*The scene fades into the outside of the CWA Headquarters building. Parked outside of the building is a black box van w none other than The Fire Dragon sitting behind the wheel. The Dragon has on a black hockey golie mask with flames on it and is casually dressed in a black tee and jeans. The Fire Dragon observes as executives walk in and out of the building going about their day.*

Fire Dragon: Soon, verrrry soon this entire federation is going to understand what I have in store. Ha-ha.

*The Fire Dragon begins to chuckle in a quiet sadistic manner as he looks into the back of the van and sees a black duffle bag stuffed with unknown items.*

Fire Dragon: I think I may need a bigger bag after all.

*All of a sudden the Fire Dragon's phone begins to ring. He looks down at the phone and flashes a smile across his face.*

Fire Dragon: Well, well, well. I heard you were around. Took you this long to finally make this call.

*The scene fades to black as The Fire Dragon takes the call.*