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Thread: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #25 - Survivor Series 2015

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    Survivor Series The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #25 - Survivor Series 2015

    Welcome to the 25th edition of the Wrestling Clique Roundtable! And how fitting is it that the 25th Roundtable focuses on the 25th Anniversary of the Undertaker! We have a crew here from this wonderful forum to talk about Survivor Series 2015. The Undertaker will wrestle with his half-brother Kane to take on two members of the Wyatt Family. Arguably more importantly, the recent injury to Seth Rollins has made it so we must have a brand new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Will it be the Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose? Will Alberto Del Rio take the Championship to his new land of MexAmerica? Will Kevin Owens become the third person in the WWE to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion at the same time? Or will the Big Dog bring the title back to the yard once and for all?

    Sitting on the Roundtable for Survivor Series 2015:

    Actually kind of likes Adele's '25' - Nicky Talent
    Really likes WWE's Writers - Ed
    Apparently likes Jessica Jones - Crocker
    Liked by everyone - Punk Wolf

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
    Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens

    Nicky Talent: Looking forward to this semi-final match more than the other. Good match to have on this show. This tournament has been a blessing for both guys. Dean Ambrose has been a sidekick for the past four or five months and has been a victim of really rough booking since the Shield break-up. His old rival's injury might turn out to be a blessing for his future status on the card. Kevin Owens has used this tournament to his advantage. He's been cutting really good promos and is looking more like a star each week. I hope for a fun brawl.

    Prediction: As much as I would love for the WWE to just go ahead and pull the trigger on Owens to make the WWE truly the 'Kevin Owens Show', the WWE cannot resist the idea of a Shield Final. Ambrose wins.

    Ed: Now we're talking. I'm pretty sure we were heading towards this match before Seth Rollins injured himself in Dublin, only it would of been for Owens' IC title. I think this is where the real intrigue lies at Survivor Series because they could easily run with Roman Vs Ambrose or Roman Vs Owens as the evenings main event. Kevin Owens is my favourite act in the WWE, mainly because he isn't an act; Owens feels like the most natural, relatable human being who works for WWE because he is being himself with the volume turned up. The interview with Michael Cole this week was fantastic. I think he's also been the most reliable worker in that company when you think of all his big matches this year, including his NXT run. Ambrose's 2015 hasn't been as high profile as his 2014, but I'll take him being Roman's tag team partner over crazy hot dog cart lunatic fringe Ambrose from last year. This semi final could be excellent.

    Prediction - I can't shake off the feeling of Reigns Vs Ambrose for Rollins' vacated title on the Shield's 3 year anniversary, so I think Ambrose advances here. They could run Roman Vs Owens at any PPV or TV taping they want, but they can only reach babyface Reigns Vs babyface Ambrose through a tournament like this. When I was trying to predict the mania card a few months ago, Ambrose looked like the unlucky one who would miss out on the important matches, but I think he could be the big winner in the reshuffling of the mania card due to Seth's injury, so I think this is the start of him being pushed as a main player.

    Crocker: This match is intriguing and on paper could be a hell of a match, a victory for Owens would set up an heel vs face dynamic final what WWE loves so much but I think Ambrose goes over to set up the "Shield Final" I think we will get a crazy brawl which ultimately leads to an Ambrose win.

    Prediction: Ambrose gets the pinfall victory

    Punk Wolf: This seems like an IWC wet dream, doesn't it? Kevin Owens is awesome. Dean Ambrose is awesome, when motivated and not spamming 'Rebound Clothesline.' Throw the two against each other for 15 minutes and I'll be happy. They faced off on Smackdown before this tournament began, and THAT was great. Goes to reason this one should be great too. Has potential to be match of the night, of course, and I'd happily support either man winning, buuuuuuuuuut...

    Predictions: Ambrose. SHIELD BROS MAIN EVENT, MAN.

