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    Re: Marvel

    Celestials, Eternals and Deviants are coming to the Fox Marvel Universe

    A trio of powerful species are set to arrive soon as part of Fox's Marvel universe. Boasting it's largest ensemble yet, this story will focus heavily on the role the Celestials play in the world. An ancient cosmic race of godlike beings, it is said that the Celestials are very much responsible for the rise in the enhanced as well as the cosmic battle between the Eternals and the Deviants. One of their first series of experiments was conducted on an early an early variant of the human race and it was because of this we'd get the Eternals. Yet an off shoot of this experimentation was the creation of the Deviant species. As while the Eternals were looked upon as godlike and saw to protect the human race, the deviants wished to rule it. However as the years pass it would be seen that along with conflict with each other, the races had their own issues with themselves.

    Robert Baker as Druig -- Paul Blackthorne as Kronos -- Tiger Chen as Kingo Sunen -- Steven R McQueen as Ajak
    The first reveals for this saga are Druig (Supergirl's Robert Baker), Kronos (Arrow's Paul Blackthorne), Kingo Sunen (Triple Threat's Tiger Chen) and Ajak (The Vampire Diaries Steven R McQueen). Four powerful members of the Eternals it is said that despite his abilities Druig is more tolerated by his people than respected. The same however could not be said for the distant Kronos who is said to be one of the most powerful Eternals despite his self imposed exile. Also respected is the warrior eternal known as Kingo Sunen who to this day forgoes his abilities in search of a true challenge. Rounding out the quartet is Ajak who is believed to be one of the few Eternals still living on earth, having grown fond of it.

    Keanu Reeves as Ultimus -- Maggie Geha as Pixie -- Russell Crowe as Zuras -- Emily Bett Rickards as Margo Damian
    The next four reveals are Ultimus (John Wick's Keanu Reeves), Pixie (Gotham's Maggie Geha), Zuras (Gladiator's Russell Crowe) and Margo Damian (Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards). Described as the only Kree Eternal, Ultimus has long been bound thanks to the Deviants. This is until desperate times call for desperate measures. One of the younger eternals is Pixie, but don't let her youth fool you as Pixie is feared thanks to her pixie dust which renders her victims to stone. The son of the great Kronos, Zuras is the current leader of the Eternals and fully committed to protecting the earth. Rounding out this group is a human woman by the name of Margo Damian who is unknowingly pulled into the war between Deviants and Eternals.

    Tim Pocock as Demeityr --
    Anson Mount as Virako -- Juliana Harkavy as Thena -- Krysten Ritter as Elysius
    Continuing on our introduction to the Eternals we next meet Demeityr (X Men's Tim Pocock), Virako (Star Trek's Anson Mount), Thena (Arrow's Juliana Harkavy) and Elysius (Jessica Jones' Krysten Ritter). Demeityr is a former resident of the planet titan who become an eternal, Virako is said to be the father of Ikaris, Thena who is said to be the reason for the latest conflict with the Deviants and lastly Elysius who is a genetically engineered Eternal.

    Daisy Ridley as Cybele -- Kevin Costner as Mentor -- Kelly Hu as Sui-San -- Stephen Amell as Starfox
    The next members of the Eternals are Cybele (Star Wars' Daisy Ridley), Mentor (Man of Steel's Kevin Costner), Sui-San (Scorpion King's Kelly Hu) and Starfox (Arrow's Stephen Amell). Starting out is the young wife of Zuras by the name of Cybele who is said to have little interest in ruling. Mentor, the brother of Zuras who has long coveted the crowd. Sui-San who is the wife of Mentor and Starfox who is the son of Mentor and Sui-San.

    Jennifer Garner as Sersi -- Rick Gonzalez as Phastos -- Caleb Landry Jones as Makkari -- Charlie Rowe as Dave Chatterton
    Our next wave of the Eternals features Sersi (Peppermint's Jennifer Garner), Phastos (Arrow's Rick Gonzalez), Makkari (Get Out's Caleb Landry Jones) and Dave Chatterton (Rocketman's Charlie Rowe). Known as one of the most strongest Eternals, it is said that Sersi's powers are even feared by Zuras himself. Phastos on the other hand is an Eternal whose strength is hard to judge thanks to his ambivalence towards combat. Powerful speedster Makkari and lastly Dave Chatterton, a human who draws the intrigue of Sersi.

    Domenick Lombardozzi as Karkas -- Robbie A Kay as Isaac -- Bruce Willis as Interloper -- Aiden Gallagher as Ikaris
    From here we meet our first Deviant in Karkas (Ray Donovan's Domenick Lombardozzi) who is believed to be sick of the fighting and despite his horrific appearance, believed to be growing disenchanted with his way of life. Isaac (Once Upon a Time's Robbie A Kay), who is an advanced AI construct of the Eternals. Interloper (Die Hard's Bruce Willis), who has sought for a quiet life in his own little space on earth. Lastly Ikaris (Umbrella Academy's Aiden Gallagher) who is the son of Virako.

    Kelsey Grammer as Daniel Damian -- Rachael Harris as Yrdisis -- Donnie Yen as Ulysses Dragonblood -- Odeya Rush as Zona
    Another human who learns of the Eternals is the father of Margo, Daniel Damian (X-Men's Kelsey Grammer) at first is an ally to the race. That is until measures out of his control change that perspective. Yrdisis (Lucifer's Rachael Harris) who is a female Deviant who has grown tired with the world order. Ulysses Dragonblood (Rogue One's Donnie Yen) who similar to Yrdisis begins to grow tired of his orders. Rounding out this group is the deviant known as Zona (Goosebumps' Odeya Rush) who is Dragonblood's pupil.

    Jon Bernthal as Tutinax --
    Chuck Liddell as Toro Rojo -- David Ramsey as Ransak the Reject -- Andrew Scott as Maelstrom
    Continuing to introduce the Deviants we are next introduced to some of it's more formidable members. Starting out with the fearsome Tutinax (Punisher's Jon Bernthal). From here we meet the powerhouse known as Toro Rojo (UFC Fighter Chuck Liddell) as well as former Deviant turned Eternal Ransak (Arrow's David Ramsey). Rounding out the group is a Deviant who is among the worst of the worst by the name of Maelstrom (Sherlock's Andrew Scott).

    Eric Dane as Kro - Paul Reubens as Ghaur - Olivia Munn as Ereshkigal - Arnold Schwarzenegger as Dromedan
    The next set of Deviants include Kro (X-Men's Eric Dane) whose bond with Thena is a cause for conflict. Ghaur (Comedian Paul Reubens), a deviant priest. Ereshkigal (X Men's Olivia Munn) who is described as a dimension hopping Deviant and lastly Dromedan (Arnold Schwarzenegger), a dangerous Deviant mutate who has long been bound.

    Joanna Vanderham as Dragona --
    JJ Field as Brother Tode - Lyriq Bent as Blackwulf - David Ajala as Argos the Hunter
    The final four Deviants include Dragona (Warrior's Joanna Vanderham), who is the sister of Ereshkigal. Brother Tode (Not Safe for Works JJ Field) who is a Deviant Warlord. Blackwulf (Saw's Lyriq Bent), who has a storied history with Ultimus and lastly Argos (Supergirl's David Ajala), who is a former pupil of Dragonblood who some believe has surpassed his master.

    Rami Malek as Arishem the Judge - Navid Negahban as Black Celestial - Roger Clark as Devron the Experimenter - Oded Fehr as Exitar the Exterminator
    Now we come to the Celestials. Said to be the authority of the Celestials, Arishem (Mr.Robot's Rami Malek) acts as a judge to determine the fate of planets and species. While for most part many Celestials are impartial, there are some exceptions including the Black Celestial (Legion's Navid Negahban) who is said to be siding with the deviants. One of the more younger Celestials is Devron (RDR2's Roger Clark) who is constantly in competition with his brother. Rounding out this group is the fearsome Exitar (The Mummy's Oded Fehr) who acts as an exterminator for the worlds deemed unworthy and in need of purification.

    Jacob Pitts as Gamiel the Manipulator - Drew Powell as Gammenon the Gatherer - Erin Richards as Goddess - Al Pacino as Jeremiah The Analyzer
    Also apart of the Celestial Line up are Gamiel (Justified's Jacob Pitts) who is the brother of Devron with the two constantly in competition with one another. Gammenon (Gotham's Drew Powell) who acts as a collector of samples from the earth. Mother to the Celestials Goddess (Gotham's Erin Richards) and lastly Jeremiah (Scarface's Al Pacino) whose role is to witness and watch over the progression of the world.

    Victor Garber as Nezarr the Calculator - Bryan Cranston as One above all - Danny Huston as The Celestial Gardener - Christian McKay as Eson the Searcher
    Continuing out introduction to the Celestials we now meet Nezarr (The Flash's Victor Garber), One Above All (Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston), The Celestian Gardener (Wonder Woman's Danny Huston) and Eson (Warrior's Christian McKay). Nezarr's role is to calculate and examine all evidence brought forward to him before he presents it to the judge. Known as the One Above All, it is said this being is looked upon as a god by the celestials. Brother of the Judge Arishem, The Celestial Gardener very much is tasked as the caretaker of the earth. Rounding out the group is Eson who is responsible for finding locations for Gammenon to visit.

    John Travolta as Hargen the Measurer - Ritchie Coster as Tefral the Surveyor - Bill Irwin as Tiamut
    The final three celestials revealed and they also act out the orders of Arishim. One being Tefral (Happy's Ritchie Coster) whose job entails him surveying planets and constructing detailed plans of them while also mapping out new worlds. Hargen (Grease's John Travolta) meanwhile acts as the measure who helps bring these designs to scale. Rounding out the trio is the dreaming Celestial formerly known as Tiamut (Legion's Bill Irwin) who has long been banished to earth.

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    Re: Marvel

    Several new additions confirmed for Marvel Shows

    With Fox's Marvel universe next miniseries Jessica Jones set to drop in the coming days. It can be revealed today that a few new characters have been revealed to be appearing across several of the different shows.

    Kieran Bew as Xarus
    With the Midnight Sons beginning to track down the Darkhold. It is unsurprising that this powerful book has been highly sought out. One individual with a claim on the book, is the son of Dracula himself Xarus. While he didn't care for his father, Xarus is believed to be enraged by the loss of his birthright. Playing Xarus will be Warrior's Kieran Bew.

    Christopher Fitzgerald as D'Spayre -
    Brooklyn McLinn as Val Rhymin - Cherami Leigh as Avandalia
    After it was revealed that this coming season of Spiderman will not only be the first without Peter Parker but will be split into 3 parts with Cindy Moon and Miles Morales having their own tales before uniting together. We also found out that they would be crossing over with both Cloak and Dagger as well as the Runaways respectively. Now we know that coming into the Cloak and Dagger part of the story we will be getting an appearance from the villainous D'Spayre. who is believed to have recently escaped the dark dimension. Playing D'Spayre will be Happy's Christopher Fitzgerald. Known for feeding on negative emotions, D'Spayre has lately used his gifts to create a drug which will expand his influence. Aiding D'Spayre will be Radio DJ Val Rhymin who is said to be purely power driven in his motivations for helping the monster. Playing Val will be Cloak and Dagger's Brooklyn McLinn. Rounding out this trio is D'Spayre's devout follower Avandalia, who is said to be a trouble woman who has fallen in love with the being. Playing Avandalia will be voice actress Cherami Leigh.

    Aubrey Plaza as Ecstasy -
    Hamish Linklater as Simon Marshall

    Continuing this D'Spayre story will be two criminals who have truly benefited from his arrival. The first will be the sadistic Renee Deladier who is a life long criminal and drug trafficker. Playing Ecstasy will be Child's Plays Aubrey Plaza. The other will be local criminal Simon Marshall who unwittingly plays a part in the creation of Cloak and Dagger. Playing Simon will be Legion's Hamish Linklater.

    Perry Yung as Shoji Soma
    Despite the Hand very much being defeated in the second season of the defenders. We are still learning that the Hand is not truly dead with those remaining having splintered out or falling through the cracks. This includes one of the senior members of the Hand by the name of Shoji Soma who is believed to have connections to Hydra. Playing Shoji will be Warrior actor Perry Yung.

    Idris Elba as Jake Fury
    As we travel further down the road into the story of SHIELD as well as Hydra. We will begin to delve into the backstory of one Nick Fury and how he became the director of SHIELD. Part of his story includes his troubled background with brother Jake Fury. Playing Jake will be Luther actor Idris Elba.

    Sean Pertwee as John Garrett
    Not everyone in SHIELD is perfect. This is very much the case of John Garrett. The veteran agent definitely has a ton of skeletons in his closet, yet despite this troubled history Garrett is believed to be a trusted agent of Nick Fury. Playing Garrett will be Gotham's Sean Pertwee.

    Jermaine Clement as Victor Uvarov - Tomer Capon as Vasili Dassiev
    Rounding out these new additions are two Russian agents who are believed to have not only be connected to the red room projects but also the work put in with the Winter Soldier. The first will be Russian general Victor Uvarov who is played by Legion's Jermaine Clement. While the other will be his security chief Vasili Dassiev who will be played by the boys Tomer Capon.

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    Re: Marvel

    Jessica Jones miniseries

    Part 1 - Wrath of the Rhino

    After a successful intro to these Defender miniseries thanks to the White Tiger story, the second chapter would focus on a arguably more established character in the Fox Defenders Jessica Jones (Alexandria Daddario). While to the outside world Jessica Jones was an outsider not too mention rude, antisocial and by all accounts a bitch. The truth is Jessica Jones was deeply troubled and scarred which made her a hard person. Yet over the course of the two Defenders seasons we'd see how Jessica developed very much as a person. Because while she was never going to be defined as a people person, Jessica had shown herself capable of overcoming her demons be it in her friendship with Matt Murdock or potential future romance with Luke Cage. Yet as we'd see over the course of this miniseries, trauma is a tough thing to overcome and it shapes people in many ways. Starting out the series however we'd go back to the start and the origin story of Jessica Jones. It would be in these scenes that we learned a lot about Jessica and what shaped her to being the tough woman she is today. As we'd learn that Jessica had lost her father at a young age and was raised singularly by her mother Alisa Jones (Kelly MacDonald). A strong woman in her own right, Alisa was a caring woman who worked her ass off in an effort to provide for her daughter as she grew up. We'd even see how Jessica was a former school friend of Peter Parker when they was young. Yet this would all change following a tragic accident as a car crash would lead to the death of Alisa and the hospitalisation of Jessica.

    A corner would turn in the story here as we'd see how an orphaned Jessica spent several months in a coma before waking up to the news that her mother had passed. Flashes would continue to show the woman Alisa was here as we'd see her balance multiple jobs while never letting down her beloved daughter. On the day of the accident, Alisa was set to have an interview to become an employee of Stark Industries which would have changed their lives for the better. Yet it wasn't meant to be thanks to that fateful collision with a military convoy containing radioactive materials which had been ordered by General Ross. This very much would be the beginning of Jessica's time as a superhero as thanks to her coming into contact with the radioactive material. On awaking from her coma, Jessica would find that she had been adopted by childhood friend Trish Walker's (Zoey Deutch) mother Dorothy (Connie Britton). A fascinating dynamic was noted here as Dorothy was not what you'd call a good mother. In fact Dorothy was anything but, as the writer would frequently neglect her daughter not too mention her adoptive daughter only choosing to take an interest in them when she was basing them off of her latest story.

    Continuing to neglect her daughter Trish, Dorothy as mentioned only took an interest when things suited her. This would include Trish's love life and her boyfriend Robert Baxter (Jack Quaid). In fact as we'd learn Dorothy in fact would sabotage this relationship leading to a break up which would forever strain the relationship of Trish and her mother. This also however would only strengthen the bond between Trish and Jessica. However this would all culminate one day as Jessica's powers would finally manifest. Not only gifted with the power of flight but also with enhanced strength. Jessica would intercept a volatile argument between Trish and her mother, which ended with Jessica nearly putting Dorothy through a wall. With that Jessica would run away from home and take it to the streets as she'd slowly discover her powers under the moniker of Jewel. As a crime fighter we'd see in this montage that Jessica was an early foe of Aleksei Systevich (Hathor Bjornsson) before he'd later become the Rhino. Yet Jessica's hero antics would come to a screeching halt one day when she encountered a man with a frightening degree of powers in his own right. This would be our first look at the Purple Man (Tom Ellis) and his relationship with Jessica Jones.

    The highly dangerous Kilgrave of course was gifted with the ability to control people by verbal command and he used this very much to abuse Jessica Jones. This was a combination of sexual, physical and mental abuse which very much shattered any sense of idealism that Jessica had. What really had an effect on her was despite her hard work in the run up, not one person asked where Jewel had vanished. Yet one day a chance encounter with another powered individual (teased to be Scarlett Witch) changed everything as Jessica found herself able to resist Kilgrave's commands and make her escape. This very much was a turning point for Jessica who chose to step away from the hero game having grown disenchanted following this experience. This very much would lead to her becoming the heavy drinking private investigator we saw her as in the first season of the Defenders. Of course as mentioned Jessica had grown some since her time in the defenders, this was shown in her interactions with assistant Malcolm Powder (Ryan Cartwright). Having very much been kept at arms length by Jessica who despite this still considered him her only friend, Jessica now albeit with some reluctance acted as a mentor of sorts to Powder who looked to become a investigator himself.

    Also aiding Jessica would be attorney Jeryn Hogath (Gabriel Mann) who while also providing legal counsel would also at times present Jessica with some cases. Surprisingly around this time, Hogarth also had began reaching out to Jessica Jones in regards to the status of her adoptive mother Dorothy. As we'd learn Dorothy now having become frail and dying from sickness was looking to reach out to her girls. This would very much bring about a reunion that was years in the making as we'd learn that Trish also had removed herself from her mother's clutches. As we'd learn however Trish was very much a different person now herself which we'd see more of later on. In these scenes, Dorothy would look to make peace with her daughters but this was to no avail as Jessica walked out while Trish to her credit would forgive her dying mother. Later on Trish would track Jessica down at Josie's bar as she looked to reconnect with her sister. Jessica however wasn't easily swayed as she wanted to know really what Trish wanted and it'd be here we learned the truth about how Trish had changed over the years.

    Because while she may have endured a lot under her cruel mother including the loss of what was a strong relationship. She was also the sole beneficiary of her mother's success. This would provide her with money to go for whatever she wanted in life. Yet all Trish had wanted secretly was to be like Jessica. While her mother at the time had been disgusted by Jessica and her gifts, Trish as we'd learn was envious and had spent the past few years training her mind and body to become the vigilante known as Hellcat. Having kept tabs on Jessica and witnessing her progression, Trish wants the two of them to unite as she steps back into becoming a superhero. This is refuted by Jessica who not only refuses to acknowledge that she has dipped her toe into being a superhero again but she also has seen the problem with putting yourself out there as a hero. Because it was her being out there the way she was which put her in Kilgrave's crosshairs and she doesn't want the same fate to befall Trish.

    Despite Jessica refusing this proposal and warning Trish against being a hero, she would continue this endeavor as she found herself with her own case to close. This case would entail her going after a criminal by the name of Lone Shark (Richard T Jones). Real name Lenny Sirkes, the criminal had long been noted for his criminal activities through Brooklyn while he'd masqueraded as a real estate developer. Yet the truth was he had long been apart of a criminal enterprise with designs for expansion despite these trying times. Aiding Lone Shark would be his corrupt and shady attorney by the name of David Lawson (Gavin Rossdale). Along with this pairing we'd also be introduced to a drug dealer by the name of Denny Haynes (Robert Sheehan) who was said to recently have developed a wonder drug. This would put her and Jessica back in each other's crosshairs however as it was revealed that Lone Shark was a close associate of one Man Mountain Marko (Brad William Henke). While we'd learn more about Marko later on, we'd find that Trish had a more personal stake in this as it was revealed that Robert Baxter was also working with the group.

    Trish's former boyfriend, it is revealed that like Trish a lot had changed for Baxter. After their relationship broke up, it was revealed that Baxter had joined the Air Force where he'd earned the nickname Mad-Dog for his wild ways. This would be until he disobeyed a direct order leading to his dishonorable discharge. After this Baxter very much went on a downward spiral as he began to fall into crime using his connects to provide weaponry as well as mercenaries. A 'chance' meeting with Robert later that night in Josie's gave Trish a chance to head back to his place and while there she hoped to do some digging to find out what Marko and Lone Shark's partnership was about. Yet she would soon be discovered by a paranoid Robert who attacked her as he looked to cover his tracks. This would lead to a back and forth fight which went throughout his apartment until Robert was attacked by Jessica Jones. No match for the enhanced Jessica, Robert took a beating from her before finally he revealed the truth. Thanks to the actions of the Purple Man, crime bosses like Marko and Lone Shark were panicking and had began to pool their resources once more. Looking for an edge they'd began working with a man by the name of Denny Hanes who had managed to manufacture a drug which gave it's user temporary enhancements.

    Leaving Baxter to be arrested, we'd see an angry Jessica finally relent as she agreed to work with Trish. While their relationship may have remained strained the two would visit Hogarth who informed them that Baxter wasn't being cooperative with the police or Oscar Clemons (Orlando Jones) for that matter. Yet surprisingly Baxter claimed that he was attacked by Hellcat and not Trish herself. Clemons meanwhile for his part didn't seem that happy about another vigilante being about in his district. Because while he may have tolerated if not respected Jessica Jones for her effectiveness, he was frequently concerned that an escalation in vigilantes meant there would be an escalation from the criminals as well. This would later be shown as while there was no saving Robert Baxter who was arrested for some of his crimes, David Lawson was able to pull of a coup in his own right as thanks to faulty evidence and the disappearance of a few witnesses he was able to arrange for the release of Aleksei Systevich/The Rhino from prison.

    However the Rhino we'd see here, is not the Rhino we had previously seen in the Spiderman series. As this Jessica Jones miniseries provided us a great look into the man behind the armored suit. Because as we know perceptions can be deceiving and this was the case very much with Rhino. Not the mindless, brute one would think instead we'd see that beneath the surface he was a smart man, not too mention a sophisticated as well as caring one at that. This was shown by Aleksei very much turning down an offer to reunite with his former allies Lone Shark and Man Mountain Marko. Instead he wished to live a quiet life with his wife Oksana (Holly Elissa). Here would be where we would learn just what had caused as these moves made by Marko and Lone Shark. As we'd learn when he'd made his escape in the Defenders, Kilgrave wasn't content with going into hiding right away from Jessica Jones as he looked to recover. In fact in an effort to make his seclusion comfortable Kilgrave would crash a meeting between Marko and Lone Shark themselves.

    As we'd learn Marko and Lone Shark were previously allies along with Aleksei Systevich, with all three having started in a gang together before they steadily rose the ranks to become what they were now. During this meeting Kilgrave would force the crime bosses to all stand before him as they very much gave him everything. Wanting money, drugs, jewelry Kilgrave very much took them for everything he could while also in an effort to establish his power he would have several of their henchmen shoot them before their very eyes. This was a turning point for the men as while they had come up against the enhanced before, Marko and Lone Shark realised that the power that they had become used to was in threat. That the control they had was only relevant as long as another enhanced didn't come for them. This is why they along with David Lawson had began to work with Denny Haynes despite Haynes being regarded as a liability by Baxter and also why they'd wanted the release of Rhino in an effort to bolster their ranks. Yet with Aleksei turning his back on the life, a desperate Marko was forced to reach out to an old colleague by the name of Frank Oliver (Florian Munteanu).

    Described by Lone Shark as a 'fucking lunatic' Oliver did not have the depth of a person that Systevich had. Instead this psychopath sought power and craved chaos. Which is why when he built his own Rhino suit, he'd also weird a large axe like weapon. While financing this man and recruiting such an individual was a reckless act, yet as we'd learn Marko because of his interactions with Kilgrave and the realisation he wasn't this powerhouse had been taking Haynes drugs in secret and had become addicted to the power it gave him. While Marko may not have had his head on straight both Jessica and Trish did as Jessica was forced to reach out to her rival investigator Dakota North (Lindsey McKeon). While they may have been rivals and definitely weren't what you'd call friends, there was a respect between the two as Jessica asked for Dakota to find Aleksei. While Dakota would begin to conduct her investigation, we'd see a concerned Lenny Sirkes look to talk some sense into Marko. This would fall on deaf ears as Sirkes comments about the New Rhino were ignored, so in a desperate move Lone Shark began to talk to Oscar Clemons about the situation.

    Unfortunately what Sirkes hadn't been made aware of was that there was one other power at play in this consortium. Here would be where we learned the story of Alison Green (Rose Byrne). At one time in life Alison Green was a professional woman who only wanted to live her best life. This would be until the actions of a mutant known as Mind-Wave who for a time was working with the police. Given the abilities to see darkness in others which was viewed as an asset by a unit led by Clemons, Mind-Wave helped the police in securing many convicted felons or dangerous individuals. Yet what he wasn't aware of was while he could see a darkness in her, it would be his actions which truly let it out. Totally innocent and working as a highly reputable financial advisor her arrest at the hands of Clemons unit ruined her life. Having been going through a heated divorce with her husband. A main bone of contention in this case was custody of their children but with her arrest, she'd lost everything. Yet as chance would have it, representing her husband in the case would be David Lawson. Recognizing the potential in Alison as well as her loathing for the enhanced, Lawson would recruit her to his side after she had embezzled her clients dry.

    As we'd later learn, Mind-Wave was soon found dead having been murdered which was believed to be the work of Marko. This also further added to Clemons lack of belief in vigilantes as he saw the damage done by Mind-Wave to this innocent woman's life. Yet as he's soon find, he'd need both Hellcat and Jessica Jones' help thanks to the actions of the New Rhino. Having been tipped off by David Lawson, the new Rhino wielding a large axe would brutally cut down Lone Shark without any hesitation. Yet as he then turned his attentions to Lawson, we'd learn that Alison Green despite her villainous turn had never quite forgiven him for taking her kids from her. This is why she'd order Frank Oliver to kill him as well, which he'd do so by crushing his skull. Yet while the consortium had been over taken by it's sleeping partner, we'd see one of it's more prominent members be taken down as Hellcat along with Jessica Jones would attack Denny Haynes' production lab and lead to his arrest.

    Looking to save himself Haynes would confess to all his crimes while also admitting that things had gone too far with the New Rhino. Yet as we'd see taking down Haynes only caused more desperation as Marko in being concerned he would find his stash dwindling, also showed the horrific side effects of the drug when he was not taking them. With crippling side effects and frequent appointments with a doctor who warned him that the drug was killing him, Marko soon found himself visited by Green who had revealed that she had thanks to her assets been able to take a shipment of Haynes' drugs. Now looking for more control as she looked to kill off as many enhanced as she could. This included reaching out to someone who'd been wronged by the enhanced himself, albeit more deservingly wronged as we'd learn the story of Jared Beekman (Jesse Plemons). Having been in a long term relationship with Dia Sloane (Keisha Castle Hughes). We'd see that while on the outside, these two had a perfect relationship. In truth Beekman was a highly abusive individual who set about breaking down strong women.

    Sloane having become accustomed to being his punching bag would constantly excuse this behavior until one time until the day came when she confided in her friend Trish Walker. Aware of the kind of man Beekman was behind closed doors, Trish in her early days of being Hellcat would dole out a vicious beating on Beekman until he begged that he'd leave Sloane alone for good. Of course the prospect of having been beaten by a woman could never truly sit well with someone like Beekman and as he saw the news of Hellcat get out there, he desperately sought revenge. This would see him align himself with Green who provided him with a shipment of the drug and allowed him to seek out Hellcat. Yet before he did that, Jared would search out Dia Sloane who was now content in her new life. Doing so however would prove to be a mistake as while he confronted Dia at first remarking he'd missed her, Beekman in anger would soon give way that he had powers. Which meant that Dia was able to report this to Trish.

    Unfortunately for Jared he would soon be tracked down by Jessica Jones who doled out a brutal beating to Beekman, leaving him for the police. While this went on Hellcat having been reached out to by Dakota North, would find Aleksei Systevich and his wife Oksana at their home. At first Walker may have believed that Rhino was still criminal as he had still yet to be able to remove his armor. Yet as she watched him from afar she would see that Aleksei had true to his word changed and was only seeking to live his life in piece with Oksana. Which made it all the more tragic when Frank Oliver in his New Rhino suit arrived onto his property. Looking to prove his superiority, Frank Oliver wanted to kill the Rhino and refused to listen to Aleksei's pleas that he didn't want this. Oksana also looked to plead with Oliver but just as it looked like he might be swayed, Oliver would make a horrific decision as he threw his axe at Oksana impaling her before the eyes of a horrified Aleksei. While one would be forgiven for expecting a battle, what happened next was a slaughter as Rhino enraged at the death of his spouse would tear Frank Oliver from out of his suit. After brutally beating Oliver and breaking his back, Rhino impaled him with his horn to kill him in revenge.

