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    The Echo

    The Echo

    You have to give it to the Connors – they may be the most pompous, ponderous c**ts the gods ever suffered to walk the world, but they do have outrageous amounts of talent

    Name: Drew Conner & Ethan Conner
    Nickname: Vicious and Delicious, The Money Makers, The Leaders of the Tag Team revolution, The Dork killers. The Pride of Georgia, The trailer park boys. Team Controversial. The Show Stealer.
    Date of Birth: April 6th, 1989/ June 3th, 1990
    Currently Residing: Gainvilles Georgia by way of your mother’s bedroom
    Height*: 5ft 10/5ft 10in
    Weight: 172 ibs/178 ibs
    Gimmick: Brash? Oh yes. Cocky? Most certainly. Controversial? Without question. But Talented? Undisputed. Ever since they were six years old Drew and Ethan Conner –Collectively known as The Echo- have had quite a journey from body slamming each other in their trailer park from in Gainvilles to becoming one of the best independent Tag Teams in the world…And they would be the first to tell you; They are motivated by two things: A desire to prove themselves as the best tag team in the world today and .. and how much cash gets stuffed into their white envelope at the end of the night. Convinced that they truly are God's gift to professional wrestling, The Echo have made enemies worldwide due to their attitudes and have reputations are…Well…Loose cannons, having been fired from numerous companies from saying things they shouldn’t. Let’s just say CWA is in for a rough ride

    Disposition: Heel; Cocky as hell and disrespectful who doesn’t share their last name but they back it up. (The 21th-century face is yesterday’s cocky and edgy heel)

    Wrestling Style*:
    "I’d really love to see how one of these boys gets on without their brother at ring side. They fight like jackals".-Michelle von Horrowitz

    Spot Monkey's and proud high paced and breakneck speed offence and they’re the kings of “tandom offence” What makes the Echo so dangerous is not just there natural ability . But their unparalleled gift of making any match they're in feel like a handicap match even when the odds are even. Never assume you're safe when facing The Connor Brothers. You need eyes on the back of your head because the instant you put your full attention on one Connor? The Other's right there to Sucker Punch you. The moment you go to deal with him. The other will be more then happy to creep up and low blow you from behind. They surround and overwhelm you and they are damn good at it

    Wrestling Abilities: Speed (1) Technical (3) Power (5) Brawling (4) Charisma (2)

    Signature Taunts/Poses:
    -Crotch Chops
    -Often gives Lindsay Monahan ridiculous things to add to their introduction; EG: The only force that can put down Godzilla/ Jesus’s favourite tag team/ The men who made Goku their bitch
    -Has been known to put their hands out for their opponents to shake only to either A) Turn around and shake each other’s hands instead B) Takes the hand back and instead give out middle fingers C) Same as B but with Crotch Chops
    -During a period of dominance for The Echo, the Conner that is standing on the rope will jump off and try to chat up any attractive girl in the front row.
    -At random the Conner that is standing on the apron would get into the ring and randomly race across and wack the illegal man on the opponent simply because “He was bored”
    -Known to try and start “These guys suck” chants in the middle of matches-
    - After a winning match they’ve been known to ummm…tea bag their foes halo style
    - The legal man of the match claps his hands together behind the referee's back, who usually is arguing with the opposition, to fake a tag (Illegal, only used when referee is not looking)

    “The Party’s here!”
    “This is too easy” –Shouted out in the middle of a match-
    “You’re welcome Pro Wrestling”
    “Why? Because we can”

    Entrance theme:
    Primus- Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

    Canadian Destroyer
    Super Kick

    450° splash, sometimes while springboarding
    Handspring backflip into a tornado DDT
    Leg lariat
    Moonsault into a tornado DDT
    Multiple frankensteiner variations

    Springboard shooting star press
    Super Kick


    Handstand headscissors takedown
    Standing shiranui
    Hurricanrana, sometimes while springboarding
    Leg trap sunset flip powerbomb
    Pele Kick
    Suicide dive
    *Note for writers; Please don't consider this the sum of The Echo's single moveset, these are merely signature moves so don't feel like these are the only moves you can use. Feel free to add any spot monkey high flying move you see fit*

    More Bang for Your Buck- “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”

    Indytaker- (Skull F**ker)

    Stereo Super Kick (Can be used as a finisher

    Stereo Roaring Elbow
    Double and stereo enzuigiris to one or two opponents respectively
    Corkscrew neckbreaker by one onto the other’s knee
    Wheelbarrow hold by into a slingshot sitout facebuster
    Stereo 450’s
    Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker /Diving knee drop
    Super kick by one Conner into a German suplex by the other
    Brother one throws Brother two overhead, allowing the other to perform a double dropkick on two prone opponents
    Spinebuster / Springboard spinning wheel kick combination
    Simultaneous suicide dives on different opponent
    Vertical suplex / Diving crossbody combination
    High elevation double hip toss
    Southern Lights Suplex-Conner brother 1 applies a Northern Lights hold before Conner brother 2 bounces off of the ropes (behind the opponent). Conner brother 2 comes back and gives the opponent a STIFF kick to the back of the head, which is immediately followed by Conner brother one completing the Northern Lights Suplex to pin
    Rock-Paper-Scissors Assisted Elbow Drop-They rock-paper-scissors and the loser goes on his hands and knees. The winner runs off the ropes and jumps off them for a flying elbow drop
    Rock-Paper-Scissors Flying Forearm- They rock-paper-scissors and the loser goes on his knees. This time, the winner is aiming at an opponent whose been whipped to the corner.
    Bright Lights- One Conner brother positions his victim on the top rope rope while Conner brother 2 moves to the centre of the ring facing the turnbuckle. Conner brother one performs a hurricanrana but on the way down Conner brother 2 uses the momentum and catches the opponent in a powerbomb position
    Trailer Park Power Bomb-Conner brother 1 sets up the opponent in a powerbomb position while Conner brother two climbs the top rope. As Conner brother brings the opponent to the top of the powerbomb, Conner brother 2 jumps towards the opponent and connects with a leg drop while Conner brother 1 brings the opponent crashing down to the mat
    Drive by- The Connor on the ropes will blind tag in. The Legal Connor in the ring hits a Pele kick while the other goes off the ropes behind the opponent and shoulder blocks the back of the knee, causing the opponent to turn inside out and land on his stomach from the two strikes that hit at the same time.

    Previous Experience (If any): I think only Jimmy, HM and Willis has been around longer then me >>

    Injury History (If any): N/A

    Name of character representative*: The Young Bucks; Drew=Matt Ethan=Nick


    Promo*: You know me
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    Re: The Echo

    I should be mad at you for giving up on a brand new character and signing up with a new one...BUT keeping up with a character who you don't particularly care for isn't very fun, so I understand.

    Plus, this does seem more your style and I will never say "No" to a new tag team.

    Just make sure you do well with this, or I'mma beat you with my belt.

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    Re: The Echo

    Jonathan McGinnis has a superkick rival.

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    Re: The Echo

    McGinnis is still and forever will be the Mayor of "Superkick City"!

    [04:46 AM] Punk Wolf: Willis is our Modern-Day Jesus.
    [06:15 AM]Baldwin: Ily Willy
    [05:35 PM]Jon Snow: Willis, your misogyny must be put to an end.
    [06:57 PM]
    Jim: I like Willis more and more with each day
    [04:43 PM]Jim: Which is why Willis > Natural
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: hes like a roman reigns
    [06:06 AM] King Carl: willis has the raw sex appeal tho
    [11:18 AM]Order: I LOVE BIG WILLY

    Spartacus - " There is no greater victory than to fall from this world... A free man. "

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    Re: The Echo

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus T View Post
    I should be mad at you for giving up on a brand new character and signing up with a new one...BUT keeping up with a character who you don't particularly care for isn't very fun, so I understand.

    Plus, this does seem more your style and I will never say "No" to a new tag team.

    Just make sure you do well with this, or I'mma beat you with my belt.
    Which belt

    ​i had to, its not even funny, but i had to.

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    Re: The Echo

    Yeah, this definitely seems more like your style. I'm sorry to see de oro go, but I'm looking forward to see where you go would this team and like Cyrus said its never fun to write for a character that you're not having fun with and we need more tag teams.

    They will be booked on the next show.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: The Echo

    Small update

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    Re: The Echo

    New theme

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    Re: The Echo

    Double Barrel Shot Gun Always Get The Job Done
    Handicap Match
    The Echo Vs.Jon Snowmantashi
    Adrenaline Rush
    Jacksonville, FL

    You looking at the grand wizard, war lord vocal chord so vicious
    And I don't have to show riches to pull up pull off with some bad bitches
    And it ain't about chivalry
    It's about dope lyrics and delivery
    It's about my persona ain't nothing like a man that can do what he wanna
    Ain't nothing like man on that you knew on the corner

    The following is an excerpt from an article from What Culture.Com entitled “The Ten Most Shocking Echo Moments OF All Time”

    #2 The Birth of the “Kiss Echo’s Ass Club”
    When talking about the most controversial moments in the history of Japanese wrestling no conversation could be complete without mentioning The Connor Brothers and the controversy they seem to relish with everything they do. Besides of course the obvious comparison to “The Future” Tag Team Wrestling had rarely seen the like of Drew and Ethan Connor, quite possibly the most irritating and infuriating talented tag teams ever to come down the line in the last decade and the fact that they’re only in their mid twenties just guarantees they’re just going to get louder and louder.

    There have been a TON controversial moments involving The Echo, from walk outs. Drunken behaviour and general “Rock Star” Behaviour but one incident stands above all the rest, The Reason why if you mention the name “Connor” to any wrestling fan in Japan they’d most likely spit on the ground in disgust. The reason that NWAJP President Zero Inoki has publically stated that if The Echo ever so much as comes near Japan again, he’d be personally be waiting at the airport for them with a bat -Rumours that Celina Sasha is working through a lawsuit is unconfirmed-

    24th of May 2014: The Night The Echo went too far.