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
    Roman Reigns vs. Alberto Del Rio

    Nicky Talent: How many times have I questioned the quality of a Roman Reigns match on Pay-Per-View before they have actually happened this year? A lot. And I've been pleasantly surprised by most of them. So I must say that when I say I'm not really looking forward to this match, it's not because of 'The Big Dog'. It's because of who usually is one of my favorites, Alberto Del Rio. I like Del Rio. I've defended Del Rio a lot more than I have needed to do. I was really happy to see him back in the WWE only because it was unfortunate the way he left last year. Once Del Rio was on Raw the next night after Hell In A Cell, I was kind of over his return. It's like he never left but at the same time, I constantly forget he exists on the roster. And each matches so far have been really lackluster and kind of problematic. I haven't been a fan of his approach in the ring since returning, and the corner finish is such a chore to see set up time and time again. Plus the MexAmerica stuff is already wearing thin after the UK trip. So yeah, it's not because of Reigns that I'm not looking forward to it. It's because of Del Rio. Also not really looking that forward to it because the result seems so obvious. The only intrigue comes from if Reigns and Del Rio are able to click for something surprisingly nice.

    Prediction: Why do I have to fill this out? Reigns, bitch.

    Ed: I'm higher on Del Rio the wrestler than most, but it took maybe a week before the shine came off his return. The Mexamerica (more like Meh-xamerica) storyline with Zeb was such a bad decision because it's made Del Rio's character and integrity so shallow to team up with his old foe for the most ludicrous of reasons, that I can't take him seriously in the slightest. Del Rio instead of feeling like a returning star, is just another guy in that midcard mix; a US title defence against Ziggler or Cesaro is his ceiling now. This is easily the least interesting semi final because we know that Roman Reigns is destined to be in the main event.

    Prediction: Reigns obviously is advancing, my only interest is whether these two will be able to 'click' in the ring

    Crocker: I wish they would have done this in the Quarter Finals and gone Roamn vs Cesaro here, the MexAmerica angle is already long in the tooth and Del Rio is about as over as he was before he left, that being said I still feel this could be a good match, Del Rio is a really strong worker and Reigns as produced as many quality PPV matches as anybody in the company this year.

    Predictions: Roman gets a clean victory in an entertaining match.

    Punk Wolf: Man, Alberto's been so disappointing since returning to WWE. So lazy and dead in the eyes with a shitty contrived finisher that only looked good the first time he did it. It's mind-boggling that John Cena's US Open Challenge was wasted on this guy. Remember everyone being excited that Cena would drop the US title to a rising up-and-comer, thus kickstarting the dude's star? Yeah, forget that, the US Title is WWE's 'Sorry for being sorta racist, here's a big pile of money and a win over John Cena if you'll just come back' card, and all that build-up to a new young guy instead went to a middle-aged guy who had already won nearly every big thing there is to win in the WWE and is about as lively and active as roadkill. Yeah, I've fallen off the Del Rio train. He was great on the indies, all passionate and whatnot, but since he's returned, it's just been bleeeeeh. I'm liking Roman Reigns more than him, and I find myself questioning that statement, but it's true. Reigns has evolved into a solid enough mid-card star as long as he doesn't open his mouth, while Del Rio has de-evolved into pre-3MB Jinder Mahal.

    Predictions: Del Rio takes twenty minutes to set up for the hangman's stomp, and Reigns just leans up and Superman Punches Del Rio mid-stomp. Reigns wins, no question, and Del Rio goes to stare at his pile of money, wondering wether it was all worth it while Zeb Colter yammers on about MexiMerica in the background.

    Dolph Ziggler vs. Tyler Breeze

    Nicky Talent: Let's hop into the way back machine and set it to November 23, 2014. Dolph Ziggler was already improving a bit and providing a solid back end of 2014. On that night which was 366 days ago, Dolph Ziggler provided one of the best performances I've ever seen in Survivor Series history and rode the momentum to other great bouts to end 2014. From August to December, he was one of the better performers in the world. Flash forward a year later and I can hardly stand the guy. He'll have the occasional nice match, but his formula is stale. He's turned into a fucking awful babyface. He still somehow gets a monster pop even though he's one of the worst characters in the company. He's taken over for Bray Wyatt as the guy I can go without seeing for a while. Unfortunately, he has to feud with someone who I enjoy in his quest to stay afloat a stacked main roster and not get immediately lost in the shuffle. This feud hasn't been really exciting. It's just been stare-offs and attacks. Some shows they don't even interact. I hope Breeze and Ziggler have a good match for Breeze's sake so Breeze can at least impress enough to have a better main roster run than he's had right now.

