night. He is destined to be nothing more than just an example I use to show Kaiju that I WILL take his belt. Where Kurasshu goes from there? I do not know - all I know is that he will realise his place in the pecking order is far, far behind me. Just like the rest."

    His friend is silent for a moment... then he wryly smiles.

    "She was right."

    LIGHTBRINGER looks confused - A "What?" expression comes across his face.

    "Himawari did say you liked your big fancy speeches and bigging yourself up when speaking about CWA matches....

    but you're right. Just like I said. You'll destroy Kurasshu... and then next, fatboy. Kurasshu won't deserve his beating... but we all know that Snowmantashi will. I imagine everyone back home is going to take great pleasure in seeing it."


    "The team! You know what I meant!"

    "Oh... of course, BoBo. Of course. No more speeches from me, personally, tonight then... I want an early night. Tomorrow... it is a big day. But first... how about I put my big speech skills to the test and help you send a message to that girl that won't result in you looking like a fool?"

    BoBo finishes his beer and slams it down on the table.

    "You're on!"

    The following morning, BoBo would wake up and would not wish to check his LINE messenger application through a combination of being extremely hungover and fear. But the cure would come in seeing LIGHTBRINGER continue to cement his legacy later that night!


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    Re: "(東京鬼才) - Tokyo Kisai" - LIGHTBRINGER



    Adrenaline Rush
    January 9th, 2017

    LIGHTBRINGER thought he was in control, despite the pain in his back, of the match against Krash. He thought he was about to win the match as he grabbed his opponent's wrist... but he was taken by surprise. A pele kick knocks him off of his feet... and he landed hard on his back, the pain distracting him from the danger he was in... and KRASH landed on top of him and that was the match. BoBo tried to sneak his foot onto the rope but it was all in vain as the referee was not able to notice it. Many would say that was the correct decision, anyway, given that cheating should never prosper.

    However, LIGHTBRINGER didn't like to lose, no matter what - and upon getting helped to his feet by BoBo, he stormed to the referee to question why the pinfall was counted. The referee says he didn't see it. There's no more to it. The number one contender doesn't try to argue his case anymore - but BoBo is incensed as he grabs the referee by the arm and starts to shout obscenities at him in Japanese...


    LIGHTBRINGER stands next to his friend and lets it happen, however declares enough is enough as he looks to grab his friend and drag him away... but Jon Snowmantashi is there to break it up already and suddenly there's a shift in attitude from 'Tokyo Kisai'. The champion gives off a stare at the challenger which is more than enough to get the challenger pent up with frustration and anger. It's a stare that's markedly different from last week - it's almost lacking in anger. Instead, the champion appears to be on the brink of a smirk. And suddenly, BoBo seems like the sensible one as he holds back his friend, trying to prevent any sort of fight from breaking out. Snowmantashi can only stand and stare a hole through LIGHTBRINGER as a barrage of Japanese is shouted across the ring.


    Of course, Snowmantashi was as stoic as ever - the no sell of the taunt only tried to make LIGHTBRINGER lunge forward but his friend pushed him back. It was uncharacteristic of 'Tokyo Kisai' but, given the circumstance, it was easy to understand. LIGHTBRINGER didn't like to show a weakness in his game and he didn't like to lose. He had shown both right infront of the champion and now it was ammo that would dent his confidence easily. Eventually he would brush his friend off and simply stare back at Snowmantashi. He'd snapped out of his stupid huff and realised that he had given far too much away this week. At the end of the day, he lost, but he also knew that people in the ring were focusing on him and the champion - and not Krash. A small victory. He tapped his friend on the shoulder and was ready to leave the ring, he stepped between the ropes but BoBo stood for a moment and, as usual, had to get some words in.


    LIGHTBRINGER grabbed his friend and made sure he left the ring with him. The pair of them would walk up the ramp and not pay any attention to the fans or even dare to look back. It felt like a retreat compared to last week. A shameful moment. It was bitter.

    Before they had even reached backstage, the pair of them started to talk between themselves.

    "I hate that fat fuck."

    There was something admirable about BoBo's willingness to hate anyone that opposed his friend, no questions asked... though with how venomous his words had been towards the CWA champion, there was quite obviously something more to it. LIGHTBRINGER waited until they were behind the curtain for them to discuss things further... despite the fact that the pair communicated in Japanese and were in no danger of being eavesdropped out on the stage.

