December 30th 2015 - SOLD OUT Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

A pre event video plays hyping up the special occasion as well as running through each match in a preview - detailing each superstar and their journey to get here. Only one match is noticeably missing and that is the mysterious LIGHTBRINGER vs KAIZEN matchup. We then go to the arena where pyro rips through the stage set up and we get a pan of the crowd - notably some with funnier signs than other. An overweight female holds up a sign saying "ME + RONDO + MCGINNIS = DEVILS THREE WAY" whilst there are notably an asian contingent in the crowd showing support for KAIZEN, LIGHTBRINGER as well as Jon Snowmantashi. Other notable signs to be found: "PASSION is my PASSION!" "Let's go Gabby!"amongst others. Aside from some other verbal signs, there are signs showing support for "The Backwoods Badass" Harrison Wake as well as Ghost, Thomas Jordan and Michelle von Horrowitz. Some guy, who is clearly not what he says he is, holds up a sign saying "I'M THE FATHER TO SHANNON'S CHILD!"

We then go to the extended commentary team for the show - they sit at an elongated table at ringside: Piers Gallagher, Langdon Trafford, Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman!

Langdon Trafford: Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to a special show! It's the first time EVER that the FWA and the CWA have partnered up to bring us what should be a very special night. I am Langdon Trafford and I sit here with my usual commentary partner, Piers Gallagher! If you're a FWA fan, then allow me to introduce the CWA commentary team: Tim Coleman, and Jim Taylor!

Jim Taylor: Thanks Langdon! Welcome to the show everybody, boy oh boy, we have a PACKED Staples Center, SOLD OUT infact ready to bare witness to what should be a great, great show!

Piers Gallagher: Ugh, there's too many unspectacular people on the card.

Tim Coleman: Perhaps on the FWA side of things!

Piers Gallagher: I'm not even going to deny it.

Langdon Trafford: Now, now, you two. We'll have plenty of time to get into it. Firstly though, the fans at home, this is what you can look forward to. We've got a main event featuring not one, not two, but THREE current champions... not to mention a WrestleRoyale winner! We've got the FWA champion, Phillip A. Jackson teaming up with the CWA number one contender, and WrestleRoyale winner, Michelle von Horrowtiz to take on the CWA World Champion, Jon Snowmantashi and the FWA women's champion, Bell Connelly! Imagine having to pick a winner for it!

Piers Gallagher: It's PAJ. It's always PAJ! He's a winner! He will be the standout!

Jim Taylor: You're right, Langdon, It will be interesting to witness unfold. But let's not just speak about that, we've got a plethora of interesting matches. We have the "Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle taking on Ashley Addams in what has been a tension filled feud stemming from Gabrielle's shock appearance at the WrestleRoyale... plus we have our FORMER CWA Champion, Jonathan McGinnis in action!

Tim Coleman: He's taking on the 'down on his luck' Christian Quinn tonight and I can't see it getting any better for him.

Piers Gallagher: Quinn is a nobody.

Langdon Trafford: And just to remind you of what else we have, we've got The Movement taking on the FWA Tag Team champions, The Garcia Brothers! Ghost and Double E, Elijah Edwards, take on the CWA Tag Team champions, The Echo! I'm running out of breath already...

Jim Taylor: Let me take over for you, Langdon. Harrison Wake, the backwoods badass, is in action as he teams with Derrick Mitchell to take on Rolando Fuentes and Jason Randall! We have a taped fist fatal fourway between Thomas Jordan, Nate Savage, Johnny Vegas and Mr Enigma... and then we have another fatal fourway... perhaps a little more peculiar than the taped fist one...

Piers Gallagher: Just say it: It's full of freaks! Dicky Zuko, Vincent Blackbird, PASSION and Bryan Poler. They're all freaks! I can't believe I have to call a match like that.

Tim Coleman: I'm sure we'll have fun making fun of them!

Langdon Trafford: Let's not forget that we also have a SECRET MATCH tonight where nobody knows the participants - infact, the participants themselves don't even know who they're facing. It could be me against you Piers!

Piers Gallagher: I wish!

Tim Coleman: That's a scary prospect. I hope we get treated to a good surprise! Chubby Carlos to return?

Langdon Trafford: I want to see Drew Stevenson come back! That'd be exciting wouldn't it?

Piers Gallagher: No.

Jim Taylor: Let us get on with the show gents... we're kicking off with a big match! We've got the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, KAIZEN taking on... well, a name i'm not familiar with but i've been told that this person will be debuting in the CWA shortly, LIGHTBRINGER.

Langdon Trafford: It may be a name unfamiliar to the FWA and CWA faithful, but both these guys have a storied history in Japan, where they both made their debuts and climbed through the ranks. This is a chance to get a sneak peek into who LIGHTBRINGER is and if he can have success in the CWA.


The lights dim as a special hype video for the opening match starts to play.

The song “Retrograde” by James Blake plays softly in the background. As the black screen slowly lights up, a deep voice from a silhouette in the middle of screen starts speaking in Japanese, all of which is subtitled.

“A lot of people have asked me why I am making the jump, making the leap.

My answer to them is….

Why not?”

The shot finally comes into focus on a young man with dyed blonde hair, sitting casually in a large armchair inside what appears to be a studio. The video narrator’s voice, also in Japanese, cuts in as the young man looks to the left of the camera, talking to an unseen interviewer in a relaxed tone.

Narrator: “Another one of the rising lions of Japan has set his sights on the World Stage!”

Man: “I am far more ambitious than to just be the defender of Japan and puroresu. I am more than a protector.

I am a conqueror.”

Narrator: “The former Super Puro Japan Intercontinental Champion! The Strong Style Dojo prodigy whose rays of brilliance pierce through the darkest of clouds! The most sought after free agent in the wrestling world!”


Footage of LIGHTBRINGERS run in SPJ is shown, with emphasis on his devastating LIGHTBRINGER Lariat (Rainmaker) and him holding the SJP Intercontinental Championship. The last segment shows LIGHTBRINGER after a match going to a wrestler who was doing commentary with the announce team, slapping him in the face wordlessly, and setting off a massive brawl.

Narrator: “Like an arrow shot out of a bow, LIGHTBRINGERS career has shot straight to the top from the moment he made his professional debut. The youngest SJP Intercontinental Champion in history… the only man ever to go undefeated in the SJP Young Lion Climax… after his YL Climax victory in 2012, LIGHTBRINGER did the unthinkable and slapped SJP World Heavyweight Champion “BURNING’ Naota Kotani in the face… a strong signal of disrespect, an unmistakable signal of intent!!!”

The scene cuts back to LB in the studio.

LB: “My career has been short but filled with highs and lows. I was Intercontinental Champion before my injury, yet to this day people still want to talk about Kotani and ‘the slap’. I have two things to say. First, fuck Naota Kotani. Second, LIGHTBRINGER is not about the past. I am focused on the future.”

Narrator: “The past…. The future….”

The screen suddenly cuts to black.

Narrator: “The present.”

The screen cuts to a scene of a red-haired man standing over fallen FWA Legend Devin Golden, sneering with face-paint grease smeared over his twisted face and the World Heavyweight Championship belt hoisted in the air.

Narrator: “Who awaits LIGHTBRINGER in America? A Young Lions winner in his own right! The man who has been excommunicated from Tiger Army! The self-proclaimed “once in a generation” talent who has turned his back on Japanese puroresu in order to seize the mantle of Champion!”


Footage of KAIZEN’s FWA run is shown, highlighted by his use of the MINORU Special (Gotch-style Piledriver) to retain the FWA X-Championship and his heel turn/ascension to the World Heavyweight Championship.

Narrator: “The 2013 Young Lions Climax winner shocked Japan when he declined his SPJ contract to jump to the FWA, but the decision has paid off handsomely in Championship Gold! Currently declaring himself at war against the legends of FWA, KAIZEN faces off against LIGHTBRINGER with intent to make a statement!”

KAIZEN is shown backstage at a live FWA event with his World Championship belt.

KAIZEN: “Is that how it’s going to be?? Pretty boy LIGHTBRINGER, that SSD scum, wants to follow in my footsteps and steal my thunder? Well mark my words, I’ll be there at the Supershow, and I’ll humble that son of a bitch!! You’ve had everything handed to you your whole life, you brat, and its about time that someone makes you pay!! CWA/FWA Supershow, you’re going to pay for the full cost of a Tokko-Yaro education!!!”

Narrator: “Fates intertwined…”

The footage of the LIGHTBRINGER-Kotani brawl of 2012 is shown again, this time with a circle showing a younger, shaven-headed KAIZEN acting as an apprentice ring attendant, one of the many people trying to break up the brawl.

Narrator: “An enmity that oceans could not separate…”

The final scenes intercut between both LIGHTBRINGER and KAIZEN speaking about their opponent and footage of them holding their respective past championships.

LIGHTBRINGER: “I am happy KAIZEN agreed to be my first opponent in North America. It will be an opportunity to showcase myself to the fans, showcase that my health is at 100%... and to show Mr. Tokko-yaro that as a wrestler, as a man... he was and will always be... one step beneath me.”

KAIZEN: “I am the FWA World Heavyweight O-ja!! After I put him back on the shelf, LIGHTBRINGER will only be known this side of the world as the has-been that never even was!! You asked for this, pretty boy! So don’t worry, for one night only, ‘Tokko-Yaro’ will make you famous!!”

Narrator: “…has led to this… A COLLISION!!”


The two men stare each other down as the bell rings, neither shooting out of the gate. As LB slowly strides towards the center of the ring, KAIZEN meets him there with a HUGE open-hand slap! LB smirks while holding his face as KAIZEN mouths off at him. LB, significantly taller than KAIZEN, then pie-faces KAIZEN, sending him rolling back into his corner! LB grabs KAIZEN and shoots him into the ropes. KAIZEN ducks LB’s clothesline attempt, runs the opposite ropes, and tries to get LB with a rolling arm drag! But LB doesn’t budge, instead keeping KAIZENs arm hooked and using the leverage to roll KAIZEN onto his stomach. LB goes down and tries to lock in a quick Calfkiller submission!! KAIZEN recognizes this and quickly rolls over and kicks LB away. The two end in a standoff in their respective corners, as LB holds his hand up in a ‘this close’ motion towards KAIZEN.

Langdon Trafford:
LIGHTBRINGER already threatening with a submission attempt that KAIZEN wanted no part of! You have to wonder if KAIZEN is going to be cautious here and try NOT to get caught with any big moves. He has no idea if LIGHTBRINGER has improved or not since he last saw him.

Jim Taylor: I'm liking it so far. The guy seems to have recovered well from his injury!

The two lock up again center ring, with LB getting the better of the traditional exchange. KAIZEN reverses and tries to hit a German suplex, but LB lands on his feet! As KAIZEN turns around, LB jumps for a dropkick, but KAIZEN sidesteps and LB airballs it. KAIZEN grabs LB as he sits up and gives him a snap mare, then runs the bottom of his boot across the back of LBs head in blatant show of disrespect! As KAIZEN smiles with glee, LB pops up and blasts him with an uppercut! KAIZEN comes back with a knife edge chop which sends LB back slightly. The two men exchange chops as the crowd “wooooo!”s with each one. LB get the better of the exchange and runs the ropes, but KAIZEN suddenly dropkicks LBs knee, sending him to the mat writhing in pain!

Piers Gallagher: I will admit, I do like my chops...

Tim Coleman: That was a great exchange but KAIZEN gets the momentum back with a targeted dropkick!

KAIZEN works over LBs right knee, assaulting it with elbow drops and stomps. LB pulls himself up with the ropes, only to be dropped back down by a KAIZEN dragon screw! The ringside camera catches KAIZEN getting in LBs face and screaming “あち かえれ!!” as LB tries to protect the knee. KAIZEN drags LB into the corner and goes to the opposite side. He charges in for a STEEL BALL RUN (Cannonball), but LB slips out of the way and KAIZEN eats nothing but turnbuckle! As KAIZEN stumbles up, LB drills him with an enzugiri from the apron!! KAIZEN flops down, and LB grimaces as he pulls himself back up. After a moment, he flies back into the ring with a Slingshot Senton right onto KAIZEN!!

Langdon Trafford: Great use of the ropes there and LB, if we can call him that, is going to go for a cover!



KAIZEN kicks out right after two. Both men take a moment to recover. LB looks like he wants to run the ropes, but his knee slightly buckles and he stops to readjust his kneepad. This gives KAIZEN an opening to roll LB up!!

Jim Taylor: Little bit of an issue with the knees, hope it doesn't cost him!



LB grabs the bottom rope with his hands, forcing the ref to stop counting. As KAIZEN releases the hold, LB catches him square on the jaw with an upkick!! KAIZEN is dazed, but as LB gets up to follow through, KAIZEN swoops behind him for a German, but suddenly drops down into a chop block instead on the knee!! LB goes down gripping the knee, KAIZEN grabs him by the waist and deadlifts him into a German suplex!! KAIZEN doesn’t go for the cover, and instead goes over to grind his elbows into LBs face! The crowd boos as KAIZEN gets up and points to himself, screaming “ONCE IN A GENERATION!!”

Piers Gallagher: I have to say, I have come to appreciate KAIZEN.

Tim Coleman: He's doing a great job showing LIGHTBRINGER who the boss is. But I should be cheering for the soon-to-be CWA guy!

KAIZEN turns around and is shocked to find that LB has popped back to his feet while KAIZEN was preening. LB lands a chop so hard that KAIZEN doubles over!! LB stands still and gestures to KAIZEN, as if asking to see if KAIZEN can top that! KAIZEN grabs LBs head and lays into him with forearms, and LB responds with forearms of his own!! The crowd goes wild as the two men club each other senseless. Both men get woozy and fall to a knee. KAIZEN then tries to spring up for a SHINGATA (540 kick), but LB ducks!! KAIZEN lands on his belly, and is helpless as LB rolls right into a Calfkiller!!!

Langdon Trafford:

Jim Taylor: He got overzealous with the offence but wow, these guys really are beating the crap out of each other!

KAIZEN struggles to break out of the hold. He tries turning his body to the left and right, but LB adjusts and is relentless with the pressure!! In desperation mode, KAIZEN reaches his left hand out! The crowd anticipates a tap, but after a moment, KAIZEN reaches his hand back and grabs LB by the hair, wrenching LBs head back! LB lets go of the submission hold, and KAIZEN immediately mounts him and tries to grab a guillotine choke! KAIZEN is slowed by the pain in his legs though, allowing LB to throw his legs up! KAIZEN swerves to avoid the legs but falls right into an armbar!! KAIZEN flops around, looking for a way out, and his legs just about find the ropes!

Piers Gallagher: Too easy for KAIZEN to escape that submission!

Tim Coleman: He is doing his best to avoid any dangerous moves!

