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Thread: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    Itís close to five in the morning in Toronto. Elijah and Cindy are asleep beside each other. The alarm roars, signifying itís time to wake up. Cindy groans as Edwards begins to stir.

    Cindy Brooks: I long for the days when I donít have to be woken up this early.

    Elijah Edwards: And when that day comes youíll be tired of seeing my face all the time.

    Cindy Brooks: Oh I doubt that.

    Elijah turns on the light resting on his night stand as he sits up. Cindy, trying her best to go back to sleep, rolls over on her side as she pulls the comforter over her head. However, after a few minutes of failed attempts, she sits up.

    Cindy Brooks: Where are you going again?

    Elijah Edwars: Montreal.

    Cindy Brooks: I hope youíre not driving.

    Elijah Edwards: Do you seriously think Iím going to take a five hour drive days before a big title match?

    Elijah Edwards collects his ring gear bag as well as his regular travel back. He checks his wrist watch and proceeds to put on jeans, a t-shirt and light jacket. Elijah rechecks his watch then looks back at Cindy.

    Elijah Edwards: Donít be mad at meÖ

    Cindy Brooks: Why would I be mad?

    Elijah Edwards: My flight isnít for another five hours.

    An annoyed groan escapes from Cindyís mouth, rolling around trying to get comfortable. Elijah dresses back down to his boxers and climbs back in bed.

    Cindy Brooks: Am I dreaming, or are you really going back to bed?

    Elijah Edwards: Itís real.. Iím tired, too.

    Cindy Brooks: I figured you would have been going to lift weights regardless.

    Elijah kisses her on the forehead.

    Elijah Edwards: That was yesterday.

    The couple cuddle up to each other once again, hoping to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. Thereís a few moments of silence. The only sound is the hands on the clock downstairs ticking away the seconds and minutes. The silence is broken by Cindy.

    Cindy Brooks: Are you nervous?

    She doesnít get a response. She waits a few seconds before checking on Elijah to see if heís fallen back asleep. However, Edwards is contemplating the answer.

    Elijah Edwards: What if I told you no?

    Cindy Brooks: Then youíre full of shit.

    Elijah Edwards: Why is that?

    Cindy Brooks: You always get nervous before a big match.

    Elijah nods and gives a facial expression that reads, ďyeah, youíre right. Cindy turns on the lamp sitting beside her, gazing into the eyes of her boyfriend.

    Cindy Brooks: Itís okay to be nervous. Nerves are good for you. Letís you know youíre still alive and love what you do.

    Elijah Edwards: Iím more worried about my opponents. Theyíre good. Real good. Two of the best I have never been in the ring with. I canít come into this thing half assed. If I do then thereís no way Iím walking out with the title.

    Cindy Brooks: Why wouldnít you be ready?

    Elijah Edwards: The Indy Club. Thatís all I have been thinking about lately. Sure, the triple threat match has been in the back of my mind, but Iíve decided to take on a group that everyone has left alone for months. Iíve picked a fight with three guys who have reputations of being great, yet Iím climbing into the ring with an undefeated champion and a woman whoís surpassed any woman whoís preceded her and fights as if sheís one of the guys..

    Cindy Brooks: Youíve had your mind elsewhere before youíve had big time matches before.

    Elijah Edwards: And itís cost me.

    Cindy Brooks: Yet when youíve been one hundred percent obsessed with the upcoming match youíve lost before, too. Just relax. Treat this match like itís any other match.

    Elijah Edwards: I canít do that, Cindy. This isnít just any match. Two weeks ago, I beat the World champion. No one thought I was capable of doing it. I helped beat the entire Indy Club in the following week. Howís it going to look if I canít beat LIGHTBRINGER or Michelle von Horrowitz? LIGHTBRINGER has had my number twice despite my better efforts. Michelle and I only fought each other once, but sheís been trying to get into my head for months.. this match is worth more than the title. Itís about cementing my place in the upper echelon of the CWA. It could be my coming out party in the upper card to main event level. I canít fall back down to opening the show. I canít lose to LB for a third time. I canít even allow Michelle to beat me once. Thereís no where to go after this but down.. and I donít wanna go back down the ladder. I need this win more than Iíve ever wanted to win before. A lot of people think Iíve gotten this far on luck and good circumstances alone. They donít think I have the ability to get where Iím at. I need to prove them wrong.

    Cindy tenderly touches her boyfriendís face. He begins to rub that hand thatís resting against her face.

    Cindy Brooks: Youíve had this chip on your shoulder since the day Iíve met you. And youíve always thought the world was against you. I get it, it gives you fuel. You have to know that youíre better than youíre giving yourself credit for. You may not think there are people who support you, but there are. Youíre going to win this triple threat. Not because youíre at the right place at the right time. Not because the other two are taking the night off. Youíre going to win because you have all the talent in the world to do so. Youíre in the place you need to be and youíre going to stay thereÖ I love you.