    "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of him. Eventually. He won this one today. Even if that wasn't him in the ring as my opponent."

    The title challenger spoke with a downbeat tone as he walked, holding his back slightly, but he was still trying to discredit Snowmantashi with his words. BoBo didn't take too kindly to the words himself.

    "Are you serious? You should've beat that guy to the point that Snowmantashi could already recognise what was coming his way... instead, you've given him hope, Kisai! What was going through your mind out there? I didn't think, in a million years, I'd have to pull your leg onto the rope! I've only been here for three of your matches!"

    BoBo was right -- he shouldn't have needed to do that. It was supposed to be the start of a great run - a momentum builder after the Wrestle Royale... but it didn't turn out that way. He knew what his friend was hinting at - he just gave a grunt in reply as they continued to walk towards their locker room.

    "It can't go down like that again, Kisai. Maybe we had an off night. Maybe you didn't expect it. Maybe if that idiot ref wasn't so blind..."

    LIGHTBRINGER brought his hand up to shoosh his friend just as they reached their locker room door. Immediately, he beckons for an icepack and sits down on a chair, his friend hands him one and his mood slowly starts to simmer/cool down. Despite the pain in his back/shoulders, he's now willing to speak to his friend.

    "Maybe we shouldn't treat this like it is a party."

    His friend looks up, confused...

    "Eh? What do you mean?"

    "Outside. You tried to find some excuse for this shortcoming, BoBo. The referee, an off night, the unexpected. I don't think that is right. I won the Wrestle Royale when you got here... we celebrated... but we may have celebrated too much. We have taken some of it for granted and just assumed that people may lie down for us. But now... I realise that I have a target on my back from now until Faibu Sutā Atorakushon. I'm a chance for someone to showcase themselves... and I didn't think Kurrashu would put up that much of a challenge. An off night? No. I was trying. But we have to stop fooling around and you have to learn to not treat this place like a holiday. I'm banning us from alcohol until the night after Faibu Sutā Atorakushon, BoBo."


    "I'm not kidding! And don't call me an idiot!"

    "You aren't the boss of me, Kisai! I'll drink when I want! How about you stop drinking... and I will drink twice the amount! Good plan, eh?"

    "Well... I'm not going to stop you. But none for me. And I'd prefer it if you weren't drunk when we hit the ring in future. We are lucky that this set back happened today and not in a couple of weeks time. It's a wake up call and a time to get serious. I'm lucky I didn't get too badly hurt. But today tells me that there is more training to be done - less time talking about boobs over beers. You might be retired but I'm not. I've got shit to do. A day like this... it can never happen again. I won't allow it. As soon as I get a chance, I am asking to face Kurasshu once more so I can prove that this was a fluke... and I can show my true abilities."

    His friend strokes his beard slightly and then smiles.

    "A good plan! A good plan, indeed! This time it will be different..."

    His friend has a cheesy grin as he seems to picture a glorious, and better, future... but LIGHTBRINGER looks at him with a deadpan expression..

    "We need to start training, now. Contact Daisuke. Tell him we're coming home for a couple of weeks."

    "Sure thing, Kisai. You want me to tell him to get TANK ready for some sparring?"

    "No. No. Tell him to get TANK... and Kyoji... and Himawari... and Masamichi... and Jigoro. I want to run the gauntlet. As soon as we get there. Tomorrow."

    BoBo widened his eyes at him for a minute, the smirk gone.

    "Are you fucking insane!? YOU'RE NOT..."

    BoBo is quitened.

    "Just do it. Let me handle it."


    24 hours later...
    Tokyo, Japan

    The gauntlet is usually a 60 minute 'time trial' of sorts where one combatant would face six opponents in a series of six 10 minute matches. It was one on one action -- but it wasn't supposed to be a practice match. Facing the gauntlet was considered to be a punishment for any perceived wrongdoing by a member of the Strong Style Dojo. For sixty minutes only, they would not be considered a part of the team anymore whilst in the ring. They were considered an offender, someone who had disrespected the dojo, the Ishihara brothers and everyone else they had trained. Personal relationships were left outside of the ring. The person running the gauntlet either had to last the full hour or they could allow themselves to be pinned or submit. Just one pinfall or submission would end the whole thing. No one had ever taken a pinfall in a gauntlet... but a lot of people had submitted.