    Enraged at Oliver's attack of him and the death of his wife, Rhino returned to the city blaming Marko for what had happened. With Jessica being forewarned about Rhino's arrival she would seek out Marko herself. Hellcat meanwhile would pursue Alison Green who was revealed to have sent Oliver out after Rhino for reasons not yet established. Chasing down Alison, Hellcat would find her ready to flee as she rushed to the airport. What followed would be a three way chase as officer Clemons was also in pursuit and it would be here he finally was won over by Hellcat as she captured Alison Green and turned her over to him without incident. Jessica meanwhile would head to Marko's base only to find Rhino already there. Despite his enhancements thanks to the drugs, this was mainly superficial as Marko's body was overall frail thanks to the repeated drug use. Hoping she could prevent his murder, Jessica looked to talk down a grieving Rhino. While Aleksei at first would not be swayed, Jessica asked him if this is what his wife would have wanted and that looked to play apart in him stopping while Jessica revealed from her research because of the drugs he'd been using, Marko was going to die soon and it would be painfully.

    On hearing this Aleksei would stop and take a knee as he chose to hand himself in for his crimes including the death of Frank Oliver. While this may have been an unpopular end for the surprisingly deep character, as we'd hear him say. Aleksei only wanted to be the man his wife fell in loved with and while he's out there like this, he knows that is not possible. With that the part of the season would come to an end yet as it did, we'd see a few flashbacks to before the season began. It would show how Kilgrave's manipulations influenced this story as we'd see how he began to use Mind-Wave to select his own criminals before he influenced Alison Green to become the criminal she had become. Hearing this news from Alison Green herself that the Purple Man had set this all up to fully bring Jessica back into the game only confirmed to Jessica that he needed to be brought down.

    Part 2 - Kilgrave

    This then began the second part of the season which unlike the first and its criminal cabal, only focused on one main antagonist this being the Purple Man. What had changed this time round compared to her past dealings with Kilgrave was that Jessica Jones had a full circle of allies around her. This included Oscar Clemons, Jeryn Hogarth, Trish Walker, Malcolm Powder and Dakota North. While North had previously been a rival for Jessica, now having assisted with the Rhino case she was a close ally and one who'd began to mentor Malcolm Powder in his efforts to become a detective. As she spoke of her time with Kilgrave, Jessica revealed that she herself knew very little of the Purple Man apart from the fact that he had a predilection for beautiful women between the range of 16 to 45. Speaking openly for the first time to her friends about the abuse she suffered, Jessica's friends rallied around her while Clemons began to check through the missing person's database. In this research, he'd find that especially lately many young women in those age parameters had gone missing. Continuing on Jessica also branded Kilgrave emotionally unstable and one quick to resort to violence as he used his gifts to avoid getting his hands dirty. As Clemons along with Hogarth began to look into the missing persons, Powder and North started digging into some of the missing people with the aid of Hellcat. As they continued their part in the research, Jessica still maintained that Kilgrave himself was not one to get his hands dirty. So she wasn't sure just how he'd acquired so many girls in such a short period or what he was doing with them.

    Thankfully the research by the team provided them some viable intel as they concluded he'd have to have someone working with him. Trawling through CCTV footage of the last known whereabouts of all the girls, Clemons would discover a frequent individual sighted a man who'd been listed for months as missing by the name of Greg Sallinger (Haaz Sleiman). Formerly a decorated soldier who had served with honors, Sallinger was the epitome of wrong place at the wrong time when he'd returned home from the military. Wanting only a quiet beer on his own, Sallinger would be attacked by a small gang of thugs who wanted to stick it to the solider boy. Defeating them easily thanks to his training, Sallinger would find himself applauded by Kilgrave who revealed he'd sent them after the soldier simply for entertainment but now he'd been impressed and because of that he'd decided to keep Sallinger with him as he was a man who valued those with talents. Despite his hatred of Kilgrave and the job, Sallinger was forced to comply with his wishes.

    While Clemons called Kilgrave a boogeyman who thrived in the shadows, one local reporter who had been mentored by Ben Urich looked to expose the monster. Here would be where we were introduced to Kat Farrell (Michelle Monaghan). A skilled, headstrong reporter Kat Farrell had long been chasing leads on the missing women as she went against her editor's wishes of chasing something without proof. Putting a blog out there, Farrell began research into a series of vicious incidents in which people committed acts of violence on themselves at the behest of the Purple Man. While she knew of this legend, Farrell was unaware of the danger she put herself in when she called this enhanced a demented sociopath. Reading this herself, Jessica also knew that Kilgrave would never let such an insult stand and it was a good job she asked for Hellcat to go check on Farrell because when she got to her apartment she'd find Sallinger in the process of choking Farrell with a garotte.

    Setting Farrell free, Sallinger would then battle against Hellcat in a short battle which culminated with Hellcat kicking Sallinger through a window. After checking on Farrell who was shaken up but fine overall, Hellcat would look to where Sallinger fell only to find he'd already fled. Returning to his boss Sallinger was apologetic about his failings to a livid Kilgrave. After pondering having Sallinger take his own life, Kilgrave elected to give Sallinger a second chance as he ordered for him to suit up and kill Hellcat. Meanwhile Jessica having met with Kat Farrell about Kilgrave and the angers she'd put herself in, would find herself meeting with a woman tracked down by Farrell. Introduced as Mary Wilkinson (Jessica Simpson), we'd learn that she'd been searching for her friend Rebecca who she believed to be a victim of this Purple Man. While Farrell comforted and spoke to Mary about what had been going on, Dakota and Malcolm finally paid dividends with their research as having gone through multiple sealed records they finally learned of Kilgrave and his backstory.

    Full name Zebediah Killgrave and revealed to be a Croatian national. The Purple Man was at one stage in life a spy for their secret ops until during a mission he would be infected with an experimental nerve agent. This would be the cause of the Purple Man's mutations as well as the beginning of his life of crime. Hearing the potential that this man had her friend, Mary would insist on helping find her friend. Tagging along with Malcolm, Dakota and Kat as they followed up a lead on Rebecca's last known location. We'd begin to notice some holes in Mary's story but before anyone could say anything it would be too late as Malcolm, Dakota and Kat had all been drugged by a drink poured for them by Mary early. Meanwhile Hellcat and Clemons would go out on patrol in the hopes to find any leads. Yet they'd soon find themselves being hunted by Sallinger who was now dressed a lot more like his comic counter part. A highly skilled combatant, Sallinger was more than a match for Hellcat until he would be wounded with a bullet to the gut by Clemons.

    As Oscar looked to stop the bleeding while he called for a medic, a solemn Sallinger revealed that he wasn't the only one under Kilgrave's spell. This news plus a phonecall made to Jessica by Kilgrave himself would inform them that he had her friends captive. Demanding Jessica and Jessica alone to meet him, Kilgrave would call for her to meet him at Josie's Bar having remembered her love for a drink. On arrival Jessica would find the bar all but empty as her friends all remained sat on chairs completely silent as instructed by Kilgrave. Watching over them would be Mary who was not only revealed to be under Kilgrave's spell but also to have killed her friend Rebecca herself. Horrifyingly now pregnant with Kilgrave's child, a deluded Mary believed that Kilgrave wanted her while Jessica commented that all of this was simply about Kilgrave and Jessica. With an overly drawn out applause Kilgrave appeared from the shadows as he praised Jessica's intelligence. When Jessica demanded what he really wanted, a deluded Kilgrave revealed that he wanted what he always had and that was her. Calling all of the other girls in his life mere imitations or place setters, Kilgrave remarked that Mary wasn't so special she was just another woman he'd knocked up. A crazy one at that who didn't like the thought of their relationship being a little more open at least on his part.

    Looking to establish his dominion Kilgrave attempted to tell Jessica what to do but he found that she was immune to his abilities. Shocked at this reveal Kilgrave would order Mary to shoot one of Jessica's friends only for Jessica herself to step between them. Unwilling to sacrifice Jessica, Kilgrave ordered for Mary to shoot herself but Jessica was quick to reach for the gun. Mary would try and fight it away from her but as she would do so the gun would go off. Backing away a stunned Mary was unharmed as was Jessica while we'd see Kilgrave take a step back having been hit with the bullet directly in the chest. His power's slipping Kilgrave's hostages would now be free of him and they'd pull a hysterical Mary out of the room while Dakota called Clemons for the police. Jessica meanwhile would walk over to Kilgrave who for the first time since gaining his powers faced a crisis of his own mortality. Aware he was dying and acknowledging that deep, deep down he knew everything he did was wrong. Kilgrave remarked it didn't change the fact that Jessica was special before in his dying words he'd apologize to Jessica for what he did.

    This would bring an end to the Jessica Jones miniseries as we'd learn that despite Kilgrave's abilities being used as their defence both Sallinger and Wilkinson would be arrested and jailed for their crimes. Malcolm Powder meanwhile would continue his work with Dakota North as they worked under the Alias Investigations moniker while Kat Farrell would begin to work with the Daily Bugle. The closing scene meanwhile would show Trish Walker speak with Officer Clemons as she promised to continue to help protect Brooklyn. As they disappeared this would leave Jessica Jones in the company of Ben Urich (David Duchovny). After thanking Jessica for saving Kat, Urich would state that he had some concerning things to talk to her about in regards to the going's on in Hell's Kitchen. This very much brought an end to the series but with a little post credit tease this would focus on a terrified young woman introduced as Kara (Violet Beane). Of college age Violet would be shown rushing into the campus showers covering her face before jumping under the shower fully clothed. Despite her best efforts with a brush to scrub herself clean Kara watched in horror as her skin would begin to turn purple!

    Jessica Jones - Played by Alexandria Daddario
    Malcolm Powder - Played by Ryan Cartwright
    Jeryn Hogarth - Played by Gabriel Mann
    Patsy Walker/Hellcat - Played by Zoey Deutch
    Kat Farrell - Played by Michelle Monaghan
    Oscar Clemons - Played by Orlando Jones
    Dakota North - Played by Lindsey McKeon
    Dia Sloane - Played by Kiesha Castle Hughes
    Ben Urich - Played by David Duchovny
    Kara Kilgrave/Persuasion - Played by Violet Beane

    Kilgrave - Played by Tom Ellis
    Man Mountain Marko - Played by Brad William Henke
    Lone Shark - Played by Richard T Jones - Killed by New Rhino
    Rhino - Played by Hathor Bjornsson - Arrested
    Alisa Jones - Played by Kelly MacDonald - Died in Car accident
    Mary Wilkinson - Played by Jessica Simpson - Arrested
    David Lawson - Played by Gavin Rossdale - Killed by New Rhino
    Dorothy Walker - Played by Connie Britton - Died
    Foolkiller - Played by Haaz Sleiman - Arrested
    Jared Beekman - Played by Jesse Plemons - Arrested
    Denny Haynes - Played by Robert Sheehan - Arrested
    Alison Green - Played by Rose Byrne - Arrested
    Robert Baxter/Mad-Dog - Played by Jack Quaid - Arrested
    Oksana Systevich - Played by Holly Elissa - Killed by New Rhino
    Frank Oliver/New Rhino - Played by Florian Munteanu - Killed by Rhino

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    Re: Marvel

    Squadron Supreme special confirmed

    While it is said that most of Fox's Marvel universe operates in the same universe. As we have seen prominently especially with the Spiderman series, there are other universes out there. This is why we have yet to see the X-Men storylines cross over with the others as we now know them to be apart of a different universe. While our present Marvel storyline with heroes such as Tony Stark, Peter Parker and so on take place on Earth 616 and our X-Men story is set on Earth 1610 not to mention The Gwen Stacy introducing us to Eath 65. It can now be confirmed that our next foray can be Earth 712 which is home to a powerful team of superheroes by the name of the Squadron Supreme.

    Wil Traval as Hyperion
    Leader of the Squadron and believed to be one of the most powerful individuals across the Galaxy. The eternal known as Hyperion is very much your atypical superman like character who disguises himself as School Teacher Mark Milton. Playing Hyperion will be Arrow actor Wil Traval.

    Mike Mizanin as Jim Hammond/The Torch - John Cusack as Phineas T Horton

    Similar in vain to the relationship of Steve Rogers and Abraham Erksine is that of Jim Hammond and Phineas Horton. While in military records it is said that Jim Hammond died in the war from injuries sustained in combat. However that clearly is not the case as he is said to be this earth's first superhero thanks to the work of Phineas Horton. Playing Hammond will be WWE star the Miz while playing Phineas will be none other than Frozen Ground star John Cusack.

    Ken Watanabe as Doctor Spectrum - Anna Paquin as Alice Nugent - Josh Helman as Ledger
    A founding member of the Squadron Supreme William Roberts before he received his gifts was said to be a shitty human being. Yet it was in becoming the heroic Doctor Spectrum that he was able to turn his life around. Not stopping at his own, Roberts has recently began to mentor both lab assistant Alice Nugent and former Astronaut Joseph Ledger as he hopes that one of them can potentially take over the moniker. Playing the roles respectively will be Godzilla star Ken Watanabe, True Blood's Anna Paquin and X Men actor Josh Helman.

    Inbar Lavi as Power Princess
    One of the strongest members of the Squadron Supreme is a Greek Goddess by the name of Power Princess. Real name Claire Debussy, it is said that Claire had long lived among the humans and was not aware of her true nature until it was awakened by Hyperion. Since then while there has been teething issues, she has slowly become a valued member of the team. Playing Power Princess will be Lucifer star Inbar Lavi.

    Lucas Till as Nuke - Nicola Peltz as Lady Lark
    A tragic story of a young man who was given gifts far beyond his comprehension or capabilities. Albert Gaines was a regular young man who simply took on a minor role at a power plant to keep himself in college. Yet a freak accident would lead to him being exposed to nuclear materials turning him into Nuke. Playing Nuke will be X-Men actor Lucas Till. A close friend of Nuke who has a tragic story of her own is Lady Lark. Real name Linda Lewis, it is said that Lark has an incredibly troubled past and present thanks to her history with the Golden Archer. Playing Lark will be Bates Motel star Nicola Peltz.

    KJ Apa as Whizzer - Patton Oswalt as Tom Thumb - Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Ted Munn - Rachel Taylor as Inertia - Nathan Darrow as Amphibian - Khylin Rambo as Blue Eagle - Ana Taylor Joy as Arcanna
    Fellow founding members of the Squadron Supreme include Stanley Stuart aka Whizzer who was granted super speed when he found himself trapped in what he described as a luminescent fog bank. Playing Whizzer will be Riverdale's KJ Apa. Along with him will be the diminutive yet highly intelligent Tom Thumb who will be played by Comedian Patton Oswalt. Former pilot Ted Munn who after a crash in mid air would find himself turned into a plant like being. Playing Ted will be Kick Ass star Aaron-Taylor Johnson. Edith Friedberg aka Inertia who is an ex army veteran as well as mutant. Playing her will be Transformers star Rachael Taylor. Kingsley Rice aka Amphibian who true to his name is an ocean based superhero played by Gotham actor Nathan Darrow. James Dore who has taken up his family legacy and become the hero known as the Blue Eagle, playing Dore will be Teen Wolfe's Khylin Rambo. Rounding out the group will be the powerful sorceress Arcanna Jones who will be played by Split's Anya Taylor Joy.

    Dean Cain as Michael Redstone
    A serial Killer who had long been sought out by Hyperion because of his brutality. It is said that Michael Redstone thanks to his sadism and enjoyment of what he has done, was probably the closest Hyperion ever came to killing a human. Playing the role of Redstone will be Supergirl actor Dean Cain.

    Alexis Knapp as Zarda Shelton/Warrior Woman
    While the Squadron for most part are celebrated heroes there are some who wish to see it fall. This includes an alien by the name of Nebulon who in one of his experiments took a woman by the name of Zarda Shelton and turned her into Warrior Woman who is a dark version of Power Princess. Playing Zarda will be Percy Jackson actress Alexis Knapp.

    Boyd Holbrook as Golden Archer
    One of the more beloved members of the Squadron by the public. It is said that the talented archer by the name of Wyatt McDonald has very much began to fracture his place in the team thanks to his troubles with Lady Lark. Playing Archer will be Logan actor Boyd Holbrook.

    Brant Daugherty as Kyle Richmond
    An arrogant playboy who has long felt that his money allows him to do what he wants. The arrogant thrill seeker recently has began to work on a costume of his own after an encounter with Inertia. Playing Kyle will be Fifty Shades actor Brant Daugherty.

    Katie Cassidy as Melissa Hanover
    A dimensional illusionist who recently joined the Squadron. It is said that there is more to Hanover than meets the eye and this frequently brings her into conflict with Arcanna. Playing Melissa will be Arrow actress Katie Cassidy.

    Ben Foster as Victory - Darren Criss as Speed Demon - Katherine McNamara as Joystick - Adam Canto as The Shape - Alexandra Shipp as Foxfire
    As Nebulon and his experiments continue, his army continues to grow. This includes Robert Frank aka Victory who is given powers of electro magnetism. Playing Victory will be 3:10 to Yuma actor Ben Foster. Joining Victory is a former hero by the name of James Sanders who becomes the villainous Speed Demon as he formed a rivalry with Whizzer. Playing Speed Demon will be Glee star Darren Criss. Failed gambler and desperate criminal Janice Yanizeski would be his next recruit as he turned her into the villainous Joystick. Playing Joystick will be Arrow actress Katherine McNamara. Raleigh Lund, described as an innocent if not simple man who is turned into the monstrous Shape. Playing Shape will be Following actor Adam Canto. Rounding out this selection of villains will be life long criminal Olivia Underwood who turns into Foxfire. Playing her will be X Men actress Alexandra Shipp.

    Famke Janssen as Mink - Richard E Grant as Lamprey - David Tennant as Emil Burbank - Bill Zane as Dr.Decibel
    As Nebulon begins to form his army, he'd begin to gather some lieutenants. This would include a wanted thief by the name of Julie Steel aka Mink who is a career criminal who has recently felt threatened by a B Modding idea thought up by Doctor Spectrum. Playing Mink will be X Men actress Famke Janssen. Along with her is Donald McGuiggin who has long been a rival of Tom Thumb. Yet thanks to Nebulon, Donald would soon become the parasitic Lamprey. Playing Lamprey will be Logan actor Richard E Grant. Powerful business magnate and Hyperion enemy Emil Burbank, who is described as the Lex Luthor to his superman. Playing Burbank will be Broadchurch star David Tennant. Rounding out the group would be Dr. Decibel who is very much responsible for the creation of Lady Lark. Playing Decibel will be titanic actor Billy Zane.

    Benedict Samuel as Nebulon
    The chief villain of the series who begins to recruit for his Squadron Sinister. Nebulon is said to be the last remaining species of an Alien race who had previously been in conflict with Hyperion. Playing Nebulon will be Gotham star Benedict Samuel

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    Re: Marvel

    Young Avengers series in the works

    As we continue our foray into various world of the Marvel multiverse, it can be confirmed that our next stop will be over on earth 982 which is currently in the year of 1990. Set in an alternate universe in which aliens and humans coexist and live among one another, the planets protectors despite their youth are globally known and respected. Yet at the same time are totally unaware of a conspiracy plotting to bring them down!

    Rosa Salazar as Miss America
    Real name America Chavez, the super heroine known as Ms America is described as no nonsense with a genuine desire to protect those who can't protect themselves and also to do good. From a loving family, it was the loss of her parents which saw America looking to follow their noble sacrifice. Yet instead she found her gifted with powers from the elder gods themselves. Playing Miss America will be Alita star Rosa Salazar.

    Justice Smith as Elijah Bradley/Patriot
    Said to have been the grandson of the original Patriot Isaiah Bradley (Guest Star Terry Crews). It is said that Elijah gained his gifts after a blood transfusion from his grandfather at a young age. Yet in reality Elijah is said to be harboring a dark secret about his gifts. Playing Elijah will be Detective Pikachu star Justice Smith.

    Carlos Valdes as Wiccan

    Billy Kaplan aka Wiccan. Billy Kaplan has been said to have lived a life of hard ship thanks to constant bullying growing up. This was until the manefestation of his abilities which turned him into the powerful mage known as Wiccan. Playing Wiccan will be Flash actor Carlos Valdes.

    Vinessa Vidotto as Coat of Arms

    Lisa Molinari aka Coat of Arms; said to be not only an on again off again member of the young avengers but also founding member of the young masters. An artist whose abilities come from the suit she wears, Coat of Arms very much is said to be on the precipice when it comes to being a hero or villain. Playing Coat of Arms will be Lucifer actress Vinessa Vidotto.

    Keiynan Lonsdale as Prodigy
    David Alleyne aka Prodigy; said to be a highly intelligent young man who despite his vast intellect was unable to remember his past. This is until a freak accident leaves him flooded with memories about his past. Playing Prodigy will be The Flash's Keiynan Lonsdale.

    Judah Lewis as Teddy Altman/Hulkling
    Teddy Altman aka Hulkling; A young man raised by a single mother who overtime would learn that he had the abilities to shift into the powerful being known as Hulkling. Playing Hulkling will be Babysitter actor Judah Lewis

    Jacob Bertrand as Nathaniel Richards/Iron Lad

    The founder of the Young Avengers, it is said that Iron Lad to the outside world is a young man with a suit of armor. Yet in truth there is a lot more to him than meet the eye. Playing Iron Lad will be Cobra Kai star Jacob Bertrand.

    Doug Jones as Growing Man

    An alient construct who is currently serving the mysterious being known only as Mother. Growing man is said to be a powerful android who targets the Young Avengers. Playing Growing Man will be Star Trek actor Doug Jones.

    Courtney Henggler as Mother
    A mysterious woman who very much has her fingers in many pies. It is said that Mother is one of the chief antagonists in this story with her sights firmly set on the Young Avengers. Playing Mother will be Cobra Kai's Courtney Henggler.

    Damon Herriman as Algernon Crowe - Josh Lawson as Colonel Liger - Miesha Tate as Dark Angel - Tito Ortiz as Ethan Slaughter - Elisabeth Shue as Gudrun Tyburn
    An illicit group known publicly as Mystech, this group has long been said to have targeted Wiccan and other spellcasters for various reasons. The group is headed by Algernon Crowe who is played by Justified's Damon Herriman. Always with Algernon is his trusted head of security Colonel Liger who is played by Anchorman's Josh Lawson. A fellow soldier of Mystech is Shevaune Haldana aka Dark Angel, but unlike Liger it is said lately that Angel has began to question her superiors motives. Rounding out the soldiers is bounty hunter Ethan Slaughter who has been tasked with apprehending Wiccan. Playing Ethan will be former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. The final member of the group is Algernon's rival Gudrun Tyburn who is looking to take down her colleague once and for all. Playing Gudrun will be The Boys star Elisabeth Shue.

    Christopher Lambert as Warden
    Another ally of Mother, it is believed the individual known as Warden is in charge of a facility known as the Cube. Originally set to detain dangerous individuals, it is said that thanks to Mother's influence the Cube will soon become a lot more dangerous. Playing Warden will be Mortal Kombat's Christopher Lambert.

    Jeremy Jordan as Noh-Varr
    A young member of the Kree species who has grown up in the Cube. It is believed that Noh-Varr thanks to the teachings of Mother has come to see the Young Avengers as threats that need to be eliminated. Playing Noh-Varr will be Supergirl's Jeremy Jordan.

    Daniel Bernhardt as Dr Nemesis
    James Bradley aka Dr.Nemesis; An arrogant individual who helped design the Cube, James Bradley to the untrained eye may seem to be a reputable scientist and developer. Yet in reality there are a lot of dark secrets hidden beneath the surface. Playing Bradley will be Matrix actor Daniel Bernhardt.

    Jack Falahee as Bloodstrike - Dania Ramirez as The Left Hand - Joel Kinnaman as Midnight's Fire - Celia Au as Silk Fever - Dominique McElligott as Silhouette - Kevin Casey as Smiling Tiger
    An evil group known as the folding circle who very much run things in the Cube behind bars. It is said that the group is comprised of 6 dangerous individuals from different walks of life. At the head of the group is Bloodstrike who is capable of feats of great strength. Playing Bloodstrike will be How to get away with Murder's Jack Falahee. His second is Diana Casseas aka The Left Hand who is able to manipulate the dark force. Playing Left Hand will be X Men's Dania Ramirez. Along with them is the dangerous brother and sister duo of Midnight's fire and Silhouette. It's said that of the two Midnight's fire is the level headed one while his sister is blood thirsty. Playing the siblings will be Altered Carbon's Joel Kinnaman and House of Cards' Dominique McElligot respectively. Rounding out the group the merciless killer Silhouette played by Wu Assassins' Celia Au and the feral smiling tiger played by MMA fighter Kevin Casey.

    Sea Shimooka as Virgo
    A dangerous criminal locked away in the cube thanks to Miss America, Virgo is said to be a case of the enemy of my enemy being my friend. Yet make no mistake the dangerous woman is not to be trusted. Playing Virgo will be Arrow's Sea Shimooka.

    Donal Logue as Chrell - Thor Kristjansson as Avrom - Jessica McNamee as X'iv
    A group of aliens who have come to earth. While they claim to be here on a peace mission, it becomes clear that they are here for more than that. Leading the unit is Chrell who will be played by Gotham's Donal Logue. Accompanying him is Kree soldier Av-Rom who will be played by Dracula Untold's Thor Kristjansson. Rounding out the trio will be X'iv who is played by The Meg's Jessica McNamee.

    Devon Sawa as Exodus - Auli'i Cravalho as Tag
    With Prodigy's memories returning it doesn't take long for some old foes to come out of the woodwork. The first of which is ancient mutant Exodus who will be played by Escape Plan 3's Devon Sawa. Allying with Exodus is Brianna Cruz who similar to David lost her memory and abilities for many years. Playing Tag will be Moana's Auli'i Cravalho.

    Erin Moriarty as Big Zero - Costa Ronin as Egghead - Leah Gibson as Sylvie Lushton - David Mazouz as Danny Dubois
    Coat of Arms' allies aka the Young Masters. This is said to be a combustible group who very much have their issues with the Avengers. None more so than Big Zero whose neo Nazi views clash with some of the members of the group. Playing Zero will be The Boys Erin Moriarty. Always by Zero is her associate Egghead whose original construct saw him respect all human life until his association with Zero. Playing Egghead will be Americans actor Costa Ronin. Along with them is a rival of Wiccan by the name of Enchantress who will be played by Twilight's Leah Gibson. Rounding out the group will be Danny Dubois aka The Executioner who is said to be a bloodthirsty vigilante. Playing Dubois will be Gotham's David Mazouz.

    Ashley Greene as Quake - Peter Weller as Mr.Hyde
    A new addition and ally to the Young Avengers is Daisy Johnson. A powerful inhuman Daisy is capable of manipulating seismic vibrations however she sees fit. Along with this she is an exceptionally skilled hand to hand combatant. Sadly however one thing she cannot escape is her past or more specifically her father Mr.Hyde. Real name Calvin Zabo, it is said that the mad scientist concocted a formula which robbed him of his sanity and turned him into a savage creature. Playing Zabo will be Robocop's Peter Weller.

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    Re: Marvel

    Iron Man - The Final Season

    'Sins of the Father'

    What follows is a true ending of an era. The culmination of a key chain of events that kick started Fox's Marvel Universe as the Iron Man story set to air it's final season. To the credit of the writers and show runners, there was a real air of mystery in regards to just exactly how this season would play out. Kicking off the season would be an interesting plus surprising tease of things to come as we'd see Howard Stark (Tom Selleck) along with Timothy Dugan (Ray Stevenson) and Peggy Carter (Amy Acker). Very much in the early days following the loss of Captain America, we'd see how much his loss affected the likes of Howard Stark. Having realised the good Captain could do and now with him gone, that the world needed a hero. In his panicked state he would begin to work on a machine. This machine which he in his mind saw as a last line of defense to protect the world decades on would sadly come close to killing Howard's own son! This opening tease then followed up with a solemn affair which was the conclusion of Happy Hogan's funeral. Having given a tearful eulogy Pepper Potts (Jamie Ray Newman), would be comforted by both Tony Stark (Jack Huston) and James Rhodes (Omari Hardwick). Both of whom also grieving for the loss of their friend but of course Tony harboring excess guilt having been the one who put Hogan out of his misery. Later on however in our next scene, we'd learn from James Rhodes that he was well aware of the decision Tony made. The two sitting across from one another in a bar, Rhodes admitted there had been times in war in which he'd seen friends be given acts of mercy to end their suffering. Stating that he knows the cost of those decisions, Rhodes made it clear that he was there for Tony.