    Elijah Edwards: I love you too.

    The couple shares a kiss. Elijah smiles as he tenderly runs his fingers through Cindyís hair.
    The room is dark with the only reflections of the projectors bouncing off the wall of television screens illuminate the room. The images being projected are that of Elijah Edwardsí matches. Sitting slouched in the middle of the room in tattered and torn jeans with a Ramones t-shirt is ďDouble EĒ Elijah Edwards.

    When you make a top ten list of the best in CWA currently, thereís three names you would be crazy to leave off. LIGHTBRINGER, Michelle von Horrowitz, and Elijah Edwards.

    Their respective images appear on the screens. Each one of them get a sizzle reel of sorts of their greatest accomplishments.

    Now, at Kings Reign Supreme, the three of us will lock it up to see who is going to walk out with the High Voltage championship. The three of us are no strangers to one another. The High Voltage championship has been involved in some form or another in our matches with each other. Michelle and I have faced off against each other in the triple threat match to determine the number one contender to the High Voltage Champion. Meanwhile, LIGHTBRINGER and I have went to war in two consecutive occasions for the High Voltage title. A few weeks ago, when I decided to immersed myself into the war against The Indy Club, people believed that I forgot about this Triple Threat match. They all thought I was taking this bout seriously. It was with that in mind, aside from the fact LIGHTBRINGER is undefeated and Michelle has a superb win/loss record, they decided that I was the underdog. Well, let me reassure each and every one of you that I never lost sight of the triple threat match that was before me. I never undermined the huge task that was ahead of me in facing the champion and von Horrowtiz. Beating McGinnis helped give me momentum, it helped my confidence. Beating the Indy Club furthered my point that Iím not some novelty. I am a main eventer. I deserve the high profile matches. I have earned the right to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the top wrestlers in the CWA like Jon Snowmantashi or McGinnis. This triple threat match is going to allow me to settle the score with two people I hold a grudge against in some way shape or form.

    All the screens in the room begin playing videos of LIGHTBRINGER, showcasing matches from both CWA and SPJ. Countless hours of training sessions play along with his stellar matches.

    When I lost the High Voltage championship to LIGHTBRINGER in April, I always knew in the back of mind I would face him again sooner or later. It was inevitable. We bring out the best in one another. Name one opponent LIGHTBRINGER has faced that took him to the limits quite like me? The answer is real simple. Nobody. LIGHTBRINGER and I will forever be linked in some fashion as long as he and I work within the same company. Itís a fact. If you want two guys to tear down the house, you put us either together or against each other. The Star of Tokyo is the probably one of the closet things I have to a friend in this organization. Thereís a mutual respect between usÖ it doesnít change the fact that Iím bitter about losing to him twice.

    Glimpses of their epic wars from both Retribution and Adrenaline Rush begin to play. After a few minutes, the epic Five Star Attraction Triple Threat match between Harrison Wake, Craig Owens, and Elijah Edwards appears. The final image of this encounter is Elijah Edwards celebrating with agent Romeo Rollings as confetti falls from the rafters.

    Five Star Attraction was my coming out party in CWA. It was the place where I won my first championship in not only the CWA, but my entire wrestling career. I was proud of what I had accomplished. I thought it would be the beginning of something specialÖ then I had LIGHTBRINGER standing across the ring from me in my first ever defenseÖ and I lost. Before he and I faced off, we had teamed together- it was the match where I bond began. It was at the moment I knew he was good, but I didnít realize just how good he was until he and I were against each other. We were neck and neck the entire match.. until I slipped up and allowed him to beat me. On that evening, I felt like everything I had worked for felt like it was all for nothing. I felt like a fraud. Because how could I go through hell and back and allow him to take away the High Voltage championship from me? I wasnít going to allow myself to fall from grace. I was going to get the rematch I deserved, and I didÖ yet I lost yet again to him. The illustrious reign I had dreamed for myself vanished.. and it became his story. Heís the one with all the praise and admiration. Heís the one regarded as the best in CWA despite holding the High Voltage championship and not the World Heavyweight title. It was my dream, and it was taken from meÖ

