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    Re: Marvel

    Fantastic Four season 1 begins production - Full cast list confirmed

    Having been previously reported it can now be confirmed that the Fantastic Four series has now began it's production. Ahead of the season all four main characters have been casted for the show with Timothy Olyphant (Reed Richards/Mr Fantastic), Diane Kruger (Susan Storm/Invisible Woman), Ron Perlman (Ben Grimm/The Thing) and Hunter Parish (Johnny Storm/Human Torch) all set for the show. It can be confirmed that this first season will partly cover their origin story while also focus on establishing the world around them.

    Kelly Reilly as Alicia Masters
    When he was turned into the Thing. Ben Grimm found himself treated differently by many people. Looked at as a monster or a freak by many. Ben often felt lonely until one day he met Alicia Masters. A blind sculptor who claims to see the inner beauty. Alicia is not afraid of Ben and instead becomes a confidant as well as potential love interest. Playing Alicia will be Tin Star actress Kelly Reilly.

    Tom Stevens as Wyatt Wingfoot
    A former room mate and long time friend of Johnny Storm. Wyatt Wingfoot was often his partner in crime when it came to their more reckless antics. However when Storm became a hero, Wingfoot proved himself to be a supportive friend as he was proud of what Johnny accomplished. Since then Wyatt has focused heavily on following in his father's footsteps as an athlete. Playing Wyatt will be Wayward Pines actor Tom Stevens.

    Ennis Esmer as Harvey Rupert Elder
    A nuclear engineer as well as explorer. Harvey Rupert Elder has long been respected in his field for his skills. However his attitude and personality have left a lot to be desired. That would be until a freak accident would change his life forever. Playing Harvey will be Blindspot actor Ennis Esmer.

    Ioan Gruffud as Miracle Man
    A stage magician who in actuality is a criminal who uses hypnosis to get what he wants. Miracle Man is described as a megalomaniac who craves power and will do whatever he can to get it. This includes trying to influence the Thing to do his bidding. Playing Miracle Man will be Fantastic Four movie actor Ioan Gruffud.

    Justin Welborn as Gregson Gilbert
    A former colleague of Reed Richards who has since become a professor at Empire State University. It is said that Gregson Gilbert harbors resentment and jealously towards Reed about how his life turned out as well as his relationship with Susan Storm. Playing Gilbert will be Justified actor Justin Welborn.

    Frank Whaley as Nicholas Scratch
    With this season of the Fantastic Four focusing on more supernatural and magical elements. It is no surprise that Nicholas Scratch has been confirmed for the show. It is believed that Scratch harbors resentment towards the fantastic four which has spanned for years and he will endeavor to take them down by whatever means necessary. Playing Scratch will be Pulp Fiction actor Frank Whaley.

    Curtis Armstrong as Puppet Master
    A talented craftsman who has the ability to psionically control others through puppets. It is unknown as to why the Puppet Master holds a serious vendetta against the Fantastic Four. But what is known is that a lot of his hate is harbored towards the Thing. Playing Puppet Master will be Supernatural actor Curtis Armstrong.

    Chris Vance as Trapster
    A intelligent criminal who is known for various trap based weapons. It is believed that Trapster joins a group of criminals with designs on eliminating the fantastic four once and for all. Playing Trapster will be Supergirl actor Chris Vance.

    Scott Grimes as Wizard
    An inventor and high level genius. the individual known as Wizard has long been fascinated by illusions and escape arts. Which he has used to help his criminal career. This has seen him align himself with the likes of Miracle Man and Trapster as they look to defeat the fantastic four. Playing Wizard will be Justified actor Scott Grimes.

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    Re: Marvel

    Fox Broadcasting Presents

    The Punisher Season 2 - Trust the Exchange

    Following it's highly received first season, there was a heavy amount of anticipation going into this coming season of the Punisher. As while the previous season covered a series of criminal elements in New York as well as interpretations of many of well known Punisher stories. However this time round instead of transitioning from one story to another as it established the ways and brutality of Frank Castle/The Punisher (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) as well as his partnership with the likes of David Lieberman/Microchip (David Costabile) and Martin Soap (Eddie Marsan). This time round however the series would focus on one story and one story only which would be about a criminal syndicate which was teased in the previous season due to the work put in by William Rawlins (Tom Mison). The corrupt CIA agent who operated in the shadows as he looked to eliminate the threat that was the Punisher would soon find himself under suspicion of his ex wife and fellow agent Katheryn O'Brien (Lauren German). In fact O'Brien would confront Rawlins about his actions in their previous operations involving the Punisher. Only for Rawlins to remark that she has her orders and he has his, all he was doing is following them.

    Meanwhile having seen Frank go through what can be best described as a tumultuous ringer in the past season. Microchip advised Punisher in branching out and possibly having a team with him on the streets. This news didn't seem to sit well with Frank who mentions the other's he knows to have fallen in this crusade he has undertaken and that he will not pair himself with others to watch them die. Despite Frank calling this a lonely road, Microchip remains against his wishes and advises Frank to at least consider it. While Frank remained against the idea Micro revealed that he had been researching a few prospective names and advised him to at least check them out. This would lead to a trio of interesting scenes as Frank out of respect for Microchip and his own curiosity would come face to face with these vigilante's albeit in harsher circumstances then Micro might have anticipated or expected. As an armed Frank Castle would confront all three of the vigilantes one after another on separate occasions following observing their ways. The first individual to be confronted was known as The Elite (David Haydn-Jones). Presented as a yuppie who mainly focused on low level street crime such as drug dealers and junkies. It was during one of his recon sessions watching The Elite, that Castle saw the truth. The Elite with his strong belief in classism targeted anyone he felt was bringing down the tone or lowering the standard of Riverside Park was a victim. Be it homeless folk or even a stray dog urinating up a tree, in the eyes of the elite they were all fair game.

    Having seen enough of the Elite, Frank Castle would confront him in the art gallery he owned. Sick of everything he was hearing coming out of the Elite's mouth. The Punisher would gun down the Elite after branding him a Nazi. Following his 'chat' with The Elite, Frank Castle would then begin watching another of Micro's suggestions Father Hector Redondo/The Holy (Wagner Moura). Thanks to notes by Martin Soap on the Axe Murderer of Spanish-Harlem, Castle was able to put together that The Holy was in fact this serial killer. Confronting Redondo in his church. It is here that Castle would find out that Redondo prayed on those who confessed their sins to him. Despite Redondo's strong belief that he was carrying out God's Will by eliminating evil. Redondo was soon shot down by Castle who branded the Father a lunatic. This would leave Castle with only one more vigilante on the list being Mr.Payback (Sam Trammell). Possibly the most reckless of the three, Payback targeted what he considered to be the real criminals in society. This being the wealthy corporations who in his mind prey on the common man like himself.

    Unlike the others Payback had little interest in making Punisher see his way or understand his mindset. As when Punisher stopped Payback from shooting up the Worldwide Investment Corporation, Payback would respond by opening fire on Punisher. The shoot out would end with Punisher gunning down Mr.Payback as he branded him a psychopath who tried to justify the blood on his hands. Having visited Micro's three prospects and having dealt with them in his way Punisher confronted Micro about why he would even suggest those three. To Which Micro revealed that yes while he does think that Frank needs help, the truth was those he put forward unfortunately were individuals inspired by the Punisher and what he does. Which is why Microchip felt the need for them to handle them and now with that done they can actually consider whether someone else should join them.

    One of the interesting things about the previous season was how in many ways there were similarities to John Wick with the action and the story told. This time round however with one of the stories we got very much a Kill Bill vibe. This was thanks to the story told of one Rachel Cole (Rose Leslie). A former marine sergeant who returned from a tour of Afghanistan with honors. Rachel returned home with the intention to find a job and marry her long time fiance Daniel Alves (Jencarlos Canela). Daniel, a trauma surgeon at Lenox Hill Hospital very much was a kind considerate man in the scenes we was shown. Of course with Rachel's background it wasn't long for people to reach out in an effort to employ her. This included a private security firm or at least what was supposed to be one as she met with a mysterious individual named Alex Alaric (Jere Burns). Alaric who was accompanied by his chief of security Liam Malloy (Demore Barnes). During the course of this weird conversation, Rachel would find herself confused and concerned by the secretive, possibly shady operation which in turn would cause her to refuse the offer. Unfortunately this operation wasn't one to accept refusals lightly as later on during what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life because of some uninvited guests turned into a nightmare.

    As right as both she and her soon to be husband exchanged vows Rachel caught sight of Liam Malloy in the back of the church. Before she could react a team of armed individuals stormed the church before opening fire onto Rachel, Daniel and anyone else present for the service. This attack would lead to everyone but Rachel being killed as she miraculously survived despite several wounds and thanks to some emergency surgery was placed in a medical coma which she would later come out of with her mind fully set on punishing those who took everything from her. Part of this anger came from her talks with the police and Martin Soap as while Soap was sympathetic to her case made it clear that unfortunately these people were pros and that they clearly have connection as they cannot find anything on them. Frustrated at the little he could find on the case himself Soap turned to Microchip and gave him everything he had asking him to see what he can find. Unfortunately for the time being however this would be the last time in a while that Soap could meet with Micro as William Rawlins began taking a vested interest in Soap as he brought him into what he called the Punisher Task Force along with two officers Andy Seifert (Emmett J Scanlan) and Mike Pearse (Ryan Robbins). This task force was described as a covert operation which Rawlins had Soap personally drafted in thanks to all his time spent investigating Castle. However it would soon become clear that Rawlins was willing to bring down Frank Castle by any means necessary.

    Having slowly found herself convinced that there were a series of killings committed (Last season) designed to look like the world of Frank Castle but in reality not. Agent Kathryn O'Brien found herself more willing to work alongside Microchip in secret as she became convinced that there were things that Rawlins wasn't telling her about a conspiracy or agency running through law enforcement. This was all but confirmed in the following scene as William Rawlins met with the warden of Ryker's Island Jerome Gerty (Kevin Chapman). In this scene it was shown that Rawlins while fairly high up in this conspiracy was not the man in charge as he informed Gerty that his superiors need more men for their operation. Revealing that he was in fact releasing cons for whatever Rawlins' operation is planning, Gerty doesn't hesitate in asking who Rawlins wants this time to which William responds Stuart Clarke (Matthew MaCaul). Revealed to be an idealistic inventor who turned to crime after refusing to sell his designs to a larger company (Later revealed to be Stark Industries). Clarke's hatred for Stark as well as his arrogance made him an easy recruit for this group on his release.

    On his release Clarke would find himself met by two individuals who were also apart of this group. The first of which was a newly arrived crime lord known as Marcus Coriander (Josh Segarra). The gangster very much put money into the operation as in return he had mercenaries and weaponry supplied to him by the other man General Kriegkopf (Lars Mikkelsen). While little else of the group and their intentions was known what did get revealed was that the entire group was called The Exchange and that their intentions for Clarke were to have Coriander fund his work and Kriegkopf to give him the supplies in order to build the suit he had long wanted to create but never had the resources to do so. When Clarke left the room in order to begin his work both Coriander and Kriegkopf where praised by a mystery voice from a telephone who stated that Clarke will be a sufficient test for their recruit.

    What Clarke would design thanks to their resources would of course be a suit of armor for himself to wear under the name of Rampage. This armored suit would have several weapons attached making him a dangerous foe for the Punisher. Because as Rampage lived up to his name sake and began to target innocent bystanders he'd soon find himself confronted by The Punisher. What followed was a brutal battle in which Punisher took some major damage much to Micro's concern. That would be at least until Micro was able to hack into the suit of Rampage causing it to short circuit. This allowed Castle despite being badly injured to break the leg of Clarke before beating him unconscious with his own helmet. Before Castle could finish the job however he'd pass out due to blood loss as the sirens begin to come closer. But as police and the Punisher task force would arrive there was no sign at all of Frank Castle much to the concern of Martin Soap and Microchip. This was because Castle would find himself when he woke up being tended to by a woman called Angela (Jessica De Gouw).

    With the Punisher missing from the scene, Martin Soap in his concerned state began digging up all the evidence he possibly can. All the while both Andy Seifort and Mike Pearse would be supervising him before they got a call from Rawlins. Stationed in his office Rawlins picks his words carefully but makes it clear that when the time comes Soap like the others will need to be dealt with. Rawlins then wraps up the call as he sees O'Brien walk into his office. Similar to the last season O'Brien would look to talk to Rawlins about his plans and operations only to be brushed off by her ex husband who claimed that all he was doing was following his orders just as she had to hers. Of course Rawlins' actions in pushing her away only served to make her suspicions of her ex stronger. Meanwhile having found himself in a stranger's home, Frank Castle remained dubious of Angela's motivations as the young woman did all she could in order to befriend him. This would include her telling him of her own tale of loss to put the two closer together before eventually she would kiss Frank leading to the two sleeping together.

    While this may have seemed a case of Frank Castle truly moving on and living a life. In truth when Castle awoke the next morning he realized that Angela had in fact been planted to gain his trust as Frank would find Alex Alaric seated at the foot of the bed. As an angered Castle got dressed despite his injuries, Alaric revealed that they are men of similar goals and means. Stating that he has long been impressed of what Castle is capable of and his skill set Alaric brands his methods a tad simple minded. Stating that crime is world wide and that there are like minded people across the world. Alaric mentions his plans to create an army of Punishers before he personally asks for Frank to come in and help them with their training as well as work on the field. Castle is disgusted at what he hears as he brands Alaric's plan the makings of a death squad. This doesn't appear to sit well with Alaric who simply shakes his head before in a shocking moment Angela shoots Frank. Before she can fire off another round Castle wisely escapes by jumping out the window onto the fire escape before collapsing into the dumpster below.

    Badly wounded from his gun shot Frank miraculously was able to reach out and call Kathryn O'Brien who was quick to come and rescue him from a back alley before Angela could find him and finish him off. As she drove Castle to his hideout Frank would inform her of everything he knew of this group by Alaric before he revealed that he had heard some of Alaric's last words before he escaped and called the group the Exchange. With Clarke now back behind bars he found himself in an odd position as he was confronted on the exercise yard late one evening by Jerome Gerty. Clarke demanding out of jail threatened to expose Gerty's operation. Unfortunately these threats backfired on Clarke as from behind he was stabbed by Jigsaw (Michael Eklund). It is then that Jigsaw reminded Gerty of their deal only for Gerty to rescind the offer and have his guards drag Jigsaw back to his cell.

    Having handled the loose end that was Stuart Clarke, Jerome Gerty was summoned to a meeting as the Exchange gathered. It was here that we saw the entire group as Alex Alaric, William Rawlins, Marcus Coriander, General Kriegkopf and Jerome Gerty were all joined by security chief Chris Poulsen (Matt Nable) before the head of the exchange Stephanie Gerard (Kim Dickens) introduced herself. The head of the Exchange and the woman behind all their operations, Gerard likened everything they was doing to a business. One which would need to be totally perfect for them all to truly profit. This included cutting any loose ends completely off as well truly launching their Punishment Squad. Of course having now been made aware of the Exchange Kathryn O'Brien quickly recruited both Martin Soap and Microchip into helping her uncover more details while Frank recovered from his injuries. Putting himself at risk despite the spotlight on him Soap began to research the prison having became aware of the death of Clarke. Unfortunately this put him very much in the cross hairs of the exchange who ordered Pearse and Seifert to carry out the execution.

    Despite being kidnapped by the corrupt cops Soap was able to contact Micro using a burner phone he had concealed. This allowed Kathryn O'Brien to begin to head to his location unaware of just who has taken him. Pulled out of the trunk of the car he was trapped in Soap would learn of just how corrupt the officers were as they prepared to execute him on a construction site. Showing some surprising degree of fight Soap wrestled Seifert for his gun only to be clipped by Pearse. This sent Soap falling down a small ditch dug out by the site. As the two looked down at Soap's body and the mess this scene now was in a surprising moment Seifert then gunned down Pearse using Pearse's own gun. With Pearse dead Seifert then punched himself hard in the face busting his own nose before reaching for his phone. Breathing deeply in order to sell whatever story he had conjured up Seifert looked to have all his bases covered until he was confronted by O'Brien. Lying through the skin of his teeth Seifert tells a story of how Soap was investigating something and this led to him suspecting Pearse. Not being aware that Pearse was dirty, Seifert confronted Soap and the two met in private for Martin to tell him everything only for Pearse to show up and knock him out.

    Claiming that a shoot out then began and that both officers are now dead. Seifert acts like he is shell shocked by what is going on when suddenly Soap can be heard moving in the ditch below. O'Brien rushes over to check on him while she orders Seifert to call for back up. Reaching for his phone Seifert pretends to make the call before he reaches for his gun. But before he can even get a round off he is shot down by O'Brien who reveals that Soap told her he was on it. Dying from his wound Seifert is quizzed by O'Brien about what's going on and in a surprising act of decency Seifert gives up Rawlins as a member of the Exchange. Now fully aware of her ex husband and his corruption O'Brien began to work alongside Microchip to expose him while Soap recovered from his injuries. In a conversation with Microchip, O'Brien reveals that she knows Rawlins and that he will always look to save himself. Of course at the same time having became aware of the fall of both of his officers William Rawlins true to form looked to escape and save his own neck.

    This would lead to a series of scenes in which Rawlins would attempt to flee the state with both O'Brien and the Punisher in pursuit of him. Unfortunately they would not be the only ones in pursuit of Rawlins as with him turning traitor the way he had. It was under the orders of Gerard that a few of Kriegkopf's mercenaries would attack Rawlins. What followed was a chase throughout New York before it settled on the train station in which Punisher would kick one of Kriegkopf's mercenaries in front of a train before battling and stabbing the other. O'Brien meanwhile would engage in a shoot out with her ex husband Rawlins. As expected he was all about saving himself as he made numerous attempts to make her walk away and let him go. That would be until he was knee capped by the Punisher. Begging for his life like the coward we knew him to be Rawlins wasn't saved here as Castle knocked him out before later Rawlins would awake and find himself bound to a chair. Videoed and recorded under a make shift investigation Rawlins was given a series of questions by O'Brien in order to expose the Exchange. At first Rawlins played dumb that would be at least until O'Brien left the room for Castle to make him talk.

    A brutal torture scene then followed as Frank viciously beat Rawlins within an inch of his life. This included him brutally breaking the orbital bone of Rawlins with the butt of his gun. Cutting Rawlins free Frank continued to beat him until finally the cowardly Rawlins on film began to talk. In his confessions Rawlins confessed to numerous acts of murder, tampering and corruption while also exposing members of the Exchange. This was also backed up by Rawlins informing O'Brien of the combination to his safe at his home for her to get hold of what he called the last resort. The files he has gathered on all of the Exchange in order to truly make an escape should things have gone bad. Unfortunately this part of his confession was revealed to be a ploy by Rawlins who managed to grab Castle's gun but before he could even get a shot off Punisher slashed him across the throat with a blade killing him instantly. What followed was a montage set to Nobody Praying for me by Seether as we saw numerous officials and high up members of society exposed and arrested for their affiliation with the Exchange. This included Jerome Gerty who was shown to have locked himself inside his office before shooting himself in the head rather than face the consequences of his actions.

    With the Exchange being exposed and many of the members being profiled. This triggered a reaction from Rachel Cole who launched a revenge plan of her own as she looked to punish those responsible for the loss of her family and friends. Using what she herself has dug up as well as reports from the papers and her sources. Cole begins to target the Exchange as she takes them down piece by piece. With many of his men dying at the hands of Rachel, Marcus Coriander went underground as he looked to escape the city. Packing his bags Coriander was all set to flee until he was confronted by Angela. During the conversation between the two of them Angela reminded Coriander that there can be no loose ends in the Exchange before shooting him in the head. As Ben Urich (David Duchovny) continued to write articles and expose more details on the Exchange. He formed a friendship with Frank Castle as Ben provided Frank with whatever leads his sources gave him in return for Castle giving him more details for his stories. One of these tips provided by Urich would lead to O'Brien being able to apprehend Alex Alaric.

    Facing heavy jail time as well as the prospect of his days being numbered Alaric surprisingly began giving his own details of the Exchange. This included things no one else seemed prepared to share such as how Poulsen was a former member of Shield and Gerard a former member of AIM. While Alaric continued to talk Rachel Cole's quest for revenge would put her on the tail of Liam Malloy. Fully committed to killing Malloy, Cole struck down and killed many of his men as she proved to be just as formidable and vicious if not more so than Frank himself. Fleeing and terrified for his life Malloy in his panicked state reached out first to his colleagues at the Exchange only to be brushed off by Gerard's personal assistant Dove (Jessica Tovey). Still panicking Malloy did the next best thing he could which was reach out to O'Brien. Promising to tell her everything if she was able to come save him. It was the prospect of a trap which caused O'Brien to bring Castle along with her. Of course by the time they got to the location of Malloy they were not the only ones there for him as Rachel Cole was in hot pursuit.

    This would lead to a confrontation between Cole and the Punisher as Cole would not let anyone stop her while Castle couldn't let her kill Malloy just yet. While these two were at a crossroads O'Brien spoke with Malloy as he revealed to her what he knew of Kriegkopf. This included her finding out that Kreigkopf is a former member of the US Marine Corps before being kicked out for his sadistic ways. Branding Kriegkopf a psychopath Malloy continued as he stated that Kriegkopf is the backbone of the exchange thanks to his constant recruiting and training of all kinds of violent individuals. Before Malloy could say much else however he was shot by a sniper. As Malloy fell to the floor dying Frank, Rachel and O'Brien rushed for cover while the sniper was revealed as Gerard's assistant Dove. After the death of Malloy, Rachel Cole found herself some potential allies as she returned to Castle's base along with O'Brien having told them her story. Along with this Cole was able to provide more knowledge on the Exchange based on her interrogation of several low level members and is able to confirm that Kriegkopf's operation is taking place at Grand Nixon Island.