    It was this scene which very much set the tone for the season as it had been made clear in the run up that we'd get a lot more focus on the character of James Rhodes this season after the previous season had given prominent focus to both Happy and Pepper. This very much continued in the bar scene as Rhodes would be reunited with a former colleague from the forces by the name of Bethany Cabe (Christina Hendricks). A key character in this season Cabe very much served as an interesting trip down memory lane for Rhodes while she also became the new love interest for Tony Stark. Yet Bethany would be more than just a piece of eye candy as she'd quickly inform Rhodes of her concerns for one of their former brothers in arms. While Rhodes agreed to look into what was going on, Bethany now revealed to be the head of her own security company would inform Stark of an event being hosted by one Sasha Hammer (Allison Williams). Despite his rather traumatic history with the Hammer family, Stark on hearing Bethany reveal that she had done some digging and found that Sasha was totally unlike her father or sibling. Instead she had branched out on her own and was holding a benefit for charity. This was not only an attempt to remove some of the negative stigma on her name but also to mark her return to California as she was revealed to have spent many years studying across Asia.

    Flashes of her childhood would seemingly show that Sasha seemed to have it a lot easier with her father Justin (Bob Odenkirk) as opposed to her sister Justine (Kacey Rohl). Yet despite being looked upon as a potential heir, we'd see how Sasha never wanted a part in her father's business nor did she want his acceptance. Instead she had simply become sick of these corrupt, powerful men in charge and used her resources to get as far away as she could until right now. What followed would be the Sasha Hammer benefit and we'd get more of a feel for Sasha as a character in a conversation she had with Pepper Potts. Dismissive of Pepper, Sasha did not particularly seem impressed with a woman who in her words was subservient of powerful men. At this benefit we'd see many key plot points dropped for the future of this season including Nick Fury (Djimon Hounsou) scolding Tony Stark for not answering his calls as of late. Stark for his part would dismiss this before remarking as a kid all he heard about was the soldier, he knows enough about him to not have to meet him. Also at this party we'd see another conversation between James Rhodes and Bethany Cabe as she continued to express her concerns in regards to their former colleague Doug Johnson (Tom Welling). Rhodes for his part had already began doing some digging but as he put it, he is proving hard to reach out to.

    A key moment in this scene would be Pepper looking to talk with Tony as she was sick of being helpless and asked him to build her a suit. Stark unsure how to react to this request would ask her to put a pin in this conversation for now as we got a revelation dropped by Sasha Hammer. Now relaunching Hammer Tech with the help of some investors, she wished to introduce everyone to Hammer Tech's hero Detroit Steel. It would be then that schematics of an individual inside a highly advanced suit of armor. Yet before she could unveil Detroit Steel for the world to see, the event would be hijacked by a rogue group known as the Biohack ninjas. Promising a reckoning and threatening to expose long forgotten secrets, this group issued a warning of absolving ones sins. Yet it never quite specified just who in regards to whom they was speaking of. One person however who was slightly threatened by this video was one Edgar Lanscombe (Jason Bateman). One of the many members of Hydra who had infiltrated society, Edgar was a businessman himself who surprisingly had quite a positive relationship with Tony Stark. While this would appear to be down to neither man being afraid to live it up, as we'd see in a later conversation between Edgar and his superior Arnold Brown (Woody Harrelson), Edgar truly believed with the right angle and methods they could make Tony Stark see things their way.

    Having been shaken himself by the efforts of these cyber terrorists, Tony would begin to use Stark Industries to conduct his own investigation into the matter. All the while he'd continue to put Nick Fury on hold much to his annoyance. During this time we'd be introduced to a key new character in the story who clearly had a big future ahead of herself in Riri Williams (Lovie Simone). An intern at Stark Industries who despite her youth was lauded for her intelligence. Riri Williams sadly came with her troubles including her expulsion from MIT. Despite this she was very much a diamond in the rough and it was Tony himself who'd personally hired her on seeing a lot of himself in her. This included the stubbornness as well as at times the perceived lack of respect she could show people, especially those she considered idiots. Yet at the same time she had a want to help people, she didn't want to misuse her gifts and this desire is what Tony had come to recognize and hope to help nurture. A lot of this was down to Riri's childhood, in which she was raised by her mother and her auntie. While the two would do their best to provide for Riri they had to overcome some hard times which made her the strong character she is today.

    Along with this teacher student relationship he had formed, we'd slowly see how Tony Stark and Bethany Cabe would begin to date with her very much looking to be his first proper relationship in a very long while. Despite still being in mourning Pepper was more than happy to see her boss in a good place, especially as she continued to ask him to follow on her request. Meanwhile Rhodes would continue to look into his former colleague Doug Johnson. Here would be a couple of flashbacks showing Rhodes, Cabe and Johnson overseas in the forces and we'd learn how Rhodes before being a lieutenant was also a combat pilot. This would be until one particular mission which saw their helicopter shot down and the soldiers trapped in an enemy prison. Despite later being able to escape, Johnson could never get over his experiences and had several run ins with the law before he went underground. It would be in this research conducted not just by Rhodes but also by Cabe that they'd find employment records of Johnson by none other than Sasha Hammer. Here is where we'd learn that not only was Doug Johnson in fact the man operating Detroit Steel, but that secretly Sasha Hammer was the benefactor of the Biohack Ninjas.

    While a criminal like her father and sister there was a noted difference between Sasha and the rest of her family. As while Justin Hammer was purely about greed and his daughter Justine was blinded by revenge, Sasha refused to let her heart rule her head as her goal was rather than to fight back against in her mind the system, instead she wanted to destroy the whole machine of these powered men thinking they could get away with anything just like her father did. In her meeting with the two hackers introduced as Tomoe (Charlbi Dean) and Zhang (Talisa Soto) we'd learn that Sasha very much had used her time in Asia to forge this alliance with the hacktivists as she used her money to provide them the resources to carry out this mission. As we'd learn however she wasn't the only one who was after those in power, this was thanks to the arrival of one Bram Velsing (Jason Patric). As we'd learn in flash backs from Velsing, the latverian national was at one stage an operative of Hydra until he became too much of a liability. This would lead his assassination order by one Brock Rumlow (Sullivan Stapleton). Yet as we'd see across a few scenes Velsing was able to dispatch any would be assailants.

    Totally different from many we have been introduced to from Hydra, Bram very much was an extrovert and a show off who totally contrasted with their cloak and dagger machinations. Yet despite his bravado, Velsing very much was a man with a plan who looked to get revenge on those who had wronged him. In order to do so, Velsing turned to an old associate from Hydra by the name of Matthew Banham (Paul McGann). An armorer and weapon developer Banham along with his long time ally Paul Norbert Ebersol (Erik Laray Harvey) aka Fixer would be forced by Velsing to build for him a suit. A suit which he would don under the moniker of Dreadknight as he looked to target those who had wronged him. A flashback from the past then returned us to Howard Stark hard at work as he completed Arsenal and his first attempt at creating artificial intelligence. Yet just before he could boot up the machine, the ever desperate Howard would be confronted by Peggy Carter. Pleading with Howard to see sense and not allow his fears to lead him, eventually thanks to these pleas Howard would see sense. However in a surprising move rather than destroy Arsenal, Howard kept it hidden.

    Legends of Arsenal being in storage had long been rumored and it was revealed here that the goal of Sasha and her Biohack unit was to awaken Howard's most fearsome creation. In the mean time Bram Velsing as Dreadknight would begin to target several low ranking members of Hydra. These murders he carried out to some appeared to just be the work of a serial killer, yet as Nick Fury began to take more of an interest he found ties for the victims to Hydra and a potential connection with them and Edgar Lanscombe. Knowing Edgar being a potential target would potentially make him a member of Hydra, Nick Fury looked to reach out to Tony Stark. With a clear mistrust between the two, Tony at first seemed unwilling to appease Fury's suspicions especially when it came to someone who was a friend. As the two spoke Fury admitted that things with him were not always straight forward but he did always have the best intentions. Promising he'd be open with Tony, Fury asked him once more to speak with Edgar. This time Tony would accept.

    With news looming that he was being investigated by SHIELD, a panicked Edgar Lanscombe wondered what to do as we'd see some cracks in his usual cool shell. Yet he'd soon be calmed down by Brock Rumlow who informed him that SHIELD didn't have anything concrete on him and that everything was under control. The day he'd get his visit by Tony, Edgar first would be confronted by Dread Knight who looked to claim his revenge. What followed however would be an entertaining battle between Iron Man and Dread Knight which culminated with Iron Man able to destroy Velsing's suit and him later being locked in SHIELD custody. Before Dread Knight could be interrogated however he would die from a 'suicide'. Confronting Edgar, Tony would demand he be honest with him. Remaining calm Edgar stated that he has done nothing wrong instead he has just joined the right side. Offering Tony a chance to join, Edgar would be dismayed as Stark stated that he was not a criminal. Yet as he'd make his exit, Edgar said that SHIELD isn't the perfect organisation he thinks it is and they are lying to him.

    Confronting Fury, Tony demanded to know what was being hidden from him. Here Nick would tell Tony of some of his father's more illicit designs including Arsenal. Demanding answers as to how SHIELD and Hydra knew about this before he could, Fury would then reveal the reason for his issues with trust. This being down to the work of his brother Jake (Idris Elba). Revealing they had both joined the military and soon after their departure both became apart of SHIELD. Nick said he always knew his brother wasn't perfect but he was still his brother. Which is why he accepted him of his flaws, yet this all came to a head the day he found out that Jake was in fact selling secrets on the black market and apart of a terrorist group. Confronting his brother, Nick was stunned when Jake attacked him during a mission. A brief fight would take place which culminated with Nick being forced to shoot his brother and leave him for dead. Calling it one of the hardest decisions in his life Nick states that he has always struggled with trust ever since but he promises to be more open with Stark from this point on.

    Finally working together Fury and Stark would begin to look over the Dread Knight suit and Tony would find some identifying marks for one Matthew Banham. Calling Banham a rookie designer, Tony stated that clearly he has Hydra ties. Yet before they could find Banham, Hydra realised his part in the dreadknight debacle and it would be Brock Rumlow set to retrieve him. Finding Banham working on a special suit, Rumlow instead elected to slit his throat and take the suit for his own while we'd learn that Fixer had already fled. Now that SHIELD and Stark Industries were on the same page they'd begin to look into the Biohackers and their ties to Sasha Hammer. Yet soon their attention would be diverted thanks to the arrival of Detroit Steel, piloted by the troubled Johnson. this supposed hero would go on a rampage as we'd learn that Doug wasn't in fact fully compliant. In fact he'd been recruited by Sasha's silent partner Basil Sandhurst/Controller (David Morrisey). A paraplegic scientist who thanks to Sasha's technology and finances was able to construct his own suit which allowed him the use of slave discs worn by Doug Johnson which meant the soldier would do his bidding.

    It wouldn't just be Johnson who Sandhurst used either as it was revealed that Aaron Somes (Tony Dalton), a former employee of Edwin Cord had become the armored villain known as Mauler. Despite his revenge also making him want to target Stark, Somes was unaware that he very much was being played by Controller. Used as bait, Somes would draw out Iron Man and many of SHIELD allowing the biohackers to enter one of SHIELD's vaults where they'd begin to over ride Arsenal. While Arsenal was rising, War Machine would confront Detroit Steel and we'd see Rhodes very much look to talk round his former friend. Yet this would be to no avail as even without Sanhurst's influence, Johnson's ptsd had consumed him with rage and hate which he directed at his former commander. In the ensuing battle a heart broken James Rhodes would be forced to execute Doug Johnson having realised that he had failed to save his private once again. Mauler meanwhile would be easily defeated in the end by Iron Man, but sadly his distraction paid off as Arsenal would rise up and begin it's onslaught under the control of Sasha Hammer and the biohackers.

    This powerful robot was incredibly destructive as it easily wiped out buildings and vehicles that crossed it's path. Despite Tony's demands for everyone to flee Stark Industries several individuals would stay behind including Riri who began looking to track the signal with the help of Maria Hill (Trieste Kelly Dunn). With Arsenal proving to be too much for Iron Man, he would soon be aided by James Rhodes before we'd finally get to see Pepper Potts in her rescue suit as Tony had followed through on her wishes. Against three suits, Arsenal would eventually be destroyed much to the horror of Sasha Hammer who'd come to find that their location had been given away thanks to the work of Riri. With sirens in the distance, The Biohackers would look to flee only to be quickly captured by SHIELD and Iron Man. Sandhurst meanwhile in his controller armor would be confronted by a livid War Machine who stripped him completely of his armor, rendering Sandhurst's abilities to walk useless once more. Sasha for her part, also had little interest in going quietly as she prepared to wear a make shift variant of the Detroit steel armor but before she could, the armor would be destroyed by Rescue who got to give Sasha Hammer her comeuppance following her dismissive behavior earlier on.

    With this bringing an end to villains of this final season, focus then turned to wrapping up the Iron Man story once and for all. Kicking things off we'd learn how James Rhodes along with Tony Stark would officially join SHIELD while Pepper Potts formally took over Stark Industries once and for all while keeping her rescue suit framed in her office for safe keeping. Tony meanwhile in a later meeting with Fury would in fact finally agree to meet his father's other creation as Nick for the first time uttered the avenger initiative name. The closing scene would then feature one last party this time in honor of Pepper's promotion and it would tie up any loose ends left in the series. This would include Pepper thanking Tony for everything he has done for her, while also admitting that she knew he helped eased Happy's pain and that he shouldn't feel bad for stopping his friend's suffering. Also during this party, Bethany Cabe would again meet with Rhodes and the two would raise a glass to Doug before she told James that it was finally time to forgive himself. Bethany then would head off to find Tony who was in fact curiously in conversation with Edgar Lanscombe. Issuing a veiled threat, Tony stated that he knows the truth about Hydra and he will be coming for them!

    Following the title credits two scenes would then be shown issuing some teases for the future. The first would be a meeting in a secret location as the Hydra high council would gather. This would consist of Arnold Brown, Tony Masters (Ray Park) and Viper (Rachel Nichols), As the group would talk in a shocking moment they would be joined by the still alive Jake Fury! The follow up post credit scene would focus on Riri Williams, now officially recruited to Stark Industries Riri after a meeting with Pepper found herself in possession of a 'signing bonus' left to her by Tony Stark. Inside she would find the materials to build her own suit with Stark's blessing.


    Tony Stark/Iron Man - Played by Jack Huston
    Pepper Potts/Rescue - Played by Jamie Ray Newman
    James Rhodes/War Machine - Played by Omari Hardwick
    Maria Hill - Played by Trieste Kelly Dunn
    Nick Fury - Played by Djimon Hounsou
    Jake Fury - Played by Idris Elba
    Riri Williams/Iron Heart - Played by Lovie Simone
    Bethany Cabe - Played by Christina Hendricks
    Edgar Lanscome - Played by Jason Bateman
    Howard Stark - Played by Tom Selleck

    Bram Velsing/Dreadknight - Played by Jason Patric - Killed by Hydra
    Arsenal - Voiced by Clancy Brown - Destroyed
    Aaron Somes/Mauler - Played by Tony Dalton - Arrested
    Basil Sandhurst/Controller - Played by David Morrisey - Arrested
    Doug Johnson/Detroit Steel - Played by Tom Welling - Killed by War Machine
    Sasha Hammer - Played by Allison Williams - Arrested
    Matthew Banham - Played by Paul McGann - Killed by Brock Rumlow
    Tomoe - Played by Charlbi Dean - Arrested
    Zhang - Played by
    Talisa Soto - Arrested

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    Re: Marvel

    Iron Fist miniseries

    "The return"

    Looking to continue this successful trend of Defenders miniseries our next port of call would be one of the shining lights so to speak of the series in Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Dan Stevens). As unlike the conflicted Matt Murdock (Shane West) or the vengeful Ava Ayala (Monica Raymund) or the troubled Jessica Jones (Alexandria Daddario). Danny Rand for most part is amiable and likeable, and despite at points his frustration at a lack of a path since his return to new york, he has remained positive and makes the most of the life he has in New York City itself. Of course this wasn't always the way it was for him in this life and we'd see that in the early stages of this tale. Starting out though, in order to get this story rolling we had to go back to the very beginning or at least what Danny Rand had long believed was the beginning of his pathway to becoming the Iron Fist. The son of wealthy business magnate Wendell Rand (Sam Worthington) and his wife Heather Rand (Alicia Silverstone). Danny had a great childhood with his parents very much being loving despite both having strenuous careers as part of Rand-Meachum incorporated along with Harold Meachum (Billy Bob Thornton).

    Yet while Wendell and Heather were beloved figures thanks to their integrity, genuine behavior and generosity. There was still those who were plotting against them with Harold Meachum being the most notable of which. As a child, Danny would often spend a lot of time with Harold Meachum's children Ward (Luke Mitchell) and Joy (Jennifer Carpenter). However it had to be said that while Danny and Joy were very close, there was always a degree of separation between Ward and Danny possibly due to Ward's envy at how loving Danny's parents were as opposed to the cold, distant relationship he had with Howard. Sadly however this would all come to a head when Wendell Rand arranged to take Danny and Heather on a surprise vacation. Using the company jet to take them to the Himalayas for what he promised to be an adventure, Wendell would say goodbye to Harold on the tarmac itself unaware that this was Harold's big move in an effort to gain complete control over the company. As it would be when the plane neared it's destination that the jet would malfunction (revealed to be tampered with under Harold's orders) and crash in the mountains. Waking up a few days later the at the time 9 year old Danny Rand would find himself being tended to in the mystical city of K'un-Lun.

    Despite the loss of his parents, the young Danny did not let his grief consume him as he agreed to study and train at K'un-Lun in the hopes of one day avenging them. From this young age, Danny underwent strenuous training from various teachers all the while he formed a close bond with fellow students Miranda Kai (Lauren Cohan) and her boyfriend Conal D'hu-Tsien (Ryuhei Matsuda). Danny would also bond with a slightly older student known as Fooh (CS Lee) who very much provided the series comic releif thanks to his antics and witticisms. Raised and cared for by his guardian Yu-Ti (Kippei Shiina), Danny's various teachers would include the spiritual Li Park (Yayan Ruhian) who would frequently speak of meditation and centering oneself, The highly intelligent Bei Bang Wen (Azim Rizk) who primarily looked to strengthen his students' minds, while combat training would be handled by the duo of Bei Ming Tian (Shinsuke Nakamura) and Wu Ao Shi (Devon Aoki). In this time we'd also see a competitive rivalry forming between Danny and Davos (Manuel Garcia Fulfio).

    As the years would pass Danny steadily became one of K'Un-Lun's best students under the watchful eye of it's most feared warrior Lei Kung (Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa). A commanding presence everytime he was on screen, Lei Kung very much was a man who when he spoke everyone listened and it would be his recommendation to the elders that Danny and not his own son Davos took the challenge to become the Iron Fist. This of course would only lead Davos further down the dark path to become the Steel Serpent but what truly sent him over the edge was when Danny actually did the unthinkable which no warrior had achieved before when he slayed the dragon Shou Lao (Bridgette Wilson) to become the Iron Fist and the protector of K'un-Lun and as we'd learn he'd in fact channel the soul of the dragon in his fists. Which would unknowingly set apart a chain of events which led to the bleak times he'd now face. It wouldn't be long after this that Danny would leave K'un-Lun in an effort to avenge his family once and for all. Yet of course this very much would take him down some unexpected pathways as he'd not only come up against the hand, but he'd also witness the deaths of both Ward and Harold.

    This sadly would fracture his relationship with Joy as to say things had been different between the two since his return would be an understatement. Adding to this pressure was the fact that Meachum-Rand Inc had been offered a buyout from business woman Brenda Swanson (Lea Michelle) who basically was low balling the company with the threat of a hostile takeover. Despite this looming takeover, Joy to her credit would hear Danny out about the Iron Fist and the mytstical city of K'un-Lun. While she may not have believed Danny at first, Joy to her credit was willing to be convinced and leave with him while Rand was looked after by her associate Jason Quartermaster (Zack Lee). Yet on his arrival to K'un-Lun, Danny would find a lot of changes had happened since his last time there. In the years that had passed, Yu-Ti had now taken over as the chief elder of K'un-Lun while Lei Kung in a surprising act of desperation had brought his son Davos home. Despite Davos having shamed them, Kung hoped that his son could be redeemed.

    Danny meanwhile would find that apart from the likes of Fooh, he wasn't as well recieved in his return as he'd thought. Because while Yu-Ti was distant to him as he saw Danny's departure as betrayal, it would be Miranda Kai who attacked Danny as she blamed him very much for the death of her lover Conal who was revealed to have died in battle with dark forces after the departure of the Iron Fist. As she caught her first glimpses of K'un-Lun and it's way of life, Joy would immediately begin to understand and sympathise with Danny and the life he had here. This very much was a great turn for her character as opposed to the near villainous route that had been teased in the defenders. While Danny had been unsure of Davos' return with his history with the Steel Serpent in the Defenders tale, he was willing to give his mentor the benefit of the doubt as we'd see forgiveness being a key part of this early story. Of course in return Danny had questions and it would be through Lei, that the bridge to him repairing his relationship with Yu-Ti would be formed.

    As first Danny would learn that Conal had been killed by one of the followers of enemy to K'un-Lun, The Crane Mother (Karolina Wydra). Yet we'd also learn that because of the death of Shou Lao, a new threat had emerged and put the city in danger which is why for the first time it is visible. This would be because, Shou Lao had a love. A fellow dragon known as Chianting (Bolo Yeung) who had been able to transform himself into a human, Hoping to one day free his beloved. Yet this would be thrown out with Rand being the one to slay the dragon, having been consumed by his grief and with a need for vengeance Chianting would meet with one Master Khan (Ali Suliman). A sorcer who Lei Kung had previously described with having moderate skill but nothing truly to fear, Kung would further acknowledge that Khan's real threat was from his words. Bringing a devilistic charm with him, Khan would often have people hanging off of his very words and allowed him to mislead, manipulate and misdirect those he could use to further his want for power. With Chianting, Khan played upon his grief and rage to convince the dragon to give him his soul in an effort to increase his power so he could punish K'un-Lun for the loss of his beloved. This would be an offer Chianting would agree to and he'd offer himself to Khan which greatly increased his abilities.

    As Khan grew stronger he would go along with Chianting's request in what would appear to be a contract between the two. We'd see how Khan would begin to amass himself an army, the first of which being the Crane Mother who having been a life long enemy of Lei Kung was happy to see K'un-Lun fall. Along with her would be one of her faithful warriors Eel (Josh Barnett) along with Khan's loyal servant Ninja (Chris Casamassa). Yet before they would strike, Khan stated there was a few more recruits he wished to have by his side to ensure victory. Meanwhile Danny would continue his quest for knowledge as both Yu-Ti and Lei Kung would inform Danny of the true lineage of the Iron Fist. As Danny would learn there had been a few in front of him to take that mantle. The first of which was revealed to be a man known as Orson Randall (Ben Daniels). Acquiring the gift during the first world war, Orson could never quite escape the things he saw or had done. This would lead to him developing a serious opium addiction. In fact unlike Danny who saw the Iron Fist as a gift, Orson saw it as a curse and he turned against K'un-Lun and allied himself with the Crane Mother.

    Yet as we'd learn his rebellion would be brought to an end when Lei Kung killed him in battle under the orders of the elder. The second Iron Fist however would be the big news as we'd learn that Wendell Kai aka Wendell Rand who previously served as the ward of Orson would take the mantle. With bad blood between Wendell and Orson, it is believed that Wendell at first took the position out of spite but he'd soon prove his worth as he rescued a village elder revealed to be Yu-Ti from the dragon Shao Lou. This act would see Yu-Ti adopt and raise Wendell while also further a teased belief that Yu-Ti was supernatural with this tale confirming his supposed immortality. Yet eventually Wendell would give up the mantle as he returned home, not before he'd unknowingly fathered a daughter revealed to be Miranda Kai. As the revelations would continue we'd see how in his realisations Danny learned that his parents like him survived the crash and that his father who'd in truth been bringing his family to K'un-Lun in an effort to bring together his lives. Yet as we'd see sadly Wendell would be attacked by an assailant long believed to be under the employ of Harold who executed Wendell in the snow. This would leave Danny and Heather with Heather sacrificing herself to a pack of wolves in an effort to save her son.

    It would be here that Danny had been brought to K'un-Lun and while he had mentally blocked out some of the trauma. Yet as we'd learn in these revelations, Lei Kung never did in fact kill Orson Randall and that more shockingly Orson Randall never died. In fact Kung had began to believe that Randall working along with the Crane Mother was planning an attack on K'un-Lun at the behest of Master Khan. Here we'd learn a little more about the woman known as the Crane Mother, revealed to be a life long enemy of K'un-Lun and the last surviving member of a rival city who had frequently courted war, the Crane Mother was a highly powerful individual who along with Eel and Orson had partnered with Zhou Cheng (Christian Keyes), who'd been raised to believe that it was his birthright to murder the Iron Fist. Overwhelmed with all this news, it would only be through the help and support of Joy that Danny kept it together. However soon she would find a crisis of her own, as she'd learn that Brenda Swanson had launched a full takeover of Rand-Meachum thanks to the reveal that Jason Quartermaster had in fact been an undercover agent working for Brenda. It would be here thanks to a phone call that we'd learn that Brenda was very much a protégé of Orson Randall, as well as the illicit love child of Harold Meachum.

    With this news, Joy would be forced to return home but Danny warned her that this seemed to be a trap in an effort to split them up. In a surprising move Davos would elect to go back to New York with Joy and protect her from any would be assailants. Despite his doubts, Danny on seeing that Davos was sincere in his intentions would agree. With that Joy and Davos would leave K'un-Lun while Danny would attempt to reconnect with his half sister Miranda. This however would prove easier said than done as Miranda still harbored a grudge to Danny for what happened to Conal. Yet she also had a secret to bear, as she'd reveal how Master Khan had in fact resurrected Conal and now had him as one of his lieutenants under the moniker of Sharyd. From here we'd be taken to New York and we'd see a confrontation between Joy and Brenda. In this Joy would shock Brenda as she stated that she knew she'd been working with Orson Randall, but was also sure that she didn't truly know what kind of man he really was. At the same time however Brenda would stun Joy with the revelation that she was also Harold's daughter. As Joy and her would continue to go back and forth, Joy would reveal that she had found a way to prove some criminal behavior on Brenda's part and with this she intended to expose her as a criminal.

    Looking to put a stop to his associate being brought down, Brenda's number 2 Ernst (Stacy Keach) would draw a weapon only to be easily disarmed by Davos who knocked him out for good measure. With that Joy would contact the police as she informed Brenda that she was doing her a kindness because she did not know the kind of people she had become associated with. Sadly she'd soon find out as the building was attacked by Zhou Cheng. Under the orders of the Crane Mother, Zhou would look to take the Iron Fist's heart in an effort to make him feel Chianting's pain. What followed would be a brutal fight between Davos and Zhou in which Cheng showed little consideration for anyone in his path as at one stage one of the projectiles he launched nearly took out Brenda were it not for Davos. Towards the end of the fight Cheng had Davos down, when Joy Meachum would pull the gun that she took from Ernst and fire off a round which clipped Zhou's arm. Despite this wound, Zhou would advance on her only to be swept by Davos who proceeded to knock him out. Leading to the arrests of Brenda, Ernst, Quartermaster and Cheng. With news of Brenda's arrest and Cheng's defeat we'd then see a surprise as Orson Randall returned to K'un-Lun along with Sharyd.

    During his conversation with Danny, Orson confirmed that he had killed Wendell as a means to save him of his curse and that now he'd reunite father and son by relieving Danny of the same curse. To his surprise however, Danny would counter that the fist is not a curse to those who truly see the good it is capable of. Calling Orson impure of heart, Danny claimed that he has constantly give into the demons whereas Danny has only sought to combat them. As these two would converse, we'd then begin to see another face off which had been highly anticipated between Sharyd and Miranda. While Miranda at first didn't want to battle her beloved, in this conversation we'd see how Sharyd had allowed himself to be corrupted by the darkness and hoped that he could sway her to his side. We'd then see not one but to fights break out as Kai battled Sharyd and Rand battled Randall. Yet much to Danny's surprise he'd find himself over matched against a much more skilled and experienced opponent as Randall would constantly out maneuver him claiming to have seen every move Danny went for. Kai and Sharyd meanwhile engaged in a vicious battle of former lovers in which Kai at first appeared to be holding back, but as she'd see her brother being bested by his foe. She finally forgave and accepted Danny as she defeated Sharyd in combat and ended things by driving a knife through his chest.

    This would allow Miranda to unite with Danny and battle against Orson. Despite facing a numbers game Randall still would hold his own until Lei Kung looked to join the conflict. Realising he was out gunned, Orson would escape with the warning that he would return. Also returning to K'un-L'un would be Davos with the news that Joy was now safe and that they've overcome the issues they'd faced. This finally mended the bridges between Danny and Davos with these two foes finally rekindling their brotherly bond. While K'un-L'un's forces would all begin to unite we'd see how Master Khan under the urging of a desperate Chianting would begin to plan his master strike. This would first start with him recruiting two more to his army, the first being a warrior known only as the Dragonfist (Stephanie Jacobsen) who had long coveted the Iron Fist powers for herself. While the other would be purely designed to cause Danny anguish, as Khan resurrected the wolf that killed Danny's mother and turned it into Ferocia (Hannah Gross). Now with his own army and plans to not just destroy K'un-L'un but also revive Shao Lao, Khan would begin to make a plan for his attack. Meanwhile back in K'un-L'un it would be agreed that Yu-Ti would act as the last line of defense to stop them in their plot.