    Losing to LIGHTBRINGER was like losing to ďThe OneĒ Ryan Blanchette, a man who I wrestled in EWE and PCW. No matter what I did, no matter how hard I fought, now matter how many hours I put in at the gym- it was never going to be enough. He was always going to get the better of me. It ate away at me. Because no matter who else I beat, no matter how many times I upset the World Heavyweight champion I could never beat Ryan BlanchetteÖ and I feel like thatís all playing out again here in CWA. Itís the same story, but the characters are different.. Instead of Scorch, itís Jonathan McGinnis. And playing the role of Ryan Blanchette is LIGHTBRINGER. The only difference between the two of you is that I respect you, LB. The story may read the same, but the ending will not play out the same. Itís going to be different. It has to. I will not allow you to be an obstacle that I canít overcome. I will not be burdened by the notion that I canít beat you despite being able to trade holds with you until the cows come home. All good things come to an end, LIGHTBRINGER. Your title reign, your undefeated streak is no different. It has to be weighing on you at this point. You and Himawari have to be wondering how much longer will it last? The paranoia of the aftermath for when you do lose has to be lingering in the back of your mind? Do you take same fall from grace Michelle took after the Man Baby decimated her? Will you fall out of favor with management and left facing off against the lower tier talent of CWA? Will you go crawling back to SPJ to find your smile? . Youíre going to take a slice of humble pie. Iím going to make sure of that. While you may have amazing ability your ego leaves a lot to be desired, my friend. You believe youíre going to steam roll through everybody at will. Eventually, that attitude is going to catch up with you. Itís going to make you complacent and bit your right square in the ass! Can you handle the pressures of a triple threat match? I can. Because Iíve been put into them more times than I could care to count. I won that very title you hold in this kind of match. Itís one thing to face an opponent one on one, but itís another ball game entirely when you have to worry about another abled body waiting in the wings and picking their spots.

    Images of every Triple Threat match Elijah has competed in while wrestling in CWA plays. The shots appear as if they were shot on 8 millimeter film, projecting a grainy texture.

    For one to get respect, you have to give respect. And you have shown respect to hardly anyone except me. You parade around the streets wearing the title, showing off to everyone who can see. Flaunting your accolades for all the world to see. Do you know what that tells me? It shows me when you lose that title, you will be rendered obsolete. The confidence you have is paper thin. It can bend and tear very easily. Youíre not even going to take responsibility for your loss, youíre more than likely going to blame me or Michelle or some other outside force. just like you were the one who put a stop of my title reign, Iím going to be the one to end yours. Iím not going to let Michelle von Horrowitz to do it. If anyone is going to get satisfaction and bragging rights of dethroning the great star of Tokyo, itís going to be Elijah Edwards

    Transition to images of Michelle von Horrowitzís career highlights, matches, and promos. We also see her on magazine covers, posters, and various other promotional tools.

    Speaking of Michelle von Horrowitz, letís talk a little bit about the dreamer, shall we? Upon her arrival to CWA, she was considered to be the next big thing. Within four matches, she found herself thrusted into the Main Event scene by winning the Wrestle Royale, earning her the right to face the CWA Heavyweight Champion Jon Snowmantashi. The same praise, the same promising future everyone sees for LIGHTBRINGER was seen for Michelle von Horrowitz, yet somewhere along the way she took a fall from grace. Maybe itís because she lost to Snowmantashi. Sure, you rebounded and won matches after that, but it was against lesser opponents. It wasnít against the premiere wrestlers of organization. Even when you did come up against the very best for the World Heavyweight title, you failed twice. It happens. We donít always get what we want. Iíve had my fair share of disappointments, but where do you get the nerve to say youíre better than me? Youíve never pinned me, youíve never submitted me. Youíve never even won the triple threat match we were involved in. On paper, youíre better than me I guess- holding a record of 17-4. Meanwhile, I have a record of 12-6. Five more wins than me. Impressive. However, I have been something you never have had the privilege to call yourself in CWA- champion.

    Elijah gazes at the screen, appearing almost unimpressed by his female opponentís career.

    For a woman who has prided herself on being an excellent orator with a vast knowledge in literature and language, you come up with pretty amateur insults by calling me ďElijah WoodĒ or proclaim Iím a fraud by associating myself with the likes of Romeo Rollings because heís a fan of money and promised to get me the accomplishments Iíve wanted my entire life. Words thrown with kid gloves. Do you know why you keep your words soft and sweet when it comes to me? Why is it that when I become the topic of your verbose, pretentious monologues you keep it brief? Because you know deep down that I am better than you, and it scares you. In the beginning, you thought you could prey on my insecurities. You thought you would have occupancy in my mind for your sterling reputation. You thought it would cause me to second guess myself any time I was supposed to face you. Maybe if I were the wrestler I was two years ago, you may have succeeded. I might have coward down to the reputation despite putting on a brave face in the public eyeÖ but you donít get any of that. You realize that when Iím focused and brimming with confidence, Iím a tough competitor to beat. I have succeeded where you have failed. Iím going to do something youíve claimed you would do to me, yet never could. Iím going to pin your shoulders to the mat. No, to hell with that. For all the arrogance you ooze, Iím going to make you submit. Iíll have your vocal cords working double time in order to emote your cries of pain and that you give up. Because after all the trash youíve been talking for a year and half, you deserve it. For all the talks about how I will never beat you, youíre going to get whatís coming to you. Because youíre not LIGHTBRINGER. YOU arenít The One. You are just a little girl trying to wage psychological warfare because you are incapable of matching me physically but you failed at that,too. though itís funny to think how our roles have reversed since we started our careers here. Itís me on the rise, clashing with the titans of our industry while you fall and square off against the ham and eggers of our sport. I know that eats away at you.