    The really understand what happened, you first need to understand a few things about Wrestling crowds in Japan.
    Japanese fans watch wrestling in a far different way than American fans.They are often eerily quiet during matches. It's not a quiet born from boredom though but from respect.
    The crowd doesn't react as loudly or expressively as other crowds, but they react to more of the nuances of the sport. It is an audience with an appreciation for armbars and escapes from leg scissors.It seems they are watching for every subtle aspect of a match, soaking in things that some American crowds might be too impatient for. great attention to the matches and applaud good spots or highly technical moves. The quieter they are, the better, as it's a sign that they're being respectful and watching carefully

    Even as famously understated as Japanese crowds are,....They really couldn’t contain themselves when it comes to The Echo. Quickly getting under the skin of the audiences with their typical antics, tinted with anti-Japanese comments poking fun at the crowd and lovingly beating on cult favourites and altogether lovable underdogs Jigglypuff and BoBo. Who they won the SPJ tag team titles from -Only the second American team to do so- Given the likeability of Jigglypuff and BoBo and how annoying The Echo were, the feud quickly captured the wrestling world with the simple story it seemed to get the crowds attention with the simple story of the plucky respectful baby faces and the bullish irritating foreigners. All culminating in the SPJ’s biggest show of the year set in the heart of Japanese wrestling- The Tokyo Dome- and in the biggest match of their career up to that point they two teams went hard and fast for a good 20 minutes in what would be considered an underrated classic overshadowed by what was to happen next, The Echo narrowly retained their titles much to the displeasure of the capacity crowd…

    ..and that was only going to be enhanced by what was to happen next…

    As usual, The Echo stayed in the ring far after the ending bell happy to whip up the crowd and shove their titles in the crowds faces, rubbing their nose in their victory laughing and gleefully feeding off their boos. They weren’t done yet, as they climbed out of the ring and retrieved steel chairs which they used to beat on Jigglypuff and BoBo all the more must to the disgust of the crowd at large and the commentators and especially their partners in the SSD dojo Lightbringer and Himawari. Who were in the crowd that night, arguably if security wasn’t there to hold them back they would have jumped the rail. But the Echo wasn’t done not by a long shot. They got on the mic and cut yet another typical Echo promo mocking the crowd sarcastically telling them how good they were, and talking about how Japan love them before claiming they’ll leave the crowd with one last parting gift. After spying the SSD in the crowd The brother’s called out to them daring them to get in the ring before nailing BoBo with a double superkick and tossing him out of the ring and then they were before going over to the unconscious Jigglypuff (who has been done in with chairs) and Ethan lifted him up slightly whilst the Drew took down his tights/pants slightly and force Jigglypuff to become the first ever member of the “Echo Kiss my ass club”

    For a culture that prided itself on respect, the crowd was STUNNED especially when they then exited the ring and came face to face with the families of BoBo and Jigglypuff and simply gave them a crotch chop before walking up .

    The PPV was brought to a screeching halt as the crowd was on the verge of a near scale riot, calling for The Echo’s head. It took them almost twenty minutes to calm the crowd down and quite possibly one of the biggest pop of the night was when it was announced on the PA system that The Echo was hereby stripped of the tag team titles and fired from SPJ.

    In the coming days, the clip was played over and over again on Japanese TV, Dominated the back pages and the clip of the incident became viral on youtube. As a result to this day The Echo has been blacklisted from every Japanese promotions, In true Connor fashion, however, after the incident they were the were the ones to demand that the Japanese wrestling world apologises to them for severely disrespecting them.

    They have yet to receive any apology

    CWA Adrenaline Rush is deep within the action as the cameras pan to the backstage area, more specifically, the locker room area. The cameras peep into the locker rooms, where we see the various lockers and benches, but something different catches their eye. The fans immediately see familiar faces-Drew and Ethan Connor collectively known as The Echo. The fans immediately boo at the sight of the tag champs, as they stood turned to the camera. On the benches beside them are the converted CWA World titles. In Drew’s hand was a white Styrofoam cup filled with what we could assume was coffee or tea.

    Drew Connor: Can you believe it?”

    Ethan stood there ruefully shaking his head . Drew stood there, coffee cup in hand as he took a sip of it. It must have been a gross cup of coffee as he immediately reacted accordingly.

    Drew Connor “Okay, first of all, whoever made this cup of coffee should be fired on the spot. Seriously. How hard is it to add two creams, one sugar? It's not hard--- a monkey could do that. Hell, Michelle could even do it!”

    Drew was completely dumbfounded. He threw the coffee cup to the side as the light brown liquid fell to the ground, making a mess. The brothers would both look at the mess both shrugging their shoulders not even caring one bit

    Ethan Connor: Lightbringer will mop that up later.”

    The crowd reacted accordingly, as a loud chorus of 'Oooooohhhhh' rang loud. They smirked and continued onward turning to the camera

    Drew Connor: Bad coffee aside, let's get down to brass tax shall we?

    Ethan Connor: “Oh boy oh boy oh boy….

    Drew Connor: We’ve been in this company for a year, almost a full year since we first signed on the dotted line for CWA we’ve been waiting and praying and BEGGING for this match and now almost a year later…..we got everything we’ve been screaming at the next fight night. Main Event. …One of the poster boys. It’s X-mas come early.

    Drew runs his hands through his hair and smacks his brother on the shoulder

    Drew Connor: Bro? Get your harpoon ready. We’ve going whaling”

    Ethan claps his hands together clearly excited

    Ethan Connor: This night has a been a LOOOOONG time coming. This should have been the main event of Five Star Attraction.It should have been OUR names on the marquee, the spotlight, that belonged to us, but that night in Detroit at The WrestleRoyale, Michelle Von Whatever saved your damn life.

    Drew Connor: ...and your title. It doesn’t matter if it’s just one of us, Or Both of us, at Five Star Attraction that belt was destined to come back home to the trailer parks with us.But you dodged a bullet that night. You avoid the match of your life and instead you got….Michelle.

    Drew wrinkles up his nose and Ethan scoffs as if to say “Seriously”

    Drew Connor: “Seriously? We’ve meant to be impressed by what you did that night? Beating a girl who looks like she’s a 12-year-old boy whose balls haven’t dropped yet? Who's not even half your size? Whoop-de-do.

    Ethan Connor: “Seriously who even remembers Five Star Attraction anyway?I don’t all people remember about it was when the Indy Club smacked around Johnny Vegas like a prison bitch.

    Drew Connor: “If you don’t give us the spotlight, we take it.

    Ethan Connor: Just like tonight’s main events. We’ve beenclamouring for this match for months. MONTHS on end, we’ve been saying that you put us in the ring with any of the big players the main event impact players and each and every one of them would be made our bitches. Since day one we told them that. Day one. The first goal was always to win these titles

    As he speaks Ethan grabs his own belt from the bench and shoves it in full view of the camera making sure everyone can see the nameplate “Connor” on the belts

    Drew Connor: And we did that of course, but unlike most tag teams? We’ve not happy with that. The day AFTER we won these belts for the first time we marched into Richman’s office put our feet on his expensive coffee table smacked his PA’s ass and we said; “We want main events. We want big Jon. We want MVH. We want title shots. Main Events. MONEY. We want what we’ve got coming to us, that was always the plan. Pure domination allll over CWA. We get the Tag Team titles. He gets the High Voltage Title I get the World title it-

    Ethan Connor: “Woah, woah, woah! Wait. Why do you get the world title? I want the world title!

    Drew Connor: Semantics Ethan. Semantics. I’m just making a point.

    Ethan Connor: “Ok, Great. So YOU can get the High Voltage Title and I get the World title. Every-

    Drew Connor: Hey! Cool, your jets chief! Why should YOU get the world title!? I’m the older brother!

    Ethan Connor “First of all, don't call me Chief! Do I look like I am wearing feathers to you?! Second of all, it's called the World HEAVYWEIGHT title for a reason! I’m exactly six pounds more heavy then you. Between the two of us, I’m the most qualified!

    Drew Connor:-I don’t believe this- Look do we really have to do through this again? Remember that show we did in Kentucky? Where we were booked against each other?

    Ethan Connor: Oh you gotta bring THAT up!

    Drew Connor: How did that end for you huh? I pinned you!

    Ethan did not take too kindly to that absolute fact that DC dropped on him as he begins to shout and wave his arms around


    Drew Connor: “WE WERE INSIDE!”



    The two were bickering back and forth much to the amusement of the live crowd. Drew stopped, took a deep breath and smiled as he closed his eyes and shook his head backing off a little his hand raised in a traditional “cool off” motion

    Drew Connor: “Look, it doesn’t matter -Even though I did beat you- The point is, we never got those big matches, we never got those shots. You know what we got instead, bottom feeders and dorks who couldn’t keep up with us on their best day. We were stranded in mid card hell. Because that’s what tag team wrestling has become, CWA had been brainwashed to expect mediocrity from their tag team champions. Every other tag team, before us, has never had OUR ambition. Our desire and most importantly OUR talent! You line up every single world champion in this company's history and I PROMISE you we’ll tear them all apart,and we’ve been telling the world that since DAY ONE. And only now are people actually listening to us.

    Sure things might have been a little tense there, but at the reminder of how far they’ve come Ethan smiles again and slings his belts around his shoulder

    Ethan Connor: The Indy Club rules this place, WE run this place The Leaders Of The Tag Team Revolution. The Wet Dream Team! The Party Starters! The Golden Gods Of Wrestling. Yada, yada, yada, other names we can't think of right now. Just like we told you last week we DOMINATED THE CWA. We did exactly what we said we were going to do, we told them we were going to take back OUR belts from those two mouth breathers! And now? The Echo are simply the best thing going today! There isn't even a close second!

    Drew Connor: Back to jerking the curtain Bruce and Benny…

    Ethan Connor: “Drew, this is a family show.”

    Drew didn't care and,quite frankly,neither did Ethan

    Ethan Connor:“Quite honestly, even though The Moment gave the worst performance we have ever seen since Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern, the sad fact remains that they got to experience what the main event truly feels like, but trust me,dorks,after Retribution, you'll be back to the bottom of the card, exactly where you belong

    Drew Connor:My last bowel movement was harder than beating these two dorks.”

    They both share a chuckle at that for a moment before moving on

    Ethan Connor: But that’s the past. Now we look to the future. Now we look to the Snowman…

    Drew Connor: Let’s go ahead and take The Indy club out of this, let go ahead and take the champ out of the equation. Boom. Nonfactor. No, our problems with tubs started a long time, Johnny shoved his foot down Johnny Vegas’s Throat. See I don’t know if you remember this snowman, but we were actually signed in the exact same week. That week, we should have had a ticket tape parade through the doors of CWA. That should have been the headline in pro wrestling. Hell, they should have handed us the tag team titles the day we walked through the front door. But no, NO ONE was talking about us….but you wanna know who they were talking about….YOU.

    Ethan Connor: “Every damn mark and dork were sucking you off “Oh Jon Snowmantashi is here! Oh, he’s so great! I can’t WAIT until he gets a title shot!”

    The Echo seem impossibly appalled at the idea that someone actually got more attention than them, clearly the worse thing they can think of. As Drew holds up two fingers in disgust

    Drew Connor: “Two weeks. That how long it took you to get the main event match. Two. Weeks. You wanna know what we were doing? We were OPENING the damn show, we some ass wipes that couldn’t hang five minutes with us! This is only our SECOND main event match. We literally crawled our way from the bottom of the card to the main event, while you were HANDED the limelight. No one was helping USout. We didn’t abuse a friendship with the world champ to get to the top. But yet there you were, the ink on your contract not even dry and you’ve got handed to you what it took us a LIFETIME to work for and that. Pisses. Us. off.

    Ethan Connor: You want to know something Stay Puff. You’re not as bad as you THINK you are, you’re not as bad as THEY think you are, are you big? As a tank. Are you tough? Sure. But are you….heh….”Kaiju”? Nope

    He draws out the word “Kaju”his tone totally full of scorn and his voice dripping with sarcasm

    Drew Connor: That’s the problem with you Puro f**ks. You believe your own hype. You all got your heads up your asses.