    While Microchip did his research to get a scope on the Grand Nixon Island. Frank Castle met with Ben Urich as the two's developing partnership continued. Because while Urich may not have been a fan of Castle's methods he could not deny that good his methods accomplished. Unfortunately as the two continued their conversation a vengeful Angela would be watching from a distance having been driven insane following the arrest of Alaric. Climbing behind the wheel of a car Angela recklessly speeds down the street as she looks to take out the Punisher. Pushing Urich out of the way Frank fires off several shots at the window of the car one of which clipped her causing Angela to swerve the car tipping it over. Thrown through the window and landing hard onto the pavement Angela doesn't survive her wounds as Castle gets the call to return back to the base. At the Punisher hideout Castle is joined by Soap and O'Brien who agree to to go along to Grand Nixon Island along with him. In a surprising move one which Castle claimed was for her best interest. It was decided that Rachel was to stay behind as in Frank's words this was a dangerous mission in which you need a clear head and that she was too emotionally attached.

    Despite Rachel's protests she eventually saw sense all the while Chris Poulsen showed up at Kriegkopf's base to warn him that they were coming for him. Kriegkopf ever the sadist and in his mind fearless warrior remained confident that he and his punishment squad could handle any would be attackers. What followed was a great battle scene as Punisher, Soap and O'Brien all showed up armed to the teeth to battle Kriegkopf and his men. Under heavy fire from Kriegkopf's squad, Castle managed to burst through the crowd while O'Brien and Soap continued the shoot out with the Squad as police arrived on the scene to give the officers back up. As he made his way into the main building Frank finds himself confronted by Kriegkopf. Kriegkopf curses Castle for refusing to join them as he attempts to convince Castle of their similarities. Instead Castle refuses his offer which causes Kriegkopf to draw his gun but Castle was quicker to the draw and shot Kriegkopf to the stomach. As Kriegkopf collapsed into his chair and slowly started to bleed out. He remained cold as he stated that while he may be wounded the fight is not over.

    It is then that Castle is attacked by Chris Poulsen who attempted to strangle him using razor wire. What followed was a short and brutal fight which ended with Castle breaking the neck of Poulsen. Turning back to Kriegkopf before admiring the many munitions he had all across the building in particular the explosives. Frank calmly walked to the door before using a lighter to ignite a stick of dynamite which he tossed in the General's direction. Showing fear for the first time as he is unable to put out the fuse Kriegkopf let out a terrified no as the explosion triggered numerous more throughout Kriegkopf's base while Castle calmly made his exit. The explosions distracted the remaining members of the punishment squad allowing the cops and Soap/O'Brien to eliminate the remaining members. As they are rejoined by Castle it is revealed that Castle has swiped Poulsen's phone during their fight.

    With the help from Microchip on the computer back at the base. Castle calls Stephanie Gerard from this phone giving up her location as she learns the news of Poulsen and Kriegkopf's deaths. What followed was a surprising twist on the story as with the news of Gerard's location Rachel Alves began to armor up. Confronted by Microchip about what she was doing. Rachel informs Micro that while she was willing to step back for the Kriegkopf mission. This was her fight and that she had to do this on her own. Despite any misgivings he might have had Micro eventually relented and offered to help her all he can as she headed off to the Exchange's headquarters. What followed was surprising as one might expect that Gerard with all this hostility would respond with force to Rachel Cole-Alves arrival. Instead she had her security team wait patiently for Rachel and inform her that the boss was waiting for her. Scanned and having her weapons taken from her Rachel is then escorted into an elevator where she is greeted by Dove who continually flies under the radar thanks to her quiet and soft spoken nature.

    Escorted from the elevator towards the office of Stephanie Gerard. It is here that we saw the true leader of the Exchange in all her glory. Instead of an arrogant criminal like Coriander, a selfish self serving individual like Rawlins, a greedy not too mention power hungry Gerty, charming con man like Alaric or sadist like Kriegkopf. In Gerard what we got was a ruthless businesswoman. One who was driven by the fall of AIM to create her own criminal enterprise and one who simply saw all of the goings on a clearing of the table and a chance to rebuild her exchange. This is why she brought Cole-Alves here to her as she needed her to understand that what happened to her wasn't anything personal. Instead it was an operation in it's early stages that looked to do damage control save it being exposed to soon. Continuing Gerard revealed that Malloy was too rash and was only supposed to kill her. But instead he and his group at the time got carried away which is why she had the Exchange's best eliminate his entire group to send a message. Cole seemed angered by this news as she stated that it didn't change anything.

    With a smirk on her face Gerard informed Rachel that on sitting across from her she knows. Because Gerard then reveals that her original intention here was to in fact recruit Rachel to her cause. To start a new exchange filled with truly powerful and driven individuals. But that Rachel's rash and reckless emotions have caused her to come alone and that her lack of awareness has caused her to walk into a verifiable safe room equipped with bullet proof glass among other protective designs. Rachel remained fearless as Stephanie watched her silently from behind her desk. Knowing that Gerard was about to attempt to kill her. Rachel dared her to take her on one on one only for Gerard to smile and inform her she won't have to. As the Exchange's best will do so instead and with that Dove attacked Rachel with a garrote. With the rope going round her neck Rachel tried to fight valiantly as Dove continued to pull tightly on the garrote.

    A brief montage of scenes followed starting out with an angered Castle confronting Microchip about letting Rachel go alone. After Micro asserting there was no stopping her. Micro gave Frank the address of the building which Frank immediately rushed out to. Meanwhile with her air cutting off despite her best efforts. Rachel began to see her life flash before her eyes as she saw tender moments with her fiance as well as her family. But just as it looked like she might be dying from this attack. After a flashback showing her husband tell her how strong she was and that she should never quit on herself as she is stronger than she will ever know. Rachel found new life and began to fight her way from Dove's clutches. This surprised Dove as Rachel flipped her over her shoulders and onto the floor. Staggering back to the door Rachel took a moment to catch her breath before she clutched her ears as both Gerard and Dove spotted a mini flash grenade on the floor. With the device going off and disorientating both individuals Rachel is able to quickly kill Dove by slamming her head first into Gerard's desk snapping her neck. Wasting no time Rachel takes advantage of the chaos and uses the garrote on Gerard to kill her once and for all.

    As she made her exit from the building using the elevator Rachel found on her exit the guards all shot down as she was met by the Punisher. As the two faced off she thanked him as she stated that while he may not have been happy with her decision to go it alone. He knew that her staying behind from the Kriegkopf attack would give her the time to get ready for her to truly get her revenge. It was then that Rachel kissed Frank on the cheek before promising that she would attempt to live and rebuild her life now but that if he ever truly needed her help in the future she would be there. That would end this second season of the Punisher on somewhat of a happy note for the series. However the single post credit scene afterwards showed what looks to make for a chaotic season 3 as when O'Brien and the police were called to Ryker's Island news was given to them that during the death of Gerty a prisoner killed a paramedic and made an escape. This prisoner was of course Billy Russo/Jigsaw!


    Frank Castle/The Punisher - Played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan
    David Lieberman/Microchip - Played by David Costabile
    Martin Soap - Played by Eddie Marsan
    Kathryn O'Brien - Played by Lauren German
    Billy Russo/Jigsaw - Played by Michael Eklund
    Rachel Alves - Played by Rose Leslie
    Ben Urich - Played by David Duchovny

    William Rawlins - Played by Tom Mison - Killed by The Punisher
    The Elite - Played by David Haydn Jones - Killed by the Punisher
    The Holy - Played by Wagner Moura - Killed by the Punisher
    Mr.Payback - Played by Sam Trammell - Killed by the Punisher

    General Kriegkopf - Played by Lars Mikkelsen - Killed in explosion
    Angela - Played by Jessica De Gouw - Dies in car accident
    Alex Alaric - Played by Jere Burns - Arrested
    Marcus Coriander - Played by Josh Segarra - Killed by Angela
    Mike Pearse - Played by Ryan Robbins - Killed during shootout with Andy Seifert
    Andy Seifert - Played by Emmett J Scanlan - Killed by O'Brien
    Stuart Clarke - Played by Matthew MacCaul - Killed by Jigsaw
    Jerome Gerty - Played by Kevin Chapman - Killed himself
    Chris Poulsen - Played by Matt Nable - Killed by the Punisher
    Liam Malloy - Played by Demore Barnes - Killed by Dove
    Stephanie Gerard - Played by Kim Dickens - Killed by Rachel Alves
    Dove - Played by Jessica Tovey - Killed by Rachel Alves
    Daniel Alves - Played by Jencarlos Canela - Killed by Liam Malloy

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    Re: Marvel

    Punisher season 3 reported ~ Plot/Characters revealed

    After an emotionally charged and brutal season 2 of the Punisher came to an end. The details for the third season of the series have been confirmed with the focus in many ways being the consequences of one's actions. Frank Castle's actions to be specific as this season is said to focus on a group of women all made widows through the actions of Frank Castle and their goal for revenge to kill the man who killed their husbands.

    Sean Harris as Man Down Below
    At first the legend of the Man Down Below was a myth or a legend. A potentially cannibalistic serial killer with a cult of followers in the homeless community. However with more people reported missing every day. It soon becomes clear that the myth is in fact true. Playing the Man Down Below will be Mission Impossible actor Sean Harris.

    Alexandra Breckenridge as Jenny Cesare
    A young woman who was born into a fairly low level crime family. Jenny is believed to have had little to no interest in the life until she was persuaded/pressured by her older sister Annabella to marry a gangster known as Tim Cesare. While things at first may have been happy for Jenny she soon found that her husband was a horrifically abusive individual. Playing Jenny will be AHS actress Alexandra Breckenridge.

    Adam Rodriguez as Joe Perrett
    Some men when they leave the war truly don't come home the same way they was before. This can sadly be said about Joe Perrett. The former soldier who on returning home tragically killed his own family was imprisoned in Ryker's until he was recruited into the Punishment Squad by the Exchange. On the day the Exchange fell Perrett was believed to have died in the explosion at Grand Nixon Island. But it is now confirmed that he survived and is on a rampage as he looks for revenge. Playing Perrett will be Criminal Minds actor Adam Rodriguez.

    Joe Mantegna as Mickey Fondozzi
    A career criminal who has long been affiliated with Italian Mob groups. Mickey Fondozzi is currently at a loss following the death of his latest boss which has now seen Mickey begin to work as a low level enforcer for the five wives. Frustrated with his position but unwilling to question orders. Mickey goes along with all instructions until he comes face to face with the Punisher. Playing Mickey will be Godfather actor Joe Mantegna.

    Molly Dunsworth as Norah Winters
    A reporter young in her career who in many ways is an apprentice of Ben Urich. Norah Winters is a headstrong and idealistic young woman who remains conflicted by the Punisher's actions. Same time after being warned on the man down below by her old friend Jen Cooke. Norah puts herself in harms way to expose the story. Playing Norah will be Hobo with a Shotgun actress Molly Dunsworth.

    Bohdi Elfman as Alex Shapiro
    The current district attorney of Manhattan. Alex Shapiro is seen by many as a man looking to make a change for the better across the city. But one who has sadly not had much luck lately. Although what has raised a few eyebrows in regards to Shapiro is his past friendship with Williams Rawlins and his assertion that he had no idea of his antics. Playing Shapiro is Enemy of the State actor Bodhi Elfman.

    Steven Bauer as The Arranger
    Known in many circles as the concierge of crime. The individual known as the Arranger has served a who's who in regards to criminal bosses. A skilled planner who is able to provide all kinds of services for his clients. It is believed that the arranger retired briefly after the death of Silvermane Manfredi. However he has since been drawn back into work by the Wives. Playing the Arranger will be Scarface actor Steven Bauer.

    Dwight Yoakam as Harry Thornton
    Known by many as Harry Heck. Harry Thornton is a Redneck from Arkansas who has long been regarded as one of the most feared assassins in the world. The talented musician and sharp shooter had long been a favorite of Ma Gnucci's before she died at the hands of the Punisher. Similar to the Arranger it is believed that Thornton has come out of retirement at the behest of the wives. Playing Thornton will be actor and musician Dwight Yoakam.

    Madeline Stowe as Annabella Gorrini
    The one time matriarch of the Massimo crime family. Annabella Gorrini lost everything when her husband was killed at the hands of the Punisher. Since then Annabella has been all about getting revenge and rebuilding her empire. This includes marrying her sister into the Cesare crime family and forming the five wives group. Playing Annabella will be Revenge actress Madeline Stowe.

    Shawn Ashmore as Tim Cesare
    A hit man turned crime boss who slowly grew in power and influence as the Punisher eliminated his competition. Tim Cesare despite appearing as a gentleman is a noted sadist who delights in abusing his wife Jenny. Playing Cesare will be X2 actor Shawn Ashmore.

    Tara Summers as Barbara Barruci
    Ever since the loss of her husband Barbara Barruci has been all about getting revenge on the Punisher. Under the orders of Gorrini this has included her in many ways prostituting herself to the much older crime boss Tony Pizzo. However while this may seem to be a new low for the desperate Barbara. In reality she is using this position to gain his trust and gain intelligence on the mob's plans and base so that the wives can truly take over. Playing Barbara will be Ringer actress Tara Summers.

    Michelle Veintimillia as Bonnie De Angelo
    The youngest of the five wives and by design the one who appears on the outside to be the most innocent. Bonnie unknown to Castle witnessed him kill her late husband by burning him with a flame thrower and has been on a quest for revenge ever since. With her innocent unassuming looks Bonnie is believed to be willing to be used as bait to draw out Castle. Playing Bonnie will be gotham star Michelle Veintimillia.

    Amber Valletta as Lorraine Zucca
    The wife of notorious gangster Paulie Zucca. Lorraine Zucca very much is a key member of the wives as she has been the one to provide the cash for their plot of revenge. Playing the role of Zucca will be Hitch actress Amber Valletta.

    Paula Patton as Shauna Toomey
    Rounding out the Wives is Shauna Toomey. In many ways Shauna is the hitter of the group as she is the only one to have been known to get her hands dirty in the past. This is why she has her own connections which offer the group it's weaponry and munitions. Playing the role of Toomey will be Precious actress Paula Patton.

    Brian Dennehy as Tony Pizzo
    Lastly rounding out the cast is aging mob boss Tony Pizzo. Considered by many as the last of the old guard of new york crime families Pizzo has seen many of his men and family killed at the hands of the Punisher. This has blinded him with rage and failed to notice those close to him are plotting against him. Playing Pizzo will be Rambo star Brian Dennehy.

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    Re: Marvel

    Black Widow series begins production ~ Characters/Plot details announced

    Having been previously reported it can now be confirmed that the Black Widow series has began it's production. The series will focus heavily on Black Widow's early days/origins and what led her to become the person she is today. With Rebecca Ferguson in the titular role and the characters of Red Guardian (Sasha Roiz), Yelena Bolova (Sarah Shahi) and Damon Dran (Damian Lewis) already confirmed. A few more characters have been confirmed for what is being tipped as a one off season. Although the season will have it's superhero elements. It is believed that the series is going to be done more like a espionage thriller.

    Tom Brooke as Igor
    With the Black Widow series focusing heavily on her life before Shield as well as a believed past and present narrative. It can be confirmed that one of the characters set to appear in the present timeline is Igor. The Soviet agent along with his partner Stansky have been assigned with tracking down and capturing Black Widow by their employer. Playing Igor will be Preacher actor Tom Brooke.

    Billy Campbell as Ivan Petrovitch
    After Natasha spent her time in the red room she was assigned a handler for her early missions. Her handler was a man known as Ivan Petrovitch who would soon end up as a father figure for Natasha. Overtime as he grows to care for her it is believed that Ivan begins to question his own orders when it comes to her safety. Playing Ivan will be Helix actor Billy Campbell.

    Dean Charles Chapman as Night Raven
    A young man who was raised under similar circumstances to Black Widow. The individual known as Night Raven is described as a good kid who has had a rough life. This has seen him be manipulated into becoming a soviet assassin. In fact it is Raven's transformation which makes Black Widow begin to question her own orders. Playing Night Raven will be Game of Thrones actor Dean Charles Chapman.

    David Walton as Phil Dexter
    An american agent of Shield. Phil Dexter is believed to be the first ever agent of Shield that Natasha comes into contact with. However at first thanks to her training. She seems him as an enemy and a target to be eliminated. Playing Dexter will be About a Boy actor David Walton.

    Lee Tergersen as Stansky
    The colleague of Igor who is assisting in the capture of Black Widow. Stansky is described as a weary soviet agent who is sick of doing grunt work. Which is why he sees this particular job as his opportunity to be promoted. Playing Stansky will be Oz actor Lee Tergersen.

    Dean Winters as Taras Romanov
    The father of Natasha aka Black Widow. It is believed that Taras was an agent in his own right. One who was haunted by what he had done and turned to drink. This in turn made him a horrifically abusive father over the years. Playing Taras will be Oz actor Dean Winters.

    Orlando Bloom as Erik Romanov
    The brother of Natasha. It is believed that when they were young both Erik and Natasha had a close strong relationship. As they looked to very much survive under their father. However after one fateful night the two were split forever with Erik later returning as an employee of Damon Dran. Playing Erik will be Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom

    Pip Torrens as Aleksei Bruskin/Commissar
    One of the head teachers at the red room. Aleksei Bruskin very much acts as a mentor to Black Widow in her early days. However while he may be mentoring her. Doesn't mean the man referred to as the commissar cares for Natasha or any of his students. Described as a ruthless individual. The Commissar delights in his sadistic methods of training. Playing Bruskin will be Preacher star Pip Torrens

    Luke Grimes as Boris Turgenov
    A member of the KGB who was assigned with Natasha as her early partner. Turgenov is described as a selfish agent with his own agenda which soon puts him on opposite sides with Natasha. Playing Boris will be American Sniper actor Luke Grimes.

    Stephen Dorff as Aleksander Lukin
    A high ranking member of the soviet KGB. Aleksander Lukin is a man with many secret operations on the book. This includes the Red Room. It is also believed that Lukin is working closely with Damon Dran. Playing Lukin will be Blade actor Stephen Dorff.

    Emma Roberts as Sofia
    One of the last recruits of the Red Room. The girl known as Sofia has long been someone who idolized the original Black Widow Natasha Romanov. This is why following the fall of the soviet KGB and the Red Room. Sofia went underground and secretly began plotting against Natasha as she wanted to become the new Black Widow. Playing Sofia will be We're the Millers actress Emma Roberts.

    Juliette Lewis as Headmistress
    The custodian and head disciplinarian of the Red Room. The woman known as the Headmistress was a cold, brutal woman who acted as a teacher for many girls including Natasha. After the fall of the Red Room the Headmistress is believed to have died that is until a few new spies come after the Widow. Playing the Headmistress is Cape Fear actress Juliette Lewis.

    Katja Herbers as Anya
    Having grown up and spent many years in the Red Room. Anya was an odd case as she was the only girl that the Headmistress didn't force to train or anything. Despite this Anya always held disdain towards Natasha and the preferential treatment that she was given. Playing Anya will be Man of Steel actress Katja Herbers.

    Gustaf Skarsgard as Vasily Karpov
    A ruthless Soviet operative with ties to a secret operation. Vasily is similar to Lukin believed to have been linked with many secret illicit plots. This includes his work with the Red Room. Playing Vasily will be Westworld actor Gustaf Skarsgard.

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    Re: Marvel

    Namor The Sub-Mariner: The Atlantean civil war!

    With the Fox's Marvel universe continuing to broaden it's horizons in regards to it's projects. What followed in it's latest new addition to it's already expansive universe was quite possibly it's most adventurous, daring and unique project yet. Because while this ambitious, out there story was very much hit and miss to many. It showed how far Fox's marvel universe was willing to go in order to expand it's storytelling. As this season would be very different compared to many of it's previous shows as it would very much focus not only on it's world building but also very much come off as it's own little world thanks to it for most part staying in the kingdom of Atlantis. Also making this show very intriguing to watch was the blurred lines that the show focused on as it primarily had four main characters each with claims to the throne and each with their own reasons for wanting to take it. Of course the main focus would be on the titular character Namor (Daniel Dae Kim). While the main character of the story and in many ways the protagonist. Namor was interestingly shown to be quite a dislikable character in some ways. A lot of this was down to his rash, aggressive not too mention impulsive nature.

    Of course before we was shown Namor in the present. We got some insight into not just his origins but also the city of Atlantis. Starting out with glimpses from the land above the opening scenes were set in the 1920s and focused on a ship and a crew on expedition. The crew was led by the tough yet honorable Leonard McKenzie (Lochlyn Munro) as they looked to reach Antarctica. Unfortunately midway through the expedition the ship would get stuck due to the conditions. After days of getting stuck and their resources waning McKenzie and his men in an effort to free the ship would detonate some charges undersea in order to escape the ice. The explosions while saving him and his remaining crew's lives would wreak havoc undersea as it heavily damaged the lost city of Atlantis much to the anger of Emperor Thakorr (Michael Greyeyes). A proud ruler who reigned over his kingdom with an iron fist. Thakorr's reaction was to lash out against the attack or in his mind declaration of war. That would be until his daughter Fen (Elizabeth Reaser) would persuade her father to use some tact and send her to scout out whatever caused the explosions before recklessly attacking. With the help of atlantean scientist Vyrra (Mary Stuart Masterson). Fen was able to find a way to breathe above water for a long period of time.

    Unfortunately this recon mission would soon fail as Fen would be captured by McKenzie and his crew. Not sure of what to make of Fen, McKenzie despite his crew's misgivings elected to treat her with kindness. Slowly a bond would form between the two as Fen grew to trust McKenzie as he taught her how to speak and read English. With the time spent between the two growing a noted attraction formed as the two began to develop feelings for one another. However unknown to Fen with her time away from home extending Thakorr prepared to wage war on the humans. Meanwhile with their feelings brimming over Fen and McKenzie would finally consummate their relationship on what unfortunately proved to be a fateful night as Thakorr sent many of Atlantis' best to attack the ship. Led by ThaKorr's captain of the Atlantean Military Commander Krang (Justin Rain) the attack would seen Fen unwilling pulled back into the sea by Atlantis' soldiers while Krang personally saw to the execution of McKenzie. Despite her protests Fen was returned home where it was later discovered that from that very night she had become pregnant.