    At this point, Double E rises from his chair. A confidence, genuine smile appears on his face as he laughs.

    What a difference a year can make, huh?

    LIGHTBRINGER, Michelle, the three of us are going to be the only match anyone will be talking about when itís all said and done. Thereís no denying that. Weíre going to go to war. Bodies will be broken and wills will be tested, but when itís all said and done Iím walking out with the championship I should have never lost. Iím going to cement my legacy here. Consider this match another declaration and reminder that Elijah Edwards is one of the best wrestlers in CWA- bar none.

    Edwards walks away as the camera gets closer on the image of the High Voltage championship.

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    Re: "Double E" Elijah Edwards

    Two years ago, a younger and more immature Elijah Edwards burst through the curtain leaving the arena, visibly frustrated. Itís PWE, the third promotion heís been in his brief career and he just suffered a loss. He launches his fists into the wall before crumbling to the floor, shaking his head in disbelief. He thought coming here would be a fresh start for a him, a chance to erase his troubled history EWE and PCW. A chance to truly shine as a star he believed he could be, but after enduring a three match lose streak, it would appear old habits die hard. While heís on the floor a burly man walks up to him. The man is Dan Murph, a former rival of Elijahís in PCW. Initially, when Double E entered EWE, he regarded Dan Murph as an idol. Someone who he wanted to emulate, someone whoís career he could look at as the template for his. A man who spoke with such conviction, whether he was right or wrong, on some level you could emphasize with him. Yet somewhere along the way Elijah felt the man rested on his laurels and used his connection with the higher ups to keep a spot he no longer deserved. After all, this was a man who lead a group called Apocalypse and tried to destroy WPW, the sister promotion of EWE, before jumping ship. And in PCW, he was apart of the group POWER with Power Wrestling owner Ryan Blanchette and The Judge. A group designed to keep the younger guys down. Only Elijah stood up to them with Michael Hayden and Jacob Senn.

    Now, in this moment, Elijah looks at Murph with disgust. Meanwhile, the Scotsman looked down at him with somewhat of a grin.

    Dan Murph: Tough break huh, kid?

    Elijah Edwards: Piss off.

    Elijah picks himself up and begins to move past Dan Murph, but the giant of a man grabs a hold of his arm to which Elijah immediately shoves him off.

    Dan Murph: What? Gonna go home with your blanky?

    Itís taking everything within Edwards not to slug Murph. It may not do much to the mastodon of a man, but it would make him feel good in the moment. All Elijah can do is shake his head.

    Elijah Edwards: You just canít get enough can you? Every time I screw up, every failure I have ever endured youíve been there to throw it in my face. I figured by now you would have had your fill but I guess you just love to fuck with me that much.

    Murph begins to laugh, staring at Elijah with a hint of disappointment. Only Elijah doesnít pick up on this. Heís too consumed with his version of events: Dan Murph, a career oppressor to him and everyone else on the roster.

    Dan Murph: You make it too easy for me, kid. But you need to toughen up and get your head out of your ass. Youíre better than this. I know you are.

    Elijah gazes at Dan in utter disbelief, he even bellows out a chuckle himself to the bizarre nature of the situation.

    Elijah Edwards: Now youíre here for a pep talk? You? Of all people?! When my entire career in PCW has been you putting a boot in my face and beating it in to my head that I wasnít any good. That I didnít deserve to be in the ring with you or in general. That I should quit because Iím never going to get anywhere. My place was at the bottom of the barrel.

    Dan Murph: Oh, will you give it up?! I didnít believe that for a second. I looked at you and saw what you are- what you could be. A world champion, just like me- and whether you want to admit it or not- just like Ryan, too. When he said that you reminded him of himself it was true. We all saw it. We were pulling for you. I was pulling for you. I said all that crap in hopes of maybe you would get a fire under your ass and flourish to the heights you always talked about. Because quite frankly, kid, you belonged up there with myself, Scorch, Judge, JMC, and the rest of those guys. But you lacked the will. You said you had the hunger, the passion, but you never embodied it. You never invested fully into yourselfÖ and did you think we were just going to give you our spots?! Because if thatís what you believed than Iím sorry, but youíre living in a land of make believe. We were never going to give it to you. Even if we did would it have meant anything? Would you have been proud of yourself?