    Ethan Connor: Or up our asses.

    They both share matching smirks at that comment enjoying alluding to the incident that got them thrown out of Japan

    Drew Connor, See guys like you and Lightbringer, just because you have a chop fetish and you’re all stiff as balls that that makes you BETTER than us. We spent YEARS in your dojo’s and they had to kick us out because we were destroying Tokyo like his name was God and my name Zilla.

    Ethan Connor: “Its time for a wake-up call boy! You think you’re invincible and you think were just pipsqueaks that you can just slap around. You think you’re a fighter? You haven’t fought for dick into the ring with The Connors. See You got a handicap match against The Moment a few weeks ago and you could have won that match with your hands tied behind your back….It’s the Moment. So What?! We ain’t Benny and Bruce! We’ve The Echo Mother F**ker! We’ve he the greatest Tag Team this company has ever SEEN. No fuck that. We’ve the finest wrestlers on the globe. We are ELITE. We don’t care if you’re the greatest single wrestler in the world. You’re still just. One. Man. A fat man. A UGLY man. But just ONE man and you want to take BOTH of on at the same time?! You’re out of your mind.

    Drew Connor: You’ve seen that movie, wattacall it?! King Kong, See. King Kong was just strolling around using New York as his own personal playground and he climbed to the highest place he could possibly go, and he felt INVINCIBLE but soon enough here comes the fighter jets

    Ethan Connor Rat-ta-ta-ta-ta

    Ethan bends his hands and fingers in the shape of guns holds them up and begins to move them in a swaying movement making the sound of guns with is hands

    Drew Connor: ...And sure he tried swiping at that but they were just TOO fast. TOO Quick. TOO many and they cut his hairy ass full of bullets and he fell all. The. way. down. to earth.

    Drew empathise the last four words by jabbing his finger at the ground

    Ethan Connor: “See, you can fight all you want, but at the end of the day, you’re just ONE man. Going up against the most dominating team and the most dominating club Pro Wrestling has ever seen. Johnny broke you physically at Retribution and we’ve here to pick apart what’s left and we’d like to say that this was just club business….but it’s not.It’s personal.Ethan, what’s the code everyone in CWA has to follow? “You don’t Fuck with our family. You don’t disrespect us. EVER

    Drew Connor: ….And you Snowman. You had the nerve . The BALLS. To go on national TV and tell the world that:Tthe Echo are disgracefulresura’s who use silly means to draw attention to themselves because they not know how to really fight

    Ethan looks to the ground for a moment his face steadily growing red shaking his head clearly stunned by the remark as his brother laughs in bemusement

    Drew Connor: “He says we don’t know how to fight man

    Drew exchanges incredulous looks with his brother before moving towards the camera a step forward

    Drew Connor: “Let me ask you something Jon-Boy have you ever rifled through dumpsters, through trash cans, looking for even just a crumb to keep your insides from eating themselves because you're so hungry, you haven't eaten in a week?! Y'know that feeling you get when you haven't eaten all day so you can look your damn finest when the camera comes to life? Try doing that for a whole week, but not by choice, just because ya don't have the money to get yourself a damn buttered roll. Ya can't sleep because your stomach is empty and pretty pissed off that you've neglected it. Ya can't stay awake because your eyes hurt, your brain can't even function, and all you want is TO END IT. But you can't, because the voice in your head tells you're gonna be somebody, someday. We deal with that hunger every, single day, even when we’ve well-fed. We want the world, but all we get is a steaming pile of dog shit on my doorstep.

    Ethan Connor: “We’ve been fighting all our lives you fat fuck! while you gorging yourself on egg rolls and turkey legs we were homeless starving on the street. We’ve been fighting EVERY day of our lives while you had the world handed to you on a damn plate. You don’t know the first thing about fighting, oh but you will…We’ve running you out of town.You want to see fight? We’ll show you fight. And when you’re picking your broken body off the ground Just get ready to kick our asses.

    Drew Connor:Let's just get the hell out of here, just thinking about that whale is starting to piss me off."

    Drew and Ethan would then walk off camera, but their footsteps stop only seconds later. The fans are wondering why the screen has yet to turn black until we hear the familiar voice of one Drew shout "HE STILL HASN'T CLEANED UP THE COFFEE!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" followed by his partner in crime saying "YOU'RE NOT THE ONE WHO STEPPED IN IT AND RUINED YOUR SHOES! THAT'S IT, I'M VOTING FOR DRUMPF!" The gentle footsteps of these two men that were heard moments ago have now turned into stomping - it's obvious that thejanitor hadn't cleaned up Drew;s mess from early, and now Ethan is paying the price. Luckily for him, those big, fat, guaranteed contracts that they signed are for TONS of money, so his shoes are easily replaceable. Hoorah. Big words from the tag champs but can they back it up? Stay tuned

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    Re: The Echo

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name

    "Welcome To The Big Boys Table"
    Murder Inc. Vs The Echo
    World Tag Team Championship
    World's Strongest
    Miami, Fl

    Sigh. People everywhere are checking the CWA Website, but you most importantly are on the home page right now - and what do you know, a brand new video is up! It's entitled "ByteMe! With The Echo!" It's auto-playing - which is super annoying - but you stick with it because it’s really true what they say about curiosity. For those that don't know, basically "Byte ___" is a brand new series where CWA Superstars and Personnel alike are able to interact with fans via phone calls our live chats.The video is finally ready to play, as the black screen fades into a logo.

    The logo is.... Yup. There ‘s the Indy Club log right in the bottom corner . Not sure what anybody expected, but there it is. The scene fades in where we see the dastardly duo themselves - Drew and Ethan or Ethan and Drew if you prefer seated in two comfortable leather chairs looking as smug as ever. Drew wears a jet black Indy Club shirt that certainly accentuates his arms and sunglasses to cover his eyes . His compatriot Ethan is wearing an Indy Club shirt too with the sleeves rolled up, and the two look very happy to start their own web series on the CWA Website and of course their glittering tag team title belts laid out on the table in front of them. Ethan is looking a little above the camera, it's safe to assume Drew is too - probably waiting on the go from their producer. It seems as though they get it as Drew is the first of the two to open his mouth, much to the displeasure of Ethan.

    Drew Connor: “Ladies and Germs, marks all around the world, welcome to the single greatest show to ever grace the internet--- ByteMe! We're your hosts, the most talented and greatest tag team that ever lived--- Drew Connor and Ethan Connor and we are The Echo”

    He would take a sip of his coffee as his partner in crime, Ethan interjected quickly.

    Ethan Connor: “Why do you get to be the one to introduce?! Why can't I?!”

    Drew merely took another sip of his coffee and put the mug on the comically big wooden table that they set behind.

    Drew Connor:“Ethan, we talked about this. Many times. I’m the oldest so so it's only fitting that I am the one”

    Ethan Connor: “IT'S [CENSORED] AND YOU KNOW IT, DREW!”

    Ethan went off and Drew didn't even flinch. Instead, he just took a deep breath and looked back into the camera.

    Drew Connor: “We'll talk about this later, okay?”

    Drew patted Ethan on his shoulder, but Ethan quickly nudged it away and folded his arms in disappointment.

    Ethan Connor: “Next time, I introduce us.”

    Drew took another swig of his coffee and smiled.

    Drew Connor “Whatever. We only have forty-five minutes here, E. I mean, as much as I would love to take up as much time as we truly deserve, I like big, fat paychecks more and I don't want to screw that up.”

    Ethan nodded his head in agreement.

    Ethan Connor “That we can agree on!”

    Drew yet again, took another sip of his coffee. He set his mug down and turned it toward the camera to see the mug that read 'ByteMe' on it. Product placement.

    Drew Connor: “As I was saying, welcome to the first episode of ByteMe! We're The Echo, YOUR world tag team champions and this is a revolutionary web show that takes questions from YOU, the lonely, bottom-feeding dork that worship the ground that we walk on.”

    Ethan Connor: You’re welcome marks!”

    Drew Connor: “That's right! Who else is doing anything like this? We're granting you fans at home the privilege to not only talk to one A-list star but TWO! We're the gift that keeps on giving!

    Ethan Connor: “Isn't that herpes?”

    Drew Connor: “Wouldn't know what that feels like, Ethan , but I am sure we can ask Johnny Vegas.”

    Both men share a laugh at the expense of the billionaire.Jealousy? Not a chance. Just an easy target.

    Drew Connor“See, we’ve going to get to these calls soon, but oh no, we have something that needs to be talked about

    Ethan shares eye contact with his brother knowing exactly what’s coming, and just like that the playful atmosphere of proceedings seemed to fade away rather quickly as the grin drops from Drew’s face, as he presses his hands against the table top and leans forward slightly

    Drew Connor: Kenny. Jerry. You didn’t think we were going to let it go did you?! Did you really think you can just take shots at the kings and just walk away? See we sat back backstage in our private locker room last week

    Ethan Connor: Because of course we have our private locker room,

    Drew Connor:...and we sat back and watched you call us out on live TV, with your little flips, your shitty ass theme-

    Ethan Connor: GANGGANGGANGGANG. Cute.

    Drew Connor: And you know what we did? We sat there and we just laughed and laughed and laughed. I mean,...are you seriously?! One match under your belt, and you think you can call us out?! US?! ...That’s...I’m not going to lie, That’s freaking adorable. No really, my heart melts. I got a lump in my throat

    Ethan Connor:...Just like their mom’s got our lump caught in their throats.

    Drew and Ethan share a little giggle

    Drew Connor: Well, since you were so kind to introduce yourself to us. How about you return the favour? Ethan. All yours.

    Drew makes a motion with his hands as if to say the floor is yours to which Ethan clears his throat just a little and leaning in place just like his bro

    Ethan Connor: Hi... We’ve The Echo

    His cocky grin only gets bigger, at the simple introduction, as if the name “Echo” was all he needed to say….but knowing The Connors, they were never going to leave it just at that. Ethan lets those words sink in for a spell before he grabs his belt and raises up his Championship and holds it hanging beside his smirking face

    Ethan Connor: ... your one and only reigning defending undisputed tag team champions of the World! Take a good long look, Murder Inc... This is what SUCCESS looks like.

    Drew laughs to himself, then sets his own personal title belt back down on his lap, where he pats it protectively

    Ethan Connor... And I don't think anyone would even try to argue that when they think of success stories in CWA, the first name on that list has got to be Connor! We’ve not gone to sit here and spend this whole video reminding everybody of our past accomplishments. I'm sure everybody watching this is capable of googling us if they need the reminder

    Drew Connor: ... and they've got a few hours to kill reading through our long, LONG list of achievements...

    Ethan Connor: ...No, we just want to point out something that should be perfectly obvious to anyone that's followed our glittering career. Something that should be obvious, but that SOME people... some wannabe gangster loudmouth rookie DORKS... don't quite seem to get.