    Despite his anger over the conception of the new prince of Atlantis. Thakorr allowed Fen to keep her child which she named Namor. Despite any misgivings had by Thakorr about the prince. He quickly found himself impressed with Namor's abilities which thanks to his hybrid nature excelled him beyond Atlantean capabilities. Unfortunately Namor would not get much longer with his mother or grandfather as the first of many wars broke out which led to the ruin of Atlantis. This battle saw many atlantis natives slain at the hands of the Skara Tribe and it's ruthless leader Attuma (Anthony Starr). Attuma, a revered and brutal warrior known and feared for his skills and lack of mercy. Very much considered himself the next in line for the thrown as he and his people attacked. During the battle both Fen and Thakorr would tragically die leaving Prince Namor to become the new ruler of Atlantis much to the dismay of many thanks to his youth and rash nature. In one of his firsts acts as the emperor. Namor would wed his childhood friend who he had long been betrothed to in Dorma (Mozhan Marno). Despite at first the two sharing a slightly antagonistic relationship with Dorma like many unsure of Namor's capabilities as a leader. Dorma would soon become his most trusted ally as she realized his pure intentions and did all she could to help him rebuild Atlantis over the years.

    Along with Dorma, Namor would also rely heavily on two of his cousins Namora (Bridget Reagan) who had long been one of Namor's most trusted allies as well as his cousin Byrrah (Ian Anthony Dale). Unlike Namora and Dorma who were entirely loyal to Namor. Byrrah despite his friendly exterior harbored a grudge to his cousin as having long grown up in the kingdom and seen the way the world works. Byrrah felt that he would be the best to the rule the kingdom not that he would say it in front of any of his cousins. In this time Namor despite his reputation managed to form a slight amount of peace among the underwater kingdoms as he looked to combat any threats to their underwater kingdom. This included a tense, fragile relationship formed with the Skara Tribe in the murky depths. A relationship which would soon become fractured when Namor during one of his trips would be disgusted at the levels of slavery and abuse. Making a bold decision to abolish and outlaw slavery across the ocean. Namor's decision would send shockwaves throughout his kingdom.

    This causes friction among his own counsel as Byrrah and Commander Krang both saw this as heresy with the actions going against everything Atlantis stood for. This would bond the two together as they looked to conspire against Namor and take the throne. Despite their own concerns however both Namora and Dorma stood by Namor and his decisions even if there was outward consequences to his rash actions. This includes Attuma declaring war on Atlantis with the united front of the Skara tribe. It was in the scenes that followed in which we saw more of Attuma's character. A former slave turned war lord Attuma long believed that the best warriors were those who had to battle for everything in their lives as opposed to the entitled atlanteans. As Attuma told his people of a time that he was a mere child who witnessed his mother's death at the hands of his masters. Attuma continued by telling how great it felt the day he led a revolt and slayed those in charge. Which is the feeling of power they will attain here by killing the prince of Atlantis. Yet despite his rallying cries and passion for battle Attuma had a noted issue in his camp with his daughter Andromeda (Christina Ochoa). Despite being her father's best warrior by miles and desperately craving his approval. Andromeda would never be truly accepted by her father based on his disappointment at not having a male heir.

    It was in Attuma's hubris that he failed to witness just how far he'd pushed his daughter. As sick of looking to gain his acceptance Andromeda found herself slowly growing disgusted with her father's attitude as well as his cruelty. Torn by how she felt Andromeda would find herself slowly drawn to the side of her father's opponent Namor. This would even see her stand before Namor and Namora as she swore allegiance to him as her new prince and promised to help do all she can to defeat her father. Of course despite Namor's army growing stronger there would be some more dissension as Dorma was shown to be quite jealous/possessive when it came to Namor and was proven to be threatened by his and Namora's relationship. It was this dissension which was played upon by the tactile Byrrah who was able to gain information of some of Atlantis' prisoners and where they were held. Despite having a ton of options after consulting with Krang, Byrrah only elected to visit one prisoner. This being the longest held prisoner Tamara Rahn (Megan Boone). An alien who crash landed centuries ago, Tamara was mistakenly believed to be an enemy by ThaKorr who had her imprisoned.

    Angered at her time in captivity Tamara was easily manipulated by Byrrah who promised to free her and allow her revenge against the Atlanteans by killing it's prince Namor. While Byrrah handled this part Krang did something equally surprising as he snuck onto dry land in what was a surprising development to the series. As Krang in all of his time serving in the royal guard had at the behest of ThaKorr kept track on many threats to the kingdom. This included one human in particular by the name of Lemuel Dorcas (Christian Carmargo). While Krang granted Dorcas access to Atlantis and a means to survive in their kingdom he was joined by Byrrah who by this point was shown to be a truly compelling, fleshed out villain. In his scenes it was established that Byrrah had spent years watching the way the kingdom was run and how politics worked before slowly coming to crave the power of emperor with a willingness to manipulate all to get what he wants. This included Rahn who struck late at night as she attacked Namor holding him responsible for her fate.

    During the battle however both Rahn and Namor would learn some key truths. As Namor revealed that he had no idea of her imprisonment and had he had known he would have set her free. Rahn meanwhile had come to realize that she had been manipulated by Byrrah as it was only him and Krang who knew of her imprisonment. With Namor gaining a valuable ally as well as learning of the betrayal in his kingdom. He also readied for war as Byrrah conspired with Lemuel Dorcas and Krang to create several hybrids. With the marine biologist gifting them with Tiger Shark (JD Pardo), Piranha (Owen Teague) and Orka (Kevin Rankin). Of course while Krang would then come to find out that their plot had been exposed. It was Byrrah who made the decision to recruit Attuma to their side and forcefully take the crown. Sending Krang along with the Hybrids to the murky depths in order to appease Attuma. Byrrah then in conversation with Dorcas revealed a new plot of his own. Branding Krang's plot as primitive in siding with Attuma for the chance of maybe winning a battle against Namor and his forces. Byrrah instead plotted to not so much create but instead revive in order to defeat Namor.

    Meanwhile Krang would bring the three hybrids to Attuma who at first remained uncertain of Krang's motivations until Krang informed him of his daughter's betrayal. An enraged Attuma would wage war then and there on Atlantis. Battling alongside Krang, Orka, Tiger Shark and Piranha as well as his army. This rash behavior being a key trait of the character of Attuma who proved himself to be a more capable warrior than a leader of men. What followed was a wild battle throughout the sea as the Skara tribe battled the Atlantean army. During this battle it was shown that Dorcas' soldiers were more than formidable warriors as they defeated numerous members of the Atlantis army. This would include Piranha who shockingly was able to wound Namor with his teeth as they were sharp enough to penetrate his skin. However this would only serve to infuriate Dorma who attacked Piranha with a vengeance and badly wounded him which would cause Piranha would face the ultimate irony as his blood attracted a swarm of piranhas which would in turn devour him.

    Despite his army losing one of it's key members the Skara tribe continued their attack while the powerful Orka battled Tamara Rahn and Tiger Shark battled Namora. During the battle Rahn and Namora who had long been unsure of one another started working together and in doing so they were able to use the power of Orka against both him and Tiger Shark as they avoided an attack by him and used his momentum to send him careening into Tiger Shark with the two then hitting a series of rocks which caused a mini avalanche to fall onto them both. As this was going on we got cuts to inside of Atlantis where Byrrah and Lemuel Dorcas had managed to sneak in to begin Byrrah's secret plot. This plot was unveiled here as Byrrah having long grown up and studied the history of Atlantis would look to raise a creature known only as the Behemoth. Described as a last line of defense the Behemoth was created by Atlantis' greatest minds before being placed in a slumber by ThaKorr and it was here that Byrrah elected to use Dorcas to raise the Behemoth and wipe the playing field so that he could rebuild Atlantis to his own image.

    Of course true to form Byrrah ever the double crosser would do the same to Dorcas once he finished his work as once he had began the process to awake the behemoth. Byrrah would trigger a mini explosion in the lab causing Dorcas to be crushed by numerous pieces of machinery. Meanwhile back on the battle field two fights that had been teased all season would finally get their pay off as Namor battled the now named Warlord Krang while Attuma battled his daughter Andromeda. While Krang and Namor battled for supremacy it was the battle between Andromeda who had become one of the show's strongest character's and her father Attuma. After a long battle in which Attuma constantly derided his daughter and her choices eventually Andromeda got her vindication as she used techniques her father had begrudgingly taught her back as a soldier to prime effect before eventually cutting him down. In his dying breaths Attuma the proud warrior he was would finally acknowledge his daughter's strength before telling her he was proud of her.

    Krang meanwhile despite his villainy had shown himself to be a highly skilled warrior who was on par with Namor despite Namor's noted advantages. As the two would battle while the Skara tribe began to kneel after the fall of it's leader, everything came to a halt thanks to a loud, horrifying roar. This roar would be due to the awakening of the terrifying, monstrous behemoth. As a now maniacal Byrrah watched on with pride the creature began to attack all of those in it's path. With many in the underwater kingdom's fleeing at the rise of this creature. It was a select brave few who chose to battle the monster including Krang who would fully redeem himself as a character as he sacrificed himself to the creature in order to allow a family of atlanteans to escape. Ordering his soldiers to help other's flee Namor rashly elected to battle the Behemoth himself through the city of Atlantis. Despite some misgivings from those closest to him Namor remained convinced that his actions before had been rash and put others in danger. But that now he would not risk anyone else's life. With that Andomeda, Namora and Rahn would then begin helping evacuate the city while Namor drew the attention of the Behemoth.

    With the Behemoth in hot pursuit Namor tried several techniques to beat it which included binding it in Atlantis' iron gates. However this would prove ineffective and only stall the creature. Before Namor could attack the momentarily trapped creature he was stabbed from behind with a dagger by Byrrah. Delighting in what he perceived to be the death of his cousin Byrrah boasted of how the throne would be his Byrrah's boasting would soon be cut short as Namor stabbed him in the foot pinning him to the ground while the Behemoth broke free from the gates. Trapped down to the ground all Byrrah can do is let out a scream as he is stomped on by the Behemoth. Despite being weakened Namor still had enough left in him to continue to draw the attention of the Behemoth. With only one option left Namor took a risky gambit in drawing The Behemoth towards the murky depths and near one of the darker parts of the ocean. It was here that the Behemoth would step onto the quagmire of doom a known bottomless pit of quicksand. Slowly as Namor clung onto some rocks valiantly in what was his last bit of strength, The behemoth would slowly be pulled into the pit disappearing completely from sight.

    Tragically it then appeared that Namor would also fall into the pit when he was saved at the last minute by Tamara Rahn and Namor who had seen where Namor was taking the Behemoth and rushed to assist. Despite passing out from his injuries Namor would awake to find himself a hero among his people and the underwater kingdoms for having saved them from the feared creature. In a surprising announcement however Namor would announce that he was in fact abdicating the crowd. Acknowledging that he wasn't ready to be the king and that there was much more for him to learn. Namor elected to give to the crowd to his cousin Namora much to the shock of many and the dismay of Dorma as the series came to an end. What would then follow after an interesting miniseries packed full of twists, turns, complex characters and so on would be an interesting tease for the story of Namor as the Sub-Mariner would say his farewells for now to his kingdom before deciding to step onto dry land for the first time in his life and explore the world above the sea!

    Namor The Sub-Mariner ~ Played by Daniel Dae Kim
    Dorma - Played by Mozhan Marno
    Namora - Played by Bridget Regan
    Andromeda - Played by Christina Ochoa
    Tamara Rahn - Played by Megan Boone

    Tha-Korr ~ Played by Michael Greyeyes - Killed by the Skara tribe
    Leonard McKenzie - Played by Lochlyn Munro - Killed by Krang
    Princess Fen - Played by Elizabeth Reaser - Killed by the Skara Tribe
    Attuma - Played by Anthony Starr - Killed by Andromeda
    Byrrah - Played by Ian Anthony Dale - Killed by the Behemoth
    Tiger Shark - Played by JD Pardo
    Lemuel Dorcas - Played by Christian Carmago - Killed by Byrrah
    Orka - Played by Kevin Rankin
    Piranha - Played by Owen Teague - Eaten by Piranhas
    Commander/Warlord Krang - Played by Justin Rain - Killed by the Behemoth

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    Re: Marvel

    Namor the Sub-Mariner to receive second season ~ New characters/plot announced

    After a succesful first season it can be confirmed that Namor the Sub-Mariner will receive a second season. The season is believed to be an interesting contrast from the first season which had a slightly political aspect to it with it's battle for the crown. This season will instead focus on two storylines which will tie into one another as it will feature Namor looking to discover his history as he ventures onto land for the first time. While below the ocean in atlantis empress Namora will find herself battling new threats from above as they search for the ocean's treasures.

    Tamzin Merchant as Abira
    A new member of the atlantean guard and the leader of her own unit known as the Tridents. Abira is a loyal soldier to her queen Namora and will protect her at any cost. Playing Abira will be Tudors actress Tamzin Merchant.

    Jon Michael Hill as Argos
    A fellow member of the Tridents. It is believed that Argos has a noted attraction to lady Dorma which has allowed her to at points manipulate him to serve her own end. Playing Argos will be Elementary actor Jon Michael Hill.

    Dylan Baker as Banara
    One of the last remaining elders of Atlantis. Banara is a highly respected individual who has recently been added to Namora's personal counsel as she looks to settle into her role as empress. Playing Banara will be Spiderman actor Dylan Baker.

    David Conrad as Caleb Alexander
    A marine biologist who encounters Namor on land. Caleb Alexander quickly becomes a rare ally to Namor from above the sea. This includes Caleb having a few theories about Namor's rages and rash behavior. Playing Caleb will be Agents of Shield actor David Conrad.

    Shannon Woodward as Carrie Alexander
    The daughter and protege of Caleb. It was in discovering Namor that the lives of the Alexander family were changed forever. Especially in the case of Carrie who had long been a disbeliever in some of her father's crazier theories. Playing Carrie will be Westworld actress Shannon Woodward.

    Avi Nash as Crosta
    A powerful rogue atlantean with a grudge is Crosta. Having grown up in captivity under the orders of Namor's family. It is believed that Crosta's special powers make him a dangerous threat to the kingdom. Which is why when pirates attack from above and Crosta is set free. There is a panic to capture him once more. Playing Crosta will be Walking Dead actor Avi Nash.

    Santiago Segura as Arath
    Having grown up in a powerful Atlantean family. Arath is an elitist and a strong believer in purity who was not impressed with Prince Namor or his cousin Namorita for that matter. Seeing them as impure species. Arath looks to do all he can to take over the kingdom. Playing Arath will be Scream actor Santiago Segura.

    Steven Yeun as Leon McKenzie
    As Namor begins to look into his history and who his father was. He comes across the last in the McKenzie bloodline and his only remaining earth relative Leon McKenzie. The nephew of Namor, Leon is a wealthy and prolific businessman who at first appears to be happy to find out of his family. Playing Leon will be Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun.

    Chris Kerson as Captain Barracuda
    A modern day pirate who serves only under his commodore. Captain Barracuda and his crew are noted for their violence and wants for treasure. This includes treasure they can acquire from under the sea. Playing Barracuda will be True Detective actor Chris Kerson.

    Erik King as Sea Leopard
    A key member of an underwater tribe known as the Lemurians. The Sea Leopard leads his forces from a sunken ship known only as the Endurance. Over the centuries the Lemurians and the Atlanteans have had a fragile relationship with constant threats of war. Playing Sea Leopard will be Dexter actor Erik King.

    Nicholas Cage as Commander Kraken
    The leader of a fleet of pirates. It is believed that Commander Kraken has his own personal reasons for his recent attacks on Atlantis. As for a while now the steadily maniacal Kraken has been plotting these attacks. In a surprisingly, big announcement playing the role of Kraken for this season will be Face Off, Con Air and the Rock actor Nicholas Cage.

    Billy Magnussen as Tyrak
    After the defeat of Attuma at the hands of his daughter Andromeda. The Skara tribe fell under her leadership and tensions between the Skara and Atlantis were soon rectified. That'd be apart from Tyrak. The loyal number two to Attuma was horrified at the fall of his general and to this day holds a grudge against Andromeda. Playing Tyrak will be Game Night actor Billy Magnussen.

    Killian Scott as Meranno
    As a child Meranno was a long time playmate of Namor. Although in truth Meranno was never fond of Namor or his family. Especially when years later Tha Korr would banish Meranno's family from the kingdom. As the last surviving member of his clan. Meranno harbors a major grudge against Namor, his family and atlantis which is why he has aligned himself with the pirates. Playing Meranno is Damnation actor Killian Scott.

    Patrick Fischler as Paul Destine/Destiny
    A celebrity psychic and telepath. It is unknown just how much of what Paul Destine claims is true. However while a lot is known about Destine's persona on screen there is little known about him off. As he is known for taking long breaks of time in between shows. Playing Destine will be Lost actor Patrick Fischler.

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    Re: Marvel

    Hawkeye series begins productions ~ Characters/plot announced

    Having been previously announced. It can now be confirmed that filming and production for the Hawkeye (Mike Vogel) series has now began. The series similar to that of the Black Widow series will focus on Hawkeye's early days and how he developed the skills he did. It is believed that the series will also focus on his present day as an agent of Shield as well as his relationship with Mockingbird (Ivana Milicevic). Already confirmed to be appearing in the show as well are Kate Bishop (Rachel Bilson), Buck Chisholm (Michael Madsen) and Barney Barton (Josh Hartnett).

    Cuba Gooding Jr as Phil Javert/Swordsman
    A criminal who first encountered both Clint and Barney Barton back when they had chose to escape the orphanage they was at. At the time Swordsman and Trick Shot both worked at Carsons travelling circus of wonders. Using the circus as a front Swordsman was Hawkeye's' first mentor as he looked to groom a new criminal apprentice. Playing Javert will be Boyz in the hood actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Martin Dingle Wall as Frederick Myers/Boomerang
    A criminal/assassin known for his marksmanship and use of projectile weapons. Boomerang earned his name thanks to that device being his weapon of choice in his hits. Lately Boomerang has elected to target Hawkeye. Playing Boomerang will be Happy Hunting actor Martin Dingle Wall.

    Brooke Williams as Javelynn
    A mercenary and assassin who utilizes javelin based weaponry to carry out her crimes. Similar to Boomerang, Javelynn has recently began to target Hawkeye for reasons unknown to anyone but her. Playing Javelynn will be Spartacus actress Brooke Williams.

    Mekia Cox as Gayle Rogers
    A reporter and journalist. Gayle Rogers first encountered Hawkeye back when he was a member of Carsons' circus. In fact it was through talking to Gayle that Clint realized the truth about Swordsman and Trick Shot. Playing Gayle will be once upon a time actress Mekia Cox.

    Jessica Barden as Laura Barton
    Clint's first girlfriend when he was growing up who'd later become his wife. Laura was in many ways his first glimpse of a life beyond the circus and the first person to advise him on there being a better way to use his skills. Playing Laura will be Penny Dreadful actress Jessica Barden.

    Clarke Peters as Pete Zamora
    A dogged detective who had long been on the case of Swordsman and Trick Shot. It is believed that Zamora has been the only detective to remain constantly suspicious of the circus and where it goes a series of crimes following. Playing Zamora will be Wire actor Clarke Peters.

    Christina Ricci as Marcella Carson
    The daughter of the original owner of Carsons' circus. It is unknown where Marcella has been in recent years but what has become apparent is that she has been planning to reopen the circus and make amends. This includes inviting Clint to it's opening night. Playing Marcella will be Adams Family actress Christina Ricci

    Ken Lally as Clown
    A reclusive, odd member of the circus who despite his friendly exterior harbors some dark secrets. The Clown of Carsons' is believed to be involved in Swordsman and Trick Shot's operation but how much he knows it yet to be confirmed. Playing Clown will be Happy Hunting star Ken Lally.

    Piper Perabo as Eden Vale
    The first apprentice of the Swordsman. It is believed that Eden Vale was not happy when the Swordsman began focusing a lot of time on a young Clint Barton. Presumably jealous of someone being looked at as her successor. Eden has long held a grudge against Hawkeye. Playing Eden will be Cheaper by the Dozen actress Piper Perabo.

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    Re: Marvel

    Several new Marvel Characters unveiled

    Ahead of the fifth season of Spiderman which is set to begin airing very soon. A few new castings have been announced today for the Marvel universe. While one of these new characters is set to in fact appear in the new series of Spiderman. The rest provide helpful hints as to many of the other Fox Marvel universe shows and their future plans.

    Kat Graham as Ann Weying
    With rumors of a potential spin off show for Eddie Brock/Venom. It can now be confirmed that joining this latest season of the Spiderman series will be Eddie Brock's ex wife Ann Weying. While she may have loved Eddie for a time since his unveil as Venom, Ann has totally hidden herself from life. Changing her look and quitting her job as a lawyer. Ann clearly is frightened at the potential of Eddie finding her. Playing Ann will be Vampire Diaries star Kat Graham.

    Emily Beecham as Laura Brown
    A little while ago a bunch of characters were announced for the Fox Marvel series including that of Arnold Brown (Woody Harrelson). While Brown has not yet appeared in any Fox shows. Since his announcement a few more characters from his life have been announced. This includes his daughter Laura Brown. While the two have a tempestuous relationship. Laura works under her father as part of his organisation. Playing Laura will be Into the Badlands actress Emily Beecham

    Julia Jones as Nadia Blonsky
    The long time not too mention long suffering wife of Emil Blonsky. Nadia Blonsky has long suffered at her husband's hand and quick temper. With Blonsky continue to grow obsessed with Bruce Banner/The Hulk and his craving for power. Nadia will see her husband turn into even more of a monster than what she knew him to be. Playing Nadia will be Twilight actress Julia Jones.

