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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

    Various highlights play from WrestleRoyale ending with a split screen shot of Snowmantashi holding up his newly won title, and his first challenger at Five Star Attraction, Michelle von Horowitz winning the WrestleRoyale match to earn her spot in the main event at FSA

    Jim Taylor: Hello fans and welcome to another edition of Adrenaline Rush and boy what a show we have lined up for you tonight!


    McGinnis's music hits and out from behind the curtains steps out the former CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He doesn't look really happy but who could blame him for being disappointed after losing his World Championship to Snowmantashi, a man who has had his number for most of McGinnis's career. Wearing his Superkick City T-Shirt and dress pants, he walks down the ramp and he doesn't even bother to shake hands with the fans who reach out for him. His fan base though still support him as you can hear from the loud response he received while making his way out and down the ramp. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring where he asks for a microphone.

    McGinnis walks over to the timekeeper and receives one and walks back to stand in the middle of the ring. He stands in the ring and the crowd gives the ex champ a standing ovation for one hell of a performance that he put on at Wrestleroyale for not only going to hell and back with Snowmantashi but also coming back after and entering the rumble. A well deserved respect from the CWA universe but still with all this, it doesn't change the mood of McGinnis who still has a disappointed look on his face standing the center of the ring. A female fan from the crowd screams out "I Love you McGinnis." He puts the microphone to speak as finally the crowd simmers down and gets quiet for him to speak.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s been a rough couple days for me, it’s not easy to lose something that you spent years on trying to get. This was a hard lost to swallow, to lose to someone of the likes of Snowmantashi, I know how good he is and he deserves to be the champion, but still this remains a hard thing for me to get over. I left everything in that ring, I gave my all, I had to beat Snowmantashi, it still remains this mental demon that I have yet to get over, maybe I never will.

    McGinnis pauses for a brief second.

    Jonathan McGinnis: The fact remains that I told everyone that would listen that I would walk out of Wrestleroyale the champion and I failed. I did not go out and do what I expected me to do, I let myself down and most importantly I let my fans down. With everything going on in my life right now, more so personal than professional, I needed this win, I had everything riding on the match, I can’t even begin to try and express what I gave up for this match. Now I stand here with nothing, now, I stand here with out the World Championship and not even a match for the biggest show of the year Five Star Attraction. I saw myself in the main event and nothing else, now I need a plan B, now I have to find a way to get myself back up and find a purpose for me. I see you guys as my family, so now I feel like I have to be honest with you, and I'm not sure what my next step is right now.

    The crowd shows support of McGinnis as they chant his name which causes him to pauses once again.

    Jonathan McGinnis: When you put so much riding on one match, and you lose it all, it takes time for me to recover. I wish nothing but thes best for Snowmantashi as he heads towards the main event of Five Star Attraction, and with that being said........

    McGinnis gets cut off and out walks the COO of CWA, Megan Anderson. She walks down the ramp, wearing a long black designer dress, she walks rather quickly down the ramp and enters the ring where she gets a microphone for herself. She stands right in front of McGinnis. The Indy Darling looks away as Megan tries to make eye contact with him.

    Megan Anderson: You have nothing to be ashamed of, McGinnis. You put on a great effort, and you came up short. It was one hell of a match and my vote for match of the year, so no need for this pity that you have. I know that when you signed the contract extension to remain here with the CWA, not only did you make the right decision, I did as well. When everyone told me that the better judgement was to let you walk, I knew deep down that CWA needs you, you are a great asset here to the company.

    Megan Anderson notices that McGinnis is looking away as she places her hand under his chin and turns his face towards her.

    Megan Anderson: I know all that you gave up when you signed the contract extension, but I'm sure everything else will work out, but now, you have to get your focus back, you have to be the man who became the fastest rising superstar in this company's history, you need to be that McGinnis, be him, I know deep down he is still there. This isn't you, be the wrestler that many considered to be the best wrestler in the world.

    McGinnis leaves the ring as he leaves Megan Anderson in the middle of the ring. He has a look on his face that he doesn't want to hear this right now. No music plays as McGinnis walks to the back as the camera follows him as he does so. McGinnis walks through the backstage area where infront of him is Jenny Vegas, the manager of Johnny Vegas. She has a huge smile on her face as she stands in front of him. He tries to walk past her but she stands in his way, and from nowhere, Johnny Vegas approaches and stands next to Jenny.

    Johnny Vegas: Good luck next time, McGinnis

    Jonathan McGinnis: I'm not really in the mood right now.... get out my face.

    Johnny Vegas: You know, speaking of next time I was the first person in CWA to defeat you. After I defeated you everyone said my win was a fluke so I went out at WrestleRoyale to prove a point and had a moment of weakness focusing more on eliminating you then I was on the match itself. I wanted to prove to these fans to CWA to myself that I just didn't pull out a fluke win over then CWA Heavyweight Champion.....Jonathan McGinnis. Nobody thought I could do it, nobody thought I could pull off the upset but I did......

    I have been red hot as of late and so I want to challenge you McGinnis to a match at 5 Star Attraction........

    McGinnis vs Vegas II.

    I defeat you and I prove to everyone that my win wasn't fluke if you defeat me you are back on track back in the championship picture. What do you say Champ?

    Johnny slaps McGinnis on the shoulder where the title use to be. McGinnis walks away but and looks disinterested in the challenge laid down by Vegas for 5 Star Attraction.

    Jim Taylor: The challenge has laid out by Johnny Vegas, but it seems like McGinnis wants no part of it

    Tim Coleman: I don't understand Jim, he has the chance to avenge his loss against the man that started his downward spiral, why wouldn't he take it?

    Jim Taylor: I'm not sure either Tim and that will remain to be seen, but Johnny Vegas will remain out here as up next he will take on Shade after the break!


    Back from commercial where Johnny Vegas is still in the ring as he gives a kiss to his wife Jenny.

    Lindsay Monahan: The first match of the evening is scheduled for one fall, introducing first already in the ring accompanied by Jenny Vegas, from Los Angeles, California and weighing in at 220lbs, Johnny Vegas!

    ‘Found That Soul’ by the Manics replaces Vegas’ theme music, and before long, Shade is standing at the top of the ramp, staring down at his opponent.

    Tim Coleman: Here he is, Jim. Fifth place in the Wrestle Royale, Shade not only threw Vegas out of the ring last week, he also caused the elimination of former world champion Jonathan McGinnis.

    The face-painted warrior begins to walk down towards the ring. The crowd are hostile, booing him as he traverses the ramp. He is ambivalent towards them, concentrating only on Vegas.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… Standing at five feet, ten inches and weighing one hundred and eighty five pounds… SHADE!

    Shade climbs into the ring and faces off with his opponent, the referee calling for the bell.

    Jim Taylor:
    And here we go, Tim… Shade and Johnny Vegas on Adrenaline Rush!

    Shade vs Johnny Vegas w/Jenny Vegas

    The two men begin to circle the ring, tentatively sizing each up from a safe distance. Eventually, they close in towards the centre of the ring, tying up in a test of strength. Vegas, the larger man, manages to force Shade back across the ring and into a corner. With Shade’s back arched over the top turnbuckle, the referee moves in to separate the two, beginning the count to five…

    Jim Taylor: Not the start to this match that I was expecting, Tim. These two are renowned for their high flying styles, but a test of strength to kick things off here.

    Tim Coleman: I think both men are being careful here. They don’t want to lose this one before it’s even got started.