    He looks unimpressed, even as he makes the most thinly-veiled of references to Kendrick Lethal and Jermaine Creed as Ethan sets his own belt back down on the table

    Ethan Connor: ….And that's how all the success that we’ve achieved in our career? These championships that we’ve won? We’ve earned it. We’ve worked harder than anybody, and been willing to do anything to get to the top. No matter who was looking down their nose at us, or judging us, or complaining behind our backs without the guts to ever say a damn word to our faces! We’ve outshined each and every team and dominated tag team wrestling for about a year... and STILL nobody's even come close to being able to keep up with us! ! And when an opportunity has come our way? We’ve always... ALWAYS... seized it with both hands. We’ve never let a chance to steal the show slip through my fingers, We’ve never dropped the ball when it's been handed to us and we’ve NEVER failed to deliver like only we can!

    Ethan grins with the kind of obnoxious confidence that can't help but rub most people the wrong way

    Drew Connor: We are without a doubt, the single greatest thing to ever happen to this company. And it's because we’ve never been afraid to go after what we want. Case in point!

    Drew points down to the platinum championship in his lap and nods his head with enthusiastic pride

    Drew Connor:We are the CWA World Tag Team Champions because we’ve fought our way up the ladder, beating anyone that was put in front of us, and making sure we didn't waste ANY opportunities to get my hands on these belts. And that's really what it all comes down to, in the end. Opportunities. We had to create my own, by any means necessary, from the day that we walked in the door. We had to beat team after so called “Team” before we finally earned the chance to be number one You'd better believe that we made the most of it!

    Drew keeps one hand on his title belt, but raises the other one up toward the camera, almost like he's waving off the imaginary applause of the internet fans while Ethan shrugs his shoulders and looks away with some really over-exaggerated displays of false modesty, jokingly acting like Drew isn't saying anything that deserves praise... when of course, in Drew and Ethan’s self-absorbed minds, is only natural. They probably believe everyone should be bowing down wherever they go.

    Ethan Connor: Please, we know that this is inspiring stuff... but we don't want you all bombarding our twitter accounts with messages about how we’ve your role-models, or you named your firstborn son after us, or any of that other bullshit that we couldn't even pretend to care about.

    He laughs then turns back to the camera

    Ethan Connor: No, we just want you all to understand the difference between men like us... and then a team of POSERS that somehow thinks they're on a different level! A team that hasn't had to scrape and claw for opportunities to shine, like we had to. But they just think kissing Richman’s ass every chance they get and doing flips will be enough to reach the dizzying heights of the World Tag Team Titles. Oh and for anyone watching that's a little slow on the uptake...

    Drew Connor: ...Well, they ARE wrestling fans…

    Ethan Connor: I'll do a little name-dropping of my own... and call out the Murder Inc as the biggest group of self-entitled, no-talent leeches that have ever inflicted themselves on CWA These people think they're in the same league as us. As US?!

    He shakes his head with obvious disbelief at his brother while Drew looks just as incredulous

    Drew Conner: Seriously, who even are you guys?! No, Seriously I have no idea who you are. Who the hell are you?! Come out of nowhere have one match and you think you’re ready for us? I have to break it to you but the sad fact is that neither of you has the talent to even lace up our boots. The two of you should be carrying our bags, not actually thinking they can compete on our level! But because you win A match... just ONE match ... Are we all supposed to be impressed? Are we supposed to believe they're entitled to the same opportunities as someone like us? I don't think so! I don't care what how bad you THINK you are I don't care about your sweet indy cred, how many flips you can do, your life story we don't care about any of it! The only thing we care about is right here...

    Drew gestures to the title belt in his lap

    Drew Connor ... and from where we’ve sitting? Being able to call ourselves the world tag team champs is a heck of a lot more impressive than calling ourselves some kind of “Gang”. And that's why we’ve made it our personal mission to not only keep our title out of their undeserving hands but also send the clear-cut message that who you are or where you come from means DICK! It doesn't automatically make championship material, just because “They’ve been fighting all their lives or whatever... “

    Ethan Connor:It just makes them full of it....

    Drew Connor: That’s why we’ve INSULTED we even have to defend our belts against these jokers. That's why we take exception to snot-nosed thugs like Kendrick Lethal and Jermaine Creed who haven’t achieved a damn thing in their so-called lives getting in OUR faces, calling US out and claiming that their no-talent asses are going to take our titles away from us. So, Jerry. Kenny? The next time you want to call us out and call us paper champions, telling us we didn’t earn these belts. Just remember the ONLY reason you in this match? Because there was literally no one else. That’s it. You didn’t earn shit, you were the only other team available. You could have LOST that match and you still would have ended up in the exact same position so don’t step up to us like you’re some hot shit, when you’re in a position you just don’t deserve to be in

    Ethan jabs his fingers repeatedly at the cameras both of them getting rather worked up but Drew eventually sits back down again having gotten sitting up while Ethan starts running his hands through his head

    Ethan Connor: Callers?

    Drew Connor: Sure, let's just do this and get out of here...

    With a resigned sigh, Drew makes a motion off-camera to someone clearly to indicate they’re about to take calls.

    Drew Connor: It looks like we have our first caller! Zachary from Ohio, welcome to ByteMe! You are free to worship us! What is your question?”

    Both men look into the camera as at the bottom of the screen, a little placard saying "ON THE PHONE: Zachary from Ohio" pops up to let the viewers know this fan's name.

    Zachary:“Can you hear me?”

    Drew Connor:“Yes, sadly... we can hear you.”

    Deep sigh from the phone. I'd sigh too if I lived in Ohio.

    Zachary: “I just want to know, after you had your..”.match” on Adrenaline Rush

    Drew Connor: “Woah. What was that?! Why the pause before the word “match”? What’s that meant to mean? Are you trying to say something?

    Ethan Connor “It was a legit physical contest, and I’d thank you not to make fun of it.

    Drew Connor: “Dick”

    There was a brief pause on the other line as if the caller was trying to figure out if he should hang up or not

    Zachary: I just wanted to know why you feel you’re defending your belts against Murder Inc after defeating them last week. That seems unfair to me.

    A rather bit of a kissass question, but when you're from Ohio it's better to kiss ass than kiss your cousin. And NEVER kiss your cousin's ass. Drew and Ethan swap glances with each other and shrug at the question

    Ethan Connor: Because Richman, hates us and he’d do anything he can to get these belts off of us…..

    Drew Connor:Duh.

    Ethan Connor: Actually that raised another point, since day one. DAY ONE we’ve arrived in this company we’ve been held that in every way possible. Every single step of the way we’ve been held down. The odds stacked against a team that Richman can’t STAND to see with these belts. We’ve had a whole damn company fighting us every step of the way Why do you think that bullshit at FSA was allowed to happen?….and despite all that we’ve STILL the ones with the belts...and Murder inc is the one that thinks they’re “Anti-Establishment?!”” Is that meant to be a joke? We had to wait TWO months before we got our first shot at the belts. This only their second match and they’re the ones getting a shot, Just like that. They think they’re anti-establishment?! Against the grain? Fighting the System?! THEY ARE THE DAMN SYSTEM. THEY’RE APART OF THE SYSTEM HOLDING US DOWN FROM DAY ONE. They’re not a tag team, they’re Richman’s hired hitmen. They're the company's last roll of the dice. Their last chance to get those belts off of us. If they win, Richman and everyone in that board room will jump up and celebrate like it’s 1999. Because they finally have champs they can control.

    Zackery: If I could-

    We all of a sudden here rumblings from the other side of the telephone. Zachary is still on the line?

    Zackery: “I don’t think-

    Drew Connor: HEY! SHUT UP! You didn't call up here to talk to us damn it, you called up here to LISTEN to us! So shut your mouth and STOP INTERRUPTING!"

    Almost immediately, we hear the line cut and the dial tone as it seems Zachary has hung up.Who could blame him? The Connors are acting like well...The Connors. The two's bullshitting turned onto the caller rather quickly, and we can see what happens when the caller isn't absolutely waiting on the tag team hand and foot, for lack of a better term. Ethan has his arms crossed like a little child, and Drew seems aggravated as well. Because ya know, how dare that guy talk on a phone...

    Drew Connor:“The nerve of that guy, I swear.”

    Drew shook his head, took another sip of his drink and continued.

    Drew Connor:“Alright, let's get to the next caller. Malik G from Orlando, Florida, you're on the air. ByteMe!”

    Once again, the little placard shows up saying "ON THE PHONE: Malik G From Florida" to let the people know just who this young man is. Ethan looks interested, muttering "Probably met that guy before." Drew nods, letting out "Probably a failure like a few other dorks we know in Orlando" But they would be surprised as this caller seems to be the type of guy The Echo would like.

    Malik G:“Holy sh--, I got on!”

    The beep occurred, of course. Drew and Ethan looked at each other with these terrible grins on their face. Hilarious.

    Malik G “Alright, my question is this: it is obvious that you two are the best tag team to ever grace CWA, that much is true.”

    Drew Connor “True.”

    Ethan Connor: “True.”

    Malik G took a small pause and continued onward.

    Malik G:“Obviously. The Movement sucked anyway.”

    Drew and Ethan laughed at this arrogant caller. The balls this guy had.

    Malik G: “Annnyyywaaayyy... how are you going to beat Murder Inc? Are we going to see some sweet new moves? How many superkicks? After all, you two are the true Kings of Wrestling.”

    Ethan looks VERY happy with this caller, a smile on his face and even nodding his head. Drew has a grin, holy shit someone that actually likes the Connors. This is rare. Drew sits up in his chair, really stretching that tight shirt he has on. It's for the ladies after all.

    Drew Connor: “You're invited to the Indy Club’s victory party, pal!”

    Drew took a sip of his coffee. He was incredibly addicted to that drink, apparently.

    Drew Connor “Look, it's simple, kid. We are better in every aspect of the game. Wrestling?”

    Ethan Connor: “The best.”

    Drew Connor: “Personality?”

    Ethan Connor: “Do they even have a personality?”

    Drew Connor: “Not really but they do listen to a lot of rap and apparently that counts

    Ethan Connor “Ah, true, true.”

    Drew Connor: “The fact of the matter is that Drew and Ethan are simply better than Jerry and Kenny. Take a look at both of them, separately, then compare them to us. Not only are we better at wrestling, have more personality AND are way more handsome...”

    Ethan Connor “WAY more handsome! Kendrick looks like a big overgrown oily baby and Creed is as good looking as a dumpster fire!”

    Drew Connor“Not only are we all that but together? We truly are a Wet Dream Team! We are bigger than Cyrus Truth! We are bigger than Mr Showtime! We are the best tag team that ever graced this Earth and it's as simple as that. Kenny and Jerry haven't done a damn thing in this company. Hell, Ethan and I did more in our first WEEK. Sure they might have some indy cred. They might have travelled the world and blah blah blah But guess what? So have we! We’ve done everything they’ve done FIRST and better. Everywhere they’ve been. We conquered. We were the only name in tag team wrestling,you know what I see when I look at them? Echo wannabees. The only question that remains is HOW we are going to beat them. We have a huge repertoire to do it. The possibilities are endless! I mean, it's not a fair fight anyhow. Those rookies will be falling apart and we’d be one making them are whipping boys. Maybe we’ll crush them with a YMSH! Maybe we’ll spike their heads in the fucking mat with a skull fucker! Or maybe we’ll just roll you up like I did Ethan that one time.


