The scene begins in a dark dimmed office somewhere off the coasts of the Turks and Caicos Resort. It's the part where many tourists tend to shy away from, especially when it is a tall mysterious castle overlooking the entire beach, isolated at all sides by the ocean. It's a resort isolated from the world, and only the wealthy express to stay there. The office we are now in is very elegant, yet a bit of mystery is felt as we see ancient artifacts upon the wall. You gaze at the masks that would make you shiver, and weapons that do not even exist in the states flee into your mind, wondering if you should have came here in the first place. Lightning strikes outside near the window, and your gaze quickly snaps to that window. You jump back a second, because standing at the window is someone. The man stands looking out over the stormy ocean. His hands are in each of his front pockets, with his thumb grasping softly outside of the black dress pants. He sports a white grey striped shirt, along with a black vest and tie. We hear the ocean waves hit back and forth upon the foundation walls. The man stares out, then speaks to you

This ocean that flows in its rage has no sympathy for those who enters. It has no emotion, and it has no mercy. However, when the ocean is calm, you can take advantage of it by allowing it to take you from place to the other. It helps you get to your destination. Yet if you are unprepared for the journey across the grandest ocean, then you can even met the demise of its silent rage as you drown without escape. You see my friend, I am that ocean. You can use me to get to your destination, or you can drown by my fury. Those who dare try to overstep their bounds with me, will quickly discover that silent rage that is buried deep within my veins. CWA is the place where it begins. The storm has begun. Lets just see who will survive it.