    At four, Vegas breaks away from Shade, but the painted wrestler nails a European Uppercut whilst they are separating. Vegas stumbles back a few steps, and Shade explodes out of the corner into a dropsault. The smaller man is right back to his feet, as Vegas groggily tries to shake off the impact and use the ropes to help himself up. Shade charges him and Vegas ducks the attempted clothesline, lifting the smaller man out onto the apron to follow. Shade drives a shoulder into Vegas sternum through the second and third ropes, causing the man from LA to take a knee. Shade somersaults into the ring over Vegas, running to the opposite set of ropes as the larger man gets up to his feet and stumbles back to the centre. Shade springboards from the second rope, attempting a cross-body… but Vegas hits the mat and sends Shade crashing across the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Clearly they’ve stopped being careful, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: And look what happens…

    Shade is holding his ribs beneath the bottom rope whilst Vegas is vertical again. He staggers across to the smaller wrestler and lifts him up to his feet, backing him into a corner and unleashing three knife edge chops and a kick to either side of the torso. An Irish whip to the other side of the ring is next, and Vegas follows his opponent into the corner, nailing him with a clothesline. Vegas throws Shade into the middle of the ring and ascends to the second turnbuckle, leaping off with a double axe handle, driving his elbows into the upper back of Shade, who hits the mat. The man from LA follows it up with a front headlock.

    Tim Coleman:
    Vegas is dictating the pace in the early going here, Jim, attempting to slow Shade down and utilize his power and size advantage.

    Jim Taylor: It’s a good strategy, Tim, but I worry that Vegas may stray too far from his own game plan. He’s most effective when he’s taking risks himself.

    Shade has fought his way back up to both feet but is still in the headlock. He manages to force Vegas back into the ropes and send him bouncing off them, and Shade catches the larger man on the rebound with a flapjack. Not contented, Shade lifts Vegas up straight away, nailing a pair of knife edge chops and a European uppercut, the man from LA recoiling backwards into the corner. Shade hits another trio of chops and Irish whips Vegas across the ring. The smaller man follows Vegas across, but before he can land an attack, Vegas ducks and sends Shade over the top rope. The man of mystery lands on the apron again and rocks Vegas with a forearm to the side of the head. Shade springs up to the top turnbuckle and dives off with a cross body, which sends both men down to the mat. Shade remains on top of Vegas for the cover.


    NO! Vegas gets a shoulder up.

    Tim Coleman: First pin-fall attempt of the match there gets a two-count for Shade.

    Jim Taylor: I think it’s going to take a lot more than that to put a man like Vegas down.

    Tim Coleman: But at least Shade is asking the questions.

    Shade is quickly back onto his feet, and he Irish whips Vegas across the ring. He ducks as if he’s thinking about another flapjack, but Vegas leap frogs it and bounces off the opposite set. He goes for a clothesline of his own but Shade ducks it. Vegas bounces off the ropes for the third time in the exchange and Shade goes for a low drop kick, but Vegas leaps over him again, hitting the ropes one last time. As he re-approaches, Vegas goes for a cross body, but Shade catches him and hits a stun gun.

    Tim Coleman: Quite an impressive show of strength from the little guy!

    Shade is quickly back on the offensive, stomping twice and then hitting an elbow drop. He hoists Vegas up and rocks him with a pair of European uppercuts, sending the man from LA reeling back into the ropes. He lifts a knee into Vegas’ sternum and then nails a trio of knife edge chops, the third of which sends the larger wrestler down to one knee. Shade lifts him up, perhaps going for the Samahain Driver, but Vegas slips behind him into a waist lock. He bundles the smaller man forward into the ropes and into a slide in roll-up…


    Jim Taylor: Is Vegas gonna steal one?!


    Tim Coleman: NO! Shade gets a shoulder up!

    Vegas wastes no time, picking Shade up and backing him up into a corner. He hits a couple of knife edges chops, and then a snap suplex into another cover.


    Tim Coleman: Shade kicks out again, and I think we see a little frustration creeping in for Vegas.

    Jim Taylor: He’s backing away from Shade, waiting in the corner, perhaps thinking super kick…

    Shade crawls back to his feet, using the ropes for support. Vegas comes forward from the corner, going for his signature super kick… but Shade catches his foot and reverses into a dragon screw leg whip! Shade follows up with a standing moonsault, into a cover…


    NO! Vegas gets a shoulder up.

    Jim Taylor: Both men exchanging near-falls. This one’s going back and forth.

    Shade lifts Vegas up and backs him into the corner, driving a shoulder into his stomach before hoisting him onto a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Shade climbs up towards the top rope…

    Tim Coleman: Perhaps going for the Avalanche Frankensteiner here, we’ve seen him do this before.

    Vegas has other ideas, and rocks Shade with a pair of elbows to his side. The smaller wrestler loses his footing and lands awkwardly, bouncing off the top rope, and then the apron, and then the floor.

    Jim Taylor: Vegas knocks Shade off the top rope, but can he take advantage?

    The man from LA does indeed look spent, sucking in deep breaths, still in a seated position on the top turnbuckle. Eventually he climbs down into the ring as Shade is getting back towards a vertical position out on the ramp. Vegas points skyward, the crowd popping as his intentions become clear. He sprints across the ring, bouncing off the ropes, runs back towards Shade and flies out of the ring with a suicide dive!

    Jim Taylor: Vegas putting it all on the line! Both men are feeling the effects of that!

    Tim Coleman: But it’s advantage Vegas, for sure. He’s already stirring. That might be it for Shade.

    The referee has reached a count of three by the time that Vegas is back on his feet, and he lifts Shade up shortly afterwards, pulling him by the hair and bouncing his head off the apron. He maintains his grasp and flings Shade into the ring post. The smaller man stumbles to the other side of the steel post, attempting to recuperate by learning on the apron. Vegas doesn’t relent, charging towards his opponent and diving through the bottom and middle rope into a tornado DDT!

    Jim Taylor: Vegas is really building up a head of steam now!

    The larger man is up on his feet, playing up to the crowd whilst Jenny Vegas applauds him. He’s also technically broken up the count-out, and the referee begins from one again. Vegas picks up Shade and backs him up into the announcer’s table, hitting a quartet of knife edge chops. He then takes him by the scruff of his neck and begins to walk his opponent back towards the ring, the official being at a count of five. Shade cuts him off with an elbow to the stomach, before taking Vegas by the neck and throwing him first into the steel steps and then into the barricade!

    Jim Taylor: This one is getting ugly!

    Tim Coleman: What did you expect, with a man like Shade involved?! I’m surprised it didn’t start ugly.

    Vegas is on one knee, back against the barricade. Shade rolls into the ring and out of it before rocking his opponent with a European uppercut. He hoists Vegas back up onto his feet before folding him over with a kick to the abdomen. The smaller man backs off a couple of yards before charging in with a swinging neck-breaker.

    Jim Taylor: On the concrete, Tim! That could’ve broken Vegas in half!

    Tim Coleman: Don’t be melodramatic, Jim.

    Shade is back to his feet, and he moves over to the displaced steel steps that Vegas had recently collided with. He rotates them away from the ring, directing their ascent towards his opponent. Waiting patiently for the man from L.A. to rise, he runs up the steps and leaps into Vegas with a flying cross-body, both men crashing down on the outside!

    Tim Coleman: This one might end up being a double count-out!

    Jenny Vegas is checking on Johnny whilst Shade cradles his sternum, wincing through the face paint in pain. The referee is up to four, and the smaller man crawls over to the ring, using the apron to hoist himself back to his feet. He rolls under the bottom rope at six, retreating to safety across the ring and attempting to climb back to a vertical base. Jenny helps Johnny back to his feet, but he collapses again as the referee counts seven. He stumbles towards the apron, lifting a leg onto it as ‘eight’ is screamed. Jenny puts her head beneath his midriff, attempting to heave him under the bottom rope. It works, too, with Vegas under the bottom rope just after the official shouts ‘nine’.

    Jim Taylor: Thank God! Nobody wants to see a count-out finish here!

    Tim Coleman:
    Except Shade, that is.