    Drew let out a deep sigh as Malik on the other end of the line said aloud, “I love it when you guys bicker.” Drew shook his head and immediately responded.

    Drew Connor: “It's not bickering, it's just Ethan refuses to admit that I beat him fair and square.”

    Drew looked over at Ethan, who was visibly angry. He patted him on his shoulder.

    Ethan Connor“Don't touch me.”

    Drew just shook his head.

    Drew Connor: “Look, We may bicker, we’ve brothers that’s what we do. But everyone watching knows once that bell rings, the bickering stops. Once that bell rings, we become the most cohesive unit in all of P-R-Ofessional Wrestling! We become the Greatest Tag Team That Ever Lived. We just become better than everyone, especially those two. Once that bell rings, they'll be trying to out-do one another, trying to put on a show for the crowd, getting them to “Ohhh” and “ahh” and we'll take advantage. It’ll be like...wanna call them? It’ll be like a damn drive by. They should be used to that.

    Ethan Connor: Dude, they grew up in the streets of freaking Canada! The worse Canada thugs do is tap you lightly with hockey sticks

    The Echo just laugh among themselves

    Ethan Connor: “Malik. We love you and you'll definitely be coming to our Victory party once we beat these two dorks at World’s Strongest, but it's time for another caller. Sorry, pal.”

    The dial tone is heard before quickly being cut off, and the placard on the screen disappears. It soon pops up one more time with the words "ON THE PHONE:...." before the name pops up.

    Drew Connor: "Hello? Is this Tyler Junior from.... Banning, California?

    Tyler: Yes sir, that's me. But my friends call me TJ.

    Ethan and Drew stare blankly into the camera taking a slight pause, does this guy think he's friends with them? Ethan abruptly gives someone off-camera the 'snip-snip' motion with his scissor fingers, and the line immediately disconnects.

    Ethan Connor"Nice talking to you, not really. Please don't call back.

    Drew Connor: You beat me to the punch

    Ethan Connor: TJ's a stupid name, STUPID. Get a real name and then MAYBE we’ll talk to you You know what? I am sick of having to listen to these idiots tell us stuff we already know. 'You guys are the real Kings of Wrestling' or 'you guys are awesome'. Well thanks, Captain

    Drew Connor:We're smart guys.

    Ethan Connor: The smartest - so we know that “The Pissy Kid” and “The Lameass factor” suck when it comes to us. We're the Common Denominators of Greatness, We’ve a Mouthful Of Greatness, We’ve the REAL New Legends. This is OUR Moment., We’ve the past, present AND the Future - you name it and we are it. We're The Future because every time we walk out onto a show? We SMASH ratings.

    Drew Connor: Not to be confused with The Future who made the ratings crash land harder than Johnny Vegas’s career.

    Ethan Connor: I mean, it disgusts me that this is what we're put up against. Some kind of rookie wannabees whose a vacuum of charisma they just absolutely suck at trying to get the crowd to relate to them. I know I sure as hell wouldn't want to be Kendrick Lethal who looks like Flavor Flav and Jason Statham had a child, or the human crappy tattoo canvass that Creed is. I mean honestly, we outdo these guys in every single category there is. We went through this earlier. One of them can barely speak and the other we can’t understand,! Even if we could understand him, the only words he knows are “GANGGANGGANGGANG” 'Why the hell should we even care about this match other than the fact that after we win, we'll STILL be tag champs?! Whether we take this match seriously or not, we're coming out the winners - all we have to do is climb that brick wall called Murder Inc...that smelly, out of shape wall and The Echo are on top of the world!

    Drew bangs his fists on the table as if to punctuate that point

    Drew Connor: Do you really think we’ve going to lose these belts after we had to run The Moment out of this company to get them back?! We just got rid of that God awful stench that Moment put on them for all those weeks they wore it. Did you know Benny Bruce never showers? Not once.“

    Ethan Connor: We deserve better--- no... we deserve the BEST!

    Drew Connor: And after we beat Forehead McGee and the human jumping bean---”

    Ethan Connor: “Heh. I like that

    Drew Connor: We’ve going to prove AGAIN. We’ve exactly what we say we are. Too. Damn. Good. See we know people think Murder Inc. have a 50/50 chance of making this big fairy tale story. Dreams coming through. Rookie Champions. Kids from the streets making it in the big time. There’s just one problem with that. Their odds aren’t 50/50. The odds aren’t even. You know why?

    Ethan Connor:“Why?”

    Drew Connor“Because the two of them together doesn't even equal a FOURTH of one of us! The two of us together are just leaps and bounds better and honestly, do you think Black Limp Bizkit and Chuckles is going to make us even flinch?”

    Ethan Connor:“Wait...Which one is which?”

    Drew Connor: “Not sure, they're pretty interchangeable aren't they?”

    Drew smirked and looked back into the camera.

    Drew Connor: “In fact, you can call me Miss Cleo because I can already see what's going to happen at World’s Strongest-”

    Ethan Connor:“Since when were you Jamaican?”

    Drew Connor: “What? N--no, Ethan. No I’m not Jamaican.

    Ethan Connor” “Then what do you mean you're like Miss Cleo?!”

    Drew Connor: “You know, the whole future telling thing?”

    Ethan Connor:“But she is a fraud! So you're calling yourself a fraud?! I FUCKING KNEW IT! I KNEW YOU DIDN'T BEAT ME! I KNEW IT WAS A FLUKE! I KNEW IT!”

    Ethan was fuming. Drew just sat there with a stupid grin on his face. He patted Ethan on his shoulder again and spoke sternly to him.

    Drew Connor: “Ethan, listen to me--- stop. We only have...”

    Drew looked at his wrist where his imaginary watch would be.

    Drew Connor:... Ten minutes left and if we don't settle down and hype this match, then who is going to tune into the PPVl huh? We're the reason that this stinkin' show is even on the air.We’ve the reason that the ratings go up and trust me, at World’s Strongest they're going to be through the roof and it's all because of us! And unfortunately, Kenny and Jerry will get a nice slice of that pie too.

    Ethan Connor:“Yeah the biggest paycheck they ever got….You’re welcome dorks.Once we totally spank them on live TV, they'll get up and ask for seconds of that pie.”

    Drew Connor: “We'll serve them a piece of humble pie, that's for sure! They’ll be laying on his back, knocked out cold, courtesy of The Echo-- the CWA World Tag Team Champions!”

    Keeping the momentum, Ethan quickly jumps in much to his partner's want of continuing. These two bounce off each other like rubber and stick down each others' throats (pause) like glue. Drew can only smile though as Ethan very obviously is going for some sort of shtick, but both know exactly what's happening.

    Ethan Connor:"And that is a BOLD statement, especially when it comes to Murder Inc. It seems like all they’re good for is making BOLD statements, maybe we should take a page out of their books and make some BOLD statements. What do you say, Drew? Do you want to be BOLD?

    Drew Connor:I'm always BOLD, Ethan.

    Ethan Connor: I'm getting in the ring with smelly homeless men, two charisma vacuum, and I'm hoping I make it out with all my talent and good looks intact.

    Drew Connor: Wow, that's as BOLD as it gets.

    The two men are smiling, obviously very happy with themselves

    Ethen Connor: Why don’t you take a free tip, dorks. See you have got to put more breath into slimming down and less into yelling wildly. If you took all the time you spent on making sure you made a POINT with your WORDS and put THEM into TRAINING.... You might actually have a chance. But no, instead we’ve just going to toss you on the heap of garbage we threw the rest of the dorks that thought we were all talk. Bye Bye CWA it was fun while it lasted. Hello, to the crappy streets of Canada where you came from and dentist offices for the rest of your life. Broken teeth go well with broken dreams, hopes and aspirations

    Drew is loving his partner's attitude right now, he's got a HUGE smile on his face

    Drew Connor: So tell all of your moron friends to blow up the boohoo balloons, get their comfort caps, we're having a pity party at World’s Strongest - and you two jokes are the guests of honour.But after the pity party is THE after party when The Echo celebrate the fact that we’ve still CWA Tag Team Champions of the World!”

    Ethan Connor:“Oh and just in case you two dorks were wondering--- YOU'RE NOT INVITED TO OUR PARTY!”

    Drew Connor: “I ugh--- I think they knew that, Ethan.”

    Ethan looked at Drew momentarily and blinked his eyes rapidly.

    Ethan Connor:“Just making sure because I don't want those two mouth breathers anywhere NEAR our celebration! God, I’m getting a migraine Just wrap it up, man…

    Ethan massages his temples as Drew leans back in his chair and presses his feet on the table beside his title belt as Drew works out the creaks of in neck as he gets ready to take things home

    Drew Connor: Look. we get it. Everyone likes the big underdog story but everyone that wants the big happy ending? Prepare to be disappointed Murder. Inc? They need to understand that we’ve worked for EVERYTHING that we’ve got, and we will NOT let someone like them take any of it away from us. I know that they’ve been praised, they have had a line of people bending over backwards to tell them what a wonderful job they think they’ve been doing. Sucking them off. Heck, it wasn't so long ago that even Snow even came out to the ring to pat them on the head “Good job kiddos” And the only problem with that kind of praise,when you try to make it into a reality? Is that to ever become an actual champion? They have to beat us...

    Ethan Connor: That's NOT going to happen. They can have all the praise that they want coming their way, making their swollen head of theirs get even bigger, and making them believe their own hype more than they already do

    Drew Connor: But we don't care. Because I know... WE know... that Murder Inc. can't hold a candle to us, even on their best day! They may be handed opportunity after opportunity, They may be groomed for success,but at the end of the day, it's not Murder Inc that's stealing the show week after week. It's not Murder Inc that's outshining everybody else on the roster. And ii damn sure isn't Murder Inc. that hasn't even been seriously challenged by any of their so-called competition in MONTHS! No... that's all been US!

    He maintains his stare into the camera, getting more and more worked up as he speaks

    Ethan Connor: Jerry and Kerry may be Richman's "golden boys", the flavour of the month, whatever you want to call it. And that's fine, that's okay. Because it doesn't change the fact that The Connor Brothers AND The Indy Club has always been... and WILL ALWAYS BE... the single greatest thing about CWA! And people can try to deny that as much as they want, but deep down they all know it's the absolute truth. Murder Inc isn't going to change that. Murder Inc CAN'T change that.Opportunities are great, but they don't mean a damn thing if you haven't got the preparation, the passion, and the God-given TALENT to make the most of them! And those are three things that we have in spades.