The two men pop to their feet, but KAIZEN launches a headbutt right under the chin of LB! LB slumps over, and KAIZEN then runs the ropes for a PK… but LB catches it and does a seated dragon screw which flings KAIZEN back to center ring!! KAIZEN is the one writhing in pain now as LB gets to his feet, wagging a finger at KAIZEN as if to indicate that he’s finally warmed up! The crowd cheers as LB lifts KAIZEN up for the Landslide (Samoan Driver), but KAIZEN wiggles out and lands on the apron! KAIZEN lands a forearm to the back of LBs head to make some space, then springboards back in with a K-FLASHER (armdrag into backslide)!!

Langdon Trafford:
Great counter by KAIZEN! He scouted the Samoan Driver attempt! This is getting seriously heated now!

Jim Taylor: KAIZEN with the cover!


LB kicks out before two, but as the two men get up, KAIZEN notices LB is gripping KAIZENs wrist!! LB pulls KAIZEN in for a Lightbringer (Rainmaker)!!.. but KAIZEN drops down, and tries to take LBs back! It doesn’t work though, as LB spins KAIZEN for another Lightbringer attempt, but KAIZEN sticks out his leg and kicks away LBs arm, desperate to avoid the Lightbringer!! KAIZEN lands a spinning back fist, dropping LB to the mat! KAIZEN goes out on the ring apron and signals for an X.U. (Springboard 450), but as he jumps, LB springs back to his feet and BLASTS KAIZEN with a beautiful dropkick, sending KAIZEN flying all the way from the apron to the announce table!!!

Piers Gallagher: My goddamn bottle of water just fell off the desk!

Langdon Trafford: I'm sure KAIZEN sympathises with it, LB just sent him flying with a beautifully executed dropkick!

LB goes to the outside and grabs a disheveled KAIZEN, who is heard saying “Wait, hold on!!” as LB grabs him. LB shakes his head and tries to bring KAIZEN up, but KAIZEN tries to pull LB into the barricade! LB counters though, and flings KAIZEN over the barricade right into the timekeepers seat!! The crowd shrieks as the ringside staff all scatter. LB turn his gaze skyward and soaks up the cheers as KAIZEN reels in the debris.

Jim Taylor: KAIZEN is seriously losing momentum here. What a great job by LIGHTBRINGER so far! I'm excited to see more of this guy already!

Tim Coleman: I'll wait until the end of the match until I give my judgment!

The ref yells at LB to bring KAIZEN back in the ring. LB grabs KAIZEN again but KAIZEN seizes the timekeepers folding chair and jabs LB in the gut!! LB stumbles backwards and rolls back into the ring. KAIZEN follows LB back into the ring with chair in hand! The ref, however, stops KAIZEN as he enters and demands KAIZEN leave the chair outside. KAIZEN yells “YOU WANT IT, GO GET IT!!” at the ref and chucks the chair to the other side of the ring.

Piers Gallagher: KAIZEN is doing what a real man does, using some damn steel chairs!

Langdon Trafford: I think he's just afraid that he's outmatched without them!

As the ref goes to get the chair out of the ring, LB surprises KAIZEN but seizing him by the waist!! He winds KAIZEN up and draws him in for a Lightbringer lariat!!!...

Jim Taylor: This could be it!

but KAIZEN swings a hand at LBs face and suddenly LB collapses to the mat!! KAIZEN throws an object from his hand to out of the ring…

Langdon Trafford: It’s the timekeepers ring bell hammer! KAIZEN must have snuck it in!

Piers Gallagher: YES!

KAIZEN had hidden the small wooden hammer in his wrestling trunks!! As the ref finally turns back, KAIZEN grabs the knocked-out LB by the face and screams “WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!!” and then sets him up for the MINORU Special (Gotch-style Piledriver)!! He hits it on LB amid a shower of boos from the crowd!!

Tim Coleman: It's not looking good for LIGHTBRINGER right now! I should be giving props to KAIZEN but I don't want the CWA to be 0-1 already!

The cover!!




Winner: "Tokko-Yaro" KAIZEN
Langdon Trafford: The FWA World Heavyweight champ finds a way to get the win...

Piers Gallagher: GENIUS!

After the match, KAIZEN takes his belt and poses for some of the crowd, shouting at them as he walks down the ramp - LIGHTBRINGER is given a decent round of applause and then helped to the back by some EMTs. The cameras then go backstage.
We go to a corridor in the Staples Centre. Michelle von Horrowitz stands, her back against a white wall, a door with a hastily printed sign reading ‘MVH’ visible on her right. Her arms are folded over her standard baggy green t-shirt and she stares past the camera, preparing to begin. She is alone, naturally.

MVH: When I was a young girl, perhaps five or six, my mother used to read her favourite parts of the bible to me. The cold, winter, Rotterdam evenings would fly by as Ms von Horrowitz sat in the large arm chair next to my bed, leafing through the pages of the decrepit old book of lies and smoking her vanilla-scented cigarettes. She loved the Book of Job, as all literary types do, and occasionally – when in her more hopeful moods – she’d move on to the gospels. But mostly it was Genesis and Exodus. She thought all morality had to come with bloodshed for it to really stick. Her absolute favourite was the story of Lot. Those who are familiar with it will know that this is not an appropriate story for a five year old.

The camera remains stationary, and so does the woman. She is in ring gear, ready for the evening’s main event.

Lot was a dutiful and devout man of Sodom, who was visited by two angels sent down from the heavens. He treats them as guests, inviting them into his home and washing their feet. But the men of Sodom, both old and young, came to his house and demanded that Lot’s guests be served to them to satiate their lusts. But Lot refuses, and instead offers up his virgin daughters to the men, so that they might know them instead. The angels reveal themselves as Sodom’s Doom, and take Lot – the last righteous man in Sodom – and his family to safety before the city is razed to the ground.

Here she pauses, re-adjusting her stance and placing her arms behind her back, still leant against the wall.

MVH: My mother used to tell me this story as a warning. She knew what life was like for a young woman without a big, strong man to protect her, and she knew of our species’ predatorial tendency towards violence. Of course, she pictured herself as Lot, and my sister and I are his daughters. At least in her mind. And for many years I trusted in what she said. But my mother was a weak person. She thought she understood the nature of people, but she was clueless. She couldn’t even comprehend her own daughter.

Michelle leaned forward, placing her hands in her pocket and staring straight-on at the camera.

MVH: I am, of course, not one of Lot’s daughters in this ugly little story. For a while, in my adolescence, I fancied myself as the righteous man. The protector. But that is equally as ridiculous. My dear tulips; I am the Doom. The CWA and FWA stand like two cities of the plain, riddled with the same sorts of depravity and stupidity as Sodom and Gomorrah. There is no righteous man to protect our cheery heroes, Bell Connelly and Jon Snowmantashi. All there is, and all there would ever be without my arrival, is a slow, painful descent. Great cities crumbling into ruin before our very eyes, eroding over years and years of decline. The boil must be lanced; the Doom must be swift. Tonight, it comes.

Michelle turns from the camera and walks towards her locker room, turning the handle and pushing back the door. The camera follows her inside.


The instant Michelle opens up her locker room door, this song comes blasting out of her locker room, and if that wasn’t the only sign that seemed to suggest her locker room was a tab bit remodeled, There were brightly colored streamers hanging from the ceiling, bright pink balloons totally covering the walls and one big banner in the center of the room bearing the legend (Seemingly written in crayon) “WELCOME!”


Seemingly appearing out of thin air Bell Connelly jumps out from behind Michelle’s shoulder with a stripped white and pink top, her title belt wrapped around her shoulder and her long golden hair tied up behind her neck in a ponytail. The instant she appears, she embraces Michelle in a tight warm hug a wide smile on her face and laughter on her voice eventually she lets go and appraises Michelle with those big glittering sapphire eyes of hers

Bell Connelly:
Howdy! Howdy! Howdy! Ok, I know what you’re thinking. This place needs a TONE more glitter. but don’t worry I stuffed a bunch in your locker so I got ya covered buddy! Oh I’m Bell by the way. Bell Connelly. As in “Ding Dong! Oh, who’s at the door. Oh it’s Bell! Once I heard you we were in the main event together I just HAD to come say hey! Isn’t this awesome!

Bell raises both her hands palms up in front of Michelle’s face

Bell Connelly:
CWA. FWA. Two worlds colliding BOOM! CRASH WAAAAA!

Like a child crashing two toy cars together Bell in slow motion brights her palms together is what she seems to think is slow motion while she ever so kindly provides "Colliding" sound effects

Bell Connelly:
....I figured I’m probably the most qualified person to roll out the welcome wagon. So welcome to Extreme Makeover: Locker Room edition! Do you remember that show? Sorry I don’t have a bus to move for you. The room’s too small. Buttttt if you want I can make noises like a bus and moonwalk backwards. That’s just as good right?Michelle's eyes surveyed the room, a look of something between horror and incomprehension on her face. The balloons... the streamers... the banners... It looked like the Powerpuff Girls had eaten too much birthday cake and vomited all over her beautifully sparse and austere locker room.

... what is ... why is ... who ...

Eventually her eyes came to rest on Bell, who had apparently been speaking. Von Horrowitz was too dumbstruck to listen. Her mind raced back to all of the horrors she'd seen in dreams, but none of it compared to the sheer tragedy of this wall of balloons.

After what seemed like half a minute of awkward silence, she slowly backed out of the room, closing the door behind her Bell frowns to herself almost in confusion before turning to a corner of the room arms out.

Bell Connelly: Was it something I said?

The camera pans around to reveal the heavyset gentleman in the corner

Chubby Carlos:
You got me Dude. You still want me to make balloon animals?

Bell Connelly:Oh! I want a kitten!We go back to the ring as

“Dead girls don’t cry” by the band Nekromantix hits the PA system as the stage becomes awash with light purple and pink lights, to….well very little reaction to be totally honest. The only sounds we hear is the slight groans from the CWA half of the area knowing that this winless creep is representing the company, but sure enough we hear the sounds of a car horn honked incessantly as the hot pink classic Cadillac known as “Peggy Sue” rolls into the staples center as always driven by it’s owner Dicky Zuko. After stopping the car right beside the ramp. Dicky stands up on his/her seat and reveals him/herself in all his/her splender as always looking like an extra from “The Outsiders” on acid. Clad in his/her usually thick black leather jacket, slicked back hair sunglasses and eternally smothering cigarette between his/her lips. He/she screams out with arms outstretched to the crowd screaming out “OH-HO HO! THERE’S NO USE HIDING AND THEY CAN’T RUN QUICK! BECAUSE NOW? NOW THEY’RE GOING GET THE DICK. OHHHH!” before throwing his/her cigarette into the crowd and hopping over the passenger door and on to the rap way giving “Peggy-Sue” One last loving look and screaming at the ring side attendance “DON’T TOUCH MY FREAKING CAR!” and making his/her way down the ramp pausing every once and awhile to make sure his/her hair is slicked back to perfection

Lucy Pinder: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first, representing the CWA, from Greaser Falls USA- Dicky Zuko!

Tim Coleman: ....We could have gotten...ANYONE...ANYONE at all to represent our company. Ultimate Pain. Johnny Vegas. Hell we could have dug up where Cyrus has been hiding….and instead we got this creep?

Jim Taylor: I think this the only place in the world where Dicky Zuko would fit in….

Piers Gallagher:
....Greaser Falls?!

Langdon Trafford: ...So is that a man or a woman? I mean it looks like-

Jim Taylor: Do yourself a favor. Just stop asking questions about Dicky. You’ll live longer

Eventually after Dicky was done leering at the women in the crowd Dicky creeps into the ring making sure to comb his/her hair just once before tossing the grease covered comb over to Lucy and creepily winks at her. Lucy seems quite relieved when the next wrestler’s music hits

Lucy Pinder: And his opponent, representing the BIRD Empire. He is the douchebag General Manager of MY nGw and currently one half of the nGw Tag Team Champions, Lord Asshole Blackbird.

“Engel” by Rammstein plays and as Vincent comes out, with the nGw Tag Team Title on his shoulder he pauses and listens to a small part of the crowd chanting “nGw” repeatedly while the majority of the crowd boo him heavily. Under his mask, he smiles then heads to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: And their opponent, he is the current nGw Champion, “The Technician” Bryan Poler.

“Scorpions” by The Zoo plays as Bryan Poler comes out with the nGw Championship around his waist to a mixture of “Poler” chants and massive “nGw” chants.

Lucy Pinder: And their opponent, it is FWA's resident “Tri-Gendered” wrestler, PASSION.

"Toxicity" plays and the crowd boos heavily. PASSION walks out a replica nGw Championship covered in wet bodily fluids. PASSION licks the title then prances down to the ring flamboyantly before getting into and getting into Bryan's face.

Freakshow Fatal Four Way
Dicky Zuko vs Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs "Tri-Gendered" PASSION vs "The Technician" Bryan Poler

The referee signals for the bell while Vincent simply lays back against a turnbuckle, PASSION immediately lays into Bryan with Dicky joining in on beating down Bryan. When Dicky attempts to pin Bryan, PASSION quickly pulls Dicky off and gets into his face. As they argue, Vincent tilts his head before shaking it as Bryan capitalizes on their argument to roll out of the ring. Vincent crouches and takes off towards them. PASSION notices, and steps out of the way confusing Dicky seconds before taking the Clan Blackbird from behind.

Piers Gallagher: Dicky's clueless, he's finished already!

PASSION charges and hits Vincent as he stands up with the Gender Disorientation. PASSION then immediately attempts to pin Vincent whom kicks out at 1. PASSION then goes to pin Dicky, whom kicks out at 2. PASSION tries to pin Bryan, then realizes that Bryan is no where in sight. PASSION goes to repin Vincent, only for Vincent to pull it into a reverse Blackbird Dragon looking to make it tap out. Dicky climbs up onto a turnbuckle and hits them with a Diving Axel Handle breaking up the submission attempt. Dicky then pulls PASSION to its feet and kisses PASSION before connecting with a devastating Grease Lightning. Dicky looks to pin PASSION only for Bryan to launch himself onto them, stopping the pin attempt.

Langdon Trafford: You spoke too early, Piers! Dicky's in it!!

Bryan picks Dicky up, and nails him with the MK Driver. Before Bryan could pin Dicky, Vincent picks Bryan up and nails him with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire. PASSION, hits Vincent with The Sissy Kick, upsetting Vincent. Vincent gets into PASSION's face backing it up into a corner. Vincent starts arguing with PASSION, going as far as pointing his finger at PASSION. PASSION simply nods and carefully gets down and gets out of the ring. Vincent turns and sees Dicky using the ropes to get to his feet near where PASSION got out of the ring.

Jim Taylor: I think Dicky is going to be going night night once again...

Tim Coleman: That freak has a chair!

Jim, Langdon, Piers: Which one!?

Tim Coleman: PASSION!