    Shade doesn’t let up, immediately descending on Vegas with a trio of stomps. He lifts up his opponent and backs him into the corner, hitting a knife edge chop. He Irish whips Vegas across the ring, the man from LA colliding heavily with the turnbuckle. He bounces off, straight into a Japanese Arm Drag from Shade. The smaller competitor is lining something up, and he waits for Vegas to rise. He charges towards the ropes for a springboard, attempting the Flight of the Phoenix. Vegas manages to side step it, and Shade lands on his feet after the moonsault… but not for long, Vegas turning him inside out with a huge clothesline!

    He goes for a cover…


    Jim Taylor: That might just do it!


    Tim Coleman:
    NO! Again, a kickout! This time Shade gets the shoulder up!

    Vegas picks Shade up again and backs him into the ropes, sending the smaller man charging across the ring. He goes for another big clothesline but Shade ducks it, and as he re-approaches he manages a leg lariat. Vegas hits the mat and rolls towards the ropes, hoisting himself back up to a knee. Shade, sensing a shift in momentum, bounces off the ropes and nails a Huricanrana driver! He goes for a cover…


    NO! Another kick out.

    Shade, visibly quite frustrated, his hands on his thighs, sucking in deep breaths, stares at the referee wordlessly. Eventually, he gets back to his feet and hoists Vegas up too. He lifts his opponent, seemingly going for the Samahain Driver once more, but again Vegas slips out the back, reversing into a facebuster, and then straight into the Koji Clutch!

    Tim Coleman: He’s right in the middle of the ring!

    Jim Taylor:
    Surely he’s going to have to tap here! There’s nowhere for Shade to go!

    Shade reaches out towards the ropes, which are at least two yards away…

    Tim Coleman: He might just have to live to fight another day! There’s no shame in that!

    Shade looks as if he’s going to tap, screaming in pain and reaching for the ropes uselessly. He edges an inch or two towards them, but he seems to realise that it’s no use…

    … Shade rolls through, and Vegas’ shoulders are suddenly pinned to the mat…


    Jim Taylor:
    Two and nine tenths! Vegas getting the left shoulder up just before the referee counted three!

    Tim Coleman: How close can you get?!

    ... both men lie exhausted in the middle of the ring, and roll away from each other. The referee begins a count again.


    ... Shade rolls back towards a corner, hooking an arm around the bottom rope…


    ... Vegas is also at the ropes, but he’s still staring up at the lights on the ceiling…

    Tim Coleman: Count to a hundred, referee, Johnny Vegas is done!


    ... Shade struggles to focus his strength, holding an arm that’s been heavily weakened by the Koji Clutch…


    ... Vegas seems to just about be stirring into life, trying and failing to sit up…


    ... Johnny rolls onto this stomach, attempting to get up onto all fours…

    Jim Taylor: Somehow, both men seem to be coming back around.


    ... Shade is onto his knees, but looks spent, his torso draped over the second rope for support…


    ... Johnny Vegas is on his elbows and knees, crawling towards the corner and the scaffolding it provides…

    Tim Coleman: This is going down to the wire! We could end up with a tie!

    Jim Taylor: Shade and Vegas have fought a hell of a match here, nobody wants a double count-out! Get back to your feet!

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think they can!


    ... Shade holds onto the top rope, preparing to use it to pull himself upwards… Vegas reaches the corner, forcing himself up onto one knee…


    Both competitors rise together in opposite corners, stumbling towards the middle of the ring. Vegas hits a knife edge chop, much to the crowd’s delight. A large ‘WOO’ circulates the arena. Shade responds with a chop of his own, which isn’t so popular. Vegas hits a second, but this time Shade hits back with a European Uppercut. Vegas hits a kick to the side of the leg. Shade hits a second European Uppercut, followed by a chop. Vegas fires back by driving a knee into Shade’s side.

    Jim Taylor: This one’s in the balance! It could go either way!

    Vegas has Shade where he wants him now as Shade is doubled over after that knee to his side and Vegas plants him to the mat with a DDT! Vegas begins is ascent to the top taking his time gingerly climbing up there, which has allowed Shade sufficient time to recover as he knocks Vegas down in prone position atop the turnbuckle and Shade has evil intentions in mind...AVALANCHE FRANKENSTEINER! Vegas lays on the mat in obvious pain and Shade himself is still recovering from that move before he gets his wits about him...SKYCLAD STRETCH! He has his signature submission expertly applied with nowhere for Vegas to go and he eventually taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Shade!

    Jim Taylor: A valiant effort by Johnny Vegas, but Shade's offense was just too much for him to overcome in the end

    Shade quickly makes his exit without looking back while back in the ring Jenny checks on Johnny, and the cameras cut backstage where Jonathan McGinnis is seen watching a monitor and he just checks his head at Vegas before walking off.

    Tim Coleman: McGinnis is obviously not impressed by Johnny Vegas, and now he's not regretting not accepting that challenge

    Jim Taylor: That will remain to be seen whether or not he changes his mind, but up next we'll see the new number one contender for the High Voltage Championship, Harrison Wake take on Elijah Edwards after the break!


    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is scheduled for one fall…

    Before Lindsay can continue her introductions she’s cut off by Hans Zimmer’s “Time” causing an eruption of jeers from the fans in attendance when the CWA High Voltage champion, Craig Owens, steps out and of course he’s flanked by his bodyguard Ryan Andrews. He walks down the aisle looking on at the jeering fans with ill contempt before making his way over to the commentary table where Tim Coleman helps Craig in his seat, and Andrews takes his spot next to Craig standing guard with his arms crossed as Craig adjusts his headset while keeping a tight hold on his championship in his lap.

    Tim Coleman: How nice of you to join us Craig!

    Craig Owens: Why thank you Timothy, the pleasure is all mine!

    Jim Taylor: Evening Craig

    Craig Owens: It’s Mr. Owens to you, James

    Tim Coleman: Yeah, show him some respect Jim!

    Jim Taylor: *sighs*

    “Icky Thump” by The White Stripes plays and the crowd cheers loudly for one of their favorites when Elijah Edwards steps out with his agent Romeo Rollings at his side patting him on the shoulder giving him some encouragement.

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Romeo Rollings, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada and weighing in 221lbs, “Double E” Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: Ahem, Mr. Owens, may we get your thoughts on Elijah Edwards?

    Craig Owens: He’s good, but of course he’s not as good as me, as if anyone is!

    “Move Me” by The Ghost Inside now fills the arena and jeers begin to circulate again as Harrison Wake steps out with his agent Mia Walsh following behind him.

    Lindsay Monahan: and his opponent being accompanied by Mia Walsh, from Rock County, Wisconsin and weighing in 240lbs, “The Backwoods Badass” Harrison Wake!

    Jim Taylor: How about your thoughts on Harrison Wake?

    Craig Owens: Well if you must know, to be perfectly honest the man is a Neanderthal and doesn’t belong in a wrestling ring, the only place he belongs is in a prison cell

    Jim Taylor: Well, to be perfectly honest Mr. Owens, Harrison Wake is your next challenger and could potentially take your title away from you, what do you think about that?

    Tim Coleman: Jim, how dare you ask him such a disrespectful question?

    Craig Owens: It’s quite alright Timothy, if you must know James, Harrison Wake does not stand a chance at all against me and I will prove that when I successfully vanquish him at Five Star Attraction sending him back to that cave he crawled out of

    Tim Coleman: Well put champ!

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Grudge Match w/ "The Impressario" Craig Owens at ringside for commentary
    Harrison Wake w/Mia Walsh vs Elijah Edwards w/Romeo Rollings
    w/ w/

    As soon as the bell has rung its Elijah Edwards making a beeline for Wake as he begins to pummel him in the corner not allowing Wake any room to breathe. Rollings is clapping and cheering on his client while Mia Walsh is yelling at the referee to get Elijah to back off. Finally, Wake manages to shove Elijah away sending him stumbling back and Harrison explodes from the corner with a huge running lariat nearly taking Elijah’s head off!