    Jessica Alba as Sheila Danning
    Currently the head of personal relations for a tech company. Sheila Danning is described as a good woman with a good head on her shoulders who is said to be unaware of the true nature of her employers. This will see her potentially become a valuable ally to Hawkeye and Shield. Playing Danning will be Sin City actress Jessica Alba.

    Lin Manuel Miranda as Imus Champion
    A wealthy entrepreneur who currently works in a managerial role in the company that employs Sheila Danning. It is said that there is more to Champion then meets the eye and that he very much has ties into criminal organisations. Playing Champion will be broadway star Lin Manuel Miranda.

    Malcolm McDowell as Dr.Rottwell
    A scientist and genius who currently runs the Dunwich Sanatorium. Dr.Rotwell is described as a sadistic man who has long believed to torture those in his care. Which soon puts him in the cross hairs of Wolverine who begins to search out flashes from his old life. Playing Rottwell will be A clockwork orange actor Malcolm McDowell.

    Michael Ironside as Rick Stoner
    A high ranking member of SHIELD and former military man. Rick Stoner was once the head of SHIELD before stepping down and allowing Nick Fury to take the reigns. Since that time Stoner along with Victoria Hand (Elizabeth Mitchell) have been apart of the SHIELD counsel and often consult with Fury in regards to SHIELD plans and potential threats. Playing Stoner will be Smallville actor Michael Ironside.

    John Pyper Ferguson as Alexander Pierce
    A long time member of SHIELD and life long friend of Nick Fury. Alexander Pierce has worked his way up from being a simple foot soldier to being Fury's right hand man in many ways. Playing Pierce will be Alphas actor John Pyper Ferguson

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    Re: Marvel

    Spiderman Season 5

    Part I: When animals attack!

    It has to be said that out of all the shows produced so far in the Fox Marvel universe. The flagship and most popular to this very day is their interpretation of Peter Parker/Spiderman (Tyler Posey). Now entering it's fifth season the story continued to grow from strength to strength. This season similar to the last season would be split into chapters and would focus very much on separate stories albeit with one joining narrative. Because this season not only saw Peter Parker very much portray the character we all know and love after a very detestable side was shown in the previous season. But this season would not only do a tremendous job of reforming his character and redeeming the Peter Parker we all knew and came to love. While also showing just how much the symbiote had altered his relationships and how both he and Spiderman were perceived by many including the media. As despite coherent proof of Eddie Brock (Ryan Kwanten) being Venom, J Jonah Jameson (John C McGinley) and his hatred for the spider would only grow.

    With this season showing very much a more upbeat standpoint we would also see prominent focus on Peter's relationship with Mary Jane (Jane Levy). Mary Jane who had proven to be a strong addition to the series. As despite being shown to be quite fiery at points, Mary Jane was a fun character who totally supported Peter in his life as Spiderman. Meanwhile in her own life Mary Jane had began modelling before receiving offers for acting work. Which would slowly put her in the public eye and tie into a story of her own as she began being stalked by ex boyfriend Morris Bench (Chris Carmack). Long believed to have been dead Bench was in fact well alive and harboring some secrets which would come to light as the season continued. But what became clear even while he kept a distance was that Bench wasn't happy with Mary Jane being in another relationship and couldn't stand the attention she was getting from fans.

    As this season focused on many of Peter's relationships special mention must be made of Aunt May (Glenn Close). While primarily just an advice giver and so on in the previous seasons. We saw a lot more of her especially in the early part of this season. As while still a strong, independent female character it was mentioned that between seasons she had battled an illness which had seen her take a brief respite in a nursing home until she fully recovered. During her stay May would meet Nathan Lubensky (Gary Sturm). While the two had a rough start thanks to a heated argument over something trivial. It was clear there was a spark between the two seniors who would soon become a couple with May regularly visiting him at the home once she had gone back home. With this season focusing on the personal lives and giving more depth to many of the side characters. Another prominent character who received a ton of focus was that of Curt Connors (Noah Wyle). A long time mentor and former teacher of Peter Parker. Curt had long been in many ways a father figure to peter giving him advice while also keeping on at him when he felt he was not living up to his potential.

    With Curt's backstory as a former military medic established in a previous season. What was firmly on display here was Curt's growing desperation to attempt to regrow his lost limb. Looking to help fellow sufferers worldwide Connors' experiments as part of his work at Oscorp would see him use reptilian DNA in a serum. One which would have horrendous effects as he would soon become the horrifying creature known as the Lizard. But he wasn't the only former teacher of Peter Parker given some focus this season. As a man known as Miles Warren (Kevin Bacon) was focused on. When this season was announced many were interested at the fact that Gwen Stacy (Dianna Agron) was rumored to be making an appearance or two. This was set in a series of small flash backs as it was revealed that Miles Warren in many ways was a mentor of sorts to Gwen when he was her teacher. However it was revealed that the real reason for his mentorship was that he was in fact secretly obsessed with Gwen Stacy. This would lead to him harboring resentment for Peter Parker and later on Spiderman who he blamed for her death.

    Meanwhile a face from the past would reappear briefly for a couple of scenes as Liz Allan (Britt Robertson) would return. Unlike the at times snobbish, catty character we saw in the early seasons. This Liz had grown up and had fully immersed herself in the working world as a lawyer. However her reunion with Peter would not be down to legal fees. Instead she would meet with Peter out of desperation hoping that he could reach out to Spiderman. Stating she knows he is the only person able to get photos of the Spider which means he must have a means of contact with him. A distraught Liz would instead inform Peter that she was concerned about the well being of her half brother Mark Raxton (Mat Vairo). Revealing that he had been working under Spencer Smythe (Jonathan Pryce) on a project. Liz stated that he had grown desperate after Smythe had coldly fired him. During this meeting as well it was also revealed that Flash Thompson (Colton Haynes) had lost both of his legs during the war and that because of his drinking both he and Liz had split up. Unknown to Liz while this meeting was taking place, Mark had chosen to take actions in his own hands. This would see him break into the lab at Oscorp where he worked under Smythe only to be confronted by Spencer and his son Alistair (Michael Pitt).

    During the confrontation between Mark and Spencer however, tragedy would strike. As Mark would fall into a vat of a experimental metal alloy he had personally been working on. This would turn him into Molten Man who we would get our first look at several scenes later. Because while the Smythes would believe that Mark was dead and everything was settled. It would be revealed that after his fall Raxton would fall through several drainage pipes and wash out on the outskirts of the city before waking up and realizing that his skin was now golden. Fearful for his life Raxton would run into the city as he looked for a hospital only to find that with this change he had also been given powers. This would start a mini crime spree from Mark who looked desperately for a cure for his condition whilst also to make a financial game. However after a first brief confrontation with Spiderman, Raxon would desperately seek out Liz and with the police after him. Mark would take her hostage in their family home. Despite Liz's pleas Mark was unwilling to turn himself in as instead of wanting to be locked up he wanted to be free and cured of what he deemed a curse.

    What followed would be an entertaining series of scenes as Spiderman met with detectives Jean Dewolff (Michelle Borth) as well as Stanley Carter (Justin Theroux). While Dewolff for her part very much seemed to be a straight arrow who actually would come to appreciate the efforts of Spiderman. Whereas Carter, a devout religious man who was only recently returning to the force following the death of his ex partner would remain hesitant of Spiderman and his efforts. A fight between Spiderman and Molten Man would then go on with Molten Man continuing to establish his desperation as well as his want for revenge against the Smythes. In a horrifying display Molten Man's skin would begin to consume itself and he would continue giving off immense heat making him a danger to anyone in a close vicinity including Liz. Taking the fight into the backyard Spiderman would end the battle by sending Molten Man toppling into the swimming pool. With the water cooling him down and extinguishing his flames. Mark would then be arrested and sent off to a new SHIELD facility known as the Vault.

    After a farewell with Liz Allan who was a welcome addition to the Molten Man story. Peter Parker would find himself equally interested in the work being undertaken by Spencer Smythe and his son. All the while J Jonah Jameson would in secret begin to finance Smythe's latest project. However Peter's attention would soon be focused elsewhere as one day at the bugle during a company wide meeting. Reporter Ned Leeds (Simon Quartermain) would confirm that he is chasing a story about a reptile. These sightings appeared to trigger a response from Jameson who asked for Parker to take a photo of the creature and see what he could find. Extra note has to be made here of the arrival of Ned Leeds who was shown to be a good man and a great addition to the bugle staff thanks to his relationships with Robbie Robertson (Omar Epps) and his burgeoning relationship with Betty Brandt (Alexis Bledel). Talking with Ned Leeds, Peter was able to grasp a base location for all the sightings.

    Using this information and taking his camera with him as he was dressed as Spiderman. Peter would head down to the sewers and would find himself confronted by the Lizard. In a short fight Spiderman would nearly be killed by the monstrous Lizard before narrowly escaping with his life. Injured Peter would be checked on by a concerned Mary Jane while it was discovered that despite his arm being restored, Curt Connors entire life had been thrown off balance because of his transformations. This was shown by not only his increase in drinking but also by the fractured relationships he now had with his wife Martha (Paula Malcomson) and son Billy (Zackary Arthur). Curt having become aware of the monster inside and what he was becoming made the tough decision to push his family away. This decision while Curt clearly was making it for a good reason, clearly affected him as he continued on his downward spiral. Not helping at all was that the Lizard itself was a constant presence in Curt's life almost as a Jekyll and Hyde like character.

    Drawing comparisons to Curt and his transformation would be Miles Warren. In a stark contrast to Curt who gained his powers by accident. Miles a biologist in his own right is revealed to be fully aware of Curt and his transformations into the Lizard. This causes Miles to reach out to Curt and offer to help him. In truth however Miles was out to help himself and would a serum of his own creation thanks to the information he gathered to become the Jackal. With the help of a loyal lab assistant Anthony Serba (Daniel Logan) before taking the formula to turn him into the hybrid creature known as the Jackal. Wanting to cover his tracks and showing a vicious streak Warren murdered Serba before he began to plot his revenge against Spiderman. This would include Miles stalking Peter Parker who by this time was known as the only man to capture Spiderman on film. While also manipulating The Lizard into believing that they shared the same goals to change the world but in order to do so they would have to kill the Spiderman. This would lead to Miles Warren stalking Peter Parker as his obsession and insanity grew. That would be until one night in which Miles plotted to bait Spiderman he would discover that Peter was in fact Spiderman as he saw him leaving the scene of a battle with the Lizard.

    With the knowledge that Curt would not look to actively engage Peter Parker. Miles began to plot against his ally at the moment as well. With the plan to strike during a press conference held by J.Jonah Jameson. In the run up to the conference in which Jonah would announce that he would be funding several projects by Spencer Smythe. Jean DeWolff would reach out to Spiderman. DeWolff appeared concerned that there was a serial killer loose in the city. One that would leave bible quotes at all his killings. Spiderman would promise to look out for it before she promised to keep him updated as well. This would show Jean to be a valuable future ally for Peter Parker/Spiderman. With that it would be time for the press conference in which Peter was taking photos. Meanwhile Mary Jane would find herself in a 'chance' meeting with Morris Bench. Morris would tell Mary a story about how he washed ashore with little memory of himself or where he was from and has only just returned home. Meanwhile Peter would be busy taking photos when The Lizard would attack once more.

    As Peter rushed to change into his Spiderman costume, The Lizard and the Jackal would attack the press conference. During this attack several characters got to show their true natures as while Jonah and Ned Leeds proved themselves to be heroes in helping others escape. Morris Bench only focused on saving Mary Jane and totally ignored cries for help. Meanwhile Spencer Smythe fled in a limo leaving his son Alistair out there to fend for himself. It was during this attack that tragically Nathan Lubensky suffered a fatal heart attack while looking to protect May from the Lizard. The death of Nathan clearly began to resonate with Curt inside as he battled for control with the creature. Arriving on the scene as J.Jonah helped a grieving Aunt May to safety Spiderman found himself at the mercy of both these powered villains. It wouldn't take long either for him to be badly beaten at the hands of the Lizard or the Jackal but clearly the Lizard was still having it's issues with control. That would be until The Jackal crouched down besides Peter and began blaming him for all of this. Revealing how all of this was about Gwen the deranged Jackal prepared to deal a finishing blow when he was attacked by the Lizard.

    Now fully under the control of Curt Connors albeit temporarily the Lizard in what was a delightful scene brutally beat down the disdainable Miles Warren who had at this point been shown to be one of the most detestable villains yet to be produced in the Fox Marvel Verse. With Warren beaten the Lizard would revert back to Curt Connors who fell to his knees and began sobbing at the damage he'd done. Rising to his feet Spiderman would crouch down besides Curt who stated that all he ever wanted to do was help people but instead he was blinded by the monster he had become in order to do so. With that the first 6 episodes of this 18 episode Spiderman series would culminate with two last scenes. One would focus on Aunt May and Peter Parker visiting Curt Connors at The Vault. Curt wanting to face Aunt May, apologized to her for her loss. In a show of strength Aunt May stated that it was her belief that it wasn't up to us to condemn people for their actions. Instead it was up to us to forgive those who truly sought forgiveness. With that Aunt May much to the relief of Connors would accept his apology before leaving the room. This would leave Peter and his former teacher/mentor. With a weak smile Curt stated that Miles has since been lobotomized and as far as he sees it. Anything the Lizard may have heard in regards to Peter's identity, Curt Connors did not hear.

    As Peter left the room Curt took one last chance to tell Peter that he was truly proud of the man he'd become and how he was using his gifts. The other scene on the other hand focused on a surprising turn as throughout the season Stanley Carter was shown to be an odd if not strange individual. The deeply religious, clearly grieving for his former partner officer was joined by Jean DeWolff in his apartment as it was revealed the two had briefly had a fling in the past. For her part Jean was concerned as she opened the door to his apartment and found various empty bottles of both booze and pills on the floor. However the most horrifying discovery would be a bible in which the verses of the bible left at the crimes of the criminal known as the Sin Eater were highlighted. Unfortunately for Jean on this discovery she would be thrown to the floor and strangled to death by the clearly psychotic Stanley Carter who revealed himself as the Sin Eater.

    Part II: The Spider Slayers

    The second part of Spiderman Series Five would open with a rather somber affair. The discovery of the body of Jean Wolff in a back alleyway with several bible verses found nearby. Leading the investigation on the case would be Stanley Carter. Although he may have seemed OK to those who were unsuspecting of him. Carter was truly growing more delusional as it was revealed that he had in fact stolen and kept Jean's police badge after killing her. However it would be during the next Sin Eater murder that he would end up truly in the cross hairs of Spiderman. As following a lengthy binge of both drugs and alcohol Stanley would target Horace Rosenthal (Jay Karnes). Rosenthal was a judge who the Sin Eater deemed to be too lenient on criminals. Executing the judge in public with the blast of a shotgun. The Sin Eater would begin to flee when he found himself confronted by Spiderman. What followed was a short battle with the chemical imbalance in Stanley making him able to withstand some heavy shots from Spiderman. Fighting recklessly Stanley fired off his gun in public once more hitting an innocent bystander. This would distract Spiderman and allow the Sin Eater to begin to make an escape but not before Spiderman would see that he was in fact in possession of Jean's badge.

    As the news of the Sin Eater continued to spread out there. It only intensified the rage felt by The Smythe family and Jonah towards Spiderman. In fact in several Daily Bugle articles Jonah would accuse the Spiderman of working with the Sin Eater much to Peter and many of his staff's chagrin. With these reports hitting the streets Jonah would continue his funding of Spencer Smythe's work. This work would be to finally finish their project in developing the Spider Slayers. These robots were at first supposed to be created for the capture of Spiderman but Spencer now having played on Jonah's anger. Was able to change the design of the slayers to now kill Spiderman. But as their work continued Spencer was revealed to be hiding a dark secret. One only his son Alistair would be aware of and that is that due to his exposure to radioactive materials in the creation of these robots. Spencer was in fact slowly dying at the hands of his life's work.

    During his next attack the Sin Eater clearly growing more unstable would shoot a priest in a church for in his words absolving the wicked of their sins. But it was this attack that would soon lead to his down fall as during the investigation Stanley Carter was shown to be acting erratically but it was during his discussion with Spiderman that things took an interesting turn. As Stanley would not only spot a Daily Bugle article on the Sin Eater but he'd also leave his badge at the scene. On closer inspection however Spiderman would find that this badge in fact belonged to Jean DeWolff. With this clue pointing him towards Carter as the Sin Eater, Peter would begin to search out the detective who appeared to go underground following that encounter. The reason for this was his next attack which would be his boldest yet as The Sin Eater would attack the offices of the Daily Bugle. Despite his intended target J Jonah Jameson not being present. The Sin Eater would point his gun around threatening the likes of Ned Leeds, Peter Parker, Robbie Robertson and Betty Brandt until Robbie would tackle the Sin Eater. While Ned Leeds helped many of the Bugle escape The Sin Eater would shove Robbie to the ground only to be hit over the head with a type writer by Peter Parker knocking him unconscious. On being unmasked the Sin Eater would be exposed as Stanley Carter who would soon be locked up for his crimes.

    Meanwhile with a lot of his attention focused on avenging his friend. Peter Parker had failed to notice that lately Mary Jane had been distracted. This was down to what was now several encounters with Morris Bench. As While Morris was portraying these encounters as random and by chance. The truth was he was stalking Mary Jane and following her everywhere she went as he hoped to win her back. Adding to Peter's worries would be a new criminal who had arrived on the scene. A bank robber known as Mysterio (Zachary Quinto) would begin pulling off heists with almost mystical means. These means would in fact at points force some of the victims in his crimes to confront their greatest fears or horrors which would scar them for life. However it would be in his first collision with Spiderman that we got part of the truth behind how Mysterio was pulling this off. Using special effects as well as a gas designed to cause hallucinations. Mysterio was able to temporarily frame Spiderman for the robbery of the bank.

    This attempt to frame Spiderman would force Spencer Smythe to send out the mark 1 variation of his Spider Slayer. Controlled by remote control by J Jonah Jameson in Smythe's lab the robot would stalk Spiderman as he looked to find Mysterio. Going after Spiderman the slayer was impervious to his webbing and quickly would capture Spiderman only for him to exploit a design flaw as he removed the circuit board and pulled out it's wires shutting the machine down completely. This would set off the first of several heated arguments between Spencer and Jonah with a desperate Spencer promising Jonah that his next marks would be more successful and that this was trial and error. This would be shown in Spencer's mark 2 which was designed to look more human than the first. Plus with several upgrades to it's weaponry. This time however Spencer opted to control it as he released the Spider Slayer onto the streets. During this battle with Spiderman, The Spider Slayer came very close to killing it's intended target.

    That would be until Spiderman by chance was sent into the Oscorp building because the robot on following it, self destructed in a fail safe put in by Alistair Smythe. This failing would send Spencer Smythe over the edge especially as J Jonah Jameson declared he would no longer be funding this project due to the public risk of Smythe's last slayer. Later confronting his son over his fail safe Spencer Smythe's rage and sickness would be blamed on his research by his son. Lashing out in anger Smythe angrily shoved Alistair down a flight of stairs. It would later be revealed that Alistair Smythe because of this fall was unable to walk again and confined to a wheelchair. As Spencer Smythe's health continued to deteriorate he threw himself into his next Spider Slayer. Meanwhile Peter Parker despite wanting to look into the robots targeting him would find some issues in his life which need repairing first. Because it was after a double date in which Peter and Mary Jane were joined by Ned Leeds and Betty Brandt that Peter would learn of the reappearance of Morris Bench in Mary Jane's life.

    While Morris came off as well meaning in public it was clear he had his own agenda. This agenda was to take Mary Jane back from Peter by any means necessary. All the while Morris would play it nice in front of Mary Jane. Yet in private when confronted by Peter, Morris showed his true colors as he delighted in mocking Peter claiming that Mary Jane was always his. But as Peter snapped and threw a punch at him he was stunned when Morris Bench's face turned into water and his hand traveled right through the liquid. Stepping back a stunned Peter would then be waylaid with a punch by Bench. Later on when confronted by Peter, Mary Jane despite their relationship being solid would remain conflicted in regards to her feelings towards Bench. This would be until Morris one night looked to make a move only for MJ to reject him and in turn cause Morris to grow angry. As Morris lost his temper Mary Jane began to remember their past life and how much his temper scared her. This was a turning point for Mary Jane as she realized that Morris was not the man she remembered him to be. In retaliation for his rejection Morris Bench would later appear at Mary Jane's home and kidnap her.

    Looking to win her back still. Morris told her of the night he went missing. Revealing how he fell overboard his cargo ship during a storm. Morris would describe in depth his terror as he sank to the bottom of the darkest ocean. With the weight of the water crushing him and his lungs filling with no air to breathe. Morris stated that what saved him was the fact that a powerful generator was being tested nearby in the ocean and how it's radiation changed him into the man of water he is now. Despite Mary Jane giving him sympathy for what he went through she would not be with him the way he wanted. This would cause Morris to lash out at the one she cared about most Peter Parker. Attacking Peter in the night as he was out searching for Mary Jane. Morris Bench used the sewers to reappear and attack Peter. As Peter avoided one of his attacks and climbed up a wall Bench would discover that Peter Parker was in fact Spiderman. Much to his enjoyment Bench continued to attack Peter as he taunted him that he had Mary Jane hostage. However as Bench continued to attack his anger at being rejected by the one he once loved made him take his eye off the fact that he had gone too far away from a place without water to re hydrate him. Stuck on a rooftop Bench would slowly begin to evaporate but in his last act would give Peter the location of Mary Jane so he could save her.