Vincent charges at the opposite rope to add momentum and connects with the Clan Blackbird. Unfortunately at the same time, PASSION using Vincent's focus on Dicky to grab a steel chair and slam it against Dicky's back causing the top part of the steel chair to connect with the top of Vincent's skull as his head was on the side of Dicky, taking out both Vincent and Dicky with one swing. PASSION gets onto the top rope and as it was about to get into the ring over both Vincent and Dicky.

Langdon Trafford: Passion needs to watch out, here comes Poler!

Going through the top and middle rope, Bryan quickly grabs PASSION's head and nails it with a reverse Bye Bye Love sending the back of PASSION's head and back directly onto the lower gut of Dicky with the back of PASSION's head landing squarely onto Vincent's southern member, inadvertently giving Vincent a low blow. Both Dicky and Vincent roll out of the ring, landing on the mat below hard. Bryan pulls PASSION further into the ring and makes sure that both Vincent and Dicky aren't anywhere in sight before locking in the Benzo Stretch, making PASSION tap out.

Piers Gallagher: Poler is the least freakiest of them all so I am glad he won!

Langdon Trafford: He took the victory well! He made sure Dicky and Vincent were out of the game and then got the tap! Great job by the nGw champion!

Jim Taylor: I sure hope Vincent's alright.

Tim Coleman: I don't!

Winner via Submission = “The Technician” Bryan Poler

Lucy Pinder:
Here is your winner by Submission, the nGw Champion, Bryan Poler.

There is a very small 10 minute intermission to allow people to go to the toilet etc, once the lights come back on, Lucy Pinder is standing in the middle of an empty ring...

Lucy Pinder: The following contest is a taped fist invitational! Introducing first…

“Whoop That Trick” hits and out comes Thomas Jordan to a big pop from the fans that show their support for him while he shadow boxes on his way to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: Making his way to the ring from Detroit, Michigan…THOMAS JORDAN!
“Cut the Cord” hits and after the intro when the song kicks in the crowd immediately begins to jeer loudly as “Nasty” Nate Savage steps out, and as he makes his way to the ring he sneers and snarls at the fans.

Lucy Pinder: His opponents, introducing first weighing in at 266lbs, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…”NASTY” NATE SAVAGE!

Savage snatches away the microphone from the ring announcer as he enters the ring taking place in his corner while staring at Thomas Jordan.

Nate Savage: So you’re the best that FWA has to offer? Really, some punk kid from the streets that probably couldn’t wrestle his way out of a paper bag…

Piers Gallagher: I like this Savage kid.

Tim Coleman: Me too. Hopefully he can get the CWA in the W column!

More boos from the fans.

Nate Savage: Fortunately for you this isn’t going to be any ordinary wrestling match, but unfortunately I’m still going to knock you senseless and send you back to the streets where you belong with the rest of the thugs…

Jordan snatches the microphone away from Savage.

Thomas Jordan:Hey, you gonna keep talking or am I gonna have to shut you up myself…

Langdon Trafford: Looks like the match is about to start early!

The situation is beginning to get real tense as Jordan hands the microphone back to Lucy Pinder while the referee separates the two competitors…

“King for a Day” now hits and out comes Johnny Vegas to a resounding sound of cheers from his hometown fans. He and his wife Jenny slap hands with fans along the way as he makes his way to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: And his opponents, introducing first being accompanied by Jenny Vegas, weighing in at 220lbs and from Los Angeles, California…JOHNNY VEGAS!

“Radioactive” now takes over the arena and a mixed reaction as the unpredictable extremist known as Mr. Enigma makes his way down to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: Next, weighing in at 250lbs and from Jacksonville, Florida…MR. ENIGMA!

Tim Coleman:
This is going to be violent.

Jim Taylor: Alot of these guys are BIG! This is going to be fun to watch.

Piers Gallagher: I hope this Savage kid knocks them all out.

The crowd is electric before the match even begins as the four men stand in their respective corners…

Taped Fist Match
Thomas Jordan vs Mr. Enigma vs Johnny Vegas vs "Nasty" Nate Savage

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The match begins with Jordan and Savage going at it and right away Jordan counters Savage charging at him with a big uppercut that knocks Savage back some, and now Jordan unloads on Savage some more with right and left hooks to the body and head knocking Savage back in the corner leaving him completely defenseless as Enigma and Vegas watch on from their corners…

Jordan unleashes rapid fire left and rights the gut of Savage finishing him off with a huge right hook to the head knocking Savage in a slumped position in the corner…and from behind Jordan is Enigma who drills him with a running double axe handle that knocks Jordan to his knees, but Enigma brings him back up unloading on him with a series of punches before knocking him straight to the mat with a bionic elbow to the head! Vegas now enters the fray as Enigma turns around right into a running clothesline and as Enigma is back up Vegas unleashes a flurry of offense on him with lefts and rights that have Enigma reeling back onto the ropes and Johnny sends him to the outside with a clothesline!

Langdon Trafford: Johnny Vegas is starting to gain some momentum here, those were vicious lefts and rights!

Savage pops up from the corner nailing Vegas from behind with a clubbing blow to the back and he begins to drill Vegas with a forearm shots to the face knocking Vegas back in the corner where he continues his relentless assault of forearms until he has Vegas in position…CANNONBALL! Vegas is out as Savage seems pleased with his work turning back around only to be surprised by Jordan with a lariat! Savage is back up however and charges towards Jordan, but Jordan is ready for him avoiding collision as Savage bounces off the ropes and off the rebound Jordan brings him down with a Lou Thesz press followed by right hands to the head of Savage, who tries his best to cover up but it’s to no avail…

Piers Gallagher:

Enigma back in the match now drilling Jordan with a boot to the head that knocks Jordan off of Savage, and now Enigma takes Jordan by the head before dropping him down hard with a body slam followed by a jumping knee to head of Jordan before making the cover…


Jordan kicks out before two and now Enigma takes him and tosses him in the corner unloading on him with a series of punches until Jordan is slumped down in a helpless state as Enigma prepares to inflict more punishment as he turns around right into an enziguri from Vegas that knocks for a loop into the ropes and Vegas takes him out with a clothesline to the outside but Enigma manages to land on his feet only to be taken right back down by Vegas who dives outside with a suicide dive! The crowd is on their feet now as Vegas gathers his wits about him as he waits for Enigma to get up looking to catch Enigma with a leaping DDT through the turnbuckle, and as he’s leaping through he’s caught with a boot to the head from Enigma and now it’s Enigma dragging Vegas’ now limp body…DDT ON THE OUTSIDE FLOOR!

Tim Coleman: And that's Vegas done. It has to be!

Jim Taylor: I'd keep an eye on what's going on INSIDE the ring!

Back in the ring however Savage has recovered and brings Jordan up and sends him to the ropes looking to put him away with the Nasty Bomb but its Jordan with the counter as Savage has him up in mid-air…THE SILENCER! Knockout punch from Jordan to Savage and its lights out for Savage! Jordan is about to go for the cover…SPEAR! Enigma with the spear taking Jordan out of the equation as he now climbs up top…FATAL FLAT-LINER! Elbow right in the heart of an unconscious Nate Savage and Enigma hooks the leg looking to steal this one…


Lucy Pinder: The winner of the match, Mr. Enigma!

Enigma celebrates post match whilst Jenny Vegas helps Johnny to his feet - Savage and Jordan are seen arguing as they start to come to. Jordan is seen telling him that he knocked his ass out - both guys get into a shoving contest and have to be separated post match and escorted backstage.

Piers Gallagher: Damn, Thomas Jordan. Hate that kid. It was a lucky punch!

Langdon Trafford: If you say so, my friend.

Jim Taylor: You know, Lucky punches seem to have an amazing KO success rate.

Tim Coleman: I don't think we have seen the last of those two.

We go backstage once more as we see LIGHTBRINGER being tended to by some staff but his gaze is fixated elsewhere as he casts a cold, stony glare straight at the CWA World Champion, Jon Snowmantashi, who is passing by and no doubt, preparing for his main event match up tonight. There is a hint of unspoken history there. Nate Savage is also heard walking by shouting about a lucky punch and how Thomas Jordan is 'dead'....

Jim Taylor: I don't think we've seen the last of those two either now.

We go back to the ring as Lucy Pinder stands, ready to announce the next match.

“Dropping Plates” hits and out comes Rolando Fuentes to a resounding positive ovation from the audience. He steps out on stage and smirks before walking down to the ring soaking in the positive energy from the fans.

Lucy Pinder:
Making his way to the ring from Houston, Texas and weighing in at 235lbs, he is Rolando “Ice” Fuentes!

“Seek & Destroy” now plays and crowd still cheering wildly as one half of the nGw tag team champions, Jason Randall steps out holding his title belt at his side while frantically looking around at the fans as he stands on stage before walking to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: And his tag team partner from San Diego, California and weighing in at 225lbs, he is one half of the nGw tag team champions….”The Wildcard” Jason Randall!

“Move Me” hits and the crowd immediately begins jeering as Harrison Wake steps out accompanied by his agent Mia Walsh. He menacingly glares out at the fans before walking to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: And their opponents, first making his way to the ring being accompanied by Mia Walsh, from Rock County, Wisconsin and weighing in at 240lbs he is “The Backwoods Badass” Harrison Wake!

“Hell Song” hits as the jeering continues when Derrick Mitchell steps out and wastes no time walking to the ring looking all business.

Lucy Pinder: And his tag team partner from Newcastle, England and weighing in at 250lbs, Derrick “Bionic Eye” Mitchell!

Tag Team Match
"The Backwoods Badass" Harrison Wake and "Bionic Eye" Derrick Mitchell vs Rolando "Ice" Fuentes and "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

Ding! Ding! Ding!

It’ll be Fuentes kicking off the match with Mitchell as the two begin to circle each other before locking up, and it’s Rolando with the early advantage trapping Mitchell in a side headlock and he attempt a takedown but Derrick won’t budge as he forces Rolando off with a shove to the ropes and as Rolando comes off the ropes Derrick catches him with a shoulder tackle but Rolando doesn’t go down and the two have an intense faceoff before laying into each other with lefts and right until it’s Mitchell gaining the advantage with a knee to midsection. Derrick proceeds to open up on Rolando with a tree punch combo, a jab followed by an uppercut and then a punch to the abdominal area and followed up with DDT planting Rolando’s head to the mat for the cover…

Langdon Trafford: Derrick Mitchell doing well here against the CWA veteran!

2 ½

Rolando with the shoulder up and Derrick drags him over to his corner where he tags in Harrison Wake, and Harrison comes in off the tag with a big boot to the midsection of Rolando while Derrick held him in place before stepping on the apron. Rolando is on his knees now and Harrison drills him with several back fists leaving Rolando stunned as Harrison picks him up and sends him to the corner and charges in at Rolando with body splash followed by an elbow to the throat and Rolando is in a bad way as Harrison takes him up on his shoulders before bringing him down with authority with a Samoan drop into a cover…

Jim Taylor: Harrison Wake now starting to tear Rolando apart. He needs to get the tag in bad!

Piers Gallagher: From Jason Randall? Are you kidding me?

2 ½

Rolando gets a shoulder up again and Harrison tags Derrick back in, who comes in off the tag and drills Rolando with a cheap shot to the jaw before dragging him to the ropes looking for a rope hung DDT, but as Derrick goes for it Rolando wisely plants his palms on the mat to prevent impact and Derrick falls to the mat looking flustered as Rolando comes to and runs at Derrick taking him down with a running clothesline, and Derrick is up but Rolando follows up with another clothesline followed by a suplex! Now it’s time for Rolando to make the tag in to Randall and he finally does so and Randall comes in off the tag ready for a fight as Derrick was rising up he’s taken down with a tackle as Randall wildly throws punches at Derrick. Randall jumps off of Derrick waiting for him to get up and eggs him on prompting Derrick to run at him only for Jason to catch him with an inverted headlock backbreaker! Derrick doesn’t go down immediately allowing Jason to quickly take him down with a sling blade into the hook of the leg…

Langdon Trafford: What were you saying about Randall? He's about to get the win!

2 ½

Piers Gallagher: Didn't think so!

Jim Taylor: Is it like this all the time with you two?

Derrick kicks out and Jason waits once more as Derrick is on his knees before running at him looking for a knee trembler, but Derrick moves out of the and drills Jason right in the back with a clubbing forearm before dropping him with a German suplex! Derrick then makes the tag to Harrison and Harrison takes Jason and whips him to the ropes and takes him down with a Lou Thesz press followed by stiff, hard punches to the head and he continues his relentless assault with several head butts that leave Harrison with a trickle of blood coming from his forehead but that doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Jason is slow to his feet as he crawls on all fours, but Harrison yanks him up on his knees by his hair and fires a heelish punch to the back of his head knocking Jason to the mat and Harrison hooks the leg…

Tim Coleman: Harrison Wake! For the win!

2 ½

Jason kicks out and Harrison sends Jason off the ropes and off the rebound he catches him with a face breaker knee smash, but all that does is sending Jason reeling to the ropes and he comes back firing off a pendulum lariat that takes out Harrison momentarily and Jason uses this opportunity to make the tag to Rolando just as Harrison crawled to his corner making the tag to Derrick. Rolando charges at Derrick and Derrick the same, but it’s Rolando ducking underneath an attack from Derrick and he drills Derrick in the back with a forearm followed by an over the knee backbreaker! Derrick crumbles to the mat and slowly rises up on his knees only to eat a super kick by Rolando! Now it’s Jason begging for the tag from Rolando and Rolando obliges allowing the madman in the match and Jason enters in the match lifting Derrick’s limp body up in position…WILDCARD SPECIAL! Over the shoulder back-to-belly pile driver right on the shoulder of Derrick where he has a torn rotator cuff as he seems to be nursing it after the impact from that move, but that doesn’t stop Jason as he applies an arm trap cross-legged STF! He has it locked in and it looks like Derrick may tap when Harrison Wake comes in for the save breaking up the submission and begins to lay the boots to Jason before Rolando makes the save as he delivers several forearms that have Harrison reeling back and Rolando takes himself out as well as Harrison with a clothesline to the outside…

Jim Taylor: Rolando and Harrison take themselves out of the equation, it's just the FWA rookies now!

Back in the ring both Jason and Derrick come to and it’s Derrick still holding his shoulder, but he fights through the pain charging in at Jason with a running clothesline yet Jason ducks underneath…SNAKE EYES! Jason catches Derrick with a stunner and he hooks the leg…

Piers Gallagher: This is terrible... not Randall, please!


The winners of the match, Rolando Fuentes and Jason Randall!

Jim Taylor: That was a great performance from Jason Randall! Him and Rolando worked well together! A bit sticky at the start but they came through it!

After the match, Rolando Fuentes and Jason Randall stand in the ring together and celebrate victory whilst Harrison Wake walks around the outside of the ring, obviously disappointed in the loss. He shows no sympathy for his partner though. Mitchell is lying down in the ring and needs some assistance as he appears to have injured himself.

Langdon Trafford: Not looking good for Derrick Mitchell at all.

