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    Re: Marvel

    Captain America Season 2 Confirmed ~ Plot Points revealed ~ new Characters announced

    After a successful season 1 of the Captain America storyline. A second season has now been confirmed by the Fox Network. The series is believed to focus on several plot points including Steve Rogers/Captain America (Liam Hemsworth) filling in the blanks of just how the world has changed around him while also Nick Fury (Djimon Hounsou) will explain just how the Government looked to recreate Captain America over the years. It is also speculated that this season will fully focus on the rise of Hydra.

    Joe Keery as Werner Von Strucker
    Having appeared in the post credit scenes of the last season of Captain America. It is no surprise that Werner Von Strucker is the first character to be announced ahead of this season. The grandson of Wolfgang Von Strucker, Werner very much holds anger towards SHIELD for the fall of his family following the war. This would lead him to be apart of a secretive group plotting Shield's downfall. Playing Werner will be Stranger Things actor Joe Keery.

    Matt Cohen as William Naslund/Spirit of 76 - Bruce Langley as Fred Davis
    The first attempt to recreate the Captain America/Bucky Barnes dynamic would be by that of the Spirit of 76. An exceptional athlete and hand to hand combatant William Naslund was head and shoulders above all the recruits in his platoon when he was selected for the role. Meanwhile his sidekick Fred Davis may have started out as a baseball player but ended up one of the most skilled trackers the war had seen. Playing Naslund will be Supernatural actor Matt Cohen while playing Davis will be American Gods actor Bruce Langley.

    Alan Ritchson as Jeffrey Mace/The Patriot - Claire Coffee as Betty Ross/Golden Girl
    The second attempt to recreate the captain america/bucky dynamic would take place in the early fifties. As former soldier and Daily Bugle writer Jeffrey Mace is put behind the mask along with FBI officer Betty Ross. Overtime the crime fighting duo would find love with one another before deciding after only a few years that couldn't witness one another die in the field. Playing the role of Mace will be Blood Drive actor Alan Ritchson while playing Ross will be Grimm actress Claire Coffee.

    Austin Nichols as William Burnside - Maximinio Arciniega as Jack Monroe
    While most of the Captain America replicants were selected by the government. The duo of William Burnside and Jack Monroe chose to become their own version of Captain America and Bucky Barnes on their own. As Burnside along with his friend Jack Monroe manage to develop their own formula for super soldiers loosely based on writings stolen from Abraham Erksine's lab by a German spy. Unfortunately their design causes some bad side effects for the duo. Playing Burnside will be Walking Dead actor Austin Nichols while playing Jack Monroe will be Breaking Bad actor Maximinio Arciniega.

    Laz Alonso as Sam Wilson
    A decorated pilot for the US Air Force. Following his return home Sam Wilson found himself a man without a purpose. That is until he started working as a social worker and guidance counselor for individuals lost like he once was. In meeting Captain America, Wilson soon finds himself drawn back into the life he once left. Playing the role of Wilson will be Avatar actor Laz Alonso.

    Russell Horsnby as John Walker
    With Captain America being recently woken, designs to create a new super soldier formula were put on hold. This news very much came to the frustration of the SHIELD agent set to be lined up as the new captain america in John Walker. The loyal and decorated agent following this begins to question his loyalties as he starts to resent the man whose name he was supposed to live up to. Playing the role of Walker will be Grimm actor Russell Hornsby.

    Sebastian Foucan as Batroc - Tim Kang as Harold Paprika - David Valcin as Jacques DuQuesne - Sebastian Roche as Guy Thierrault
    A group of mercenaries and freelance terrorists. The group is led by former member of the French Foreign Legion George Batroc. Nicknamed the Leaper for his gymnastic and acrobatic qualities. Batroc has amassed a team comprised of the pyromaniac Harold Paprika, Skilled knife expert Jacques DuQuesne and gadgets expert Guy Thierrault. This groups motives while unknown soon clash with Captain America and Shield bringing their plans to light. Playing the role of Batroc will be The Tournament actor Sebastien Foucan, Playing Paprika will be Mentalist actor Tim Kang, Playing DuQuesne will be Person of Interest actor David Valcin while playing Thierrault will be Supernatural actor Sebastian Roche.

    Gillian Anderson as Susan Scarbo
    The strict aunt of Erica Holstein. Susan Scarbo has very much raised her niece in a cold, loveless world for reasons unknown. Very much a woman who keeps to herself Scarbo has amassed quite a fortune in her life with very little knowledge from the outside world as to just how she has accomplished this. Playing Susan will be X Files actress Gillian Anderson.

    Allison Brie as Erica Holstein
    Living in America under the strict, watchful eyes of her aunt Susan Scarbo. Erica Holstein is very much a girl of mystery with a past unknown. But in her quest to find out her lineage. Holstein will find out that not all family legacies are ones to be proud of. Playing the role of Holstein will be GLOW actress Allison Brie.

    Sarah Gadon as Sharon Carter
    The niece of Peggy Carter. Sharon Carter was said to be inspired by the exploits of her aunt and Captain America back in the day. This inspiration led to her becoming one of the most decorated agents SHIELD has to offer now. With the return of Steve Rogers, Agent Carter eagerly hopes to meet the man her aunt spoke so highly of. Playing the role of Sharon will be 11.23.63 actress Sarah Gadon.

    Ed Harris as Helmut Zemo
    The son of Heinrich Zemo, Helmut has spent many years of his life in hiding as a cost of his father's many sins. However with the news that his father's enemy Captain America has resurfaced. Helmut will soon bring himself out into the open as he looks to bring death to the man he holds responsible for killing his father. Playing Helmut will be Westworld actor Ed Harris.

    Nicholas Hamilton as Robbie Dean Tomlin
    A young man looking for a purpose. Robbie Dean Tomlin is a man who grew up very much in a troubled home which left him without a purpose. Known to the police for petty theft as well as his use of drugs. All Robbie Dean Tomlin wants is someone to take an interest in him. Eventually Tomlin finds that figure but unfortunately for him instead of help mold him they would use Robbie's insecurities against him. Playing the role of Tomlin will be it actor Nicholas Hamilton.

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    Re: Marvel

    Doctor Doom miniseries confirmed

    In a bold move Fox's Marvel Project has announced a new miniseries set to begin production which should air later on this year. Instead of focusing in on a hero however this series will instead focus on one of the most prolific villains in all of the Marvel Universe. As for the first time since the Fox Marvel Universe was announced we will get our first look at Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom. With this miniseries covering the origin story of Victor Von Doom. It is believed that the series will cover Victor's origin tales and what has led him to becoming the man he is today.

