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Thread: Survivor Series 2015 - Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Title Tournament)

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    Survivor Series Survivor Series 2015 - Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Title Tournament)

    Quote Originally Posted by
    Having made it to the final four of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament, Dean Ambrose and Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens will fight tooth and nail this Sunday at Survivor Series. When the dust settles, either The Lunatic Fringe or WWE’s Prizefighter will advance to the tournament final later in the night, where he will vie for his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

    The semifinal matchup pits two of WWE’s least predictable and most out-of-control Superstars against each other. Ambrose and Owens met on the Nov. 5 edition of SmackDown in a non-title contest, with The Lunatic Fringe’s unconventional, all-or-nothing attack causing Owens to flee through the crowd and voluntarily take a count-out loss. Such a result is unlikely to repeat itself this Sunday, when nothing less than sports-entertainment immortality — in the form of the WWE World Heavyweight Title — is on the line.

    Ambrose advanced to the semifinals by defeating WWE newcomer Tyler Breeze in round one and Dolph Ziggler in round two. After the second tournament win, he vowed to turn WWE into the “Ambrose Asylum” with a WWE World Heavyweight Championship win at Survivor Series.

    Owens, meanwhile, beat Titus O’Neil in the opening round before triumphing over Neville in the second round. Much as he had done with other Superstars involved in the tournament, Triple H approached Owens after his quarterfinal win and congratulated him, prompting some in the WWE Universe to speculate that the WWE COO is hedging his bets after Roman Reigns refused to “play ball” with The Authority.

    Will Kevin Owens add yet another championship — the top title in WWE, no less — to his possession at Survivor Series? Or will The Lunatic Fringe stop Owens in his tracks and advance to the tournament final? Watch the historic conclusion of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament this Sunday, live and only on the award-winning WWE Network.

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    Re: Survivor Series 2015 - Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Title Tournament)

    How can you not love Kevin Owens.

    Neat how even with the tournament derailing the Survivor Series plans, we've still ended up with Owens Vs Ambrose, just not for the IC title.

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    Re: Survivor Series 2015 - Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens (WWE Title Tournament)

    The more promos Kevin Owens cuts about this tournament, the more I kind of want to see him become a double champion at Survivor Series. The guy is one of the few legit feeling aspects to the company's title picture right now. He's been so golden and will have a fun match with Ambrose here.

    I do see Ambrose winning though, because the WWE is not going to pass up on Roman vs. Dean and all of the opportunities to ruin that main event or turn whoever they're going to turn.
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