    Prediction: Hopefully the WWE is smart enough to put Breeze over here with a win.

    Ed: Another match which looked like it was a lock for Survivor Series, then died down when the tournament was in it's early stages, and now we're back to the feud again. Despite not having a high opinion on Dolph Ziggler, I think this a perfect way to introduce Tyler Breeze after his call up from NXT and good for Summer Rae keeping her TV spot after Lana nixed their previous angle. In many ways, Breeze is probably going to be the new Ziggler; a solid midcard act that's never going to be a main eventer and that's completely fine because WWE always needs fresh faces up and down the card

    Prediction: You've got to let Prince Pretty win right? Beauty Shot to Ziggler for the win.

    Crocker: If given time this could be a really good match, unfortunately this will probably be given the old divas match slot and end up having time cut off it. Tyler surely has to win here and Dolph loses to everybody anyway.

    Predictions: Tyler gets the pinfall victory.

    Punk Wolf: Present Dolph Ziggler meets future Dolph Ziggler in what can absolutely be the show-stealer of the night. Anyone not convinced how goddamned awesome Tyler is - and for some reason neglected to at least Google his NXT work, like come on man - should pay close attention to this one. His partnership with Summer Rae is great, even though we all know that Tyler Breeze's one and true loving partner is none other than Tyler Breeze. Dolph's amazing nine times out of ten, and can be a solid base for Tyler to show off, do his thing, impress all, and let everyone know why he was the backbone of NXT. Dolph can bounce back from anything, but this is a make or break moment for Tyler. Give them 15 minutes to tear the house down, with Tyler getting the well-earned victory in the end, and I'll be a happy man.

    Predictions: I fully predict, as with all things associated with Tyler, for Prince Pretty to win in the name of beauty. Unlike his NXT matches however there's an actual good chance he can pull off the victory here. Huzzah!

    Divas Championship
    Charlotte (c) vs. Paige

    Nicky Talent: I hope we're all at the conclusion that the WWE does not know how to handle the main roster Divas division. All of their programs have to be somewhat sexist stereotypes filled with 'crazy female' drama and bitchiness and not centered around what it should be centered around which is the legitimacy of Women's Wrestling. That's something that their developmental brand is doing, so why is it so hard for them to do it? The Charlotte/Paige segment on the go-home Raw was fucking terrible for several reasons. 1) It FINISHED RAW. IT FINISHED. FUCKING. RAW. Over Undertaker. Over any sort of hype for their title tournament. IT. CLOSED. RAW. 2) Reid Flair being used as fuel for two of the worst actors in the company. 3) What they are fighting for doesn't seem important because other useless devices are being brought in. Fucking dumb. Watch this not feel as personal as they are trying to make it. Not looking forward to this. Probably going to skip it. They're going to make this feel like a heated fight but it's going to feel like a third rate brawl. Maybe third rate is too generous. Also Charlotte is the 2015 winner for biggest dip in quality. She fucking sucks now. I know NXT Divas usually lose their shimmer and what made them great when they get called up, but holy shit. She was losing her shimmer before she left and has been so sub-par and usually the worst performer on PPV's since getting called up. Also Paige sucks too. We all know that.

    Prediction: I don't care. Make me fucking care and relook at how you are booking this division before I care enough to make a prediction. They better fucking kill each other after that angle on Monday.

    Ed: After Charlotte defeated Nikki the 2nd time, this was the natural direction to go in as the tension had been building up with Paige and the PCB and the quicker we can break up these trios, the better. I'm not going to go on another massive rant about the 'Reid' angle and break down why it was so bad like I did on Tuesday, but all I'll say is look at how NXT presented the womens title match between Bayley and Alexa on TV this week. It was night and day; it makes one title look like the championship female athletes aspire to, and the other is just a lazy storyline prop to get two crazy, bitchy girls to wrestle on ppv to fulfill the quota. Charlotte and Paige are two inconsistent wrestlers, so hopefully they have an 'on' night Sunday and we can start to enjoy this storyline.

    Prediction: The way the contract signing ended this week with the brawl around the ring, this needs to be more of a fight than just a standard match, so I think with both competitors being more aggressive we might see a DQ finish to set up a stipulation based match at TLC.