    Drew Connor: Which is why in all the years that we’ve been doing this? We have never... NEVER... missed an opportunity to STEAL THE SHOW! It's what we do. And it's precisely what we’ve going to do, one more time, at World’s Strongest Even after those meat heads brings everything that they got, We can promise you that the name engraved on the Undisputed Championship won't belong to either one of you. Oh no, no, no... it will still belong to the hottest name in wrestling….CONNOR.

    Ethan Connor:“Looks like that's all we have for this week's edition of ByteMe! We're The Echo and we'll see you World's Strongest when we wrestle circles around two charisma vacuums known as Jermaine Creed and Kendricks Lethal

    With that final brash proclamation having left his lips, The Connor’s grab their title belts and raises it up one more time. They maintain that pose for several moments, keeping the platinum championships hanging in the air beside their faces, while they look directly into the camera. A confidence-filled smirk has appeared on their face, but the intensity has never left their eyes. The Connors wants nothing more than to retain their Championships in the very first defence of their second reign. But of course, Murder Inc will be looking to bring the Echo year long dominance over the tag division to an end, Will The Echo be able to turn back the challenge of these hungry contenders? That question will be answered live on pay-per-view.

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    Re: The Echo

    "The Day The World Stood Still
    Drew Connor Vs.Jon Snowmantashi

    Adrenaline Rush
    Anaheim, CA
    Ruler Of The Ring Semi Finals
    CWA World Heavyweight Championships

    It's the week leading up to Adrenaline Rush , one that has shaped up to be one of -- if not the -- biggest non-PPV cards in the history of CWA, let alone the business in and of itself. The legion vast of CWA faithful would find themselves abuzz and almost vibrating in anticipation of what will be (One way or another quite a memorable show). It’s always an event when CWA comes to town and you better believe the city of Anaheim has been milking it for all it’s worth. All week would host a plethora of fan-oriented events, such as an All Access type of thing as well as events for children (bouncy castles, theater-styled replays of past events leading up to the show, CWA 2K17 tournaments on both the X-Box One and the PS4, and others. Fans would be able to meet their favourite wrestlers and get their autographs and pictures with them, maybe even with the title belts! However, one Drew Connor would not be present this week nor his brother to be fair, most fans wouldn't much care for not being able to see or meet the men they damn near
    resent so fervently on a weekly basis. It would, unfortunately, disappoint the Echo fans (or at least Anti-Jon Snowmantashi people), as they do, in fact, exist, Ethan was clearly getting ready for his big title match this week. So where might Drew be this week? Well, were one to venture to the internet to find out, they would find themselves either directly on the official CWA website or on Reddit on the r/squaredcircle subreddit, but regardless of your journey there, you would reach the video section of the CWA site, where a specific video, with a decently lengthy duration attached to it, would expand to fill the majority of your browser (or your mobile browser on your iPhone or whatever the other phones are called). After a moment of silence after we click “Play,” we fade into a decently grassy yard -- front yard mind you. Said front yard would lead up to an off-color trailer, old in nature. There would be a couple trees in the peripheral, but not in the foreground. The foreground would be filled by a rather large trampoline and stairs leading up to it with a few letters spray painted on it. As one could hear the sound of cars passing somewhere behind the camera, one would understand that this would clearly be a property in the neighbourhood. After a moment of this image, the footsteps of someone would fill the air, closing in slowly but surely. After a moment, a man would walk into the frame, sporting a pair of black pair of athletic shorts, the brand being PRGNX -- as one could tell from the logo on the lower left side of the leg of the shorts. His feet would be covered by a pair of black Nike calf socks and a low cut pair of Nike shoes. Atop his body would be an official CWA t-shirt in black. Atop the man's head would be a backwards CWA snapback hat, which would cover up his hair, which would be tied back in a bun behind his head. Scratching his chin Drew Connor would grin. He loved being in his childhood hometown in Gainesville Georgia a place that spawned everything that he and his brother are today and every dream they ever had. He would look out upon the area, surveying the houses and cars, nostalgic about his old home. After a moment of breathing and drinking it all in, he would sigh softly and his smile would fade away. He would bow his head forward and push his hands nonchalantly into his pockets, your mind wanting to tell you he'd be kicking rocks -- though he's not. After a moment of silence and composing himself in this position, Connor would begin his lamentation.

    Drew Connor
    “You know, They say that the man in the fight with nothing to lose is the most dangerous...”

    Interesting and oddly heartfelt first words from the challenger to the CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Drew Connor As the words leave his lips and hang in the air like Drew does himself after springboarding off of the top rope to deliver his springboard drop kick to an unsuspecting or stunned victim, he would let out a breath through his nose, his shoulders slouching down slightly and his eyes flicking down to focus on the ground before him. He would swallow and then wet his lips, running a hand down his face a couple of times. After this moment of silent meditation and curation of the diction to employ in the following rhetoric, Connors ' eyes would drift slowly -- but surely -- to the camera in front of him. He would pause with his eyes there for a brief moment, breathing softly through his nostrils as his micro expressions communicate his internal thoughts and feelings more efficiently than his words -- or lack thereof -- do at the moment. Finally, he opens his mouth to speak again, only to let out the beginnings of a soft chuckle. He cuts said chuckle short to truly finally speak.

    Drew Connor "Everyone wants to talk...Oh, they love to talk! They wanna' talk about how dangerous Jon Snowmantashi is, how much of a weapon he is, all of that nonsense... But nothing to lose? Jon Snowmantashi doesn't quite fit the bill. Y'see, after the last few weeks? Jon’s been piling the pressure on himself, ever since he won that title he’s been PROMISING he’s going to defend the belt ever single week...and that’s great and all, no really it is. So damn noble of the snowman. And sure it’s just another chance for him to show the world how massive his penis is...and that’s all well and good but what happens if he loses? See that’s the thing when you go all in for every single hand it’s great if you win...but if you lose? BAM. NO TITLE. NO RULER OF THE RING. NOTHING. He loses EVERYTHING.

    Drew would shake his head , running his left hand through his unkempt and sweat-soaked hair, clearing it from his Tumblr post inducing face, leaving it to rest atop and behind his head. He seemed initially as if someone had let all of the air out of the aforementioned head, but his words seem to dictate a different demeanour, and slowly -- but surely -- his physical demeanour would begin to reflect said internal demeanour.

    Drew Connor: “Snowmantashi got everything to lose, but me? I've got nothing to lose and the whole damn world to gain….Not only a slot in the final of the ruler of the ring...but also...The World Heavyweight Title. This is something I've been dreaming about... and more importantly, working for... all my life. And while I'm sure there are probably a lot of other people out there that had the same dream at some point, can any of them really say that they've reached for it in the same way that I have? Oh, I've heard plenty of guys on the roster come out and share their emotional baggage, crying about how they wanted to be a champion since they were a snot-nosed brat... but who cares? It's all fine and dandy to want to be a "World Champion wrestler" when you're a kid, but it's just something that children might say they want to be when they're older, like an "astronaut" or a "lion tamer". Just a childish fantasy that's never really going to happen, after they grow-up... wise-up... and settle into some boring nine to five routine. Even the other CWA stars... how many of them can really say that being a wrestler was all they ever wanted to be? How many of them just fell into this, after whatever other careers they had planned didn't pan out?

    He shakes his head with disgust at the camera

    Drew Connor: But for me, it was never a backup plan or a last resort. It was never just a childish fantasy. It was my life!

    Connor would look almost sad, in a way, as the edges of his mouth would curl slightly downward as he grimaces and shakes his head. It's a toss up whether the shaking of his head is the result of disappointment, disgust, frustration, anger, or any other negatively associated adjective. Drew would then cross his right arm over his chest, gripping his right hand upon his left trap, massaging it a little with his big ol' vice grasp. He would then grab the back of his right shoulder with his left arm, pulling the right arm across his body to stretch his shoulder, lat, delt, and triceps. As he begins to undo this stretching pose he would continue to speak.

    Drew Connor“And I guess that makes me the most dangerous man in the fight. You can call Jon the 'Inhuman ' and the- the 'War Machine' and the 'World Beater,' all you want,But in the end? In the end I'M the one with nothing left to lose... And that? That means that I am TEN times more dangerous and violent than Snowmantashi could EVER be!”

    Drew would volcanically launch this statement from his malicious lips, the fire in his demeanour being more significant than it had been at any point prior to his current rhetorical delivery. His upper lip would curl,twitching in vehement disgust and stark and honestly? Utterly horrifying
    resent. He would clench his jaw and swallow, taking a moment to regain his composure. After taking a deep breath, he would wet his lips once more and continue to spit his verbal skewers. ....

    Drew Connor“Every single person... Every internet smark, every fan in the crowd, every person backstage? They're all against me. They want me to fail -- they genuinely do. Now I know... I know that the fans being against me is something... Something I've faced my entire career, but LITERALLY”

    Cue the Chris Traeger invocation.

    Drew Connor “Not one person is giving me -- even a fibre of a chance against the 'behemoth' that is Jon friggin' Snowmantashi . Y'know, they're calling him... Calling him the 'most dominating athlete in the history of CWA'... But y'wanna' know what? Jon is not a champion of wrestling.”

    As the elder Connor shakes his head, he would raise his clenched right fist, extending and then wagging his index finger aggressively and emphatically. After a pause, he would mutter '
    nonononononono' before groaning or scoffing, it's hard to tell. Whichever it was, it would be characterised by disgust and contempt.

    Drew Connor “Nobody gives Drew Connor a chance, not even a little bit... They're saying things like- like Drew Connor can't beat Jon Snowmantashi ... Could never beat Jon Snowmantashi . They're saying things like I can't win a match without Shortcuts or- or- or Ethan helping or interfering in some capacity...

    Radiating subtext, Drew would shake his head angrily. Drew would take this moment to contemplate on all the doubters he and his brother has his blood boiling at the thought of and Jon Snowmantashi , whom he views as the thing he hates most. Emphasis on
    thing. Anyway, Drew would breathe in sharply through his nose and in seemingly one fluid motion remove his hat and scratch his head with the same hand (right), followed immediately by replacing the hat. After pausing, he would furrow his brow, still glancing downward. Wagging his finger in the air, he would begin speaking, his eyes slowly drifting back up to clutch the lens of the camera and his voice sounding almost deeper than his usually nasal and smarmy voice -- grating, even -- probably resultant of the guttural nature of his passion and fervor for what he would be saying, both at this given moment and the entirety of the segment.

    Drew Connor “Y'know, Me and my brother been vilified for my entire career by the fans, by the pundits -- and, yes, sometimes by management... But never before have we've been so... So underestimated... So undersold.”

    Drew would almost gag, almost dry heave in reaction to his own words about how little respect he's been given of late, despite having earned it -- at least in his eyes. He would frown momentarily, his mouth opening slightly as he realises something else he should touch upon, which would prompt the aggravated wagging of his right index finger in the air in relation to the emphasis for the following rhetoric.

    Drew Connor “And y'know what else? They're calling Snowmantashi a monster... A beast... They're saying he's the most dominant athlete our business has ever seen.... He's been a champion in Japan. And now he's the champion, the so-called number one guy in the number one company in the number one sport in the world... They're saying he's a God... He's no God... He's no monster... He's no beast... He's a fraud... And the only reason they call him any of those ridiculous things is because he's a big guy... That makes him a big fraud on two entirely separate levels.”

