The camera flickers on, showing the lovely Toxic Rain, with the CWA logo behind her. She tucks her hair behind her ear, before holding up the mic outside of the cameraís view, seemingly waiting. Suddenly, Apollo jumps in front of the camera, wearing an abnormally large sombrero, a green and red poncho - youíd be able to make out the Calvin Klein symbol on the right shoulder. He was holding two maracas - and had even grown out a mexican standoff-esque mustache. Mariachi songs played in the background.

Apollo: I am Eyeliner de Oreos, the most beautiful mexican alive!

Apollo applied a horribly done spanish accent to his speech, shaking the maracas and swivelling his hips. The camera zoomed out a bit - showing a table, with horchata and nachos. Rain was confused as all hell, as well as being irritated by the thought of having to go through an interview with this guy again.

Rain: And weíre live with Apoll-

And as it usually happens, Apollo interrupts.

Apollo: Not Apollo - I am Eyeliner de Oreos.

Apollo continued to shake around his maracas, before tossing them over his shoulder, taking a large drink of the horchata. He visibly looked repulsed by the taste, but drank it anyways.

Apollo: Címon essay, ask the real questions! Ask me about my last fight, holmes.

Rain complies, looking as if she just wanted to get this over with.

Rain: And what about your last fight?

Apollo: Well, you see. I was in the ring, almost all match - my brother in lucha libre refused to get in. When he finally does, he gets pinned. And I didnít expect that at all, know what Iím saying holmes? Si? Of course si.

The camera pans out further, revealing a full mariachi band. Apollo jumps in, singing and dancing in the worst ways possible as he tries to imitate the stereotypical mexican.

Apollo: I figured with all our combined lawn mowing experience that Mascara would have some endurance. We paint all the time, so I was surprised when Johnson painted the floor with him, know what I am saying, holmes?


Apollo: Comparatively speaking, holmes, this mustache.
Apollo pointed at his mustache, stroking the ends.

Apollo: Itís Mascara.

Apollo picked up a razor and shaving cream from the table, applying the latter.

Apollo: And this razor, itís me.

Apolloís voice returned back to normal, only, his french accent coming out further, about as thick as the shaving cream. He shaved the mustache slowly.

Apollo: And just like the razor, I am going to TEAR YOU APART MASCARA!

Apollo pulled off the hat and poncho, tossing it to the side. He flipped over the table with snacks and refreshments, going into a fit of rage. Horchata went flying, temporarily covering the camera lense. Rain remained silent, letting Apollo through his fit.

Apollo: I hire people like you to trim my weeds, water my gardens! And then, when you got your shot at success with me - THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN THE WORLD! I stayed in the ring nearly the whole time - and we were winning! THEN I LET YOU COME IN. What happens right away? YOUíRE PINNED. You ruined this relationship, Mascara. And Iím coming for you on the 15th. When Iím done with you, youíre going to wish you were deported. Iím coming at you from all angles next match - left, right, diagonal, upside down, kitty corner, horizontal, vertical, right, obtuse, acute. ALL OF THEM.

Apollo moved around accordingly to what he said, rage in his eyes. Rain just stood there, cringing at the noise of Apollo.

Apollo: Maybe if the reward for winning was a burrito, you wouldnít have lost. Isnít that right, Mascara? Iím not holding back this match. The most beautiful man in the world is going to turn you into the ugliest man in the world. Youíre royally ******.

The speech turned into a frenzy of bleeps and censors.

Apollo: You little ****. Youíre nothing. Youíre ****!

Apollo took a few deep breaths, regaining his composure. He ran a hand through his hair, looking to Rain for a moment. She looked surprised, if not something more.

Apollo: I'm sorry. I really shouldn't do that. Stress I bad for your skin and hair.

Apollo looked back at the camera, locking eyes with the would-be viewer. Heís sweating at this point, showing an emotion hardly anyone has seen on the world famous model. Anger, and unadulterated hatred.

Apollo: And just know.Come the 15th, I will be the one standing in that ring, with you down in a stretcher.

Rain: Well, there you have it! Apollo claims that he will be victorious on the 15th. We'll have to see what Mascara has in store for him.