    Crocker: The angle on Raw this past week, and particularly the words what Paige said about Reid, were pretty pathetic, so bad in fact that ISIS didn't like them judging by whats in the news today, That being said the angle has been done now so in theory Charlotte should be out for blood and this should be a war, something is wrong if they start the match with Charlotte putting Paige in an headlock. I don't think we will get a decisive winner here and we will get a rematch at the next PPV.

    Predictions: Paige wins when Charlotte goes over the top and gets herself disqualified.

    Punk Wolf: This seemed to have some alright enough build. Paige stabbed Charlotte in the back after she won the Divas Championship, which Paige obviously felt was hers. Fairly standard, jealousy and all that, but y'know, it's cool. Then a dead kid got brought into it and the internet watched as all the work building up to this slowly burst into flames and collapsed on itself in favor of talking about a dead brother who hadn't even been referenced on WWE TV before. Goddamn. What a stupid, stupid decision. Charlotte's Main Roster reign is not going alright, with sub-par matches, lame 'WOO MY DAD'S RIC FLAIR WOO' shenanigans, and now this. Not a strong start at all. Hopefully this is the place where she remembers why people liked her on NXT.

    Predictions: Charlotte beats the shit out of Paige. Like, literally. Swinging for the fences, black-eye beating, trying to legally murder her. Paige insulted your dead brother. React to it. If she starts this off with a necklock then god help us all. Charlotte retains, obviously. Probably by disqualifying herself with her fists, thus dragging this out for another month. Yay. Watch Paige top this next week by referencing Ric Flair's numerous ex-wives in a positive, cheerful way.

    Traditional 5-on-5 Survivor Series Elimination Match

    Nicky Talent: Alright, teams have not been announced as of 9:06 AM EST on the day of the PPV, (really fucking dumb, by the way) so I'll guess the teams: The New Day, Sheamus, and King Barrett vs. The Usos, Neville, Cesaro, and Ryback.

    Prediction: Babyfaces win. Sole Survivors are The Usos.

    Ed: I mean what do you want me to say here? WWE haven't bothered to announce who is in this match so all I can say is that I enjoy the traditional survivor series matches, but they mean so much more when there's a reason to have them. This will mean less than the Raw main event 5 on 5 a few weeks ago.

    Prediction: Erm. babyfaces win.

    Crocker: As I write this approximately 28 hours before the PPV starts we still don't know any of the competitors, so it pretty hard to give my thoughts here.

    Predictions: I'm going to go out on a limb here and say the team who doesn't get five eliminations wins the match

    Punk Wolf: All these weeks, and barely a mention of the Survivor Series Elimination match. Man. Chances are there'll be one for the divas, and one for the men, and they'll be fine. There won't be any reason for them happening aside from 'tradition, I guess' but they'll be fine enough time killers that'll hopefully give some under-the-radar stars some time. And I mean actual time, not 'Team of five jobbers all lose to Big Show & friends in under three minutes.' Don't do that, WWE.

    Predictions: Divas tag match, if happening, will probably be Sasha Banks, Naomi, Tamina and Becky Lynch vs Brie Bella, Alica Fox, Summer Rae... uh. Emma? She still canonically exists on the main roster, right?

    The Brothers of Destruction vs. 2 Wyatt Family Members

    Nicky Talent: A part of me doesn't really care about this because the magical and powerful aspect of this has been at an all time high in terms of bad. Bray Wyatt looked like an uber cheesy dork after abducting the BOD. That segment where he showed off his 'powers' was fucking garbage. But I am kind of into this because The Undertaker is still a spectacle and it is amazing that we have gotten 25 years of such a widespread character and entertainer. A lot of good and a lot of bad that is worth celebrating. So, for the celebrating aspect of it, I'm down. Also if Luke Harper is involves in the match itself, I'm definitely down.