Piers Gallagher: He deserves it after that performance!

Tim Coleman: That's rather harsh... but I can't complain.

The commentary team run through more of the action to come later tonight as the ring is cleared and being prepared for the next match, the crowd start to pick up in excitement as we draw closer and closer to the main event. Up next is The Echo vs Elijah Edwards and Ghost in a non title match...

As the Echo make their entrance for the match, the commentary team take the time to explain some potential confusion.

Langdon Trafford: Of course, this match was advertised to feature Shannon O'Neal and Ayla El. Unfortunately due to recent events, neither could be here tonight.

Piers Gallagher: They won't be missed.

Jim Taylor: It makes this match a tiny bit more interesting... are the Echo, our tag champions, good enough to beat a mish mash team of Edwards and Ghost? This is a non title match in name but... a loss damages the champions!

Non Title Match
The Echo (Ethan and Drew Conner) vs Ghost and "Double E" Elijah Edwards

Drew Connor takes his position in the ring along with Elijah Edwards, who stares at him from across the ring. Ethan offers some words of support for his brother, along with some words of derision for his opponents, as the bell rings. The two circle the ring and then lock it up in a collar and elbow tie up. Elijah seems to have the power advantage, backing Drew into the ropes, but one half of the tag team champions gets a second wind and forces his opponent back into the centre of the ring, and then into a corner. The referee gets in-between the two, looking for a clean break, but Drew nails a knife edge chop and then thrusts his hips towards Edwards.

Elijah recovers from the chop and makes his way out of the corner. He puts Drew into a head lock, which quickly transforms into a chin lock. Drew attempts to push him off one set of ropes towards another, but Elijah holds in the chin lock and pulls Connor across to his corner, tagging in Ghost. Ghost climbs through the second and top ropes as Edwards morphs his hold into an abdominal stretch. Ghost hits a few stiff fists to Drew’s abdomen as the referee begins his count to five. Elijah releases and climbs out at three whilst Ghost goes to work stomping a mud-hole in Drew, who is seated in the corner.

Langdon Trafford: Ghost and Edwards are forming quite the team! Of course, Ghost is a former FWA tag team champion himself!

Piers Gallagher: Oh... I forgot... probably because his partner did all the work in my opinion!

Ghost lifts up Connor and looks as if he’s going to Irish Whip him across the ring, but he doesn’t let go, pulling Drew back towards him and hitting a big clothesline. He lifts Drew up and hits a fisherman’s suplex, bridging into a cover.

1… NO!

Drew is up at one and Ghost grabs his long hair, pulling him back into his corner and tagging in Double E. Edwards goes back to work quickly, hitting a pair of knife edge chops and then flinging Connor across the ring with an Irish Whip, nailing a leg lariat upon Drew’s re-approach. He quickly goes into a cover, forcing an elbow into Connor’s face when he does.

1… NO!

Again, Drew is out at one, and Elijah lifts him up to his feet. He lifts him in the air, looking for his delayed vertical suplex that he calls ‘The Day Time Stood Still’, but Drew is able to hit a trio of knees to the head, slipping out of the back of the hold. When Elijah turns around, Drew attempts an early super-kick, but Elijah telegraphs it and catches his foot. He nails a quick exploder suplex, but instead of going for a cover he taunts in Ethan’s general direction. Ethan Connor attempts to climb into the ring, but the referee is quickly over there to stop him. This gives Drew a little bit of time to rake Elijah’s eyes behind the ref’s back.

As Elijah recoils, clawing at his face, Drew is on top of him straight away, nailing a roaring elbow to send his opponent down to the mat. This gives him enough separation to tag in his brother, who now climbs through the ropes legally. He picks Elijah up and backs him into the Connor corner, hitting a couple of knife edge chops to loud ‘WOOOS’ from the crowd. Ethan puts Elijah in a headlock of his own, but Edwards powers Connor back towards a set of ropes, sending him running across the ring. Ethan bounces off the opposite set and runs back towards Elijah, ducking a discuss clothesline and then – as the two come together again – nailing a hurricanrana. He goes for a cover…

1… NO!

Ethan goes straight back to work, all business-like and professional. He hits a snap suplex, leaving Elijah prone in the middle of the ring. He quickly ascends the top rope and hits a diving elbow drop, a nonchalant cover following.

Jim Taylor:
The Echo are back in control!

Tim Coleman: Looks like it will be another W for the CWA!

1… 2… NO!

This time Elijah is out at two, and Ethan tags in his brother. Ethan picks Double E up and hits a nasty-looking DDT, spiking Edwards right onto the top of his head. Drew has ascended to the top rope as Ethan rolls under the bottom rope, riling up the crowd with a few gyrations of those snake-like hips. Back in the ring, Drew leaps off the top rope with a somersault splash, going for a cover of his own.

1… 2… NO!

Again, Elijah is up, and Drew spends a couple of moments admonishing the referee before hitting a pair of stomps to EE’s abdomen. He lifts him up to his feet and backs him into the corner with a pair of forearms to the side of the head. Drew climbs to the second rope, grabbing Elijah by the hair and beginning to reel off ten big right hands to the side of his head. When he’s done, he runs to the other corner, before charging back at Edwards and nailing him with a cornered dropkick. Elijah crumbles forward into the middle of the ring and Drew goes for a cover.

Langdon Trafford: The Echo are really starting to prove their salt as the CWA tag champs now! This could be it!

1… 2… NO!

Ghost is leaning over the top rope, baying to get back into the action, but the Connors have Edwards isolated. Another tag to Ethan follows, and Drew is able to hit a swinging neckbreaker onto his brother’s knee, sending Edwards back down to the mat. He goes for another cover…

1… 2… NO!

Ethan flips the bird at Ghost, who instantly tries to climb into the ring to confront him, but the referee is over to stop him. Drew sees his opportunity, climbing into the ring and assisting his brother in a series of stomps to the prone Edwards. Ethan climbs out of the ring before the referee turns back around, a phantom tag allowing his brother to continue the onslaught.

Piers Gallagher: I like this Echo team. Ethan in particular. This is a great match! I'm actually enjoying it!

Tim Coleman:
I do enjoy The Echo also! This is why they are the CWA champs. They're great!

Drew lifts Ethan up again and backs him into the corner, driving a few shoulders into his abdomen before hoisting him up to a seated position on the top rope. He climbs up with him, potentially going for a top-rope huricanrana, but Elijah hits a couple of fists into Drew’s ribs. Connor falls back, landing on his feet and again charging up to the top rope, but Elijah fires back again, this time with a pair of head-butts. Drew falls onto his back in the middle of the ring, and Double E goes up top, leaping off with a big splash.

Both men crawl towards their own corners, looking for a tag, and the crowd has reached fever pitch in anticipation. Finally, Ghost gets into the action as Ethan also gets a tag in, and both men charge into the middle of the ring. Ghost takes his opponent down with a pair of clotheslines, and then – as Ethan gets up a third time – he’s nailed with an atomic drop. Ghost fires himself off the ropes and takes Ethan down with a one-arm running bulldog. He goes for the cover…

Jim Taylor: Ghost is fired up and he could take the victory here!

1… 2… NO!

Ethan gets a shoulder up. Ghost continues with the onslaught, a couple of knife edge chops, followed by a dropkick that sends Ethan into the corner. Ghost nails him with a Stinger Splash in the corner. Ethan falls into the middle of the ring, and Ghost begins to climb up to the top turnbuckle. But Drew, sensing the match shifting out of his team’s favour, charges across the apron to the corner than Ghost is climbing. He hits an enziguri, his opponent falling down onto the outside. But Edwards is back on his feet, and he charges across the ring towards Drew, who is still standing on the apron, and nails him with a discuss clothesline, sending Connor to join Ghost by the barricades.

Elijah turns around, and almost gets nailed with a massive superkick, but he manages to duck out of the way and put Connor in the cross-face chicken wing! ETHAN’S TAPPING! ETHAN’S TAPPING! But no! Edwards isn’t the legal man! Ethan struggles around, turning Edwards in the process, but Double E keeps the hold in. But Drew is back to his feet and has rolled under the bottom rope, nailing Edwards with a superkick!

Langdon Trafford: HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED!

Piers Gallagher: Now, now, Langdon...

Tim Coleman: He wasn't the legal man, it doesn't count! Edwards didn't see that superkick coming!

Elijah seems KO-ed, but the Connors are too busy consoling each other after their close call to see that Ghost is back on the apron. He springboards off the top rope, maybe looking for a double clothesline…

Jim Taylor: Watch out boys, here comes Ghost!

STEREO SUPERKICKS! Ethan falls backwards on top of Ghost, hooking a leg and counting along with the referee…


1… 2… 3!

Winners: The Echo

The Connors get up and celebrate in opposite corners, Ghost rolling out of the ring, temporarily stunned. Elijah checks on his partner’s conditions whilst The Echo are handed their championship belts, lifting them high into the air as the crowd’s boos reach fever pitch. Edwards and Ghost help each other backstage and shake hands with a lot of fans on their way back whilst the Echo continue to soak in the adoring boos. Piers Gallagher even gets up out of his own seat and goes to shake their hands! The crowd let out more boos as Lucy Pinder announces another small intermission for refreshments/toilet break. Following the break, The Movement make their way to the ring accompanied by Sarah DuBois - they get a good cheers, especially HUMANITY. The Garcia Brothers come out with their tag belts, acting extremely smug, along with their Blackhearts stable teammate, Alana Allure.

The Movement w/ Sarah DuBois vs. The Garcia Brothers w/ Alana Allure

The match begins with Humanity and "Zero Gravity" Malik Garcia in the ring, poised to begin the match. The bell rings as Langdon Trafford hypes up this being a match between two of the best tag teams in either division, although he's unsure why Alana Allure is on The Garcias' side.

Humanity locks in a side head lock while Malik Garcia shoves Humanity into the ropes. Humanity lands a nice shoulder bump before Malik rolls to his knees and lands a hunched-over elbow to the gut. Humanity retaliates with a knife-edge chop to Malik's chest and Malik fires back with a knee to the stomach. Humanity fires back with a forearm shot that precedes another. Then a tag made to Nightmare, who hits the ring and levels Malik with a surprising clothesline. Humanity then hits a clothesline right after and covers, but Malik kicks out at one and three-quarters.

Langdon Trafford: The Movement has early control just from overpowering Malik Garcia, who does better from a distance.

Jim Taylor: The crowd is getting louder and louder! The Garcia Brothers and The Movement are evenly matched, and now we have the additions of two women at the height of their games. They are both championship contenders in the FWA.

Piers Gallagher: You know your stuff!

Nightmare grabs Malik by the neck and whips into the turnbuckle but Malik dodges by falling to his knees and rolling out the ring. Then he slides into the ring and tags in "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia, who thunders through with a huge body bump to Nightmare.

Garcia grabs Nightmare and whips him into the ropes but misses a clothesline. Nightmare goes to the opposite corner and Michael Garcia meets him with a clothesline over the top rope. Both men fall to the ground as Alana Allure and Sarah DuBois come around to gander at the scene.

That causes a fracas, Alana Allure shouting first at Sarah DuBois. The pale-skinned red head shouts back and Alana lunges and tackles Sarah to the ground. Nightmare grabs Alana and tries pulling her off The Movement's female companion, but that only angers Mike Garcia. The scene becomes ridiculous as the referee reaches a 10 count with all six on the outside separated and shouting at one another.

The referee calls for the match but before doing anything further has a discussion with the time keeper.

Jim Taylor: Oh my. Well ... it seems we're having a chance of plans!

Piers Gallagher: This match will be a six-person tag team match now!

The bell rings again and the referee motions for all six to take their spots in their respective corners.

The Movement and Sarah DuBois vs. The Garcia Brothers and Alana Allure

The crowd becomes hotter than ever as Sarah and Alana are the ones taking the lead to start. Sarah and Alana grapple first, with the usual hair-pulling to begin. Sarah eventually grabs a fist-full of hair and yanks Alana down to the mat. Sarah grabs Alana and flings her against the turnbuckle, where Sarah lands repeated stomps to the stomach. Sarah looks around and tries making a tag to Humanity, but it isn't allowed. Alana uses the opportunity to strike with a running sole kick to the stomach. Alana then runs off the ropes for a nice bulldog before tagging in Mike Garcia.

"The Carnegie Carnivore" stalks Sarah but the ref makes him wait until a tag is made, to Humanity. Mike and Humanity circle the ring as the two leaders of the group, eyeing one another with criminal smiles. Humanity and Mike come together before Humanity applies a side arm wrench. Mike Garcia tries a swinging punch but Humanity ducks and hits an overhead release side suplex.

Humanity grabs Mike Garcia before sending the larger man into the ropes. Garcia flies back, though, with a jumping forearm smash that knocks Humanity to the mat.

Garcia tags in his brother, and the Garcia Brothers land a hoisted-up missile dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Malik Garcia goes for the cover but Humanity kicks out at two.

Malik then tags in Alana, who begins stomping into the fallen Humanity before the referee forces her back. That allows Malik and Mike to double-team Humanity behind the ref's back. Nightmare hits the ring but the ref pushes him back. Sarah hits the ring, and the referee lets her stay in the ring while Humanity rolls out.

Langdon Trafford: Humanity is getting a chair!

Tim Coleman: That shouldn't be allowed!

Alana and the referee continue arguing until Humanity returns with an unused steel chair. Alana stops arguing but not before Humanity prepares to swing wildly at Alana. Malik Garcia grabs the chair, stopping the attack! Alana tries helping but Sarah knocks her down with a tackle and the two roll out the ring and to the outside floor.

Sarah and Alana begin kicking, clawing, scratching and punching one another outside the ring while the chairs are fought over inside it.

Malik falls to his knees as the stronger Humanity tries wrestling the chair away. The referee gets involved, only for Michael Garcia to accidentally knock him down.

This allows Humanity to seize complete control of the chair and takes down Michael Garcia with a loud SMACK to the top of the skull! Then Humanity eyes up Malik Garcia, who backs away from him. Humanity stalks Malik until Nightmare takes a spot right behind him. Humanity underhand passes the chair over Malik Garcia to Nightmare...


Now it's Sarah DuBois arriving to the fray. Alana Allure gets up, and Nightmare underhand tosses the chair to Sarah!!!

Langdon Trafford: It's a passing of the torch!!! Sarah now with the chair from Humanity and Nightmare!

Alana finally sees what is happening, but cannot escape the danger. Sarah swings the chair and connects right to the top of the skull, and then sinks down next to her foe for the cover. Humanity and Nightmare guard the fort while Malik and Michael try recuperating from the chair shots.


Winners: The Movement and Sarah DuBois

The trio stand tall in the ring while the FWA Tag Team Champions retreat together knowing this match wasn't for their championship belts. Alana Allure is left alone in the ring for Sarah to stand above and The Movement members to celebrate with the CWA-heavy crowd.