    It hurts Elijah with every fiber to agree with his former adversary, but he has point. Elijah has nothing else to do but nod in agreement with Dan Murph. Murph gives an expression that says, ďI figured you would see it my way.Ē

    Dan Murph: You traded in your pride for greed, man. You tried to take the low road when we offered it to you and it derailed everything you had going for you. I admit, Iím a bad man. Iíve done things that most men wouldnít have nerve to do. Iíve held up companies, Iíve destroyed companies, and Iíve burned friends along the way in exchange for what I wanted.. and I never expected that from you. I didnít want that from youÖ Kid, you have the world of potential in you, but it ainít going to mean shit if you donít believe in you. To hell with what anybody else thinks. To hell with what anyone says you canít do. Go out there and prove them wrong. Take that defiance and arrogance living inside you and channel it to make yourself better. To be where Iím at. Because you will one day if you can do all of that.

    Elijah Edwards: How could I believe you? What have you done to ever make me trust what youíre saying right now?

    Dan Murph: Because deep down, kid. You know Iím right. Besides, at this point.. Iíve got nothing to gain from itÖ I guess you could say Iím in the middle of a transition in my life and in my career. Iím trying to make amends for all the wrongs Iíve committed.. to be the hero I idolizedÖ Anyways, I just wanted you to know that. Take it however you want.. I just hope you use what Iíve told you today to better your future.

    With that, Dan Murph leaves, but not before giving Elijah a stern pat of the back. Elijah is once again alone and heís left to process everything heís just heard.


    Itís Monday morning. The sun is still creeping up as Elijah gazes out the window of Rickís Fitness Center in the middle of a run on a treadmill. His mind is practically blank as he keeps his steady pace. The only thing filling his head are the lyrics of ďNew DayĒ by The Bouncing Souls. Heís been going for close to sixty minutes now. This is only workout number one. Towards the end of the day, he will lift weights. The fast paced music is disrupted by the ringing of his cell phone.
    Elijah Edwards: Hello?

    Romeo Rollings: Chaaamp! How are you doing, buddy?

    Elijah Edwards: HorribleÖ. IĒm doing cardio right now.

    Romeo Rollings: Ah, (laughs) well, weíve all be there before, man. But running does the body good. Plus, itís going to keep you in ring shape.. Other than that youíre good? No hangs up about the triple threat match?

    Elijah Edwards: I wish instead of being congratulated with a good match people would be saying congratulations on becoming a two time High Voltage champion.. but Iíll manage. Regroup and kick ass. Thatís the motto, right?

    Romeo Rollings: One hundred percent. You better regroup, and fast too.

    The speed of the treadmill begins to decrease. Elijah begins to focus in on the conversation with Romeo.

    Elijah Edwards: And why is that, Rome?

    Romeo Rollings: WellÖ letís see.. how do I start this. Which part of the news do I start off with first? Both are good.. well, oneís good and the other maybe bad depending on perspective.

    Elijah Edwards: How about you just cut to the chase, Rollings. I donít want to play these games.

    Romeo Rollings: Right. Letís just rip the band off, huh? Okay, well for starters youíre going to be in a tournament called Ruler of the ring. Winner gets the bragging rights of being the ruler of the ring.. obviously.

    Elijah Edwards: Alright. Nothing wrong with that. Looks pretty neat on the resume.

    Romeo Rollings: Oh, buddy. We havenít even scratched the surface of this news.

    Elijah Edwards: Okay. Youíve got my curiosity.

    Romeo Rollings: Youíre facing Jon SnowmantashiÖ

    The treadmill comes to a crawl at the point.

    Elijah Edwards: Okay.. Itís gonna be a tough first round. Just got to stay sharp and play to my strengths.

    Romeo Rollings: For the World Heavyweight title..

    The treadmill stops. Elijah stands there dumbfounded. Itís as if heís living in a dream. Did he really just hear that? Is The Kaiju actually putting up his World Heavyweight title against him in the first round of a tournament? Elijah knew he was on a roll, but he didnít think his recent run would garner him this opportunity. Then again he was too much in the thick of things to really know.

    Romeo Rollings: Are you there? Yo! Hey! Elijah! Do I need to get the smelling salts? Which may be hard to do considering Iím in LA right now and youíre in CanadaÖ címon talk to me buddy.

    Elijah Edwards: Yeah, yeah. Iím here, Iím hereÖ Iím just surprised. I donít know what to say. I mean, itís awesome. This is tremendous.

    Romeo Rollings: Glad you think so man. Iím really glad youíre into this idea.

    Elijah Edwards: Uh, yeah! Why wouldnít I be?! Iím challenging for the frigginí Heavyweight championship of the World! The prize. What weíve always talked about. This is it. This is my shot.

    Romeo Rollings: Arenít you concerned at all?