    Yet as they'd strategies, it would be agreed that in these desperate times the need for desperate measures would also be employed. This saw Danny reach out to John Aman/Prince of Orphans (Babou Ceesay). Described as having power equal to if not greater than the Iron Fist, The Prince of Orphans has had a very much tumultuous relationship with K'un-L'un in particular with both Yu-Ti and Lei Kung who he'd class as friends. Albeit ones who have in the past sought to kill him when their ideals have collided. The prince very much is dismissive of the new Iron Fist, calling him a boy who is unaware of the true potential of his power. Even with the talk of war, the Prince still doesn't seem that interested until he learns of Master Khan's involvement. Yet even with his intrigue, the Prince states that like Danny and the Crane Mother, he is an immortal weapon. Acknowledging these weapons have a purpose, Orphan remarks that he will not assist in the death of another of his kind before he sends Danny away. Yet before he leaves, Danny remarks that Lei told him this was a fools errand. Yet at the same time, from what he'd heard the Prince of Orphans was all about protecting his people. Which is why Danny came here to help him prevent an atrocity which would happen world wide should Khan get his ascent to power.

    In between this and the war we'd get a key scene of interest as Joy Meachum would visit Brenda in prison. Revealing this not to have been the first time, Brenda would ask just what the point of all these visits was. To her surprise, Joy would counter that she was once consumed with rage following the death of Harold. Remarking that despite her father being a cruel man, Joy still loved him. Admitting that to then know that Brenda had been ostracised by her father, never truly got to meet him and then found he had died. Joy states she knows that grief and rage can corrupt someone as it nearly did her. Yet she beat it and she wants to help Brenda do the same. This scene was surprisingly an emotional one which only furthered the depth given to Joy Meachum, who while flawed had shown herself to be intelligent, capable and also willing to admit when she was wrong and offer forgiveness. Brenda for her part while shown in the past to be ice cold to Joy, seemed to be swayed by this as when Joy asked to visit again, Brenda nodded her head.

    Once this scene came to an end, it would be time for the battle for K'un-Lun. Joined on the battle field by Davos, Miranda Kai, Lei Kung and his former teachers along with some of their top students. Danny would lead the charge as he had Fooh look after those unable to defend themselves. Yet soon K'un-L'un would be besieged by the dark forces of Master Khan and his army. Also entering the field in the beginning would be Ninja, Ferocia, Dragon Fist and Eel. Each of these would very much have their own combat styles and we'd see very much a graceful battle of technique between Davos and Ninja while Dragon Fist and Miranda Kai made up for it in fury. Eel meanwhile lunged at Lei Kung with recklessness while Danny came face to face with Ferocia who wasted little time in tormenting him over the death of his mother and the taste of her flesh. This battle would wage yet soon we'd see the K'un-L'un forces taking over as Lei Kung was able to dispatch Eel with ease while Davos would eventually best Ninja. Kai and Dragon Fist meanwhile waged a brutal battle in which Kai would be wounded by Dragon Fist only for Li Park to step in and aid his former top student in defeating Dragon Fist once and for all.

    While both Li Park and Bei Bang Wen would help escort Kai to safety, Danny would continue to combat the dangerous, primal fighting style of Ferocia before he'd finally channel his chi and use the Iron Fist to slay Ferocia and avenge his mother. Seeing his early recruits fall, Master Khan would state now is the time for things to be kicked up yet clearly his control was slipping as Chianting would demand he enter the field. Showing himself to be selfish and self serving, Khan would refuse as he commented that he was the one in command and not the dragon. As Khan's powers would wain because of this conflict we'd see both Orson Randall and the Crane Mother decide to join the battle. Randall would immediately seek out Rand as on the way he bested Bei Ming Tan and Wu Ao Shi with relative ease. Crane Mother meanwhile would make a beeline for her old foe Lei Kung. These two rivalries had been built across the season and the fights would not disappoint as Danny despite again finding himself over matched would begin to fight more unorthodox as he'd catch Randall off guard at points. Crane Mother meanwhile would surprisingly prove herself to be a more skilled combatant than Kung.

    Yet before she could kill her rival, she would find herself battling against Davos as well who looked to protect his father. Reunited with his son, Lei Kung and Davos would begin to overwhelm the Crane Mother before Davos was able to deliver the finishing blow and kill one of K'un-L'un's greatest foes. Randall meanwhile would continue to battle with Rand until he was surprisingly struck by the Prince of Orphans. Joining the battle, the Prince would easily out match Orson Randall and surprisingly be the one to kill Randall with a knife to the heart. As he fell to his knees, Orson almost seemed at peace as he was finally freed of his curse once and for all. His army defeated and his power's slipping Master Khan's attempts to flee were again halted by Chianting who demanded that he free his betrothed as they agreed upon. Confronted by Rand and the Prince of Orphans. Khan with his enhanced power would still prove to be a match for the both of them. That is until we'd see a great power take over Davos. This was down to him being the one to kill an immortal weapon, thus he'd take over the powers of the Crane Mother. Against three immortal weapons and the great Lei Kung, Master Khan would eventually be destroyed along with Chianting who in his last words swore that he'd make Khan suffer in the next life.

    With the battle concluded, a few days would pass before Danny Rand had to leave K'un-Lun once more. This time however it wasn't him fleeing, it was a case of see you around as he shared a tearful embrace with Miranda Kai and Yu-Ti with Kai being named the protector of K'un-Lun. From here Rand would meet with both Davos and the Prince of Orphans. In this meeting the Prince would issue a horrifying threat, as he warned Danny that the dark forces of the Hand still existed and in order to be eliminated he'd need help. Remarking that he had a team back home, Danny was surprised as the Orphan told him that he along with Davos would be going out in search of other Immortal Weapons as they hoped to extinguish the Hand once and for all. From here our closing scene would focus on Danny Rand arriving at the airport where he was met by Joy. This light hearted scene would see the two embrace before they each remarked they had a lot to talk about.

    After this we'd see a slight montage to close this miniseries. One which would give brief highlights of the remaining Immortal Weapons. The first would see a group of thieves break into an old tomb known as the Valley of the Gates. Believing it to be home to great treasure all they'd find is cobwebs as they was besieged by Spiders at the behest of the Bride. From here we'd see the attempted assault of a woman by a gang only to find this woman was a lot more than they'd expected. As she'd kill all of them while noticeably in an exclusive paper for this tropical island we'd learn that many men had been executed by a mystery assailant. After this we'd go to Peng Lai island where movie star Fat Cobra was shown to be capable of great feats of strength. The second to last weapon we'd see would be an assassin who was accompanied by a pack of stray dogs in Under City. Before finally we'd witness the attempted hit of a crime lord nicknamed the Monkey King only for the staff wielding criminal to display freak agility in escaping his fate. This very much would wrap up the Iron Fist story and add further intrigue to what is being built as the final season of the Defenders.

    Danny Rand - Played by Dan Stevens
    Joy Meachum - Played Jennifer Carpenter
    Lei Kung - Played by Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa
    Yu-Ti - Played by Kippei Shiina
    Miranda Kai - Played by Lauren Cohan
    Fooh - Played by CS Lee
    Davos/Steel Serpent - Played by Manuel Garcia Fulfio
    Prince of Orphans - Played by Babou Ceesay

    Master Khan - Played by Ali Suliman
    Wendell Rand - Played by Sam Worthington - Killed by Orson Randall
    Heather Rand - Played by Alicia Silverstone - Killed by Wolves
    Brenda Swanson - Played by Lea Michelle - Arrested
    Dragon Fist - Played by Stephanie Jacobsen
    Zhou Cheng - Played by Christian Keyes - Arrested
    Orson Randall - Played by Ben Daniels
    Crane Mother - Played by Karolina Wydra - Killed by Davos
    Eel of the Blessed Waters - Played by Josh Barnett - Killed by Lei Kung
    Ferocia - Voiced by Hannah Gross - Killed by Iron Fist
    Ninja - Played by Chris Casamassa - Killed by Davos
    Shou-Lao - Voiced by Bridgette Wilson - Killed by Danny Rand
    Ernst Erksine - Played by Stacy Keach - Arrested
    Chianting - Voiced by Bolo Yeung

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    Re: Marvel

    Immortal Weapons are coming to the MCU

    With this Iron Fist miniseries coming to an end and seemingly setting up this final Defenders season. It can be confirmed that we will be introduced to the Immortal Weapons in this Defenders season. These seven champions are believed to all be representing their respective cities and while the relationship between them at times can be fragile, in times of great crisis they are to unite. As we already know three current immortal weapons are Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Dan Stevens), John Aman/Prince of Orphans (Babou Ceesay) and Davos/Steel Serpent (Manuel Garcia Fulfio)

    Karen Fukuhara as Bride of Nine Spiders
    Said to be highly dangerous, downright predatory and potentially sadistic. The venomous Bride of Nine Spiders very much enjoys stalking her prey as the land she lives is said to be inhabited all but her. Playing the Bride will be Suicide Squad's Karen Fukuhara.

    Olivia Cheng as Tiger's Beautiful Daughter
    A feared warrior who some equally look upon as a serial killer. The individual known as Tiger's Beautiful Daughter is said to be the daughter of a warlord who has long sought to prove her father wrong about his belief in the power of men compared to her. Playing the daughter will be Warrior's Olivia Cheng.

    Holt Mccallany as Fat Cobra
    A celebrity and movie star in his home town, it is said that don't let the boastful not to mention bloated Fat Cobra's looks fool you. He is a skilled warrior and a formidable opponent for anyone who is known for his strength. Playing Cobra will be Mind Hunter's Holt Mccallany.

    Jin Zhang as Dog Brother #1
    An assassin from Under City known for his love of strays. Some say that Dog Brother #1 is a robin hood like figure while others see him as an anarchist looking to start a revolution. Playing Dog Brother will be Escape Plan 3's Jin Zhang.

    Harry Shum Jr as Monkey King
    Rounding out the weapons is the Monkey King. A former crime lord from hong kong whose life was altered thanks to his discovery of a monkey staff. It is believed that thanks to his possession of the staff, the criminal is known for his agility among other things. Playing Monkey King will be Escape Plan 3's Harry Shum Jr.

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    Re: Marvel

    Ant-Man season 2

    Cross Technologies

    While some had their concerns going in to it's premiere season, it's safe to say that the story of Ant-Man very much exceeded expectations. This was of course down to the excellent work put in to showcase the incredibly flawed yet equally brilliant Hank Pym/Ant-Man (Robert Carlyle). Continuing on from the previous season, this second season took a bold step in that while it was split into two parts set decades apart while this was to be expected with the introduction of Scott Lang (Scott Parter) at the end of the last season. It wasn't well established just how we'd continue this story set in the past. Yet here as we'd learn despite his success in the past season working with SHIELD, Hank Pym never fully trusted the operation. This was possibly down to the efforts of rogue agents such as Mitchell Carson (Brendan Fraser) who saw only the weaponizable potential in Hank's Pym particle. However what furthered his disdain for SHIELD was that in Hank's mind Shield had played an effect into his relationship with Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp (Julia Stiles).

    Very much a standard case of blaming everyone bar himself, Hank's loathing of SHIELD would also extend to his former friend Bill Foster/Goliath (Rob Brown). As Foster had not only aided in helping Janet escape the abusive Hank, but he'd also began happily working alongside SHIELD under the orders of it's at the time director Timothy Duggan (Ray Stevenson). Hank meanwhile would never quite fit in with SHIELD, as he found himself constantly in conflict with Tony Stark (Tom Selleck) while also frequently clashing with Rick Stoner (Michael Ironside). This would eventually lead to Hank after one particularly bad clash with Bill, packing up his things and leaving SHIELD blaming them for all of his issues. Soon after his departure Hank would continue his work in his own labs while along the way he'd employ an assistant Darren Cross (Jeffrey Wright). While Hank respected Darren's mind and his abilities, Hank would remain aware that Cross' intentions for working with him were not pure. A power hungry, selfish individual Darren had heard stories of the Pym Particle and he wanted it for himself.

    This is why Hank would forever keep the particle out of Darren's grasp. Yet this would cause some fractures in their relationship because while at first he admired Hank and his intelligence, Cross' rash behavior and impatience would often bring them into conflict. As we'd learn however, there was an extra reason for Darren's behavior. This was down to him being sick and suffering with a rare heart condition, under the treatment of Erica Sondheim (Carrie Coon). Darren was able to manage the side effects of his condition but he believed that the pym particle with some modification could not only be his legacy but also his salvation. Yet his frustration would only grow as Hank kept him at arms length and brushed him off with the particle, this would further embitter Darren who would take it out on his own son in private. Sadly he wouldn't be the only parent/child relationship that was troubled as with Janet giving birth to a daughter. Hank would never see his daughter in her younger years thanks to his mood swings and rash behavior. This only furthered Hank's pit of despair of course.

    Soon however Hank would find himself brought back to SHIELD however as soon a super villain would catch his attention. This being a woman by the name of Petra Laskov/Swarm (Sydney Park). Very much a tragic tale, Petra was an unwilling test subject of a Hydra scientist known as Odd John (Elden Hansen). It was said in these experiments that Odd John would murder Petra's family in an effort to force her compliance. Yet one say she was able to overcome her obedience chip and kill the man who'd tortured her and turned her into a monster. From here Petra would go through John's research and see that he'd been inspired by the Ant-Man. Thus in an effort to stop anyone else, suffering what she had. She wanted nothing more than to destroy the original once and for all. While misguided, this insect queen would go out of her way to hunt down Hank Pym. During her confrontation with Pym, it has to be said that Hank was able to sympathise with Petra and her suffering. With him very much seeing her trauma and how it affected her in many ways reminiscent to his own.

    Sadly while Hank felt she could be saved, it would be under the orders of Rick Stoner that she was executed. This very much showed how flawed parts of SHIELD could be back in the day and only made Stoner's fate in the Thunderbolts all the more fitting. His justification while questionable was the threat the terrorist posed to not just them but the world as her methods in attacks to track down the Ant-Man had been brutal. However this incident would very much be the full fracture in Hank's relationship with SHIELD, as he swore he'd never work with them again and soon after would go underground as he abandoned all hope of seeing his daughter again. These actions however would only make Darren Cross grow more reckless as we learned that Darren himself had Hydra connections and he was looking to sell them on his idea of a weaponised suit by the name of Yellow Jacket. Yet he needed to get the possession of the particle. His desperation for the plans, plus his health waining would lead to Cross kidnapping Erica Sondheim and holding her captive in Hank's old lab.

    This would eventually lead to Hank returning to the field as Ant-Man on his own as it was revealed despite their fractured relationship, Hank had maintained some contact with Janet for her to update him on their daughter. His last stand Darren Cross looked to force Hank's hand as he continued to threaten Erica despite her pleas for him to remain calm. Darren sadly for him would eventually lose control and this would put his heart under too much strain and he would collapse on the floor with his dying moments spent cursing Hank Pym for not giving him a chance. Fleeing from the scene before SHIELD could arrive, we'd then learn that one G.W Bridge (John Goodman) had been assigned by Rick Stoner to track down Hank Pym. Years would then pass and sightings of the Ant-Man would grow more rare before eventually he'd fizzle out as no more than a legend or a myth.

    Yet as the saying goes everything has a return. This would be down to pure chance and happenstance thanks to the desperations of one Scott Lang. Said to be a highly skilled electrical engineer, Scott for a time had domestic bliss with his wife Peggy Rae (Julie McNiven) and their daughter Cassie (Brighton Sharbino). Yet his luck would soon turn as he lost his job when his company began making cut backs, in desperation Scott would turn to crime as a burglar but sadly his ineptitude would lead to his arrest. During his time incarcerated Scott would be divorced by Peggy while his daughter Cassie would begin to suffer from a heart condition similar to that which struck down Darren Cross. Released from jail early for good behavior, Scott would come to find that Peggy had since remarried a detective by the name of Blake Burdick (Kristoffer Jon Poloha). To say things are at points adversarial between Scott and Blake would be an understatement with some of the weariness between the two coming from the fact they are at opposite ends of the law. Yet despite his hard exterior, you could tell Blake was a good guy who only wanted what was best for Peggie and Cassie.

    With Cassie's health deuterating however, Scott would yet again get desperate as he heard of Erica Sondheim and her studies. In his panic Scott would break into the house of a recluse he had recently done some electrical work for, yet he'd find that instead of treasures he'd broken into the house of the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym. This very much led to the conversation we saw at the conclusion of the previous season with Hank making Scott a deal. That if he took the mantle of Ant-Man and used the suit for good. Hank in turn would not press charges and also contact his friend Erica Sondheim to help treat Cassie. Despite any nerves he might have about becoming a superhero, Scott would soon agree to take the role in an effort to save his daughter while in a surprising move thanks to the help of Blake who'd quickly learn what he was doing, come up with suitable alibis to protect them. News of this new Ant-Man would soon begin to spread however with SHIELD taking an interest. As GW Bridge would be pulled from retirement by Nick Fury (Djimon Hounsou) in the hopes that now with SHIELD under new management, they could work with the hero.

    They wasn't the only ones to react however as Cross Technologies new head Augustine Cross (Charles Michael Davis) would soon take note of this. Embittered at Hank Pym and holding him personally responsible for the death of his father, August would continue his fathers work and had even surpassed it as in secret he'd managed to synthesize his own Pym Particle to make the Yellow Jacket suit operational. This was thanks to the efforts of one James Bradley (James Fuerrigel) who to the outside eye may have acted as Cross' security guard but was instead more akin to a fixer cleaning up his messes. In an effort to draw out this new Ant-Man, James would reach out to a mercenary by the name of Blacklash (Marama Corlett) in the hopes that she could expose him to the world and lead them to Pym. Yet as we'd learn another person in Cross Technologies would be interested in this Ant-Man and that would be a young woman Hope Van Dyne (Christine Evangelista), having taken her mother's maiden name and lost contact with her estranged father. Hope was interested just to see who had taken the suit from her father and if her dad was in fact still alive.

    A skilled mercenary with a whip similar to that of Whiplash, Blacklash provided a great first opponent for Scott Lang as he adjusted to the suit and it's various controls and abilities. With Hank Pym in his ear, Scott despite some struggles would eventually manage to defeat the mercenary leaving her to be arrested by Blake Burdick. However one thing Scott didn't account for was a tracker placed on him in the battle. As he returned back to Hank Pym, Scott would be surprised to be confronted by Hope who had followed him to her father's home. While she looked down on Scott as incompetent and her relationship with her father was fractured. Hope clearly wanted to reconnect with her father, she also very much wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. Yet Hank would not hear of it despite Hope listing off some impressive combat credentials as well as a great mind similar to that of her father.

    This moment would soon be disrupted however by the arrival of Augustine Cross in his Yellow Jacket armor. The heavily weaponised suit would very much make Augustine a dangerous opponent as was the fact he boasted of the dreams he constantly had of how this moment would play out. Commenting that he'd used his tracker to locate Pym and had facial recognition reveal Scott's identity, Augustine would mock him as he revealed that he'd sent his fixer to finish the job on Scott's little girl. The ensuing battle would be a fun one as both Ant-Man and Yellow Jacket would battle as both regular size and shrunken down. Yet just as it looked like Yellow Jacket would win, Scott for the first time would use the Pym Particle to grow to a tremendous height before he'd easily swat Yellow Jacket to the ground, disabling his weaponry completely. Removing his helmet, a panicking Augustine Cross would then be knocked out by Hope while Scott rushed over to his ex wife's home. Shrinking back down to size, Scott would already see the police there and James Bradley being escorted out in handcuffs as it was revealed that Blake Burdick had been home when Bradley tried to strike and he'd bested the fixer in a fight saving Scott's daughter.

    Unlike the previous season, this time round it appeared that there was hope on the horizon with the Ant-Man storyline. This would be down in part to one of the closing scenes showing GW Bridge officially going back into retirement as he informed Nick Fury that this new ant-man was not a threat but more a potential ally. From here we'd see Hope and Hank begin trying to reconnect their relationship as they worked together to construct a new Wasp Armor. The closing moments would be at it's peak of happiness however as we'd learn from Erica Sondheim and her treatment that Cassie was making a full recovery. This would bring the season to a close but as always there would be some post credit scenes to set the tone for what would come next. The first would focus on a break in of one of Hank Pym's storage units where we'd see an old prototype of the Ant-Man suit taken. While the second would show a weary Hank Pym in his lab, still facing his demons but trying to overcome them. Hank would sit behind his computer as he pondered if another old creation of him could be returned. It would be here that he opened up a program known as Ultron!


    Hank Pym/Ant-Man - Played by Robert Carlyle
    Scott Lang/Ant-Man - Played by Scott Porter
    Janet Van Dyne/Wasp - Played by Julia Stiles
    Bill Foster/Goliath - Played by Rob Brown

    Cassie Lang - Played by Brighton Sharbino
    Blake Burdick - Played by Kristoffer Jon Poloha
    Peggie Rae - Played by Julie McNiven

    Erica Sondheim - Played by Carrie Coon
    Hope Van Dyne - Played by Christine Evangelista
    GW Bridge - Played by John Goodman
    Darren Cross - Played by Jeffrey Wright - Died
    Odd John - Played by Elden Hansen - killed by Swarm
    Augustine Cross - Played by Charles Michael Davis - Arrested
    Blacklash - Played by Marama Corlett - Arrested
    James Bradley/Nemesis - Played by Dan Fuerreigel - Arrested

    Petra Laskov/Swarm - Played by Sydney Park - Killed by SHIELD

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    Re: Marvel

    Ant-Man season 3 confirmed!

    After the second season of Ant-Man ended on very much a positive note. It can be confirmed that a third and final season of the series will take place. This season will finally reveal to the world what exactly happened over the years to both Bill Foster (Rob Brown) and Janet Van Dyne (Julie Stiles). It is also believed that appearing in this season having not been mentioned since Iron Man season 4 will be George Tarleton (Simon Ogg).

    Christopher Backus as Eric O'Grady
    The first new addition to the cast will be that of Eric O'Grady. Now revealed to be the man behind the theft of the Ant-Man prototype. Eric is said to be a low ranking member of SHIELD who'd previously worked under GW Bridge in his Ant-Man investigation. Described as a first class scumbag, Eric is now looking to get the power of the Ant-Man for himself. Playing Eric will be Mindhunter's Christopher Backus.

    Lawrence Kao as Raz Malhotra
    A troubled young man who'd previously served some time with Scott Lang. The description of Raz very much is someone who given a chance can do great things. While at first Hank Pym might be uncertain of him, Scott is soon able to convince him to take a chance on Raz with their next mission. Playing Raz will be Wu Assassins' Lawrence Kao.

    Kearran Giovanni as Celia Jackson - Amanda Du Pont as Tamara Foster
    As we look further back into the story of Bill Foster and his tale, we'll be introduced to his long time girlfriend Celia Jackson in some flash backs. Playing Celia will be Major Crimes star Kearran Giovanni. While joining her in these stories will be Bill's daughter Tamara who is said to blame Hank for what became of her father. Playing Tamara will be Shadow actress Amanda Du Pont.

    Erika Kaar as Rita DeMara
    Inspired by Augustine Cross, the woman known as Rita DeMara is believed to be the one under the moniker of Yellow Jacket. Having designed her own armor, it is said that this Yellow Jacket is much more dangerous than the first. Playing Rita will be American Gods actress Erika Kaar.

    Dan Fogler as Slug
    A dangerous individual who has long been on the radar of Hank Pym and SHIELD. The criminal known as Slug is believed to be a key part of the flashbacks and what became of Goliath and Wasp. Playing Slug will be Fantastic Beasts' Dan Fogler.

    Cote De Pablo as Nadia Van Dyne
    While Hank and his relationship with his daughter Hope is still strained. It is said to be nothing like the one he will have when he discovers his first wife Maria gave birth to a child of his without telling him. As we learn more of Nadia, we'll see that there is more than meets the eye to this young woman. Playing Nadia will be NCIS' Cote De Pablo.

    Aaron Eckhart as Benjamin Brighton/Psycho-Man - Jack Erdie as Shellshock - Barry Shabanka Henley as Voice - Blake Ritson as Live-Wire - Sonny Valicenti as Mirage
    Rounding out these announcements will be a rogue group of criminals each with their own costumes granting them abilities. Leading the group is the highly intelligent Benjamin Bright (Dark Knight's Aaron Eckhart) who is described as the brains of the operation. His second in command is the skilled marksman by the name of Shellshock (Mindhunter's Jack Erdie). They are aided by the booming individual known as the Voice (Collateral's Barry Shabanka Henley) who is able to command others with his voice. Along with them is wannabe cowboy and gunslinger Live Wire (Krytpon's Blake Riston). While rounding out the unit is the vision casting Mirage (Mindhunter's Sonny Valicenti).

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    Re: Marvel

    Persuasion is coming to the Defenders!

    Following the end of the Jessica Jones miniseries in which not only had we learned that Kilgrave had impregnated a woman under his control. We'd learn in his death that she sadly was not the only one. As during the post credit scene we'd get our first look at Persuasion. With her powers just beginning to manifest and her skin starting to change color, we'd learn how the young woman known as Kara had been lied to her whole life about her heritage. Yet unlike her sinister father, Kara doesn't possess his malicious streak and while inexperience and struggling to control her abilities. Kara is looking to do some good but with news of a Purple Man's child out there, Jessica Jones would immediately set out to stop her. Playing Persuasion will be Flash actress Violet Beanne.

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    Re: Marvel

    Black Cat Miniseries confirmed

    Hailed by some as one of Fox's Marvel universes most under utilised characters. This claim about Felicia Hardy/Black Cat (Elisha Cuthbert) can officially be put to rest thanks to a Black Cat miniseries being announced. Crucially this story will be set in two times as we will learn about the robbery committed by the original Black Cat (Nicholas Hammond) which put him in the crosshairs of Silvermane (John Nolan), The Kingpin (Tony Todd), The Big Man (Ian McShane) and the Owl (Tommy Flanagan). Also set to be appearing in the flashbacks will be Silver Sable (Emilia Clarke). This story will very much blend into it's present setting, as Felicia and her father look to rediscover what he stole.

    Sean Connery as Black Fox
    A rival thief of the Black Cat, Raul Chambers is said to be a aging cat burglar who has what some might call a friendly rivalry with Walter Hardy. As we'd learn however though, Raul's habit of taking risks would eventually come back to bite him. Playing Raul will be James Bond actor Sean Connery.

    Jean Smart as Lydia Hardy

    The mother of Felicia who so desperately wanted to keep her on the right path and away from her criminal father. Lydia Hardy was by all accounts a good woman who was unaware of her husbands true nature. When she'd learn the truth, it was said she was shaken to the core. Playing Lydia will be Legion Actress Jean Smart.

    Aaron Pierre as Patrick Mulligan
    A dogged young detective who has been after Felicia since she murdered Joseph Manfredi, Patrick Mulligan is described as an idealist. Yet in his pursuit, he'd soon find himself coming close to crossing the line himself. Playing Patrick will be Krypton's Aaron Pierre.

    Halston Sage as Ballistique
    Set to be one of the chief antagonists of the series is the mercenary known as Noelle Blanc aka Ballistique. Having had a prior relationship with Silver Sable and Felicia Hardy, it is said that Ballistique still holds resentment towards the Hardy family for the theft of the Manfredi treasure. Playing Noelle will be Bad Neighbors star Halston Sage.

    Daniel Craig as Cardiac

    Set to be the prime antagonist of the series will be Eli Wirtham. At one stage Eli was a business magnate who following the death of his brother would turn over a new leaf and become focused on healing. Yet soon he would lose sight of what he set out to achieve as he looks to play judge, jury and executioner. Playing Cardiac will be Casino Royale star Daniel Craig.

    Lucas Bryant as Deathstorm
    Wanted across the world, the terrorist known as Gabriel Gant is said to be the current lover of Ballistique. Yet when they both seek out the same treasure, their relationship begins to crumble as they come into conflict. Playing Deathstorm will be AOS actor Lucas Bryant.

    Rasmus Hardiker as Sonny Ocampo
    A former security guard for the Manfredi family, Sonny Ocampo was the man who lost everything thanks to the actions of Felicia Hardy and her father. Embittered and out for revenge, Ocampo wants nothing more than to be the man who took the cat's last life. Playing Sonny will be Krypton actor Rasmus Hardiker.