    Martin Wallstrom as Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom
    The titular character of the series while the name Doctor Doom may not need much of an introduction. The man beneath the mask Victor Von Doom may in fact do so. Born to both Cynthia and Werner Von Doom in the troubled country of Latveria. Over the course of the story Victor's troubled childhood will be covered as well as several key moments which shape him into the man he is today. Playing Von Doom will be Mr.Robot star Martin Wallstrom.

    Lucy Lawless as Cynthia Von Doom
    The mother of Victor Von Doom, Cynthia Von Doom very much was conflicted when it come to raising her son. As while she felt he had tremendous potential and loved him very much. She also found herself horrified at the prospect of raising him in such a country as Latveria. This forces her to make some questionable decisions which will very much shape Von Doom's future. Playing the role of Cynthia will be spartacus actor Lucy Lawless.

    Kenny Johnson as Werner Von Doom
    The father of Victor Von Doom, Werner Von Doom was very much proof that when it came to his wife. Opposites do in fact attract as while Cynthia was a known believer in the mystic arts Werner for his part was a man of medicine and science. One of the most respected doctors in Latveria Werner is called upon by the King to save his wife's life. Knowing that failing to do so will most likely end his own. Playing the role of Werner will be Bates Motel actor Kenny Johnson.

    Matt Letscher as Boris
    One of his father's most trusted allies, Boris is also the father of the young woman known as Valeria. Following some tragic occurrences in the Von Doom family, Boris finds himself as the one person still looking out for Victor Von Doom. Thus making him one of the few if not the only man Von Doom truly considers a friend. Playing Boris will be The Flash actor Matt Letscher.

    Ashley Johnson as Valeria
    A young woman who very much could be described as the love of Victor Von Doom's life. Valeria is the daughter of Boris and is apart of the small tribe that Victor and his family group up. At first the two started as friends before a romance blossomed. Unlike the cruel Doom however Valeria is described as a good, kind hearted woman who is blind to just what Doom really is. Playing Valeria will be Blindspot actress Ashley Johnson.

    Xander Berkley as Vladimir Fortunov
    The reigning king or to many people tyrant of Latveria. Vladimir Fortunov has been in rule since World War 2 and is very much a ruler with an iron fist. This includes having no issue in instilling fear in those who he rules over thanks to executions of any who he deems threats against him. Playing the role of Vladimir will be Walking Dead actor Xander Berkley.

    David Hoflin as Rudolfo Fortunov
    The son and heir to the throne of his father Vladimir. Rudolfo Fortunov is currently acting as the general of Vladimir's private army. By all accounts Rudolfo has been described as a chip off the old block if not worse than his sadistic father. This has led many to dread the day that Rudolfo takes over the reigns in ruling Latveria. Playing Rudolfo will be Supernatural actor David Hoflin.

    Warren Christie as Zorba Fortunov
    The slightly younger brother of Rudolfo. Zorba Furtunov like the rest of his family shares an interest in the arts of war. A skilled soldier as well as a pilot. It is said that out of the family that Zorba is the most technologically minded. Probably the most intellectual of the family as well Zorba is not above utilizing the weaknesses of his rivals to get what he wants. Playing Zorba will be Alphas actor Warren Christie.

    Nico Evers-Swindell as Dmitri Fortunov
    A close cousin to the brothers Rudolfo and Zorba. Dmitri Fortunov in many ways is considered a son by the king. A skilled soldier in his own right with a great tactical knowledge. Dmitri is currently acting as Rudolfo's second in command. Playing Dmitri will be Grimm actor Nico Evers Swindell.

    Amanda Righetti as Ramona
    With Doom returning to Latveria and opposing the king and his sons. In a crafty move the Fortunov brothers send a woman known as Ramona to infiltrate the life of Victor Von Doom. The lengths she goes to in order to do so prove her loyalty to the Fortunov family. Playing Ramona will be Mentalist actress Amanda Righetti.

    Enver Gjokaj as Gustav Hauptmann -- Jason Butler Harner as Gert Hauptmann
    A brother duo of scientists loyal to the Fortunov royal family. Both Gustav and Gert are skilled technicians constantly working on improving the weaponry used by the army led by Rudolfo. Their loyalty and work soon finds them in the cross hairs of Victor Von Doom. Playing the role of Gustav will be Agent Carter actor Enver Gjokaj while playing Gert will be Alcatraz actor Jason Butler Harner.

    Freddie Highmore as Alexander Flynn
    A young man who later introduces himself to Victor Von Doom. Alexander Flynn claims to be the illegitimate son of Victor Von Doom. Whether this is true or not what is known is that Flynn is currently involved in running an illicit fight club often attended by several of the Fortunov boy's army. Playing Flynn will be Bates Motel actor Freddie Highmore

    Boris McGiver as Gorzenko -- Charles Baker as Dubcek
    Two politicians and ambassadors for Latveria. Both Gorzenko and Dubcek very much have seen all kinds of horrible acts committed in their homeland. However with their connections to other countries they are able to cover up the dictatorship rule that the king holds. Playing the role of Gorzenko will be Person of Interest actor Boris McGiver while playing Dubcek will be Breaking Bad actor Charles Baker.

    Billy Burke as Mad Thinker
    A scientist and mathematician who has convinced or deluded himself that with his vast knowledge he could predict the future. A rival of Reed Richards, The Mad Thinker became associated with Victor Von Doom on one of his US excursions where the Thinker claimed to see the potential in Von Doom. Now a trusted adviser for Doom, Mad Thinker very much acts as an adviser of sorts for Doom. Playing the role of Mad Thinker will be Revolution and Twilight actor Billy Burke.

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    Re: Marvel

    Several new Marvel shows in the pipeline

    After a spate of successful miniseries all focusing on several of the more lesser known or niche characters in the Marvel Universe. It hasn't been surprising that the Fox Marvel Universe has continued to follow this trend by announcing several more new miniseries set to come to light. Currently with Eric Brooks/Blade (DB Woodside), Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider (Taylor Kitsch), Frank Castle/The Punisher (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Marc Spector/Moon Knight (Charlie Hunnam), Namor (Daniel Dae Kim), Brian Braddock/Captain Britain (Max Brown) and Victor Von Doom/Doctor Doom (Martin Wallstrom) all either having or being set for these series' it can now be confirmed that several other's have in fact been commissioned today. Two of these will focus on characters who have already appeared in the Fox Marvel series as it can be revealed that both Black Widow (Rebecca Ferguson) and Hawkeye (Mike Vogel) each have a series lined up. With this announcement several new characters have been announced for both the series' already mentioned as well as some for the future. Rumors also indicate that there will soon be a future announcement about some more prospective miniseries including one set to focus on Venom (Ryan Kwanten).