    A week would pass and as Spiderman was on the lookout once more for the robber known as Mysterio he would find himself ensnared by a web of the latest and biggest Spider Slayer. Awakening in Spencer Smythe's lab Spiderman would find himself handcuffed to none other than J Jonah Jameson. Despite his hatred for the wall crawler Jameson's focus was fully on Spencer Smythe in front of them. Spencer having accepted his fate that he was dying put the blame on his death on both Spiderman and Jonah which is why in his last act he had brought them here to die with him. In his last few breaths the weak Spencer would reveal that on his death a countdown would be activated for a bomb which would explode in exactly 24 hours killing both Spiderman and Jameson. With that Spencer would die convinced that he had killed both men. It was during this time that we finally got an explanation of sorts for Jonah's hatred of Spiderman. As Jonah revealed that he has long grown up with heroes or people that claimed to be who wore their masks to cover their misdeeds. This included his step father David who to the outside world was a war hero but behind closed doors he was a monster. With that Jonah looked to break the handcuffs in order to break free. But in order to do so he'd have to work with Spiderman.

    Together this unlikely duo would manage to free themselves but then faced the predicament of what to do with the bomb. Knowing they couldn't just run and leave it Spiderman would look to defuse it. Jonah for his part would constantly question Spiderman and his decisions until shockingly Spiderman unmasked towards Jonah revealing just who he was to the Daily Bugle head. Shocked that Peter was in fact Spiderman, Jonah complied with his wishes and slowly the two managed to use the labs resources to freeze the bomb and disable it completely. With that Jonah in a surprising act shook hands with Peter Parker before calling this his mess to deal with. As Peter would escape the lab Jonah would call the police to confess his crimes. As news began to spread of J Jonah Jameson's involvement with Spencer Smythe and the Spider Slayers. Peter would continue his work as Spiderman until the final episode of the second chapter. This episode known only as 'Rise of Mysterio' would focus heavily on a comic storyline in which Mysterio looked to drive Spiderman mad.

    Under the influence of Mysterio's gases Spiderman wouldn't know what was real or fake. As he would see a variety of other lives he could have lived had he not have been Spiderman. This includes being married to Gwen Stacy as well as Uncle Ben still being alive plus his friend Harry still being in his life. All the while these scenes would be cut in between Spiderman sitting in front of a doctor called Ludwig Rinehart. Rinehart would be encouraging Spiderman to let go and unmask. But in a surprising moment during all these flashes Peter would catch a glimpse of his life now. His relationship with Mary Jane plus his work as a hero and this would cause him to break the spell he was under from Mysterio. Coming to Spiderman would grab hold of the bewildered Mysterio and easily defeat him in combat before unmasking him as former failed actor Quentin Beck. After unmasking Mysterio, Spiderman would leave him for the police to come arrest him as the second part of the season came to an end.

    Part III: The Symbiote Saga ~ Part 2

    As the third part of this season opened it appeared that we had a brief time jump between the second part of the season and this. With over a month passing we'd see just how life had moved on for Peter Parker as well as many others in the Spiderman story. This would include the Daily Bugle which was now led by Robbie Robertson while J Jonah Jameson was on trial for his involvement with Spencer Smythe. Ned Leeds and Betty Brandt would still be going strong with Ned currently chasing his latest story of what was being described as the carnage killings. This was down to the fact that at every crime scene the killer would write the name Carnage in his own blood with the DNA revealing this to be the works of one Cletus Kasady (Matthew Lillard). The news of Kasady being on the loose would garner the attention of many none more so than Eddie Brock (Ryan Kwanten) who had been attempting to fly under the radar following his escape from prison.

    Remembering his time in jail and the torment he suffered at the hands of Cletus would cause Eddie Brock to head back into the city and look for revenge against his former cell mate. However as these killings grew more violent people began to wonder if this really was the work of Kasady as a creature was spotted at the scene of one of the murders. This news would not only make Spiderman suspect this was the work of a symbiote by the description of the creature but also force a desperate Eddie Brock to reach out to Peter Parker. Stating that he knows Peter has no reason to trust him but that Eddie legitimately has not been involved in this. Admitting that Cletus must have escaped during his break out Eddie states that he feels responsible for the deaths and wants to bring Kasady down before he kills anyone else. Understandably however based on their history at this moment Peter is quick to refute any team up between the two. Knowing Peter doesn't trust him Brock again tries to reason with him stating that if he wanted Peter dead now he would be already.

    However Peter would soon unfortunately find that he was in over his head as he would confront Cletus at the scene of his next killing. As it was here we would see the horrifying creature that he could become known as Carnage. It was during this battle that we would see that Carnage was a lot more violent, powerful and deadlier than Venom. Over matched by Carnage, Spiderman would only narrowly escape with his life thanks to the involvement of Venom. Out numbered Carnage would flee as both Spiderman and Venom realized the severity of their situation and that they would finally agree to put their differences aside and work together to stop Carnage. Over the course of this part of the season a fascinating dynamic would form between Eddie Brock and Peter Parker. As while the two men were not friends by any means it appeared that there was some slight trust if not respect formed. Especially when Brock would witness Spiderman rescue a young girl later on from Carnage's clutches.

    Being a former reporter himself Eddie Brock was able to reach out on some old sources to find out what information he could about Cletus Kasady/Carnage. During his research Eddie was able to find some redacted records of Cletus from his childhood. These include frequent abuse both physically and sexually from his father before later being believed to have murdered his own grand mother. It is also revealed that Cletus was nearly killed by his own mother who claimed that her son had tried to kill her before she was in fact killed by her husband. With his father thrown in jail Cletus would then be sent to St.Estes home for boys where his disturbed ways continued. This included the belief that he killed one of the administrators as well as him reportedly burning down the orphanage. A psych report from a doctor in these files indicated that Cletus considered the law just a set of words and that you could do anything you wanted if you had the guts to go through with it. Troubled by what they had heard and with the knowledge that no one was safe as long as he was out there Peter and Eddie fully got on the same page as they agreed to stop Carnage.

    Meanwhile having discovered that he not only had to contend with the Spider but also his 'Father' Venom. Cletus Kasady was shown to have a much more harmonious relationship with his symbiote as the two were fully devoted to killing. But more frightening was the intelligence Cletus showed because it was revealed that on his escape of the prison after boding with his symbiote that Cletus had in fact raided the cell of Eddie Brock. It would be here that Cletus found a weakness to draw out Eddie. A photo of his ex wife Ann Weying (Kat Graham). Using this knowledge Cletus set out to find and capture Ann in an effort to use her as bait for Eddie. Unaware of Cletus and his plans Eddie Brock looked to gain some insight into Cletus by reaching out to Dr.Ashley Kafka (Felicia Day). A professional criminal psychologist who previously treated both Eddie and Cletus during their time at Ravencroft. Eddie always held Ashley in high esteem as in his words she stood by him and looked beyond the symbiote as opposed to going for a quick fix and lobotomizing him.

    While Ashley at first was hesitant in helping a wanted fugitive, she was quick to come around not just in order to help Spiderman but also because she understood the threat that Cletus Kasady presented to the world. As she helped Eddie and Peter understand just what they were dealing with. Revealing how she wasn't one for a quick fix and would rather understand those individuals she assessed so she could treat them effectively. Ashley commented how she spent numerous hours with Cletus and for a long time had to deal with lie after lie coming out of his mouth. That'd be until they would get talking on his thoughts about laws and some of his past crimes. It was then that Ashley revealed that Cletus had a weird connection to his former orphanage and it is her belief that he would be using that place as a hideout or would at least keep on visiting even now. However before Ashley could reveal more they were interrupted by a phone call Eddie Brock had taken. This would be from a terrified Ann Weying who revealed that Carnage had in fact captured her and kept her hostage at the orphanage.

    Despite Kafka's warnings about this being a trap as it was Kasady's turf, both Spiderman and Venom would rush to the scene. On arriving to the charred, derelict not too mention dark building. Both Spiderman and Venom entered in what was clearly set up to be a tense, almost like horror like scene set with many jump scares. As the two walked through this building they would soon find themselves split up thanks to Eddie hearing the screams of Ann and rushing off in one direction. As Peter chased after him to follow a door would close behind Eddie separating them. While Eddie would soon surprisingly find himself reunited with the terrified Ann. Spiderman on the other hand found himself being hunted by Carnage. What would follow was a came of cat and mouse as Spiderman knowing he was out matched by the brutal creature would have to keep on moving. Meanwhile in what was an emotional reunion Eddie Brock looked to rescue Ann. As Eddie apologized to her for all the hurt he caused her and told her that he was a new man now. Looking to help her make her escape what followed was a tense moment as Eddie became aware of what he'd left Spiderman to deal with yet looked to make his exit with Ann.

    As they reached the door of the orphanage to make their exit, Eddie would stop on hearing a loud crash and the insane, haunting laugh of Kasady. It would be then that Eddie looked back to the building and told Ann to call for help before he rushed back into the building reverting to Venom. Once he found the room in which Kasady was in he would see a brutally beaten Spiderman laying on the floor as Kasady stood over him. Charging at Kasady, It would be Venom now who would engage Carnage in a fight but again it would be proven that Carnage was a lot more powerful then Venom and he began to dish out a brutal beating. Spiderman slowly looked to enter the fray and assist Venom but again he was easily knocked down by Kasady who appeared to be delighting in the fight. Mocking the two for thinking they could beat him, Kasady delighted at the prospect of killing them both. That would be until Spiderman revealed that they were not here to beat Carnage but more to keep him occupied. Carnage would then turn to the door of the room where Dr.Kafka was standing by with a sonic weapon. The weapon would hit Kasady at full blast while Spiderman surprisingly pulled Venom to safety.

    Screaming in agony, the symbiote and Cletus battled to stay together but slowly much to Cletus' despair the sybmiote would be destroyed. This would allow Spiderman to knock out and web up Kasady for the police to capture. Later that evening after Cletus was transported back to Ravencroft under the supervision of Dr.Kafka. Peter Parker would meet with Eddie Brock. Both men would express their surprise at the other for saving their lives. It was then both men appeared to make some peace as Eddie admitted he thought about leaving him but truthfully this experience made him realize that he spent all this time blaming Peter/Spiderman. Yet in truth he's the one who made bad decisions and that now he has to atone for them. Eddie then brought up the future and asked what now as in the distance Ann Weying was noticeably standing by. The two would then make a deal in which if Eddie Brock/Venom left New York as Spiderman saw it there was no point in chasing him. With that Eddie Brock would climb into a car with Ann and drive away.

    Unfortunately while a key chapter in Peter's life began to close it seemed a new one would open almost immediately. As Peter was quickly joined by a mysterious man who introduced himself as Ezekiel (Hakeem Kae Kazim). Ezekiel would quickly warn Spiderman of a great danger coming to the city before telling him that he needed to be ready before getting in touch with him to fight the darkness. This would bring an end to the 5th season of Spiderman but as always the season would end with a couple of post credit scenes to set things up for the future. The first would focus on Alistair Smythe building his own versions of the Spider Slayer before moving on to Ezekiel returning to a secret location. It would be hear that he was joined by a mysterious woman known as Cindy Moon (Katie Chang) as the two spoke of Peter's potential. The final scene would show Ned Leeds groggily waking up in a trashed building while next to him would be a haunting golbin mask!

    Peter Parker/Spiderman - Played by Tyler Posey
    May Parker/Aunt May - Played by Maggie Glenn Closse
    Mary Jane - Played by Jane Levy
    Alistair Smythe - Played by Michael Pitt
    Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - Played by Elisha Cuthbert
    Robbie Robertson - Played by Omar Epps
    J Jonah Jameson - Played by John C McGinley
    Betty Brandt - Played by Alexis Bledel
    Ned Leeds - Played by Simon Quartermain
    Ezekiel - Played by Hakeem Kae Kazim
    Ann Weying - Played by Kat Graham
    Liz Allan - Played by Britt Robertson (guest star)
    Cindy Moon/Silk - Played by Katie Chang (Post credit scene)

    Eddie Brock/Venon - Played by Ryan KwantenCurt Connors/The Lizard - Played by Noah Wyle - Arrested
    Miles Warren/The Jackal - Played by Kevin Bacon - Arrested
    Mark Raxton - Played by Mat Vairo - Arrested
    Mysterio - Played by Zachary Quinto - Arrested
    Jean DeWolff - Played by Michelle Borth - Killed by The Sin Eater
    Stanley Carter/The Sin Eater - Played by Justin Theroux - Arrested
    Morris Bench/Hydro Man - Played by Chris Carmack - Evaporates
    Cletus Kassady/Carnage - Played by Matthew Lillard
    Spencer Smythe - Played by Jonathan Pryce - Dies from radiation poisoning
    Nathan Lubensky - Played by Gary Sturm - Killed by The Jackal

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    Re: Marvel

    Venon series confirmed ~ New characters/plot announced

    After this past season of Spiderman finished. It is no surprise that a new series has been confirmed for the Fox Marvel universe. This series will focus on Eddie Brock/Venom (Ryan Kwanten) and his life after he made that deal to leave New York City and Spiderman if in return Spiderman didn't follow him. Now Venom will find himself in San Francisco as he looks to live his life and reconnect with Ann Weying (Kat Graham). Unfortunately while he may have proven that he can do good with the symbiote. Eddie will still battle his urges as Venom while also finding himself drawn into almost a protector role at points.

    Felicia Day as Ashley Kafka
    Having been introduced in season 5 of Spiderman. It is no surprise that the character of Ashley Kafka will be heading to the Venom series. It is believed that Kafka in many ways will act as a mentor to Eddie Brock/Venom as he looks to remain on the straight and narrow. While also controlling his urges. Playing Kafka will be Supernatural actress Felicia Day

    Leo Fitzpatrick as Clive
    A resident of the apartment building Eddie Brock lives in. At first it appears that Clive despite being hard on his luck is a decent human being. That is until some dark secrets are later brought to life in regards to his personal life. Playing the role of Clive will be Banshee actor Leo Fitzpatrick.

    Melissa Bolona as Kristin
    An aspiring musician who lives apart of the apartment complex that Eddie Brock has moved into. Kristin lives with her longtime boyfriend Clive in what is described as a tempestuous relationship. Playing Kristin will be Hurricane Heist actress Melissa Bolona.

    Joe Dempsie as Doctor Paine
    At one point in life the man known as Doctor Paine was a respected surgeon. That'd be until a freak accident involving some anesthetic left him no longer able to feel pain or anything at all. Driven mad by the emptiness inside of him, Doctor Paine would then begin to experiments on others wanting to inflict what he couldn't feel on others. Playing Paine will be Game of Thrones actor Joe Dempsie.

    Aaron Stanford as Doctor Yes
    With Eddie Brock out to potentially do some good for the first time in his life. One of the men he first comes up against is Doctor Yes. The mad scientist has long been feared for his work with Doctor Paine. As while Paine likes to perform experiments for his own sadistic pleasure, Doctor Yes is believed to be looking to create something. Playing Doctor Yes will be Ray Donovan actor Aaron Stanford.

    Ned Luke as Truman Marsh
    The current warden of a facility known as the Vault. Truman Marsh has long been said to have a hatred for powered individuals. This hatred has caused him to react angrily at those individuals still out there posing a danger to society including Eddie Brock. Playing Truman will be actor Ned Luke.

    Vanessa Hudgens as Becky Underwood
    On his move to San Francisco Eddie Brock would find himself short of a place to live. That'd be until an old flame Becky Underwood offered to give him a hand. This would entail her setting him up in the apartment building she herself recently moved into. Playing Becky will be HSM actress Vanessa Hudgens.

    Ashley Tisdale as Elizabeth
    A woman living in the rundown apartment complex that Eddie Brock moves into. Elizabeth is a woman who looks to see the best in people and despite soon realizing who her neighbor really is. Soon proves herself to be a loyal ally for him. Playing Elizabeth will be HSM actress Ashley Tisdale.

    Kaitlyn Dever as Jenna Cole
    A young troubled girl currently living on the streets. Jenna Cole is believed to be resorting to desperate means to fund her drug addiction when she comes across Eddie Brock/Venom. In a surprising twist rather than kill her, Eddie Brock would elect to help her and make what can only be his first true friend in a long while. Playing Jenna will be Justified actress Kaitlyn Dever.

    Titus Welliver as Spoiler
    A mysterious individual believed to have ties to the Life Foundation. Just what the Spoiler does in his work is yet to be known. But what is known is that he travels in powerful circles with a variety of contacts. Playing Spoiler will be Bosch star Titus Welliver.

    Isaiah Mustafa as Crane
    Roland Crane's personal head of security. It is said that there is no one that Treece trusts more than his associate Crane. A military man turned private contractor. Crane is completely loyal to his employer's command. Playing Crane will be Shadowhunters star Isaiah Mustafa.

    Harvey Keitel as Roland Treece
    The founder of Treece International. It is said that Roland Treece's rise to power came out of nowhere. Treece is also believed to be a high ranking member of a group known as the Life Foundation which has designs on building a better future for the world. Playing Roland Treece will be Resevoir Dogs actor Harvey Keitel.

    Antonio Te Maioha as Briggs - Mike Doyle as Kass - Krzystof Sozynski as Raiden - Jay Hieron as Trent
    A group of well equipped and highly skilled hunters who are searching for Venom. While their reasons are unknown it is said that the group has been hired to capture him for an unknown buyer. The group is led by Briggs, described as a hard, tactile man. It is believed that Briggs has a military background. Playing Briggs will be Spartacus actor Antonio Te Maioha. Briggs' second in command is Kass, Kass is a highly loyal individual who is noted for his marksmanship as well as explosive knowledge. Playing Kass will be Oz actor Mike Doyle. Rounding out the Stalkers will be their two grunts Raiden and Trent. These two are noted mercenaries who are feared for their blood thirsty, violent nature. Playing Raiden and Trent will be UFC fighters turned actors Krzystof Sozynski and Jay Hieron.

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    Re: Marvel

    Spiderman Series 6 announced ~ Plot revealed ~ New characters announced

    After a highly eventful 5th season, The Spiderman series will enter it's 6th season. This season is believed to fully be focusing on the warning Ezekiel delivered to Peter Parker at the end of season 5 while also promising to expand on characters such as Felicia Hardy/Black Cat and Ned Leeds. It is also believed that this season will fully introduce both Silk and Miles Morales as characters.

    Jamie Dornan as Roderick Kingsley
    A long time fashion designer who's work had netted him billions in dollars. Roderick Kingsley has long been believed to have had some questionable ties. This would see Ned Leeds especially having long time suspicions of him. Unfortunately for Ned his suspicions are without proof. Playing Kingsley is the Fall actor Jamie Dornan.

    Joseph Morgan as Morlun
    A dangerous individual who has long been opposed by Ezekiel. It is unknown just what Morlun's plans are but what is known is that he has designs on Spiderman. Playing Morlun will be Originals actor Joseph Morgan.

    Robert Englund as Jonathan Ohnn/Spot
    A former scientist as Oscorp who was long believed to have vanished without a trace following the demise of Norman Osborn. Jonathan Ohnn was dismissed by many for his work involving black holes and different dimensions. However when he returns to New York, It is clear that he has undergone a transformation as the villain Spot. Capable of transporting himself and others thanks to the power of mini portals attached to his body. Playing Spot will be Nightmare on Elm street star Robert Englund.

    Nicholas Hammond as Walter Hardy
    The father of Felicia Hardy who is currently serving a life long prison sentence for his crimes as The Cat. Since then Walter has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and with his time slipping, his daughter Felicia will do anything to see her father again. Playing Walter will be Sound of Music actor Nicholas Hammond.

    Lex Scott Davis as Glory Grant
    A long time friend of Mary Jane as well as a model. It is said that Glory Grant begins to fall on rough times with her career but as she does so she is helped by Peter Parker who gets her a job with him at the Bugle. This is to act as the new secretary for the bugle with Betty Brandt opting to become a reporter. Playing Glory will be First Purge actress Lex Scott Davis.

    Logan Marshall Green as Joseph Manfredi
    The son of Silvermane Manfredi. Joseph Manfredi for a long time was said to not be interested in following in the family business. Even going as far as to take a job as a ringmaster for a local circus. That would be until the death of both his father as well as his youngest sister Sable Manfredi. With this death bringing the estranged son back into the family, The Manfredi's are believed to be looking to reclaim their kingdom. Playing Joseph Manfredi will be Invitation actor Logan Marshall Green.

    Stephanie Corneliussen as Alisha Manfredi
    The daughter of Silvermane Manfredi as well as the sister of both Joseph and Sable. Alisha Manfredi is very much described as the brains of her siblings with many seeing her as the chip off the old block compared to her more compassionate brother and fiery sister. Playing Alisha will be Mr.Robot actress Stephanie Corneliussen.

    Y'Lan Noel as Richard Fisk/The Rose
    The son of Wilson Fisk, It is believed that for many years Wilson Fisk kept Richard in the dark about his activities as a crime lord. Spending many years living in the dark as he was sent to the best private schools and vacations. It came as a shock to Richard when he heard the news of what his father truly was. While at first he may have been distraught at this news. Richard has since thrived in the underworld under the moniker of the Rose. Playing Richard will be First Purge actor Y'lan Noel.

    Gabriel Chavarria as Samuel Silke
    A childhood friend of Richard Fisk. In many ways Samuel Silke had his head buried in the sand as much as his friend. As he was also unaware that his own father was a criminal who worked under the kingpin. After the fall of the Kingpin's empire. Samuel Silke has began to work closely with Richard in the criminal empire as his most trusted associate. Playing Silke will be Purge actor Gabriel Chavarria.

    Shemar Moore as Aaron Davis/Prowler
    A long time criminal and uncle of Miles Morales. It is said that there is a lot of friction between Aaron Davis and his brother Jefferson in regards to the example that Aaron is setting for his nephew. Playing Aaron will be Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore.

    William Catlett as Jefferson Davis
    The brother of Aaron Davis and father of Miles morales. Jefferson Davis while in the past may have had his troubles. Is said to have overcome them and see the light. A lot of this turnaround is down to the birth of his son and his want to put his boy on the right path. Although that is proving complicated thanks to the work of his brother. Playing Jefferson is Black Lightning actor William Catlett.