    Jim Taylor: He may have had his teeth knocked down his throat after a shot like that!

    Craig Owens: Such brutality from a brute like Harrison Wake

    Jim Taylor: That brute is a potential threat to your title

    Tim Coleman: Didn’t you listen Jim? He said Harrison stands no chance against him!

    Craig Owens: Right you are Timothy

    Back in the ring Harrison Wake begins to violently smash Elijah’s head repeatedly into the mat driving it down with extreme force. Elijah clutches his head as Wake drags him back up and whips him towards the ropes and then catches him off the rebound right into a Samoan drop! Harrison is quickly going for the pin looking to end this right away…


    Elijah with a shoulder up at two and now Wake uses his own brand of brutality as he brings up Elijah’s head and begins to repeatedly head butt his victim until he feels as though as he’s had enough. He grabs Elijah by the hair bringing him back but Elijah begins to fight back with several strikes to the midsection forcing Harrison to double over and releasing his vice like grip on Elijah’s hair and Elijah finds his bearings before hitting Harrison with a snap double under hook suplex! Harrison springs up cringing in pain and Elijah comes back at him with a Mongolian chop and Elijah sends Harrison off the ropes catching him with a huge spine buster! Elijah now makes the pin…


    Jim Taylor: Elijah showing an impressive amount of offensive thus far, but will it be enough to keep down Harrison Wake?

    Craig Owens: Elijah is good, but he’s not THAT good James. Neither of these men can hold a candle to myself and my abilities in that ring.

    Jim Taylor: You really are your own biggest fan, aren’t you?

    Back to the action inside the ring where Elijah is keeping Harrison grounded with a head scissors lock, but Harrison manages to break free flipping himself over as Elijah manages to roll away and spring back up to his feet only for Harrison to catch him right in the mush with a super kick! Elijah is in a daze now and Harrison brings him down with an STO! Into another pin attempt by Harrison Wake…


    Jim Taylor: Oh, so close yet Elijah manages to stay alive!

    Wake beginning to show signs of frustration as Mia Walsh shouts instructions from his corner while Romeo Rollings is trying to will Elijah back to his feet with the help of the fans, who begin to rally behind the Canadian. Harrison takes Elijah and sends him off the ropes looking to put an end to this with a Timber Bomb, but Elijah manages to escape it at the last second in midair and lands on his feet as Harrison is angered by this and looks to take Elijah’s head off with a lariat but Elijah ducks underneath and catches Harrison with a high knee strike leaving his opponent stunned as Elijah sets him up…FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! Harrison is laid out now as Elijah signals for it…EXCELLENT EXECUTION! Elijah has the submission expertly applied with nowhere for Harrison to go who taps out!

    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Elijah Edwards!

    Jim Taylor: A big win here for Elijah Edwards, an upset if you will as he defeats the number one contender for the High Voltage championship…now where is he going?!

    Craig Owens: I think you’re going to enjoy this!

    Craig Owens’ bodyguard, Ryan Andrews enters the ring unknown to Elijah as Romeo tries to warn him but it’s too late as Andrews takes Elijah down with a running big boot he calls Concussion on Delivery! Harrison Wake is slowly rising up only to be taken down by another running big boot from Andrews as Craig can be heard taking off his headset and he enters the ring standing over both men while holding his championship up high for all to see as the crowd showers him in boos…

    Jim Taylor: Andrews certainly earning his paycheck tonight!

    Just then the familiar sound of Isaac Richmann’s music hits and the crowd is on their feet cheering as the GM makes his way out.

    Isaac Richmann: I hate to break up this little party of yours Craig, but an idea came to me and I thought that you would want to hear it…

    Craig looks at Isaac, perplexed.

    Isaac Richmann: You see, originally it was supposed to be Harrison Wake challenging you for your championship, but seeing as how Elijah Edwards just defeated him I’ve now decided that not only will you be facing Harrison Wake at Five Star Attraction but you’ll now be facing Elijah Edwards in a triple threat match for your High Voltage Championship, good luck Craig you’re going to need it!

    With that announcement Isaac makes his exit as his music continues to play while Craig Owens is irate, and on the outside Elijah Edwards is with Romeo Rollings still recovering but a smile can be seen while Harrison Wake doesn’t look pleased either.

    Tim Coleman: That’s not fair, Isaac is just stacking the odds against Craig!

    Jim Taylor: I think it’s quite fair considering that Elijah just defeated Harrison Wake, and we’ll see if Craig can back up all that talk and if he’s as good as he claims to be!

    Tim Coleman: Oh he will, you can count on that Jim!

    Cut to the backstage area where Michelle Kelly is standing by looking rather annoyed already before her interview has begun.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen, Ashley Adams

    The camera pans out to reveal Ashley Adams, who looks disgusted with Michelle’s lack of enthusiasm for her introduction. Michelle is about to speak, but Ashley throws her hand up in her face.

    Ashley Adams: First off, when this hand goes up, your mouth goes shut, got it?

    Michelle rolls her eyes and hesitantly nods.

    Ashley Adams: Secondly, is that really how you’re going to introduce me?

    Michelle goes to speak but Ashley throws her hand up again.

    Ashley Adams: Did the hand go down yet? No, so you may not speak

    Michelle is already about lose her cool but she manages to maintain her composure with an insincere smile.

    Ashley Adams: Seriously Michelle, is that how you’re going to introduce me? The longest reigning CWA Women’s Champion in history…for a record 500 days I might add! Is that any way to treat me Michelle?

    Ashley waits for her to answer but Michelle isn’t speaking because she hasn’t been allowed to.

    Ashley Adams: Well? I’m waiting for an answer Michelle

    Michelle ignores that and takes that as a chance to speak.

    Michelle Kelly: Ashley, we saw you make an appearance at Wrestle Royale where you intervened and cost FWA star, Gabrielle Montgomery to be eliminated from the Wrestle Royale match, why did you do what you did?

    Ashley Adams: Don’t think I’m just going to forget what you just did there Michelle…as for your question, why did I do that to Gabrielle, well it’s simple Michelle, because I can…

    Michelle Kelly: Is that it?

    Ashley Adams: Don’t get smart with me Michelle. Now, if you’d let me finish I was going to further explain my actions. You see at first Gabrielle had eliminated my client Zack Sullivan, and well I just wasn’t to allow a reject from another company humiliate one of CWA’s top stars, so I took matters into my own hands and showed her that she doesn’t belong here and to go crawl back from whatever man’s bed she came from that night…

    An audible “OOOOH” can be heard from the fans in the arena.

    Ashley Adams: Yeah, you heard me Gabrielle, or is it Gabby? I’m not sure maybe I should ask any of the men or women you’ve slept with, and I’d probably have to start with half of the roster over at FWA. You see you think you’re god’s gift to wrestling, but when in reality we all know why you got as far as you did and why you held the world championship for so long and it’s not because of your talent in the ring…

    Michelle listens intently while looking on in awe.

    Ashley Adams: When I on the other hand I was the longest reigning CWA Women’s Champion in history because of my god given talent and abilities. I didn’t sleep my way to the top like you did, though I’m sure you’re used to being on top…

    Michelle snaps out of her daze and asks Ashley a question.

    Michelle Kelly: Ashley, if I may, FWA and CWA will be holding a cross promotional show in the coming weeks…

    Ashley Adams: Oh believe me I know Michelle, and right now I’d like to challenge Gabby to a one on one match at that show and show her why I’m superior to her in every way. That is of course if she’s got the guts to show up and face me one on one, or if she’s not busy getting busy with someone else if you know what I mean. Honestly, is that the kind of role model you want to be for your daughter, what is her name? Carmella or Melly is what you call her isn’t it?