    Elijah Edwards: Sure, Iíve got some nerves. Iíve never competed for a World Heavyweight championship before. Thereís gonna be some butterflies going into it. You know, when I walk down that aisle, but once the bell rings Iíll be dialed in. Itís just like any other match.

    Thereís a deafening silence on the end of the silver tongued agent.

    Romeo Rollings: Against the newly crowned World Heavyweight champion for his title. The guy who you faced before and he beat you like meat hanging from the ceiling as if he were Rocky Balboa.

    Elijah Edwards: It wasnít that bad. My head wasnít in the game. I will be now.

    Romeo Rollings: OkayÖ but heís got the size on you, Elijah. You can counter balance that with your speed, but heís deceptively quick and agile too. He plays more towards the strong style- naturally- but he can break it out a moonsault every now and again. Youíre a better technical wrestler than he is. Heís not going to be able to trade holds with you too well, but doesnít mean he canít muscle out. And heís got the big match experience.

    Elijah Edwards: Iíve had my fair share of big matches. Triple Threat at Five Star Attraction, matches against LIGHTBRINGER, Scorch, McGinnis, The One and Dan Murph. Itís nothing new.

    Romeo Rollings: But consistently in the big matches.. and winning.

    Elijah becomes furious by the words Rollingsí uses. Thereís a merit to truth in his words, but to come from his biggest supporter is jarring. Desperately, tries to restrain himself from a rash outburst.

    Elijah Edwards: Do you believe in me?

    Romeo Rollings: What? Of course! Iím Team Edwards for life, babyÖ Iím just-

    Elijah Edwards: Why are you doubting me then? Okay, heís been in the CWA main event scene for a long time. Heís had countless wars defending the World title. Heís been the World champion two times now. Keyword twice, meaning heís lost it once before. He can be beaten for it. I can beat him for it. Iíve pulled upsets over World champions before. When the world didnít think it was possible or doubted me. I shoved it back in their faces. I reminded them anything can happen. The outcome isnít set in stone.

    Romeo Rollings: Those were none title matches. They werenít putting their all into it. Do you think heís going to be on auto pilot?

    Elijah Edwards: Absolutely. He doesnít respect me. In his mind, Iím just another child wandering into the pantheon of immortals claiming to be a God. He doesnít see me as a demon lying in wait. He doesnít think heís going to have to put in any sort of effort to beat me. It will happen for him just like that. Just because heís Jon Snowmantashi heís expected to win? To hell with Snowmantashi! If heís gonna rest on his laurels then fine by me? Heís going to regret doubting me.

    Romeo Rollings: Itís for the World title!

    Elijah Edwards: Are you listening to me? He doesnít take me seriously. You too seem to be doubting me. I can do this. Iím fully capable of doing this. I may not have won at Kings Reign Supreme, but Michelle didnít get me down for the count. She didnít make me submit. LIGHTBRINGER couldnít either and he thought he could because he did it two times beforeÖ but I gave him the proverbial middle finger. I took his best and it still wasnít enough to put me away for the win. Michelle likes to think sheís better than me, yet didnít even get the satisfaction of getting the victory on my account. And lucky for me this match is one on one. No body to sneak up and take advantage of my handy work. No excuses for Snowmantashi. Heís going to be the one left embarrassed and with egg on his face. Heís going to go back to a locker room with the veteran wondering how in the hell could he lose to a ďscrubĒ. And heís going to have to admit to them and himself that Iím every bit as good as Iíve said I am!

    Romeo Rollings: I admire your confidence, Elijah. I really doÖ

    Elijah Edwards: And you better remember your apprehension when Iím wearing the strap around my waist.. because Iím not going to let you forget it. Iím taking what I want. Even if I have to crawl through hell seven times over and endure the beating of my life to get it. Iím not letting them win again. Not this time.

    Elijah hangs up the phone without a formal goodbye. He restarts the treadmill and goes back to work.


    We open on with a wide shot of an empty arena with a lone figure sitting high in the nose bleeds. This individual is Elijah Edwards. Heís dressed in a nice blazer with a shirt of the Tragic Kingdom album by No doubt and tattered jeans. Elijah is setting forward with his hands resting on his knees, almost in a retrospective demeanor. The camera pulls in closer on Elijah. The more he talks the closer the shot gets.

    I remember the firs time I ever saw a professional wrestling match. I must have been about four or five years old. The larger than life characters, the pageantry, the combat- the blend of theatre and sports was enough to stimulate my senses. At the age of seven, it became my obsession. Every time it was on tv- no matter if it was Saturday morning on a local channel or Monday night on TSN, I sat in front of the television screen watching. As I got older, and the internet became more prevalent, I would watch wrestling from all of the world. From Japan to Mexico, and so on. No matter how much wrestling I consumed, it was never enough. I always wanted more. Sure, I had other interest, but nothing could quite capture my interest as professional wrestling. As every child does, I mimicked my favorite wrestlers- creating outfits similar to that of my heroes to copying their mannerisms and maneuvers- pulverizing stuffed animals, family, and friends alike. I even envisioned myself as a champion. From imagining myself to be tag team champions with the likes of Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to being the Intercontinental champion.