    Marcus Scribner as Miles Morales
    A young man currently caught in the middle of some family drama due to the actions of his criminal uncle. Miles Morales' life will soon be changed for better or worse due to a chance encounter in his uncles apartment. Although what follows depends on what road he goes down. Playing Miles will be Black-Ish actor Marcus Scribner.

    Alfred Enoch as Randy Robertson
    The son of Robbie Robertson. Randy is very much described as a rebel on a bad path. Which causes his father to give him a job at the bugle. However soon their past will come back to haunt them. Playing Randy will be Harry Potter actor Alfred Enoch.

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    Re: Marvel

    Wolverine Series confirmed!

    Having departed the X Men story to find out more about who he is and his past. It can now be confirmed that Wolverine will in fact be getting his own series. The series is believed to be set primarily in the past before switching to a present narrative. It will focus on Wolverine (Manu Bennett) and his past. It is believed that several characters introduced in the Marvel Universe already are set to appear. The only one known for definite thus far however is Shingen Yashida (Ken Watanabe).

    Gary Ray Stearns as Sharp
    A project of the weapon X system. The mercenary known as Sharp is said to have had every system of his body enhanced. This makes him more than capable of defeating any foe in combat one on one. Playing Sharp will be stunt man Gary Ray Stearns.

    Michael Bisping as Binderup - Christina Marsterson as Comfort - Dan Southworth as Klein - Jade Quon as Overfield - Roland Kickinger as Pottratz
    A unit of soldiers all commissioned by the last surviving member of the weapon x program. These enhanced soldiers are fully prepared to execute Wolverine. Leading the group is the brash, fast talking Binderup who is played by UFC fighter Michael Bisping. His second in command is the seductive and predatory Comfort playing by Power Rangers actress Christina Marsterson. Joining them is the stoic, stand offish assassin known as Klein who is played by Power Rangers actor Dan Southworth. Also in the group is Overfield who is described as silent but deadly played by stunt woman Jade Quon. Rounding out the group is powerhouse Pottratz played by Terminator actor Roland Kickinger.

    Kazuki Kitamura as Ogun
    A teacher and father figure of Logan. It is said that there was a time when Ogun was an honorable man and warrior who trained Wolverine in combat. However unfortunately the pure of heart individual would be corrupted by his journey. Turning him from friend to foe. Playing Ogun will be Japanese actor Kazuki Kitamura.

    Tyson Arner as William Scott/Razor Fist
    A mercenary known for his use of razor bladed weaponry. The individual known as William Scott has been employed to hunt down and kill Wolverine. Playing Razor Fist will be stunt actor Tyson Arner.

    Ko Shibasaki as Mariko - Harry Shum Jr as Asano Kimura - Chai Hansen as Noburo Hideki - Nan Yu as Yukio
    With this season looking into Wolverine's past. A lot of it will be spent in Japan. Which is why it is no surprise that several individuals connected to the Yashida crime family fave been announced. The first is Mariko Yashida, the daughter of Shingen who will later become a love interest of Wolverine. Playing Mariko will be actress and singer Ko Shibasaki. While not a family number another character announced is Asano Kimura. A government agent who begins looking into the Yashida family. Playing Asano will be Glee actor Harry Shum Jr. Corrupt politician Noburo Hideki will also appear. Current husband of Mariko and business associate of Shingen. Noburo is described as a vile individual. Playing Noburo will be we were tomorrow actor Chai Hansen. Rounding out the group is Yukio. Currently a bodyguard of Noburo, Yukio is someone who is quickly drawn to Wolverine as she becomes a valuable ally to him. Playing Yukio will be Expendables actress Nan Yu.

    Arifin Putra as Kenuicho Hirada
    A high ranking member of Shingen Yashida's operation. Hirada is very much his eyes and ears as he acts as a bodyguard for Shingen as well as his personal eliminator. However it is believed that there is more to their dynamic then meets the eye. Playing Hirada is Raid actor Arifin Putra.

    Samantha Jo as Amiko Kobayashi
    A young woman who had been forced into servitude by the Yashida clan. It is said that after she was rescued by Wolverine many years ago that Amiko regarded him as her mentor/father figure. Playing Amiko is Wonder Woman actress Samantha Jo.

    Dustin Nguyen as Bando Saburo - Kiki Sukezane as Itsu
    When Logan finished his training under Ogun. He was sent to further train under master Bano Saburo. The warrior would teach Logan to control his rage in the way of the samurai and would later assist him when Ogun changed. Playing Bando will be 21 jump street actor Dustin Nguyen. While training with Dustin, Logan would meet a woman known as Itsu and the two would form a close bond. Playing Itsu will be Westworld actress Kiki Sukezane.

    Clare Kramer as Elizabeth Howlett - Casper Van Dien as John Howlett - Kim Coates as Thomas Logan
    With this being an origin story of sorts. It makes sense to tell the story of how Logan came into the world. This is why also appearing in the story are his parents John and Elizabeth Howlett. Described as a wealthy, loving couple it is believed there is a dark secret the duo are keeping from their son. One which involves surly grounds keeper Thomas Logan. Playing the roles of Elizabeth, John and Thomas are Buffy actress Clare Kramer, starship troopers actor Casper Van Dien and Sons of Anarchy actor Kim Coates.

    Haley Lu Richardson as Rose - Michael Trevino as Dog
    Another two key parts of Logan's childhood are that of his two childhood friends Rose and Dog. While Rose in many ways may be considered his first love. Logan's friendship with Dog is known to at points be quite adversarial. Adding to this is the fact that Dog is the son of Thomas Logan. Playing Rose is Split actress Haley Lu Richardson while playing Dog is Vampire Diaries actor Michael Trevino.

    Arthur Darvill as Truett Hudson
    Rounding out the characters is the last surviving member of the weapon plus scientists. Truett Hudson very much likens himself to Dr.Frankenstein as he is now terrified of the monsters he created in the past. Knowing Wolverine to be out there looking into his past a panicked Truett starts his work again as he looks to kill his former creation. Playing Truett will be Legends of Tomorrow actor Arthur Darvill
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    Re: Marvel

    The Hulk ~ Season 2 ~ Follow the Leader!

    Having had it's first season which was highly received thanks to the story as well as the hard work of it's actors. The second season of Fox Marvel The Hulk was quite possibly one of the most anticipated series that it had put out yet. This series was set exactly a month after the first season and opened with a conversation between one of the strongest characters in the series General Ross (Ted Levine) and a colleague of his General Ryker (Matt Damon). During this conversation it became clear that this wasn't an official conversation between the two but more a showcase of just how desperate Thaddeus Ross had become. Mentioning how the creation of the Hulk and Bruce Banner's actions had ruined his life. Ross' hatred for Banner (Hugh Dancy) was displayed as he blamed him for not only the loss of relationship with his daughter Betty (Nikki Reed) but also for his loss of post not to mention the ruination of his reputation. This in many ways established this season that General Ross very much would be the leading antagonist once again for the Hulk. After listening in General Ryker would promise to help Ross take down the Hulk and when the time comes eliminate Banner. It would be then that Ryker introduced Ross to his leading scientist on the matter Geoffrey Crawford (James Frain). A former colleague and schoolmate of Banner, Crawford is shown to be quite dismissive of Banner and promises to help them not only defeat the Hulk but also kill Banner.

    Of course it wasn't just General Ross who had changed following his battle with the Hulk. Another individual who had evolved as a character and definitely for the better was Emil Blonsky (David Lyons). Formerly just a stoic soldier packed full of rage, Blonsky when he got to go off books and involved with a mercenary unit under Ross' orders felt like a new man. As a man who had found his calling and truly found an enjoyment for violence. Adding to this was his covert experimentation ordered by Ross with the help of Ryker and Crawford. These drugs and compounds that were injected into Blonsky while they sharpened his reflexes and gave him enhanced strength as well as healing factor. In turn they also amplified certain characteristics including aggression which was on display in several small scenes which would highlight Blonsky beating and torturing his wife Nadia (Julia Jones). Along with both Blonsky and Ross there was one other man whose life was altered due to the Hulk. That being Samuel Sterns (Johnny Lee Miller). The former warehouse operative at one of the General's bases would find himself growing in intelligence. Absorbing all the knowledge he could the former simple minded laborer would study like a man possessed and it was in his studies that not only would he continue to be altered by chemical exposure but also grow obsessed with the Hulk.

    While the early few scenes gave us a look at what was going on with this season's primary antagonists. It also provided us some insight in regards to Bruce Banner/The Hulk. As while the relationship with the two may not be as bad as it once was. Bruce still eagerly looked for ways to control the Hulk if not cure himself of his condition. This would include Bruce with the aid of Betty Ross reaching out to two former colleagues of hers Amadeus Cho (Osric Chau) and Leonard Skivorski (Jimmi Simpson). Meanwhile Ross' former operations would now be under the watchful eye of both Cary St Lawrence (Gemma Whelan) and Clay Quartermain (Charles Mesure). While both were more sympathetic to Bruce's plight as the Hulk. They both wanted to bring him in more down to the threat of public safety than anything else. Looking also to wipe the slate clean and potentially get a lead to Banner's whereabouts Cary offered longtime Banner ally Rick Jones (Amadeus Serrafini) a job. This would see Rick begin military training while Cary hoped that Rick would eventually see the threat of the Hulk and give up any information he could.

    Unfortunately Jones despite proving himself to be a skilled soldier in combat and an honorable man. Would remain loyal to Bruce as he swore that he no longer kept in touch with him despite the two frequently being in contact over HAM radios. This was done so that Jones could keep Bruce updated on both the search for him as well as the plans for General Ross to face a military tribunal for his actions. However before then we'd see fun little side plot as the Hulk would get his first proper scenes of action as he'd combat the circus of crime. The criminal organisation which used their special skills to rob the audiences of their possessions unfortunately would cross the wrong people as they robbed Betty Ross, Amadeus Cho and Leonard Skivorski on a rare outing for the trio. The criminal operation led by Maynard Tybalt/The Ringmaster (William Mapother) would steal several drives which they considered to be worthless. Unfortunately what they stole was research material composed by Cho and Skivorski. This would very much put them in the trios' cross hairs but as Betty tracked down the group. She was taken hostage as the group hoped to extort her father for money.

    All this would do was anger Banner who transformed into the Hulk in an effort to battle the Circus. Thanks to a location from Cho and an assist from Skivorski who was shown to be potentially harboring some feeling for Betty. Banner was able to rescue his girlfriend while also coming up against the circus. This would be despite some adversity from Tybalt's group which was comprised of The Clown (Matt Servito), The Strongman (Martyn Ford), Great Gabonos (Francis Arnaund), The Human Cannonball (John Foo) and Princess Python (Bex Taylor Klaus). After defeating the group but showing enough restraint not to kill them. Hulk left the circus to be arrested while Skivoski and Cho resumed their research. Although soon it would become apparent that there would be other problems for the group to face as a device containing gamma radiation triggered in a small town city of Middleton, Arizona. While many affected would be killed by the blast it was believed that the surviving few would have their lives altered forever.

    This would draw out all the military services it could with Cary St Lawrence taking lead until John Ryker showed up and pulled rank on her. Ryker would then begin to bring in his own men and completely shut both Cary and Clay out of the operation. Contacting his superiors Clay Quartermain was warned of Ryker and what has been referred to his extreme methods. Ryker's methods however soon became revealed as he spoke in private with General Ross. Revealing how his wife was dying with cancer and how all he wants is to save her. Ryker stated that he believes that Gamma Radiation can in fact be the cure. In order for it to be the case however he needs a true live subject such as the Hulk as he reveals that he and Crawford in fact once tried to recreate the Hulk but all they ended up with was a freak they turned into a weapon in order to destroy. Of course the arrival of General Ross on sight would cause further conflict between Cary's unit and that of Ryker's. As Rick Jones would reach out to Banner and warn him that something was going on and that they might need him.

    Ross' research into the device however would lead him further down a dark path as in secret he would continue his work with Emil Blonsky. Despite worrying concerns over Blonsky's growing aggression. Ross would remain intent on creating something to kill the Hulk and would even recruit Crawford to continue their experiments on Blonsky despite being unaware of what it was doing to him on the inside. This was again shown later on as Emil would brutally beat his wife and put her in hospital. Although it wasn't openly stated Ross firmly believed that Blonsky would be the one to change things and eliminate the Hulk. Unfortunately this hatred he had for the Hulk had completely blinded Ross as he would soon be confronted by Samuel Sterns. Despite learning the knowledge of Sterns being the one behind the bombing, General Ross would put aside any misgivings as The Leader promised him that he could give him the Hulk. In truth however the Leader had his own motivations as he secretly had his own plans for the Hulk. In order to clear the way for their plans however Ross would speak with Ryker with the goal being capture and experiment on the Hulk before looking to take the Hulk from Banner and give it to Blonsky. Then once that was complete Ross could execute Banner.

    In order to follow through with this plot however Ross and his team would have to draw out the Hulk. This would be where the Leader came in as he alerted Ross and his men to the presence of survivors in Middleton. These survivors all had been heavily affected by the gamma radiation in Middleton. This group was comprised of former teacher Sam LaRoquette/Rock (Daniel Sharman), athlete Louise Lembert/Hotshot (Alycia Debnam Carey), the shy and timid Jesse Harrison/Jailbait (Emily Kinney), Lawyer Diane Davids/Ogress (Michelle Krusiec), Burt Harrison/Omnibus (Ukweli Roach) and lastly priest Jason McCall/Soulman (David Wilmot). This group of flawed, troubled individuals who would find themselves all gifted with abilities were easy prey for Leader who manipulated them into thinking they were in fact chosen for a greater purpose. Convincing them they could be helped by the government if they in turn helped them bring down the Hulk. The leader came up with a plan which was morally questionable. As in order to draw out the Hulk they would need bait. Bait which would be the unit of soldiers led by Cary St.Lawrence which would include both Clay Quartermain and Rick Jones.

    Despite both John Ryker and General Ross showing some concerns in regards to this plot. Both men were swayed for their various reasons as Ross remained focused on taking down the Hulk while Ryker remained determined that in studying the DNA of these people. He can not only help others but also better the current creations. With him being in charge of the operation Ryker followed through with the plan and had Cary's unit go in with some of his own men. Making them sacrifices for the further plan as the group was quickly attacked by the Riot Squad. Suffering casualties the remaining soldiers are pinned down while Rick Jones is left with no choice but to reveal he has a way to contact the Hulk. Radioing out to Banner, Jones begged him to help him. This call would be made as both Cho and Skivorski continued their research with Banner's bloodwork. Of course as this research time went on it came clear that while Cho dutifully was working to help his friend, Skivorski didn't care about helping Bruce as much. Instead what he really wanted to do was look like a hero for Betty.

    Knowing his friends were in danger Bruce wasted no time in heading out to Arizona. Unaware of just what threats were in front of him Bruce transformed into the Hulk as he would find himself matched up against the full force of the Riot Squad. Contested in many ways like a gauntlet it was believed the Riot Squad went after him individually to further the Leader's studies of the Hulk. Of course these details were not shared with either Ryker or Ross who fully believed that they were in charge of things. Starting things out against Hulk would be former teacher Samuel LaRoquette. His body having changed into malleable rock it is with his powers that Sam aka Rock was able to morph parts of his body into rocky spikes capable of damaging the Hulk. During his battle with Banner, Rock revealed how he had in fact heard of Banner before as he had students hand him their papers on some of his projects. Of course that was a long time ago and after some scandals he was a man down on his luck until he gained these powers. Relishing in having power Rock proved to be a tough opponent for Hulk at least until Hulk shockingly was able to smash the outer shell of Rock, freeing Sam from his exo skeleton much to his horror.

    Unfortunately in beating Rock, Hulk had some injuries which made him more than susceptible in his next battle against Diane Davids/Ogress. A frustrated former criminal defender, Davids saw her new monstrous form as a means to rehabilitate herself and in some ways cleanse her soul for freeing the guilty. Now turned into a fearsome beast, Ogress had the strength to match the Hulk and it appeared that as she got angrier she would in fact get even stronger. Unfortunately for her however she would find that unlike Banner with Hulk who had managed to at least get some control over the beast. Diane was unable to control it and would find herself overwhelmed by her abilities which allowed Hulk to beat down Ogress. Once he had dealt with Ogress however Hulk found himself confronted by Omnibus. A former salesman known as Burt Horowitz, Omnibus was granted enhanced intelligence which was capable of possibly exceeding that of The Leader. Believing that he had in fact studied The Hulk enough to defeat him, it would be the arrogance of Omnibus which would backfire on him as he was easily defeated by Hulk.

    Once he had dealt with Omnibus Hulk was able to clear a path for Clay Quartermain and Cary St.Lawrence to get free. Despite her misgivings about Banner, Cary seemed to appreciate the save here as she fled but not before directing him to where Jones was being held. Yet in order to get to Rick, Hulk would have to contend with the final three members of the Riot Squad. However it would seem that Jess Harrison/Jailbait and Louise Lembert/Hotshot had formed a close bond since their transformation. These two women had each suffered in the past with Lembert being slandered for her sexuality while Harrison was a victim of domestic abuse. These scars made them each conflicted figures in regards to their new powers as while Jailbait was able to create energy shields to protect herself. Hot Shot was able to produce energy blasts. This sisterhood between the two of them was on full display however as they proved to be tragic characters with Lembert in particular seeing flashes of her family and friends disowning her based on her being gay. As she began to get overwhelmed by anger, the energy in her went to a dangerous level until Harrison snatched her in a hug and trapped them in an energy field protecting everyone else from Lembert's explosion killing them both instantly.

    This tragic death clearly affected the Hulk who found himself confronted by a solemn Soul Man. The former priest who confirmed that he was a criminal about to turn himself in before the blast. Soul man released any captives and gave himself up to the hulk without a fight. On saving everyone Hulk quickly fled while the remaining members of the Riot Squad were brought in by John Ryker. The scene which followed however was horrifying as John Ryker personally executed every member of the riot squad to use their DNA for experimental purposes. Having lost sight of his original plans Ryker now was fully committed to creating his own super soldier. With the Leader not informing him of the differences in the genetic makeup, Ryker and Crawford made sure their facility was empty on the fateful night they began their experiment on Blonsky. With only Emil, General Ross, Sterns, Ryker and Crawford present. The experiment on Blonsky would take a horrific turn as Blonsky's previous enhancements combined with these turned him into the monstrous abomination. An explosion would then trigger with huge dosages of radiation hitting both Sterns and General Ross with Sterns fully being turned into the leader we know from the comics.

    Meanwhile the blast would incinerate both Crawford and Ryker instantly. The fallout from this event was huge as sights of a creature were being pinned on the Hulk by those looking to cover up the event. This of course wasn't satisfactory to Cary St.Lawrence, Rick Jones or Clay Quartermain who began looking into what happened with the assistance of both Skivorski and Cho. Meanwhile with the leader missing and General Ross currently in a catatonic state, Betty Ross would also come out of hiding and be at her father's side. Meanwhile having been transformed into the fearsome Abomination, it wouldn't take Emil Blonsky long to get his rematch with the Hulk. What followed was a brutal battle as Hulk took on the Abomination. Despite his new found powers Abomination was soon worn down and defeated by The Hulk. Yet before Hulk could finish him he was trapped by the Leader. As the Abomination fled, the leader began to taunt Hulk as he revealed how originally he wanted to learn about the Hulk and possibly make an ally of him. Yet as he watched him and his capabilities he determined that while Hulk is powerful, Banner is not worthy of such a power. Which is why he will instead take the Hulk from him.

    Wounded badly from his battle with the Hulk, The Abomination reached out to the one person he felt he could trust. Cornering his ex wife and demanding her help to recover. The abomination would hide out in her basement while he recuperated. Yet in an empowering moment it would be his wife who would be his down fall as Nadia reached out to his former employers and it would be a unit comprised of Cary St.Lawrence, Rick Jones and Clay Quartermain with the aid of SHIELD who captured the Abomination. As SHIELD sent the Abomination into holding, a concerned Cho reached out to SHIELD in regards to Hulk's capture at the hands of Leader. Tracking the radiation signature Amadeus Cho and Leonard Skivorski along with some SHIELD agents began to find the Hulk before Leader could perform this surgery. As they found his location however the SHIELD agents found themselves confronted by Leader's humanoid drones.

    Managing to break free from the group it would be Amadeus Cho who became the hero of the day as he was able to sabotage the leader's machines. This would cause the Leader's experiment to backfire on himself and allow SHIELD to capture him. Later reports would then indicate that while the Leader was still granted his intelligence that slowly his mind would fade and he would be driven mad. But while one would be forgiven for thinking this was the end of the story. Instead there was one final chapter to be told that had been teased following the earlier lab explosion. Because while his vitals remained the same it become apparent on waking up that General Ross was a different man than he was before the explosion. Showing signs of a mutation in brief clips from his wake up it wouldn't be until this point in the story that we saw the Red Hulk in all it's glory.

    A being of pure rage and hate General Ross' transformation only furthered his hatred of Bruce Banner/The Hulk. Injuring and killing several soldiers in his escape General Ross went out in search of Bruce Banner. Meanwhile horrified at seeing what her father had become, Betty Ross turned to a sympathetic Leonard Skivorski and Amadeus Cho as they went through all of Ryker/Crawford's research. Along with research they had found from the Leader's base the group began to construct a method to at least reverse the effects of Red Hulk. Meanwhile it didn't take Red Hulk long to find The Hulk for the battle to ensue. In a rare showing for this show so far to give the Hulk someone who could truly out match him. But this was the case here as the rage of Red Hulk allowed him to brutally beat down the Hulk. Even with the help of SHIELD, the Hulk wasn't able to mount much offense as Red Hulk slammed him onto the ground. Before Red Hulk could finish the job however he would be confronted by Betty Ross. Standing between her father and the man she loves, Betty pleaded with her father as she wanted to get him help.