    Ashley stares deeply into the camera with a devilish smirk.

    Ashley Adams: Gabby, I’m going to humiliate you in front of the entire world, and I’ll become the role model that little Melly needs…see you then Gabby

    With that Ashley walks off and pats Michelle on the head, but Michelle is too stunned just like the fans to even react.

    Jim Taylor: Well, a challenge laid out by Ashley Adams, but was it necessary to make it so personal?

    Tim Coleman: It's what she does Jim and I personally can't wait to see her humiliate Gabrielle!


    Nightmare and Humanity are standing in the ring, Nightmare pacing back and forth in anger as The Movement stares at the entranceway. As The Movement awaits the arrival of The Moment, THE LIGHTS GO OUT! On the Titantron, the feed starts to scramble and display white noise. As the scrambled noise is zoomed into, it reveals that the noise is really the letters “YMSH” repeated over and over again. As The Movement stare in confusion, the camera zooms out and all of the letters join together to form a giant “YMSH” on the screen. The letters move to the left side of the screen and a message begins to appear. “Your…Mom…Says…HI!” The lights come back on and The Movement turns around…STEREO SUPERKICKS FROM THE ECHO!! Nightmare is knocked backwards out of the ring and Humanity falls to the mat hard! Humanity holds his jaw and begins to roll to his feet as The Echo crotch-chop him. Humanity launches himself at The Echo…DOUBLE WELCOME TO REALITY CLOTHESLINES! NO!! The Echo duck the shots and Humanity turns around…STEREO SUPER KICK!! Humanity collapses to the canvas and The Echo don’t look through with him yet! Drew signals to Ethan and Ethan starts heading to the ring apron. Drew grabs Humanity by the hair and starts to pull him up to his feet. As Drew starts to lift Humanity into position for the Skull F**er, Ethan furiously points behind Drew and yells “DUCK!!” Drew’s eyes widen and he ducks…JUST IN TIME TO SAVE HIS SKULL FROM A CHAIR SHOT FROM NIGHTMARE!! Ethan drops off the apron and Drew quickly rolls out of the ring. As Nightmare tends to his partner, The Echo shouts “YOUR MOM SAYS HI!” as they jump the guardrail and head out into the crowd. Nightmare stares in their direction as the music for The Moment starts to blare through the speakers! Nightmare turns to see The Moment heading down the entrance ramp and throws the chair out of the ring. Nightmare helps Humanity to his feet as The Moment gets up on the ring apron. Nightmare helps Humanity over to the corner and guards him as he gets onto the ring apron as Nick Lawton jumps in the ring to start the match.

    The Movement vs The Moment w/Amanda Starr

    Jim TaylorBoth teams are across the ring from each other, and this folks is the ultimate difference of styles!! You have the athletic tag team specialist in The Moment against the brute force power of the Movement!

    Tim Coleman:I can’t wait to see the Movement crush the moment!!!!!!! This could be the best match you’ve ever witnessed, and we finally get rid of the Moment!

    Ben Bruce and Nick Lawton look across at Nightmare and Humanity, Nick Lawton tells his partner that he’s got it, and Bruce goes through the ropes, but as Lawton turns around to get ready for the match, Humanity is barreling towards him at full speed! Lawton is only able to avoid this with his great agility, and he steps to the side as Humanity rushes past him, and then Humanity turns and Lawton has a European uppercut waiting for Humanity as it connects flush on the jaw. It stuns the huge Humanity, and Lawton is moving in a blur now trying to keep the big man distracted and off his toes. Lawton just continues the onslaught with kicks to the leg, and then uppercuts to the jaw. Lawton is moving fast, and Humanity is having a hard time catching up. Then the big man finally goes to one knee, and Lawton bounces off the ropes, steps on the knee that is exposed, and goes for a shining wizard, but Humanity, just pushes off Lawton before he can get the foot to the back of the head.

    Tim Coleman: That is the strength of Humanity, these young punk can’t hold with the power of the Movement!

    Jim Taylor: It’s one move, stop getting excited!

    Lawton scurries up quickly, and goes right at Humanity, but Humanity looks at Lawton coming towards him, and Lawton ends up in a huge sidewalk slam by Humanity! Humanity looks down at Lawton, then gets up, and goes to tag in Nightmare, but he is visibly leaping with the attacks from Lawton. Nightmare comes into the ring, and he quickly picks up Lawton, and throws him into his corner where Humanity awaits! Nightmare then goes to Bruce and spits in his direction, and this Olympic style athlete will have none of that! Bruce runs into the ring, and the referee quickly goes and makes Bruce go back to his corner, but during this time, Humanity has the tag rope, and is choking the life out of Lawton! Nightmare then comes in full force, and before Nightmare gets to the corner, Humanity lets go of the tag rope, and Nightmare comes in with a huge clothesline, that basically takes Lawton off of his feet! Nightmare goes to Lawton, and throws him down to the mat. Nightmare tags in Humanity, but goes back to Lawton, and then drops an elbow on Lawton. Humanity quickly comes in, and then just drops a knee on the throat of Lawton. Humanity gets up, and just smiles at him and his tag teams handy work, but it doesn’t take long as Lawton quickly grabs a hold of the leg, picks the leg, and then cinches in a tight knee bar that has taken Humanity off his feet. Nick Lawton has the knee of Humanity, and he has it in deep!!! That’s the bad leg! Humanity may tap!

    Tim Coleman:
    Just like someone who can’t fend for himself! Go after an injury, instead of being a man! And people like this Moment! Lawton is trash!

    Humanity starts kicking with his free leg, and Lawton is just holding on to the knee for dear life. Finally Humanity reaches the ropes, and Lawton lets go, but before Humanity can get up and react Lawton is already going to his corner, and he tags in Ben Bruce! The crowd erupts, and Humanity limps to his corner, and he tags in Nightmare. There is no rushing into battle this time, as both look at each other and size each other up. Bruce is a little taller then Nightmare, but they are basically the same size in weight Nightmare looks up at Bruce, and Bruce is smiling just waiting for Nightmare to do something, which Nightmare then steps back, and Bruce gets in a defensive stance. Bruce makes a mistake, and he has his back turned to Humanity, who comes into the ring, and before the referee can stop him, clubs Bruce in the back with a huge forearm, and Bruce lands on the mat. The referee comes to Humanity, and puts Humanity in the corner with no real resistance, but Lawton storms across the ring quickly, and goes after Humanity, but the referee has to go to Lawton, and has to forcibly try to get Lawton back to his corner. Nightmare is stomping Bruce, picks up Bruce, and then whips him into Humanity! Humanity in the corner just starts choking Bruce, and Lawton is livid as Nightmare is kicking Bruce in the gut while being choked. The crowd is booing loudly at this action, and Lawton is trying to get over to his partner, but the referee will not let him pass, and Lawton gets to his corner, but as the referee gets to where the action is, Humanity is back in. Nightmare is on the ring apron, and the referee looks at Humanity who makes the signal that they tagged, and of course Nightmare agrees. The referee allows the action to continue!

    Jim Taylor: This referee is not able to control the action! He is almost like an amateur out there! He needs help if he is going to continue this, someone is going to get really hurt!

    Tim Coleman: What are you talking about! They are playing by the rules. I see nothing wrong with that.