    A huge grin surfaces on his face, recalling a cherished memory. He chuckles as he begins to explain.

    I remember once even making a World Heavyweight title out of cardboard, parading around my home with it around my waist or shoulder shouting, ďI am the man! Iím the champion of the world! Nobody is better than me.Ē

    He shakes his head, his smile unfathomably growing wider as he radiates joy. Elijah embraces the moment, briefly before moving on with his thoughts.

    It was at that young age I decided I would make this fantasy into a reality. Someway, somehow I was going to become a professional wrestler. Everyone in my family thought it was just a silly little phase. Most kids proclaim theyíll become a fireman, a police officer, a Power Ranger or what have you and eventually they would choose a career more ďrealisticĒ to most of society. They all believed that once I got older I would pick a career that was more sensible and financially beneficial. But the dream never died. I not only wanted to be a professional wrestler, but I wanted to be one of the best. I wanted my name to be spoken in the same breath as a Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Harley Race and so on and so forth. I wanted to be revered and spoken about the same way Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan were for their sports. A legacy that no one may ever match or surpass. My determination to be a professional wrestler never wavered. I even joined the wrestling team in middle school to help hone my skills and during the summer I would practice ju jitsu. By the time I was eighteen, on the brink of manhood, using all the money from summer jobs, birthdays, and selling old stuff of mine- I moved to Calgary to carry out my dream. On the first day, I must have been in a class of 40 people. Some looked as if if they were professional athletes while others looked as if if taking a step took away all their energy. The drills- my god- the drills. Theyíre burned into my memory as if it happened yesterday. I can remember the feeling my squads being sore after the 250 Hindu Squats we were forced to do. Each drill was harder than the last. Some gave up while others bodyís gave out on them from exhaustion. By noon, the class must have shrunken to at least 25, and by the next training session, the class dwindled down to at least twelve. No matter how much discomfort I felt, no matter how tired I became to the point I wanted to vomit my insides out, I never quit. I spent too many years dreaming about becoming a wrestler that I wasnít going to stop now. No matter how many nights I limped home or waking up too sore to get out of bed, I would train my ass of to become the best I could be.

    Fast forward eight months later, I was ready to compete inside a squared circle. The dreams of a child still intact, yearning to be fulfill them. It was in my wrestling infancy that I experienced the woes of professional wrestling, especially upon entry into this grueling sport. I may have been technically sound, better than most new comers and some veterans, but I was nowhere near the caliber of athlete as many of the men I would face in EWE. Each and every week, I suffered lost after lost after lost. I lost so much that I started to think it was my middle name. I would win matches intermittently against less than exemplary wrestlers, and it would boost my spirits. My outings would earn me contenderships and championship matches. Every time I wrestled against the champion for their gold, I would lose- lose spectacularly. It didnít matter how much I pumped out my chest and shouted to anyone who would listen that I was going to beat them. And I never would. Why couldnít I beat them? I wanted it. I wanted it so bad. I wanted it more than I wanted anything in the world.

    Elijahís clutches his fist, gritting his teeth in the process as well. The frustration and heartbreak of losing hitting him like a tidal wave. Itís as if it happened a week ago. Itís a reminder, a motivator. While itís history, itís a feeling he never wants to experience again. A set back he never allow himself to endure again. Not if he has anything to say about it. He takes a deep breath, sitting back in his chair appearing pensive.

    It took me a long time to realize the teachings most of the Power veterans were trying to instill in me- despite their harsh and cruel actions towards me. I had a championís desire, but I lacked a champions work ethic and mind. A champion doesnít log in an hours worth of practice and day and think thatís going to get the job done. No, a champion slaves away 7 to 10, maybe 12, hours a day honing their skills until itís second nature. Practicing a single hold over a thousand times even when itís perfect. In the ring, when youíre pushed to the point of exhaustion, youíre hurt, and taking a beating you donít stop- you donít give up. Doesnít matter how much physical anguish youíre feeling. You have to dig deep, deeper than you ever would possibility think to dig, down in the reserves, a place you didnít think you even had, and continue to march forward. It doesnít matter if your collar bone is bruised or your knee is smashed to bits. You gotta keep pressing on until the bell sounds and you get what you want. Itís paying attention to the small things. The little details that a normal person wouldnít notice. Itís being better than everyoneís best. Going further than anyone else while not being distracted by others. Itís taking on the tough challengers who spectators and analyst may perceive to be better than you finding their weak spots- no matter how small of a weakness it is- exploit it and use it to your advantage. Itís doing what you do best and not giving a damn what anybody thinks. Thatís a mentality that got me to where I am today. Itís the same mentality that got me through wrestling school and itís what had lead me to this moment at Adrenaline Rush.

