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    Apollo Mars

    Apollo Mars is seen in a dimly lit area, the only source of light being the pale moon shining from the stained glass windows. He was in an old, abandoned church, signs graffiti and vandalism everywhere.

    He was wearing combat boots, with black, skin tight jeans, held up by a chain link belt. He wore a Bullet For My Valentine shirt, with a black zip up hoodie over it. His hands were covered with fingerless gloves, and there was a spiked choker around his neck. There was a dark shade of lipstick on, along with heavy eyeliner. His hair was pulled back, in typical Apollo fashion.

    Apollo: I am...

    He sighed, sounding annoyed.

    Apollo: The angsiest, edgiest wrestler alive. It's not easy being so...psychopathic and emo. Their are others just like me, doing the same things I do, wearing the same clothes I do. But they're different. But they're really not. Half of CWA's roster is like me...All dark, and crazy.

    He rolled his eyes, sighing again.

    Apollo: All these other baby devouring, people killing, asylum living wrestler are such a nightmare to live with.

    He ran a hand through his hair, continuing. A wolf howled in the distance.
    Apollo: If there was anymore like me, I'd lose all humanity.

    Suddenly, his mood switched from the emo, angsty gimmick, to his natural, superior attitude.

    Apollo:This is what those tools sound like. This is what half of CWA's roster sounds like. Clowns like Mr. Enigma, and fools like Max, they all act the same. They're self-proclaimed psycopaths, and yours truly is on a mission to knock everyone of the crazy train.

    He chuckled, a grin spreading from ear to ear.
    Apollo: After these two are promptly dealt with, I swear to you, there's more to come. I have a list, and I plan to get done with it quickly.

    He pulled a piece of paper from his pocket, showing it to the camera. At the top, it said "Pin list". Under it, "Humanity. Nightmare. Max. Mr. Enigma. Shade. Fire Dragon. Jeremiah Johnson." At the bottom, crossed out, was "Craig Owens".

    Apollo: Week after week, I hope to be put up against one of the listed fellows. CWA will soon become a battleground, and I will bask in the chaos, whilst perfecting my hair. Apollo Mars is the new King of this ring.
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