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Thread: NXT February on Pay Per View

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    WWE NXT NXT February on Pay Per View

    Why WWE shouldn’t do February PPV’s anymore

    WWE February pay per views have defiantly lost their momentum throughout the years not to poor matches or bad angles, but due to the fact how predictable the outcomes are with Wrestlemania just nearly one month away from that time. Championships rarely change hands, stories may be even rushed, and most importantly that show doesn’t have that legitimate excitement about it anymore which is definitely a huge problem. Although if WWE decided to reschedule the NXT live event line ups to where one would fall on this February date it could definitely bring legitimate excitement and entertainment back to this lack luster month of predictability.

    Now with NXT taking over the month of February this would allow the main roster writers and leads behind storylines not only to have more time to prepare for Wrestlemania, but also carefully look over and go in-depth on each story that they want moving forward into the matches they want at Wrestlemania without any pay per view interruptions.

    With this concept of a NXT live event replacing a pay per view for the month of February this would produce curiosity into those who haven’t seen what NXT is yet which would bring more eyes to the NXT product, but also new subscribers to the WWE Network which is a huge factor in its self. An only one question remains which is what type of NXT live event would this turn out to be?

    Granted there are a few different directions which it could be taken with the usual NXT showcasing which are presented now, but if WWE and NXT wanted to shake things up with “Main Roster” talents vs. NXT talents this could defiantly work. Think about it; superstars on the main rosters get angry over the fact that these NXT talents have basically “stolen” their pay per view time which could lead to an old school “war games” scenario or even just an old school “survivor series” type situation.

    In the end both NXT and the Wrestlemania plans would gain the time and care they both require to further each event for the better heading into the future.

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    Re: NXT February on Pay Per View

    But NXT already does supershows every few months...

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    Re: NXT February on Pay Per View

    I got to disagree that the February PPV is mainly inconsequential with no title changes. The world championship could change hands on this PPV to set the Wrestlemania main event in place. It's happened the past few years.

    Decent idea to let Creative breathe, but I don't think not booking a PPV one month will really recharge them. It would probably lead to a lot of filler in the build to Wrestlemania too. There was a lot of filler this year (ie Orton turning face, heel and back to face) just because of a three hour Raw. Increasing the amount of three hour Raws leading to Wrestlemania will not make matches hotter.

    I don't like the idea of NXT having a PPV either. It's a developmental brand. Could lead to them being satisfied with the NXT PPV payoffs and no one will work toward getting that main roster spot. I don't think it would draw either. A lot of people don't watch NXT on the Network.

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