    Usually, the leader of the gym, Daisuke Ishihara, would choose the six combatants an offender must face... but LIGHTBRINGER chose them himself this time. He wanted the best that the gym had to offer for his gauntlet. Of course, his request was granted. He didn't give himself a lot of time to prepare for it, perhaps because he knew that he would have to spend time with BoBo in his ear complaining about the same thing over and over. He only needed to have one discussion with him and it occurred as they walked through Shibuya en route to the forthcoming gauntlet at the SSD dojo. He hadn't entertained BoBo's thoughts and had tried to rest on the plane ride home -- and clearly his friend was worried as they neared their destination.

    "You're insane, man! Didn't you listen to me at all? You can't do this! You're hurt! I mean... maybe if you were fighting some of the others but you picked the best! You're crazy, man, you..."

    LIGHTBRINGER would laugh at his friend and then turn to him -- just before they would enter the dojo. His friend cut a confused expression before all was explained.

    "Of course, it's crazy. But at this point, BoBo, I think it's time for things to get crazy. I think I need to be reminded of why I fight and the skill required to be the best. Whether that be here in Japan or in the CWA. I lost a match. I disgraced the name of our dojo. I deserve the punishment. How could I walk in there and ask for their time in training if I am just going to lose eh? I'm not insane. I'm making things right. I'm going to allow my teammates to break me down so no one else can. If I had to lose to someone - it'd be one of them and not someone like Kurasshu, understand?"

    "Yes, yes... but you JUST lost! You're hurt... you think you're going to make it to Daisuke? You know he's going to be the last guy right? You know he's going to beat the shit out of you!? There won't be any of you left to lose matches in the future! You'll be dead!"

    'Tokyo Kisai' smirks at his friend.

    "Oh... you think I'd lose that easy, huh?"

    His friend looks to protest but none comes.

    "No, no, BoBo. I understand. You're worried. I am hurt right now... but I need to do this. I need to start pushing my resolve to the limits. I need to prove that I have the ability to overcome all adversity. I didn't see that loss to Kurasshu coming, I was too weak to get up and fight through. I was too brash... too confident in a victory and I paid the price. In my eyes, I'm at the bottom again after that defeat. I need to build myself up but first I want to be broken down completely. It's been a while since I have run the gauntlet... and I feel like the time is right. See, Kurasshu's strength comes from all that he has overcome. He's been through some terrible times and he's had the mental fortitude to shine through time and time again. He stood infront of me and would not wilt. I was the one who blinked first. I need to make sure that, the next time we meet, I will not be the one to blink first. Perhaps, I overestimated my ability to intimidate people ever since I made Misheru tuck her tail and run. This... this gauntlet is going to be the most daunting sixty minutes of my life. I know that if I can get through it then I will come out a transformed man. New respect, new attitude... and I feel positive that after the hell I go through, there is no one who is going to be able to defeat me. If Daisuke... or any of the others can't force me to give up... then I know that nobody in the CWA can. It's all about making a change, BoBo. Kurasshu faced me when I hadn't come here for a small while. Now he gets to face me once more... but after going through a proper training process here. We'll see how it shakes out."

    "You make sense, I guess. But it's still stupid! What if you blow your leg out? What if that asshole, Masamichi, tries something? He's never liked you! I've never liked him!"

    "Relax, my friend. I chose him because I know he is good... but he is arrogant and likes to speak alot. I need someone to fire me up and talk trash... maybe I'll let him think he's good for a couple of minutes before I break his jaw. Don't you worry about him. He won't knock me out. I chose my opponents for a reason, BoBo. Maybe it will become clear to you when we are in there."

    "You think you're prepared for this?"

    "I don't think it's possible to prepare for such things. I won't know who I am facing first before I get in there. That's the scariest part. Jigoro might be waiting to spit sake in my face... or Kyoji might be waiting to kick my legs to pieces. It's all about adapting. I didn't adapt well against Kurasshu... so now I must learn what effective adaptation is now."

    BoBo has a small smirk come across his face - almost as if he 'gets it'.

    "Ahh... you sneaky bastard."

    LIGHTBRINGER looks puzzled.


    "I know what you're doing! You're using this as some sort of high intensity training exercise for your rematch!"

    LIGHTBRINGER rolls his eyes and sarcastically applauds his friend.

