CWA.COM REPORT: John Duncan, who hosts a weekly podcast show titled "Last Week Tonight with John Duncan" recently invited his newest on-screen client to appear in a podcast with him after the eventful CWA PPV Global Collision where *spoilers* he defeated Prince Pain to become number one contender for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. Among topics discussed like his relationship with Yamaguchi, Kaitadesu, and John Duncan himself as well as his rivalry with Austerio and Prince Pain, the question was brought up on his thoughts on Jonathan McGinnis's pending contract situation. The two are of course set to meet at Wrestle Royale with the title on the line.

Jon Snowmantashi: Stop asking Makuginisu-kun to resign. I say wait, wait to Resura Rowaiyaru [Wrestling Royale], I not think Makuginisu-kun still champion after Resura Rowaiyaru. I not think he still future. I not think he still gorudenboi [Golden Boy]. Wait. Save money, CWA. Save money and wait. Patience is virtue.
We'll have the full podcast uploaded for you soon.