    Humanity just clubs Bruce right in the head, and Bruce goes down still trying to recover from the brutality that just happened! Humanity goes for the pin, One, two, but Bruce kicks out not letting the Movement get the pin! Humanity picks up Bruce by the hair, and then locks in a Belly to Belly suplex, and Bruce just bounces off the mat, and Humanity goes for the pin again. One, two, but again Bruce kicks out! Humanity is still limping a bit, and goes to his partner, and tags in Nightmare again. With Bruce down Nightmare just continues to drop knees to the head of Bruce, and Bruce can’t get away! Nightmare just continues with the knee drops, and then looks down at Bruce, and goes for the pin again. One, two, Bruce kicks out again, showing his resolve! Nightmare looks down, and he just waits for Bruce to get up. He is taunting Bruce to get up, and Bruce slowly gets to his feet. Nightmare then bounces off the ropes, and goes for a lariat, but Bruce gets his boot up, and it connects flush on Nightmare. They both go down, and Bruce crawls to his corner, where Lawton is ready to come in! Humanity though quickly goes to the referee and distracts the referee, The referee is trying to get Humanity back to his corner, and Bruce gets the tag to Lawton, and the crowd explodes. As soon as Lawton is tagged in, Humanity backs off and goes back to his corner. The referee turns around, and sees that Lawton is in the ring, and he tells Lawton there was not a tag! Lawton is furious, as Bruce has not even left the ring yet, and the referee is telling Lawton to get back to his corner. During this time, Humanity comes back to the ring, and drags Nightmare to the corner. Humanity just waits, and as Lawton gets back to his corner, Bruce is using the ropes to get back to his feet using the turnbuckle to support his back! Lawton is finally through the ring ropes, and as soon as the referee turns around, Humanity takes Nightmare’s hand, and tags himself in!

    Tim Coleman: This is awesome tag team wrestling right here! The Movement are the real deal for sure!!!!

    Humanity sees Bruce on the corner turnbuckle, and runs full speed ahead, and just crushes Bruce in the corner! Bruce crumbles to the mat, and Humanity drags Bruce to the middle of the ring, and goes for the pin, One, two, Lawton has to quickly run into the ring, and break up the pin. Humanity just see’s red as seeing that Bruce is down. He goes to the corner, and waits for Bruce to get up. Bruce is groggy, but he continues to wobble himself up, and as soon as he is up, Humanity runs and goes for the spear, as Humanity gets off his feet, Bruce just goes down, and Humanity basically jumps over Bruce missing the Spear all together! Humanity is embarrassed, and runs towards Bruce out of control, and without a second of hesitation, Bruce locks in a DDT, and just drops Humanity to the mat. Both men are down, and they start going to the their corners trying to get the tag.

    Jim Taylor: What a DDT by Ben Bruce! That could have just turned this match around!

    Tim Coleman: Please it was just one move!

    Jim Taylor: He did it!!! Bruce got the tag, and here comes Nick Lawton!!!

    As soon as Lawton gets the tag, Humanity tags in Nightmare, but is met with a couple of punches to the head by Lawton, Humanity then gets up, and limps towards Nick Lawton who delivers a great dropkick to the head, and Humanity roles out of the ring! Nightmare runs towards Lawton, and Lawton catches Nightmare and deals the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

    Jim Taylor: He’s on fire right now!!! Look at Lawton go![/QUOTE]

    Nightmare in a great deal of trouble right now as he crawls back to his feet and he turns around in time to see Lawton running towards him...GOOD NIGHT! Nightmare drops Lawton with the three-quarter facelock russian leg sweep and now he makes the tag back in to Humanity, who comes in off the tag looking to pick up the pieces where Nightmare left as he has Lawton in position for the River Styx powerbomb...but Lawton counters in mid-air dropping to his feet in front of Humanity and drills him with a boot to the gut...KILLSHOT! Lawton hits all of it and makes the cover and Nightmare attempts the save but he's unable to make it in time...


    Lindsay Monahan: The winners of the match, The Moment!

    The Moment celebrate their win while Humanity starts to come to and looks disappointed in himself as Nightmare checks on him.

    Jim Taylor: Well, The Moment pick up a huge win over the number one contenders, it seems like The Echo have gotten in the heads of The Movement. Moving on from that I'm being told that FWA's Gabrielle had a response via Twitter to the challenge laid out by Ashley Adams...

    @CaramelGoddess Ashley Adams has no idea what she's in store for, I could look past the events of Wrestle Royale...but bringing up my little girl..

    Jim Taylor: Ashley may regret making it personal, Tim

    Tim Coleman: This is what Ashley wanted, Jim, and the only one with regrets will be Gabrielle who will regret stepping foot in a CWA ring

    Jim Taylor: Nonetheless, that match will take place on the CWA/FWA Supershow coming up soon, but up next we'll see one half of the tag team champions Drew Conner taking on Prince Pain and you can bet that the Prince is chomping at the bit to get his hands on those Conner boys...


    Grudge Match
    Prince Pain vs Drew Connor w/Ethan Connor

    The bell rings to start this match as Drew immediately goes for a superkick...only to have it caught. Prince Pain scowls and LEVELS Drew with a blistering forearm to the side of the head. Pain, still sore about what went down in the WrestleRoyale, is laying into Drew with powerful blows, each one measured to exact just enough suffering to make Drew remember his sins. Ethan, being obnoxious, is yelling at the referee demanding he interject, but the referee ignores the other Connor brother and instead focuses on making sure Pain isn't going TOO far. Pain's not a rabid animal, though. Instead, he's measuring Drew with every slam, every strike, and every blow. It's also important to note that Pain's not going for pin covers...nope, he's out to make a statement at the expense of one-half of the Tag Team Champions.

    It's getting to the point that Prince Pain may just kill Drew with constant punishment as he's got Drew in the corner, driving his shoulder into his gut. Drew, however, finally earns himself a bit of breathing room with a good old-fashioned rake to the eyes, followed by a knee to the skull! Pain's staggered, but still on his feet as Drew leaps up and takes down the former World Champion with a leaping leg lariat! Drew goes for an immediate cover, but only gets one. Not discouraged, Drew is back to his feet and stomps away at Prince Pain before hitting him with a standing moonsault. Drew stands up, flexes his biceps, and basically taunts the crowd to their utter contempt (it doesn't help that Ethan's being the most annoying bystander proclaiming him and his brother's praises). But once again, The Echo's constant self-praising taunts prevent them from capitalizing as Prince Pain is allowed a moment to recover and get to a knee. Ethan sees this and alerts his brother, who turns to try and batter Pain in the head with forearms and knees. But Pain's LIVID and running on adrenaline as he tanks the barrage and UPPERCUTS DREW IN HIS SMUG FACE!

    Drew's staggered, but is quicker to recover as he runs to the ropes, looking for a springboard DDT...but PRINCE PAIN COUNTERS THAT INTO A RELEASE SUPLEX! HOLY SHIT! Pain's power is on full display as he sizes up Drew for his trademark Whirlwind Blast...

    SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Ethan blatantly interferes in the match and attacks Prince Pain, drawing the disqualification! Drew, not too upset with this, joins his brother in laying a beatdown on Prince Pain, punching away at the head of the former World Champion. They draw a bit of blood as The Echo culminate their assault with a Trailer Park Power Bomb combo move! Pain's on the mat as Drew and Ethan, with that delightfully-puncheable smug looks on their faces, taunt Prince Pain, the guys on commentary, Lindsey Monahan, the fans, the concessions people, and the janitor trying to clean up backstage...

    ...but they're too busy taunting to realize that an angry, bloody Sovereign of Suffering is rising, and he is PISSED. The crowd's pop finally alerts The Echo to what's going on, but Pain DRILLS both of the Connor brothers with a double lariat! Pain puts the boots to them as they quickly escape the ring, yelling and insulting Pain as they walk up the ramp. Pain is seething as it's clear that these issues are FAR from over...

    Jim Taylor: The Echo may regret the day they messed with Prince Pain

    Tim Coleman: As much as I hate to say it I actually agree with you Jim, because Pain is one guy you don't want to be on the bad side of!

    Cut backstage where Nate Savage is seen watching a monitor playing the Wrestle Royale match, and when it shows his elimination after being distracted by Clint Shepard's return he flips out and knocks the monitor down sending it shattering to the floor and he turns towards the camera.