    "Wow! Congratulations. You got it right. Didn't you listen to me at all? Of course that is what it is. I've been saying that to you right away. But now, maybe, you will understand my thought process and get along with it instead. Just try not to smile if Masamichi ends up leaving with a bloody nose."

    "I won't smile...

    I will laugh! You can do it, Kisai!"

    After entering the dojo, there was a slightly frosty atmosphere. The entire dojo had come to witness LIGHTBRINGER running the gauntlet. Most of them would never have seen it before, most of them may have never seen someone successfully 'pass' either. LIGHTBRINGER had survived one gauntlet and failed three times. The gauntlet he passed was possibly the 'weakest' in terms of opponents whilst he had failed the other three on the last opponent - head of the gym, Daisuke "RED KING" Ishihara. Each time, he had submitted to a leg based submission... for fear of injury to his already damaged knees. Ishihara was not involved in the gauntlet that LIGHTBRINGER had passed.

    'Tokyo Kisai' would communicate with no one as he ensured he was ready to face his trial.


    He had spent a quick fifteen minutes warming up before BoBo interrupted him and told him that everyone was ready to begin. He walked to the ring - no ring attire, no fancy entrance... a far cry from what it would be like in the CWA. He definitely felt the stare of everyone in the gym on his back... but once he stepped into the ring it was forgotten about. Instead, he looked straight across at six people on the apron... his hopeful conquerors: 'Exploding Hawk' Masamichi Mochizuki, 'Itsumade' Kyoji Taniguchi, Himawari, Jigglypuff, TANK and the 'Red King' himself. There was no fear - he had already started to analyse them. He said he chose the best to face -- that wasn't strictly true. He had chosen a great diversity of styles to take on, full pelt, and with no breaks in between. The gauntlet wasn't just to toughen him up and boost his confidence/morale... it was there for him to focus on adapting quickly to an opponent's changing gameplan, it was there for him to try and focus on defending multiple facets of the game. It was to sharpen him up for the future. There might be no title or anything of massive value on the line -- but just one fall or one submission was all it would take to end the gauntlet... just like in real life when he would face Krash again... or when he would face Jon Snowmantashi at Five Star Attraction for the CWA World Heavyweight Title. He wasn't willing to let that fall or submission take place. Ever.

    He heard a small beep. It signalled, that for sixty minutes only, he was no longer a member of the Strong Style Dojo. He was an offender. Someone who had disgraced their name. And the game was on...

    He tried to see who was jumping into the ring first. He looked down at BoBo, in his corner, and gave him a thumbs up... BoBo tried to respond with one too but shook his head as he saw who entered first: TANK, a behemoth of a man. Not known for being a technical wrestler... but known for being a brutal wrestler... one that's near impossible to put down without going through an extremely tough brawl.

    The pair locked up - and almost immediately, LIGHTBRINGER could feel pain in his back, he hissed a little as TANK forced him back into a turnbuckle. He was distracted for a mere moment and he would regret it as a chop landed squarely on his throat. Then another. Then another. The worst part was that TANK wasn't the best chop specialist that LIGHTBRINGER would face in this gauntlet -- and already his chest was red raw. He could barely muster any offense on TANK due to the smaller yet bulkier man simply powering out of any grip and responding with a headbutt, a forearm, a chop or a brainbuster. His moves were powerful and they hurt alot. If there was any man similar to Snowmantashi in SSD then this was the guy.

    The first ten minutes went by... no chance that 'Tokyo Kisai' would give up. All he had to show for his progress so far was a red chest and burst nose stemming from a headbutt. He was planted on his knees just as TANK finished his part in the trial - he turned around and tagged in Kyoji Taniguchi. LIGHTBRINGER's own protege... perhaps someone who had surpassed him recently after winning the SPJ Heavyweight title - a title that LIGHTBRINGER himself has never captured. He was always someone that LIGHTBRINGER would never take serious in sparring matches due to knowing all of his weaknesses... but just as he looked to stand up, he was put right back on his knees again as Kyoji slammed a thunderous kick into his chest. More came after. It was almost like being tortured. LIGHTBRINGER did manage to snap out of it and fought back this time, catching kicks where he could and digging his elbows into them. There was no grappling intent here, Kyoji was just intent on kicking the shit out of him. However, Kyoji was a smaller guy and not as bulky as TANK, he would take some punishment here and there. Twenty minutes in and LIGHTBRINGER had faced two tough yet different opponents with little success.