    Iko Uwais as Shang-Chi
    Born into the Hu'Nan Providence of China. Shang-Chi was raised by his father Fu Manchu to be a warrior. With every waking moment of the day spent training in multiple forms of martial arts. Shang-Chi is widely regarded as one of the most skilled fighters in hand to hand combat in the universe. Over the course of the story Shang-Chi will steadily begin to grow conflicted by his father's orders and commands as the two clearly have different views on the world. Playing the role of Chi will be The Raid actor Iko Uwais.

    Collin Choi as Fu Manchu
    A genius who is a master of medicine and the ancient mystical arts. A mastermind and the leader of the Si-Fan which is a cult like organisation. Fu Manchu is described by many as a master of disguise and deception capable of manipulating anyone in order to get what he wants. This includes several of his children including Shang-Chi who slowly begins to see the error of his father's way. Playing Fu Manchu will be Matrix actor Collin Chou

    Lee Jones as Hercules
    With Marvel looking to expand into god's with it's upcoming Thor (Travis Fimmell) series. It is no surprise that a story focusing on the gods of olympus. This includes the titular character of the story Hercules. The son of Zeus, Hercules is described as one of the strongest beings in existence. With his might making him a recognized hero to many. Playing the role of Hercules will be Bastard Executioner actor Lee Jones.

    Sean Bean as Zeus
    The olympian god of Thunder and Wisdom. Zeus currently sits on the throne as the ruler of olympus. Married to the goddess Hera. Zeus is believed to have fathered many children with others much to the anger of the goddess. This includes his son Hercules who Zeus fathered with a human. Playing the role of Hercules with be Game of Thrones actor Sean Bean.

    Julia Goldani Telles as Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman
    Originally from London, England Jessica Drew had a troubled and traumatic childhood. This included her becoming extremely ill thanks to exposure to her father's work as a scientist. Her father in a last ditch attempt to save her life would inject her with a special formula containing irradiated spider's blood. This serum would eventually cure her but when Jessica fully recovered she had found that her mother had died and her father had vanished. This would lead to Jessica having to go out on her own and make her own life. Playing Jessica will be Affair actress Julia Goldani Telles.

    Richard Speight Jr as Scotty McDowell
    A criminologist and a long time ally of Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman. Scotty McDowell is one of the rare few she has trusted with her identity. Confined to a wheel chair McDowell is believed to be frustrated at his inability to do more to help Jessica. While it is also speculated that he harbors some feelings for her. Playing the role of McDowell will be Supernatural actor Richard Speight Jr.

    Eric Roberts as Karl Malus
    At one point in time Karl Malus was a respected scientist and surgeon in his field. However no those days are long gone and Malus is looked at as a mad scientist who works for criminals. A lot of this has come from Karl's fascination with powered individuals and his attempts to recreate them. His work quickly puts him in the cross hairs of Spider-Woman. Playing the role of Malus will be Dark Knight actor Eric Roberts.

    Cheyenne Jackson as Fantomex
    A mutant assassin who is believed to be technologically advanced. Fantomex is highly skilled in the art of misdirection. This is thanks to his highly powerful ability to create realistic illusions. Little is known about the man under the mask or what his motivations are. But when he crosses paths with Deadpool (Jensen Ackles), Domino (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Cable (Stephen Lang). He is quickly looked at as a strong candidate for the X-Force. Playing the role of Fantomex will be American Horror Story star Cheyenne Jackson

    Sasha Roiz as Alexei Shostakov/Red Gaurdian
    A former love interest of Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow. Alexei Shostakov was a skilled pilot for the soviet union and a decorated war hero. Later selected to become the Russian equivalent to Captain America. Red Guardian was trained in secret to become the warrior he is now. However this training has also altered who he is as a person making Alexei ruthless and vindictive. Playing the role of Alexei will be Grimm actor Sasha Roiz.

    Josh Hartnett as Barney Barton
    The older brother of Clint Barton, Charles Bernard Barton aka Barney very much acted as a carer for his younger more reckless brother growing up. While Clint at points would fall into the wrong crowd Barney kept on the straight and narrow. This eventually parted the two brothers with Barney later becoming a member of the FBI. That would be at least until a tragic accident altered his life forever. Playing the role of Barney will be Penny Dreadful actor Josh Hartnett.

    Michael Madsen as Buck Chisholm/Trick Shot
    In some interesting news ahead of the Hawkeye miniseries. It can be revealed that the show will very much delve into the early days of Hawkeye and just how he became the skilled marksman he is today. This is where the man known as Buck Chisholm aka Trick Shot comes into play. Described by some as a petty conman who worked as a star attraction in the Carson Carnival of Travelling Wonders. Buck Chisholm is a skilled archer who soon in order to pay off debts takes a young man under his wing. Playing the role of Chisholm will be Resevoir Dogs actor Michael Madsen.

    Rachel Bilson as Kate Bishop
    There was a time when Kate Bishop was an innocent young woman with her life firmly ahead of her. That is until she was brutally attacked in central park. The trauma of the attack has led Kate to train intensely in as many of the arts of combat. Before finally her hard work, level headedness and skills got her recruited by SHIELD. Since then Bishop has worked closely with Hawkeye and Mockingbird proving herself to be a worthy ally in the field. Playing the role of Bishop will be Hart of Dixie actress Rachel Bilson.

    Damian Lewis as Damon Dran
    With the Black Widow miniseries being confirmed. The main antagonist for the story has also been unveiled in munitions magnate Damon Dran. The arms dealer who has no problems with his war profiteering as he sold to a multitude of terrorist organisations over the years. In looking to remain ahead of the game Dran has recently began funding a project known as Project four. Playing the role of Dran will be Homeland actor Damian Lewis.

    Sarah Shahi as Yelena Belova
    A fellow spy like Black Widow who underwent similar training at the Red Room. Yelena Belova is an amoral spy and assassin who finds herself at odds with Black Widow on a mission. With the two now holding different loyalties they are now on opposite sides. Now out to kill her former friend Yelena finds that Natasha isn't as willing to engage her in battle as she instead looks to turn Yelena. Playing the role of the assassin will be Person of Interest actress Sarah Shahi.

    John Goodman as George Washington Bridge
    A former soldier turned mercenary who has now become a high ranking member of SHIELD. George Washington Bridge is a man who has a hatred for powered individuals having had previous encounters with several powered people. Bridge despite SHIELD's willingness to work with several powered individuals remains firm in his hatred. However lately Bridge has become focused on a new target as he sets his sights on capturing The Punisher. Playing Bridge will be 10 Cloverfield Lane actor John Goodman.