    Robert Aramayo as Leap-Frog

    A fellow thief known for his frog like costume which allows him to leap great heights. Vincent Patilio for a time was looked upon as just a poor thief with no one taking him seriously. This would be until he took the moniker of Leap-Frog and would soon become one of Black Cat's chief rivals. Playing Vincent will be GOT actor Robert Aramayo.

    Wallis Day as Stunt-Master
    Georgia Smith aka Stunt-Master. Said to be the daughter of a former stunt man who at time worked alongside Johnny Blaze, Georgia was always around the business. Yet instead of following suit, Georgia would use her training to become the criminal known as Stunt-Master who was not afraid to put her life at risk in an effort to pull of daring heists. Playing Stunt-Master will be Krypton actress Wallis Day.

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    Re: Marvel

    FOX presents

    Daughters of the Dragon miniseries ~ The Cult of Kara-Kai

    As the build up for the final season of the Defenders continues, it would be time for the 4th chapter in the miniseries of the respective members of the group. This time focus would be turned to two newer additions of the group in Colleen Wing (Juju Chan) and Misty Knight (Lyndie Greenwood). As we'd learn following their defeat of the Hand and the death of it's leader Kagenabu Yoshioka (Brian Tee). The duo would elect to combine their efforts and open a private detective agency known as Nightwing Restorations. Yet before that we'd first take a moment to learn a little more about both Colleen Wing and Misty Knight and what brought them together in the first place. Starting things out we would learn more about Colleen Wing. Born in Honshu to parents of mixed asian descent, Colleen would spend many years in her young life raised by her grandfather in Japan while her father Lee Wing (Jackie Chan) worked in America as a professor of Oriental Studies. Her grandfather Kanji (Min-Sik Choi), despite Kanji very much being a strict if not at times cold individual. He was the man who first trained Colleen in the ways of the samurai. This would very much set her on her path. As we'd learn however it would be during these teachings her grandfather first told her of the Hand.

    Yet one day her life would be shaken when Kanji would be murdered in combat by a Hand assassin known as Lich (Russell Wong). In his last acts before his death Kanji, would inform Colleen of the prophecy of the Iron Fist and his role in the Hand's defeat. This would lead to Colleen coming to America, where she would live alongside her father. Despite having felt that the pen was mightier than the sword, as we'd soon learn. Lee Wing was also trained by Kanji and it was his studies and research which would grant Colleen Wing more insight to the Hand as well as the legend of the Iron Fist. Thanks to her father's research Colleen would soon begin hitting the streets herself as a vigilante as she looked to strike against the Hand. Adopting the name of the Daughter of the Dragon, Colleen would manage to locate the assassin known as Lich as she found that he was under the employ of criminal Emilia Vachon (Ambryr Childers). The crime lord who was tied to the hand, Emilia would task one Heri Sorel (Oliver Cooper) to very much be the manufacturer in her drug operation. This was of course due to Vachon looking to avenge her father who was killed in a war over the Chinatown territory by rival boss Celia Riccaddona (Jennifer Connelly).

    During these stakeouts as she looked for revenge, Colleen would soon take note that she wasn't the only ones interested in Vachon. As police officers Misty Knight (Lyndie Greenwood) and Rafael Scarfe (Donnie Wahlberg) were staking out the joint. Misty real name Mercedes was a highly decorated detective with her long time partner Scarfe who had in fact mentored her from her days as a rookie. Eventually the day would come when the warrants would pass and the detectives looked to orchestrate a raid of Vachon's facility. Yet they were not aware or prepared for the power of the Hand and would soon find themselves under fire. Not wanting to see anyone else die because of the Hand, Colleen would join the battle and she'd soon be able to avenge her grandfather as she'd best and kill Lich in a sword fight while Vachon and some of her men continued their shoot out with Knight and the police before heading to the labs. Not listening to Sorel's warnings about unstable chemicals, the shoot out would trigger an explosion in the lab which killed both Vachon and Sorel plus numerous assailants and police alike. Tragically this explosion also changed Misty's life forever as she'd find herself pinned down by rubble which trapped her right arm.

    Despite a panicking Scarfe's efforts, the rubble could not be removed when Colleen, thinking quickly would heat up her samurai sword before cutting Knight's arm clean off in an effort to help her escape. Although the pain was excruciating, through sheer will Misty Knight with the help of Colleen and Scarfe was able to escape before the whole building went down in flames. This of course soon led to Knight's departure from the force, as her captain believing she'd tipped off the vigilante rather than capture her kept her grounded behind her desk. Wanting to be back in the field despite her injury, Misty eventually quit the force before she was eventually gifted a bionic prosthetic limb by a benefactor. This benefactor being teased to being one Tony Stark (Jack Huston). Departing from the force, Misty would eventually start Knightwing Restorations along with Colleen Wing. Along the way, the pair would garner a third to their contingent as we'd meet their assistant Sharen (Alanna Mastersen). Originally Sharen would be one of their first clients as she had to deal with her obsessive ex boyfriend Lester Verde (Chris Lowell). Shown to be possessive and at times abusive, Lester would never have allowed Sharen to live her life. This was until he ran afoul of Colleen and Misty, with Colleen having known her share of cruel men doling out a beating to Verde before Mercedes handed him over to detective Scarfe with proof of his harassment.

    As the months passed and we'd now see how Knightwing Restorations only grew more successful. Having Scarfe passing them some cases and at times Lee Wing providing his daughter with some knowledge from the local areas or information he'd been able to pick up from his students. Yet as they'd begin making a profit and life would begin to look good for Knight and Wing, we'd soon see a new threat on the horizon. It would all begin with a series of disappearances and later on bodies found, While at first these would not be linked. It would be the dogged work of Scarfe who felt there was more to the crimes. Shown to have delved into a drinker since the events in the Vachon shootout. Scarfe's reputation had been forever in the trash following that as the lead detective which is why his suspicions were ignored by his colleagues. Still his suspicions remained as he believed they had to be connected. It would be when he passed the case onto nightwing restorations, we'd begin to see a connection form. This was thanks to a glance by Lee Wing who saw some suspicious markings on the last body as well as the ritualistic way as symbols of Kali. This very much would serve as our introduction to the Cult of Kara-Kai. Led by it's two priestesses, sisters Shaya (Chiaki Kuriyama) and Ushas (Lucy Liu). Calling their work the symbol of devotion to the goddess Kali, it was said that the Cult of Kara-Kai had been around since the 12th century and had used their influence for various attacks and ritual murder. In the case of Shaya and Ushas, while the two had little in the way of backstories. There was something refreshing about having a pair of purely evil characters devoted fully to their cause.

    As we'd also learn with the cult's growing power and influence the gangs of Chinatown and other branching cities in new York were affected thanks to it's recruitment. This would include Ricaddona's men as she'd see one of her chief weapon's men Gadget (Rainer Bock) and one of her chief assassin's Razor Fist (Nick Damici) had found themselves swayed by the cult and the priestesses of Kali. Yet while their customs and traditions may be ancient, it did not mean that the cult were not wise to the outside world. In fact with recruits and followers from all walks of life, they used their influence to keep track of any would be threats to their practices. With some sources in law, they'd learn of Scarfe asking questions and decide now was the time for action. Yet as we'd sadly learn, he wasn't the only one on their list. Because during his lectures, Lee Wing would talk openly of murmurs of the cult of Kali in his class. Hoping perhaps to warn his students of falling into their clutches. His words however would cost him dearly as one of his students had already been swayed by the Cult and had taken the moniker of Cherry Blossom (Taissa Farmiga). Luring Lee Wing to a location, as she posed as a student in need. Cherry Blossom would attack Lee Wing and tragically during the struggle she'd drive a dagger into his chest. Dying from his wounds, Lee Wing could only make a call to his daughter in the hopes his last moments would be spent with her.

    Meanwhile at the police station, Scarfe and the station would find themselves attacked by several members of the cult led by Razor Fist. Aided by Misty Knight, the police despite suffering some casualties were able to fight back. During the ensuing battle, Scarfe would combat the assassin and earn his reputation back by being able to gun down Razor Fist. Yet while Scarfe and the wounded would get checked on, Misty would learn through Sharen the horror which Colleen was experiencing. Aware of who killed her father, Colleen was hellbent on revenge. This very much showed a difference between Knight and Wing. Because while Misty was resourceful and shown to be able to keep her emotions in check, possibly down to her years of training. Colleen at times could be rash and could be overly emotional. This very much put them at a cross roads later on when they were surprisingly visited by Ricaddona who offered a union in an effort to combat the cult. Citing the enemy of her enemy as her friend, Ricaddonna's offer may have appealed to Wing but Knight having worked cases connected to Celia was aware of the kind of woman standing in front of them. This very much would cause some cracks to appear in Knightwing as Misty's hesitation and unwillingness to partner with Ricaddona, would lead to Colleen walking out on her friend and joining with Ricaddona as her need for revenge corrupted her.

    As she aligned herself with Celia Ricaddona for the time being, we'd be introduced to fellow crime lord Hammer Harrison (Fernando Chien) who for a time was also an enemy of Celia's. Yet now with a greater threat ahead of them they had come to find solidarity against a common enemy. In his desperation however, Harrison would begin using his last funds to employ a enigmatic mercenary by the name of Warhawk (Clive Standen). Together with Harrison and Warhawk, Colleen would begin to fight against the Cult and as a unit they'd be able to take down the dangerous Blue Streak (Vincent Fuentes) as Colleen was able to cut the tendons on his leg reducing his speed. Yet before she could question him, Warhawk would snap the neck of Streak. This would begin to show Wing a different side perhaps to the people she worked with especially as Hammer would begin to torture Gadget for information. Despite being a member of the Cult, in his interaction with Hammer we'd see that more than anything Gadget was a terrified man who simply wanted to live. Yet while Hammer would get the information he wanted, he wouldn't stop living up to his name as he brutally beat Gadget. This would only serve to horrify Colleen as she'd then see Hammer personally execute Gadget.

    Concerned at the reports she is hearing and wanting perhaps to nip things in the bud, Misty Knight would surprisingly reach out to an old friend Jack Hazzard (Justin Bruening). Now a Hollywood stuntman, we'd learn that Hazzard was once a crime fighter until one day, he was unable to save someone he loved and this caused him to turn his back on the life. Knowing what it's like to be so committed to protecting only to lose one you care about, Hazzard agreed to try and help Wing if he could. Yet on the day Colleen would reunite with Misty and first meet Hazzard, we'd find that the Cult was more than aware of what Wing had in particular been doing. This is why they sent American Samurai (Karl Makinen) out to combat her, a warrior in his own right who had very much lost everything. American Samurai gave Colleen a hard look at herself as the two duelled blades. Yet as we'd see when Colleen bested him in combat, the samurai coveted death and he'd beg for Colleen to end it for him. However Colleen would soon see that Hazzard was right as he talked her down. Not happy with the person she'd become, Colleen would lower her blade leading to Samurai opting to kill himself with his own blade. However this change of tune from Wing, would mean that she wouldn't accompany Warhawk and Hammer Harrison on their next attack.

    Because while Warhawk proved effective by him easily cutting down and killing Impasse (Billy Brown), it would appear that there was more to Warhawk then met the eye. As despite Hammer being his employer, he had other motivations and he didn't have Hammer's back when he needed it most. As while Hammer's goal was to beat the Cult and reclaim his operation, Warhawk was in fact searching for someone and when he couldn't find them. He'd choose to abandon Hammer and leave him to battle Cherry Blossom on his own. Despite her youth, the homicidal Cherry Blossom proved herself again to be highly dangerous as she'd decapitate the mobster. Unaware of Warhawk's part in Hammer's death, Ricaddona despite normally being more cautious now felt the same desperation that Hammer himself did. This is why she'd reach out to a man she couldn't quite understand and employ Warhawk to help turn the tide. Unfortunately this would come to ahead later on in the story. As the cult would now having lost some of their foot soldiers decide that now wasn't the time to hide in the shadows, instead now was a show of force no matter the risk.

    Sadly this would all come to ahead on the streets of Chinatown as the Cult would strike during a parade causing mass chaos and carnage in their attack. Cherry Blossom for her part seemed to relish in the chance to strike down innocent bystanders until both Colleen Wing and Misty Knight arrived on the scene. Sadly they wouldn't be the only party to choose this moment to arrive as Warhawk would also show up along with the member of the cult he'd been hunting by the name of Ghost Maker (Michael Mosley). As we'd learn both Warhawk and Ghost Maker had some history with one another, this was down to them both being soldiers together and in Warhawk's mind being as close as brothers. Yet during an off the books mission in which the two found some religious artifacts connected to the priestess Kali, We'd see Ghost Maker plunge a knife literally in the back of Warhawk leaving him for dead as his true allegiance was to the cult. Since that time Warhawk had been longing for vengeance against his former brother in arms. This need for revenge meant that Celia Ricaddona could not control Warhawk and in fact he'd leave her to be taken by the cult as he pursued Ghost Maker.

    With ghost maker and warhawk running a mock through the streets and drawing the attention of the police. We'd also see the cult about to capture both Sharen and Scarfe. Meanwhile Colleen Wing would come face to face with Cherry Blossom. This of course having been built up through the season was Colleen's chance to avenge her father. With Hazzard close by, Colleen would attack Cherry Blossom and the fight very much was reminiscent to that of the Bride and O Ren Ishii from Kill Bill. After a long drawn out battle, Colleen managed to disarm and dispatch her foe, but instead of electing to murder her fallen opponent. Colleen instead elected to do what was right and leave her for the police. Yet Cherry Blossom wouldn't be as willing to go quietly as she snatched her blades and charged at Colleen only to have Colleen drive her sword through Blossom's heart killing her. Despite having not wanted to do it, Colleen admitted that Cherry Blossom was never going to go down quietly and that had she left her alive. Anymore names that Blossom had killed, would be on her to.

    While Hazzard would very much aid Colleen in beginning to chase after Sharen, Misty Knight and the police would have to combat Warhawk and Ghost Maker. At the end of the battle we'd see Warhawk kill Ghost Maker before he became aware that he was outnumbered by the police. With a satisfied smile on his face looking down at the body of Ghost Maker, Warhawk drew his weapon on the police and it'd be Misty Knight who delivered the finishing shot as she was able to headshot Warhawk killing him instantly. Literally seconds later Misty would be roped in by Colleen and Hazzard to chase down the priestesses. Managing to track Sharen's phone and find the Cult's hideout, the daughters of the dragon would see the ritual set as both Ushas and Shaya prepared to make their sacrifices. Truly believing themselves to be priestesses and gifted with powers from Kali. Neither seemed threaten by these arrivals. With the cult's followers attacking, Hazzard began to hold them off while Misty Knight battled Ushas. Shown to be a highly skilled martial artist, Ushas very much proved to be a threat to Misty as she disarmed her of all her weapons quickly.

    Colleen meanwhile battled Shaya and during the battle she managed to loosen one of Sharen's ties. As the hostages then had a moment to free themselves, Colleen battled Shaya. Yet just as it seemed that Shaya was beginning to take control of the battle she'd be shot through the back of the head by Ricaddona. As the cult members looked on in shock at one of their priestesses dying before their eyes, a grieving Ushas then found herself in trouble as Misty used her robotic arm to snap her neck taking advantage of Ushas' distraction. This very much saw the cult of kali crumble as it's priestesses were exposed as just being regular human beings. This very much wrapped up the season as we'd learn after this they was able to give Lee Wing his official funeral while Hazzard seemed open to stepping back into the hero game. Having earned his respect and his official job back on the force, Scarfe offered Misty her job back but Misty refused as she admitted that Knightwing Restorations is where she feels is truly her place in the world. With that this season would close with an advertisement for Knightwing Restorations itself before we got two post credit scenes. The first of which saw Colleen going through some of her father's studies on the cult and she'd find from his work that he'd discovered a link between the cult of kali and the Hand. Meanwhile the other would show Celia Ricaddona leaving the police station having given a witness statement about what went on with the Cult. As she'd leave, she'd find Misty Knight waiting for her and Misty issued a warning as she commented that she knows how dirty Ricaddona's hands are. Commenting that Warhawk's deaths are on her hands, Misty makes it clear that one way or another she will make Celia see justice!

    Misty Knight ~ Played by Lyndie Greenwood
    Colleen Wing ~ Played by Juju Chan
    Rafael Scarfe ~ Played by Donnie Wahlberg
    Jack Hazzard ~ Played by Justin Bruening
    Sharen ~ Played by Alanna Mastersen
    Celia Ricaddona ~ Played by Jennifer Connelly

    Kanji ~ Played by Min Sik Choi - Killed by Lich
    Warhawk ~ Played by Clive Standen - Killed by Misty Knight
    Razor Fist ~ Played by Nick Damici - Killed by Rafael Scarfe
    Impasse ~ Played by Billy Brown - Killed by Warhawk
    Shaya ~ Played by Chiaki Kuriyama - Killed by Ricaddona
    Ushas ~ Played by Lucy Liu - Killed by Misty Knight
    Blue Streak ~ Played by Vincent Fuentes - Killed by Warhawk
    Gadget ~ Played by Rainer Bock - Killed by Hammer Harrison
    Ghost Maker ~ Played by Michael Mosley - Killed by Warhawk
    Hammer Harrison ~ Played by Fernando Chien - Killed by Cherry Blossom
    American Samurai ~ Played by Karl Makinen - Killed himself
    Cherry Blossom ~ Played by Taissa Farmiga - Killed by Colleen Wing
    Lee Wing - Played by Jackie Chan - Killed by Cherry Blossom
    Emila Vachon ~ Played by Ambryr Childers - Died in explosion
    Henri Sorel ~ Played by Oliver Cooper - Died in explosion
    Lich ~ Played by Russell Wong - Killed by Colleen Wing
    Lester Verde ~ Played by Chris Lowell - Arrested

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    Re: Marvel

    Ironheart Miniseries confirmed

    In some news which will not surprise those who watched the final season of Iron Man. It has been revealed that Riri Williams/Iron Heart (Lovie Simone) will be the recipient of her own miniseries which will show her very much settle into the role of Iron Heart. Despite her youth and inexperience, Riri has been trusted by Tony Stark (Jack Huston) to take over his mantle while he begins to work with SHIELD. Yet thankfully he hasn't left her alone, as working alongside her will be the head of Stark Industries/occasional hero Pepper Potts/Rescue (Jamie Ray Newman). Also aiding in Riri's duties will be SHIELD's Maria Hill (Trieste Kelly Dunne) who has been working closely with Stark Industries as they continue their investigation into Hydra. Lastly it can be confirmed that JT Slade (Wentworth Miller), Arnold Brown (Woody Harrelson) and Daniel Whitehall (Greg Ellis) will all be appearing in this season.

    Joaquin Cosio as Caldwell Rozza/Crusher
    A scientist and long time foe of Tony Stark, Caldwell Rozza was described as long trying to recreate what Tony had done with Iron Man. Sadly his experiments would backfire horribly with severe consequences for himself. Playing Rozza will be Narcos Mexico star Joaquin Cosio.

    Christopher Livingston as Clay Wilson/Force
    A former associate of Rozza and longtime thief, Clay Wilson lost his job with the scientist a little while before he suffered his accident. In that time a desperate Wilson would break into one of his bosses shipments and find a bunch of Hammer tech prototypes. Playing Clay will be Mindhunter's Christopher Livingston.

    Linden Ashby as Kevin O'Brien/Guardsman
    A long time colleague of Tony Stark who had spent years working alongside him in his research department. Kevin O'Brien always respected Tony and came to idolise him when he became Iron Man. Yet with Tony joining shield, Kevin is said to be disgusted that Tony didn't ask him to take the mantle. Playing Kevin will be Mortal Kombat's Linden Ashby.

    Happy Anderson as Kearson DeWitt - Nina Dobrev as Sunset Bain
    With Tony Stark leaving to join SHIELD, several adversaries of his begin to appear from the woodwork. One includes rival Kearson Dewitt who has been involved in a lot of the clean up following the past Iron Man battles. Yet in this clean up he's also aquired plenty of weaponry. Playing Kearson will be Mindhunter actor Happy Anderson. Aligned with Kearson is the ruthless buisnesswoman Sunset Bain, who very much is known and wanted for arms dealing. Playing Sunset will be Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

    Nicholas Gonzalez as Giacomo Fortunado - Jessica Meraz as Angela Fortunado
    The last surviving members of the Fortunado family, whose forces were weakened thanks to the efforts of the punisher. It is left to brother Giacomo and sister Angela to try and bring the family back to promenance. Playing Giacomo will be Anaconda star Nicholas Gonzales while playing Angela will be Supergirl's Jessica Meraz.

    Elliot Cowan as Mordecai Midas
    A wealthy businessman who has monikered himself off of a greek emperor. While Mordecai might seem a little goofy or over the top to some, in reality he is a dangerous opponent especially for someone young like Riri. Playing Midas will be Krypton star Elliot Cowan.

    Shioli Kutsuna as Rumiko Fujikawa
    One of Riri's oldest friends, Rumiko very much is described as having a storied friendship with Riri and is perhaps her closest confidant. This is why Riri chooses to confide in her about her exploits as a hero. Playing Rumiko will be Deadpool actress Rumiko Fujikawa.

    Priah Ferguson as Olisa Kabaki/Bedlam - Alec Utgoff as Andreas Zorba/Carnivore - Amber Midthunder as Bridget Malone/Conquest - Nelson Lee as Yoshiro Hachiman/Decay - Tak-Bun Wong as Utama Somchart/Stonecutter - Katie Aselton as Nicolette Giroux/Tempest

    A group known as the Exemplars who are the construct of Midas. The group is comprised of a mixture of individuals starting with the young kenyan Olisa Kabaki who is transformed into the psionic Bedlam, Playing Bedlam will be Stranger Things Olisa Kabaki; Joining Bedlam will be Andreas Zorba who becomes the highly feral Carnivore. Playing Carnivore will be Stranger Things Alec Utgoff; Another member of the group will be Ireland's Bridget Malone who becomes Conquest in which she is described as a one woman army. Playing her will be Legion's Amber Midthunder; Possibly the worst member of the group will be business magnate Yoshiro Hachiman who becomes the vampiric Decay, playing him will be Blade actor Nelson Lee. One of the stronger exemplars will be Utama Somchart who becomes the powerhouse known as Stonecutter. Playing Stonecutter will be Tak-Bun Wong while rounding out the group is Nicolette Giroux. A radical environmentalist who becomes able to utilise the forces of nature. Playing her will be The Gift's Katie Aselton.

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    Re: Marvel

    Fox Presents

    Captain America Season 3: The Winter Soldier

    "It doesn't matter what the press says. It doesn't matter what the politicians or mobs say. It doesn't even matter if the whole country decide that something wrong is in fact something right. Our nation was founded on many principles with one important one being to stand up for what we believe in regardless of the consequences. Which means if it's the press, the mob or even the whole world telling you to move. If you believe otherwise, than it is your job to put your foot down and tell the world you move instead." Steve Rogers

    Following the last season and it's efforts to bring Steve Rogers/Captain America (Liam Hemsworth) into the present timeline, we'd very much learn of course that he wasn't the only character to shift timelines. As we'd see in the post credit scene of the series that the Winter Soldier (Garrett Hedlund) had been brought back to life thanks to the work of Hydra. This was of course thanks to the efforts of Helmut Zemo (Ed Harris) who as we'd seen was recruiting some legacies into Hydra in Werner Von Strucker (Joe Keery) and Erica Hollstein (Allison Brie). Yet while the previous season very much gave us insight into SHIELD and how it operated both past and present. This time around we'd get a more in depth look at Hydra and it's methods. As while Hydra had very much ran in secret and moved in the shadows, it would be during this season we learned a little more about them and how some of their power players came to be. That would be over time of course, because starting out this season we'd see Steve Rogers in conversation yet again with Nick Fury (Djimon Hounsou). Having done his research with the help of Sharon Carter (Sarah Gadon), Steve in his assessment of Tony Stark (Jack Huston) declared that he wasn't sure he could work with someone as selfish and impulsive not to mention reckless like Tony.

    Fury however would attempt to assure Steve that it would be fine, because while Tony might have had his flaws. He and Steve despite their differences very much wanted the same thing for the world. Here we'd also finally here Fury state that Tony is not the only introduction he hopes to make as they look to assemble a select group of earth's mightiest heroes. Yet it would be a while into the season before we got the long awaited meet between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. As Fury would explain to Rogers how it seemed after decades of hiding in the shadows, Hydra's plans appeared to be growing more bolder. In this conversation Fury would continue by giving Captain a briefing on what he knew to be the history of Hydra and what it's endgame was. Stating that as the Captain may recall, Hydra was initially believed to be a nazi construct founded by both The Red Skull (Jason Issacs), Wolfgang Von Strucker (Henry Czerny), Arnim Zola (Sylvester Groth) and Baron Zemo (Stephen Dillane). Yet now he has come to believe through various research and reports that the origins of Hydra go a lot further back. Calling them an intelligent, splinter cell with a primary focus of ruling the world. Fury albeit with some reluctance admits that their devotion to the cause and their tactics are in fact impressive.

    Stating that to his knowledge there is no set leader of Hydra, only a group of powerful individuals at the top in a high counsel. Fury goes on further to admit that so far the only current lead they have in regards to Hydra is one Edgar Lanscombe (Jason Bateman). Yet as Fury would follow up to say that following his interaction with Tony Stark, it appears that Edgar for now has gone underground. In the meantime Fury mentions that Hydra's plans for control mean that they would have agents everywhere in all walks of life and based on the mixed results of some SHIELD missions lately, he regretabbly has to consider that they themselves have been infiltrated. Continuing Fury remarked that Hydra was a group very much run by fear, in that any members who are captured thus far rather than speak have opted to take their own life. It's either that or they've somehow ended up dead in what has been a cleverly designed hit. Before Fury and Steve could continue this conversation, they would be interupted by the arrival of a series of shield agents namely Sharon Carter, Maria Hill (Trieste Kelly Dunne), Mockingbird (Ivana Milicevic), Hawkeye (Mike Vogel), Black Widow (Rebecca Ferguson), John Garrett (Sean Pertwee), Phil Coulson (Gabriel Macht) and Brock Rumlow (Sullivan Stapleton).

    "I got to be honest. I sometimes wonder myself just how I came this far. Just a punk kid from a rough neighborhood who chose to join the army as opposed to go to prison. Yet the military didn't straighten me out, what it did instead was provided me with a range of tools and means. At first it was some tip offs or information. Just a little bit of knowledge shared here or there and in return I'd get a pocket full of change. Yet as time went on I got my hands dirty in exchange for a larger slice of the pie. In many ways now I'm an artist. A true craftsman who specialises in murder, destruction and terror." Brock Rumlow

    This meeting would very much pose as our introduction for the Winter Soldier. With Fury and Black Widow especially concerned having heard of the legacy of the winter soldier as well as read reports on some of his past exploits. Yet further depth in the Winter Soldier would come later on, while also being given added depth this season would be the character of Brock Rumlow. Having acted as a mercenary and a fixer of sorts for Hydra when the situation called. It would be in his interactions with the troubled agent John Garrett that we learned more of the man Rumlow is. As in Garrett, Rumlow saw a fellow agent of SHIELD who very much had a checkered past. Clearly with designs of recruiting Garrett to his side, remarking how the likes of Pierce and Hand never would give people like him and Garrett a chance. Rumlow spoke of how he was punk kid who led a crew of thugs until one day he was given a choice. Join the military or go to prison. Not wanting to be stuck behind bars, Rumlow opted to serve yet during his time, he learned that apart from not particularly being a fan of orders. He could also recognize when there was an opportunity to make a profit for himself. Remarking this was a philosophy shared by Rick Stoner (Michael Ironside), in fact as Rumlow confirms it was Stoner who recruited him to shield and it was Stoner who taught him the profit to be made with insider secrets. Of course even Rumlow himself acknowledged it to be a slippery slope and that given the right opportunity, his hands had gotten a lot dirtier.

    Garrett for his part very much seemed to be a willing accomplice, in fact thanks to his rough round the edges appearance and attitude. He very much seemed to fit the mold of a villain, yet as Rumlow would learn appearances could be deceiving. As while Garrett had a checkered past and an expansive criminal history. He was also loyal to a fault and his loyalty was to the one man who was willing to give him a chance to wipe the slate clean. That man being Nick Fury, it would be here that Garrett revealed he had been planted to be aligned with Rumlow who had long garnered SHIELD suspicion. Now having been recorded admitting to various crimes such as corruption, bribes, witness and evidence tampering not to mention murder. Rumlow was caught bang to rights and he knew it. Yet during his attempt to flee, Rumlow still proved himself to be dangerous as he'd surprisingly best both Sam Wilson (Laz Alonzo) and Mockingbird in combat before he was taken down by Steve Rogers himself. During his interrogation, Brock Rumlow remained unapologetic. In fact it had to be said that Rumlow even remarked that he didn't believe he'd be held in questioning for long. With this threat looming and Rumlow commenting that they wouldn't break him as he knew everything they'd attempt to do. Fury remarked that to get intel on Hydra, they needed someone they could break like Edgar Lanscombe, not Brock Rumlow who very much knew the SHIELD playbook.