    In came his next opponent - a flashy technical wrestler called Masamichi Mochizuki. He didn't associate with the core members of the gym due to not liking LIGHTBRINGER. The pair had a brief rivalry over the time the pair had begun to train. Mochizuki believed he was the best... and the egos would butt heads. He had a big mouth too. He would taunt LIGHTBRINGER all throughout his time in the ring - using angled dropkicks to attack the knees before delivering sentons to the back. About halfway through the round, it seemed like 'Tokyo Kisai' was crumbling as he had slowed to a crawl, having to clutch his opponent's legs in an attempt to get up. Masamichi would open his mouth.

    "You're supposed to be one of the best in the CWA? Just look at the state of you, Kisai! You're near enough finished! After only five minutes with me! If you're that good and you're destroying chumps in the CWA with your current talent... just imagine what I could do! You know what? I might just go there. I might just come to the CWA and take everything from you, I will be the top champion in the CWA... and just like in the SPJ, you'll be viewed as nothing but a past relic! The second best! I'll beat that Kurasshu guy for you too!"

    There was ringing in his ears but he had heard the words loud and clear. It evoked some sort of anger in him. The taunts about the past were something but he was taunting him about the present... the future. It wasn't something he took to kindly. Mochizuki knew he could get away with it due to circumstances, too. He was pushing his luck. All LIGHTBRINGER could think about was the embarrassment that Krash had defeated him and the notion that Mochizuki would have to beat Krash for him... it was ridiculous. He could take gentle ribbing from friends but Mochizuki... he'd never allow him to know he was better. LIGHTBRINGER wasn't able to beat Krash right there and then... that would wait... but Mochizuki? He would be a fine replacement in the meantime. A surge of energy came through 'Tokyo Kisai' as he got up and crunched a forearm into his opponent's jaw before chopping him. Mochizuki chopped him back - it sounded like a whip... but the body language implied it was fearful. LIGHTBRINGER didn't care as he chopped him again - and wouldn't allow him to chop back as he fired off rapid chops before stomping a hole through Mochizuki on the ground. He picked him up and would try to hit him with a lariat... but Mochizuki read it and then hit him with a superkick... he then tried to hit him with a flying knee KO... but LIGHTBRINGER showed he was still aware, dodged it and flattened his rival with his lariat just as the round ended. He didn't pin him or submit him... but he had made sure that Mochizuki would shut up. LIGHTBRINGER couldn't resist trash talking back.

    "Maybe you'll shut the fuck up next time, Masamichi! You will never get the better of me, Kurasshu is worth fifty of you on that performance. You're better off training with the young girls -- I'm sure Moeka needs some new opponents! I'll be sure to give you a shoutout when I defeat Kurasshu, thank you for your participation in being made to look like a fool once more."

    LIGHTBRINGER had let himself get carried away - he hadn't realised that the next entrant was the trickmaster, Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff wasn't a great wrestler by any means - but he had tricks up his sleeve... most of them illegal. He was happy to let LIGHTBRINGER talk trash to his rival as he untied the large turnbuckle cushion. He then shouted...


    LIGHTBRINGER turned around... he already had a massive rush of adrenaline earlier but it seemed like he was in no mood to play. He ran at Jigglypuff... and would realise his mistake as Jigglypuff pulled the turnbuckle cover away and he would collide with the exposed turnbuckles. His back was in complete agony and his time wasn't going to get any better as he looked down to witness a low blow strike that put him on his back. For the first time, someone had tried to pin him... but he kicked out. He would then go through various tricks from Jigglypuff that would result in having to kickout of around twenty or so pin attempts. Each one sapping what little energy he'd have left. His back in pain at having to arch constantly. He knew he was in no danger of being hurt by Jigglypuff... so he was willing to persevere. He was learning to kick out of everything, no matter what. It was a mindset he needed.

    The round ended and it was time for the penultimate opponent. There was some murmuring going on as Himawari entered the ring but it was broken when BoBo shouted some encouraging words out.

    "If the trickster mastermind can't pin you, nobody can! She isn't going to submit you, Kisai! You're making it to the next round no matter what!


    and try not to stare at her boobs!"