    Osric Chau as Amadeus Cho
    A highly intelligent young man who is considered one of the greatest minds of this generation. Entering in a contest to find a young genius however would change Cho's life forever. Following the loss of his loving parents Cho changed as a person. This caused him to become secretive and distrusting of the world. That is until he met Bruce Banner (Hugh Dancy). From there Cho found a kindred spirit and a friend and worked hard to help Bruce solve his problems. Playing the role of Cho will be Supernatural actor Amadeus Cho.

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    Re: Marvel

    Fox Broadcasting Presents

    X-Men Season 4: Age of Apocalypse

    "Peace does not invoke strength. Instead it invites weakness. In order for mutants to evolve. They must be strong!" Apocalypse

    It goes without saying that so far in the duration of the Fox Marvel Universe that the X-Men story lines have often been regarded as some of it's weaker outings. This of course comes following a troubled, messy first season and despite the following seasons being improvements, still falling short of reaching it's potential. To the fourth season's credit while still not at the show's peak there was a lot of improvement. This included in some rather unpredictable story telling as well as surprising character development for some of it's lesser established cast. Unlike the previous two seasons which focused on a human with his agenda against mutants. This season gave us an imposing not to mention commanding mutant threat while also furthering the major political story line of mutant rights which has been ongoing since season one. As with such a powerful antagonist the growth of mutant hate groups increased as did the popularity of outspoken mutant hating senator Robert Kelly (Leland Orser). While not a key part so far in any of the seasons antagonist wise, it is clear that there is something being built on with all these appearances by the senator due to his usual association with the likes of Bolivar Trask and William Stryker in the past. Going by a post credit scene which will be addressed later on one might say that Kelly could in fact be considered one of the primary antagonists of the entire series.

    Carrying on the differences from the past seasons this season had a more religious side to it or to be accurate a more question of belief. This was in display early on thanks to the dynamic of mutants Caliban (Toby Schmitz) and Mesmero (Burn Gorman). Both mutants who proclaimed to be devout followers of their god made for some compelling scenes thanks to their respective gifts. As in Caliban you had someone who was later referred to as a hell hound thanks to his gifts for locating other mutants. Meanwhile in Mesmero with his abilities to hypnotize you had the spokesman for god as he was able to recruit followers. This is what led them to Angel (Jackson Rathbone). The former X-Men who tragically had his wings damaged to the point of no repair in the previous season was a shadow of his former self. Now a heavy drinking, violent, surly and embittered individual which made him an ideal potential recruit in many ways for them. While he definitely hasn't been used as well as he could have been in previous seasons this season gave the character of Angel a chance to break out as it showed a darker more desperate edge to his character which led to this villainous turn. Of course in order to join them Angel would need some convincing.

    These early scenes also set up an interesting father and son dynamic which would feature across the season. As Angel soon got all the convincing he needed when he was brought to the temple of En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse (Kevin Grevioux). A commanding presence the second he arrives on screen Apocalypse very much commands respect from his servants. A tyrant to some and a messiah to others Apocalypse seems to harbor a modicum of respect towards Warren Worthington/Angel due to his strength of mind and sheer will. Because of this respect Apocalypse would make Angel his personal archangel as he granted him artificial wings to replace his damaged ones. It was here also we met several of Apocalypse's other followers known as The Dark Riders. This group led by Gauntlet (Langley Kirkwood) is comprised of Tusk (Joseph Gatt), Foxbat (Frederick Weller), Spyne (Tyson Sullivan) and Lifeforce (Valerie Curry). This group strongly followed the words of their god and very much acted as his loyal foot soldiers. It was here that more of Apocalypse's plans were unveiled as the ruler strongly believed in survival of the fittest and saw a world full of strong mutants all of whom he intended to use in his goal to eliminate the weaker species being humanity.

    Meanwhile in what seemed to be a recurring trend for this season with other character's receiving more prominent feature. The scenes at the X-Men mansion were not featuring Wolverine (Manu Bennett) for the first time. With Wolverine leaving at the end of season 3 following his battle with Sabretooth. He opted to leave in order to find out who he really was. The absence of Wolverine in these scenes allowed for a more prominent feature on a few of the newer additions to the X-Men family being Nightcrawler (Iwan Rheon), X-23 (India Eisley) and Rogue (Lyndsey Fonesca). All of whom had their own specific traits and characteristics with Rogue for example being a hardened, stubborn girl who deep down was afraid to let anyone in at risk of hurting them with her powers. Meanwhile in Nightcrawler you had a deeply religious character who was equally positive and light hearted making him a breath of fresh air for the series. While with X-23 there was a girl who for the first time in her life was experiencing what it was like to have kindness and friends after a harsh upbringing in the weapon plus program. Meanwhile also two of the more underused characters in the series so far Storm (Kerry Washington) and Beast (Tyler Hoechlin) were given more screen time. As both stepped up in their roles at the Xavier Institute and began to teach and mentor students in their own right.

    Concerned about the whereabouts of Logan, Jean Grey (Evan Rachel Wood) asked Charles Xavier (Terry O'Quinn) if he had tried using cerebro to find him. Jean's concern definitely appeared to bother her boyfriend Scott Summers/Cyclops (Ian Somerholder). This of course continued the story of a potential love triangle as well as the burgeoning anger Cyclops held to Logan. Despite the loss of one of their strongest members the team had to carry on with their work as normal. This included a spate of disappearances of mutants across the globe including Angel. This news was brought to them by an old friend of Charles, Moira MacTaggert (Winona Ryder). A former love interest of Charles who has since become a leading authority of Genetic Mutation. With her work in the government Moira had proved a valuable ally to Charles over the years and she did so here as she surprised Charles with the news that these disappearances are believed not to be the work of the Brotherhood who are said to be remaining quiet at the moment.

    This quiet phase was down to the orders of Magneto (Mads Mikkelsen). Showing a different side to his personality than we had seen previously from him in the last few. Magneto despite his want for mutant supremacy showed his level of care for all mutants and his level for respect for Charles as he sought to genuinely do what he could for his Brotherhood. This included toying with the idea of having the Brotherhood actually join the X-Men. This news seemed to affect all the group differently with the likes of Mystique (Yvonne Strahoski), Pyro (Jake Abel) and Avalanche (Alex O'Loughlin) all seeming rather against it. Whereas Magneto's children Quicksiler (Alex Pettyfer) and Scarlett Witch (Ruth Wilson) both liked the idea of all mutants coming together. Meanwhile new recruit Gambit (Alexander Skarsgaard) was fine with any idea that benefited him.