Tim Coleman:
The Movement makes it happen, even if they cheated!

Jim Taylor: This is a big moment for the CWA fans in attendance.

Langdon Trafford: They have adopted Sarah DuBois as one of their own it seems!

Piers Gallagher: Ugh, more freaks.

We go backstage as Christian Quinn stands in his wrestling gear, looking extremely focused, he begins the walk to the curtain as the camera cuts elsewhere and shows a hooded Jonathan McGinnis practicing a superkick over and over again... a potential sign of foreshadowing... We go back to the arena as both men then make their way out with the commentary team discussing how McGinnis needs a win just to feel good about himself again... as does Quinn. It's a must win match for both.

"Instant Classic" Christian Quinn vs "Last Indy Darling" Jonathan McGinnis

The match starts off with the crowd making noise for McGinnis mostly. The fans give him a huge cheer of support as he and Quinn go to lock up. Quinn quickly takes the back and goes for a german suplex but McGinnis manages to keep his weight low. He grabs a hold of Quinn’s head and hip tosses him but Quinn gets the headscissors and they both get back to their feet after a frantic start. The crowd give a clap of appreciation as both men reset. They lock up again and Quinn gets the back once more – this time, he is quick on the german suplex attempt and hoists McGinnis up into the air… but McGinnis lands on his feet and drills Quinn with a superkick!


Piers Gallagher: Quinn getting wasted, I love it!

Quinn doesn’t even fall to the canvas! He just flops backwards into the corner and McGinnis comes at him with a splash but Quinn moves out of the way of the oncoming threat and McGinnis ends up hitting the corner himself. He walks backwards, stunned, straight into the clutches of Quinn who lands a german suplex, finally! McGinnis gets up as Quinn gets a hammerlock on him and then suplexes him once more. He goes for the quick cover but McGinnis kicks out. Quinn gets him back up and gives him some forearms to the face and then an European uppercut – McGinnis tries to respond with a boot to the midsection but Quinn catches it… But McGinnis hits a mule kick with his other leg! Quinn flops to the canvas, stunned, and starts to get back up as McGinnis bounces off the ropes and takes him out with a diving crossbody. Quinn gets up quickly and McGinnis does the same. Quinn rolls out of the ring to take a breather – with his back to the ring.

Langdon Trafford: Christian Quinn a bit taken aback here... but he should be on his guard at all times against McGinnis!

McGinnis doesn’t let him get any time though as he bounces off of the ropes and looks for a suicide dive through the ropes – much to the crowd’s pleasure – but Quinn reads it and nails him with an European uppercut as he comes flying through the ropes. McGinnis falls like a sack of potatoes to the floor on the outside as the referee restarts his count. Quinn picks McGinnis up and rams him into the apron of the ring causing the crowd to wince. Quinn repeats this again and McGinnis falls to the deck, looking hurt. Quinn lays into him with some forearm smashes before picking him up and throwing him into the ring. He goes for the cover but McGinnis manages to get a kick out before the referee even slaps his hand off of the canvas.

Tim Coleman: There's a fire in McGinnis right now, he's not going to let some FWA failure get the win over him!

Piers Gallagher: They're both goddamn failures!

Quinn looks to get more punishment in as he bounces McGinnis off of the ropes and looks for Thor’s Hammer (clothesline from hell) but McGinnis ducks and lands another superkick! Quinn stumbles backwards and flops out of the ring through the middle rope. McGinnis gets the crowd hyped up as he runs towards the ropes and lands a suicide dive on Quinn this time! He gets the crowd even more hyped up as he jumps back in and manages to land a springboard somersault this time! The crowd break into a big cheer for the “Last Indy Darling” as he lands on his feet. This time he lays into Quinn with forearms and throws him into the apron before he gets back into the ring. The referee keeps counting as Quinn tries to recover on the outside.

Jim Taylor: Both these guys don't know each other, don't care for each other and they are certainly showing it. I think both these guys are going to wake up sore in the morning!

Quinn eventually gets up onto the outside of the ropes and looks to enter but McGinnis grabs his head and pulls it down into the ropes to stun him – Quinn then gets a kick to the midsection and McGinnis grabs his head and pulls him through the ropes. The crowd know what’s coming next… McGinnis plants Quinn with the rope assisted DDT and he goes for a cover…1…2..NO! Quinn gets the shoulder up just as the two count is reached. Almost instantly, McGinnis turns Quinn around and looks to lock in a STF – but Quinn manages to get his leg on the rope in time before McGinnis can even lock it in. The referee eventually gets McGinnis to back off. Quinn gets back to his feet and takes a deep breath – the crowd are mostly behind McGinnis although there are vocal chants for “The Instant Classic” too. Both men face off in the ring with wry smiles at each other as they start to trade some forearms – Quinn feigns being hurt as McGinnis looks to capitalise… but Quinn catches the arm and manages to take McGinnis’ back so that McGinnis is being restrained by his own arm! Quinn then grabs him and lands a Saito suplex! Quinn then gets on top of McGinnis and lands some closed fist punches before the referee eventually tells him to back off.

Langdon Trafford:
Quinn is starting to gain some momentum here, a win over the former CWA champ would be huge for him! Brutal punches!

McGinnis gets back to his feet and comes running at Quinn but Quinn hits a dropkick to the knee that causes McGinnis to flip forward into a seated position – Quinn bounces off the ropes and lands a busaiku knee kick to his seated opponent! He goes for the cover….

Jim Taylor: Vicious knee! This could be it! McGinnis HAS to kick out!

1….2….NO! McGinnis gets the shoulder up this time – Quinn doesn’t give him any respite though as he grabs McGinnis and looks to lock in a kimura submission! McGinnis tries to resist it but eventually Quinn gets the arm free and McGinnis looks in pain as he tries to get towards the rope for a way out. In an amazing show of strength, he gets back to his feet with Quinn hanging off of him with the kimura lock applied – the crowd is wowed as McGinnis manages to toss Quinn over his head and the kimura is let go as Quinn hits the canvas. Quinn gets sits in a seated position, stunned, and receives a superkick for his troubles. The crowd cheer as McGinnis goes for the pinfall…. But Quinn shrugs it off and gets back to his feet. Quinn runs towards McGinnis but McGinnis then ducks the incoming forearm strike and bounces off of the ropes and takes Quinn down with a diving crossbody. They get back to their feet quickly and have a brief stare off.

Langdon Trafford: I get the feeling these two guys don't have a particular liking for each other.

Piers Gallagher: I can understand, I don't like either of them too!

They have a lock up and McGinnis manages to force Quinn all the way back towards a turnbuckle – but then Quinn shows some strength and forces McGinnis all the way back to the opposing turnbuckle before they come back to the center of the ring, stuck in a stalemate. Quinn takes the back of McGinnis and goes for another german suplex but McGinnis prevents it, turns to face Quinn and gets the double underhooks and hits a suplex! The crowd cheer as McGinnis rolls through with Quinn and lands another, followed by another which he releases! McGinnis goes for the cover on Quinn…1….2….NO! Quinn still is in this! McGinnis picks Quinn up and goes for the double underhooks again…

Tim Coleman: A great string of suplexes from McGinnis there... but he tried it too many times!

…But Quinn manages to snap free of them and gives a quick forearm to the face of McGinnis that causes him to turn around and expose his back – Quinn latches on and lands a German Suplex! Followed by another and then another! A little bit of symmetry going on as Quinn then goes for the cover on McGinnis…1…2…NO! McGinnis gets the shoulder up. Both men appear to take a breather as they lay in the ring. Eventually, they both make their way to their feet and trade some shots before Quinn gets the upperhand and whips McGinnis into a corner – he gives him a quick splash and then climbs to the top rope – but McGinnis takes him unawares and nails him with another superkick! Quinn falls off of the top and goes to the outside. McGinnis then gets the crowd hyped up as he climbs to the top and lands a diving crossbody to the outside on Quinn!

Jim Taylor: Quinn has been to superkick city too many times tonight! And he's a sitting duck on the outside! McGinnis is in control!

McGinnis then picks Quinn up and throws him into the barricade – before jumping back into the ring and teasing another suicide dive – he goes for it but Quinn moves out of the way and McGinnis ends up colliding with the barricade! The crowd let out a big ‘oooh’ as replays are shown. Quinn jumps into the ring and McGinnis struggles to beat the count – but he just gets into the ring in time. He very slowly rolls in and gets up – Quinn seizes his moment and nails him with Thor’s Hammer! McGinnis is laid out as Quinn drops down and makes the cover…1….2…..NO! McGinnis gets his shoulder up! Quinn can’t believe it and he looks to get McGinnis up – this time he goes for the Flood (Tiger Driver) but McGinnis fights him off and then twists out of it ---- SUPERKICK!! Quinn falls the canvas and McGinnis hooks the leg…

Langdon Trafford: Just harkening back to your earlier comment... Quinn goes to SUPERKICK CITY ONCE MORE!

Piers Gallagher: Always good to see him lose!

Jim Taylor: You don't like many people, Piers?

Piers Gallagher: I recognise talent when I see it... and I haven't seen much tonight! Certainly not in the ring right now!

….1….2….NO! Quinn gets his shoulder up! Both men don’t even have the strength to move after that as they both lay, staring at the ceiling. They slowly get back up and McGinnis throws a forearm, Quinn responds with an European uppercut, they trade them back and forth – McGinnis goes for a superkick but Quinn ducks…. SUPERKICK FROM QUINN!! He goes for the cover…1…..2……NO!!! McGinnis gets his shoulder up after eating his signature strike! The fans cheer both men on as they get to their feet and stare at each other from across the ring. Quinn runs at McGinnis but he ducks and responds with a kick to the gut – he bounces off of the ropes and comes from behind Quinn with a corkscrew cutter! He then applies the ankle lock! Quinn has nowhere to go! He considers tapping out but he manages to find the strength to shift over to the ropes and get his hand on it! McGinnis eventually breaks. Quinn limps as he stands up, struggling to deal with the effects of the ankle lock. McGinnis gives him a chop and then delivers a few stern punches to the heart/chest area of Quinn and causes him to fold over. McGinnis grabs him and tries to bring him in for a quick clothesline but Quinn ducks under, delivers a boot to the gut and hits McGinnis with a quick DDT!

Tim Coleman: This could be Quinn's chance to plummet McGinnis further into depression!

Quinn then gets up and looks to finish McGinnis off as he goes for the Flood – he manages to get McGinnis up but he struggles out of the hold and counters Quinn with a kick to the gut. He then lifts Quinn up and hits Something Light (powerbomb into backbreaker) on him! That has to be it --- but Quinn has other ideas as he isn’t completely laid out – he’s in the seated position and looks out of it… he doesn’t even see the final SUPERKICK coming as McGinnis takes his head off. The crowd break into cheers and chant as the referee counts…1….2…..3!

Winner: “The Last Indy Darling” Jonathan McGinnis

The fans break into a massive cheer as Jonathan McGinnis manages to get a hard fought victory. He can barely stand as he celebrates - Christian Quinn is out cold in the ring and takes a while to come to as the referee helps him up. He stumbles around the ring, holding his jaw, as McGinnis continues to celebrate. As McGinnis descends from the top turnbuckle, both men have a brief face off in the middle of the ring before Quinn extends a hand - McGinnis shakes it and then Quinn disappears out of the ring, allowing McGinnis to have his special moment.

Langdon Trafford: A great moment for the former CWA champ. A hard fought win!

Jim Taylor: He deserves it. Hopefully this can spur him on the comeback trail!

Piers Gallagher: I don't care about him or Quinn. They will never ever be world champions ever again!

Langdon Trafford: Piers... stop being so negative!

Piers Gallagher: How about you guys grow a set and stop pretending like those two guys are anything near top level calibre!

Tim Coleman: I mean... I can't agree or disagree.... shall we just move on?

Langdon Trafford: I think it's best...

Jim Taylor: In that case, up next, we have a GRUDGE MATCH stemming from Wrestle Royale....

Tim Coleman: A surprising match to say the least.

Jim Taylor: Right Tim, I thought i'd never see the day that someone like Gabrielle stepped foot in the CWA ring. Boy was I wrong! She was doing so well at the WrestleRoyale....

Piers Gallagher: She would have... should have won it!

Langdon Trafford: And then it all came tumbling down?

Tim Coleman: Too right, Ashley Adams didn't like the presence of an alpha female. She probably didn't also like the fact that an FWA associated talent looked to be making some waves... IF ANYTHING, she defended the CWA!

Jim Taylor: It wasn't an invasion!

Piers Gallagher: Who cares, I can't wait for Gabby to smoke this broad.

Langdon Trafford: Not a fan?

Piers Gallagher: I haven't seen her, so I don't know!

A small video plays reminding the viewers of what happened at the WrestleRoyale between Gabrielle and Ashley Adams - Adams costing Gabrielle her place in the match and getting her eliminated. This has led into this match being made for the supershow.

Bad Girls” hits and the crowd immediately begins to jeer rather loudly when Ashley Adams steps out with a smug expression in her features as she throws her hand out with her palm to the crowd while strutting to the ring.

Lucy Pinder: Making her way to the ring weighing in 115lbs, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and now residing in Beverly Hills, California she is “The Queen Bee” Ashley Adams!

Ashley enters the ring now with a smirk on her face as she looks out at the fans who are still mocking her and shouting scathing insults in her direction while she pays them no mind.

“Hard” now hits and the crowd cheers wildly when Gabrielle Montgomery steps out looking ready for action with a look on her face that could kill as she stares down at Ashley in the ring.

Lucy Pinder: Her opponent making her to way to the ring weighing in at 130lbs, from Auckland, New Zealand she is “The Caramel Coated Goddess of The Mountain” Gabrielle Montgomery!

Gabby enters the ring still staring daggers at Ashley, who is still smirking and she begins laughing and mocking Gabby’s expression while Gabby anxiously paces in her corner like a lion in its cage.

"The Caramel Goddess" Gabrielle vs "The Queen Bee" Ashley Adams

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Ashley is still laughing at Gabby, but Gabby is having none of it as she rushes out of her corner taking Ashley down with a spear followed by several wildly swung forearm shots to the head. Ashley desperately tries to crawl to the safety of her corner, but Gabby prevents that as she drags Ashley back in delivering more forearms before violently slamming Ashley’s head on the mat repeatedly much to the delight of the fans. Gabby yanks Ashley up by her hair and tosses her in the corner like a ragdoll and lays into Ashley with several boots to her midsection before dragging her back out of the corner and she hoists up Ashley in a suplex position and then drives her head down to the mat with as she transitions it into a reverse DDT! Gabby in with the pin attempt…

Langdon Trafford: Early victory for Gabby!?


Piers Gallagher: Almost! But I have to admit... I like the look of this Ashley girl. They both look like great talents!