    Relenting for a brief moment The Red Hulk was shot at with a serum by SHIELD to reverse the transformation. Falling to the ground a distraught General Ross was angered at his failing to finish off the job with Hulk. Handcuffed and loaded into the back of a van, a ranting General Ross can be heard pleading with the agents to do the right thing and execute Banner. Meanwhile have transformed back into a beaten, weakened Bruce Banner. Bruce was slowly helped to his feet by Betty as medics began to check on him. The closing moments would then see Cary St.Lawrence at one time a soldier under General Ross, now a fully recognized SHIELD agent shake Bruce Banner's hand as she admits that she was wrong about him. Looking back at Rick Jones before looking to Banner again, Cary would then inform him that from now on he wouldn't need to hide and use a radio for cover. As instead she handed him a phone before closing that soon her boss would like to speak with him.

    As always with every Marvel story there would be a post credit scene and this season of Hulk would be no different. However rather then set up the next series as per the norm with this. Instead we got a look at what could very well be the future of the series as we saw a meeting taking place at SHIELD headquarters. This meeting would feature the entire S.H.I.E.L.D high command gathered for a meeting called together by executive director Nick Fury (Djimon Hounsou). Present at this meeting would be high ranking agents Phil Coulson (Gabriel Macht), Maria Hill (Trieste Kelly Dunne) and Clay Quartermain (Charles Mesure), SHIELD high command members GW Bridge (John Goodman) and Rick Stoner (Michael Ironside), Nick Fury's right hand man Alexander Pierce (John Pyper Ferguson) as well as Council member Victoria Hand (Elizabeth Mitchell). During this meeting several topics are discussed with Fury starting out by expressing his disappointment in General Ross and his vendettas clouding his judgement.

    It is then that Fury asks of the whereabouts of Banner but no one is able to give a definitive answer. Showing several of the dynamics at the table however Victoria Hand then comments about how one of Fury's key pieces has proven uncontrollable while others are past it or too arrogant to unite. It is then Hand confirms that with Blonsky now in the fold Ross' old team is ready to go should a threat emerge. As the scene wraps up a solemn Fury hopes it is enough to defend the world from what is coming!

    Bruce Banner/The Hulk - Played by Hugh Dancy
    Betty Ross - Played by Nikki Reed
    Amadeus Cho - Played by Osric Cho
    Rick Jones - Played by Ammadeus Serrafini
    Clay Quartermain - Played by Charles Mesure
    Cary St Lawrence - Played by Gemma Whelan
    Nadia Blonsky - Played by Julia Jones
    Leonard Skivorki - Played by Jimmi Simpson
    Victoria Hand - Played by Elizabeth Mitchell (Post Credits)
    Nick Fury - Played by Djimon Hounsou (Post Credits)
    GW Bridge - Played by John Goodman (Post Credits)
    Maria Hill - Played by Trieste Kelly Dunne (Post Credits)
    Rick Stoner - Played by Michael Ironside (Post Credits)
    Alexander Pierce - Played by John Pyper Ferguson (Post Credits)
    Phil Coulson - Played by Gabriel Macht (Post Credits)

    General Ross/Red Hulk - Played by Ted Levine - Arrested
    Samuel Sterns/Leader - Played by Johnny Lee Miller - Arrested
    Emil Blonsky/Abomination - Played by David Lyons - Arrested
    John Ryker - Played by Matt Dillon - Died in lab explosion
    Geoffrey Crawford - Played by James Frain - Died in lab explosion

    Samuel J LaRoquette/Rock - Played by Daniel Sharman - Killed by Ryker
    Louise Lembert/Hot Shot - Played by Alycia Debnam Carey - Killed by Jailbait
    Jess Harrison/Jailbait - Played by Emily Kinney - Killed by Hot Shot

    Diane Davids/Ogress - Played by Michelle Krusiec - Killed by Ryker
    Burt Horowitz/Omnibus - Played by Ukweli Roach - Killed by Ryker
    Jason McCall/Soul Man - Played by David Wilmott - Killed by Ryker
    Maynard Tibolt - Played by William Mapother - Arrested
    The Clown - Played by Matt Servito - Arrested
    Strongman - Played by Martyn Ford - Arrested
    Human Cannonball - Played by John Foo - Arrested
    Great Gabonos - Played by Francois Arnaund - Arrested
    Princess Python - Played by Bex Taylor Klauss - Arrested

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    Re: Marvel

    Thunderbolts show commissioned by Fox's Marvel project

    After the end of this season of the Hulk and the closing post credit scene which focused on the gathering of SHIELD agents. A new show has been commissioned to focus on a group of individuals known as The Thunderbolts. Known in the comics as a group of bad guys put together to do good things. This show will feature a combination of rogues put into a team as they battle a great evil. It is believed that a few characters who have appeared previously across the marvel shows will appear. Some of the names mentioned include Abner Jenkins/The Beetle (Jesse Spencer), Emil Blonsky/The Abomination (David Lyons), General Ross (Ted Levine), Samuel Sterns/Leader (Johnny Lee Miller), Herman Schultz/Shocker (Josh Holloway) and Frank Payne/Constrictor (Chad Michael Murray). While many details have not been announced a couple of names for the show have been announced. They are as followed...

    Matthew Fox as Paul Denning/Paladin
    While he may not have super powers or be a criminal so to speak. There is without a doubt that a mercenary such as Paladin belongs in the Thunderbolt. In fact it is in his work as a mercenary that Paladin became acquainted with the Thunderbolts as it was believed that he was in fact arrested following a run in with Daredevil. Playing Paladin will be Lost actor Matthew

    Cameron Bright as Donnie Gill/Blizzard
    A young man who previously was an intern for Justin Hammer. it is believed that Donnie Gill was desperate to impress his boss and that caused him to look to improve the suit worn previously by Gregor Shapanka/Blizzard (Christopher Heyerdahl). Unfortunately Donnie's work backfired and a freak accident left him with ice powers. Playing the role of Donnie will be Twilight actor Cameron Bright.

    Will Yun Lee as Chen Lu/Radioactive Man
    A former nuclear scientist and agent of China. It is believed that Chen Lu was working on a secret project with some thinking it was to recreate the Hulk process. However instead of being turned into the Hulk, Lu was transformed into the being known as Radioactive man. Since then Lu has been held captive until he was able to design a suit capable of maintaining the energy stored in his body. Playing Radioactive man will be Altered Carbon actor Will Yun Lee.

    Mallory Jansen as Caprice
    Rounding out the group is the mysterious woman known as Caprice. Vicious, violent and described by many as a sociopath with a badge. Caprice is believed to be a telepath which has proven useful in torture and interrogation. It is also speculated that while many regard her as a serial killer. Those murders were in fact believed to be hits. Playing Caprice will be Agents of Shield actress Mallory Jansen.

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    Re: Marvel

    Hulk Season 3 confirmed ~ Plot revealed ~ New characters confirmed

    After a blockbuster season 2 of the Hulk series. It is confirmed that this season of the Hulk will take a bold new step as it sends the Hulk out to space. Believed to be a mix of several stories most notably Planet Hulk. The plotline reveals that after his battles with the Red Hulk, Abomination and the Leader. Bruce Banner believes that now he will not have to run and hide much longer. That is until he is assigned a mission by an agent of SHIELD. This mission set to take place in Space is in fact a means to removing the threat of the Hulk from earth. But in doing so the mission takes Banner to the planet known as Sakaar where he finds himself thrown into a war zone.

    Gerard Butler as Robert Maverick
    The general and apparent SHIELD agent who reaches out to Bruce Banner. Just what Robert Maverick's motivations for sending the Hulk into space are yet to be known. But what is known is that his decision definitely calls this method into question. Playing Maverick will be 300 actor Robert Maverick.

    50 Cent as Jim Wilson
    An ally of Bruce Banner who has been brought in to assist with his genetic research. It is said that Jim Wilson harbors a dark secret, one which he is keeping from virtually everyone. Playing Jim will be actor and musician 50 cent.

    Billie Lourd as Marlo Chandler
    A former soldier turned researcher, Marlo Chandler was a former protege of Bruce Banner himself. Lately reconnecting with Bruce and his friends, Marlo became acquainted with Rick Jones with some romance forming between the two. Playing Marlo will be Scream Queens star Billie Lourd.

    Justin Prentice as Angmo-Asan/Red King
    The son of the former emperor of Sakaar. It is said that even his own father feared the day that Angmo would rule the throne. Which is why he demanded his own son's death only for it to backfire when Angmo's own assassin Axeman Bone struck first. A feared, brutal dictator Red King has no shame in eliminating or enslaving those he feels pose a threat. Playing Red King will be 13 reasons why actor Justin Prentice.

    Christian Serratos as Caiera
    Described by many as the Red King's right arm. His second in command is the alien known as Caiera. A former slave who worked her way up the ranks. Caiera is a fearsome and respected warrior who soon begins to clash with the war bound. Playing Caiera will be Walking Dead actress Christian Serratos.

    Paul Wight as Korg - Chad Lindberg as Miek - Linnea Berthelsen as No-Name - Huang Xiaoming as Hiroim - Lizzie Brochere as Elloe Kaifi
    On arrival to Sakaar it is safe to say that the Hulk doesn't have any allies on the planet. Forced into combat for the amusement of the Red King it is around this time that Hulk meets a small group of prisoners known as the Warbound. This group is comprised of Korg, a kronan who was forced to watch the rest of his people executed at the behest of the Red King. Playing Korg will be WWE wrestler Paul Wight. Always by Korg's side is Miek, a native of Sakaar believed to have a long grudge against Mung for the death of his people. Playing Miek will be Supernatural actor Chad Lindberg. A mysterious alien called No-Name who is in search of her partner. No-Name will be played by Stranger Things actor Linnea Berthelsen. Hiroim, a former priest of Sakaar thrown into the fighting pits by The Grandmaster. Playing Hiroim will be Escape Plan 2 actor Huang Xiaoming. Rounding out the group is Sakaarian Elloe Kaifi who holds a long grudge against the Red King. Playing Elloe will be Strain actress Lizzie Brochere.

    Tyron Woodley as Axeman Bone
    A powerful being who was ousted from Sakaar following his murder of the old king. Yet while many of it's residents maybe behind the exile, the red king himself very much values what Axeman Bone did as it allowed for his ascent to power. Retaining contact with the Axeman, The Red King now uses him as an assassin to anyone who comes close to being a threat. Playing Axeman will be UFC fighter Tyron Woodley.

    Ewan McGregor as Grandmaster
    A powerful being known as the Grandmaster. The grandmaster proudly delights in being one of the oldest beings across the galaxy. Along with this the Grandmaster has a love for competition and games. With his favorite being to watch gladiatorial contests, this has led to him leading the games inside the combat arena in Sakaar. Playing Grandmaster will be Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor.

    Bill Goldberg as Death's Head 3.0 - Gene Snitsky as Kram - Nick Nemeth as Yenrag - Tyler Mane as Primus Vand
    One of the reason's the Red King is feared is for his lieutenants. These four individuals command fear across the galaxy for their methods. The first is an android known as Death's Head 3.0, a emotionless being known to constantly rebuild itself with updates and improvements. Playing Death's head will be actor and WWE wrestler Bill Goldberg. Meanwhile two loyal soldiers tasked with overseeing the protection detail of the princess are Kram and Yenrag. It is said that while the brutish Kram is loyal to the king that Yenrag has began to see things the same way as the Princess. Playing Kram and Yenrag will be wrestlers Gene Snitsky and Nick Nemeth. Rounding out the group is the ruthless general Primus Vand. Vand is the Red King's longest serving lieutenant and is known for not only his combat skills but also his mind for the battle field. Playing Vand will be X men actor Tyler Mane.

    Jenna Coleman as Lihla
    The daughter of Axeman Bone. It is said that Lihla very much differs from her father when it comes to his violent ways. However make no mistake Lihla is a warrior in her own right despite not agreeing with the red king and his ways. Playing Lihla will be Doctor Who actress Jenna Coleman.

    Odette Annable as Princess Omaka
    The daughter of the Red King. It is said that to many people Omaka is looked upon as the saving grace in her family. Despite being a fearsome character in her own right, there is an honor and a rationality to Omaka that is not shared by her father. Playing Omaka will be Supergirl actress Odetta Annable.

    Christopher Plummer as Old Sam
    An elder Sakaarian who is currently acting as an adviser for Princess Omaka. It is believed that Old Sam is weary and tired of the Red King and his ways. Playing Old Sam will be Sound of Music actor Christopher Plummer.

    Robert Maillet as Mung the Inconceivable
    A warrior and fearsome creature in the Sakaarian combat arena. Mung the Inconceivable is a feared warrior who remains loyal to the king. This very much puts him against the Hulk and the war bound. Playing the role of Mung will be Sherlock Holmes actor Robert Maillet.

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    Re: Marvel

    White Tiger series confirmed - Characters announced

    After being introduced in the first season of Defenders and really showing a maturation process of a character. It can now be confirmed that Ava Ayala/White Tiger (Monica Raymund) will be starring in her own series. This series will focus not just on her continued growth as a hero but also her control or lack of control in regards to the tiger. Already confirmed to star in the series is Sano Orii (Reggie Lee) who is a former rival of Ava's brother and one of the last few men alive believed to be involved in his death.

    Matt Cedeno as Hector Ayala/White Tiger
    The original White Tiger, Hector Ayala is of course the older brother of his sister Ava. Described as an intelligent not too mention honorable young man who only wanted to do good. Hector later died at the hands of Kraven, However it is believed that there is more to his death than first thought. Playing Hector will be Power actor Matt Cedeno.

    Emily Rios as Angela Del Toro
    An FBI agent and the niece of both Ava and Hector Ayala. Angela is described as a dedicated agent fully focused on protecting those who can't protect themselves. The agent developed this sense of purpose from both her uncle and aunt whose actions as the White Tiger inspire her. Playing Angela will be Breaking Bad actress Emily Rios.

    Tatyana Ali as Tigra
    A powerful being who has long been the trainer for many ferals. The individual known as Tigra takes an interest in Ava having seen her lack of control in regards to her powers. Playing Tigra will be Fresh Prince of Bel Air actress Tatyana Ali.

    Chloe Grace Moretz as Ana Kravinoff
    The daughter of Kraven the Hunter and brother of Alyosha Kravinoff. Ana is a woman looking to get revenge for the arrest of her father. This leads to her and her brother coming to America. With Ana fully devoted to killing a white Tiger. Playing Ana will be Kick ass actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

    Jesse Metcalfe as Alyosha Kravinoff
    The brother of Ana and son of Kraven the Hunter. It is said that Alyosha was long looked upon as the out cast of the Kravinoff family. That is at least until he began to show his determination to honor his father. This would bring him and his sister to America albeit for different missions. Playing Alyosha will be John Tucker actor Jesse Metcalfe.

    Jimmy Smits as Agent Coville
    An FBI agent who has long been a mentor to Angela Del Toro. It is said that Agent Coville is nearing his last few years on the force and is looking to help her as much he can before retirement comes. Playing Coville will be Dexter actor Jimmy Smits.

    Lauren Velez as Awilda Ayala
    The mother of Angela Del Toro and sister of Ava and Hector. Awilda very much is the rock of the Ayala family. Strong, fiery and determine Awilda is very much a mother figure not just to Angela but also to her sister Ava. Playing Awilda will be Dexter actress Lauren Velez.

    Seal as Black Tarantula
    Although the individual known as Black Tarantula is the leader of a known criminal syndicate. He is a rare villainous ally to White Tiger. With her looking into the death of her brother and it's connections to Sano Orii. White Tiger turns to Tarantula who has no problem in selling out a rival. Playing Tarantula will be singer Seal.

    Ray Campbell as Lightmaster
    A former professor of physics. Edward Lansky turned to crime after he was able to construct a suit designed to harness all the properties of light. A rival of both Orii and Tarantula, Lightmaster is an old foe of Ava's brother Hector. Playing Lightmaster will be Breaking Bad actor Ray Campbell.

    Mekhi Phifer as Blackbyrd
    A no nonsense detective who is described as being extremely rough around the edges. Grizzled and gruff, Nathaniel Alexander Byrd aka Blackbyrd is an enemy to both criminals and cops alike with him lately coming into cross hairs with White Tiger. Playing the role of Blackbyrd will be ER actor Mekhi Phifer.

    Wilson Cruz as Abe Brown
    A native of Harlem who in order to avoid trouble spent years in a kung fu school. Abe Brown was trained along with Hector Ayala by a man known as Master Kee. However after the loss of both his mentor and his friend Hector. Abe was at a loss and a man without purpose. Which is why when he hears that Ava is looking into what happened to her brother he is more than willing to lend a hand. Playing Abe will be Star Trek actor Wilson Cruz.

    Freddy Rodriguez as Bob Diamond
    A fellow ally of Abe Brown, Bob Diamond has a storied past with both Hector Ayala and Iron Fist. With Ava's research into the death of her brother, Bob begins to assist and do all he can to help her find closure. Playing Bob will be Six Feet Under actor Freddy Rodriguez.

    Jon Seda as Flippo Ayala
    The brother of Ava, Hector and Awilda. Flippo Ayala is very much the black sheep of the family. This is down to his criminal ties as well as his noted drug addiction. Playing the role of Flippo will be Selena actor Jon Seda.

    Thomas Jane as King Cobra
    Klaus Vorhees aka King Cobra is a noted mercenary who currently works as the second in command for Sano Orii. Cobra is believed to be enhanced but little is known as to just what he is truly capable of. Playing King Cobra will be Punisher actor Thomas Jane.

    Josh Bowman as Cobra
    The Nephew of King Cobra, Piet Vorhees is very much a chip off his uncle's block. Working under Sano Orii, Cobra is a skilled martial artist and is also believed to be enhanced. Playing Cobra will be Revenge actor Josh Bowman.

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    Re: Marvel

    Captain Britain Season 1 ~ Origin

    It is safe to say now that Fox's Marvel universe has very much taken it's own identity. This is thanks both to it's ever growing, strong cast not too mention it's willingness to take risks in regards to the programming it has put out there. This has played dividend with lesser known heroes such as Marc Spector/Moon Knight (Charlie Hunnam), Namor the Sub Mariner (Daniel Dae Kim), Ava Ayala/White Tiger (Monica Raymund), Shang Chi (Iko Uawais) and many other lesser known heroes being given their own shows and attempts to create their own respective franchises. This would continue here with Fox's latest Marvel show which focused on the story of Brian Braddock/Captain Britain (Max Brown). Standing out from many other Marvel series' this show to it's credit wasn't afraid of making it's hero at points quite detestable thanks to his occasional arrogance/entitlement not too mention his belittlement of others. Making this hero more human in many ways was also helped by a few small clips from his backstory which showed a child Brian having a lonely childhood as he was looked upon as an outsider at his school due to his families' lack of money. This led to Brian being only close with his family who would tragically die in a lab accident leaving only he, his sister Elizabeth (Kate Bracken) and older brother Jamie (Luke Roberts).

    Growing up in care home from care home it would soon be revealed that while the older brother Jamie would be split from his siblings, both Brian and Elizabeth were kept together and this formed a strong bond between the two of them. Because with this tumultuous childhood there was an anger in Brian, a temper which he couldn't control and would flare up even in his adult years. One which only his sister could help him at least control. In these tender moments with his sister it is clear that despite his attitude and despite his anger. Brian deep down was a good person at heart, one who would need a lot of guidance in order to stay on the right path. Over the years Brian would follow in his parents footsteps as he became a scientist/researcher at the Darkmoor Nuclear Research Facility. This would be at least until one fateful night in which a villain The Reaver (Richard Madden) attacked the facility. A ruthless killer Reaver looked to eliminate everyone who stood in his way. Cutting down many of Brian's friends, the reaver then chased after Brian with a car chase ensuing until Reaver ran Brian's car off of the road. Falling down a cliff to his believed death, Brian would wake and find himself met by two beings.

    Introducing themselves as Merlyn (David Bradley) and Roma (Charlotte Hope). The two powerful beings offered Brian a chance to save his life while the Reaver began to search out his body. The two mages then offer Brian a choice which would alter his life forever. On one side would be the amulet of right whilst on the other was the sword of might. Promising that his choice would affect the man he would become, Brian deciding he wasn't much of a fighter would take the amulet and transform himself into Captain Britain. This would happen before the eyes of Reaver who snatched the sword of might. In the hands of a killer the sword would turn into the sword of death. Yet despite this power running through him Reaver would soon be defeated by Captain Britain, dying in the process. With his defeat of Reaver, Britain would return the sword to Merlyn before reverting back to Brian. Once he had recovered from his injuries, Brian would learn that if he wanted to transform into Captain Britain all he had to to was touch the amulet.

    Resuming his research and studies, Brian would continue to make appearances as Captain Britain. This was despite the numerous questions in regards to his survival. As Brian lied to his friends and family as to just how he survived the reaver attack. Of course with the rise of Captain Britain and the social media popularity of England's first real superhero came some detractors to him and his cause. Most notable of which was officer Dai Thomas (David O'Hara), a gruff and dogged detective it would slowly be revealed that Thomas lost his wife during a vacation because of a powered individual. This made Thomas direly want to be the man to bring down Captain Britain but his determination in doing so would put him at odds with his superiors and colleagues. Adding to Captain Britain's popularity was his assistance in helping the police bring down a group of criminals known as the Crazy Gang.