    There was some laughter - a well known joke from BoBo when training male students against female ones. But Himawari wasn't laughing - she took offence to the statement that implied she couldn't submit LIGHTBRINGER. She spent the first two minutes kicking at the arms of LIGHTBRINGER as well as taking advantage of the fact that he was slightly timid. He didn't want to hurt her. He received a double knee to the face whilst resting in a corner... and he very nearly gave up as the 45 minute mark was reached. Himawari didn't seem intent on striking as she had LIGHTBRINGER on his back and instead tried to lock in a kneebar. LIGHTBRINGER knew that BoBo's words had skewed Himawari to trying her submission game. He had perhaps saved his friend from taking too much damage as he knew Himawari was not a submission expert by any means. The pain he had endured to get to this point did make it much more of a task to survive, though. His friend may have done him a favour in getting him to avoid a striking battle... but now, he was fighting off submission attempts. None would be fully locked in but they would still hurt.

    LIGHTBRINGER crawled towards the corner nearest BoBo as Himawari's round timer ended, she was pissed she was unable to get the submission - BoBo grinned at her and laughed, taunting her before pouring water over the face of his best friend.

    "Ten more minutes and you're done. That chump Masamichi is crying like a little bitch, good job, you showed him! I think Daisuke is a little impressed..."

    LIGHTBRINGER was a little out of breath and sweating heavily, clearly exhausted... some colour drained from his face at the mentioning of 'Daisuke'



    "I forgot Daisuke was last. I must've been knocked silly earlier.."



    The pair of them looked over to see Daisuke Ishihara get ready to step into the ring after a brief stretch.


    "That would be correct, Kisai. But you can do it! You've made it this far. Forget all the other times. Forget them all now. Past meetings don't matter. Just like when you face Kurasshu again. Don't dwell on what has already happened but on what you will do."

    "What will I do?"

    "Against Daisuke? You'll survive! Against Kurasshu? Win! This is your chance to prove to us all you've got the spirit to succeed, right? Well, don't let Daisuke take that from you! You need your confidence sky high from now on, remember? Let's do it!"


    Before LIGHTBRINGER could answer back, a foot came flying across his face as Daisuke Ishihara went on the attack. There was a brief moment of respite as Ishihara would speak up. LIGHTBRINGER was barely conscious and had ringing in his ear - but he was able to hear his words loud and clearly.

    "What is this about, Kisai? You lost in the CWA and you come back here for a confidence boost? You think you can line up the gym's best in this gauntlet and win? Is that what we are to you? Maybe you need to toughen up mentally and we can provide that. I understand that. But I know you well, Kisai. Perhaps you think you can change the future with this. Perhaps you think you can rematch whoever this Kurasshu guy is and win this time? I find it ironic that you use this as an excuse for that. You think you can change the outcome of the match by using this gauntlet? By utilising me? When we have faced... the outcome has never changed. It seems that point has been lost on you. I am sorry, but this has been all in vain. You were always biting off more than you can chew. Losing is going to happen to you, alot. Just deal with it. You don't need to put yourself through this every time you lose."

    LIGHTBRINGER thought about it for a moment. Despite being knocked senseless, the words were making sense to him. Perhaps he had taken the defeat to heart a little too much. Perhaps that, in the grand scheme of things, this meant nothing? No. That wasn't right. He could prove that he has learned his lesson, that he has changed by winning this gauntlet. Change the outcome of this matchup and he could change the outcome of a future matchup. Nothing is set in stone, right?

    He was in extreme pain as he slowly climbed to his feet - Daisuke shouted at him.

    "You've had a few moments to recover, Kisai. I think it's time I put you out of your misery, wouldn't you agree?"

    He was able to stumble over to him. He felt he was being mocked slightly. He had faced a brute, a trickster, a rival, a student and one pissed off female. They all had a variety of styles yet he was able to adapt and outlast them all. He had refused to give up. Now, he just had to do the one thing he could never do: not submit to Daisuke Ishihara, the legend. A stain on his record for a long time. If he could survive this then he could survive... and accomplish anything. He just knew it. He would go on to defeat Krash if he would be victorious here, something just felt right about it all. It was do or die time infront of the entirety of his gym teammates. With that, he braced himself as he stared down the team leader... and then gave him a disrespectful slap, and then readied himself for whatever storm was coming his way... it wouldn't be enough to crush his resolve. He was sure of it. Whatever happened here was surely indicative of how his future match with Krash would go...



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