    Nate Savage: Shepard, you're not here tonight, but next week you better show up...and Richmann, his blood will be on your hands!

    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage obviously not in a good mood...

    Tim Coleman: Can you blame him, Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Well that'll be seen next week, but up next we'll see our main event as new number one contender Michelle von Horowitz takes on the former champion, Jonathan McGinnis!


    Roy Orbison: A candy-coloured clown they call the sandman… tiptoes to my room every night…

    We return to Adrenaline Rush as the lights dim and the titantron goes black. As Roy begins to sing, a general, vague boo resonates around the arena.

    Roy Orbison: Just to sprinkle stardust and to whisper… ‘Go to sleep, everything is alright’…

    As the music comes in, Michelle von Horrowitz appears at the top of the ramp. She is in full ring gear - black biker shorts with a green stripe on one thigh, black knee-length boots, a green, loose-fitting t-shirt, knee and elbow pads.

    Jim Taylor: And here she is, Tim, the last person standing in last week's Wrestle Royale match.

    Tim Coleman: And the number one contender for Jon Snowmantashi's World Heavyweight Championship! It's going to be a hell of a match at Five-Star Attraction.

    Jim Taylor: But she can't look beyond tonight, Tim. Former World Champion Jonathan McGinnis is due to go one-on-one with Michelle von Horrowitz tonight, and it's next!

    A contented grin is clear on her face, and – almost smug with herself – she regards the audience from beneath the screen with a sense of superiority.

    Roy Orbison: Then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you…

    Images flash behind her of last month’s victories, and Michelle begins the walk down towards the ring at her leisure. The crowd, impatient and slightly apathetic, begin to heckle and boo more loudly. Michelle laps it up, raising both arms to right angles like a pro-wrestling Jesus and rotating three hundred and sixty degrees.

    Rob Orbison: But just before the dawn…

    She pauses half way down the ramp and stares up at the ‘Five-Star Attraction’ sign hoisted way overhead, her grin seeming almost permanent. And then, slowly, her eyes track down to a banner being frantically waved at her by a braying fan…

    Roy Orbison: I awake and find you gone…

    The banner reads ‘Michelle von Horror Witch’, and she almost gasps at its unoriginality. Taking two strides towards the fat, balding fan, she tears the sign from his grasp.

    Roy Orbison: I can’t help it… I can’t help it… If I cry…

    The banner torn and its pieces dispersed on the ramp behind her, Michelle continues towards the ring, climbing the steps and pausing once more to survey the packed arena. Minuscule, in comparison to what awaits at the pay-per-view.

    Roy Orbison: And I’ll be happy in my dreams….

    She climbs through the middle ropes, striding towards the corner to ascend to the second turnbuckle. In a somewhat predictable but tried and tested move, she traces the line of an invisible championship belt around her waist.

    Roy Orbison: Only in dreams…

    After taking the microphone from a lackey in a black shirt, Michelle von Horrowitz took up a position in the middle of the ring and waited patiently for Roy to finish.

    Roy Orbison: In beautiful dreams…

    MVH: Good evening, tulips.

    A ‘WHAT?’ is heard around the arena as the wrestler places her spare hand behind her back, her feet shoulder’s width apart and her gaze directed firmly at the camera.

    MVH: Of course, I speak directly to the audience at home, knowing full well from forty eight hours in this yuppie cesspool of a city that no intellectually aware human being sits in this room tonight. But, at home, on time delay when this show is broadcast in Europe and Asia, there might be a handful of people listening that are actually worth talking to.

    Another ‘WHAT?’

    Michelle smiles and takes a couple of steps to her left, staring at the mat momentarily before re-focusing on the camera.

    MVH: It was less than a week ago when all of you – and by all of you I mean the small proportion of you that can afford pay-per-view – tuned in to see your heroes line up for a chance at the big gold belt. You marvelled as Craig Owens successfully defended his High Voltage Championship. You wowed as Jon Snowmantashi ripped the World Heavyweight Championship from around Jonathan McGinnis’ waist. You sat, dumbstruck, as a renegade official counted a fast three for Harrison Wake to jump the queue for a High Voltage Championship shot. And then you watched as every man and woman even loosely connected to this company took part in the Wrestle Royale.

    A huge boo resonates around the arena. The fans know where this is going.

    MVH: You see, tulips, I am a student of history, and I think it’s important that we properly examine past events so that lessons can be learned. And there were plenty of lessons to be learned at the Wrestle Royale.

    A ‘boooooring’ chant begins to gain speed. Michelle continues unfazed.

    MVH: I understand that you have short attention spans, trogs, and so I have planned a short video presentation to keep you all focused. Let’s all look at the big shiny screen together, as I rather brilliantly juxtapose the first and last minutes of last week’s pay-per-view.
    The screen flickers into life, and rolls footage from Wrestle Royale. We begin with the first match-up, as Wolf begins his walk down the ramp towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Wolf can’t be too thrilled tonight after coming off a loss the week before on Adrenaline Rush.

    Tim Coleman: Not just any loss either Jimbo, he lost to a woman! How embarrassing that must be for a guy like Wolf! Heck, I’m surprised he’s even showing his ugly mug out here tonight after that loss!

    The screen flicks over to silent footage of Harrison Wake’s elimination and the subsequent celebration. Michelle leans against the top rope, staring down at the announcer’s table, and specifically at Tim Coleman. A small ‘Michelle is gonna kill you’ chant can be heard but it doesn’t catch on.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t think she’s happy, Tim!

    Coleman remains silent.

    MVH: And let’s all be honest with ourselves here, trogs. Mr Coleman was just voicing what all of you were thinking, as Michelle von Horrowitz entered at lucky number thirteen in the Wrestle Royale match. But if Mr Coleman would like to back his words up, I’d gladly have him as my first title defence on the first Adrenaline Rush after Wrestle Royale…

    She walks back into the middle of the ring and looks back into the camera.

    MVH: But I’m getting ahead of myself. I have two matches scheduled before my barbaric and brutally one-sided title defence against Tim Coleman, facing the two most recent World Champions of this promotion. At Five-Star Attraction, Jon Snowmantashi stands between me and the World Heavyweight Championship. But tonight, in this very ring, Jonathan McGinnis – hot off the back of, ahem, two losses in singles competition – has the privilege of wrestling the number one contender for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    A ‘we want wrestling’ chant begins to gather momentum.

    MVH: And that, of course, would be me.

    Quickly overwhelming, the ‘WE WANT WRESTLING’ chant is now more of a roar, and Michelle openly laughs into the microphone.

    MVH: Oh, my darling little trogs, and who do you think it is that’s going to give you wrestling?

    General boos.

    MVH: The Last Indy Darling, they call him. And by they, I mean that’s what he himself so often calls himself. Even if everybody else refuses to, Darling Jonathan has bought into the idea of Jonathan McGinnis. A man who acts like the hero of the people, who still has the gall to wear the t-shirt of some two-bit promotion whilst banking one and a half million dollars a year in the big leagues. This man is a hypocrite, and a self-important one. He is not even worthy of your pity, only your contempt will do.

    The crowd has reached fever pitch. A third are shouting ‘IN-DY DAR-LING’, the second third ‘SNOW-MAN-TAS-SHI’, whilst the final third return to ‘boooooooring’.

    MVH: But nobody is here to doubt that Darling Jonathan has had a wonderful 2015. But it is December. The Great Independent Hero is already shaping up for his fall. And if one of you gormless trogs thinks that Jon Snowmantashi…

    A huge cheer circulates, and Michelle has to pause.