    With the agents all going on their respective missions which included some teases for future Marvel shows. As Fury assigned Mockingbird and Maria Hill to keep tabs on Riri while he'd send Coulson off as he'd heard reports of freak lightning weather which reminded him of a certain God of Thunder. His last assignment would be for Hawkeye and Black Widow as he said that he'd not heard anything from Quartermain in regards to Banner and needed answers. This left Fury with John Garrett, Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers as Fury remarked that their plan now is to transfer Brock Rumlow to a black site. Acknowledging that there might be an attack on their transport, Fury would bring in Sharon Carter as well as Hawkeye's protégé Kate Bishop (Rachel Bilson) to assist them. Sadly Fury's concerns were correct as in our next scene we'd see an order made by Viper (Rachel Nichols). Despite the insistence of Taskmaster (Ray Park) who wanted in the field, it would be decided thanks to Arnold Brown (Woody Harrelson) that they'd send the Winter Soldier into the field. Albeit not alone as he'd be joined by Taskmaster's protégé Cut Throat (Callan McAulliffe) and Camille Black/Scorpia (Tracy Dinwiddie) along with several Hydra agents. This would lead to an action packed collision on a highway as Hydra launched an attack on the transport.

    During this collision we'd see some interesting battles including Scorpia against Kate Bishop as the two would alternate between hand to hand combat and projectile based weaponry. This was combined with Cut Throat going against Sam Wilson all the while we'd get to see the Winter Soldier in action for the first time. A highly trained, ruthless killing machine with a cybernetic arm capable of great feats including launching the emp which disabled the transport. We'd also see in a stunning moment how he was able to be the first man to block a blow from the captain's shield before he'd actually begin to get the better of the fight and even bloody up the captain. Meanwhile inside the van, Rumlow taking advantage of the situation would manage to free himself from his cuffs by murdering the officer handling him and swiping the key. From here he'd escape from the van and join in the fight before shockingly settling a grudge and shooting down John Garrett in revenge for being the one to catch him. This very much would set the tone for Rumlow's rivalry with Rogers and Wilson as both men would want to catch him out of revenge for a fallen agent. During the ensuing skirmish, we'd see Sam Wilson manage to defeat and apprehend Cut Throat with Rumlow opting to make an escape rather than aid his fellow Hydra member. Scorpia meanwhile would be bested by the combination of Kate Bishop and Sharon Carter.

    This left us to the brutal fight between the Winter Soldier and Steve plus the shocking moment where Steve struck the soldier caushing his face guard to slip revealing his identity as Steve's former friend Bucky Barnes. Showing no emotion Barnes then laid out Captain America before he made his escape knowing the mission was complete. Thanks to this stunning revelation and a later conversation with Nick Fury, Steve would be haunted by memories of the last time he saw Bucky during that crash which put Steve in the ice and supposedly killed both Bucky and Zemo. However it would be at this moment that we'd learn the truth about what fate befell James Buchanan Barnes. Because we'd see that similar to Steve Rogers, Bucky would hit the ice. However Bucky wasn't enhanced by a super soldier serum which meant his body took a big brunt of damage from his fall with his left arm of course being severed. Bleeding out and thanks to the head injuries he'd sustained, Bucky lost all of his memories as he was pulled from the ice by Vasily Karpov (Gustaf Skarsgaard). Of course as we know now having seen the Black Widow miniseries, Vasily was one of the men behind the Red Room project. The high ranking soviet officer was also involved in human experimentation and he was using his rank in the soviet to design them the perfect weapon against Captain America.

    Yet even he wasn't aware of the part his young assistant Aleksander Lukin (Emile Hersch) would play. See despite being mentored by Karpov, Lukin never quite forgot or forgave what led to him being under Karpov. As we'd learn during a show of force orchestrated by Lukin, a small village of Kronas was 'liberated' with only a young child Lukin being spared by Karpov who adopted him as his own. In fact it was this that would see Lukin recruited to the Hydra mentality as he began to turn against his own country. Yet he wouldn't go on his own, as he'd bring the Winter Soldier with him by turning it on Karpov in a horrifying scene as the Winter Soldier snapped his neck. This very much puts the differences between Karpov and Lukin in context, as while Karpov had a lot more tact in the missions he'd send the Soldier on. Lukin saw the winter soldier as the perfect weapon to win the war for Hydra. This is why he'd continually look to erase the soldier's memory giving him no identity while frequently putting him on ice. Yet now under the orders of Hydra, Lukin very much took unnecessary risks with the Winter Soldier. Because despite the constant rewrites and all the lies, the sound of Steve Rogers' voice would begin to affect him.

    Equally haunted by this meeting would be Steve Rogers as he'd truly want to save his friend. However as Fury would comment, after every attack the Winter Soldier goes underground for a while. In the meantime, Fury needed Captain's help with two sensitive issues. As regretably the return of Captain America had inspired people in many ways and while for most part this was in a positive fashion. There were some who'd perhaps had taken his lead and followed it down a wrong pathway. The first of which would be a former policeman Bart Gallows (Aaron Stanton) who was formerly a police detective in his home state of Houston. Yet he was said to have grown disillusioned by the law and how in his mind it sheltered those who wronged it. This would see him decide to take a stand by quitting the force and deciding to police the entire country. Sadly his means of policing involved violence with the death toll he'd accumulated rising with every waking day. With Steve listening in, Fury mentioned that with their being two targets he'd hoped to apprehend them both quick which is why he was going to put Sam Wilson on the tail of Americop while Steve could battle the other concern. This would bring the conversation to the case of one Larry Elder (Shawn Hatosy). In many ways there was a hint of tragedy to the story of Larry as Fury was able to play a bunch of speeches he'd made online.

    We'd learn that Larry similar to his father was a hard working man who very much believed in the American Dream. Yet this would change with the death of his father who tragically despite working hard his entire life, couldn't even afford to pay for his own funeral having been in Larry's mind robbed by corporate America. Embittered, Larry at first became a costumed vigilante known as Everyman and for a little while he seemed to be on the right path. Yet his loathing for success and elitism have seen him target those guilty of only being fortunate and would lead to him taking the moniker of Zeitgeist. Now why Fury assigned these missions to some of SHIELD's best maybe a little odd, in a later conversation with his close ally Alexander Pierce (John Pyper-Ferguson) that following the loss of a team mate as well as the betrayal of another not to mention this revelation about the Winter Soldier, that the team needs a win to get back into focus. That in order to truly focus on the task at hand, he needs them all especially Steve Rogers on the top of their game This is why he tells Pierce to send agent Carter along with Rogers in an effort to get Steve's mind right.

    "So I've got to admit, it's not my first time dealing with corrupt cops who think they can manipulate the law to suit their own ends. I grew up in a tough part of Harlem. I had to support my family at a young age, yet in order to do so I had to make some hard choices. So while I did fall into a rough crowd, I still never lost sight of what I was doing it for. I worked my way from the streets to becoming a social worker. Yet in all that time, I'd still encounter men like you. You are a hypocrite. A sociopath with a badge that now will face the consequences of his actions" Sam Wilson.

    Those were the words uttered by Sam Wilson during his confrontation with Americop and it would be one of the first times Fox's Marvel universe tackled the issue of race and racial profiling. Americop for his part very much fit the part, as Wilson during his briefing on Bart Gallows saw how innocent some his supposed criminals were. Americop in his confrontation with Falcon, would refer to the hero as nothing more than a soft hearted liberal or a half measure who is afraid to truly take a stand. The ensuing battle would be surprisingly difficult for Wilson as Gallows proved himself to be a very strong opponent. This was until Falcon took the bout into the skies and pummeled Gallows, thwarting his attempts to make his America great again. While Wilson's mission would prove succesful and we'd continue to see Sam not only grow into his hero role but also as a member of SHIELD. An unexpected road block would appear during Steve and Sharon's mission to takedown Zeitgeist. Because while there was a close bond between Steve and Sharon, they also proved to be a great team in the field. With Sharon perhaps proving to be Steve's closest confidant especially about his feelings in regards to Bucky.

    The takedown of Zeitgeist would actually be surprisingly easy thanks to the Captain. Because while Elder talked a big game, when the chips were down he showed a cowardice by taking one of his own followers hostage. Captain however would have none of it and knock him out with a well timed throw of his shield. Yet as the pair looked to bring Zeitgeist in they would be shockingly confronted by the Winter Soldier. Under the orders and supervision of Lukin, Bucky was here to execute and eliminate the biggest threat to him Captain America. Despite Steve's best efforts, Bucky wouldn't listen as he shot down Zeitgeist in cold blood. Yet as we'd learn the real reason for these attacks was Lukin was hunting down an artefact discovered by the Red Skull decades ago known as the cosmic cube. During the ensuing battle between the Soldier and SHIELD, Sharon Carter was wounded with a gun shot to the shoulder. While bleeding badly from the wound, the agent told Steve to leave her and stop Bucky once and for all. The battle waged for long and it was a tough one for both men yet none of Steve's words would reach Bucky. This is until Steve uttered the phrase remember who you are to his friend.

    Almost instantly Bucky would stop fighting as he'd begin to be overwhelmed with memories of his past and his friendship with Steve. Lashing out having been overwhelmed Bucky would be choked out by Steve who opted to bring his friend back to SHIELD in an effort to save him. This raised the eyebrows of many as the stories of the Winter Soldier were a thing of legend. Surprisingly though it'd be a phone call from Black Widow who remarked she could sympathise with the Soldier having herself been comissioned in the red rooms. Awakening in SHIELD containment, Bucky was at first hesitant and unsure what to believe having been shaken by these memories. Yet the more he spoke with Steve, the more the old Bucky seemed to return. Sadly for SHIELD, thanks to the constant memory wipes Bucky wasn't able to divulge much in the way of information about from his remarks about the cosmic cube as well as the name Aleksander Lukin. Despite hesitations by some Bucky then asked to go into the field and assist in taking down Lukin and stopping anymore experiments like him. After talking with Steve about the situation and hearing Steve's belief that his friend was back, Fury agreed to send the Winter Soldier into the field with Steve and Falcon as back up.

    As they managed to track Lukin to his secret lab however, they'd find that the scientist had one last ace up his sleeve. Clinton Mcintyre (Ricky Whittle), an early candidate for project rebirth in which Steve Rogers obviously was the success story of. Clinton's rage at being passed over would see him kill his own superior before fleeing military police and being recruited into Hydra. Having been put on ice and given an experimental serum all these years later by Lukin. Clinton's awakening would see him driven mad and make him an immediate threat to all those in his path. Taking the moniker Protocide, McIntyre recklessly waded into battle and showed himself to surprisingly being stronger than Captain America. With Falcon aiding him in battle, it'd be left to the Winter Soldier to capture Lukin who looked to make his escape in a helicopter. At the end of the battle with Protocide, it would be Captain America who albeit reluctantly who killed Protocide as he broke his neck in swift action looking to end it painlessly for the madman in an act of mercy. Meanwhile Lukin's attempts to flee would be thwarted thanks to the Winter Soldier who was able to shoot the pilot before ripping open the Helicopter doors.

    In a panic Lukin looked to speak of a code he used to wipe the Soldier's memory but Bucky snatched him and covered his mouth with his hand before knocking him down with a headbutt. Panicking and pleading for his life, Lukin looked up as Bucky pointed a gun to his head while Steve and Sam arrived on the scene. After a tense moment we'd see that it was still in fact Bucky deep down as he opted to knock out Lukin with his weapon and allow him to be taken into SHIELD custody in the hopes of learning more of Hydra. While this very much wrapped up the season there'd be a few more scenes of note before the end. The first of which would be a SHIELD meeting in which Steve Rogers accepted the mission to go to Japan in an effort to finally apprehend Brock Rumlow who'd been spotted boarding a plane there. Bucky meanwhile would begin to talk with Sam Wilson who hoped to be able to reach him as he had many men with trauma from the war. Yet the most crucial scenes would bring us back to Helmut Zemo, Werner Von Strucker and Erica Hollstein as Zemo spoke of the true worth of the cosmic cube that the Red Skull had discovered before his death. Believing SHIELD to have only looked at it as a weapon, Zemo claimed it was so much more and had the abilities to mold the world to the vision of it's holder. Meaning that should Hydra get it, they could truly win the war and have a Hydra ruled world.

    As promised the ending scene of the season would then be the meeting between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark. This was surprising how it was done however because Steve on boaring his SHIELD jet to Japan, would find that Tony was on the flight waiting for him. This of course had been orchestrated by Nick Fury as we'd learn that Tony would in fact be accompanying Steve for the mission. While there was a little tension between the two going back to Tony's at times tense relationship with his father, the two men agreed to see if they could make this work before the jet would begin their journey. This very much wrapped up the third season of Captain America but before it came to a close we got a post credit scene with some foreshadowing as we'd see Sharon Carter nursing her injuries in a hospital ward when she'd be visited by Johann Fenhoff (Bradley Whitford). The SHIELD doctor who we'd of course know to also be a member of Hydra posed as a concerned friend as he remarked that they needed to talk before shutting the door behind him.

    Steve Rogers/Captain America - Played by Liam Hemsworth
    Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier - Played by Garrett Hedlund
    Erica Hollstein - Played by Allison Brie
    Werner Von Strucker - Played by Joe Keery
    Sam Wilson/Falcon - Played by Laz Alonzo
    Helmut Zemo - Played by Ed Harris
    Sharon Carter - Played by Sarah Gadon
    Nick Fury - Played by Djimon Hounsou
    Taskmaster - Played by Ray Park
    Black Widow - Played by Rebecca Ferguson
    Hawkeye - Played by Mike Vogel
    Johann Fenhoff - Played by Bradley Whitford
    Brock Rumlow/Cross Bones - Played by Sullivan Stapleton

    Larry Elder - Played by Shawn Hatosy - Killed by the Winter Soldier
    Clinton McIntyre - Played by Ricky Whittle - Killed by Captain America
    Vasily Karpov - Played by Gustaaf Skarsgard - Killed by the Winter Solder
    Alexander Lukin - Played by Emile Hirsch - Arrested
    Bart Gallows - Played by Aaron Stanton - Arrested
    Daniel Leighton/Cut Throat - Played by Callan Mcaulliffe - Arrested
    Camilla Black/Scorpia - Played by Tracy Dinwiddie - Arrested

    John Garrett - Played by Sean Pertwee - Killed by Brock Rumlow

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    Re: Marvel

    Captain America season 4 confirmed

    It can now be revealed that Captain America will be returning for it's 4th season. Details are scarce but it is believed that we will be seeing a split story in this season. Part of which will focus on Steve Rogers/Captain America (Luke Hemsworth) and Tony Stark/Iron Man (Jack Huston) beginning the search for the rogue SHIELD operative and Hydra mercenary Brock Rumlow (Sullivan Stapleton). One thing we do know however, is this season will be our first glimpse of Rumlow in his crossbones armor as the search takes them to Japan and sees them come up against a Yakuza Clan with Hydra ties. Meanwhile back in the states Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier (Garrett Hedlund) will continue his attempts to rebuild his life with help of Sam Wilson/Falcon (Laz Alonzo). This is until a personal crisis forces both men into the field.

    Kevin McHale as Fiddler ~ Amy Walker as Bombshell
    As Sam Wilson looks to help Bucky Barnes aclimatise to life in what is a new world for him. Slowly we'd see the Winter Soldier enter the field with SHIELD's backing. His first mission would see him take on a duo of criminal love birds. The first of which is a musician by the name of Ulruch Kuster/Fiddler who is capable of using his instrument and it's sound waves as a weapon, Playing Kuster is Glee's Kevin McHale. Equally as theatric is his girlfriend Wendy Conrad aka Bombshell who is a skilled juggler and noted explosives expert. In fact it is said that the duo's speciality is devices created and thrown by Bombshell that are triggered by the sound waves of Fiddler. Playing Conrad is voice actress Amy Walker.

    Jason Tobin as Iron Nail
    Ran Shen aka the Iron Nail. Said to be a former agent of SHIELD. In many ways there are similarities between Shen and Rumlow in that both men were swayed against the organisation they was loyal two. However unlike the power hungry Rumlow, Shen has very much directed his focus on bringing down the western government. Playing Shen will be Warrior's Jason Tobin.

    Michael Filipowich as Leo Novokov

    However while Bucky may hope for a quest of redemption, certain sins of his past are still out there. This includes an old commrade of his by the name of Leo Novokov who is out for revenge against his former friend who he sees as a traitor. Playing Novokov will be 24's Michal Filipowich.

    Robert Redford as Monte Bascardin

    Despite Sam's attempts to do right by his old city, he finds a wall in front of him by the name of local politician Monte Bascardin who has ties to the criminal gangs that populate new york. Playing Monte will be Brubaker star Robert Redford.

    Colin Salmon as Diamond Head - Laurence Fishburne as Stone Face - Leister Speight as Bossman Morgan - Rafael Castillo as Glitterbug
    A gang of thugs who have ruled their neighborhood with an ironfist and have looked to branch out. It's believed this crew have now taken over the Maggia's lead since it's fall and are growing in power with every day. Leading the group is the criminal formerly known as Rocky the Lynx but now under the name of Diamond Head (Krypton's Colin Salmon). Aiding him is fellow gang leaders Stone Face (Hannibal's Laurence Fishburne), Bossman Morgan (Faster's Lester Speight) and Glitterbug (Black Lightning's Rafael Castillo).

    Hector Echavarria as Gamecock
    Returning home, Sam Wilson soon finds danger everywhere he goes thanks to an assailant targeting him by the name of Gamecock. Real name Carlos Cabrera, it's said that Gamecock is the chief enforcer of Diamond Head. Playing him will be martial artist Hector Echavarria.

    Johnny Messner as Marcus Lassiter/Aries
    A criminal and wanted terrorist who a former running buddy of Rumlow. Aries very much is aiding Rumlow in his journey through Japan and is believed to be helping him on his way to becomming Crossbones. Playing Aries will be Anacondas' actor Johnny Messner.

    Yuji Okumoto as Dai Kumo - Li Jun Li as Goro - Malese Jow as Reiko - Ludi Lin as Ryujin
    Having gone to Japan to find Brock Rumlow, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark will continue to find there is nowehere that Hydra doesn't have ties. This is thanks to the work of Yakuza captain Dai Kumo (Karate Kid 2's Yuji Okumoto). Aiding him in his efforts to attack the heroes are his three chief associates Goro (Wu Assassins' Li Jun Li), Reiko (The Flash's Malese Jow) and Ryujin (Power Rangers' Ludin Lin).

    Alice Braga as Alisande Morales - Angel Bismack Curiel as Joaquin Torres - Damson Idris as Rayshaun Lucas - Michael Biehn as Francis Tork
    With his past coming back to haunt him so to speak we meet a key ally from Sam's past in Alisande Morales. A fellow social worker, it's said there is a chemistry between the two but that Alisande's work has put her in danger. Playing her will be I am Legend's Alice Braga. Her latest work has been with a young man Joaquin Torres who is steadily being pulled down a bad path. Playing him will be Pose's Angel Bismack Curiel. This will be due to a former charge of hers who has fully embraced the darkness in Rayshaun Lucas (Snowfalls' Damonson Idris). Looking to aide her however is hard nosed detective Francis Tork (Aliens' Michael Biehn).

    Johnathan Fernandez as Gideon Wilson - Parker McKenna Posey as Jody Casper - Paige Hurd as Samantha Wilson - Christina Milian as Sarah Wilson
    As this season delves further into the personal lives and backstories of our characters. It can be confirmed that we will be meeting the family of Sam Wilson. This is starting with his brother Gideon (Lethal Weapon's Johnathan Fernandez) and it is believed the two brothers have a tense relationship. Yet Gideon has more trouble on his plate thanks to the antics of his adopted niece Jody Casper (I Carly's Parker Mckenna Posey) as well as his young daughter Samantha Wilson (The Ovals' Paige Hurd). Rounding out this group is Gideon's wife Sarah (Be Cool's Christina Milian).

    Skyler Samuels as Madison Roberts
    A young woman who has uprooted her entire life in the country to move to the big city. Madison Roberts very much is a fish out of water who despite her best efforts doesn't fit in. This is why it is during a chance meeting with Bucky Barnes that she finds a kindred spirit. Playing Madison will be The Gifted's Skyler Samuels.

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    Re: Marvel

    Luke Cage Miniseries: The Battle for Harlem

    The run up to the final season of the Defenders continues with the penultimate miniseries of it's respective heroes. It's been safe to say so far that these projects have very much been ambitious albeit a little inconsistent as while the Jessica Jones (Alexandria Daddario) season received plaudits for it's story as well as it's utilisation of the unheralded character of the Rhino (Thor Bjornsson). It had to be said that the other series' namely White Tiger (Monica Raymund), Iron Fist (Dan Stevens) and The Daughters of the Dragons Coleen Wing (Juju Chan)/Misty Knight (Lyndie Greenwood had their fair share of detractors. Be it for inconsistent plot, characters or underwritten villains, which the writers seemed to take on board for this next series which had the headline of the Battle for Harlem. Now this may not seem that unique as one thing the Fox Marvel universe hasn't shied away from is the use of the criminal underworld and it's various factions. Yet what very much made this season slightly unique was as opposed to the others in which the battle lines were firmly established, in this miniseries of Luke Cage it was very much all out war! With the feeling that any of these villains could go or take the reigns at any moment. Which provided viewers with plenty of tense moments as well as a build in anticipation.

    Yet before we could get to the war, we'd first learn a little about our titular character and what led to the Battle for Harlem. Starting out we'd meet a young Carl Lucas who to put it mildly was a total 180 from the Luke Cage (Chad Coleman) that we know today. Volatile and prone to acts of rash not to mention violent behavior, Carl was an old running buddy of the Rivals which was comprised of Willis Stryker (Pooch Hall), Shades (Lance Gross) and Comanche (Demetrius Grosse). What also made these early scenes fascinating was seeing Luke's dynamic with every member of the crew. Because it very much was a wide range across the spectrum from an almost adversarial relationship with Shades to a cordial, respectful one with Comanche and an almost brotherhood like dynamic with Willis Stryker which is almost tragic looking back on knowing how things are between the two men now. Carl's behavior would frequently bring him into conflict with his father James Lucas (Carl Weathers). A now retired police detective, James had started a family with his wife Esther (Angela Bassett) and together they had two sons Carl and James Jr.

    While he may have been a stern disciplinarian in regards to his son, there is no questioning that James loved his boys. He was a good provider and a great father who only wanted what was best for them. So knowing the dark path his eldest son was going down, was very much his worst nightmare. Slowly the Rivals would come into conflict with another crew known as the Diablos which was led by Sonny Caputo (Luiz Guzman). With the violence growing in this conflict and seeing the strain it was taking on his family, Carl would opt to leave the life. Despite misgivings from Shades and Comanche, Stryker who had grown in power and was now leading the group along with his girlfriend Reva (Taraji P Henson) allowed it. In fact as we'd later learn it was because of Reva Connors that Stryker allowed this departure. Having grown close to Luke herself, Reva spoke only to him about wanting out this life herself but as long as she was with Willis, there'd never be a way out. Sadly it appeared that there wouldn't be a way either for Carl as despite his attempts at going straight and becoming a police officer, it would be the day he was announced to have passed his exam that tragedy would strike and a drive by shooting would lead to the death of his own mother.

    A broken man following this it seemed the life very much would draw Carl back as both his grieving father and brother blamed him for Esther's death. Yet sadly things would only get worse as in this time we'd see that Reva following this tragedy would split up with Willis and begin spending more time with Carl. Angry at this betrayal in his mind, Willis would plot against them while we'd learn in a flash back that it was in fact Comanche and Shade who performed the drive by not willing to let someone leave the gang. The way Stryker would get his revenge would first be by finally ending the war with the death of Sonny. He'd also steal a drug shipment from a rising gangster Cornell Stokes (Harold Perrineau). Back then Cornell was just a hitter with aspirations of hitting the big time, which mean that he could not let any slight go unpunished in his effort to command respect. When he learned of Carl's theft, Cornell himself would stop by at his apartment looking for revenge. However as we'd learn Carl having discovered the planted drugs and learning of Stryker's betrayal had attempted to dispose of them only to be apprehended by the police. Tragically this meant it would be Reva Connors who arrived home that night and with no knowledge of the situation, she would be shot down by Cottonmouth himself.

    Sadly with this arrest Carl's dreams of being in the police were over and his father would very much disown his son as he refused to believe he was innocent. As we'd also learn in a more heart breaking scene any letter sent by Carl would be intercepted by James Jr who'd destroy it before his father could even consider reading it. Behind bars things went from bad to worse for Carl Lucas as remnants of his past and the Diablos would seek him out, this meant that every day was a fight for his life until eventually he was shipped to an even worse prison known as Seagate which was run by the racist, sadistic guard Albert Rackham (MC Gainey). To say Rackham delighted in torturing Carl would be an understatement in fact his treatment would be so bad that Rackham would eventually be demoted from his position of power. Yet he'd still be a guard at Seagate and he'd forever blame Carl for his demotion which meant that he'd never stop trying to punish Carl. Then on one fateful day Carl Lucas would be met by a professor by the name of Noah Burnstein (Kurt Fuller). Burnstein while working as a doctor at the hospital would reveal his human experimentation as he looked to recreate the super soldiers designed by Abraham Erksine. With some convincing Carl Lucas would agree to the treatment, however unfortunately for Noah yet fortunately for Carl the interference of Rackham led to Carl Lucas becoming Luke Cage.

    Hoping to either kill or maim Carl, Rackham sabotaged the experiment. Yet his attempt backfired and it led to Carl gaining super strength and the bullet proof skin he's known for. In fact it would be this abilities that allowed Carl to escape Seagate Prison and return to Harlem. As we'd learn in the events following this Rackham was fired from his job and put to court in regards to criminal charges along with a couple of other guards. Knowing he was a wanted man, Carl Lucas died that day and was reborn Luke Cage. After a chance encounter with some thugs in which Luke stopped a mugging, Luke found a new purpose in life as a hero for hire. While he'd find an office above the gem theatre which was run by his first real friend in a long while DW Griffith (Max Martini). Slowly Luke's reputation would grow and as we'd see news of his exploits with the Defenders the reputation of Power Man was at it's peak. This would be where Luke Cage was first introduced to Claire Temple (Natalie Martinez). A nurse at a new clinic that has opened up, Claire Temple was in fact a colleague of Noah Burnstein who had been searching out Luke Cage. Despite his initial hesitations, Luke was won over by the genuine nurse with sparks definitely flying between the two over the course of the storyline. As we'd see however Burnstein had kept tabs on Luke Cage, considering him his greatest work and had in an effort to make peace with Luke gone out of his way to investigate his case and what led to him being incarcerated in the first place.

    We'd learn that Noah had in fact used Dakota North (Linsey McKeon) to find evidence to prove that Carl Lucas was innocent and set up. Using this evidence, Noah Burnstein would use his connections to present it towards Foggy Nelson (Adam DeVine) who elected to help exonerate Luke Cage in the hopes that he could return to his real name. Luke however didn't seem so sure as while he appreciated the efforts at the same time, with what had happened with his family he wasn't sure if he wanted to be known as a Lucas again. Despite this the charges would eventually be dropped and Luke Cage was free. But news of this would spread out through Harlem and in fact it was the news that Luke Cage had been set up which brought two familiar faces back to Harlem. The first of which was former crime lord turned night club owner Cornell Cottonmouth who was now looking to see who had lied to him back then and got him to kill an innocent woman. This was a surprising show of honor on Cornell's part but it was clear having been using his time away to turn legit as a businessman, Cottonmouth was no longer the rising upstart with things to prove but now was a proud man with a wrongful death on his conscience. The other return would be that of Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah (Cynthia Addai Robinson). Having gone underground after running afoul of the Hand, Mariah now returned knowing the hand to be defeated and looked to reclaim her turf which had since been taken over by the Rivals.

    Of course things were not smooth sailing from the Rivals either in this time. As along with the arrest and incarceration of Comanche, we'd learn that Shades and Diamondback having had their dealings with Kilgrave (Tom Ellis) understood that they had to step their games up. This would very much see them take on a benefactor by the name of Jason Quantrell (John Barrowman) who had not only been providing them with a drug known as the Diamond which provided temporary enhancements but he'd also allowed them the use of his factories to design their own weaponry with Stryker preferring the use of bladed weapons while Shades opted for a special visor that produced energy blasts. We'd also learn in a nice little easter egg that Shades' by his own admission was hoping to maintain the throne as he had a wife and child at home to support. Of course Black Mariah and the Rivals were not the only players involved in this war as we'd soon learn. However what we'd also see is the arrival of Mariah's new ally Robert Hao/Chaka (David Sakurai). The current leader of the Golden Tigers Triad, there was more than power to Robert aligning with Mariah Dillard. Because as we'd learn Robert was out for revenge as his brother William was murdered in a knife attack on a train which Chaka believed to be the work of Willis Stryker.