    The intensity building within Elijah Edwards comes pouring out in this moment. Heís even found himself standing at this point and somewhere within his speech the blazer he was wearing has come off, throwing it to the floor to accentuate his point. His breathing has become sharp and his gaze reads as if his blood his boiling. Itís as if The World Heavyweight champion is standing right in front of him. As if these two titans are a mere bell ringing away from clashing. Maybe heís staring at us all who are watching at this right now. Thatís how close we are at this point. Heís speaking directly to us.

    Any confidence I lacked in my early career, I have found and itís served me well. Itís helped me garner victories over Craig Owens and Jonathan McGinnis. Itís what helped me put on the performance of a lifetime against the LIGHTBRINGER in our two one on one matches and in the Triple Threat at Kings Reign Supreme. The championís work ethic, that mind set, is what made me take FOUR LIGHTBRINGER Lariats, a move that would have taken out any other competitor after one, and keep on fighting. And sure, even with this mentality, failure comes. Itís inevitable. No one is perfect. We all fall. Itís what you do after the loss that defines you. I didnít stop and sulk when I lost the High Voltage championship. I got back to work to better myself, using the loss as a learning tool. Just like my loss at Kings Reign Supreme. Iím not going to throw my arms in the air, give up, and call it a career. Iím disappointed that I loss, but I have nothing to be ashamed of in the work I put in during the match because itís lead me to this match in the Ruler of the Ring against Jon Snowmantshi.. for the World Heavyweight Championship none the less.

    A proud yet jokey smile appears on Elijahís face as he delivers the last line. He stands defiantly as he begins to deliver the next part of his speech.

    No one, outside of my friends and family, believe I have a chance against the Kaiju. After all, the last time Snowmantashi and I stood across the ring from one another he beat me. Whatís to make anyone believe I am capable of beating him now? He's a two time World Heavyweight champion. He's been in the Main Event scene for over a year now. Heís the premiere wrestler of the CWA brand, heís the champion. Iím nothing more than a lowly mid carder who spent the majority of his run duking it out in the opening match or middle of the card. y. Well, letís consider the circumstances of our last encounter. He beat me in the infancy of my growth as a wrestler. He beat an Elijah Edwards who wasnít one hundred percent committed to the match. He beat a man on cloud nine from winning his first ever championship. He didnít face the battle hardened, tried and tested Elijah Edwards. The man who stood face to face with the Indy God and embarrassed him for ever considering that I wasnít in his league. The man who took LIGHTBRINGER The man who stood across from the previous World Heavyweight champion who scoffed me challenging him only to end up being embarrassed not once, but twice. A man driven for greatness.

    Elijah begins to lean forward. The camera pulls in closer.

    Look me in my eyes, Jon.

    Itís an extreme close up on Elijahís Eyes. His left index finger comes into frame has he begins to point. And as his speech unfurls, the camera pulls back to a medium shot.

    I want you to remember this gaze as we stand across from each other in the introductions of our match. I want you to see that every word I utter I feel and believe whole heartedly. I want you to see the fire burning inside of me thatís going to carry me through in this match against you. The childhood dream waiting to become a reality. The motivation to right the wrong of putting in a world class effort against LIGHTBRINGER and Michelle von Horrowitz and losing despite not being pinned or submitted, knowing that I could very well be standing here today the High Voltage championship, but Iíll assuage the burden of defeat with the consolatory prize of the World Heavyweight title.

    Youíre not Inhuman, Jon. You can be hurt, you can be punished. You can lose just like me and McGinnis before you. I donít care how hard you hit me, Jon. Your chops may feel like being hit with an aluminum baseball bats and your punches may feel like Iím being creamed in the face with cinderblocks; Iím going to keep coming back and hitting you just as hard. I will bring you to the mat and I will negate your strikes. Iíll focus on your leg- Iíll wrap it around the post and lock you in the figure four if I have to. Iíll batter your arms until youíre incapable of bringing the Hailstorm upon me. You may not think Iím a threat, but youíre going to learn just how mistaken you and everyone else is. Youíre going to give me the respect that I deserve. Iím not asking for it, Jon. Because quite frankly Iím going to take it from you- just like Iím going to take the World Heavyweight title from you.

    You also call yourself the Kaiju? Well, consider me the Oxygen Destroyer to your Godzilla. The monster may leave a wake of devastation in their path throughout the course of a movie, but in the end they always fall.

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