16 months ago...

The skies are blue, with a handful of fluffy white clouds scattered across it. There's a light breeze, which is blowing the branches in the tall trees back and forth. The camera slowly begins to pan downward, showing the surroundings in which we find ourselves. It's a beautiful sunny day in the middle of June, with a small amount of shaded area. We see greenery everywhere, before slowly moving to our right, where in the distance we can see a large gathering of people, all the men dressed in suits, all the women dresses, all black. We change view, suddenly we're in the middle of the proceeding

As we scan across the group of people we see tear drowned faces, others have their faces buried into their loved ones shoulders. We suddenly see a coffin being slowly lowered into the ground, the crying in the crowd becomes more vocal, as one or two of the women can be heard almost screaming. Slowly, each person in the group is seen picking up a rose, walking up to the open grave and dropping the rose into it, before slowly walking to the side.

Suddenly the scene changes, the weather remains more or less the same, the breeze has picked up ever so slightly, as it can now be heard whistling through the trees in the distance. A single figure is scene from behind walking through the grounds. Making a thud each time they step as they walk through the stoney path. This man has his head bowed, we can't see his face. He's also wearing sunglasses to hide his eyes. He suddenly stops, slowly turning and beginning walking again, towards the previously open grave, now hidden by a green cover which is placed over it.

I er...I just wanted to come and sit here for a bit, y'know, without every other person coming up to me and asking me if I'm okay. I hope you don't mind? The man goes silent again for a moment. Deep in his thoughts, he takes off his sunglasses, as he looks away from the grave, barely able to bring himself to look towards it.

I...I don't even know what to say right now...I don't know what to do...I mean...My God, this is so stupid, I'm sat here talking to myself like you're here, like you can hear me, y'know? I...I dunno man, I dunno what to do anymore. It wasn't supposed to be like this...you...you weren't supposed to...

The young man slowly turns his head towards the grave, beginning to gently run his hands through the grass as he tries to steady himself.

I'm...I'm really sorry, I can't do this.

The young man gets up, and walks away quickly, wiping his eyes before putting his sunglasses back on.

As he fades into the distance, the scene changes again...

We fade in to an office. There are many certificates plastered on the walls, all beautifully framed, and hung perfectly straight.

Mmmhmm, and what do you plan on doing? Are you going to take the offer?

We suddenly see the same young man from before, lying along a large, leather sofa, with another man sitting in a fabric chair nearby taking notes.I don't know Doc, It's a really great offer, and this is what I've always wanted to do, but I can't imagine doing this without my brother.

Doctor: I understand, but have you ever though that maybe that's the wrong way to look at things?

In what way?

Doctor: Well, you always said this was your dream - why does your brother not being here to share that with you change things?

Doc...you know how Jake...you know what happened to him. How can I get back in a ring after that? I was there, I had to watch it all. I had...I had to watch him slip away...How can I get into a ring after that? It was always supposed to be me and Jake. We were going to be Tag Champs one day...how can I go out there and do this without him? I don't think I can...

We change scene again, this time we're in a kitchen, Johnny Adams is sat at the table, with a mug in his hand, and a woman sat across from him.

Johnny, honestly, I think you should take the offer...

Johnny: What? But, mum...
Just hear me out...I know you feel like it won't be the same without your brother there, and I understand that sweetheart. But you can't let what happened to Jakey stop you from doing what you've always dreamed of!

Johnny: But mum, how can I go out there after what happened?

Because, you can't let what happened to your brother stop you from living your life! Look, honey, I lost one son that day. I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to become someone who sits home all day, every day because he's scared of living his life. Your brother died in a horrible accident, but he died doing what he loved. He wouldn't look at his life as being wasted because, even if it was just for a little while, he got to do what he always wanted to do.

Johnny: I guess...

Just think about it, Johnny.

We change scene one more time. To a news desk reporting local news.

News Reporter: You'll recall, eighteen months ago, a local wrestler was killed in a tragic accident inside the ring. Now, almost two years later, his brother steps back into the ring for the first time since his older brother's death, looking to make a name for himself.

Our correspondent Lucy Willis has been speaking to the man himself.

Lucy: I'm here with Johnny Adams, the local man looking to make a name for himself in the wrestling business as he takes on his first match up in almost two years. Johnny, how does it feel?

Johnny: Honestly, it feels strange - a little bit scary. I guess everyone now knows what happened to my brother. There hasn't been a moment where I've stood in an arena, let alone a training ring, where I haven't had flashbacks to that night. So this first match back in the ring is going to be really strange for me.

Lucy: Obviously, Johnny, your brothers death had a big effect on your life the past 16 months. How do you feel you'll fair on your own for the first time?

Johnny: Lucy, it'll be such a new experience for me. In a lot of ways it's frightening. After my brother died I vowed I wouldn't step into a ring again - I wouldn't be able to tag with anyone else, so what was the point? Being a singles guy for the first time is going to be strange, it's not something I had ever imagined doing, it had never even occurred to me as a kid. Me and my brother always thought we were going to be the Tag Team Champions of The World. But that was just the dream, just like at the time we were going to be The Road Warriors for the Tag Titles...it was a dream, a dream that turned into my biggest nightmare...

For what lies ahead now, I'm nervous, I'm excited, this didn't come around any way I'd ever want it to. But I have the right people around me, and they've helped me to realise I have to carry on with my own life...and the best way for me to do that is to carry on doing what I've always wanted to do, I've got so much to give, and I need to go out there and fulfill my dreams - but more than anything I want to go out there and make my brother proud.

This was always what he wanted to do. It was him who first got me to sit down and watch wrestling with him - until about six I wanted to be a race car driver. So a lot of this is me doing it for him.

Lucy: And how do you now prepare for competition as a singles wrestler when you've always trained and prepared for matches as a tag team?

Johnny: Honestly, Lucy, that's something even I haven't figured out yet. I'm very well trained as a wrestler, I know ins and outs of holds, and I've wrestled competitively enough around the country to know what I'm doing. But I'd be lying to you if I said I had a clue what I'm going to do when I get out there on my own.

I'm not even really comfortable on the stick.

Lucy: Stick?

Johnny: Sorry, Lucy, the mic. I'm not really comfortable on the mic. I don't know if I'll be a "good" or a "bad" guy. I don't know much about my opponents, and I certainly wouldn't know how to insult them.

Lucy: Well...why don't you give it a try for us live on air?

Johnny: Really? Erm...Okay, I guess.

My first opponent is "Double E" Elijah Edwards...er...Elijah is an unusual name...I guess. Maybe I could ask if Double E is his name or his bra size? Er...I dunno. Like I said I'm not really very good at this...

Lucy: (giggling) That's okay, keep going...

Johnny: Er, I guess... (Ahem) EE, when I get into the ring with you, I'm going to prove you're just like your name sake. You promise Everything Everywhere, but you deliver Nothing Anywhere!

Lucy: Great! Some fighting talk! And who's your other opponent?

Johnny: Some Canadian guy called Alex Nova...I guess, er, he probably has beady eyes and says "eh" a lot. Eh?

Lucy: Haha, I see what you did there! It's not perfect Johnny, but I'm sure you'll get there!

Johnny: Thanks, Lucy.

Lucy: Well that's it from me. But before we go back to the studio, I've been asked to remind you that we'll have highlights from Johnny's debut the day after it airs live! So keep an eye out for that! Good luck Johnny!

Back to you in the studio...

Scene changes to Johnny walking again, he stops abruptly, the camera zooms out to see a bunch of flowers in his hand, he walks towards his brothers grave and places them down.

Johnny: Hey bro

Fade to black.