    Having become aware of this impending battle thanks to the work of an old informant by the name of Flea (Jaiden Kaine). Luke Cage set about to do what he could to stop it before the streets of Harlem were stained with blood. Yet he couldn't quite acknowledge or accept when Flea remarked that what a city like Harlem needed was a ruler, not a hero. Reaching out to another old friend Luke Cage would talk to police officer Darris Kimbro (
    Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje). Even when Cage was a felon it is said that Kimbro believed otherwise and would at times give Luke information to help him with cases. Now however Kimbro came to Cage scared himself of this impending war, as he remarked the other day it seemed every criminal involved officially met at Harlem's Paradise in an effort to discuss terms. This deal was brokered by Cottonmouth and thanks to this news Luke Cage himself would decide to go visit the man himself. On arrival to the club, Cage was met with hostility by Cottonmouth's men which was led by wannabe gangster Raymond 'Piranha' Jones (Mike Epps). Jones' attempts to prove himself at Cage's extent would see him knocked out with a headbutt in quite the comical moment. The meeting between Cage and Cottonmouth was tense as Cottonmouth of course remembered how he'd killed Luke's friend.

    Calling that a whole different world to the one they are in now. Cottonmouth cannot help but comment on how things have changed. Admitting that the days of Fisk, Manfredi, Foswell and Gnucci being in charge and running things with an iron fist but a degree of decorum are long gone. Cottonmouth expressed some regret at what he saw now which was a bunch of thugs without honor. Cage didn't seem interested in this as he reminded Cottonmouth of Reva, yet Cornell is quick to counter that they both were set up and that was down to the rivals. This was the first that Cage learned of Willis being the one to frame him while Cornell revealed that the Rivals were behind the murder of Cage's mother. This news would shock Luke to his core as he demanded to know just why Cornell was telling him this. Admitting that with his position now, he can't afford to make any enemies because should that enemy be the victor, he'd be the first on that person's hit list. So while Cornell can't stop the Rivals, Luke Cage can. Nodding his head Luke asked Cornell just where he could find them to which Cornell informed Cage that the rivals kept their base close to the George Washington Bridge and that he could give him the location in exchange for a deal. Hearing Cottonmouth out, the deal was simple Cornell gives Luke Cage information and in exchange Luke Cage doesn't come for him.

    Despite hesitating initially at what is very much a deal with the devil, Luke Cage would agree. Yet on his way out being aware of the rap sheet on the stirring Piranha Jones, Luke Cage snatched him by the wrist and began to pull him out the club with his words being a warning that he is not have men like that on his employ. We'd learn from a text sent to Cage later by Flea that Piranha Jones was now locked up in police custody for several outstanding warrants, the most noted of which was murder. Flea also issued Cage a warning that despite his best intentions, he is a player in this war as well and that they will be coming for him. Now while some may question what gangsters could do against the bullet proof brother, it appeared that these criminals had learned and began upping their munitions. This included Black Mariah who had secretly began to employ a chemist by the name of Tilda Johnson/Nightshade (Keke Palmer) in an effort to weaken if not kill Luke Cage. It has to be said here that the motivations for Mariah were simple, having seen her Rat Pack dismantled by the Hand and been forced to flee and go underground. Mariah very much felt humiliated at her defeat and would do anything to take back her throne and this included playing a very dangerous game of deceit and manipulation with dangerous people.

    Along with Chaka of the Golden Tigers and Tilda, Mariah also began working with Quincy McIver/Bushmaster (Jimmy Jean Lewis). The younger brother of the original Bushmaster John McIver (Lance Reddick), Quincy was well aware of his brother's death. Yet he wasn't fully aware of how John died having been set up by Mariah to die at Fisk's hands. Using the knowledge of her having to flee from the Hand, as a means to establish her story. Mariah told Bushmaster that it was the Rivals who profited from his brother's death and that rumors are they are aligning with the Golden Tigers. This very much would put Bushmaster and his crew which was run by his right hand man Hardcore (Blair Underwood) at odds with the Golden Tigers as they looked for revenge against the rogues. Meanwhile Luke Cage would begin to go after the rivals in what proved to be quite the epic scene as he made his way across the bridge and into their territory despite their advanced weapons and tactics. Coming up against Shades first on the bridge itself, Luke narrowly avoided a blast from Shade's optic goggles while Shades' not only delighted in telling him that he was the one to shoot his mother and that it should have been him. As Shades would gather some troops, however it appeared his taunting only served to piss Luke Cage off as he punched over a pillar with the rubble taking out Shades and his goons. This very much would lead to the battle which had been built up across the Defenders and this season as Luke went after Willis Stryker.

    Chasing Willis through his base, Diamondback would face several horrors as not only would his trick blades fail him against Luke Cage, he'd also witness as he hit the roof that his whole gang having been dismantled by Cage was now being arrested. Blasting Luke Cage for the destruction of the Rivals, Willis remarked that it was all Carl Lucas' fault. He caused dissension in the rivals by wanting out and they had to punish him for it. If he'd have just died his mum would still be alive, Reva would still be alive and none of this would have happened. Cage was not impressed at Diamondback's ranting when Diamondback in a last ditch attempt hurled an explosive dagger at Luke Cage, yet the blast while not effective to Luke sent him flying backwards and crashing through the skylight of his own building. Stryker landed hard across his own desk which crumpled beneath him while police raided the building. We'd learn that while he may have survived the fall, there was a chance that Willis Stryker would never walk again following this fall. However while this may have been smooth sailing what came afterwards for Luke wasn't as we'd see his first interaction with Nightshade. Very much showing herself to be a sadistic, mad scientist who loved the challenge of trying to take someone like Luke Cage down, Tilda on seeing her needles failing instead used a gas cannister of a toxin Luke Cage.

    While his outside maybe invulnerable, inside Luke Cage was a regular man and this poison definitely began to have an effect. Badly weakened it would take the assistance of Darris Kimbro to get Luke to Claire Temple. Yet he wouldn't be alone as we'd be introduced to Lin Sun (Tae Joo Na). A former vigilante himself who was close friends with Abe Brown and Bob Diamond, Lin Sun after retiring from the game following the death of Hector Ayala opened a martial arts Dojo in Harlem. This would become another base of operations for Luke, as despite his tension with Bob and Abe. Lin was aware of them assisting Ava Ayala and knowing that Luke Cage had been helping her, he would do what he could to help Cage. Yet as Claire Temple arrived on her own, she'd reveal that Noah Burnstein had gone missing but thanks to some things he'd taught her and explained to her. She'd found means to treat Luke Cage. These methods sounded horrible from using boiling hot acid to going in through the eyes but in the end, she was able to isolate and eliminate the Nightshade based toxin from Cage's body. As Luke needed to rest in an effort to recover, they'd bring him to DW Griffith who hid Cage in the theatre. All the while Lin Sun would return to the streets in an effort to stop some of the growing violence.

    Claire Temple having grown concerned with Noah's disappearance would consult with Darris Kimbro when in a surprising visit Cornell Cottonmouth and Flea arrived at the theatre. Despite any misgivings, Luke Cage allowed Cottonmouth to come in. Clearly caught off guard at seeing Luke Cage in a weakened state, Cornell debated abandoning his plot but eventually he'd begin to tell Luke more about the goings on. As during this conversation Cottonmouth revealed that Black Mariah has been playing the yardie crew led by Bushmaster against the Golden Tiger Triad and it is Cottonmouth's belief that Mariah was involved in the murder of both men's families. Along with this we'd see in a montage that was played with Cornell's voice over. Jason Quantrell having lost the rivals would attempt to leave the city. This would be until the man he was really looking to usurp and take down was able to have his men stop Quantrell's transport. After watching the last of his men fall, Jason Quantrell would exit his vehicle and be shot down by his rival Moses Magnum (Eamonn Walker). Which very much served as an introduction for another player in this battle for Harlem. Yet we wouldn't see more of Moses until a little later in the story. As we'd shift to the ensuing war between the Golden Tigers and Bushmaster's crew would be triggered thanks to Chaka himself murdering one of Bushmaster's drug runners Garbage Man (Mark Consuelos).

    This war would make it's way into the streets with numerous casualties including Bushmaster's right hand man Hardcore who was mortally wounded by a shuriken thrown by Chaka. Despite not being fully recovered Luke Cage despite protests made his way onto the scene and would begin to run through members of both crews until he snatched both gang leaders by the throat. Telling them that this is truly what it's like to powerless just like the innocent bystanders and casualties in this war are. Luke is quick to inform them that they had been set up. As he let both men go, Luke spoke openly about Black Mariah and her manipulations before revealing his belief that Mariah was in fact responsible for the deaths of both men's brothers in an effort to incite them. Chaka having listened intently and realised he had been set up swore revenge on Mariah Dillard while Quincy McIver on the other hand having lost many men in this war, looked to end his rival once and for all by drawing a gun only to have it snatched from him by Luke Cage. Recklessly McIver would begin to flail around a machete as he attacked Cage in anger only for Luke to defend and block a blow with Quincy cutting his own forearm off! As Quincy fell to the ground in shock, paramedics and police arrived on the scene while Chaka and the Golden Tiger Triad made their escape along with Luke Cage.

    Despite everything Chaka was a man of honor who very much had a code. Acknowledging that Luke Cage saved his life, Chaka stated he owed him one in return. Cashing in on this favor, Luke revealed he'd need some help taking down Black Mariah. This was music to Chaka's ears in hearing that it was Mariah's turn to be taken down. Remembering how Mariah often used Ambulances as a cover for her men and various transports, Cage thanks to the help of Darris Kimbro was able to locate a chop shop which was now serving as Mariah's base of operations. Arriving there with the Tigers, Luke reiterated that he doesn't want a war. He wants cooler heads to prevail and those men to face justice, basically telling the tigers to avoid killing if at all possible. While they weren't perfect in this pledge, the highly trained combatants The Golden Tigers were able to easily nullify and disarm Mariah's men. With Chaka in particular showing his worth by saving Luke Cage from Nightshade thus officially returning the favor. Because before she could release another one of her poisonous toxins, Chaka would impale her though the right shoulder with a sword. In shock Tilda would slump onto the ground while Luke Cage chased after Mariah. Unlike Stryker, Mariah knew when she was beaten and she would surrender to the Power Man as her operation fell before her eyes.

    While Black Mariah and Nightshade were taken into police custody, we'd learn from Darris Kimbro that along with Bushmaster, Stryker and Shades they would be being sent to the raft knowing that there was no chance of them ever escaping from there. From here Luke would have to address the issue of what to do with the Golden Tigers. Despite some hesitation on his part, Luke informed Chaka that from now on they are done conducting business in Harlem. If Chaka and his men agree to leave and never return, they are square and will never have to worry about Luke Cage again. Showing Luke Cage a surprising decree of respect, Robert Hao would agree and with that the Golden Tiger Triad would soon make their exit from Harlem. In the meantime having carried out her investigation on what happened to Burnstein with the assistance of a private detective Dakota North, Claire Temple learned that the men who had taken Noah were employed by Moses Magnum. Here was where we'd learn the truth about Moses and just how he fit into things. The president and founder of a weapon's company by the name of Magnum's Munitions. Moses was also the operator of his own private security force known as the Magnum Force. Of course there were more than the fair share of rumors of Moses being connected to arms dealing and running his own mercenary operation. Yet it was never fully able to be proven until now as we'd go onto learn that Quantrell was in fact a former business associate of Moses who looked to usurp his former ally and thus it led to his death.

    This was further proven by Cottonmouth who revealed that he had in fact built quite the cache of weapons sold to him by Magnum. Yet Cornell followed up with a warning and that warning was that Magnum had a silent partner in this war. Someone who in Cottonmouth's words had a vested interest in Luke Cage. This very much served into our introduction of Magnum's partner Coldfire (Michael Ealy). In fact Coldfire was the man who was truly behind the kidnapping of Noah Burnstein and we'd soon learn why in Noah's last scene and having become one of Noah's test subjects, Coldfire was able to manipulate energy and he used it to incinerate Noah Burnstein where he stood. During a later conversation with Claire, Luke remarked he knows now what Flea meant that Harlem needed someone in charge. Because while it would be impossible to stop crime in the city, depending on who it was they could keep it at a minimum. This is why in a bold move Luke Cage would look to cement his claim by walking into Magnum Munitions and barge right into Moses' office. Surprisingly Moses never called for security as he remarked while his company designed weapons and while his force had exceptional training, they couldn't take down Luke Cage.

    However Magnum then arrogantly boasted that he apparently could as in a shocking moment we'd learn that he was also a product of Noah's experiments. Now given the ability to generate seismic waves, Magnum shockingly began to bring his entire building down in an attempt to hurt Luke Cage. Shown here to be a power mad, psychopath Magnum delighted in being the man to kill Luke Cage but his arrogance and lack of control with his powers cost him dearly as while the building was being evacuated a chasm would begin open beneath him while he attacked Luke Cage. Stomping down on the ground, Luke opened it further and we'd see Magnum fall through it to his death! With fire crews, paramedics and police on standby not too mention news reporters, Luke Cage exited the ruins of Magnum Munitions a hero. Yet before any victory party could even begin he would be met with an energy blast by Coldfire. Caught off guard, it would be as he got to his feet that it truly dawned on Luke who this was. Because Coldfire was none other than his younger brother James Lucas Jr!

    We'd learn in a series of scenes that James Lucas Sr over the years had softened and constantly sought to seek out Carl Lucas in an attempt to reconnect. But any letters sent by him were intercepted by James Jr while any letters sent by Carl were destroyed by James Jr. This led to the elder James believing his son to be dead while James Jr kept tabs on his brother in hopes he could one day kill him. With the news about Luke Cage being Carl Lucas, we'd see how James Lucas Jr showed his true colors by holding his father hostage and now with the abilities to finally be able to kill his brother. James Jr revealed that their father was in the crowd and he'd watch Carl die once and for all. In the early goings Luke attempted to talk round James Jr as he really didn't want to fight his own brother. However James Jr wasn't going to listen to reason, nor was he afraid to put innocent lives in danger. Eventually Luke after catching sight of his distraught father after all these years would be forced to fight back. Despite James Jr's flesh being hot to the touch, Luke was able to begin besting him as we'd see that James Jr's powers came with a caveat in that they were energy based and drained him heavily. This allowed Luke Cage to best him quite easily in the end.

    While police would begin to handcuff James Jr, Luke Cage would be reunited with his father James Sr who having had years to reflect realised that he had not been fair to his son. Before the too could truly reconnect however, a livid James Jr would rise yet again producing a heat hotter than he'd ever gone. In a last ditch attack, James Jr aimed the blast at his own father but Luke Cage was able to shield his own father and despite being hurt by the seering hot blow he was able to endure it. Sadly however James Jr in doing this would begin to lose all his energy as his powers dissipated. Collapsing to the ground, James Lucas Jr would die then and there having been overwhelmed by both his anger and his powers. Following this scene things would still be tense between him and his father but the two would agree given time to talk properly and hopefully resolve their issues. Cage meanwhile would meet with Cornell Stokes and in this conversation Cornell stated that whether Luke wanted it or not, he just took crown. Nodding his head Luke Cage then followed up by reminding Cornell of their deal. That while Luke maybe willing to overlook certain things, if Cornell or any of his men step out of line they will be on opposite sides. Nodding his head Cornell Cottonmouth would agree to the terms as he smiled and remarked that things looked to be going back to the good old days.

    The final scene of this miniseries however would be a surprise as we'd see Luke Cage and Claire Temple visiting a memorial set up for Noah Burnstein. While there Cage would begin to feel like someone was watching him and in confronting them he'd learn it was a very anxious Ben Urich (David Duchovny). Not wanting to draw too much attention, Urich informed Cage that he'd spoken with Jessica and they needed him back as something is going on in Hell's Kitchen!

    Luke Cage/Power Man ~ Played by Luke Cage
    James Lucas ~ Played by Carl Weathers (Guest Star)
    DW Griffith ~ Played by Max Martini
    Claire Temple ~ Played by Natalie Martinez
    Cornell Cottonmouth ~ Played by Harold Perrineau
    Darris Kimbro ~ Played by Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje
    Flea ~ Played by Jaiden Kaine
    Lin Sun ~ Played by Tae Joo Na
    Robert Hao/Chaka ~ Played by David Sakurai

    Esther Lucas ~ Played by Angela Bassett - Killed by Shades and Comanche
    Sonny Caputo ~ Played by Luiz Guzman - Killed by Willis Stryker
    Reva Connors ~ Played by Taraji P Henson - Killed by Cottonmouth
    Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah ~ Played by Cynthia Addai-Robinson - Arrested
    Willis Stryker/Diamondback ~ Played by Pooch Hall - Arrested
    Shades ~ Played by Lance Gross - Arrested

    Comanche ~ Played by Demetrius Grosse - Arrested
    Noah Burnstein ~ Played by Kurt Fuller - Killed by Coldfire
    Rackam ~ Played by MC Gainey - Arrested
    Moses Magnum ~ Played by Eamon Walker - Died in fall
    Quincy McIver/Bushmaster ~ Played by Jimmy Jean Louis - Arrested
    Tilda Johnson/Nightshade ~ Played by Keke Palmer - Arrested
    Hardcore ~ Played by Blair Underwood - Killed by Chaka
    Coldfire ~ Played by Michael Ealy - Died
    Jason Quantrell ~ Played by John Barrowman - Killed by Moses Magnum
    Raymond Jones ~ Played by Mike Epps - Arrested

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    Re: Marvel

    Fox Marvel presents

    The Mighty Marvel Western

    The Fox Marvel Universe only continues to grow more bold. We've seen Iron Men and Mutants. We've seen the Norse Gods as well as the Greek Gods. That's not too mention voyages under the sea and into Space. So what comes next? the answer is travelling back in time to the days of the Wild, Wild West! This ambitious one off special is believed not to be connected to the over arching storyline and will see some previous cast members appear in very different roles!

    Brad Pitt as Matthew Hawk/The Two-Gun Kid - Adam Beach as Running Fish - Stephen Graham as Boom Boom Brown

    One of the main characters in the story will be that of Matthew Hawk aka The Two-Gun Kid. Said to have taken the mantle from the original Two-Gun Kid (Guest Star Sam Rockwell) in a duel, Matt is described as an expert marksman and rider across the west. Playing him will be Once Upon a Time in Hollywood's Brad Pitt. Always by Matt's side are his two associates, the first of which is a Mexican apache warrior by the name of Running Fish who will be played by Suicide Squad's Adam Beach. Rounding out the group is the surly ex boxer by the name of Boom Boom Brown, played by This is England's Stephen Graham.

    David Giuntoli as Blaine Colt/Kid Colt
    A fellow gun slinger who is as widely known for his bad temper as he is for his quick drawing skills. Having lost his family at the hands of a group of bandits, Blaine is out for revenge against those who took everything from him. Playing Blaine will be Grimm's David Giuntoli.

    Nathan Fillion as Johnny Bart/Rawhide Kid - Q'orianka Kilcher as Alan Krandal/Apache Kid
    A rare, misunderstood soul in a violent world Johnny Bart was originally known as Johnny Clay, this was until he lost his family during an Indian raid. From here Johnny was mentored by an individual known as Ben Bart (Guest Star Jeff Daniels), this was until Ben was murdered by some outlaws. Since then Johnny has taken Ben's second name and the moniker of the Rawhide Kid to make sure no one forgets his legacy. Playing Johnny will be Firefly's Nathan Fillion. Despite his misgivings, overtime Johnny would begin to mentor a young woman by the name of Rosa who has taken the moniker and name of her now deceased husband. Playing the role of the Apache Kid will be the new world's Q'orianka Kilcher.

    Julia Roberts as Arizona Annie/Arizona Girl
    The west was a tough time for women, especially those travelling alone. However despite these times, everyone knows you don't cross Arizona Annie. A woman with a bad attitude and one of the quickest draws going. Playing Annie will be Pretty Woman's Julia Roberts.

    Jeff Bridges as Don Hertz/Iron Mask
    With every story there has to be a villain and look no further than Don Hertz. As well as being a notorious wanted criminal, Hertz is a skilled Blacksmith who created his own armor to make himself invulnerable. Playing Hertz will be the Big Lebowski's Jeff Bridges.

    Patrick Wilson as Carter Slade/Phantom Rider
    Legend is a word that comes to mind here when you mention the name of Carter Slade. In many ways some speculate that Carter could very well be one of the world's first heroes. Playing Carter will be Watchmen's Patrick Wilson.

    Jonathan Tucker as Lincoln Slade/Phantom Rider
    Sadly with legends come imitators this includes the psychopathic Lincoln Slade. Whether there is any relation between the two is unknown but what is known is that when this Phantom Rider arrives in your town, you need to get well out of dodge. Playing Lincoln will be Kingdom's Jonathan Tucker.

    Tom Pelphrey as Ringo Kid
    A young man out on his own in this world the Ringo Kid has long been an outcast thanks to his mixed heritage. Known for being dressed in all black the Ringo Kid is struggling to find his place in the world. Playing Ringo Kid will be Iron Fist's Tom Pelphrey.

    Ian McShane as Jules Bergen/Dr Danger - William Hurt as Lee Portman/Fat Man - Chris Coy as Harold Kane/Hurricane - Heather Graham as Heather Benson/Rattler - Sharon Stone as Rebecca Raven/Red Raven - Troy Baker as Clay Riley/Tarantula - Neil Jackson as Wade Garrison/Cougar - Dana Delaney as Jody Clanton/The Acrobat
    The gang run by the Iron Mask, it is said that if the Mask himself isn't making an appearance than either Dr Danger (John Wick's Ian McShane) or Lee Portman (History of Violence's William Hurt) will be riding into your town. Two key members of Danger's group are boyfriend and girlfriend Harold Kane (Banshee's Chris Coy) and Heather Benson (The Hangover's Heather Graham) as well as Bergen's wife Rebecca Raven (Basic Instinct's Sharon Stone). It's said that Bergen's unit isn't afraid to embrace new technology and weaponry in their acts. Where as the group led by Portman are very much old school in their approach This includes Clay Riley (Voice actor Troy Baker), Wade Garrison (Push's Neil Jackson) and Jody Clanton (Body of Proof's Dana Delaney).

    Jay Ryan as John Baker
    The last name on Blaine's list is that of John Baker. The last surviving member of the Unlucky 13's, Baker knows he is being hunter but isn't willing to go down without a fight. Playing Baker will be It's Jay Ryan.

    Luke Treadaway as Richard Cassidy/Kid Cassidy
    A sad tale of a young man on a bad path, Kid Cassidy very much started as a young man with the best intentions. Yet these were corrupted thanks to the time and he began to form his own crew known as the Gun Hawks. Playing Cassidy will be Attack the Block's Luke Treadaway.

    Wes Studi as Living Totem
    Not everything in this world makes sense especially here in the case of the living totem. Worshipped by a local tribe, it is believed there is more to the eye than the case of the self dubbed god the Living Totem. Voicing the Totem will be Dances with Wolves Wes Studi.

    Eduar Salas as Marcel Fournier - Joey Bada$$ as Wolf Waco
    A former ally of the Two Gun Kid, it is said that things between Marcel and Matt have grown especially complicated over the years. This includes Marcel's alliance with a fugitive by the name of Wolf Waco. Playing Marcel will be Jack Ryan's Eduar Salas while playing Waco will be Mr Robot's Joe Bada$$.

    Zahn McLarnon as Gray Fox - Gabriel Luna As Wildrun/Red Wolf
    Members of a native tribe who have worshipped the Living Totem, Gray Fox is described as an elder and a devout follower while Red Wolf has began to question and find fault in it's methods. Playing Gray will be Fargo's Zahn McLarnon while Wildrun will be played by Terminator's Gabriel Luna.

    Bokeem Woodbine as Reno Jones/Reno Kid - Dominik Garcia as Rachel Brown
    Tragedy is the story being told here in the story of Reno Jones and Rachel Brown. A former slave, Reno fled his owners after he and house girl Rachel had been discovered to have fallen in love. In a relationship which is frowned upon across the west, these two will look to persevere and survive together. Playing Reno will be Spiderman's Bokeem Woodbine while Mr Robot's Dominik Garcia plays Rachel Brown.

    Angus Sampson as Matthew Masters
    A rare good man in an indecent town has overcome a life of tragedy and hardship to get where he is. Now a respected doctor, Matthew is constantly looking to do what's right despite the world he lives in. Playing Matthew will be Fargo's Angus Sampson.

    Garrett Dillahunt as Caleb Hammer - Darren Boyd as Warren Worth - Desmond Harrington as Tex Dawson/Western Kid
    Those set to enforce the law will also feature including chief Pinkerton Agent Caleb Hammer. In this rotten world, Caleb is defined by some as a tragic hero. Playing the role of Caleb will be The Gifted's Garrett Dillahunt. Sadly he has to work with men like Captain Warren Worth, who is said to be a vile bigoted individual who loves the power his badge provides him. Playing Warren will be Four Lions' Darren Boyd. The last addition will be gunslinger turned marshal Tex Dawson who is defined as a straight arrow through and through. Playing Dawson will be Dexter's Desmond Harrington.

    Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson
    as Lance Temple/Outlaw Kid
    A wanted fugitive and Civil War veteran, at one time Lance Temple was a public defender but his need to enforce the law would soon push him to do so much more when it came to criminals. Playing Lance will be Fortitude's Bjorn Hlynur Haraldsson.

    Jordi Molla as Paco Montoya/Aguilar
    A former friend of Carter Slade. Paco Montoya very much is a man who divides public opinion. To some he is a defender of the poor and in need. To others he is a violent outlaw. Playing Montoya will be Jack Ryan's Jordi Molla.

    Alpha Trivette as Tex Taylor
    Said to be a former hero turned the mayor of his home town, Tex Taylor very much is a man who has been forced to make some tough decisions now that he is in charge of the town of Wishbone. Playing Tex will be Banshee's Alpha Trivette

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    Re: Marvel

    Daredevil Miniseries

    Act I: Without Fear

    Following what was the strongest Defenders' miniseries yet which focused on Luke Cage/Power Man. Our focus would turn to what was already being tipped as one of the most dark and distressing stories produced yet by Fox's Marvel Project. This would of course be the story that would focus firmly on the character of Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Shane West) and the world around him in Hell's Kitchen. The troubled, conflicted not too mention deeply devout vigilante had very much gone through his ups and downs since his arrival on Fox's Marvel Universe. Yet before we could see what was going on with Matthew right now, we'd first learn of the events which shaped him into becoming the devil of hell's kitchen. Starting things out we'd be introduced to the couple of Jack Murdock (Eric Dane) and Maggie Murdock (Melissa McBride). Jack was an aspiring professional boxer while Maggie was his young wife. They of course would have a son together being Matthew, yet sadly in what was very much a different time Maggie would begin to suffer with a form of depression which eventually saw her becoming a risk to her own son.

    From here we'd learn that Maggie would abruptly leave one night forcing Jack to take up the reigns as a single father. Growing up Matt would be under the belief that his mother had passed and his life as a child wouldn't be easy. As despite himself living in a violent world, Jack wanted better for his son. Forcing him to focus on his studying, Jack would at times lose his temper and react with violence towards his son when he'd learn of his boy getting into fights. This would all change however when one day Matt suffered a tragic accident when he stepped in to rescue a blind man who was about to get hit by a truck. Sadly as the truck swerved, the radioactive material on board would splash Matt in the eyes rendering him blind. This very much brought a change to Jack's life as he did all he could help him wherever possible. This vow he took to provide his son would even affect him as a fighter as he fought with a spirit that turned things around for him in the ring as he went from a journeyman to a contender earning himself the nickname the devil. As his name grew so did his competition as Jack would take fights for promoter Pop Fenton (Doug Hutchinson).

    Of course as we'd learn and Matt would begin to get used to was the fact that the radioactive material which came into contact with him had in fact altered his senses and given him an almost like radar sense. This allowed Matt to train in secret while his relationship was stronger than ever. Sadly this story would come to a tragic end however thanks to the efforts of a criminal colleague of Pop's by the name of Roscoe Sweeney (Brian McNamara). Because as we'd learn Roscoe was heavily involved in fight fixing he expected Jack Murdock to do as instructed. Yet when Jack instead opted to win instead, it would tragically lead to his death at the hands of Roscoe. Yet in his seemingly last act Jack as we'd learned had bet on himself to win and left the money to Matthew to pay for his son to attend law school where he'd of course meet Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson (Adam DeVine). During this time as well Matt would begin training under his mentor Stick (Kris Kristofferson) who taught Matt to hone his senses as well as teaching him martial arts. Here of course would also be where Matt met Stick's prize pupil Elektra (Eliza Dushku) in what we knew to be a complicated love story if there ever was one.