Ashley with a shoulder up before three and immediately Gabby shows off her technical skill trapping Ashley on the mat with a neck scissors, and to rub salt in the wound she drives several back elbows to Ashley’s head. Ashley is desperately trying to break free and she finally does so grabbing the ropes to break the hold. She gasps for air while on all fours and Gabby goes for a kick, but Ashley catches her by the boot and then takes her down with a leg whip and Gabby tries to get up but gets taken right back with a spear from Ashley. Now Ashley has Gabby where she wants her as she begins to set her up and taunts a bit to the fans that respond back with jeers, and then she hits Gabby with Show Off! A springboard bulldog and now Ashley is in for the cover…

Jim Taylor: The tables have turned and here's Ashley's chance to ruin Gabby's night!


Shoulder up by Gabby and now Ashley toys with Gabby and begins mocking her while slapping her head as Gabby tries to fight back with a wild punches that miss eliciting more mockery and ridicule from Ashley followed by a hard knee right to the side of her head and then a one handed running bulldog into another pin as Ashley hooks the leg…

Tim Coleman: Ashley is all over Gabby. She's even mocking her! Something has to change quickly if Gabby wants anything from this match.


Gabby kicks out once more and Ashley whips Gabby to the corner setting her up on the top rope and backs up taking her sweet time as she does a cartwheel followed a handstand as she hooks her legs around Gabby’s neck looking for a head scissors takedown and brings Gabby down but somehow Gabby manages to land on her feet and takes out Ashley with a standing dropkick! Ashley is back up however and Gabby lands a savate kick that brings Ashley down as Gabby drags her over in position in the corner…split legged moonsault! She hits all of it as she hooks the leg…


Ashley kicks out and begins to slowly crawl away now but Gabby doesn’t allow her to get very far bringing her up in position for a death valley driver and she hits it! Ashley is in dream land now unaware of where she’s at due to the impact from the move while Gabby lies in wait before grabbing her and bringing her in…GaBuster! She hits all of the reverse lungblower and Ashley may be out of it now as Gabby secures the leg for the pin…



Piers Gallagher: WHAT!?

Ashley just barely kicks out before three and Gabby now takes Ashley by the head setting her up for the Desecrator DDT, but Ashley escapes it and counters back with a boot to the gut and is looking for Sweet Dreams, but Gabby escapes now and sends Ashley off the ropes and Ashley ducks underneath with Hands off the Merchandise a matrix like evasion…GOOD NIGHT! She drills Gabby with the chick kick and Gabby drops to the mat in a heap as Ashley leans on the ropes in exhaustion but she manages to smirk and laugh…

Jim Taylor: Both these ladies do not like each other. Ashley is enjoying this, despite the pain she is going through!

Ashley gains her wits about herself and goes in for the kill…DREAM ON! She has the sharpshooter submission locked in…NO! Gabby reverses out of it into a roll up followed by a half Boston crab! She begins to wrench back but it’s not enough as Ashley immediately clutches on to the nearby ropes forcing Gabby to release the hold. Now Gabby is spent but that doesn’t stop her from taking Ashley in and sets her up for the Caramel Coated DDT…but Ashley counters…SWEET DREAMS! Ashley hits it driving Gabby’s skull to the mat and she collapses on top of Gabby for the pin…



Gabby somehow, someway, kicked out of Sweet Dreams and Ashley cannot believe it she is furious as she begins to throw a temper tantrum. Finally she gathers her emotions and climbs up in a sitting position when Gabby pops up…FALL FROM THE MOUNTAIN TOP! Ashley indeed has fallen down and she’s out of it as Gabby takes her in this time…CARAMEL COATED DDT! She hits all of it as she hooks both legs for the pin while the fans count along with the referee…

Langdon Trafford: Ashley has let her emotions get the better of her! Gabby surely has the win now!


Lucy Pinder: The winner of the match, Gabrielle Montgomery!

Tim Coleman:
A great win for her... but I am sure Ashley will be back!

Gabrielle is all smiles as she pushes her back out of her face and gazes out at the cheering fans who now loudly chant her name. A tear rolls down her cheek as she gets to her feet and bows, and continues to soak in all the applause given to her. The fans begin to chant her name, even the CWA fans join in. Gabrielle just enjoys the moment and nods her head as a few more tears of joy and of sadness roll down her cheeks. After several minutes she finally kneels down and removes her wrestling boots, leaving them in the middle of the ring. Her fellow FWA wrestlers and many CWA wrestlers then come out to line the top of the ramp and applaud her. The moment is capped off as she walks up the ramp and young Carmella comes charging down to give her a big hug and then raise her mummys hand proudly. Thus ends the era of Caramel Decadence.

Langdon Trafford: A proud victory to go out on... a sweet moment for Gabrielle... It appears that may be the last we see of her.... are you crying, Piers!?

Piers Gallagher: No.... I swear Tim's chopping onions!

Lucy Pinder then announces one final intermission before the secret match and the main event.


Lucy Pinder: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the SECRET MATCH! In this matchup, the participants are unannounced - and are unknown to everyone. We can only confirm that each superstar comes from a different company. Both participants do NOT know who their opponent is. This match has a twenty five minute time limit and all standard rules apply - there will be a DQ in the event of a rule being broken.

The crowd break into a murmur of excitement as they wonder who will be stepping down to the ring for the match. Some people even begin a Drew Stevenson chant as the tensions heighten...

Langdon Trafford: Some fans are expecting Drew Stevenson.

Piers Gallagher: I want it to be Jacky! Jack of Diamonds! What a surprise that'd be wouldn't it?

Jim Taylor: I'm sure the match will be great no matter who shows up!

Lucy Pinder: And now, presenting the first participant, representing the FWA....

The lights shut off as the crowd grow anxious.

Langdon Trafford: Here we go...

The crowd break into a massive cheer as "Just Close Your Eyes" hits the speaker system and out steps "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo! He stands a the top of the stage with his arms outstretched - soaking in the cheers from fans.

Piers Gallagher: GODDAMNIT!

Langdon Trafford: Of course it has to be! Ryan Rondo wasn't on the card tonight... how did I not notice this?

Tim Coleman: Well.... we now know who the FWA has. And I have to say, it's impressive... but beatable.

Jim Taylor:
Chubby Carlos vs Ryan Rondo has a ring to it....

Rondo then begins to make his way down to the ring, touching hands with random fans at ringside and ignoring some CWA/Devin Golden biased hecklers as he gets ready. He gets into the ring and asks for a mic from Pinder - she gives it to him.

Piers Gallagher: Ugh. Of course HE HAS TO SAY SOMETHING. This guy's ruined my night already.

Rondo takes a moment to compose himself before shooting a wry smile at the camera.

Ryan Rondo: You didn't think you could get away with an occasion like this and not have me take part did you? I wouldn't miss this for anything in the world! The FWA is in my blood and a chance to represent it here at this joint show is a chance I was NEVER going to pass up! I've seen KAIZEN win tonight, I've seen Gabrielle win tonight... and i've seen some others fail to win such as Thomas Jordan and Christian Quinn.... but I won't be like them. I'm here to show that not only am I the best guy the FWA has... but that I can outmatch any of the guys CWA wishes to throw at me. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for any of those CWA guys, come on down and face me - come on down and see why the FWA put their trust in me. Don't be scared. Snowmantashi, McGinnis, Horrowitz, Vegas, whoever... it doesn't matter. I'm here to win for the FWA and there is NOBODY the CWA can send that can prevent that... NOBODY.

Langdon Trafford: Those are some fighting words from "The Amazing One"... what's your thoughts Jim? Tim?

Jim Taylor: Rondo is a tough competitor and speaks a big game but there are alot of guys who will be chomping at the bit to face him.

Tim Coleman: Of course, they had no idea Rondo was going to be here... but I imagine his opponent will be well up for this with his words! You'd almost argue he's being disrespectful. I KNOW that whoever we have can beat him.

Rondo stands at the ropes and beckons the second participant to come out as Pinder gets ready to announce their arrival...

Lucy Pinder: And now, the second participant of the secret match, representing the CWA....

The lights turn off once more... the crowd are even more anxious this time to see who the CWA have to send...

Jim Taylor: I'm like a kid on Christmas morning!

A familiar sounding track blares through the arena and is greeted with a HUGE pop - the crowd go ballistic - as they all recognise it to be "10s" by Pantera! They can't believe it as "The Exile" CYRUS TRUTH appears at the top of the stage, adorned in his wrestling gear, mic in hand.

Tim Coleman: It's CYRUS TRUTH! Rondo's in trouble now!

Cyrus himself has a wry smile etched across as face as Rondo stands in the ring - looking focused and not disturbed by the shock of having to face the former CWA champion.

Cyrus Truth: You really should've chosen your words more carefully. You think I've not been paying attention to you calling me out, name-dropping me? Well, have my attention. You wanted to fight the best that CWA has to offer? Boy, I AM CWA. And I might not be 100% and I might not be ready to enter the fight full-time, but what would a CWA/FWA clash of legends be if the Vagabond King didn't stand up for his kingdom? Hope you're ready, Rondo. Tonight, you get the chance to truly fight greatness. Victory or death.

Langdon Trafford: Spoken like the former champion he is. Cyrus Truth has piercing words... and I think he may have hurt Rondo's ego.

Piers Gallagher: This guy!? REALLY!?

Jim Taylor: THAT GUY is one of the best the CWA has ever seen, Piers!

Tim Coleman: You're a good guy, Piers... but it's CYRUS! IT'S CYRUS! RONDO HAS NO CHANCE!

Truth then dumps the mic on the ground and marches his way to the ring as fans try desperately to touch him with their outstretched hands....

Piers Gallagher: If Rondo has no chance... then GREAT!

Langdon Trafford:If the odds are against Ryan Rondo then he will relish it... But this match is much closer than you guys make it seem...

He jumps into the ring and stands, hands outstretched and staring at Ryan Rondo - "still confident?" he says to him. Rondo stares a hole straight through him as the referee separates them both whilst Pinder hightails it out of the ring. This match is ready to get underway.


"The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs "The Exile" Cyrus Truth

Both men are checked by the referee before the match begins

Langdon Trafford: Twenty five minutes is all these ex world champions have to beat each other! This is going to be frantic… and exciting!

Piers Gallagher:
EX WORLD CHAMPIONS is the clue. They’re nobodies! Twenty five minutes of crap! I want to see Dicky Zuko again!

Rondo goes to offer a handshake in the middle of the ring before they start but as Cyrus goes to shake it, Rondo pulls it away and pretends to pick his nose.

Tim Coleman: Ryan Rondo is being a bit of a douchebag right now!

Jim Taylor:
Are you proud this guy’s representing the FWA? Come on, Cyrus!

Cyrus doesn’t tune into the mind game and instantly thunders at Rondo and catches him unaware with a quick clothesline. Rondo gets up and runs at him but Cyrus responds with a dropkick, followed by another and Rondo slides out of the ring to take a breather. Cyrus sits on top of a turnbuckle and simply beckons Rondo to come in. The fans are eating it up and begin a huge chant for Cyrus… as Rondo paces around the outside. Rondo jumps onto the apron as some fans start to chant for him.

Langdon Trafford: Cyrus with the upper hand mentally right now. I’ve never seen Rondo willingly take a breather this early!

Tim Coleman: I think he may have underestimated the challenge – but we at the CWA know what Cyrus is capable of!

Rondo gets into the ring and gives a small clap for Cyrus. He beckons Cyrus in and they have a lockup. Cyrus manages to take the back – the fans gasp though as Rondo seems to have put him in a trap and he goes for the RKO – but Cyrus reads it and shoves Rondo into the ropes. He comes running back at him and Cyrus goes for a hip toss but Rondo lands on his feet, just, and then catches the former CWA champ off guard with a quick enzuigiri! Cyrus falls to the canvas and Rondo bounces off the ropes once more, he goes for a jumping knee drop and hits it! He goes for the quick cover but Cyrus powers out before the referee can even get down to count. Cyrus gets to one knee quickly, as does Rondo, and they both stare each other with a wry smile.

Piers Gallagher: I bet PAJ would have won this thing already! Just wait til we see him win later!

Jim Taylor: If anything, PAJ will only win due to another person known by three initials…. MVH!

Langdon Trafford: We’re getting ahead of ourselves, gentlemen! We’ve got a five star classic in the making here right now!

The crowd get into it as Rondo throws a forearm at Cyrus – who responds with one of his own. They go at it back and forth for a brief while before Cyrus starts to get an advantage, he beats Rondo into the corner and eventually Rondo falls to a seated position. Cyrus then hits him with the first five steps – firing off five rapid stomps into the head of Rondo. Cyrus drags him out and goes for a cover but Rondo is the one who powers out this time. Rondo rolls and uses the ropes to get back up.

Tim Coleman:
The match hasn’t quite settled yet. Both guys are trying to one up each other!

They lock up once more and Rondo takes the back – he lands a german suplex, followed by another and then switches it up for the final attempt and goes for a northern lights suplex and HITS IT! He doesn’t bridge into a pin attempt though. Cyrus shows a small amount of fatigue as he isn’t so quick to get up this time. Rondo bounces off the ropes and hits Cyrus with a sliding D (Sliding forearm) and then follows it up with a sliding dropkick that causes Cyrus to fall out of the ring via the bottom rope. The fans know what’s coming next as Rondo gets them hyped up before bouncing off of the ropes and takes Cyrus out with a shooting star plancha!

Langdon Trafford: Rondo’s finding his groove! He’s pulling out the spectacular moves early!

Tim Coleman: Just wait until you see what Cyrus can do!

Rondo stands on the outside with his arms outstretched as the fans cheer – he goes to grab Cyrus but Cyrus responds with a punch to the gut and then attempts to whip Rondo into the apron but Rondo reverses it and throws Cyrus towards it – but Cyrus shows his athleticism as he leaps onto the apron and comes back with a moonsault towards Rondo, wiping him out! The fans break into a cheer for the CWA man.

Jim Taylor: Spectacular counter! Cyrus showing that he hasn’t missed a beat!

Piers Gallagher: Oh come on, he’s facing Ryan Rondo for pete’s sake! Nobody looks like they’ve missed a beat against him…. Not even Devin Golden did!

Cyrus recovers and picks Rondo up, whipping him straight into the barricade. Rondo stands against the barricade, perhaps trying to get a few seconds of rest but Cyrus doesn’t let up as he walks straight at Rondo… and it begins, Cyrus fires off a chop that reverberates around the arena… followed by another… and another… and another… Rondo’s chest is red as Cyrus shows no relenting. He eventually lets up as Rondo sinks to the ground, his chest bruised and battered. The former FWA champ is picked up by Cyrus and thrown into the ring. Cyrus gets up onto the apron and looks to signal that he’s going up top and plays to the crowd – but Rondo recovers quickly in the ring. As Cyrus turns around to face towards the ring, he sees Rondo spinning and then he gets taken out with a discus lariat! Cyrus falls onto the apron, his head hitting it hard. Rondo spots this and wastes absolutely no time in joining Cyrus on the apron – he grabs “The Exile” and lifts him up, giving him a quick kick to the gut… the crowd begin a shocked murmur as Rondo shows no mercy – he grabs Cyrus and hoists him up and nails him with an apron suplex accompanied by a sickening thud as Truth’s limp body falls from the apron. Rondo stands on the apron, proud of his work as some fans boo and some cheer.