    Drew would lift his eyebrows once and swiftly, emphasising the 'how do you like that?' tone in this voice. Radiating subtext, Drew would scratch at his chin with his left hand, before wearing half of a smirk and shaking his head in some manner or another, it's a bit hard to tell at this juncture

    Drew Connor “Now, I won't bore you with endless allusions to David versus Goliath, to tales of underdogs defeating seemingly insurmountable odds to reign victorious... I won't sit here and pretend this match can't be compared to legendary stories like David and Goliath... I won't sit here and pretend that Jon doesn't outweigh me by nearly seventy pounds. I won't sit here and pretend anything. That's something Jon Snowmantashi would do...I'm here to do something they never could... I'm here to be real, to be a real wrestler... A real champion.”

    One of the trailer parks favourites son would lift a clenched right fist, thumping it against his left pectoral muscle, right over where his heart would presumably be. The shaking of Drew Connor ' head would this time be characterised by a mixture of confidence, disgust, contempt, and perhaps a negatively tinged nostalgia? Either way, Connor would finally stop shaking his head and glance upward and away from the camera as he continues to speak once more.

    Drew Connor “Every single time We've found me in a big time match nobody has ever given us even a slight chance. Against the Movement...Krash..Cyrus .. and now nobody gives Drew Connor a chance against Jon friggin' Snowmantashi? Stack the odds against me, please... It'll only make things worse for Snowmantashi at adrenaline rush ... It'll only motivate me more.”

    Drew would clasp his clenched right fist in the palm of his left hand, squeezing to crack each knuckle. He would then switch hands to do the same to the other hand's knuckles. Contemptuous, the Undisputed Future of CWA would nearly grimace in anger and disgust, thinking of how often he's been undersold or underestimated. It both insulted and motivated him. Flicking his eyes back to the lens of the camera, Drew would continue his oration with the utmost confidence, pride, and clarity.

    Drew Connor “They gave me more of a chance against Krash and Cyrus than they've given me against Jon and y'know what? Good. I hope Jon buys into the lack of hype...Because that, combined with how much he has to lose and how much I don't? He won't know what hit him.”

    As Drew gutturally forces the word "hit" from his malicious lips, he would twist himself into a fighting stance and fire out a few right and left jabs, finishing with a hook and an uppercut. As he slowly returns to a normal stance, he would flick his eyes around again, still enjoying the scenery of his childhood home, the yard that he would soon allude to in a major way. He would rub the back of his neck with his left hand, his eyes still off camera. After another moment passes, the Undisputed Future of CWA would click his tongue against his teeth and sigh aurally, making sure to maintain his (well, majority of anyway) silence for another brief moment or two. Next, he would turn his attention, both with his eyes and his body, back to the lens of the camera, his eyes glancing slightly and hastily to the flickering, red •REC light on the side of the camera. Clearing his throat, Drew would point his right index finger, extended from a clenched fist to his right ear and then off into the distance, as if his gesticulation were pointing at literal people, as opposed to the void. It would be now that he continues to speak.

    Drew Connor "Y'hear people in this business talk about having nothing to lose all the time, they throw words and statements like that around as if they were insignificant as if they meant... Meant nothing. But me? I've actually been through it, and I actually have nothing left to lose... Those words aren't insignificant. They aren't words to throw around... They actually mean something to me. Clearly, it doesn't to far too many people in this business, let alone this company... Just like this business. Y'see, unlike men like Jon Snowmantashi , wrestling means something to me.”

    Drew would look off camera for a moment, swallowing and then clearing his throat so as to remove the Frog in it. Taking a deep breath in through his nose and then exhaling through his mouth, Connor would finally return his attention
    to the camera

    Drew Connor:“If it did; He wouldn't act all above it. If wrestling meant something to him, he'd be out here doing what WE do: wrestling week in and week out. We work every single day to perfect our craft, to be the best wrestlers this world has EVER seen. We dedicate every fibre of our being to this business, to this sport, to my dream, to our life. And Snowmantashi ? Snowmantashi couldn't care any less. It disgusts me and it should disgust you all, too. I would rather have that behind me on Adrenaline Rush than the odds.

    Shifting the topic ever-so-slightly, the Number One Contender would shake his head and take a deep breath, as if the sharp inhale would emphasise the aforementioned words and the transition into the following words.

    Drew Connor “So those odds are stacked against me... They, just like the fans, the guys in the locker room, everyone else, are against Drew Connor ... Regardless of that fact? I still have at least one thing that Jon Snowmantashi has never, doesn't have, and will never have... He never could. I've been waiting for this moment my entire God damned life... I've been waiting forever.”

    Drew would pause and glance away from the camera and slightly upward, visualising all of the times wrestling as a boy with his brother a teenager, a young adult, all the way to the limelight of CWA . The smile on his face wouldn't be arrogant or kayfabe, like usual -- it would instead be nostalgic, genuine, and jubilant. Wrestling is Drew 's everything.

    Drew Connor “Hell, I was, like, eight years old and needed a doctor for how misaligned my neck was from wrestling all the time... Something like fourteen years ago, I was barely a teenager and- and me and Ethan,we would put on shows in my dad, front yard, right here in the trailer parks ... Extreme Hardcore Wrestling, we called it... We would put on shows and were so passionate about it that there was this... This Benefit for the Fire Department over at the Community Center, and all of the guests -- and I mean all -- started comin' over to my father's trailer to watch our show, drinks in hand and in their suits and ties and everything... And then? The cops showed up to tell us to shut it down, that it was dangerous to have all of these people walking around this town at night with open containers in their hands... I knew from almost birth that I wanted to wrestle. It's all I ever wanted. I excelled in football, in basketball, in baseball, but all I ever wanted to do was become the World Heavyweight Champion.”

    Drew would glance down to his right shoulder as if he felt the phantom presence of the CWA World Heavyweight Championship belt there. His attention would remain on his shoulder as he continues to speak, only lifting his head back up to reunite his attention with the camera once bringing up his brother.

    Drew Connor “We looked up to guys on TV My brother, Ethan , and it... And it... It's all we ever did, all we ever talked about. We obsessed over it... I still remember the day We told all our friends we were going to this training camp for basketball, and I told them- told them that after this camp ended we didn't want to play basketball anymore. I told 'em... Told 'em We were gonna' be professional wrestlers... And we never looked back. We put everything we’ve ever had into this business, from front yards here in Georgia,”

    Swiftly, He would gesture backwards to the yard behind him and the trampoline as well.

    Drew Connor:“ high school gymnasiums to Japan and massive arenas and stadiums across the globe for the CWA The Connor Brothers were born, We live, We bleed, and we will die wrestling. And my father never gave a shit about us. No one ever cared about us but now? Now the wrestling community is our family. And that? That's something that Jon Snowmantashi could never have.”

    A proud and genuine smile would break upon Drews' face, echoing the jubilant tone by which he speaks.

    Drew Connor “I said it before and I'll say it until my dying day... Wrestling means something to me. But to Jon? We're Young Boys...You said it yourself, Jon, that 'We're just annoying young boys and after everything we’ve BEEN through. All the blood sweat and tears we shed to get here? That's disgusting. Not just to us that's an insult to anyone and everyone that this business means something to. To everyone who isn’t a man mountain like Jon Snowmantashi, hustling in high school gyms just to get within a fraction of the top. It's an insult to my family, and we all know what happens when someone insults me and my brother. Don't believe me? Just look at the tag division, look at what we did in the space of an entire year to tag team wrestling and you know what every single team had in common? Each and every one of them told the world, that Drew and Ethan? That we were all talk That we were nothing, that once they got into the ring with us they’ll shut us up….And you have to ask yourself; what happened to them? What happened to everyone who disrespected us and tried to spit in our faces….and what I’m I going to do to some punk who called us less the nothing?

    He would slash his clenched right fist across his body, from stage left to stage right, his hand opening aggressively as he does so." His face cracking a brief but certain grin. Rolling his shoulders backwards, he would snicker darkly but imperiously, only a moment passing before his upper lip twitches in abhorrent disgust, the resent absolutely radiating from his every pore. Porously, the Number One Contender would gush passion and anger in the same way he might bleed, sweat, or cry, all of which he'd have already done plenty leading up to the world title contest .

    Drew Connor We all know you're famous for eating your way through the competition come this week this competition is gonna' eat you.”

    Drew would pause to let the statement sink in in the way.Shaking his head angrily, he would continue to speak, the back of his head wondering how vociferously the fans would be jeering him right now were he in the arena, rather than here.

    Drew Connor “It's gonna' stuff its face with you the way that you stuffs yours with doughnuts and whatever else he can find.... Y'see a professional athlete is supposed to treat his or her body like a friggin' temple... And in that arena? You, in addition to being a hypocrite? You're a failure.”

    Considering the laundry list of accomplishments Snowmantashi has accrued over his life, this statements seems a bit... Fishy? He might still eat it, though. Anyway, a brief pause from Drew would allow him a chance to compose his justification for the aforementioned accusation, which would follow the pause swiftly and potently.

    Drew Connor: See Jon me and my brother? We had to start literally from the bottom up while you? You were groomed for the main event since the moment you arrived. You couldn't handle where I came from, you wouldn't survive "But me? But Drew friggin' Connor? I'm neither a hypocrite nor a failure... And I'm definitely not a loser, though you'll get real familiar with that concept this week... I'm not a dog on a leash like you, Jon... Know what I am, though? I'm a killer.”

    These words would slice through the air as he'd grown less and less silent as the years have gone by. His breathing would grow deep and angry, evidencing his aggressive demeanour even further. His eyes would flick around the yard and street once more, Waving his hand backwards in the air briefly, he would gesticulate to emphasise the severity and length, for that matter of the years previous. Swallowing, he would pause once more and wet his lips, finally returning to our ears his voice, still less smarmy than usual.

    Drew Connor: "For the last year I've been consistently proving that I'm not a young boy. I'm a friggin' warrior. I've always been one... You could see it in the ring week in and week out, every single week. Every time I stepped foot into a ring, CWA or otherwise, the bottom line was that Drew Connor was a friggin' warrior. I've been a warrior since I was wrestlin' as a kid, and I'll be one until the day I die. Being a warrior is so permanently ingrained in every single fibre of my being that I got it permanently ingrained in my flesh...”

    The manner by which then would orate the word 'flesh' would raise the hair on the back of your neck, it would send chills down your spine. The sheer emotion and genuine fashion by which the word floats through the air would only prove to further evidence how much all of this means to Drew and how much MORE it means to him. One could easily tell that the rhetorical path he currently would be embarking upon is entirely based in fact and legitimacy rather than kayfabe and the artificial character architected as.

