Jonathan McGinnis fresh off another title defense as CWA World Heavyweight Champion, he is backstage and looks like he has just been through hell after such a great battle he went through against Austerio. He has the CWA World title draped over his shoulder as a cameraman walks up to him.

Cameraman: McGinnis, after your huge title defense against Austerio, what is next, now that you have to face Snowmantashi, a personal friend of yours, for your World Championship?

McGinnis pauses for a second before looking up at the cameraman, he then looks at his CWA title and smirks.

Jonathan McGinnis: You know, everything going on right now, I have to just take this all in. Just coming off a huge title defense, and for me, just to kick Austerio's teeth down his throat. That right there is still what's in my mind. The whole Snowmantashi thing, first congrats to him on that huge win, but when for now, I'm still just living in the moment. When the time comes for me to address Snowmantashi, I will, I have a lot of history with that guy, some good and some not so good, but that is for another time. Just want to get ready, head out to the airport and take the flight back home where I know my family is waiting for me.

Cameraman: One more question, we saw Megan Anderson interact with you while you were on the way to the ring for your title defense tonight, and we know that you and CWA have been at odds about signing a contract extension with the CWA, any news on that?

Jonathan McGinnis: Not right now, no. But when a decision is made, I will let everyone know. Me and Megan had some talks about the contract situation. Details shall remain between the two of us, but as of now, I haven't decided, but hey listen, I gotta go get ready, and catch my flight.

McGinnis walks off as the scene fades to black.