    Of course it would soon be revealed that these abductions and later murders of mutants across the world were in fact the work of Apocalypse and his Dark Riders. Sending them out to find and test mutants to see if they were worthy of following him. Apocalypse hadn't found many so far who he did consider worthy. However what he did gain was his four horseman from this recruitment. This included Autumn Rolfson/Famine (Danielle Harris) who was capable of disintegrating organic matter while also inducing extreme hunger to those she chooses, Plague/Pestilence (Amanda Plummer) who was capable of absorbing and spreading any disease to people she came into contact with, Psylocke/War (Katharine Isabelle) a mutant with telekinetic abilities capable of using her powers to create deadly weapons and lastly Sunfire/Death (Lee Byung Hun) who was capable of generating plasma which he uses to release as force blasts from his hands.

    Despite the news that the brotherhood wasn't involved it didn't stop Charles reaching out to Magneto. In a scene reminiscent from the pilot episode of Fox's Marvel program. While Marvel has limited the solo scenes between Charles and Erik. It has to be said that every time the two have been put together they are some of the most well acted scenes. In this scene the two mutants spoke to one another with great respect albeit a slight hint of tension as Charles remained unsure of Erik's motivations. That is until Erik gave Charles permission to enter his mind and see for himself. Concerned in regards to the potential threat towards all of them Charles made the decision to bring Erik back to the mansion where Magneto came face to face with Moira. There was a past teased here as well as there was a noted coldness between the two. As they discussed the disappearances and the threat to mutants everywhere again Jean would intercept things and urge Charles to use cerebro in order to reach out to Wolverine. In making this decision Charles and Magneto finally got a look at just who they were up against. Because when they used cerebro to hone in on Logan's location they found him in battle with the Dark Riders who were yet again looking to test another mutant.

    Seeing Logan in trouble The X-Men along with Magneto headed for the X-Jet and began to make their way to rescue their ally. Meanwhile in battle the Dark Riders showed their lack of restraint for the weak also applied to one another as Wolverine was able to viciously decapitate Spyne and mortally wound Foxbat. With Foxbat hurt Lifeforce would drain the remaining life from him but as she did this Apocalypse would appear before Wolverine along with Archangel, Mesmero and Caliban. Impressed with the ferocity displayed by Wolverine, Apocalypse detailed his plans for making the world stronger. At first it seemed Wolverine was unsure of Apocalypse's words but thanks to an assist by Mesmero, Wolverine soon joined the cause as the X-Jet showed up. Coming face to face with Apocalypse for the first time both Charles and Magneto seemed stunned by the sheer power they could feel from this mutant. Again Apocalypse spoke of his plans for his new world as he looked to invite the X-Men and Magneto to join him.

    When they refused his offer it was here that we saw the more ruthless side of Apocalypse as he ordered his riders to attack The X-Men. Along with Wolverine and Angel who complied with his orders the remaining Dark Riders attacked. While the X-Men appeared to be hesitant to hurt their friends it was clear that neither Wolverine or Angel had the same concern that is until Magneto pinned Wolverine to the ground allowing Cyclops to knock him out following an optic blast. Angel however proved to be a different challenge as he was completely devout to the ways of Apocalypse and attacked his former friends without any remorse. However soon a third party would join the group as a mutant known as Bishop (Michael Jai White) led his team comprised of Warpath (Anthony Ruivivar) and Moonstar (Q'orianka Kilcher) into the fray. The trio quickly established themselves as potential allies for Charles and his team as Warpath managed to kill both Gauntlet and Tusk meanwhile a combination of Moonstar and Bishop was able to destroy Angel's new wings thanks to an energy blast by Bishop. This would lead to Angel falling to his death while Apocalypse, Caliban, Mesmero and Lifeforce made their exit.

    Due to the increase of mutant on mutant violence thanks to the dark riders efforts, Robert Kelly's hatred towards mutants grew as he urged citizens and members of the senate to agree to his mutant registration act idea. This idea would of course bring him into frequent conflict with Moira McTaggert as well as Hank McCoy/Beast who were doing all they could together in an effort to turn mutant publicity around. Meanwhile having rescued Wolverine from the clutches of Apocalypse, Jean Grey did her best with her abilities to pull him from Mesmero's spell. As this happened Charles Xavier and Magneto spoke with Bishop. Explaining how he come from a dystopian future under Apocalypse's rule. Bishop explained that he had come back to this time with his allies in an effort to change history from the horrors they face back home. Allowing Charles to enter his mind we saw glimpses of this horrific time in which Apocalypse was ruling. This included a new form of sentinel robot designed to eliminate those deemed too weak by Apocalypse. While at first The X-Men was unsure of Bishop thanks to Charles' endorsement him and his group were soon welcome allies.

    While the X-Men also looked to regroup and help welcome Logan back into the fray. Focus then turned to Apocalypse and his group. Dismayed at the fall of many of his dark riders Apocalypse made the decision to bring his Horsemen into the field. However in private we saw a different side to this ruthless tyrant. As in private the so called god of mutants had concerns and fears of his own. This includes a noted chink in his armor which it appeared that only Caliban and Mesmero were truly aware of. Of course he didn't have much time to focus on that weakness which was kept quiet for now as instead he and his group opted to look elsewhere for followers. With the X-Men turning him down Apocalypse and his team showed up before the Brotherhood. Claiming to be impressed with the mutants ways in the past. Apocalypse extended an offer to the Brotherhood and Magneto to join his side. Now while you may assume these two villains could work together with their hatred of humanity. Having seen Apocalypse and his group in action before Magneto refused as there was a noted difference between the two. While Magneto wanted prosperity and cared for all mutants. Apocalypse only favored the strong.

    However while the likes of Magneto, Mystique and Scarlet Witch knew better than to join his cause. Meanwhile the likes of Avalance, Pyro and Quicksilver all remained unsure. However Gambit true to his what suits himself nature on display earlier was quick to join Apocalypse and his team. Branding the conflicted and the refuters weak Apocalypse and his horsemen attacked the brotherhood in a battle which would also determine just where the loyalties of the undecided would lie. As in a shocking scene a combination of Plague inflicting her with sickness would weaken Scarlet Witch and allow Psylocke to stab her through the chest with one of her swords. While the Brotherhood would watch on in horror as she collapsed to the floor dying. As Apocalypse and his team made their leave a vengeful Magneto promised he would kill the god.

    As he returned to his base with his horsemen Apocalpse surprisingly would collapse. This again went back to that weakness from earlier. His followers shocked at his weakened state it was revealed that while Apocalypse cannot die. His body can and before it does he needs a new host which is why he has gathered this array of followers. To not only help him achieve his vision of taking over the world once and for all but to also help him find a vessel which can host his body. Aiding him in this quest was of course Caliban who thanks to his abilities had managed to find a few potential mutants suitable of containing his power. Meanwhile Lifeforce had been aiding him by stealing the lifeforce of some of her victims and passing it onto Apocalypse. Of course the question would come just what mutants could potentially harbor the power of apocalypse. Several names were then mentioned for a variety of reasons including Magneto, Charles Xavier, Wolverine, Jean Grey and Rogue.