    Prediction: I'll play it safe and say that The Brothers of Destruction get the victory on a very important night. The Wyatt Family can rebuild and grow from a loss like this. And I doubt Bray Wyatt will be involved in the decision. Remember: it's a celebration.......bitches >____>

    Ed: I'm a massive hypocrite. I've said for months that I do not enjoy the hocus pocus, supernatural storylines involved with The Undertaker, Kane and Bray Wyatt in modern WWE because it is just so out of narrative with the rest of the 2 and a half hours of Raw. Then 2 weeks ago I was there in person in Manchester when Undertaker returned and it was the most fun I'd ever had at a wrestling event; it was like being a kid again, I didn't care about logical storylines or workrate, I was just marking out like everyone else at the site of the legend we never thought we'd see in England again. And that's probably what happens in every arena to every fan when Undertaker shows up, you stop over-analyzing and enjoy watching the guy you grew up with. I'm of the opinion that Taker is taking on more shows this year, especially in other countries, because it's his unofficial retirement tour, so I'm not going to criticize this angle again and I hope the Atlanta crowd get a wrestling memory they'll never forget.

    Prediction: This show is a celebration of The Undertaker, and because it's only a 2 on 2 match, he can easily pick up the win without it looking bad on the Wyatts part. Taker being the man he is might want to put The Wyatts over, so I can't say it's a lock that Taker wins however.

    Crocker: The whole PPV is being built around the 25th anniversary of The Undertaker and the Wyatts rarely win feuds, also after losing the Brock feud the company need to keep Taker strong for Wrestlemania season(I'm pretty confident they are doing Taker vs Cena this time round) so unless Vince does something wacky here I only see one outcome. As for who wrestles for the Wyatt Family the best combination would probably be Bray & Harper but I have a feeling they will go Bray & Strowman.

    Predictions: Undertaker and Kane get a decisive victory

    Punk Wolf: I was totally diggin' this, y'know? Like, that first week when Bray & Friends abducted Taker, then Kane, and told everyone they turned them into dust and stole their powers in a Windows Movie Maker-esque light show? Corny as hell, but I dug the shit out of it. Then next week, Kane & Taker returned and completely destroyed all four of the Wyatts by themselves? Man, Bray doesn't seem to have a very good grasp on what the term 'abduction' means. So it's hard to get excited for this when it's been shown that even with a +2 numbers advantages, Taker & Kane easily wiped the mat with the Wyatts. Takes quite a lot of the excitement from it. Even the format leaves something to be desired. 2-2? I get that there isn't a lot of likely partners for BoD, but I still would've preferred a 4-4 thing. Bring up Demon Finn Balor for one partner, and... I dunno, Hornswoggle standing on El Torito's shoulders under a druid cloak? Okay, you might have a point as to why the 4-4 thing didn't fly.

    Predictions: It's the 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker, so a loss for him and Kane seems highly unlikely. It all depends on who Bray decides to choose to face the Brothers of Destruction. Like, Harper & Rowan? Enjoy your victory, BoD. Bray himself & Strowman? Most likely option, and if so I want Bray to win in a victory that actually goddamned matters. Pass the torch to the new supernatural-ish dude. BUT, and for the fun of it this'll be my prediction, Bray said he'd choose any two of the Wyatt Family members, correct? Now, remember back at the tail end of 2013 when Daniel Bryan was a Wyatt Family member for two weeks? Yeah. Yeah, that. Unlikely as hell that he's return in THIS capacity, but screw it, I'm going for Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan beating Taker & Kane. LET ME HAVE THIS DAMNIT.

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament Finals

    Nicky Talent: Alright, so I'm going to assume that Ambrose vs. Reigns is the finals of this tournament. For that, here are the four likely things to happen as a result.

    Option A: It's 1998 all over again. Reigns turns and joins the Authority. He wins the title and cheats out his 'brother'. He does what everyone wanted him to do in the first place. Then he has Dean Ambrose to deal with for a couple of months before tackling Lesnar at Mania. Reigns will say "The Rock did it, I can do it too", yada yada yada. While Reigns should win the title, he shouldn't win it in this manner.

    Option B: The unthinkable happens and Ambrose is the one that Triple H hires as his new golden boy. What a twist, right? Did Triple H talk to Ambrose after his match on Raw? I can't recall. No one will see it coming. It's so unlikely. Plus, the WWE have done all they could to halt Ambrose's stardom as a face. Why not try to reboot that possible stardom as a heel? Not a popular or desired option, but something to consider.