    MVH: …is the man to guide this promotion through 2016 then you’re even closer to catatonia than I thought. I am the winner of the 2015 Wrestle Royal. I am the unpinned, the un-submitted Michelle von Horrowitz. I have not been pinned. I will not be pinned. I can not be pinned. When Jon Snowmantashi and Jonathan McGinnis are exchanging rear chin holds in Outer Shanghai in the year 2020, I will still be here, saving you all from dull fights between dull championships in a dull, predictable climate. I am the saviour of CWA. This is not going to have a happy ending. The Last Indy Darling will fall. The fat Japanese man-baby will fall.

    She walks forwards to the ropes, the crowd somewhat subdued but still hostile.

    MVH: You are looking at the next heavyweight champion of this world. And if you can’t deal with that? It’s a good thing your opinions mean less than nothing to me. Now get me a god damn opponent to beat.

    She throws the microphone in the general direction of the time keeper, taking a seat in the corner and waiting for the entrance of Jonathan McGinnis.

    Lindsay Monahan: Already in the ring from Rotterdam, the Netherlands and currently residing in New Orleans, Louisiana. She weighs in at 71kg, “Dreamer” Michelle von Horowitz!

    Michelle waits in her corner looking towards the entry way…

    “Blessings” by Big Sean ft. Drake & Kanye West hits and Jonathan McGinnis steps out to a loud, positive ovation. The former world champion pays no mind to the reaction he’s receiving as he walks to the ring looking all business.

    Lindsay Monahan: and her opponent making his way to the ring from Montreal, Canada and currently residing in Los Angeles, California. He weighs in at 207lbs, “The Last Indy Darling” Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jim Taylor:McGinnis looking all business tonight after coming off consecutive losses in the last several weeks he can’t be in the best of moods

    McGinnis enters the ring with purpose staring across at Michelle, who returns the stare as she stares at him intently when they are interrupted…

    “Sword of Destiny” hits and the crowd goes berserk as the new CWA world champion Jon Snowmantashi comes out in non-wrestling attire consisting of his official CWA t-shirt that reads “Kaiju” on the front in big bold letters and black gym shorts with his world title draped over his shoulder.

    Tim Coleman: What is tubby doing out here?

    Jim Taylor: Obviously he has a vested interest in this match considering Michelle is the next challenger for his title, and the possible rematch between him and McGinnis

    Tim Coleman: All he’s doing out here is rubbing it into McGinnis, look at him Jim, he’s stewing right now looking at Snowmantashi

    Snowmantashi takes a seat at ringside and looks back in the ring where McGinnis is eyeing him while Michelle pays him no mind and keeps her focus on McGinnis.

    Ding! Ding! Ding!

    Main Eventw/ New CWA World Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi at ringside for commentary
    Jonathan McGinnis vs Michelle von Horowitz

    The bell sounds and McGinnis’ gaze hasn’t moved from the man that defeated him and someone he considered a friend. Michelle steps up to Jonathan and slaps him across the face causing McGinnis to look back at her with a fire in his eyes, which she likes and he comes back at her with several, rapid fire rough chops out of the corner that has Michelle staggering back to her corner where McGinnis continues his assault with the chops until he finishes off and shoots a glare at Snowmantashi before taking Michelle out of the corner and irish whips her to the opposite corner causing her to bounce off right into a super kick but it’s cut off as Michelle catches him by the boot and immediately spins him around right into a leg whip taking him off of his feet but McGinnis rolls back to his feet however and Michelle catches him with a drop toe hold slamming him face first to the mat and she’s quick on the exchange with a low dropkick right to the head knocking him back sending him rolling to the ropes where he tries to get his wits about him and now it’s Michelle going for her own super kick, but now it’s McGinnis catching her boot spinning her around and dropping her right on her head with a bridging German suplex!


    Michelle kicks out and now McGinnis climbs up top waiting for Michelle to get back up and as he dives off looking what was intended to be a bulldog, but Michelle had it well scouted as she slips out of the way and McGinnis gingerly lands on his feet only to be taken down with a Russian leg sweep! Now it’s Michelle with the pin…


    Jim Taylor: McGinnis kicks out! Boy, these two are so evenly matched!

    Tim Coleman: You’re telling me, Jimbo!

    Michelle waits as her prey rises to his feet before charging at him looking for a running cross body, but McGinnis catches her and immediately drives her to the mat with a power slam! Michelle quickly rolls to the outside however trying to find her wits about her and as she turns around…SPRINGBOARD SUICIDE DIVE!

    Jim Taylor: Good grief! McGinnis taking himself out as well as Michelle!

    Both competitors are sprawled out on the mat outside as the crowd is chanting “THIS IS AWESOME!” Soon McGinnis begins to stir and slowly gets to his feet when Michelle is on all fours unaware of her surroundings as McGinnis grabs her by the head and throws her back in the ring breaking up the count. He climbs up top once more as Michelle is still trying to find her bearings and once she’s up she’s caught by diving cross body into a pin!


    Michelle kicks out and McGinnis takes his time slowly pacing around her before dragging her to the ropes placing her in position…ROPE HUNG DDT! Michelle’s skull is driven to the mat with authority and McGinnis now has her where he wants her…ANKLE LOCK! He has the ankle lock submission applied with no intents of letting go as Michelle screams out in pain reaching out for the ropes…

    She slowly but surely inches her way to the ropes as McGinnis desperately tries to keep her away from the ropes, but his grip is slipping allowing her to reach the ropes in time breaking the hold! Michelle clutches her ankle as McGinnis curses out loudly in frustration and argues with the referee allowing Michelle time to recover…SUPERKICK! Michelle drills McGinnis with a super kick and he falls to the mat in a heap as she drops on top of him for the cover…


    Jim Taylor: Somehow, McGinnis found a way to kick out!

    Tim Coleman: It’s that fighting spirit of his, Jim, he just doesn’t know when to quit!

    Both wrestlers lay on the mat as the count begins but soon it’s Michelle up first as she staggers to her feet and climbs up top looking to put McGinnis away with her 450 splash, but McGinnis comes back in time knocking her down into a prone position on the top turnbuckle as he sets her up…SUPERPLEX! Both wrestlers lay spent on the mat for what seems like an eternity but soon McGinnis is up now looking to end this as he begins to set Michelle up for Something Light...but before McGinnis can get her up she shoves him away…SUPERKICK! McGinnis is stunned now and Michelle instantly drops him with a double under hook DDT! Then she proceeds to make her way up…450 SPLASH! She hooks the leg for the pin…


    Lindsay Monahan: The winner of the match, Michelle von Horowitz!

    Michelle looks in the direction of Snowmantashi as her arm is raised, and he shows no emotion as he looks back at her while holding his championship over his shoulder. Behind Michelle is McGinnis, who is just coming to and sits in the corner looking at his former friend and the woman who will challenge him.

    Jim Taylor: Michelle von Horowitz just defeated the former world champion! Could this mean Snowmantashi's reign is in jeopardy?

    Tim Coleman: She's good Jim, and I think she's good enough to do it!

    Jim Taylor: That remains to be seen for now and that's all the time we have for tonight fans, good night!

    *End show*

    Match credits
    Vegas vs Shade - SuperSaiyan w/ ending done by Jimmy King
    Wake vs Edwards - Jimmy King
    Moment vs Movement - Harry Morgan w/ ending done by Jimmy King
    Pain vs Drew - Cyrus T
    Michelle vs McGinnis - Jimmy King

    Jimmy King

    Match Graders
    Cyrus T
    Jimmy King

    Jon Snow
    Pizza Dog

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

    That bitch Ashley Adams.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

    Great show! Enjoyed the Gabrielle-Ashley Adams stuff and the McGinnis-Vegas segment particularly.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

    Jesus. The Echo running wild, causing mayhem, Someone should probably try and stop them...

    Great. Great show guys. Really, A lot of FSA nicely shaping up
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live from Albany, NY!

    Glad everyone liked the show.

    Before the next card goes up we've decided it's best to take a short break for the holidays, hope that's alright with everyone and we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.

    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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