    While Apocalypse's minions began to plot their next move, A grieving Magneto and the remaining members of the Brotherhood met up with the X-Men. With vengeance purely on his mind Magneto made it clear that he was fully intending to bring death to Apocalypse. Meanwhile having done her research onto the mutant himself Moira McTaggert proved herself to be a valuable ally to the group as she provided some backstory to Apocalypse. Revealing that there have been stories of En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse since ancient egypt. This includes reports of him over the years at times of great conflict in the world. With the reports she has seen stating that is believed he is the cause of many of this conflict and war. This tied in with what details Bishop had been able to provide to the group as they gained more knowledge on their foe. Knowledge that would soon have to be put to use as Lifeforce, Mesmero, Caliban, Gambit and the Horsemen arrived on the outskirts of the Xavier institute.

    With Apocalypse notably absent from the proceedings it was clear that his followers had a mission to achieve. As they looked to gain a potential transplant for Apocalypse while eliminating everything and everyone that got in their way. What followed was an impressive, action packed war between the opposing mutant factions which would see casualties taken on both sides. Early on in the battle the abilities of Famine and Plague played heavily into effect as they weakened all attackers for their heavy hitters. During the process it appeared that Psylocke would execute Shadowcat when in a surprising degree of self sacrifice Avalanche would step between the two and be impaled by Psylocke's blade. This of course played on some past build of a potential attraction between Avalanche and Shadowcat which in turn caused his death. Meanwhile in another surprising degree of selflessness Mystique heavily fought to protect both Nightcrawler and Rogue from Famine's onslaught. With Famine fully targeting Mystique with her abilities she would soon be destroyed thanks to Wolverine who cut her in half with his claws.

    In his first scenes in conflict Gambit proved himself to be a skilled combatant as he busted out both his trademark staff and cards from the comics to combat the likes of Beast and Cyclops. However things would change when Gambit came fact to face with Rogue. Similar to what was mentioned earlier with Avalanche and Shadowcat, there was a notable chemistry and connection between the two. One which would later play into a heavy effect as Plague looked to target Rogue only to have Gambit surprisingly rescue her from the battle field. This turn would allow a vengeful Mystique the opportunity to snap the neck of Plague killing her once and for all. As their numbers began to fall Apocalypse's minions started to flee choosing to fight another day. That would be apart from Mesmero who found himself out matched mentally by the abilities of Jean Grey. This would render Mesmero helpless and soon at the mercy of Magneto.

    Because in some brutal scenes that followed Magneto with the knowledge of Mesmero's abilities to manipulate others. Instead of letting Charles and Jean just enter his mind and risk seeing a manipulated vision of Apocalypse. Magneto opted to torture Mesmero as he was clearly taking out the anger of his daughter's death on the mutant. While Magneto's methods raised a question of morality among some of the mutants. Having seen the power of Apocalypse and his team plus his designs on the world. It was accepted as a necessary evil and one which would pay off as eventually Mesmero would spill his guts about everything he knew. From where Apocalypse was hiding to his weakness and need of a host. With this news the X-Men realized that now is the time to strike and defeat Apocalypse. Having told them all he knew Mesmero was a defeated man who was quickly put out of his misery as Magneto impaled him with several knives.

    In the run up to the final battle a few key scenes were then shown. One of which involved Senator Robert Kelly again use the goings on in the mutant community to promote his latest idea of a mutant registration act. An act which has been heavily funded by a mysterious individual known as Graydon Creed (Milo Ventimiglia). Also shown was a scene between Mystique and Wolverine in which Mystique surprisingly made a revelation to her long time foe. As after being questioned by wolverine she revealed that both Rogue and Nightcrawler were in fact her children. She would curiously also mention that she had one other out there but that they must never know that she is their mother out of fear that they would reject her for the things she had done. With the location of Apocalypse's tomb in egypt where he was set to slumber and rest knowing that as the years pass his opposition will grow old and weak. The X-Men team consisting of Charles, Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Storm, Jean, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Iceman, Shadowcat, Colossus and X-23 were joined by Magneto, Mystique, Pyro, Gambit as well as Bishop, Warpath and Moonstar in the quinjet to head to the location.

    As they arrived in Egypt and at Apocalypse's tomb they would find it heavily guarded by some low level new members of the dark riders who were led by Caliban. Also guarding Apocalypse was Psylocke and Sunfire while Apocalypse was inside his tomb with Lifeforce who was again granting him life with her abilities. This ensuing battle would be more intense than the last as there was this brooding sense of the unknown and a feeling that anyone could die. It made for suspenseful viewing as in a shocking moment Sunfire was able to overcome the powers of Moonstar and use his abilities to shockingly kill both her and Warpath. His actions would soon cost him though as Sunfire was soon brought down thanks to a combination of Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Storm with Bishop delivering the final blow to gain revenge for the loss of his friends. Unfortunately before any success could be had a more tragic moment followed as Nightcrawler similar to Scarlet Witch earlier was cut down by Psylocke.

    Falling to the ground Nightcrawler was caught by a horrified Mystique who was soon joined by Rogue as the X-Men looked on stunned. As Mystique said a tearful goodbye it was revealed that Nightcrawler did in fact know of his parentage and in his last words he revealed to Rogue that he was her brother and that she like him was a child of Mystique's. Angered by the loss of her friends Storm sent down several bolts of Lightning to Psylocke with one blow knocking her off her feet before she was viciously mauled by Beast killing her. Meanwhile with the dark riders easily defeated once more Caliban would also be killed thanks to a combination attack from Pyro and Iceman who seemingly put their rivalry aside for the time being. Although while this battle may have seemed a success in some aspects. It also acted as a diversion for Apocalypse who had seemingly grown stronger thanks to Lifeforce's efforts.

    This strength would allow him to enter the fight and on his own his true powers were on display. These abilities including Super Strength, Telekinesis, Energy Blasts, Shape Shifting, Flight, telepathy and speed. Making him both a physical and mental threat for all those who stood across from him. This marked a strong improvement from the past seasons of the X-Men series as we finally saw a truly powerful and threatening antagonist both physically and mentally to the team and one who was shockingly able to take the fight to all the mutants involved. However soon a chink in his armor would be found as while Apocalypse at his power could beat any who stand in front of him, his abilities began to take a toll on his host. This would cause Lifeforce again to emerge from the shadows and look to strengthen him however this time she would be struck down and killed by Quicksilver. With his power source gone Apocalypse soon found himself overwhelmed and out matched thanks to his host being drained. From here after enduring physical attacks from the likes of beast, cyclops, wolverine, X-23, Pyro, Iceman, Gambit among others as well as mental attacks by the likes of Charles and Jean. Apocalypse soon found his armor torn from him by Magneto.