Langdon Trafford: Both these guys haven’t been in here ten minutes yet and they’re already beating the brakes off of each other.

Tim Coleman: Cyrus is tough, he can take it! He’ll get up and hit Rondo twice as hard.

Piers Gallagher:
I wish I could say the same about toughness and Rondo!

Jim Taylor: You have to give him some credit, he’s a two time FWA World Heavyweight champion!

“The Last Star in the Sky” waits for Cyrus to stand up and looks ready to give him a running kick from the apron but Cyrus ducks it and then grabs Rondo by the leg and hoists him off of his feet, this time Rondo’s body produces a sickening thud as it collapses onto the floor. Cyrus jumps back into the ring and gets the crowd hyped up as he runs off of the ropes and jumps out of the ring for a suicide dive straight onto Rondo! The former CWA champ lands on his feet and soaks in the cheers from the crowd as Rondo lays at the bottom of the ramp. Cyrus walks over as Rondo starts to get to his feet and gives Rondo a huge uppercut that sends him reeling up the ramp, Cyrus gives chase and looks for a clothesline but Rondo ducks it and goes for a quick kick but Cyrus catches it and then nails Rondo on the ramp with the delusion crusher (fisherman’s driver) ! The crowd are shocked as Rondo looks to be completely out of it on the ramp, Cyrus looks pleased with his handiwork.

Langdon Trafford: I think it’s fair to say the wind has been taken out of Rondo’s sails now. The momentum is with Cyrus!

Cyrus picks Rondo up and shoves him towards the ring – almost allowing him to go in… but it’s all too easy as Rondo stumbles forward, completely unaware that Cyrus is stalking him. Cyrus lands a huge stomp to the back of Rondo’s knee, causing the FWA superstar to fall to a kneeling position. Cyrus then positions himself infront of Rondo and delivers a huge running big boot to the skull of his opponent! The pro- Rondo crowd are deflated as Cyrus is starting to dominate. He jumps into the ring to reset the count before going back outside where Rondo is struggling to stand.

Tim Coleman: There’s over half this match left to go and Rondo is looking the worst for wear right now. Advantage Cyrus?

Jim Taylor:
I think so.

Piers Gallagher: I’m thoroughly unimpressed with Cyrus but I am enjoying seeing Rondo dismantled.

Cyrus shows no pity for Rondo as he grabs him and looks to throw him in the ring but Rondo stops it and then slams Cyrus’ head off of the apron – he then tries to whip Cyrus into the steel steps but Cyrus reverses it and sends Rondo flying into them! “The Last Star in the Sky” goes tumbling over them and ends up falling into the barricade also where fans shout encouragement for him. Cyrus goes over to him and finally manages to throw him into the ring after giving him a few punches. Cyrus slides in and grabs the seated Rondo and locks in a rear chinlock – he also presses his knee hard into the spine of the former FWA World Heavyweight Champion. Rondo is struggling and the referee has to check on him – the crowd start to clap for him as he shows signs of life, he manages to battle out of it and get to his feet with Cyrus holding him in a side headlock. He throws Cyrus off of the ropes and jumps over him, he then ducks under and he goes for a dropkick but Cyrus holds onto the ropes and Rondo ends up connecting with thin air. Cyrus comes steamrolling at Rondo and hits him with a knee to the gut before looking to lift him up for the Exile’s Edge (argentine backbreaker into a neckbreaker) but Rondo manages to struggle free this time and he lands a pele kick on Cyrus! The CWA man is stunned and stumbles backwards… he comes forward with a clothesline but Rondo ducks under and nails him with a superkick! Both men fall to the canvas as the crowd cheer for the comeback!

Langdon Trafford: Rondo ain’t dead yet!

Rondo can’t seem to capitalise though as Cyrus is the one to recover first – he comes over to Rondo and looks set to pick him up but Rondo catches him by surprise as he manages to land a kip up frankensteiner on him!

Tim Coleman: Playing possum, smart. Smart.

Rondo is on his feet and is fired up as the crowd start to get behind him. He runs at the ropes with his back to Cyrus and uses it as a springboard and connects with a corkscrew crossbody – he goes for the cover…1…2..NO! Cyrus kicks out. Rondo then tries to lock in a sleeper hold – he eventually gets it but instead of trying to force Cyrus to sleep, he uses it in order to land a backbreaker! The crowd wince in pain with Cyrus. Rondo doesn’t let up though as he takes advantage of Cyrus being downed and locks in a Muta Lock! Cyrus is struggling as Rondo has it cinched in and continues to torque on it. The crowd are shouting desperately at Cyrus to do something – either submit or somehow get out of it. Cyrus eventually manages to get a grasp of a rope and Rondo is forced to let go. Rondo delivers boots to the gut of Cyrus as he tries to get to his feet – he eventually does but Rondo grabs him and looks to whip him, Cyrus reverses it and throws Rondo towards the ropes. Rondo takes him off guard though as he flips towards the ropes and manages to use them as a spring to land a back elbow! Cyrus is down! Rondo goes for the cover…1…NO! Cyrus powers out of it.

Jim Taylor: Come on Cyrus, get back into it!

Rondo picks Cyrus up and looks to throw him towards a corner turnbuckle but Cyrus reverses it and throws Rondo with all his strength – Rondo’s dazed as he collides with the turnbuckle. Cyrus comes forward and lands a splash and then nails Rondo with a reverse STO as the crowd cheer for him!

Tim Coleman: Ryan Rondo just took a trip down the boulevard of misery!

Langdon Trafford: and are his dreams about to be broken?

Piers Gallagher: Awful, Langdon.

Cyrus goes for the cover on Rondo this time…1…2..NO! Rondo gets the shoulder up but he may not be in this contest for long as Cyrus signals that the end is coming. He picks Rondo up and looks to go for his finisher, Journey’s End (firemans carry into sit out belly to belly piledriver), but Rondo manages to get out of it and somehow, in the struggle, he gets himself in a position to land a RKO but Cyrus reads it also and throws Rondo forward towards the turnbuckle. Rondo jumps onto the turnbuckle as Cyrus chases after and moonsaults behind Cyrus and gets him with an inverted DDT! The crowd explode at Rondo’s signature DDT manoeuvre and get hyped as Rondo signals that he’s for the finish!

Langdon Trafford: Could this be it!?

Rondo climbs to the top rope and tells the fans to watch this as he turns around and nails Cyrus with the Starlight Shine Bright (Phoenix Splash) !!!

Piers Gallagher: Oh dear.

Tim Coleman: Cyrus HAS to kick out!

Rondo makes the cover and the crowd chant along with him…1…..2…….NOOO!!!! CYRUS GETS THE SHOULDER UP! The crowd go wild as the former CWA champion is still in this match! Rondo can’t believe it but he doesn’t dwell on it as he instantly picks Cyrus up and gives him a few punches to the body and forearms to the face – he then looks to go for the RKO once more but Cyrus again, reverses it! He tosses Rondo into the ropes and then lifts him up and nails him with Swift Vengeance (firemans carry into single leg gutbuster)!! Rondo recoils in pain on the ground and is totally laid out, Cyrus then uses the moment to point to the top turnbuckle.

Jim Taylor: It’s Cyrus’ turn to fly!

The former CWA champ climbs to the top turnbuckle and signals that it’s time for him to hit a high fly move… the crowd wait expectantly as he turns his back to the fallen Rondo.

Langdon Trafford: Is Cyrus going for the Starlight Shine Bright?

Tim Coleman: Nope… we call this the Nail in the Coffin! And it’s better!

Cyrus lands a moonsault double footstomp to Rondo, known as Nail in the Coffin, and then he goes for the cover – 1…2…..NO! Rondo gets his shoulder up in time to prevent Cyrus from taking the victory! The crowd explode in appreciation for both men whilst Cyrus looks slightly ticked off. He turns Rondo around and locks in a high angle sharpshooter (Testing One’s Resolve) and he sees if Rondo has the will to carry on as he torques on it, eventually placing the knee into Rondo’s spine to torque it even more. Rondo is struggling and the crowd let out a gasp as Rondo considers tapping… his hand is waivering in the air just above the canvas.


Langdon Trafford: DON’T DO IT! DON’T DO IT!

Rondo, somehow, manages to brace through the pain and gets to a rope in time. Cyrus lets go… and looks slightly ticked off that Rondo didn’t tap! Rondo crawls towards Cyrus and grabs onto him, trying to use him to stand up… Cyrus looks down at him, ready to put him out of his suffering… but before he can even do anything, Rondo surprises him with a hard slap to the face. Rondo then gets onto his feet and fires off another, followed by a barrage of forearms. Truth is overwhelmed by the sudden volley of strikes from Rondo and struggles to deal with them as Rondo fires off all sorts of strikes – slaps, forearms, European uppercuts. Rondo staggers him with a spinning backhand and then lands a superman punch strike, Cyrus is wobbly… Rondo goes for a question mark kick to the head but Cyrus manages to catch the kick, Rondo hops on one leg but connects with a step over back kick! Cyrus falls to the mat, stunned – Rondo bounces off of the ropes and connects with a busaiku knee kick, the crowd roaring in appreciation! Rondo goes for the cover…1…2..NO! Cyrus gets the kick out but can’t muster the strength to do anything other than lie there.

Jim Taylor: That kickout was pure instinct!

Rondo points to the top turnbuckle once more and the crowd cheer… it looks like he is going to go for another Starlight Shine Bright, but as he looks to set himself up, Cyrus recovers and knocks him off of the top turnbuckle…. But Rondo lands on the apron and ducks an oncoming hook and then stuns Cyrus by slamming his head into the top rope. The whiplash causes Cyrus to stumble backwards as Rondo jumps up onto the ropes and uses them as a springboard to land a forearm smash! He goes for the cover…1…2…NO! Cyrus gets the kick out once more.

Langdon Trafford: This is Ryan Rondo’s chance. He has to put him away!

Ryan Rondo wastes no time though, this time he knows he has Cyrus Truth as the ex CWA champ gets to his feet. Rondo grabs him and turns him around and manages to hit him with the RKO!!

Tim Coleman: That’s not good!!!

Langdon Trafford: He hits it this time! The RKO! That has to be it!

Piers Gallagher:
Dammit, Cyrus, always knew you were a nobody!

He goes for the cover and the crowd chant…. ONE….. TWO….. THR------NOOOO!!!!! Cyrus Truth gets the shoulder up!


The crowd are going nuts as Ryan Rondo can’t put Cyrus Truth away. Rondo is shocked. He doesn’t know what else he has left to hit Cyrus with! Rondo starts laying into him with more forearms but the referee backs him off - Cyrus manages to get to his feet and Rondo storms forward and kicks him in the gut – he signals that this time, it is over.

Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo is going for the R2R!

Rondo looks to go for his other finisher, the R2R (Styles Clash), on Cyrus but Cyrus resists being lifted and eventually reverses Rondo and gives him a back body drop. The crowd are willing both men on – but there are more screaming for Cyrus to do something to get back into it…. But the former CWA champ stumbles forward and clings onto the ropes for dear life. Rondo recovers and gets to his feet and storms forward … Cyrus ducks the hook though and Rondo turns around only to be hoisted into the air by his opponent! The crowd start to break into a cheer as Cyrus nails him with the Journey’s End finisher! The crowd go nuts but Cyrus doesn’t have the strength in him to make any sort of cover.

Jim Taylor:
Cover him, Cyrus! There’s not long left!

Cyrus just can’t muster the strength but he slowly manages to crawl over to Rondo and slings the arm over….



THRE------NO! Rondo gets the shoulder up! The crowd can’t believe it!

Tim Coleman: If only he was quicker!

Both men aren’t even moving in the middle of the ring… both are laying on their back, staring straight up at the roof.

Langdon Trafford: I’m not sure Rondo or Cyrus know where they are. But my, my, what a battle! One of them has to get a pin before the time is up, surely!

Both men use each other to try and get to their feet, it’s a moment that seems to symbolise the warrior spirit of both the CWA and the FWA as they refuse to lie down to each other. Rondo throws a forearm, Cyrus responds with one of his own… both guys just start slinging leather at each other without backing down – the crowd are at fever pitch, they can’t even decide who they want to win! Cyrus lands a stiff uppercut to Rondo, followed by a chop that has the former FWA World Heavyweight champion stumbling backwards – he falls to a knee and Cyrus wastes no time as he grabs Rondo and applies a hammerlock – he looks for Storming the Gate (Hammerlock guillotine DDT) but Rondo manages to squeeze out of the guillotine and takes Cyrus by surprise as he jumps guard and applies a kimura onto his opponent! Cyrus is stuck with nowhere to go in the middle of the ring as Rondo torques on the kimura, eventually Cyrus falls to his knees and Rondo’s back is on the canvas… but he keeps a hold of the submission!

Langdon Trafford: IT’S NOW OR NEVER!

Cyrus is battling valiantly in the middle of the ring but Rondo has the kimura locked in and if he had a little more strength, he would have broken his arm already… Cyrus tries to force Rondo’s shoulders onto the mat and the referee is constantly checking… Rondo is extremely exhausted but refuses to give up the hold – Cyrus has nowhere to go, it’s a stalemate in which neither refuse to be defeated… Rondo manages to lock it in deeper but at cost of forcing his own shoulders to the mat! The referee begins to count but stops as Rondo loosens the submission. They go back and forth between tightening the submission/pinfall attempts and loosening/no pinfall…. Rondo’s shoulder lay flat on the mat one more time as he torques the submission with all he has, the referee goes for the count…



Tim Coleman: Cyrus would have forced the pin! He had it! HE HAD IT!

Langdon Trafford: I thought Rondo would have elicited the tap there! He was so close!

Jim Taylor: Both men are valiant, both men were close, what a goddamn contest this was!

Piers Gallagher: That’s it? Psh.

Both men seem reluctanct to accept the result as the referee forces them apart. Rondo lays on his back staring up at the ceiling, looking disappointed whilst Cyrus kneels staring at the crowd, cheering for him and Rondo together. The referee gets both men up and they exchange a fierce glance at each other – a glance that implies this isn’t over. Rondo extends his hand… and then pretends to withdraw it as Cyrus goes to shake it, however he pulls out a smile and both men have a firm handshake and raise each other’s arms. The crowd appreciate the battle they put on and nobody seems to be disappointed regarding the result. Ryan Rondo leads the audience in applause for Cyrus Truth – a man who may still be carrying some injuries yet was willing to perform to defend the CWA. Rondo lets Cyrus have the ring to himself as he walks up the ramp, clapping hands with the fans before leaving with his arms raised.