    Option C: Reigns wins in a clean, respectable bout. Both men clash and try to out-smart the other. Reigns is able to do it. No conflict between the two Shield brethren. Reigns remains anti-Authority. Triple H tries to search for a new man (Owens, Sheamus, etc) until Lesnar wins the Rumble.

    Option D: ISIS hijacks the WWE. ISIS is the new Authority. We have actual fights to the death to determine the new champion.

    Noticed how none of the options feature Ambrose winning clean? Unfortunate, right?

    Prediction: Let's go with Option C. I want a legendary, great quality title match in this position and we'll get it with Option C. I'm so exhausted of Authority champions. Let's use this restart for something productive, like a face run. Let's not hit the reset button to put us exactly where we were before we hit the reset button.

    Let's also hope Option D doesn't happen but would also make for great television.

    Ed: Everyone seems to be working themselves into the same shoot that this match ends with a heel turn and someone siding with The Authority again. I just don't see it. For me, Roman Reigns was always winning the title here, the time was right for Seth to drop the title and in Cena's absence it was full steam ahead for the Reigns Express. If the plan was for Roman to be the champion at the end of this show, then that's how the show is still going to pan out. I'm hoping for a great match here that focuses on just how well Ambrose and Reigns know each other with dozens of counters and reversals to signature moves.

    Prediction: I think Roman and Ambrose will have a great match, fought in the same intensity and atmosphere as Reigns Vs Bryan (or Cena Vs Bryan if you want to go further back), the two of them will respect each other afterwards and still be friends going forward. Triple H's new man will ultimately be Sheamus and Sheamus Vs Reigns will probably be our program until the Rumble where I think Reigns Vs Lesnar is our WM32 main event.

    Crocker: Survivor Series 1998 re-enactment here, back in 1998 Rocky WWE did a one night Deadly Game tournament to crown a new champion and in the weeks leading upto it the former Mr Maivia turned own Vince advancements and it seemed the corporation was doing everything in their power to screw Rocky out of possibly winning the tournament, at the end of the night Vince screwed Mankind and Rock joined the corporation. In his explanation speech Rock blamed the fans for turning on him.

    Fast forward 17 years and Rockys cousin has been booked quite similarly(albeit with worse booking) and I think we could get a similar outcome at the end.

    Predictions: Reigns wins the title via some screwjob.

    Punk Wolf: It's Reigns vs Ambrose. It was always going to be Reigns vs Ambrose. The question is who, if any, will turn.

    Predictions: I really want to say Ambrose. Want Reigns as Champion? Let it wait until the 2015 Royal Rumble and all the Reigns-exposure the turned the world against him fades from memory. Here's what I want: The two enter as bros, and leave as bros. No-one turns, until next month when Reign's frustration that he's the last Shield member to win the big one gets to him, and turns heel WITHOUT accepting Triple H's Authority Golden Boy position offer. Enough Authority shenanigans have already happened for the rest of the decade, and instead we now have a pissed-off Samoan tank in SWAT Armor breaking everything you love because he can't get rid of that voice at the back of his mind saying 'you're just not what they want, Roman.' Now, here's what'll actually happen: Reigns wins, then Ambrose turns on him out of jealousy, then Sheamus cashes in and wins the title, and we all let out a collective sigh of disappointment.


    Special thanks to Ed, Crocker, and Punk Wolf for contributing to a very interesting roundtable on what is bound to be a historic night for the WWE. As the WWE begins to write a new chapter in their legacy, join us and discuss the Pay-Per-View LIVE with the best wrestling fans around!
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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #25 - Survivor Series 2015

    Really nice round table here, what Ed was saying about the Manchester RAW with Undertaker's return - I had the pleasure of being able to attend that show and I'd completely agree with him. There's just something about being there when you see Undertaker. Watching it on Television, it's easy to just think of something to complain about, but when the lights suddenly go dim, and everyone rises up as the noise of the thunder hits - it's honestly magical.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #25 - Survivor Series 2015

    Interesting thoughts as always guys. I think everyone expects a Reigns and Ambrose final but the outcome of that is pretty damn unpredictable. Reigns winning is most likely but WWE does like a swerve and it would add excitement to the show. I can't see it being as simple as a clean Roman win. Maybe it will be then he beats Sheamus who tries to cash-in. I'd be happy with that. No way does Sheamus deserve to be champion.

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