    As we'd also see in Matt's early days under the daredevil moniker, his first targets would be that of those who took his father from him. As first he would confront Pop Fenton looking for answers and showing an uncharacteristic brutality and temper in his early days, Matt would hand him a brutal beating putting him in hospital. From here he would go after Roscoe Sweeney and showing up at the gym Sweeney owned, he'd dole out a vicious beating to many of his men while Sweeney and his right hand man Slade (Joa Anoa'i) fled to the subway in an attempt to escape. Yet during the ensuing battle we'd see how Daredevil despite not intentionally would send Slade in front of a train while a panicked Sweeney would also die albeit from a fatal heart attack. This would very much wrap up the backstory and bring us to the present day tale of Matt Murdock. See despite having come a long way since those days, it appeared that some things hadn't changed as the way Matt was handling criminals now was in a violence equal to if not greater to than he did back in his early days as Daredevil.

    This wouldn't go unnoticed by Foggy Nelson who couldn't help but voice his concern for his friend as he notices the shift in him since his kidnapping at the hands of the hand. Of course Foggy would have his fair share on his plate having now taken the role of District Attorney. All the while he'd continue to work with his old legal firm and had even taken an apprentice in lawyer Becky Blake (Hannah John Kamen). The wheel chair bound lawyer very much had her demons thanks to the attack that left her in the chair, but despite those troubles and the attacker never being found Becky had managed to work her way through law school and while at first being only a secretary, thanks to Matt becoming steadily unreliable she would be mentored by Foggy and become capable in her field. While Foggy had all this going on his personal life had picked up thanks to him reconnecting with his old flame Debbie Harris (Amy Seimetz). This was a relationship that while looking strong had it's concerns from those around Foggy, namely Matt who had never gotten along with Debbie believing her to be trouble. This very much put a strain on their relationship further as Foggy was forced to tell Matt to take a backseat on their law partnership while he straightens himself out.

    As for Karen Page (Maggie Grace), things had began to pick up for her at the cost of her relationship with Matt. This was due to her receiving the opportunity of a lifetime as an actress in Los Angeles by Bill Wheeler (Matthew Modine). Despite some teething issues, Karen would very much be a success in a soap opera however hew new found fame would prove stressful as she'd gradually lose contact with her old life and begin abusing substances. Meanwhile Bill would hide from her a series of threatening letters wrote to her by a stalker. This very much showed a fracture in the Murdock/Page/Nelson dynamic as we'd learn after being held captive by the hand, Matt had began pushing people away and had only further gone down hill spending more time as the devil as opposed to Matt Murdock. Yet one partnership he had formed in this time was with detective Brett Mahoney (Hisham Tawfiq). As despite some teething issues between the two Mahoney would begin to trust Daredevil as he helped him catch some criminals. One case in particular Mahoney wanted help with was the murder of an old friend of his by the name of Willie Lincoln (Keythe Farley). Despite having little to go on, Mahoney believed this was the work of another vigilante by the name of Bengal (Til Schweiger).

    This very much laid to a rare villain of the week episode as we'd very much delve into the character that is Bengal. As we'd learn Duc No Tranh aka Bengal had a storied past which brought him to Hell's Kitchen. A former soldier who had fought in the war and was in the same unit as Willie Lincoln among several other soldiers who had been killed recently. Yet as we'd see this wasn't a simple case of PTSD, because the story of Bengal was more than just a case of black and white. However what would break this good soldier was when his plattoon wiped out an entire village in the hunt for insurgents. Overwhelmed with the guilt at what he witnessed not to mention how powerless he was to stop it, Duc suffered a psychotic break and had spent years plotting his revenge. Yet as we'd learn in killing Willie, Duc had killed the only other man to raise issue with what their old platoon had done. Going through some files he had gathered on Willie, as we'd learn that Lincoln had previously been represented by Matt in court. Matt would realise that it was the aforementioned Duc No Tranh who had been responsible. What followed would be a confrontation in Central Park itself between Duc and Daredevil with Duc's combat skills on full display in the early going.

    Despite police closing in, Duc had no intention of fleeing as he saw this as a fight to the death. Yet in the end after disarming Duc of his sais, Daredevil would beat him bloody before breaking his arm and leaving him to the police. Of course a moral dilemma would be raised for this in regards to just how Matt got the files on what was a closed case. This issue would be raised when Becky mentioned to Foggy that several files had gone missing from their records. After reviewing and erasing the CCTV, Foggy confronted Matt angrily about putting their firm at risk and all their hard work in jeopardy. Yet as we mentioned this new side of Matt didn't seem to care about what he'd done and instead he quit and walked out of Nelson and Murdock for good. Yet while things here may have looked to be at their worst for Matt Murdock, one night after a particularly heavy night at Josie's bar he'd meet a young woman by the name of Milla Donovan (Emily Swallow). In fact more than meet her, Matt would rescue the young woman who he'd come to find was blind like him and the two would slowly form a relationship. This showed that while Matt when he donned the daredevil mask was a lot more brutal, yet at the same time he was still a good man deep down.

    Yet sadly as we'd see despite his contentment with the relationship things would soon begin to go sour. It would all begin when Matt began working with a retired cop turned private investigator Alan Krantz (John Lithgow). Krantz has been chasing a case lately which involves several disappearances as well as unexplained suicides. His work may have been brushed off by many but Daredevil saw some credence to it as well as the constant mumblings of a 'Mister Fear' across the streets. Sadly while Daredevil believed he was chasing a mystery, he'd be a few steps behind Mister Fear who we'd learn was a man called Larry Cranston (Crispin Glover). Cranston had in fact harbored an obsession with Matt Murdock and it was this obsession and work which made him realise Matt's identity. One of his sources in this was revealed to be Debbie Harris who while unaware of Larry's true motivations, was looking to bring Matt Murdock down a peg as she had never liked him. Now we'd begin to learn more about the man Cranston was as well. Because as we'd see he was at one stage a hot shot lawyer himself.

    An unscrupulous criminal defender Cranston's career would be ruined in a case against a relatively young and fresh out of law school Murdock. Humiliated and unable to practice law, Cranston went underground as he began to formulate a plot of revenge. Looking back at some of his old cases Larry remembered an old client who specialised in the creation of a drug which would act as a pheromone to induce a form of terror in those it is used upon. After killing his former client and stealing his work, Cranston under the guise of Mister Fear was able to use this toxin to not only drive people mad but also to make them prone to his suggestion. In fact as we'd learn, he had already began preying on Milla Donovan having orchestrated her meeting with Matt Murdock while praying on her fears. Krantz having had help from Dakota North was able to find out just who was under the Mister Fear guise and he'd pass this news onto Daredevil. Yet at the same time Milla would be revealed to have gone missing and a taunting message by Mister Fear led to Matt making Krantz agree not to send police back up.

    This would prove to be a fatal error tragically as while Matt during his confrontation would unmask just as Cranston demanded him to while their final scene took place in an abandoned old court of law. Because Cranston taking his role as judge, jury and executioner would revel in the fact that because of his constant manipulations and the effects of his toxin, the sweet Milla Donovan was no more. Driven mad by the repeated dosages she had snapped earlier on today and had in fact killed an innocent. Before Matt would be a traumatised, shell shocked Milla who appeared to have undergone a full mental breakdown and was in a catatonic state. This news looked to drive Matt over the edge as he attacked Cranston while shockingly he was shown to be immune to the toxin. Enraged Matt would chase Larry well up into the rafters before giving him a taste of his own compound. Overwhelmed by what we'd learn was a fear of heights, Larry Cranston would fall to his death while finally police sirens could be heard in the distance. Our next scene would be days on and would see Krantz look to speak with Daredevil just to find out what truly happened. Yet Daredevil showed no remorse in what was the first life he'd claimed. We'd also learn from this that Milla had since been institutionalised as a result of her episode. The final scene of this arc would be the most surprising as Foggy Nelson would be on his way through the halls of a prison to visit a 'client' when he'd be stabbed by a mystery assailant and left to bleed out in the hall.

    Act II: Return of the King

    The second chapter of this Daredevil story began with a solemn affair, the funeral of Foggy Nelson who was said to have died as a result of the stabbing. At this funeral Matt would be given a cold shoulder by some of Foggy's family who had once treated him as one of their own while he was also scolded by Debbie for not being there for his friend. Of course as we'd learn later on, Debbie albeit unintentionally had played her part in this and much more. During this funeral Matt would be reunited with Karen Page who had returned home after her acting stint and was looking to get herself cleaned up. From their interactions it was clear that both Matt and Karen needed each other more than ever and they agreed to work alongside one another to find out just what had in fact happened to Foggy Nelson and why he was in the prison to begin with. This would force Matt to reach out to Becky Blake. While she may not have been impressed with Matt's conduct, Becky also wanted to know what happened to her mentor and showed herself to be a valuable ally in their quest to find out more.

    Detective Krantz thanks to his research was able to find out that Foggy had in fact been repeatedly called to the jail and it was a threat that forced him to go there and meet with a surprising name from the past being Vanessa Fisk (Karie Wuhrer). Having seen both her husband and son arrested while being behind bars herself, Vanessa showed that it wasn't just the Fisk men who had a ruthless side as she having gained the knowledge of Matt's identity had began to blackmail Foggy to get her out from jail or else. However Matt and Karen in fact suspected that Vanessa called Foggy there to kill him as she blamed Nelson and Murdock for her families fall from power. As Krantz would continue his research however Becky would soon from talking to Karen be forced to revisit her past as she noticed a series of letters sent to her with a particular marker. One which she recognized as being sent to her from the man who had left her wheel chair bound.

    Real name Michael Reese (Avery Whitted) it was unknown just what made Reese aka Ladykiller target women but what we did know was that he now had his sights set firmly on Karen Page. A sadistic, predatory individual Reese's return forced Becky to confront her past as she knew that if Reese saw her out with Karen he'd be more inclined to go for her. So the two would head out for a night and it would be at Josie's bar that Reese was watching them before he'd begin to follow both women back to Becky's home. This would very much prove to be a trap as Daredevil himself would attack Reese in a nearby alley way but he would be caught off guard thanks to Reese having a couple of friends who'd attack Daredevil allowing him to go after his intended prey. Yet what he didn't count on was the fight in Becky and Karen because while at first he was able to strike both women down, in his scuffle with Karen Michael would be knocked out when Becky hit him with a fire extinguisher. This allowed the police to come and finally trap the Ladykiller with both Becky and Karen giving statements about his crimes.

    However while one issue may have been handled it would be Vanessa Fisk and her influence which proved to be more dangerous even behind bars. This would be down to Vanessa blackmailing Debbie as we'd learn that Debbie had also sold Matt out to Fisk. Yet now Debbie was in deep with the sharks and was forced to get even further involved in this life as she'd act as Vanessa's proxy to hire several assassins to kill Daredevil. These assassins would be Bushwacker (John Jarratt), Jacob Conover (Mark Whitten), Muse (Christina Vee), Gael (Todd Haberkorn), Maggie Farrell (Natasha Loring), Stilt Man (August Diehl) and Blue Talon (Ed Skrein). All with their various MOs and appeals it was basically a case of which ever one of them could take the devil's head would get the money. The first to try however would make things interesting for Matt as we'd learn that Blue Talon had previously worked for the Hand. As we'd learn since the Hand's influence had fallen Blue Talon had become a desperate man. This was due to a deliberating condition which was slowly costing him the use of his limbs. Wanting the money to save himself Talon would recklessly attack Daredevil on the streets of chinatown and during his attack he'd even admit some respect for the skills of his opponent.

    Armed with metal talons Blue recklessly went after his opponent but his condition would end up seeing him striking a gas main with the triggering explosion killing him in an instant. This explosion however would lead to Daredevil meeting an old foe from the past by the name of Tenfingers (Byron Mann). A former low level member of the Hand, thanks to the loss of it's patriach Tenfingers had only grown stronger as he now led the biggest crew in chinatown. Under the guise of the church of the sheltering hand which was a shelter to those affected by the war between the tongs and the triads, we'd see that Tenfingers was a manipulative individual who preyed on the weak with promises of riches and salvation. However here he didn't look to manipulate Matt, instead he warned him of the threat that was coming before he told him that he could be a friend to him and protect him. Matt however would refuse before departing while Tenfingers smirked eerily. As we'd soon learn however Tenfingers wasn't Matt's only potential friend as rumors of a mystery series of players in town began to gain attention.

    Yet we'd soon learn the truth thanks to the antics of Jacob Conover. A former disgraced reporter who had previously worked under Don Fortunato, Conover was very much now looking to become a crime lord himself but his aspirations would see him want to kill the Devil in an effort to prove himself. However he'd never actually get to the Devil, this would be thanks to the arrival of Melvin Potter/The Gladiator (Kirk Acevedo). The one time Daredevil foe, Gladiator would swiftly and efficiently knock out Conover and leave him for the police to apprehend before he'd be confronted by Daredevil. These former rivals would soon come to an understanding as we'd learn that Gladiator was a changed man. This would be thanks to the efforts of his psychiatrist/lover Bettsy Beatty (Aimee Garcia). Now on an honorable path, Melvin was looking to redeem himself and help Daredevil for it with thanks to him putting Melvin behind bars that he met the woman he loved.

    Soon however Matt would find it wasn't just Melvin out there looking to help. Because when serial killer Muse began to target Daredevil to become her latest art project. We'd be introduced to the vigilante Echo (Natasha Liu Bordizzo). A death hero who had her father murdered at the hands of the Kingpin before Wilson in an act of mercy against the young girl, would fund her to go into private eductation. A gifted, intelligent girl with photographic reflexes Echo however would soon learn of what truly happened to her father and the man responsible. After this she would use a trust fund set up for her by Wilson Fisk to train in Japan before returning with the intent of avenging her father only to find the Kingpin behind bars. So now what she would do is look to work alongside the man who put him there. Thanks to her abilities Echo would easily defeat Muse and leave her to be arrested by detective Brett Mahoney who seemed to be more and more impressed with this grade of heroes in town. The next to fall would be an irish hitman with criminal ties by the name of the Gael.

    Flanked by several of his best men, Gael showed a willingness to take innocent lives as he sought to draw out the Devil. This would be until his whole until as well as him was wiped out in one hit by Rachel Alves (Rose Leslie). During her conversation with Matt, Rachel mentioned how they had a mutual friend in Frank Castle and that while Castle wanted to be here to help, he was indisposed at the moment which is why she came here as she owed him one. Clearly confused Matt would then be met with the revelation that Foggy Nelson was alive! reunited with his friend once and for all Matt would learn that Foggy had long suspected someone to have been watching them and targeting them. This is why he had to get Matt out of the way when he knew he'd been taking files so he could take a closer look at his own people. Knowing that the prison call was a death sentence, Foggy reached out to some of his own contacts to fake his death and flush out the mole while also reaching out for help. He'd then solemnly reveal that Debbie had sold Matt out and been using Foggy to get information on cases for the highest bidder. This is why he had to turn her in and also now we'd learn that suspcisiously Vanessa Fisk had been found dead behind bars.

    This meant there was no way to stop the killers out there who were still after him for the bounty as Vanessa was out of play. Returning to China town, Matt would confront Tenfingers who again greeted Matt as a friend before admitting his part in Vanessa's death before he remarked that with their connection to the hand, the fisks needed to be punished for stepping out of turn. Yet before Matt could continue his talk, he'd learn that Nelson and Murdock's offices were attacked by a gun toting Maggie Farrell. A reckless killer with her own death sentence thanks to terminal cancer, Maggie wasn't here for the money. Instead she blamed Nelson and Murdock for the fall of her family as that first case Matt took against Larry Cranston would see her father imprisoned and leave her in the care of her uncle who molested her until she murdered him years later. Now the insane Maggie would open fire in the office until she would be given a mercy in her eyes by being shot down by Rachel. While this allowed Foggy to reconnect with his family and leave town while they looked to put a stop to this threat.

    As we'd learn however two dangerous foes would still be out there, the first would be tinkerer Wilbur Day who had built himself a suit to become Stilt Man. A former client of Matt Murdock, Wilbur had long held a grudge when Matt refused to continue their partnership thanks to his unethical practices. Now a dangerous individual in his suit, Wilbur was shown to be a formidable opponent until Echo and Gladiator were able to damage his armor enough causing him to flee only to be knee capped by Alves who left him to be arrested by the cops. The final threat however was the most dangerous as we'd finally meet Carl Burbank/Bushwacker. Played with such gusto by Wolf Creek's John Jarratt. Perhaps the most formidable and fleshed out character, Bushwacker made for a great final boss in this chapter as we'd learn that he was a former man of the cloth until so many of his parishners dying of drug related deaths caused him to snap. Later on after several tours he'd be brought in by the CIA for experimentation making him an asset/assassin until he went rogue.

    These enhancements he had provided him with a range of abilities including enhanced strength, durability and the ability to transform his right arm into various weapons. This would be shown as his arm would turn into both a pistol and a machine gun catching his foes off guard. Eventually however he would be pinned down and run out of ammo forcing him to battle the heroes and it would be Daredevil himself who defeated Bushwacker before we'd learn that Mahoney had arranged for Bushwacker to be sent to the Raft. Foggy Nelson then returned as this chapter came to a close but he wasn't alone. Curiously Foggy would come with a nun who introduced herself as Maggie Murdock revealing that she was alive and wanted to reconnect with her son who clearly wasn't the same man he once was. Yet as this part of the story ended we'd learn that Debbie Smith was executed on transport and that her killer was perhaps her greatest mistake as we'd see her selling information of Matt Murdock to Bullseye (Jeffrey Dononovan).

    Act III: Born Again

    What followed would then be the final and darkest chapter of the bunch. Yet it wouldn't seem like it at the beginning as Matt Murdock despite his troubles this season would sit down over coffee with his mother. The two would speak openly about their past and Maggie admitted that she was in no way prepared to have a child yet at the same time she did keep tabs on her boy and couldn't express her pride more. Matt meanwhile seemed to be turning a corner in these conversations as he admitted turning away from his faith as he felt a darkness inside of him since the confrontation with the Hand. Yet these chats weren't the only proof of catharsism as Matt would finally reconnect with Karen Page with their relationship stronger than ever while he'd resume his work with district attorney Foggy Nelson at Nelson and Murdock. Looking to do better Matt in his nights as Daredevil also showed more control and willingness to save people which Mahoney praised having grown used to Daredevil crippling those who crossed him.

    Knowing he had support and people who cared about him was a great thing for Matt Murdock. Which is why it was all the more unfortunate about what was going to come next. This would be because Bullseye was finally back on the scene and was well aware of Matt's secret identity as the devil of hell's kitchen. Obsessing over the fact that it was Daredevil who in his mind ruined his reputation by being the only man to make him miss. This is what made him kill Elektra in the past and made him this obsessive now. Before we'd see his plans and the moves he'd make. We'd first get a bit of backstory into the assassin himself, as we'd learn from a young age the boy Benjamin Poindexter was made an orphan following a fire which killed his parents and brother, Benjamin had always told his case workers it was his brother who started the fire. This was despite the belief that he had started the fire, which was something he'd later reveal to be true. In his kid's home we'd learn that Benjamin excelled at baseball and became a world class player thanks to his throwing abilities. This was until one day the sadistic benjamin threw a pitch which deliberatly killed a player and led to his exile from the game.

    Not long after to avoid prison, Benjamin joined the military where his marksmanship only improved and he became a top soldier with a delight for killing. This eventually lead to him accepting a high ranking position with the NSA until his boredom with the role turned him into a freelance killer. His first attack on Daredevil would see him attack him on the streets in hand to hand combat. Yet when Daredevil began to get the better of him, Bullseye would throw a grenade in his direction to make his escape. At first it appeared Matt and his friends were under the impression that Bullseye was after the bounty. Yet this mistake blinded them and allowed Bullseye to take things so much further. This would be shown when he first left a calling card at the grave of Elektra for Matt Murdock and would later be followed up with Poindexter kidnapping Karen Page. Taking her to the church and holding the congregation including Matt's mother hostage. This very much set the page for the final battle.

    Sadly for any police officers who got to the scene first they were immediately picked off by Bullseye who wanted no interuptions and to get his reputation back by killing the Devil of Hell's Kitchen. While Gladiator and Echo looked to help some wounded officers away, Rachel Alves would begin to free the hostages while Matt showed up at the church. Taunting Matt about his identity Bullseye delighted that now finally he'd take his life once and for all. The battle between Daredevil and Bullseye was a brutal one including an iconic moment in which Bullseye shattered a church window using the glass as projectile weapons to cut Daredevil. Sadly however just as Daredevil began to get ahead, we'd get the true heart breaker as Bullseye snatched one of his batons and threw it with force using it to impale and kill Karen Page where she stood. On seeing the woman he loved die, Matt would find the darkness returning and his anger building as he brutally began to beat Bullseye.

    The battle would take them to the church roof where Bullseye tried to use one of Elektra's sais to defend himself only to have Matt snatch it from him and drive it into Bullseye's chest. Beaten and badly wounded Bullseye staggered back before he began to fall from the top of the church. Yet his hand would be snatched by Daredevil while Foggy and the remaining heroes looked on. Shockingly Matt slowly released his grip and Bullseye would fall to the ground with a sickening thud while Daredevil vanished into the night. This very much led to a series of scenes that very much encapsulated the darkness, the first of which was a funeral for Karen Page which was attended by many who the kind, bright young woman had touched with the only person missing being the one she loved most Matt Murdock. From here it'd be Ben Urich (David Duchovny) who met with Wilson Fisk (Tony Todd). The kingpin was a solemn figure with the death of his wife. Urich wasn't here as a reporter however, instead he was here wanting to know just what the Hand wanted with Daredevil to begin with. With nothing to lose Fisk admitted while he was apart of the Hand, he wasn't the devoted follower to their mysticism. Which is why when he heard talks of the beast, he never bought into it but he knows that they believed Murdock to be a suitable host for the beast! the final scene would then see Matt Murdock show up days later having gone missing as he walked into Tenfingers place of business. A loyal soldier to the very end Tenfingers would take a knee but not to Matt Murdock, instead he would bow to the beast who had fully taken over!

    Matt Murdock/Daredevil ~ Played by Shane West
    Foggy Nelson ~ Played by Adam DeVine
    Wilson Fisk/Kingpin ~ Played by Tony Todd
    Maggie Murdock ~ Played by Melissa McBride
    Ten Fingers ~ Played by Byron Mann
    Echo ~ Played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo
    Brett Mahoney ~ Played by Hisham Tawfiq
    Melvin Potter/Gladiator ~ Played by Kirk Acevedo
    Becky Blake ~ Played by Hannah John Kamen
    Alex Kurtz ~ Played by John Lithgow
    Betsy Beatty ~ Aimee Garcia

    Karen Page ~ Played by Maggie Grace - Killed by Bullseye
    Bullseye ~ Played by Jeffrey Donovan - Killed by Daredevil
    Roscoe Sweeney ~ Played by Brian McNamara - Heart attack
    Slade ~ Played by Joe Anoai - Hit by train
    Vanessa Fisk ~ Played by Kari Wuhrer - Murdered by the Hand
    Pop Fenton ~ Played by Doug Hutchinson - Arrested
    Debbie Harris ~ Played by Amy Seimetz - Killed by Bullseye
    Jack Murdock ~ Played by Eric Dane - Killed by Roscoe Sweeney
    Jacob Conover ~ Played by Mark Whitten - Arrested
    Willie Lincoln ~ Played by Keythe Farley - Killed by Bengal
    Maggie Farrell ~ Played by Natasha Loring - Killed by Rachel Alves
    Muse ~ Played by Cristina Vee - Arrested
    Gael ~ Played by Todd Haberkorn - Killed by Rachel Alves
    Bill Wheeler ~ Played by Matthew Modine
    Michael Reese/Lady Killer ~ Played by Avery Whitted - Arrested
    Bushwacker ~ Played by John Jarratt - Sent to the raft
    Mr. Fear ~ Played by Crispin Glover - Died from fall
    Bengal ~ Played by Til Schweiger - Arrested
    Milla Donovan ~ Played by Emily Swallow - Institutionalised
    Stilt Man ~ Played by August Diehl - Arrested
    Blue Talon ~ Played by Ed Skrein - Killed in explosion

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    Re: Marvel

    The Defenders Final Season set ~ SHADOWLAND!

    After a series of minsieries building up it's final season, the last season of the Defenders has been announced. The story will focus on a growing darkness across New York as the hand returns with it's almighty beast in control as it has fully taken over Matt Murdock/Daredevil (Shane West). Now up against a former friend and team mate the remaining defenders Luke Cage/Power Man (Chad Coleman), Jessica Jones (Alexandria Daddario), Danny Rand/Iron Fist (Dan Stevens), Coleen Wing (Juju Chan), Misty Knight (Lyndie Greenwood) and Ava Ayala/White Tiger (Monica Raymund) will be joined by numerous allies as they look to take back their home and hope to save their friend before it's too late. Joining them in their quest will in what will be on of Fox's Marvels largest ensemble casts will be Franklin 'Foggy' Nelson (Adam DeVine), Melvin Potter/Gladiator (Kirk Acevedo), Rachel Cole-Alves (Rose Leslie), Maya Lopez/Echo (Natasha Liu Bordizzo), Angela Del Toro (Emily Rios), Abe Brown (Wilson Cruz), Bob Diamond (Freddy Rodriguez), Patsy Walker/Hellcat (Zoey Deutch), Kara Kilgrave/Persuasion (Violet Beane), Davos/Steel Serpent (Manuel Garcia Rulfo), Miranda Kai (Lauren Cohan), Lin Sun (Tae Noo Ja), Jack Hazzard (Justin Bruening) and the Immortal Weapons among others. It is also speculated that Frank Castle/Punisher (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Elektra (Elisa Dushku) will be appearing.

    Al Sapienza as Harry Kenkoy - Tony Jaa as Daito - Andrew Koji as Azuma Goda - Hannah Kepple as Black Lotus
    As we've slowly come to learn the Hand never died, instead it fractured with the fall of Kagenabu Yoshioka. While this meant that for a time the Hand was forced to go underground, it also meant there was an opportunity for advancement in it's ranks. This would include Harry Kenkoy (The Sopranos' Al Sapienza), a former US marine turned Hand recruit. Along with him is Daito (Furious 7's Tony Jaa), who is the leader of a Hand sect known as Snakeroot. Coming to New York with this return is Tokyo Hand Branch leader Azuma Goda (Warrior's Andrew Koji). Rounding out these leaders will be lead assassin Black Lotus (Cobra Kai's Hannah Kepple).

    Yuri Lowenthal as Drake - Brooke Williams as Nina McCabe - Winston James Francis as Tekagi
    Another clan of the Hand who have long practiced in the dark arts. This unit has long practiced the art of revival and are believed to be working on assignment by The Beast. Leading this group is Drake (Voice actor Yuri Lowenthal) while aiding him are his lieutenants Nina McCabe (Spartacus' Brooke Williams) and Tekagi (AOS' Winston James Francis).

    Denzel Whittaker as Lyle Crawford/Feruze - Graham McTavish as Johan Richter/Sickle Priest - Carrie Keranen as Yuki
    Fellow members of the Hand who have gone up in it's world. This includes Harlem's Lyle Crawford (The Purge's Denzel Whittaker) who has posed as a youth leader but is recruiting for the Hand. Along with him is the Hand's priest Johan Richter (Preacher's Graham McTavish) as well as assassin Yuki (Miraculous' Carrie Keranen).

    Kacey Clarke as Anaconda - Trinity Fatu as Asp - Teri Reeves as Black Mamba - Glenn Jacobs as Copperhead
    A newly associated organisation with the hand is a cult of lizard worshippers known as the Serpent Society. This cult has influences throughout society in it's worship of the great serpent. Members include Anaconda (Resident Evil's Kacey Clarke), Asp (WWE's Trinity Fatu), Black Mamba (The Punisher's Teri Reeves) and Copperhead (See No Evil's Glenn Jacobs).

    Jonathan Good as Death Adder - Alicia Vikander as Diamondback - Hayley Atwell as Princess Python - Eric Mabius as Puff Adder
    Continuing this secretive sect we will meet the next wave of the serpent society. This begins with the introduction of Death Adder (12 rounds' Jonathan Good), new recruit Diamondback (Tomb Raider's Alicia Vikander), high ranking member Princess Python (Agent Carter's Hayley Atwell) and Puff Adder (Resident Evil's Eric Mabius).

    Danny Rahim as Rattler - Trieu Tran as Rock Python - Paul Schulze as Sidewinder
    Rounding out the society are another new recruit Rattler (Primeval's Danny Rahim) and heavy Rock Python (Tropic Thunder's Trieu Tran). While leading the society will be none other than Sidewinder (The Punisher's Paul Schulze).

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