    Drew Connor “Y'see, down my spine, my backbone, where this company has rested firmly I signed a contract... I have the Bushidō -- the Japanese Way of the Warrior or Code of the Samurai -- tattooed. The symbols, the Japanese symbols -- gi, rei, yū, meiyo, jin, makoto, and chūgi? They translate, respectively, to integrity, respect, courage, honour, compassion, honesty, and loyalty. Each and every single one of those characteristics, those traits? I was born with them... I embody them with every word... Every punch to the mouth... Every kick to the teeth. Every super kick to the temple.”

    Drew would fill the air with an evil and arrogant chuckle, though it was a bit softer than most evil laughs would connotate.

    Drew Connor: “My body sweats integrity on the daily . Ask every single person I've ever stepped into the ring with... Ask friggin' Truth I work harder than anyone and everyone around me. I bleed more, I sweat more, I cry more... For this business! I do what I have to win That? That is integrity. Respect? I respect the people who've earned respect from me. I respect my elders... I respect those who command respect, who've earned it. Is it my fault that so friggin' few people have done so? The fact of the matter is this...Drew Connor respects, but respect is not given -- it's earned. Courage? What other person in this company... In this company's entire history has had the courage to step up to EVERY challenge, to every legend, every Hall of Famer? I've beaten more CWA Hall of Famers than anyone in this entire company

    Drew would lift his tightly clenched left hand into the air, extending his index finger and poking at the air toward the camera as if Jon Snow were in fact standing before him and the tip of his index finger would be colliding arrogantly and challengingly with Jon's pectoral muscle, a classic trope in vis-à-vis confrontations. Soon, the index finger would lift up by ninety degrees and wag slightly at the camera as Drew references the next characteristic of the Bushidō, a malevolent grin on his bearded face.

    Drew Connor “Now, Honor? Ha... The Connors bleed honour bleeds honour. I have since day one in wrestling . Me and my brother silenced every single person that's been a dishonour to this company, to this business, and now? Now it's Jon Snowmantashi turn. Compassion? Have we not had the compassion to carry this company on my back? Have we not had the compassion to carry guys like the moment. The movement, Prince Pain when they'd not truly earned it?”

    That's a stretch and a half.

    Drew Connor “Have I not had the compassion to risk life, limb, and livelihood to fight for my family? Drew Connor has had every ounce of compassion required of him... No more, no less.”

    His eyebrows would flick upward briefly, his lips pursing slightly in an arrogant fashion. He would chuckle darkly, seemingly still nonplussed but imperious nonetheless. As his chuckling subsides, he would begin to speak again, referring to the next and penultimate characteristic of the Samurai with a sardonic and confident grin gripping his face.

    Drew Connor “Honesty? Well, haha, We have never lied to any of the fans... Never lied to anyone in the ring... Never lied... To anyone. We've vilified for being too blunt, too harsh, too... Too honest. We make promises and We keep 'em... Y'know what honourable men do to liars? They end them... And that's what I strive to do week in and week out. I'm an honest man who's earned every single accolade he's ever had honestly. And Loyalty? Well, lemme' just put it this way... I we've bled and sweat and cried since the day I signed a contract here Ask anyone and everyone, all We've ever done? We've done for this company. That's loyalty... You've welcome . Now, Jon on the other hand?”

    Drew Connor would raise his eyebrow in an inquisitive fashion, nodding his head ever so slightly. Wagging an index finger in the air, he would click his tongue in a "tsk, tsk, tsk" capacity, aggressively disgusted with Jon and everything he stands for. Nearly everything about the two would be polar opposites, and it would show in a stark and utterly horrifying manner. Every single moment that the two have ever spent in the same ring, let alone arena, has been quantified as terrifying and violent. Clenching his fists maybe even tighter than they'd been at any point of this segment prior, the Number One Contender would point forcefully to the camera with an extended index and middle finger from his left hand, each poke in the air carrying with it the force of one thousand loosed arrows. With a twitching upper lip, Drew would gutturally continue his diatribe.

    Drew Connor
    : Jon Snowantashi doesn’t have ANY of these qualities, no honour and certainly no respect and no balls because Jon Snowmantashi is NOT a real man.”

    Cue the disgusted, resentful, and cocky shit-eating grin.

    Drew Connor: “In Bushidō, dishonour or failure to embody the Way of the Warrior results in death... Be that by execution or, well, suicide, through Seppuku or Harakiri, usually... Snomantashi should be pleading with me... Pleading with me to let him kill himself instead of me doing it... Because -- as we ALL know -- The Connors frown on dishonour more than anyone in this business ever has... So at Adrenaline Rush? I'm gonna get take great pleasure in executing that dishonourable fraud... Like I'm taking a sword and using it to cut your guts -- or lack thereof -- right out of that distended belly of yours.”

    Seppuku/Harakiri style, assumedly.

    Drew Connor “You think Mcginnis was bad? Wait till Adrenaline Rush, Jon. You? You don't deserve compassion... Y'see, I, too, can punish people, Jon... And come, Adrenaline Rush , it's you I will be punishing with -- as you might say -- a smile on my face.”

    With this, the Number One Contender would crack the most arrogant and angry and malicious smile of his entire career -- perhaps even life. We're fans around for this, they would heckle and jeer vociferously. Being that he would be alone with the camera here in the front yard, here in, Gainesville Drew would smirk now and slowly but surely fade into a more stoic facial expression, though his demeanour would still be tainted by recent ire. Leaning his head in either direction to crack it and rolling his shoulders back, he would almost even look like Jon Snowmantash at the top of entrance ramp. Drew’s' patience would grow putrescent as he breathes deeply in through his nose, gutturally exhaling from his diaphragm through his mouth. Shaking his head with a once again curled upper lip, would raise an eyebrow slightly, continuing to speak on in continuation of his tirade.

    Drew Connor:"But until then? Until then it's not about smiling, it's not about happiness. It's not about getting something that I want. Y'see, every second until the second that bell rings to start the match? Will be spent preparing... Spent training. Spent doing whatever it takes to get what I deserve, what is rightfully mine, what I need. Come, Adrenaline Rush , we're gonna' wrestle. We're gonna' fight. Snomantashi only gonna' show up because he thinks it's a walk in the park... And I'm showin' up to break his friggin' neck and finally bring home the one thing me and my brother has dreamed of all of our lives. The one and only thing I've wanted... Needed in my life.”

    With each passing word, He seems to clench his fists and teeth even tighter, his knuckles growing so white that it would make Snowmantashi look tan. The Number One Contender would let his eyes trail the details of the camera, the flickering and red light to signify its recording. He would blink a few times as he looks down at the ground, swallowing to try to clear any froggy feeling from his throat. Whilst still looking down at the floor, he would bring his left hand -- still clenched -- up into the air, extending his index finger and aggressively and forcefully poking and pointing somewhere off camera, as if directly referring to the champion, Jon Snowmantashi

    Drew Connor:“Jon can look in his mirror and see a champion, a winner, a competitor, whatever he wants, but at the end of the day? Come, Adrenaline Rush ,he won't be able to recognise himself in the mirror. Come Adrenaline Rush all Snomantashi's gonna' be is dead and gone... Because that? That is his destiny. As for me? As for Drew Connor? I'm walkin' outta' Adrenaline Rush as the CWA World Heavyweight Champion for the simple reason that -- that unlike Jon Snomantashi? I deserve it. I've earned it. I need it. I need to do it for ME. For my family.... For two skinny kids from the trailer parks that no one gave a chance... ”

    With the guttural and passionate utterance of the last statement, Drew would get a bit choked up, a bit froggy. He would flick his eyes back down at the ground for a moment, breathing heavily as he visualises all of what he's gone through. After a moment, he would swallow, close his eyes and shake his head, placing his face in the palm of his right hand. A moment passes with Drew in this position before a sharp, deep, and congested inhale through his nose is heard. Another brief pause and he would lift his head, guiding his hand through his hair again to bring it to rest on the top and back of his head, his eyes watery and filled with fire and potency. It's at this point, in damn near tears, that Drew would manage to get the next bit of rhetoric out, still froggy. Every single word would increase in lethality, with the most emphatic words acting as a symbolic bullet into the heart and soul of Jon Snowmantashi

    Drew Connor: “There's NEVER been anything in the entire world that anyone has EVER wanted more than I want... No... More than I NEED this. All of the words in the world... All of the words I've ever spoken... All of the words Jon's ever spoken... Ethan ever spoken... Anyone's ever spoken... All of the past successes and failures... All of the friends, the allies, the family, the enemies... None of it matters... None of it even comes close to how BADLY I need this, and the distances I'm more than willing -- the distances I'm destined to go... I would- would launch my fist into you so friggin' hard that I break my OWN God damned collarbone... I would drown you with every single ounce of blood that courses through my veins... Would strangle you with my own intestines. I would and will do whatever it takes to take the CWA World Heavyweight Championship... Because it is ALL that matters. I need the title more than I've ever needed anything, more than anyone has ever needed anything...”

    Again, Drew has to turn away from the camera to swallow and clear his throat, still trying fruitlessly to remove the frog from it. After a few moments of silence and breathing deeply to try to regain his composure and calm himself, Drew would slowly bring his eyes to the camera, the movement of his head seeming to almost be in slow motion. With a silent but deadly facial expression akin to that of Jon Snow in the season finale -- or the episode prior, for that matter -- of the sixth season of Game of thrones, Drew would slash his opened and extended right hand across his chest from stage left to stage right, as if delivering a knife edged chop to the chest of one of his weekly victims, verbally emphasizing and gesticulating the 'bottom line' he would allude to momentarily.

    Drew Connor: “So the bottom line... The bottom line is -- even if it includes me... Even if it has to include Drew Connor ... When the night is over... And the dust has settled... And the bell has rung... And it's all said and done... when you step into The Echo's ring?”

    As Drew swallows and takes a deep breath, his eyebrows would twitch, cheeks wincing, lip twitching as well. Every single thing the man has would be pumping and coursing through his veins with the velocity and fervour of a bullet train that's behind schedule. And similarly, Drew' clenched fists would act as bullets in the gun that his body would represent. Employing every bit of rhetoric he'd utilised in the past few moments. He would go to any and all extents to bring this dream to fruition in the same way he's gone to any and all extents to bring his dream of being a professional wrestler to fruition. The one last thing he needed to complete his dream? The CWA World Heavyweight Championship. And it is with this thought gnawing at his bones and tearing through his brain and clawing through his heart that he finally releases his passionate and malicious and genuine final statement.

    Drew Connor: “You've fucked Jon...”

    Rather than its usual guttural nature and violent fashion, the utterance of the aforementioned statement would be tinged with more nostalgia, passion, poignancy, and intensity. Many a time referred to as "Intensity at its Finest," Drew would pause for a moment, his eyes still glued to the camera with clenched fists and white knuckles. Drew would breathe deeply and sharply through his nose, his chest rising and falling repeatedly. After a moment like this, he would crack a slight grin -- more genuine than cocky -- and stand up nice and tall. He would then turn to the side and amble off up the driveway and towards the house he'd grown up in and developed into the man he is today. It's at this moment that after seemingly forever, the segment would fade to black.

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