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Thread: Current CWA World Champion Contract Negotiation.

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    Current CWA World Champion Contract Negotiation.

    Source: Top Rope Observer

    Current reigning CWA World Champion Jonathan McGinnis and CWA have been reported to be at odds with one another. McGinnis who signed a two year deal early in the year is reported to be turning down any contract extension from CWA. The skyrocketing success of McGinnis has to be a driving factor for why CWA wants to lock up McGinnis for the long term future. But reports are that McGinnis has turn down offers to extend the contract which sets to expire in 2017. McGinnis being the first of huge signing CWA made from the indy scene request a two year deal and now with the great success that he has had in the company, leaves more to be desired from "The Last Indy Darling". His "Super Kick City" T-shirt is one of the top selling gear on and looks to be a bright light for CWA in the future. His match against Cyrus Truth at World Strongest is a favorite to win Match Of The Year honors and as well he booked to headline the next CWA pay per view "Kings Reign Supreme"

    Adrenaline Rush General Manager Isaac Richmann posted a few tweets responding to the reports.

    Quote Originally Posted by Isaac Richmann @CWARichmann
    We here in CWA all have intent to give CWA the best wrestlers around the world and McGinnis is indeed one of the best.
    Quote Originally Posted by Isaac Richmann @CWARichmann
    The rumors that McGinnis turned down any contract extension is false. The facts remain that he is our champion and he is a member of the CWA roster.

    McGinnis and his wife Kate both responded on twitter to the report on his future in CWA.


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    Re: Current CWA World Champion Contract Negotiation.

    Johnny Vegas is willing to flip the bill to pay for McGinnis if he in return delivers a favor

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    Re: Current CWA World Champion Contract Negotiation.

    Don't worry. The Echo will take great care of Super kick city for him
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