A local news affiliate comes on and says, "Sorry to interrupt you local programming but, we have just received a message and it says it's for Max and any one else tempting their fate with destiny."

The man looks over to his assistant as she implies, "Just watch the video and to anyone who..."

Suddenly the local cable goes out and Enigma is seen in a darkened room with his back turned while sitting in a chair slightly bent over.

Starting with laughter he suddenly stops and says, "Unlike some, I don't wait on the competition, I run to it and whatever challenge it thinks it can bring. And just in case, Max and to any future competitors, we have crossed paths before, this is not the same man of your past, but everything you wish I wasn't but has to face the facts of me being!"

A shadow of Red is seen against the back wall as she adds, "Ready or not, here we come and when we find you, death awaits us all but for you, it will come quickly."