Cyrus, for his part, looks out at the throngs of fans who came to see this event, and they roar for their returning Exile. Cyrus simply shakes his head and flashes a thin smile as the lights cut off.

Seconds later, they cut back on, and Cyrus is nowhere to be seen. The Exile may not be "back," per say, but it's clear that his presence was felt in a huge way tonight.

Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth is an enigma...

Piers Gallagher: He's a waste of space just like Ryan Rondo.

Jim Taylor:
That was a great matchup... and I cannot wait to see Cyrus come back to the CWA one day. But now... now is the big one, fellas.

Tim Coleman:
Three champions, one WrestleRoyale winner... Michelle von Horrowitz will want to have something to hold over Snowmantashi, surely... this match is a must win.

Piers Gallagher: Let's not forget the main man, PAJ! and Mr Princeton, of course, our esteemed GM of Fight Night!

Langdon Trafford: There is some potential between Bell Connelly and PAJ... after all, he 'stole' the belt from Chris Kennedy!


Tim Coleman: You snooze, you lose, Kennedy.

Whilst the commentators chat amongst themselves and theorise about what might happen, Lucy Pinder stands in the ring and introduces each participant of the main event one by one as they come to the ring. Bell Connelly, followed by Jon Snowmantashi later get huge pops from the crowd and are shown to be incredibly over. The crowd are definitely on their side as Michelle von Horrowitz doesn't come out to an 'as warm' reaction but PAJ and Princeton get booed out of the building - PAJ smirks at Bell Connelly as he enters the ring and taunts her regarding Kennedy whilst Snowmantashi is shown to be eyeing up MVH very carefully.

Langdon Trafford: HERE WE GO!

"The Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson w/ Thomas Princeton and "Dreamer" Michelle von Horrowitz vs "Inhuman" Jon Snowmantashi and Bell Connelly
On one side of the ring stands the near three hundred pounds of the Kaiju, Jon Snowmantashi. On the other side of the ring, Phillip A. Jackson stretches for a sizeable opponent. On the aprons, Bell Connelly excitedly cheers the CWA World Heavyweight Champion on, and Michelle von Horrowitz looks menacingly at all three other competitors in the match. The bell rings and the two men in ring start circling about. They lock up but PAJ turns that into a waist-lock in about half a second, any attempt at moving the immovable object is futile and he gets an elbow rocking him away for his troubles. PAJ, shockingly enough, doesn’t back down, he’s pissed and shoves (to no result) Snowmantashi. Snowmantashi snorts, so PAJ knife edge chops him in the chest. The Kaiju doesn’t feel a thing. One more time?! Still nothing. A third time! Snowmantashi is chuckling at PAJ’s efforts. The crowd is chanting “SNOW-MAN-TA-SHI” which only serves to frustrate the FWA World Champion. He signals one more time and Kaiju is more than willing to give him the opportunity. He reaches back, reaches back - EYE POKE!

Piers Gallagher: GREAT MOVE!

Snowmantashi holds the top half of his face and the crowd boo PAJ though Princeton at ringside compliments him on his keen intelligence. PAJ smirks and nods at his success, but Snowmantashi whirls around, visibly pissed off. He tries to get his hands on the champ but PAJ is in between the ropes, demanding the referee regulate the Japanese savage - then he tags in von Horrowitz. The number one contender to the CWA World Heavyweight Championship doesn’t look too happy with PAJ’s success but she gingerly enters the ring, her eyes dead set on Snowmantashi. The crowd anticipates the early and upcoming confrontation between the two - but Bell Connelly calls in for the tag, excitedly requesting her chance. Jon can’t possible neglect his bubbly partner and is more than willing to tag her in.

Langdon Trafford:
Here we go, Bell Connelly gets in on the action... I'm worried this match may be a little too heated for her!

Connelly hops over the ropes and into the ring and offers von Horrowitz a hand, but you can guess where that goes. von Horrowitz sneers, slaps the taste out of Connelly’s mouth and then viciously kicks at Connelly, so hard, the FWA Womens Champion drops to the back on the mat. A hint of overconfidence settles in for von Horrowitz, it’s put to an instant stop when Connelly’s back on her feet after a kip up. Michelle has none of that and goes for another low kick, Connelly hops above it though, and in that same jump, nails a high knee right into the face of von Horrowitz. Michelle stumbles back into the ropes, but as soon as she bounces off it, she’s charging ahead - DIVING CROSS BODY. Connelly, while still having the impact, manages roll through, hook the leg and



Jim Taylor: Close! Bell Connelly showing that she can hang with those at the top, perhaps!?

Michelle gets out of it. Both women spring to their feet. Michelle goes low, kick straight to the knee cap gets Connelly down to one leg. She uses the low ground - DOUBLE UNDERHOOK DDT. She hooks the leg-

Tim Coleman: PERHAPS NOT!




Bell kicks out, getting the crowd worried that we’d see an early defeat for the FWA Women’s Champion. Michelle, fully in control, tags in PAJ and with Connelly firmly in no man’s land, she must be willing to risk a great deal of pain to switch the momentum. Michelle doesn’t quite leave the ring. Both of them wait for Connelly to get to her feet (a struggle) and then dropkick her in the knee. She drops to all fours and KICKS ON EITHER SIDE OF THE HEAD. There’s nothing fancy here, but it still hurts to see. PAJ stands in the middle of the ring, hands raised in a taunt for all to see the supposed superior champion. He backs up all the way to Snowmantashi, thinking he’s sly, he spins around for a forearm but Snowmantashi blocks it and shakes his head, PAJ backs up instantly. He nods, fair play, turns around PAJle!

Piers Gallagher: Great move from PAJ again! He's showing who's boss here, just like he should!

Snowmantashi is knocked off the apron and holding his head. He looks back up to sneer at a smirking PAJ and sprints for the apron, sliding into the ring but the referee is already begging him out of it while PAJ keeps taunting. Michelle doesn’t hesitate to take advantage, jumping into the ring in a knee bar for as long as the referee pushes Snowmantashi out of the ring. It just urges the big man on but there’s nothing he can really do so he reluctantly steps out and von Horrowitz is back on the apron, none the wiser. PAJ turns back his attention on Bell, waits for the FWA Womens Champion to get back up, locks his hands around her waist and german suplexes her, landing her flat on the back of her head, he doesn’t let go and goes for a second one - bridges through…

Tim Coleman: PAJ is really being dastardly here! I like it! He's making sure to hurt Bell!




Connelly may be cornered but she doesn’t have an ounce of submission in her. It doesn’t deter PAJ who tags in von Horrowitz to get her own chance at finishing off the blockbuster main event. Michelle is instantly surgical when she steps in the ring. She sorts through a what’s what of leg submission maneuvers: knee bar, figure four leg lock, single leg boston crab, cloverleaf, argentine leg lock. And each time she begins baiting the crowd, explaining she’s got another one in her notebook of submission maneuvers. To further piss the entire arena off, she stops to talk to PAJ and they even consult Princeton at ringside, she goes all the way back to the classics and busts a stepover toehold, for all its simplicity, it’s got capacity to break a leg. Credit where credit is due, never does Connelly even consider tapping out. Michelle is never deterred, she signals that she’s tired of toying with the champion and readies for the Ankle Lock. She grabs Connelly’s leg but as soon as she does, Connelly flips forward and Michelle spears PAJ right off the turnbuckle.

Michelle doesn’t really care for PAJ’s safety, she turns around to turn her ire back on Connelly who’s sprinting to tag in Snowmantashi. Michelle catches her leg just as she’s halfway to the Kaiju. Michelle shakes her head, and is about lock in the Anke Lock again- CONNELLY FLIPS MICHELLE FORWARD A SECOND TIME. Michelle stops just short of Snowmantashi’s reach. The two are but seconds from clashing, von Horrowitz is perhaps not quite reluctant but cautious. Either case, the apprehension cost her, Connelly desperately gets her hands around von Horrowitz’s head, somehow with one good leg, springboards off the ropes AND HITS THE BELL DOG!


Connelly’s way too tired to go for the pinfall and that’s taken quite a bit out of von Horrowitz who’s dazed on the mat. Both remain on the mat and start showing life ever-so-slowly, the referee, recognizing this is a once-ever match-up, holds back on counting anybody out. The two start dragging towards the opposite of the ring where there partner stands and it takes an agonizingly long time but eventually hands slap and two new men are in the ring. PAJ gets to Snowmantashi first and launches a flurry of forearms that rock the champion back. He takes a step back - SUPERSWEET SHIN SYMPHONY. It rocks Snowmantashi back, he’s nearly going to fall, his hands wave around hoping to remain standing, and that he does, a ton of fights with McGinnis has given him the ability to withstand that devastating superkick. PAJ doesn’t seem to care though - SUPERSWEET SHIN SYMPHONY! This time Snowmantashi drops like a ton of bricks. PAJ drops on top!

Piers Gallagher: And the FWA champ pins the CWA champ... just like it should be! Not like Snowmantashi had a chance against someone like PAJ!




Jim Taylor: I wouldn't be so quick to speak, Piers! Our champ is still in this!

Snowmantashi stands to his feet with PAJ in his grasp. The FWA World Heavyweight Champion is shaking his head and desperate to escape. Princeton, noticing PAJ’s predicament after helping von Horrowitz up at ringside is urging Snowmantashi to put PAJ done. The Kaiju has no remorse and recklessly tosses PAJ over the top rope, sending him dropping clean onto von Horrowitz and Princeton. “KAI-JU! KAI-JU! KAI-JU!” Connelly, mildly recovered and limping suggests something to Snowmantashi and the champ is more than willing to comply. They go to the far side of the ring, measure their groggy opponents, it’s not McGinnis and Snowmantashi but it’s the next best thing - STEREO SUICIDE DIVE.

Jim Taylor: SUICIDE DIVE SQUAD V2.0!?!?

Langdon Trafford:
Bell and Jon are making a great team!

Snowmantashi and Connelly wipe out on von Horrowitz and PAJ. Snowmantashi recovers and rolls PAJ right into the ring. He holds onto PAJ’s hair and looks to the crowd with a sick sort of grin, he hammers one foot into PAJ’s head, then a second, then a third-fourth-fifthsixthseveneighninten-he just keeps going with absolute no remorse. By the time he lets go, PAJ’s hair is a mess and it’s a wonder his face isn’t a bloody one. Snowmantashi lifts PAJ’s limp body up, wraps those clubbing arms around PAJ’s head and locks in the FROSTBITE. It’s not every day you see the large man apply the sleeper hold on the smaller man but that’s exactly what he’s doing. PAJ’s rocking blows to the head have taken much of the resistance out of him but still he reaches for the ropes. Everytime it looks like he might pass out, he shows shocking determination reaching out again but never really coming close. It doesn’t matter because help comes in the form of a SUPERKICK!

Tim Coleman: Alright... I think Snowmantashi's dead! That was a hellacious kick! I think MVH and PAJ are making a good team too!

Snowmantashi drops flat from the third superkick he’s received today. Michelle slaps PAJ awake, neither he nor Princeton take kindly to it but after some suggestions from Michelle, PAJ smirks and seems to agree. They both climb in the ring, Michelle points to the sky and goes rocketing - 450 SPLASH. She rolls right off and PAJ takes his signal, AMAZING SPLASH. Surely this is it!







Piers Gallagher: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?

The referee realizes just in time and has to tell PAJ. The champion is none too pleased and argues a great deal, von Horrowitz and Princeton are both willing to contribute to the debate. He doesn’t seem to realize the giant is climbing back to his feet right behind him and as soon as he himself turns around - HAILSTORM. PAJ bounces off the mat like he’s a basketball. KAIJU seems to feel the energy and so does Connelly who stands back alive in their corner. She asks Snowmantashi for the tag and while the CWA World Heavyweight Champ is reluctant, he concedes and Connelly is right back in limping. Michelle wasn’t about to wait for the advantage, during the reluctance, she drags PAJ right to her corner, lifts him up, goes to the apron, and tags herself in.

Tim Coleman: Michelle von Horrowtiz is proving herself to be championship worthy right now.

The two women charge at each other, Michelle goes for a kick to the midriff, MATRIX EVASION. Michelle doesn’t care for being impressed, she goes for a lower kick to that vulnerable leg and Connelly is instantly down holding a leg she can barely stand on at this point. Michelle looks down on her. She smirks to Snowmantashi and we find out why a second later, PAJ pulls Snowmantashi off the apron, grabs his head, uses the apron as leverage 720 DDT. Michelle has renewed her focus, and she locks in the ANKLE LOCK. She wrenches as hard as she possible can but Bell resists with all the energy she can muster and tries to reach the ropes. Michelle is intent on ending it now and locks it right in, so that there’s no moving at all for Bell. She tries to roll side to side but it’s futile. PAJ desperately tries to stop Snowmantashi from reviving and clawing into the ring and he’s doing a hell of a job, the two tossing sluggish forearms to one another. Bell realizes there’s no help coming, she’s got to make a decision, have her ankle snapped or live to fight another day. She resists a second longer…

Langdon Trafford:
Poor Bell!

Piers Gallagher: Who cares about her, PAJ was the MVP here! He stopped that fat waste the CWA call a champ from getting in! YES!

Jim Taylor: I think the plaudits have to go to our own Michelle von Horrowitz!

Tim Coleman:
PAJ and MVH were the better team, that's all there is to it! Both worked together better!

Winners: Michelle von Horrowitz and Phillip A. Jackson.

Following the match, Princeton gets into the ring and congratulates PAJ as well as his partner. Snowmantashi is reeling from the forearms in the middle of the ring as he checks on Bell.... but he's taken from behind as PAJ suddenly nails him with another superkick straight to the head!

Langdon Trafford: There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR THAT!

Jim Taylor: Disgusting.

Piers Gallagher: I LOVE IT!

The fans rain down boos as Michelle von Horrowitz stands shocked. PAJ jumps out of the ring and takes the CWA World Championship, he holds it straight at Michelle's face telling her that she's the real champ, she's the one who deserves this, this is her belt. He then throws the belt down at Jon Snowmantashi's feet and smirks... PAJ then leaves the ring with Princeton and they walk to the top of the stage receiving boo after boo. They stand at the top of the stage posing, victorious whilst inside the ring Jon Snowmantashi and Bell Connelly are both down.

Tim Coleman: A look into the future?

The show goes off the air with the parting image of Michelle von Horrowitz standing at the fallen Snowmantashi's feet staring at the belt with a glint in her eye...

Show Credits:

Matches: Shake x 2, Jon Snow x 1, Jimmy King x 3, KAIZEN x 1, SuperSaiyan x 1, The Altyrell x 1, The Golden One x 1
Segments: An Original Name/SuperSaiyan x 1, ETE x 1, KAIZEN x 1, Shake/Cyrus Truth x 1
Opening/Commentary: Shake/The Golden One