    As Apocalypse fell to his knees he began to muse that even in his host's death he could not be killed. That is until Magneto revealed that they didn't plan on killing Apocalypse. Instead they had other plans and it was here that the true strength of Jean Grey came into play as using her abilities combined with Charles they was able to trap Apocalypse once and for all in an astral plane where he would be doomed to spend eternity. Following the defeat of Apocalypse all the mutants returned home were they buried all their friends and loved ones who fell in the battles to save the world. A surprising offer would then be made by Charles to Magneto for him and his Brotherhood to join the X-Men. One which after much deliberation the group would surprisingly accept with a touching moment being Mystique promising to make up for lost time with her daughter. Another surprise would be that of Bishop agreeing to stick around in this time with the promise that while he wouldn't join the X-Men as he needed to find himself in this new world, that he'd be there if he needed them.

    This would bring an end to another season of the X-Men story as part of Fox's Marvel Universe. While still not perfect, the show definitely showed some great signs of improvement this time round especially with it's designs on improving the character's of some of it's lesser focused stars. As per marvel custom a single post credit scene would then be shown with a embittered Robert Kelly in his office having his proposal for a mutant registration act rejected. Kelly would soon be joined by Graydon Creed who harbored a similar hate of mutants for unknown reasons. In a brief speech Creed stated that an act isn't enough to bring down the mutants but that he has another plan. One which first needs the world to have the right motivation to go along with. The scene would then cut out with Kelly nodding his head in agreement stating he is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the mutants.

    Charles Xavier/Professor X - Played by Terry O'Quinn
    Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto - Played by Mads Mikkelsen
    Scott Summers/Cyclops - Played by Ian Somerholder
    Raven Darkholme/Mystique - Played by Yvonne Strahovski
    Jean Grey - Played by Evan Rachel Wood
    James Howlett/Wolverine - Played by Manu Bennett
    Hank McCoy/Beast - Played by Tyler Hoechlin
    Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver - Played by Alex Pettyfer
    Ororo Monroe/Storm - Played by Kerry Washington
    Robert Kelly - Played by Leland Orser
    Bobby Drake/Iceman - Played by Kyle Gallner
    John Allardyce/Pyro - Played by Jake Abel
    Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat - Played by Leighton Meester
    Piotr Rasputin/Colossus - Played by Alexander Ludwig
    Laura Kinney/X23 - Played by India Eisley
    Remy Labeau/Gambit - Played by Alexander Skarsgard
    Bishop - Played by Michael Jai White
    Anna Marie/Rogue - Played by Lyndsey Fonesca
    Moira McTaggert - Played by Winona Ryder (Guest Star)
    Graydon Creed - Played by Milo Ventimiglia


    Warren Worthington/Angel - Played by Jackson Rathbone - Killed by Bishop
    Apocalypse - Played by Kevin Grevioux
    Mesmero - Played by Burn Gorman - Killed by Magneto
    Caliban - Played by Toby Schmitz - Killed by Iceman
    Sunfire/Death - Played by Lee Byung Hun- Killed by Bishop
    Plague/Pestilence - Played by Amanda Plummer - Killed by Mystique
    Autumn Rolfson/Famine - Played by Danielle Harris - Killed by Wolverine
    Psylocke/War - Played by Katharine Isabelle - Killed by Beast
    Gauntlet - Played by Langley Kirkwood - Killed by Warpath
    Foxbat - Played by Frederick Weller - Killed by Lifeforce
    Tusk - Played by Joseph Gatt - Killed by Warpath
    Spyne - Played by Tyson Sullivan - Killed by Wolverine
    Lifeforce - Played by Valerie Curry - Killed by Quicksilver
    Dominikos Petrakis/Avalanche - Played by Alex O'Loughlin - Killed by Psylocke
    Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler - Played by Iwan Rheon - Killed by Psylocke
    Wanda Maximoff/Scarlett Witch - Played by Ruth Wilson - Killed by Psylocke
    Danielle Moonstar - Played by Q'orianka Kilcher - Killed by Sunfire
    Warpath - Played by Anthony Ruivivar - Killed by Sunfire

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    Re: Marvel

    X-Men Season 5 confirmed - Plot revealed - New characters announced

    Following the completion of season 4 of X-Men. It is not surprising that a fifth season has been confirmed. This season is set to be a turning point of the series as it will not only focus on the mutant landscape now that the Brotherhood is no more and has joined the X-Men. While also focusing heavily on Graydon Creed's plot against the mutants.

    Jon Hamm as Jason Wyngarde
    A mysterious benefactor of Graydon Creed who has been believed to have been apart of Creed's life for many years. Just what Wyngarde's agenda is has yet to be revealed but what is known is that Wyngarde has been heavily apart of Creed's planning for his moment. Playing the role of Wyngarde will be Mad Men star Jon Hamm.

    Winona Ryder as Moira MacTaggert
    Having appeared as a guest star in the previous season it is no surprise to see Moira MacTaggert officially confirmed as a star for this coming season. A leading authority on Genetic mutation, Mactaggert is one of the few human allies the X-Men has. It is also believed that she has a long past with both Charles and Erik. Playing the role of Moira will of course be Stranger Things actress Winona Ryder.

    Kevin Durand as Juggernaught
    Described as quite possibly one of the strongest and powerful beings on earth. The man known formerly as Cain Marko is in fact the step brother of Charles Xavier and is someone that Charles has long believed to be dead. That is until he resurfaces under the moniker of Juggernaught in a series of brutal mutant attacks as he looks for revenge on his step brother. Playing the role of Cain will be The Strain actor Kevin Durand.

    Josh Blackler as Omega Red
    A cruel, violent and sadistic individual. Arkady Rossovich was once sentenced to death with only his later discovered mutant abilities saving him. From here he was heavily experimented on with a variation of the Weapon X program. This has turned him into the deadly cyborg known only as Omega Red who begins to appear in several vicious mutant attacks. Playing the role of Rossovich will be The Marine 4 actor Josh Blackler.

    Jaqueline Toboni as Fatale
    A deadly teleporting mutant known only as Fatale. The female mutant is a highly feared assassin with no known ties who begins participating in several mutant attacks across New York for reasons unknown. Playing the role of Fatale will be Grimm actress Jaqueline Toboni.