    The gang was led by the Red Queen (Helen McCrory), a ruthless woman who had a blood lust which she used her group to satisfy. Along with the Red Queen, was her enforcer The Executioner (Allen Leech), pilot Dormouse (Joanna Froggatt), the twisted and not too mention agile Jester (Robert James Collier), martial artist The Knave (Robert Kazinsky) and weapon designer Tweedle Dope (Tom Cullen). This gang had long acted as thieves although lately their capers had grown bolder and more violent. This very much made them a great early story villain for Captain Britain. All very much dressed in the theme of Alice in Wonderland, the group had little fear of Captain Britain when he came up against them. But this would be a showcase for his abilities as we saw his enhanced strength, speed, durability and reflexes all on display. While Britain would easily defeat and ground Dormouse plus Tweedle-Dope, he would have a tough time against the trio of Jester, Executioner and Knave. This trio all proved to be a formidable unit with the Knave in particular seeming to be a match for Captain Britain. This would be until a clash of personalities between Knave and Jester allowed Britain to knock both men out.

    Finally against the executioner, Britain would have a few close calls thanks to the large axe wielding individual before disarming him and knocking him out. With her whole unit taken out, The Red Queen was little match for Captain Britain who left her and the rest of her gang incapacitated for the police to capture. As news of this spread however Dai Thomas would find an organisation known as Strike had developed an interest in Britain as well. Of course while his surge in popularity may have been a good thing in some ways, It also made Captain Britain a target. This was proven when he was confronted by Mad Jim Jaspers (Steven Mackintosh), while to the public eye Jaspers was a respected member of parliament. In truth he was a mutant able to alter reality and was secretly the brains behind the Crazy Gang. Angered at his gang falling at the hands of Captain Britain, Jaspers had now elected to deal with Britain on his own.

    Unfortunately for Brian his battle here against a powered individual would show that there was a lot of work to be done. Because while Jaspers powers were quick to overwhelm Brian and actually brought him close to death. This attack would be a blessing in disguise as it forced Merlyn to unlock Captain Britain's full potential. While at the same time STRIKE officials would arrive and also assist Captain Britain. It is with their help and his wielding of the Sword of Might that Captain Britain would destroy Jim Jaspers once and for all. As Captain Britain would recover from his battle he would be confronted by an old flame Courtney Ross (Jessica Brown Findlay). An ex girlfriend of Brian, Courtney was revealed to be a proud member of Strike. Revealing how the operation has long been aware of Brian's identity as Captain Britain. It would be then that Courtney invited Brian to meet with the leader of Strike, Lance Hunter (Pierce Brosnan). A commanding presence whenever he appeared on screen Lance Hunter in many ways was the English version of Nick Fury. A former MI3 agent who operated STRIKE which was of course affiliated with SHIELD. Lance Hunter made it crystal clear that they could help one another as he explained how STRIKE simply wanted to help people. This includes those who have abilities or gifts like Brian.

    Brian would remain unsure of this offer until Lance introduced him to his sister Betsy. As much to Brian's surprise it was confirmed that his sister was also a member of Strike. This in many ways acted as a reunion for both Brian and his sister who had drifted apart over the years. In an effort to reconnect with his sister Brian accepted STRIKE's offer before he asked his sister about Jamie. To his disappointment however Elizabeth would reveal that she had no knowledge of what happened to Jamie. With his joining STRIKE and reconnecting with his sister, Brian's personal life would also begin to improve as he met Meggan (Lotte Verbeek). Forming a connection with her quickly which was a first for Brian, he soon had his first ever relationship which would go strongly throughout the season. As Meggan proved to be a rock to Brian and provided a sense of calmness and stability which his life had lacked in some ways.

    A montage then began set to the tune of Christina Perri's Human. This would focus on what was very much a troubled upbringing of Jamie Braddock. The eldest of the Braddock siblings, Jamie's advanced age compared to his brother and sister meant that he didn't have the close bond with either that they shared together. Old enough to truly understand the loss of his parents it would be in the foster homes that for a while Jamie acted as a protector for his family. Yet his anger and rage at the loss of his parents, simply led to people looking at him as damaged goods before he eventually ended up in a juvenile detention center and split up from his remaining family. As the years went by Jamie never reconnected with Brian or Elizabeth. Instead he lived a solitary quiet life with a definite lack of human connection. That would be at least until a mysterious individual recruited him. Calling himself Mastermind (Cillian Murphy), the individual claimed to have been keeping tabs on Brian for years and waited until he was ready to reach out. This gave Jamie his first human connection and someone who believed in him. Yet in truth it could be seen that Mastermind was a manipulator and a puppet master.

    This included Mastermind's hiring of a serial killer/assassin known as Slaymaster (Paul Anderson). The ruthless killer was charged by Mastermind to cripple the stable existence Brian's life had taken. This was started by killing low level members of Strike. During his attack on STRIKE's headquarters, Slaymaster came close to killing Courtney and Elizabeth as he looked to also take out Lance Hunter. This drew out Captain Britain for a fight in which Slaymaster's skill made him a formidable opponent but it was his taunting of Brian which really gave him an edge. Because in the closing moments of their battle he would delight in informing Brian that it was in fact his brother who hired him for this job. With this taunting and the fact that Slaymaster would not stop killing. Brian was left with little choice in their battle but to beat Slaymaster to death. Following this an angered Brian and Betsy would confront Lance Hunter. Revealing that there was a few things he had kept from them, Lance would reveal that he had long kept tabs on their family having worked alongside their parents in the past. Stating that their whole family appears to be special in their own ways, Lance mentions that for a time Jamie was an agent of STRIKE.

    Stating that Jamie went rogue and was kicked out of the organisation after a short tenure. Lance goes in further detail as he reveals that Jamie was troubled. A lot of this came from his powers coming early in life and them leading to him developing mental illness due to him never fully controlling them. As Lance continues he said that his concern is Brian fell off the grid many years ago and that there has long been a rumor of an individual known as Mastermind who he believes is behind this. Yet in truth in a surprising revelation, Hunter reveals that mastermind isn't a person. Instead it was an early project of Brian's parents, an AI they created who went rogue. Hunter believes that Mastermind has recruited Jamie somehow and that for some reason they are plotting against Brian. Unfortunately what they wasn't aware of was just how vast an influence Mastermind had or just who else he may have had designs for. This included an individual who to the outside world called himself A.R. Cadenski but in reality was a sociopath under the moniker of Arcade (Matt Smith).

    In between flashes of Mastermind's creation we would see clips of Arcade's harsh upbringing with an abusive father. Unhappy with his son's obsession with toys and games into his late teens, his wealthy father informed him of his intention to cut Arcade off from his inheritance. This in turn would cause Arcade to murder his own father with a explosive device in his car. Since that time Arcade having revealed to have been prompted to commit such an act by Mastermind who appeared on his computer at first as a game. Arcade had with his wealth set about becoming a serial killer who delighted in forcing his victims to play sadistic games in an effort to save their lives. Unfortunately no one would be able to survive his games. Along the way Arcade again through the guidance of Mastermind had recruited his personal fixer/assistant Miss Locke (Lara Pulver) as well as right hand man/engineer Mr.Chambers (Rodney Eastman). These scenes with Arcade would provide a great tease for the future of the Captain Britain series.

    Meanwhile having realized what he was up against it was time for Brian to confront his brother. Returning to their childhood home in which now had become the base for Jamie and Mastermind. Both Brian and Elizabeth were on edge as they faced off with their elder brother. Angry on seeing the two of them still together, Jamie made it clear that they never treated him as family. Never once were grateful for his sacrifices for them and now are so deluded to see that Lance Hunter is simply using them as pawns. Claiming that Lance used him as well, Jamie then introduces Mastermind as he calls him his true father. It is then in flashes that we find out that Mastermind in fact orchestrated the death of their parents. This bombshell was news to all three members of the Braddock clan with Jamie also unaware of this revelation. Yet his loyalty to Mastermind remained as Mastermind ordered him to kill them.

    With a barrier formed round the surrounding area by the police and Strike, it would be here that a turning point began for Dai Thomas. As Thomas thanks to the help of Lance Hunter realized in this case they needed someone with abilities. Meanwhile back in the home Jamie Braddock attacked both his brother and sister but his lack of control of his powers meant that Jamie while dangerous was not much of a threat to Captain Britain. As Jamie was thrown against a nearby wall an enraged Mastermind dragged him to his feet before striking him. Branding Jamie as worthless, Mastermind made it clear that he no longer had use for the reject of the Braddock family and he planned to kill them all himself. Using it's influence on several drones Mastermind with his intelligence and mind was able to keep Brian and Betsy at bay as one of the drones personally began beating Jamie to death before their eyes. Unable to save their brother despite their efforts it would be witnessing their care that Jamie Braddock performed a truly selfless act for his family. Ordering them to run, Jamie grabbed a wrench from the ground and in his last breath drove it into the brain of Mastermind.

    Short circuiting from the blow, an explosion would trigger which Brian and Elizabeth narrowly escaped with help from both Lance Hunter and Dai Thomas. Facing off with the man he had long considered a menace. Dai Thomas shook his hand as he stated that while he still may not be a fan, he trusts Lance Hunter and if Hunter is willing to vouch for him then he is willing to let him go. The closing scene would then be from a week later where Brian now fully a member of Strike, along with Betsy would be called into Lance Hunter's office. It would be here that Hunter warned them that Mastermind had more than just Jamie out there and that now would be the time to gather together an old STRIKE unit known as Excalibur!

    As per the norm with Fox Marvel shows there was a series of post credit scenes hyping up the next season. The first of which showed Arcade, Miss Lock and Mr.Chambers all gathered around as they proudly looked at the creation of his first Murderworld. With a smirk on his face Arcade made it clear that with the fall of a friend, he knew exactly who was going to be the first to visit. While another post credit scene would show Meggan late at night begin transforming into a creature. The final scene would be the most shocking as it showed Merlyn and Roma arguing in the Otherworld. This was to do with Roma's lack of faith in regards to his 'Champions' as the argument grew more heated in a stunning closing moment Roma would stab her own father in the heart, killing him and taking over the rule of Otherworld.

    Brian Braddock/Captain Britain - Played by Max Brown
    Dai Thomas - Played by David O'Hara

    Meggan Puceneau - Played by Lotte Verbeek
    Miss Locke - Played by Lara Pulver
    Arcade - Played by Matt Smith

    Lance Hunter - Played by Pierce Brosnan
    Courtney Ross - Played by Jessica Brown Findlay
    Elizabeth Braddock - Played by Kate Bracken
    Roma - Played by Charlotte Hope
    Merlyn - Played by David Bradley
    Mr.Chambers - Played by Rodney Eastman

    The Reaver - Played by Richard Madden - Killed by Captain Britain
    Mastermind - Played by Cillian Murphy - Killed in explosion
    Slaymaster - Played by Paul Anderson - Killed by Captain Britain
    Jamie Braddock - Played by Luke Roberts - Killed by Mastermind
    Dormouse - Played by Joanna Froggatt - Arrested
    Red Queen - Played by Helen McCrory - Arrested
    The Executioner - Played by Allen Leech - Arrested
    The Jester - Played by Robert James Collier - Arrested
    The Knave - Played by Robert Kazinsky - Arrested
    Tweedle Dope - Played by Tom Cullen - Arrested
    Jim Jaspers - Played by Steven Mackintosh - Destroyed by Captain Britain

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    Re: Marvel

    Captain Britain season 2 confirmed ~ Plot announced ~ New characters confirmed

    Ahead of Captain Britain's second season, today some details have been announced in regards to both the plot as well as some new characters appearing. It is confirmed that this season will not only focus on Captain Britain (Max Brown) and Strike looking to reform a unit called Excalibur. But it is believed that the main focus will be on Arcade (Matt Smith) and his quest for revenge following the fall of his mentor Mastermind (Cillian Murphy).

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dane Whitman/Black Knight
    The first individual that Captain Britain is tasked with locating is Dane Whitman aka the Black Knight. From a legacy of costumed heroes, Whitman is believed to have gone underground following the death of his uncle Nathan Garrett. Playing Black Knight will be Dracula actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

    Michael Kenneth Williams as Doctor Crocodile
    In an effort to locate some former members of Excalibur, Brian is forced to head overseas in search of them. His travels however soon put him into conflict with known dictator Joshua N'Dingi aka Doctor Crocodile. It is said that Crocodile is a ruthless man who runs his nation of Mbangawi with an iron fist. Playing Crocodile will be Wire actor Michael kenneth Williams.

    Warren Brown as Alistaire Stuart
    A scientist and one of STRIKE's prospective Excalibur recruits. Alistaire Stuart along with his sister are currently MIA after doing some research in regards to a man known as Doctor Crocodile. This forces Captain Britain to go out and search for potential allies. Playing Alistaire will be Luther actor Warren Brown.

    Billie Piper as Alysande Stuart
    A skilled Strike agent who is highly regarded for her combat skills. Alysande and her brother Alistaire are currently MIA following a mission to uncover details on Doctor Crocodile's dictatorship. Playing Alysande will be Secret Diary actress Billie Piper.

    Rory Kinnear as Tom Lennox
    An older agent of STRIKE who served as a mentor for Elizabeth when she joined the organisation. It is believed that Lennox very much served as a father figure to her which has caused him to be notably protective. This at points has put him at odds with Lance Hunter. Playing Tom will be Penny Dreadful actor Rory Kinnear.

    Christine Woods as Wolfsbane
    A young woman from Scotland, Rahne Sinclair grew up under the care of a priest who claimed that her family didn't want her. In truth however he was hiding the shame of conceiving her with a woman of the night. With a strict religious upbringing it wouldn't be until her late teens that Rahne's powers of Lycanthropy developed. Rejected by those supposed to care for her, Rahne ran for her life until she became acquainted with Lance Hunter. Since then Woods has become a valued member of Strike. Playing Wolfsbane will be Walking Dead actress Christine Woods.

    Kate Bosworth as Lionheart
    Kelsey Shorr Leigh aka Lionheart had a life of hard ship. With one tragedy after another very much shaping her life. yet despite this she constantly proved herself to be a strong a noble person. This is why similar to Brian, just before her death she was visited by Roma who offered her the sword of Might. Taking the sword, Lionheart would develop a lust for violence which would soon put her at odds with Captain britain. Playing Lionheart will be Superman Returns actress Kate Bosworth.

    Mark Duplass as Gravemoss
    When it comes to Arcade and his murder world, the things that can potentially happen in there are endless. This was due to Mastermind's manipulations and one of the potential outcomes is the rise of Gravemoss. A necromancer and former enemy of Merlyn, Gravemoss will look to destroy his champions. Playing Gravemoss will be Creep actor Mark Duplass.

    Wes Chatham as Hauptmann Englande
    Another creation of the Murderworld is that of Hauptmann Englande. Described as who Captain Britain would have been had the nazis won the war. Hauptmann is gifted with the same abilities and powers of Captain Britain. Playing Hauptmann will be Hunger Games actor Wes Chatham.

    Adrien Brody as Highwayman
    Ross Horton was at one stage a grunt in a low level biker gang. That'd be until a chance encounter with Doctor Crocodile. Witnessing Horton's fighting prowess in a bar room brawl, Crocodile brought him under his employ and to his country. Now Horton under the name of Highwayman leads his own crew who serve out Crocodile's orders no matter how violent. Playing Highwayman will be Predators actor Adrien Brody.

    Chris Larkin as Hurricane
    Albert Potter aka Hurricane was a meteorologist who developed a fascination with weather patterns. At first it is believed that his motivations where noble but following an accident, Potter thanks to his suit is now able to generate powerful winds with the velocity of a hurricane. Playing Hurricane will be Black Sails actor Chris Larkin.

    Joe Cole as Riot
    An anarchist who has long been on STRIKE's radar. Riot has long sought after the fall of the government and all it's organisations. This need sees him take desperate steps when given an offer by Gravemoss. Playing Riot will be Peaky Blinders actor Joe Cole.

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    Re: Marvel

    Jessica Jones TV series confirmed ~ Plot announced ~ Character's confirmed

    Following the second season of the Defenders, it was no surprise that Fox's marvel project decided to give all it's lead characters their own series. Continuing on from how that show ended the first season of Jessica Jones (Alexandria Daddario) will focus heavily on her relationship with Kilgrave (Tom Ellis). Now free and stalking Jessica Jones, Kilgrave and his obsessions begin to affect New York heavily and earn him the ire of crime boss Man Mountain Marko (Brad William Henke). Jessica meanwhile finds herself with another valuable ally to help her along with Malcolm Powder (Ryan Cartwright) and Jeryn Hogarth (Gabriel Mann), as her childhood friend Patsy Walker (Zoey Deutch) steps out into the streets as Hellcat. While not entirely confirmed it is believed that Alexei Systevich/Rhino (Hathtor Bjornsson) will be appearing in the show.

    Lindsey McKeon as Dakota North
    A fellow private investigator who has a competitive yet respectful rivalry with Jessica Jones. Dakota North is someone that Jessica reaches out to in her desperation to find out just what the Purple man is up to. Playing North will be Supernatural actress Lindsey McKeon.

    Richard T Jones as Lone Shark
    A crime boss with ties to both Rhino and Man Mountain Marko. Len Sirkes aka Lone Shark is described as a quiet man who lets his actions do the talking. In regards to his partnership with Man Mountain Marko, it is said that there is a strong level of respect between both men as they each started out as heavies together. Playing Lone Shark will be Hawaii Five O actor Richard T Jones.

    Michelle Monaghan as Kat Farrell
    A reporter and colleague of Ben Urich, Kat Farrell is lately working on her blog which she calls the Pulse. The Pulse is designed to focus on powered individuals both good and bad. With this blog Kat has developed an interest in Jessica Jones as well as her relationship with the Purple Man. Playing Kat will be Mission Impossible actress Michelle Monaghan.

    Kelly Macdonald as Alisa Jones
    With this season covering aspects of Jessica Jones' past life as well as the truth of her relationship with the purple man. A character set to appear is that of Alisa Jones. The strong willed mother of Jessica who believes her daughter is meant for great things. This includes the fateful day her and her family begin the drive to take her to university. Playing Alisa will be Boardwalk Empire Actress Kelly MacDonald.

    Jessica Simpson as Mary Wilkinson
    One of Patsy Walker's first cases is that of helping Mary Wilkinson find her missing friend Rebecca Cross. Having reached out to the police who were no help, Wilkinson is desperate to locate her friend as it is her belief that something horrible has happened. Playing Mary will be singer Jessica Simpson.

    Gavin Rossdale as David Lawson
    A criminal lawyer who has long been associated with Lone Shark and Man Mountain Marko. David Lawson is very much the man when it comes to getting criminals off or even cooking the books. With the need to clean up the streets, Patsy Walker begins to see Lawson as the man to take down. Playing Lawson is musician Gavin Rossdale.

    Connie Britton as Dorothy Walker
    The mother of Patsy Walker, It is said that Dorothy Walker kept her distance from her daughter for many years as she was heavily focused on her career. This would be until a dark secret brought her back into her daughter's life. Playing Dorothy will be AHS actress Connie Britton.

    Haaz Sleiman as Foolkiller
    Formerly known as Gregory Salinger, it is said that the proud military man was not without his demons. But they would soon overcome him after meeting Kilgrave. Since then Salinger has adopted the name Foolkiller and has began targeting those he deems unworthy. Playing the role of Foolkiller will be that of jack Ryan actor Haaz Sleiman.

    Keisha Castle Hughes as Dia Sloane
    A long time friend of Patsy Walker who lives in the same apartment complex, Dia Sloane is described as a shy, quiet woman with a troubled past. One made all the more complicated due to her overruling ex Jared Beekman. Playing Dia will be Game of Thrones actress Keisha Castle Hughes.

    Jesse Plemmons as Jared Beekman
    Rounding out the characters is Jared Beekman. The controlling, abusive ex boyfriend of Dia Sloane who refuses to leave her alone. Beekman claims to be a changed man but whether he is or not is up for debate. Playing Jared will be Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons

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    Re: Marvel

    Several members of Hydra casted!

    With the group being named dropped and referenced to previously. It is no surprise now that we have been given some members of Hydra by Fox's Marvel universe. These members are believed to be slowly introduced into the coming Fox Marvel Universe shows.

    Rachel Nichols as Ophelia Sarkissian/Viper
    The current head of the HYDRA counsel aka Madame Hydra. Viper is described as a woman who has grown up in the Hydra programme and worked her way to this high stature. A ruthless individual who has no issue with taking human lives. Viper is a force to be reckoned with. Playing Viper will be Continuum actress Rachel Nichols

    Ray Park as Tony Masters/Taskmaster
    For a long time the man known as Taskmaster was the most sought after mercenary/assassin in the world. That is until he joined Hydra. Since then Tony Masters has stepped down from the mantle to act as a training instructor for many of their recruits. Playing the role of Tony Masters will be X-Men actor Ray Park.

    Jason Bateman as Edgar Lascombe
    To the outside world Edgar Lascombe is a pharmaceutical magnate heavily involved in making the world a better place. Truthfully Lascombe is a member of the Hydra High Counsel. With many of his operations used as fronts to launder money or stockpile weaponry. Edgar is also described as a man who doesn't like to get his hands dirty and will use others to do his dirty work. Playing Edgar will be Ozark actor Jason Bateman.

    Erik LaRay Harvey as Paul Norbert Ebersol/Fixer
    An inventor who has specialized in robotics. The man known as Fixer is described as a man with a genius level intellect who acts as a freelance weapon designer for Hydra. Playing Ebersol will be Luke Cage actor Erik LaRay Harvey.

    Wentworth Miller as JT Slade
    A member of HYDRA who is believed to be an enhanced. It is said that while Slade's powers are not yet confirmed, he is a dangerous individual who has no problem hurting those who get in his way. Playing JT will be Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller

    Paul McGann as Matthew Banham
    A designer for Hydra who has often specialized in not just building armor but also suits for some of their enhanced individuals. Banham is currently said to be working in private on a creation for himself to fulfill some of his own selfish desires. Playing Banham will be Luther actor Paul McGann.

    Tracy Dinwiddie as Camilla Black
    An interrogator for Hydra who is known for her love of chemicals, Camilla Black has been called Scorpion for some due to her work with poison needles which can cause extreme pain if not death to those she sees fit. Playing Camilla will be Walking Dead actress Tracy Dinwiddie.

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