    James Patrick Stuart as Jamie Madrox
    A former mutant private eye. Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. With an ability to duplicate himself this is how Madrox has earned his name. While for most part a mutant who keeps to himself and his cases. Lately Madrox has uncharacteristically been apart of some high profile mutant attacks. Playing Madrox will be Supernatural actor James Patrick Stuart.

    Fredric Lehne as Roderick Campbell
    Rounding out the cast will be a scientist who works for Jason Wyngarde known as Roderick Campbell. The scientist who has long focused his work on mutants. Is believed to be working on some highly classified projects for Wyngarde as part of Graydon Creed's agenda. Playing the role of Campbell will be Supernatural actor Fredric Lehne.

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    Re: Marvel

    X-Force show officially confirmed - Plot revealed - Characters announced

    It has been rumored for a while that an X-Force show would begin production soon in the Fox Marvel universe. With characters such as Deadpool (Wade Wilson), Cable (Stephen Lang), Domino (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Fantomex (Cheyenne Jackson) all announced previously. It can now be confirmed that there will in fact be an X-Force show in the coming future. The show will very much focus on Cable putting the militant, mutant team together to battle enemies to mutant kind worldwide.

    Colin Farrell as Black Tom Cassidy
    A cousin of former X-Men member Banshee (Joseph Gilgun). It is said that Tom Cassidy walks with a slight limp to this day because of a run in with his cousin. A noted mutant terrorist and extremist. Black Tom Cassidy has the ability to generate concussive blasts from a Shillelagh he carries on his person at all times. Along with this it is believed that he has some healing abilities. Playing the role of Cassidy will be True Detective, Fantastic Beasts and Miami Vice star Colin Farrell.

    Luke Arnold as Matthew Risman
    A former soldier who served under William Stryker (James Woods). Matthew Risman in many ways is the successor to Stryker when it comes to mutant hate groups. The leader of an outspoken mutant protest group known as the purifiers. Risman's methods begin to grow more extreme overtime as he begins to closely follow the path of his mentor. Playing Risman will be Black Sails actor Luke Arnold.

    David Wenham as Henry Gyrich
    An ambitious politician and known thorn in the side of mutants. Despite his public denial it has long been believed that Henry Gyrich is in fact a member of the Purifiers. His outspoken nature and rumored political ties however may come back to bite him as he is believed to be in the crosshairs of many mutants. Playing the role of Gyrich will be Lord of the Rings actor David Wenham.

    Lakeith Stanfield as Deathlok
    A former soldier who was severely wounded in battle. After suffering these severe injuries which should have in theory killed him. The soldier found his consciousness and brain implanted into the body of a cyborg known as Deathlok granting him a new lease on life. A powerful cyborg with enhanced strength and speed as well as the ability to fire off energy blasts. Deathlok unsurprisingly is someone that Cable looks to recruit immediately for the X-Force. Playing Deathlok will be Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfield.

    Dichen Lachman as Maria Callasantos/Feral
    A mutant with an incredibly bloody past. Feral by power, nature and name. It is said before her mutation took hold Maria had a rough childhood in an abusive home which hasn't helped this blood first inside of her. Thus making her a rather reluctant member of the team who others find hard to trust. Playing the role of Feral will be Agents of Shield actress Dichen Lachman.

    Liam Mcintyre as Cannonball
    Born Samuel Guthrie, The mutant later known as Cannonball was forced to grow up and provide for his large family quickly following the death of his father. Following in his father's footsteps as a coal miner. It would be during a cave in that Samuel discovered his ability to propel himself in the air like a human rocket. Playing the role of Cannonball will be Spartacus actor Liam McIntrye.

    Thomas Dominique as Killjoy
    A technologically enhanced Mutant and Mercenary. There is little known about the individual known as Killjoy apart from the fact that he is currently in the employ of Black Tom Cassidy. A master of weapons in particular swords as well as skilled in the art of stealth. Killjoy is a dangerous foe for the X-Force in it's early days. Playing Killjoy will be Black Mirror actor Thomas Dominique.

    Margaret Qualley as Boom Boom
    A young mutant who has only truly began to discover her true potential. Boom Boom aka Tabitha Smith is described as a troubled girl who has recently escaped the clutches of her abusive family. However these experiences have made her emotionally unstable and a volatile individual. Which combined with her ability to create energy bombs. Make her a dangerous addition to the team. Playing the role of Boom Boom will be Leftovers actress Margaret Qualley.

    Zach McGowan as Forge
    Born to a Cheyenne Tribe and gifted with Shaman Potential. Forge is not only gifted with mystical abilities from his tribe but also the ability to build anything he can think of. This ability he calls his Mechanical energy. Playing the role of Forge will be Black Sails and Agents of Shield actor Zach McGowan.

    Chris Zylka as Shatterstar
    A refugee from another world. The individual known as Shatterstar possesses several abilities to his credit. This includes enhanced physical attributes which have helped develop his militant mindset as well as the ability to produce shockwaves. Playing the role of Shatterstar will be Amazing Spiderman actor Chris Zylka.

    Chord Overstreet as Rictor
    The son of an arms dealer. The mutant known as Rictor grew up traumatized having witnessed his own father's death at the hands of criminals. A powerful mutant with the ability to create seismic vibrations. Rictor is currently believed to be in a relationship with fellow X-Force member Shatterstar. Playing Rictor will be Glee actor Chord Overstreet.

    Abigail Lawrie as Siryn
    The daughter of Black Tom Cassidy. The mutant known as Siyrn originally was sent to the states by her father to protect her from his criminal activities but on discovering her own powers, She began to aid her father in his activities. A powerful mutant with a deadly sonic scream. Siryn is entirely loyal to her father. Playing Siryn will be Tin Star actress Abigail Lawrie.

    Hilary Swank as Selene Gallio
    A mysterious woman and associate of Black Tom Cassidy. It is unknown just what Selene Gallio's connection to Cassidy and his agenda is. What is believed however is that Gallio is apart of a secret society. One which currently shares interests with Cassidy. Playing Selene is Million Dollar Baby star Hilary Swank

    Alexis Denisof as Harry Leland
    A powerfully connected individual and high roller. Harry Leland similar to Selene Gallio is believed to be apart of a long secret society. What is known as well is that with his power there are also many criminal ties with Leland believed to be a main backer of Black Tom's activities. Playing the role of Leland will be Grimm actor Alexis Denisof.

    Brenan Hines as Frederick Von Roehm
    A reclusive and highly privatized member of this society. The man known as Fredrick Von Roehm is known to usually have a stand in attend any meetings and such for unknown reasons. Thus making him in some manner a veritable ghost. Playing the role of Roehm will be Lie to Me actor Brendan Hines.

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